Friday, November 1, 2013

11113/liberals gone wild

11113/If I had to choose between dictatorial rule by a black racist Muhammedan fanatic who hates America and someone who loves Jesus, honestly, what the WORST thing that a Christian Fundie would do to you? Outlaw sodomy?-among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as "kings" to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the "Seven Mountains" mandate, and "bring the spoils of war to the priests", thus helping to bring about a prophesied "great transfer of wealth", from the "wicked" to righteous gentile believers alternet-al Qaeda came up with the plan. that's true absolutely brilliant. They knew they could count on the US government and defense system to do nothing on 9/11. They also knew that on 9/11, physics would not work as advertised by Newton. They also knew there would never be a real investigation into the events of 9/11 and that only lies would be sold to the public to cover up their crime. They knew they could disintegrate 2 towers and collapse a 3rd one using only 2 planes. And they knew that at least some of them would survive unscathed. And they knew millions of gullible people would suck up whatever they were told by the US government about 9/11 as fact. The plan was a masterpiece-CNN) Syria has destroyed all its declared chemical weapons mixing, filling and production facilities, and all of the chemical weapons at inspected sites have been placed under seal-known by its leaders Palin Claims Jesus Celebrated Easter during his time on Earth, her new book about the left's "war on Christmas" and argued that all Christian holidays should return to the traditional versions practiced by Jesus. It makes me so gosh darn angry, The liberal left in this country has targeted Christian holidays and is trying to secularize them right out of existence. Fox and Friends- aibafs/Insurers operating in the exchanges are apparently hesitant to talk about the trade-off between price and quality. Two of the nation's largest insurers – Wellpoint and Aetna – refused to respond to a dozen calls and emails placed over the course of a weekObama Officials In 2010: 93 Million Americans Will Be Unable To Keep Their Health Plans Under Obamacare would disrupt private plans the universe we’re talking about, 5 percent of the population, In some of the coverage of this issue in the last several days, you would think that you were talking about 75 percent or 80 percent or 60 percent of the American population.” (5 percent of the population happens to be 15 million people, no small number, but let’s leave that aside-You simpletons act like everyone didn't know some plans wouldn't meet minimum standards...or maybe you really are that ignorant-the WILLFULLY IGNORANT were WARNED in june, 2010, OVER 36 MONTHS AGO-There are 43 million uninsured Americans – 4 million more than when the current administration took office. George W. Bush will reverse this trend by making health insurance affordable for hard working, low income families. making health Care Affordable that costs Increased 119% Bush Cheney 2000 website, Commonwealth Fund-gw's stupidity crushes the republitards yet again-Every time the Obozo Regime tries to cover one lie with another, they keep digging their grave deeper. It is time for Impeachment of Obozo, the Incompetent barrys deathpanels-The Senate will ignore their oath and vote party lines, just like they did for Clintoon-We are in a serious mess now- to Before, 5% UNINSURED, now 19% UNINSURED-When is the last time a puke ran on "I want to increase the % of insured Americans?-Stop lying, you are an immoral disgrace to America-If they really think obamacare is the best thing since a woman gave the first BJ, then they should be knocking each other over to be the first to enroll, If its good enough for REAL Americans, like us, it should be good enough for "them" too yhal/ hal jams the lines, on stephanie/a lobbiest by any other name would still smell the same jhpv/
103113/told he would have to wear an oxygen tank and a double-layer protective suit. Even then, his handlers told him, the radiation would be so high it could burn through his annual exposure limit in just under an hour Tetsuya Hayashi went to Fukushima to take a job at ground zero of the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. He lasted less than two weeks r/The Nation is facing a crippling postal rate hike—donate by Oct. 31st to help us foot this $120,272 bill/not just take the stage, 2011, when Occupy Wall Street activists were being hounded in New York City, Reed took their side as one of the city’s best known and most respected artists. before an Amnesty International “Conspiracy of Hope” concert in the mid-1980s. “I mean, some of the records that I’ve made: I would be rotting in jail for the last ten years, I have never been more ashamed than to see the barricades tonight, I want to occupy Wall Street, support it in each and every way. I’m proud to be part of it, the crowd responded, smiling right then. He was where he wanted to be: very much thick of things, very much on the side of those who were upsetting the status quo, Lou Reed's more perfect union Politics thenation/ Krugman Red obsession with attacking programs that benefit Americans in need, ranging from food stamps to health care reform, isn't about some philosophical commitment to small government. It's about anxiety over a changing America-Phone Hacking Trial of Former Murdoch Aides Under Way in London NBC/Standards to Live By? The Twisted Logic of the "Values Voter-the most important topic, answer was resoundingly income inequality, include suggestions such as raising taxes on the rich and increasing the minimum wage. BuzzFlash/US Intelligence Officials Point Fingers at White House in Overseas Wiretapping Scandal nyt/Sixteen-Hour Shifts, but Not a Real Worker? TheseTimes/ Wendy Davis Delayed While Voting Due to New Voter Suppression Law The Burnt Orange Report/Health Chief Sebelius Apologizes for ACA Initial Website Problems USAT/Huge Food Stamp Cut Goes Into Effect Friday Salon/One Giant Lie a staggering $39 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as food stamps, over the next decade. President Obama has said that he will veto that House bill should it reach his desk, but the damage is still going to be done Hartmann/Got His Gun - Lost His Legs, Arms and Penis WarIsaCrime/They Were Soldiers: How the Wounded Return from America's Wars, devastating, almost incomprehensibly, virtually all of the death and destruction in US wars is on the other side/BP's "Widespread Human Health CrisisToxicologists "predicted with certainty" that Gulf Coast residents and cleanup workers would become severely ill Al Jazeera/Online Anonymity Is Not Only for Trolls and Political Dissidents eff/Out of Control NSA If full democracy blossoms, it will because of the transparency that whistleblowers have provided. They should be given medals, not be prosecuted-Standards to Live By? The Twisted Logic of the "Values Voter BuzzFlash-a better idea for how Fox can honor the veterans tonight. Send Rupert Murdoch, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and all of Murdoch's other henchmen out to home plate during the seventh-inning stretch. Have them get on their knees and beg forgiveness from the thousands of American soldiers they helped kill, Truthout stands for critical thought and courageous action, and against deceptive rhetoric and fear-mongering lies. We don't regurgitate press releases or repeat talking points, we bring the unvarnished facts straight to you/I don't think the American public is concerned about GOP poll numbers right now. They are focused on the worsening Amateur Boy Care disaster and those responsible for it. Keep up your pointless distraction tactics, they're doing nothing-having their usual gloating session over what they think is their latest gotcha, we'll hear as much about this as we hear about Somali pirates, the OBL takeout, the Syrian chemical weapons, or the Benghazi tragedy, or how shutting down the government defaulting on the US debt is somehow a good thing. Gotcha du jour, that's all Cons have left-highjack' or 'hijack', it means the same thing, unless you want to start a semantics fight, in which case you can