Thursday, October 30, 2014

103014/sorry the govt is so fuckedup, when I get to be president

103014/sorry the govt is so fuckedup, If I get to be president, white men in male only clubs are going to do great in my presidency, Baptists, the ones who drink and don't admit it, White boy Biden calls tea party crazy, speaking to an all male club in Charleston, joking that they were the last such organization in existence after Augusta National Golf Club admitted women, Both of the Democrats wished to remain anonymous graham cnn/ ga gop guy was assaulting and raping a 39 year old woman with his Skype on. Someone was viewing and called the police who finally rescued his victim and threw his beady eyed republican ass in the slammer.fb/ wabc eyes on ebola, linsey travling negro jokes ginving shoes to male prostitute children, Lindsay's on every fainting couch in every network green room on Sundays, Mah Stars!-the physics prof did not know about my family's personal black hole-Not a guest caller, just a troll, the stupid and condescension was strong in that one-I yell at my TV, now that I get FSTV-That Kochsucker caller had me yelling at my smartphone-If the Koch scum takes the Senate don't be surprised if the use the debt ceiling to crash the economy prior to the 2016 elections. That way they could blame PBO and the Dems, and the idiots will gobble it down-More people have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola in the USA-GOP has been running a very effective con game on working class and poor Americans for decades. It has been sad and frustrating for me to see friends of mine over the years get sucked into the right wings tornado of brainwash bullshit. Their brains have become mush-a fellow African American friend, who happens to be a teabagger (oxymoron) who told me on fb that income inequality is a myth-sms/ IDF Elite @idfelite Abbas escalating situation by calling tomorrow a day of rage. Very intense clashes expected tomorrow-israel prison inmate fashion show nbc-The reason you find issues so complex is because you hVe no moral center. Those of us who have morals find that many of the "complex issues" you consider are easily overcome. So, in reality, you're creating issues that aren't there-One of the oldest tricks in the Jew manual (you have obviously been indoctrinated, being the the Jew wannabe that you are, but never shall be) is to claim simplicity as part of a scheme to legitimize a fraud. People (or rather, ) like taxdoc, valm, or Adonisdna employ such phrases as it's simple to insinuate to the incredulous person that if he does not agree (with the lie, fraud, etc.), it must be because he lacks the intelligence to agree with something so simple. Dirtbags like you use variants of this all the time, YOU are the entertainment, monkeys dancing around on a chain. YOU are the deceivers. YOU are the fraud-land theft, making things up to fit your narrative. This is about security, not land- Tell me about it, Kentucky. What do Middle East Jews have to do with U.S. expansionism in the 19th Century? The U.S. didn't expand for security reasons in the 19th Century. That was outright land theft. Israel is trying to make it look different, but they have a major problem: the existence of millions of Palestinians in a relatively small area, Israel insists on being Jewish, cannot offer citizenship to Palestinians. No fucking way that they wish to be Jews- iapb/ ben stein when at summer home goes to walmart everyday dp/ steph examines deer tounge hidden sex toy, Canseco shoots middle finger off losing drivers license, binky blanky and gun baby wins struggle, dwarf stripper knocksup brid3e to be, rooftop masturbating janitor on break summary reads like a draft script for Fellini's Satyricon/ teapartiers from crazyville rof
102914/O'Reilly's "The Factor Bill mocking Putin, Obama is a patriot, 22014-Trewsnight, What's The Agenda? Russell Brand ut/FOX won its case to distort the news? Fla Court of Appeals unanimously agreed there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news-Libraries Are Socialist! Obviously Pukes Avoid Them!-You claim to be a millionaire yet you go to a public library for a free internet service handout, never ending quest to get free stuff-P. Bush: I'm Not A Scientist When It Comes To Climate Change-Then according to the logic most frequently employed by the Right; If you can't believe it because you are not a scientist, you can't believe in God if you're not a minister? yhal/the other bullshitness of both parties do it such a horrible false equivalency. Dems have not moved leftward. While the RW took the GOP over a cliff. Media won't point this out (corporate whores, Sue TM) so we have this even electoral split while 60-65% of policies favor us-Just after Bush performed analingus on Putin?-w to Pooty poot: I CAN'T QUIT YOU BABE-$arah got knocked up by Todd and that whole damn family began- I will shamefully now admit that I voted for Paul Ryan in 2000-She went to like 4 different school before someone gave her a diploma-sms/rip 43 dwain alman, cavet tells iman astair and brando from nebraska/lativa and steph visit, sharp lesbian tunnel fantasy joke, fet ur bigotry/ maine moves to quarrenteen ebola nursehero kcwabc/
