Friday, June 27, 2014

62714/CNBC caught soliciting global warming hoax

62714/CNBC caught soliciting essay that would call global warming a ‘hoax-boy 13, kills friend 14 while pointing rifles at one another WA-gun range owner insists howitzer fired safely after shell blasts house 3 miles away-Texas mother comes home to find two sons and daughter shot dead- Mass SWAT teams claim private companies don’t have to tell you anything -Gohmert demands Obama stop luring lice and scabies ridden children- Antiabortion conference, pit of hell, real war on women is birth control-PA watch member fired for religious belief-South Dakota teen claims manager forced him to wear Gaytard name tag at fast food job -911 truther NYC ballot would force probe of 7 WTC building collapse -Ablow to Hillary’s reputation sleeping with bill-NRA fights to preserve gun rights for convicted stalkers, domestic abusers- Massachusetts to raise minimum wage to $11 per hour- MA mom let white supremacist husband torture and humiliate her half Latina daughters- Christian speaker who said dateable girls know how to shut up busted for public intoxication- GOP attempt to prevent pot decriminalization in D.C. accidentally legalizes-GA sheriff says teens forgotten, left locked up in holding cells over weekend- Demon obsessed exNavy pastor Dr. Chaps wins Colorado-Dana, by shaking a Klan hood in the street Cochran stole election-bigot AZ schools chief apologizes for offensive online comments but won’t quit -You’re being silly, Neil mocks Bachmann-Chinese tycoon’s dinner stunt, Fraud with a capital F-jon illustrates obstacle course of sexual menace on campus- To foil Medicaid expansion in VA, GOP lawmakers broke into governor’s office- run as write in after black Democrats steal-Bundy ranch gathering most laws don’t apply Private attorney general-Arizona superintendent wants to ban Spanish-GOP lawmaker tells gay colleague that he’s like a pedophile or animal rapist- Robertson: People with Jesus tattoos are still heathens- cheney warns nuclear weapons are spreading to terrorists- Palin might take the Tea Party home and go rogue third party- group urges members to send used underwear to detained immigrants and Obama- Dildo wielding boys teach gun safety in ad, If they find it, they’ll play with it- to evict live in nanny who won’t leave-Don’t shred on me: TX music lovers mock gun enthusiasts with Open Carry Guitar Rally- worshipping Christians locked teen in basement for months for stealing, CNBC caught soliciting essay that would call global warming a hoax-My Red Book ca prostitution-Alabama city council cancels prayer from Wiccan collywobbles- You don’t need more than 15 rounds: Federal judge upholds Colorado’s gun laws- WI security guard charged, stashing slain women’s remains in suitcases- Uygur blasts Supreme Court for forcing political protesters into a ‘f*cking cage- wingnutz bring their D game to culture war whining about World Cup- Stewart rips the GOP: It’s time to cut Republican warfare queens- faux fanatical, terrorist, propagandist and more dangerous than ISIS- rsy/B.C. researcher says a key piece of oil spill science submitted by Kinder Morgan to the National Energy Board was completely rejected by the U.S. environmental regulators. vo/ where compasses go haywire, changing magnetism, could be key to understanding one of the most dramatic events in the history- What is that weird Gollum monster photo of a monster hiding in the valleys of Huairou, in the north of Beijing- Ghost Of Scottish Soldier teen Photographed At French ww1 grave- Aleutian volcanoes and far western Brooks Range are waking up- Lecter Frenchwoman 71 to undergo psychiatric testing after killing her husband and cooking his heart, nose and genitals- FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist ad posted about 17 days ago, our Federal Government is looking for crisis actors for July 4th through July 6th- mystery object that appeared and then vanished again from a giant lake on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn-Swiss glaciers reveal 4000 year old forests clearly not cheered by doom and gloom science-criticalbelievers/ pubs and Dems Awkwardly Hold Hands and Sing on Capitol Hill- Man Agrees to Vasectomy as Part of Plea Deal- Palin What's the Use of Electing Republicans That Act Like Dems?- Waste of Time? Cavuto Calls Out Bachmann, GOP Over Suit- Atty Good Shot for Jailed- O'Reilly Press Is So Corrupt of American Democracy- Krauthammer, First They Blamed Bush, Now the Climate- Choreographed Like a Broadway Musical Gutfeld: IRS Hard Drive Crashes- fni/not have to be a conspiracy, element of irrational human stupidity that drives unwarranted reactions, concept or belief that the human race is somehow responsible for and is capable of correcting or preventing climate change! This new ideology has made a great oportunity to create more business in an evolving world economy and opinion about our limited resources. I think your comment is somewhat niave both on the science and the politics on climate change:- Peer reviewed science is NOT established science, established science has been quite different from the opinions of scientists and research of the day. takes many years of observation and cross examination of hard evidence before all the elements of research can be shown to fit irrefutably with what has already been established. Thermodynamics is one of the most powerful and successful establish science we have to discribe the behaviour of the known universe. To date there is NO established science to show that changes of the climate are significantly affected by human activity, How is it that we have revenue generating policies already in place before the science is established? Follow the money any you will soon see why. You surely must see that taxing people to change the climate is a pretty stupid idea based on science, because we know that the climate has changed, what it does- and someday it will not be so accomodationg to a large human population. Green taxes are funding massive investment in wind farms. A spokesman from the National Grid in the UK stated that the renewable energy sources were pretty in terms of helping meet the base load. The cost and complication of managing the output from these resources was difficult to justify. Green taxes hurt the less well off because of the added cost of this poor quality expensive renewable energy-illogical. They can control people and justify Orwellian laws much more simply than tampering with scientifically peer gathered evidence on a global scale. Unless of course they're controlled by the Illuminati and or (depending on who you ask) the New World Order. Why not just spy on your populations through a mass gathering of personal information through say, electronic communications? Spread fear and xenophobia and militaristic fervor through the threat of those darn terrorists... Wait forget all that. That's too much effort... ps/ Court Rules Against White House On Recess Appointments , no surprise, ussc struck down a Massachusetts law that barred protests near abortion clinics, enacted in 2007, created 35 foot buffer zones- ruling decisively that Obama violated the Constitution by going around the Senate to name key labor and