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82611 I am running for president of the United States," and then she added, "I'm totally serious."Roseann said that Sarah Palin running for President is what made her think she could do it

Gaddafi's sprawling Bab al-Aziziya compound have already made several questionable discoveries -- among them a photo album dedicated to former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice/ Ford was smart enough to pay his workers enough to buy the products they were making, and he was recognized as the entreprneur of the 20th century. But today's wealthy of the Tea Party mindset don't have this larger understanding that spending begets sustainable wealth/there are a lot of Latinos, a lot of Hispanics in America, that came here the legal way, love our country, and they followed the rule of law,” she said. “We are in big trouble and the president is feeding into it. I believe this is going to backfire on the Obama administration.” libtards leaned towards no God or Allah or really any entity which requires no measure of discipline any adult should have.....that way you can be "free" to subvert and steal through excessive taxation from those that have a meaure of discipline and responsibility/There should be a tax for creating a job overseas equal to one time the American salary of the job that should have been created here. if a job is offshored, since the multiplier effect of that worker's wage will be lost to the economy, the tax should be five times the worker's wage. taxes to compensate for actual damage to the economy. There should also be highly punitive fines for offshoring. ($1M/job? $10M? Plus threat of jail time?) And they should be levied and payable, and companies should have to prove that they didn't offshore, rather than the burden of proof being on the regulators. incentive side, if a company hires a worker here, they should get a corporate tax credit worth twice the worker's wage./ Obama the socialist and his gang are just putting us deeper in a hole NO MATTER HOW DEEP AS LONG AS HE CAN GET RE- ELECTED !!!! VERY SAD AND CRIMINAL !!!/Friends don't let friends vote Republican!  eight long years of Bush. Who is the next moron they want to put into the Oval Office. Dollar value fell by half. Jobs were being lost at a rate of 700,000 a month. Benefits for those losing jobs were on the chopping block. And the rich were getting tax payer dollars and tax cuts/Mississippi getting attention, we also may want to shed some light on Memphis City Schools. />>> > > /Now I know why the Bushes and others are trying to gain control of drinking water; it
looks like big oil's days are numbered. The program may have lost young earth creationist, but it could make an impact on most other
global warming/greenhouse gas skeptics. There's one problem though, many of these people don't watch PBS/The delegate from 1st District Civil Police of St. John Boa Vista, Fernando Zucarelli, said an investigation was opened and is already trying to identify the possible perpetrators. Homophobia, which is the aversion to homosexuals, although not listed as a crime in Brazilian penal code, but beyond aggression, young people may also respond to discrimination./absurd that, it looks like people are blinded by hate and faith. It is the
old style of being the American West, shoot first, ask later. If they show it to Miriam Rios can tell that it is the work of those who "do not have God in the heart."/ that time he beat a maid who was at a bus stop at dawn. The excuse: they thought was a prostitute. As if it was legitimate and permissible beating prostitutes .../In the end do not have passion for what is worth dying or killing. Viva gentle pride !!!!!/ portrays the struggle and hardship that befell New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yesterday, a real-life tragedy struck 'Treme.' Michael Showers, who played New Orleans homicide Captain John Guidry on the HBO drama, was found dead in the Mississippi River Wednesday morning. The actor was 45 years old. A steamboat captain saw Showers' body floating in the river near New Orleans' French Quarter and called the authorities. The police told the New Orleans Times-Picayune his body had been in the water for nearly two days. No official cause of death has yet been determined eerily reminiscent of on-screen suicide that occurred in Season 1 of the show, when John Goodman's character Creighton Bernette killed himself by jumping off a steamboat into the Mississippi. also appeared on 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Breaking Bad.' His film credits include 'The Tree of Life,' 'Traffic,' 'I Love You Phillip Morris,' and 'Colombiana.' Showers' death marks the second blow to the 'Treme' family in the past year-and-a-half. In April of 2010, writer David Mills died of a brain aneurysm while shooting the show's first season/Colbert announced that he's in agreement with "pundit, and part-time weather balloon, Rush Limbaugh", it's "manufactured by the government" to tell us what the temperature feels like (when humidity and other elements are factored-in to the actual air temperature Discussing the heat index, which is included in most weather forecasts in the US nowadays, Colbert said he and Limbaugh are "not buying the heat-steria."/that itsy-bitsy British Crown Dependency in the Irish Sea. To Stewart's amazement, the tiny island, famous for its tail-less cats, three-legged signs and dangerous motorcycle races, actually has a better credit rating than the US/Giuliani became so familiar with the so-called "Five Families" in New York and their habits, that he's uniquely qualified for yet another career: Mob Tour Guide. "Anybody want to take a tour," he joked, "I can take you on a Mob Tour of New York City."/ he tends to get very political and cerebral in his rants already. She's tailor-made for his point of view."I could not live in this world if I believed she was a real person," he explained of Palin. "And so, I have for the entire time that she's been around, treated her as a hallucination."/ "My announcement is that I am running for president of the United States," and then she added, "I'm totally serious."Roseann said that Sarah Palin running for President is what made her think she could do it/"No one understands the American Dream better today than an Indian, a Chinese or a Mexican as far as I'm concerned," Bourdain said. Would you have joined in with the audience, who started applauding after Bourdain's statement? facts are there. Either the books are cooked, which is extremely unlikely, or BAC is in great financial shape Re: $400,000,000,000 in Cash/1 Trillion in deposits/GOP Congress Directs $30 Billion 56 minutes ago REPORT: GOP Congress Directs $30 Billion For Struggling Homeowners Be Used To Pay Down Debt Instead/This fight is going to be the country music vs. country club, man vs. mannequin, attitude vs. platitude. A million stupid Aggie jokes vs. the only Harvard joke that really means anything — “You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much.”Rick Perry is a handgun, Mitt Romney is a staple gun. Gov. Perry is packing heat, Gov. Romney is taking heat. It’s Tea Party vs. garden party. Brigham Young vs. Faron Young./Went to the store to stock up for Irene, and the store had a whole pallet of water by the front door @ $9/bttl?! How absurd! 9 dollars! Profiteering?/ Obama and Joe Biden both claimed that if elected they would institute policies that make it cost prohibitive for coal-fired plants to operate in the United States. Looks like this is one promise they’ll keep./

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82511 group called Oath Keepers that includes current and former law enforcement and military members who take an oath to obey the Constitution rather than the president

