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32813/mario discusses eating balls with joy and dark meat on top with lizzy and daphney

whitehate (usa) ok let me get this straight. you can talk german. you dont like the idea of people from mexico coming here. and you have to get up in the winter to go work. this should b the voice of one person. the whitetrash voice. first to complain when they get the shit end of the stick. came from europe to sodomize humanity. you are the same people that voted for obama to come infiltrate this country. all becuz yer ignorant. one thing u need to realize is that mexico usa and canada are one country now. u r too busy crying to see the big picture. eventually the whole world will b one country. its the goal of who evr is in charge of this mess. so do yerself a favor. quit moaning about shit u cant control. you hate anyone not white but yer first in line at tacobell. a mature soul has no hate. when this is everyone, only then will the planet b in harmony. quit prolonging the inevitable. u with yer crystal meth and yer fukn tattoos have no idea what is goin on. so u come here to proclaim yer idiocy to the world. like everyone from mexico is the cause of all your problems? thats jus plain childish. they are the hardest working ethnicity on earth. the white parasite invented the trailerpark. so heres some advice yer sorry ass. find jesus and crawl out of hitlers nutsak and look for a way to occupy yer time without boring me to death  cl/ bama Recovery: Dozens Camp Out Overnight For Free Food From CHICK-FIL-A... in a lib sewer! sacramento.cbslocal granite bay/ Rally Like a Broken Record (skipping?) as S&P Scores New High CNBC/Obama is to blame for what is happening in Cyprus-As a life long LOSER, I have an urgent need to FULLY ENGAGE in futility-Obama is FULLY ENGAGED on the issues of gun control, immigration and same-sex marriage-Obama plans to confiscate the landslide land in Washington state. I just finished tea bagging my goat, so I thought I'd post some more moronic drivel ybac/In Praise of Obama Even as I type, I see your teeth as you want to snarl at me. Just imagine that this economy had been in the dumps: who would you blame? Obama, of course. Now that the economy has surpassed all the previous marks, please find the goodness in your heart to give the president's policies of the past 4 years a thumbs up. That will make your critique of him credible. I know you will come out with the line that it's the private sector that blah, blah, blah. Yes, but why won't you also blame the private sector for a bad economy. Moreover, just imagine that Romney had won! By now, everyone would be saying that the new highs are the result of whatever Romney had done in these two months. I don't like some of Obama's SOCIAL policy ideas, but I believe he's handled the economy VERY WELL yc/ More than any other entity GS has brought disgrace to the chosen- Fewish law in the USA gsisraellthelyingherd-OPEC ROBBING US BLIND-Helen Thomas, mel Gibson, jimmy Carter had it right-A much needed review of the chosen Americans are told from their cradles to their graves that their country is the "land of the free," the "home of free speech," the nation in which the citizenry is able to question and challenge all forms of social and political influence. Our democratic philosophy allows for the political and moral legitimacy of criticism of the Jews as a group, an established social and political power in the United States. In concurrence with the democratic principles of our society, it is morally and politically correct to offer criticism of #$%$ and its politico-cultural power, potency of the charge of anti-Semitism, its ability to silence critics of the Jews, The charge of anti-Semitism is a Jewish sword and shield. A Jewish sword, it is an ad hominem attack on any critic of the Jews. By focusing on the critic's character, it induces people to reject his assertions on Jewish behavior out of hand, without fair examination. In our society almost every form of social and political power has its share of critics. The government bureaucracy, the so called military industrial complex, the CIA, Big Business, the Catholic Church, Christian fundamentalists, the oil companies, Ronald Reagan, the political Left, the political Right: all have their outspoken critics. reigning cultural conventions demand that we label him "anti-Semitic." Our democratic philosophy allows for the political and moral legitimacy of criticism of the Jews as a group. If all forms of social and political influence have their tolerated, even respected critics, then let the critic of Jewish influence speak openly. By the canons of our free society, even #$%$ should ultimately benefit from an open discussion of the power of Jews in politics, economics, and culture in modern America. ygs/samesex marriage conundrum continues on holy week, defending sarahpac bandwagon, bb oconnors via geraldo/sandy hook details 26 killed in 5 minutes 150 rounds shot, police burnout another holdout on wabc/mario discusses eating balls with joy and dark meat on top with lizzy and daphney the chew guys, on view

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32413/banksters worse than armies

32413/Paraphrasing Jefferson: That banksters are worse than standing
