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7514/many hypocritical ironies

7514/Among the many hypocritical ironies, Privatized Education Steals From the Poor, Gives to the Rich, Unpatriotic US Corporations Increasingly Move Headquarters Overseas to Decrease Taxes BuzzFlash
7414/Tards attemping to rewrite spin the constitution by claiming We [have] Been Reading the Declaration of Independence All Wrong? argues that Thomas Jefferson intended to emphasize the second part of this passage, the role of the government, equally with the individual rights in the first part. Instead, with the period in place, there's an implied hierarchy. So you can begin to see how one little punctuation mark's presence or absence could become the subject of heated debate among those who have strong opinions about the role of government as it concerns individual liberty. Although the punctuation mark is still very much up for debate among experts, National Archives want to take advantage of this possible new discovery and find a way to re examine the incredibly fragile original Declaration of Independence. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, Emphasis on people not the government to alter or abolish it, as the community organizer has been doing for over 5 years, If we get stuck with another tard controlled government in 2016, it's time for the people to abolish it-Samuel Adams quotes, If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen, If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders, liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards purchased for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation enlightened as it is, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men-as for me, i am goddam tireless and irate-yc/They pray at the alter of profiting off slave labor and investing in Forrest labs, call abortion is not backed up by science, typical bible thumpers, turning their backs on science, unamerican as can be-Just so we can cut through the leftists BS machine-Contraception the Hobby Lobbiests-cannabis sex spray Foria, designed specifically to increase female pleasure. Designers of the new sexually healing spray claim it relaxes women and helps produce multiple orgasms, for $88 per 1oz bottle (roughly 30 servings, one Foria user says it helped her achieve multiple orgasms, twice, which never happens, Foria user named Stacy 44, after using Foria, not only did I have multiple orgasms in a short amount of time, I experienced a deep relaxation in my mind, body and soul-for everyone, however, created for women with the uniquely sensitive absorptive skin of the vulva and vagina in mind so all serving sizes and suggested uses refer to topical use for women about 2mg of THC per spray-don'tchya know? sex for wingers is a chore unless it involves covert homosexual trysts in public bathrooms for men and self pleasure for their women-Murdoch has donated $3 million to the Clintons, rupert's also in cahoots with a muslim partner-McDaniel after reviewing voting records in 51 of 82 counties, has uncovered 4,900 voting irregularities, most of them Democratic primary voters improperly casting ballots in the runoff. The campaign has not provided documentation of the alleged irregularities, the bitterly fought election was stolen with votes illegally cast by Democrats for his opponent, six termer Cochran-been told we're a christian nation yet pride is on the list of seven deadly sins in the book of proverbs-they cherry pick what they want to obey or not-any given night, over 600,000 people are homeless, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, a quarter of which, over 130,000, are children, 7.3 million are only working part time, 2.1 million people have been unemployed for more than 12 months and are not counted, 11.5 immigrants in the US who the government does not consider legally here with us, some of these sixty five million people may eat hot dogs and watch fireworks, they are left out of the July 4 promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-For all TeaBaggers, if you traitors want a second American revolution, declare your independence and START SHOOTING! Otherwise STFU!-conflicts of interests don't matter to wingers as long as their handlers keep them properly mollified-rbh/ Palin Says Independence Day Is Remembering When Jesus Led The Revolution freewoodpost fb/ Murrieta Mayor Alan Long posted his opposition to undocumented immigrants being transferred from Texas, flag toting protesters showed up to block the busses, and eventually forced them to turn around, inspired protests is angry at being stereotyped- a*shole threatened to rape woman after smearing her on revenge porn site-Israeli revenge hate campaign hits social media-Mother stabs French teacher to death in front of elementary school students-Wall Street Journal fires 20 or 40 journalists in re evaluation-She was screaming, Chp caught on video pummeling woman- Saudi chemist sparking fears of invisible bombs on transatlantic flights-Cenk, Americans are not as cold hearted as you blasts Laura-Female justices dissent as Supreme Court lets Christian college opt out of birth control law-students prefer jolt of pain than being made to sit and think-hot car Bail denied-at hands of professional exorcist Japanese woman dies-UK, U.S. military had secret plan, to train Syrian rebels to topple Assad/ wingnutz malice and foreskin, restephanie/hb stevie wonder 64, imus/a friend will hold ur hair when ya puke, blue caucus problems,
7314/What did Bogus Bill Clinton, dim hero, do after the 1st WTC attack, to prevent the second? Anything? He left 911 all wrapped up in a package for GWB, and dims whine about what GWB left Barry? yhal/In spite of Obama's attack on Wall St. this Bank will soon fly in PPS. ALL gurus are advising is an easy double. DOJ case is weak at best yBAC/marijuana business in Colorado has filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service for assessing a penalty for paying taxes in cash-bo defiantly dared congressional Republicans to try to block his efforts to act on his own and bypass a divided Congress that has thwarted his policy initiatives-ap/Tesla Motors fell nearly 3% wiped out weekly gains, sold fewer cars in Norway MW/ Dimon told employees he has throat cancer that is curable usat/What does Obama think these little border towns are going to do with the influx of several hundreds of people bused into their communities. Most of them have very high unemployment and are struggling to just keep afloat, let he and Michelle house them on the lawn of the White House-I'm sure God despises what you said. Jesus would have his head in his hands. You lying fake christian-Tea Baggers are WAY late on this illegal alien rage. The milk is spilled and your entrepreneur friends are the ones who spilled it. Those friends of yours have been cashing in on cheep labor for decades thanks to the rush of desperate Latin Americans. The REAL GOP wants the aliens to remain and you will vote the GOP ticket after Rush and the other Reight Wingers weave their tails of victory over paying Texas and Arizona to support their using National Guard on their borders. Securing the border is all you Tea Bagger SUCKERS will get for your effort. The Real GOP wins and the Tea Baggers lose- aibafs/WE NEED TO PROTEST, O BUM A AND THE GOVERNMENTS POLICIES, NEARLY ALL OF THEM, VOTE OUT THE DEMOCRATS, THEN IF WERE NOT HAPPY WE FIRE ALL OF THE BASTARDS AND MAKE ALL POLITICAL POSITIONS A NON PAYING POSITION, COME ON LET BAND TOGETHER AND TELL THE GOVERNMENT, O HELL NO cl/Justice Kennedy is expected to lead the charge in McCullen. In 2000 he wrote the dissent in the Court’s Hill v. Colorado decision upholding the state’s abortion clinic buffer zone. Justice Kennedy wrote, we would close our eyes to reality were we to deny that oral protest, education, or