an unsigned article apparently based on Israeli sources, the publication reports that "all that could be learned officially was that [Hurwich's] invention had been used in the Israeli raid at Entebbe last year." The article claims the invention "sends out electronic rays to alter the natural composition of magnetic fields and centres of gravity of weapons, instrument dials and mechanical devices-"Israel has powerful quantum potential weapons that detered many (Russian) scenarios (against United States). (Israel) has repeatedly rescued the U.S. from planned FSB/KGB strategic attacks ... She has at least a limited capability against mind conversion and psycho-energetics; and can defend herself against 'precursor robots'." ("Oblivion: America At The Brink", p. 115)- with a “fantastic weapon” that could literally cause machinery to quit functioning, jam a mechanical piece of equipment so completely that it could not be moved, and also all the internal mechanical parts of the machine would cease functioning/group called Oath Keepers that includes current and former law enforcement and military members who take an oath to obey the Constitution rather than the president/Most of the people at  Beck rally were ultra rightwing israelis who support the settlements - they are a minority/there are people in Israel who don't care for the Patriot Beck and who don't want Israel to succeed just as there are Progressives in America that want her to fail./"chosen people" tag is that it was created by them for them/Nailed 1,700 new rubes in another country and pretended that he was supposed to be there per the prophet Isaiah. God don't like stupid. Why anyone would transfer their wealth to that moron is beyond me. Former drug addict, divorced, made fun of his own child on radio, and has finally figured out the formula for separating money from the rubes he hates BECAUSE he can separate them from their money./More than two years ago the Fed Gov't should have mandated lower interest rates on mortgages without requiring homeowners to go through a "program" administered by the very entities responsible for the housing debacle.  Dumbasses/ pRESIDENT never misses an opportunity to reward bad behavior and punish the good. I'm done with all this Radical Change to Socialism. It's failed disastrously in Europe, so why does 0bama continue to emulate failure here? a classic example of the difference between the Left Wingers and the TEA Party: Living on the largesse of Big Government vs. Personal Responsibility./The Truth the World Just Can't Handle The world is ruled BY WAY OF DECEPTION!/stop saying Yes-We-Can, Hope, Change etc. These are INCOMPLETE sentences with no real meaning. As an adult, we expect you to make intelligent decisions. Voting for that which is undefined is at best, immature if not moronic. Pull your pants up, go out and actually work for a living. Don't expect everything to be FAIR or EVEN. Life doesn't work that way. Especially under a communist system that you have blindly pursued to date/Why else would the Covert Plutocracy have installed an illegitimate African native in the office of POTUS?!?They couldn't find a natural born citizen that hated America enough to sell it out to the New World Order./ /Beck's opponents in Isr.ael also include radical Likud member Moshe Feiglin, who has on more than one occasion said Beck is leading "a modern-day crusade." Rabbi Dov Lior, chief rabbi of Hebron; Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, leader of the Lithuanian stream of ultra-Orthodoxy; and Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger also oppose Beck. Jerusalem canceled its participation in the rally for the same reason.  "Anything good said about Israel is good for all of us. But my sensitivity and that of others like me leads me to ask what the motives are that lead to such sympathies, they are smarter than the American evangelical conservatives who are hanging on the words of a mormon huckster. / (CNN) reported, Thursday afternoon, that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been captured by rebel forces. CNN noted that there was no verification of the story. other reports, opposition forces said they were closing in on Qaddafi in residential quarters next to his compound./Bush removed Gadhafi from the state sponsors of terror list and lifted sanctions on him, and "conservatives" didn't lift a finger to prevent it. "Conservatives" only know one thing these days - Whatever Obama wants is baaaaad./Guardian, 16 July 2010), HRW researcher Nadim Houry concludes with gentle prodding of Assad: “his legacy will ultimately depend on whether he will act on the promises” of reform he made upon taking office. “Otherwise, he will merely be remembered for extending his father’s...government by repression.”HRW was content to be a spectator throughout much of Assad’s brutal reign. Now, as Syrian citizens are murdered by his forces, HRW has no infrastructure in place to aid them in leading the “humanrights” revolution/South African government hospitals and clinics. abuse puts women and their newborn babies "at high risk of death or injury."
At least three hospitals are being investigated for baby deaths including one where 29 babies died within a few weeks in January, apparently from a superbug. The hospital had no gloves, disinfectant spray, soap or toilet paper. The report says poor governance and corruption contribute. government report blamed HIV-AIDS for nearly half of maternal deaths between 2005 and 2007. Without the HIV epidemic, it says, South Africa's institutional maternal death rate would match mid-income countries like Brazil. Only 9 percent of maternal deaths in sub-Saharan Africa are related to AIDS/2 weeks ago just africans being africans.../arguably the most successful nation in Africa...that sure isn't sayin much/Post 1994 South Africa seems like it's right on track/burying news is an old trick to cover the big picture....js/Why is it that the republicans have pushed a religious nut job to the front of the line to run in 2012 ?Could it be they don't want to win the white house because they know they couldn't fix thing either and would rather just point fingers. After G W Bush, I hope America is smart enough not to vote for anyone just claiming to be Christian/imagine, you got overlooked for an invite to Perry's god convention. How did that happen/ I can only assume from your irrational rant that you forgot to take your pills again/you are just a punching bag for people to practice spotting irrational and fallacious arguments. Not a regulation punching bag, but just a cheap, air filled clown/Funny. And no. If you're going to eat Italian, you might as well eat a nuke'n'puke out of a box. Heck. You might as well eat the box. Italian food is boring. Anyone who prefers it to Indian food is clearly an agent of Satan/"Millionaires and billionaires did exceptionally well during Bush's years." The government connected ones are doing very well under Obama too. And they will continue to do well regardless of any new tax laws. V: "Where are the jobs they were supposed to create? In India and China?"/Corpses are people. People with priviledge." -Netzero/Class warfare always resonates with the lower class and that's why liberals use it so much. So hug an illegal alien and gripe about the privileged white man who provides all the good jobs. Maybe your new dark tan friend will buy you lunch/only called class warfare when the liberals & poor amongst them fight back. as long as we "assume the position & shut up"/The new regimes in Tunisia and Egypt—under intense pressure for justice from the Arab street—are grappling with a host of legal difficulties tied to getting back millions frozen in Switzerland, the U.K. and other European countries. In Switzerland, the process of recovering money from corruption cases involving foreign politicians is so complicated that Swiss officials are now helping Arab countries figure it out-rebels offered $1 million for the capture of Gadhafi/A law to promote distributing pills that minimize the effects of radiation exposure hasn't been implemented, ten years after it was passed-two experts on the Chinese military say appears to be a military institute demonstrating software designed to attack websites in the U.S.- U.S. and its allies are joining the rebel-led manhunt for Col. Moammar -Libya's rebel leadership acknowledged that the battle to control the North African country is far from over-training, equipping, and funding Libya's opposition, Qatar is now best-poised to help mediate a political transition and employ some of its companies and expertise in a post-Gadhafi Libya-bama should just stay on vacation at Martha's Vineyard because as long as he's out of Washington, he can render less harm on everyday Americans-Section 8 payments to recipients of subsidized housing in Stamford, Conn., Honolulu and Columbia, Md. as $2,851, $2,764 and $2,582, respectively-What the world now needs is a true gold standard without official reserve currencies, a monetary policy with which the U.S. can now lead the way. Prompt settlements of residual balance-of-payments deficits in gold and budgetary equilibrium, will mean the end of inflation and a world-wide economic boom Lewis E. Lehrman--wsj/Bernanke will use the Jackson Hole platform to signal the Fed's intent to act aggressively in such an eventuality. the Fed will make no policy commitments. Bernanke will merely say that the Fed is closely monitoring the situation and stands ready to act, if necessary. Bernanke will neither energize markets nor disappoint them/no politically feasible way for Europe or the U.S. to grow themselves out of the quicksand of debt that they're in. The only way out is to default or print......and they will print/40 years ago in 1971 [laughs] when I read Harry Browne's first book, How to Profit from the Coming Devaluation. In that book, Harry said that if gold went as high as $200, it would be a sign runaway inflation was coming, and readers might need their survivalist retreats, etc,  a negative spiral, in good part because everybody wants the government to "do something," in the idiotic belief that it can improve things by doing more. Actually it can only help by doing less What happens if you wipe out these debts? Who are the debtors? They are the most profligate people in society. So these artificially low interest rates reward the most irresponsible and punish the most responsible people in society-this is just the start. A taste of the future-The whole thing reminds me of a poorly executed death scene in a B-movie. The injured actor takes too long to die, as he bores you to tears with the occasional bloody cough and proverbial 'I'm coming Elizabeth'-bloomberg in which a harvard economist confirms my thoughts that a weak dollar is our best fiscal policy...maybe people are just averse to the word "weak"-Fear and ignorance is not going to lead us out of the creates more hate than GS? Then calls it ant-semitism/World Court at the Hague has issued an arrest warrant for both Bush and Cheney/Christians blamed the Jews for the killing of Jesus. Jewish hatred did not actually spring from Hitler, it came from the preaching of Catholic priests and Protestant ministers throughout Germany for hundreds of years. The Protestant leader, Martin Luther, himself, held a livid hatred for Jews and their Jewish religion. In his book, “On the Jews and their Lies,” Luther set the standard for Jewish hatred in Protestant Germany up until World War 2./Suffice to mention the 20 - 30 million Christians put to death by Kaganovitch's Jewish Kommissars, the tens of millions who died in Jewish-orchestrated WWII, the millions who have died in America's war for Israel in Iraq, the thousands of Palestinians robbed and murdered, the massacres in Lebanon and Gaza, Madoff-style swindles, Israeli pre-eminence in internantional prostitution, money-laundering, drugs, assassination, counterfeiting, smuggling, and the Mossad-Neocon demolition of the WTC, from which Jews benefited handsomely, while several thousand Gentiles perished - and Netanyahu smiled./Arkansas: No Pardons in ‘West Memphis Three’ Case/not only Assange, but Wikileaks also, held by the DNS hoster. The information will be handed to the U.S. grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia.-as WikiLeaks dumps more data -Leaked Cable: McCain, Lieberman Promised Qaddafi to Help Secure Military Equipment From U.S. -and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were in Tripoli meeting with the erratic leader and giving him assurances- leaked August 2009

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82411 Environmental Protection Agency has revoked the coal mining permit for Arch Coal’s Spruce Mine No. 1 in West Virginia’s Logan County. After Arch invested $250 million

people are becoming desensitized to magic underpants and Adam & Eve. The country has changed, and seems to be willing to accept magical politics/ /Cherokee nation Supreme Court ruled that a 2007 tribal decision to kick the so-called "Freedmen" out of the tribe was proper. stems from a footnote in the brutal history of U.S. treatment of Native Americans. When many Indians were forced to move to what later became Oklahoma from the eastern U.S. in 1838, some who had owned plantations in the South brought along their slaves. Some 4,000 Indians died during the forced march, which became known as the "Trail of Tears." "And our ancestors carried the baggage," American Indian  "Palestinians"/Environmental Protection Agency has revoked the coal mining permit for Arch Coal’s Spruce Mine No. 1 in West Virginia’s Logan County. After Arch invested $250 million in the mountaintop mining operation, it will be shut down/Tenn (Reuters) - A spill of frozen bull semen bound for a breeder in the state of Texas triggered a scare on Tuesday that temporarily shut down a U.S. interstate/Greyhound bus carrying the freight alerted the fire department he had lost a part of his load, In addition to the vapor, the canisters also let off an unpleasant odor, while negotiating the ramp on a highway near Nashville. "We didn't know what it was, but we were told (the canisters) were non-toxic,"-daughters of an Alabama woman who died in 2010 sued the funeral home on Tuesday that handled her burial, saying it lost the body and couldn't find it even after digging up several grave-Nuclear experts warn of Libya "dirty bomb" material VIENNA (Reuters/unprecedented in post-World War II U.S. history to have this portion of the population unemployed for more than a year. Meanwhile a quiet cultural crisis brews as one out of five American men stop collecting paychecks -- getting by instead on unemployment or disability checks, the incomes of friends and family, and in some cases illicit activity- 6.2 million Americans (more than 44% of the unemployed) who have been out of work for more than a year -- and are dead last on any list of employers seeking to fill positions-Does that mean that we, as a society, have given up on millions of valuable Americans? Is that a question any political leader wants to answer?-cnn/rates of today with the levels during the Great Depression to get a more accurate look at how we are faring this time around. It is actually the fiscal policies that have been enacted that kept the jobless rate from topping out at 10.2% which is where it peaked during the Regan administration in 1982/Next Round Of Stimulus: Housing  about time they do something right..part 2 of the equation: eliminate the rape job/ a populist pitch to prop up housing might just catch on. Hays is particularly fond of a proposal that is being circulated by Ed Yardeni that would make rental income tax-free for a decade to encourage investment into vacant homes. Given the dubious benefits derived from the first few rounds of stimulus and easing, a handout to housing seems at least worth a try/why should i now pay for a house that just lost 200K in value due to the greedy practices of the banks? homeowners got shafted and deserved to be compensated!! if this doesnt happen watch how things go./Pull your head out of rush's fat arse man/Three trillion we have spend already trying to stimulate the rich. We could have given almost $30K in cash to every household for the same cost. Ya think that'd have worked better? Imagine what the economy would be like if everyone had $30K to do as they pleased with/forgive the first $100,000 of all motgage loans on every primary residence . this will help every middle class and low income strugging homeowner /The president gets it. The republicans would throw 300 million americans under a bus to gain complete power. Then the financial elite continues to grow while the rest struggle. Consider: The 400 richest americans own more than the 50 MILLION poorest/BUSH 477 TRIPS TO HIS RANCH ON US1 YOU DO THE MATH/Henry Blodget vs. Bank of America: “Rotted to the Core”/Bloggers only feed the speculation of the people and the market traders. Professional Internet writers is the biggest joke in the world. All speculation and opinion while they wake up and do their so called job in their pajamas without human contact. Great antisocial society we live in. Time warp me into the future or back to the 1800's were there are no cell phones, ipods, smart phones, or garbage/none has enough reserves to cover their they are hoarding.......which means we are in exactly the same place as we were on Lehman weekend/dump this convicted felon. Blodget has a big axe to grind against the industry that he's been banned from. It's been the same innacurate and biased #$%$ from him for years. He has NO credibility/pleaded guilty to a felony and was banned from the securities industry, He was paid to hype worthless internet stocks while at the same time telling colleagues what a bunch of worthless turkeys he was hyping/Obama Deficit 19% Lower Than Projected     /how do they spin that on Assboil radio. Assboil's stand-in today said, regarding the 1.3T deficit: "of course it depends on the economy"/congressman from Ohio had cops grab the cameras of constituents during a town hall meeting, Police said the cameras were taken “to protect the constituents.” A local television station, however, was allowed to videotape the meeting and the brazen move by Chabot and the cops. Steve Chabot, a Republican, had cell phones and cameras confiscated in order to “prevent an embarrassing Youtube video from making the rounds,”to “prevent” people from “making a show” of the event. Indeed, Chabot and his staff were worried enough about citizens voicing their anger at his policies that they only accepted pre-screened questions chosen by the congressman’s staff,  who is pulling the strings of our puppet government. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks’ plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation/I live by the law of the land, i dont ask permission from a corporate police state for a corporate federal license to carry a weapon, i just carry one because its my damn right and not because someone drafted a piece of paper called a constitution but because i’m a freeman and i exercise my god-given rights fully/the line from the Untouchables. What are you prepared to do? There’s no need for a debate here. Draw a line in the sand. Call the bluff, let the SOB arrest you or try. Make a mockery out of the whole proceeding and force their hand to court. Politicians have no authority to just make up rules on the fly. Neither does the cop. Time to stand up and be counted. What are you prepared to do?/ both parties are corrupt, and those Republicans want to be full blown Nazi’s!/I tried calling the office of gay satanic nazi steve chabot (513) 684-2723… his message box is full, just like his gay satanic nazi dilated rectum/ Meanwhile, televisions news crews were videotaping openly/A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” Marcus Tullius Cicero/ A Cop will do anything they are told to do....they are Ignorant lap dogs,and a serious threat to our country..Now Cop! go home and tell your love ones,how much you love them,and explain to them how YOU are planning their future....a Future filled with the likes of you..not good kids!You are being lied to by your own Father...he will destroy you if told to./ 71211/How about restricting the BILLIONS of dollars of aid we give to Israel to imprison, torture, and kill Palestinians???? This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Oh, you are an AIPAC puppet. What was I thinking?/wealthy only create jobs in a tax cutting environment, if they actually spend the money. But they don't - they just play with it in the stock market or other forms of trading. Taxes on the wealthy are at a post-war low, but unemloyment is at a post war high. Their money should be taxed and put into the hands of people who will spend it. That's what creates jobs/nATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls As we reported 6 weeks ago, final assault was planned before September-pp/Zionists and the US Islamophobes behind Norwegian killer Breivik / "Last year nearly 50,000 MALE veterans screened positive for "military sexual trauma"/\ Top Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein has denied the existence of Jewish roots in the city of Jerusalem, contrary to Israel's claims that have prompted continued Judaization of the city. Finkelstein, a professor at Tel Aviv University, said Jewish archaeologists have failed to unearth historic sites to support some of the stories in the Torah. Among those stories are the Jewish Exodus, the forty-year wandering in the Sinai desert, and Joshua's victory over the Canaanites. He also said there was no archaeological evidence that concludes that the alleged Temple of Solomon ever existed/all the good work gw bush has done since leaving office, however find it funny beyond belief that on the daOverexposed,  Bin Laden was killed he was at a hedge fund meeting eating a peach souffle/ Banks: Under-Capitalized, Overexposed, Opaque/BACK Mark to Market "Fair Value Accounting especially for "BANKS" and Then We would SEE what the Assets are Really Worth! Henry Blodget/Guess which administration allowed $1.2 Trillion in ‘loans’ (secured by junk) to a privileged few banks? Guess which administration the right wing media termed ‘socialist’/Too little, too late. The whole system is corrupt from business “leaders”, financial “leaders, and political “leaders”. One doesn’t have to look far. Just look at trade deficits starting in 1980s/

