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111514/Spanish nurse Romero leaving hospital

111514/Spanish nurse Romero leaving hospital bbc/ voter id scanners not working in Broward County. 284,172 Broward voters had cast ballots, 119,501 Broward residents had cast absentee ballots, and 129,207 people voted early, according to election officials, 790 absentee ballots for being unsigned or signed in the wrong place sunsentinel-Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, I think there's a Punch a Republicon in the Throat step I missed- Kansas AKA midway USA is sort of the vortex of evil that epitomizes Dumbfuckistan-America is the only country where it costs $4 billiion to elect people with a 9% approval rating Andy Borowitz-Congress will try to put its boot firmly on the working mans throat now-not a complete and unified party they are self destructing eachother if mCconnell thinks that ted cruz is going to be silent then he can think again- Until we have more people interested in the vote than whether the McRib is back, it's not gonna get better-all of the significant ballot initiatives went the progressive direction; all of the minimum wage votes had majorities (though Florida's required 60% to pass; how's that work in a democracy? personhood failed, pot passed, gun control passed-Oliver and Norman Goldman are right. The American people are so fucking ignorant of our political system, that's how we end up with elections like this. Our own base is woefully ignorant (otherwise they'd get out and vote), and the other side is willfully ignorant (which is scarier-how many damn races flipped late? quinn, prick snott, walker, hagan, something FISHY- recreational Oxycontin passed in Florida- sms/ nc polling place siamesegerrymandering, steph and dean upset
111414/ayoffs have begun at Warner Brothers,but at least one ex employee says the cuts are discriminatory, claiming his pink slip explicitly said duck season-During Blackbeard's time, many a tall ship was the victim of boater fraud-kim-jongun takes a spin in a submarine independent- Fla man 90 faces 60 days in jail for feeding the homeless- physicist Lawrence Krauss: Religion could be gone in a generation-voter pulls off epic photobomb of Mitch- Neo dConfederates want Mississippi voters to proclaim Christianity as official religion- Mitt: America will see the real party of no when Obama vetoes Mitch McConnell’s Senate-Stewart isn’t voting, predicts Republicans will get everything but the presidency-Ingraham: If ID laws make voting too difficult for some people good-Neo Nazis peeved over KKK’s competing anti immigration rally in Texas-Vatican slams Brittany Maynard: She committed an undignified absurdity- Ga Republican Secretary of State’s voter info website abruptly crashes on Election Day- Jones: Obama put out a green light for groups of black youths to kidnap white women-Virginians clash Then you need to go back to Africa!- Utah cops who shot man holding cosplay sword six times in back- Fox News plans to air Navy SEAL special despite rebuke by elite unit’s commander-Mike Huckabee joins push demanding Houston officials ignore their own election lawsfocusing on the petition’s failure, Huckabee and other speakers at the event criticized the city for subpoenaing local pastors’ sermons to determine how they had told their parishoners to fill out the petition-F-35 fighter jet makes landmark aircraft carrier landing- British spy chief says Twitter, Facebook are the command network of choice for terrorists- Pollster Nate Silver: It might be an election week or month, not an election day- Stewart: Republicans rational argument is scaring seniors with Ebola- Philadelphia pastor molested mentally challeged niece in church-Boy's body found after mother reports throwing him off Oregon bridge rsy/Polls just closed in Nc-same for Ohio-goody, now we get to have 2 years of impeachment threats and trying to get right of ACA. such a waste of time-Sounds lik Kim Jong's style- just wondering, why is a visit to a strip club 20 years ago a disqualifier for Dems, but a felony of fraud conviction garners GOP votes?- call your filibuster and raise you ten vetos-"Scott Brown is now the first person in American history to lose Senate races to two different women in two different states- imw/Center For Disease Control CDC, private company, started by Rockefeller ronrambles fb/The lawyer of convicted killer Joran van der Sloot had been stabbed repeatedly in a Peruvian prison, local penitentiary authorities deny the attacks took place iapb/Scott Brown was putting out yard signs Stand with Obama, vote for Jeanne Shaheen msnbc/Keynesian economics is the way to go, the Koch brothers know it. That's the reason they're obstructing the Dems. The Kochs, like their father are advocates the Friedrich Hayak bogus brainwash theory of feudalism economics, also known as Reaganomics- we marvel together at rapeublican idiocy- rumor already got around that Republicans will get ebola if they go out in crowds, so maybe they will stay home-catastrofuck-more dangerous than people realize. The Kochs may instruct the GOP to crash the economy over the debt ceiling unless the president gives them the KeystoneXL Pipeline, or some form of the Ryan Budget-no shame, what they say, what they said before, having Southern Avengers on your campaign team but still a leading serious contender for the GOP nomination given his and his Dad's racist tendencies- Anyone that was denied Medicaid, or was forced drug tested, should be voting for Charlie Crist (assuming they let them) at 100%. Scott is a dirty, rotten, filthy, liar, and crookif they are over taxed and there is slow growth, Mitch, you are to blame since you're the incumbent, you old, fat fool!-the whole country is still suffering from 911, few have come to grips with the reality of that day.-sms/charlie tells steph what time it is/geraldo begs reds not to do something stupid/ky polls close at 7pm so residence can get their 13 yr old wives to bed for middle school, curt shouts to make a point, bbsatanyahoo, kcwabc/the biggest day for white guys since ambercrombie met finch lnsm/
11314/Open Border Policy Yields More Fruit, Deadly Mosquitos-the same place from which GB 68 came from. That's the fever flu with no known cure the illegal kids brought in. No comment from Washington, just more votes for dems. So many illegals have registered to vote as children under Obama's Program that many precincts have already lost count. This election will be a goat screw because of Obama and His schemes!- BANK OF AMERICA going to move?-ALIBABA is going to buy and MOVE to Singapore-controlling interest can be bought for approx. 98 Billion! chump change for ALibaba ybac/You pieces of shit have a hard time grasping reality. You suffer from a sort of Joseph Syndrome that dates from your temporary residence (as it is, everywhere) in Egypt. The story repeats itself. U.S.A. and Canada are next- Many may see it as a result of Israel's bold politics. I, for one, beg to dissent, seeing Israel's emboldened actions as a direct result of the USA's alienation, once the security of the American protectorate is lost, Israel is left to her own devices-skeptics of Barack questioned his support for Israel, his campaign, with help from media allies, pursued an aggressive counteroffensive. The strategy was to delegitimize reasonable criticism of Obama’s record by lumping it together with zany conspiracy theories from fringe figures and anonymous Internet commenters, Weeks before the election, the Atlantic’s Goldberg wrote Dear Jews: Stop the Obama Paranoia, all you rumor mongering, fever headed Jewish conspiracists: Support McCain, if you want, and there are credible reasons for doing so, but stop smearing Obama in the face of overwhelming evidence that the man is a great friend of Jews and of Israel. After a point, it becomes obvious that what you fear is not Israel’s destruction, but the presence of an African American in the White House-kkk is rising again-democrats say accusing gop fear campaign redstate- iapb/ Europe's new foreign policy chief, Italy's Federica Mogherini, will visit Israel, and the Palestinian Authority (PA), just a few days into her five year term inn/ Nicholas spewing debunked leftist talking points, Fox sued for the right to lie, to call people idiots because they believe what they here from their media sources. Now that's funny! Snoops- Software Engineer admits creating Vote Fraud Software for Republicans rotharmy- fb/I hate Fox News’: California man attacks Halloween reveler in reporter costume-Alabama school system paid former FBI agent $157,000 to spy on black students- NC voters report voting machines switching their votes to GOP candidate-Oliver: Crazy legislatures are frat houses of democracy-Dawkins calls out Georgia Southern history professor for pushing creationism-Dems want criminal probe of Kentucky GOP's shady Violation Notice- GOP to protest Univision after Democratic ad targets Tea Party Republicans as terrorists- millions of women going topless for Planned Parenthood-Ohio's GOP Kasich offers update of compassionate conservatism-Texas officer on video: Go ahead, call the cops. They can’t unrape you- Goodbye to all my dear friends Death with dignity advocate Brittany Maynard dies at age 29 rsy/at best an incomplete proposal, the general idea that Congressional terms should be 4 years. However, the logical endpoint of this proposal is that all elections would be in the quadrennial Presidential years, including those for Senators, Representatives, governors, state legislatures, and perhaps all the others, as attention to off-year elections would fall even further. I can't say that I think that that is a good idea. Four years is a long time to have no say at all in the actions of your elected government. Citizens are supposed to pay attention and make decisions. Every two years doesn't seem like such a burden, and, if it is, there are proposals to make voting easier, including moving Election Day to a weekend, making Election Day a holiday (or a partial holiday), or enabling internet voting. I would try these in preference to amending the Constitution with uncertain consequences-/cancel midterms nyt/ apologist show cracks in denial armor geraldo listens to tearful wingnutz citing newspapers/thom tears cory/curt takes the bullet 4 kuby revisited, kcwabc
11214/Jew thievery, continues to reject Hamas's offer of a ten year ceasefire because it would undermine Israeli arms sales, which reached $7 billion in 2012, Israeli Aerospace Industries able to raise $132 million in just one week, which comes up as $132,000 per Palestinian killed in this attack. Elbit Systems specializes in drones, extremely connected, this military aid comes in the form of weapons, this attack on Gaza is not just a trade show for the Israeli arms industry, we can also understand why the Hamas Party has made its ceasefire proposition, joined with the Islamic Jihad about two weeks ago, in which they offered a ten- year ceasefire. Now, Hamas is [an] acronym for Ḥarakat al Muqāwamah al Islāmiyyah, which means the Islamic resistance movement. Their whole idea is to resist the occupation, Israel will never accept a ten year ceasefire, because it would be a deadly blow to the Israeli arms industry- obamas assault on israel moral outrage, the anonymous administration official quoted by Goldberg boasted that Netanyahu was essentially suckered by Obama into holding off on an attack that could have prevented Iran from becoming a nuclear power, too late for him to do anything, Two, three years ago, this was a possibility. But ultimately he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. It was a combination of our pressure and his own unwillingness to do anything dramatic. Now it’s too late, reverberations that go far beyond Israel. The administration is signaling to allies, from the Middle East to Eastern Europe and beyond, that they cannot trust U.S. security guarantees, if allies take Obama at his word and follow his advice, Obama will not only betray them, but they will be mocked and humiliated for actually believing him wexaminer-wpost urged Obama reset- Netanyahu risked his political future, Not only was there no deal, but he got the blame, can’t reset this level of hostility frontpagemag-iapb/
11114/Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader attuned to the will of the people. It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common goal. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including our health and well-being, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by force or through regulation and social pressure. Everything, including economy and religion, must be aligned with its objectives. Any rival identity is part of the problem and therefore defined as the enemy. I will argue that contemporary American liberalism embodies all of these aspects of fascismgreenburgisms townhalljhawk aibafs/Caught By ISS?, simulation of one explosion caused by a meteor. It is just a simulation created by computer, images are parts of the movie Origns of Live, which have been projected in the dome of the Planetário de Brasília. This movie tells a brief introduction of Astronomy with the evolution of live in Earth and space exploration criticalbelievers-uk considered recruiting psychopaths to keep order after nuke attackYou’re actually doing al-Qaeda’s work for them Muslim hits back at Maher-Maher slams Berkeley protesters: Who said you only had to hear what didn’t upset you? Scientists get lung cancer cells to self destruct rsy
