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4912/ecstasy-of-sarah-palin free hugs music video
4912/Paralysis Cases Spike in Wake of Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccination Effort
in India, Under a vigorous vaccination campaign, reports of non-polio
paralysis cases reached 47,500 in the same year India was declared
"polio-free." /April 1948 by the two alshionitin: Arjun and
stern. Two weeks after the signing of the peace treaty required the heads
of nearby Jewish settlements, approved by the residents of the village of
Deir yasben. and the victim of the massacre of large numbers of the
population of the village children, senior citizens, women and youth. The
number of victims of this massacre different went it, recalling the Arabic
and Palestinian sources said between 250 and 360 victims were killed, while
Western sources mention that the number did not exceed 107 dead/inventing
jesus they stole from everything, krishna, horus, even plato, Jesus was not
the only "savior god" invented at or around the time either, he just
eventually won out over Mithra etc at the Council of Nicea. If
Constantine's mother had not converted to Christianity, and her son had not
decided to try to bring the whole empire together under that one religion,
we might today be debating whether Mithra or Sol Invictus really
existed/people who seek to make fact match their opinion, to make life fit
your myopic ideology. Jesus is myth. You believing differently doesn't
change that. Same with "conservativism," pure fiction for the weak-minded
who need someone else to provide order and structure in their dim-witted
lives/daddy Zim may be in the next cell over Robert Zimmerman is a former
magistrate judge and he understands the law inside and out as far as what
probable cause needs to be in order to arrest a suspect or issue a warrant.
He was present when the police questioned George Zimmerman, could there
have been some coaching going on during the questioning as there was
obviously for his brother once he started doing interviews?/NBC fires
producer over edited Trayvon Martin call you are the liar. Fox was in
court because they fired two commentors for refusing to lie.They went to
court as whistle blowers. Fox's defence in that whistle blower case was
that there was no law against lying in or distorting the news.Please give
you version of the story if I am the liar.And Breitbart is known for
misleading editing...that is fact...not opinion. /Those are Left Wing
distortions of the truth and evidence that you do not understand a
legal opinion when you read it. As for Breitbart that is also a Left Wing
OPINION and as far as I'm concerned really garbage. Not sure who the LIAR
is here if there is one but you are the one that is posting
garbage./Where’s the FBI, ATF, DOJ and all the other federal bureaucracies
to confiscate the arms of these home grown domestic racist terrorists? Oh,
that’s right, under the control of Holder and Obama. Never mind/See the
difference?Fox defends creative editing and says in court there is no law
against distorting or lying in the news. Cons make a big hero out of
someone who made a living out of misleadinf editing..They even call the
practice Breitbarting it...NBC fires someone who did it...big difference,
huh? /‎101 reasons to end the fed
reserve /I
believe strongly in climate change. In fact, the last 5000 years have been
the ONLY stable period of climate in Earth's history with previous periods
having wild swings of several degrees over hundreds of years. Archeologists
are exploring Native American sites 30 mile off shore in 30 feet of water
in the Gulf. Used to be coastline!/hypothetical monetary theory scenario,
very good try....the more the US borrows....the weaker our currency and
country really about it encompassing every can count on talovoy to post some white libtard queer
nonsense in response/That's what I said in a few words..We are BROKE, screw
your hypotheticals/If I understand your options correctly then they are
same.. Bot are bad and none are good. If I still have to pick over other I
would prefer second one because in that at least fed and treasury is honest
that those printed billow are worthless paper. Why ? "This money created
was not borrowed, only created, causing no additional debt, only inflation"
this means treasury pri gs dollars without printi g follow g on them "this
note is legal tender" Guess what if congress can write a law to make that
certificate voide what debt is a debt ? /The sheer number of posts are - at
least temporarily - preventing the Facebook "Wall" being used as a forum to
generate support for Mr Obama ahead of the US presidential vote on 6
November, Next Web news site notes that this is not the first time that one
of the president's social media profiles has been "flooded with comments
from another country, Chinese citizens began posting comments to his
Google+ page after the network was unblocked in China in February,
continued ever since, with some recent posts attracting roughly as many
Chinese language comments as English ones, prompted one user to write:
"Dear Chinese mainlanders spammers. Please respect the President of the
United States of America and quit spamming his post!-Kony2012: The rise of
online campaigning 09 MARCH 2012, MAGAZINE     'Chinese' bombard Obama
webpage 25 FEBRUARY 2012, CHINA     Egypt's 18-day revolution 25 JANUARY
2012, MIDDLE EAST /Glen Ford: Americans
should oppose US military interventions everywhereAnti-War Conference
Against "Humanitarian Imperialism"/CYBER-INSURGENTS, WE ARE BEING
MIT UNS! mind-boggling! Science creates computer that can decode your
thoughts and put them into words, Chemtrails,What is happening… you must be
thinking that, assuming you have a few brain cells left. It’s highly
probable they’ve now faded away too, which is the purpose of this web site.