counseling’ outside the entrances to medical facilities concern a narrow range of topics-one topic in particular. By confining the law’s application to the specific locations where the prohibited discourse occurs, the State has made a content-based determination, Bizarrely, the oral arguments focused in part on size, wondered how big 35 feet really is. eyeballed their own chamber to decide what constituted a 35 foot zone. Justice Kagan a little bit hung up on why you need so much space. Mass ag, arguing the case is about congestion in the immediate area rather than strategically trying to block speech, You have so many people congested in the same space from all points of view that it effectively blocks the door- hl believes that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) entitles it to an exemption from the contraceptive insurance requirement, 45 lawsuits have been filed, Kendall of cac an obvious choice, It’s fascinating to me that we’ve been hearing free exercise cases since our founding, but it’s never been decided whether a corporation can bring a case. It’s amazing to me that it’s still an open issue-dcbar/iowa Joni Ernst eagerly co opted Palin’s mama grizzly brand: mom, farm girl, and a lieutenant colonel who carries more than just lipstick in her purse, leather clad Ernst rides a motorcycle to a shooting range doesn’t miss much. The candidate then loads her gun and fires six shots into a target nmemo/as usual Fox kelly tries to smear the President as usual have egg on their faces for their efforts and people wonder why conservatism is just joke and morally bankrupted political philosophy! This idea that a radical leftist speaks more to the right’s inability to deal with a black man in office than anything else. Kelly wanted to know how close their views are. Ayers answer likely made many right wingers minds explode, The entire time he’s been president, you haven’t been in contact-Never No. Although I wish I were, because I have a lot of advice for him, I want him to stop droning people. I want him to close Guantanamo, I want him to, you know, universal health care. Don’t you think we deserve universal health care? Seriously. Medicare for all. fact is, President Obama is much like Bill Clinton before him, a center left Democrat, who tries to appeal to the middle most of the time in order to get broader policy passed-HOW SICK AND SINISTER CAN FOCKS NEWS BECOME ADDLED BY OBAMA DERANGEMENT SYNDROME THEY BABBLE ON, HER MAJESTY, MEGAN GETS DUMBER OVER TIME- pusa/western journalism latest, rush: we treat it as a great imposition that women need to be protected from, It’s a sickness, it’s a disease, it’s whatever, and there’s got to be a pill for it- biological fact was apparently all radical leftists needed to once again target Limbaugh as a bigoted woman hater. hp calls it gross, should come as no surprise considering past infamous remarks/ Homophobes Upset Gay Burgers Demand Straight Burgers part of gay pride celebration, the hamburger appears different on the outside, but soon enough customers realize it’s the same San Francisco’s Whopper Once unwrapped, the words We are all the same inside-You may have thought the clown show in Mississippi was over the nastiest, most underhanded election and it’s still chaotic. It’s like it just won’t die, Blogger Sends Tea Party Trolls To Crash Tea Party Confederate friendly fun guy Cochran's Media-Karl's Latest Meltdown: Founding Fathers Did Not Envision King Barack-Racist Anti-Immigrant Bigots Terrorize Buses Of Immigrant Children-White Assholes Declare Obama Worst, CNN Helps-The group denied any connection to domestic terrorism. Exactly What A Terrorist Would Say, revealed by Mike Tipping requests and interviews with participants indicated that over a period of eight months, The very same Governor that hand picked a company (no bid million dollar contract), to come out with a study slamming welfare, later cancelled when it was revealed the contractor plagiarized the study, Paul LePage (R) held at least eight meetings with One of the topics was executing Democratic lawmakers the group of Sovereign Citizens, recognized by the FBI and Maine state law enforcement as belonging to a domestic terrorist movement-sheriff of Bossier Patch, Louisiana, Julian Whittington, believes tenets of Christianity should dictate how he conducts his job. It would be really nice of these people read and understood the Constitution, or at least had read it-ll/FBI has arrested a Colorado woman 19 for allegedly providing material support to ISIS fni/Neighbors live in constant fear of Missouri doomsday prepper with gun stockpile-Don’t worry, it’s on safety Florida teen waving gun around shoots friend in the backWA white supremacist shoots officer 7 times, possibly paying Aryan Brotherhood debt-Winner of Nazi’s 1935 most beautiful Aryan baby revealed to be Jewish- Takei: What if Hobby Lobby was run by Muslims imposing Sharia law on workers?-I’m pro f*ck- in Cenk Uygur mocks GOP-CNN shames George Will column Rape isn’t a privilege for anybody- Florida Supreme Court removes judge for running ministry from the bench-Rep. Paul Broun guns everywhere given by our Lord-Anti gay Twin Cities archbishop probed for sexually harassing male colleagues-search for PA man after finding his mother’s body 83 in a freezer-Mississippi Tea Party challenger relies on sketchy blogger and paid source rsy/govtslaves unclassified report explained several types of non-lethal laser applications, including microwave hearing, disrupted neural control, and microwave heating. from the Pentagon from 1998 has revealed an investigation into using laser beams for a few intriguing potential methods of non lethal torture. Some of the applications the report investigated include putting voices in people's heads, using lasers to trigger uncontrolled neuron firing, slowly heating the human body to a point of feverish confusion, all from hundreds of meters away criticalbelievers/ monica doubleps down with liking dick &, imus/ ike repubs, goat herder 28 bible abortions recipy, consistancy is important, grizwald, myopic fertilized egg= corporation, abortion test, bob wins with hank, mccartney with nervana grammy, latent racism and clintons mistake, voting tuesday trivia, bachmann bible with ductaped spine, jackie finds common ground, paul explains affordable therapy jstephanie/ wingnutz speciality abortonomics/ charlie and dave throw m$ party for 300 pledge 500m$ for election jhpv/via smogblog cnbc emails to find climate deniers, big coal crandel fights evil agenda, gnbb/bernie explains oil speculators, almost 50 cents pg, ws 2big controls 60% gdp, obstruction tactics not helping any future president not just b0, judges questioners state bar association, on hartmann/
