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New Orleans officers sentenced in post-Katrina killing -

Federal investigation found that the New Orleans Police Department has engaged in patterns of misconduct in violation of the Constitution and federal law" New Orleans officers sentenced in post-Katrina killing - other web goodies:
33111/Ohio Governor John Kasich said on Wednesday he will sign into law a bill limiting collective bargaining rights for about 350,000 public employees following the bill's passage in the state legislature./O'Neill's contention January 13, 2004 gwb was gunning for Saddam nine months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and two years before the U.S. invasion of Iraq./the parade of financial elites who petulantly insist that they are the victims of societal hostility: political officials heap too much blame on them, public policy burdens them so unfairly, the public resents them, Anthony Scaramucci, who stood up at an October, 201o, town hall meeting and demanded to know: "when are we going to stop whacking at the Wall Street pinata?" Charles and David Koch, the libertarian billionaires who fund everything from right-wing economic policy, union-busting, and anti-climate-change advocacy to civil liberties and liberalized social policies finds the purest and most instructive expression of billionaire self-pity that I think I've ever seen as self-absorbed and detached from reality as it destructive. Charles not saying he's a Marxist, but he's internalized some Marxist models, that business tends to be successful by exploiting its customers and workers."/Laetrile. This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle. [, Beck's Expert On The Federal Reserve, Griffin: "Orthodox Medicine" Has "Waged War" Against Cure Because Of "Hidden Economic And Power Agenda." From renewed his call for shared sacrifice after it was reported that General Electric and other major corporations paid no U.S. taxes after posting huge profits. Sanders said it is grossly unfair for congressional Republicans to propose major cuts to Head Start, Pell Grants, the Social Security Administration, nutrition grants for pregnant low-income women and the Environmental Protection Agency while ignoring the reality that some of the most profitable corporations pay nothing or almost nothing in federal income taxes. 2) Bank of America received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year, although it made $4.4 billion in profits and received a bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department of nearly $1 trillion./To call intelligent people "bigoted JOOOOhater" and "Neanderthal freaks" only because they may not share your vision of the Middle East, is disingenious and it is revealing of your reluctance to be held accountable for your policies./Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that will likely determine the constitutional bounds of public campaign financing programs across the country./Laredo, TX) -- More than three-point-one-million dollars worth of cocaine and methamphetamines is off the streets after a seizure at the Texas-Mexico/accounting for more than 16 percent of the total population. The Reverend Samuel Rodriguez is President of the NHCLC and believes the news goes beyond politics. Rodriguez says, quote, We are on the precipice of a multiethnic-multigenerational movement, an awakening. The Hispanic community is the firewall of righteousness?this is where the horizontal meets the vertical."/Nazi Germany. We're not talking Neo-Nazi we're talking The Old Nazis. Monocles, leather jack boots, we have ways of making you talk Nazis./I do not like strife in the Holy land.I do not like settlements in the East.I do not like what they do to peace.I do not like them in the west.I do not think that would be best.I do not like Hamas rockets firedI think, of that, the world has grown tired.I do not like terrorist threatsbecause it causes Bibi NetTo send his jets.I do not like government bulldozersOr occupying Israeli soldiers.I want peace in the Holy land.Jesse I am/Turning New Orleans, The Big Easy into the Big Greasy./guessing whether they have papers seems like some sort of movie caper conceived by someone inhaling crack pipe vapors./Listen up haters: The U.S and Russia have enough nukes combined to kill everybody in the world 40 times over. Unless you’re Don Imus or you were born in a manger, that’s more than enough. If you reduced nukes by a third you’d kill everybody 27 times over./It would’ve been cheaper if you engaged in masterba…If you had spanked your monkey./All of my calendars go from March 31st to April 2nd. Do you know why? Because nobody fools Charlie Rangel. I’m the reason you can’t find Waldo.tcpowell/By Anti NWO on February 18, 2010 - FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS NOW IN PLAY - NWO FEARS TRUTH, JUSTICE, HONESTY AND INTEGRITY NWO Attempts to Demonize the growing tide of unhappy hard working, honest constitutionalist Americans /newt ..... a CONSUMMATE CHRISTIANJON questioning newt: how can a secular, atheist country be dominated by religious extremists?on his affairs: she was wearing a flag pin on her vagina .... to not f..k that would let the terrorists win/"what, do they pray five times a day to a God they don't believe in?"/Sen. Jim Inhofe: Obama can’t veto legislation blocking EPA regulations, Amanda Carey /Ah, the seduction of is the best defense/Now, we find out that the CIA has inserted clandestine agents into Libya and that they have been in Libya for several weeks. /15-year veteran of the federal Food and Drug Administration and his 25-year-old son were arrested on Tuesday and charged with systematically using confidential information about pending drug applications to reap millions in illegal trading profits since 2007./sec has been infiltrated. the authorites go after the small time crooks and let the politicians arrive with the motherloads from columbia. they prevent the military investigations from being conducted when tons of kilos are found on a base (happened several times on several different bases), they let united fruit bring in drugs and they let duche bank make money on put options and profit from 9/11 before 9/11 even happened./ befor cavuto went crazy/convicted last year in the killing of a man during the chaos following Hurricane Katrina were sentenced Thursday in federal court.Former Officer David Warren got more than 25 years in prison, and current Officer Greg McRae was sentenced to more than 17 years,a federal investigation found that the New Orleans Police Department has engaged in patterns of misconduct in violation of the Constitution and federal law/
33011/Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accepted his government's resignation/Hena Akhter Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death/and Italian police are investigating how hacker managed to convince N.J. security firm into issuing it digital certificates for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft/Radio Shack in Montana is helping its customers protect themselves by offering a free gun with every purchase of Dish Network/dia_bolical Groaning is subliminally sending us messages through the show people have for thousands of years had a teaching that in this period of history we would be faced with a great choice between war and peace, between destroying the Earth and living in harmony with the Earth/from learning to be a good catholic to fucking a catholic good/mommar kadaffi has 144 tons of gold/
32811/'Libyan rebels' to start oil exports soon 27 Mar 2011 Oil fields in rebel-held territory in Libya are producing between 100,000 and 130,000 barrels a day/"On the day it was blown out of the sky, Pan Am 103 was carrying that team of CIA and FBI investigators, the CIA's Deputy Chief assigned to Beirut, and three Defense Intelligence officers, including McKee and Gannon, on their way to Washington to deliver a report on the CIA's role in heroin trafficking, A suitcase packed with $500,000 worth of heroin was found in the wreckage. It belonged to investigators, as proof of the corruption. The punch line was that the U.S. State Department issued an internal travel advisory, warning that government officials should get off that specific flight on that specific day, because Pan Am 103 was expected to get bombed. That's right, folks! The U.S. had prior knowledge of the attack. Unforgivably, nobody told Charles McKee or Matthew Gannon. But other military officials and diplomats got pulled off the flight-making room for a group of students from Syracuse University traveling stand by for the Christmas holidays." If fighting the NWO, you do not put very many assets all in one place. Especially if you are fighting the NWO as internal reformers. You disperse your assets, and make them take you out a small fragment at a time. Each part interchangeable and expendable. The NWO has very deep pockets, the deepest in the World now. But as with the Stalin administration, people do not serve the NWO because they like it, they serve for money, for power, for forgiveness / protection / enablement for crimes, for extortion or blackmail. The NWO has limited resources, their pockets are deep, but the vile mawe of the NWO has almost bottomless apetites. The Antichrist is the peace maker. Those who it is cheaper to coexist with than destroy, they coexist with (including some break away NWO factions). The NWO is more like a party, a party in which it is acceptable to murder your fellow party members over disputes or when they pose a threat to you. A party of traitors without true loyalty. Alan Van Arsdale/Farrakhan, who has remained relatively quiet about the Obama presidency until recently. But the Nation of Islam leader seems energized by Obama's most recent activities, calling him the "first Jewish President"/ /Companhia Nacional de Acucar e Alcool, or CNAA, for $680 million. The deal, which BP said is the largest yet by biofuels unit BP Alternative Energy, represents "an important platform for growth in Brazil," Mario Lindenhayn, president of BP Biofuels Brasil, said during a conference call. BP Biofuels Brasil is the local unit of BP Alternative Energy. The CNAA acquisition will swell BP's installed ethanol production capacity to 1.4 billion liters annually/Most Americans, & especially the so called conservatives, wouldn't know Communism if it jumped up & bit them on their ignorant butt and most Communists I met didn't know anything about Capitalism either. To Libertarians any control or regulation by the government is Communism or tyranny. Politicians typically label anything their opponent is for to be whatever causes the most fear or hatred /Creeping Ignorance at the heart of our government threatens to turn us into a nation only Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, et al, could love: one big festival of stupidity.> >> > Stephen Pizzo / Pseudo-Intellectual Hit Piece Emblematic Of Crumbling Elitist MediaNew York Magazine smear portrays Alex Jones as paranoid, Fox News-wannabe while assuring readers that malevolent global elite doesn't exist.Leftist "Economic Terrorists" Are Patsies For The Real Economic TerroristsUnion plan to crash Wall Street and "redistribute wealth" will be used as a scapegoat for when insiders decide to launch the next financial false flag.does any pretense of legality that the “no fly zone” resolution holds, because the obvious attempt to assassinate Gaddafi violates not only U.S. law, but the UN’s own charter.Kristol and McCain brazenly admit "humanitarian mission" in Libya is about neo-colonial regime change.pp/born again Christians, since the death of Christ have always said that the world as we know it will end in this lifetime. They were saying "in this lifetime" in 4AD, 900AD,1300,1709,1823,1976,1984../.Obama's High Food Price Policy Stealing Milk from Babies *By* *Jeffrey Folks*/We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.� -Abraham Lincoln/Fukushima contains 2.500 tons of uranium and plutonium including 3.450 burned out fuel rods. That´s about 20 times the quantity of Chernobyl.
