Friday, October 18, 2013

101913/kentucky kickback

101913/Substitute Teacher Curses Out 8th-Graders-U.S. Soldier Gets 20 Years for Afghan Battlefield Shooting-Palin's Warning to GOP Senators Who Voted With Dems -They Just Can't Help Themselves': Greta Calls Out Senate's $3B Earmark-Knife Wielding 'Meth Head' Arrested in Terrifying School Bus Hijacking fni/
101713/Do You Ignorant Filth Blame The Debt On LBJ? Born: August 27, 1908, Stonewall, TX Died: January 22, 1973, Stonewall, TX-he gets blamed for THE GREAT DEMONICRAT FAILURE SOCIETY responsible for much of the debt-How So You Ignorant Filth?,. The Debt Is From Not Paying The Bill Filth! The Bill Was Known To Be Coming You Maggot!,. Raygun Knew He Was Deficit Spending ALL 8 Years!-Twenty TRILLION DOLLARS spent on LBJ's "war on poverty" the very WORST bang for the buck gubmint program ever devised. It was meant to lock up the poor black and white votes for the dem party and it worked! The problem, of course, is that it institutionalized poverty, addicting millions to government handouts and on the other side, removing any sign of independent ambition from those same millions. It still exists today, the democrat slave plantation. A stronger addiction than the best heroin produced-You Are Including Medicare!, That Is Given To EVERYONE Over 65!, Not Just The Poor!, Go Check Your Numbers Again!, BTW Since 1981 We've Paid $9 Trillion Just In Interest On The Debt Because Raygun Said, "Deficits Don't Matter-he invented the single black welfare mama which the libdems have been cultivating and exploiting-yhal/What a way to waste a life. Go for it, Jethro! Right wing rat humpers can't do anything but jerk off on message boards, Which one of you loser POS rat bumpers can come up with the most IDs using Obama's name?-You know you are a Teabagger if you consider the fifth grade your senior year-POS Teabagger losers: what's it like living with nothing but humiliating losses? Your gang of goonies is drying up. By 2014, you'll all be gone- what's it like living with nothing but humiliating losses in the Great Obama Market Bubble ?,You're so STUPID you can't even make money in a bull market-Loser fool: you haven't got a clue how to do anything but jerk off on a message board. I enjoy your pain. I laugh at every message posted by you waste of meat losers because it's always something extremely negative; it shows your agony, fool. We laugh at you pain, morons. You can't win an election. You can't stop Obama. You can lie and slander and cry like a sore loser, but you can't do anything else except squeal like a stepped on rat-ybac/bought 4000 shares at $4.35 conference call yesterday that FDA was investigating. anyone who knows anything about biotech would know that. This POS will bounce. Mark my words. I will make $$$$ on Monday- Now you in trouble trust me because you going after to sell @ $2. yard/Hartnett calls it the final melt-up for the one-percentersIn our view, macro will be lifted by lower fiscal drag and lower banking drag. Meanwhile, we think Wall Street’s boom will likely continue until Main Street’s recovery becomes visible and tightening starts (note while tapering may harm the weak hands, we believe only tightening will harm the strong) Fund Manager Survey believe the global economy will grow "above-trend" in 2014 versus 84% who believe it will be "below trend". We think "Bernanke care" may have truly cured all known investor concerns, lending to large corporations appears to be accelerating and now growing at a double digit pace; lending to small businesses is now positive YoY for the first time since May 2008 We continue to believe that asset allocators should reduce risk allocations only once the consensus believes in sustained economic growth ('escape velocity') which in turn allows the Fed to reduce liquidity (tapering) and later raise interest rates (tightening.:ybi/A Paleontologist’s Dream… Inside a Quarry THEY DID NOT TREAD LIGHTLY, 300 Ft Wall In Bolivia Has Over 5,000 Dinosaur Footprints, Believe it or not, Cal Orko is situated entirely within a limestone quarry owned by FANCESA, Bolivia’s National Cement Factory. Located in the ‘El Molino’ formation, you will find 462 distinct dinosaur tracks from at least 8 different species, totaling an incredible 5,055 individual dinosaur footprints. So how did thousands of dinosaur footprints appear on a seemingly vertical rock face hundreds of feet high? the sight of heavy mining machinery (one could argue they are today’s ‘land giants’) set against a backdrop of 68m yr old dinosaur footprints-twistedsifter/fresh charges against four former Blackwater Worldwide security contractors [mercenaries], hired to guard US diplomats. opening fire in busy Nisoor Square on September 16, 2007, killing 17 Iraqi civilians, including women and