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82311 number of priests in the United States dropped to 45,000 in 2002. By 2020, there will be about 31,000 priests--and only 15,000 will be under the age of 70. Right now there are more priests aged 80 to 84 than there are aged 30 to 34

S & P CHIEF RESIGNS faces criminal probe  under fire from lawmakers, market players and the U.S. Treasury Department since its decision to cut the U.S. credit rating earlier this month, and just last week, news emerged that the Justice Department is investigating the firm over its actions on mortgage/Obama far more successful military leader than George Dumbya Fudd/You fooled everybody. Nobody realized that you would attack your own country but you sure showed us/"Republican Budget (H.Con.Res. 34) – On top of ending Medicare as we know it to pay for tax breaks for Big Oil, millionaires and corporations shipping jobs overseas, the Republican-passed budget cuts key investment to our economic future like education, college aid, life-saving medical research, infrastructure, and clean energy. This will cost Americans 1.7 million jobs by 2014/THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS NOT, AND NEVER WAS PART OF OUR GOVERNMENT.WE THE PEOPLE WERE TRICKED BY THE JEWISH BANKERS BLACKMAILED WOODROW WILSON/when the Fed prints our money, they charge us for the privilege? If we printed our own money, it would cost us nothing/Perry calls Bernanke borderline treasonous/"If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas,"/What blackmail,,,,lol...America is finished/Janjuah: "It's Only Just Begun" - Sees S&P 500 "Fair Value" At 800-900/Germany wants GOLD for "PIIGS" Bailout Going Forward!/USA has turned into what we were founded to oppose. A country where the rich put into office religious dogma spouting fools while they rule us like slaves/he wouldn't have gotten caught. If he were "brilliant" then he would have been able to see the active role the GOVERNMENT played in CAUSING the financial meltdown/The moral: be highly skeptical of the source and motivations of media news sources/sure as H*&# am not voting for any Tea "Let's burn this country to the ground and rebuild it" Party./You can't have "democracy" and a central banking monopoly in private hamds on the same soil/Rescumlicans have collective amnesia when it comes to Dumb-ya. Morons hero-worshipping another moron. Nothing is ever their fault, because in their little minds, they're perfect/They continue to borrow at 0% interest, then LOAN that money back to the government at 3-5 % interest so the TAXPAYER is paying for their PROFITS! This is the biggest fraud of a scam EVER perpetrated on any nations people. And yes, our wonderful government allows it. There should be blood running down Wall ST. right now. Bank of America just got ANOTHER $500miilion dollar back door bailout last week/" Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."-Albert Einstein/Tax rates uncertain,Regulatory expeneses uncertain, What's "in" today maybe "out" tomorrow, long range planning..forget about it! So Ben, you can turn off the printing presses. Business has lots of money. Zero interest rates..good for the banks only./What hasn't Obama done for the rich republican cry babies. He'll get re-elected for that alone. He is the funnel for public tolerance of the rich republican cry babies/GOP wants Bernanke to fail so then can win the election. Sad, but they care less about the American middle-class and have focused all of their resourses on making Obama a one-term president at the cost of Americans/Americans are incredibly violent people. Express ideas by all means, but violence is intellectually bankrupt./if indeed they are american/the general american public is getting awful tired of them bailing out their buddies .if they really want civil unrest here.let them continue to ignore the public,the ones that are suffering the most.pepole are not going back to the fedual system.that is why we left england in the first place.prosperity is a 2 way street and the public has been on the wrong side for the past 2 1/2 years.if matters not to them that they have ruined everyday people lives .you can only go so long before the people will revolt.congress has no intentions of helping anyone but them selves to stay in power/It's not Bernanke,'s his orders/Only time will heal our wounds . There is nothing anyone can do to fix this . Time is the key along with learning from our mistakes/ I don't buy all of this but it's good to know what is being said...even if it's wrong./I wish I could see an alternate universe where a republican president enacted the same policies as Obama and then subsequently listen in on the conservatives' reactions: "This President has the lowest tax rates in 70 years!", "This president has taken the war on terror to the real source in Afghanistan", "This president made sure Osama Bin Laden paid for his attrocities", "This President ensured that the country didn't default", "This President got us out of a recession and into a period of growth."/after obozo is booted out of the WHITE house in 518 days will you still worship him as your God, your Master, your Lord and Savior or will you find another to worship as you follow him to the gates of HELL/How's that "change" working for you? Oh I forgot, you have no job and don't want one unless it is a union/gov't job with free healthcare, early retirement and a 40 hour work week. Bunch of lazy, liberal, socialist patsies/Maxine Waters said that Tea Partiers can go straight to hell today...just another example of "liberal civility"/ traitorous teapublicans can go straight to hell/epublicans have finally found a group they want to tax: poor people/ Bachmann. "We need to broaden the base so that everybody pays something, even if it's a dollar. Everyone should pay something, because we all benefit."/protesting the perception that productive Americans were shelling out for an ever-expanding class of moochers. And Republicans have taken the Tea Party's lead/ a Republican case against making sure that poorer people pay income taxes. "Dr. Paul doesn't want to be president so he can raise taxes on anyone, especially on the poor and middle class," says Ron Paul's spokesman, Jesse Benton. "If half of the American people don't pay income taxes, then we are halfway to our goal of eliminating it for everyone."/ you have finally done it - you've gone collectively insane! How is it that you cannot listen to Warren Buffet but you can listen to these delusional and demented individuals?/funny thing about all of this is that poor people are more likely to be religious, which means they are more likely to be socially conservative, which means they are more likely to vote republican, which means they are voting against their own interests. And Republicans know it./ I don't like to pay for the privilige of being advertised at/ask Walmart shoppers why they go there, they usually reply with something about making $8/hr at their shitty job. I can't recall the details; it's too hard to listen while looking down my nose and judging those bottom-feeders/JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon.The “merger” would completely destroy the value of BAC’s common share/ republican fall-back position......"my statement was not intended to be factually correct./neo conservatives have one agenda to kill the middle class and the poor. Currently the play book reads as follows; destroy public work force, rape public education and pillage the current economy. They will stop at nothing till the common man is reduced to poverty/ If you are going to dedicate your hate in God's name at least read the book/Strauss-Kahn sex assault charges are officially dropped/Obama takes down FOUR powerful Dictators - zero casualties Republicans have protected these pigs for years, to protect Big Oil interests in their countries. always believed oil in these countries was safer for Big Oil if it was in the hands of the dictators. treason is ending a lot sooner than most thought/MY most fervent desire was for Obama to fail so that things would never get this bad in the first place. But alas, he has been extremely successful in getting nearly everything he wanted. Our economy is now paying that price./Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived."— Isaac Asimov/agreeable to a 10% tax to support the Injustice Department and an Offensive Military/ you are saying that the 'good enough' for a bronze age chieftain is good enough for you. OH... and the public notification you mention, you think it was adequate? How about the idea that government was only as stable as a god's personality? Think that is still a reasonable mental state?/we should tax money leaving the country....It cost you 2 percent to take your money/sex is like chinese food.  it ain't finished until you both get your cookie/ vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of yours/The glory of Israel will fly away like a bird, for your children will die at birth or perish in the womb or never even be conceived. Even if your children do survive to grow up, I will take them from you. It will be a terrible day when I turn away and leave you alone. I have watched Israel become as beautiful and pleasant as Tyre. But now Israel will bring out her children to be slaughtered." O LORD, what should I request for your people? I will ask for wombs that don't give birth and breasts that give no milk. The LORD says, "All their wickedness began at Gilgal; there I began to hate them. I will drive them from my land because of their evil actions. I will love them no more because all their leaders are rebels. The people of Israel are stricken. Their roots are dried up; they will bear no more fruit. And if they give birth, I will slaughter their beloved children." (Hosea 9:11-16 NLT /Priests. After skyrocketing from about 27,000 in 1930 to 58,000 in 1965, the number of priests in the United States  dropped to 45,000 in 2002. By 2020, there will be about 31,000 priests--and only 15,000 will be under the age of 70. Right now there are more priests aged 80 to 84 than there are aged 30 to 34. /Hawking wrote on this :*"To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational... If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”* I think throwing out a broadcast to everyone certainly would be a form of Russian roulette.  Just the technological difference an alien race that could visit would have, even if it were handled well, would be completely disruptive to our way of life/The belief that citizens had to pay for the mistakes of a financial monopoly, that an entire nation must be taxed to pay off private debts was shattered, transforming the relationship between citizens and their political institutions and eventually driving Iceland’s leaders to the side of their constituents. The Head of State, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, refused to ratify the law that would have made Iceland’s citizens responsible for its bankers’ debts, and accepted calls for a referendum- /behind all those scary ads and pretty packaging, they are hiding a little secret: we don’t actually need them. Antibacterial soaps are no better than regular soap. Scientific studies have shown that. The FDA has admitted that. Even more important, the very chemicals that make those soaps “antibacterial” might actually be hurting us. Laboratory studies have shown that both triclosan and triclocarban can interfere with hormones, especially those most important for proper growth and reproduction. If that isn’t enough, triclosan and triclocarban have also been tied to contributing to antibiotic resistance (that is, the rise of superbugs). The problem of antibiotic resistance means that when doctors prescribe an antibiotic to treat an infection, there is a growing chance that it won’t work