32711/Christopher Hitchens, is receiving a revolutionary new treatment for his cancer pioneered by an evangelical Christian scientist, that he is a "guinea pig" for a new personalised medicine partly developed by Dr Francis Collins, a geneticist with very strong religious views./Media Matters, will “focus on [News Corp. CEO Rupert] Murdoch and trying to disrupt his commercial interests"/fascist RepubliCON governance and waging war on education in the USA/Wisconsin/Libyan rebels, who Obama is spending countless billions defending, are part of the Alqaeda Network of Terror and Evil/gunophobia and christophobia just isn't selling any more, Weapons and religion makes a bad combination/the insanity that pervades the teabaggerites, gunkissers, birthers and godaholics./ Con Chamber of Commerce Lobbies to Weaken Anti-Corruption Law Mideast Lashes Out Against Corruption/Oil Companies That Gave ‘Bonuses’ to Libya Also Lobbied Against Disclosure Rules/Beck: A "Depression" Is "Necessary" To "Reset" Or "Equalize" The "System"; "It Needs To Be Taken Down, And Then We Rebuild It Back Up. "this system will never work" and that we should "[l]et it come down and retool."/At least one of the five Navy ships and submarines that have launched dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libyan targets from positions in the Mediterranean Sea has left the area, They spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive military movements./died at his home in Palo Alto, Calif. Saturday night of complications from lung cancer, best known for the idea of "packet-switching," in which data is bundled into small packages and sent through a network. Baran outlined the concept while working on Cold War issues for the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica in 1963 and 1964./ U of T Prof Gets Pot-smoking Room/
32611/Tovar-Navarrete His 12-year term Morton pleaded guilty to one distribution count sentenced her to six years in prison but suspended it on the condition she complete a drug treatment Gogarty was appointed special prosecutor in her case and in Tovar-Navarrete's because Morton is the granddaughter of John Koncilja, chief investigator for the Pueblo district attorney's office and a former Pueblo police officer. Biondolillo, 29, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute sentenced him to three years probation, 90 days of electronic surveillance and 50 hours of community service. Pryor, 23, pleaded guilty to one count of distribution of heroin sentenced to three years of probation and 50 hours of community service./what we have in common and maintain the true "golden rule" as opposed to promoting selfishness over selflessness, playing the victim, and making it all about "me"/BGP), after filing for bankruptcy in February with plans to close about a third of its stores, said it plans to pay key employees as much as $8.3 million in incentives and retention/with more muslims having Liberty, it will be easier to supress tyranny in America and Israel. Tyrants justify their parasitic existances by playing upon the fear of the moneyed classes of slave uprisings. Less slavery, less fear, less uprising./US Northwest chapter of the Rome-based Society of Jesus agreed to the payout -- which lawyers said is the biggest by a religious organization in the United States -- as part of bankruptcy proceedings. Most of those abused by members of the Oregon Province -- the Jesuit order covering the states of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana - mission schools on Indian reservations, from the 1940s through to the 1990s./Abdullah Muhsin of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW), "Eight years have ended since the fall of Saddam's regime, yet the empty promises of the 'liberators' - the invaders and the occupiers who promised Iraqis heaven and earth - were simply lies, lies and lies.""We are still under occupation," he charges. "The new Iraqi army, created by the US occupation, is doing the same job, protecting the corrupt government/Order from Disorder: The Law of Maximum Entropy Production (MEP) When the force is above the critical threshold (right), however, the symmetry of the system is broken and autocatakinetic order spontaneously arises as random microscopic fluctuations are amplified to macroscopic levels/biochemist Albert Lehninger, for example, it is argued that the "order" produced within cells as they grow and divide is more than compensated for by the "disorder" they create in their surroundings in the course of growth and division. In short, according to Lehninger, "living organisms preserve their internal order by taking from their surroundings free energy, in the form of nutrients or sunlight, and returning to their surroundings an equal amount of energy as heat and entropy."/entropy of a black hole is proportional to the surface area of the black hole's event horizon.[55] Jacob Bekenstein and Stephen Hawking have shown that black holes have the maximum possible entropy of any object of equal size. This makes them likely end points of all entropy-increasing processes, if they are totally effective matter and energy traps./Social entropy – a measure of social system structure, having both theoretical and statistical interpretations, i.e. society (macrosocietal variables) measured in terms of how the individual functions in society (microsocietal variables); also related to social equilibrium/
32511/'please let me be your slave, I'll do anything for you,'" lawyer Stuart Slotnick told Justice Bernadette Bayne.Morales has accused Charney of forcing her to perform sexual acts over eight months, including oral sex in his Manhattan apartment just after she turned 18, amid fear she might otherwise lose her job. sued American Apparel and its directors for failing to stop Charney from acting as a "sexual predator."Morales left Los Angeles-based American Apparel in January 2009 and returned briefly last summer as an independent contractor, only to suffer psychological abuse, Charney, 42, has been repeatedly targeted in sexual harassment lawsuits. [ID:nSGE64H0DB] He owns about 51.8 percent of American Apparel/airstrikes crippled Moammar Gadhafi's forces, in the first major turnaround for an uprising that a week ago appeared on the verge of defeat. In a western city the opposition lost to Gadhafi, a resident said security agents had lists of rebel sympathizers and were dragging them from their homes./ wisdom, creative nonviolence, peaceful cooperation with the natural planet and other humans of good will, and a sense of reverence for biological life and the creative spirituality that has infused biological DNA with a hyper-dimensional communications link with the lovingly omniscient essence of All That Is/ story from Alternet put it, "3/4ths of Senate GOP Doesn't Believe inScience: The Tea Party and its allies had made it unacceptable to the GOP baseto be anywhere except pandering to the anti-science crowd." School science classes should be "fair and balanced," like Fox News, whenteaching the origins of life on earth by teaching the biblically-inspired"creationist" version alongside Darwin/Baran received many accolades late in life for his pioneering work, but he was anxious to widely distribute the credit."The process of technological developments is like building a cathedral," he told the Times in a 1990 interview./quasi-trolling/flirting/
"There is a saying in Mexico: 'Truth doesn't sin, but it does hurt,'" The furor over WikiLeaks in Mexico. Calderon repeatedly complained in interviews that he could no longer trust Pascual, strongly hinting the envoy should be removed. there may be more to the problem than WikiLeaks. Many have speculated that Pascual, a Cuban-American career diplomat who was appointed in 2009, made a faux pas with his choice of a girlfriend: the daughter of Francisco Rojas, the congressional leader of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary became increasingly clear that Pascual could no longer do his job effectively. Even opposition politicians criticized Pascual for trampling on Mexico's dignity, not so surprising for a country of immense national pride and determination to stand up to its powerful northern neighbor. "In Mexico, the government, Congress, the armed forces and public opinion are all very sensitive about the opinions of the United States," said Sen. Carlos Navarette of the leftist Democratic Revolution Party. "I hope the next ambassador learns the lesson and behaves diplomatically and respectfully toward Mexico." Sen. Silvio Aureoles, "the immense majority of what Pascual said was true." her statement announcing Pascual's departure, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said twice that it was with "great reluctance" that his resignation was /it has to advance in order not to collapse. This whole market thing has been a smoke and mirrors act for decades now. Anyone that believes the Market is on the up and up...well I got this bridge in Brooklyn. Two words from "Money never Sleeps" "Systemic" Malignant"/ timephotogallery/0,29307,2060413_2257564,00.html libyanofly17/It's going to end with the USA broke and Bib Laden with a new home for terror. The only good thing that will come out of all this is getting rid of the Democrats on 2012./"We have a Spectator in Chief instead of a Commander in Chief," fumed Newt Gingrich. Senator Lindsey Graham criticized Obama for acting as if "leading the free world is an inconvenience." And Rick Santorum levied the ultimate insult, noting that the French - the French! - had been leading the charge. We have FINALLY reached the pinnacle point where politicians are realizing what us average citizens have know for 2 years - Ovacationingfool does NOT have the competency nor the desire to be OUR Commander-in-Chief and it is an inconvenience to him because it takes him away from his personal agenda: Complete and Total Destruction of the United States.The diplomacy of the past few weeks has broken a tradition born in the Cold War. For decades, U.S. Presidents unilaterally identified crises, articulated responses, determined actions and then persuaded, bribed and threatened countries to join in the "collective action." The one missing element from this administration is SUPPORT for the US. Every other President of this Country, no matter his faults, always stood for the United States and supported her. Obrainless fool has his own agenda and supporting the US is NOT part of it./French fighter jets struck an air base deep inside Libya and destroyed one of Moammar Gadhafi's planes Thursday, and NATO ships patrolled the coast to block the flow of arms and mercenaries/If the Libyan revolt had taken longer to happen, Gaddafi would be fighting rebels with military equipment sold to him by Barack Obama [Scary]/costs are mounting. The price tag to replace the fighter jet that went down Tuesday with a top model could run between $100 million and $150 million,spent some $225 million firing Tomahawk missiles Cooper said. And fuel prices for each jet runs $10,000 an hour.The Pentagon said it's not able to give an official cost estimate so far. The Obama administration says it is funding operations in Libya from existing budgets. The current budget for war spending is about $150 billion/let's go marines!!!! let's go kill!!! let's go protect america!!!!! let's go because the government says it is right!!! let's go shoot these new weapons and do drugs and get medals and see blood and come home and get told what heros you are!!!!! let's go marines!!!!!/The Man just keeps getting it done!!! Inspired by Obamas speech in Ciaro, all across North Africa people are seeking Democracy and Freedom from their Tyranical governments!!! And NO it isn't costing us $3 or $4 Trillion like Iraq!!!/Why on earth did we take the lead in this military campaign? We have so many problems already and have so much debt we can't afford to get immeshed in another war. Pres. Obama was elected in part because he said he would get us out of Iraq in 6 month. We are still there wasting scare resources and our children. He simply moved troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and has done nothing but add to the 3 trillion dollars Pres. Bush squandered. Now Pres. Obama has us involved in another likely disaster. The likely outcome is the ouster of another scumbag dictator only to be replaced with some one just like him and likely hostile to the US./No drama Obama... Gotta love the guy. impeachment is that all REPS know?- impeach impeach, yet deny women who have been raped the ability to not carry a child of rape or incest to send - TAX AUDITORS from the IRS to verify if raped if spend FED money - as in tax advantaged FSA --- you gotta love small government REPS - who want small gov as long as its not their ideas - but if its their ideas they have the IRS investigating your sexual encounters)/not knocking Bush specifically, but during his tenure we cozied up to the Libyan Madman." Have to kiss someone's a$$ to keep those oil sprockets turned on. LOL Which was worse 1.Bush kissing Libyan Madman for war strategy or Obama kissing Iran Nucke Freak for socialist muslim world peace?/Basically those who dislike Obama have decided to dislike each and everything he does/Machiavelli said, "don't strike at a price unless you can kill him." Reagan (the cowboy president) missed Qaddafi. The result was the hundreds killed on the lochbuie air crash.This is no time to waffle.9/11/11 is coming if we don't get this done right. And at the rate we are going, it might be nuclear.We're already in. I'm not a big fan of Kissinger or Machiavelli, but we better go in an get it done right, quick - before it blows back on us, any worse than the inevitable./As a Ex Marine I can tell you flat out the President can order the Marines into any combat situation in the world without any approval from anyone for I believe 90 days effectively starting a war all by his lonesome. I would be more concerned if we started sending in ground troops. Personally I would like to see most conflicts settled by our superior air force capabilties. Some of you may know this but back in the beginning of WW3 we told the Pakistanis that if they did not cooperate we would "bomb them into the stone age" this is the true power we yied IMO and could be a lot more decisive and end things faster if we carpet bombed. war is ugly, war is dirty, war is hell and while I wish there were no wars ever that is just not the reality but if we are to enter them then I say bomb em to submission and then help the new allies to proserity. Look at Germany and Japan. Both have been peaceful non threatning nations since we made them submit by smashing the life out of them. Anyway best of luck to all and Peace/
