Friday, September 19, 2014

91914/Ukraine Deal Common sense amidst hawkish bluster

91914/Reasons to Welcome a Ukraine Deal Common sense amidst hawkish bluster wt/ happy talk like a pirate day walking the plank, healing powers of f and c words, colter threatens drownding wingnutz who don't vote red, channeling fugalsang stephy makes a point, whore fridays looking 4 a line in domestic violence as opposed to child rearing techniques, assburger spokeswoman no win situation leverages or jackass hit ur friend for laughs kickback? weird conservative backward disease synoposis, dressing like a lesbian
91814/ANOTHER MADE IN AMERICA PRODUCT COMPLETE WITH STATE OF THE ART MARKETING ISIS Watch out! lol Nice try CONS, Informed people know this is just an excuse to take out Assad which you tried to do before Remember the fake gassing of its own people accusation CONS. What's comical is the CONS B_S propaganda is becoming so obvious its laughable if it wasn't for the thousands of innocent people that will die. And all for our worthless ink and paper that must be used buy and THEIR oil. bank DESPERATION ygs/ Bank spent millions and millions of dollars, using their limited resources just to prepare for the coming stress test, This huge expenses is due to the fact that banks were not given clear guidance as to its requirements or perhaps the banks are too stupid to even understand the meaning of stress test. All this is done at the shareholders expense. yc/antiZionist Jews of all political and religious orientations have long experienced the lash of the Zionist movement, the first victim of Zionist violence 1924, Dr. Jacob Israel de Hahn, who functioned as a secretary of Rabbi was murdered as he returned from evening prayers. His crime was that he had been involved in discussions with Arab leaders that offered an alternative to Zionist hegemony. His murderers were members of the Haganah, defense organization, unknown to the general public was the ease with which Zionists turned on their fellow Jews, as in the sinking of Jewish refugee ships calculated to elicit world sympathy such as the S.S. Patria in 1940 and the S. S. Struma in 1941 which cost the lives of 276 innocent Jews in the case of the former and 769 in the case of the latter. nkusa/Stewart: How crazy is it that beer companies are NFL’s moral touchstone?-Doctor intentionally misdiagnosed cancer, ordered unneeded chemo- With Jews We Lose Kentucky longshot Senate candidate’s slogan not going over well-Arpaio forced to return military grade weapons, vehicles-Twitter user tracked down Philly hate crime suspects- policeman faces retrial in shooting death of Detroit girl 7-ACLU condemns Washington town’s anti homeless ban on bad body odor-Tenn serves the Lord with billboard calling gays an abomination-rsy/smug mean strength last vestage, tantrum solutions fossul fuel frenzy, steph takes informed callers help/ curt asks the right question 4 a change kcwabc
91714/Matthew Miller, 24, of Bakersfield, Ca. wanted to sample socialist paradise and imagined he would find it in North Korea. When he landed in Pyongyang he tore up his tourist visa in celebration and declared he was seeking asylum. This was not a good idea. Miller guilty of hostile acts against the government and sentenced him to six years at hard labor, might share a jail cell with two other Americans held in North Korea. Jeffrey Fowle, 56, of Miamisburg, Ohio, is awaiting trial after leaving a Bible in a seaman’s club, and Kenneth Bae, 46, a Korean- American missionary, is in the second year of 15 for hostile acts to bring down the government. God is not a welcome guest in Pyongyang-Obama disease takes toll on economy Jimmy Carter called it malaise, and it’s sapping the can do spirit Former President Jimmy Carter has cowritten an oped criticizing Israel's actions in Gaza, Ronald Reagan’s famous question that sank Jimmy Carter in 1980 forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity-Satanists to distribute religious materials in Florida public schools-Scotland the brave, on the brink- Statutory rape victim forced to pay child support-Clinton aides scrubbed Benghazi files before review-too many white men lead combat units-Emails show collusion between EPA, environmental lobby: watchdog- Islamic State warns Ob Fighting has just begun-New York man charged in plot to kill U.S. troops for Islamic State-Pentagon open to U.S. ground troops in fight against Islamic State-South Korean border guards arrested an American man who they believe was attempting to swim across a river into rival North Korea, trying to meet Kim Jong un-Bill agrees Netanyahu not the guy for peace deal wt/Capitalism with a conscience? Socially Responsible Capitalism Still Feeds the Disease Truthout/ No Thanks From an Ungrateful Nation: The Surge of Female Vets Living on