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62610//“Now, Congress will have to pay for what it spends, just like everybody else,” Obama said in his radio and Internet address released Saturday morning. “After a decade of profligacy, the American people are tired of politicians who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to fiscal responsibility. It’s easy to get up in front of the cameras and rant against exploding deficits. What’s hard is actually getting deficits under control. But that’s what we must do.”/For the benefit of the Gulf, you are requested to use the healing
prayer of water scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto:
"I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the
living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.
To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons,
corals, algae, and all living creatures...
I am sorry.
Please forgive me. /Impound- seize- confiscate - Make use of EVERYONE'S OIL SKIMMERS/oil on crops does not hurt, we used to spray it diluted with water on the fields to keep the bugs works great..still sneak it in now and then if Mr. EPA is not close. Its a lot cheaper then Monsanto's pesticides...those are in effect the same stuff./
Jupiter Is Missing His Belt, Do You Have It?May 21, 2010; 12:44 PM ET
Has Jupiter's Southern Equatorial Belt really gone missing?
/Could the habitability of Earth-like planets with normal circular orbits be seriously affected (and even made non-existent) by neighboring giant planets with odd orbits?/Astronomers are reporting today the discovery of a planetary system way out of tilt, where the orbits of two planets are at a steep angle to each other. This surprising finding will impact theories/62410/he invention of lying rick gervis/ Possible Terror Stash Found in Car Near G-20
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Police make an arrest after searching a car and finding a chain saw, a baseball bat and containers of gasoline near the G-20 site in Toronto, /Paul McCartney just can't let it be.

The former Beatle predicted in an interview that the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico might expedite a move to cleaner, renewable energy sources in the world. / Is Coming Out as a Bisexual in Hollywood Safer Than Just Saying You're Gay?

June 24, 2010 / Judge who ruled against oil drilling moratorium has investments in the oil industry./Tuesday, BP collected a total of 27,090 barrels, the company said on its website. The British oil giant flared 10,425 barrels of oil and captured 16,665 barrels of oil./if FNM and FRE go BK, then the Great Recession we just went through last year is gonna feel like a joyride compared to what we'll be facing. There is way too much at stake in these entities to let them go by the wayside. If that is allowed to happen, then brace yourself for the tidal wave of collapse that will follow./a Saudi court has convicted four women and 11 men for mingling at a party and sentenced them to flogging and prison terms.The men, who are between 30 and 40 years old, and three of the women, who are under the age of 30, were sentenced to an unspecified number of lashes and one or two year prison terms each.The fourth woman, a minor, was sentenced to 80 lashes and was not sent to prison.//JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's defense minister criticized on Tuesday a plan to raze 22 Palestinian homes to make room for an Israeli tourist center in disputed east Jerusalem after the U.S. expressed concern that the project could incite violence/Can Petraeus Win the War?
"Runaway General" writer Michael Hastings on whether President Obama's decision will solve the real problem in Afghanistan/ The housing market is like a giant tapeworm residing in the body of our economy.//62210//The Runaway General
Stanley McChrystal, Obama's top commander in Afghanistan, has seized control of the war by never taking his eye off the real enemy: The wimps in the White House/We do have a group of people (if you want to call them that) who think other people's money belongs to them. They are the greedy corrupt rich and wealthy corporate bosses. It's how they got rich. Stupid people don't understand that they lie cheat and steal to get it, and they call themselves American's./another group who BORROW's money to pay for wars while giving tax breaks to the wealthy and leaving the bill for our kids./Did you know that there is a known underground bunker 20 miles away? Could that be what the "20 mile baggage tunnel" is really for? It is funded by really rich clients./The sooner we face reality-- that --like Katrina--which was the practice run for this event---they have no intentions of either ending the situation or cleaning it up---the sooner we can face the truth--as devestating as it is. Once we are dealing with the truth it becomes much easier to find answers rather than continuing on this path of self deception.
/Games theorists have suggested, in other contexts, the development of "blood

games" for the effective control of individual aggressive impulses. It is an ironic

commentary on the current state of war and peace studies that it was left not to

scientists but to the makers of a commercial film to develop a model for this

notion, on the implausible level of popular melodrama, as a ritualized manhunt.

