Wednesday, October 24, 2012

102412/Oblamo in Bed With Big Tobacco

102412/a friendly joke, jama, to cheers and laughter. changing up so much
and backtracking and side stepping we've got to name this condition he's
going through," "I think it's called, Romnesia,'" he added "I'm
not a medical doctor, but I do want to go over some of the symptoms with
you because I want to make sure nobody else catches it, Biden borrowed
words from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who'd called the Wisconsin
congressman's budget proposals "right wing social engineering." abc/"UN
to Monitor GOP Voter Suppression at Polls At the request of US civil
rights groups, a UN-affiliated organization will send observers to report
on election fairness. Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash- Murdoch Aims to Buy the Los
Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune g/Federal Judge Blocks Arizona From
Defunding Planned Parenthood ThinkProgress-A Festival of Gibberish While
most will agree that President Obama dominated Monday night's
presidential debate, the victory does not translate into a win for
Americans who were seeking a meaningful discussion on life-and-death
issues. William Rivers Pitt, Greg Palast, Romney & Company Shipped Every
Single Delphi UAW Job to China While auto parts workers lost jobs, homes
and health insurance, the Romneys made millions offshoring their lives.
Greg Palast- Truthout/things got much worse COP hair pull AGAINST WOMAN
whose house was on fire was in terrible distress aol/Corporate Lobbyists
Manage Our Presidential Debates, take a look at the corporate lobbyists
who are managing the Commission on Presidential Debates Lee Fang, The
Nation, it's a journalistic failure to smear Truthout and The Brad Blog
as "conspiracy theorists" for publishing a well-documented story about
the Romney family's ownership interest in voting machines The Brad Blog-
A series of billboards placed in poor, minority neighborhoods in
Cleveland telling people that voter fraud is a felony have reignited
concerns over voter intimidation and suppression tactics in key
battleground states Univision/retardword (coulter), ocare cures
romnesism, neocons buttfurt , bengazigate lives, murdock-aikinisms live, on
102312/What is the point in using painkillers if they trigger symptoms
that are far more serious than the conditions that they treat? Latest
studies reveal that painkillers can literally be 'killers'/mitt relied
upon the weak man's argument. Agree with everything your opponent does,
only more strongly. You don't need facts, evidence, or even ideas for
this line of argument...only an attempt to portray your opponent as not
doing enough...but avoid specifics. sa/mittens is having a breakdown and
ann is saying, grow a fucking backbone dipwad fb/it takes time and a
robust job market which our goverment hasnt provided the last two
decades. All they did was allow bubble schemes from internet to housing
what is next another stock market bubble. If not for fnf the economy and
market would have stagnated the last five years, fnf will be able to make
whole the 142 billion but the goverment want to extort a ten percent fee
for saving their assets what a bunch of finger pointers and pots calling
the kettle takes time and a robust job market which our
goverment hasnt provided the last two decades. All they did was allow
bubble schemes from internet to housing what is next another stock market
bubble. If not for fnf the economy and market would have stagnated the
last five years, fnf will be able to make whole the 142 billion but the
goverment want to extort a ten percent fee for saving their assets what a
bunch of finger pointers and pots calling the kettle black yfm/if I was
Sprint, I would ask for my money back. Sprint could effectively ensure
that non Sprint shareholders of CLWR get no upside on the acquisition.
The mere news of a dilutionary offering could send the CLWR shares down
faster than Bill Clinton's pants sa/A Slight* mitt Edge in New ABC
Poll, Ryan to Address Empathy, Off to the Races-mitt Compares Obama
Campaign to Sinking Ship-Biden Praises Obama's Debate Effort, Says mitt
Stuck in the Past - Vice President Joe Biden today praised President
Obama's performance in Monday night's debate, pointing to Mitt mitt's
showing as an indication that his foreign, social and economic policies
are stuck in the past-Obamacare Can Take Care of 'Romnesia-. abc/Four
Punches That KO'd Mitt, attempted to portray the sunny optimist rs/
Counterfeit Aussie gold sold in China The fake gold Seven News purchased
was destroyed after the exclusive investigation was completed. What
should be valued at $510,000, is actually counterfeited gold bars that
Seven News paid $300 for (300 pieces at $1 each au.y/Mitt in Bed With Big
Tobacco Mitt's religious hypocrisy and lack of moral scruples is
most tellingly exemplified by his personal involvement in Bain Capital's
work for big tobacco - which included hooking millions of Russians on the
drug that is anathema to Mormons. Brian Moench, Truthout/ e-Voting
Company Could Intercept and Change Ballots Without a Trace Scytl, a new
company based in Barcelona, will be used to count votes from absentee
ballots in 26 states this election, including those from military
personnel serving overseas, but there is something you should know about
its investors. Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis, The Free Press:
102212/Employees of mitt Family Secret Bank Tied to Fraud, Money
Laundering and Drug Cartels, Employees of Solamere Capital Partners
worked at company with a long history of money laundering for Latin
American drug cartels and to people involved in the Iran-Contra scandal.
Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis The Free Press:/over to bhakati yoga, Vishnu
appeared to me and spoke to me, He told me that Christians were
misguided, and actually had misinterpreted the three Hindu gods as their
trinity. Ryan McCann He told me that my mission would be to inform
Christians of their error and convert them to Hinduism-Libs - wanting the
"freedom of choice", but are against the death penalty. I know of no
instance of a baby hurting anyone!-(doublespeak)- wake up . when you and
the rest of the Publicans ( not saying you are but, ) understand babies
grow up into adults, you might start thinking about things a little more
realistically-The world’s largest “job creator” is wrongly forcing
taxpayers to cover their employees’ health insurance bill by refusing to
provide insurance. Agree?-Damn, .Yall negative talking Assholes, Always
got something to say about somebody, Yall complain bout not having a
job, complain bout certain retail, restaurant jobs, complain bout jobs
who dont pay shit, & the employees gotta get benefits, .aleast they got a
job, Damn if they do, Damn if you dont, thats the reason why this country
cant prosper, .Too many damn fake ass christian bible quotoing know it
all hypocrites, claim they dont want socialism, .BUT that what JESUS was
, .a socialist, Dummies smdh, Yall dont know shit about the real
world, .too busy being brainwashed bout a damn American Dream, My mom has
bn a faithful employee with healthcare benefits & stock for over 20 yrs
in my city, she's receiving manager, .but only to certain employees,
cause most of the white employees doesnt want to deal with a blk woman in
charge of them, & I'm proud to say both her & my father have a job in the
F**ked up economy, & dont need government assistance ironically the same
idiots that don''t want universal health care-they play the system the
way it is set up. If you don't like it don't shop there, or work
there-wait for the republicans... trying to kill the healthcare bill that
would cover these people. they will tell them to shop around as if they
are making spectacular money at walmart-Hate is also sin, We should love
everyone the way Jesus loved us-Cheney had health problems. BO didn't
"get" Bin Laden, our military did, and ANT president would have if they
werr in officeand had the opportunity. But with economic downturn in the
last 4 yrs small biz has been stifled, totally! Small biz need a break,
not a socialistic approach as in "you didn't build that" I do not want to
HAVE to rely in govt for MY success -Without that bail-out there would
have been a bank-run by weeks end. That WAS an "ass-on-fire" moment-I
don't think the fat cats are going to get much return on their
investment. Mitt is still a long-shot.. fb/BENGHAZI ATTACKED FOR 7+HOURS
WHILE obama sucksass  Guilty of High Treason-IRAN NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED
bury_obama OR THEY WILL DESTROY US!-This election is going to be about
WHO DO YOU TRUST and it's a matter of character-wide margin with early
voters surreal Early voting tallies in Ohio have Obama leading with
63%-dumpobamie And you want Obama?-his lethargic first debate is going to
work in his benefit. It has energized his sympathizers and base. Had it
come late and close to the election, it probably could give a chance to
mitt. But after all that hoopla about mitt performance (forget about
the huge flip flops again!)Ohio's 400,000 early voters are siding with
Obama by 20 points-early voting results by LAW cannot be revealed until
after the last vote is cast in the time zone that you are located. Take
you #$%$ spin elsewhere!-ybac/2 things I like to tell you guys, 1. Roomny
will win 2. bac will be $44 in 3 weeks.Obomo denies asking Rev. Wright
for help on black turnout By choomerbama, Which makes it pretty certain
that the story is true. The Mormon bishops aren`t yelling "G D America!"
They didn`t gloat when we got hit on 9-11. Do you see a slight
difference? Duh? Der?-Do you think that mitt isn't telling all the Mormon
bishops to tell their white sheep to vote for him? 9/11 conspiracies and
the Rothchilds, eh? srbbs: yc/whether by tax or by mandate and no matter
under what guise you shove it down our throats.... The Government has
OVERSTEPPED ITS AUTHORITY and POWER, thwarted the meaning AND intent of
our Constitution and set us up for whatever mandate or tax it wishes. ACA
is just the face of the underlying disease. Government intrusion into the
goods, products and services we must now avail ourselves of.... because
the Government said so. The ACA will now be used as precedent (at some
point down the road ) for whatever "thing" the Government or Progressive
assholes like Obama think is "For our own good" as dictated by them." fb/
UN Now Openly Interfering in Presidential Election First we’re getting
election monitors, thanks to requests from the NAACP and other groups
associated with the Democratic Party who for some reason claim that their
own Attorney General running the most intrusive and abusive DOJ since RFK
is incapable of handling the job. The observers, from countries such as
Germany, France, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, will observe
voting at polling places and other political activity. Kazakhstan hasn’t
held a single election deemed fair by those same observers… which
eminently qualifies it to observe US election fairness. But then Ben
Emmerson, a notorious defender of terrorists and the United Nations
Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights decided to go
ahead and threaten Americans with legal action if they vote for mitt.