the Streets Truthdig/ Beaten by Chicago's Dirtiest Cop- Contractors Ready to Cash in on ISIS War db/ An Epidemic of Wage Theft Is Costing Workers Hundreds of Millions epi/ Despite Multiple Malpractice Payouts, Doctors Often Keep Practicing CBS /lawsuit: ballot placement is only fair when they're on top seeking changes to the newly redesigned ballot for the November election, claiming the one drafted by the nonpartisan elections agency unfairly benefits Democrats because Democratic candidates are listed first under the name of the office being sought and Republican candidates are separated by a line, Democrats are listed first, per state law, based on results in the 2012 election, The ballot is unfair because Democrats are listed first! It wasn't unfair in 2012, when Republicans were listed first. Because, you know, Republicans were listed first, hey, can't blame them. It's not as if they can win fair and square on their ideasyhal/ Do you agree with Maher? Is our media to accommodating to the terrorists?-please realize that all of the Republican bashing trivializes legitimate issues. The parties love partisan fighting its not until you mentally cast both aside that you see the bigger picture. The banks literally own the United States not just the politicians. Democrats are every bit as involved in the too big to fail reality within which we find ourselves living, mentally tossed both parties overboard and realized that we have returned to serfdom, we are the serfs, the government is the monarch, and the banks are the landed aristocracy. Who owns your house and your car? Chances are it is not you and add student loans and consumer debt or worse, payday loans shite. No matter where people go to work, most people work for the banks. Adding insult to injury, most two parent homes have a primary and a secondary income earner in order for the secondary earner to make up the taxes the primary earner pays the freaking government. Serfs, plain and simple- roads? cops, teachers and firemen? sniff: children?-Bush certainly does not get off the hook, nor do the Republicans or the Democrats. How about MBNA drafting a bankruptcy reform law that seriously restricts Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcies just a couple of years before the wheels started coming off the banks, almost like someone anticipated a major storm that would crush millions of Americans. TARP pay out an undisclosed amount to undisclosed recipients (several trillion. Transfer vast amounts of wealth from the American taxpayer to save the monsters who caused the problem, but shut the door on those who truly needed (and need) help. As a friend of mine says on occasion, I almost hope there is a hell, because some people need to burn/flip sloping friedman tom manhandles antievolution creationtoday christian taliban/
91614/Heavens to Betsy, Lindsey Graham is in a Vapors tizzy! mono mooking with free germ wagon advice stephy finds her nitch in life, lucky 4 us never shuts up prefering slap and tickle, paris rescues 13k$ polmeranian/ Fox Acknowledges 160 Airstrikes Against Islamic State, Still Claims Obama Hasn't Taken Action months effort to criticize response while ignoring the steps he's taken, saying that allies are seeing American ambivalence. the group culminated in a confused segment claiming that the U.S. has both taken and not taken military action against ISIS-because what happens in Iraq and Syria does matter, june Graham said i don't think we need boots on the ground. I don't think that is an option worth consideration, A more striking ambiguity took place on screen, where Fox suggested simultaneously, has not taken any military action against the Islamic State and U.S. has conducted over 160 airstrikes against the Islamic State-160? BWHA nothing you wimp. Try the Operation Iraqi Freedom count: Coalition air forces flew more than 41,000 sorties and the USAF accounted for more than 24,000 of the total yhal/Israel doesn't expect immediate hostilities, the source said, but is preparing for the possibility and remains confident that There is no challenge in Lebanon that the IDF cannot overcome. There is no village in Lebanon in which the IDF can't overwhelm Hezbollah, Lebanon willing to fight Israel, but not ISIS-Hezbollah is fighting ISIS so they are on our side but they are fighting for Assad so they are not on our side so if they attack Israel whose side are we on?