More realistically, such a ritual might be socialized, in the manner of the

Spanish Inquisition and the less formal witch trials of other periods, for

purposes of "social purification," "state security," or other rationale both

acceptable and credible to postwar societies. /Oily Rain in Central Texas

We collect rain water. Today when it rained, this was the first time we saw discolored dark amber colored rain. It was a bit sudsy too. It also had a crude oil like smell. It was nasty. We have pictures, but we're afraid to post them./Eugene island is a submerged geological feature like an underwater
mountain 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana. The landscape is littered
with deep fissures and faults which gush large amounts of oil and gas. A
platform named Eugene Island 330 was producing 15,000 barrels of oil in
the early 1970's. By the late 80's, the flow has reduced to 4,000
barrels a day. Then suddenly a mysterious thing happened. Production at
Eugene Island 330 suddenly jumped back to 13,000 barrels a day. The
reserve was refilled just like that. It is estimated the reserves went
from 60 million barrels to 400 million barrels in a few days time.
Something very strange is happening under the Gulf of Mexico.
What happened at Eugene Island supports the growing theory that oil
is renewable from deep Earth processes. But don't let the general
population know this. This aids to explain why the Middle East oil
feilds seem to be inexhaustable. /various branches of mathenatics also have rules for
proofs- and their order. not only that , the ancient greeks specified the order
of proofs in their treatises on logic & deduction, which are used as the basis
for western science.///62110//A police officer and two other men, including the son of Dallas' police chief, were killed in shootings at a suburban Dallas apartment complex When the officer arrived, an exchange of gunfire erupted and the officer was killed.His name hasn't been released, but Lancaster Police Chief Keith Humphrey said late Sunday that he was a 37-year-old father of two and a five-year police veteran.
"We're heartbroken, and his family is devastated," Humphrey said. "(He was) one of the best people, one of the top officers in the department. Very caring, very giving, selfless, hard worker."The officer was the department's first to be fatally shot in the line of duty, One of the other two men killed was David O'Neal Brown Jr., the adult son of Dallas' police chief, said Dallas Police Assistant Chief Charles Cato. He didn't specify whether Brown was killed before police arrived or during the officer-involved shooting.The third victim hasn't been identified.The Dallas Morning News reported that Brown, 27, was arrested on suspicion of selling marijuana in Waxahachie in 2003, but pleaded no contest and was convicted of a misdemeanor./World Health Organization on Friday issued its first-ever guidance on how to use more than 240 essential medicines for children under 13/