Your unfortunate lack of critical thinking skills leaves you without the
ability to see the unseeable Wall Street Journal
‎"Like all royals, they reached their position in society by being
relentlessly dedicated to the cause of Bigness, Unaccountability and the
Worthlessness of Others. And just like royals, they spend most of their
lives getting deeper in debt, and laughing every year when our taxes go to
covering their whist markers. Two and a half centuries after we kicked out
the British, it's really come to this?" bank has defrauded everyone from
investors and insurers to homeowners and the unemployed. So why does the
government keep bailing it out?
il-20120314 /surprised more voices haven't intervened. this Tuesday the
school board (4/10) plans to fire half of the teachers and the director
Sean Arce, journalists have been silenced (Three Sonorans blog on Tucson
Silent Citizen)... April 10 is also Zapata's birthday. May his spirit rise
again-Notes: Believing unsubstantiated rumour is standard policy of the GOP
backed-by-news-sources/ and Fox News
y-has-the-right-to-lie-in-its-news/ [Related: The GOP and Fox News Team Up
To Bring You Thier "War On Christmas"
ng-you-thier-war-on-christmas/ dies-
ban? /I[sraeli Letter-poem to Grass: If We Go, Everyone Goes     14 minutes
I[sraeli poet Itamar Yaoz-Kest, a H[olocaust survivor, has penned a public
"letter-poem" in reply to the "poem" in which German Günter Grass accused
Israel of "endangering the already fragile world peace."The letter-poem was
published on journalist Ze'ev Galili's blog, in Hebrew, under the name:
"The Right to Exist: a Poem-Letter to the German Author." It addresses
Grass, who has admitted to being a member of the Waffen SS during World War
II, by name. "Danger, I want to be a danger, I want to be a danger to the
world, so that after my destruction, not a single blade of grass will
remain on the face of the Earth, or a single blade of grass for Gunther
Grass's pipe,upon the Earth where, since I was born, I pose a danger to the
world.Because it is my right!"And so, as the strong light of the Land of
I[srael enters my home, I turn on the radio and cannot help listening to
the sermons of the ayatollahs of Iran and to the words of the respected
Iranian minister, who shows the map of the Land of I[srael with his two
hands, to say: 'It is so small… Within six or seven days it can be erased
from the map', or in your language: 'ausradieren', there is a right
reserved only to us J[ews (if indeed any human on Earth has this right): to
be destroyed and to take the weary and sated world with us to the
non-existence, along with its wondrous libraries and heart-stirring tunes –
just so, after we descend to the grave, while the ground emits radioactive
rays to all four winds. is the right of the Nation of I[srael to finally
shut the gates to the world after it leaves this place (not of its free
will!), and we have the right to say, at the price of the 3,000 year old
fear: 'If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to
the depths of the Earth – let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness.'"