financial watchdogs- Issa: Deport DREAMers 247 antiObama investigative team, wants students eligible to stay and study in the United States via the Dream Act to be deported tp- Limbaugh Cries About Black Uncle Toms Who Helped Defeat Tea Party Candidate- conservative entertainment complex is pissed. Glenn Beck actually fired a rifle on his show to illustrate his disgust. Sarah Palin threatened to leave the Republican Party. Laura Ingraham-Gun Safety Ad Uses Dildos? isn’t for the kids: If they find it, they’ll play with it/ party?R Susan Collins announced her support for gay marriage for the first time after getting an endorsement from the nation’s largest LGBT- Penis pictures are the new black.The chief of staff to Ohio GOP Rep. Steve Stivers has resigned after a former porn actress with 200 films to her credit, posted an explicit photo of the aide’s penis on Twitter. Apparently, taking pictures of one’s man parts is a thing now- ll/ humping book joan writes, cranky cockraoaches with chlymdia, receiving nbc absolution from jimmy, visits-ussc to hump roberts removal w's puffer zone law so christian taliban can harass women- yankton chik fila retard tags, on stephie kissing in a hot lezbian way and agreeing with wingnut, money/count kochula, gunnutz/7ukrain nazijew tricks wtfaw/
62614/Cochran collected enough Democrat votes to win. As McDaniel put it, There is something a bit strange, there is something a bit unusual about a Republican primary that’s decided by liberal Democrats-epa email to all staff in the area pleading to stop inappropriate Contractors built secret man cave bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway in EPA warehouse, an employee pretended to work for the CIA to get unlimited vacations, one worker even spent most of his time on the clock looking at pornography aibafs/Liz couldn’t get elected in Wyoming, but 10th Circuit decision, now Mary can get married there-VASTLY amused at puke desperation to recover some old emails from a single IRS employee, after over a year of failing to prove a single damn thing in their endless witch hunts. meanwhile HAL board apologists studiously ignore the 2 MILLION emails lost by the W House. most have forgotten it even happened- nothing moderate about the Republican party- Freedom isn't moderate- Grandstanding Boehner pretends he can sue the executive branch, here comes another HUGE PUKE FAIL- IRS ADMITS LEAKING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Used Against Mitt Romney in 2012 Elections- Mississippi Tea Hats are Angry! like all Republicans- Lerner’s Computer Mysteriously Crashed 10 DAYS After House Leaders Asked About Targeting Now we know why she took the 5th/non sequitur noted! btw- who cares who you pretend to put on ignore anyway! HA!- desperation noted- here I thought Romney lost because of a bad case of foot in mouth disease- SO SURPRISED the liberals would break all the rules in a blind pursuit of POWER AT ALL COSTS. Should be a point to remember in the coming elections- Remember all the disasters under Boosh, we are all still here and demorats continue to bych- why is it that only demorat presidents are inpeached- thats a fact- sixties brings back a lot of memories- Dixiecrats abandoned the Democrats in the sixties because democrats passed civil rights laws. Todays Dixiecrat is know as the tea party- why not take away lbj great society programs- My guess is you are too ignorant to know the southern racists in the 60's were predominately democrats- Are you pushes for Revern Al's job? You really sound like a race baiting POS- republican's grand plan' win the senate and start impeachment- must enjoy getting slapped down by SCOTUS- the buffoon is talking about writing new immigration law unilaterally-Are you sure he is qualified to be a janitor?- They ran on family values platforms- Must be nice to send the kids to 35K a year schools while destroying public schools- a much better example than the GOPiggers grand plan- Interesting metaphor. Unskilled laborer, maybe more true than you know- then had to abandon that because their definition of family values encompassed teen pregnancies and toetappin in the men's rooms- A metaphor of course.- not social conservatives either- GOPigger and Teabugger Taliban whackjobs- There has NEVER been a fiscal conservative Republican president- so true, Reagan started deficit spending and Boosh and the GOPiggers took it to unprecedented heights. While Boosh grew deficits at unprecedented increases, Obama has decreased the deficit significantly every fiscal year he has held office, an indisputable fact- The black janitor comes in to clean up after the GOPer party and then gets blamed for making the mess, a janitor?- Both parties are supported by groups of special interests who's mission is to loot the treasury- OMFG, NOW DOOFUS BOEHNER WANTS TO CLOG UP OUR COURTS EVEN MORE SUING OBAMA?- A crooked president is the problem. He is 0:13 with the Supreme Court since 2012. Time to spank him again yhal/ 12.4 22.6yf/ even for those of us used to the obscene spectacle of corruption known as the revolving door between government and big business, this is both eye popping and scandalous. Wall Street banker Stefan Selig was nominated for a senior Commerce Department role that is central to trade negotiations, Bank of America (where he worked at the time as a top executive) paid him a special $9 million exit bonus-credo pvhones/ Cheney's not stupid. He helped pull off one of the biggest heists in history, made multi millions of dollars, got caught red handed and still walks free- Hold BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, WOLFOWITZ, and the rest of the WAR CABAL accountable. There's no excuse why these weasels are getting off. They are war criminals!- They can't deny all that but they will- Who will bring war crimes charges against members of the Bush regime? When? without charging them, more egregious examples of law breaking will only be encouraged in the future. Why the hypocricy in NOT charging Bush and his partners with crimes?- Obama and Pelosi had their chance. They seemingly had the power and the political capital to prosecute Bush and Co. Instead, he punted and pushed us further down the slippery slope. Was Bush a pawn? Is Obama as well? Sometimes I wonder if we overestimate the power of the president? Sometimes I wonder if they're all in cahoots, pretty smart- Cheney is a national hero- No man who can't leave the country for fear of being tried for crimes against humanity is a gawdamm national hero, Cheney is a national disgrace, And we've got the trillions of dollars of debt, body bags, environmental catastrophes, broken veterans, shattered economy, backwards energy policies and billionaires to prove it- His freedom is not due to his intellect but more about how crooked this country is- rbh/Let’s be clear, the $9 million was not a normal yearly bonus. It was an extra bonus on top of a $5.1 million incentive bonus given to him for his job performance. And it was given to him right as he was poised to gain the power to write Bank of America’s interests directly into our trade agreements/ phillip morris slump due to smuggling, on imus/ still upset 4 not groin kicking hillary's campaign manager, with limited