7214/Hey atheists are evil, the only reason you feel so threatened by us is that you really have doubts about your book of fairytales and belief in the imaginary man in the sky who watches over you. You're gonna die some day relatively soon, and that will be the end of all you are. Just try to deal with it, and stop making demons out of the people who grasp this reality-Some people need that kind of delusional nonsense in order to behave properly, just like some children will only act right within two weeks of Christmas cause they think Santa is watching-REAGANS of imagination amnesty for illegals, TAX INCREASES, PUKES loved him- the right wing version of Jesus, Profiteers go to heaven, poor go to hell-I am afraid, When i get to hell it will be all republicans-you don't have GOD in your life, we know the alternative that is influencing you, no need to overstate who your influence is-you don't have Santa Claus in your life? LOL! What a gullible rube, My influence is reality, perhaps you should look into it?-ironic being called a chump by an adult who still believes in a book of childish fairytales-Believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny if you want. Just stop trying to make it part of public policy yhal/03 W stood before the world and proclaimed that Iraq was in possession of 26,000 liters of anthrax, 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin, 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX gas, mobile biological weapons labs and uranium from Niger, ISIS Jihadists we've been here before, haven't we?- One hundred years ago, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, struck by two bullets and died within minutes. Those two bullets unleashed 100 years of carnage-Chomsky Whose Security? How Washington Protects Itself and the Corporate Sector-Banking World, Fraud Is an Epidemic If cases of corruption and fraud had been marginal or isolated, they could have been addressed and corrected, but this was not an isolated occurrence.-a new political conversation on the intertwining of caste and class, creating new kinds of movements against today's inheritance based Gilded-Chasing Water: Smarter Solutions for the Coming Water Scarcity-Pro Marijuana Canvassers Strike Over Unpaid Wages, they walked off the job and aim to form a union- World Bank's Dam Dilemma in Tajikistan will displace over 42,000 people from small mountain villages upstream-A Private Putsch Against Public Schooling, Billionaire political might has come to constitute a clear and present danger-extremist rhetoric and subculture of violence within the anti abortion movement is largely ignored, leading to political as well as real world consequences- Truthout/ Gutless: SEC Can Require Corporations to Disclose Big Political Contributions, support a secret society of campaign funding for businesses with the big bucks. It's legalized bribery, those who are paying off our elected officials for tacit favors are protected from public scrutiny-Filming You Through Your Bedroom Window Right Now- Iraq Disaster Made in the USA-Cruelty in the hands of those who are maliciously ignorant is something to fear, resist with all one's might-Rein in Wall Street Warren Champions Bill to Restore Glass Steagall-One day, it will implode. Trickle Down Economics based on a fairy tale Confronts Reality- Acidification, Overfishing and Plastics Threaten the World's Oceans-Providing Homeless Permanent Housing and Support Is Less Costly Than Abandoning Them-Koch Brothers Will Bankrupt Us-Beware of the RoboBee, Monsanto and DARPA-BuzzFlash/Seven States Running Out of Water USAT/The War Card Moyers/the New Bush v. Gore mj/Georgia Guns Everywhere Bill Takes Effect MSNBC/ Spooky Neo Confederate Talk Grows Louder at the Fringes Christian Right Secession Fantasy-Conspiracy of the Plutocrats Secrets Inequality Explosion Revealed-Ghoulish Trollery of Dick Cheney-Wingnuts and the Media That Enable Destructive Shenanigans Salon/ Confessions of a Goldman Sachs Brat DBeast/US Sends 300 More Troops, Drones, Helicopters to Iraq r/Just to Investigate 248 People NSA Collected Data of Millions Guardian/28 Years Passed Since the EPA's Last Chemical Risk Review?-Accidental Shootings Kill Two Kids Every Week-aja/Military Care, a Pattern of Errors but Not Scrutiny-Investors Who Bought Foreclosed Homes in Bulk Look to Sell nyt/ussc wingnutz Using the First Amendment as a Weapon Slate/Giant Methane Monster Lurking one of the strongest of the natural greenhouse gases, about 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide-ussc Eliminates President's Power to Make Recess Appointments-responsible for the Next 911? today's real life remake of Charlie Wilson's War, McCain is playing Charlie Wilson, the head of ISIS, is playing the role of Osama bin Laden-Lack of Power and Guns Go Together-Hartmann/US Marshals Seize Cops Spying Records to Keep Them From the ACLU WIRED/U.S. and Belgium soccer fans cheer together before a World Cup round of 16-If Guns Were Dildos, These Kids Would('nt) Be Dead-digg/THE SPEED OF HYPOCRISY, America Got Hooked On Legal Meth, the nation experienced a nonfictional explosion in the manufacture and sale of cookable sapphire pills and azure capsules containing amphetamine as a blue meth-motherboard/SC Restaurant Owner Refuses To Serve Blacks, Cites Religious Beliefs, bigotry & hate begin under the guise of the cross-far as what's best for business, he has bet on the wrong horse. The cost of being a bigot is very high, No business can likely survive-best political adviser only 3 said we should throw corrupt politicians (specifically Scott Walker) in a cage with a Tiger. I ever heard came from a This is close-Supreme Court Upholds Roman owned Little Caesar’s Right to Feed Christian Employees to Lions atlbanana-McConnell Pledges More Abortion Restrictions If GOP Wins Senate-The day people pull their heads out of their butt, and realize that this party is cracking up, and is looking more like a party of cry babies-Boehner just said they will not renew the nations infrastructure maintnence bill? fb/

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7214/Takei Calls For Boycott, HL is not a church, Blasts High Court

7214/Takei Blasts High Court, Calls For Boycott, HL is not a church. It's a business, must and should be required to comply with neutrally crafted laws of general applicability hp-Apparently the conservative Court Turned The Constitution Into A Weapon of Mass Destruction religious freedom clause was intended by the Constitution’s framers to be a shield to protect the individual against religious tyranny. The Court’s Christian males agreed with the religious right that the Founding Fathers intended freedom of religion to be a Constitutional sword to force women to comply with a corporations’ religious beliefs- Rightwingers don't teach men about responsibility when rape, incest, beastiality, prostitution, inbreeding and child molestation synonymous with RIGHTWINGERS! pu-fb/ Bush Vindicated: Islamic Terrorists Overtake Saddam’s WMD Facilities-Democrats overwhelmingly voted for the war. Every Democrat, including Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Wasserman-Shultz, who called George W. Bush a liar and every other hateful name in the book, including every MSNBC host, owes him a huge apology-Telegraph reports on this seizure of WMDs in Iraq-There is no debate that the Iraq War was sold to the American public with a collection of claims that ended up being proved false. colluding with Al Qaeda and was somehow involved in the 911 attacks. That, too, was false, Yet many still believe this stuff. It's a tragedy, but it's also a kind of natural experiment in misinformation, its origins, and its consequences. And since 2003 social scientists, psychologists, and pollsters have been busy examining why false beliefs like these are embraced even in the face of irrefutable evidence, and what impact this sort of disinformation has on American political discourse. The resulting research shows that the Iraq War looks like an early version of a current phenomenon: the right wing rooting its stances in simple untruths about the world (see climate change). So here's a quick trip through some of the ground- breaking scholarship on how the Iraq war polarized the US public over the acceptance of basic facts, pioneering study that laid the groundwork for much future work, the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland used a series of post Iraq War polls to analyze the the preponderance of false beliefs about the war. The study first defined three clear falsehoods: (1)real evidence linking Iraq and Al Qaeda had been uncovered; (2)WMD had been discovered in Iraq following the US invasion; and (3)global public opinion was in favor of the US invasion. Then, it examined the likelihood of holding such incorrect beliefs based upon a person's political party affiliation habits of news consumption, led the way in embracing these false assertions, with 80 percent of them