imagine a difference all you like. I prefer the original usage, referring to thugs ("jacks", or rogues) holding up wagons on the 'high road, thus "high jack-Geez, was just teasing a little. No reason to get so upset. It is a variant of "hijack" not the other way around. Much like "irregardless" is now in the dictionary-Canada's largest newspaper has urged that Canada not provide "safe haven for torturers," on the eve of a visit by former US Vice President Dick Cheney to Toronto, joins an international chorus of attorneys, human rights activists, and street protesters calling for the arrest of Cheney for war crimes, beaten, hung from walls or ceilings, deprived of sleep, food and water and subjected to extreme temperatures, among other acts of abuse they endured while in U.S. custody- aibafs/Even for the liberal media, which usually falls all over itself to defend Obama and Obamacare, it’s impossible to defend,” he added. “Obama said one thing, and something else happened. Mission Accomplished’ moment. POLITICO-HHS: 93 Million Face Cancellation Next Year forbes-Just in Kentucky, 300,000 are expected to lose cnn- iapb/Americans moving in droves to states like TX w/ lower taxes & greater opportunity. DC should take notes @SenTedCruz-tw/I have never received Republican talking points in my life. Anyone who watches this program knows we are very tough on the GOP, Maher doesn’t care. He has nothing to lose by spouting dishonest gibberish. In fact, he makes money doing that O’Reilly responded fni/rw word salad, hacker conspiracy, even a blind pig finds ears of corn, dick offered resignation 3 times on sharp stephanie
103013/Pay attention. If the policy cost changes by $5 or more, it must be cancelled - that is mandated by Aca-OBAMA IS CUTTING FOOD STAMPS-tw/Attention Fatties: Start Hitting The Lean Cuisines-1389blog obamacare doctors report patient-bmi-and-lifestyle as pretext denying treatment/Family Believes Son Is WWII Pilot Reincarnated-New Eyewitness Account: Gov't Knew Benghazi Attack Was Imminent-Iran Could Be One Month Away From a Nuclear Bomb-Judge Jeanine: 'Mr. President, You Talk a Big Game on Accountability- Manhunt Underway After Inmates Escape From OK Jail's Shower-Vortex' Ride Operator Charged After Injuries at NC State Fair-It's Part of the World We Live In': King Defends NSA Spying on German Leader-Hold Me Accountable!': Sebelius' Fiery Back and Forth With Rep. Blackburn-Kilmeade Calls Out 'Idiot' Students for Shouting Down NYPD Commish-Outrageous? Cheer Squad's Car Wash Fundraiser Banned Over Pollution Law-what earlier looked like a coach resigning because of poor play on the field took an odd turn Florida Atlantic coach Carl Pelini and defensive coordinator Pete Retstis resigned- merely attended a "social event where pot was used," then why were they "taken from the football offices today by police?" Most people are not escorted from their offices by police when they resign. It sounds like there is more to this story/bad apple" insurance companies, not his signature healthcare law, are to blame for hundreds of thousands of people losing their coverage in the past few weeks-NO pictures of Bin Laden dead, NO video of his death, a MYSTERIOUS "burial at sea" in the dead of night, and the SEAL team that was involved in the "killing" were MYSTERIOUSLY killed in a chopper "crash-aibafs/To be fighting to keep millions from having affordable health insurance. Where the hell are they with thheir Christian ideology to help those less fortunate and ENSURING that they can gain affordable, UNIVERSAL accessable health insurance. Yet here we see them fighting against that goal. The politics of the right winger Christians has made them anti- Christian. F'ing LOSERS is what right wing Christians have turned into. Absolutely pathetic-NO ONE is fighting to keep even ONE American from having affordable health insurance, people with BRAINS (leaves you out) are fighting to kill a worthless bill which was forced down the throats of American's without even being read let alone being vetted-You are a pathetic liar. rbh/States Run By Republicans, have essentially told their poorer citizens to drop dead, decided to opt out of Medicaid supplements, they have essentially told their poorer citizens, screw you, hoping to try to kill Obamacare (The ACA)... but it is going to backfire and show them to be the useless trash they are...rbg/cbnnews Protestors Destroy Coal, Destroy America/screw saud, on geraldo/

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

103013/no negro dialect, liar

103013/in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj attacked by a large group of extremist Sunnis believed to be Salafis. 10 American Shiite Muslims identified themselves, and further said they were Shiites, the armed men began attacking them with knives and other weapons. The Americans reported that the men shouted at them, We’re going to do Karbala all over again, where the grandson of Mohammed was attacked and killed after being made to watch the killing of his family, Our [holy pilgrimage] will be complete once we have killed you, ripped out your hearts and eaten them, and [then] raped your women. a dentist from Michigan as saying, “I personally thought it was the end,” he said. “You always hear about how nice [the Hajj] is supposed to be but wasn’t the House of God, I would say that I never want to come back. witnesses refused to identify themselves fearing reprisals by Saudi authorities, Americans escaped the attack alive, but suffered broken bones, bruises and black eyes. One American reported an attempted strangulation. Complaints to the Saudi police were met with indifference, laughter and a refusal to take action, showing the police footage of the attack taken by cell phones, the Americans reported that the cell phones were confiscated by an officer, the incriminating videos were deleted in front of them and the phones were returned without a word, previous years, Shiite Americans as well as Canadians and other Westerners also reported being assaulted, with some saying they were arrested for reporting the incidents wt-Known in certain circles as (the Puppet Master). Dick Cheney pulled the strings in the majority of the Bush Administration’s dirty deeds. The plan to invade Iraq well before 9/11on a mission to rewrite history cheney claiming obama thinks bush overreacted-oil plan iraq war-12 Billion dollars they “lost” in Iraq-345 Billions given to his buddies at Halliburton-USs halliburton_1_KZP.htm Billions more to Enron-Billions more to Blackwater-the best defense is a good offense) strategy. Constantly attacking & smearing to change the subject. And it has clearly work on some. But not on us. We see you Dick, for who & what you truly are- fb/Snowden, lead to the conclusion that the US diplomatic mission in the German capital has not merely been promoting German-American friendship. On the contrary, it is a nest of espionage. From the roof of the embassy, a special unit of the CIA and NSA can apparently monitor a large part of cellphone communication in the government quarter. And there is evidence that agents based at Pariser Platz recently targeted the cellphone that Merkel uses the most-Israeli agents are behind a cyber attack against the communications networks of the Elysee Palace, intercepting more than 70 million calls and text messages per month. France had initially accused the US of hacking into former French President Nicolas Sarkozy's communications network during the 2012 presidential election- horse breeder 62 barely registered that his farm was just 25 miles north west of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. But two and half years after the accident, Iitate has become a nuclear ghost town, this year, he noticed that several among the 30 horses that remained, mainly foals, had become unsteady on their feet. Within weeks, 16 had died in mysterious circumstances clg/ carr already met our knucklehead quota bostonherald/We’re seeing more and more of this victim mentality in America,” said Doocy on the settlement. “60 million dollars for 26 victims of sexual assault comes out to just under 2.3 million per victim. 