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4712/Obama is really Vulcan..Feds cut pay of execs at bailed out firms

4712/Former CIA officer indicted for leaking classified information to
journalists ~ Herald Sun. FORMER CIA officer John Kiriakou was formally
indicted for repeatedly leaking classified information /Anne Rice redeconversion 12 yrs can't believe
stuff discusses her book "The Wolf Gift," and whether or not she fears an
eternity of being poked in the hiney with a hot pitchfork. fire and
brimstone, werewolves are hispanics?, manitee mutilator, colbert/6th April
2012 ~ Natural News Talk Hour Show ~ Chemtrails - The Mystery is Revealed /UN has shown consistent
support for the opposition movement, with both
the Security Council and General Assembly repeatedly calling for the ouster
of President Assad.Syrian ambassador accused the UN Security Council of
purposely stalling and fueling the flames of terrorism in the country. s
upplying-weapons-88182/ Nations Elder Wisdom ‎''It is well to be good to
women in the strength of our manhood because we must sit under their hands
at both ends of our lives. He Dog (ca. 1840-1936), Oglala Lakota /Fox News
is reporting that President Obama is really Vulcan. Vulcan is the planet
that became famous on earth for contributing Mr. Spock to the crew of the
Starship Enterprise. Vulcans are known to be highly rational, emotionless
humanoid beings./About a year ago, record numbers of garment laborers in
factories across Cambodia - which exports 70 percent of the garments
manufactured there to the US - were reported to be suddenly and
mysteriously falling to the ground, unconscious. Hundreds at a time -
sometimes less, although sometimes more. Workers at many scenes reported
foul smells, difficulty breathing. Halting investigations took place at
select plants by various parties involved: government officials; labor
unions; human rights groups; business associations; monitoring
organizations-Permit for NATO Protest Granted, but Fight Not Over, Say
Organizers "'Within sight and sound of the summit' was the demand of a
coalition of anti-war activists, Occupiers and union members ready to
protest the enforcers of the global 1 percent when they come to Chicago for
the NATO summit. After a weeks-long back and forth with the city, the
protesters finally won their permit-Taxpayers Shouldn't Stand for Subsidies
to Big Oil "By some estimates, getting rid of all the planet's fossil-fuel
subsidies could get us halfway to ending the threat of climate change. Many
of those subsidies, however, take the form of cheap, subsidized gas in
petro-states, often with impoverished populations - as in Nigeria, where
popular protests forced the government to back down on a decision to cut
such subsidies earlier this year. In the U.S., though, they're simply
straightforward presents to rich companies, gifts from the 99% to the 1%."-
Violence Worsening in Syria in Spite of Pledge, Spasms of fierce new
fighting, some just miles from Syria's capital, the conflict was
getting worse - contradicting assurances by the Syrian government to a
special diplomatic envoy that it was complying with his cease-fire plan,
reflected the deep doubts harbored among many nations that President Bashar
al-Assad of Syria intends to keep his word-Beware of Austerity's Vicious
Circle, even in a deeply depressed economy, has involved a sort of
macroeconomic version of Pascal's wager. Yes, the more open-minded admit,
borrowing costs are very low in the United States and Britain. Yes, the
arithmetic suggests that cutting spending now will do very little to
improve long-run fiscal prospects. But you never know - maybe the last
trillion dollars of spending will be what causes a sudden loss of market
confidence, turning you into Greeeeeeece. (Cue scary noises.)"krugman-
self dealing leaders in the Army, who arranged for this favorable treatment
of KBR, at the time a subsidiary of Halliburton. We will lead you through
the actions and the consequences of these actions and the effects on the
troops and the Army budget -RPA), may soon be inescapable. For the most
part, however, drones fly outside the radar of public scrutiny,
Congressional oversight or international control. In the seven years that
the CIA and US military have deployed killer drones, the US Congress has
never once debated the new commitment to drone operations. Although the CIA
and the US military now routinely direct intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance-Banksters and technocrats pushing austerity in Greece now
have blood on their hands, the corruption of American capitalism by
Reaganomic deregulation is on full display at Hostess Brands company-
fracking may have unique impacts on women. Chemicals used in fracking have
been linked to breast cancer and reproductive health problems and there
have been reports of rises in crimes against women in some fracking 'boom'