103114/Republicans lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes: Mark Twain-Dems don't need to be assholes like Christie, but they do need to take a lesson about not backing down-expecting the computers to go down in Ohio, and they didn't- Cantor's poll numbers- white jesus is so pretty, but Ive seen gorgeous black Jesus pics too, obviously into cosmetic surgery-hot Jesus pictures are based on Michelangelo's vision which he chose his cousin as the model. Fun fact. Michelangelo was super gay and in love with his cosuin. so the standard ideal of Jesus is a gay fantasy-I may have just wrote in tongues- Jesus recommended quarantine for all lepers- crime why eboehner not in jail, caught lying again to missinformed voters saying that george bush was a great president and that Obama was going around the world apoligizing to other countries about america being weak-ending bowling as a sport-both parties had to prostitute themselves to big money-eboler hats are optional- RWers seem to avoid jail time. Must be money and connections-moose tongues?- Eboling for Columbine? New flick by Michael Mooore?- Republican Jesus is a douche-We don't have an extreme left wing in America. The extreme right has an endless supply of wingnuts who are allowed to say anything they want all the live long day. But you don't hear socialist type candidates on TV. They just aren't allowed-Lennox is trying to address internalization of misogynist ideas that then get acted out and perpetuated-Does it make sense for me to be 99% Atheist and 1% agnostic. Just because I want to leave a window open because I don't know everything-I never sneer at people of faith, as long as you dont use that to hurt others different from you-most of religion is institutional thought control. And I don't want to admit to atheism because of the atheists I know who sneer at the religious like they're slow children-infected with right wing media propaganda-banging on how much the Ebola hysteria reminds me of the HIV hysteria. All we need is the ghost of Jesse Helms to start calling for rounding up the gays-asshats manipulate and apathy increases, so I reserve more hatred for asshats- Kaci Hickox is doing the right thing sms/ by feral groids PARASITES ! Will OCLOWN stop lying when the SENATE goes GOP ?-The food stamp boom began with W, who expanded benefits in the appalling 2002 farm bill, presided over a massive expansion of the program. The 2002 farm bill expanded eligibility to certain noncitizens, and the 2008 farm bill, passed over Bush’s veto, added more benefits. The upshot: between 2001 and 2009, the number of people on food stamps rose from 17.318 million to 33.49 million, an increase of 93.4 percent. The total annual costs of the program tripled between 2001 and 2009, from $17.8 billion to $53.6 billion. It may turn out that George W. Bush was the most effective food stamp president-Puke Filth Love To Spend On Murdering Moslems & Commies!-an abundance of caution we must quarantine anyone who even might get sick, Now let's go door to door and accept food from total strangers-Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt to Mitch McConnell deevolutionyhal/three sets of law in Israel, one for the 8 million Jews, one for the 1.5 million non Jews with citizenship, and then military rule extra legal discrimination for the 7 million non Jews without citizenship iapb/ Texas teen lured to skate park for gay-bashing, then insulted by cops-Religious zealot nearly beheads teen witch after watching Christian videos: police-Florida nursing home aides abusing Alzheimer’s patient-Colbert beams up George Takei to save democracy-Brown botches local New Hampshire question- O’Reilly accuses Republicans of being intimidated by Blacks-NYC cop opens fire on father-son duo, killing younger man- tx convince Black voters to spend food stamp money on election day-Stewart: Texas is deep red, but Louie Gohmert is trying to turn it dipsh*t- Jones’ website: Global elites producing an army of killer clowns through unemployment-Shroom- induced brain rewiring could hold the key to fighting mental illness-ga cops humiliate trans man with genital search- US citizens tied up and shot in the head in Mexico-tx militia leader busted days later with explosive-Public school lets pastors, including sex predator, meet kids at lunch rsy/ NBC reporter asked the senator why Obama has such low approval ratings in Louisiana. Landrieu's first response was that the president's energy policies are deeply disliked by residents of the oil and gas rich state. I'll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place, It's been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light-1968 you can’t say nigger, that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites, We want to cut this, is much more abstract than even the busing thing Lee Atwater- Gas prices ALWAYS go down just before recent elections, especially when the demlibs are in office. Then they always go back up after the election. Guess that tells us who controls gasoline prices at the pump, want to bet that prices will not be above three dollars a month after the election? Regardless of who wins-Free Syrian Army Fighters Enter Kobani To Help Battle ISIS hp, wingers and the pentagon caught looking, obama's not the messiah. he's a fricken maestro-rbh/bbgn spoof of koch commercial, weather channel bad bad science nutbag/humping diet plan, playing the fatman, iman wants to see his penis again/bernie repeats fallon dick joke/ feugalsangisms democracy is not a spectator sport, bengazi movie fearfest/ kim un also restricting antiebola flights, curtis out after ebola proof suit test, kcwabc
103014/Chhath Puja festival in Patna, India ancient Hindu festival, rituals are performed to thank the Sun God for sustaining life on earth- How the poorest, sickest state got left behind by Obamacare Mississippi, Burned-Mastering The Politics Of Anxiety, this vote reflects something important: the electorate’s fear and anxiety. Politico digg/ Iran Executes Woman Who Killed Her Alleged Rapist CNN/First Year Teacher Intervened With Marysville Shooter, Saved Lives CandLiars/ Pentagon Reach $4 Billion Deal for More F35 Jets r/ mo Officer Shot Vonderrit Myers From Behind hp/ In Brazilian City, Homeless Face Extermination aja/ Irked by Israel's Foot-DraggingLongtime allies are losing patience, Netanyahu not interested in negotiating a two state solution- Voter suppression and disenfranchisement far outweigh any trumped up and spurious claims of Election Day confusion. Don't let anything keep you from the polls, even if Texas Sized Hurdles on the Path- OtherWords/Flip D to R in Texas, R to D in Illinois: More Trouble With Touch Screens bb/ Arizona cop wanted any reason to shoot ex lawmaker held at gunpoint for honking- Creationists aren’t happy that Pope Francis ripped their worldview-I'm not a hater candidate insists his neo Nazi is past-nyc cop plotted with woman to molest her baby, and they recorded it all on Skype- facts you learned at school that are just plain wrong-Four more women claim radio host Jian Ghomeshi choked and punched them-Christie is sitting on $800 million meant for disaster relief-Stewart shreds robber baron Koch brothers for buying ad time during his show-Cruz I love my iPhone: Being gay is Cook’s personal choice,-Maher still invited to speak at Berkeley commencement-Teacher told class she’d kill all black people if given 10 days to live-Only a scientist could fumble so badly the gift Pope Francis just handed science- Penn. coroner People pay more auctioning firearms from suicides-Duck Commander endorses nephew for Congress: Bibles and guns brought us here- Ohio state trooper admits to coercing sex from handcuffed women- Utah family likely died from poisoning rsy/ Israelrecalled ambassador to Sweden following the Swedish government's decision to officially recognize Palestine as a state-Despite all of the attacks I suffer, I will continue to defend our country. I will continue to defend the citizens of Israel, Poor, poor Bibi. Such a victim. Nothing to do with his own actions, of course. No wonder many expect his outster next year. Imagine lowering the dignity of his office in order to vocally whine about anonymous sources in such a fashion? Petty and weak. No wonder he's known as a liar and a chickenshit- We have a complete coward as a president. He's afraid to point to the real problems and instead continuously kicks the only ally in the region because he knows that Israel will not be flying any planes into skyscrapers. That's the real coward here-3,970 total requests from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010, 3,034 were for narcotics cases and only 37 for terrorism cases (about .9%). Since then, the numbers get worse. The 2011 report reveals a total of 6,775 requests. 5,093 were used for drugs, while only 31 (or .5%) were used for terrorism cases. The 2012 report follows a similar pattern: Only .6%, or 58 requests, dealt with terrorism cases. The 2013 report confirms the incredibly low numbers. Out of 11,129 reports only 51, or .5%, of requests were used for terrorism. The majority of requests were overwhelmingly for narcotics cases, which tapped out at 9,401 requests counterterrorism patriot provision widely used-Aliens, some as old as 200 years, are real and have visited Earth, a former Lockheed Martin senior scientist has claimed. In his final moments, he provided photo evidence while sharing his personal experiences of UFOs and extraterrestrials, Boyd Bushman died on August 7, I do have a top secret clearance, shared details about aliens, UFOs, and anti gravity technology, approximately four and a half to five feet tall, They have three back bones, actually cartilage, They're able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you, there are two different groups of aliens, like a cattle ranch, some can be up to 230 years old. One group is wranglers, and the others are rustlers, stealers of cattle, Wranglers are much more friendly and have a better relationship with us, inhabitants of a planet called Quintumnia. It is located 68 light years away from Earth, yet it takes them only 45 minutes to travel to our planet. At home, they commute through telepathy, Bushman's photographs is actually available to buy at Walmart, according to an investigation by Quebec station TVQC iapb/sick to the back teeth of all these adverts for Cancer?? If its not to raise money its telling you that you most probably have it, sore throat, see your doctor, you may have cancer, farty stomach? See your doctor, sounds like you have cancer. Stub your toe? Best get that checked out as its most probably turned cancerous. Its like brain washing, wherever you look its in your face, bill boards, papers, magazines, advert after advert on tv. Im not a heartless barsteward, but come on. How much awarness do people need befor awareness turns into scaremongering?-do you fuckers realize how vacuous and disgusting you are? I hate the fact that you waste the air by breathing. you souless and worthless humanoids should kill yourselves and leave an apology note to the human race- NOT on about those that have Cancer, I am on about the charities who milk the public and use fear to do so. Get off your high horse about sufferers of cancer, DONT judge befor you know the full story, judgmental fucktard- ebola-psychological-warfare?from WHO, July 25 update, Ebola Virus Disease, West Africa 1201 total cases. 672 deaths. These numbers cover Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia—the Ebola focus areas, divided each number into categories: confirmed, probable, and suspected, total for confirmed Ebola case numbers in those countries, 814, number of deaths? 456. the WHO fact sheet on regular seasonal flu, the kind that is said to infect people globally, year after year, like clockwork, Annual number of severe cases: 3 to 5 million, number of deaths: between 250,000 and 500,000, every year criticalbelievers/ Jindal declares Louisiana a science free zone liberalbias- fb/ New York State prostitution court model of treating defendants as trafficking victims, narrative is based on an unreliably narrow view of the sex trade, which should be decriminalized altogether- true tragedy, driven by a media frenzy, often provokes a misguided need to do something as quickly as possible and leads to bad public policy, Brutal Crimes Don't Justify Bad Laws- Ebola and needless traffic congestion are both areas where many have paid a price from their determination not to help others, the greatest cost comes in the context of global warming. There is a real cost of having selfishness as a fundamental political principle- Kaci Hickox's quarantine is but one example of a nation that has entirely surrendered to its fears, because those fears are a facile way for TV networks to get ratings, and for politicians to get coverage by stoking those fears- Truthout/ There are now more than 1.25 million students in the United States who meet the definition of being homeless- Money Koch Brothers Stole From Tribes Could Swing Midterm Elections- Shell Wants Five More Years to Carry Out Arctic Plunder- Infant Deaths Near Oil Drilling Sites Raise Questions dp-La Grabbing Millions of Dollars in Oil Royalties From Lands It Failed to Protect- BP Gulf Oil Spill Left Rhode Island Sized Oily Bathtub Ring on Sea Floor buzzflash/ savage hopeing american europeans will save wingnutz

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103014/sorry the govt is so fuckedup, when I get to be president

