Thursday, August 7, 2014

8714/ experience exceptionalism by smoking some weed

8714/wonder whether the next president of US would be a woman or homosexual, take a look of some facts, USSR sent the first artificial satellite to the Earth orbit, sent the first man to the Earth orbit, sent the first artificial satellite successfully to the Moon orbit, conducted the first successful unmanned soft landing on the Moon, NASA caught up only on the fake manned Moon landing, He will probably tell you that anybody can experience the exceptionalism by smoking some weed or drink some Ayahuasca, funny to see Obama had studied these history in his high school or college year, he would not have made those silly comments, the head of state, to bad mouth Russia as a nation, when he said Russia produces nothing. I wonder he knows that, as the head of state, he should not talk down any nations, even those he considers enemies-paper tiger accepts 17b$ fine-yc/may take an additional $2 billion charge in the third quarter related to litigations-How is this fraud money losing corrupt pit still in double digits?? This is disgracefully blatant fraud now, How long until the king knucklehead Buffet bails on this sinking ship?? Get ready tax payer for them to try to give us another sticking, this time demand NO and let this dog fail ybac/Ninety percent of the fatalities could have been avoided had Hamas not rejected the cease fire it accepts now, Netanyahu asks US to help Israel avoid war crime charges nypost- HOW STUPID DOES NETi believe we are? Blaming the victim doesn't cut it in an intelligent world! Illegal occupation is not justification for cold blooded murder, or apartheid!-A New Age of Liberal Darkness Infecting Christians DNA with Ebola To Destroy Jesus christwire-don't get too comfortable folks! GUESS WHERE BIBI and AIPAC are heading next with US tax dollars! If the US stops Genie Energy from going ahead with oil contract, it invites the wrath of myriad pro Israel groups with other peoples oil aja-Perhaps Israel has seemingly thrown caution to the wind is now so used to living off the fat of other people's land, Palestinian and Syrian, among other resources, soil and water-Furor and fuss about Black Jesus-I swear monica I just heard Megyn head explode fnBoondocks creator Aaron McGruder's Black Jesus has been reaping controversy since word about it hit the streets dailyko-Hagee Sunday sermon at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, God thinks nasty welfare recipients should get a job or starve rsy-fb/Sent John Boehner An Email That Got Him Hopping Mad! Obama, do you never tire of Breaking Politics-Marijuana Lubricant gel which is to be applied directly inside of a woman Gives You A 15 Minute Climax-absurd framing by Jonathan Karl Are You A Dictator Or A Giant F**king P*ssy?-Missouri Mayor will spend a year and a day in federal prison Sentenced For Defrauding Money From International House Of Prayer- Republicans vowed to pay as you go Violate Pledge By Adding Nearly $1 TrillionTo Debt- Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks Doubles Down On War On Whites-Cleveland Judge Arrested For Beating Wife; Police Seize 2,300 Rounds, Semi Auto Rifles, Smoke Grenades, Sword ll/Murray Edwards, one of Canada's wealthiest oil and mining tycoons, a major investor in Imperial Metals, the company that owns the Mount Polley mine.-Union of BC Indians Chief Stewart Phillip declares that Mount Polley will be synonymous with one of the most disastrous environmental events in British Columbia- Murray Edwards, one of Canada's wealthiest oil and mining tycoons and a co-owner of the Calgary Flames NHL team, is a major investor in Imperial Metals, the company that owns the Mount Polley mine-Grand Chief compares Mount Polley disaster to Exxon Valdez-The Union of BC Indians declares Mount Polley will be synonymous with one of the most disastrous environmental events in British Columbia vo/Coulter for blaming Ebola on Christian narcissism-ok GOP fundraising flier so crudely racist, Democrats at first suspected a hoax-Christian: Ebola could cleanse US of atheists, gay people, and sluts-Militia logic: We’re enforcing laws we like and defying laws we don’t-Texas GOP: Legal same-sex marriage will cause incest and pedophilia- Ks GOP: Americans have a duty to offend Muslims, especially with a 45-FL woman fatally stabsgrandson 7 as he begs for his life-renames street honoring Klansman who flogged people for not attending NC church-Texas teens tried as adults in alleged satanic ritual slaying-Winning Arab American candidate unloads on GOP loser: I ran to stop people