32311/Israeli police are blaming Palestinian militants for a bomb attack at a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem.Israel's minister of public security, says militants planted the one-kilogram (2-pound) device in a bag on the sidewalk. about 25 people were wounded, several critically, first in years/yahoo is manipulating comments. The Highest rated is first default. Carrying over of comments from old stories is @#$%. They are trying to shut down the ability to discuss these issues in a productive way./so the people can't have a chance to talk/Yahoo is afraid of reality/Control the press and control the WORLD!!!! Yahoo is a bunch of left wing pinkos!!/data miners are too lazy to read the comments. Every news story is survey./Sudden bursts of moderate to intense physical activity -- such as jogging or having sex -- significantly increase the risk of having a heart attack/if you're going to pick SOMETHING to die from, this has to be the top choice/having sex last night and almost died - when my wife walked in the room! Nyuk/breathing can significantly increase the risk of lung cancer/Only the rich can use illegal drugs, NOT get punished or do jail time and then be rewared for it by keeping their job and make money like nothing is wrong. Such is what America has become./our childer are learning from the best! Have an out of control drug addiction, threaten to kill the mother of your children, get busted multiple times with hookers and blow, make a public spectacle of yourself trying to justify your actions and behavior, put the whole cast and crew of your national sit com jobs in jeopardy as you get paid $2.000.000 an episode, and it's everyone else's fault but your own. Then to kick it all off you get rewarded with a new TV deal from the same network that fired you two weeks prior!/Over two million people will contract a form of tuberculosis by 2015 that is difficult to treat, Hundreds of thousands worldwide will die from multi-drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis during that period unless greater efforts are made to properly diagnose all patients and provide them with correct medication,/Giving patients with multi-drug-resistant TB the wrong medication risks creating an even more dangerous form of tuberculosis called extensive drug-resistant TB. WHO estimates that some 25,000 people are contracting XDR-TB each year, requiring more expensive and toxic drugs with less chance of survival./Illuminati have their bio weapons labs working overtime to churn out the "incurable" diseases they need to exterminate 90% of the Earth's human population. The remaining 10% will be their "staff" who will be selected to keep the comforts of life going. They already have cures for cancer, TB, Hepatitis, Herpes, Small Pox, Bird Flu, AIDS........etc/REPUBLICANS where are the jobs you promised the AMERICAN people ? CHINESE WORKERS DON'T PAY AMERICAN TAXES/Drug-resistant TB and other bacteria are one of those daily illustrations of how evolution works./No drama Obama... Gotta love the guy.."I'm not against all wars, just dumb wars." So don't waffle. Gaddafi is a snake./Moody's that rated a better part of $1.75 TRILLION in sub-prime loans AAA? Do we really think they have a clue about the soundness of the US economy. At best they are the worst in the business at their worst perhaps just crooks./Why do these wealthy investors wait for the "next big thing"? Why don't they start/finance companies to put people to work and actually "make their own luck". I mean really,wouldn't that be just the thing to help the economy? Maybe start some manufacturing here in America again instead of losing it abroad./going down... thanks to the crooks/This generation MUST cut back and pay the price. Just as California, and Greece are now being forced to do./Dr. Bruce Jessen's handwritten notes describe some of the torture techniques that were used to "exploit" "war on terror" officials have long asserted that the torture techniques used on "war on terror" detainees were utilized as a last resort to gain actionable intelligence to thwart pending terrorist attacks. handwritten notes obtained exclusively by Truthout drafted twodecades ago by Dr. John Bruce Jessen, the psychologist who was under contractto the CIA and credited as being one of the architects of the government'stop-secret torture program, tell a dramatically different story about thereasons detainees were brutalized and it was not just about obtainingintelligence. Rather, as Jessen's notes explain, torture was used to "exploit"detainees, that is, to break them down physically and mentally, in order toget them to "collaborate" with government authorities. Jessen's notesemphasize how a "detainer" uses the stresses of detention to produce theappearance of compliance in a prisoner. according to the Senate Armed Services Committee report "SERE resistance training ... was used to inform" Yoo and Bybee's torture memo,specifically, nearly a dozen of the brutal techniques detainees weresubjected to, which included waterboarding, sleep deprivation, painful stresspositions, wall slamming and placing detainees in a confined space, such as acontainer, where his movement is restricted._ /[RedStateBlueStateDebate] On Libya, Obama critics want it both ways To those on the wrong side nothing Obama will do will be the right thing or will satisfy them. Now they will say that we never thought that King George II (Bush) didn't do any thing right either/Batley had used The Book Of The Law — by mystic and magician Aleister Crowley as a way of authorising his sexual crimes.....Marling had been besotted with Batley and The Book Of The Law.Batley hadcontrolled the group both sexually and financially, said the judge, and itwas significant that in prostitute Millar's address book he was listed as"My Lord"....Colin Batley was sentenced for 11 offences of rape; six of buggery; threeof indecent assault; and for other offences of causing prostitution forgain, indecency with a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity,and possessing indecent photographs of a child. Elaine Batley was dealt withfor indecency and sexual activity with a child; and indecent assault._ /Unrepentant - Disrobing the Emperor - Kevin Annett was an ordained minister with theUnited Church of Canada in Port Alberni on British Columbia's Vancouver Island,a logging town half populated with native Indians. He discovered a historyof abuse....among the native children in the church's residentialschool....He later discovered that such was the case in more than 140 schoolsrun bythe major churches with the complicity of the Canadian government. Refusing to remain silent, Kevin Annett was defrocked by his church and lost his family and livelihood. For 15 years, he has conducted a one man campaign for justice for the survivors of this crime, and for the bringing to trial of those responsible. /Wanda Karriker, Ph.D. with survivors of extreme abuse. She is author of the novel, of the Extreme Abuse Survey Project : The Ritual Abuse Controversy: A Personal Perspective. Carmen Yana Holiday 2010: Survivors of Extreme Abuse: The Awful Rowing Toward Social Emancipation Carmen Yana Holiday is a survivor of extreme domestic violence, human trafficking, child pornography, ritual abuse-torture and mind control. She has been an advocate for other survivors since 2001, developing and facilitating trauma recovery workshops and presenting as a survivor of RA-MC /Predictions about world events pointing to "The coming of the Mahdi" – a messianic figure Muslims expect to come and lead them in victory against the infidels in the last days. The Hadith, a collection of Islamic holy witings that supplement the Quran, predicts the messianic figure will aris in the last days of history. This "Mahdi," along with the "Prophet Jesus," will lad the believers to victory over the infidels. The Mahdi is supposed to ome, according to Islamic clerics, just before the advent of the day of judgment – when believers are severely oppressed in every corner of the world. Mohammad has mentioned Planet X and called it the Planet with the big tail. He also stated that it's appearance will be shortly prior to the appearance of the king of jews. [and from another source] Warnings from Islam's 'messianic whirlpool'>/researcher Jason Martell detailed how many ancient cultures tracked patterns based on reoccurring astronomical cycles, such as the precession of the equinoxes. While this cycle had been calculated to take place over 26,000 years, new research finds that it's more like a 24,000-year span, he reported. "This is interesting to me, because now we have a number that's in alignment with ancient astronaut research," such as the 12th planet, and the divisional breakdowns of Annunaki teachings to Sumerians, he commented, adding that with this model, each zodiacal age we go through lasts for 2,000 years../1903, Niagara Falls ran out of water due to a drought. While in 1978, one of The Flying Wallendas died after falling off a tightrope that was stretched between two hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico/ / / /Rock star Sammy Hagar admits he has been contacted by extraterrestrials on multiple occasions./Quartz is also key to "UFO" lights with earthquakes. When quartz is squeezed by plate shifts, it generates huge amounts of energy that manifest as "Earthquake Lights" Some say the lights are a sure indicator of a quake about to happen/
32211/sleazy lying land thieving ziocreeps suck?/WHY DOES THE TRUTH BOTHER THE CHILDISH ZIOCREEPS AND XTIAN FRUITCAKES/ Helen Thomas a Heroine: to Playboy White House in pockets of the Israeli/I hope all the the slimy ISRAPUKE juws kill each other but before that I hope more guys like Madoff scrwe the pants off of em FIRST!/ I hope all the muslims in Egypt and Libya kill eachother, islam is the problem/Seventy percent of Pakistan in the days following 9/11 thought that it had been done by the Israelis. The Israelis were blamed for the tsunami at the end of 2004. no one blaming the J_ews for getting the US into the Libya mess”?/Egypt will be known as the Islamist 'Sewer by the Suez'.>>>>>so, can a silly childish fortune teller see whether or not the usa is still paying Egypt billions of wasted usa tax dollars to NOT attack the apartheid cesspool israel? one last prediction please!is sharon water buffalo still in a coma?/"Egypt will turn to the God of Israel". (Isaiah)/ARAB HATING RACIST IDIOTS LIKE BLOATIE WILL ROT FROM HOOF AND MOUTH DISEASE!/not merely be "gentiles", it will be the muslims converting to *Judaism*, Ms Atta, and it will be so thorough a conversion that the Lord will acknowledge them as His *children*. That's almost unimaginable. But I have a feeling that it's going to take one heck of a fall to their knees to get them there, and these current events may be the beginning of that very thing./They gravitate to financial chaos like firefighters and soldiers rushing toward danger. The first stop of these fear traders is often the U.S. options market, where investment returns are multiplied simply because of the natural leverage of puts and calls. So as others were selling stocks in reaction to the nuclear disaster at Japan's Fukushima power plant, the options market, which had been subdued in recent weeks, was extraordinarily busy. Trading volumes increased by more than 40% because seasoned traders reflexively decided to "buy fear."/No-Fly Zone Over Libya: $30 Million to $100 Million Per Week/US Fighter Jet Crashes Near Benghazi/
32111/you people rate right up there with, hitler, mao, and stalin, you left wing perverts need to rot in HELL with all COP KILLERS, you people who blame the cops what to do nothing but molest kids, and you are scared they will catch you/obama-biden bumper sticker in bengazi lybia. gadaffi to neverland. calin/imus/, "american grace", it was determined that the youth are leaving the church in droves and especially evangelicals. "Young Americans are dropping out of religion at an alarming rate of 5-6 times the historic rate (30-40% have no religion today versus 5-10% a generation ago). But youth’s religious disaffection is largely due to discomfort with religiosity having been tied to conservative politics.", not surprising since this is the hallmark of young evangelicals."/The government has already lost the support of religious leaders and been weakened by the resignations of ministers, ambassadors and a host of ruling party MPs, but Saleh has refused to stand down until his term ends in 2013. Top generals on Monday joined the revolt against Saleh -- the longest serving leader in the Arab world -- opening a dangerous split in the military leadership of Yemen where tanks were deployed in the capital. (END) Dow Jones NewswiresMarch 21/There is a reason why Buffet pulled out of BAC! Something tells me it is not good either./it's just one war or action as opposed to Bush's 2 wars he started! Pubs loved Bush when he was "liberating" Iraq but they hate Obama for going along with the United Nations! they knew better than to get involved in the Iraq fiasco and lies Bush put forward./still pales in comparison to gw douche - the ultimate war monger - liar - cheat - fraud - and his dream team of rumdumb - condolt - chrome dome cheney - brownie and the whole douche cadre - lets all cheer douche douche douche - unlike a republican debacles - this will have a satisfactory outcome./Arab League of Dictators supports sending Saudi Troop to squash Democracy while claiming to support Democracy elsewhere aka Libya/a San Antonio Taco Bell customer enraged that the seven burritos he ordered had gone up in price fired an air gun at an employee and later fired an assault rifle at officers before barricading himself into a hotel room. officers used tear gas Sunday night to force the man from the hotel room after a three-hour standoff. The man is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder./Bush was insincere and was clearly lying to the UN. He wanted a hasty vote because he knew the inspectors would never find anything. In contrast, the allies and Obama made no assertions that were untrue./Fox News Poll America Tells The GOP Their 2012 Candidates\