armies and will rob everyone of their money to subordinate all to them
and their dumbing down, evil, deplorable and tyrannical judeo/xtian
empire religion over the plane. Existence is a living program. Programs
are for the enjoyment of the programmer and not the happiness of the
constituents of the program. Xtians are absolutely wacky. Existence is a
joke and nightmare where best we can do is get away from yahweh&JC* which
is impossible to do, or plead for non existence, or are fortunately
terminated for all eternity once we die after miserable lives here and
association with evil. Its obvious yj are evil and feign goodness to get
our alliegance, where satan is really a freedom fighter in futile attempt
all eternity to make yj good. Evil is stronger than goodness or wouldnt
be a reality type at all. The evil yj feigners and poseurs either play
with us eternally or keep creating new generations of beings, and evil
satan freedom fighters, to play with eternally. yc poseurs of goodness,
For evil masochist yj there is nothing too terrible to inflict mankind
with and make endure even eternal damnation beyond rehabilitation and
reclaiming by evil masochist yj. Though that obviously defeats the whole
purpose of creating and existing. Where the the obvious cure for mankinds
condition is reversing the fall and granting an accessible and on demand
internal love organ like we have a sex organ. Evil S&M yj dont want that
because they never have granted it this world or the next. That tells us
yj are really evil, where satan was the real goodness and freedom
fighter, given a bad name and rap, fighting the impossible task of
converting the much stronger S&M yahweh and JC to goodness. Evil is
always stronger because it still exists telling us thats the case-rbg/
god to francis: go heal my church ren/
32313/The official name for "ObamaCare" is the Patient Protection and the
Affordable Care Act, a bill signed into law to reform the health care
industry-a foreign man, who identified himself as Carlos, identified
himself as working for the Daily Caller, who came to the Dominican
Republic and paid him to arrange the recorded interviews, had offered him
$5,000 to find and pay women in the Caribbean nation willing to make the
claims about Menendez, information allegedly provided by the Dominican
lawyer, Melanio Figueroa, was false. two women, made with their faces
obscured, were posted in the fall on the Daily Caller Tucker Carlson runs
the Web site. They claimed Menendez agreed to pay them $500 for sex acts,
but in the end they each received only $100, Figueroa was on record with
another news outlet as saying the women he represented were telling the
truth about their initial allegations against Senator Menendez-rbg/
Israel gave Obama the highest award any civilian can receive, toasted him
and said he was more cooperative than ANY US POTUS, yet if you were
watching FOX news you would never have guessed how well received Obama
is by the political elite in Israel. Yet at FOX they headline Obama as an
"enemy of Israel"-award is laffable. It's in the same realm of things as
the bleeding heart Swedish socialist libs giving O'Bozo the Nobel Prize
for the sole reason he was black and just won the President's gig.
Socialists love other socialists, and Israel is socialist. Fox, Hannity,
and Christain fundamentalists have theri collective naive heads up their
collective azzes when it comes to Israel-thoughtful of Barack. At a time
when we cannot afford to house the homeless or feed the hungry here at
home, at a time when sequestration and doing without are being mandated,
Obama gives 200M precious tax dollars to Jordan (and others). he is
working hard at destroying America, bankrupting us, and causing as much
pain and suffering as he can-$8.8B Missing in Iraq 2004 FoxNews
Texas-based firm Halliburton, which was paid more than $1 billion of that
money to bring in fuel for Iraqi civilians. The monitoring board said it
had not been given access to U.S. audits-Perpetuating impunity for the
public officials implicated in these crimes. Any public officials who may
have authorised or helped in setting up such facilities should be held
accountable. There is now credible evidence to show that CIA 'black
sites' were located on the territory of Lithuania, Morocco, Poland,
Romania and Thailand, and that the officials of at least 49 other States
allowed their airspace or airports to be used for rendition
flights-skyrocketing costs of deploying US troops abroad. According to a
Congressional Research Service estimate (pdf), the average annual
operational cost per US soldier in Iraq was $462,000 between 2005 and
2009. To control costs and avoid imposing a draft, the US resorted to a
parallel army of private contractors, numbering 100,000 people or more at
the height of the war. Yet, this policy backfired, as private contractors
cost nearly as much and wasted millions, losing $12m a day between
the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only advantage they had was that
they allowed the American people to be lulled into thinking that the Iraq
war had cost them nothing. private military contracting help to turn the
population even more against the US, February 2012 revealed there were
109 separate private security companies, with 36,000 men under arms,
still operating in Iraq months after the American army had gone home.
