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41412/mitt: marijuana is the entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs

41412/People like you, who use such expressions as "mumbo jumbo," to refer
to matters that they do not understand, are the very ones who exploit
"misunderstanding" at the time of making contracts with others. In other
words, your deceivers, liars, cheaters, usurpers -- dishonest snakes, in a
two word expression. You say and/or write, and sign one thing, yet do
something very different when the time comes for performance of contract,
like many other snakes who on a daily basis slither on this MB, "build"
your statements of lies upon impartial negations of unrelated observations.
True snakes. Truths eventually float to the surface, like a dead body. You
should not fear the truth, unless you have something to hide, You're
boring, offensive, deceitful, pompous, and arrogant./September 6 and 7, the
CBOE saw purchases of 4,744 put options on United Airlines, but only 396
call options. Assuming that 4,000 of the options were bought by people with
advance knowledge of the imminent attacks, these "insiders" would have
profited by almost $5 million, they would represent a gain of about
$4 million. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co, which occupied 22 floors of
the World Trade Center, saw 2,157 of its October $45 put options bought in
the three trading days before Black Tuesday; this compares to an average of
27 contracts per day before September 6. Morgan Stanley's share price fell
from $48.90 to $42.50 in the aftermath of the attacks. Assuming that 2,000
of these options contracts were bought based upon knowledge of the
approaching attacks, their purchasers could have profited by at least $1.2
million. Merrill Lynch & Co, with headquarters near the Twin Towers, saw
12,215 October $45 put options bought in the four trading days before the
attacks; the previous average volume in those shares had been 252 contracts
per day (a 1200% increase). When trading resumed, Merrill's shares fell
from $46.88 to $41.50; assuming that 11,000 option contracts were bought by
"insiders", their profit would have been about $5.5 million/secret service
agents sent home from summit over claims of misconduct. Officials say 12
agents accompanying Barack Obama to leaders' meeting in Colombia have been
relieved of duties ap-Dozen Obama Agents Caught With Putas In Colombia easy
it is to manipulate the goyim, the (Jewish?) tribe ... can control you like
a robot-to do your dirty work ,to fulfill the talmudic scriptures/why are
they funneling cash to super PACs aimed at bringing down Barack Obama, who
many of them supported four years ago? Because, writes Alec MacGillis in
The New Republic - the president wants to raise their taxes. That's right -
while ordinary Americans are taxed at a top rate of 35 percent on their
income, Congress allows hedge fund and private equity tycoons to pay only
15 percent of their compensation-Eight Major Corporations Divest From ALEC
"ALEC's claim to be working toward, 'a more transparent, accountable
government' is also at odds with how the council function in reality, the
reason why ALEC has been so successful is because it does its work behind
the scenes; it's not really a public-facing company,' said Robinson. 'To
the extent that these companies benefit from having a relationship with a
behind-the-scenes vehicle, it's important that corporations that want to
associate are no longer able to do it behind the scenes-Chicago Activists
Occupy to Save Mental Health Services "In the latest of a series of small
but powerful overnight occupations, activists in Chicago barricaded
themselves inside Woodlawn Clinic in the Englewood neighborhood late on
Thursday afternoon in protest at its closure along with five other mental
health clinics. The closures are part of  2012 budget, and will cut the
number of mental health clinics in the city by half-War on Iran: America's
Next Catastrophe in the Middle East? "Little has been said about how a war
with Iran - at present seemingly urged into near outbreak by Binyamin
Netanyahu and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) We can
thank the architects of the Iraq war for rejecting this wasted opportunity
Also underreported have been statements made by former senior figures at
the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) alleging 'pro-western bias,
over-reliance on unverified intelligence' at the organization-waits a
potential death sentence. Al-Nashiri is the alleged al-Qaeda operative said
to be responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole in October 2000. He is
also one of fourteen high-value detainees currently being held in the
detention facility in Guantanamo Bay-a Tijuana Cop for 21 years the last
time we drove through downtown together. He was a member of the Grupo Beta,
and says, when he started, he believed that those crossing the border
without papers were just criminals. 'I thought they deserved to be caught
and punished because they were breaking the law,' he says. 'But after a
while, I began to understand that immigration and undocumented people exist
in many countries - that it's a global phenomenon. After that, I began to
look at myself as their protector, rather than as their enemy-GOP
Presidential Contenders' Goofy Greed, who needs actual voters to be a
presidential player these days? Gingrich's entire campaign consists of six
men: Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Alito, Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas
of the Supreme Court, and Sheldon Adelson of the Sands Casino empire in Las
Vegas. The five Supremes are the ones who unleashed the plague of
democracy-destroying corporate cash on our elections, and Adelson is the
multibillionaire Republican extremist who has taken rich advantage of the
Court's 2010 ruling and foisted Newt upon us- Truthout:
41312/US to pay Native Americans $1bn US authorities will pay $1bn to 41
Native American tribes who complained their land had been mismanaged Million Americans Now Live In Poverty The share of all
people in the U.S. who fell below the poverty line rose to 15.1% last year
from 14.3% in 2009/NH a cheif and four officers shot cheif died others
fighting for lives the gun man killed himself/War is always good for a few.
..the Halliburtons, war mongers and the party that gets richer. The poor
and those who want to get student aid end up doing the dirty, bloody work
.. We are the mules, the wealthy and powerful get the glory/Arctic oil rush
will ruin ecosystem, warns Lloyd's of London Insurance market joins
environmentalists in highlighting risks of drilling in fragile region as
$100bn investment is predicted, on marijuana: In '07
"People talk about medicinal marijuana. And you know, you hear that story
that people who are sick need medicinal marijuana. But marijuana is the
entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs. I don't want
medicinal marijuana; there are synthetic forms of marijuana that are
available for people who need it for prescription. Don't open the doorway
to medicinal marijuana/morman sez: that the privilege of mortal existence
is so great that spirits were willing to come to earth even though they
would not be able to possess the priesthood. It concludes by stating,
"Under this principle there is no injustice whatsoever involved in this
deprivation as to the holding of the priesthood by the Negroes/10-episode
series features Assange in conversation with "iconoclasts, visionaries and
power insiders", will coincide with the 500th day of financial blockade on
Wikileaks-Stick it to the ones that want to incarserate you, You can change
the world millions and millions are behind you, Run for the top seat in
Aussi, make the changes, shame  the political murderers and their puppet
sheep Julian your a hero in the real meaning of the word.You have the
b.... of a elephant. RT and Putin support him-not been a peep about this
from their State Controlled Dis-Information Media....good to see RT step up
and let the world see the world for what it truly is not through the US
Dis-Information Networks! Good job all at RT!-us news the western Govts low
life errand boys the news media and broadcasters were not permitted to
voice or write.News in the west is giving to you by the white scum on our
planet Broadcasters and Media.If I was a   Dictator, these would be the
first people to get rid of permanentely.Knowledgeable information is
dangerous ,it enlightens people ,they would rather have you ignorant and be
used a dispensable fodder-AlJaz once upon a time, these days it is little
more than a mouthpiece for the Omani govt. their coverage of Syria and
Libya is manipulative warmongering garbage. thank heavens for RT - you are
a beacon! (i cannot believe i'm writing that about a news service from
Russia: we live in interesting times-
d=1665239? / Obama failed the American people. Everyone is feeling the pain
of a horrific president/Trayvon and George are VICTIMS of the stand your
ground legislation and liberal gun laws. Those items are the foundation
for, TROUBLE AND TRAGEDY./Oklahoma, where a proposed amendment to its
"personhood" bill would effectively outlaw male masturbation tds/Unclear if
UN council will vote on observers Friday Draft resolution authorizes up
to 30 truce observers Russia's UN envoy on Friday criticized a US-drafted
Security Council resolution  (Reuters)/Syrian protesters
test fragile truce; 5 killed-Obamas pay $162K in taxes USA TODAY/Paid 20.5%
in Income Taxes, 2011 Returns Show nyt/More than 10000 Egyptians marched
from mosques and protested in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday in a show of
strength by Islamists, demanding the country's ruling generals bar Hosni
Mubarak's former spy candidates-Security forces 'fire at protesters
BBC News-Advance UN observer team for Syria on standby ap/mitt trys to
reassure NRA that he will aggressively defend gun rights wp  he will face a
tough crowd.BusinessWeek- to woo key conservative group at NRA event San
Francisco Chronicle-Varmint-Hunting Tales Aimed at Gun-Owning Skeptics
Bloomberg-Missouri:Mayor Blasts NRA Leadership at Start of St. Louis
Convention Riverfront Timesblog/Somebody needs to take care of the kids,
and the Ann Romney working mom debate is evidence that child care is mostly
invisible in economic and political discussion - until someone misspeaks
Christian Science Monitor/Opinion:Hilary Rosen's remarks against Ann Romney
betray freedoms fought long and hard for Fox News/Dems run away from Hilary
Rosen want to adopt 6 puppies found in a suitcase wanted
wp/abandoner gets attorney, arraignment scheduled
equivalent of 2,000 comets, each a half-mile (1 kilometer) wide, would have
to have been obliterated every day to create the icy dust belt seen today,
researchers say. In an announcement of the discovery, European Space Agency
officials dubbed the demolition derby, there could be between 260 billion
and 83 trillion comets in the dust belt around the star, the researchers
found. If you combined the amount of material in Fomalhaut's dust belt, the
mass would be the equivalent of 110 Earths-Mt. Etna erupts for sixth time
this year-Meteor spotted in four states msnbc/Ancient antibiotic-resistant
bacteria found in isolated cave, samples were collected from a part of
Lechuguilla Cave in Carlsbad Cavern National Park in New Mexico that has
been cut off from any input from the surface for four million to seven
million years. To Settle $3 Billion Reimbursement Tab With
Hospitals RTT News-Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has
settled its years long dispute with over the rate of pay cuts and offsets
for hospitals in rural areas/Elon Musk -- co-founder of PayPal, Tesla
Motors and SpaceX tds/
se-South-Africa-U-S.html /Ayn Rand when we need her! Not really a question
since she is dead. The older generation that elected Reagan has forgotten
her. Gen X,Y,& Z don't know her. She was sublimely logical and often in
touch with reality. Greenspan didn't mess w/her that's for sure... . Gold
is money. As money it is absolute. You can file the edges off or paint a
brick yellow but people know. We all know what can be done with fiat
currency. Someone figured all this out a long time ago. Generationally we
keep forgetting and paying the price. In part that's because religion makes
us feel guilty when we reject helping others. Attila and the Hun (she wrote
a book with this title) 2 manipulators screwing the working class again /
republican governors and legislators for disparate impact on women, We know
that Republican state Senator Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin stated that "You
could argue that money is more important for men" and we believe that this
idea has been the driving force behind the republican
Reagan Was A Freeloading Hippie Socialist Traitor? So get this. THE Ronald
Reagan was a fan of PROGRESSIVE taxation. And there's video to prove it.