“The re-introduction of torture under a mitt administration would
significantly increase the threat levels to (Americans) at home and
abroad,” Emmerson said. “Such a policy, if adopted, would expose the
American people to risks the Obama administration is not currently
exposing them to.” Who is Ben Emmerson? He was the defense attorney for
Ramush Haradinaj, the KLA terrorist whose men were responsible for the
torture, rape and murder of Serbs and Gypsies as part of an ethnic
cleansing campaign. would like to claim that waterboarding is a
horrifying torture. Let’s look at the tortures that his client, Ramush
Haradinaj, was responsible for. KLA soldiers forced Witness 38 and her
relatives to join a convoy of people. At some point, they were taken from
the convoy and brought to a mill in Junik. She and her father were forced
to undress. She further testified that she was kept naked for a
considerable amount of time and that she was forced to re-join the convoy
while still naked. Witness 38 also testified that the soldier forced her
to eat a bank book, tore off half of her father’s moustache, and tied
both their hands with barbed wire. Witness 38 testified that a vehicle
with at least two men arrived at the location where she was held and that
she saw the men when she was sitting on the ground some 20-30 metres
away. There were, according to Witness 38, bushes between herself and the
men. Witness 38 heard the word “commander”, but was not sure to whom it
was addressed. Three to four months later, the witness recognized one of
the men as Ramush Haradinaj when she saw him on television. There is the
moral authority of the man who would threaten Americans and try to
manipulate the outcome of a presidential election.yip/Churnalism
blspt/Unions Work To Oust Notorious Arizona Sheriff, "Adios Arpaio"
campaign, led by the hotel workers union Unite Here, has registered over
34,000 new voters for the November election. Jenny Brown, LaborNotes:/Our
Men in Honduras: Losing Control of the War on Drugs The United States
should carry out an independent review of the joint U.S.-Honduras drug
enforcement operation that went terribly awry, killing four Honduran
civilians. Lauren Carasik, Boston Review/False News: After Report of
Nuclear Talks With Iran, Denials Abound Chicago Tribune/Big Oil and the
US Chamber of Commerce Fight to Keep Foreign Bribery Flourishing, new
lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), big energy
extractors are alleging that a new disclosure rule violates their
corporate "First Amendment" rights. Sara Jerving and Mary Bottari,
PRWatch/mitt’s Economic Hit Man Truthdig/ Gaza-Bound Aid Ship Boarded
by Israeli Forces Al Jazeera/ Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against
Equal Rights for Homosexuals Has Stunning Twist Ending Gawker/Is Your
Boss Going to "Mine" Your Vote? More Corporations Step Up Coercion The
Nation Tens of Thousands Rally in London Against Austerity AFP/Colorado
is not the world’s only experiment in free-market pot, but it’s the most
sophisticated, pushing beyond the Netherlands’ confusing ban on wholesale
and California’s hazy nonprofit status. Denver’s former city attorney has
called it California “on steroids. Twelve states now treat a personal
stash like a minor traffic offense, 17 allow medical marijuana, and this
Election Day, if current polls hold, voters in Washington State and
Colorado will vote to legalize marijuana—not for medical purposes but, as
Rolling Stone recently enthused, “for getting-high purposes.” That would
close out a 40-year fight launched by boomers and carried through by a
big tent of talented reformers, growing bigger all the time. “Weed is the
new gay,” says Ted Trimpa, a Democratic strategist who helped engineer
Colorado’s flip from red state to blue. He’s now focused on marijuana
reform-right wingers are just the most miserable, petty, pathetic people
among us. That much is clear. Across America right now, CEOs are
preparing for the eventuality of a second Obama term, and the more rabid
right wingers are literally firing their employees who are known Obama
supporters. They make up excuses like Obamacare being the reason why, but
it's bullshit: these are people with six- and seven-figure incomes who
just suffer from ODS and can't hide their true anti-American colors.