children-an innocuous e mail, one of millions sent every day. But this one was of particular interest to the National Security Agency and contained clues that put the sender's husband in the crosshairs of a CIA drone. Days later, Hassan Ghul, an associate of Osama bin Laden who provided a critical piece of intelligence that helped the CIA find the al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] leader, was killed by a drone-I'm Fukuppy. Nice to meet you," the mascot says on the company's website Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) said on Friday they detected 400,000 becquerels per liter of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances, including strontium, at the site, a level 6,500 times higher than readings taken on Wednesday, NHK World reported. The storage tank leaked over 300 tons of contaminated radioactive water in August, some of which is believed to have found its way into the sea through a ditch-Booker won nj U.S. Senate special election becomes only the ninth African American appointed or elected-Vote to End Govt Shutdown 285-144 roll call Wednesday night- Anthony Badalamenti, 62, of Katy, Texas, faces a maximum sentence of 1 year in prison and a $100,000 fine, former Halliburton manager pleaded guilty destroying evidence in the aftermath of the deadly rig explosion that spawned BP's massive 2010 oil spil-guilty in the United States to two terrorism offences in connection with the Tamil Tigers. Piratheepan Nadarajah, Brampton, Ont, admitted to a conspiracy to acquire anti aircraft missiles and attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization-Japan) Two groups set up by the health ministry have started full scale studies of whether cervical cancer vaccines are directly linked to severe pain that has affected some young women. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare started recommending in April that girls between the sixth grade and the first year of high school be given cervical cancer vaccines under a free vaccination program. However, the ministry suspended the recommendation in June following reports of adverse reaction-clg/how can you hope to win a battle against an enemy when the enemy possesses jump gates and mind control technologies so that any head of government can be abducted and mind controlled at any time? And how can you hope to win a battle against an enemy that can hide itself from your perception? humanity targeted by predatory hyperdimensional species, veteran michael relfe exopolitics/while others cheer budget deal, this is a 'very sad day,' high-stakes budget fight was worth it, Bachmann was the only Minnesotan to vote no on the compromise plan minnpost fb/IMF has set off shockwaves this week in Washington by suggesting countries fight budget deficits by raising taxes. In its Fiscal Monitor report, subtitled "Taxing Times", the Fund advanced the idea of taxing the highest-income people and their assets to reinforce the legitimacy of spending cuts and fight against growing income inequalities/NSA informants is an effortless task, when Turning a constitutional republic into a collectivist wackos that believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a political rock star, government schooled illiterates adore Barry Soetoro, blind to reality. It would be one thing if eccentric characteristics shaped such opinions of social outcasts, but when entire segments of the MTV population speak in a PBS lisp, the liberal popular culture has drunk the kool aid. The zombie rage in flicks is no accident. gulag is only possible, when the greater fool principle becomes the law of the land. Converting entire generations of lost souls into National Civilian Service Corps pbs BATR/theguardian GETTING OUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER, Go To Sleep To Clean Our Brains Scientists claim to have a new explanation for why we sleep: in the hours spent slumbering, a rubbish disposal service swings into action that cleans up waste in the brain/MIAMI, Salsa overtaking ketchup as America's No. 1 condiment was just the start. These days, tortillas outsell burger and hot dog buns; sales of tortilla chips trump potato chips; and tacos and burritos have become so ubiquitously "American," most people don't even consider them ethnic. Welcome to the taste of American food in 2013-turkey blew israeli spies iran cover nationalpost-tea party faction, ominous almost like Jidahis-similar to Al Qaeda. They hate gays, they want a state religion, they want to convert the world to one religion, and they use terrorism to "negotiate, it's all Constitutional-After committing sedition, can anarchy be far behind? These tea party members are 'wild-eyed', crazy mofos!