expertise not in ashtons wheelhouset, but knows not to enter vaginas feet first, pot arrest hero in fla, cost cutting insurance industry paper trail accessability issues, bohner resisting intervention and pubs to sue bo 4 xo authority but even bachmann knows thats fokin crazy, construction contractor irs and labor abuse, independant of aca jackie gives mental and physical rnc life training 4 free, justified by rush, butthjurt about thad, rnc stars weigh in expecting a fight sarah uninthused, quashing obstructional absurdity, misleading campaign causes ms blowback bigotry, bear cupcake selection theft, side boobage, when did stephie eat lepracons? looking 4 slaps/slapping teabags 4 irs hubbub, after perplexing flipflop geraldo applies logic to the clueless masses, galant attempt anyway/ sessions wrongdorable idiocy ds/ ussc flipflops nsa cell phone privacy 4th ammendment scalia scared- british columbia indigonous create keystone wall- gnbb/harry showing do nothing democrats very much part of the problems, after kochaploosa messengers pass on marching orders, ws voter fraud republican claims amesia nets 10k$ fine, rnc equates same sex akin to scatpiss porn, obstructional delusional caucus conspiracy bives bo a reason for political hardball, his umbrella hartmann papintonio seantalor rip/ rich people buying words roundtable fapv/ homeless upset about donations to shelters after promising 300per, not unlike being promised good whisky to listen to cheap sales pitch, chastised by billionair breakup per goy easteregg hunt biggest hit 4 ccwabc/ southamerican death squad reagan canadian russion realestate grab, wtfaw/
62514/nail biter White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan WIN IN MISSISSIPPI Cochran beats McDaniel in Mississippi-ygs/ Never in the field of human endeavor Hillary is good for Romney win in 2016, We choose to go to the Middle East in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard, not even THAT hard, unless prone to airsickness and sensitive about being razzed for it. Maybe I should give him a quick thematic apperception test to see if we're compatible: handsome aviator in goggles leans into passenger door of an old closed- cabin biplane, forearm flung across forehead and in apparent distress. On the ground next to him is a kneeling figure barfing, Close your eyes girl look inside girl Let the sound take you away It ain't no magic carpet ride, but for this BagDaddy the Model 17 will do just fine and it also has a much better sound system. ("What? Speak up!") Longest leg of the North Atlantic ferry flight route is around 700 nautical miles or just over 4 hours at 65% cruise in the modified Model 17, and the season is right. Compared with my reverse retrace of the Flight of the Rodina this will be a cakewalk into Damascus. A thousand and one nights may be asking too much, but I could do a fortnight or two standing on my head or otherwise inverted. ybac/ Rubio Confronted CNBC Reporters, starting to think the Republicans are growing a solid base of strong leaders. This morning CNBC threw everything, tParty, Cruz. Rubio pushed back very effectively and delivered a solid conservative message with a punch. Maybe the country does have a chance for a great future, those Republicans who supported Cochran's win need to be ousted, like McCain and his war mongering partners. Hopefully the Tea Party members will follow the path being laid by people like Rubio and Cruz. If they do, the message will be strong and the country may get back on the road to success. If they don't and we get more like Obuma and Hilary in office, we are in for an even harsher future and so is the world- MT judge who gave one month sentence to rapist orders vandal 5 year term- Bill plotted using own death to make Hillary president-Wisconsin 4 yr old foils sitter’s plot to blame home invasion and robbery on black men- West Hollywood salon owner sought Neo Nazis to kill her gay, Latino competitor- banned from Tennessee zoo for life after feeding cookies to lions- Christie faces second investigation- Shep accuses Greenwald of calling U.S. military troops terrorists- Maher mocks Clinton smears by telling The View about Karl Rove’s murdered gay lover- Chicago kills WWII vet 95 with bean bag gun- While church volunteer molest girl, TN pastor diverted cops- MN measles outbreak traced to single child in Somali community fearful of vaccine myth- Limbaugh: because secretaries emasculate bosses, discrimination a lie rsy/atheism means mental Nigerian Mubarak Bala, 29, is said to have been forcibly medicated by his Muslim relatives, despite being given a clean bill of health by a doctor, sent to a mental institute in Kano state after he declared that he did not believe in God, according to a humanist charitybbc- obstruction failure is on full autodenial is the first reaction- aPPEARS to have rebounded, After the previous estimate, where they were wrong- teetering on 17k?- fine, but claiming and old person is on pysch medication because they are cranky is too much- more presumptuous to assume some one is on psych drugs and needs to up their dose than to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't know how someone can assume another poster needs to be medicated based on posts on a political message board. She always has seemed quite stable to me. Do you agree with the diagnosis that she needs to up her meds that DR * proscribed?- STFU cräpple FAKETRIOT- aibafs/Welfare Dynasty, While Robertson was complaining about Blacks on Welfare, Cast Recieves $70,000 from Louisiana Taxpayers PER EPISODE aattp-fb/ Koch Summit 300 billionaires plot to take the Senate, WH & Tx-Open Carry Texas To March In Predominately Black Neighborhood- francis attacks unfettered capitalism, as tyranny, supports The Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street-A SWAT Team Blew a Hole in My Son 2 du- PA school director wants kids to learn the Tea Party science of denial- Russia’s Secret Plan To Occupy The Moon With Permanent Base-tw/ voice in the desert, bohner reassured, qualud govt conspiracy, nc teacher politican pinyata assault fatal, w's mailman worked better, palin bachmann delusion cruise specials- picking bone selling blood lubed fugalsang has a friend with a raio station in her basement, duck bible, california john traffic jams, 132 lb balls, porn star posts gop dick in messy breakup, cochran spanish skill and MS farm animal sex saves gop, stephie bags packed/ bandar lynsee, mcstain isis conspiracy, hartmann/