like you-Stewart skewers Rand Paul’s attempt at poetry: His limerick skills suck my b*lls rsy / I see he has already lost the debate as he had to resort to name calling in response, However, Libertarians can't seem to find a place to fit in anywhere that carries enough weight to swing an election aibafs/ douchetastic insurance co pays lawsuit with 17 100 lb buckets of coins, honest artist abby reconfirms all suspections, coulter worried about american christian money replaces ebola to idioicy scare, douche of the day wolfowitz, no charges after shooting fla victim in back and fleeing scene, kids killed more than terrorist, huck is sure of impeachment possibilities, neti sez dead civilians are pr fodder, fla gov scott uses 5m$ fighting aca insurance co's raise rates 17% bagger and cons cheer, wingnutz admit more evil with some good within, musket handjob not just half cocked, stephie needing help with her box agrees while mercy killing some troll wingnutz/ koch get together nets half billion to tip elections jhpv/gaza 35 x 8 miles with 2m inhabitants, exposing wingnutz to reality as gently as possible, is occupation worth it, searching for a solution, charging izzy h8ers are the nazi like people, defending and admonishing zion, geraldo 300 miles from suez while hyping isis attacks to protect iraq? ny jobs for sex, panties, and 1k$ wabc/
8614/w and our Brave US Military won in Iraq and incompetent Obama gave it all back. The US Generals told Obama to leave 20,000 troops but incompetent Obama left none. Economy Sputtering Faster Than a Kenyan Without a Teleprompter Fo shizzle GDP Buy Gold since Obama is printing and spending dollars as fast as the US Mints can print them. Could be why liar incompetent Obama approval hit new low of 27%, Liberals in full Panic Mode posting lies 24 7 that nobody reads live in the Obama Fantasyland. We working taxpayers pickup the tap, if you're a Dumb Democrat You're Suppose to Believe Socialist Obama is your King and dictator. Obama will give you all the Free Stuff you need ie: Food Stamps, Welfare, Rent vouchers, free cell phone and 200 free Obama talk minutes, free Obamacare and all you have to do is keep voting democrat until the money runs out and the country is bankrupt. Almost 6 years of Obama should teach you what an incompetent lair and excuse maker he is-All we have to fear is fear itself, and Obama-ybac/ Human Shield Doesn't Fly, as many as 150 Israeli soldiers, 1865 Gazans have died, 9,400 wounded dailykos- fb/Putin will be done and start the hunt for these criminals and accomplices Bankers Rothschild, Rockefeller. Both the IMF and European Union have issued an Interpol Red Notice which is not only against the immediate arrest of Soros, but also against the Sharks on Finance, Bush, Clinton, criminal organization, Marc Rich and his firm, which is located in Switzerland, the Commodities Broker Richfield, which is why the Russian Premier Putin has recently met the Chef of the Federal Reserve Bernanke Bermard making clear that the Russian Federation will not accept that such use is made of people like Soros and Rich to commit criminal acts of the derivatives market and Finance, which led to social destabilization across the globe Political velcraft critical believers/ Rabbi Michael Lerner Mourning for a Judaism Being Murdered by Israel Tikkun/ Truthout: Palestinian American Teen Tariq Abu Khdeir Brutalized by Israeli Police Testifies on Capitol Hill. Is Israel complying with US and international laws?-When Israelis and Palestinians understand that their own security depends on the security of the other, there will be no more room for violence to/New Humiliation for GOP's Scandal Hunter Gowdy's Setback: Salon/forest palin going rouge, bachmann palin overdrive, mitts replacement pension raider rouner hides wealth in caman 2, mcconnel bitch had it comming bill, rand carnie shirts, stephie/
8514/1850 v67 9400 injured/The Kfar Aza Kibbutz, near the cross border tunnels which Israel vowed to destroy Fear of Gaza tunnels emptied kibbutz of children afp/I Really Don't Care How Much Money Cantor Makes When He Leaves, important thing is, when people see Cantor they'll know he's representing one person HIMSELF. This was always true, of course. But now he doesn't have to pretend. And all those people he was supposed to represent, well, I hope they find someone who will, at least, give them a thought from time to time yhal/ Meet the CNN anchor Bill Weir's ill advised tweet Fox News ignorant fucksticks lit up the internet over climate change mj-Apparently there are a couple of game apps that are in very poor taste, Bomb