2.3 million dollars just for being sexually abused? It’s excessive and embarrassing/BATR No one can reasonably deny that the major Insurance Companies were the driving force behind the writing of the Affordable Care Act legislation. "The health care industry spent nearly $500 million lobbying for health care issues in 2012, and $243 million so far in 2013." Obamacare or Corporate-care: The Writing of the Affordable Care Act, sums up the process. /Will the New Not Sees, i.e., Teabaggers, finally shut their blow holes after losing in 2014?-No way. They'll keep up a steady stream of stupidity just like they did before the 2012 election. They lost HUGE in that election. They will lose even more in the 2014 election. But, they will continue to spray down the message boards with "waste." Goebbels Rove hate spewing is all they know ybac/You can keep your health plan if you want-Another ignorant troll for the ignore list. THREE YEARS and they know NOTHING about Obamacare-michelle "corndog" bachmann, still under investigation for campaign fund fraud-libs trying to divert from Obama's fake scandals again. Are people this stupid, guess them people that voted for Obama and the Libs, dumb down America ruled by demographics ignorants-I'd blow a homeless man if he was black, But, I'm too heavy to leave my trailer, so have have to try to lure them in yhal/Pounding the golden boy continues, Poor Bobo. He's not used to this. You'd think the president was a Republican with all the incessant hammering on pretty much every news story. They're just keeping teleprompter boy on the ropes because with worst thing for a marionette is for him to presume he's actually president and start thinking, or acting, on his own yc/ Since when do Medicare people (67yr) get insurance from Obamacare? Answer, THEY DON'T! LIE,LIE LIE, LIar, your pants must be on fire. rbh/
Praise Barack Obama, for he is saving America-let us bask in his light for three more years, the dawn of the golden age for soonafter comes the godess hillary, glory hallelujia! Thank Universe for Barack!-rbg/That's still a white wing conspiracy theory, and cancellations are a transition to better policies. Unless of course you think the Health Insurance Industry is fixing to turn down the subsidies and throw in the towel. And if you believe that you'll buy a bridge, What we do know is that people will receive better coverage, eg, lifetime max and pre existing are about to disappear, and tens of millions more people can have it-cnn commandos poised raid benghazi suspect-You show that it is possible to be of the Jewish faith without being completely disgusting, Standup comedian Sebastian Thoen introducing Elie Semoun on Canal Plus TV. When a leading Jewish organization complained about "a dangerous trivialization of anti-Semitism," the President of the TV channel responded by saying that the Jewish community had "no sense of humor, Seven decades after Auschwitz, the oldest hatred is slowly regaining its place on the continent, and it is no laughing matter, I'm sure when the French collaborated with the Nazis it was because we didn't have a sense of humor-Do you feel the same way when you are making jokes about other people? Why is it ok to make fun/jokes of other people and get so upset when Jews are done the same? Kimmel just got into trouble for having a skit about killing Chinese, but carpet bombing gaza is acceptable. Where does stop? What about your constant 'shitting' on 'Barry', that's acceptable but, we 'shitting on Bibi' is not acceptable-Sounds like you got it pretty good in Canada, what's your problem with the US? Why do you hate the US; what did the US ever do to you?-We don't aid Israel enough, so Jews are having a real tough time robbing and killing people over there, all on account of us, problems just keep on coming. First it was Hitler, then it was Barak Obama-We don't aid Israel enough, so Jews are having a real tough time robbing and killing people over there, all on account of us, problems just keep on coming. First it was Hitler, then it was Barak Obama-complaints about obamcare have nothing to do with being Jewish or Israel. It's politically based, you're just jealous because arab citizens of Israel have healthcare options that you can only fantasize about-iapb/ho did the teabaggers align with? why, none other than their founder and financier, the koch bros, about to go up in flames because they wouldn't listen, you'll disappear when the koch money disappears, just like the right wing evangelicals did, the only question is what form they'll take when they reimerge in three years aibafs/ pepetual game of gotcha, omg, on stephanie/ texas methhead kills 5, on geraldo/
102913/ California. Of course the oarfish had parasites living off it. Why should the fish be any different from the rest of us, supporting a bunch of parasite Californians? In LA right now. Obama and Hillary stickers everywhere and Prius's and "Smart Cars" everywhere. Lots of parasites-They found democrats inside of a sea serpent?-turducken" comes to mind. Watch the parasite sh(i)t out a tea party member-you sure you're not confusing California with Congress?-they suck the cash from others!- some Fukushima nuclear waste-Look for more things to surface, the world's trash emptying into the oceans causing these creatures to try to find clean water. Even if it means coming to the surface-I just *knew* the crazies would spew their political comments, wasn’t disappointed (except by their ignorance--Five dead at four locations after shooting spree in TERRELL, Texas, Charles Everett Brownlow, Jr 36, released from prison in the last few months, suspected of shooting to death his mother, aunt and three others in four locations was charged with murder on Tuesday after a manhunt and high speed car chase had changed since his brother was killed a couple of decades ago in a robbery r-maybe alive because he's not a minority. Usually. texas lawmen don't mess around with their kind..they will blow them away at the most convenient opportunity in order to save tax payer money on an investigation and trial, But on the other hand..if this killer is a minority and he's still could be due to Political show the rest of the country and the world, they don't always shoot or beat the #$%$ out of minorities in a standoff as what often will happen. yippi kai yea!-I think you have it backwards. he's alive because he is white. nothing gives a texas lawman more pleasure than snuffing a black or Mexican--Reds targeting young Americans in the Washington area who watch "The Daily Show, in its latest assault on the Affordable Care Act. to air anti Obamacare ads during 'Daily Show' csm--At least 2,150 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 abc--Paul Ryan, the Republican Party's fiscal visionary, faces a major test in budget talks starting this week: Can he move from ideology and theoretical blueprints to practical deal-making?-California man shot dead after breaking into a young family's suburban home over the weekend had ranted about zombies hours before he showed up screaming threats in their backyard and smashed into their house-ending a 20 month boycott of the Geneva forum which it accuses of bias against the Jewish state-r--Israel defending its treatment of Palestinians and others submits to human rights review by UN body AP-From this we conclude that the oarfish's diet consist of lawyers and politiciansresponse to the DOJ's challenge of Texas's redistricting plan and voter ID laws, Texas AG Admits If Minorities Voted For Us, Republicans Wouldn’t Have to Suppress Votes Gregg Abbott admitted what we already know-#Obama: I came, I saw, I conquered. #Cruz: I blame, I stall, I squandered. #Palin: I shame u all, I'm bonkers. #Boehner: I stayed in & drank.-Not too shabby for a train wreck: 700,000 Have Already Completed #ObamaCare Applications- tw/Did Obama Admin Know Millions Would Lose Their Health Plans-Fireworks at Capitol Hill ObamaCare Hearing-Girl 8 Snatched From Bedroom By Kidnapper, But Escapes-Casey Anthony Lawyer Defending Accused Bully After FL Girl's Suicide-Black Boxes Proposed to Track the Miles You Drive-Feds Raid Reporter's Home Over Potato Gun!-Classmate Linked to No Bid ObamaCare Contract-Cheney: 'What Did We Gain From Iraq, Afghanistan Wars?-policies turned the United States into a welfare state? Krauthammer and Carville-fni/you think the US government could cover up their role in 9/11 if they'd been behind it?