believing at least one of the three ybac/ Can't escape the half breed Asian African thing- can't escape the being rich thing. Well, that is if you consider $10 million in cash rich, which is half of what I sold my company for 5 years ago. The rest is in my houses, retirement funds, etc, the pies were great- Paid no taxes on this $20 million windfall, huh? Per Capita Income; US~$53,000 India~$5000 Literacy Rate India~74% US~99% 50 years of affirmative action, they're on the bottom of the list. And we have someone from this group (mis)representing the country, because it would be politically correct and cool to have the second black (Clinton was the first black according to him and of course Hillary does a fine fake black accent I ain't no way too tired, I come too far) and the first half black president, bonobo. No wonder the economy is in a quagmire -yc/ wow escalates/texas unequal justice, lbjisms 4 bigots to bring peace praying 4 wise and understanding hearts, on hartmann/ zuculfda gold digger jewess wtfaw/ obadala,beast red meat repubs fearful of evil wombs, xman wanabee samtorum nazi birth card far right propaganda film, christy more fun less creepy than huckster, katerina clip, kelly kudoes, drug war rages on to keep pisons filled, jononstephie
7114/garbage begets garbage, Coulter sez Tim McVeigh should have blown up the NY Times Building instead of the Federal Courthouse-The United States is secular & isn't forcing their personal religion on anyone. Hobby Lobby is-No one is forcing anyone to work at Hobby Lobby-Poverty forces people to work every day. Now people get to choose between poverty or accepting Christian dictates- sending the Communist Chinese millions of dollars of aid makes no sense, hl supporting Communist China with business and thus supporting their state sponsored abortion policie hypocrisy?- Government shouldn't be dictating health care like you fascists want. tough shit. HL took a stand and won-it shouldn't and corporations shouldn't be dictating religion. Yet they both are now. Good job, Goebbels- do scientologists now have the right to deny paying for drugs or therapy to their employees? Do Jehovah's Witnesses have the right to deny paying for transfusions for their employees? Can Jews now insist on a Kosher workplace? And their 401k investments in companies that produce the very product to which they object is at a minimum, hypocritical- ACA is a one size fits all solution to a marketplace that demands more variety, and that's the main issue, another trillion dollar give away to corporate America, on par with Bush's drug plan. IF the free market is truly the answer, then we need to go back to the market we had in the 80s where ALL health insurers were nonprofit mutual assurance organizations who were mandated to spend 90+ percentage of the premiums on care, limited the salaries of the execs- aibafs/ Remarkable Unparalleled paranoia of the right blatantly evident with 100s of IDs and 1000s of posts-Court’s majority, the federal government should just pay for these services, most straightforward way of doing this would be for the Government to assume the cost of providing the four contraceptives at issue to any women who are unable to obtain them under their health-insurance policies due to their employers’ religious objections.” In other words, the five Republican appointees to the Court suggest the government establish a single payer plan for contraceptive services-illegals flowing accross the border are getting better healthcare than are our Vets- everyone knows illegals vote predominantly democrat. Its not like they are teabaggers or anything- paranoid bizarro world the right wing dings dwell in is a scary place, for them! EVERYTHING is done to frustrate their efforts to destroy America and the world, so THEY think! Poor lil meth ravaged brains of slobbering inbreds are overloaded with nightmarish images of a black man in the White House! Meanwhile, they gots to herd all their hooded kin together in a single wide. Hee, hee-That would be one fool, with 100s of IDs and 1000s of posts, and one gerbil- The newest incarnation- COMMIE #$%$ stopspending- Right wing paranoia? You need to look into the mirror son. Every post you folks make is about the Tea Party. You guys are obsessed and extremely paranoid about the Tea Party. We conservatives are very content to sit back watch you guys destroy yourselves like you have done this past 6 years. turns out that this entire post and all responses are from one person, how sick- ha! You think everyone else does what you do? Sign of a true psychopath- They can and do post all they want. They bark at the moon. What they do changes nothing. They are completely powerless- Get a life, perverts-doing it all alone with a dozen posts in a row shows how desperate the clinging rat is, My impression of * is that he is a very lonely guy who uses this message board to talk with people even if all he can do is insult anyone who disagrees with him. A classic paranoid person with compulsive obsessive behavior. He wants friends but he also doesn't want friends. Very confused. snorted some meth and went on a rampage. Be care, you don't want to dislodge the gerbil, It won't be long, and more Teabagger futility will be realized with nothing but more election losses, and only one lame Congressional house seat win in Texas where Repugs always run unopposed. That is a very meager and hollow win, Trolls, mimics, fools, liars, perverts, low life slime. Their lying posts reveal it all, poor little boys scurry from one ID to another like rats in a maze looking for the last piece of cheese ybac/ For the defenders of muz terror: Always an excuse always a rationalization, Hamas may be rabid but they still have to be put down, Empty gaza and put the ppl into the Sinai, missile hit a paint factory in Israel. Eventually they will score a direct hit on civis, will bring even the Usraeli to reoccupying gaza, end the gazan self rule experiment turning gazastan into an izlamic Paradise, become a launching pad for attacks-Amazing how many Jimmy carter defend farmers there were, Hamas gonna pay, Oh their going to pay- FINED FOR VIOLATING DARK POOL RULES- Every naxi war criminal was also really only a farmer in ww2- Israelis aren't war criminals, Just plain murderers, Of innocent women and children, And illegal occupiers, Time is a comin- Irish are murderers. How's future Irish presidential contender Gerry McAdams. Ordered the murder of a mother of 10. Denies being in the IRA- ygs/ Maddow: Christian segregationists would support Hobby Lobby ruling- NY man walks into business for a job, shoots two workers and himself when he doesn’t get it- SC trooper threatens Taser on cooperative NFL player during traffic arrest-Louisiana sheriff staging In God We Trust rally to defy church state separation July 4- Mexicans plotting your death, even as they smile and serve you cheeseburgers- boy 13 fatally shot his friend charged with reckless homicide- Santorum’s Hobby Lobby movie warns Christians that U.S. is becoming Nazi Germany- O’Reilly: One more liberal Supreme Court justice could end freedom forever- fatally shoots himself 12 in the head at Boy Scout camp in San Diego- PA woman doctor charged giving physicals to truckers-overturns conviction of nyc cannibal cop- Idaho college arms guards with pistols as law allowing guns on campus takes effect- Transgender Connecticut police officer fired after complaining about harassment- ussc ruling fuels battle over corporate rights- Oliver: Calling Uganda’s anti LGBT laws harsh, like calling Stalin a bit of a grump- LA GOP candidate Climate change is a hoax, can be disproved with thermometer- How the world is turning tropical right before our eyes- Florida GOP ready to put Taco Bell drunk driving arrest behind him after plea deal- Those opposing GettysburgKKK white revolution will be going in the ground- Melissa Stoddard moved from the North Carolina home biological mother for her own protection claimed her brother had touched her inappropriately, into the Florida home of her biological father, itMisty argued parenting is hard, and parenting an autistic child is harder, but parents do it every day. They don’t kill their children, became common practice to tie Melissa to a makeshift device used by Kenneth and Misty in sexual bondage fantasies, restrained her stepdaughter for her own protection, story inconsistent with the injuries found on her body at the time of her death attempting to break free of the board on multiple occasions, and the scarring on her lips was consistent with having been frequently gagged- rsy/b0 For SCOTUS?Their Failed Trickle Down Fantasies- word or phrase best describes Boehner & GOP's plan Will Sue b0 For Stuff He Thought Was Totally Fine Under W? How about All Time Low?