Gaza app pulled by Google after public outcry The Israeli Palestinian conflict has seeped into our app stores, as Google recently removed two different Android games from its online marketplace for putting players in charge of bombing Gaza, Both of the titles have been blasted on social media for turning the violent Middle Eastern conflict, one in which more than 1,800 Palestinians and more than 60 Israelis have been killed, into a game rt-Governor Bat Boy Rick Scott, the Republican governor of Florida had Republican operatives and local sheriffs Removes Liberal Looking Seniors from Townhall-fb/Four men, including a rabbi, have been accused in a scheme to steal millions of dollars from three outstanding earmarked for preschoolers with special needs-Little action has been taken to clean up pollution caused by oil production in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, either by the government or Shell Oil, Amnesty International and other groups charged-Snowden Reveals Israeli Aggression would be Impossible without the Constant, Lavish Support and Protection of the U.S. Government, providing cash, weapons and surveillance technology that play a crucial role in Israel’s attacks on its neighbors-The Media’s Big Torture Lie: Enhanced Interrogation and the False Politics, Torture Report Summary to Be Declassified in a Few Days-izzy insisted was exempt from the truce Bombs al Shati refugee camp, During humanitarian ceasefire Killing Child-Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does. I’m not thinking about the actual war in Gaza, that’s bad enough. It’s the Jewish civil war over Israel, a civil war that includes both sides-Elie Wiesel Plays the Holocaust Trump Card in Gaza- Prominent Israeli Intellectual: Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians Is Apartheid-All of these questions need clear answers, but Netanyahu instead of dealing with Israel’s many problems is using his famous chicanery to deceive Israeli citizens-Turkey and Israel are Colluding in Iraq after partitioning of Iraq into three autonomous a joint plan to occupy oil rich city of Kirkuk, weak sectarian regions and advocates an independent homeland for Kurds but in fact has latent dreams of annexing Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region to its territory and to revive the Ottoman Empire- raqi Army Seize Israeli-Made Weapons from ISIS Terrorist in a hideout that belonged to the foreign- backed Takfiri militants-ISIS governor in Tikrit after being arrested by Iraqi army in an interview with Iraqi national TV said that Shia and Sunni Muslims are considered infidels and they must be executed unless-Snowden NSA Document Flagged as Top Spy Threat to U.S NSA) document- Grenade Found Near Scene of Shooting Along Texas Mexico Border shooting left three men dead who are suspected of being tied to drug smuggling-Police Chief Accuses Doug Ford of Lying about Leak, about to be subpoenaed- Iran Seeks Trial of Israeli Criminals for its crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza through international channels-srael and Ukraine: Ridding the Nation of the Undesirables in East Ukraine and Gaza, although frequently being represented as anti terror operations, in fact involve the mass killing-fired more than ten tank shells Wipes out at an iconic ice cream and cookie factory Gaza Ice Cream Factory that Stored Vital Medicines, starting a fire-thugs see it as an excuse to target them while others confuse the evils of political Zionism with the religion of Judaism- US officials can’t say anything because this can end a lot of political careers, What Israel is doing in the besieged Gaza strip is the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians-Israeli Police detained 15 suspects from Ashdod Port Senior Israeli Official Arrested for Bribery and Extortion, among other Charges– including Union chairman Alon Hassan, and affiliated private companies on suspicion of corruption deals totaling millions of shekels- whatsupic/ CNN correspondent Arwa Damon bit one of them and threatened both of them during a drunken altercation at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad-Palin Because she loves the military more is now going after Jessie Jackass for shaking down widow of SEAL. than Jesse-Horowitz blasts Republicans who, haven’t got the balls to fight, we need gutter fight Calls Pelosi A Jew Hating Bitch-ll/ Three New York guards indicted for smuggling cocaine and oxys into prison- pro troop conservative charity really just scam to funnel $$ to Tea Party Express founder- tw/ Paul literally eats and runs as immigrant