103014/sorry the govt is so fuckedup, If I get to be president, white men in male only clubs are going to do great in my presidency, Baptists, the ones who drink and don't admit it, White boy Biden calls tea party crazy, speaking to an all male club in Charleston, joking that they were the last such organization in existence after Augusta National Golf Club admitted women, Both of the Democrats wished to remain anonymous graham cnn/ ga gop guy was assaulting and raping a 39 year old woman with his Skype on. Someone was viewing and called the police who finally rescued his victim and threw his beady eyed republican ass in the slammer.fb/ wabc eyes on ebola, linsey travling negro jokes ginving shoes to male prostitute children, Lindsay's on every fainting couch in every network green room on Sundays, Mah Stars!-the physics prof did not know about my family's personal black hole-Not a guest caller, just a troll, the stupid and condescension was strong in that one-I yell at my TV, now that I get FSTV-That Kochsucker caller had me yelling at my smartphone-If the Koch scum takes the Senate don't be surprised if the use the debt ceiling to crash the economy prior to the 2016 elections. That way they could blame PBO and the Dems, and the idiots will gobble it down-More people have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola in the USA-GOP has been running a very effective con game on working class and poor Americans for decades. It has been sad and frustrating for me to see friends of mine over the years get sucked into the right wings tornado of brainwash bullshit. Their brains have become mush-a fellow African American friend, who happens to be a teabagger (oxymoron) who told me on fb that income inequality is a myth-sms/ IDF Elite @idfelite Abbas escalating situation by calling tomorrow a day of rage. Very intense clashes expected tomorrow-israel prison inmate fashion show nbc-The reason you find issues so complex is because you hVe no moral center. Those of us who have morals find that many of the "complex issues" you consider are easily overcome. So, in reality, you're creating issues that aren't there-One of the oldest tricks in the Jew manual (you have obviously been indoctrinated, being the the Jew wannabe that you are, but never shall be) is to claim simplicity as part of a scheme to legitimize a fraud. People (or rather, ) like taxdoc, valm, or Adonisdna employ such phrases as it's simple to insinuate to the incredulous person that if he does not agree (with the lie, fraud, etc.), it must be because he lacks the intelligence to agree with something so simple. Dirtbags like you use variants of this all the time, YOU are the entertainment, monkeys dancing around on a chain. YOU are the deceivers. YOU are the fraud-land theft, making things up to fit your narrative. This is about security, not land- Tell me about it, Kentucky. What do Middle East Jews have to do with U.S. expansionism in the 19th Century? The U.S. didn't expand for security reasons in the 19th Century. That was outright land theft. Israel is trying to make it look different, but they have a major problem: the existence of millions of Palestinians in a relatively small area, Israel insists on being Jewish, cannot offer citizenship to Palestinians. No fucking way that they wish to be Jews- iapb/ ben stein when at summer home goes to walmart everyday dp/ steph examines deer tounge hidden sex toy, Canseco shoots middle finger off losing drivers license, binky blanky and gun baby wins struggle, dwarf stripper knocksup brid3e to be, rooftop masturbating janitor on break summary reads like a draft script for Fellini's Satyricon/ teapartiers from crazyville rof
102914/O'Reilly's "The Factor Bill mocking Putin, Obama is a patriot, 22014-Trewsnight, What's The Agenda? Russell Brand ut/FOX won its case to distort the news? Fla Court of Appeals unanimously agreed there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news-Libraries Are Socialist! Obviously Pukes Avoid Them!-You claim to be a millionaire yet you go to a public library for a free internet service handout, never ending quest to get free stuff-P. Bush: I'm Not A Scientist When It Comes To Climate Change-Then according to the logic most frequently employed by the Right; If you can't believe it because you are not a scientist, you can't believe in God if you're not a minister? yhal/the other bullshitness of both parties do it such a horrible false equivalency. Dems have not moved leftward. While the RW took the GOP over a cliff. Media won't point this out (corporate whores, Sue TM) so we have this even electoral split while 60-65% of policies favor us-Just after Bush performed analingus on Putin?-w to Pooty poot: I CAN'T QUIT YOU BABE-$arah got knocked up by Todd and that whole damn family began- I will shamefully now admit that I voted for Paul Ryan in 2000-She went to like 4 different school before someone gave her a diploma-sms/rip 43 dwain alman, cavet tells iman astair and brando from nebraska/lativa and steph visit, sharp lesbian tunnel fantasy joke, fet ur bigotry/ maine moves to quarrenteen ebola nursehero kcwabc/
102814/Ok youth pastor taking two shelter kids home at a time for sexual abuse-God is not a magician: Pope says Christians should believe in evolution and Big Bang-Fox: Carve a coal plant on your pumpkin to mock green energy-Oakland mother shot to death in suspected road rage incident- Passenger who pulled gun on Uber driver turns out to be cop-Olbermann blasts mindless troglodytes in blackface Ray Rice Halloween costumes- Houston police officer accused of using illegal traffic stops to enable foot fetish-African American boys beaten and bullied by NYC schoolmates who called them Ebola-Weather Channel mocked Mitt, conservatives are pissed-Wicked lesbian mayor gives gays superior rights over Christians-Conservative dad threatens sh*tstorm if daughter’s world history class includes Islam- Protesters at Georgia Capitol say they’re fighting GOP suppression of black votes-Ingraham: Democrats punish the black population if they get off the plantation-conservative: Black people worse off under liberals than slavery or Jim Crow- Chicago cops trampling woman on dialysis to take down son who ignored them-Nader rails against corporatist militarist Hillary, a menace to the USA-Texas probation officer fatally shoots self in groin during target practice rsy/so over Obama. In 2008, the media and a majority of the voters were head over heels in love with the man who told them that yes, we can overcome war and recession, if nothing else, way hotter than Mitt Romney, now it’s 2014 and the passion is totally gone. Obama is the withholding boyfriend who knows that he’s probably on the way out and is just sending the odd friendly text message from the golf course. If this relationship- breakdown metaphor seems a little strained consider this: Barack Obama is close to having played more rounds of golf since 2009 than Tiger Woods uktele/ one death in the US from Ebola and One person is killed by a firearm every 17 minutes, 87 people are killed during an average day, and 609 are killed every week: CDC-f the Reich-Wing wins the Senate we are so f**ked, Another school shooting in Merka! Or as we call it, Tuesday-Christy bullies without borders-Walker met his now wife when he was 22 and she was 33. That is like marrying your babysitter you had when you were 7 and she was 18-sms/steph pushes christy limbaugh sumo match/the cost of greed hartmann/gaza wall plan, egypt attacked kcwabc/savage knows 21 women that can be had in dubai
102714/DeLay Exonerated by Final Court in TX; lib media Silent-As DeLay put it, distasteful is not always illegal-National leadership award which Tom Delay awarded me? I still have it and framed it with a walnut frame-libturd IDIOT democrats are on this board!! I always thought the Delay WITCH HUNT was motivated by the AMERICA HATING democrats, because of the POWER Delay had and wielded- Just think of how long it has taken and the amount of money it has cost Tom Delay before the LWNJs have finally been shut up and proven to be the liars we all knew they were. It's a shame that there is no kind of fine or punishment for those who bring false charges and clog up the courts for those that have legitimate complaints- Completely ignoring Delay's original criminal convictionNYC hasn't added the bodybag hurdles for the Gauntlet yet-no disco inferno-jebbie is not nutz enough for the rapeublican-Occurred to me that Cronkite's response to JFK assassination is telling about how far we've come from journalism/integrity Cronkite hated JFK but he was visibly moved and respectful. God forbid Obama was killed, I can see FOX et al saying well, he brought it on himself-ebolopolypse-dailykos Colorado Station Busts Megyn Outright Lying Offers No Correction fb-tansuitgate-hobos-get ebola from the Red side of any ballot sms/devout Christian destroyed Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument- professor suspended 9 months for unfriendly body language, sighing, and using irony- Philly cop threatens to beat the sh*t out of teen for looking him in the f*cking eye-Fla man shoots pregnant wife in back of the head, claims self defense-Westboro Baptist Church files legal brief to save Kansas from God’s wrath-Robertson: Oil investments are biblical because they don't send condoms through pipelines- KC prayer- group murder says his confession was tainted by exorcism-Creationists explore Hitler and evolution link-Fla man attacked drag queen wearing KKK costume running for mayor rsy/World Zionist Organization and the World Betar movement- iapb/rude masterbating terrorist, christygate, mcconnels 2 headed brother makes the stephnews/another day, another oil spill gnbb/
102614/Red enthusiasm is reflected in the early ballot returns. Colorado has overhauled its elections and this year every registered voter received a mail ballot. Citizens can register to vote until Election Day and cast their ballot at any local polling station. Reds usually lead in early ballot returns here, and this year they have opened up a hefty lead of nearly 65,000 votes with more than 500,000 ballots in. Red ballots are pouring in in huge numbers, Beauprez told activists Saturday. Advantage us. But now is not the time to be complacent wt/I'm not an Arab. If I were, I would say I was because there is no shame in being an Arab. There again, in your eyes, no one could disagree with you, you look down on, Believe what you want, Ignorance always does because their brains are wired differently. You've been brainwashed since you were born, while I watch and see what you do and it doesn't take long to see how malicious you are as a people- The extended stay in Egypt sucked but the exodus out of Egypt was lead by the hand of the Almighty, they will continue to struggle with the enemies of God until the Lord descends from heaven with a shout-why israel can never repay loans to the us wrmea 1991 hebrewpress-I was anti Obama, Yet it was Attkisson who broke the story that the Bush had once run a gun walking program similar to Fast and Furious, called Wide Receiver. She did dozens of tough minded stories on Bush’s FDA, the TARP program and contractors such as Halliburton. She once inspired The Rachel Maddow Show with her reporting on the suspicious charity of a Red congressman, Steve Buyer, born whistleblower, but CBS lost interest in the noise she was making. They’ll sacrifice you, cbs Reporters on the ground aren’t necessarily ideological, Attkisson says, but the major network news decisions get made by a handful of New York execs who read the same papers and think the same thoughts, Often they dream up stories beforehand and turn the reporters into casting agents to find someone who will say x, that a given policy is good or bad, to create a reality that fits their New York image of what they believe, mischievously, to imagine how a story about today’s administration would have been handled if it made Reds look bad, a parallel scenario in which w and Cheney personally appeared at groundbreakings for, and used billions of tax dollars to support, multiple giant corporate ventures whose investors were sometimes major campaign bundlers, only to have one (or two, or three) go bankrupt, when they knew in advance the companies credit ratings were junk, The administration, with the full cooperation of the media, has successfully turned Benghazi into a word associated with nutters, like Roswell or grassy knoll, but Attkisson notes that the truth is that most of the damaging information came from Obama administration insiders. From government documents. From sources who were outraged by their own government’s behavior and what they viewed as a coverup nyp-Let's see who Bibi blaming uptick in violence on Islamic extremists, and promises to end unrest fears more, Jen and Marie, or filthy Arab terrorists! promises to crack down on Jerusalem riots Egypt suspends Hamas-Israel talks following Sinai attack, Sissi regime points finger at Palestinians for deadly bombings, foreign hands behind a suicide car bombing that killed over 30 soldiers at a checkpoint near the northern Sinai kuna toi-What do you think would happen if Israel vowed to take revenge for shedding of soldiers blood?-UN security council meeting Ban Ki Moonbat blaming Israel Obama urging Israeli restraint Kerry blaming Israel for jihad 1000s of wananabe jihadis in europe calling for a new hitler-iapb/red ideology is the rich deserve everything and more but the poor they used to acquire their wealth, be it cheap labor and or by developing monopolies so they can set prices high enough to derive huge profits off of what the poor must buy to live don't even deserve a living wage. Don't lay down for this, hang your head and decide you are not worthy, and allow the reds to stay in control and keep beating you down, stand up and demand respect VOTE THEM OUT fb/lonewolf terror, isis propaganda, airbag crisis abc/ wingnut ebolaphobia, midterm delusions, assumptions, threats, quibble over 1% shummer fending easily while being shouteddown, what if kids talked like politicians? mtp/