- The poor have it easy isn't an exact quote? Rand sez Republicans are out of step with Jesus, too eager for war, RT he said a year ago, entering into a full scale battle with Dick soul of the GOP- Dangerous and Discriminatory thenation-alitos opinion dangerous and discriminatory- How To Identify Sexual Assault, In A Simple 3 Word Sentence ai- Elizabeth Can't believe we live in a world where we'd even consider letting big corps deny women access to basic care based on vague moral objections- Doing the Radical Right's Dirty Work: Supreme Court’s Latest Blows Against Women and Unions Alternet- symptiom of the disease they pretend to cure- Where God Hides Holiness, faith, humor, grace, & good bourbon. Tweets are opinions-tw/ Santorum, who would like to be president, seems to pine for the day when many Americans (like women, for example) couldn’t vote, It Wasn't Bad That Founders Limited Who Could Vote- why former Blackwater boss Erik Prince decided to leave the country weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007 Top Manager Threatened to Kill U.S. Investigator Probing Iraq Shootings- Shouldn’t we be grateful that Cheney is making himself the target, let’s be careful about ignoring the message because we don’t like the messenger, people were free to question Cheney’s credibility, you know, these people were involved in making the policy? taking responsibility. Cheney is stepping up saying, yes, I was involved, we can learn for better or worse from their experience and the only way we can challenge them is if they speak out. CNN wondered- Governor Paul LePage and the Tea Party of Maine, which was reported on The Bangor Daily News, discussed hanging Democratic lawmakers/ Communists Are Really Closeted Christians, shocking to conservatives Francis is no capitalist, believes there are better systems that serve the poor, and Communism is one of them- Elton John: Jesus Would Have Supported Gay Marriage- Supreme Court Declined Case On Gay Conversion Therapy/ Americans Care More About World Cup Than VA, Iraq, IRS: Pew-ll/ today I volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us, to pull the rug out from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews, so that they will be forced to run to us crying. Even if it means blowing up a few synagogues, I don’t care. And I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal, What your kind doesn't understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is far from not finished, 1982, Sharon quotes were attributed to Z, a high level, heavy set, Israeli officer with a certain history who was also a prosperous farmer. Israeli readers knew that Z was obviously Ariel Sharon 50, who perfectly fit description, and whose real feelings about the subjects discussed in the interview were not exactly a state secret presstv- plan on frequently going into every Hobby Lobby, asking a ton of stupid crafting questions, filling up my cart to the brim, walking up to the front and then telling them my conscience won't allow me to spend my money at a store that I don't agree with, and walking out leaving the big mess behind for them to clean up and put away. over and over again. Waste their employees time and the company's money, going to make this part of my routine. Hell I may also do it at Walmart, gonna start tomorrow, backwards shopping.. I think it must be really catchy- Hobby Lobby Invested In Numerous Abortion And Contraception Products While Claiming Religious just may be the most stunning example of hypocrisy in my lifetime forbes- why do you persist in trying to justify the fucking MOUNTAIN of shit the GOP are perpetrating BY THEMSELVES, Only a few of you closet Teabags buy that shit- You can bet real money the brass there are right wing, soulless nut jobs that will say or do ANYTHING to repress any viewpoint that varies from their own.- Notice how the defenders of this bullshit ignore the hypocrisy Slobby Knobby is disgustingly guilty of? It was never about their right to deny coverage. It was about their greed. And they knew they would be talking the Sublime Courts language when the greed rolled outfb/b0 Calls Hobby Lobby Ruling Gender Bigotry fni/ spabota nazi, wtfaw/ ill informed factually incorrect beliefs must be upheald because they sincerly believe them jon tries to convince b0 to become warming denier gnbb/ussc declares domestic violence, nudity, lsd, legal, freeing charlie, hartmann/insisting ginsberg is 98 bill talks about his moral code, on imus/ religious jewish mafia spawn, no nob no job, religion vs women underpaid home health labor now supporting chinese abortion ok with unholy christian supremists flexing hardon against all womanhood, democrat clown shoes and bigots helping 86 more ready to join, the smartest boy in class charlie helps judygould with no sex next big reality craze, wifeswap goes disorganized lesbians with religious standards, pushing rastafarians, john on stephie/ rolf glass pv/
63014/Hobby Lobby won their Supreme Court decision 5:4-Wow, Now corporations are people AND have religious rights that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that they cover contraceptives for women This is ridiculous. fb/doj investigating the circumstances surrounding the recent resignation of Virginia state Sen. Phillip Puckett D including his alleged consideration for a job on the state tobacco commission and the pending judicial appointment of his daughter in Southwest Virginia- OREILLY LOOKS SO OLD WITH THAT FLABBY TURKEYNECK FLOPPING OUT OF THAT COLLAR -yhal/ There can be no question that he was the victim of some kind of childhood trauma which now manifests itself in his SSA and other psycopathic behaviors. Maybe it happened at boy scout camp, maybe at church, but something terrible obviously happened to this sad, pathetic creature. I would like to see him forced in to some kind of treatment program before he becomes an even greater danger to society- aibafs/dissent, Ginsburg insisted that the ruling was much broader than the conservative justices were willing to admit, torched it as a decision of startling breadth which paves the way for corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships to opt out of any law (saving only tax laws) they judge incompatible with their sincerely held religious beliefs, linked to a Forbes list of large private companies that could seek exemptions from laws due to the Court's ruling, including Cargill, Koch Industries and Dell, which together employ more than 300,000 Americans- Hobby Lobby Still Covers Vasectomies And Viagra, now free to drop emergency morning after pills and intrauterine devices from its workers health insurance plans, has given no indication that it plans to stop helping its male employees obtain erectile dysfunction hp-fb/ rick and john laughing at wingnutz, rip womack 73, fugalsang