activist confrontation- suspect 12 in playground attack I just stabbed someone and I want to die- bloody apocalypse in 12th century America-actors and celebrities speak out on Gaza-Ohio judge brutally beats wife; police find 2,300 rounds, semi-auto rifles, sword, smoke grenades- Irate woman on wrong flight accuses cops escorting her of being ‘f*cking racist bigots-Cornel West calls Obama a war criminal helping facilitate deaths in Gaza-Colorado girl3 shot by boy 5 wielding mother’s boyfriend’s handgun-Screw that guy Stewart rips GOP for letting Ted Cruz derail immigration bill-Colbert covers the Retro 1974 Watergate scandal with help from Buchanan rsy/ maher giving them money and in return they buy our military weapons was the most stupid thing- Times of Israel today ran an essay asking Is Genocide Permissible?-Do the Christian Zionists in government and military leadership believe Jesus will come back when every Palestinian is dead?-I'm convinced that one angry little fella Reza Aslan harbors anti semitic sentiment iapb/tunnel tactics, anti tank, jet, moles, gophers, wingnutz shooting in the dark, or eyes closed, netty house of cards, cnn alcohol consumption calulations results in biting everyone, gaza oil, ebola liberal bias, axis of issa, nebraska dentist stealing veterans dental gold, gays finally mess up a marriage in fla, google eye nader, texting driver dangers, the sunny side of ebola, we meant loser quiter mitt, finding common ground with herman zion puppet stephie doing her magic worried about creating hatred in a pants pooping way with the smartest kids in the class helping/detroit man made diasaster ntpv/fuckstick trumph pv/geraldo talking lame duck to the faithful flock/inside job fragged 2 star and injured 14 in afganistan wabc/body fluid christian white man ebola suddenly sees cure in 2 days, rupert cnn goopta, and clearchannel drive germaphobics crazy, curtis blames deblazio, there's always money for prisons and war kubby discovers one hitter, kcwabc strangly with no ads? beside curtis/
8414/Israel deliberately killed 264 Palestinian children in Gaza UNICEF-Israeli Broadcasting Authority has banned a radio advertisement from a human rights organisation which listed the names of some of the scores of children Dead Children Names Too Threatening For Israel-people getting a dictionary and using it, the libertarians and GOP losing fb/he GOP losing, the libertarians losing, and people getting a dictionary and using it-Okay! I'm All For State's Rights!, As Long As They Take No Federal Dollars! I've Heard Rebel Anarchists Cry About Unfunded Mandates For Years! All The While TAKING Federal Dollars FAR IN EXCESS, We Can't Continue Funding Our Parasite States!-More Israelis Drown in their own bathtub every year than are killed by Hamas Rockets, Israeli is 67 times more likely to be murdered by another Israeli than by a Palestinian- yhal/ Gaza is the starving little dog chained in Israel's back yard. They won't give it food or water and won't let anyone else either. If it tugs against the chain and barks, they kick it. You see? Israel only wants a nice quite little dog. Damn dog rbh/Bundy: The Lord told me to fight a civil war with federal agents-TX police scramble to scrub Facebook after pleading for help to get God back in our schools-Fox pundit reminds me that the Republican Party has become almost a completely white party impeachment supporters, juan rips Heritage CEO Needham was shocked, saying the president of the United States is lawless, which by the way, the Supreme Court agreed with, You’re the one demonizing people who are concerned about the fact we have a crisis of the Constitution! they’re all white! Williams shot back, they’re all older. And guess what? They’re all in the far right wing of the Party-Man taking Facebook selfie posing with handgun dies after shooting self in the head-CA mayor’s cold shoulder blocks atheists from giving opening prayer rsy/PM Following the quick collapse of the cease fire in Gaza, Netanyahu Don't second guess me on Hamas, US not to force a truce with Palestinian, campaign to go on until calm restored to Israel- false flag?- jerusalem Israeli bus attacked AP-Netanyahu militants on Israel-To yahoo writer: I have a question, if this article is about a terrorist act against Israel, why are you putting a video of a wounded Palestinian kid?