Indoor and outdoor tanning can be dangerous, because the same ultraviolet radiation that provokes a tan also damages DNA. In fact, exposure to the mid-day sun can produce as many as 40,000 DNA errors an hour, said Regina Santella, a professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University's/Protecting our country for eight years?? Are you kidding me?? What the heck was 9/11?? Is that your idea of protecting?? What about all of our service men and women who have lost thier lives in his wars that that are based on lies?? What about the "Patriot Act" that shreds our constitution?? Is that what makes you feel safe, having your freedom taken away from you?? The only thing Bush did right for eight years is not choke to death on a pretzel!!!//61910///Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all. Aristotle//61810/Mr. Reagan's "trickle down" economic lie in action once again. The only thing trickling down from the top of the economic heap is figuratively speaking, the excrement./Hours before the president's press conference, an ominous plume of oil six miles wide and 22 miles long was discovered snaking its way toward Mobile Bay from BP's wellhead next to the wreckage of its Deepwater Horizon rig. Admiral Thad Allen, the U.S. commander overseeing the cleanup, framed the spill explicitly as an invasion: "The enemy is coming ashore," he said. Louisiana beaches were assaulted by blobs of oil that began to seep beneath the sand; acres of marshland at the "Bird's Foot," where the Mississippi meets the Gulf, were befouled by shit-brown crude – a death sentence for wetlands that serve as the cradle for much of the region's vital marine life. By the time Obama spoke, it was increasingly evident that this was not merely an ecological disaster. It was the most devastating assault on American soil since 9/11. the government has allowed BP to continue deep-sea production at its Atlantis rig – one of the world's largest oil platforms. Capable of drawing 200,000 barrels a day from the seafloor, Atlantis is located only 150 miles off the coast of Louisiana, in waters nearly 2,000 feet deeper than BP drilled at Deepwater Horizon. According to congressional documents, the platform lacks required engineering certification for as much as 90 percent of its subsea components – a flaw that internal BP documents reveal could lead to "catastrophic" errors. In a May 19th letter to Salazar, 26 congressmen called for the rig to be shut down immediately. "We are very concerned," they wrote, "that the tragedy at Deepwater Horizon could foreshadow an accident at BP Atlantis."/White House has come out swinging against Congressman Joe Barton, R-Texas, who this morning apologized to BP//61710/Bending over for Big Oil became the ideological posture of the Bush White House, and, under Cheney's cruel whip, the practice trickled down through the regulatory bureaucracy. The Minerals Management Service -- the poster child for "agency capture phenomena" -- hopped into bed with the regulated industry -- literally. A 2009 investigation of the Minerals Management Service found that agency officials "frequently consumed alcohol at industry functions, had used cocaine and marijuana and had sexual relationships with oil and gas company representatives." According to the Minerals Management Service, 18 of 39 blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico since 1996 were attributed to poor workmanship injecting cement around the metal pipe. Halliburton is currently under investigation by the Australian government for a massive blowout in the Timor Sea in 2005 caused by its faulty application of concrete casing.
The Obama administration has assigned nearly 2,000 federal personnel from the Coast Guard, the Corps of Engineers, the Department of Defense, the Department of Commerce, EPA, NOAA and Department of Interior to deal with the spill -- an impressive response. Still, the current White House is not without fault -- the government should, for example, be requiring a far greater deployment of absorbent booms. But the real culprit in this villainy is a negligent industry, the festering ethics of the Bush Administration and poor oversight by an agency corrupted by eight years of grotesque subservience to Big Oil.
Global Research Articles by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
/It takes 250 tons of nat­ural ura­nium with 1.7 tons of U-235 for a gigawatt year of energy. We do this by turn­ing this ura­nium into 35 tons of enriched ura­nium con­tain­ing 1.15 tons of U-235. This is the actual fis­sion­able fuel. 2. This leaves about 215 tons of “depleted ura­nium”, the stuff called “DU” used in weapons. It has very low radioac­tiv­ity but is dan­ger­ous as a heavy metal. This 35 tons of enriched ura­nium cre­ates 1 gigawatt year of power.//61510///top leaders of the American Outlaws Association motorcycle gang, 27 people in total, were arrested on charges including attempted murder.../serious erronious/ arnoldnB/trade group representing hedge funds nearly doubled its lobbying budget. Investment companies poured 36% more onto Capitol Hill in Q1 2010 over the first quarter of 2009, $28.1 million in all. Finance and credit companies ponied up $10.4 million, a 26% increase in Q1 2010 over Q1 2009, while the insurance industry upped its lobbying spending by 6%, $43.5 million in total.

But it appears that when it comes to lobbying, Wall Street has fewer boots on the ground. The sector employs only 2,106 lobbyists now, 22% fewer than it did last year./Midlevel executives and those just starting out might put up with more -- "they're caught up in the lifestyle and have a big mortgage and now their income is down 80%," said Sorbera. "They'll put up with a boss who talks in baby talk." When presented with that exact prospect, FINS readers were split right down the middle with 50% "signing" and 50% "declining."