-obama's ass is in a sling, funny how the teflon coated, light skinned black, with no negro dialect, liar in chief finally gets tripped up with his own words?Cons have thought that before, sometimes even afer reality dashed cold water on their wishful thinking-this insurance lie? well, it's a whopper and on video, going to be difficult for him to squirm and squeal like the pig he is, with that one-not like everyone didn't know President Obama is a liar. We just have concrete proof-cons were out there the whole time saying this was going to happen. This won't be the last time we were right about this steaming pile of crap-nothing more than the Con faux outrage du jour-he safe, He's being a good puppet and doing what his elitist masters tell him to-wittle" 49% Lib Retard Excrement, I can easily dismantle your latest, pathetic "Grope" to defend the Nanny Entitlement State you "want free stuff" from at the expense of others, GREED, SELFISHNESS, AND YOUR CONTINUED CORRUPTION-uncivil tough guy on an internet forum, hurray for you, 4488, their blood was spilled for lies-Poor greedy doctors. They get upset when they aren't able to overcharge and do unnecessary tests and procedures to pad their bills/ income at the expense of their patients. I might shed a tear for them-You can lead a Right Wing Nut Job to the truth, but you can't make them believe it, They are far too brainwashed and partisan for that-
aibafs/The father of chemical warfare At the Second Battle of Ypres during the First World War, German troops released chlorine gas onto the front. A northwestern wind pulled the pale green pineapple-smelling vapor into the trenches of the French army. The chlorine cloud mixed with the water in the soldiers’ bodies, becoming hydrochloric acid. Six thousand soldiers died in 10 minutes, drowning as fluid filled their ruined lungs, Three years later, amidst allegations of war crimes, Fritz Haber discovery that allowed ammonia to be pulled from the air led to a revolution in agriculture. Ammonia makes a great fertilizer, was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry-medium boring war/in Iran Sentenced to 80 Lashes for Drinking Wine During Communion, effectively criminalize the Christian sacrament Blaze/ newt robo calls reagan reds to save america from textbook socialism

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

102913/bo lied, people died

102913/Republican passed bill cuts will end food assistance for 1.8 million low income seniors and people in low income working families, 170,000 veterans, 210,000 children will loses their school lunches, and, “2 million to 4 million poor jobless individuals who live in areas of high unemployment, even if they want to work and are willing to take a job or participate in a training program- Senate already promised to kill this bill. Democrats in the body refuse to consider these inhumane cuts- teddy cruzer hope this hits the teabaggagers hard if it passes-are labia enlargements covered under obamacare, i need crotchless panty new look-Rand Paul discusses movie "GATTACA, the pursuit of selective breeding and abortions-what if he copied the words, point is made-First Selective Abortion, Next Selective Breeding to create a Master Race-Once trust in the GOP was lost, it cannot be purchased at any cost-Gone the way of the Whigs and Know Nothings. Quite sad end-I have a HARDON for koko. I crave koko's attention, you know. It's a gay thing. That's why I had my Britcan penile implant, others troll for koko earlier. I crave koko's pecker.Last night I dreamed that I was blowing Kingsy while koko reamed by poop shoot with his massive, 10 inch salami DOCTORS ARE CALLING OBOZOCARE A JOKE president foodstamps-from the new england journal of medicine: Dead Man Walking, patients, poverty alone limits access to care. We recently saw a man with AIDS and a full-body rash who couldn't afford bus fare to a dermatology appointment. We sometimes pay for our patients' medications because they are unable to cover even a $4 copayment. But a fair number of our patients, the medical “have nots, are denied basic services simply because they lack insurance, and our country's response to this problem has, at times, seemed toothless. 70% of our clinic patients have no health insurance, and they are all frighteningly vulnerable; their care is erratic, they are disqualified from receiving certain preventive and screening measures, and their lack of resources prevents them from participating in the medical system. And this is not a community or state specific problem. A recent study showed that underinsured patients have higher mortality rates after myocardial infarction, it is well documented that our country's uninsured present with later-stage cancers and more poorly controlled chronic diseases than do patients with insurance. We find it terribly and tragically inhumane that Mr. Davis and tens of thousands of other citizens of this wealthy country will die this year for lack of insurance. The American College of Physicians, endorsed the principle of universal health care coverage Lack of insurance can be lethal, and we believe our professional community should treat inaccessible coverage as a public health catastrophe and stand behind people who are at risk-President Obama Is Pouring brillions Into The Economy- I Would Hit You With Ashitpie Filth!-Nobel Winning Chemical Weapons Org Confirms Syria Destroying Its Stockpile-2nd Nobel Peace prize methinks. Saved Trillions plus thousands of GI lives-"Once trust in the system is lost, it cannot be purchased at any cost- signalled the death of the GOP. Very sad-that visit really cost an arm and a leg-THE UNITED STATES AS PAPER TIGER, THE PAPER PRINCESS, a red line in Syria, Putin comes along and kicks the sand in his face and makes a fool of him in the Middle East where "face" is critical to stature, ALL OPTIONS are on the table, including military, to assure the world that Iran does NOT develop a nuclear bomb, Iranian regime is working with Russia, building even more reactors and everyone agrees that Iran is within shooting distance of the bomb, negotiating with the same Iranian who vowed to destroy the United they openly build 34 new reactors. How can ANYONE take this man at his word? Its meaningless-DOCTORS ARE CALLING OBOZOCARE A JOKE! by president foodstamps- 9 or 10 years ago, I had to bring my father to the ER with some symptoms of stroke. But he couldn't get treatment right away and everything hit the fan (and triaged) when an uninsured diabetic was brought in, needing an emergency amputation. It took us 7 hours to get some treatment and get out of there. I asked two of the doctors if this is was unusual and they said unfortunately NOT, it was pretty common. Heart disease and diabetes is pretty common and there are MILLIONS UNDIAGNOSED AND UNTREATED in the US. I knew then that this was unsustainable and something had to happen-Former Illinois U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has reported to a North Carolina federal prison to serve a 2 1/2 year prison term for misusing campaign funds-the greatest actor that ever lived-corey feldman, imo-2016 Dream Team; Paul Ryan and Rand Paul-T Boone Pickens (Plan was brilliant but Obama wouldn't even meet with him-yhal/it's time to stop hitting the snooze button on America's budget problems-fb/Jon Stewart ‘apologizes’ for the NSA’s global spying: sorry that you forgot that we’re kind of dicks rbh/girl after being raped, buried alive crawls out nypost-Funny how things change, It was you who told me that things change. Your people lost their lands and have been moved to reservations. Right, wrong or otherwise. You are the original North Americans but you were NOT the first Americans. You guys were tribes, Now, you're a bunch of drunks who have lost their honor even among each other- Obama Gestapo Raids Reporter's Home, Takes Notes, Maryland police and federal agents raided Wt reporter Audrey Hudson's home, they were supposed to be looking for guns but wound up taking her personal notes and papers she had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, previously Homeland Security's Federal Air Marshal godfather politics iapb/the night texas turns blue with karls face, newsbusters 10 most hated candies, on stephanie wine shortage hoarder/corp welfare jhpv/8 of 10 10m no limit etc substandard policies dropped, g & nome wonder why bo wouldn't know that, palone monkey court revaserating senate wingnut points, on geraldo/