Monday, August 22, 2011

82211 Ken Ham is at it again. He spent $27 million on the creation museum. This time it's $155 million to build a replica of the Ark/Bruce Bartlett, a treasuer official under George H. W. Bush, calls Rick perry an idiot

I vow to stand up and interrupt the prayer at the next function I am at that is funded by my tax dollars/ MS - The Desoto County School system received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation asking the district to stop allowing school led prayers.  The group says it did so after receiving a complaint from a student/"The reason we have the Bill of Rights is to prevent people from being ruled by the tyranny of the majority,"/ Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, another contender for the GOP presidential nomination, took to Twitter almost instantly, seeming to mock Perry for the creationism comment, as well as for his recent statements on climate change: “To be clear. I believe in evolution and
trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy."/Ken Ham is at it again. He spent $27 million on the creation museum. This time it's $155 million to build a replica of the Ark/Bruce Bartlett, a treasuer official under George H. W. Bush, calls Rick perry an idiot/Some people have taken to calling Perry George W Bush on steroidsMitt Romney is too much of a political Ken doll, all plastic and eager to bend his beliefs. Michelle Bachmann is a shrill show horse with few accomplishments and a narrow, if rabid, base of support. Jon Huntsman is a traditional conservative who doesn’t stand a chance of winning the nomination in the radicalized GOP. The rest of the candidates are political eccentrics who will hang around only to further embarrass themselves in the upcoming marathon of debates. Rick Perry is the perfect man for this moment. Executive experience, a fine head of hair, a handsome jaw line, a Bible under his arm, a flag on his lapel, a take-no-prisoners campaign machine and a political philosophy that would comfort Jefferson Davis – how can today’s Republican Party not fall in line behind this man from Texas?/appalled. No other word for it. And a little anxious this guy could possibly be the next president. I'm flummoxed he's gotten this far in politics and am now wondering about the electorate of Texas. Hey guys, Bush was a lot smarter than he came across, believe me but this guy appears to be the read deal. Dumb dangerous ignorant Christian zealot/Texas has the third highest teenage pregancy rate in the nation. Does he really think these two snippets of information make those two two programs comparable as far as efficacy goes/Texas accepted $6.4 billion in stimulus money from Washington. It would be more accurate to say that Obama created those jobs in Texas/ Mississippi issues, abstinence is a big part of the sex education cirriculum here, which is especially bothersome, since we have the largest incidence of STDs and teen pregnancies in the country/"1000 Ways to Die" in episode #704 Cruci-Fried, an evangelical preacher cut the grounding wire off of his microphone system when it shorted out.  Then when he did the part of his sermon where he stands in a bath of water in front of the "Born Again Christian" crowd with microphone in hand, he got electrocuted and died. Beside starring on "1000 Ways to Die, the Born Again Preacher also won a Darwin Award for his death/ Bank of America executive was caught on camera yesterday whispering to Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), “Bank of America. We’ll help you out/good·bye  Origin: 1565–75;  contraction of God be with ye good day, good evening, etc./ 'F&Friends,' footage filmed after yesterday's broadcast shows anchor Gretchen Carlson dropping to the studio floor and doing 20 pushups like it's no big deal - in a dress/David Cay Johnston is a columnist for Reuters who recently took a look at the corporate finances of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., and what he has reported is certain to raise some eyebrows. His column published yesterday suggests that over the last four years, the media conglomerate earned $10 billion dollars and received $4.5 billion in federal refunds after paying zero taxes/the same Republicans who fought hammer-and-tong to keep the George W. Bush-era income tax cuts from expiring on schedule are now saying a different "temporary" tax cut should end as planned. By their own definition, that amounts to a tax increase/ Drug Enforcement Administration and Food and Drug Administration insist they are still actively studying whether to move hydrocodone-containing medicines from the Schedule III category of medicines to the more restrictive Schedule II. But the 12-year delay is frustrating drug treatment counselors, lawmakers and relatives of overdose victims. "They're not doing a darn thing," said Robert DuPont, president of the Institute for Behavior and Health, a Rockville, Md.-based think tank. "There's no study that takes 12 years. When you think how many people have died of hydrocodone overdoses, it's inexcusable."Nationally, emergency room visits related to non-medical hydrocodone use have quadrupled since 2000 - from 19,221 to 86,258 in 2009. In Florida alone, hydrocodone caused 910 deaths and contributed to 1,803 others between 2003 and 2007. Actors Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and Corey Haim all died from drug cocktails containing it.A DEA review of police drug labs shows seizures of hydrocodone-containing pills number second only to those of oxycodone, the narcotic used in drugs like OxyContin and Percocet. Hydrocodone seizures have soared from 13,659 in 2001 to 44,815 in 2010. "It's a health care epidemic," said Cindy Harney, founder of a support group in Florida for families of people who have overdosed on prescription drugs."The government works for us and it's up to them to protect us. I don't understand how they can sit back with all this devastation going on all around us."/"According to Yelena, "Armageddon ended on 17 October 1949 and ‘the enemy’ was expelled from the solar system." /The four horsemen the Rothschilds will bring you with the Awaken of the tribes of Israel./Evil forces has to be the money exchangers Jesus kick out from the temples yard. Later they got more organized as we know today as [money masters] with Rothschild's as top family/NATO SLAUGHTER IN TRIPOLI: "Operation Mermaid Dawn" Signals Assault by Rebels' Al Qaeda Death Squads, Thierry Meyssan reality about the Ron Paul revolution is that the power elites could not survive in a society based upon individual liberty/Perry, who has never been paid a government salary of more than $150,000, became a millionaire while in public office through well-timed sales in the Texas real estate market. The Republican presidential hopeful bought property from friends and political allies and sold to Texas businessmen-bloomberg/Hundreds of new immigrants from the U.S. landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on Tuesday. An unprecedented 104 of the 360 new arrivals, came to enlist in the Israeli army. Brig. Gen. Eli Shermeister, the Chief Education Officer, was among a delegation of officials on hand to greet the 18 to 22 year olds. "It's an honor to have you join the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the Israeli nation/ /2006 as home prices peaked, leading the 10 biggest U.S. banks and brokerage firms to their best year ever with $104 billion of profits. By 2008, the housing market’s collapse forced those companies to take more than six times as much, $669 billion, in emergency loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The loans dwarfed the $160 billion in public bailouts the top 10 got from the U.S. Treasury, yet until now the full amounts have remained secret. Denominated in $1 bills, the $1.2 trillion would fill 539 Olympic-size swimming pools. more than 30 days past due on their mortgage payments on 4.38 million properties in the U.S., and 2.16 million more properties are in foreclosure, representing a combined $1.27 trillion of unpaid principal-Robert Litan, a former Justice Department official who in the 1990s served on a commission probing the causes of the savings and loan crisis. “You’re talking about the aristocracy of American finance going down the tubes without the federal money.”/the question is now, will the towers fall, or bleed to death? they could make a reality show where customers/victims could keep all the ten$ bills they could carry could i'd watch that/Banks are bloodsucking TICKS on the dog!!!/ ON JUNE 8, 1967, while patrolling in international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was savagely attacked without warning or justification by air and naval forces of the state of Is_rael. Of a crew of 294 officers and men (including three civilians), the ship suffered thirty four (34) killed in action and one hundred seventy three (173) wounded in action. The ship itself, a Forty Million ($40,000,000) Dollar state of the art signals intelligence (SIGINT) platform, was so badly damaged that it never sailed on an operational mission again and was sold in 1970 for $101,666.66 as scrap./Perry was not only way out of line, Stein argued, but betrayed an appalling ignorance of monetary policy and made a "serious mistake."/Stein's comments have definitely upset the Religous Right. They are probably now calling him a C.hrist Killer at social functions/ the U.S. government should fix the failed House Finance System./the government-run mortgage companies, to aggressively reduce the principal balances on underwater loans and to make refinancing easier for underwater borrowers. If the president championed aggressive action, and Fannie and Freddie, which back most new mortgages, also made it clear to banks that they expect principal reductions, the banks would feel considerable pressure to go along.” /Hugu Chavez wants his Gold From USA&Europe, wants all the country's gold being held in European and American banks returned to Caracas. It would be the largest physical movement of gold in recent history. Hugo Chavez said he's trying to protect his country from the financial woes on both sides of the Atlantic/Perry wants to identify himself with the religious right, but senior AFA researcher Bryan Fischer has publicly referred to gay rights activists as "Nazis" and and is rather sympathetic to the ideas of the Norwegian shooter Anders Beiring Breivik.  Perry also invited John Hagee of "the Holocaust was a good thing because it brings us closer to the Apocalypse" fame, also the odd chance that Rick Perry has become a better person, come to an acceptance of gay marriage, and invited Lady Gaga to perform as a way of manifesting his new enthusiasm for marriage freedom. Now THAT would be a sensational way to launch a presidential campaign. Clever of Perry to keep it a secret so long /Cisco, Lockheed Martin and Borders announced a combined 23,000 in job cuts/spend about five minutes on the governor’s official website confirming that Rick Perry is yet another big-government, corporate-welfare lover from the Republican side of the Republican/Democrat regime, wants to take credit for creating 203 new jobs by giving $300,000 of welfare money from the taxpayers of Texas to Office Depot?/1.5% of all Texas spending on oil and gas since the estimated total spending on the oil and gas industry was $94.7 billion in 2006  /"Zealous fits more perfectly with passionately devoted than it does with jealousy."[Zelotes]/FREEWILL YOU CHOOSE TO DENY THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WEORD,YOU ARE ALLOWING SATAN TO BLIND YOU,AND USE YOU AS HIS PUPPET,TOOL AND FOOL,YOU FOLLOW "SPIRIT"GUIDES (NEW AGE TRASH) THAT ARE NOTHING BUT DEMONS!!. YOU WILL HAVE NO ERXCUSE ON JUDGMENT DAY./called a Thought Adjuster, is said to be able to guide the individual toward an increased understanding of him. The Thought Adjuster is also called a "Mystery Monitor," "inner voice," "divine spark," and "pilot light"/divide the M2 supply of money by the number of ounces in the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, the value of gold would be ~ $9200 Billion/372 million troy ounces, or ~ $24731.00 per ounce/almost 46 million people in the United States on food stamps, roughly 15 percent of the population. That's an increase of 74 percent since 2007reuters/Ron Paul: Candidate of doom and gloom- /Wells Fargo said it plans to begin testing a $3 monthly fee in Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Washington for customers who use their debit card for purchases/With the highest percentage of uninsured residents, Texas would be one of the biggest beneficiaries of President Barack Obama's health care/Dale Richardson was saved at a tent revival 32 years ago, was called to preach the Lord's word in 2006 and, for the past year, had served as pastor at Freedom Free Will Baptist Church, a modest red brick structure on a South Carolina side road running along a railroad track. Now he's in jail, charged with kidnapping and raping three women at gunpoint — two of them in a trailer behind the church, Free Will Baptist State Association has suspended Richardson's preaching credentials pending the outcome of the investigations because "the misconduct alleged against him is forbidden by God."/Perry's neocon, corporate welfare record is obvious and well documented.  Unfortunately, the habit of such big government Republicans has been to spout Bible to take out rivals and then rule pretty much the same as the openly big government party members. allegations made concerning Perry's use of prostitutes, drugs, and his extra-marital affairs are not verified, they are presented in the text for what they are: just one person's allegations based on contacts in the seedy underworld of strip clubs/Perry is a man who constantly uses religion and Christian Bible talk for his own political advancement, while living a double life. Nor does Perry understand or appreciate free market capitalism and the importance of low taxes for all; Perry is a crony capitalist and he likes to spend and borrow lots of money, 2008 raid on the FLDS: Peaceful, religious home schoolers; Rick Perry/ CPS taking away 438 kids based on a crank phone call. Rick Perry is a religious bigot and he proved it in 2008 when he supported an out of control Child Protective Services when they raided the peaceful, religious FLDS Mormon community in El Dorado based on a hoax phone call from a disturbed woman/tried to make every 12 year old girl in Texas take a mandatory HPV vaccine shot. Unbelievably, Rick Perry tried to bypass the Legislature and enact this by executive decree as if he were some sort of Hillary Clinton dictator. Perry tried to do this because Mike Toomey, his former chief of staff and very close friend, is a lobbyist for Merck, the maker of Gardisil, and was being retained for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Legislature crushed Perry’s attempt. Merck also made a $6,000 donation to Perry/