62914/Maher Explains How The Word Nigra Was Invented In The Sixties, why black people love their Cadillacs-Many American families have one Uncle Dick, Uncle Rummy and Little Dubya, a blame shift practitioner, the weird uncle no one wants anything to do with. You feel obligated to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner but, secretly, you hope he won’t show up-Katrina wants to know why, if Bill Kristol is so gung ho in war in Iraq, why not strap on some boots and a uniform-Republicans are right to promote an anybody but Hillary, Golberg says Hillary is ripe for being picked off, Urges Elizabeth Warren To run-Gunfire Injures 7 On Bourbon Street-Russian Jets Arrive In Iraq; Maliki Criticizes U.S. hoping the jets will make a key difference in the fight against ISIS-Kurdish Teens Invent Promising New Bomb Detection System- MO Citizens are outraged because molly also refers to a party drug to lure customers Molly Ahead, Between the two lines it says Black Market- Palin Missing Emails Attacks Lois Lerner For Missing Emails- Virginia State Senator Allegedly Took Bribe To Resign, Creating GOP Majority- able to turn Republicans secured a majority in the Virginia Senate by allegedly bribing Democratic State Senator Phillip Puckett with a car, a cell phone, a cushy job, and a judgeship for his daughter- Michigan Has Masturbation Issue Haskins is seen before he began serving a year long term in state prison- KKK Grand Dragon Kicked Off Neighborhood Watch for being a Christian- W's Gay Underground employed 70 gay staffers. This velvet mafia worked against gay marriage and everything most gays stand for- South Carolina don’t believe Crystal Moore should have been fired because of her sexual preference, The town overwhelmingly voted to reinstate Moore to her job- Caroline Sparks stepped out for a moment, leaving boy 5 to play with his birthday present a .22 rifle. While Mom was out, the child shot his sister 2, in the area it is not uncommon for parents to give their young children weapons Grandma Says It Was God's Will-ll/Firearms dealer shoots woman while teaching concealed carry safety at PA gun show-Bill finally inhales evidence for legalizing- Georgia father who killed his son 22m researched child death in hot car on Internet-Experts believe Supreme Court’s calm waters- CA woman 60 held after spraying weed killer in neighborhood child’s face- 10 big fat lies and the liars who told them- Video Arizona cop’s violent attack on black professor charged with assault-Country music star rants half breed Cherokee grandma to slam liberals- Oregon nanny charged after leaving kids in hot minivan while she tanned- If you thought dying of loneliness was just an old wives tale, think again- should Facebook have experimented on 689,000 users and tried to make them sad? rsy/ America's first dictator?- what's wrong with that? wish he had droned the welfare rancher teabugger militia; two cops would still be alive today- Anyone think KKKarl Rove is hetero?- Plenty of answers, you are too stupid to understand- Pukes clukking, issued far fewer executive orders, signing statements, and recess appointments than Booshtard- Vince Bugliosi begged for the opportunity to prosecute Boosh and Cheney for war crimes. He has never lost a case. Obama is not vindictive like GOPiggers though yhal/

Sunday, June 29, 2014

62914/ We truly do have mental health problems

62914/ We truly do have a mental health problem in this country, but cons like him prevent us from properly funding it. At this point he must only be trying to convince himself. Everyone else has moved on. I've read about how the mentally ill will fixate on something like this. Why have you moved on? And interesting how you claim to speak for everyone else? That smacks of someone very embarrassed to have been taken in by yet another hoax. Come on, put on your big boy pants and challenge the calculations of the Aussie scientist- what are you afraid of? Facts can be scary for you, I know. Until liberals gave us propaganda films, One Flew Over, we kept the mentally ill where they belonged, locked up. But gasbag liberals like yourself demanded they be released, insisting that their only problem was that they were different. Then it was on to the next crusade, the next fad- making deviant homos out to be normal one of your current pet fads. You're a buffet scientist, picking and choosing only those studies which prop up your Marxist worldview. The grand lie upon which you pin all of your desperate bleating hopes, the consensus, is dispatched quite nicely in The Global Warming Swindle, in which prestigious climate scientists admit that to speak out is an academic death sentence. If that's the kind of science which has you beaming with pride, perhaps you should take your rightful place amongst the scientists of the Third Reich, who also conducted themselves in a similar fashion-You cannot deny the words of the scientists themselves or their university positions. They reached their conclusions based on their own interpretations of the data and the recognition that psuedoscience is rampant on this issue. Your hysterical reaction to this speaks volumes about the relative weakness of your position-not intended to be science, but they can record the testamony of those with far greater first hand knowledge on this issue and educational credentials than YOU, and what they are telling us should be of concern to any sane, concerned citizen who truly vaues science. That apparently excludes you- Show me the research. Youtube videos are not science- not intended to be science, but they can record the testamony of those with far greater first hand knowledge on this issue and educational credentials than YOU, and what they are telling us should be of concern to any sane, concerned citizen who truly vaues science. That apparently excludes you- The only hysteria here is from you and the "beatdowns" you have been receiving-aibafs/ forked tongue syndrom Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control- imagine what would happen,if any other ethnic PEOPLE would do that? this white People would run scared,and start shooting.,as there excuse would be, we felt threatening by the blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Nothing more than domestic TERRORISTS. Ship all of this ass holes to Iraq, ASAP- you can not be for big military & empire and be fkr small government. intellectual dishonest- fb caliman jumpstart banker centables wingnut cartoons compound interest 3%/fighting the urge haden helps draw isistan, sunistan, shiistan chris listens both deserve special thanks but pushing terrorist state, splinter teabag groups but no one know where the money is coming or going fns/bill is rocky mtn high, reince rnc chair sez jeb not as obnoxious as hillary, back peddling 4 scalia, nbc/
62814/NC Paul Skip Stam R suggested that adult sexual attraction to children is sexual orientation, like homosexuality handed out a sheet listing what he said were 30 different sexual orientations, argued the definition of sexual orientation is not defined anywhere, must be narrowed, otherwise it would include masochism, sadism, pedophilia, along with homosexuality and heterosexuality, Marcus Brandon, D-Guilford, argued It's offensive. Pedophilia is not a sexuality, it is a disease. It is a problem that has to be addressed outside of this body, the bigger issue is policies that treat some people as second class citizens, apa says sexual orientation refers to an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and or sexual attractions to men, women, or both sexes, maintains that pedophilia is a mental disorder and that acting on pedophilic impulses is and should be a criminal act- wbtv fb/After the Minnesota day life was said and done, what it all really meant was that, as the midterm elections draw near, the best the Democrats can come up with, replicate what worked for Barney, which was to charm potential voters by walking around town in women’s shoes. usually acts