102813/One Of The Strangest Parasites Ever Recorded In An Animal THE HEART EEL a huge animal, nearly 900lbs, and during necropsy, as they say in the paper, they “were astonished to find two anguilliform fish in the lumen of the heart deepseanews/Moyers: As the mainstream media continues to censor itself and back big banks like JP Morgan Chase, the entire country suffers from our own ignorance/High Incidence of Blood Cancers Among Men" Near Canada's Main Oil Sands Site PCarnival/Poverty Measure in California Finds 2 Million Additional Poor/Colombia: Paramilitary Group Threatens Indigenous Protesters With "Social Cleansing Ai-Most Beloved War Criminals, How is it that those who serve as secretary of state are given a free pass by the mainstream media and the public for their roles in the foreign policy disasters of the administrations they served?-The dumbing down of America is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance Carl Sagan-Truthout stands against the lies told by cynical politicians and greedy corporations, and repeated by too many media pundits, from lies encouraging cuts to the social safety net, to lies justifying mass government surveillance/Antiquities Authority announce arrest of three Arabs from the Hevron area who were involved in the theft of antiquities, important historical dig, and contains the remains of a large town that was built during the Hellenistic period, approximately 2,300 years ago. It was inhabited until about 1,400 years ago. Among the important finds at the site is a well-appointed mikveh (Jewish ritual bath, Police Sting Op Nets Arab Car Thieves, Stolen Laptop Highlights Ongoing Sharon-Area Property Crime, Havat Gilad Residents Thwart Attempted Sheep Theft inn/GOP senators balked when Democrats proposed delaying a new temporary fee on everyone covered by health insurance, to pay $63 a person next year for everyone who has coverage. The temporary fee covers all workers, spouses and dependents covered by health insurance-the headline is a complete lie vs what the real story is-insisted on approving the Keystone Pipeline; expanded oil drilling; blocking Net neutrality; Tort reform; fewer regulations for coal fired power plants; tax code changes; stopping EPA coal ash regulations-The GOP was rightly blamed. We have letters dating back to August where 80 republican House members pushed the shutdown strategy. Quiot pretending they wanted compromise-aibafs/low wages and few benefits come at a price for taxpayers. Workers at a single location can consume about $1 million in public benefits because they need help to make ends meet-CEO of Walmart U.S. Bill Simon included the fact that over 475,000 of its associates, what it calls its workers, made more than $25,000 last year. Given that the company employs about a million hourly workers in its stores, according to a company spokesperson, that means about 525,000 make less than that- McResources Line comes a week after a report found that more than half of fast food workers have to rely on public assistance programs since their wages aren't enough to support them, The report estimated that this public aid carries a $7 billion price tag for taxpayers each year- rbh/tax increase republicans support-Reds aren't for the $63 tax, they simply want the people to feel the full effect of Obamacare, and to know it for what it is-Vote out teapublican obstructionists 2014!-you're an idiot if you think the democrats have your best interests at heart. very gullible is what you are-its #$%$ like you that makes me sick. You stupid dunces have ruined this country-We need a third party but not these teabagers-quit voting, It's a waste of time, They all lie, They lie to their own family, So what makes you all think they care one bit about us-yahoo ap/The Pukes Were Thrown Out Because They CAUSED The Crash-running out of ganja inspired posts are living in the past and dreaming of when you were an "iron worker" no doubt-Do You Wonder Why U R Called A Puke?-Actually in your case, you can address me as I am your better both socially and intellectually, plus I ain't some old geezer spending his day in a drug and booze filled haze posting insane drivel on a stock msg board as you do-why does he have a new ID every day?- Somewhere around $14 billion is spent annually on UNINSURED diabetics getting emergency amputations- please provide link to your "fact" cuz I'm calling you a liar moreover, husseincare will not fix any such issue-I like to masturbate while I fantasize about koko-I hear that red state men have real big d ks-Good thinkg the #igger Obama is not enforcing the law. Looks like a rich #$%$ want to kill an endangered species-And your weekdays posting on the HAL board. Interesting-And Reagan never lifted a FINGER to help the 271 Marines in Beirut or capture the terrorists who killed them, too busy selling cocaine in the US and giving arms to IRAN!! Google Iran Contra-Snowden knew about NSA spying but hussein didn't hilarious-I'd eat her out-Google the conservative HERITAGE FOUNDATION for more details, pukes, they said it better than I can-Good enough to convince MITT to implement it in Massachusetts and for OBAMA to implement it nationwide. Capische?-Dallas Safari Club auctioning off permit to kill an endangered black rhino-Sounds like something Cheney might be bidding on. Somehow they have twisted this behavior to be to "help" the black rhino because some of the proceeds will be used for conservation. Hey, how's this for an idea, donate the f'n money without killing something in return. What a bunch of sociopathic creeps-USA in collapse with corruption and financial ruin but democommies on the board are concerned about-Colbert: They should hunt the Safari Club members instead, They'd raise MILLION$-tranquilize it, then shoot it. real sportsmen-like the "sportsmen" who blast away at birds as they are let out of pens-cheney keeps it real. he hunts lobbyist-FOX NEWS POLL: 53% of FOX VIEWERS believe Ann Coulter was born a male-the sex of ann coulter, weak, extremely weak minded creatures  repubs grasping for straws OMG ! GAY!-koko would tongue Coulter's adams' apple?- Ann Coulter? That Horse Faced butch-MSNBC- Abby Huntsman vs FOX NEWS Ann Coulter ?Princess vs her horse?-Obozo didn't know about website or NSA- The Loons From The Left Were Busy This Weekend!- change shelters? yhal/ is an evil man for eavesdropping on private phone calls, say employees of Rupert Murdoch at Fox News John Fugelsang-judge in Texas on Monday blocked an important part of the state’s restrictive new abortion law, which would have required doctors performing the procedure to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital- fb/

Monday, October 28, 2013

102813/bo's meth war

102813/-WHAT HAPPENED TO THE $2,500 IN SAVINGS OBOZO PROMISED?? YOU NEVER REALLY BELIEVED THAT DID YOU?-THE POOR AND DOWNTRODDEN BOARD BOATS TO ESCAPE THE EVIL CAPITALIST AMERICA-They will NEVER taper, feds are addicted to cheap money-$24 BILLION wasted by the GOP shutdown DWARFS the $400 MILLION wasted on website obamacare-Wyoming, it will interesting to see if the 'lying stacks of cheney's' be by teddy cruzer-able to convince the good people of Wyoming to side with satan and elect satan's little helper lying liz-Only dying old white racist men primarily watch FOX NEWS, The rest of us want to watch a news program and not Right Wing lies and baseless propaganda-Middle Class Gets "Sticker Shock" from ObamaCare by whitehouse monkey- federal gov't needs to be slashed by 50%-As Right Wing Fear Mongers Go Apesh(*& Over Obamacare, My BlueCross Coverage Goes Up by george effin bush-a Whooping $4.43 every two weeks, from $138 to $142, How am I going to make it? Oh My! yhal/Right Wingnuts MUST be Executed for DESTROYING Obamacare-Desperate Neo-N@zi of the Day Award goes to the Teabagger troll "socialists for obama-Who is it you are attempting to fool with your pathetic troll ID? You will only dupe those who are just as stupid as you are-your making terroristic threats hey left wing radical, assume you been reported to eric holders police force!