102814/Ok youth pastor taking two shelter kids home at a time for sexual abuse-God is not a magician: Pope says Christians should believe in evolution and Big Bang-Fox: Carve a coal plant on your pumpkin to mock green energy-Oakland mother shot to death in suspected road rage incident- Passenger who pulled gun on Uber driver turns out to be cop-Olbermann blasts mindless troglodytes in blackface Ray Rice Halloween costumes- Houston police officer accused of using illegal traffic stops to enable foot fetish-African American boys beaten and bullied by NYC schoolmates who called them Ebola-Weather Channel mocked Mitt, conservatives are pissed-Wicked lesbian mayor gives gays superior rights over Christians-Conservative dad threatens sh*tstorm if daughter’s world history class includes Islam- Protesters at Georgia Capitol say they’re fighting GOP suppression of black votes-Ingraham: Democrats punish the black population if they get off the plantation-conservative: Black people worse off under liberals than slavery or Jim Crow- Chicago cops trampling woman on dialysis to take down son who ignored them-Nader rails against corporatist militarist Hillary, a menace to the USA-Texas probation officer fatally shoots self in groin during target practice rsy/so over Obama. In 2008, the media and a majority of the voters were head over heels in love with the man who told them that yes, we can overcome war and recession, if nothing else, way hotter than Mitt Romney, now it’s 2014 and the passion is totally gone. Obama is the withholding boyfriend who knows that he’s probably on the way out and is just sending the odd friendly text message from the golf course. If this relationship- breakdown metaphor seems a little strained consider this: Barack Obama is close to having played more rounds of golf since 2009 than Tiger Woods uktele/ one death in the US from Ebola and One person is killed by a firearm every 17 minutes, 87 people are killed during an average day, and 609 are killed every week: CDC-f the Reich-Wing wins the Senate we are so f**ked, Another school shooting in Merka! Or as we call it, Tuesday-Christy bullies without borders-Walker met his now wife when he was 22 and she was 33. That is like marrying your babysitter you had when you were 7 and she was 18-sms/steph pushes christy limbaugh sumo match/the cost of greed hartmann/gaza wall plan, egypt attacked kcwabc/savage knows 21 women that can be had in dubai
102714/DeLay Exonerated by Final Court in TX; lib media Silent-As DeLay put it, distasteful is not always illegal-National leadership award which Tom Delay awarded me? I still have it and framed it with a walnut frame-libturd IDIOT democrats are on this board!! I always thought the Delay WITCH HUNT was motivated by the AMERICA HATING democrats, because of the POWER Delay had and wielded- Just think of how long it has taken and the amount of money it has cost Tom Delay before the LWNJs have finally been shut up and proven to be the liars we all knew they were. It's a shame that there is no kind of fine or punishment for those who bring false charges and clog up the courts for those that have legitimate complaints- Completely ignoring Delay's original criminal convictionNYC hasn't added the bodybag hurdles for the Gauntlet yet-no disco inferno-jebbie is not nutz enough for the rapeublican-Occurred to me that Cronkite's response to JFK assassination is telling about how far we've come from journalism/integrity Cronkite hated JFK but he was visibly moved and respectful. God forbid Obama was killed, I can see FOX et al saying well, he brought it on himself-ebolopolypse-dailykos Colorado Station Busts Megyn Outright Lying Offers No Correction fb-tansuitgate-hobos-get ebola from the Red side of any ballot sms/devout Christian destroyed Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument- professor suspended 9 months for unfriendly body language, sighing, and using irony- Philly cop threatens to beat the sh*t out of teen for looking him in the f*cking eye-Fla man shoots pregnant wife in back of the head, claims self defense-Westboro Baptist Church files legal brief to save Kansas from God’s wrath-Robertson: Oil investments are biblical because they don't send condoms through pipelines- KC prayer- group murder says his confession was tainted by exorcism-Creationists explore Hitler and evolution link-Fla man attacked drag queen wearing KKK costume running for mayor rsy/World Zionist Organization and the World Betar movement- iapb/rude masterbating terrorist, christygate, mcconnels 2 headed brother makes the stephnews/another day, another oil spill gnbb/