like he’s got political attention deficit disorder, was attempting to convey is that, unlike his political adversaries, he really does understand that despite Rebekah’s concerns about college and vacations, the only real worry American women have is whether or not they’ll get free birth control and unlimited access to abortion. Hey, here’s an idea! Maybe instead of strolling around town pretending to be an actual human being, bo should take the time to listen and pay attention to the voices of those Americans who reject aca, are appalled at the IRS scandal, want to see Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from a Mexican jail, and who fear MS-13 gang members and children with Third World diseases streaming across our borders jeannieology at aibafs/authors state that anything less than a moratorium on the Canadian oil sands indicates failed leadership vo/O'Reilly Calls for Boycott of Mexico-Gohmert Announces $1M Bounty Bill for Missing IRS Emails fni/Ohio man arrested after friends parade AR15s through neighborhood, spouting racial slurs-God gives Americans the right to disobey gun laws-MS Tea Partier who conspired to photograph Cochran’s wife commits suicide-migop Ignore my arrests for publicly masturbating in other people’s cars-the quiet revolution linux-Loser in OK primary claims victory because GOP opponent is dead, replaced by android-radio host who failed to shut down D.C. now wants to shut down the border-il minister accused of molesting boy 8 for six years-Even basic common sense ideas can’t get through this Congress bo keeps heat on-human rights groups to tell all on U.S. rendition flights to Diego Garcia-Maher: Black voters in MS knew Thad Cochran was the least sh*tty choice-NJ woman at large after being filmed attacking mother in front of her son 2-rsy/01%er Sees Pitchforks In The Elites Future sure as heck is neither David nor Charles Koch-tea party official charged in blogger break in case has committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, Mayfield, vice chariman of the Mississippi Tea Party, arrested and charged with conspiracy-little kids sword fighting with dildos Kids with Dildos a Dangerous Lie Considering-Benhazi Suspect Ahmed Abu Khatallah, taken aboard the USS New York, after his seizure in a raid on the outskirts of Benghazi-Flying Armed Predator drones, with Hellfire missiles Over Baghdad just to protect the U.S. embassy-revelation that all of the emails from former IRS official, has given new life to the long dead IRS scandal, Stewart, is failing to report-Judge Upholds banned ammunition magazines Colorado Gun Laws-Christian Motivational Speaker scheduled to speak to middle school students in Evansville Jailed For Public Drunkenness- Syria Hands Over Last wmd, bo Seeks $500M For Moderate Syrian Rebels more American weapons that will likely eventually wind up in the wrong hands- Johnny Rhoda argop Who Joked About Hillary Being Shot Resigns, Tim Griffin condemned remark as offensive- The View Sherri Shepherd Leaving The View- our good friend Maliki Waged Years Long Campaign Against U.S. allied with Iran, because he isn’t exactly a great friend of the United States, that’s what you get when you invade a country and replace a secular government with a religious one- Media Asks Dick-R.I.P. Howard Baker passed away at 88, lifelong and proud Republican, Unlike some, however, I don’t believe loyalty to party precludes common sense decision and policymaking, reminder of a different time,-Joe Koblenzer 73 has been working for three years as greeter for the restaurant Fired By Cracker Barrel For Giving Muffin To Needy Person-Seth Rogen Responds To North Korea Calling His Movie An Act Of War It’s unlikely that Kim Jong Un can beat him in a game-Watch Stephen Hawking’s Remarkable Sense Of Humor-More Than Three Quarters Of Conservatives those in the steadfast conservative, business conservative and young outsider typology groups Say The Poor Have It Easy-The fastest growing religions in the world: Islam and Mormonism, religious men still cling to the idea of women contrary to progressive thought in the modern world, no question, Still Imposing Gender Inequality-ll/current Oklahoma law, possession of any amount can earn one up to a year in jail for a first offense and from two to 10 years for a second offense. Marijuana sales, any amount can earn a sentence of up to life, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, support for medical marijuana was higher than 75%, support for decriminalization was at 67% in Tulsa and at 63% in Oklahoma City fb/Mexicans DO NOT vote for Red, Theres NO money in it for them-The heathens have control of America-The day is coming where "Conservatives" won't vote for Republicans either. I hope conservatives don't turn out for McTurtle and the Cockroach. The Senate is probably going to have to wait another two years, when the real land slide comes. The American public isn't going to wake up until they are on their death bed, buckle up boys and girls, it's going to be a ruff ride for a while-yhal/ Iraq and Detroit: Both Plundered by the Same Bandits: Very powerful people in boardrooms and government offices made decisions that turned Detroit into an Iraq and now sneer at pleas for mercy. Just as Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed, Detroit residents now live without basic services, which ought to be regarded as a human right, Black Agenda-Brad Blog The idea that the people standing outside clinics screaming and yelling, chasing people into the streets and threatening staff are there for First Amendment expression reasons would be laughable if the potential for violence wasn't so real-Red Cross hired a fancy law firm to keep secret How We Spent Sandy Money ProPublica/ Fifty Years After Freedom Summer, US Faces Greatest Curbs on Voting Rights Since Reconstruction dn/Koppel Skewers Bill O'Reilly to His Face-Boston Ramps Up Police Presence Around Abortion Clinics After ussc RawStory-Court to Rule in Landmark Hobby Lobby Birth Control tpm/The Incompetence Dogma Krugman nyt/Caucus Room Conspiracy hartmann/bo sez if Republicans in Congress were less interested in stacking the deck for those at the top, and more interested in growing the economy for everybody-How many blacks did byrd hang as leader of the KKK. some patriot. How quick the dems are to forget and forgive their own-1997, Byrd told an interviewer he would encourage young people to become involved in politics but also warned, Be sure you avoid the Ku Klux Klan. Don't get that albatross around your neck. Once you've made that mistake, you inhibit your operations in the political arena, Unlike TeaBaggers, Byrd was patriot enough to admit when he was wrong-How many American soldiers did Dubya slaughter in Iraq for nothing?-Hannity Pushes Debunked IRS Conspiracy Theory-Gretchen Carlson baselessly accused the IRS of knowingly canceling a contract with email archiving company Sonasoft in order to hide emails-fbi collects 80 thousand NewsCorp internal emails-TeaParty CAUSEd Children Crisis at the border, Obama, unlike the Price is Right, NEVER SAID COME ON DOWN, Where are the Latin American children and their parents hearing this FALSE idea & LIE that if their children can simply get to the boarder and get into the US then they can stay and be given all manners of nice things they don't have i and can't get in their own country? Things like Peace, Food, Education, Healthcare, WHO is saying it?