-a flaming anarchist and small minded conservative pretending to be some weird socialist that is not even in the picture. Obama is not a socialist and neither are his supporters. Socialism is just the boogie man of the radical cons and Tea Party crazies-Why execute them? That is so 19th century. Just beat them on ideas or join them if your ideas are not working- There must be Public Executions of these vile roaches. Torture should be there punishment-People have to be really stupid to believe that you are a liberal. You are just another fanatical right wing extremist who believes that violence is the answer to everything. Anyway, ObamaCare has not and will not be destroyed by anyone. Go whimper somewhere else, you conservative turkey!-People have to be really stupid to BE a liberal-not so secret longing of the neocon mind for sharia law with a 700 Club spin, Taliban-style due process and judicial restraint, and deliberative legislators who aren't afraid to do critical thinking without following prepaid scripts yc//Hamad said, "I want you to shoot in the head any person who comes out against our government. I do not want anyone injured so shoot them in the head-just over half of Israel's citizens think the US cannot be trusted in the context of security, after Washington backed down from striking Syria's chemical sites inn-Friendly Fire, An ally of the president begins to panic over Obamacare fallout Dem Party is F****d. consumers are staring at hefty increases on their insurance bills as the overhaul remakes the healthcare market. Their rates are rising in large part to help offset the higher costs of covering sicker, poorer people who have been shut out of the system for years Chad Terhune also quoted a letter sent to a California insurance company executive. "I was all for Obamacare," wrote a young woman complaining about a 50 percent rate hike related to the health care law, "until I found out I was paying for it We will own this problem forever nationaljournal-You can start to see the cracks in the democrat pundits. They've started to place blame on the Republican governors of states who opted out of forming their own exchanges-no wonder they are beserk, something big was going down at the Beirut shipping port this summer. How big? 5.5m white tablets, each embossed with an off-kilter yin-yang symbol and packed into 1,000 piece units in heat sealed plastic bags. “The boiler was made in Syria, and the way the tablets were hidden, it was clear that they hadn’t been just stuffed inside,” says Chams Eddine. “That unit was formed around the drugs, at the factory, A week later, Six Syrian made cargo trucks destined for Saudi Arabia from Lebanon were stopped just as they were about to cross the border. Each of the containers’ steel reinforcing ribs concealed a cleverly designed drawer packed with loose pills, 6 million of them in total. days later, a Syrian was caught at Beirut’s international airport with 11,000 tablets hidden in pastries. Then two more Syrians destined for Saudi were stopped at the airport with 8 kg of the stuff in their luggage, authorities confiscated more than $200 million worth of a potent amphetamine that is almost entirely unheard of in the West. But in the Persian Gulf, Captagon, as the amphetamine is known, is the most sought after drug on the street, and the conflict in Syria lawlessness, is making it even easier to obtain, the war drags on, yahoo syria breakingbad amphetamines funding war-drinking bad, chemicals good-iapb/
102713/tagged in a tweet, called a name-Liberal atheists are void of any purpose other than Gov tit sucking. Hence their anger-purpose is be compatible with nature's fragility & human rights as top priorities above profit. No dogma-waiting for some taxidermist to put a bullet in your birdbrain and stuff you for a wall prize Birdie-How Christian!- coupled to their personal insecurities and need to excuse their hypocritical existence of lies and delusions, hatred of successful-We're talking about your delusion here, kneejerk You're listed under Trigger 1. Typical con  douchecanoe-Tea Party flag at a KKK rally-Gadsen flag and long precedes the tea party. the KKK was funded by the democrat party right?-founded by the Dixiecrats. Right Wing Conservatives-Dixiecrats became Republicans-TEA party members, and we have yet to have any racism aimed at us-You've been lucky. Not all cons are racist, most All racists are conservatives Limbaugh Sponsor Uses the Bible to Take Money from the Desperately Stupid dailykos-so ur the nigger hating fried everything eatin drop bombs on iraqi schools, I have my own business so fuk your mother- guilty concious? I never said color ,creed or anything just entidalment crowd-Hey @rush HATES PEOPLE OF COLOR ya wanta see my Birth cert. ? I might be a Muslim. I might be a #FAT DRUG ADDICT?-I want my cancer vaccinations with mercury! I want my GMO's, I want to be Mentality lazy-snowden bull shit just keeps showing up Report says U.S. tracked Chancellor Merkel's phone since 2002-10,000 people line up in Dallas for information on Obamacare FreakOutNation- tw/one individual with uncommon opinions and multiple personalities, or multiple like-minded individuals sharing uncommon opinions with each other? Enquirer minds want to know. Plato's redheaded stepchildren and critical thinkers may actually be displaying spiteful brat unity, hoping a show of force will silence non-team players. ROTFLMAO either way, there appears to be little threat to their vast numerical superiority-show post', and POW! There it was....."pathetic", the refuge of a spiteful brat with a restricted vocabulary. Alas, poor *, I knew ye too well, now back in your cage. I'm pretty sure hear a triceratops howling for your favors-good news republicans, is that you are still not the most ignorant people on the planet! You do allow women to drive and vote, which puts you one teeny tiny step in front of the Taliban. We wont talk about the whole racist, religious, homophobic part....I'm sure your party will either figure it out, or implode on itself ybac/the worlds biggest con artists with their screams of bigotry while they steal and pillage, a thousand year record of perfecting the art of lying and thiever ygs/Citibank is Still Messed Up and Hiding Problems, I had a 100k business loan from citi that I haven't paid in over 4 years and they still send me statements like everythings normal... My business went under and there is no possibility of paying this back, but its still on their books. I wonder how many other bad loans they are hiding- Hard to see the 1770-80s folks as "right-wingers" since they wrote into the US Constitution that the first function of government is to tax its citizenry- but that's only if you by factual reality. I'm sure you go by right-wing mythology: you know, the founding fathers were Jesus and Ronald Reagan, that the motto "In God we trust" appears in the Constitution, that the Constitution is a Christian document, you know... all of your deeply cherished belief-yc/Best REALLY S-C-A-R-Y & REALLY (_o_) .U-G-L-Y Halloween Mask Poll, Nancy Grace, Sarah "Moose #$%$" Palin, Ted Cruz, Mark Rubio, Fat Governor of New Jersey, Governor JingleBalls of Louisana, arnOLD_Swatikanator, miley "no true talent" cyrus, senator mitch mcconnell, Flush BLIMPslob, Pat Robertson, Andrew Breitbart, Jerry Falwell, Hick Fairy (Tejas's Governor), mitt romney, hucklephuKKK (that idiot with a talkshow who use to fry roadkill squirrels in a popcorn popper while in college, john "walking dead" mcStain, glenn beck, ralph reed, ronOLD RAPEnuns, dumbya, death cheney, kindalesbo lice, woof blitzkrieg, marie osmond, oliver north, jack abramoff, snoot gagrich, paul ryan, Pat Buchanan, joe lieberman, tom "bugman" delay, a dog's (_o_) shaved, walking backwards-Red Staters Are OBESE and Unhealthy, should be paying FAR FAR more for healthcare- yhal/cruz Pre hunt prayer. OH "Don't get cheneyed-Cheney needs to be purged for NOT taking Ted Cruz hunting-Palinised. That's what they do with born fighters Ted. Enjoy hunting good luck-They realize everything we have been fighting for was justified. The only thing they have to report against us is this-what progressives