102514/Jack Bruce dies at 71 aibafs/after calling suicide hotline Utah man shot, killed by SWAT team- Lennox avoids talking about lynching while talking about a song about lynching-Bystanders at Dallas Airport stop antigay attack by piling on drunk bully-Washington state high school Two dead, six injured after shooter opens fire-Texas man raping two girls, ages 2 and 14, infecting them with HIV-Brand stuns BBC host open-minded to 911 conspiracy-Palin: Media waged war on women by laughing at family’s drunken brawl-who promised never to embarrass this community Louisiana mayor arrested on child porn-Vandals destroy Okla. 10 Commandments monument by ramming it with a car-XRated Bible pamphlet at schools targeted by Satanists-No, you can’t print ballots from home fact checks Megyn Kelly rsy/ digitizing its valuable ancient religious manuscripts originally founded in 1451 AD and holds over 80,000 manuscripts, prints, drawings, plates and books printed prior to 1500 AD, All of the content is available for free criticalbelievers
102414/Jews run the banmks. Jews are overly represented in the sciences especially the hard sciences, and especially in nobel prizes. Jews control the media. Just another Jewish conspiracy We are so good at it ps/if McConnell , that piece of garbage wins, Americas loses yhal/$40 WalMart doctor for cheap at the same place where you buy toilet paper, socks, soda and generic drugs mw/F*ck your ginseng!’ San Francisco tour guide’s racist Chinatown rant-scientist thinks cancer can be prevented, and even cured, through diet- Oregon is the poster child for how to legalize and regulate marijuana-Bristol claims family's drunken brawl never happened, even after audio proof released- West shoots down Sean Hannity: Reds play the race card-GOPer doubles down: Suicide is an illness lazy people get from government handouts-Colorado man admits to killing Montana teacher in cocaine frenzy-Washington soldier accused of gunning down wife because another man bought her liquor-Border militia’s commanding officer turns out to be a felon, arrested on gun charge- School board won’t resign over racist videos: Nothing illegal about having bad taste-Fox tells supermodel to shut up about gun control: You have a lovely bottom… stick to that- Gamergate’s anti woman agenda made clear: Actor Felicia Day threatened for speaking up-VA GOP unhinged, Gay sex leaves men in diapers, pooping their pants-Idaho voters favor Red plagiarist who lied about education and marital history-atheist says God cancelled her abortion appointments-doj slams local officials over Michael Brown autopsy leakHighly troubling-Ca cop stole DUI suspect’s racy photos from her cell phone-Meth witch? Arrested Oklahoma Wiccan claims religious right to use drugs-NC judge resigns in protest after Supreme Court shoots down same sex marriage ban rsy/ tx lt gov believes bigot duck robertson really speaks to god fb/war on morons sms/part of the most egregious fear mongering occurring today, denies it then has the audacity to discuss fear mongering as it pertains to Ebola, Folks, there is only one thing that delivers hypocritical, retarded thinking like this, and that would be the disease of Modern Day Liberalism. Clown Posts Another Retarded Comment-I do not fear-monger. I merely present the science in hopes of educating you and other climate change contrarians on the realities of AGW. I'm sorry that you find science scary. I should have known it would frighten you as we tend to fear that which we don't understand. he wonders why he ends up being identified as nothing more than a clown? Perhaps an early nap would do you some good aibafs/ blt moselums, mass shooting every month, wabckc/
102314/Auschwitz guard Jakob Denzinger lived the American dream, plastics company in the Rust Belt town of Akron, Ohio, thrived. By the late 1980s, he had acquired the trappings of success: a Cadillac DeVille and a Lincoln Town Car, a lakefront home, investments in oil and real estate, Then the Nazi hunters showed up 1989, as the U.S. government prepared to strip him of his citizenship, Denzinger 90, is among dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards who collected millions of dollars in Social Security payments packed a pair of suitcases and fled to Germany on the Drava River, where he lives comfortably, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. He collects a Social Security payment of about $1,500 each month, nearly twice the take-home pay of an average Croatian worker AP yhal/W was right and the Iraq War was good so let's have another one because we're all going to be killed by those undocumented ISIS fighters who hate our freedom and have weapons of mass destruction and are in Texas right now with the Ebola they brought across the border and did I mention they’re going to kill us all if we don't die of Ebola first? the gist of television journalism these days, the distilled essence of manufactured hysteria combined with utterly predictable blowback iapb/Jeremy Scahill Blackwater Founder Remains Free and Rich While His Former Employees Go Down on Murder Charges Intercept- When Black Athletes Stood With Muhammad Ali-Mary Poppins, Elizabeth Warren and the US Banking System- Hagee: Ebola Is God's Judgment on the US for Trying to Divide Jerusalem-Easier to Buy an Assault Weapon Than to Vote-Farce of US Multibillion Dollar War on Opium in Afghanistan Exposed by Record Crop-Cornerstone of War Is Dehumanization: One My Lai a Month BuzzFlash/ Environmental Groups Say EPA Underestimates Methane Leaks From Fracking AJA/climate change is not a real threat. America’s foreign policy is carried out for the good of all mankind. President Obama is too hard on Wall Street and too soft on immigrants and Muslims (because he’s secretly a socialist). And there’s no racism or sexism in the US worth speaking about, except against white people and men. None of the above is true. But you wouldn’t know it from watching cable news or reading most corporate media publications- Domestic Terrorism Allegations Used as War Propaganda truthout/R.I.P. Oscar De La Renta Dead At 82 abc/Facebook Is Wrecking Political News online news sites, which live and die at the whims of the social network’s algorithm, this imbalance of power has become downright dangerous kernelmag/Yik Yak Wants To Be A News Hub, But It Needs To Grow Up First Forbes/ Cheney and Israel warning of a terrorist attack in the US? Brace urselves to the next age of the war on terror fb/islamic State are out to purge the village of Bu Nimr members," said the tribal figure in Baghdad. “Sleeper cells inside the village have been assisting the Islamic State by providing the names and the locations of the houses of prominent resistance members, The situation is really bad and it's worsening by the minute," said Barakat, a fighter on the mountain. "We are surrounded by IS militants from all four directions. The streets at the foot of the mountain are completely under IS control, Barakat said 500 to 600 families were stranded on the mountain and although helicopters occasionally dropped supplies and picked up some civilians, they could only lift a small number of people to safety each time, A list of 200 names that include the high officers in our village has been set and all of these names are to be killed-Boko Haram militants kidnapped at least 25 girls in an attack on a remote town in northeastern Nigeria, witnesses said, despite talks on freeing over 200 other female hostages they seized in April r/2009, Max Blumenthal posted a short video on YouTube titled Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address, youths used expletives and racist rhetoric about Barack Obama and Arabs, which included referring to Obama as a nigger and suggesting that he is like a terrorist Jerusalem Post, garnered massive exposure and caused a firestorm in the media and the Jewish world. Haaretz described the video as an overnight Internet sensation, Blumenthal as stating: I won’t ascribe motives to Youtube I am unable to confirm, but it is clear there is an active campaign by right wing Jewish elements to suppress the video by filing a flood of complaints with Youtube, received death threats for his publication of the video, identifies the radicalism of the interviewees with the indoctrination of Birthright Israel tours, a program in which several of the interviewees were participating iapb/As healthy early voting totals rolled in this week from the state’s most populous counties, underdog Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis linked the uptick to an organized statewide effort by Democrats to turn out voters, saying it’s a sign she will close a wide gap with Attorney General Greg Abbott in the final weeks before Election Day. Political experts, however, say it’s too early to tell who is benefiting from all those additional ballots or whether the uptick will continue until early voting ends on Oct 31. Abbott’s campaign also is touting its aggressive efforts to boost turnout. statesman/

Thursday, October 23, 2014

102314/ISIS've had no trouble getting weapons

102314/professional analysis, ISIS is equipped with firearms and ammo from about 20 different countries (dating from 1945 to 2013). They've had no trouble getting weapons- friends & trolls and posted links for their supportive friends to see. One high school buddy is really screwed up, talking about drug testing welfare recipients. Surprise! His daughter joined me in putting him down-Only the GOP can protect you from ISIS and ebola and it happens when we are in charge, we'll just make up some lie and you're too stupid to figure it out-So many men and women served the country well. And that dickbag Savage disparaged every single one of them. What a vile piece of shit!- does anyone in that community feel good about a hospital that sends someone with a high fever and viral symptoms HOME with ANTIBIOTICS?- sms/kcwabc newhaven 9 emergency ebola threat voting for maloy, introvirus,
102214/karl rove, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but nothing beats a 50# bag of horse shit-Sweden, where 87% of the population belongs to the church of sweden (lutheran) but only 17% admit to believing in a higher powerJoe McCarthy died a dissolute drunk at 48, Cruz has about 4 to 5 years left! sms/israel planning rescue Operation Moïse french jews jewsnews-France is nothing but backed up pig sewage-today's La Crème de la Crème of all world Jewry. Don't be so sure that they will want to share a homeland with the riff raff zion-Where are they going to put all those French Jews? More land grabs?- Anywhere they want really. Jerusalem (all parts), the beautiful Shomron, Judea, many places. We will build and build and build and build and build and build and build and build until the UN executive board commits suicide-iapb/GOP candidate with fetish related felony record warns against homosexual agenda-shots inside Canadian parliament-A Hispanic man delivers absentee ballots, conservatives want him dead-south should form new nation without gays and Hispanics called Reagan- four former Blackwater guards convicted for gunning down unarmed Iraqis-Georgia man who plotted courthouse takeover accidentally shot himself first-lucky Florida man didn’t kill somebody trying out concrete piercing rifle ammo downtown- group urges blacks to defeat GOP using lynching image on flier-sphinx discovered at mysterious ancient Greek tomb-IRS officials behind fraudulent multi billion dollar corporate tax giveaways- Alaska Red stuns high school crowd comparing gay marriage to bulls having sex- Bristol’s weepy, foul mouthed post brawl statement- Accept the culture of Jesus in schools when you come to the South-Texas Law let lesbian ex wife divorce me antigay crusader complains- al cop charged with raping woman following arrest on child sex abuse charges-GOP lawmaker wants Idaho out of the marriage business-SC HS football coach fired after team mocks Black opponents with watermelons- man threatening lawsuit after Palin family brawl- Maddow’s Punk picks to get you through the elections-Ramsey: Jesus was wrong to say rich people can’t go to heaven- Did 33 cops really have to fire 600 bullets during shootout?- Kentucky prison guard avoids jail for 25 counts of sexually abusing women inmates-Gohmert’s Ebola silver lining: Latinos too scared to cross border with infected Africans-Savage: Boo-hoo-hoo! attacks veterans with PTSD- court upholds black Jewish group's right to spew hateful rhetoric in public- Ok woman claims Jesus will pay for her dinner and drinks-Zombie glacier surprises scientists, abandoned lower section of glacier to a tail that’s shed by a lizard when it’s attacked by a predator, the case of the glacier, the predator is our warming climate-global warming denial science found to be unrealistic and inaccurate rsy/ inequality equnox hartmann/gotv, isis teen draw, gopbola, manx jakie shares with steph
102114/Research shows a link between marijuana use and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, short-term psychosis, and schizophrenia. While it’s not clear if marijuana causes these conditions, it can make them worse wmd/ Oliver dogs Supreme Court with hilarious canine re enactments, slams bureaucratic clusterf*ck US treatment of military translators-Smiley rips Bill Kristol, the worst of America-Brand’s anti voting revolution makes Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten want to puke-Oklahoma man opens fire on ex girlfriend for not leaving fast enough- Tn lawmaker arrested again, this time for stalking and threatening neighbor-Britain mulls 2 year prison sentence for people found guilty of trolling- AL jailers let prisoners die from easily treatable illnesses to save money-Dallas officials fear panic with dead Ebola patient-rsy/30 gun deaths per day, or stephs lesbian fantasies/Mega Billionaire seemingly anoints Human Filth Hillary$$$ as America’s next President