62414/Quintessential Lifetime Government Parasite is Joe Biden! at the Summit on Working Families. I have no savings account, but I have a great pension and a great salary, Biden admitted that he was lucky that his career as a senator and vice president allowed him to play fast and loose with his finances, pointing out that even in his poorest days, he was earning twice the median salary. I was making $42,000 a year, that was good. The average salary was $19,000, in his early Senate career- typical limousinel liberal. He's a cheap bastid- documented. He's a plagiarist, like his boss, he's a LIAR-Why not McCain? Biden worked for his money. McCain, attached to the Gov't teat for life, dumped his loyal wife and married some rich beer heiress- once your meds kick in you'll understand the difference between a 71 year old man with no savings and another man of similar age who owns 9 houses, and 20 cars by your count. Or maybe a victim like yourself will only see what you want to see. Pretty darn sad, if you ask me- not like he'd filibuster veterans benefits or tell a 911 first responder I can't help you. Oh, no, he'd never do those things. That's just you lib media, you know- Class Warfare & the Drive to End the Middle Class Courtesy of Obama Mentor Saul Alinsky- shame Bush was never smart enough to understand that first one. Had he been, he might have understood why Saddam Hussien didn't want the world to know that he didn't have WMD. Yeah, if only Bush had been a little smarter, who knows how much better things would be now- Maher, Obama is an Atheist- pos bush was a born again, that was really some good bs- Why is NBC silencing over 100,000 scientists who call man made global warming a lie? We know Al & Barack are liars- Maher sat down with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and talked politics, religion and the New York Mets. The big headline? declared that bo always spouting spiritual bulls**t is a drop dead atheist who only joined Wright’s church for political expedience, absolutely yhal/ Virginia man who has fathered children with several women has agreed to get a vasectomy to reduce his prison term by up to five years in a child endangerment case ap/Why doesn't the Tea Party just change their name to Koch's Brown Shirts?- Cheney to hewitt: I Think There Will Be Another Attack Worse Than 911 In the Next Decade- TN football player wants rape case dismissed because unconscious victim was promiscuous rsy/ Democrats reup their dark money disclosure bill and dare Republicans to block it mj- Dark Money Climate Denial $$75% Are Untraceable- Peggy Noonan's chardonnay canaries- Caller tired of rightwing hate radio, disagrees with Steph 99% but loves to listen bcos Steph makes him laugh-tw/ cutting off liberal looney left christian, on savage wondering if michelle would back palin, giving relationship advice, don't call about it tho, upset about immigrant childrens underwear, caller goodfellas calling out mike faux bill and kelly, threating cutting the dogs salary for cutting into ad income barking/ levin anarchy tyrrany: cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others. webster- seventh and sixth centuries BC, tyranny was often looked upon as an intermediate stage between narrow oligarchy and more democratic forms wiki

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

62414/neocons they're back eraseing chalkboard of reality

62414/neocons they're back, trying to rewrite history and erase the chalkboard of reality-Hawks Push for Iraq War; the Rule of Law Prevents It- empowered to target citizens for investigation and potential punishment, brought down Eliot Spitzer and WikiLeaks. You could be next-Does Snowden Know Why the NSA Doesn't Need Warrants? He Might-DC Press Corps Part of Incestuous Culture That Worships Power-many signs indicate we are already past the point of no return, headed toward a dead planet-Exxon to Challenge Arkansas Oil Spill Fine at Hearing, but the Public Is Not Allowed to Listen-Protesting Youth in an Age of Neoliberal Cruelty-male entitlement has resulted in women often becoming the victims of gender violence and how young feminists are rebelling against having their voices silenced- 99 Rise on the Move-breaking through the illusion of powerlessness that plagues the American people Sacramento Occupation to get money out of politics are not met by June 22- What it needs now is a unifying revolutionary spirit-John Steppling's Blog: Even if there is a sense in white men, they are missing something, they can tell themselves, I am the creator of my own life. I must rely on myself, and not let this mob of complaining poor get in my way, The answer to those who threaten white privilege is to stomp them out-Guns, Denial and Insanity, Save for those directly impacted by the violence, the disturbing images of mass shootings begin to fade soon after the incident, and we return to business as usual. Until it happens again-Media Stokes Racism Everywhere-Now, it appears, I will spend a chunk of a second decade watching them run around trying desperately to wash that blood from their hands, news media, is all too happy to help them do it-death of a Pennsylvania mother in jail last week has once again highlighted the punitive cycle of criminal justice, debt and the depth of social change needed to reverse this trend- Southern States See Movement Toward Marijuana Reform-Skyrocketing Salaries for Health Insurance CEOs-California's marijuana industry is having a serious effect on wildlife and water, now aggravated by the state's worst ever drought- Men's Rights and the Septic Tank of History-Truthout/ ExCIA Spy: Open Source Revolution Is Coming and It Will Conquer the 1%Guardian/ US Cardinal Needs to Embrace Gay People, Not Shun Them- Erin Brockovich, Consumer Advocate and Self- Proclaimed Eco Warrior- kelly Grills Dick You Got It Wrong on Iraq-Menacing Signs for Democracy: Pentagon Researches Nonviolent Protesters as Potential Terrorists-the horror unleashed on the Iraqi people is once again opened, like an infected wound that never has healed- Al Qaeda Relaxes While Gun Guys Destroy United States From Within-Responsible for Biggest Oil Blowout, BP, Gets First FAA Rights to Use Military Style Drones-White, Racist, Anti-Semitic, Homegrown and Hell-Bent on Fomenting a Revolution- Want to Know the Truth About Charter Schools, Follow the Money to the Hedge Funds- Liberal Media Myth-Fracking Drives Farmers From Land in Illinois: Can We Live on Fossil Fuel Instead of Food?-Death of Another Unarmed US Citizen Tests Border Patrol's Use of Force-Corporate War Media's Cruel and Irresponsible Lynching Bergdahl-BuzzFlash/Inside the Koch Brothers' Secret Billionaire Summit highly secretive mega donor conference discussed strategy on campaign finance, climate change, health care, higher education and opportunities for taking control of the Senate. tn/Brat Who Beat Eric Cantor, Libertarian Doesn't Believe in the Common Good mj/DHS's Retracted 2009 Report Warned About Right Wing Extremism Again in 2011 bb/ Cronies, Corruption and Cash: Lawrence Lessig on Why We Need a Super PAC to End All Super PACs- Twisted New Heist of the 1%: What's Really Behind Privatization-The Despicable Return of Oliver North World's Worst Bergdahl Hypocrite-Salon/ GOP Considers Government Shutdown to Protect Big Oil, and More-Despite pretty solid evidence showing that conservative policies drive up suicides, lawmakers are just fine continuing to help big business and the wealthy elite, while screwing over everyone else. It's time to save American lives and stop the Party of Death-Cheney Should Be Rotting in The Hague, Not Writing Editorials-Intelligence Agencies Say They're Too Big to Follow Regulations-dark money machine that was the real force behind David Brat's campaign. The media making Brat an underdog, in reality he's strapped to the hilt with billionaire support and billionaire money-time for the media to start calling these attacks what they are: rightwing terrorist