do. Typical lefty crap if you don't adhere to their way of thinking you need to be eliminated or chastised. They (progressives) really do live a pathetic life don't they-through God's graces, will choose to reboot towards freedom, and away from the socialist one party state these asshats dream of, eat their failure raw, but only the good die young, so the top democrats should make it to a hundred-So anytime we see a Democrat woman getting into a car should we say, "Don't get Kennedyed- twitchy/they cling to a cartoon image of him on the political right. but, in this case, knowlage really is power, it led to soaring healthcare prices and rising health insurance premiums. the next natural step whould logically be making insurance available to those who cannot normally afford it. many on the right think if you cannot afford it, you deserve to die or go without treatment, which is the exact opposite of what ronald reagan advocated. that's the problem. to many people continue to forget the past and lead us in this circle in which we face the same economic and social crisis's every thirty years. look at medicare, for example. in 1960 ronald reagan called it a socialist experiment. by the mid 1980's he came around to not only liking it, he expanded it three times. the repubs of today are in favor of ending it. so, how can we move forward if people are so easily mislead to undo everything it tooks years to accomplish? this is why i hate fox news. to me, the are the rinos, and mislead the real rebulicans-cons think Obamacare is socialism, when in reality, the status quo they ardently defend forces every taxpayer to pay for the emergency room care of the uninsured through taxes and higher premiums-fb/man serving a life sentence for killing two other men outside a Florida strip club in 2011, then claimed stand your ground immunity, was killed in prison during a fight with another inmate. Campos, 28, was killed October 1st during an incident with another fla inmate obamacrat/RIP wildside Lou 71- evasive about where he gets his health coverage, Mrs. Cruz was blunt. Ted is on my health care plan, approximate valuation of $20,000 a year would put Cruz's coverage, at the minimum possible amount, on the highest end of average for employer provided family coverage. The average is $16,351 for a family plan -works in the shorting department? your surprised?- ygs/koch brothers beer offensive, even the Koch brothers have begun to realize that their attempts to stop the ACA are getting them nowhere. Last week, a representative of Koch Industries sent a letter to members of the Senate distancing the company from efforts to defund Obamacare, while still making it clear that Koch really does not like the law. Does this mean the Koch brothers are done with their various and multifaceted efforts to bring it down? Probably not, but if they at least scale back their efforts to just distributing free beers, that might not be such a bad thing. After what they have put us all through, we deserve one theguardian koch beer offensive-Cocks..I mean Kock's are slowly being exposed as the retards they are, good thing is they are bringing the Republican party down with them criticalbelievers/wnd bishop pope leading church to disaster/Fallon is professor of psychiatry and human behavior at the University of California, Irvine, author of the new book "The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey Into the Dark Side of the Brain, there's about 1 to 2 percent. About 2 percent of men, about 1 percent of women, in most societies. Once you go to the borderline people, the people who don't quite get over the test scoring for a full blown psychopath, then you start to get up to 5, 10, 15 percent of the population who may be near psychopath or pro social psychopath that can navigate their way very well through society without ever being caught, a psychopath overlap with the trace of somebody with malignant narcissism, or overlaps with somebody with these other disorder, they're very manipulative, and they don't show this sort of manipulation, because they're quite clever about it. So they know how to model or mirror behaviors very well. They can look like they're normal. That's what's so insidious about it- Ross Sea," Zuur If they can, that could also open the door to discussions about creating additional marine protected areas around Antarctica. CCAMLR's scientific committee has identified nine areas in seas around the continent as candidates for preservation, in Hobart, Australia. "I saw dozens of whales, hundreds of seals and albatrosses and thousands of penguins. And that was just the wildlife on top of the water. The wildlife on the seafloor rivals that of the tropics. This area is really the Serengeti of the southern seas, whether they can come to a consensus. These waters have had less human disturbance than any other oceans on Earth/ Instead of worrying about my tendency to defend obama, maybe you should consider why your ODS has you opposing everything he does? I know you also think crossing your arms and refusing to talk would make centrifuges stop spinning, but it's a premise not based in reality. Bush tried that, it didn't work-bO has fried your brains. That is the truth-The most ironic post pf the day-Jesus and Moses most likely never existed, and there is no evidence for any God. JINO Lobbyist. The less hair you have the more head you get-iapb/

Sunday, October 27, 2013

102713/bo's lies

102713/never presume malice when incompetence is an adequate explanation-Vindicated 9,9, 2009, Joe Wilson, Congressman from South Carolina, shouted You lie!, the only truth that Obama has ever uttered is that He would fundamentally change America, doing just that with lies and deceit americanthinker-Some of us believed him from day one-Jack Straw says in parliament debate 'unlimited' funds available to Jewish groups in US used to control America's Mideast policy; adds Germany's 'obsession' with defending Israel another obstacle for peace, made harsh anti-Semitics Tony Blair's government in 2001-2006, accused Israel of cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing, recently expressed favorability towards the new Iranian president Hassan Rohani. “You could do business with him, and we were able to do business with him,” Straw told CNN's Christiane Amanpour. “I very profoundly believe that (this) is a new chance for proper negotiations, Rohani is an Iranian and he represents Iran’s national interest, so people have got to factor that in, and it’s entirely right that he should do that ynetnews-Danny Danon (Likud) is continuing his campaign to stop the release of terrorist prisoners from Israeli jails as a gesture to the Palestinian Authority. Releasing prisoners means encouraging terrorists, making them stronger, boosting their spirit, I can’t imagine that any sane country, including the United States of America, would free terrorists after attacks, The US wouldn’t consider releasing one terrorist. Any sane country would do the same, we don’t need to be embarrassed. When you see that your compassion is being used against you, it’s logical to stop, it is not too late, I believe we can still prevent it. dismissing claims from sources close to Hatnua head Tzipi Livni that the government was forced to release terrorists because the political right refused to allow it to freeze construction, That’s nonsense. This alternative was never presented to anyone I know, and the attempt to connect construction in Jerusalem and the land of Israel to the release of terrorists is twisted, What needs to happen? Only if Jews are murdered, we can build? It’s an outrage to draw that parallel, blaming Livni alone for Israeli concessions to the PA, simply because she heads the negotiation team, I’ve openly criticized Livni for her behavior in negotiations, both in the past and today, but I agree that today the general. We can’t blame Tzipi Livni alone for terrorist release, responsibility is on the shoulders of the Prime Minister and the government ministers israelnationalnews-The Perfect Storm, 14 million people will be receiving health insurance cancellation letters over the next month, Otherwise they won't know if they are entitled to a subsidy, They will have to make the decision to go directly to the insurance company and pay the asking price. Which will be more than what they are currently paying, we know that they will be cramming 6 months of work into 1 month, Tech Surge is not possible. The people who were doing the work are the people who will continue to do the work. There is simply not enough time to train new people. QSSI will be doing the work nbcnews government pledges aca will work-Those who refuse to acknowledge reality and the facts-unrealistic" (like Don Quixote, perhaps) rather than the enigmatic lesser intellect persuasion. The reason I bother to take exception is that your post smacks of an insinuation that the Jewish persuasion is a mark of a lesser intellect. The reality and the facts, however, testify to the contrary, there is something in Judaism, whether the millennia of cultural tradition, or genetic endowment, or the nature of their religion, that is conductive of superior intellectual achievement- I will grant that they are the exception to the rule-Johnny Mandel his more famous numbers: "Suicide Is Painless, later television series) M*A*S*H-Bibi Doesn't Have The Cojones To Bitch Slap Tzipi, or she's doing his bidding. Either way, somebody needs to bitch slap HIM!