"I'd rather deal with a baby-talking boss than a mean one," was Yip's assessment. Rive, however, is a bit pickier. "Only if he's some sort of eccentric genius, then its OK," he said. "But not if it's some creepy fetishist thing." /home foreclosures continues unabated except by moratorium imposed. Federal modification programs continue to be “intentionally” inadequate. The key is mortgage bond fraud cover-ups. Forecasts call for much worse foreclosures in the current 2010 year. Retail delinquency rose 72 basis points and stands currently at 5.24% that increase was 50% higher than any increase in the History of Retail.
Office delinquency rose 34 basis points. And the Multi-family delinquency rate now stands at 8.77%, a 63 base point increase. Hotel delinquency rate increased 75 base points to the 9.92% level.
Banks are positioning themselves for commercial loses, by shifting as much of Residential Loans to Fannie Mae as possible./BP oil “spill” in the Gulf of Mexico may be an intentional
“false flag” event in the genre of disaster capitalism, with the
“environmental war” purpose of wrecking the environment of the Gulf of
Mexico and the eastern United States and causing economic and social
hardship to the population, and possible physical evacuation into FEMA camps
operated by
Halliburton/insider trading in BP stock by Goldman Sachs
and an insider corporate takeover by Halliburton three weeks prior to the
oil spill. On June 9, 2010, investigative reporters Sherri Kane (a former
reporter with Fox News) and Leonard G. Horowitz
“Three weeks before the "natural gas leak," the George Bush/Dick
9-11-linked Halliburton company negotiated the purchase of the world's
largest oil-spill cleanup firm (Boots & Coots) at the exact time keen
observers on Wall Street--financial intelligence agents at Goldman Sachs
unloaded 44% of their stock in BP. Goldman Sachs is covertly invested in the
Bush-Cheney-linked Halliburton Company according to veteran observers.
Goldman Sachs and Halliburton both had massive financial incentives to cause
the profitable explosions--the three 9-11 WTC building demolitions, and the
most recent ‘accident’ in the Gulf.”/mainstream press says nothing about AIPAC because the mainstream press, like
AIPAC is owned and operated by a group of people called "Zionists". Be careful
to distinguish between the words "Jews" and "Zionists". If you hear someone tell
you that the media is controlled by "Jews" you're hearing the voice of
anti-Semitism. The media is controlled by six US corporations whose management
and major stockholders are comprised mainly of wealthy Zionists./Federal Judge Stephen Robinson said that violated the Voting Rights Act, and he approved a remedy suggested by village officials: a system called cumulative voting, in which residents get six votes each to apportion as they wish among the candidates. He rejected a government proposal to break the village into six districts, including one that took in heavily Hispanic areas."That was very strange," Arthur Furano, 80, said after voting. "I'm not sure I liked it. All my life, I've heard, `one man, one vote.'"It's the first time any municipality in New York has used cumulative voting, said Amy Ngai, a director at FairVote, a nonprofit election research and reform group that has been hired to consult. The system is used to elect the school board in Amarillo, Texas, the county commission in Chilton County, Ala., and the City Council in Peoria, Ill.//61410//Curtis DoebblerThe siege on Gaza is a violation of norms of international
humanitarian law. No state can justify the use of force to perpetuate an illegal
situation,/Benedict XVI begged forgiveness Friday from clerical abuse
victims for the sins of priests and promised to ``do everything possible'' to
ensure prelates don't rape or molest children ever again.//worst fears have been realized. If this link is true and the oil is coming through the sea floor, they have either blown out the formation or blown out the cement (which we know they did anyway to get the blowout to occur). I am beginning to realize why they have not wanted toclose the valves on the cap. The more theyclose it, the more oil is going to come up through the sea floor, next to the well casing. I listed 12 points in my attached article. The really big concern here is that their directional wells are now pointless. They are GUARANTEED to fail because you can not pump mud or cement into a blown out well. It just does not set with oil and gas roaring past.//Who Owns BP? Biggest Shareholder is JPMorgan Chase and Global Ultimate Owner” of the oil giant, as it owns 28.34% of BP. Next, at 7.99%, is Legal and General Group, a British-based financial
services company with assets of more than $350 billion. Another U.S. investment
firm, BlackRock Inc., owns 7.1% of BP. /Aithiopia/Ethiopia: was the Greek name for Nubia. Since the people in Nubia were much darker skinned than the Egyptians, the Greeks
called them Aithiopes ("Burnt-Faced Ones"), and their land, they called
Aithiopia ("Land of the Burnt Faces")./death row cell mate, David Hammer, confirmed that McVeigh was working for the US Military in a secret operation designed to discredit the growing American Patriot Movement. He was to pose as a right wing American Patriot and so when the bombing took place he would be quickly caught and American Patriots would be discredited. It was important that a lot of people died in the event to have the desired effect on public opinion. This interview is archived for free at GCN Live, Friday, May 14, 2010 Hour 2 and the first few minutes of hour 3./Bill Clinton (some claim is the son of Winthrop Rockefeller of the ruling Illuminati family in North America) gave the Freemason’s “Anti-Defamation League” the right to define and educate the government about terrorism. (Ex see “Texas Training Pamphlet: 'Nice Guys' Who Wear Levis & Travel With Children Likely Terrorists”)//
Dr. Castle developed
AmeriHaz, in 1996, which is a polymeric mixture that solidifies crude
oils, hydrocarbons, and other petrochemical contaminants. This must be
considered to try and save parts of the Gulf Coast. James Fox reports Gulf Oil Spill Media Blackout and Arrests being made