- Lebanon is 27% Sunni and 27% Shia so they are confused but they 100% don't like Israel. It's complicated. rbn/Limbaugh, No means yes if you know how to spot it-Ohio man walks into traffic, drinks gasoline, sets self on fire as children watch-Colorado man 92 died after homemade bomb exploded- Wisc. GOP candidate now regrets tweeting fags need 2 leave my favorite state alone-Six Florida prison officers jailed and fired for setting up inmate beating, lying about it rsy/House Republicans Side With The Terrorists that they would rather support ISIS politicususa- They will kill for power and money, use religious inspired rationalization for their behavior. They are EVIL scum-Assholes-Only way they can make money is to put American troops on the ground. They are despicable- Stewart Reams Lindsey for ISIS Warmongering Properly dealing with the threat of ISIS absolutely does not benefit from unnecessary escalation at the hands of our congressmen ringoffireradio-Texas textbooks state Yosemite Sam wrote the 2nd Amendment while getting a piggy back ride from God at the beach-fb/ISIS Shoots Down Syrian War Plane-Yellen Trolls America's Poor: Tells Them It Is Important To Get Rich zerohedge-Local Texas Sheriff Leaves A Strong Message For ISIS tw/Days after two East Carolina University students were arrested for spray-painting a swastika on the apartment door on an ECU Jewish student, the phrase I hate Jews was found carved into the wall of a campus dormitory. East Carolinian: East Carolina University is deeply committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for learning and living. This is not optional, the University has removed the sentence by melting the panel, AMCHA Initiative, which monitors campus anti Semitism, gave thumbs down Memo does not mention the word antisemitism or describe the event whatsoever tr/Brand analyzes a clip of war- mongering propaganda from Fox News, and makes the case that Fox News is in fact more dangerous to the American public than is ISIS silverdoctors-Va nice job of belittling the Fox I assume you are racist that hates Arabs because Fox news tells you to. You are one of the guys Goebbels would have enjoyed manipulating. Skin head Joseph Goebbels exploiting the lowest instincts, racism, xenophobia class envy and insecurity, leading the masses wherever, making them stand up, sing songs, raise their arms, repeat oaths, as the result of sober psychological calculation/
91414/conservatives are too nasty for the devil. The Darkness Consumes You- Dems are consumed with envy and couldn't bring down the working class fast enough so now they have shitto run because they're just now realizing Hillary is not electable while joe Biden gets a hard on, Kerry too rbp/ Terrorist Linked libturd cair Hack Compares ISIS to Fox News aibafs/ Do you Investors Know Alibaba? because this will the largest IPO ever to be released anyone dumb enough not to know that china manufactures 90% of USA products should be in debtor prison, and Citi is a major bookrunner they own the shares that the public will buy- attaining Christ consciousness relative to higher labor productivity is true, then it seems that it would behoove business owners to motivate employees with the Bible, prayers, sermons and so forth, perhaps pipe inspirational Christian music into production environments. Unfortunately, an increase in the marginal productivity of labor comes not from a higher authority to man, being high on Jesus or reaching a higher level of spiritual consciousness, but from capital accumulation and investment for the multiplication of productivity for the entire labor force. If you are correct that the highest form of human society has already been partially implemented in the USA, then it is thanks to the extended order of human cooperation, also known as capitalism- Marxists have never proved that, 1 suggests that he might be getting his messages from the higher dimension. 2 suggests that when most of us attain the Christ consciousness spiritually, and attain super high productivity in producing goods and services to satisfy our needs, then the highest form of human society will be attained. I think that this highest form of human society has already been partially implemented in USA, since most of GDP growth now comes from services. What Russia and China experienced were not the highest form of human society as prescribed by Marx, because their productivity in the mid of last Century was still quite low-Karl Marx, Bolshevism, and Death, The Jews are the only people in the world who have found hostility in every country in which they settled in any numbers. The big question is WHY? At one time or other the Jews have been expelled from every nation in Europe! The Jews have not changed since the days when Jesus Christ took up a whip and drove the money changers out of the Temple-Yes your royal Insolence, I have read it, along with many other comparable writings, as well as having been educated by numerous Marxist educators. It is a subject that I have dedicated much time to for many many years. Is there something that you wish to discuss, or are you just barking from your self 1appointed throne behind your curtain? yc/ walk on by cameron, arabphobia, stephie 4 president