And it's basically the same as what Obama argues every day-When A Poor
Person Does This It's Called Abusing The System. When An Oil Company Does
This It's Called Thursday, interesting how if you pay a Senator enough
money, they will do anything you want- /
US cancels food aid to North Korea after missile launch, warns of more
sanctions /How come there aren't more
whistleblowers? It's a vexing question for anyone who'd like to see
corporate crime reduced Whistleblower Finds Death-Threat Note On Office
Chair /Most of Iran's tanker fleet is now operating in
"off-radar" mode. Tehran has ordered the captains of its 39-strong oil
fleet to turn off the tracking devices aboard the tankers in order to
disguise the destination of its oil shipments
falling-from-sky/ Obama paid higher rate than Mitt Romney, 2011 tax returns
reveal Republican agenda of fear: McCarthyism 2k12,
often accuse President Obama and Democrats of being too "liberal", going as
far as calling them "socialists" and even "communists". This week, Florida
congressman, Republican Allen West, was asked how many members of congress
were members of the Communist Party and West replied that nearly 80 members
were "card carrying members, West is the perfect example of the new
Republican, the Tea Party Republican, the type of conservative that puts
rhetoric and fear ahead of facts. With the insurgence of new Republicans
into federal and state governments in 2010, the agenda of fear and false
rhetoric is at a high that we haven't seen in the United States in over 50
r-mccarthyism-2k12#ixzz1rxMjAgdg / reports a study from the New
Jersey Office of Legislative Services that Christie's recent proposed tax
cuts would benefit the state's wealthiest citizens the most and would be
paid for by cutting spending drastically, including education. "A family
earning $50,000 a year would save $80.50, and those making $100,000 would
save $275. Families who make $1 million would save $7,265"-Christie is as
corrupt as they come. All his crap will catch up with him, it always does
with people like this. How many other tea party guvs have we seen elected
in, then once their true colors show, voters have buyer's remorse. His Koch
connections, his ALEC connections, his lies to his own constituents, his
corruption, his incredibly FAT mouth and bully attitude. I'll just bide my
time and wait for the fail.
ting-on-a-couch-waiting-for-a-government-check /Saudi-backed Bahraini
security forces have attacked anti-regime protesters with tear gas and
sound grenades outside Bahrain's capital Manama. hundreds of regime thugs
wielding knives and sticks attacked a number of villages overnight, beating
residents and damaging their properties. reports suggest that the attackers
were responding to messages posted online to avenge a bomb attack that
injured seven policemen in the area two days earlier. orchestrated by the
regime itself to justify its brutality against protest areas/Vacaciones del
terror…  regreso de vacacionistas, vale la pena enumerar vacaciones
trágicas. F#@king News Team Ever reports from the
Gingrich, Romney and Obama camps; Al Madrigal investigates "personhood" in
Oklahoma; and Ricky Gervais talks Karl Pilkington. tds/Mitt Romney Lies His
Ass Off To get elected tour took the stage at the NRA's annual meeting and
uttered a barrage of falsehoods about President Obama and guns, so extreme
that most of them had no relationship to any facts. /Palin weighs in on the latest twists in the “war on
women” debacle.reads texts and emails she had received from her sister and
“apolitical girlfriends” “We don’t look to the president to speak for us,”
Palin said, adding that she and her fellow “mama grizzlies” are turned off
by the “divisiveness represented by Barack Obama and the people he
surrounds himself with-They will stand behind her till she quits again?
tpm/ Oklahoma State Senator Justifies Need For ‘Open Carry’ Gun Law Due To
Threat From Wild Turkeys, lawmakers are poised to enact an “open carry” law
which would allow residents with a permit to display their guns in grocery
stores, libraries, and anywhere else in public /"To
communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal
to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them
they would kill us openly." -Libbre David 37 "The Talmud"./Rachel Aliene
Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) was an American member of the
International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She was ran over and killed in the
Gaza Strip by an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Caterpillar bulldozer when she
was trying to prevent the demolition of the home of a Palestinian family-
October 25, 2010 Caterpillar to delay supply of D9 bulldozers to IDF
Report: Caterpillar to delay supply of D9 bulldozers to IDF -
Israeli military Colonel states, “There are no civilians in war zones.”
Haifa, Israel – Several State witnesses testified in Haifa District Court
on Monday, September 6, 2010/a day after Republicans attacked CNN
contributor Hilary Rosen for her comments about Ann Romney, an Iowa
Republican proposed an amendment to a bill that would allow those who pay
child support to force the recipients of that support to take a drug test
as frequently as every six months/sees thousands of small businesses of all
kinds — independent shoe stores, book stores, small manufacturers,
restaurants, etc. At the same time, there is also socialized medicine,
which is partially by consumption taxes, just like their education system.
The sick are cared for, not pilfered by a medical system that exists first
and foremost to maximize annual profits." Healthy Middle Class Keys Asian
Economic Success We can learn from one of the greatest keys to the new
economic success of nations like Japan and Taiwan, which is that they not
only have a middle class, but they value it / 100 stupid vids
in 3 min/imus, icecant (can) cop on duty masterbation in santafe via
41212/Rush On Obama Backers: "Angry, Hostile, No Manners, Reprobates, Rude,
Crude, Thoughtless, Selfish, Mean/citizens and the residents of Dubai, men
& women, adults & children, people from different walks of life Dubai
International Peace Convention 2012/Corrections Corporation of America
(CCA), owner of the largest private prison system in the United States,
sent a letter this winter to 48 states offering up to $250 million to
manage government-owned detention centers. The letter lists the criteria of
eligible purchases and includes an assurance that state corrections
agencies “have sufficient inmate population to maintain a minimum 90
percent occupancy over the term of the contract.” The guarantee isn’t
difficult to rationalize from CCA’s point of view: they are paid by the
government for each prisoner they house, so they want to house as many
prisoners as possible to maximize their revenue. But what if there aren’t
enough prisoners to fill CCA’s quota? Private prisons have faced this
dilemma before, and they’ve responded by buying prisoners through
legislation, government infiltration and old-fashioned bribery./calls tax
on tanning beds ‘racist’ Florida Congressman Allen West (R-Ft. Lauderdale)
can’t seem to open his mouth lately without saying something provocative,
controversial and, some would say, ill-considered /Hannity and
Romney's off-camera conversation exposed by Gawker mole; Romney seems
remarkably at ease, some of the conversation - about, for instance, the
horses he owns with his wife - may not help him combat his wealthy,
out-of-touch imageboth men say how they hope conversation never goes public
Though Mitt- if one out of every eighty
eight people in this country had an incurable disease. Do you think someone
in Congress might take notice? Why No Action From Congress On Autism? /Tell Facebook: Withdraw Your Support For
CISPA, Facebook has signed onto a bill that obliterates privacy and hands
the Internet over to the military /Though I walk
through the aisles of walmart, I will fear no people. Even though people
are dressed weird, and that woman has a beard/letterman 65/

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41212/Karl Rove Attack Ad, The latest anti-Obama ad, for rising gas prices

41212/Ohio man has been charged with animal abandonment after a litter of
six English bulldog puppies was found in a suitcase with a tag bearing his
name, according to Humane Society authorities/Reuters) - A five-year-old
boy brought packets of heroin to a show and tell at his Connecticut
kindergarten, leading to the arrest of his stepfatheR/If the BOJ is ever
forced to pay a realistic rate of interest on their debt, that big red
balloon will swell and explode and the shrapnel from that explosion will
pop all those other debt bubbles one by one and there will be blood in the
streets - and not just Wall Street as we're looking at a potential Global
catastrophe of biblical proportions, the IMF said the outlook for global
commodities is looking "pretty grim." It warns that the price of oil and
other commodities are expected to decline this year and next on the back of
weak global economic underpinnings, and that "sizable" threats to world
growth could force a further fall. Spain is, in fact, turning so toxic that
Japanese investors are turning their nose up at Spain's debt. Overall,
Japanese investors sold a net €43.8B in euro-denominated debt in the year
ended Feb 29th and show little intention of buying it back, as of now. "Our
positions are quite limited," said a fund manager, "There's a 30% chance
Spain becomes like Greece/Loan write down - question-Your statements are
too sophisticated for the simple-minded Ideologues and dilatant peddlers of
partisan spins and misinformation-Banks were at fault, but the fact is many
of the homeowners are just as guilty. Many of the ones that had homes took
out seconds and thirds for vacations and toys. And the ones that bought
homes bought much more than they could afford, and many of them purposely
lied on the application to qualify. I feel bad for people who have lost
jobs and couldn't afford their mortgages, but we are talking about a crap
load of people who bought more than they could afford because "real estate
always go up and up forever"-If guidelines could be established to
determine who exactly qualifies, then maybe principal reduction would have
a better chance. This would set a precedence for fairness for all the
reasons you mentioned. But how possible would it be to segregate
people who really deserve it from people who got into trouble because of
their reckless and selfish financial behavior?-"The banks accepted his
"lied" figures without any due diligence whatsoever", They both, bank and
borrower, winked winked at each other and both are to blame. Do you
actually blame the guy who accepted the lie more than the guy that lied??