-the girl in the photo being carried by the man is a propaganda photo taken at another time. They act out, use props, false blood, and take photos near destruction. Then they distribute these faked photos to news outlets that are more than glad to use them for impact. This has been going on for years! It is a propaganda war/evidence 47 percent of Gaza dead were combatants-soldier feared abducted by Hamas was killed in action r/ will not stop its military campaign in Gaza until long term calm is restored-Israel's right to security does not justify its actions in Gaza, does not justify slaughter of civilians: France Fabius called for a political solution to be imposed-Philip Hammond deeply disturbed intolerable situation demanded an unconditional ceasefire in Gaza AFP/ columbusgeorgia white woman unloads gun on carjacker fb/deal with the US the way the US wants and they'll give you some of what you want. Don't deal and behind closed doors you'll catch hell. Israel is a kept territory and dependent on Uncle Sam, As long as you put out, that wealthy man will take care of you. like a wealthy man's mistress or Israeli slut-iapb/actual police work rooting out hamas from palistine too much work izzy with no stomach for house to house combat 1800:60, forming new statutes on stephie/
8314/Feds Are Demanding That Twitter Turn Over More User Info Than Ever mj/horrors unfolding in the latest Israeli offensive in Gaza, Israel's goal is simple, For Gaza, the norm is a miserable existence under a cruel and destructive siege that Israel administers to permit bare survival, nothing more- Instead of trying to come up with an algorithm that captures the essence of independent thought, wisdom or ethical judgment in robots, let's preserve and encourage such thinking in ourselves Truthout/Israel Spied On John Kerry During Peace Effort Guardian/Goodbye at an ICE Deportation Facility aja/Shirley Temple Black, rip 85 aibafs/

Sunday, August 3, 2014

8314/no school in a graveyard no children left,izzy cheers

8314/Tomorrow there’s no school in a graveyard, they don’t have any children left izzy cheers-showing Israeli troops worshipping their artillery rounds- disgusting pigs, grown men cheering the murder of children-an insult to pigs, Years of extreme, right wing, Zionist propaganda-Tired of being trickled down on? Words like insane, despicable, repulsive, appalling, and horrifying are the least of it, now think about it. Same crowd?. Some of the same words applied to Cheney, Rumsfeld and the neo cons-something you CAN do Join the BDS movement, weak kneed politicians support the death Israel deals, so they're worth less than a bucket of warm spit-missile defense shield $$$ is on top of this annual aid to Israel now $3.15 billion year-Every time a poor person dies a Republican gets his horns-Ayelet Shaked being the most noteworthy, unabashedly and just short of explicitly, using the most flimsily disguised language. So while genocide may not be occurring yet, the world had better heed the warning signs and do something before it does occur- Native Americans have been severely destroyed as a culture through the taking of their land and the killing of their people, For many the scars are still there, a reason the world community has decided that an invading country can not settle the land they capture through warfare. Yet, this is exactly what Israel is allowed to do with our blessings-sickened to see Steny Hoyer on C span, prostrating himself in the most disgusting way at the altar of Israeli war crime as Palestinian PEOPLE WERE BEING SLAUGHTERED. It was a vile speech dripping with greasy over the top flattery and adulation for the colonizers currently committing mass murder, ethnic cleansing-persistent societal discrimination, kindergarten, where they claimed Ethiopian Jewish children were educated in a room separate from the rest of the children-Portion of the adolescent prisoners in solitary on Rikers Island who have been diagnosed with a mental illness: 70% dk/BN: Kerry’s proposal was completely unrealistic and gives Hamas military and diplomatic advantages-BO: Within a week of the end of Israel’s military activities, Qatar and Turkey will begin negotiations with Hamas based on the 2012 understandings, including Israel’s commitment to removing the siege and restrictions on Gaza-BN: Qatar and Turkey are the biggest supporters of Hamas. It’s impossible to rely on them to be fair mediators-BO: I trust Qatar and Turkey. Israel is not in the position that it can choose its mediators-BN: I protest because Hamas can continue to launch rockets and use tunnels for terror attacks-BO: (interrupting Netanyahu) The ball’s in Israel’s court, and it must end all its military activities-Israel's Channel 1 refused to retract the leaked statement. Worse, it revealed the source of the leak as a senior American official-with friends like Israel, you don't need enemies-The Herald Devils Sing!