4812/Israel's prime minister has called on the United States to release
convicted spy Jonathan Pollard/A research team led by University of Toronto
Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo has found a new Quantum Cryptography Foils Hackers
encryption method to foil even the most sophisticated hackers lawsuit has charged the CIA with refusing to comply
with requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), contending that
the agency has repeatedly cited an exemption it does not have /god prefers kind atheist over hateful christians, thank
Pastor Tate. 503-281-1229 /rip mike wallace/many trolls genuinely believe
that Obama bailed out Wall Street. It is unbelievable to see the arrogance
and confidence these sheep are in their own stupidity. Fox "news" is
poisoning the minds of all the weak minded sheeple not bright enough to
know how they are being propagandized/the only emotion more powerful than
fear is hope/at least we now have a President who knows the meaning of
"hope", your poisonous envy speaks for itself/need to unite with
conservatives against extremists! Conservatives don't want to make drastic
moves, they don't want to go backwards. Stand against radical communists
and fascists together!/John Birch is bigger & more powerful than Jesus
Reagan! If you disagree with me or think I'm just plain wrong, you can't be
a Republican/Jewish, Muslim And Hindu Child Sexual Abuse (Pedophiles) /GOP Declares Bankruptcy With Mitt Romney's
recent primary victories in Illinois, Maryland and Wisconsin, the
inevitability factor has begun to set in and Romney is now the presumptive
nominee having prevailed over an embarrassingly weak GOP field of
candidates /Mitt Romney: “The Perfectly Lubricated Weather Vane”/hatred of
right wingers doesn't add to your "love all" bit either. You people are
completely out-of-balance with reality and only use these types of quotes
to try and build hate. I doubt that's what Mandela wanted-I'm pretty sure I
could still "learn to hate" if someone is pissing me off/does something
that offends me. Race/religion/background aside/iTax Cheat – Apple’s $4B
Free Ride Tax Havens and Apple’s Offshore $60 billion  Apple’s Cash
is the US Corporate Problem Writ Large tml
Apple To American Taxpayers: ‘Give Us An $80 Billion+ Corporate Tax
Holiday, Or Else!’
give-us-an-80-billion-corporate-tax-holiday-or-else/ to jama h8rs, regarded
and honored as the President who entered office during a deep recession and
two wars and turned the country around. You will always justify your lack
of achievement on the unfairness of every system, your lack of success on
the government or regulation, your failure to accomplish anything in a
country where impoverished immigrants with limited language skills are
succeeding around you on the liberals or the communists or the elites. The
small satisfaction you garner while spouting derisive comments here only
exists in your self-delusion and is a pale comfort compared to the reality
that exists around you. You can try to salve your bitter existence with
theories of international Kenyan plots or document fraud, whatever. But
that is your future. Your world will always be limited by your
small-mindedness, your associates only those that are as poorly adapted to
the world around them, your accomplishments non-existent and your life a
bitter existence. It's time to move on. In your journey into denial, you've
already sacrificed your conscience and whatever claim to character you had.
Your pretense at a deity derived morality is mocked by your myopic hatred
of the 'other'. Your concept of patriotism is waving a child's flag on the
sidelines as others defend your liberty/There is no end game here. The
United States is using all its vast powers, controlling the demand side
appears to be interpreted as throwing people - particularly minority men -
in jail for drug offenses, leading to the highest incarceration rate
in the worldUS War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure-Bloody
Aftermath of Continued Fighting in Syria "Wounded Syrians being treated in
hospitals here are providing detailed accounts of a bloody battle for the
town of Taftanaz, left the town devastated and scores of residents and an
unknown number of soldiers dead. Syrian troops loyal to President Bashar
Assad succeeded in gaining control of the town center after two hours of
fierce combat, then summarily executed captives and burned bodies,
according to the accounts. At least 82 people died, though it was unclear
from the survivors how many of those were noncombatants and how many were
anti-Assad fighters-Let's Ditch the Empty Suits as Politicians and Bring
Back Real Fiscal Policy, "People frequently rail against the pork barrel
spending and earmarks that result from the legislative process. But the
pork barrels don't worry me nearly as much as handing our economy over to
another generation of theory-addled elitists. I suggest we use it to ditch
the empty suits, the plutocratic shills and the small minds, and fill their
spots with people ready to act-Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession
Hit, much as overlooked critics of the restrictions once warned, a program
that built its reputation when times were good offered little help when
jobs disappeared. Despite the worst economy in decades, the cash welfare
rolls have barely budged-Baseline Scenario: "The so-called JOBS act is a
victory of faith over basic logic. The motivating idea seems to be that if
we reduce the regulations that govern the process of raising capital, small
companies will find it easier to raise money-"The world's most hated
corporation is at it again, this time in Vermont. Despite overwhelming
public support and support from a clear majority of Vermont's Agriculture
Committee, Vermont legislators are dragging their feet on a proposed GMO
labeling bill. Why? Because Monsanto has threatened to sue the state
Truthout:-Walker Quietly Repeals Wisconsin's Equal Pay Law Daily
Censored-Stand Your Ground/License to Murder NRA/ALEC Laws Coincide With
Jump in Justifiable Homicide Cases wp/Class Warfare Chronicles: Chief
Executives Pay Just Keeps Rising nyt/News Legend Mike Wallace Dies at 92/
GEORGETOWN, Texas—Tim Tebow drew a crowd of about 15,000 to an outdoor
Easter church service Sunday, telling the gathering it's important to be
outspoken about faith. As the son of an NFL coach, and also someone who
came to know Christ thanks to two NFL players who were willing to share the
Gospel with me, I am extremely excited to have Tim Tebow with us this
year," Champion said in the release. "We believe this year's service will
impact the lives of those who would never enter the doors of a church-Jesus
Christ must reclaim His thrown and take back His Holiday from the spawn of
Evil which is the Easter Bunny. We must abandon materialistic excess and
unbridled idol worship for the sake of our children and faith. The Easter
Bunny must die and you will join Christ???s hand in guiding the Hammer of
ml /I will never have to see another image of 9/11 since it's so upsetting.