Are you that much of a liberal where it is NEVER your fault even when you
lied? -confident your irrational explanation would contradict all logic, as
well as present opposing rationale for the bank penalties that they
themselves agreed upon for consumer deception-Even the churches sold out
the constitution. They were supporting health care reform until they found
out about the contraception deal, If you can not trust the Church, will
good luck with finding honest people, educated and sophistication over
rides common sense. You can learn more camped out in a library then in the
ilderness, it is a different world we live today. Honest men are few and
far between. Cheating in school to get that edge, 80 plus cheated. Cheating
on taxes. Cheating on the job. Nope, they screwed their selfs, I will not
pay for anymore bailouts/Be prepared for WWIII if Obama does something
silly with F&F. Those slanted eyes foreigners are in knee deep. /Sony to
axe 10,000 as part of turnaround plan/10 square miles oil slick was
reportedly spotted near its platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The company is
sending a spill-response vessel/BofA sues itself over foreclosures, with
the bank serving as both the loan servicer and the second-lien holder of
defaulted mortgage debt on several condominiums/Knowingly spreading false
information about a product that intentionally impacts the price of a stock
is market manipulation and a criminal act. Feuerstein belongs in jail, but
it won't happen because such manipulation is too widespread and generally
overlooked by industry regulators-the rats were given an overdose of
lorcaserin sooooooooooooooo........ you decide death from heart valve
malfunction thanks to qnexa or possible weight loss hmm-Researchers found
that the more isolated rat nervous and release of stress hormones more in
line with increasing age. Stress causes mammary glands (breasts) are
located on the female breasts to grow abnormally-FDA may never approve any
of these however, because the agency is in fact starting to recognize (and
feel the pressure) that obesity is a cronic condition that warrant novel
treatments, perhaps this is the year. Lorcaserin is by far the safest drug
up for review and let's hope the 5/10 AdCom members send a loud and clear
message to the FDA that it should be approved-
91 / "By enabling people to find fulfillment in all parts of their
lives ... the Occupy movement is more than a movement. It is life-changing.
People experience themselves as complete social beings, not just as angry,
alienated protesters. The emergence of every mass movement makes sense in
hindsight, but no one could have predicted hundreds of occupations and
thousands of groups would pop up across the United States just weeks after
a ragged encampment secured a tenuous foothold on Wall Street last
September."-After months of dodging questions about the progress of an
executive order prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual
orientation and gender identity in federal contracting, the White House
won't issue the directive, but will instead study whether gay, lesbian,
bisexual and transgender employees require employment protections-
connecticut House of Representatives voted [today] to repeal the state's
death penalty, following a similar vote in the State Senate last week. Gov.
Dannel P. Malloy, a Democrat, has said he will sign the bill, which would
make Connecticut the 17th state - the 5th in five years - to abolish
capital punishment for future cases-Second-Degree Murder Charge May Be Hard
to Prove even if the evidence against Zimmerman isn't strong, prosecutors
can hope he strikes a plea bargain for a lesser charge such as manslaughter
or risk losing at trial, where he could be slammed with a long sentence-
Washington's Iran Policy Could Lead to Global Disaster, a policy fierce
enough to cause great suffering among Iranians - and possibly in the long
run among Americans, too. It might, in the end, even deeply harm the global
economy and yet, history tells us, it will fail on its own. Economic war
led by Washington will not take down the Iranian government or bring it to
the bargaining table on its knees ready to surrender its nuclear program.
It might, however, lead to actual armed conflict with incalculable
consequences-Naval Commander Stands Trial for Telling Supercommittee to End
the Wars and Tax the Rich, Waging Nonviolence: "Consider the story of Leah
Bolger, the latest American hero up on trial: She joins the Navy at 22, is
made commander and serves two decades as an anti-submarine warfare
specialist. After retiring she joins Veterans for Peace and becomes the
organization's first female president. Then, in October of 2011, she
commits the crime of interrupting a public congressional hearing of the
Super Committee to deliver a message from the 99 percent: End the wars and
tax the rich to fix the deficit-A new study suggests that the food we eat
might be responsible for increase in autism, George Zimmerman pled "not
guilty" to charges of second-degree murder today, it could be the end of
the road for Libertarian Ron Paul-argues that the White House misunderstood
the grassroots and the grassroots misunderstood what the White House could
and couldn't do. The activists who took to the streets back then saw
through the 'Hope and Change' PR campaign. Despite the fact that they
rarely get the attention they deserve, they're still in the streets raising
their fists for what they believe in. Let's give them the credit they
deserve-How the Koch Brothers Endanger Democracy and Our Health, Greenwald
launched the distribution of 'Koch Brothers Exposed,' a DVD that features
the best of Brave New Films' videos, revealing the dark side of the Koch
family empire-The 99% Spring initiative has generated considerable hubbub
amongst occupiers, a group famously apprehensive about liberal
organizations, especially ones that have exhibited close ties with the
Democratic Party. Chief among suspicious organizations is MoveOn ... This
anxiety raises a number of obvious questions. In what sense is this a
co-optation? Which component is Occupy Wall Street entitled to but the 99%
Spring coalition not? That percentage? The season? The idea of direct
action training?"-Roughly half of the wealthiest Americans inherited all or
much of their wealth, and the United States ranks near the bottom of rich
countries in terms of intergenerational mobility. What's more, the vast
majority of inherited wealth goes entirely untaxed. Under current law,
heirs can inherit an estate of up to $5 million without paying a cent in
federal taxes. In fact, it's likely that a sizable portion of that income
was never taxed in the first place-Self-Dealing and the War Service
Industry, explore the cronyism and self-dealing with the other major
military service contract in Iraq, the Restore Iraq Oil (RIO) contract, and
the brave woman whistleblower who also refused to go along and allow KBR to
break contract rules to enrich themselves, but was thwarted in her efforts
to do the right thing on behalf of the troops and the country. In examining
this contract, we see the same favoritism toward KBR (Halliburton) that
occurred with LOGCAP contract-it may sound surprising that a former
Democratic Party chairman would encourage corporations to donate to
Republicans, [Howard] Dean's advice makes sense considering his job as a
paid consultant to the lobbying firm McKenna, Long & Aldridge. What's more
troubling, however, is how Dean uses his powerful platform as a pundit and
political leader without disclosing his work as an influence peddler-
Truthout:/Big Pharma Peddling Narcotics? Take Oxycontin, for Instance
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: "It is difficult to believe that Big
Pharma is not aware of this growing abuse of legal drugs. It is difficult
to fathom that their actuarial predictions of profit don't take into
account the addictive and widespread abuse of narcotics. Perhaps, they are
indeed innocent bystanders to this spreading problem, but then the
companies that make such effective medications would have to be deaf, blind
and dumb, because there is no way to ignore the rampant legal narcotics
that are decimating sections of America /Freedom Is on the March,
Backward-Koch Brothers Go to War in Kansas BuzzFlash/Murdochalypse Comes to
America: Is Fox News Next to Fall? Daily Kos-The Supreme Court Has
Forgotten History hp-Republican Women in Denial The Nation-Enthusiasm for
Romney in GOP Base Running Low Boston Globe/Axl Rose has declined his Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame induction as the leader of Guns N' Roses. "I strongly
request that I not be inducted in absentia," "He hates my guts," Slash
said recently-certainly isn't alone in missing his own Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame induction. Paul McCartney was feuding with the other surviving
Beatles in 1988, Jerry Garcia didn't agree with the concept and the Sex
Pistols famously declared, "We're not your monkey rs/imus; gWTFb doesn't like being being beaten (mountainbiking) by a one legged veteran
41112/Double standards or no other choice?-WOW, that logic is all
backwards,.. The ONLY reason that the West Bank and Gaza have it so bad IS
BECAUSE OF THE ZIONISTS. And until the Zionists are stopped, it will ONLY
get worse for the Palestinians, not better.-Going to war to prevent war IS
the most stupid thing I ever heard of/the US has gone to wars on the
pretense of a false flag operation, in order to steal oil & other
resources, & more importantly to pave the way for israel's future expansion
into Greater Israel which will be from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates
in Iraq-Austin Martin people were complaining about russian policy on forums. this dude finally responded to the US based complaint
factory: "Hey. How is that 100-years war for peace going for ya?" as a
side-note, I haven't read this book but I OFTEN refer to its timeline (or
outline of chapters) for my own arguments are discussions:
10 Unbelievably Things America Does to Homeless People
Ronnie Montrose died in March, the cause was announced as prostate cancer,
but the San Mateo County Coroner has revealed that the guitarist actually
died by self-inflicted gunshot/Norman Finkelstein SLAMS Zionist trick of
exploiting the holocaust as an excuse to commit crimes against Palestinians
Osama bin Laden WAS NOT buried at sea, but flown to US for cremation,
leaked set of emails from intelligence analysis firm Stratfor and given to
WikiLeaks reveal that the organisation doubts the official White House
version of what happened to bin Laden's body's
prosecution comes the day after his lawyers announced they were stepping
away from the case, saying they were unable to contact Zimmerman and that
he had fled the state-Deficits, Debts and Demagogues, Government budget deficits and the national debt are occasions more for demagogues to preach than for serious analysis. The usual suspects, conservatives and liberals, are gearing up for election. Each side uses the large federal budget deficits and
fast-accumulating national debt to beat its tired ideological drums.... The
two sides have been promoting these positions for decades, long before the
current deficits and debts arrived. However, there are important political
lessons to learn by connecting deficits and debts to the demagogues using
them these days-Oil Speculator Bankrolls Latest Karl Rove Attack Ad
Lee Fang, Republic Report: "The latest anti-Obama ad, which blames Obama
for rising gas prices, is being financed in part by a hedge fund manager
who has pumped up the price of oil through excessive speculation. Karl
Rove's attack ad network just launched the first nationwide ad against
Obama/Zimmerman's prosecution comes the day after his lawyers announced they
were stepping away from the case, saying they were unable to contact