--problems of enrolling in the exchanges have been bad enough, and the obstacles to actually buying an insurance plan well documented. However, the consumer experience is far from the only problem plaguing the exchanges. The connection to the insurers passes bad data, forcing insurers to hire more temp workers and leaving in question whether anyone is properly covered at all, it’s more than just the “glitches cbsnews- the point of Nutting’s analysis: if you attribute most of fiscal year 2009 to George W. Bush then, after adjusting for inflation, federal spending under Obama has actually dropped by 0.1 percent. Politifact checked the numbers and agreed: “Using raw dollars, Obama did oversee the lowest annual increases in spending of any president in 60 years-Nobody here is conflating opposition to Israeli policies with antisemitism; that's just another Paliphile strawman. What we are opposed to is opposition to the idea of Israel itself, which is what you and your people here are really about. And it is antisemitic-pro Israel crowd on here is selling us the New anti Semitism, that conflates opposition to Israeli policies and actions with old guard Jew hatred. It's fascinating, not to mention instructive, how quickly an Israeli becomes a Jew (and his adversaries anti Semitic) when he or his State is challenged-you made my point for me. Do you see how you did it?-(oh the irony!who do research in that inconvenient thing called science. The site is really more of a denialist style Drudge Report that links to whatever nonsense it can find. Climate Depot is sponsored by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, an Exxon funded think tank.[1] Supposedly, he exposes the "lies" of the "warmists" and "scientific McCarthyites" given the "Petr Beckmann award" by Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. Apparently, he thinks this is something to be proud of wikiMarc_Morano-No major hurricanes hit the USA this year. Thank goodness for global warming-stupidity is contagious around here. Obama just drains your brains-You, and everyone who liked your post, are guilty of the latter virtually every day on this board. Anti-Zionism, at least in this context, is antisemitism. Don't get mad at me, though; I just call it like I see it-There is no pretense of insult to you or anyone else, Jew. You are "proudly a Jew" per your very words, so I thus flatter you, Jew (you have yet to claim pride in being an American). Do you also take pride in your snake like behavior? Do not make speculations about my "cultural beliefs," nor about my education. That you are a "proud Jew" doesn't qualify you as an expert in anything, other than being a Jew. Culture has many aspects. Food is only one of them-Assad have had no better ally than Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He has effectively kept Turkey’s border with Syria open, allowing fighters a haven in the south of his country as weapons, cash and other supplies have flowed to the battlefield, even fired on Assad’s forces, now, Turkey finds itself in the same position as many of the rebels’ early backers, including the United States, concerned that Islamist radicals have come to dominate the ranks of the Syrian opposition. It shelled rebel positions this week for the first time since the war started, in yet another positive turn for Mr. Assad, who has found his position increasingly stable, if not secure-The enemies of Israel fight with, and kill themselves-I might not question your motives. But, I've read a number of posts authored by you over the course of a decade of years on a whole host of issues ranging from things like the holocaust, jewish 'crime', jewish financers, get real, man. If the conditions of the palestinians were a concern for you from a humanitarian stand, you might here and there post about other places in the world where people are going through struggles similar and worse-easy for you to say because you think it's quaint to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians-Jews are ethnically cleansing the Palestinians the same way that the Arabs are ethnically cleansing whitey in Dearborn-When we talk about crimes against the Palestinians we're talking about the Israeli people's social norms-Chris Matthews: I Wish We Could Go Back to the Days of Friendly Politics, But the Racist Terrorist Tea Party Traitors Who Hate the President Because He's Black Won't Let Us-The petition is juvenile in that has no authority. If it did, the petition would be cause for alarm. Boehner, Cantor and others would have already been arrested and hauled before the inquisitors, law professor and blogger Glenn Reynolds says, "these people are making plain how they think, and what they'd do if they had the power to." Reynolds warns to "take it seriously, because they do." thinker from Long Beach, Calif., complained the Republicans "won't stop hurting