102014/If you vote Republican they will let you die without heathcare. a TV ad-Ebola zombies-Maddow slammed rand paul and the ebola puppets-Dad, WTF, this is science just go sit down-texas judge opens court with prayer to see defendants uncomfortable with christianity addictinginfo-Walker slime ball debate was total softball- sms/ 95% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 to 21 days, 3%, occur from 21 to 42 days, 2%, not explained- many intelligent educated people who have had their lives ruined by just the piss on demand policies of our government, but when they are pulled over for drunk driving they always flash that little badge of theirs and ask for some professional courtisy, insane and needs to stop, I for one dont care if people smoke the weed as long as they are not stoned behind the wheel. Its no wonder we are so in debt as a nation with every screwed up ideal becoming law in the USA. Even free birth control. If you are responsible enough to have sex, you should buy your own condoms. There isnt a war on women there is a war on humanity which both sides of the isle have fostered on us-curious how the rights amazing hypocrites opposes state's rights when it's to their positions-We agree, It is insane and very destructive, and a waste of billions in resources. The sad part is that so many look at smoking marijuana as a moral issue. The self righteous are always a hoot-making Pot illegal doesn't eliminate its use. Prostitution is also illegal but, just like Pot is still widespread in our society-Criminalizing Pot only makes the drug lords distributing it filthy rich. What about all the crime and murders caused by drug lords? There's zero evidence that legalizing Pot will increase the number of people killed. Has the number of people killed because of Pot increased in Colorado or Washington?-I do not want to see the 2016 have a platform of legalization of Pot nor would I want Republicans generally to have that in their platform. We have plenty of problems to be handled in the platform that are far more important. I think this whole area of accusing Republicans of wanting it in the platform is simply a political ploy being used by Democrats thinking that will help get them into office aibafs/2008, Abbott chose to defend the state’s ban on the sale of sex toys, a case that emerged from the fallout of Lawrence v. Texas, deployed novel legal arguments against gay marriage not a case about gay marriage, about every American’s god given right to buy dildos, in discouraging you from masturbating or blowing your boyfriend, Davis Doubles Down: Wheelchair Ad Was Fair And Important, thought it would be a good idea to send an press release with dildo in the subject line and blowing your boyfriend in the body, well, it’s almost hard to swallow dm-iapb/1% have security clearance, 20% paid to spy on neighbors, hartmann/jewish martial art isue, syrian, turkish, kurds fighting isis labeled terrorist by liberal media, hotshot yogurt govani uses gmo fed milk, kcwabc/
101914/We get to vote three times, absentee, early voting and Nov 4th. My dog Zorro votes too. He's dead-here in WA state where we have voting by mail of course, we organize into teams, identify the right wing neighborhoods, then when the ballots are mailed out people swoop into those areas, snap those ballots up from their outside mailboxes, fill them out as any good progressive would do and then mail them in as was intended, here in WA vote early and vote often- Shep breaks rank, says something sensible. Rush Limbaugh promptly mocks him-Ablow: Obama has it in for us; that’s why he’s trying to give us Ebola-Trump: The president is a psycho- Ingraham thinks Africa is a country wants Americans to die- Gohmert: Infected nurses are evidence of the Democrats war on women-Brown: Ebola would never be happening if Mitt were president-Israel stages Ebola screening drill at Ben Gurion-The whole thing was all because of that amateur hospital in Texas proving once again what nincompoops Texans are-Klain is a systems guy and that is where the solution lies. He is an excellent choice and the Regressive whining is just what they do with EVERYTHING Obama-isola, eboghazi, wingers will think of something-an undeclared truce between Israel and Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, Islamist militants have not engaged in any clashes with the Israeli army, Al Nusra’s cadres prefer loose, ad hoc cooperation with other rebel factions, including those with ties to Israel, that Israel will not attempt to disrupt military strength of Al Qaeda affiliates-Basic math seems beyond the grasp of Regressives but what can we expect from people who think cutting taxes raises revenue- rbh/ CHENEY & NRA is more deadly than EBOLA-Obama's fault full background checks for gun buyers owners, but not for voters? a paranoid schizophrenic with a gun is much more dangerous than a paranoid schizophrenic with a single vote yhal/Shameless Voter Disenfranchising Schemes, there is no voter fraud. So, there is no need to enact legislation to correct a problem that does not exist, unless it is used for another purpose, like keeping minority voters from voting. Everyone knows the Repug clamor over voter fraud is nothing but a smoke screen to hide their real agenda of voter interference. And, we're not talking about voters who are not registered to vote. They ARE registered voters. They do show up to the polls to vote. They are then subjected to multiple methods of interference no different than what used to be standard practice in the South before civil rights had teeth. You repug fools don't get how this is going to backfire in your faces. What you do only infuriates those who you try to keep from voting, and motivates them to vote even more just to keep you racist repugnant rats from interfering with their right to vote-Reich What is the Source of Conservatives utter stupidity? ybac/ Iran Once Again Trying To Divert Attention Away From Failing Nuclear Talks Deadline-If the Arab Nations are in fact uniting against ISIS, why in the World is the burden on the U.S. to conduct the bombing. These are not bombing runs against hardened targets protected by advanced anti aircraft defenses, these are bombing runs against relatively straightforward targets including buildings, vehicles, targets of opportunity, The Iranian Guard alone should have been more than sufficient to have handled this problem of 20,000 ISIS fighters from the very beginning-Netty trying ever so hard to divert attention away from Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine lands, Equating Hamas to ISIS, The world is not fooled, Only his blind supporters are, Even the US is waking up to his antics. Due to Israel policies of apartheid and aggression, Maybe what we are seeing is Netty's last stand, Especially with the Arabs nations uniting against ISIS, To deflect from increasing global pressure on Israel, illegal occupation of Palestine lands, Thought you knew everything, Turns out, your knowledge is limited to Netty propaganda, UAE, Saudis and Bahrain are flying their own aircraft-I pray dat billions of peepl git the ebolla, bcoz it prophesided, only hypocrit git the ebolla, I pray daylee fa THE ARMMAGGEDDION-ygs/
101814/it will be Obama's fault If he gets in bed with Iran to fight ISIS watch for a Sunni oil embargo. The Sunnis nations of Saudi, Kuwaiit, Quatar, Abu Dubai, Oman and Bahrain will not tolerate it. he knows that. Thats why he is trying to follow Clintons lead In the Balkans and do it with air power alone. But this time Air Power alone will not cut it. It will only serve as a recruiting tool for Isis iapb/Based on the testimony and numerous statistical analyses provided at trial, this Court finds that approximately 608,470 registered voters in Texas, representing approximately 4.5% of all registered voters, lack qualified SB 14 ID and of these, 534,512 voters do not qualify for a disability exemption, Ginsburg wrote. echoed these findings in her dissent, texas officials dispute these figures. The potential magnitude of racially discriminatory voter disenfranchisement counseled hesitation before disturbing the District Court’s findings and final judgment, Senate Bill 14 may prevent more than 600,000 registered Texas voters (about 4.5% of all registered voters) from voting in person for lack of compliant identification. A sharply disproportionate percentage of those voters are African American or Hispanic. that racial discrimination in elections in Texas is no mere historical artifact. To the contrary, Texas has been found in violation of the Voting Rights Act in every redistricting cycle from and after 1970- cnn Many nations have banned flights from other countries in recent years in hopes of blocking the entry of viruses, including SARS and H1N1 'wine flu, None of the bans were effective, and the viruses gained entry to populations regardless of what radical measures governments took to keep them out. No ban will completely stop people moving about the world, It gives us the false assurance that we can ignore the problems that are happening in Africa, At the end of the day, we can't. And our own safety depends on our getting it right there, not on building the walls. President Obama opposes a travel ban. aibafs/ Georgia gop State sponsored religion will end big govt tyranny-Brianna Wu and the human cost of Gamergate: Every woman I know in the industry is scared- Maddow: Maybe Democrats deserve to lose the Senate-Darren Wilson says Brown went for his gun- ussc denies request to block Texas voter ID law- Ebola fearmongering is the GOP’s new crazy, racist dog whistle-not panicked, I’m just pissed’: Bill Maher blasts Dallas hospital morons-race baiting ad linking Nebraska Democrat to murderer- Tesla Motors slams Michigan banning them from in state sales-lynching lingers around hanging death of black NC high school football player- conservative cardinal of St. Louis says he was demoted by Pope-Pennsylvania after drunk dad tells him 8-year-old crashes car to drive home- Ancient Siberian mummy had breast cancer and self- medicated with marijuana-Palin’s PAC hoards cash while GOP candidates she endorsed go begging- Hookworms could allow people with celiac disease to safely consume gluten rsy/
101714/Obama to name Ron Klain Ebola and Right Wing Nonsense czar-Be afraid everyone, New Disease Ebola Misinformation Symndrome! You get it thru eyes and ears by listening to Fox or CNN. Also from GOP & RWNJs! yhal/Colorado Senator Mark Udall, is the target of $22 million in special interest dcc/az goes ssm- sms/Yellowstone: evidence for a secret program, which is trying to make the super volcano erupt, as soon as possible- ISIS, Israel Secret Intel Service.! criticalbelievers/ isis flees, new ebola business tzar, hypocondriac jew, harvard president, kcwabc/
101614/Mainstream US Corporate Media Ignore, You have to go to The Japan Times to find out that this week's Typhoon Phanfone caused a significant spike in the radioactive contamination of groundwater at Fukushima BuzzFlash/Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011-Pushing Blacks and Latinos to Vote GOP-mj/Wealth Gap: Just $3,650 Puts a Person in Top Half of Wealth in the World Jonathan Turley's Blog/Biden: The Tea Party Is Crazy CNN/Christian Right's Vile PR Sham: Why Their Bizarre iFilms Are Backfiring on Them Salon/ CIA Study: Arming Rebels Rarely Works nyTimes/ Iraqi Doctors Call Depleted Uranium Contamination from depleted uranium munitions is causing sharp rises in congenital birth defects, cancer cases and other illnesses throughout much of Iraq, Use Genocide Truthout/Shep on Fox News clip? He was being reasonable and telling people to not freak out-a reasonable gay man who actually tries to be a journalist on faux news? not exactly a fit/going as an Ebola-ridden, ISIS Hobo- halloween used to be all about soaping windows and throwing tp into the trees. Now it's ruined- why do right wing idiots like the whiners so much like Bill O and Boner and oh who's the butch me up guy?-linsey- these 2010 elected RW Governors wanted to pass their unholy bullshit as soon as they could. Then hope people would forget when they ran for re election-Scott could almost make me support branding a big F in the middle of his forehead-Congress not doing their job is costing Republican governors their jobs-All the bad things go down the memory hole with a media that just focuses on what's in front of them sms/ Who's the real threat to America? Notice the touchy JUEWpigs on the MB why don't you join the Israli Army you gutless Loser?-Muslum in the sticks? Or some fat slob #$%$ on Park Avenue-even your own brethren won't bring you into the business, you sure don't have any real money to trade with- ygs/Bush and Cheney repressed the report of old mustard and sarin shells because it didn't fit their narrative of ongoing production including nukes. But what is really unforgivable is they denied medical treatment to the handful of Iraq and US soldiers who were exposed to these old shells because they didn't want it known they had been found in such a unusable condition, remnants of an arms program Iraq had rushed into production in the 1980s Iran Iraq war, manufactured before 1991, Filthy, rusty or corroded, a large fraction of them could not be readily identified as chemical weapons at all. Some were empty, though many of them still contained potent mustard agent or residual sarin. Most could not have been used as designed, and when they ruptured dispersed the chemical agents over a limited area rbh/

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

101614/airline passengers will have to wear diapers to fly