attacks-Hartmann/ Presbyterians Vote to Divest Holdings to Pressure Israel- Koch Cycle of Endless Cash-Texarkana Decides Who Has Health Insurance and Who Does Not in -nyt/Prosecutor Is Closing In on Governor Christie Esquire-/Politically Explosive Documents Show How NSA Wiretaps Earth Common Dreams/ Attorneys Have Lost Sleep After Watching Extremely Disturbing Force Feeding Videos-NSA Can Keep Deleting Data It Was Ordered to Retain- AJa/Newspaper Dumps George Will, Apologizes for Offensive Rape Column tpm/ Crosscut: Ocean acidification is turning phytoplankton toxic. This is bad news for the many species (humans included) that rely on them as a principal source of food and oxygen/NYC to Settle With Wrongly Convicted Central Park Five for $40M-When Drones Fall From the Sky-wp/ Acupuncture, Yoga and Massage: Not Just for Rich Peopleyes/Clueless on Israeli Occupation FAIR/Explaining the Science Behind Climate Denial EcoWatch/Cable Companies Are Astroturfing Fake Consumer Support to End Net Neutrality VICE/ 12.0 21.9yf/I really wish we would've smoked that joint and gone to the Mitt Romney documentary. I think I may have been the only person on Earth who really did want to get high with Maureen Dowd, but I had to fly out-I was focused more on the fun than the risks. In that sense, I’m probably like many other people descending on Denver. I take responsibility for not knowing enough about what I was doing, Dowd wrote TPM/I really wish we would've smoked that joint and gone to the Mitt Romney documentary. I think I may have been the only person on Earth who really did want to get high with Maureen Dowd, but I had to fly out/Good luck with that! Nothing but right wing desperation-If the many investigations PROVE unlawful acts by this president: Actual TV ad to impeach Obama-more proof that you shouldn't watch Faux News at ANY hour of the day-Everyone knows the threat of impeachment is an empty bluff. Why do you waste our time?, Go ahead and impeach Obama and you will turn him into a martyr. I would love for you to do that, fool-another scam fraud organized crime trading day in bac stock lol fake buyers n sellers. 90% of the volume daily is fake too same ole regurgitated shares for rebates back n forth, conspiracy to keep sp low who would invest in this action when its a rigged scam? hint they don't want you to invest at least over 5 minutes-Republican Party is Dead, both hate each other. The party should split, one could name themselves, Confederate Tea Party, the other keep the name, Either way, a two party system is certainly better than a one party system, which is what they’re heading, should the GOP continue the path. Bottom line: Our corporate tax rate is an absolute disgrace. It’s too high and just about everyone I know, both GOP and democrat, agree that it should be competitive with other first world nations. The loss of Cantor in a primary spells doom for the GOPers-depends when the bubble bursts, Did hillary demand the US boygott japan yet? All these good people turn into monsters once the holodeck collapses, since they are ignornat of the past they have no idea how to find better solutions and will quickly revert but at least they have a good base of maniplation skills in the new old zero sum game, It really does not matter which group of sociophiles get the money if the fraccing holes cave in and the crops fail and the foreign producers are tired of taking greats boasts as payment. Eventually the US needs to rely on the productive capacity of whatever equipment was put in place by the old evil people and the ability of the live-for-the-day flower children to use it. Cold hungry people may not care who is getting free birth control. Oh and you won't be able to afford the risk of diseases of indulgence killing off your field workers either, the liberals will not have AIS drug makers to protest to and guess what happens-ybac/all thanks to obammmmaaa and the stealth drones, war is over, peace in Russia, Ukraine, middle east, yellen and draghi pump-yellen loves mid east turmoil, more excuse to pump the American markets, how many more dounuts can she eat, bigger than most cops-nEW pApER kUrrEN SATAN at The cenTEr of the bill, WEnt 2 bED las nite in MonTana, woKe Up in NEWZONIA-keep your mouth shut this time and don't write anything down, get the pension poosies off their stupefied masonic as*ses and do what NEEDS to be done-Judge Who Sentenced Saddam Hussein to Death, Captured & Executed by ISIS- new id chubs? any improvement on your ex, heard satan thinks he is cool-ygs/Ocean Off Massachusetts Open for Wind Energy ABC- interactive Time-Lapse Map Shows How the US Took More Than 1.5 Billion Acres From Native Americans Slate-Arizona's Border Patrol Bullying Anger Grows-Free Speech Is a Bad Excuse for Online Creeps to Threaten Rape and Murder-Guardian/wealth gap? Danish welfare narrows disparity-Honda recalls 2m vehicles-ap/A handful of Wall Street firms are much more vulnerable than their peers to a type of bank run seen during the financial crisis. Unfortunately for investors Time to Fear the Repo Market wsj/ insider trading, A Huge Party Happening In The Market, Everyone On Wall Street Is Miserable-Pharmaceutical Company Allergan, leaked from Morgan Stanley Releases Embarrassing Banker Emails Trying To Buy It Out-Potential Hijacking Malaysia Missing Jet Pilot Considered Prime Suspect-bi/ Seeks Fair Negotiations bb/ Argentina notches victories in the World Cup, President Cristina Fernandez I can be the goalkeeper, truth is, given we're in a World Cup mood, they shoot penalties at me, free kicks, they score with their hand, referees screw us over two thirds of the time with terrible bias, grappling with a debt crisis and feels like a goalkeeper facing endless penalties and a biased referee-slams holdout creditors and court rulings Reuters/Won't submit to extortion on debt ap/ radio shack, family dollar, adt, dillards, jbanks, brookdale senior living, frontier comm, express scripts, million books- 24 7 worst companies r/Hannity Attacks Muslim Student Who Was Attacked at Racist Heritage Panel-Noonan Channels Alex Jones-cnl/ operation ignore clark, id mad pooper theif given ride home by cops-margerie kemp joan of arc 600 yrs rip, imus/fantasy w painting crypt keeper dick, better than dr laura, zygote listeners will never listen again listening and handing out cuddles 4 free, wingnutz gwat about bo's sneeze guard invasion, stephie struggling backwards from the cliff/fretting about syria iran russia wars, on geraldo/linzzy and mcstain behind saudi support of isis, hartmann/phony suicice at rikers prison spurs co raided yields drugs weapons-worried about mixing politics where lawn jockies are white trading kids idea- ccwabc/afraid of truth, after sending scathing mail, b0 asked if he plays golf to talk and playboy coverage, butthurt on savage/