Zimmerman and that he had fled the state.-Government budget deficits and
the national debt are occasions more for demagogues to preach than for
serious analysis. The usual suspects, conservatives and liberals, are
gearing up for the election. Each side uses the large federal budget
deficits and fast-accumulating national debt to beat its tired ideological
drums.... The two sides have been promoting these positions for decades,
long before the current deficits and debts arrived. However, there are
important political lessons to learn by connecting deficits and debts to
the demagogues using them these days-Oil Speculator Bankrolls Latest Karl
Rove Attack Ad, The latest anti-Obama ad, which blames Obama for rising gas
prices, is being financed in part by a hedge fund manager who has pumped up
the price of oil through excessive speculation-The exodus of corporate
donors from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) continues,
banks are once again preying on the poor with subprime lending, the ghost
of Joe McCarthy is alive and well in Congress-  Truthout/ GOP Congressmen
Being Inundated With Handmade Vaginas Happy Place/George W. Bush Decries
Raising Taxes on "the So-Called Rich" The Hill/Newt Gingrich's Utah Ballot
Filing Fee Check Bounces Talking Points Memo/The Republican War on the Girl
Scouts Politicus USA/Teacher Fired for Organizing a Fundraiser for Trayvon
Martin ThinkProgress/

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

41112/Obama Push for Tax Attack

REVOLUTION OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE KnowTheTruthTV Freedoms been overthrown by
DIABOLIC Skull and Bones Gavin Rider Corruption feature=player_embedded /Ron Paul
supporters swept all the Delegate and Alternate seats at the Oklahoma 5th
District Republican Convention/Employees of the US military contracting
group Academi (formerly Xe, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide) are
seen in new leaked videoLeaked Video Shows US Contractors Randomly Killing
Civilians /
Consciousness TV | USDA Admits Exterminating Birds, Crops, and Bees, The
USDA has been under fire recently for its admitted assault against nature,
after multiple investigations have uncovered its deliberate tampering with
both plants and animals alike. One such investigation has put an end to the
mystery surrounding the death of millions of bird /‎$3million
in undeclared, untaxed cash stash in his wife's name in Switzerland. HIGHLY
unlawful...Another thief?  Is this who we want for a President? $3 trillion
disappeared under Bush's watch, we cannot continue to be robbed by these
assholes./ike turkeys for Thanksgiving.-don't think Marco Rubio or many of
my Latino friends are like cockroaches. Why the hate? Its just a different
view, many people of all ethnicity are turning to conservatism, and you'll
find that represented more in the Republican party.-latinos for
republicans is like roaches  for raid jleguizamo-Roseanne Barr said
"Working people voting for Republicans is lke chickens voting for Colonel
Sanders"/Liz its wasn't wall st it was you wonderful Biil Clinton and your
left wing buddys that forced the sale of bad loans. Then said you have to
give everyone a loan. You learn what your talking about. Can anyone say
Freddy Mac and Fanny May.... HELLO that's what's with you fucking people
you have no fucking clue what you mad about. You say its wall st but its
really the Feds forcing shit like that/Another "win" for Britain's Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, who operates the ODA CONTAMINATED FUKUSHIMA FISH
RECYCLED AS FOOD AID: Canned Fish from Tohoku sent to Developing Countries /when a real or contrived
constitutional crisis develops, the screams and indignation arise and point
to a convenient culprit. The current Obamacare case before this court has
all the trappings of a full-blown confrontation. The reason is simple. The
underlying question before the Supremes is not purely a legal matter. At
stake is whether this country is actually a government under laws.
Alternatively, is it an authoritarian dictatorship nuisance by irritating
lawful restraints?/sextortion' of minors; hundreds of victims might have
been targeted  charged with blackmailing children into performing sexually
explicit acts over webcams, Richard Leon Finkbiner, age 39, of Brazil,
Ind., about 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis, was charged in a federal
complaint last week with sexual exploitation of children. The allegations
involve two 14-year-old boys, the FBI said in court documents that it found
thousands of sexually explicit images and videos on Finkbiner's computer
that suggest "several hundred" other victims. "sextortion" scheme worked
this way: Using the pseudonym "Josh Swaim," Finkbiner would befriend young
boys on social media and capture sexually explicit video of them they had
uploaded on what they thought was an anonymous video chat site, He would
then tell them that if they didn't record more sexually explicit videos, he
would release the clips online or send them to their friendsBy M. Alex
Johnson, 4/9/12-it detected the previous month a highly
sophisticated cyber attack originating from China that resulted in the
theft of its intellectual property . . . Google said a wide range of
companies were also targeted, including those in the finance, technology,
media, and chemical industries. "This is a big espionage program aimed at
getting high-tech information and politically sensitive information." wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed holiday and hoping
that the good guys will win, and soon!/Bernanke gave a whole speech last
night titled "Fostering Financial Stability" at the Federal Reserve's Stone
Mountain, Georgia, conference and didn't say one thing about more
quantitative easing - not even a hint. Without an endless supply of MORE
FREE MONEY from the Fed - what is going to hold our markets up at these
inflated levels?/at this point, it seems the only logical thing to do is,
erase all outstanding loans, paying off the banks, if this system ever
worked, it should after the payoff, the lions will take their share
anyway....then let the chips fall where they may, though i h8 the term rule
of law (the affluent buy justice) or real rules, real justice..cutting out
corporate welfare, special interest lobby groups and  the insurance maggots
would be a step in the right direction..imho of course- "a big gamble, it's
a shame the Republicrats don't have a real candidate (or plan other than
war) but our nation lacks ethical gutsy leadership at all levels so I
shouldn't be surprised-look for at least a 5T quiet bailout....just enough
to make things look rosie for financials..   until next month
the People, Are WINNING -WHAT NOT TO DO  1.  You are going to find out that
the cabal have done terrible things to you, your family, and humanity.
Don't believe that every one of them is as guilty as the leaders. Some were
forced to act and were threatened with torture. 2. Don't panic. 3.  Don't
turn on each other. 4. Don't riot. 5.  Don't run into a bank and start
shooting people. 6. Please just try to be calm and work together to meet
the needs of your community. Everything will be ok. The world is about to
go into a Golden Age. First we must Cleanse./"I've never seen a President —
I don't care who he is — stand up to them. It just boggles the mind. They
always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time.
I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down. If the American
people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they
would RISE UP IN ARMS. Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes
on."~ Thomas H. Moore (1912 - 2004)Admiral, US Navy & Chairman, Joint
Chiefs of Staff during interview on 24 August 1983/Mahmoud Abugamia as
usual , that is the most important character of Zionism-Jeff Webb Jr.
anybodty take note most americans that are christian don't wacth religious
TV everyone knows is a huuuge scam since the 70"s FYI/leveraging started by
banks, bank holding companies, hedge funds, etc., is now being pushed down
to the level of the average household. If you were responsible and saved
and paid down your mortgage, those assets will quickly be eaten up by
losses in the markets, higher taxes, less coverage with higher premiums,
and higher fees and costs for everything. Your options are few; once
savings are depleted, the reverse mortgage becomes the only option for
some.  These reverse mortgages are being sold hard - not only Henry Winkler
but Robert Wagner and other actors appealing to the Baby Boomers sense of
nostalgia and trust. Instead of Mom and Dad having a house that they worked
to pay off and savings and retirement, after one year of battling cancer or
another disease they will be broke; Medicare covering less and less, and
the reverse mortgage of the old home the only way to get cash for
treatments./Boycott Israel, Part 2, L'OREAL, Maybelline, because their
support of Zionism...BDS - Boycott, Divestment And Sanctions/Wikileaks
exposes some interesting stuff going on CIA controlling Al-Jazeera News-
Al-Jazeera, Al-Qaeeda , Al-Cia... Sisters in Fraud owned and orchestrated
by Zionists of USA ! Wolves in Sheeps clothings!-Israeli War Crimes against
humanity, not being investigated-WOW... What a concept-ICC believes israel
never committed 'war crimes & crimes against humanity" and maybe the ICC
thinks the Palestinians People are NOT human beings.-US protects Israeli
War Crimes as well as WarCriminals.-ZIONISTS admit distorting internet
information to promote Zionism. Zionists Manipulating Internet And
Wikipedia /zion destroying world peace /Gaza Massacre ? Palestinian victims,
according to Gaza medics: -- 1,205 killed, including: -- 410 children
(under 16)-- 108 women -- 113 elderly men -- 14 medics -- 4 journalists
-- 5,300 wounded Israeli victims, according to medics:-- 13 killed in
combat and rocket attacks, including:-- 10 soldiers (nine in combat, one in
rocket attack)-- three civilians in rocket attacks -- dozens wounded --
2,500 targets hit by Israeli air force and navy inside Gaza, including:
-- four UN-run schools -- a compound of the UN agency for Palestinian
refugees -- two media buildings -- 16 medical centres -- 16 ambulances
-- 778 rockets and mortars fired by Gaza militants into Israel, with most
of the projectiles that landed inside the Jewish state hitting houses, but
also hitting several schools and a kindergarten Damage in Gaza: (figures
from Palestinian statistics bureau)-- 475.9 million dollars of damage to
infrastructure-- 500 million dollars in estimated clean-up costs-- 4,000
residential buildings destroyed-- 16,000 residential buildings damaged
-- 1,500 commercial facilities damaged, including factories, shops, metal
workshops-- 51 government buildings destroyed, including ministries and
police-- 18 schools and other education buildings-- 20 mosques destroyed
-- 50 kilometres of roads destroyed/It's not about Palestine people with
mostly muslims . It's humanity tragedy, Zionist is the biggest EVIL in the
THE MID EAST WILL END.PEACE/wonder why these GI's aren't coming home and do
the same with the bansters and other loothers of American and World
people...? Would they be afraid of doing so with someone who can throw
rocks at them...? It must have been a very difficult mission here facing
all the ugly well armed terrorists... The taxi driver, well why not
becoming another terrorist... because you are call like this when your only
mean of defense are rocks and plastic knives-look, democracy in action!-
wake up people...This is happening in our name!-The main problem here is
that probably the only people reading and seeing these videos are already
well aware of what is going on... We must find ways to let the ones who
don't know or refuse to know, to see what is going on in their names.