Sunday, August 21, 2011

82111 FBI started sending copies of a letter to military surplus stores in Colorado under the premise of a new program called “Communities Against Terrorism.”

FBI started sending copies of a letter to military surplus stores in Colorado under the premise of a new program called “Communities Against Terrorism.”/typifying a nonchristian child's experience with religion in the public sphere and how they must feel like Christianity is being "forced down their throats" because of its' ubiquitous presence in society, wonder why they need to have a PA system for God to hear them.  Just because most of the people here are Christians, it doesn't mean it's o.k. to force Christianity down students throats."/regulators have colluded in covering the whole thing up, why Obama shielded his regulators from public inquiry as part of his "financial reform" corruption. The GOP push their bad ideas and the Dems go along with them kicking and screaming/ Business Week here with a feature article entitled "Is Your Mortgage Toxic?" It's dated 2006 when Republicans owned all branches of government./ the concern is that he sounds and has similar ways that he talks and gestures that remind you quickly of G W. B" -- Former Bush adviser Matthew Dowd, quoted by the New York Times, on the biggest hurdle facing Texas Gov/Any god that would create a Hell is unworthy of being your heavenly father/Thanks for your ignorant heathen opinion/and thank YOU for your Terrified of reality and completly delusional opinion/* THINKS his word is above God's. That means * would like everyone to bow down to HIS ignorant man made beliefs, while ignoring God's Truth. Such arrogance cannot be ignored, but must be paid for. Justice demands it/Hell will be realized when he wakes up to be Judged. Then, he will spend eternity alone, forever. It is not good for a man to be alone/"Us creationists IS the smart ones." homeskool teacher asked him to use the word "smart" in a sentence. Or maybe it was the word "us"/You evolutionists are what makes our education system suck. You evolutionists are making the kids into insane adults just like you/The Dumbing of America./ two choices. Keep their heads in the [sand box] religion and hear no evil, or pull it out and see to blame somebody else/If you were God, what would you do with people who would turn the earth which is a potential paradise into a ghoul ruled hell?/But now is too late, is already tatooed in your brains like enything else/Nothing of what I am saying to you conforms to the dogma of any known religion. You can check it out. And of course introspection is an essential tool for those who think its important to be able to be in control of their own mind/ed gallespie=fuckwitt/trickledown govt IN governor: permently sick economy/Danielle Chiesi and her lawyer, Alan Kaufman, speak after her sentencing in New York. Chiesi, the former New Castle Funds LLC analyst who was heard on a federal wiretap passing secret tips to Galleon Group LLC co-founder Raj Rajaratnam, was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison

82011 google Rumsfeld Disease you will find a lot of articles as we started doing that since he's responsible. However, then Dr. Roberts mentioned its an honor to be named for a disease. So we changed it to Rumsfeld's Plague because that's no honor and puts the blame where it should be

surprised, frightened, disgusted or simply say "we knew it", that in the informal mixer just after Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry spoke at a Politics and Eggs breakfast in Bedford, New Hampshire, an unknown gentlemen approaches a casual Perry like an Ian Flemming character, and proceeds to dead drop the following: "Bank of America... We will help you out"/    certain Christians—are destined to not just take “dominion” over government, but stealthily climb to the commanding heights of what they term the “Seven Mountains” of society, including the media and the arts and entertainment world. They believe they're intended to lord over it all. As a first step, they’re leading an 'army of God' to commandeer civilian government.up, without the Beltway media exposing who they really are/urban Outfitters Sued for $28 Million Parents of a 15-year-old model claim the retailer used 'X-rated pictures' of her on T-shirts
 and other merchandise/perhaps you can shed some light on why its costing TEF 2.7 billion Euros, which works out to around $3.82 billion USD, to layoff 6500 workers. That works out to around $588,000 USD per layoff... Jeezus are labor laws that crazy in Spain?/ Spain has some of the most rigid labor laws in Europe, which is why youth unemployment was a problem even before the crisis/We have the deadliest combination of inflation in the developing world and recession the developed world. What we have can be termed as recesflation, which will prove to be much worse than stagflation/each gold investor has to set the price to preserve his wealth, and the only thing important to them.
if what they say about the top 2% (keyword) control 98% of the the wealth, it will be interesting how far the price will rise, as compared to the amount of cheap labor they will squeeze, in short true valuation. the recession is a result of forgetting who the consumers are/were./Bachmann offered a "happy birthday" message to the late singer Elvis Presley on Monday, even though August 16 is the anniversary of his death in 1977/ the past two weeks, retail investors pulled $17.4 billion out of U.S. equity mutual funds, mutual funds and exchange-trade funds hold $4 trillion in U.S. stocks, or 27.7 percent of the total U.S. market capitalization. "If someone's idea of investing is sitting in front of their computer without a strategy, of seeking gains through trading against machines making millions of trades a second, that's a tough row to hoe," rich get richer and the company finances haven’t changed a bit. Yes there are rules to prevent
 that but remember you are dealing with the rich and they have no rules, they only apply to the little guy. Now add the media to the mix, the true terrorists in the world, who have nothing good to report – “the market closed up today, but it will crash tomorrow” news is not what we want to hear. I wish the “experts” had a bit of knowledge themselves but since they can’t even agree with themselves then I don’t think they are very expert at all/Denial of choice of counsel is automatic reversible error,Powell v Alabama, 287 US 45 (1932) & Bland v  Cal DOC, 20 F3d 1469 (9th Cir 1994 This seems to be the agenda-the Constn does not exist in the Land of 10,000 Lies-I foUNd that out June 25th, 1996 n went to prison for telling the Truth-the courts lied, over 300 coUNts of perjury induced by Polk Co, Mn & even judge JA crippen LIED in the appeal desion-that he did a complete review of the record-there is no record, the trial transcripts were
 falsified-T, 372 the appears to be a faulty casstte that "missed" the beginning of Petes testimony at aboot 11:00 am-1- I did NOT take the stand till 3:30 pm-this is how many hrs of deputy sonfrols lies were erased. 2. Minn Stat 484.72 Electronic recording shall not be used in any felony proceedings/Over the past six years, 41 percent of all children who died of abuse or neglect in Florida had been the subject of at least one prior contact with child protection authorities, the state Department of Health reports. The average for all other states: about 12 percent- an author who says you must spank your child and a
couple who killed their daughter doing it. _ According to Dr Kodama, the total amount of radiation released over a period of more than five months from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster is the equivalent to more than 29 "Hiroshima-type atomic bombs" and the amount of uranium released "is equivalent to 20" Hiroshima bombs./$17.6 million --Xe Services LLC is USTC's parent company 17 Aug 2011 U.S. Training Center Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Department of Defense task order in support of counter-narcoterrorism activities in Afghanistan/powerful explosion has rocked a US military base in eastern Afghanistan and reportedly killed at least 27 American soldiers and left dozens wounded/We took control last night," Saleh Omran, a rebel fighter from Az Zawiyah told the Reuters news agency on Thursday from inside the refinery complex. [The 'rebels' are US taxpayer-funded
 mercenaries, fighting again for Exxon Mobil and BP/Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says the US and Israel are trying to cause a civil war in /English courts are handing down prison sentences to convicted rioters that are on average 25% longer than normal/ 14-year-old boy and another teenager have been banned from accessing the internet until they stand trial accused of trying to incite riots on Facebook/Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism in Uganda in 2006 --Charges dropped in March 2006 after intervention by Bush regime --Man who knew Waldron in 2004 told The St. Petersburg Times in 2006 Waldron had told him he used to work for the CIA,  after being arrested along with six Congolese and Ugandan nationals for the weapons.  legitgov dot org/Allstate Sues Goldman For Selling 'Crap' Mortgage Securities/Iran seizes 6500 Bibles, citing rich missionary conspiracy, propagation of non-I[s]lamic faiths is forbidden
 under Islamic law, missionary work is banned. But that won't stop the mullahs from being paranoid about it, and taking the opportunity to remind the unbelievers of their place in the I[s]lamic Republic of Iran. Street Journal has confirmed that illegal aliens who receive deferred action or parole from deportation can apply for work permits allowing them to compete with 22 million Americans looking for full-time work. That's 300,000 illegal aliens who could potentially receive work permits/Love the Sneaky WAY Obama is Expanding the WAR in Libya with Armed Predators US launches air campaign against oil rich country under pretext of humanitarian intervention (while ignoring comparable events in Syria and Iran). US realizes it does not actually use Libyan oil, government runs out of money, hits debt ceiling, leading to decision to pull out of Libya after it is uncovered that CIA operatives had been laying the groundwork
 for a government overthrow for months,  no point to even comment on this increasingly more surreal chain of events. Warns on Cost of Obama’s Military Cuts's totalitarian rulers and their policies have killed 73 million of their own people since 1949. That is several times more than the human destruction wrought by Hitler's holocaust. The Chinese communist government detains between 250,000 and 300,000 human beings in "re-education-through-labor" camps "on vaguely defined charges having never seen a lawyer, never been to a court, and with no form of judicial supervision," according to an Amnesty International report. Communist China also slaughters Tibetan monks, kills Falun Gong practitioners so their organs can be sold to transplant tourists, beats and jails environmentalists, and imprisons or "disappears" people for typing the words "freedom" or "Dalai Lama" into search
 engines/new tirade by the Afghan president threatens NATO with the same fate as the Soviet Union/ Saudi King Abdullah Has Left The Reservation And Is Going After Iran's Son Warns of Libyan Civil War, Offers Dialogue the capital markets industry for over 20 years and it's far worse than most people realize or are willing to admit. It was permeated with a take no prisoners attitude with the incentive to find every loop hole to the benefit of Corporate management (not shareholders) and the transaction creators (not their employers). This was a fraud of epic proportions pushed on the world as a whole that will be an interesting tale in future college courses/Ark (Reuters) - "Three men jailed for the "Satanic" 1993 slayings of three 8-year-old boys in Arkansas walked free on Friday after nearly two decades of proclaiming their innocence,  Echols and Baldwin pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree murder
 while Misskelley pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree murder and two of second-degree murder, Despite the guilty pleas, the defendants maintained their innocence in a post-hearing news conference and said they would continue to seek justice for the victims and try to clear their names/Kentucky taxpayers to foot bill for creationist theme park. /One of the MANY wonderful things about realising that religious teachings are untrue and that this is the only life we have is that it makes every moment of this life MORE precious, not less, MORE meaningful and MORE worth living to the full-Religious people do not seem to be exactly calm when facing death, so does that mean they really are not believers? And that sentence is as inane as: So is it the fear of God after all?-Chinese Communist Party is challenged by two religions, Christianity and Falun Gong. Both are morally opposed to abortion, and both resist birth-control measures. Both
 suffer terribly from forced abortions and torture imposed by the CCP, in contradiction of official policies. Here I begin to speculate, despite being not particularly knowledgeable of Chinese culture: As a culture of death becomes more institutionalized among the atheist populations, I would speculate that the reversal of fertility declines would disproportionately emerge among religious and dissident groups; further, the end of the one-child policy would also remove a motivation for local officials to harass and persecute the I haven’t known most Buddhists to be oppressed overpopulation issues, or growing the way Christianity and Falun Gong are. Tibetan Buddhism is different from the Buddhism in China proper; the Buddhism of Chinese proper is more of a philosophy than a religion. Taoism ranges from a folk religion, to an irreligious philosophy. My understanding is that Chinese folk religion is precisely that which Chinese
 Communism has largely successfully destroyed. But again, I’m way outside my expertise with that assertion. By the way, the sparsely populated West in China is Islamic/“By the beginning of the 20th century, Taoism had fallen so much from favor, that only one complete copy of the Daozang still remained, at the White Cloud Monastery in Beijing.”/Yes, Christianity is tame, and yes, Falun Gong is a wierdo cult. That in no way contradicts my assertion that they pose challenges to atheism. Again, why the bizarre hostility, though?/Texas is a very influential state in the United States when it comes to biology textbooks.[1] A supporter of Creation Ministries International (CMI) with a large Christian YouTube audience has declared he is going to aggressively promote the CMI Question evolution! campaign in Texas in order to reduce the prevalence of atheism and belief in evolution in the United States-9.4.1 Atheism, pederasty and NAMBLA -15.1 Modern
 proponents of atheism and deception-38 Resources for leaving atheism and becoming a Christian38.1 Watch an online Christian church service38.2 Tips on choosing a Christian church38.3 Spiritual growth- In ancient times, for example, Christians were accused of being atheists because of their denial of the pagan gods, even though they believed in the Christian God.[7] Socrates was also accused of atheism, although references to God run throughout his recorded statements.[8] Also, Albert Einstein and Baruch Spinoza professed belief in "God," but they defined "God" as the cosmos as a whole, and without personality. two main reasons for their denial of the existence of God and/or disbelief in God: the conviction that there is positive evidence or argument that God does not exist (Strong atheism which is also sometimes called positive atheism), and their claim that theists bear the burden of proof to show that God exists, that they have failed to do so, and
 that belief is therefore unwarranted (Weak atheism)-Atheism is a religion and its legal implications relative to the teaching of evolution-"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." - Psalms 14:1- it seems, come only from a creator; and this idea of a creating hand that created me refers me back to God. Naturally this is not a clear, exact idea that I set in motion every time I think of myself. It contradicts many of my other ideas; but it is there, floating vaguely
 if drugs were involved in the death of a Florida
megachurch pastor who was found dead in his Times Square hotel room. There was an envelope filled with white powder allegedly inside the shorts of the Rev. Zachery Tims Jr, 42, the New York Daily News reported. Tims, who leads the 8,000-member New Destiny Christian Center near Orlando, was found lying face up on the floor of his room in the W Hotel by workers on Friday, according to The Wall Street Journal His biography on the New Destiny website said: "After Dr. Tims was miraculously saved, instantly delivered from drug addiction, and called into
ministry, he determined to make his young life count by simultaneously earning two Bachelor's degrees." Tims has four children from his marriage with Riva, which ended in 2009 after he admitted to having an affair with a stripper/Department of Homeland Security has released yet another PSA that depicts an attempt to bomb a subway station not by Al-Qaeda Muslims, but well-dressed white people-United States can no longer afford to pay for, polls show that Americans, and particularly Republicans, are losing their appetite for war.-Establishment Media Admits Conspiracy To Ignore Ron Paul "We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race" Rumsfeld Disease you will find a lot of articles as we started doing that since he's responsible. However, then Dr. Roberts mentioned its an honor to be named for a disease. So we changed it to Rumsfeld's Plague because that's no honor and puts the blame where it should be/