62314/When Crimes Happen BURGLARIES ARE HOT RIGHT NOW, new government study finds that most types of crime are most likely to happen in summer. But you might be surprised by what sorts of crimes are summer crimes, and which ones are most common in other seasons, or aren't dependent on the season at all- You would think that being on Earth, all the experiment results would be close to the same. G would seem to have to be constant based on the measurement method used. The fact that this isn't true, tells me that we really don't understand gravity- if we did, we could perfect a gravity drive and surf the cosmos- Google error bars-vox/cloud atoms new measure gravitys strength value of G ends up being 6.67191 x 10-11 cubic meters per kilogram per second squared-You would think that being on Earth, all the experiment results would be close to the same. G would seem to have to be constant based on the measurement method used. The fact that this isn't true, tells me that we really don't understand gravity-Maybe if we did, we could perfect a gravity drive and surf the cosmos- Smack Fu Master, Gravity is very easy to circumvent, all that is required in order to fly is simply learning to properly throw yourself at the ground, and miss. I read it takes some practice to get it right- all good theoretical physicists put the value of the fine structure constant, 7.2973525698(24)×10^−3, on the wall of their office and worry about it. quantum electrodynamics predicts it, and the prediction agrees with the measurement to a fantastically good degree of accuracy, the best prediction in all of science. But we have no idea, Stars in other universes: stellar structure with different fundamental constants. Roughly 25% of the parameter space he worked with, messing with values of G, α, and c, allowed stars to exist-Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics Adams, F.C. (2008-arstechnica//Biofilm is your food's biggest enemy, and you may not even know it. Hebrew University Student Invents World’s First Bacteria Free Food Packaging to keep the bacteria that has been associated with chronic illness away from our fruits and veggies nocamels/ 12.3 22.3yf/gunut asks, should felon rights be restored after probation is complete? Banning felons from purchasing guns gives them 2 choices: Be defenseless or break the law again-blue texas it won't take 20 years, people like Cruz and Perry had embarrassed Texas in front of the whole world- new 30.5m$ walker investigation, like Benghazi, only they have proof & emails, They corner the market on outrage n scandal claims, anyone outside their cabal or cult are liars-Jindal: People Are Ready For A Hostile Takeover hp-issuing a fatwa on the US government in the name of religious liberty-the ones opposing the right to life for children. defaming the Tea Party falsely with the Crash the Tea Party movemen. spreading lies about Christianity. Democrats are the ones attacking religious freedom-Only the extreme ones...Both sides have them and take the focus off of everyone else-You steal liberties, harrass people who don't believe what you believe, slander, defame them, speed lies about other religions, no better or worse than your own, and when the others push back agains you, you claim that they're waging war on your religious freedoms. Republican Christians are xenophobic cowards-Religious liberty. Get off our backs so we can continue to oppress-Hilary said open carry activists are terrorists-malloy Plans to Do When He Sees an Open Carry Gun Owner, if he sees someone open carrying a rifle, he is going to Start screaming gun! gun! shots fired, Everyone get down! intentionally trying to get the police to shoot the guy-Who are the real terrorists here? I have never seen an open carry activist making death threats to anyone-Redefines Insanity, Not only is this crazy and dangerous- fb/ citibankrupt, no wonder the GOP is sooooo out of touch with Main street Cantor found a new JOB!! becoming a Bank lobbyist for Wall Street on Capitol Hill-ybac/Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel’s campaign purposely took a quote by opponent Thad Cochran’s daughter out of context and then mocked her with a #@@ Who’sYaDaddy hastag-Joplin, Missouri, a church is being criticized after raffling off two AR-15s during last week’s Father’s Day celebration in order to increase attendance-enduring potency Obama Derangement Syndrome, the condition reached new heights of shark jumping ridiculousness-Raymond Andrews, another person with a gun had it go off accidentally and cause great damage Good Guy With Gun Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head-John Baylo, 35, Christian DJ Fired After Arrest For Sexual Assault Of Young Boy at a Christian music festival in Michigan, charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct-As Rand Paul Calls Out sensation Dick Blame Obama for my criminal mischief given a platform to purvey his trademark Neocon fearmongering-Kevin McCarthy newly elected majority leader of the House Blames Harry Reid, Not Congress For Dysfunction In Washington, never mind all that facty stuff-Fed Up With Obama Acting Like He's The President South Dakota passed a resolution to impeach-Francis Condemns Torture As Mortal Sin wanted to reiterate his firm condemnation of every kind of torture-Chrstie Stands Up For Embattled Walker- Classy Peeing On President They put a little Obama doll in the Faith And Freedom Conference latrines: -ll/firearm instructors promise armed Kansas teachers will have 90 percent accuracy- MN measles outbreak traced to single child in Somali community fearful of vaccine myth-Oath Keepers NY official calls on cops to disobey orders, join war vs. socialist tyranny-While church volunteer was molesting girl, TN pastor was diverting cops-Murdered Florida trans woman set on fire and dumped near trash bin-pro immigration MD Gov. O’Malley Hispandering to voters-Robertson those poor gays turn them to Jesus I’m just trying to help-Texas teen facing life in prison for pot brownies-rsy/
aca average pmt 82$ per mo 80% receive gov subsidies, francis hires faux pr? rand the teabag dove? it's just not that easy to pull out, fundamentally disagreeing dick no one can get enough of, emergency surgury to talk diverting voice from side, to front of mouth, bolton the voice of reason? evidence w actually deluded patsie 4 war, icing down after carlton groin kick, stephie paying anything to see hillary bachmann debate/prefering roll with lynn instead of vietnam hiding behind daughter/ militarizing police, fla swat attacks illegal barbershops jhpv/ koch fueled canadians vs russian resource flag contraversy, wtfaw/ radio new separated by advertising firewall mr corporation bring ndown that wall, reagan78 us iraq=china tibet-cambodia polpot=french revolution reset occupation woes, lbj clips vietnam worries about korea like actions-water wars detroit rights-hartmann/ criminals should be in jail instead of sunday talk shows dteradactyl/ shutdown plans, ominus twin tornadoes, kochtupuss encircles epa, encouraging students bo mocks deniers at irving, gnbb/faux snooze get inside imus/on syrian assad's side, giving bo slack? subway pervs, geraldo brainstorms gw bridge anti suicide ideas
62214/reprisals for the Syrian military's attack that killed an Israeli Arab and wounded his family. Israel treats it's citizens equally-ISRAEL STRIKES 9 MILITARY BASES IN SYRIA ygs/ inserting other foot mainstream media parades usual obvious desparate suspects cheerleading for wingnutz war nbc etc

Sunday, June 22, 2014

62214/ w borrowed 5 TRILLION to finance his tax cuts ands wars, Oh also destroyed 34 TRILLION -nice job pukes!