101614/Soon airline passengers will have to wear full containment suits and astronaut diapers to fly down to Disney World-Most male Republicans already wear DIAPERS, they're HALFWAY there yhal/wingnutz Jimmy John’s forbids employees from making competitors sandwiches for two years-Tony Perkins: Allowing same sex marriage is like ignoring gravity-5 unhinged Ebola conspiracy theories expose the right’s anti Obama delusions- You think Ebola is bad now, just wait! over coming gay weddings NC pastor comes unglued-Georgia county threatened to cut off hospital sewer lines over Ebola-Ohio pastor forced vasectomies, abortions because kids divert money away from church-Forbidden fruit: Red state Internet searchers more likely to hunt for porn- Il man stabbed elderly woman in grocery store because she was black-Parent upset teacher not fired for attacking evolution, comparing public schools to Nazi death camps-pds using private funds to buy spy tech originally developed for the CIA-*sshole’ physicist credited in scientific literature is a fake- Grow a spine! Huckabee explodes giving up as gays break nature’s law-Man on week long acid trip ends crime spree after victim takes him to McDonald’s-We’d have an Ebola vaccine by now if not for budget cuts-ok man will keep Obama tombstone in Halloween display despite complaints- Cop's threaten AZ immigrant If you do something, I will kill you right here-Sears pulls Swastika ring-not talking about guns necessarily to fight a Bible based revolution-NBC medical expert violated Ebola quarantine to get takeout-co family stunned: Cop breaks in, fatally shoots man in back-Italian nurse accused of killing 38 patients because they were annoying-Mocked by the conservative press, disabled man at Wendy Davis event hits back-Stewart mocks media and Texas Repub for catching ‘sanity-resistant strain of fear and Political fundraising emails like Nigerian prince selling a Groupon deal for boner pills-Spiritual experiences are a byproduct of humanity’s hard wired narcissism-Robertson: Hollywood is going to force us to watch homosexuals until Jesus comes back-Tennessee woman gets jail time for overgrown yard-rsy/obambola-you may not personally believe this but a lot of soft heads do and you feed them. When they see this it encourages their stupidity. Not that I mind because them acting stupid and saying stupid shit is exactly what makes the left look like the much better choice for most sane people. It's just off putting-Way too soon even for conservatard Obama haters! fb/ vote fraud 2025141412 dojv8002533931 intimidation hotline2025141888
101514/Republican fetish with starving government has helped land West Africa in an Ebola crisis. The director of the National Institutes of Health made that clear when he told Huffington Post that steep budget cuts by Congress has set back the institute's work on both prevention and treatment for the disease and that if it hadn't been for a decade's worth of cuts-lying progressives? Peters co Jim Semerad how it’s an untrue, that he ever learned to build bridges while getting shot at, Excerpts from Peters’s fitness reports, written by his commanding officers between in 1994 and 2004 and provided by his campaign, describe the senatorial candidate as a recognized expert who perform exceptionally, unlimited potential, Mak wrote, adding LCDR Peters is an outstanding Supply Corps officer, says one one fitness report, attention to detail, along with his working relationship with Air Force officers, has been instrumental in the continuation of a very successful and visible joint service operation while providing first class training, top it off, Mak actually got several easy details wrong in his story which claimed Breitbart, First of all professional officers rarely tout weapon qualification badges, engaged in a sloppy attempt to swift boat Peters- a Saudi who is presumably a US citizenship holder killing Americans in Saudi Arabia? While we don’t have a lot of information yet, unless this was a personal dispute, it would seem to hint of Al Qaeda or ISIS, supposedly employees of a defense contractor, the terrorist angle seems likeliest, especially as US defense contractors would be playing a role in helping fight off ISIS? The Islamic State has issued recently calls for the killing of Americans. Someone may have taken them up- people in the UK know George for the fool and racist that he is, proudly proclaimed his hometown, Yorkshire as Israel free. England is no longer England, nor will it ever be. so pleased with the results? The answer is simple. These fucking anti Semites don't realize it, but they are in fact closet Zionists. Yup, exactly that. With their venom towards Jews, Jews pack and leave for Israel. Over the summer, Jews from France came on aliyah in droves, many of whom left businesses and homes behind hoping to sell from here- It's rather obvious that the UK is next in line or shall I say in queue. They'll come, settle and start their lives over in Israel and I mean ALL OVER Israel. We'll build all over Jerusalem, Judea and the Shomron as well as the country's centre to accommodate our new arrivals. And, of course the Arabs, the UN and the fucked-up misguided left will scream bloody murder. Well, haters, I'd reach for the Halls mentholyptus and hot teas if I were you, because you're going to be doing a shitload of hollering. From the river to the sea, Palestine will NEVER be. Ever! not a threat, but an outright promise. The anti Semites, BDS, ISM, Jimmy Carter, George Galloway, to name a good few, have themselves to blame! Keep it up! The more hatred you spew, the greater amount of Jews come to Israel on aliyah-Sorry your Israel can't promise that. The threat for Israel are the terrorist they support, ISIL. The truth is out tz, Israel brings terrorists to Israel for medical help and sends them back with their orders. You think the US doesn't know what Israel is doing? Even you have said that Israel takes care of those wounded in Syria, tz. So, who are those who Israel offers medical help to but terrorists. I'd say your bragging has gotten you into trouble- such a twisted bitch, Shirley. Where TF do you get your bullshit from? You do put a lot of effort into it, I'll give you that, Israel helps wounded Syrian civilians. Not terrorists. See the difference, faggot?- Sorry, your Israel can't promise that. The threat for Israel are the terrorist they support, ISIL. The truth is out tz, Israel brings terrorists to Israel for medical help and sends them back with their orders. You think the US doesn't know what Israel is doing? iapb/a sign of Israel's echoing failures, recent weeks have seen a growing momentum against the Occupation and what one critic calls Israel's new barbarism, from Swedish and U.K. votes to recognize the state of Palestine to plunging revenues for the high-profile Soda Stream. To see why "a cold wind is blowing toward Israel from every corner in the world," watch Israeli workers mindlessly destroy the power grid of a beleaguered Bedouin shepherding community, because they can rbh/ our dear leader will provide a very detailed and accurate statement regarding this situation- LEFTISTs Trolls love this site, love to monitor people, love to express their disapproval, love to intimidate people, love to ride herd over their sheople, trying to subtly threaten people? Yahoo is now posting a warning about proceeding to the Disqus profile site. I wonder why that would be? I’m curious what others will discover about this Yahoo warning and I may just write to Yahoo to find out why they’ve initiated the warning-comment to a blog post that is 27 days old, talking about the Heartbleed bug that is a problem for Facebook and DisqUs sites among others. Yet instead of providing a link to the Yahoo story or mentioning the name for the bug, you are cryptic, Are you threatening people? fp/May you finally get some introspection and see that plank your eye aibafs/ cohen beginning in 87 attack media clearchannel, msnbc & comcast (mit) conjunct, ebony ebola, black death, marching sally alice thompson 91 get the mop th speaking simply, not looking to impress journalistic teachers/ dog life big news, texan healthworker victim not so much, kcwabc/ savage finds black spider, eating food crumbs? thinks it's an omen, afraid b0 will make africa the 51st state,
101314/Billions set aside for post Saddam Iraq turns up in Lebanese bunker-employee steals train, goes on joyride before colliding with another train-Ala school makes girl 5 sign contract stating won’t kill or commit suicide-Prescription drugs flushed could be cause of wildlife decline-Blasphemy! Krugman rates Obama’s legacy as more consequential than Reagan’s rsy/ saracist to bomb ISIS? [scooby wha?]-Four of the five right wingers on the court are the Koch brothers wet dream appointees. Roberts, kinda thetheir wet dream appointees-did you know that nbc asked Jon Stewart to host meet the press and he turned it down which was a good that he turned it down/ Islamic paradise has nothing to do with virgins, beautiful young men and women are serving you wine that never giv es you headaches, while your wife is sitting next to you, and she is more beautiful than ever-owner of the St. Louis Rams (a wal-mart family member by marriage) is worth 10 billion dollars. He wants 1 billion to revamp the football stadiuim or he'll move it back the LA. I say move them-I know exactly what you mean. I know some of these people, many of who are educated, and they have been thoroughly brainwashed. There is no reaching them with facts. Their brains have been turned into shit that's not even fit to use as fertilizer- while doing dog chi it came to me-thinking about pagan polys. If anyone can make it work, they could, but even then, it's a tough row to hoe. sms/ I know it sounds goofy, but it was like they were building their own mini law enforcement and intelligence agency, fewer than 10 civilian employees, most of whom are retired military personnel, back office support and oversight for Navy and Marine intelligence operations. But at some point, prosecutors say, the office shifted into a grey area of wannabe spook cops iapb/ touch your stomach, or a dog under the skin, doughy pantload hannity likes grappeling submission sports, obstructional fullcourt ebola press to election day perry vote id laughed out of court, helping, charlie helps steph,2/brand book revolution
101214/Cannabis as Addictive as Heroin, Hall finds pot is a gateway drug only displays his active bias against the drug, it is impossible to take a fatal overdose of cannabis, making it less dangerous at first glance than heroin or cocaine, admits the drug is much less dangerous than heroin or alcohol, continually mixes the terms addictive and dependence, HE DID NO RESEARCH, reviewed 20 years of OTHER researches work, dating back to 1993 to help shed light on the effect marijuana has on mental and physical health-beginning to look like you may be partaking of your share of Cannabis sport, the only way to explain your complete lack of consistency, and overall lack of logic quite honesty, sweet Jesus in Heaven, a statement about Junk Science, while embracing one of the biggest examples of Junk Science the planet has ever seen, the Monumental Modern Day Liberal Lie & Fraud of Man Made Global Warming-Democrats are close to registering 120,000 new voters mostly black, Hispanic, Asian and young people, before the November elections, a broad subpoena from the office of the Georgia secretary of state, Republican Brian Kemp, as part of an investigation into the group stemming from evidence of fraudulent registration applications. Kemp’s office also sent a letter to county election officials in Georgia’s 159 counties warning that a preliminary investigation has revealed significant illegal activities, as if trying to intimidate the voter registration efforts wasn't enough, the same Republican SecState is simply refusing to register tens. of. thousands. of. voter. registrations. 40,000 people who have registered will not get to vote because this Republican won't get them on the rolls in time, what a coincidence, backlog of new voter registrations some activists say is so large that it amounts to an act of voter suppression by the Red secretary of state politico- aibafs/Thank You, ISIS by d horowitz, Beheadings of innocent human beings are unspeakable acts reflecting the barbaric savagery of the Islamic holy war against the West, despite the intentions, they have had an unexpected utility. Their gruesome images have entered the living rooms and consciousness of ordinary Americans and waked them up, barbarity of the Islamic movement for world domination has actually been evident for decades-Davis trailing in the polls, clearly her campaign is done with more subtle reminders that Texans shouldn’t vote for Greg Abbott because he’s a cripple. Get it? Because he can’t run or walk. Because he’s in a wheelchair, The truth, not surprised Reds have attempted to undermine the Davis campaign announced impressive fundraising numbers from donors in every county in Texas. Greg Abbott is running scared and for good reason iapb/white power: You already have the power, you redundant f*cks- They all blame America, diversity of thought at Harvard-ala pastor been having sex with church members, AIDS-Ancient prophecies of apocalypse rally Islamic State jihadists-Vote Christian or face ISIS beheadings and sodomy based marriage- There are no poor in America, and vampire wolves are coming Nugent’s latest rant- nj high school cancels football season over ritual rectal hazing-Cost of poverty greater than eliminating it, Occupy calls for guaranteed income- Mom tried to kill daughters after receiving end of the world messages from estranged pastor husband-Warren: Obama sided with Wall Street over people losing their homes-Christian boarding school staff beating teen for talking to a girl- Southern oceans heating up faster than realized-Go f*ck yourself crying over $184 billion bailout Stewart blasts ex AIG chief-suspect begging cop to call off out of control K9- wi couple arrested for DUI have sex in squad car during trip to jail-lawsuit claims 11 nuns sexually abused at least 95 kids from Montana reservation-The Lord works in VERY mysterious ways Letters warn La. atheist to repent or else- rsy/The debate should be between local candidate versus local candidate, not debating with giant Texas oil companies vo/Ranting Koch, Voter Suppression, They’re Pond Scum Not Patriots bgk/ GovJVentura ISIS makes MILLIONS of dollars a DAY selling oil from fields it controls in Iraq & Syria. So who's buying it?