America until we give them a disincentive. Jail should do it." Nashville, Tenn., says the GOP leaders' are a sorry, irresponsible and sincerely DANGEROUS group. They should be immediately prosecuted and jailed upon conviction, Springfield, Ohio, demands the Republicans be hanged "on the capital lawn" because treason "is punishable by death ibd- iapb/Connecticut man allegedly hurls parrot at cop-Thank goodness for Obamacare #Republicans stupidity is no longer a pre-existing condition #edshow- tw/megyn kelly lets sarah rant-tea party robot programmed to spew nothing but unpracticed, rambling talking points-hanging out with confederate flag wavers and she has the nerve to think she supports our constitution-Someone should tell Sarah she doesn't have to use every Republican talking point before she takes a breath-Palinettes can listen to that incoherent rambling and hear only pure genius-Megyn ... you've been out-bimboed!-Watch Megyn try to lasso meth monkey-How Drunk Was Sarah Palin On Megyn-hp/Aaron Foster, saying of the fans: “You should never kick a man when he’s down.” Imus notes that it’s probably the best time to kick a man…because they’re closer to your feet- I-Man looks like Carol Channing this morning, in what amounts to one of his most spirited appearances…I-Man countered by saying “Pee Wee Herman called, he wants his jacket back-Wouldn’t you think that Harvard, Yale, and McCombs would be the three best Business Schools in terms of getting a job when you graduate? Yes. That’s exactly what we would’ve chosen. With University of Phoenix online a close fourth-We all try to give Carley some relationship advice…this marriage is ALREADY doomed. If this guy is preferring to sit in a bar drinking beer with a bunch of other like-minded mouth breathers instead of spending time with Carley? Don Corleone might say Pete is showing some ‘Finnochio’ type behavior-Dietl told Imus that last week he had a blockage in his heart and had to have a stint put in. Bo said we need to listen to our bodies, not take any chances, and get checked out. He then told Imus he needs to start eating weeds like the I-Man-ibts/W.’s Dana sez, if this was a battle, the Democrats Small and petty, definitely won. in better shape than he was a month ago, when he was seen as zig zagging on Syria-That is not small and petty, that is a statesman Get out of the bubble. Reality is a lot more interesting, the irony. trying to schedule negotiations with BOTH Parties to avoid a repeat of this GOP caused debacle-users who are getting through and enrolling on aca are those either desperate for medical care because of preexisting conditions, or because they're the ones who'll be receiving the most subsidies- righy. Obama will be praised for his lofty and noble ideas, while throwing Sebelius and all the I.T. firms she hired under the bus. Republicans will also be blamed for scaring away potential enrollees-MEDICAL COSTS are the root cause. They have been spiraling out of control for decades. Why am I even on here trying to educate fools. Not my words McCain's ("it was a fool's errand") Maybe once we get a white president back in office all of this will be forgotten-If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot., M. Hart Coulter-Twain: Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But there I go repeating myself- aibafs/blamitol rmike, clinton laugh easy walk to 2016. gomert sez in alciada numbnuts mccain returnd with dummy, mortimer and randoff duke koch, dixiecrats, teabillys, whackobirds, nutbags, delay does drunken fox interview, on stephanie wingnut war on the horizon/ 7b$ caos shutdown, black conservative asks permission to be political racist gets schooled, bocare corporate controlled glitches, do you understand the words coming out of my mouth, sudo nobel prize, on bppv 6 yrs @msnbc, cop shows junkie black list, person of interest, ironsides, elementary, wants westerns barrooms, and sex on ed/airoccupy-australia bush fires early-h40b oil embargo-kentucky kickback mcconell rule, bbpv/ highjacking gop catching on, america loses, urging tolerance, defending w nome continues aca dos attack, jfk conspiracy denier apologist, has harressment trap barney (bitch slapping wingnut 2005 w relaxed loan requirements callers) main stream envious of cruz while voting for him now a danger, should have learned mountain driving on cruze control baynors imcompetence, crisis expert jennifer agrees from the right failed stragety, down the rabbit hole republican brand, consoles cop loser hinze praising kelly stop and frisk one week 0 gun deaths biker gangs, bill shares a joint, element of racism in some wingnutz is stronger than love of country, on geraldo now what?/religious messengers/workers independant news, on pv/

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