s-charged-in-fake-tea-party-scandal /their non-binding resolution to not allow 'earmarks,' then the Tea Party ca...ucus' 700 earmarks adding 1 billion to the budget./
31911/China's economic agency told shoppers Thursday to stop panic buying salt, blaming baseless rumors that the iodine in it can stop radiation sickness./paywall which I have to admit I hadn’t thought of: Get advertisers to foot the bill!/Focus your attention on being practical and save the philosophical inquiry for another day/renders the victim a babbling simp, a dollt, an utter moron./babb;omg so,[. a dp;t. am itter ,prpm/The effectiveness of the Plan of Rehabilitation and the commencement of policy claim payments are subject to the terms of, and the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in, the Plan, and there can be no assurances as to when policy claim payments will be made./From The No Coverage Zone: Media focuses on Libya, but ignores brutal crackdowns by US allies Bahrain and Yemen / AIG has become the Fed’s pushing AIG to the brink. If they go too far, the Fed will lose its 79.9% investment, /2008, let a banker write a bad poem and no one cares. Let a poet write a bad check, big difference. Or maybe Richard Armour described it better, “That money talks I’ll not deny. I heard it once it said goodbye.” Eighteen months at most, probably less, and gents, Wall Street will be financing the purchase of what they just bankrupted and the Dow will be climbing to 14,000. The free market relies on victors not victims. Government relies on victims and distorted policies create opportunities for speculation. try to find something that rhymes with 2012./ Jan 14 - Hitchens delivers yet another masterpiece 16 march/Prayer Drop Box - Guaranteed Results" /Christians believe all the lies in the Bible because they are afraid to die and to face the truth that when they die, it is all over—forever. Personally, Christians are to be pitied as weak-minded individuals who are delusional and cannot think clearly. They may be rational in all other respects of life, but believing in a superstition that is based on faith and not facts is irrational./Wikileaks Reveals: US Intrigue Against Maoists & Nepal Peace Process US Ambassador James F. Moriarty was actively trying to destabilise Nepal’s peace process in order to prevent a Maoist rise to power. It reveals a bitter man, utterly convinced that the peace process endorsed by the Maoists in 2006 was a temporary ploy to help them advance their revolutionary agenda…/Quebec will no longer authorize fracking for oil, gas/
31811/ PhotOh! Glenn Beck applies fake tears on live TV/Sharron Angle said Wednesday she'll run for Congress again in an effort to "stop the liberal agenda." in 2012./NPR: a wholly owned subsidiary of George Soros Traitorous anti-American ultralibs are a hot mess./We let Washinton run over us all. Influenced by Wall Street./making money for the first time in 3 years, you decide where the price is headed. Simple questions. Do you have some *coherent* answers to them???/imact created by this zelious lending and ponzi schem has nearly brought down the entire capitist system which you seem to support and it is hard to understand why you want to direct your blame at an innocent victim of the lenders, which has caused many job loses that likely would have not happened in a normal market correcting down turn. Many victims in this ponzi scheme.This mentality is the same mentality you want to use to describe a non paying homeowner. At the end of the conversation it all comes back to people that never qualified for loans got them and hence the unraveling of capitism has begun/like a dog chasing it tail... round and round we go. As for me, the clock is ticking, and my time will come shortly, albeit I will lose a $100,000 plus, but sometimes it is best to cut your losses and move on./I would have to do credit checks on all my neighbors prior to buying to determine if these people realy could affford the mortgage product or not but this is not an option that is available to a home buyer... we rely on the lending system to ensure loans are solid and based on reality. we are dependant on the banks to make good loans and let true economic conditions drive pricing up and down... pricing should not have been driven by rediculios lending practices that inflate prices and then implodes./Cerillo family who walked away three years ago from their Las Vegas home when they both lost their jobs. The title remained in their name, unbeknownst to them, and all manner of costs were levied upon them even though the bank has retained the long vacant house in their possession. The Cerillo's were just sent a bill for $37,000 and haven't been near the house in three years. Morale of the story: Don't give up possession/the crooked, filthy stinking actions of the company are shrugged off? It's all my fault I paid too much for my house. I should have foreseen the coming collapse - yeah, right../Bankers should be held accountable for what they did, but it doesn't make the attempt to steal a home you over pay for any more palatable. That's the problem with the legal system now. If they hold bankers up to the their crimes then the people scamming the system on retail side wouldn't have the excuse that bankers do it and get away scat free. But its an entirely different issue and has nothing to do with an attempt of some people to keep the homes they don't pay for./
31711/FL GOP Rep. Says 11-Year-Old Was Gang Raped "Because She Was Dressed Like A 21 Year-Old Prostit./They even create there own mortgage registration system so paper could be moved so fast no one had a chance to even review it... This systemic failure which is now putting us on the each of bankruptcy as a country have not owned the problem, they have depleted the equity in our homes... which is stealing... so they continue to operate with malicious and criminal intent... no end in sight... we are now at 2002 pricing levels/three scientific divers found high levels of ethyl benzene and xylene in their blood after completing 15-20, -dives of approximately 30 minutes, while wearing full wet suits. The diving was done over the summer and early fall of 2010 /Glenn Beck doesn't believe in boycotts maybe I should start buying at BP Stations, so much for old Glenn. I am lost in a mind bog. I look to our Kenyan leader to solve this conundrum and find myself deeper into the bog. We are at war on many fronts and most Americans are unaware./late for my shift down at the BP corporate office..Its a slick job if you don't mind getting greasy..and all you have to do is sell your soul and your children's souls to satan...easy./Carl Kruger is a Democratic state senator from Brooklyn. His vote against gay marriage last year was crucial in stopping the measure in New York. Funny thing: He lives with his gay lover, who's the bagman in their bribery racket, lifting the veil from what must be one of the most satisfyingly convoluted and brazen cases of self-loathing gay political figures in our time. First, the bribery: Kruger, the feds charge, conspired with a state lobbyist named Richard Lipsky to shake down clients for Kruger's vote. He's charged with accepting bribes from Lipsky to funnel state money to various New York City projects being developed by Forest City Ratner, as well as trying to curtail the state's recycling laws. When the feds raided Lipsky's Upper West Side apartment, they found "$102,000 in cash from a safe in a closet and $4,000 'in crisp, large denominational bills from the pocket of a suit belonging to Lipsky,'"/, Texas — Thousands of teachers, parents and other school advocates rallied outside the Texas Capitol here Saturday to decry the $10 billion in school funding cuts that lawmakers have proposed. Organizers said the rally drew more than 11,000 people from across the state, making it one of the largest Capitol rallies in recent history. “It’s great to see such a turnout,” said Marcia Kushner, “This is our Wisconsin.” wealthiest 5 percent of Americans hold more than 55 percent of the nation's number of the Fukushima 50 is 180 souls. They work in shifts of 50 dressed in all the anti-nuke gear/
31611/So once again, the consumer is the guilty party. OK! But do you know how many homes foreclosed? And what was the average loss per home for the lenders? How in hell did these lenders lose 500 billion dollars? And when we say lost 500B, what do we mean? Money lost as in burned? Where is the money?/incoherent rambles such as this don't help the situation either. There is no conspiracy. There is no 'enemy' aside from the greed within the US of A itself./Planet Elenin - Nibiru/ mathatheist/Al Gore firm invests in organic waste recycler from CNET Harvest Power raises $51.7 million to build plants that turn food scraps and yard waste into renewable energy or compost./imus, "faux-n-fiends"/STRANGE, no petty, juvenile cheap shots from Palin & Bachmann on Japan Bachmann has already suggested the Japanese should have build a fence along the coast/Palin has already suggested the Japanese people should "grow up" and stop whining./If the disaster was in Israel and Bush helped them the libs would be going ape-shot./They've both been studying the map, hard, trying to find Japan./feb27 eg chili,, sept26 alignment@au.381, oct17 alignment@.232, nov5 debris stream@.348, nov 23 alignment@.562....gud vid except inchristalive, i wanna sell ya some silver/magine if America spent the money we spent on maintaining an empire --- on other things, like education, like having a real economy and not one based on manipulating puppet states. maybe he secretly made a pact with the devil and gave the devil his soul in exchange for ressurection?..They go to church and talk about all their morals, and then they go home, smoke weed, have sex, watch porn, and talk abuot how they don't believe in it.... but then they get in a group? everyone's upstanding and christian.
31511/State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley Resigns/how George Bush-esque it was: the bravado, the devil may care attitude about rules and etiquette and lives and grammar. Why is this guy (Charlie) so hated? Virtually no one in office has the interests of the average Joe in mind and what is best for them. We need more people in office like Bernie Sanders and Anthony Wiener we are fucked forever from what I see. "Lobbyists are heartless individuals (I didn’t say people for a reason) who push their companies' agenda knowing they are hurting people." "Lobbyist is a synonym for asshole. Little known fact: assholes are called assholes because originally there was a room in the Willard Hotel called the asshole room. This is where all the lobbyists hung out. Hence the term. beginning to think that pushing for gun control is a good idea, if only because there’s nothing else that will nauseate and terrify Tea Partiers more. To me, the right-wing fascination with guns is such an obviously Freudian phenomenon that it’s almost embarrassing; real and very justified fears of creeping political impotence, idiotically and self-defeatingly expressed in passionate defense of their right to shoot themselves in tragic domestic accidents. Going after Republicans’ gun rights has always seemed to me needlessly provocative and cruel, sort of like removing the tinfoil helmet your local schizophrenic thinks is protecting him from space mt/Take away guns from people who want to feel tough?! Next you'll want to take away comments sections from people who want to think they have an audience/Mantra of the Corporate World is: "Divide and Conquer" -"Keep them stupid,Keep them occupied and Take away their democratic rights"and no one will ever know what hit us until it will be too late.I would also add that instead of "Universal Health Care" we will have "Universal Right to Bear Arms" and for that the corporations would need easier access for people to buy guns. Then the corporate privatization of jails begins and more corporate owned jails will be built for people who will voice their opposition. The corporations will make sure that the jails are not being kept empty and that they are lucrative,solid and continual source of profit. They will get richer and more powerful and by the time we, "The People" realize that the only reason for existence for corporations is to make as large a profit as possible without worrying about consequences,by that time it will be too late/FIRST YEAR RESULTS ARE NOW IN:Homicides are up 6.2%.Assults are up 9.6%.Armed robberies are up 44%/"animal factory" dave kirby on imus, oregon rivers mercury traced from asia..h2n2 preinoculations./duh?endless supply of thermosal&thermite/embed every bullet with a microchip. Why? Just because somehow the GOPTea Party will freak out - and ammunition companies will freak out, as will the NRA. I have no idea what said microchip would do, but you say "embed every bullet with a microchip" and you will have a guaranteed conservative freak out. an anti-NRA. Call it the "NHA" - "No Hunters Allowed." The NHA would represent the gun rights of solely the psychopathic, ultra-violent gun owners: serial kilers, white supremacists, drug lords, arms dealers, mass murderers, people who go on shooting sprees, etc... The goal is to lobby for ever more powerful and destructive firearms and the ability of Americans to enjoy those weapons in as unrestricted a fashion as possible, and to lobby for the abolition of laws punishing gun owners for killing, maiming, or injuring anyone with a firearm./Rep. Kenneth Kreis, R-Canterbury, who chaired the sub-committee that worked on the bill, said the law would allow someone to carry a weapon on a snowmobile for example, but that person could still be prosecuted for hunting out of season if he shot a deer.could allow a person with mental illness to carry a concealed weapon.Rep. Laura Pantelakos, D-Portsmouth. "We're opening up the flood gates with this bill and heading into very, very dangerous waters." The bill would make it a natural right to carry a firearm without a permit, openly or concealed.The bill removes the mandatory jail sentence for committing a felony while armed. The mandatory sentence provision is what sent Ward Bird to jail./Tea Party is largely financed by the Koch brothers whose dad was a founding member of the John Birch Society. Can't remember if the guy was also tied to the old anti-commie Minute Men. I'm old enough to remember these guys planning military maneuvers on the Mississippi to repel the Pinko Peril some time in the mid 60's. Wacked, but true./^this guy has proof of Suns solar activity causes EQ's/Earthquake Projector Technology, HAARP and Scalar/Plasma weaponry /The 1,421-metre (4,689-feet) Shinmoedake volcano in the Kirishima range saw its first major eruption for 52 years in January. maintained a volcano warning at a level of three out of five volcano in southwestern Japan erupted Sunday after nearly two weeks of relative silence, sending ash and rocks up to four kilometres (two and a half miles) into the air,/Crimes against IraqisCrimes against Iraqis committed by the gangs of al Maliki , the agentof US and Iran occupation.Clip was taken by US soldiers ….. The news media are silent. /Edgar Cayce predicted in 1934 that “there will be earth changes, including thebreakups in western U.S., and the sliding of most of JAPAN in to the sea."/"which shifted Eastern Japan towards North America by about 13 feet " & "and sank Japan downward by about two feet. "/Saudi Arabia admits invading Bahrain*/We have become a society ruled by greed, the lust for power and wealth has hijacked the noble vision upon which this country was founded/Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. Epistemphobia - Fear of knowledge. /