People from everywhere in the world, in every countries. A lot of people
just don't want to know and refuse to believe what is really going on...!
How many ordinary swear only by the mass media-What makes me sick is that
most people from my own family don'y give a damn about that. They frefer
not looking at, saying that they want more positive images... but not
realizing that in the mean time the government takes their taxes money or
the one from their children when borrowing money to makes these atrocities.
I mean those like in this video and how many others like this and a lot
worst as what is going on elsewhere like Palestine-How disrespectful to the
Iraqis. Wonder why U.S. Troops are getting blown up everywhere. SMH/Since
9/11 there have been 33 major office complexes built in/and around
Washington DC by companies like Blackwater. American exeptionalism:
exceptionally arrogant, exceptionally bancrupt, exceptionally deluded.
41012/"Suicidal State" and the War on Youth, one of the few countries in
the world that puts children in supermax prisons, tries them as adults,
incarcerates them for exceptionally long periods of time, defines them as
super predators, pepper sprays them for engaging in peaceful protests and
in an echo of the discourse of the war on terror describes them as 'teenage
time bombs-bowing to the inevitability of Mitt Romney's nomination and
ending his improbable, come-from-behind quest to become the party's
conservative standard-bearer in the fall. 'We made a decision over the
weekend, that while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we
will suspend our campaign today, we are not done fighting Santorum-Though
it's been a temperate winter, things are heating up in Chicago. With only
weeks to go until May Day and fewer than two months until the NATO summits,
Occupy Chicago has come back out into the streets-Twenty-Six Major
Corporations Paid No Corporate Income Tax for the Last Four Years, Despite
Making Billions in Profits Last year.Today, CTJ updated that report to
reflect the 2011 tax bill of those 30 companies, and 26 of them have still
managed to pay absolutely nothing over that four year period-White House
Report Backs Obama Push for Tax on Millionaires Going on the offensive as
the presidential campaign heats up, the White House released a report late
Monday that champions legislation to force the wealthiest Americans to pay
a greater percentage of their income in taxes-UN Calls for Immediate Halt
of Phulbari Coal Project in Bangladesh Despite glossy PR materials touting
its ability to deliver on sustainable development and energy access goals,
the coal industry routinely threatens human rights around the world,
particularly in South Asia. Land grabs, forced evictions, violence, and
environmental destruction are all disturbingly prevalent in coal industry
projects-A Comic About Women in the Labor Force,The last installment
of Ladydrawers looked at gendered discrepancies in media hiring practices
... and how the gender of the labor pool might affect media content-How
Occupy Wall Street Plans to Take Down Bank of America, and How You Can Help
Unless we do something soon, we might be heading for yet another people's
bailout of America's bank. Occupy Wall Street has decided to fight back.
'This bank is not working AlterNet-Afghan Syndrome Still, credit must be
given. Increasingly poorly remembered, Vietnam is now one for the ages.
After so many years, Afghanistan has finally emerged as a quagmire beholden
to no other war. What an achievement! Our moment, Afghanistan included, has
proven so extreme, so disastrous, that it's finally put the unquiet ghost
of Vietnam in its grave. And here's the miracle: it has all happened
without anyone in Washington grasping the essence of that now-ancient
defeat, or understanding a thing-Republicans are lying to keep more
Americans out of a job, Americans want to know if Mitt Romney is stashing
money in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes, Bill Gates is the
latest donor to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to jump
ship, kelp off the coast of California was found to contain levels of
radioactive iodine-Self-Reporting Creates $385 Billion "Tax Gap" between
those whose income is reported by their employers to the Internal Revenue
Service, and those who self-report. The divide is costing the Treasury
about $200 billion a year-Training Terrorists in Nevada, US Aid to Iranian
Group Tied to Scientist Killings, Bush administration secretly trained an
Iranian opposition group on the State Department's list of foreign
terrorists-Truthout/bipartisan political posturing by the US government in
declaring a military assault on illegal drugs, when our leaders know that
thousands and thousands of people are dying for a war with no exit and no
end in sight to the supply or demand side, is a violation of human rights
and a murder warrant on civilian collateral damage among our southern
neighbors-The Free-Market Sainthood of the Koch Brothers BuzzFlash/Health
Freedom Alliance » Dead, Missing, Jailed – BP Whistle Blowers, strange
stories regarding the tragic fates of those connected with the BP oil
disaster. When compiled, the stories are all together shocking and
disturbing. Is it possible that the nine deaths and others affected who
HISTORY. A coin with two sides. The "Nazi-Zionist" medallion Republican Gov. John Kasich’s  Speaking
to a group of Republican political donors last week,‘I Believe There Is A
Problem’ With Our Climate, called for action to a
growing basket of "presidential dialogues" that were sealed during Obama's
visit to Brazil March 2011, the two leaders announced the creation of a
"Defense Co-operation Dialogue Brazil, U.S. Deepen Ties Ahead of Obama’s
Latin America Week

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

41012/Super PAC,' Eyeing General Election, Aims Blitz at Obama

41012/Texas: Retards, Republicans & Roaches The state is FULL of them. When
they say everything is BIGGER in Texas – they MEAN it/Seamus is still
hounding Mitt Romney, yet again stir up the story of the Romney family dog
being forced to ride on the roof /Super PAC,' Eyeing General Election, Aims
Blitz at Obama New York Times/Opinion:Why Romney is stronger than he seems
CNN/In Depth:Gingrich addresses campaign future: 'We will get to Tampa'Fox
News/Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for five games by the Miami Marlins
for his comments about Fidel Castro. Guillen told Time magazine in a story
that ran last week that he loved the Cuban dictator and respected him/
-- The suspects in the shootings of five African-Americans in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, confessed shortly after their arrest,(CNN)  Jake England and
Alvin Watts confess, police CBS/Friends of shooting spree suspect say race
was never an issue dental X-rays, particularly in
childhood, may increase the risk of developing a brain tumor. Researchers
analyzed 1433 patients who were diagnosed with meningiomas—the most
commonly diagnosed brain tumor in adults in the US, U.S. News & World
Report/International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX and Orbital both have
multi-billion dollar Nasa contracts to supply cargo to the station bbc
Space station snaps photo of robotic cargo craftCNET/ Cargo vehicle docks
with space station over Earth's city lightsChristian Science Monitor/Teen
births fell again in the US in 2010 with the highest rate once more in
Mississippi wsj/hog shares are raised to Buy from Neutral with a $55 price
target, up from $50, at Citigroup, which cites expectations of rising
motorcycle sales in an improving economy/
imus; edwin edwards, evry thing will be ok as long as ya don't get caught
in bed with a dead girl, or live boy. fla disneyworld nazis, sanford
reshooting today, tulsa shooter fathers death anniversary, cheeze burger
in texas mexican restraunt/let's all worry about our country and our
planet, which has been taken over by bankers and commodity pushers, who
have organized against us to take every penny out they can get their hands
on. If all you do is read this and feel mildly upset - then you are just a
mark - the kind who comes back to the con again and again until you have
nothing left to lose. It's high time we stood up as a country and said - NO
MORE! send this around - let's get a conversation going and make this an
election-year issue.  It has to stop/Soon ‘one world’ will be born and love
will rule the planet. Are you ready for free energy and no more light
poles, or wall sockets or mercury filled light bulbs? How about cars that
need no gasoline, houses no longer needing furnaces and wood stoves? This
is the world we have been and are now creating and it is being born to us
all. The insanity will come to an end. No more war and death and
destruction, no more lies and deception, no more controlling or
manipulating. It is almost more than one can dare to imagine. Life is about
to do a 180 and we best hold on tight so we don’t blow off into the cosmos.
There is bound to be some chaos in the adjustment period. To switch such a
massive structure from one way of being to another, there are bound to be a
few glitches. Feds Attempt
to Install Embedded Monitor In Sheriff Arpaio’s Office As His Cold Case
Posse Continues Their Obama Investigation, Arpaio, refusing to bow to a
clear cut federal power grab, refused to allow a government run embedded
monitor in his office, it is somehow odd that an elected sheriff would not
let the federal government hijack his department. The Justice Department
has cut off negotiations with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and officials with the
Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff’s Office in its effort to install an
independent monitor to rein in the unconstitutional tactics used by
officers there. constitutionally and legitimately elected Sheriff and I
absolutely refuse to surrender my responsibility to the federal
government,” he said in a letter the Justice Department today. “And so to
the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into
submission only for its political gain, I say, ‘This will not happen, not
on my watch! Maricopa County Arizona has accused the DOJ of spreading
misinformation, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has called out the
Federal Government with his clear and public call for information on the
case to be released, if it exists-what would happen if we could do a
collective soul retrieval for Obama and all the governmental, banking and
Monsanto psychos. Like a repossession. Selling souls ain’t what it used to
be. The repossession of those souls could be the start of worldwide debt
forgiveness. Jubilee for everyone! Ah, well, one can dream
-legality/ The Sun is conjunct Eris at the degree where Eris was first
sighted. In Greek mythology, Eris was the goddess who threw the Apple of
Discord at Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, eventually leading to the Trojan
War. Eris challenged them to see the superficiality of their value of
personal beauty by asking who was the fairest of all. Discordant energies
conflict and can erupt into war and power games (led mostly by women). PRESSTITUTES/
Stunning Peruvian spuds. Peru just signed another 10 year ban on Monsanto.