81911 Murdoch and other News Corporation executives are at the center of a shocking British media scandal that involves spying, bribery, corruption, a corporate cover-up and even murder

/Republicans do not want to trash the planet, force anyone into slavery or anything else like that. The conservatives out there are tired of having to pay for 40% of the American population to get a free ride. They do not want to see things get even more skewed with Obamacare/Brad Doucette was a 20 yr veteran of the FBI. He helped handle the investigations of the 1993 WTC bomb, the 1999 Egyptair bomb, and 9/11. In 2003, uncovered something, or grew a conscience, and in April of 2003 he was assassinated at his home/FBI Agent John O'Neill Assassinated By Israel with the FBI for 20 years, and was involved in investigating a number of terrorist cases, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was considered the FBI’s top man on terrorism. In the late 1990’s, he became very attuned to Is_rael’s involvement in many terror operations/Teabagger rank and file mean well,  really don't know who stole their money, and they've been propagandized to
81711/“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”  Thomas
Jefferson/The noblest fate that a man can endure is to place his own mortal body between his loved home and the war's desolation.*
* -Heinlein/1987 biography of Butler, Maverick Marine, "Butler's particular contribution was his recantation, denouncing war on moral grounds after having been a warrior hero and spending most of his life as a military insider. The theme remained vigorously patriotic and nationalistic, decrying imperialism as a disgrace rooted in the greed of a privileged few."/ many factor involved in these "wars." I would suggest that armed conflict was chosen as the first resort rather than the last in many cases/truth is that too many times wars are used for political or economic gain rather than any real threat to the country.  There is thought on this in Just War Theory (or *Bellum iustum* such as *jus ad bellum*,
the right to go to war; *jus in bello*, right conduct within war/Until proven otherwise, I don't believe in free will, however, I do believe the illusion works as well as the real thing and that it does exist for practical purposes/hypothesis is the fact that neurons and thus synapses can regenerate > virtually infinitely guarantees free will/ why are your choices an illusion? /do you believe that everything is predetermined and that is why you have no choice? /the other discussions fringed religion, justification bias is the excuse that ethics kill and maim women and children./Dead Men Don't Talk R.I.P. Options Every one of the US Navy seals is dead!/Milestone herbicide Warning to All Gardeners - Another way to do away with humans/The King Corn ( ) documentary shows what happens to cows that eat GMO corn, and they are forced to eat it. These are the cows most people are eating. /Guardian: A life unravelled …
 whistleblower who incurred wrath of the Murdoch empire  Relentless legal pursuit of ex-News Corp employee likened to 'Rambo tactics' Ed Pilkington in New York, Wednesday 17 August 2011/Wall Street Journal TECHNOLOGY August 18, 2011 Latest in Web Tracking: Stealthy 'Supercookies' By JULIA ANGWIN Major websites such as and have been tracking people's online activities using powerful new methods that are almost impossible for computer users to detect/August 20th to September 3rd to urge President Obama to not give a presidential permit for the proposed tar sands XL pipeline from Alberta down to Texas/ "How to Heal Toxic Thoughts," by Sandra Ingerman. The excerpt is called "Words as Seeds" and contains a brief history of the power of words and a visualization exercise for cultivating a verbal garden of love. /Low IQ, inbred Wingnuts believe they didn't evolve, I believe they are correct/"Earth revolving around the Sun..."
 "Just a theory..." , on evolution: 'It's a theory that's out there' Perry/ of America.Ken Ham is at it again. He spent $27 million on the creation museum. This time it's $155 million to build a replica of the Ark/Rupert Murdoch and other News Corporation executives are at the center of a shocking British media scandal that involves spying, bribery, corruption, a corporate cover-up and even murder. In addition to allegedly hacking the phones of a murder victim and public officials in Britain — and paying $160,000 in bribes to British police to bury an investigation into their behavior — company representatives reportedly tried to pay a New York City police officer to hack into the phone messages of the families and victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks,

81811 21-year old man from Virginia was sentenced in February to 25 years in prison for publishing the home addresses of the "South Park" creators and urging readers to pay them a visit