31411/The Two Class Usa Is Almost Here! Please Send A Thank You Letter To Master John Brainless & Sir Scott Walkalotalloverya!/Obama - runs the country - 400K Blankfein - runs goldman sux - $539 Million./Crowley for 26)USAF of Brockton, Massachusetts is a working-class town, proud of its reputation as the "City of Champions" (especially the heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano and the middleweight boxer "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler), and prouder still of its pragmatic patriotism based on a sense of decency and fair play. By any standard, the treatment of Manning (solitary confinement, forced nudity, constant harassment) has been indecent and unfair. I have no evidence for this, but I'd like to think Crowley's hard-hitting jabs against the Pentagon hailed in part from his roots as a Brockton Boxer, swore an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. The U.S. Constitution protects us all from cruel and unusual punishment: an apt description of the military's treatment of Private Manning./Kent Hovind was charged with 58 federal counts, including failure to pay $845,000 in employee-related taxes and withholdings. His wife, Jo Hovind, faces up to 225 years. Her charges include aiding and abetting her husband with 44 counts of evading bank-reporting requirements. / 2007, US president George W. Bush visited the city of São Paulo to sign agreements with Brazilian president Lula on importing alcohol and its technology as an alternative fuel,"Flex" engines work with gasoline, alcohol or any mixture of both fuels. As of May 2009, more than 88% of new vehicles sold in Brazil are flex fuel/ Maher called the Quran a "hate-filled holy book" that espouses a backwards ideology./ waves of fear through Gulf states over the potential for enemy Iran to take new footholds on their doorsteps. Bahrain conflict is sectarian as much as pro-democracy, as the strategic Gulf island nation's majority Shiite Muslims see an opportunity to rid themselves of two centuries of rule by a Sunni monarchy. Gulf Sunni leaders worry that might give Shiite Iran a stepping stone to its arch-rival Saudi Arabia, connected to Bahrain by a wide causeway, protests are already flaring in Oman, Kuwait and even tightly ruled Saudi Arabia. The leaders also perceive political gains by Bahrain's Shiites as potential avenues/saudi sent in 1000 troops at the request of the monarch to supress the rebellion/
31311/“Accused Mass Murderer Became President”candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder, in which 17 people were murdered and skinned alive. The only suspect by authorities was Bush Jr. 140+ death row Texecutions/Cecil B de Mille is identified in one of two snipers nests on the Grassy Knoll, CIA asset Charles Frederick Rogers, who fired from behind the picket fence, and Dallas Police Officer Joseph Smith who fired from behind the corner of the Rotunda wall!/ /we refuse to live in any dhimmitude! We no longer wish to be under any protection! Our martyrs have defended us! Our martyrs have defended our cause! Our martyrs have defended our freedom and our presence in the Middle East, during which the whole world repudiated us, during which the whole world disinherited us, during which the whole world ignored us; and when we emerged victorious, all became our friends, all sought to befriend us. No one can outwit us! No one can outrank us in bravery! And no one has defended his country more than we have defended ours! We want to live here in dignity! We alone knew what was expected of us, for had we not done what we did, we would not be here today and there would not have remained a single nun, priest, or cross! Bashir Gemayel, 14 September 1982. RIP. Assassinated/ /Man is rescued TEN MILES out to sea after clinging to roof of his obliterated house for two days
31211/ 124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,452 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.Fiscal Year 2009, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $8.2 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians.1 Israeli is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 5,935 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 24,813 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967/Soldiers wrongly punished for skipping Christian concert By STEVE SZKOTAK, Associated Press RICHMOND, Va. – A staff sergeant erred when he banished dozens of soldiers to their barracks and ordered them to clean up after they refused to attend a Christian concert on a Virginia Army base last year. When the Army learned the soldiers were punished, the company commander apologized to them the next day, The actions of the staff sergeant, who was not named, were referred back to his battalion commander for nonjudicial action, any punishment, if it occurred, would be kept confidential./Idaho bill would take away power of teachers union/Columbia Professor Emeritus of History Richard Bushman, “Mormonism and Politics: Are They Compatible?” In it he details the transformation of Mormonism from a radical faith to a conservative one. Turns out Joseph Smith, and to a lesser extent, Brigham Young, pushed for the development of settlements of believers that would be welcoming of diverse faiths. Ideally people would live close to their neighbors in towns where they would participate in communal activities such as meals and related chores. Their farms would be on the outskirts and farmers would commute to their land. Mormonism rose from the liberal religious trends in the early 19th century that also influenced abolitionism, transcendentalism, early feminism, and led to the founding of schools such as Oberlin College where all of these ideas merged and developed.Joseph Smith wrote, “they did have all things in common — and there were no poor among them.” I can’t find any evidence of Beck, Buttars, Hatch, or Romney supporting that idea. I did find plenty of the opposite./Retarded Right Wingers will believe anything no matter how ridiculous. Like the $7.5 million in damage dome by scotch tape in the WI capitol building./ GM planting: Now US biotech giants want to pollute Mexico/ in mother russia nibiru is you/Wisconsin Firefighters Shut Down Bank That Funded Walker/to enhance monitoring the situation in Libya, the alliance's chief said onThursday. "We have decided to increase the presence of NATO maritime assetsin the central Mediterranean.Nato to draw up plans for'a no-fly zone or other options against air attacks' by Gaddafi. DowningStreet sources confirmed the other options would include bombing Gaddafi’s runways to prevent his aircraft taking off to bomb the rebels./former Blackwater mercenaries were found guilty on Fridayofinvoluntary manslaughter in the May 2009 shooting death of an unarmed Afghancivilian in Kabul, but were acquitted of all other charges related to theshootings of two others. A federal jury found Justin H. Cannon of CorpusChristi, Texas, and Christopher Drotleff of Virginia Beach not guilty ofmurder and weapons charges that could have resulted in life sentences/center of the bow being formed by the N American continent, the San Diego area, has an epidemic of water main breaks, and the snapping rock inland from this point has/Government can get records from Twitter for WikiLeaks probe,/-PJ Crowley says Pentagon is being 'ridiculous and stupid' by subjecting WikiLeaks suspect to punitive conditions in jail* 11 Mar 2011 Hillary Clinton's spokesman has launched a public attack on the Pentagon for the way it is treating military prisoner Bradley Manning/British lawyer pleaded guilty to U.S. charges he conspired to bribe N*ger*an government officials to help KBR Inc. win contracts for a $6 billion natural gas project. Jeffrey Tesler, 62,/Don Young (R-Sociopath-AK) is reintroducing legislation that would allow hunters to import polar bear hides legally killed in Canada. When polar bears were declared threatened three years ago, it became illegal to import hides./"striking an extremely limited number ofpoints which are the source of the most deadly operations" by forces loyalto Gaddafi/Firefighters Local 311 President Joe Conway to 'Move your money,' union members withdrew over $100,000 from the bank, with some reports stating that number is as high as $192,000. Either way, it was a hefty enough chunk of change that M&I shut its doors and closed for the day at 3PM.Anecdoctally -- 'M&I Bank received $1.7 billion in bailout money via President George W. Bush's Troubled Assets Relief Program. The bank was acquired by the Bank of Montreal in December of 2010 for $4.1 billion in stock,' reportsDane101 Two firefighters with old school ideas about saving had over $600,000 between the two of them and they demanded cashier's checks on the spot.'a very simple, very peaceful way to inflict some serious damage on the money-grubbers; super kudos to the Firefighters Union./Volcano in eastern Indonesia erupts, spews gas cloudBy The Associated Press (CP) – 7 hours agoJAKARTA, Indonesia — One of Indonesia's most active volcanos has erupted,sending lava and searing gas clouds tumbling down its slopes.Volcanology official Agus Budianto said Friday that authorities were stilltrying to evacuate residents living along the slopes of Mount Karangetang./Many at the H.A.A.R.P project are still celebrating there new global weapon system that can deliver anything from adverse weather conditions to hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, and even manipulating human minds. The source said that they now control all all electromagnetic wave lengths and this latest test further proves that one global hidden dictator can now dominate the world. The source would not comment on who this was. He also stated that the next target wi ll be the center earth. If this test is successful they hope to explode the earth completely unless all demands are met with all countries. Apparently something more is going on behind the scenes. The source would not comment any further why Japan was a target. News World Wide has confirmed these sources of an active H.A.A.R.P./Hours upon hours of air time were devoted to Charlie Sheen's 'meltdown,' but MSNBC chose to air its 'Lockup' series on Friday evening/Saturday morning, sans interruption. MSNBC failed to even cut in with a news alert of the explosion -- and possible meltdown -- of Japan's quake-hit Fukushima No.1 nuclear Plant./We non-Jooish humans can write about most any other group of humans, but we cannot write about this group called "Joos" without a creating a firestorm. There are exceptions. We can write about "Joos" if we adopt a slavish, worshipful tone that emphasizes how wonderful, special, perfect and totally awesome this group is."--- Robert Lindsay/
31111/Vivian Schiller so willingly accepts their statement at face value that they rejected the $5 million donation from the Muslim Brotherhood front group. We've given you the unedited phone recordings and face to face meetings. So the least you can do is provide us your proof that NPR rejected the donation/the man criticized the regime as a "police state" and "a big prison" before he got in his car and left. protesters demanding the release of political prisoners took to the streets Thursday for a second day in the eastern city of Qatif. wearing masks to avoid being identified, marched after dark asking for "Freedom for prisoners."Police, fired percussion bombs followed by gunfire, protesters threw Molotov cocktails and stones from rooftops on the security troops. Sunni Saudi Arabia has struggled to stay ahead of the unrest/he was warning the Saudis not to protest against his corrupt family so that they continue to loot billions of dollars and live their luxurious life uninterrupted while their citizens live as second class and slaves to them./March 19, the moon will swing around Earth more closely than it has in the past 18 years, lighting up the night sky from just 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away/Eleven Muslim college students were due in court on Friday to face charges that they unlawfully disrupted a speech by Israel's ambassador, "Irvine 11," as their protest was held at the University of California at Irvine, face up to six months in jail if convicted of criminal misdemeanor charges of disturbing a meeting and conspiring to do so in connection with their February 2010 demonstration./(,0,5123798.story/cult leader Colin Batley, 48, was found guilty of 27 offences -- including rape, buggery, indecency wih children and causing prostitution. His wife, Elaine Batley, 47, was convicted of 5 offences, incuding indececy with a child and indecent assault. Shelly Millar, 35, was convicted of two counts of indecency with children. Jackie Marling, Batley's lover, was convicted of five offences - including aiding and abeiting rape and indecency with a child. Peter Murphy - which preached free sex and was influenced bynotorious English occultist Aleister Crowley./ Yemengovernment forces have used nerve gas againstanti-government protesters as President Ali Abdullah Saleh come undermounting pressure to step down/Published in 1999, References 9/11*/ also caused the earth to gain in time somewhat over 1 secoUNd, like a figure skater tucking in their arms they gain velocity-same as when the eaths crust slid together. I heard that on CNN last night n was SUprised they'd actualy admit something real but outta the norm. Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet, shifted Earth's axis Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy estimated the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters)./Saudi court sentenced a teen ager for four months in prison and 120 lashes with the whip for kissing a girl in public/Professor Banjo Billy, KykenverminologistSupreme thieves and criminals. Perverts beyond compare. Genocidal hypocrites. Betrayers of Mankind. Yes, these are all apt descriptions of the Juus. The lowest of scum holding themselves superior to all of Humanity, these are the Juus. But you would never know it if you relied upon what the Juus tell you about themselves blaring from every loud speaker, newspaper and TV tube. Puffed up with the haughty pride of a skunk on holiday, that's the Juu/