One of the few South American countries to stand strong.
etically-engineered-foods/Hundreds of barefoot Filipino Catholics observe
Lent with gory rituals, marched on roads, carrying heavy wooden crosses and
whipping their backs until they bled on Thursday in an annual gory
religious ritual as the mainly Catholic Philippines observed near the end
of the Lenten season/I ""BARFED 5 TIMES LISTENING TO DA NIGR" /Want to Get
Rid of Obama, Obamacare, Two Communist Supreme Court Justices and Every Law
Obama Signed Since He Took Office?School Records Say He's was an Indonesian
Citizen -- May Have Received Aid as a Foreign Student -- Yet No Government
Body Has Demanded to See His Eligibility Credentials! Instead, the US State
Department has Destroyed His Mother's Files, the Hawaiian Gov't Has "Lost"
Obama's School Records and the National Archive has "Lost" Obama's
International Flight Records. Government Agencies Refuse to Show Original
"It's a Cut & Paste Job from 2 or 3 Different Typewriters", THE RESOLUTION
BYPASSES TRAITOR GOV. JAN BREWER (R-AZ) Proves Fox's Bill O'Reilly is Lying
3 Reports Received that Soros Operatives Have Threatened News Agencies Fox,
NBC, ABC, CBS Still Pretending Fake President Doesn't Exist - TURN THEM
OFF! Obama Lying About His Relationship with Communist Terror Bomber, Bill
Ayers President's Background Would Not Allow Me to Hire Him as a Janitor.
Biggest Cover-Up Ever. Fox News Won't Cover. Both Parties Keeping Quiet.
Maybe Joe Knows Why. I Have Standing to Investigate. "I'm Not Backing
Down. SMOKING GUN!! Bettina Viviano Heard DIRECTLY Out of Bill and
Hillary’s Mouths They Knew Obama was Not Eligible! GOP Made a Tit-for-Tat
Deal with Dems to Hide John McCain's Ineligibility, Two People Killed to
Hide The Facts. BREITBART DEAD! Hours Prior to Obama Fraud Revealed, DID
OBAMA KILL HIM? Andrew Had Damaging Obama Videos. “My Gut is Telling Me
They Killed Andrew Breitbart” CIA's Secret Assassination Weapon - Poison
Mimics a Heart Attack trusted Coroners Needed QUESTIONS: Was The Timing of
Breitbart's Death Planned to Divert Media Attention away from Arpaio's
Press Conference? Was Breitbart's Death Meant to be a Warning to Other
Journalists to "Not Break Ranks"? Obama is a Wounded, Dangerous Animal Now.
If Arpaio's Investigation Expands, He Knows a Death Sentence or Life in
Prison Awaits Him. So Obama will Fight to the Death, and Attempt to
Completely Takeover or Destroy America Before His Arrest. Afterall, He has
Nothing to Lose and, According to His Islam Upbringing, 72 Virgins Awaiting
Him After He Dies. 2 Presidential Candidates Suing to Get Obama Off Ballot
Complicit in Treason, Breitbart's Editor is an Obama Fraud Conspirator!
Listen to This Bastard Squirm and Lie! GLENN BECK BACK-PEDDLES AND LOOKS
Laden - Obama Following Clinton Playbook: Started War in Middle of Lewinski
Sex Affair Fargo Slapped With
$3.1 Million Fine For 'Reprehensible' Handling Of One Mortgage-Love it when
the good guys win!-This needs to happen more often-This just isent Wells
Fargo, B of A has No idea what they are doing, its very scary... and there
isent any where to trun for help
412412.html/Obama Administration Silencing Pakistani Drone-Strike Lawyer
U.S. government will not even acknowledge the existence of the covert drone
program, much less account for those who are killed and maimed.” When is
the last time you heard from a civilian victim of the CIA’s secret drone
strikes? Sure, most of them can’t speak because they’re deceased /THIS BEAUTY, A GATTLING TYPE MULTI CANNON IS MADE IN
set=a.134634729964224.29733.134451603315870&type=1&theater ] /zIONIST
LEADERS OF ISRAEL and Committing WAR CRIMES (the people of Israel are
innocent). Your tax dollars are supporting their WAR CRIMES!!!! Educate
yourself on ZIONIST it IS NOT JUDAISM!-Judaism and Zionism ARE NOT the same
thing. The AIPAC Lobbyists (the Israel Zionists ) OWN AMERICAN. When
ZIONIST PM Netanyaho says JUMP, the US says.....HOW HIGH!/interesting when
he talks about Lincoln and Kennedy getting ready to print money... guess
that would put the fed out of business. Regardless, lot of other good
points about blogging, etc Former CIA Spy Tells the Truth All hail God.
satan s a mere distraction
Good Morning America learns that Bin Laden is CIA schooled by four
Pakistanis on Bin Laden's CIA connections. Cuomo seems surprised/since
taking office Obama has: (Mo different than Criminal BUSH 2.0)/ often
think daydreams in music, i see my life in terms of music
einstein/Republicans have targeted the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps, for budget cuts, and have
attempted to paint it as a program rife with fraud/McDonald's official said
the company remained a member of ALEC. The letter, which raises questions
about McDonald's claim to have left ALEC, appears to be written by Pat
Harris, whose title is global chief diversity officer. We've updated the
headline of our story to make it clear that it was a McDonald's spokeswoman
who says the company has left ALEC.'THEY STILL USE SLAVE LABOR PIRVATIZE
SLAVE LABOR- / Anonymous was actually
started by the CIA (not the ones who followed). You see, the more hacking
of the websites done by CIA/Anonymous, the more they fool the public into
believing the internet IS NOT SAFE and therefore, their plan to censor the
internet will become REALITY, Google HR 3523-hw about anonymous's plan to
erease the israel from the internet ?/CIA/CNN are doing to get NATO, once
again, to Bomb another country and the needed Regime Change for the US of A
Military Complex? Remember, that War Criminal, Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper
has been caught LYING about Syria with Staged events; hoping the ignorant
public will vote "YES", Jaffar Mohsen who's been spreading lies on this
page, had this on his FB wall and asked people to vote "YES") Lying War
Criminal Anderson Cooper: CNN NATO Bombing
Should NATO intervene in Syria?
Back in August 2011, we posed this question on the Global Public Square.
Around 23,000 people responded. 67% said yes. 30% said no/Stockpiling ammo
and building bomb shelters is so Y2K. Preparing for the
potential destruction of the United States of America, lawmakers in
Wyoming  want to be prepared for the forthcoming “potential effects of the
rapid decline of the United States dollar,” which the state could counter
by creating their own local currency in case of emergency. Also discussed
in the bill are the possibilities of a “situation in which the federal
government has no effective power or authority over the people of the
United States” and the notion of “a constitutional crisis,” In short,
Wyoming wants to be ready for the end of America. Countdown to Doomsday:
Wyoming wants their own Army and currency as medications go
every where else in the world medication is cheaper. I have a friend that
has a private world health plan. For the entire world with out the US it's
$3000.00 a year. If he wants to include the US it cost $7500.00 a year.
It's crazy whats going on in the US. Here in Israel where I am a month of
various heart medication WITH OUT insurance is about $25.00 per month. It's
the same stuff that's in the US with out the price gouging. US has to many
bureaucrats, administrators, lawyers, etc... all wanting their cut - I
honestly have no idea how to make it better without totally starting from
scratch /zimmerman pulled the trigger has now run away. Hundreds of
thousands of people have come out to demand justice in America. ALEC is
watching it's sponsors disappear as they realize they have been supporting
hate. Fox news has shown us, once again, it's not only biased, but racists/
bail·out    [beyl-out] noun 1. the act of parachuting from an aircraft,
especially to escape a crash, fire, etc. 2. an instance of coming to the
rescue, especially financially: a government bailout of a large company. 3.
an alternative, additional choice, or the like: If the highway is jammed,
you have two side roads as bailouts. adjective 4. of, pertaining to, or
consisting of means for relieving an emergency situation: bailout measures
for hard-pressed smallbusinesses.
4912/Ambac Assurance, was allowed to reorganize its $1.7 billion debt.
which was the second-largest bond insurer before the crisis, is suing
JPMorgan in the New York state Supreme Court on allegations of fraud and
breach of contract by the company’s EMC Mortgage and Bear Stearns units.
JPMorgan acquired Bear Stearns in 2008. Ambac guaranteed $256 billion of
$1.4 trillion in insured municipal debt, which also sued the New York bank
in February last year, says Bear Stearns induced it to buy the securities
without implementing its due-diligence policies properly, and adds the
review “process was a charade.” It adds that it has been forced to pay more
than $200 million in claims because of the failed investments./Bernanke was
once confronted by Ron Paul with the now famous question, “Is gold money?”
Bernanke replied “no” and said central banks hold the precious metal as
“tradition.”  However, the Central Bank of Iran appears to disagree with
Bernanke and is substituting gold for U.S. dollars./I HAVE EMAILED YOUR
ANTI-SEMITIC POSTING TO YAHOO-due to the enormous complaints to yahoo they
have outsourced your insane ramblings to peking cousins, sorry they cant
read your language but they are catalogueing your messages for later camp
show trials and organ harvesting- viva la revolucion igor.  Why the GOP an
Israel Must be Defeated in this Election Most followers of GOP as can be
seen a sample at this stock board often come from the less educated and of
lower intelligence levels of society. how to explain the fact that this
minority of the population in our modern times of easy access to
information and knowledge through the internet will never change? They seem
also lack a modicum of curiosity to check and learn for themselves.