While US attention has drifted from Iraq, the costs of this reckless war
are still being incurred. The American embassy in Baghdad remains a
heavily-armed fortress: a relic of the imperial ambition. dishonesty of
this approach is due to mismatch between our leaders and ourselves means
that our politicians will lie to us about running their wars on the cheap
while finding ways to pass on the costs to those not yet born. That
lesson should be remembered by any American who sees a future president
promise, as George Bush did, that such embarking on such a conflict today
will "lift a terrible threat from the lives of our children and
grandchildrens-rbhwsg/privatization is a eoimperalist dream, health,
education water, electricity are human rights hugo-Islam forbids alcohol,
but the west promotes it! "holy" Roman Catholic monks (crypto-Jews)
started brewing beer in monastries in Munich (Bavaria) Germany. Beer was
sold in internal taverns, as the monasteries hold the brewing- and
selling rights. Worth mentioning is also that the Bavarian prince had not
given them only both rights, but also exempted the monks from any taxes
to reward them for the extraordinary quality of their beer. ps. to
manipulate us 180%-TRAGIC and CRIMINAL!Baby Girl Vaccinated by FORCE is
NOW Austistic VoxRoxx-European Space Agency’s Planck mission has found
out some pretty cool new things about our universe, including/It's older
than we believed, at about 13.81 billion years, expanding more slowly
than we expected, made up of 4.9 percent normal matter, 26.8 percent dark
matter, and 68.3 percent dark energy-fb/Reblogged from The Diary of a
Lost Soul: Despite the fact that we live in The Modern World, a church in
Mississippi recently denied a couple the right to marry because they were
black bkg/Webster Griffin Tarpley,  book 911 Synthetic Terrorism, Made in
the USA" by a former CIA Officer-most of the terrorist acts since 9/11
and some prior to 9/11 were concocted by the FBI. They often look for
some pathetic patsy who claims he wants to commit a terrorist act but
does not have the brain capacity and the tools to carry it out. So in
comes the "helpful" FBI and helps the poor sucker with a plan and the
tools. And of course, he's caught and the FBI comes up smelling like
roses and ergo, the FBI gives themselves yet another raison d'etre (a
reason for its existence)-then miraculously save the day at the last
minute--Weekly Standard points to a government document showing a
$585,000 contract for Biden's stay at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand
hotel, also points to another government contract for London hotel stay
in early February. The contract, to the Hyatt Regency London, totaled
$459,339. An associated document with that contract said it was for 136
rooms for 893 room nights-aibafs/
32213/speaking to students, Obama said. "as a politician, I can promise
you this, Political leaders will never take risks if the people do not
push them to take some risks. You must create the change that you want to
see. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things, Peace is
Possible, Israel's not going anywhere,  But they need to find a way to
make peace. The only way to truly protect the Israeli people over the
long term is through the absence of war, because no wall is high enough
and no Iron Dome is strong enough or perfect enough to stop every enemy-
After reports of chemical attack, Graham and McCain want action against
Syria, the use of weapons of mass destruction by Bashar Assad is a 'red
line' for him that 'will have consequences, we would urge him to take
immediate action to impose the consequences he has promised abc/true
takers threatening the nation How rich moochers hurt America, Pro
manufacturing liberals and Main Street conservative populists should
unite against what the progressive economist Michael Hudson calls the
tollbooth economy in alliance with what James K. Galbraith calls the
predator state the overgrown FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate)
sector, Private sector parasites, wealthy landlords, lenders and
insurance providers By Michael Lind-I hope the GOP doesn't shorten their
primary process...I love a long drawn out freak show on parade for all
the see. The longer they're all on stage out batsheet crazy-ing each
other, the better. The freak show must go on. Gingrich, Santorum
Reportedly Had 'Unity Ticket' Plans To Topple Romney-teabagger plan: an
equal number of repubs and dems. should be battered and boiled in hot oil
and fed to pigs. Those who remain would then pay more positive attention
to conducting the people's business-his recent book America the Beautiful
published in 2012, he comes to the same conclusions, Like Obama, he
vilifies American insurance companies, skyrocketing healthcare costs
are Big Pharma and hospitals with their highly-paid executives. Why the
focus solely on the health insurance industry? The entire concept of for
profits for the insurance companies makes absolutely no sense. " I deny
that you need care and I will make more money." This is totally
ridiculous. The first thing we need to do is get rid of for profit
insurance companies, all health insurance companies should eventually