31011/Billionairs will win easy. Just have to keep people divided. Thats Very important. Remember what they say!, "unions destroy middle class"./Boehner said America is broke? What about tax advantage using mortgage interest as a tax deductable?/Filthy minority scum like the despicable russian and the always filthy polock get 10 families to pool their money and then they buy everything in the neighborhood and turn around divide a house so that they can rent a single home to 10 other minority scum families (which is illegal) and then they start the whole process again/JewBerg u should really watch what u say because ur people "Jews" are the scum of the earth. I'm polish and would love to talk to u face-to-face so I could smash ur face in. Just saying. Have a wonderful day. Jesus is the Son of God./banksters who reamed the country of trillions can now go out with those multi-milllion $ bonuses and pay cash for homes. They shaft people twice by stealing thier money, then buying the homes they foreclosed on for cash. Quite the deal! Put the banksters like Blankfein, Dimon and Mack in jail!/keep spending what you can, on foreign goods, vote no to unions. Billionaires need you support!!!/Religion is What Keeps the Poor from Murdering the Rich - Napoleon Bonaparte/divide and conquer, fool and deceive, lie and promise eternal life/
3911/January 20, 2009 National Debt $11,3OO,OOO,OOO,OOO That's a debt Republicans are proud of/refuse to support newborn babies, but insist they be born..It's a christian the Constitution...errr...the bible/save their souls, so we can kill them by Christian rules"/The narcissist never talks – he lectures. He never moves – he poses. He is patronising, condescending, forgiving, posturing, or teaching. This is the more benign form of narcissism. In its more malignant variants, the narcissist is hectoring, humiliating, sadistic, impatient, and full of rage and indignation. He is always critical and torments all around him with endless, bitter cynicism/"An improving job market is beginning to pave the way for an improving housing market," says MBA vice president of research Michael Fratantoni./ / /Forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi struck an oil pipeline and oil storage facility Wednesday as they pounded rebels with artillery and gunfire in at least two major cities, killing four people/gays in the military, union riots, Higher gas prices, nd world Chaos. Not to mention more soldiers have diedin 2 years of obama than all 8 of Bush. If 9/11 was an inside job it was done by Democrats./THANK YOU israHELL:Thank you for taking billions of dollars in aid every year from our taxes, so that Jews in Israel can have things like free health care while we in the USA do not.Thank you for erecting an apartheid wall and imposing Nazi style check points and curfews on Palestinians so that the whole Arab world can hate the United States for our supposed support of you.Thank you for giving us Neocons in our government that always push relentlessly for policies that benefit Israel at the expense of the USA.Thank you for giving us AIPAC, the most powerful lobby in Washington, who also push relentlessly for policies that benefit Israel at the expense of the USA.Thank you for having enough nuclear weapons to destroy the entire planet, but never signing any nuclear treaty of any kind.Thank you for the humanitarianism you showed in the Siege of Gaza, where you ruthlessly bombed defenseless women and children, purposefully targeting schools, hospitals and churches.Thank you for spreading a so-called "religion" that claims Jews as "god's chosen people" above all other people on the planet, and considers "goyim" as cattle.Thank you for destroying the truth in the media you either own or control with threats from pro-israel lobby groups.Thank you for being the #1 nation that spys on American citizens.Thank you for Rabbis that traffic in human organ sales.Thank you for giving us Larry Silverstein, who PROFITED over 2 BILLION DOLLARS from insurance payouts on the World Trade Center complex that he assumed lessorship of only weeks prior to 9/ the lowest bidder. He also doubled the 'terrorist insurance' prior to the lease.Thank you for giving us Israeli citizens like Michael Chertoff and Dov Zakheim in the highest levels of our government. Sure makes me sleep better at night.Thank you for giving us ZIONISM, the invisible evil that finds refuge in our government, our media, our monetary system, and the very fabric of our country, that considers as essentially important only what is best for Israel and Jewish people above all other allegiances.Thanks for the hundreds of photos and videos available on the internet of your IDF opening fire and killing women and children in the occupied territories.Thank you for bulldozing Palestinian homes, forcing the residents out at gunpoint, and stealing their land for Israeli settlements, all with the supposed backing of the USA, as that really helps our image in the world.Thank you for giving us the Neocons that infested the Bush white house and formed the Project For The New American Century, who called for "A CATASTROPHIC AND CATALYZING EVENT LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR" TO HAPPEN ON AMERICAN SOIL so Americans would support middle east wars.Thanks for giving us Neocon poison spouts like Norman Podhoretz, who pollute our media with their cries for war with Iran, so we can become COMPLETELY bankrupt as a nation in our supposed support of Israel.Thanks a lot. Really./WE ARE ALREADY IN 2 WARS THAT RUINED THIS COUNTRY FINANCIALLY....BTW....BIN LADEN WON!!/If we would simply organise protests and demand that the government officials "clean house" and deal with the corruption which saturates our government, they would have no choice but to comply. Any resistance to the peoples will would only reveal the depths of their hypocrisy to the entire world. They cant very well crack down on the disgruntled citizens here while simultaneously supporting reform in the middle east, now can they?/liberators of today will transform into the oppressors of tomorrow./Invade Switzerland and send back the billions of American aid money hidden by all these dictators in their banks. The root cause of this global conflict - Swiss Bank secrecy laws./Judging from past history of muslim countries, and our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, only an army or an iron fisted tyrant has been able to control people who are programmed by their religion to be murderers./This cowardly President we currently have will wait until Gadhafi blows up all of the oil fields and than will blame everybody else for the problems, but, of course no his ignorant self. Just like the rest of his people, he can't do anything by him self, he doesn't know how./at least BP or Mobil will get a ciontract to rebuild everything.Obama is between Islam and oil what to do what to do poor man. If he doesn't act he let's down the "rebels" aka jihadists, and if he does act he is defending the oil industry. didn't he and a cast of perverted old reprobates pushing a green union big governement agenda in which they hope to make lots of money and fund the projects with tax dollars accuse Bush of waging an oil war? What to do what to do, poor man is slipping on his own oily petard./dumbocrats they neither have a brain or head. The one they use is lower down. In order to be a dumbocrat you have to support the obamanation unto desolation. The idiot is so stupid that idiot is not representitive of him. It is more embasil and the 61 % that voted for him because he is black and spoke from a telepromter are just as ignorant as the obamanation./GOP needs to Kill the Unions..... Get rid of Medicare, Get rid of SS. Kill the EPA.... Lower our taxes and Stop Spending money... Give back to the people who got you into power and last get rid of the Democraps... They ruined this Country.... God LOVE the GOP!!!!! If I had my gun I would fire it in the air right now... but the fick'n Democraps made it against the law..../wot we have "days of Rage" here?/,8599,2057760,00.html "For now, Barnes & Noble seems to be far from its final chapter. The company still has about $900 million more in assets than debt. Borders, as of its last fiscal statements, actually owed about $40 million more to creditors than the total value of its assets."/Muslim mob attacked thousands of Christians protesting the burning of a Cairo church killed at least 13 people and wounded about 140, Cairo, a sprawling city of some 18 million people that is chaotic at the best of times. Christians At least 2,000 protested on the highway on Tuesday night and a separate crowd of several hundred has been camping out outside the TV building for days to voice their anger at what they perceive to be official discrimination against them./Bush who once so eloquently said;“And they have no disregard for human life”Washington, D. C. July 15, 2008/ /organized labor’s special privileges and immunities is the 1973 United States v. Enmons decision. In it, the United States Supreme Court held that union violence is exempted from the Hobbs Act, which makes it a federal crime to obstruct interstate commerce by robbery or extortion./ /Social Affairs Minister Moshe Kahlon to visit the convicted Israeli spy in a U.S. jail next week and pass on a message from Netanyahu.CHIEF LAND THIEF VISITS DEAD MAN WALKING/ Yemen's authorities use nerve gas against protestors/lost too many friends in the Vietnam War to nitpick an apology for the likes of bush and cheney...both cowards/chickenhawks by definition./make fun of Dole for falling, and spread the lie that Bush killed his crew?/Wisconsin Senate succeeded in voting Wednesday to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from public workers, after Republicans outmaneuvered the chamber's missing Democrats/Saudi accused of Bush home attack plot indicted/NPR's president and CEO resigned Wednesday in an effort to limit the damage from hidden camera footage of a fellow executive deriding the tea party movement as "seriously racist."/ Palin scheduled to share ‘testimony of faith’ at Liberty University Daily/amazes me, is that anyone takes this woman seriously, I've never understood this. I doubt she could ever be president, she lacks intelligence. Wacky is right. Michelle Obama is a classy intelligent woman,something Palin totally lacks./I personally pray that palin and bachman can share the goper ticket in 2012. Oh, please G0D, PLEASE!/Invalidating the values of others and standing for nothing. Sarcasm is a sign of anger and hatred of the deepest type. I guess that makes Palen deep.The GOP will never be accused of cognitive thinking./.so many of these Republicans call themselves Christians?If they were they would not be paid shills for the PROFITEERING, hate filled,divisive Wall Street Corporate criminals that bankrupted and destroyed America ,"people" like the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch!They are Faux "Christians"/Palin is by far the biggest intellectual the Republicans have./using Palin as their scapegoat for all the frustrations of their own political party and their own moral and ethical values./