102614/Red enthusiasm is reflected in the early ballot returns. Colorado has overhauled its elections and this year every registered voter received a mail ballot. Citizens can register to vote until Election Day and cast their ballot at any local polling station. Reds usually lead in early ballot returns here, and this year they have opened up a hefty lead of nearly 65,000 votes with more than 500,000 ballots in. Red ballots are pouring in in huge numbers, Beauprez told activists Saturday. Advantage us. But now is not the time to be complacent wt/I'm not an Arab. If I were, I would say I was because there is no shame in being an Arab. There again, in your eyes, no one could disagree with you, you look down on, Believe what you want, Ignorance always does because their brains are wired differently. You've been brainwashed since you were born, while I watch and see what you do and it doesn't take long to see how malicious you are as a people- The extended stay in Egypt sucked but the exodus out of Egypt was lead by the hand of the Almighty, they will continue to struggle with the enemies of God until the Lord descends from heaven with a shout-why israel can never repay loans to the us wrmea 1991 hebrewpress-I was anti Obama, Yet it was Attkisson who broke the story that the Bush had once run a gun walking program similar to Fast and Furious, called Wide Receiver. She did dozens of tough minded stories on Bush’s FDA, the TARP program and contractors such as Halliburton. She once inspired The Rachel Maddow Show with her reporting on the suspicious charity of a Red congressman, Steve Buyer, born whistleblower, but CBS lost interest in the noise she was making. They’ll sacrifice you, cbs Reporters on the ground aren’t necessarily ideological, Attkisson says, but the major network news decisions get made by a handful of New York execs who read the same papers and think the same thoughts, Often they dream up stories beforehand and turn the reporters into casting agents to find someone who will say x, that a given policy is good or bad, to create a reality that fits their New York image of what they believe, mischievously, to imagine how a story about today’s administration would have been handled if it made Reds look bad, a parallel scenario in which w and Cheney personally appeared at groundbreakings for, and used billions of tax dollars to support, multiple giant corporate ventures whose investors were sometimes major campaign bundlers, only to have one (or two, or three) go bankrupt, when they knew in advance the companies credit ratings were junk, The administration, with the full cooperation of the media, has successfully turned Benghazi into a word associated with nutters, like Roswell or grassy knoll, but Attkisson notes that the truth is that most of the damaging information came from Obama administration insiders. From government documents. From sources who were outraged by their own government’s behavior and what they viewed as a coverup nyp-Let's see who Bibi blaming uptick in violence on Islamic extremists, and promises to end unrest fears more, Jen and Marie, or filthy Arab terrorists! promises to crack down on Jerusalem riots Egypt suspends Hamas-Israel talks following Sinai attack, Sissi regime points finger at Palestinians for deadly bombings, foreign hands behind a suicide car bombing that killed over 30 soldiers at a checkpoint near the northern Sinai kuna toi-What do you think would happen if Israel vowed to take revenge for shedding of soldiers blood?-UN security council meeting Ban Ki Moonbat blaming Israel Obama urging Israeli restraint Kerry blaming Israel for jihad 1000s of wananabe jihadis in europe calling for a new hitler-iapb/red ideology is the rich deserve everything and more but the poor they used to acquire their wealth, be it cheap labor and or by developing monopolies so they can set prices high enough to derive huge profits off of what the poor must buy to live don't even deserve a living wage. Don't lay down for this, hang your head and decide you are not worthy, and allow the reds to stay in control and keep beating you down, stand up and demand respect VOTE THEM OUT fb/lonewolf terror, isis propaganda, airbag crisis abc/ wingnut ebolaphobia, midterm delusions, assumptions, threats, quibble over 1% shummer fending easily while being shouteddown, what if kids talked like politicians? mtp/