about "peace efforts" “I condemn these appalling and senseless acts of
violence. As efforts for peace in the region continue, this brutality
has no place, nor its perpetrators any excuse-Social justice protests
have been canceled for the coming days, including a mass rally planned
for Saturday night in Jerusalem, following combined terror attacks in
the South of Israel that left seven I[s]raelis dead and over two dozen
wounded on Thursday
could simply be a group of "geography challenged"
t-partiers/"Which city in Palestine is known to be a
place of pilgrimage for the C.hristians, J.ews and Muslimes?" It is
indeed Jerusalem!/The Obama administration has a big idea to bolster
employment: a Department of Jobs. This isn’t a South Park episode
satirizing the White House but an actual idea floated by an
administration official in the New York Times. The irony of a
“Department of Jobs” is clearly lost on the hapless president. /so you'll just have to settle for a McVeigh/Breivik
attack on innocents instead?/some men just have a problem with women
who think for themselves and defend their ground. Maybe it's a
testosterone thing./Or, a problem with nutcases, as you may
DO/You are truly delusional and uninformed/Five loud explosions shook
the center of Libya's capital Thursday afternoon, possibly striking
near Moammar Gadhafi's compound in Tripoli, as rebels in the western
mountains claimed control of the Zawiya oil refinery/Rude co-workers
don't just affect everyone at the office — they also have a broader
impact on their community through a ripple effect that can even travel
to other businesses, new research from Baylor University, which
suggests that stress created by incivility at work can be so intense
that, at the end of the day, it is taken home by the worker and
impacts the well-being of the worker's family and partner/one of the
reasons police officers and prison guards can be some of the worst
wife beaters out there. They deal with the worst of the worst, and
many of them carry it home with them/other solution is to grow the f
up, shut up do your job well and not give a rat's arse if someone is
'rude' to you. And the pussification of America continues. You are not
special and not everybody wins at life -- that's why you need to fight
for what you want/mr tough guy, i take pleasure in eviscerating your
type/Your parents must have been diaper sniffers it you think that
being rude is a "right" that you have. You probably think it's ok the
steal, rape and murder because it's your "right" to do whatever you
want/"So the libtards are going to ban rude behavior and therefore
free speech, right?/Matthew 6:1 “Beware of practicing your
righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for
then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.”/if
you fear change, you fear reality/Common sense says there were WMD in
Iraq. The psychology and business departments at Universities like
Baylor study all sorts of things you probably would pooh-pooh. From a
scientific view, even the ordinary things need to be evaluated to
better understand them. Many things we think obvious are in fact dead
wrong. We just don't bother to look into them/Reality has taught us
over and over that "common sense" often boils down to wives tales,
brainwashing and superstition/Perfect example of Rick Perry and all
the world trouble making REPUBLICANS! Along with being a cancer to the
U.S./a cure for said rude virus, an industrial plant sized wood
chipper where RUDE bi-product it converted into green energy
bio-fuel./Republicans would love to do this all the time. I bet
they're the ones trying to ban 1984 from libraries. Or they wouldn't
appreciate me calling you out for the retard that you are. (But Palin
isn't going to see this, so she can't censor me./living proof of this
article. Shoot the messenger and ignore the message. This is what make
partisanship so ugly. Everyone should be an Independent and not have a
noise ring so they can be led around/"Survey’s surprising finding: tea
party less popular than atheists and Muslims"/Oh? And just who is that
surprising to??? Those who think CHRISTIANS are persecuted in this
country perhaps?/HOUSTON (Reuters) - The arrest of an American man who
broke into a woman's house and tried to suck her blood over the
weekend has sparked discussion about the impact of vampire books and
movies-French actor Gerard Depardieu outraged fellow passengers by
urinating in the aisle of an Air France flight as it prepared to take
off on Tuesday, forcing the plane to turn back to its parking
spot-James Murdoch did not try to cover up the truth by blacking out
sections of an incriminating letter written by disgraced News of the
World royal reporter Clive
/Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) sued the government  filed on August 12 in
the federal court in Lake Charles, Louisiana, said the decision
arbitrarily deprived it of rights under three of five leases for what
is called the Julia field. It said this took away Exxon's ability to
produce a reservoir believed to hold billions of barrels of oil.,
against the Interior Department and Secretary Kenneth Salazar comes
after regulatory scrutiny of drilling activities grew in the wake of
the April 2010 blowout of BP Plc's (BP.L) Deepwater Horizon well in
the Gulf of Mexico. government's initial rejection of the lease
extension came in 2009,the prospect of collecting millions of dollars
in bonuses and royalties on new leases gave the government an
incentive to single it out for "unprecedented adverse treatment" by
canceling the leases-apparently objection to the CNN host's questions
about gay marriage.  "I’m not being weird, you’re being a little
rude," said to the host, right before storming off the program's set.
“Ms. O'Donnell wasn't happy about me quizzing her re views on
witchcraft and sex. But really flipped at gay marriage Qs. Ripped mike
and fled,”-The militant called on Muslims in the United States to "cut
the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever," the threat against
Letterman said, according to a translation by SITE. The popular
late-night television host is not Jewish. The FBI said it was taking
the threat seriously,  21-year old man from Virginia was sentenced in
February to 25 years in prison for publishing the home addresses of
the "South Park" creators and urging readers to pay them a visit, as
well as trying to help a Somali militant group/