Instead, the keep on accepting the party line and adopt the standardized
party talking points on every issue. blind GOP follower is interested is
like their leaders to grab control of power to do what they've done since
2000... start wars to satisfy the 1%ers unlimited greed... and not much
else/World Current Events and Bible prophecy - 25 five article series by
Don Koenig that correlates world trends with Bible prophecy-The Revelation
of Jesus Christ Through the Ages" by Donald A. Koenig - Don's free common
sense futurist Revelation commentary-critical Christian worldviews and
biblical discernment for these prophetic years, Imminent dangers to the
United States - In this series Don offers realistic reasons why America may
fall before biblical events of end time prophecy, Christian worldviews and
Commentary - Christian commentary by Don on various issues of biblical
discernment, church and social issues - if you dare! debt.HTM /debate surrounding the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act illustrates the impoverishment
of our political life. Here is a law that had its origin in the right-wing
Heritage Foundation ... and was solidified into federal law after corporate
lobbyists wrote legislation with more than 2,000 pages.... But you would
never know this by listening to the Democratic Party and the advocacy
groups that purport to support universal health care but seem more intent
on re-electing Obama-Scott Walker (R-WI) quietly signed three controversial
bills on the eve of a holiday weekend to significantly limit access to
abortion services and sex education. Walker 'signed the bills Thursday but
didn't announce the move until midday Friday' ... Among the 47 other bills,
Walker approved the repeal of the state's Equal Pay Enforcement Act, which
had offered individuals legal recourse to fight wage discrimination based
on race, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or other factors."-
When it comes to the kind of influence the Koch brothers wield, the answer
is yes.... The Kochs, who use their wealth to perpetuate and expand their
own fortunes, aren't just exercising their rights as humble citizens; they
are keeping others from doing the same-The claim that the pipeline will
reduce our reliance on OPEC is an outright lie-bama and Governor Romney are
politicians, not philosophers. They have not made it to the top of the
political ladder because of their grand visions of the future. They got
their positions by appealing to powerful political actors who were able to
give them the money and/or votes needed to get ahead. The absurdity of a
competing visions story is apparent to anyone who has looked at the Ryan
budget-As It Was Before Roe, So It Is Again: "Choice" Often Comes Down to
Money When Griesse begins to speak about the women the fund has helped, her
voice gets softer and the stories she tells become more and more
heartbreaking: There was the 23-year-old who needed an abortion before she
could start chemotherapy, the 43-year-old mother of five who'd lost her
job, the community college student who was struggling to pay her tuition,
the 31-year-old victim of contraceptive failure and the abused teen living
on the street-America today has less equality of opportunity than any of
the other advanced industrial countries, the key metric that one wants
to focus on is what is happening to the living standards of most
citizens-Federal Funds to Train the Jobless Are Drying Up Motoko Rich, The
New York Times News Service: "With the economy slowly reviving, an
executive from Atlas Van Lines recently visited Louisville, Ky., with good
news: the company wanted to hire more than 100 truck drivers ahead of the
summer moving season. But a usually reliable source of workers, the local
government-financed job center, could offer little help, because the
federal money that local officials had designated to help train drivers was
already exhausted."  Truthout/Biggest Drug Cartel in the World? Big Pharma
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: "Big Pharma has not lost the
opportunity to push pain-killing drugs and off-label use of many drugs,
both of which result in 'collateral damage' injury and death. Ethan
Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, told Truthout
that more US citizens die from opiate overdoses due to legally prescribed
pharmaceuticals than from heroin- BuzzFlash /6,800 US protesters arrested
during last 6 months/ObamaCare legislation, that was WRITTEN BY HEALTH
INSURANCE LOBBYISTS and that does NOT cont4rol cost and that does NOT
provide universality

Monday, April 9, 2012

4912/ecstasy-of-sarah-palin free hugs music video
4912/Paralysis Cases Spike in Wake of Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccination Effort
in India, Under a vigorous vaccination campaign, reports of non-polio
paralysis cases reached 47,500 in the same year India was declared
"polio-free." /April 1948 by the two alshionitin: Arjun and
stern. Two weeks after the signing of the peace treaty required the heads
of nearby Jewish settlements, approved by the residents of the village of
Deir yasben. and the victim of the massacre of large numbers of the
population of the village children, senior citizens, women and youth. The
number of victims of this massacre different went it, recalling the Arabic
and Palestinian sources said between 250 and 360 victims were killed, while
Western sources mention that the number did not exceed 107 dead/inventing
jesus they stole from everything, krishna, horus, even plato, Jesus was not
the only "savior god" invented at or around the time either, he just
eventually won out over Mithra etc at the Council of Nicea. If
Constantine's mother had not converted to Christianity, and her son had not
decided to try to bring the whole empire together under that one religion,
we might today be debating whether Mithra or Sol Invictus really
existed/people who seek to make fact match their opinion, to make life fit
your myopic ideology. Jesus is myth. You believing differently doesn't
change that. Same with "conservativism," pure fiction for the weak-minded
who need someone else to provide order and structure in their dim-witted
lives/daddy Zim may be in the next cell over Robert Zimmerman is a former
magistrate judge and he understands the law inside and out as far as what
probable cause needs to be in order to arrest a suspect or issue a warrant.
He was present when the police questioned George Zimmerman, could there
have been some coaching going on during the questioning as there was
obviously for his brother once he started doing interviews?/NBC fires
producer over edited Trayvon Martin call you are the liar. Fox was in
court because they fired two commentors for refusing to lie.They went to
court as whistle blowers. Fox's defence in that whistle blower case was
that there was no law against lying in or distorting the news.Please give
you version of the story if I am the liar.And Breitbart is known for
misleading editing...that is fact...not opinion. /Those are Left Wing
distortions of the truth and evidence that you do not understand a
legal opinion when you read it. As for Breitbart that is also a Left Wing
OPINION and as far as I'm concerned really garbage. Not sure who the LIAR
is here if there is one but you are the one that is posting
garbage./Where’s the FBI, ATF, DOJ and all the other federal bureaucracies
to confiscate the arms of these home grown domestic racist terrorists? Oh,
that’s right, under the control of Holder and Obama. Never mind/See the
difference?Fox defends creative editing and says in court there is no law
against distorting or lying in the news. Cons make a big hero out of
someone who made a living out of misleadinf editing..They even call the
practice Breitbarting it...NBC fires someone who did it...big difference,
huh? /‎101 reasons to end the fed
reserve /I
believe strongly in climate change. In fact, the last 5000 years have been
the ONLY stable period of climate in Earth's history with previous periods
having wild swings of several degrees over hundreds of years. Archeologists
are exploring Native American sites 30 mile off shore in 30 feet of water
in the Gulf. Used to be coastline!/hypothetical monetary theory scenario,
very good try....the more the US borrows....the weaker our currency and
country really about it encompassing every can count on talovoy to post some white libtard queer
nonsense in response/That's what I said in a few words..We are BROKE, screw
your hypotheticals/If I understand your options correctly then they are
same.. Bot are bad and none are good. If I still have to pick over other I
would prefer second one because in that at least fed and treasury is honest
that those printed billow are worthless paper. Why ? "This money created
was not borrowed, only created, causing no additional debt, only inflation"
this means treasury pri gs dollars without printi g follow g on them "this
note is legal tender" Guess what if congress can write a law to make that
certificate voide what debt is a debt ? /The sheer number of posts are - at
least temporarily - preventing the Facebook "Wall" being used as a forum to
generate support for Mr Obama ahead of the US presidential vote on 6
November, Next Web news site notes that this is not the first time that one
of the president's social media profiles has been "flooded with comments
from another country, Chinese citizens began posting comments to his
Google+ page after the network was unblocked in China in February,
continued ever since, with some recent posts attracting roughly as many
Chinese language comments as English ones, prompted one user to write:
"Dear Chinese mainlanders spammers. Please respect the President of the
United States of America and quit spamming his post!-Kony2012: The rise of
online campaigning 09 MARCH 2012, MAGAZINE     'Chinese' bombard Obama
webpage 25 FEBRUARY 2012, CHINA     Egypt's 18-day revolution 25 JANUARY
2012, MIDDLE EAST /Glen Ford: Americans
should oppose US military interventions everywhereAnti-War Conference
Against "Humanitarian Imperialism"/CYBER-INSURGENTS, WE ARE BEING
MIT UNS! mind-boggling! Science creates computer that can decode your
thoughts and put them into words, Chemtrails,What is happening… you must be
thinking that, assuming you have a few brain cells left. It’s highly
probable they’ve now faded away too, which is the purpose of this web site.
Your unfortunate lack of critical thinking skills leaves you without the
ability to see the unseeable Wall Street Journal
‎"Like all royals, they reached their position in society by being
relentlessly dedicated to the cause of Bigness, Unaccountability and the
Worthlessness of Others. And just like royals, they spend most of their
lives getting deeper in debt, and laughing every year when our taxes go to
covering their whist markers. Two and a half centuries after we kicked out
the British, it's really come to this?" bank has defrauded everyone from
investors and insurers to homeowners and the unemployed. So why does the
government keep bailing it out?
il-20120314 /surprised more voices haven't intervened. this Tuesday the
school board (4/10) plans to fire half of the teachers and the director
Sean Arce, journalists have been silenced (Three Sonorans blog on Tucson
Silent Citizen)... April 10 is also Zapata's birthday. May his spirit rise
again-Notes: Believing unsubstantiated rumour is standard policy of the GOP
backed-by-news-sources/ and Fox News
y-has-the-right-to-lie-in-its-news/ [Related: The GOP and Fox News Team Up
To Bring You Thier "War On Christmas"
ng-you-thier-war-on-christmas/ dies-
ban? /I[sraeli Letter-poem to Grass: If We Go, Everyone Goes     14 minutes
I[sraeli poet Itamar Yaoz-Kest, a H[olocaust survivor, has penned a public
"letter-poem" in reply to the "poem" in which German Günter Grass accused
Israel of "endangering the already fragile world peace."The letter-poem was
published on journalist Ze'ev Galili's blog, in Hebrew, under the name:
"The Right to Exist: a Poem-Letter to the German Author." It addresses
Grass, who has admitted to being a member of the Waffen SS during World War
II, by name. "Danger, I want to be a danger, I want to be a danger to the
world, so that after my destruction, not a single blade of grass will
remain on the face of the Earth, or a single blade of grass for Gunther
Grass's pipe,upon the Earth where, since I was born, I pose a danger to the
world.Because it is my right!"And so, as the strong light of the Land of
I[srael enters my home, I turn on the radio and cannot help listening to
the sermons of the ayatollahs of Iran and to the words of the respected
Iranian minister, who shows the map of the Land of I[srael with his two
hands, to say: 'It is so small… Within six or seven days it can be erased
from the map', or in your language: 'ausradieren', there is a right
reserved only to us J[ews (if indeed any human on Earth has this right): to
be destroyed and to take the weary and sated world with us to the
non-existence, along with its wondrous libraries and heart-stirring tunes –
just so, after we descend to the grave, while the ground emits radioactive
rays to all four winds. is the right of the Nation of I[srael to finally
shut the gates to the world after it leaves this place (not of its free
will!), and we have the right to say, at the price of the 3,000 year old
fear: 'If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to
the depths of the Earth – let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness.'"