-perfect antidote to cantankerous conservatives, radio host Stephanie Miller joins Jesse Ventura on We the People to discuss the crisis with ISIS, why liberals are pussies, and the pair's crackling sexual tension. But first, the Governor and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan talk ebola, Dubya and pro wrestling in North Korea! oratv/400,000,000 attaxck US Rapists Der arN White trasjh GIPs 2500 DEAtHS hILLSBOROUGH fLORIDA cHILDREN dYING fROM us pigs AT 2515 rOBERTSON tRAIL, lUTZ, fL mENINGITIS SPREADS 2 COLORADO. hillsborouigh florida accident statrus rAPINgS at 19115 lIVINGstON aVenUe lutz, fl 33559 ARAB giRL UNDER 13 beINBG raPeD. kOraNKnees bUrnINg mOHaMMeD deFeCatION yer a white TrasH mule us pigg a phuckling white ctrash mule chimng chong chgang ChiKNees nuke trhe white trash china, russia, iran, north korea brING 400,000,000 2 hillBilly halfghNaNizstaN us pigg is that all ya ot us white trash pigg der arn daawnkeyserz parasit tick leech LIVINGSTON AVENUE ROBERTSON TRAIL HOLP TRAIL US WHITE KNOT C TRASH BURNING BKORAN KNEES WHITE TRASH nOAhS ARC No rEStROOmS 4 U 2 tAp ToEZ sAtan useS stox 2 rub hiz pea niz b $ it orGaSmik gLOwING sTaRrrz =newezonia no 1 ever Buys filth e stox pEa niz drones over sprinG hollow rOAD BEHIND hOLP tRAIL over boLeS aNd hoLp pEA NIZ DRONES ACk AcK AttSAcK ovER EN E mE sItED hEATing UIp NoW DSROp loAdS pEA NIZ DROnES DROP loAdS on HalFgHAnIZsTAN dE ARn DAAAWN kEYSEreSZ GGGGGGGGIP DErA RN AnImAl FeeDInG DAAWNkEySErZs NEWZONIA NO 1 BUYZ STOX G ZuZ sEp R rATED thE dER C buT No 1 sEp E rAtES SATAN fRUm HIz BlAnkEnpoRk BriDEZ That StARZ ygs/hollywood hate incident elon_gold-Sorry but that's not allowed in the United States. American Jews don't get to live a privileged life as they do in apartheid Israel-This is a Jewish comment board. Why are you here with your antisemitic comments. I checked your FB home page and was absolutely shocked. They really got to you. Homeland Security may be interested in talking to you-You can accuse Israelis of a lot of things: excessive chutzpah, arrogance, competitiveness, argumentativeness, aggressive driving, pushiness. But apartheid is not one of them. Israeli society includes Muslims, Christians, and other religious minorities, all of whom are privileged to Israeli citizenship, freedoms, benefits, social services and the right to vote jewishjournal fb/panetta sez isis is well trained and managed fn/another tirefire signaling
101114/I love that this is news Did you know? Kate Middleton smiled and twirled her hair at a Remembrance Day England's Veterans Day, don't you know.) The royal family laid a wreath, there was a moment of silence, and the whole world gasped as Kate reached up with a gloved hand, grasped a lock of her shiny, be curled hair, and worked its perfect spiral through her fingers. Primping, at such a solemn occasion! cafemom/ hoohah is what some would refer to the female private parts…lol nice typo Sarah’s insult to the marines. Oorah for Marines, Hooah for Army. Hoohah for your gynecologist. politicians who know nothing about our military? *eyeroll* sw/ the outlying suburb of Abu Ghraib teetering on completely falling to ISIS, if the area comes under complete control of the Islamists, the Americans will be within easy range of ISIS artillery. Abu Gharib is a mere 8 miles from the runway perimeter, while the distance from BGW to the US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone is roughly 9.5 miles. The Washington Times reported earlier this summer that ISIS captured upwards of 52 American made M198mm howitzer heavy artillery pieces, capable of hitting targets 14-20 miles away reportedly cost $500,000 per piece. To add insult to injury, the Islamists have also seized 1,500 up armored Humvees which cost the American taxpayer $220,000 each examiner-iapb/LIES TOLD THROUGH THE ELITE-OWNED MEDIA ARE JUST TOO MUCH TO TAKE SOMETIMES! Deception and lies, yes, that is what the media spews forth day after day! They use their lies to pick our pockets!- works real well on the sheeple yhal
101014/Seattle Discovers the Truth, unjust and enduring false narrative that Columbus discovered the Americas, Dumps Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day-Raven Is a Shade of Black- Most people consider George W. Bush a failed president, but according to the goals laid out by the paymasters who created him, he was the most successful president in the entire history of the country- Fracking Playgrounds a Threat to Texas Kids buzzflash/Since the early 20th century, numerous crime novel authors have explored politically charged themes, including class distinctions, government corruption and oppression of women and people of color-Truthout/Lego Ends Deal With Shell Oil After Environmental Protests UST/Obama Weighs Options to Close Guantanamo wsj/ Big Pharma Lobbies Hard to End India's Distribution of Affordable Generic Drugs, Aid organizations are calling on Indian leaders to resist US pressure to change India's patent laws, favor the pharmaceutical industry, which the organizations believe would drive up prices of lifesaving drugs, making it more difficult to treat patients in the developing world-Mainstream News Coverage of Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Shows Western Propaganda Machine at Work- Manufacturing Consent, discusses the blatant propaganda in mainstream media coverage of the events in Ukraine-Child star Raven Symone set the Twitter on fire when she insisted she is not African American, comments tow the post racial line. But we are not post racial. What we are, is post Trayvon, post Ferguson, post Bring Back Our Girls/ Supreme Court Blocks Wisconsin's Restrictive Voter ID Law MSNBC/Why Are Media Playing Lapdog on War in Iraq and Syria? Guardian/ How John Oliver Won the Internet Salon/Congressional Report on Authorized Disclosures to Media Is Classified AS/Pakistani Teen, Indian Activist Win Nobel Peace Prize r/Strange Twists in Senate Races Shake GOP Confidence wt/This Is How Judges Humiliate Pregnant Teens Who Want Abortions- If 35,000 Walruses Can't Convince You Climate Change Is Real, I Don't Know What to Tell You mj/Koch Brothers Helped Bring About the Law That Shut Texas Abortion Clinics American Prospect/ 3,000 New Voters Have Registered in Ferguson Since Michael Brown's Death ThinkProgress/ Americans for Prosperity's Trail of Voter Misinformation Goes Far Beyond North Carolina Facing South/Koch Group Charged With Suppressing Cat Vote in North Carolina AlterNet

Friday, October 10, 2014

101014/The helical model, our solar system is a vortex

101014/Proof of 15 thousand year human civilization cycle The helical model, our solar system is a vortex , people argue that the lack of artifacts from previous civilizations should be a strong evidence of the absence of the human civilization cycle. Well, what if there is a process that can turn all man made materials stuffs into thin air?- Should this be so incredible? Federal Reserve created tens of trillions of dollars out of the thin air yc/ Christian clerics urge recognition of Palestinian state Jerusalem churchmen say Europe has a moral, legal and political duty to hold Israel accountable and support Palestinian non violent initiatives to end the Israeli occupation, urge recognition of Palestine on 1967 border AFP Inn/ governor from 1995 until 2003, divorced his second wife, Sharon, shortly after leaving office, made a political comeback in 2010. Though they have yet to marry, Kitzhaber refers to Hayes as the first lady, and she has embraced the role of political spouse while continuing her work as an energy consultant, she'll step back from her work advising Kitzhaber for now, It's clear from her past history that the first lady has had no qualms with breaking the law in order to make financial gains, Hayes said she's been cautious in trying to avoid conflicts of interest between her business and first lady work Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber got one hell of an October surprise, as his fiancée Cylvia Hayes, despite being engaged goes by the title first lady in the state. had been married, and divorced, three times before, tearfully admitted she accepted around $5,000 to a green card marriage to an Ethiopian immigrant, Abraham Abraham 18, in 1997 fn humping 40% bo disproval with 13% congress disapproval / midterm virus scares, debortion debate, cheeto shaped ebola, sms/ GOP Losing WOMAN VOTERS by the MILLIONS! LOL! why the GOP will NEVER win another Federal Election, GOP I have no problem with females in government but ONLY with the permission of their husbands and if they don't have children in the home, STRIP a Domestic Violence bill saying Native American women and lesbians DON'T DESERVE the same protection as other women- Only women GOP loses is #$%$ and Fat Black Welfare Qweens- typically condescending of the left wing. To you, women are victims, too weak and stupid to fend for themselves without a benevolent big government to take care of them. Let's see how that plays out- treating FEMALE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE is Big Gov't? You stuttering simpleton, you right wing hicks think NON WHITE WOMEN are somehow UNEQUAL TO WHITES! How typically Republican of you- The rule of thumb seems to be: The GOP is only for government regulations for serious problems like gay people marrying, women making decisions & black people voting-new scandals for Barry's adm today? No? Well it's still early-yhal
10914/Tea party makes their little pawns fear Deregulated and unstable government and law, domestic terrorists and tea party fanatics will fire on cops more. Some bad cops PD's are doing nearly irreparable damage to the image of police everywhere- People are losing empathy for cops- After all the beatings illegal arrests killings rape and civil rights violations. I wonder why?-areas that have high gun ownership such as Texas and Arizona there does seem to be fewer incidents of police brutality- people who murder police officers don't usually use legally obtained guns fb/ Sports talk host mocks Mitch McConnell after needlessly angry interview- college rescinds invitation to George Will over offensive rape column-Red punk rockers troll conservatives with ironic Obama video- GOP attacks Florida Dem’s work ethic for having babies while she’s in office-Detroit cop arrested for brandishing Glock at family in minivan off duty- Silverman gets a penis to avoid $500,000 vagina tax- foster son arrested Alaska public radio host shot dead-Fla pastor wears Nuke ISIS shirt to court for Koran burning case-Minn confronts GOP I don’t need an assault rifle to shoot a duck. Maybe you do-Ala grandparents arrested after department store brawl with mall cop- Black teen in white foster home pepper sprayed mistook for burglar-YOLO is an atheist conspiracy brainwashing a generation- enthusiast robbed I like your gun. Give it to me-NC pastor Carter 90th birthday could go to hell making Jesus a gay loving hippy-what it’s like to be a black person CNN explodes over inherent police racism-Forbes incredible and obscene Walmart economy wealth gap-NYPD pistol whip cowering teenage pot suspect- Fla stripper drinks at work attacks boyfriend with an ax-Fla terminally ill dad on fire- Fla inmate found beaten to death one day after aunt reported guard’s threats-Cruz rips Supreme Court-seat belt traffic stop Cops smash window to use Taser on passenger-No charges for Ga officers who maimed toddler during no knock drug raid- Protesters disrupt Denver Murderous crybaby deputies asking for city support- doctor schools Elisabeth Hasselbeck-Il cop shoots family dog in front of kids, gives mom a ticket-Death threats emailed to Harvard students blamed on little brother-Australian chef cooked parts of slain girlfriend's body-Delaware mom arrested after kid 4 brings heroin to day care- PBS: Fox’s Ebola coverage is a level of ignorance-like math SC GOP: Execute anyone who comes into contact with Ebola-Axelrod mocks Scarborough fire from hell exaggerating Ebola-West: Barack nothing more than Black face of American empire-Kurdish woman suicide bomber attacks ISIS in Syria-ready to test lab grown penises on men-Lucas Oil founder sick and tired of minorities running our country!- King Abdullah Religious extremism perverse and must be eliminated-Satanic Temple fires early shots in war on Christmas rsy/ Netanyahu baffled by Obama's opposition against American values bgk/ bee swarm kills arizona man wbir- Wingnuts love Sharia law, as it closely mirrors the barbaric christian laws-mom and son meth cookers call 911, ebola neckties and natural cures, sms/ dunkin dies, another offduty pd shooting ferguson, dagen mtp tryout successful, wabc/ tying isis, ebola, and gay marriage, steph celebrates big gay week, manly beaver/ny state solar projects, hartmann