81711 military investigation has revealed that $360M of US tax dollars have ended up in the hands of Afghan insurgents and the Taliban /"The real love knows her neighbor face to face, and laughs with him and weeps with him, and eats and drinks with him, so that at last, when his black day dawns, she may share with him not what she can spare, but all that she has." (Stella Benson) /James Loewen shows why. After surveying
twelve leading high school American history texts, he has concluded
that not one does a decent job of making history interesting or
memorable. Marred by an embarrassing combination of blind patriotism,
mindless optimism, sheer misinformation, and outright lies, these
books omit almost all the ambiguity, passion, conflict, and drama from
our past. In ten powerful chapters, Loewen reveals that:
The United States dropped three times as many tons of explosives in
Vietman as it dropped in all theaters of World War II, including
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Ponce de Leon went to Florida mainly to capture Native Americans as
slaves for Hispaniola, not to find the mythical fountain of youth
Woodrow Wilson, known as a progressive leader, was in fact a white
supremacist who personally vetoed a clause on racial equality in the
Covenant of the League of Nations
The first colony to legalize slavery was not Virginia but /Disobedience and Democracy: Nine Fallacies of Law and Order  “In this slim volume, historian Howard Zinn lays out a clear and dynamic case for civil disobedience and protest. He challenges the dominant arguments against forms of protest that
challenge the status quo.” (South End Press)/tragic but it happens all the time.  I have received angry phone
calls from many parents, administrators, and educators about the anti-
this-or-that agenda that our literature selections evidently
propagate.  It would seem that the only literature safe to teach would
be the Dick and Jane series...on second thought that would likely make
some contingent of feminists angry...perhaps it is best then to just
have students not read at all.Another book banned - Sherlock Holmes/ /
we need a constitutional amendment it should be to change our form of government from a republic to a democracy, then we will be able to get things done in our great country without have to face teabagger economic terrorism or falwell-ese bible thumping/Stockholm Syndrome Poll Shows More Americans Have Unfavorable Views of Tea Party Tea bagger/"If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas," Perry said in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "I mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost ... treasonous in my opinion." /Do you realize that when the Fed prints our money, they charge us for the privilege? If we printed our own money, it would cost us nothing./1792 the U. S. Coinage Act was passed by Congress. It invoked the death penalty for anyone debasing money and provided for a U.S. Mint where silver dollars were coined along with gold coins beginning in 1794. The text of Coinage Act of 1792 states: “The Dollar or Unit shall be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current,”/GOP Field Is Full Of Crazy's  Bachmann wishes Elvis happy birthday on death date + brags she will close the Enviromental Protection Agency. In the background Coulter is running interferance for fascist CONs claiming Hitler wasn't a right wing wacko too and somewhere in here every RepubliCON thinks a fundamental strategy of war on America is patriotic./tards dont understand, their defintion of center is skewed from the lies and spin they are spoon fed from their radio masters. How do you accept what 'center' means from people who were bent on destroying America's credit rating for their putrid and false ideology/'the nation', or the part of it I live in, is more tired of Obama NOT (figuratively) slapping the snot out of obstructing Republicans than disappointed in the job he is doing. His 39% approval rating is possibly more due to his opposition's success at cutting the ground out from under anything that would help the less fortunate of this nation/Mother Bachmann, the Godfather or the American Churchill/FRANC GERMAN SUMMIT PROVES A DISASTER They want to do a corporate tax on already struggling companies. The crazy part, France and Germany will not get to the drawing board until 2013 earliest. They need a immediate plan/people are very dangerous. They own the your Govt. and will stop at nothing to cheat you/And they say the media is liberal /Just how retarded are you?/Evidently not as retarded as republicans/Today a full time job and credit worthiness will get you a $35,000 older home in Las Vegas. But in 2005 no job and bad credit would have gotten you a $350,000 brand new house..Las Vegas Review Journal/Sheikwothisname has 320 tons, wtc held 175tons....when the people, who have everything, discover there is a limited supply of gold...perhaps returning to a gold standard is what the new world needs..revalution.   2017 18kusd i been wrong once or twice/The libtard press has never been busier..."we are busier now than with Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo"..the reason? Obama is a total stooge loser..Palin was the first to stand up to this bum....we needed help(remember libtard comedians and Matt Damon) but pretty much smeared we have Bachmann, Romney and Perry...Perry is tough while Obama is an affirmative action hero...excuse me now...going to run the White Racist template...I wonder if the public knows how much Barack and Moochelle really hate Whitey?/ Lets create a movement and take back the American Dream!/WAIT... IF WE OWN THE MORTGAGES, AND WE OWN THE BANKS... WHY DON'T WE JUST TELL THEM "NO FORECLOSURES!" FORECLOSURES AFFECT THE ECONOMY AND DRAG DOWN HOME PRICES TOO!/could have borrowed up to a million dollars in the SF Bay Area without proof of income or providing tax returns and for about 1.2 million I could have bought a house bulit in 1948 with crooked floors and walls. Felt like being in the funhouse, or drunk. A lot of people went for it, now the **** hits the fan. Whose fault is it? The realtors who pushed the ****, the banks that financed the **** or the wall street pukes who bundled and bailed the ****? Don't step in any!/The economy will actually benefit (and do so more expeditiously) if the foreclusure mill is stalled and the real villians are made to pay for their theft/fraud/criminal activity. Picture the housing market without all the short sales; without all the REOs (being sold by companies who stoled them in the first place and aren't particularly concerned with getting top dollar but rather just looking to cash out instead - before the real **** hits the fan); without desparate folks looking to avoid the foreclosure process by dumping their home on the market. The number of homes on the market would shrink dramatically!!/banks deal in scare tactics because they want the families to give up demoralized and not fight them. They want to manipulate the taxpayers of the US so they can continue to sell bad loans, but not absorb the costs of failure/This is the capitalistic manipulation of the economy that exists..Big banks scam, politicians bank them up and they just keep on cashing the checks./Isn't sad that corrupt business men have bought all the politicians in the Senate? I think this smells of illegal activity....Why isn't Congress prosecuting these mother *******?/Isn't sad that corrupt business men have bought all the politicians in the Senate? I think this smells of illegal activity....Why isn't Congress prosecuting these mother *******?/eerie but it's true: Three people have died this summer after suffering rare infections from a waterborne amoeba that destroys the brain/Rebel fighters in Libya, trying to take over a key western city, faced stiff resistance from Moammar Gadhafi's forces on WednesdayObama placed the blame for Washington's current political paralysis squarely at the feet of his Republican opponents Tuesday, telling CNN that the GOP's "ideological rigidity" is standing in the way of compromises necessary for stronger economic growth/gray whale that spent nearly seven weeks in a northern California river died Tuesday, a sad ending to attempts to get her back to sea/Parliament released new documents Tuesday that cast doubt on the veracity of testimony given to lawmakers last month by James Murdoch/First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony/Merkel and Sarkozy huddle as euro struggles, meet Tuesday to try to help the battered euro, even as new figures show economic growth on the continent is stalling/Security forces finished their mission in Syria's coastal city of Latakia by "putting an end to the armed terrorist groups who terrified the safe citizens by their criminal acts" and were pulling out/Texas Rangers fan who fell over a railing while trying to catch a ball will have a place at Rangers Ballpark next season after the team erects a statue in his memory/50-year-old man accused of strapping a suspected explosive device around the neck of an 18-year-old woman near Sydney, Australia,  a wealthy suburb about eight kilometers (five miles) from Sydney where many well-connected people, sports stars and celebrities live, earlier this month was arrested Monday more than 9,000 miles away,  the man detained is Paul Douglas Peters. He was arrested "without incident" around 4 p.m. ET ( an Australian citizen who frequently traveled to the United States on business, and Moore added that he has "family connections") in his ex-wife's home near LaGrange, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northeast of Louisville. Peters is the man who broke into the Mosman, Australia, home of the woman, later identified as Madeleine Pulver, on August 3 while she was studying for her year-end exams. There, he attached what she believed to be a bomb to which he attached a letter with "financial demands," New South Wales Detective Superintendent Luke Moore explained Monday from Kentucky. The woman spent 10 hours attached to the device before having it removed by police bomb technicians.  "The motto for (the New South Wales police force) simply says, translated, 'Justice swiftly follows crime,/a request for a House Resolution to acknowledg­e the actions of Mr. Larry Toenjes, who is sailing a 39-foot sailboat from Galveston, Texas, to internatio­nal waters north of the Sinai Peninsula to commemorat­e the 44th anniversar­y of the unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967/I wonder when, if at all, Israel will respond to the 100 to 200 condemnati­ons made against it by the UN?/The only one I feel sorry for is the 5 year old boy even though he will probably grow up to be a terrorist/Only children held in captivity by Occupation dream of freedom from the scourge of oppression­! Zionists created this situation through their own terrorism FIRST/typical Biggot... Wow move to Israel and stop embarrassi­ng the USA./ it should read: IDF kills one alleged militant and makes excuses for other indiscrimi­nate acts on violence against Palestinia­ns/ American Israeli doctor who performed the operation on my uncle left medical SCISSORS IN HIS BODY INTENTIONA­LLY to deny proper medical attention to the people they are stealing the land from. Its common sense to allow the ones to die so you can claim the land IF ISRAEL HAS DESIGNED AN "ABSENTEE LAW" JUST FOR THAT REASON./my own humble response: Don't pretend to cure the patient's illness by sticking a knife in his back/Jew hater. Only muslims use the word Zionist/Here we go again citing of the bible to impress the born agains and Southern Baptists, the great unwashed of a nation of sheep, being led by the Judas Goat into oblivion because of all the lies that Militant Israel espouses. The great tribulatio­n awaits you one and all/all religion is propaganda­. In the US we're innundated and brainwashe­d with christian propaganda­ the ME, it's Jewish and Islamic propaganda­. ALL religion is not to be used in political commentary/military investigation has revealed that $360M of US tax dollars have ended up in the hands of Afghan insurgents and the Taliban/insHannity ays You Pukes Are Miserable  don;t forget you are
miserable, and he feels your pain/Sharpeiboi stands for "Sharp Eiboi".
Eiboi is the name of a legendary Australian warrior who led a hand
full of renegades against the powerful British army to defend a small
village of Australian Aborigines/making promises of $2.00 gas ( does
she have the oil companies and OPEC in her pocket/"And as president, I
promise that all picnics will be free of ants, and there will be no
hurricanes."/Insanity of ashkeNAZIsreal  If they r chosen-God would
provide, NOT US Aid to the tune of $8.2 mln per day     Tis stated
Man was made in His Image-not the jew-Obama: Biggest terror fear is
the lone wolf – CNN Security ... N as usual, CNN F's IT up, tis lone
monkeys-not wolves   Â  Â  Â  Â  Taliban Training Monkey.-1 Israeli
is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 5,935 Palestinians are
currently imprisoned by Israel. you tube IDF arrest of Palestine kids
for sexual abuse?    Israeli Soldiers Sexually Abuse Palestinian
Children .. cites uncorroborated sexual abuse charges of Palestinian
children detained by IDF. Every year, around 700 children are arrested
DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC - Actor Corey Feldman Says Pedophilia No. 1
Meet the Jews Who Own Hollywood and the Media-  IMPEACHMENT is for BLOW
JOBS-TREASON is for TRAITORS-Gazans dying due to contaminated water:
acts speak for themselves & show what they are. To deny Ppl water is a
mortal sin & crimes against Humanity Time for full inspection of
isreal-same as /Anthony "failed to protect her
child from harm either through her actions or lack of actions, which
tragically resulted in the child's untimely death." The report cites
three "maltreatments: death, failure to protect and threatened harm.
The probe, the agency's second since abuse allegations first surfaced
in August 2008, was not a criminal investigation, a department
spokeswoman told the Orlando Sentinel. Although the findings were sent
to the
Orange County Sheriff's Office, no new charges will be filed.
_"If these narratives are essentially fabricated,
they must have been fabricated in many different ways at once. It
would require a more elaborate conspiracy† to account for how
similar narratives could be falsely implanted in so many survivors’
minds in so many different ways … than to account for how so many
cults and mind control programmers could operate essentially in
secret, with impunity." rvivors-as-whistleblowers/_ //We need to
ensure that their terrible sacrifices haven’t been in vain, and
build on the momentum for which they’ve paid such a high price."
/federal grand jury last Tuesday charged Father Ratigan with 13 counts
of possessing, producing and attempting to produce child pornography.
It accused him of taking lewd pictures of the genitalia of five girls
ages 2 to 12, sometimes while they slept. If convicted, he would face
a minimum of 15 years in prison. _ /Harlem Million
Man March: Hands Off Libya Live web cast of the million man march in
Harlem NY Saturday August 13 to stop Illegal US, NATO warmaking in
Libya The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be the keynote/I
accidentally learned what the words molestation and rape meant at age
23, after telling a therapist I met about something I had witnessed
happening to a friend when we were children. Suddenly I realized I had
been talking to strangers all my life. After I started meeting with
victims and speaking with therapists, I began to encounter the
community's wall of denial. These are things Jews don't do, I was
told. It was easy to say it was all a lie or just faulty memories of
Rick Perry’s record: Uses Prayer Rallies and religious events for his
own personal political gain/American radicals are planning a “day of
rage” targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism The upcoming protests,
replete with a planned tent city slated for downtown Manhattan, is
closely tied to the founders of ACORN and leaders of major U.S.unions,
including the SEIU/Political Correctness remains just what it was
intended to be: a
sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed
upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating,
brainwashing and destroying our society." -- many more signs of Satan do you need to see
to realize that Satan is in control of this world. Consider the occult
connection between all of America’s mainstream religions. Consider
the occult symbols saturating Washington D.C. Consider empty seat #
666 in the European Union. Consider that a modern Tower of Babel has
been built, and now their working on the city. Truth is certainly
stranger than fiction. by / #1
Only 58 percent of Americans have a job right now. #2 Only 56 percent
of Americans are currently covered by employer/
about a world financial implosion, and the eventual creation of a
one-world government, along with a universal currency. The Zio_nists,
who control the Federal Reserve, have used fiat credit to create an
enormous inflation for the past 40 years. They used this wealth
transfer to buy hard assets, especially monetary metals such as gold,
as well as oil, knowing the coming financial crisis will demand a new
currency, and that currency will be commodity-based. The only reason
we are in Iraq is so Israel can control the world's oil, of which Iraq
has massive reserves. Their final targets are Iran, and Venezuela, and
their massive oil reserves In reality, they are a bunch of ruthless
thugs, con artists, and greedy psychopaths. They have started
practically every major war, but they have dodged military service
during their wars. A silly communications invention, called the
Internet, is starting a groundswell of movement where the Zio_nists'
frauds are discussed daily. They pulled off 9/11 with no
repercussions, they had America invade Iraq, and fairly soon they will
set off World War 3/Stupid K**KE hijacking another's religion to get
back at his family. WTF is wrong with you, fool?/Securities and
Exchange Commission employee is accusing the agency of illegally
destroying thousands of files pertaining to formal SEC inquiries into
possible wrongdoing on Wall Street. SEC enforcement lawyer Darcy Flynn
alleges the SEC routinely destroyed the files as a matter of internal
policy in violation of federal rules, according to a letter last month
from Darcy's lawyer to Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). Flynn, through
his lawyer, says the SEC has trashed 9,000 files since 1993 on
so-called "matters under inquiry," including inquiries into possible
securities law violations at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), Lehman
Brothers and hedge fund SAC Capital. All the destroyed files relate to
inquiries that were closed after SEC staff decided not to open a
formal investigation. Grassley sent a letter to SEC Chairman Mary
Schapiro Wednesday asking her to respond to several questions about
Flynn's claims. "From what I've seen, it looks as if the SEC might
have sanctioned some level of case-related document destruction," the
senator said in a statement. "It doesn't make sense that an agency
responsible for investigations would want to get rid of potential
evidence."/Greek Debt Yielding 20%+ and Trading at Half Par Value,
European Banks Are Trapped!
Whining America: Premium Gas Just Hit $55.20 A Gallon At One German
Station the German version in
fact, the picture actually shows that another grade of supreme was
priced at E1.51/liter while the grade in question was showing E9.99.
But the reality of the situation is not even second fidle to your
histrionics that the sky is falling./Wall Street, DEFAULTS are
Coming!!! and Lending MORE Money to the PIIGS and then thinking
"Extend and Pretend" is a Sound Investment Strategy is going to COST
You FOLKS BIG TIME!!!!Greece, Ireland, Portugal Yields Hit Records on
Default Concern is looks ominous. However, also
does it guarantee $$Trliions$$ more printing-bailouts/tempted to
reposte that the U.S. has been governed for well over two centuries by
a 'system' defined by the constitution. But I won't because a few days
ago a politician who is on record as possibly favoring succession from
our 'system' announced that he is competing for the Republican
nomination for president and immediately jumped to the first tier of a
crowded field. That is confusing considering that the GOP likes to
call itself the party of patriotism/I agree. The bad decisions to
shape U.S. gov't policies for 30 years according to the dogmas of
supply-side economics have negatively impacted tens of millions of
people. You, yourself, have posted saying that Globalism has harmed
the U.S. working class. So opting for voodoo economics (aka supply
side economics) and Globalism are examples of bad decisions made due
to ignorance, incompetence, or possibly malice, that have caused
poverty./No. The second part of your statements plainly implies that
poor people have control over their situation. If they have control
and are poor, then logically poverty is the fault of the poor. But is
it usually so for most people who are in that situation? I think
Thinker: Rick Perry, The S tealth JIhad Candidate/can you imagine this
scenerio? gays & liberals & mu slims all sitting in a tree. k i ss l u
v. first comes luv then comes marriage then comes a mu slim gay
liberal in a baby carriage. I have to make myself laugh today or I
ASSETS:/Catholic pedophiles to be attracted to the Priesthood like
flies to poop. Catholics have the strongest amount of religious guilt
by far. Baptist pedophiles don't have the guilt. They become boy scout
leaders they are in Canada, the USA, Belgium, Mexico, or Peru, they
sure love little boys./ exclusive or are... say... rabbis, imams in on
the deal too? /I[s]raelis are in the best position to acknowledge, in
some respects the Arab case of the anti-[S]emitic infection is even
worse than its predecessors. As the historian and current I[s]raeli
Amba[s]sador to the US Michael Oren has noted, “For all the kudos
discretely given SS killers by the regime, [N]azi Germany never
publicly lionized them, never plastered their pictures on the streets,
or openly encouraged children to emulate them. That kind of adoration
for ma[s]s murderers can only be found, in abundance, among the
Pa[l]estinians.”-Norwegian Right Wing Extremists Still At It   An
additional shooting attack took place Thursday evening north of Eilat,
in which one person was injured. Army forces, police and ambulances
were seen rushing toward the location of the attack and IDF
helicopters were hovering overhead.-Morons Keep on Hallucinating