- Drunk In Church Israel has the right to exist. This site is filled with Jew haters and atheists. Repent, bitchez-The only thing holy about Israel is the trail of bodies they leave behind riddled with holes- restoring a Commonwealth destroyed by pax romana 1800 years ago based on practically biological criterion (matrilenial lineage), old testament rabbinical code is to uproot and demolish false gods, whether they be socialism, nationalism, capitalism, Jesus or Kim kardashian's ass, But to attribute to Zion manipulation of MSM is laughable, especially after you realize how incompetent its so called leaders are-dry orthodoxy have recently manifested in their studies a deepening conception of Judaism; and have thus brought about the banishment of that superficial rationalism which was the cause of a growing indifference to things Jewish, keeping with the conjunction of seeming opposites, in which Communism sometimes is bankrolled by predatory capitalists- The difference of the inner quality [of the body] is so great that the bodies would be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non Jews bodies are in vain- because you're obviously the self professed brightest bulb in the box tell me what exactly or who I am. And be specific, am I CIA, NSA, Mossad, or private contractor-A Christian Zionist, is my guess, you think the descendents of people who left an area 1400 years ago, have a better claim to it than the Muslims, whom you clearly have a deep dislike for, And why? Because the Bible tells you so zerohedge/ Israel is using disproportionate and indiscriminate force against civilians through the targeting of schools, religious institutions and government infrastructure While the resumption of violence is terrible news, there are positive, important things to report, pressure leaders for humanitarian relief in Gaza Truthout/ law passed in Puebla makes it possible for police to use firearms or deadly force to break up demonstrations. Local inhabitants felt the impact of the measure during a harsh crackdown on a protest against another law that they say undermines their autonomy Ips/groups protesting against the destruction in Gaza is If Not Now, When? a Hypocritical Creature From the Ignorant Abyss of American Christian Extremism is battering the United States of America, weakening and eroding the fundamental values of tolerance and inclusion embodied by our beautiful Constitution AlterNet
8214/today, everything is made in china but courage made in palestine, and cowardice, in izrahell- Americans For Prosperity, Backed By Charles And David Koch, Spent Nearly $1 Million On Ads Attacking Udall fb/CRUZ TAKES A HUGE HOT STEAMING DUMP RIGHT ON BOEHNER'S LEADERSHIP PARADE, BEGGING OBAMA TO IGNORE CONGRESS & USE EXECUTIVE OVERREACH ON BORDER? yhal/This is going to zero. The company still has 100s of billions in exposure in sub primes. They will be paying 300 billion in settlements over the 20 years. You were burned the minute you bought the stock with the intention of holding it long term, You are just too stupid to realize it- Republicans have trespassed by voting to sue the President for allegedly exceeding his authority. That’s just dumb. Anyone with half a brain knows a president has authority to interpret the laws, issue executive orders to federal contractors, and set enforcement priorities, Far more troubling is a report confirming that the CIA has been spying on Congress. The agency was trying to find out how Congress got a secret CIA internal report on the agency’s use of torture. (The Senate’s investigation apparently has concluded the CIA exaggerated torture’s effectiveness and repeatedly misled Congress about it.) This trespass isn’t just dumb. Spying on Congress jeopardizes our entire system of government. It undermines our democracy’s capacity to oversee how government uses covert violence ybac/CA guards dousing mentally ill inmates with pepper spray prompts rule change- kid’s book portrays day in the life of typical gun nut family- Maher hammers U.S. funding for Israel’s weapons: We just can’t afford this sh*t anymore-Colorado driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants- Ebola moving faster than control-india Rape charges have become a fashion-Noonan: Obama shouldn’t be dropping his g’s, slouching around- rsy/ 1201 total cases. 672 deaths. Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, Ebola or is it psychological warfare?- bones of dozens of Iron Age warriors found in Denmark were collected and ritually mutilated after spending months on the battlefield- Scientific evidence refuting the theory of modern humanity’s African genesis is common knowledge among those familiar on the human Genome, Mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes-Putin, Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant for noted financial terrorist and Hungarian bank dick, George Soros for using cross collateralized Swedish and Danish foreign currency derivatives to attack on the Russian stock market. criticalbelievers/ us gives every Israeli $750 a year. Many countries people don't even make $750 a year and the US gives it free to Israel iapb/
