Thursday, August 25, 2011

82511 group called Oath Keepers that includes current and former law enforcement and military members who take an oath to obey the Constitution rather than the president

an unsigned article apparently based on Israeli sources, the publication reports that "all that could be learned officially was that [Hurwich's] invention had been used in the Israeli raid at Entebbe last year." The article claims the invention "sends out electronic rays to alter the natural composition of magnetic fields and centres of gravity of weapons, instrument dials and mechanical devices-"Israel has powerful quantum potential weapons that detered many (Russian) scenarios (against United States). (Israel) has repeatedly rescued the U.S. from planned FSB/KGB strategic attacks ... She has at least a limited capability against mind conversion and psycho-energetics; and can defend herself against 'precursor robots'." ("Oblivion: America At The Brink", p. 115)- with a “fantastic weapon” that could literally cause machinery to quit functioning, jam a mechanical piece of equipment so completely that it could not be moved, and also all the internal mechanical parts of the machine would cease functioning/group called Oath Keepers that includes current and former law enforcement and military members who take an oath to obey the Constitution rather than the president/Most of the people at  Beck rally were ultra rightwing israelis who support the settlements - they are a minority/there are people in Israel who don't care for the Patriot Beck and who don't want Israel to succeed just as there are Progressives in America that want her to fail./"chosen people" tag is that it was created by them for them/Nailed 1,700 new rubes in another country and pretended that he was supposed to be there per the prophet Isaiah. God don't like stupid. Why anyone would transfer their wealth to that moron is beyond me. Former drug addict, divorced, made fun of his own child on radio, and has finally figured out the formula for separating money from the rubes he hates BECAUSE he can separate them from their money./More than two years ago the Fed Gov't should have mandated lower interest rates on mortgages without requiring homeowners to go through a "program" administered by the very entities responsible for the housing debacle.  Dumbasses/ pRESIDENT never misses an opportunity to reward bad behavior and punish the good. I'm done with all this Radical Change to Socialism. It's failed disastrously in Europe, so why does 0bama continue to emulate failure here? a classic example of the difference between the Left Wingers and the TEA Party: Living on the largesse of Big Government vs. Personal Responsibility./The Truth the World Just Can't Handle The world is ruled BY WAY OF DECEPTION!/stop saying Yes-We-Can, Hope, Change etc. These are INCOMPLETE sentences with no real meaning. As an adult, we expect you to make intelligent decisions. Voting for that which is undefined is at best, immature if not moronic. Pull your pants up, go out and actually work for a living. Don't expect everything to be FAIR or EVEN. Life doesn't work that way. Especially under a communist system that you have blindly pursued to date/Why else would the Covert Plutocracy have installed an illegitimate African native in the office of POTUS?!?They couldn't find a natural born citizen that hated America enough to sell it out to the New World Order./ /Beck's opponents in Isr.ael also include radical Likud member Moshe Feiglin, who has on more than one occasion said Beck is leading "a modern-day crusade." Rabbi Dov Lior, chief rabbi of Hebron; Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, leader of the Lithuanian stream of ultra-Orthodoxy; and Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger also oppose Beck. Jerusalem canceled its participation in the rally for the same reason.  "Anything good said about Israel is good for all of us. But my sensitivity and that of others like me leads me to ask what the motives are that lead to such sympathies, they are smarter than the American evangelical conservatives who are hanging on the words of a mormon huckster. / (CNN) reported, Thursday afternoon, that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been captured by rebel forces. CNN noted that there was no verification of the story. other reports, opposition forces said they were closing in on Qaddafi in residential quarters next to his compound./Bush removed Gadhafi from the state sponsors of terror list and lifted sanctions on him, and "conservatives" didn't lift a finger to prevent it. "Conservatives" only know one thing these days - Whatever Obama wants is baaaaad./Guardian, 16 July 2010), HRW researcher Nadim Houry concludes with gentle prodding of Assad: “his legacy will ultimately depend on whether he will act on the promises” of reform he made upon taking office. “Otherwise, he will merely be remembered for extending his father’s...government by repression.”HRW was content to be a spectator throughout much of Assad’s brutal reign. Now, as Syrian citizens are murdered by his forces, HRW has no infrastructure in place to aid them in leading the “humanrights” revolution/South African government hospitals and clinics. abuse puts women and their newborn babies "at high risk of death or injury."
At least three hospitals are being investigated for baby deaths including one where 29 babies died within a few weeks in January, apparently from a superbug. The hospital had no gloves, disinfectant spray, soap or toilet paper. The report says poor governance and corruption contribute. government report blamed HIV-AIDS for nearly half of maternal deaths between 2005 and 2007. Without the HIV epidemic, it says, South Africa's institutional maternal death rate would match mid-income countries like Brazil. Only 9 percent of maternal deaths in sub-Saharan Africa are related to AIDS/2 weeks ago just africans being africans.../arguably the most successful nation in Africa...that sure isn't sayin much/Post 1994 South Africa seems like it's right on track/burying news is an old trick to cover the big picture....js/Why is it that the republicans have pushed a religious nut job to the front of the line to run in 2012 ?Could it be they don't want to win the white house because they know they couldn't fix thing either and would rather just point fingers. After G W Bush, I hope America is smart enough not to vote for anyone just claiming to be Christian/imagine, you got overlooked for an invite to Perry's god convention. How did that happen/ I can only assume from your irrational rant that you forgot to take your pills again/you are just a punching bag for people to practice spotting irrational and fallacious arguments. Not a regulation punching bag, but just a cheap, air filled clown/Funny. And no. If you're going to eat Italian, you might as well eat a nuke'n'puke out of a box. Heck. You might as well eat the box. Italian food is boring. Anyone who prefers it to Indian food is clearly an agent of Satan/"Millionaires and billionaires did exceptionally well during Bush's years." The government connected ones are doing very well under Obama too. And they will continue to do well regardless of any new tax laws. V: "Where are the jobs they were supposed to create? In India and China?"