10814/11 kids sick with mystery illness in Colorado, Yet media won't talk about or ask this administration questions. CDC won't inform the public about its origin or about who is at risk. But it's a disease prevalent in El Salvidor, thank you Open Borders liberals yhal/Trial begins in lawsuit over AIG's $182 billion taxpayer bailout Lat- Treasury Secretary Geithner defends AIG bailout R- grilled in court over AIG bailout, affirms in court need for AIG bailout AP-Spars With Attorney Over AIG's Role The Wsj- describing the bailout as necessary to avert a second Great Depression, introduced transcripts, essay drafts and emails in which Geithner seemed to suggest the government had forced losses on AIG shareholders proportionate to the mistakes of the firm but that the government had not undertaken any specific analysis to determine what exactly those mistakes were-ebola bill 32b$- Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds a Surprise Pipeline Route Bypassing Obama, Instead, go east, all the way to the Atlantic, Canada's own environmental and aboriginal politics are holding up a shorter and cheaper pipeline to the Pacific that would supply a shipping portal to oil bthirsty Asia bb-y/ World Versus Bank: The Return of the World Bank and the People's Resistance-HUD Program Helps Wall Street, Hurts Homeowners- Truthout:/ Marriott's Shameful Hotel Tipping Scam jh- ISIS, Ebola and Why Fear of the Unknown Makes Us Stupid-Dumping University Tuition Is Not a Dream; It Is Now the Reality in Germany-14 People Made More Money Than the Entire Food Stamp Budget for 50,000,000 People-Nuclear Power Just a Clean Way to Die-BuzzFlash/ rating run news bad business moderl steph and chris agree/ humping anarcy savage blaming liberals, gov, and civil right lawyer gangsters for faux power pumping koch books, while burying and or hiding his
10714/He admitted to a judge that as police chief, he took a drunk woman to his office and forced her to perform sexual acts. receives fine and 2 yrs probation fb/ jacksonville man shoots woman to death after she jokingly slapped him iapb/ Frankenpenis would still be afraid of fire- Church Of The Embarrassing Assumption-It's twue, it's twue!- chicken hawk rapeublicans- sms/we are all not dead yet from the feared Ebola outbreak. It seems that last week, Colbert had informed his viewers that they were going to soon be dead, Turns out that you are not, and for that, I apologize, other conservative media outlets on the Ebola virus, these news outlets have been simultaneously scaring the hell out of their viewers while blaming Obama for the outbreak, and for not doing enough to eradicate it, the best way to save lives is to humanely execute the victim firebrand/ teen arrested flying, and hitchhiking to war, steph asking who lit isil linsey's tampon
10614/texting, a perfect way to miscommunicate, and rage innocents/It took 5 days to remove the sheets of the patient from the home he was staying at because Texas has outsourced its hazardous waste removal to private companies and they could not find a company willing to remove it. The only reason they found out about it was the woman he was staying with called into CNN!- we know logic and thinking not strong suits of RWNJs- literally in a fight to save our democracy and economic well being. There is no way in hell that we should have to hope and pray that we hold on to the Senate. This is insanity. Too many of our voters are either complacent, or have been brain washed by right wing media. How in the hell can any working class voter vote for the Koch brothers to take away their healthcare; deny them of an increase in their minimu wage; deny women of equal pay, etc.? This is insanity smc/ Tall with slightly graying hair, Racine, Wis., man 28, They don't pay me, but they treat me like family. If I need anything, they look after me I couldn't just sit and watch Christians being slaughtered anymore, I got sick of giving online sympathy. Five minutes of lip service does nothing. These people are fighting for their homes, for everything they have, In the dark, with no night vision goggles, we can't see ISIS, the other night 12 black figures walked towards our base and just starting shooting at us, laughed as he recalled a young YPG fighter whose aim was so bad he wasn't able to shoot a chicken for dinner recovering in northeastern Syria from a shrapnel wound in his foot, Matson conceded that people back home might call him crazy for joining Kurdish forces three weeks ago to help end the Islamic State's reign of terror armytimes-here we go again get a load of this guy, the latest of military fakers felony conviction in another state, Rahn was posing as a highly decorated officer, making it illegal for him to have certain firearms, Another warrant seized two more firearms, as well as a U.S. Army dress uniform adorned with medals and insignias, determining, the uniform violates a federal statute, Let me help; He’s wearing a Purple Heart and a Soldiers Medal, so yeah, smoke him rallypoint/ The Reight won't be happy until they have been successful in putting everyone in their places and they will be deciding what is the correct place for each and everyone from Tecumseh to Timbuktu. Of course they don't want their sons doing the dirty work nor do they intend to pay the taxes needed to finance their grand effort. But those Tea Baggers are all about a grand game of Simon Says aibafs/We can no longer sit by and be polite while people lie, cheat, and steal. We are called liberals and progressives likes its a bad thing and those who are willfully ignorant respond to that. However, when a group rises up and raises their voice, they will also be heard over the false rhetoric. This problem is we are too busy being polite and mindful of the ignorance's feelings, the message is getting lost or being seen as weak. People do not vote for weakness. Therefore, we have to be loud while maintaining our facts and knowledge, in order to truly break through. Change has never been quiet and polite- it has been loud and up in your face and that is where we need to go in order to make real change. Insults might not be the correct way, but it does get people's attention/ wtf, sat morn cartoon censorship? to much truth to ingest?/ jindal botswanna plan sms/ rupert dumps alec, beauprea, walrus, coal and climate denial losing wars, gnbb/ curt thinks ebola is a flesheating virus and chicken soup is liquid penecillin, kcwabc/iman taking odds on ebola and isis, spare hose just in case of another 911,
10514/When one lives by the Lies, Frauds, Hypocrisies and Arrogances, one will eventually die by those Lies, Frauds, Hypocrisies and Arrogances
aibafs/ In the age of information ignorance is a choice, For all the Christian Free marketers out there. How do you justify your support for free trade? Is it because people are desperate enough to be treated like slaves? No slavery exists in the Congo, where children mine minerals for the iphone and other smartphones, where kids on the ivory coast are forced to produce at gunpoint the chocolate that Americans eat. Or even the reports that labor camps in China are forcing people to work and crank out toys and other widgets for western countries. How about all these things? What world do you people live in? What about the international sex trade?- It’s just the law. Mistakes happen. Good intentions are presumed when you have money and privilege. Mitt two time loser, third time hopeful, signed voter registration forms wrong Commits Misdemeanor Voter Fraud politicususa-fb/Seinfeld Scathing Speech Mocking Advertising, spending your lives trying to dupe innocent people out of hard won earnings to buy useless, low quality, misrepresented items and services is an excellent use of your energy Won A Clio Award digg
10414/people love hearing what they want to hear- Fox news runs sensationalism. They want you to think that if you don't watch all the way through every last minute of the program your family will all get rape mugged and your grandmother is going to be beaten to death with her own shoes- They do. It's so slanted, and they tell a lot of lies, and never issue retractions-To be honest, I'd rather believe left leaning sources in regards to Ebola and ISIS. They make it sound a lot less serious- MSNBC is my favorite. I already Know what FOX thinks-It's so hard to find a neutral source. I read a lot of articles from both sides to figure out the real story. The WSJ is pretty good, which is weird because it's owed by the same people who own Fox-What would an Ebola outbreak in Texas do for the residing Governor? Now think what the 911 terror attack did for President Bush during his historic voter fraud win fb/ desperate conservative obsession with taking down Neil deGrasse Tyson- Affleck and Maher clash over criticizing Islam-nc College Red shuts down campus voter registration drive-fla cop investigated after body camera shows rough arrest- Georgia man jailed and force- medicated for a year due to mistaken identity- activists were identified and threatened during Rafael Cruz speech rsy
10314/Netanyahu issued a sharp rebuke, reportedly telling Obama to check the facts before issuing criticism, EU took the opportunity to once again threaten Israel, saying that the future of EU Israel relations depends on Israel's commitment to peace iapb/ Biblical Tale Rewritten to Push an Agenda, big budget movie Noah caused controversy for not being biblically accurate, does more than take liberties with the Bible: Noah pushes messages nothing to do with the Bible- ice is now thinner, and the difference is so noticeable the Gravity field and GOCE satellite can detect it- Modern propaganda techniques utilized by the corporate state to enforce anti democratic and destructive policies routinely entail the manufacture and manipulation of news events to mold public opinion and engineer consent toward certain ends-WHO panel says unproven drugs are ethical as Ebola death toll tops 1,000- Vaccine Danger: Merck is Big Pharma’s Vaccine Monsanto- Merck Paid Legislators to Pass Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine Bill- 41 States Sell Out to Merck’s HPV Shot Gardasil Vaccine Lobbyists-Gardasil Vaccine Destroys Ovaries of Girl 16 Causes Infertility-FDA Rejects Merck’s Attempt to Expand Deadly Gardasil to Older Women- 49 Dead, Others Hospitalized After Gardasil HPV Vaccine naturalsociety criticalbelievers/ The media shouldn't feel anything. They should report information free of commentary. Editorials are fine, but a lazy public isn't always cognizant of the difference between news and commentary aibafs/ Duck Dynasty clan blames Dawkins, atheists for Sandy Hook massacre- Oops! after mistaking okra for weed Cops raid Georgia home-Cops kill Georgia grandpa in no knock raid triggered by burglary suspect’s tip- Cenk explains repulsed by Justice Scalia-Deathpocalypse now! Colbert ridicules Fox fear mongering Ebola buffoonery-Foster parent filmed himself sexually abusing a 6 week old premature baby- Maddow dissects multiple unsettling missteps in handling of first US Ebola case- Stewart: GOP is distracting you with non problems instead of actual bad sh*t- WV cop filmed videos of daughter dressed as police officer and marching to Klan anthem rsy/iman asks faux reporters if they are lying/ mae and steph whoretastic/3k military, 600 doctors sent to west africa, willing to kill kcwabc
10214/ISIS and the Spectacle of Terrorism: Resisting Mainstream Workstations of Fear The spectacle of neoliberal terrorism, violence and misery has become one of the major organizing principles of everyday life, the significance of a range of old and new media apparatuses as powerful political and pedagogical forces that shape this spectacle- Continual attention to non state terrorism helps justify state power. There are several little options to address, terrorism, including promoting nonviolent methods and giving less media attention to terrorism- health impacts of marijuana (cannabis) and alcohol and the way alcohol is exempt from Drug Enforcement Administration regulations while cannabis is classified under the strictest enforcement category- Uruguay Making Sense in a Senseless Drug War- VA announced it will cover health care costs for Marine dependents who contracted cancer and other illnesses from toxic water at Camp Lejeune- Truthout/ Few have been held sufficiently accountable criticism Warren often makes about the Federal Reserve-Texas Woman Denied Driver's License Over Same Sex Marriage- BuzzFlash/ az teacher fired after 25 years over defending student from racist bullying-Jessa Duggar blames the Holocaust on the theory of evolution- Political cartoonist I just love watermelon joke was innocent mistake-Prosecutor obsessed with jailing MN mom who treated son with marijuana oil to stop painful seizures- Florida officer Tasers black woman 62 in the back as she walks away- Stewart hammers Congress with Schoolhouse Rock update-Cop cleared after shooting unarmed man complying with order to remove hands from waistband-Conservatives freak out after Ruth Bader Ginsburg slams Texas abortion law- Obama lied about things so maybe you’re lying about Ebola-NC pastor 70 accused of sexually assaulting young girl for six years- Birther evidence-MN man shoots couple with BB gun, shouts Bible verses upset over hand holding in gay bar- SC cop faces misdemeanor charge for fatally shooting DUI suspect 68 in parked car-nm grandma pointing gun at kids, How does it feel to be scared?- lawmakers pushing bill to allow Alabama teachers to join students in prayer- Failing sense of smell strong predictor of death- NY cops shoot and kill man they were trying to save from knife attack-Secularism is like Nazis putting a bullet through the throat of Jews-Reds try to woo young women with bizarre Rick Scott wedding dress ad-White Ohio lesbians suing sperm bank over mixed race baby-he traveled to Liberia, but Texas hospital sent him away anyway-court blocks some of North Carolina's new voting restrictions rsy/Brownback Aide Ex Kansas Senator Being Investigated By FBI TPM-cdc is lying on hazmat suit in atlanta-FoxNews uses Ebola 2try2blame Obama Aren't UgladU have Obamacare? VoteBlue2014 2keep it!-Keeping the sheep in perpetual fear is a tough job- and a brain surgeon carried a machine gun into airport, just shows even some of the Educated people are stupid- Dirty secret NOT mentioned- tracking innocent civilians w cancer causing radar- tw/isis War the Pentagon Was Hoping for AlterNet/Bay Area Activists Again Prevent Unloading of Israeli Ship Electronic Intifada/red state aca ebola doughnut hole hartmann/400k rape kits used debbie smith testing law reinstatment gnbb/