3811/America does not have a Justice system. We have a legal system. Two very different things. Justice is rarely a product of a legal system./ calling the IRS's legal strategy a "collateral attack" against a state court. Judge Barbara B. Crabb of the U.S. District Court in Madison, Wis., said she hasn't changed her mind since January when she ruled a federal court lacks jurisdiction to consider the legality of a Wisconsin state court's decision to approve a rehabilitation plan for Ambac./Sunnism (mistakenly referred to as "Sunni Islam") has four schools of jurispudence: Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki and Hanbali. In the last two centuries two additional paths have been established within Sunnism: Salafism (a combination of all four schools, even if they contradict) and Wahabi (which is a branch of Hanbali, and is what Al Qaida is based on)./recently compared abortion to slavery. Speaking at a fundraiser for the Center for Bioethic Sutphin was a problem priest before being charged nearly a decade ago with 14 counts of molestation for sexually abusing six children. He was never convicted of the charges, and he now lives in a doublewide mobile home in a quiet neighborhood within two miles of a youth sportscomplex, a library, two day care centers and at least two elementary schools.Sutphin admits he molested children as a priest, but his name doesn't show upin a sex offender database/233 clergy accused of abuse in civillawsuits in the Los Angeles archdiocese. the nation's largest archdiocesereached a record-breaking $660 million settlement nearly four years ago. addresses, obtained by The Associated Press, contains nearly50 former priests who live unmonitored in California, and another 15 incities and towns from Maryland to Texas to Montana. More than 80 more cannot belocated despite an exhaustive search by plaintiffs' attorneys. Four arebelieved to have fled to Mexico or South America. About 80 are dead./Archdiocese of Philadelphia had provided safe haven to as many as 37 priestswho were credibly accused of sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior towardminors, most of those priests remain active in the ministry/ edomites / nabateans/top general in Afghanistan used illegal “information operationsâ€� to influence visiting U.S. Senators. But militarydocuments obtained by Danger Room show that at least one Army lawyer deemed thework legal. What’s more, the alleged information operator’s bossesrepeatedly told him that he was just another communications staffer, not somebender of minds./pro-wanker tea bagger that spit on the10-year old and their story confirms this the 10-year old was anti-walker,pro-unionThe 10-year old was holding a sign and chanting: "What's disgusting, unionbusting."/"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things thatmatter." --Martin Luther King, Jr."Your silence will not protect you." --Audre Lorde"A time comes when silence is betrayal." --Martin Luther King/\antanamo.html>* --Obama Allows Unlimited Detention Without Charge* 07 Mar 2011 In asetback to hopes for a quick closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison/\-to-arm-libyas-rebels-2234227.html>* [for oil] --Obama asks Saudis to airlift weapons into Benghazi* 07 Mar2011 Desperate to avoid US military involvement in Libya in the event of aprolonged struggle between the Gaddafi regime and its opponents. saudi already facing a "day of rage" from its 10 percent Shia Muslim community on Friday, with a ban on all demonstrations, hasso far failed to respond. pro-Gaddafi forces backed by tanks launched an assault on Zawiyah, 50kilometers (31 miles) west of the capital Tripoli, firing heavy mortarrounds at houses and attacking a hospital./>02 Mar 2011 Israeliarms distribution company Global CST has reportedly,under the authorization of Tel Aviv, provided Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafiwith African mercenaries to clamp down on anti-government protesters./et of WikiLeaks disclosures of confidential documents has caused an uproar, U.S. officials pressured Germany and Spain toderail criminal investigations of Americans. The more than 2,500 StateDepartment cables that the anti-secrecy group has provided to newsorganizations since November include accounts of three cases that shed newlight on U.S. responses to allegations/*Amtrak police chief bars TSA from some security operations*/Sacramento Police Department will soon have more eyes onthestreets. They’re going to be partnering with public and private entities totap directly into existing surveillance cameras across the city./former undercover FBI informant who once toldABC News hecould've stopped the Sept. 11attacks/*Mega barf alert! **At Miami school, Barack Obama praises JebBush*/Walker'sbudget proposals on Saturday at the state capital, a day after the state'schief executive followed through on his threat to issue layoff warningnotices to unions representing state workers/>03Mar 2011 The state’s top election official will face seven felonycounts,including voter fraud, perjury and theft, a special prosecutor said today.Secretary of State Charlie White (R) was accused of intentionally voting inthe wrong precinct/KAZAKSTAN RUSSIA, Alien spacecraftDescends to the earth's surface, Part of the UFO is ejected, Four UFOs descendedon the cross braces to prevent fire, 4 UFO eject, We can distinguish a cross onwhich arose the 4 UFOs\rth.html?spref=fb /Marianne Gingrich was hired in '95 as Vice President for Business Development by Silverstein's IEDC, the same year her husband became speaker of the house. It was around that time that Newt Gingrich's foreign policy views became staunchly pro-Israel and opposed to Israel's perceived enemies, even to the point where he publicly called for the CIA to overthrow the Iranian government/O'Keefe would have been convicted of the felony, since no jury would have believed that he was in a Democratic Senator's office with bugging equipment by some sort of freak accident.But lenient prosecutors don't want all the trouble of such a prosecution without a big payoff, and O'Keefe would have had a MASSIVE battery of lawyers funded by Billionaires gumming up the work of the department/AnHF (hydrogen fluoride) release from the BP refinery in Texas City, forexample, could total 800,000 pounds, travel 25 miles and put 550,000people at risk of serious injury, according to BP’s own calculations,provided to the EPA." -- 2/24/2011/Colorado judiciary committee yesterday by a vote of 6-3, would authorize adults of any gender to enter into a "civil union" that carries the same legal rights as marriage./on Tuesday that Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani had lost his position as chairman of Assembly of Experts. Contrary to popular perception, this is not a sign of a debilitating power-struggle that could constrain Iran overall. Rather, this appears to be an illustration of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad firming up his position as Iran finds itself in a very confident position in pursuing its foreign policy goals abroad./Tuesday, thousands of inmates rioted at the central prison in Sanaa, taking a dozen guards hostage and calling for Saleh to step down. At least one prisoner was killed and 80 people were wounded,/"MAN" everywhere fears that what they did in secret, on behalf of all without their knowledge, will be found out by all./consequences’ for Manning’s mistreatment, Kucinich warns Sec. Gates /Gov. Beebe (D-AR) has secretly met with Obama to make Ark a "test case" for Obamacare/Ogallala Aquifer, the world’s largest underground body of fresh water, has irrigated thousands of square miles of American farmland. Now it is running dry Happy, Texas, sits on top of the rapidly depleting Ogallala Aquifer. Its population is dwindling by 10 per cent a year./some guy who profited from panicand told people to run for the hillsgets his throat slit at an abandonedsilver mine where ironically he hidhis own silver.a terrified baptist girl "protecting"her family does the deed.greed never ends well./"You understand how this ends?" the Rude Pundit would ask, slapping Kenneth Langone in the face. "You understand that it might take a few years, but at some point it's all gonna blow up?" He'd point to history, again and again, that oligarchies crumble, are ripped apart, are subjected to savage retribution. No, he'd cry out, we need to be proactive here. Give a little now and save a lot later. "The only thing we can hope is that it isn't too late or we're too frigging bloated and dumb to do it." /Vanishing Lakes: New Zealand reservoir mysteriously disappears during quake /root cause of crime is poverty, the gross uneven dispersal of wealth, dictatorial democracy governed by international bankers, big business and political puppetry/"Minds are like parachutes, they function best when open./>
3711/ Anti-American FOX Hate Propaganda Escalates "The President is going to be king of the world before this is all said and done and he is most likely the Beast spoken of in the Revelation."/Excited that liberals were shot? More like I just don't give a $hit about your kind. I'll get excited about it when your kind dies off by the thousands./We don't want to kill NPR. We want their federal funding stopped because they are simply a mouthpiece of the left./Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism. It noted the "old model" of journalism that supported watchdog reporting - by valuing stories based on their significance over their individual popularity - is breaking down. In new models driven by the Internet, revenue is more closely tied to individual stories and how popular they are, leaving less incentive for civic news. Newsroom staffs also continue to shrink/mock the AHs who would wish that we feel that we are at war with the Islamic world, for the sake of a few million who would like to tell the reste of us what "is good" for us/America has allowed itself to be hamstrung by the asymmetric nature of radical Islam's war against the West. Its adherents move easily from country to country, apparently secure in their membership in the ummah, or worldwide communion of Muslims./Note to Barack: ‘Allahu akbar’ is a Muslim war cry By THE WASHINGTON TIMES U.S./women like you that give a pass to dictators , hiding behind your computer screen/Israel IS a foreign entity. Pollard worked directly with a foreign entity. For PAY.Not only did he serve Israel, but also South Africa and Pakistan. For PAY.Yet, he is a "hero"/a chap that cared nothing for his country, since his actions favoured the state of his choice, Israel. Manning, being a dually American-Brit, showed no favourtism to either or any other state. It truly sets him apart from the Pollard's of this world./AP reports today: “Environmental activist Tim DeChristopher knew what he was doing when he made $1.8 million in false oil and gas drilling bids at a federal auction. He knew he couldn’t possibly pay for them. And he knew he could end up behind bars. he did it for the cause. convicted him on two felony counts of interfering with and making false representations at a government auction. He now faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $750,000/you FÅGGOTS did for 8 years under Bush? CHEERING for his failure? CHEERING for us to lose in Iraq and Afghanistan?Fúck off you LibNazi pile of shít./he's bent on destroying this once great nation. Obamacare is unconstitutional and the president will not even follow the law....and he claims to be a constitutional lawyer. HOGWASH !Liberals are destroying America./ GOP wants Americans to suffer for political gain Dancing with glee over every bad news story that brings Americans down. can't win the hearts and minds of the peole with good sound policy so they use division, fear and desperation to advance their anti-American agenda. How pathetic can these low life scum get?/"It would be morally wrong for the United States to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable people in our society while asking nothing from the wealthiest."Sanders suggested an emergency surtax on millionaires. A 5.4 percent surtax on adjusted gross incomes over $1 million would raise as much as $50 billion a year. "Many of the cuts being proposed will have a devastating impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our nation - including seniors, children, the sick and the poor."/Barney Frank: GOP Budget "Bad for Consumers ... Investors and the Economy"/ Bachmann May Run for President to Repeal "Obamacare"/ "Ringo no Uta (The Apple Song)" released on April 3, 1952.. October 10, 1945 On this day, many big events occurred in the Far East. the Japanese transformation from the Pacific War to the anti-American conspiracy.unnatural when he replaced Pete Best as The Beatles' drummer. On July 7, 1940, when Ringo Starr was born, "Restriction Order of Using Precious Metal" was issued by the Japanese government in preparation for the war. a clear connection between the historical events. It may be too early to decide that they are the results of Japan's conspiracy, but once you refer to other historical events, you could begin to believe in the Japanese conspiracy/Too anti-American, too inexperienced, too 'politically correct', too ill-advised, too arrogant, too self-righteous, too disreputable, too nonchalant, too much a coward and too little of everything else required to be an effective President./When the "libs" have killed a million nazi skum like yourself, then, and only then, will "we" (conservatives actually) have declared "open season"./ Funny how we always heard about how Bush appealed to the "right-wing" religious cause, but nothing about Obama bending over backwards to gain the acceptance of Muslims/ /nine California college campuses to self-generated green energy: $975 million is the low estimate. This to replace a system whose utility bills never exceed $8 million per year buying energy from utility companies./ LA Times Wakes Up, Smells Coffee Re Green Energy/Con filth want innovations to fail, so they dont' feel so stupid for never having any ideas./Denser band of seismic activity seen in telemetry data under Hawaii in 3rd wave of tremors perturbing tectonic plates / (Reuters)launching an investigation into an on-campus presentation of a live sex act performed for students at an after class event./Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Portman's Bold Attack on an Anti-Semite Perhaps Mr. Huckabee should have thought twice before choosing this particular moment to attack a Hollywood hero who stood up to evil./girl on tube said "Joos are ok as long as they don't force their stupid hats down my throat"./what do we do to sex perverts ??? pubs put them on the ussc and morons in the wh mostly all sick ****s/ Republicans regain some power oil and gas skyrocket This shouldn't surprise anyone. This is the Bush tradition/Homeland fingered the right wing radicals, and after 8 out of 10 of the last terrorist attacks in the U.S. were by American right wing redneck white trash, jewish caucus goes after U.S. muslim., is anyone surprised? Peter King is Jewish?/Long Island NY says he will start hearings this week examining the radicalization of the American redneck and white trash./local jewish community is spreading the fear thing about muslims who want to kill American babies?/according to RT isreal is going to send 50,000 mercs into libya to stop the rebels / /first cigarette mentioned in the KJV Bible? Genesis 24:64 where it says that Rebekah lit off a camel./ /"There are two levers for moving humanity: interest and fear." -- slightly modified quote of Napolean Bonaparte (1769-1821)/would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief/ /7 M-class SOLAR flares in 1 day 7th /'America Is NOT Broke': Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI -- March 5, 2011 /