102514/Jack Bruce dies at 71 aibafs/after calling suicide hotline Utah man shot, killed by SWAT team- Lennox avoids talking about lynching while talking about a song about lynching-Bystanders at Dallas Airport stop antigay attack by piling on drunk bully-Washington state high school Two dead, six injured after shooter opens fire-Texas man raping two girls, ages 2 and 14, infecting them with HIV-Brand stuns BBC host open-minded to 911 conspiracy-Palin: Media waged war on women by laughing at family’s drunken brawl-who promised never to embarrass this community Louisiana mayor arrested on child porn-Vandals destroy Okla. 10 Commandments monument by ramming it with a car-XRated Bible pamphlet at schools targeted by Satanists-No, you can’t print ballots from home fact checks Megyn Kelly rsy/ digitizing its valuable ancient religious manuscripts originally founded in 1451 AD and holds over 80,000 manuscripts, prints, drawings, plates and books printed prior to 1500 AD, All of the content is available for free criticalbelievers
102414/Jews run the banmks. Jews are overly represented in the sciences especially the hard sciences, and especially in nobel prizes. Jews control the media. Just another Jewish conspiracy We are so good at it ps/if McConnell , that piece of garbage wins, Americas loses yhal/$40 WalMart doctor for cheap at the same place where you buy toilet paper, socks, soda and generic drugs mw/F*ck your ginseng!’ San Francisco tour guide’s racist Chinatown rant-scientist thinks cancer can be prevented, and even cured, through diet- Oregon is the poster child for how to legalize and regulate marijuana-Bristol claims family's drunken brawl never happened, even after audio proof released- West shoots down Sean Hannity: Reds play the race card-GOPer doubles down: Suicide is an illness lazy people get from government handouts-Colorado man admits to killing Montana teacher in cocaine frenzy-Washington soldier accused of gunning down wife because another man bought her liquor-Border militia’s commanding officer turns out to be a felon, arrested on gun charge- School board won’t resign over racist videos: Nothing illegal about having bad taste-Fox tells supermodel to shut up about gun control: You have a lovely bottom… stick to that- Gamergate’s anti woman agenda made clear: Actor Felicia Day threatened for speaking up-VA GOP unhinged, Gay sex leaves men in diapers, pooping their pants-Idaho voters favor Red plagiarist who lied about education and marital history-atheist says God cancelled her abortion appointments-doj slams local officials over Michael Brown autopsy leakHighly troubling-Ca cop stole DUI suspect’s racy photos from her cell phone-Meth witch? Arrested Oklahoma Wiccan claims religious right to use drugs-NC judge resigns in protest after Supreme Court shoots down same sex marriage ban rsy/ tx lt gov believes bigot duck robertson really speaks to god fb/war on morons sms/part of the most egregious fear mongering occurring today, denies it then has the audacity to discuss fear mongering as it pertains to Ebola, Folks, there is only one thing that delivers hypocritical, retarded thinking like this, and that would be the disease of Modern Day Liberalism. Clown Posts Another Retarded Comment-I do not fear-monger. I merely present the science in hopes of educating you and other climate change contrarians on the realities of AGW. I'm sorry that you find science scary. I should have known it would frighten you as we tend to fear that which we don't understand. he wonders why he ends up being identified as nothing more than a clown? Perhaps an early nap would do you some good aibafs/ blt moselums, mass shooting every month, wabckc/