62214/ As I recall, GOLD was $250 when Bush entered office. $1000 when he left having wiped 30% off the dollar-nice job pukes! borrowed 5 TRILLION to finance his tax cuts ands wars, Oh also destroyed 34 TRILLION in wealth too! yhal/ hilarious clinton fatigue has bloomed-Yes, you are petty and nasty. Hillary will be a good president. Every time you make one of your petty, nasty posts about Hillary you add another ten votes to her election. Please continue being petty and nasty as it shows the world you have nothing positive to add-GOPS fault, when the GOP controlled Washington they passed a law that lets children stay.overburdened, deeply flawed system of immigration courts Thousands of immigrant children fleeing poverty and violence in Central America to cross alone into the United States can live in American cities, attend public schools and possibly work here for years without consequences, 2002 law intended to protect children's welfare, Driving the dramatic increases in these immigrants is the recognition throughout Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that children who make the dangerous trip can effectively remain in the U.S. for years before facing even a moderate risk of deportation ap-ybac
62114/ICLCJ Court received a collection of Jesuit archival records about a child sacrificial cult known as the Knights of Darkness. In 1933 the Knights were established by the Catholic Jesuits and Nazi Waffen S.S. Division. The records showed Ratzinger was identified as a member of the Knights while working as an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in Germany. The records also stated that Ratzinger participated in child sacrificial rites using kidnapped children from the camps or political prisoners, a Dutch Catholic Cardinal, plus the father of Netherlands Belgium Queen Beatrix and Bilderberger Founder, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, Ratzinger murder a girl 1987. ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger and Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part, Ireland, Spain and Canada 34 child mass grave sites were discovered linked to Ninth Circle activities. The largest was the Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford Ontario where child remains were identified in 2008 before the Catholic Church, Canadian government and English Crown shut down the dig by professional archeologists. The 2013 ICLCJ Court had found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip guilty for the Oct. 10 1964 disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic residential school in Kamloops British Columbia. In the first two weeks of the 2014 court witnesses identified Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns. Named were Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, Another court document called the Magisterial Privilege indicated child sacrifice was a regular occurrence at the Vatican catacombs beneath the Vatican sacrificed a drugged boy 3, Irish police reported to ICLCJ, close to 800 babies buried in a Catholic Nun’s septic tank were dismembered, decapitated and in bits and pieces, murdered in Satanic child sacrifice rites, rape, torture and murder of children as recently as 2010 by Catholic leaders, European royal family members and other global elites. Murder sites of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult were said to be in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals including the Vatican and on private estates, military establishments and groves in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, France, England and the US, Court has been overwhelmed with newly discovered evidence, international child sacrifice, kidnapping, exploitation and drug rings. five international judges and 27 jury members were expected to remain in session for at least a year due to the complexity of the cases criticalbelievers/ melt value of a silver dime-Can you believe some Phd's have stated that raising the MW will not increase the cost of goods and services. This is what the very uneducated believe, not those that have some education-No wonder Obama got elected twice. So your public education, or lack there of, indoctrination has you convinced that the gov increasing the debt, unfunded liabilities, exponentially for welfare and social programs and then printing paper at will to pay for it with no real growth in GDP, no trade surplus, has no impact on the country, you, your children or your children's children's financial well being. That we can keep the status quo, in fact we can even burden it further by shutting off resources for alchemic reasons like climate change, and there'll be no financial repercussions. These things, financial calamities, times to pay the piper, are a things of the past. Everything is just hunky dory-1964 a loaf of bread cost 20 cents. 2 silver dimes. Today a loaf of bread cost $2 or $3. You could still buy it with 2 silver dimes today but it would take 20 or 30 modern dimes. 10 to 15 times more-yc/Four teenage girls from Lagos created a generator that runs off urine to create electricity forbes-A girl/woman from Africa also innovated cloth & type of paint that make solar panels-sure to piss OPEC off-I'm Terrified By These Zealots, Almost every day, another Republican politician claims direct, personal communication with God. Mitt with his own Messianic ideas. The radical Christian gang had their Faith and Freedom shout fest, some classy person dropped images of President Obama into the urinals and the audience went wild for Rubio, Cruz, and Santorum, these hyper ventilating zealots start screaming, I worry. Religious zealots have a history of horrible ideas and horrible acts-Has he been hearing voices?-y Huckabee is one sick bastard comparing gay marriage to a holocaust, This shows how stupid conservatives are-a disservice to all Holocaust survivors, obviously needs some history lessons and a conscience-The well of stupidity truly is bottomless-Here we go again. Help stop the fear and deception The Next Bin Laden is Here, Don't Be Fooled ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION- fb/mitt tries to re emerge as force in GOP-THE SORE LOSER, again, how many times do you need to be told: G E T P E R M A N E N T L Y L O S T -the desperation of those wanting Mitt Romney to prevail over President Obama in the elections, despite the fact that these same people previously resented Mitt, and his religious sentiment. It seems his only redeeming value was his white skin yn/Women in CA prisons forced to undergo illegal, coercive sterilizations-Maher: Like a bad exboyfriend, Iraq is never going to change- Researchers in south Texas find mass grave with bodies of more than 100 migrants-Handcuffed Colorado man in cop car shoots at police after pulling gun from butt cheeks-Florida man with assault rifle arrested on way to kill ex girlfriend, her boyfriend, her child-Georgia man accidentally shoots his own penis while trying to holster gun-Hillary We can’t let gun loving minority terrorize the rest of the country-Conservative scholar: Feminist mob ruining colleges with rape culture crusade-Stewart levels Rick Perry: Being gay is not a choice, but being a Texas Republican is-He spoke of God a lot, exrealtor Christian charged with stealing homes from