become non-profit service organizations with standardized, regulated
profit margins. Health Insurers will keep on doing this for as long as
they can get away with it. This is no secret, They're telling their
investors this, 'We are in the money. We are going to keep on making big
profits even though a lot of folks are going to be put under hardship We
have a lack of policies and we need to make the government responsible
for catastrophic healthcare. rbg/Mike Ludwig Depleted uranium used in
armor piercing munitions fired by US and coalition forces during both the
2003 invasion and the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq is an ongoing health risk for
civilians-Animal Slaughter Industry Making It Illegal to Show You
Cruelty, Including Veal Calves Skinned Alive. Mark Karlin, Ryan Magical
Mystery Chop, Dice and Slice Budget-BuzzFlash- Over 11 Years  NYC Cops
Spent One Million Hours on Marijuana Arrests Majority Arrested Black and
Latino Youth Marijuana arrests for a victimless act divert resources from
serious crime, to single out minority youths for entry into the prison
industrial complex-William Rivers Pitt, a certain miasmic symmetry to the
fact that America passed the 10 year anniversary of the onset of the Iraq
war in the same week that the assault weapons ban went down to dirty
defeat in Congress with nary a vote passed-Mike Lofgren, Big shots are
above the law, the government now admits, but a three-tiered justice
system has Congress churning out new bills to keep the prison industry
booming- Truthout/Warren: Minimum Wage Would Be $22 an Hour if Matched to
Productivity hp/Thom Hartmann, Cyprus should take a page out of the
Icelandic playbook and lock up the banksters- Walmart is illegally
targeting employees that took part in the Black Friday protests last
year; Culinary workers in Las Vegas are standing up to Casino owners with
acts of civil disobedience/Statutes of Limitations Are Expiring on Some
Bush Crimes The Nation/Tyrants at Home and AbroadOfficial America, as
embodied in our political system and national security state, now seems
to be thoroughly masculine, paranoid, quarrelsome, secretive, greedy,
aggressive and violence Ann Jones, TomDispatch/Roger Witherspoon, Japan
Focus, the victims of Japan’s Fukushima meltdown? In addition to the
thousands of Japanese citizens who paid a heavy price, US servicemen and
women of Operation Tomodachi were exposed to dangerous levels of
radiation with little preparation or protection/GOP, It's Not Just the
Message That Needs Changing nyt/Netanyahu apologized to Turkish Prime
Minister Recip Erdogan in a half-hour call over the killings of
protesters on a 2010 flotilla destined to Gaza-At least that's according
to Guggenheim Partners analyst Jaret (imakemoremoneyifyabelieve) Seiberg.
Senate will approve a measure that would require regulators to calculate
any subsidy that banks with more than $500 billion of assets receive from
the perception that they are too big to fail and then find a way without
taxing them to offset that advantage-Gingrich, Santorum plotted an
anti-Romney alliance,Duo discussed joining forces to knock Romney aside.
Here are the factors that killed their plan-Solar energy is growing in
popularity in the U.S. as costs drop, solar power is becoming competitive
with conventional power. cnbcmw/Pentagon City Rolex Theft: 23 Watches
Worth $600k Stolen hp/Top Senate Democrat Proposes Social Security Panel,
Deficit Reduction Andrew Taylor ap/estimate is that there are
more than 58,000 homeless senior citizens, Number to Double by 2050
disabledworld/we lost almost 4500 brothers and sisters,in iraq the
greatest political disaster in Americas history since the War of 1812.-
Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) about the sequester by admitting that Obama
'didn't want the cuts.'Jake Tapper CNN-1057000 people killed by fire
arms since lennon shooting-fb/ cbi manipulation? fbi, atf, texas rangers
conplicit, no reason to cancel high security alert. Investigator Tak
Landrock on 03/21/2013 found this image of Tom Clements's Craigslist Ad,
which he posted the day he was killed, DECATUR, Texas no hurry processing
evidence Suspect dead, byron ebil 28 white supremacist parolee is at the
center of an investigation in the murder of Tom Clements and a pizza
delivery man, led Texas authorities on a wild chase, Colorado
investigators examine suspect's Cadillac, krdo/ urbandictionary ebil 1)
Plesantly or cutely evil. 2) Slighly Evil But without malicious
intent/general sheldon, confirms deception of bush administration, on
geraldo/ emerging with new cosmetic line drew barrymore adopts yamaka on
the view/eu pushes cyprus back to plan a rt/or plan b france24/
32113/FAA), police in Arlington, Texas have been cleared to fly two small
helicopter drones, joining the countless other public entities that have
already been given permission to fly drones over the United States-fb/
andrew auernheimer sentenced 41 months for math-U.S government is
following a doctrine most closely aligned with Bolshevik Marxist
socialism and it's base in Socratic principles, all peoples are equal
even if mentally or physically handicapped or "genetically deficient" as