towns-Iran's Revolution and the Global Politics of Resistance, Economic &
Political Weekly: "In the euphoria over the 'Arab Spring,' which has
brought revolutions to the doorsteps of autocratic regimes that only last
year seemed unflappable in their resolve to keep the aspirations of their
peoples suppressed-Honey bees help pollinate 1 in every 3 bites that we eat
They are vital in our agricultural industry and essential for the
survival of the almost 7 billion people who inhabit this planet. And, as
the world's population continues to grow, so does our reliance on honey
bees-Anti-Drug Adviser to Mexican President Paid $450,000 a Month by
Cartels "Mexican President Felipe Calderon has turned a US-motivated war on
drugs into a bloodbath for the citizens of his nation. Despite his public
fervor to 'cleanse' Mexico of the cartels, his key anti-drug adviser from
2006 to 2008 received $450,000 a month in bribes from drug kingpins. That's
more than $5 million a year-canvassing the neighborhood where the shooting
took place to hear what witnesses and neighbors have to say. According to
Sutton, witnesses say the officer appeared intoxicated that night and was
known by neighbors to have been drunk most of the time. Witnesses also say
the off-duty officer approached the park in an unmarked car dressed in
plain clothes while yelling belligerently at the crowd to 'shut up.' More
importantly, they say he never identified himself as a police officer-
Kraft Foods Joins Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Leaving Corporate Front Group ALEC
Suzanne Merkelson, Republic Report: "Citizen groups, led by Color of
Change, have pressured the corporations that fund ALEC to quit the group,
arguing that the popular consumer companies should not back laws harmful to
the communities in which their shareholders, employees, and customers live
and work. Last week, the editors of Republic Report, along with Color of
Change, Rebuild The Dream, and Center for Media and Democracy wrote to the
20 corporations on ALEC's board asking them to stop supporting this
controversial group."  Truthout:The Torture Memo Bush Tried to Destroy
Salon/Mitt Romney Doubles Down on Medicare Distortions tpm/Father of
Loud Jim Marshall, who invented one of rock & roll's enduring innovations,
the Marshall amplifier, has died at age 88/Bahraini authorities released
Saturday the daughter of a human rights activist who has drawn
international attention and widespread protests with a hunger strike that
he's sustained for nearly two months. striking to protest the life sentence
he received for his alleged role in the anti-government unrest that
continues to embroil his country, Demonstrators and Bahraini authorities
have continued to clash in recent months, with the opposition accusing the
government of using heavy-handed tactics/Why The Right Should Fear ‘The
Hunger Games’ Even with the politically watered down version in the
theater, this movie (and its inevitable sequels) does not paint the right
in a flattering light ignorance
of the public to the truth about war. War is fought for Oil, Resources and
Power, especially the POWER to enact a FORCED REGIME CHANGE. Libya, just
like Iraq, wanted to use gold to trade their oil. What would that have done
to the US Dollar? Let's hope one can make the connection. Gaddafi gave his
people free housing, education, electricity, etc. Regardless to how he
ruled HIS land, that regime change thing was ILLEGAL and continues to be
ILLEGAL. The TV News sold you a LIE and if you continue to fall for the
lie, please be sure the Syria and Iran are next on the list. Today, NATO
Occupies the Oil Fields of Libya. Research it yourself and stop listening
to the REAL weapon of mass destruction....YOUR TV!!!/most respected teacher
Fang Lizhi has died," "I am immensely sad. I hope that the Chinese people
will forever remember him, that in our history there was thinker named Fang
(Lizhi) who inspired a 1989 generation and awakened the people to aspire or
human rights and democracy Fang 76.died Friday in Tucson, Arizona,
according to Wang Dan, a prominent student leader of the 1989 Tiananmen
Square student protests./Supreme Court Justice may be impeached by the
House of Representatives and removed from office if convicted in a Senate /
Intuit Is Now The Fourth Company To Drop Voter Suppression Group ALEC
Software company Intuit, the makers of programs such as Turbo Tax and
Quicken, announced today that they will join Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Kraft
as the fourth company to end their partnership, ALEC is one of the leading
proponents of so-called Voter ID legislation that potentially
disenfranchises millions of low-income, minority, student and elderly
voters in an effort to exclude groups that tend to vote Democratic from the
franchise have come to trust memory over history.
Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable while history serves only those
who seek to control it, those who douse the flame of memory in order to put
out the dangerous fire of truth. Beware these men for they are dangerous
themselves and unwise. Their false history is written in the blood of those
who might remember and of those who seek the truth. ~Floyd 'Red Crow'
Westerman/70% of murders in America are gun-related, which amounts to 9000
(in addition to 56 exotic animals). Only 39 gun-related murders were
reported in the UK last year/Protecting Psychologists Who Harm: The APA's
Latest Wrong Turn "Shortly after learning about the American
Psychological Association's (APA) late February announcement of its new
Member-Initiated Task Force to Reconcile Policies Related to Psychologists'
Involvement in National Security Settings, I found my thoughts turning to
the School of the Americas, Blackwater and perhaps even more surprisingly,
the Patagonian toothfish. Those may seem like a strange threesome, but they
share one important thing in common. All have undergone a thorough
repackaging and renaming in a marketing effort aimed at obscuring - but not
altering - some ugly truth-Limits on Lobbyists as Hosts? "Tough new limits
proposed on the way special interests could court executive branch
officials have prompted a fierce counterattack from lobbyists who fear they
will end a cherished Washington ritual: hosting federal workers at events
like conferences, cocktail parties, galas and movie screenings, would
extend restrictions now on political appointees to more than two million
government workers-French energy company Total estimates that its North Sea
Elgin field gas well is leaking about 200,000 cubic meters of natural gas
per day … If the gas continues escaping at that rate, and all of it reaches
the atmosphere, it would approximate the annual global warming impact of
35,000 Americans Truthout:
4612/Feds cut pay of execs at bailed out firms WASHINGTON - The federal
government has ordered executives at three companies bailed out by U.S.
taxpayers during the 2008 financial crisis to take a pay cut. The Treasury
Department says nearly 70 executives at American International Group
CBS/AP)-Five people in southern China have been charged for taking a
17-year-old boy’s kidney in exchange for an iPad and an iPhone.-As the
judiciary and the Obama administration trade legal barbs over the high
court's authority, the idea that health care coverage, largely considered a
universal right in Europe, could be deemed an affront to liberty is
baffling.-Gingrich Group LLC, doing business as the Center for Health
Transformation, filed for bankruptcy-Mexican drug gangster of the Juárez
cartel Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez pleaded guilty in El Paso, who is
blamed for more than 1,500 killings including that of a US consulate
employee has been sentenced to life in prison by an American court.-
Wisconsin committing criminal election fraud  Six fake Democrats running in
upcoming recall primaries to push back the election date in Wisconsin are
violating the law-A big fat tip or tainted drug money? Police in Moorhead,
Minnesota, will return a $12,000 tip they seized from a struggling local
waitress reuters/Look for FDA OK A quarter-century after the FDA approved
the first prescription drugs based on the main psychoactive ingredient in
marijuana, additional medicines may be heading to pharmacies ‘Congress Would Get More Done If There Were More
Women’-Obama has recently passed a message to Iran's Supreme Leader
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,  the United States would agree to an Iranian
civilian nuclear program if they proved Haaretz)
Lawmakers in Vermont are looking to regulate food labels so customers can
know which products are made from genetically modified crops, but
agricultural giants Monsanto threatens the sue the entire state of Vermont
if the state follows through /Soros is very, very rich, and he’s
also a soulless sociopath, an inhumane left-wing extremist who collaborated
with the Nazis in his youth.Feels No Remorse For Collaborating With Nazis
During WWII to Send His Fellow Jews to the Death Camps,  send them to their
tragic deaths to spare himself.Steal Their Property. betrayed other Jews
and helped steal their property and he doesn’t feel any guilt about it.
eath-camps-steal-their-property/ /Whatever the reason,
the Georgia native had a blunt assessment about the rapid-fire questioning
from his colleagues during recent hearings on the nation's health care law.
The queries weren't helpful to him in deciding the case,  suggested his
loquacious colleagues should do more listening and less talking. "I don't
see where that advances anything, his introverted nature that keeps him
from interrupting attorneys during oral arguments, Supreme Court Justice
Clarence Thomas-Apparently Clarence is a stickle(R) for form, since he's
already completed the function of decision, before he even enters the court
-oral argument is the last chance for each side to: clear up key issues;
bring new developments or law to the attention of the court; and, most
imporant, answer questions from the judges about issues they don't
understand, or which the briefing did not make clear. So Justice Thomas is
right on the money. Sit back. Listen. And THEN, courteously ask pertinent
questions. One would think that the judges in the highest court in the land
would know that already-He's not paid to think, only to do his corporate
handlers bidding/OBAMA used a public speaking opportunity to chastise the
Supreme Court over any ruling that would overturn his signature health care
law/New data shows Washington has given more than 115 billion dollars in
financial aid to Israel over the years, indicating Tel Aviv’s great
dependence on the US. Israel has received more assistance from the US than
15 European countries did to recover from the devastation caused during
World War II. More than 67 billion dollars of the Washington's aid to
Israel has been in military, the US has allocated 3.1 billion dollars,
around one-fifth of its defense budget, to Israel this year alone.

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