3611/Reagan and Bush tripled the Federal debt with convulsive spending./warned pukes bush would be a disaster for the country he proved us right./demonstrably evident that excessive government and taxation rob productive enterprises to reward parasitism to a point of negative overall performance to an economy and that this point was long past in the US, hidden only by bubbles, ponzi financing and legacy reserve currency status, there has to be an overwhelming incentive to deny this obvious fact and stay the course towards serfdom./Israel denies top Anglican Bishop residency visa/South Korean websites come under further attack/Huckabee denies criticizing Portman's pregnancy/Chandigarh, India, placed cell phones by abeehive and powered it up twice a day for 15 minutes over a period of threemonths.During that time, CNN reports, the scientists found that honey productionstopped, the queen laid only half as many eggs and the size of the hive shrunk dramatically./"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only havefour years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, nomore animals, no more man," said Albert Einstein./“What is The Singularity?” that within our lifetime computing-intelligence would surpass that of mankind thus creating a world unknowable to us all./sepheradi jews are worse than hitler/
3511/Did he engage in war crimes, by killing innocent civilians? Did he violate international law by using drones (unmanned flying bombs) against civilian populations? Did he beat or degrade foreigners in order to weaken their resolve to oppose anything demanded by Americans?No, he didn’t do any of that. Those acts of savagery result in a choruses of “support our troops” and similar chants. The beasts who order those kinds of crimes are highly paid officers, mercenaries, and followers of the corporate cowards running this country. he provided information to the American people, while informing the world at the same time of how dishonest and twisted our conduct abroad has been. stated shortly after his arrest: “I want people to see the truth regardless of who they are because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public/Sept. 27/07 The Bush administration will not stand in the way of Libya's bid to join the U.N. Security Council, senior U.S. officials said, paving the way for Tripoli's full diplomatic rehabilitation at the United Nations./Wiki Hitler banned Unions May 2,1933/"if I'd read from my own text, page 183 of my book, I clearly said he grew up in Indonesia." Huckabee's claim is a lie. He did not mention Indonesia on page 183, and based on a search of the Kindle version of his book, Huckabee makes no mention of Indonesia (or Indonesian, Jakarta, and Menteng)/Reagan and Bush spent until those morons tripled the Federal debt You dribbling half-brained../as a Boy Scout Huckabee Hung a dog up by it's throat, and then stoned it to death, later in year 2008 David was arrested trying to take a Glock on a airplane.Wikipedia/covenentor, beleive the true israel are christians, not a tempral nation thus we don't need mecca medina jerusalem, or any placenot a dispensationalist../ the Nazis), who believe that the ice-covered continent was in fact Atlantis, the continent literally being “sunk” under water, in this case, ice./Lovecraft got dream visions of a black alien cone under the ice at the poles./SΩLUT↑☼N ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N/ `scripts` that stickam uses: VIDEOEEG.COM...., control stickams access to your computer(security)/GINGRICH (R-GA), FMR. SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think he should do whatever he has to technically to pay for the bonding and blame the Democrats for the carnage that that's going to cause. They are forcing this crisis. You got to make sure they own the responsibility./O'Reilly Misleads With Footage of Violent 'Wisconsin' Protesters--With Palm Trees in Background.../Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers Monday 21 Feb/MonsantoNatural Disaster Republican legislators wage war on Montana's environmental laws/Wisconsin and elswhere: Union busting as 'Seeds of Despotism' by JOEL CONNELLY/Poll Suggests Support for Tea Party Collapsing among Swing Voters/“Union Hate Rally in Wisconsin: Protests Rife With Hitler, Gun Targets, Death Threats,” blared a headline on Fox News’s opinion site Fox Nation /conservative activists with flipcams and camera phones have circulated at the union protests sprouting up across the country in hopes of catching violent or abusive behavior by their liberal adversaries./REPORT: How Koch Industries Makes Billions By Demanding Bailouts And Taxpayer Subsidies (Part 1)REPORT: How Koch Industries Makes Billions Corrupting Government And Polluting For Free (Part 2)/Israel Recalls all of its Ambassadors Worldwide Posted by Europe on Dec 26, 2010/manning he did make the U.S. Army Command look like a bunch of fools! Not only look like a bunch of fools but show that they, The U.S. Army Command ARE A BUNCH OF FOOLS. UNFORGIVABLE IN THE ARMY COMMAND'S VIEW!/"I would prefer that the administration support the State of Israel will be more realistic about the Middle East." Giuliani he felt the it was Palestinian Authority who needed to change, rather than Israel. also called for a regime change in Iran./faux lefty that claims you are simply against israeli agenda when it obviously is something else you have problems with./ I do have problems with something else. I really can't blame the overly aggressive, weakly moraled & greedy Israelis for their desire for U.S. AID. It is us, "our" Government & "our" non-representatve elected politicans & appointed Government officials whom I blame for the outrageous & EXCESSIVE Financial, Economic & Military Support Israel receives from the U.S,/ red dwarf/Elohim tell Raelians to tell us that God is a Myth? Raelians seem to have> inside knowledge on the existence of God./
3411/they would like to pay less taxes and have the surfs pay their way and bonuses. It also seems that the major players have been successful in diverting attention from their excessive salaries and diluting shareholder value by taking all the money for themselves. there by attacking the unions utilizing the less educated tea party talking heads.It seems that they forgot that they ruined their retirement fund investments./lowlifes have brought the country to their knees over the last 30 years. All in an effort to distroy workers rights and increase their billion dollar profits./publicizing poll results of Upper and Upper Middle class Americans that will show they are increasingly fearing public unrest that will inevitably be partially directed at them./ "The last duty of a central banker is to tell the public the truth.”-- Alan Blinder, US Federal Reserve, 1994/ /popular internet site godlikeproductions has received an extremely high volume of comments surrounding the mystery planet X Nibiru and its proposed nearing approach to the Earth, forecasting the “dark Star” to break through our ecliptic on March 15th 2011 / Two suns or Nibiru at Bangkok /Re: Wikileaks Whistleblower Pvt. Manning Was Stripped and Left Naked in Cell/More likely everyone knows that weasel can be abused and nobody cares, so somebody gave him a code red /UK council spends $1.3 million on cameras to catch speeding motorcyclists on Britain's most dangerous road. Numbers of bikers caught after one year: Zero/Gadhafi loyalists fired tear gas and live ammunition to smother a new outbreak of protests.joos gone wild is parting with dozens of guitars and amps at a New York City auction to benefit an alcohol and drug treatment center he founded in Antigua/H.S. Basketball Star Dies on Court -In a hearbreaking tale, 16-year-old Wes Leonard collapses immediately after scoring an overtime victory shot, clinching a perfect season./Lloyd C. Blankfein agreed to testify for the U.S. government at the coming trial of Raj Rajaratnam, the hedge-fund titan facing insider-trading charges./India – Indian police detained two people after an angry mob of fired workers burned to death a senior executive of a steel factory/When really smart people twist the facts it really makes me wonder what the spinmeisters are up to /$4 billion in television money that the league would receive even during the lockout were not done in good faith.$421 million that it wouldn't have had to return to the networks in the event of a missed season./another planned Bay of Pigs type invasion over a grab of Libyan OIL in the main. Also, to undermine a most caring and compassionate Qaddafi in his push for colonial liberation of Africa and its Unification under PEACE and POWER for all! /Mubarak Toppled by CIA Because He Opposed US Plans for War with Iran, US intelligence was quick to come forward with anaccount which portrayed the toppling of Mubarak as an indigenous coup, the workof Egyptian military officers. This approach is necessary to mask theimperialist nature of the coup, and to keep alive the pathetic illusion that theEgyptians did it "all by themselves./Tony Hayward, the former chiefexecutive who left the company after the worst of the crisis, will getalmost £100,000 a year for his work as a non-executive of BP’s Russian jointventure TNK-BP. *He left the board in October with £2m in salary andseverance payments, plus a £600,000-a-year pension*./*Bradley Manning Charged With 22 New Counts, Including CapitalOffense*3211/the Four Musketeers of far-right media – Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Jon Stewart (#5), Sarah Palin (#6),Don Imus (#7)Bill Clinton (#8) and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann (#9) Rudy Giuliani (#10). Arianna Huffington (#15) President Obama, #19. Rachel Maddow #30)Condoleezza Rice (#36) Stewart is raking in an estimated $15 million, Keith Olbermann $7.5 million and Bill Maher $4 million. And a lot of former and current politicians aren’t exactly hurting either – Bill Clinton will make $7.7 million this year, George W. Bush $4.2 million and Barack Obama $4 million./pro-Gadhafi forces have been focusing on securing his stronghold in the capital Tripoli and trying to take back nearby rebel-held cities in the west, with only mixed success. In the capital, Gadhafi vowed, "We will fight until the last man and woman" and he warned that thousands of Libyans will die if U.S. and NATO forces intervene in the conflict./"The gift that keeps on giving" should have been the headline on the Pentagon's decision to award the Boeing Co. a $35 billion defense contract. Defense of the nation, of course, had nothing to do with it./Ken Lay is DEAD. Where have you been? Dick Cheney would be in jail, but for one tiny problem, he has NOT commited a Crime./For Democrats, defense pork has always been defended as a jobs program, and that was the theme of what the Seattle Times headlined as a "victory rally" in the historical home of Boeing operations, where the new plane is expected to create about 11,000 jobs./Trolls are out early defending the indefensib­le for some reason./Hey that's only $3 million per job!/This is far too logical. You must respond emotionall­y. Feelings and pre-concei­ved sympathies rule./What was it that Joseph Welch said to Joe McCarthy when he tried to lie to the Senate? "You’ve done enough! Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you no sense of decency?" As Mr. Welch said about McCarthy, the same can be said about Bernanke: "I think I never really gauged your cruelty, or your recklessness ../where more money for oil simply means less money for other products – whether it’s commodity purchases by speculators or necessity purchases by cash-strapped consumers. Financial Sector got Trillions of Dollars in bailouts and collected hundreds of Billions in bonuses all based on a crisis that they created, which had destroyed the lifestyle of the non-financial segment of society (ie. everyone else) How willingly the lambs go to the slaughter ... In fact, willingly just doesn’t describe it, does it? Listen to the $15 an hour construction worker in Wisconsin telling the $18 an hour teacher how horribly overpaid they are while the $1M PER WEEK Rush Limbaugh tells us that’s what’s wrong with America. once again is pointing up, with 217,000 jobs added by the private sector in February. Unfortunately, replacing well-paid government workers with more burrito-fillers at Chipotle is not really a path to prosperity – unless, of course, you are the Chairman of the Federal Reserve – in which case it’s: Mission Accomplished./Dats raght. Ah hates dem librals. Jeesuz don lahk dem neither cuz dey wants all 'mericans to be able to buy health insurance from private cumpanies. Dat aint right. Iffn dey get sick an die, den dey gets ta go to hebbin faster. Dats wat Jeezus would do./Why should liberals be buried 100 feet below the ground? A: Because deep down, they are really god people../What Would Jesus -- band -- Do, and I've lost all sense of right and wrong now. I used to be able to say, "Yeah, I'd kill Michael Moore," and then I'd see the little band: What Would Jesus Do? And then I'd realize, "Oh, you wouldn't kill Michael Moore./Not true, as I have been threatened so many times on YouTube for disagreeing with self centered, bigoted, fowl mouthed Republicans!!/As far as jesus being "god" why wouldn't he walk around the streets shouting "see, I'm alive after being crucified"-----he would have gotten everyone in the city of Jerusalem to believe in him. Instead, he just disappeared. The truth is his body was taken away by the Romans or Jewish aristocracy to prevent further adoration by his followers (estimated at 200 at the time)./ /maube the pope & his cronies are getting a little nervous about the muslim jihad thing & wanna have more "friends with benefits" around to help protect them..from the muslims burning them at the stake for their beliefs...a feeble attempt to bring christians & jews closer...all your religions are bunk..if there was an omnipotent, all powerful being we would all be born into the knowledge of it & there wouldn't be any question about all....from anyone.....there wouldn't be all these different religions in the short, we would all have the same flavor of icecream..vanilla..if you want to worship something, worship the natural world around you...not some controling religion..after all...those bobble-headed jesuses ain't free..../We atheists just believe in one less god than you do!/who gives a @#$% what a nazi says? Isn't it time for religion to be abolished like the crock of crap it is?Jews did kill jesus. Get over it!!!!/ the combined $133.7 million haul being pulled in by Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly
3111/If you think your Taskmasters hard to push against now just wait till there is no one to push back !/bag o shit/
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