clients-Benghazi arrest a conspiracy to help Hillary survive Fox interview-WV trooper harassed teen for months before fatally shooting him-KKK member explains why he supports Tea Party-propaganda to say GOP is against marriage equality-Robertson unloads on Bush for latest Iraq crisis: We were sold a bill of goods!Indiana man charged after gun goes off in walmart checkout line-Idaho boy 14 claims stress of brother’s autism made him murder father and brother-Judge reneges on promise to deaf girl with 65 IQ, sentences her to 15 years in baby’s death- rsy/From Alaska to Mexico—and all along the B.C. coast—an iconic animal is disappearing, baffling to scientists, starfish are dying by the millions, in the grips of a mysterious wasting disease that dissolves their bodies into goo-how the al-Qaeda inspired, although supposedly no longer aligned, ISIS is the product of a NATO and Saudi conspiracy stretching back as far as 2007-Chapman was under the control of aliens determined to kill the The Beatles musician to stop him spreading messages of peace- criticalbelievers/ Chicago Tribune declined to run George Will’s controversial column on sexual assault, under fire following a column he wrote the supposed campus epidemic of rape and how some schools efforts to curb the problem make victimhood, misguided and insensitive-Adelson has some explaining to do, and his lawyer has already gone into damage control mode, billionaire casino investor of making an illegal campaign contribution- Texas GOP platform supports scrapping the National Voter Registration, calls for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965, the most successful civil rights law in the nation’s history-Walsh, conservative Chicago radio station Kicked Off His Own Radio Show For Racist Slurs Twitter to question why he was taken off his own show-Heritage Foundation Panel On Benghazi Turns Ugly, Mocks Muslim Woman- for the good of humanity, is increasingly intolerable that financial markets are shaping the destiny of peoples rather than serving their needs, Pope Tells Rich: Get Some Ethics-Graham's Screwy Plan For Iraq Is Why He Should Never Be Taken Seriously, now wants b0 to work with the Iranians to stop the Sunni extremists -Kelly wanted to know if Obama hates America so much, why would he want to be its president? Dinesh D’Souza’s answer is incomprehensible, but has something to do with loving your dad, even if he’s a child molester So Tangled Up On Obama Hatred He Can't Explain Himself-Mitt knows exactly how it should be done. All Republicans have to do, apparently, is mock Hillary-ll
62014/melt value of a silver dime-At various times and forms and fashions, we had a metal based monetary system. The intrinsic value of the metal in the coins matched its denomination. (The paper bills were backed by an amount of metal equal to the denomination of the bill-No sheet sherlock- What do they teach in public schools these days? Oh yeah, how to put a condom on a banana-The value of hard or paper currency is not based upon the material it is printed on but by the denomination that is stamped on it whether it be metal or paper which determines the purchasing power-Citi's fixed income desks on the street have been decimated this year hearsay rumor albeit from a trusted source) that Corbat is now requesting a meeting with Eric Holder. The word is $6 billion US to settle-gave me major league bj, starts getting his little tail kicked around on here and gets embarrassed he always runs off to the imposter id's- They are like his little security blanket to hide behind-yc/the man should have swung from the gallows-evidence of the Bush's and the Clinton's partnership was enough to ignite a friend's cognitive diassociance. He freaked and unfriendly me. He was a friend of 20 years prior to fb. It's to much for some to reason with fb/Rangel Compares Tea Party to Hamas?! fni/ Bible waving MN GOP Supreme Court nominee places God above U.S. law-Huckabee: Martin Luther King Jr. would agree that gay marriage is like the Holocaust-Cop accidentally fires his AR15 inside Miami courthouse during training exercise with judge-Exsheriff of the year’ jailed after missing, failing dozens of drug tests in meth for sex case-Remember that bus driver whose Bible saved his life in racial attack? Looks like he made it up-AZ schools chief outs himself as anonymous Internet troll who calls poor people lazy pigs-PA man accidentally shot, killed by guest of honor at surprise birthday party-No charges for CO soldier who fatally shot teen stepdaughter he mistook for burglar- Colbert destroys Fox News’ hypocrisy over arrest of Benghazi mastermind-Florida dad killed by neighbor’s stray bullet as family welcomes home newborn-It’s come to this: Fox News brings Bradshaw for Benghazi analysis-rsy/sexting surgeon in scrubs penis exposed, 6 page nc pamplet newspaper, complicent media, kellyism, professional clown, dick in cowboy getup, stop endlesswar, fla mom promises icecream in exchange for branding kids, walker gop scheme includes karl, embarrassed maylee back for more, sexy liberal wineday stand with slut extrordinair stephie/7 motherless children gnbb/
61914/SCHOOL DROPOUTS LEAD THE REPUBLICANS-Beck Admits Liberals Were Right on Iraq War, B0 was CORRECT for being against the IRAQI war! You do agree with your leader low informationpuke?-of course bobo was against the invasion, he supports the muz terrorists, hitler was a progressive, just like you, what about cheap labor from mexsicko? you seem to want to add 25% more unskilled labor to the market. excessive supply and low demand causes prices to drop- yhal/ kelly that's a lie puts dicky denial on the spot, bernie and guns holier than hillary, deidra wingnut attacks allan imus/net killing obstruction virus unknown source checking usual suspects
61814/Matthews?Yeah, he's open minded. I gave you examples of people from the left being part of the FOX network and you give me a liberal who decides after 6 years that he disagrees with the President? That's rich-yhal/13.2 23.9yf/MEMO TO MEDIA: STOP ASKING MASS MURDERERS FOR ADVICE ON IRAQ fb/Expect a Citizens Initiative vote in BC to force government to kill Northern Gateway, we 300 scientists find Northern Gateway review flawed vo/immigration reform cant wait rupert wsj/giving rude spoon and reacharound for free, oblivious to recording devises dick face shoots dick, stephie/
61714/NC GOP Senate candidate: Blacks, Hispanics overtaking population-CA pastor orders Christians to isolate LGBT kids then turn them over to Satan-Joe wants Google to ban crap search results-Kelly agog at D’Souza analogy: Are you calling America a child molester?-Walmart, MI cops used SWAT tactics on mentally disabled woman-NY teacher disputes firing for mental illness over gun buys-DMV bars gender nonconforming SC teen from wearing makeup disguise-Colorado congressman caught doing odd push ups in Denver airport-Friedman will never ever get tired of telling Iraqis to suck on this-SC radio host calls Lee Atwater’s widow clueless after sex ed strained interview-Stewart rips Johnny Rotten McCain and his band of Iraq war supporters-Hidden man found beneath surface of Picasso’s The Blue Room-rsy/SunTrust has agreed to pay nearly $1 billion to resolve allegations that it underwrote and provided faulty mortgage loans abc/