91314/Olbermann: Politics as Entertainment Goodell is an enabler of men who beat women, and he must resign-Goodell likes to present himself as bent on integrity, But that doesn’t seem to include protecting the victims of violence or American Indians who see the Washington team’s name as a slur. As with concussions, the league covered up until the public forced its hand nyt/ Reconceiving Change in the Age of Parasitic Capitalism Massive economic damage and human suffering resulting from the 2008 financial crisis continue unabated, while the implications of this crisis continue to elude us, as many people remain in the grip of neoliberal orthodoxy and refuse to acknowledge the need for large scale economic, social and political change-Meet the New War, Same as the Old War- Workers Are Constantly on the Edge of the Knife- officers from various law enforcement agencies across the country to judge who's best at using lethal weapons and NRA Amid National Outcry Over Police Violence Hosts Competition, Family members of police shooting victims call it the killer cop contest-before shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown police shot 16 people In most cases in which race was known, the victim was black-Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009- Willie Nelson and Neil Young raise money for Bold Nebraska, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance, groups continuing to fight against Keystone XL and the threat it poses to their land and water-Golden Weapons of Destruction Take Aim at El Salvador water-Truthout/ When one cannot tell the difference between elected officials and the comedians who impersonate them on Saturday Night Live, it is a red alert for the future of an informed democracy-Apparently, Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Has Expired. So Much for Breathing Free/ Republicans Filibuster Constitutional Fix to Overturn Citizens United tpm/How to Combat ISIS Without War-If You Teach Our Koch Libertarian Claptrap We'll Give You Millions db/Shot While His Hands Were Up, New Witness Confirms cnl/Atlanta School Cheating Trial Has Teachers Facing Prison- BP, Found Grossly Negligent, May Face $18 Billion in Gulf Spill Fines- lat/ claims of Saudi Hand in September 11 Attacks Hang Over Obama's Speech Sidney Herald-Sherrod Brown Accuses Republicans of Voter Suppression Cleveland Plain Dealer-We Protect Privilege With Violence, and None Are Innocent-Decades Later Cover Up of Slaughter at Attica Prison Continues-Political Islam Cannot Be Bombed Away- Winners in Wars Are Always the Weapons Manufacturers-BuzzFlash/ We Need to Prosecute If the United States wants to be seen as a moral authority in the world, we have to lock Bush, Cheney and everyone else in their criminal crew in jail Hartmann Program/aja When Fracking and Free Speech Collide/ CIA's Mop-Up Man: LA Times Stories With Agency Cleared Before Publication Intercept/Religious Right's Nice Guy Who Threw His Wife Under the Bus db/ Massive Family Detention Center in South Texas Observer/ Evicting Tenants Without Any Evidence CBS/wintertime view as a storm brought as much as 8 inches of snow to parts of the Black Hills ap/ Obama to Delay Executive Action on Immigration Until After Election wp/ Where All The Shit In New York City Goes facility opened in 1967 and, since then, has undergone several renovations and expansions, including its massive silver digester eggs, in case I wasn't completely clear: It's entirely full of shit. gizmodo/Carlson suspects school indoctrination plot because children are ‘just learning too much-HIV positive Texas school teacher accused of having sex multiple times with teen- man accused of attacking police with samurai sword was shot in the back- rsy/ MURRAY HEAD WARNED USThis tool seems to be a tubular lock pick, and apparently its use is gaining popularity (and notoriety) among car thieves in Bangkok digg/ GOING FOR BROKE To Defeat ISIS, Follow The Money politico/ Missouri to Pass One of the Harshest Abortion Laws in the Country mj/ I think we all are guilty of shunning people if they belong to groups we do not agree with. I for example have no interest in being friends or getting to know a member of the KKK or any other white supremacy group. If you are religious I don't have a problem with that when it comes to individuals in fact do whatever you want just don't as a group try to influence our politicians to make the rest of us live by your chosen faith. That is when I have a problem. I am not a Christian but I am also not an atheist. If you do not want to be associated from time to time with the radicals in your group then get rid of the radicals or leave the group, I don't pay enough attention to the radicals to allow them to irritate me. I make fun of them and move on. sp