/Corpses are people. People with priviledge." -Netzero/Class warfare always resonates with the lower class and that's why liberals use it so much. So hug an illegal alien and gripe about the privileged white man who provides all the good jobs. Maybe your new dark tan friend will buy you lunch/only called class warfare when the liberals & poor amongst them fight back. as long as we "assume the position & shut up"/The new regimes in Tunisia and Egypt—under intense pressure for justice from the Arab street—are grappling with a host of legal difficulties tied to getting back millions frozen in Switzerland, the U.K. and other European countries. In Switzerland, the process of recovering money from corruption cases involving foreign politicians is so complicated that Swiss officials are now helping Arab countries figure it out-rebels offered $1 million for the capture of Gadhafi/A law to promote distributing pills that minimize the effects of radiation exposure hasn't been implemented, ten years after it was passed-two experts on the Chinese military say appears to be a military institute demonstrating software designed to attack websites in the U.S.- U.S. and its allies are joining the rebel-led manhunt for Col. Moammar -Libya's rebel leadership acknowledged that the battle to control the North African country is far from over-training, equipping, and funding Libya's opposition, Qatar is now best-poised to help mediate a political transition and employ some of its companies and expertise in a post-Gadhafi Libya-bama should just stay on vacation at Martha's Vineyard because as long as he's out of Washington, he can render less harm on everyday Americans-Section 8 payments to recipients of subsidized housing in Stamford, Conn., Honolulu and Columbia, Md. as $2,851, $2,764 and $2,582, respectively-What the world now needs is a true gold standard without official reserve currencies, a monetary policy with which the U.S. can now lead the way. Prompt settlements of residual balance-of-payments deficits in gold and budgetary equilibrium, will mean the end of inflation and a world-wide economic boom Lewis E. Lehrman--wsj/Bernanke will use the Jackson Hole platform to signal the Fed's intent to act aggressively in such an eventuality. the Fed will make no policy commitments. Bernanke will merely say that the Fed is closely monitoring the situation and stands ready to act, if necessary. Bernanke will neither energize markets nor disappoint them/no politically feasible way for Europe or the U.S. to grow themselves out of the quicksand of debt that they're in. The only way out is to default or print......and they will print/40 years ago in 1971 [laughs] when I read Harry Browne's first book, How to Profit from the Coming Devaluation. In that book, Harry said that if gold went as high as $200, it would be a sign runaway inflation was coming, and readers might need their survivalist retreats, etc,  a negative spiral, in good part because everybody wants the government to "do something," in the idiotic belief that it can improve things by doing more. Actually it can only help by doing less What happens if you wipe out these debts? Who are the debtors? They are the most profligate people in society. So these artificially low interest rates reward the most irresponsible and punish the most responsible people in society-this is just the start. A taste of the future-The whole thing reminds me of a poorly executed death scene in a B-movie. The injured actor takes too long to die, as he bores you to tears with the occasional bloody cough and proverbial 'I'm coming Elizabeth'-bloomberg in which a harvard economist confirms my thoughts that a weak dollar is our best fiscal policy...maybe people are just averse to the word "weak"-Fear and ignorance is not going to lead us out of the creates more hate than GS? Then calls it ant-semitism/World Court at the Hague has issued an arrest warrant for both Bush and Cheney/Christians blamed the Jews for the killing of Jesus. Jewish hatred did not actually spring from Hitler, it came from the preaching of Catholic priests and Protestant ministers throughout Germany for hundreds of years. The Protestant leader, Martin Luther, himself, held a livid hatred for Jews and their Jewish religion. In his book, “On the Jews and their Lies,” Luther set the standard for Jewish hatred in Protestant Germany up until World War 2./Suffice to mention the 20 - 30 million Christians put to death by Kaganovitch's Jewish Kommissars, the tens of millions who died in Jewish-orchestrated WWII, the millions who have died in America's war for Israel in Iraq, the thousands of Palestinians robbed and murdered, the massacres in Lebanon and Gaza, Madoff-style swindles, Israeli pre-eminence in internantional prostitution, money-laundering, drugs, assassination, counterfeiting, smuggling, and the Mossad-Neocon demolition of the WTC, from which Jews benefited handsomely, while several thousand Gentiles perished - and Netanyahu smiled./Arkansas: No Pardons in ‘West Memphis Three’ Case/not only Assange, but Wikileaks also, held by the DNS hoster. The information will be handed to the U.S. grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia.-as WikiLeaks dumps more data -Leaked Cable: McCain, Lieberman Promised Qaddafi to Help Secure Military Equipment From U.S. -and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were in Tripoli meeting with the erratic leader and giving him assurances- leaked August 2009

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