4812/Israel's prime minister has called on the United States to release
convicted spy Jonathan Pollard/A research team led by University of Toronto
Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo has found a new Quantum Cryptography Foils Hackers
encryption method to foil even the most sophisticated hackers lawsuit has charged the CIA with refusing to comply
with requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), contending that
the agency has repeatedly cited an exemption it does not have /god prefers kind atheist over hateful christians, thank
Pastor Tate. 503-281-1229 /rip mike wallace/many trolls genuinely believe
that Obama bailed out Wall Street. It is unbelievable to see the arrogance
and confidence these sheep are in their own stupidity. Fox "news" is
poisoning the minds of all the weak minded sheeple not bright enough to
know how they are being propagandized/the only emotion more powerful than
fear is hope/at least we now have a President who knows the meaning of
"hope", your poisonous envy speaks for itself/need to unite with
conservatives against extremists! Conservatives don't want to make drastic
moves, they don't want to go backwards. Stand against radical communists
and fascists together!/John Birch is bigger & more powerful than Jesus
Reagan! If you disagree with me or think I'm just plain wrong, you can't be
a Republican/Jewish, Muslim And Hindu Child Sexual Abuse (Pedophiles) /GOP Declares Bankruptcy With Mitt Romney's
recent primary victories in Illinois, Maryland and Wisconsin, the
inevitability factor has begun to set in and Romney is now the presumptive
nominee having prevailed over an embarrassingly weak GOP field of
candidates /Mitt Romney: “The Perfectly Lubricated Weather Vane”/hatred of
right wingers doesn't add to your "love all" bit either. You people are
completely out-of-balance with reality and only use these types of quotes
to try and build hate. I doubt that's what Mandela wanted-I'm pretty sure I
could still "learn to hate" if someone is pissing me off/does something
that offends me. Race/religion/background aside/iTax Cheat – Apple’s $4B
Free Ride Tax Havens and Apple’s Offshore $60 billion  Apple’s Cash
is the US Corporate Problem Writ Large tml
Apple To American Taxpayers: ‘Give Us An $80 Billion+ Corporate Tax
Holiday, Or Else!’
give-us-an-80-billion-corporate-tax-holiday-or-else/ to jama h8rs, regarded
and honored as the President who entered office during a deep recession and
two wars and turned the country around. You will always justify your lack
of achievement on the unfairness of every system, your lack of success on
the government or regulation, your failure to accomplish anything in a
country where impoverished immigrants with limited language skills are
succeeding around you on the liberals or the communists or the elites. The
small satisfaction you garner while spouting derisive comments here only
exists in your self-delusion and is a pale comfort compared to the reality
that exists around you. You can try to salve your bitter existence with
theories of international Kenyan plots or document fraud, whatever. But
that is your future. Your world will always be limited by your
small-mindedness, your associates only those that are as poorly adapted to
the world around them, your accomplishments non-existent and your life a
bitter existence. It's time to move on. In your journey into denial, you've
already sacrificed your conscience and whatever claim to character you had.
Your pretense at a deity derived morality is mocked by your myopic hatred
of the 'other'. Your concept of patriotism is waving a child's flag on the
sidelines as others defend your liberty/There is no end game here. The
United States is using all its vast powers, controlling the demand side
appears to be interpreted as throwing people - particularly minority men -
in jail for drug offenses, leading to the highest incarceration rate
in the worldUS War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure-Bloody
Aftermath of Continued Fighting in Syria "Wounded Syrians being treated in
hospitals here are providing detailed accounts of a bloody battle for the
town of Taftanaz, left the town devastated and scores of residents and an
unknown number of soldiers dead. Syrian troops loyal to President Bashar
Assad succeeded in gaining control of the town center after two hours of
fierce combat, then summarily executed captives and burned bodies,
according to the accounts. At least 82 people died, though it was unclear
from the survivors how many of those were noncombatants and how many were
anti-Assad fighters-Let's Ditch the Empty Suits as Politicians and Bring
Back Real Fiscal Policy, "People frequently rail against the pork barrel
spending and earmarks that result from the legislative process. But the
pork barrels don't worry me nearly as much as handing our economy over to
another generation of theory-addled elitists. I suggest we use it to ditch
the empty suits, the plutocratic shills and the small minds, and fill their
spots with people ready to act-Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession
Hit, much as overlooked critics of the restrictions once warned, a program
that built its reputation when times were good offered little help when
jobs disappeared. Despite the worst economy in decades, the cash welfare
rolls have barely budged-Baseline Scenario: "The so-called JOBS act is a
victory of faith over basic logic. The motivating idea seems to be that if
we reduce the regulations that govern the process of raising capital, small
companies will find it easier to raise money-"The world's most hated
corporation is at it again, this time in Vermont. Despite overwhelming
public support and support from a clear majority of Vermont's Agriculture
Committee, Vermont legislators are dragging their feet on a proposed GMO
labeling bill. Why? Because Monsanto has threatened to sue the state
Truthout:-Walker Quietly Repeals Wisconsin's Equal Pay Law Daily
Censored-Stand Your Ground/License to Murder NRA/ALEC Laws Coincide With
Jump in Justifiable Homicide Cases wp/Class Warfare Chronicles: Chief
Executives Pay Just Keeps Rising nyt/News Legend Mike Wallace Dies at 92/
GEORGETOWN, Texas—Tim Tebow drew a crowd of about 15,000 to an outdoor
Easter church service Sunday, telling the gathering it's important to be
outspoken about faith. As the son of an NFL coach, and also someone who
came to know Christ thanks to two NFL players who were willing to share the
Gospel with me, I am extremely excited to have Tim Tebow with us this
year," Champion said in the release. "We believe this year's service will
impact the lives of those who would never enter the doors of a church-Jesus
Christ must reclaim His thrown and take back His Holiday from the spawn of
Evil which is the Easter Bunny. We must abandon materialistic excess and
unbridled idol worship for the sake of our children and faith. The Easter
Bunny must die and you will join Christ???s hand in guiding the Hammer of
ml /I will never have to see another image of 9/11 since it's so upsetting.
Glennbeck kind of upsets me too - no more of that! In fact the Teabaggers
as a whole upset me. And the GOP. And conservative pundits. And idiot
apologists for corporate globalizationI will never have to see another
image of 9/11 since it's so upsetting. Glennbeck kind of upsets me too - no
more of that! In fact the Teabaggers as a whole upset me. And the GOP. And
conservative pundits. And idiot apologists for corporate globalization-
t-hardin-offends-me-with-his-portrait-of-the-governor-and-his-wife -until
you said that "cyber bullying shouldn't be illegal". REALLY? Try growing up
with it, pal, you don't know WHAT the fuck you are talking about. to sneak
into a locker room with a camera, take a picture of you showering, and post
it all over the internet? You think that's "Free speech"? The only thing
more disgusting than your ignorance is that you are ENCOURAGING people to
behave like this as "free speech" and would actually defend them doing it.
People fucking kill themselves over this, you psycho.-The only mention of
cyber-bullying in my article is-"The legislation was an attempt to curb
what is referred to as “cyber bullying,” a growing problem amongst youth in
schools. Cyber bullying has caused children to be humiliated, stop going to
school for fear of ridicule and even driven students to suicide in extreme
cases. It’s my firm opinion that stifling such juvenile behavior falls
under the jurisdiction of decent parenting."I never said cyber-bullying
should be legal. The problem is (as I outlined in my article) we have to
make tough calls to defend absolute freedom of speech. While I sympathize
with your history of being bullied and ridiculed, this law is a gross
violation of civil liberties.
.html peter puffing progressive. America lost last time, not the right, not
Palin, not McCain... America lost with this monkey you voted in as
president-Racist Anonymous, America LOSES any semblance of civility and
strength in its world-view when our citizens are dumbed down to the point
of using cheap bigotry in place of informed debate. People like you are the
reason our country is regressing from democracy while the rest of the world
develops increasing disdain for us-a prime example of the cognitive
dissonance that the GOP and other right wing nutjobs - the Palins, Becks,
Hannitys, Bachmanns and Boehners et al are champions of in this country.
You reduce your own discomfort with the GOP reality by denying, blaming,
fantasizing and justifying your bizarre and irrational conjecture, and then
projecting that which precisely makes you most uncomfortable, onto others,
namely "those liberals", by accusing them of that which precisely troubles
you the most about yourself and your own-Palin is that she tries to make
her family out to be the pinnacle of American values. Her daughter is a
whore whose baby daddy had to be paid for some photo ops. Do you really
think that Trig is her son? Bristol must have been eating a shitload of
pecan twirls during Sarah's pregnancy. Sarah is nothing more than talking
tits attached to a neo-conservative agenda. If she represents all that is
good and wholesome in this country, we are definitely fucked-Go fuck
yourself buddy. You are a sloppy sack of shit and exactly what is wrong
with America. Next time you should ask Rupert Murdoch to use some lube when
shoves his big green cock in your ass. I hear it really helps with the
burning-Whore of Babylon always comes to mind when her name comes up.
Draped in gold, leading "sheep to slaughter", proud of it... Using the
names of saints and God to her own ends 17:4 And the woman was arrayed in
purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and
pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness
of her fornication. 17:6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the
saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I
wondered with great admiration. 17:9 And here is the mind which hath
wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sat.
Tim Tebow to speak at Easter service in Austin /NYPD pulls the plug on OWS
Global Revolution TV, with targeted arrests /