-iapb/juan tries, brit accuses bo of being lazy wiggles neck held up by chris reassuring saud, stringing words together, kerralthammer accuses libs of being nieve and that all enemies are inheirtly evil, on fns/end of the day ohio douchebag on mtp/ mancia tries to calm the fearful, barasso keeps the pressure up, dick out of the loop claims secrets are secret blaming snowden insisting iran be contained to secure oil adversaries are un afraid should have attacked syria 7 yrs ago, asserts gov hc may damage the nations health, since it didn't work out for him, cokie asks bo's spiritual advisor being not clear on feed the poor and love thy enemy, on abc/
102613/commentarymag loving us to death, as Jews face the prospect of their own declining numbers in the United States, the vital necessity of the State of Israel is more evident than ever. If this tiny tribe that has remained on this earth for thousands of years, carrying out the dictates of its ageless scrolls and following the rulings of its millennia old sages is to survive and thrive into the unknowable future, it will only be able to do so primarily in its own land with its own language, a land in which Jews live with Jews, marry Jews, and bear Jewish children who bear Jewish children of their own. Where outreach has failed, Zionism has succeeded large partisan divide in the U.S. over Israel," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. 63% of Republicans call Israel an ally of the U.S, 33% of Democrats politicalticker-Not 33% of the Jews who vote Democrat. Pulling out stats like that is like saying 90% of Republicans like dogs, just like Hitler, only 37% of women surveyed said Israel is an ally-He leaves out that independents also see them as friendly more than being an ally. It's more about other nations you take joint ventures with. It doesn't mean they consider them a 'foe, The only reason for the surge of overemphasising support from the right is about fundies and religious significance that ends in horror as an angry jesus descends from the clouds and destroys all the unbelievers with lightning bolts from his fingertips- Yeah, I get all warm and cozy knowing that the majority of Republicans who consider Israel an ally are anticipating the day when Zombie Jesus comes back to earth during an earth ending fight that requires a very large number of Jews to die-Well, he's not a "zombie." But yes, lots of Jews may have to die. It is written-opinions like "Israel would be no worse off today or better of today if McCain or Romney won elections" are pure speculation. You have absolutely zero evidence to support such a theory since neither was ever in a position to test it. My opinion is that today's Democrat party is bad for Israel, and Jews in general, if they care about the survival of Judaism. I will acknowledge that many American Jews are nicely positioned in American culture and want to be socially progressive citizens because that is the nature of the religion (no matter what sfb and the Protocols of Zion might say). It is a dangerous path that has been taken before with ruinous results-opinion are yours too, southie, but facts aren't, tactical and financial support has climbed. Major issues like iron dome and a joint attack on iranian computer networks stick out like glaring thumbs, the stink about the nsa recently? Info being released that we are massively spying on allies and everyone else throughout the world? You know what the israeli revelation has been? It was that we have been openly and without question sharing captured data with israeli intelligence-iapb/ h66b hillary-the Army knows the Tea Party is a terrorist group. Now watch the teabaggers attack our soldiers-The American public should be outraged that the U.S. Army is teaching our troops that evangelical Christians and tea party members are enemies of America and that they can be punished for supporting or participating in those groups, Don’t donate to the tea party or to evangelical Christian groups, the message soldiers at a pre deployment briefing at Fort Hood said they received from a counter intelligence agent If you do, you could face punishment, that was the other half of the message, members who donate to these groups would be subject to disciplineas reported by Fox News. These statements about evangelicals being domestic enemies are a serious charge. The solider said he was worried about getting in trouble for speaking of the incident to the press. But he also wondered how that advisement would play out Can I tithe? Can I donate to Christian charities? What if I donate to a politician who is a part of the tea party movement? Another soldier confirmed the threat of punishment, Breitbart claims weren’t true-Half a milllion Californians could lose their health care under Obamacare next year If you like your can fuck yourself sfgate-Malkin bOcare’s Patient Dumping, Privacy Meddling Scheme, Anyone who isn’t concerned about the privacy implications of this government funded records sharing network hasn’t been paying attention are digging for dirt on private citizens who donate to GOP campaigns. Nothing to see or smell here? Discerning eyes and nostrils beg to differ-dailycaller michelle princeton classmate xo bocare website- Obongo's Buddies Are Profiting from his policies people live better by providing health care-When it's Repugs, Halliburton, half a million people die and just as many maimed, extremely comical to watch as a drooler clumsily trys to excuse their own hypocrisy-have some dignity. watch your soaps or whatever-How many years will it take for Barrack's buddies to catch up with the Halliburton and Blackwater rip offs?-Good to see you can admit the ACA is for many people a rip off, shouldn't be too long-high profits for others, and vice versa. And more and more we see a "tit for tat" effort at fairness from the government by extremist fanatics on the left and right-relevant? Such a sad justification for political corruption-any credible justification for the Halliburton and Blackwater rip offs?-course not. The Cheney Rumsfeld Powell, Rice, Bush, Wolfiwitz Cabal are war criminals, current interventionist Neo Con not any better aibafs/Cuccinelli, Va. Candidate for Gov., Brags About His ‘A’ NRA Rating At Site Of Mass Shooting Where 32 People Died thinkprogress tw/Ted Cruz Is Fighting Against Government Transparency because he doesn’t want you to know who the backers are of his effort to run for president in 2016 liberalland/off duty Cop hits girl with motorcycle, then shoots angry father dead, Be assured that the internal investigation will clear the officer of all wrongdoing in the shooting. As usual RawStory-He also thinks god speaks to him. He hears god’s voice, inside his head. That quote was from the delusional, prophetic evangelist’s own mouth. Oh yeah, and his delusional father believes Cruz will become KING of America-everybody knows Ted Cruz is a Kochsucker, a term as in the Koch brothers who are the REAL creators and FUNDING fathers of the Tea Party and their treasonous congress members- fb/