102314/Auschwitz guard Jakob Denzinger lived the American dream, plastics company in the Rust Belt town of Akron, Ohio, thrived. By the late 1980s, he had acquired the trappings of success: a Cadillac DeVille and a Lincoln Town Car, a lakefront home, investments in oil and real estate, Then the Nazi hunters showed up 1989, as the U.S. government prepared to strip him of his citizenship, Denzinger 90, is among dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards who collected millions of dollars in Social Security payments packed a pair of suitcases and fled to Germany on the Drava River, where he lives comfortably, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. He collects a Social Security payment of about $1,500 each month, nearly twice the take-home pay of an average Croatian worker AP yhal/W was right and the Iraq War was good so let's have another one because we're all going to be killed by those undocumented ISIS fighters who hate our freedom and have weapons of mass destruction and are in Texas right now with the Ebola they brought across the border and did I mention they’re going to kill us all if we don't die of Ebola first? the gist of television journalism these days, the distilled essence of manufactured hysteria combined with utterly predictable blowback iapb/Jeremy Scahill Blackwater Founder Remains Free and Rich While His Former Employees Go Down on Murder Charges Intercept- When Black Athletes Stood With Muhammad Ali-Mary Poppins, Elizabeth Warren and the US Banking System- Hagee: Ebola Is God's Judgment on the US for Trying to Divide Jerusalem-Easier to Buy an Assault Weapon Than to Vote-Farce of US Multibillion Dollar War on Opium in Afghanistan Exposed by Record Crop-Cornerstone of War Is Dehumanization: One My Lai a Month BuzzFlash/ Environmental Groups Say EPA Underestimates Methane Leaks From Fracking AJA/climate change is not a real threat. America’s foreign policy is carried out for the good of all mankind. President Obama is too hard on Wall Street and too soft on immigrants and Muslims (because he’s secretly a socialist). And there’s no racism or sexism in the US worth speaking about, except against white people and men. None of the above is true. But you wouldn’t know it from watching cable news or reading most corporate media publications- Domestic Terrorism Allegations Used as War Propaganda truthout/R.I.P. Oscar De La Renta Dead At 82 abc/Facebook Is Wrecking Political News online news sites, which live and die at the whims of the social network’s algorithm, this imbalance of power has become downright dangerous kernelmag/Yik Yak Wants To Be A News Hub, But It Needs To Grow Up First Forbes/ Cheney and Israel warning of a terrorist attack in the US? Brace urselves to the next age of the war on terror fb/islamic State are out to purge the village of Bu Nimr members," said the tribal figure in Baghdad. “Sleeper cells inside the village have been assisting the Islamic State by providing the names and the locations of the houses of prominent resistance members, The situation is really bad and it's worsening by the minute," said Barakat, a fighter on the mountain. "We are surrounded by IS militants from all four directions. The streets at the foot of the mountain are completely under IS control, Barakat said 500 to 600 families were stranded on the mountain and although helicopters occasionally dropped supplies and picked up some civilians, they could only lift a small number of people to safety each time, A list of 200 names that include the high officers in our village has been set and all of these names are to be killed-Boko Haram militants kidnapped at least 25 girls in an attack on a remote town in northeastern Nigeria, witnesses said, despite talks on freeing over 200 other female hostages they seized in April r/2009, Max Blumenthal posted a short video on YouTube titled Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address, youths used expletives and racist rhetoric about Barack Obama and Arabs, which included referring to Obama as a nigger and suggesting that he is like a terrorist Jerusalem Post, garnered massive exposure and caused a firestorm in the media and the Jewish world. Haaretz described the video as an overnight Internet sensation, Blumenthal as stating: I won’t ascribe motives to Youtube I am unable to confirm, but it is clear there is an active campaign by right wing Jewish elements to suppress the video by filing a flood of complaints with Youtube, received death threats for his publication of the video, identifies the radicalism of the interviewees with the indoctrination of Birthright Israel tours, a program in which several of the interviewees were participating iapb/As healthy early voting totals rolled in this week from the state’s most populous counties, underdog Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis linked the uptick to an organized statewide effort by Democrats to turn out voters, saying it’s a sign she will close a wide gap with Attorney General Greg Abbott in the final weeks before Election Day. Political experts, however, say it’s too early to tell who is benefiting from all those additional ballots or whether the uptick will continue until early voting ends on Oct 31. Abbott’s campaign also is touting its aggressive efforts to boost turnout. statesman/