Glennbeck kind of upsets me too - no more of that! In fact the Teabaggers
as a whole upset me. And the GOP. And conservative pundits. And idiot
apologists for corporate globalizationI will never have to see another
image of 9/11 since it's so upsetting. Glennbeck kind of upsets me too - no
more of that! In fact the Teabaggers as a whole upset me. And the GOP. And
conservative pundits. And idiot apologists for corporate globalization-
t-hardin-offends-me-with-his-portrait-of-the-governor-and-his-wife -until
you said that "cyber bullying shouldn't be illegal". REALLY? Try growing up
with it, pal, you don't know WHAT the fuck you are talking about. to sneak
into a locker room with a camera, take a picture of you showering, and post
it all over the internet? You think that's "Free speech"? The only thing
more disgusting than your ignorance is that you are ENCOURAGING people to
behave like this as "free speech" and would actually defend them doing it.
People fucking kill themselves over this, you psycho.-The only mention of
cyber-bullying in my article is-"The legislation was an attempt to curb
what is referred to as “cyber bullying,” a growing problem amongst youth in
schools. Cyber bullying has caused children to be humiliated, stop going to
school for fear of ridicule and even driven students to suicide in extreme
cases. It’s my firm opinion that stifling such juvenile behavior falls
under the jurisdiction of decent parenting."I never said cyber-bullying
should be legal. The problem is (as I outlined in my article) we have to
make tough calls to defend absolute freedom of speech. While I sympathize
with your history of being bullied and ridiculed, this law is a gross
violation of civil liberties.
.html peter puffing progressive. America lost last time, not the right, not
Palin, not McCain... America lost with this monkey you voted in as
president-Racist Anonymous, America LOSES any semblance of civility and
strength in its world-view when our citizens are dumbed down to the point
of using cheap bigotry in place of informed debate. People like you are the
reason our country is regressing from democracy while the rest of the world
develops increasing disdain for us-a prime example of the cognitive
dissonance that the GOP and other right wing nutjobs - the Palins, Becks,
Hannitys, Bachmanns and Boehners et al are champions of in this country.
You reduce your own discomfort with the GOP reality by denying, blaming,
fantasizing and justifying your bizarre and irrational conjecture, and then
projecting that which precisely makes you most uncomfortable, onto others,
namely "those liberals", by accusing them of that which precisely troubles
you the most about yourself and your own-Palin is that she tries to make
her family out to be the pinnacle of American values. Her daughter is a
whore whose baby daddy had to be paid for some photo ops. Do you really
think that Trig is her son? Bristol must have been eating a shitload of
pecan twirls during Sarah's pregnancy. Sarah is nothing more than talking
tits attached to a neo-conservative agenda. If she represents all that is
good and wholesome in this country, we are definitely fucked-Go fuck
yourself buddy. You are a sloppy sack of shit and exactly what is wrong
with America. Next time you should ask Rupert Murdoch to use some lube when
shoves his big green cock in your ass. I hear it really helps with the
burning-Whore of Babylon always comes to mind when her name comes up.
Draped in gold, leading "sheep to slaughter", proud of it... Using the
names of saints and God to her own ends 17:4 And the woman was arrayed in
purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and
pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness
of her fornication. 17:6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the
saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I
wondered with great admiration. 17:9 And here is the mind which hath
wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sat.
Tim Tebow to speak at Easter service in Austin /NYPD pulls the plug on OWS
Global Revolution TV, with targeted arrests /

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