-Mayfield of Ridgeland, an attorney tea party leader, Richard Sager, elementary school P.E. teacher and high school soccer coach, John Beachman Mary of Hattiesburg, not taken into custody medical conditions. All face felony conspiracy charge with Clayton Kelly to photograph Cochran's bedridden wife in her nursing home and create a political video against Cochran-torches too. Don't forget them along with pitchforks- pew says 62 percent of Americans think that the economic system unfairly favors the powerful, and 78 percent think that too much power is concentrated in too few companies conservatives agree wp-The question for all the PhD scientist in New Jersey is why haven't they figured out how the Romans made concrete but are so called experts on the book of evolution. concrete was invented at or just before the time of Christ. It would seem to me that somebody is two thousands years behind time, and we are going backwards instead of forwards with einsteins equations on how the earth was put together but concrete is in another league of its own. their Chariots were also made out of better stuff than anything made today by any of the Industrialized Empires including the Japanese or the Germans. As a Consequence maybe they really new how to turn water into wine, and that's why one of the Cardinals went looking for the old recipe in the Parthenon hidden under the Roman numerals by a Jewish Tablet and sandscript carver. there was a great separation between the Sand Crab and the Camel, as the camel must have stepped on the sand crabs toe somewhere around the oasis and he ran deep into the desert and went delarious from heat Stroke, when he came back he covered everybody with a burka and took the pencils away from all the girls and only gave them crayons from the west because he was color blind, As a Further consequence a very large shipment of pencils was delivered to the west from China because they finally learned how to put lead in your pencil, but the only thing the government was every taught was how to sharpen them, everything else was scratched out by the invention of the pen and an eraser, As a result all the kids turned to Computer games for the answer but Common Core was out to lunch on that issue to, and the entire society fell into a deep sleep of day dreaming, all dreaming science fantastic snuck up on them and recorded their dreams, but the only one that could interpretate them correctly was old Sigimus Freud, but he fell asleep on the couch too, reading reports from wall street how they were going to save the world too-The prosecution rests it's case, your honor. Have you lost it, its time to get back to the basics, I think you have it spiked with something else besides love Potion #9-neglected as a child. what's to figure out? chariots, better kevlar or uranium hardened steel? put aside your frou frou spritzers, home depot sells concrete mix by the pallet load. He she likes to see thread on top for the attention, so posts jibberish to him her self-he stares mouth agape at roman ruins while we've been to the moon and back, no longer does it take 20 thousand slaves decades to construct what we can do in a year with a couple hundred union laborers. gv't has led the way both in the era of pyramids and our current space age. what's with this analogy of pencils and sharpeners? My Hard Drive has a disk in it that was burned in by a straight lazer. Languages do not come out of a cave riding on the back of a Dinasaur, but rather came down the ladder from the vault of heaven after practicing a little calligraphy-give credit to this gv't which ennabled the internet, for providing with you a public education, for creating this greatest of nations ever seen on face of this earth, we the people had something to do with it but only by grace of our government. Think you had better check your bank account in Bulgaria and be carefull who you are sharing whisky and water with, Bulgaria set for a snap parliamentary election. Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski's minority government agreed to resign after the Socialists, performed badly in May's European elections-neither we or the eu beauty queen has nary a worry over a bulgarian blemish-This should keep you busy in the pencil sharpener lobby-everybody rush into bitcoin!-we've already witnessed how it's subject to vagaries in the market place including manipulation-next up currency minted in a chocolate factory-Bit coin the new kid on the block with a iPod and a set of ear phones.Right now nobody is quite sure if he is playing with bow diddley or county and western, all as anybody knows is every banker is going to see every concert-Save a lot of money if they figured out a decent concrete instead of repaving major highways every other year or close to it, it seems. That would free the money for hardening the grid-give credit to this gv't which ennabled the internet-I do declare, Obama invented the Internet,Gore's going to be so upset! rbh/ Canada's Supreme Court ruled must compensate former workers at a Quebec store that was closed after they voted to become the first WalMart store in North America to unionize-Conan O’Brien: Idaho GOP debate was even more bizarre than what you saw, candidates Harley Brown tattoos, prophecies from God, living in fat jacks basement, and Walt Bayes, the wormwood Chernobyl stole the show from current Gov. Butch Otter (R) and the other candidates by delivering performances that were completely bizarre, should have been a minor procedural hurdle of the Idaho Republican primary season became a viral video sensation as Brown and Hayes held forth about restraining orders, including never before seen footage of some candidates you may not have noticed the first time around like a man named Sidney who was wrapped completely in aluminum foil, a dog in a British barrister’s wig, and a Slim Jim with googly, Now people are saying that was a big mistake because it got a little strange and it undermined the importance of the debate O’Brien rawstory- The very fact that a near rapist Like Herman Cain who could not think of anything to say about Libya at very moment it was a big news story or Newt Gingrich (A guy who was kick out by his own party, cheated on his first wife with his second only to cheat on that wife with his third on WHILE speaker of the house and now makes his money of various direct mail scams) or Donald Trump were GOP presidential front runners at one points helps show how different the parties actually are, What is more there is also Michele Bachmann's history of wacky utterances and actions or Former Half term Governor Sarah Palin who though Africa was a country and that what do you read was a hard gotcha question, perhaps the best way to see the difference between the two parties is too look at states like Kansas and Oklahoma or Governors like Scott The Imperial, Skeletor Voldermort Scott Walker or Chris Fat Bastered Traffic Jam Christie and compare them. Further all that is leaving out Dick Cheney who is almost in a class by him self having been part of the Nixon administration, part of Reagan's administration where he was involved in Iran contra and his role as Dubya's VP where he was up to his eyeballs in every dirty deed, corrupt bargain, incompetent move and miserable failure from the stealing of the election to soldiers electrocuted in the shower due to third rate contractors, i could go into voter suppression, purging of the lists of registered voters, Election fraud, the fact that Alex Jones (widely listened to and respected on the right) has seemingly seriously suggested that Shapeshifting Reptilian alien race, the fact that the GOP has welcomed the John Birch Society back into the fold or how they have held up guys like George Zimmerman and Cliven Bundy as good guys, But that would take to long-fb
62714/we’re going to see something remarkable happen because I see it already happening on the ground, all over the state Wendy Davis- msnbc- Gonna stomp the stupid out Texas-They best commence stomping lots to be done Fb/12.6 22.9yf/bernie sez40% of oil speculators cut, paulson and other wingnutz opening eyes, on hartmann/rap is dictorial, no such thing as truth, phycotic liberals should be proud of military machine names, meth weed from syria bust in nyc, on savagewabc/