8114/Have you read the Bible? pundit rips Tucker shunning child refugees-GOP rethink everything full 911 report-media faking a series of ragegasms for Israel to prove their love is real rsy/Doing God's Work Nugent Says He's Being Persecuted By Lying Freaks ranting maniacally again standing up to the liberal America haters!-Rand Paul Blasting MSNBC Cranks and Hacks threw a hissy fit over coverage of his 2010 remarks about the Civil Rights Act- GOP Asks Why America Can't Be More Like Saudi Arabia same sex marriage ban-Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Scott Walker's Union Busting, not a right, but rather something lawmakers can offer or withdraw at will-Colbert rips corporations that flee US taxes and faux pundits who defend them-no one wants impeachment just moments after guest begs GOP to do it-125,000 Virginians Mistakenly Notified That They Cannot Vote-Geraldo derails Hannity-Trolls drown ReaganBook in sea of profanity, pornography- Santorum: Same sex marriage is to blame for single moms, and polygamy is next-Utah man fired blog post about homophones made school sound gay-deGrasse Tyson slams fear factor There are no wild cows over GMOs-Peace Corps withdrawing volunteers due to Ebola virus- Brian Eno, funding Israel is like funding the KKK- members call for shooting young refugees, Leave the corpses laying on the border-Coulter: Why can’t we deal with our border the way Netanyahu deals with Hamas?-Neo Nazis consider erecting monument to the white race North Dakota-Tase me motherf*ckers! Idaho police fulfill request- ussc asked to review Obamacare subsidy case- Texas printing In God We Trust on official documents- Stewart says Congress is like Sharknado 2? It was supposed to suck all along- rsy Seattle reassign cop who issued 80 percent of city’s weed tickets-Ohio woman slits sleeping husband’s throat, claims she was dreaming of filleting a fish-attempting to smuggle contraband into SC prison Drone crashes-Texas Dennis Bonnen Uses co*nass Slur To Describe Child Victims Of Katrina- Bachmann: The president, who has deported more people than any other president, and who wants to send back children to Central America, actually wants them here for medical experiments-Lerner referred to some as crazies **sholes- b0 urged lawmakers to get to work and stop just hatin’ all the time-Heckler Jesus Is The Lord Of Israel-hilarity immediately ensued After Awesome Trolling ReaganBook Offline-Honoring Pope Stuck In House Because Francis Too Liberal 19 Republicans have signed legislation-Virginia Family Foundation 40 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance, to fight same sex marriage, only thing missing is members can still eat-Nugent called Hillary a worthless bitch-While Trying To Shoot Pigeons tn Churchgoers Destroy Church Roof-28 pages Hiding Saudi Complicity In 911?-ll/Art Is a Necessary Element of Every Revolution-National Disgrace: a long way to go before indigenous women are afforded their full civil rights-A Media Tilt to Israel in Gaza-people are being expelled from economy, society and nation in increasing numbers Truthout/the Whole Torah What Is Hateful to You, Do Not Do to Your Fellow-More Blood Than Water in Detroit, Gaza and Iraq- Censoring What US Public Can Know About Torture BuzzFlash- Forty Bullets in the Head Shows Why Hondurans Are Fleeing to US blb/UN Informed Israel 17 Times About Civilians in Gaza School Shelter Before Attack, Killed at Least 15/Baby boomers at work while millennials sit out of job force- Was It Drugs Or An Accident?- Wait till they wake up and find out Obama's been Lying to them- You Can Say What You Like, Cheney Had More To Do With 911 Than Obl, Wake Up! Obl Would Not Lie He Promised poppy bush That He Would Punish America If poppy Put U.S. Troops On Saudi Soil & True To His Word That Punk POS w Let Him Get Away With It!, Or Did He?