Across America, right wingers have alienated and vilified veterans, the
disabled, military families, the poor and the downtrodden, etc. etc. etc.
all to score political points. A most un-Christian thing to do, by the
way... right wingers have become everything they claim to hate: liars,
hypocrites, morally corrupt and mad with irrational anger-what happens to
these 47%ers that mitt so callously dismissed.  The irony is, that most
of these people don't even realize that they are actually members of the
47%.  Maybe someday they will relize that the republican party is playing
them like a fiddle db/2 hrs observed by drone, remaining pussyriot
members sent to work camps,(the new erection, wabc) todays word:
anx·ious/ˈaNG(k)SHəs/ Adjective: Experiencing worry, unease, or
nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an
uncertain outcome. (of a period of time or situation) Causing or
characterized by worry or nervousness.- bowling v spitzer mitt wrapped in
anxiety with no solution, judy sets spy coverup schools peter king the
new alciada conspiracy, on random tragic coincidence, moment of clairity
why not talk to iran, geraldo/how to tell someone is a liar, without
being mean, matter of factly/falseflag bengazi, attack
102112/repubs are nostalgic for the horse and wagon days,of course that
was the day when you coud whip any uppity nig into submission and send
your youn uns' out to pay in the cotton fields to pretend like they was
'working-Leave it to jetty or another libnut to try to make YOU out as
being the mean, insensitive or inappropriate one. This from a guy like
jetty who will toss out "sensitive" insults all day long! She IS FAT!
, .and UGLY!!(be sure to lock the caps) Madeline albright has some
SERIOUS competition! Stick to your conservative insensitive guns!-I am
the enemy of her and those like her. Leftists, to Peru! Banish them all!-
rbg/vanhovan pailinesq. on abc/The American Quixote: The Death of George
McGovern (1922-2012) time/When their trusted news readers slant their
"reporting," I'm afraid many citizens, busy with their jobs and social
lives, simply assume whatever they said must be true. BTW, CNBC is more
of a financial channel than a news channel, but they are pretty solidly
pro mitt. Immediately after the last debate CNBC's John Harwood called
it an "awkward" moment when Ms. Crowley stepped in and did her "fact
checking", thus bringing attention to this impropriety. sa/Thanks Obammo
for making us pay more-Show us. Your returns cheater mitt-Thiswas a bad
idea to begin with It did nothing for the economy and shorted the SS
trust fund for 2 yrs-You will never see an opposing view in huffieland-
102012/Non-Farm Payroll Report for September already suggests that's
exactly what's happening but it was immediately called a fraud by the
There is a God. "Conservative Media?" I never thought I would live long
enough to see that in print! "This is, of course, one of those nasty
'fact' things that Conservatives like to ignore - especially when it
doesn't prove Obama is a Socialist, ." Obama is a Socialist. We're stuck
with that like the man flat on his back with a street punk shoving his
boot on his neck. Still, the street punk runs off at some point and the
man gets up-I have studied the philosophy writings of Karl Marx, and I
have to tell you Obama believes in much of this theory, so therefore he
must be a Communist, with Socialist leanings. All of his rhetoric
notwithstanding, Obama is definitely not a Capitalist."-too many enemies
on the board. That's inevitable when saving a company. I don't see
anything good in Citigroup future. As a side note, government was wrong
when saving C. Yes, this and other banks had to be saved. But, especially
with Citigroup, there should have been one condition: split this @#$%^
"too big to fail" monster. Make it into several companies which are not
too big to fail. I think it's not too late to do it now, but it's just
me-sa/ According to this company's financial statement, “both 2011 net
revenue and adjusted net income represent record levels for the company.”
#obama2012 mitt's Bain Capital Is Sending Many Jobs to China the Day
Before the Election » The story of Sensata Technologies is about the
hollowing out of America's economy by a rapacious 1 percent. g+/Turkish
schoolchildren in Istanbul received a series of books denouncing
scientific figures, including one denying the theory of evolution and
describing Charles Darwin as a big-nosed Jew, the Financial Times
This is good news. They're destroying their own future-They should
denounce Bernie Maddoff, Richard Perle, Wolfovitz and other racists, not
Darwin. Idiots- Wolfowitz a racist? That's news to me. The nigga had or
has an Arab girlfriend. . yip/Someone has spray-painted swastikas on at
least one window of President Barack Obama's campaign office in Conifer,
southwest of Denver-Bots know they're putting those on the wrong
offices?????  They most also be suffering from Romnesia-Jeff Foxworthy
came to the Springs in support of the mitt Ryan campaign. "If you're
standing on a truck, you just might be a redneck," Foxworthy cracked,
addressing dozens of supporters from on top of a truck "This election is
not about Big Bird, and it's not about binders, it's about jobs. It's
about people losing 30-40 percent of their net worth, it's about people
being out of work for years and years, it's about the national debt kktv/