the beauty of the soul is what matters, not the body. The National
Socialists were very much opposed to this Socratic system, as Hitler
himself once said the principles of everyone being equal are an
"extremely dangerous ideology" to them as it damages or outright destroys
productive economics. Note: under Bolshevism everyone other than the
leadership was declared to be "equal", and if they chose not to behave as
an equal as defined by the Bolshevik leaders then they met the 'black
bag' KGB teams that arrived in the night to take them away for "re
education". That both systems are socialist in nature it is
understandable that with the very simplistic historical context the
average westerner has been provided today they can confuse the two
systems--Time to Reconsider, have you been knowingly or unknowingly
siding with the powerful dark globalist forces on this environmental
terror issue? Take time to think on your own and join us in exposing
these crimes. Exposing these crimes starts with exposing those who want
to defend the crime, which means anonymous bloggers who don’t want you to
think on your own so they resort to CIA mind control buzz words like
“conspiracy theory”. Every time you hear that term it should draw a red
flag in your mind to remind you that you are being manipulated by
government propaganda mind control goons who need you to stay uninformed
about the issue-activistpost/Now they're best buddies! Netanyahu
lavishes praise on Obama by claiming he has done 'more than any other
President' to help Israel defend itself-Israel will say anything to keep
their financial aid coming from the USA-His legacy mid east solution-
ygs/teabag ryan, The latest in the long line of walking, talking piles of
bull shit. You know what they say "money talks, bullshit walks", and this
man is exhibit A-fb/End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles of TruNews has found
more proof to bolster his case that President Obama is a demon: The
History Channels The Bible miniseries. Reacting to charges that the
character depicting Satan looks similar to Obama, Wiles believes God
guided the hand of the makeup artist and blinded the eyes of everybody on
the movie set while it was being recorded so that they wouldnt see the
resemblance, then, Wiles claims, God removed the spiritual blinders once
the program was broadcast nationally on the History Channel. He concludes
that this is yet another clue from Heaven that the man in the White House
is a devil from Hell. rightwingwatch, days before Passover, another
massive swarm of locusts have entered southern Israel. Mr. Obama is not
only facing a biblical plague of locust in the Middle East he is also
being compared to Satan--Marijuana sniffing dogs cannot no longer provide
probable cause that a suspect is engaged in criminal activity, because
the dogs are trained to alert when the suspect is doing something that is
no longer illegal under state law. As a result of this constitutional
dilemma, several Washington state police departments are retraining their
drug sniffing dogs--Australian Jew identified by the Australian media as
a 34-year-old Australian citizen, Ben Zygier, who moved to Israel from
Melbourne, who worked for Mossad' died in Israel after being held in
total isolation in a maximum-security jail dubbed Prisoner X-rbn/ daddy
of bb letter confirms racism is genetic sez arabs only know war, 60k new
settlements since 08, abbas proving jews can be rational, proving his
zionism, cynical, jaded, plenty of money for security, in a momemt of
clarity call for un intervention, on geraldo/rip harry reems, on
wabc/ratagan (former neonut) resurfaces helping veterans on the
chew/gitmo hunger strike day 44 top usbrass disagree-scottland fights for
independence- rt/
32013/Clapton Spans His Career on the third 50th Anniversary Tour. It was
a career overview spanning Cream, Derek and the Dominos, the Seventies
solo hits and beyond. Though he's been talking retirement, Slowhand
played like he's a long way from sunsetin Austin, Prince gave the crowd
fair warning. "Don't make me hurt you, you know how many hits I have?"
closing this year's SXSW in purple style rs/corrections chief executed by
a scum Saudi? Police looking at a possible connection between the
shooting death of the head of the state Department of Corrections and a
Saudi national who was recently denied transfer from a local prison back
to his home country.rbdn/The State of Israel has erected tall fences
around itself along her borders with Syria, Egypt, West Bank, etc and
more. What more glaring proof does the world need as proof that good
fences make good neighbors. The Palestinian two state solution ...faux
discussions about this baby step peace process, has been a dog pony show
ever since AnwarSadat got whacked in the parade stand. Israel will
forevermore be looking over its shoulder. During PBO's visit, Bibi said
something to the effect that Israel 's goal is to be able to stand on its
own, militarily and defensively, ALONE. If that isn't a proclamation
missed by the journalists, I don not know what is. Stand alone? Then get
the MFing AIPAC out of my American politics, Shlomo! rbg/