- yhal/ more than 50 Israeli soldiers refused to join the war effort- 465 stated that relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War 1949 is applicable to the Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem-Why they really hate Neil deGrasse Tyson, Inside the right’s anti intellectual paranoia-I'll give it straight, HE'S BLACK, a SCIENTIST, SMARTER THAN THEM National Review seething resentment-The Right to Self Defense, Israel Stands Its Ground-What's happening in Gaza makes me heartsick. As an American, the point of fact is that I am partially complicit, as near all my politicians reflexively support Israel-The End of Zionism: Israel must shed its illusions & choose between racist oppression & democracy dailykos- spending years insisting that Obama was a complete ghost at Columbia, the story of the Manchurian candidate, Wayne Allyn Root to assert, b0 studied how to destroy America from within- Don Young (R-AK) grabs and twists the arm of a staffer on Capitol Hill and it's all caught on tape. msnbc fb/rip Zoia Horn 1918 Librarian and Activist/ Palestinians carry the coffin of Christian woman Jalila Ayyad, 70, who was killed by an Israeli strike hit and destroyed her house ap/baby with shirt Israel don't kill me during a demonstration supporting Palestine, in Berlin, Babies placed alongside dolls and doll parts with fake blood, symbolizing the death of children in Gaza-slogans against during a Kabul demonstration against Israel r/stephie once a whore, always a whore/ curtis humps 4 izzy kcwabc/
73114/To compound the problem, as the IDF's rocket coverage has consistently shown, but are skewed to blame Israel, Terrorists have also used hospitals and schools as command centers and military bases, previously provided video evidence that Hamas fires rockets from inside schools and it is also known that Hamas has also been using UNRWA schools as storage sites for its rockets. For the third time in recent days, such a stockpile was discovered in a UN school, fired rockets from within densely populated civilian areas, making Israeli attempts to stop them without causing collateral damage virtually impossible- IDF operation in Gaza is expanding, 16,000 more reservists are being called inn- IDF releases footage of a tunnel shaft in the basement of a mosque in the Gaza Strip. The tunnel, which is next to the prayer room, extends in various directions, and is connected to a larger tunnel network, Weapons are also found toi-Yimach shemcha vezechrecha The Secret Machinations of the Vatican ITT, Liberal is another word for liar- It's official: the Democratic Party has abandoned Israel, has nothing to do with that most ancient of hatreds, anti Semitism. Rather, in an age when compelling narrative increasingly trumps cold, hard history lessons, Isy's version events leading up to Operation Protective Edge, factually sound, is a snoozer, I don't recall a war crimes tribunal being convened against the WINNERS of WWII, Yet, the IDF's unimaginable restraint has left good American liberals in a tizzy of moral outrage, phenomenon may be connected to how the liberal Democrat processes information. Slaves to gut emotion, and averse to rigorous academic research, liberals do not bother to figure out who is right or wrong in any conflict, Hamas is responsible for the murder of more than 1,000 Israeli civilians since 1996, founding charter calls for destruction of Israel and murder of all Jews jpost-illegal immigrants steal jobs- Snowball badge Designer badge Coder badge Hot Potato badge, IF you even HAVE a ***king job, to begin with, I will kindly give a pass, u haven't worked a day in the US since coming from Ukraine as a refugee iapb/mitt perfectly poised for comeback theweek-I actually don't believe in any supernatural being, I just use the name for satirical purposes. Christianity is the religion I was brought up in so I know a lot about it, and I find the idea of the anti christ amusing, especially since people are always suspecting people of being the anti christ-Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld law effectively ended public worker collective bargaining- aibafs/ flip flopping to amnesty cruz bites red leadership needing another vacation, red ohio reverse heir law with medicade, nurse jackie shares 3500$ panic attack story, wanting to fight about who started it, izzy bombing un shelters in gaza, sarah's catch wink, utah language teacher fired for listing homonyms, homophones and homographs, morning joe sez izzy wrong, blaming things on the black guy, louie reports 7k tx rapes, bring it on cc & stephie off the rail looking 4 answers catching clues, mooks discuss happy hr podcast/ bernie sez cruz harnessing tbag h8, hartmann
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