Friday, February 1, 2013

2113/mastermind Karl Rove

2113/Deadly Blast Strikes U.S. Embassy in Turkey- Forward!-WHAT
DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? yhal/only pure coincidence when a libtard speaks
the truth......everything out of their lying mouths is a narrative or
some other nonsense.....the ultimate purpose of their lies? First,
control your money and then control you, first they will disarm you-Obama
choomin, White House tonight watching Illinois vs Michigan State in
b-ball on ESPN, and griping because his "aides" can't bring his beer fast
enough or his weed needs to be better, and while his brothers be
strugglin', he'll tell us that "We're ALL in this together"..The
hypocrite doesn't know what "this" is.... "I got better weed than this in
Chicago for goodness sakes" he said. Nothing against weedheads, but for
President?-choomin has a long history of detrimental effects on the mind
and culture. The native americans were choomers. Their habit of getting
stoned wouldn't allow them to progress past the stone age. Charles Manson
was a choomer. His mind was all helter skelter. bonobo is a choomer. Look
what he did to our country. If it were mandatory that welfare recipients
be drug free like most work environments, the only people left on welfare
would be the very small percentage of the population; disabled, mentally
challenged, etc..who would actually be destitute without it. The lazy fat
ignorant bonobo phone bonobo stash bonobo supporters that currently make
up 90% of the welfare roll would be out on their keesters struggling
through a mentally challenging day of stocking groceries at Walmart-
Beyonce admits that she lip-synced the National Anthem how apropos..
everything about this administration is was the prior
administration..this one just sinks to new bottom feeding lows.. because
they can.. for the last two decades, at least. As I alluded to, because
the facade of the federal government has incrementally increased its
power, it will continue to reach new lows...that's a fact, Jack..and
though predictable, it is, as you say, pathetic..actually, beyond
pathetic- Without a clear cut honest PRESS...this is what you will have
for the next 4 years...The same as YOU got the first 4 years....No one to
call them out when they lie which is more often than not.That is how he
has remained so popular with his American base..which is 51% of the
voting people of America...Kind of pathetic..uhh?- yc/There are a lot of
things I don’t know about,” Hagel he said it was the policy of the Obama
administration to “contain” Iran — meaning it will allow Iran to get a
nuclear weapon and then try to box it in. Now, that is exactly what many
of us fear is the true policy of the Obama administration, especially in
light of Hagel’s appointment. For not only has Hagel spoken approvingly
of engaging with the Iranians, he has his own checkered history when it
comes to holding Iran to account. It includes voting against a 2007
resolution that declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps — perhaps
the world’s foremost trainer and funder of state-sponsored terrorism — a
terrorist organization. In trying to defend that vote yesterday, he said
he had done so (along with newly minted Secretary of State John Kerry)
because it was an assault on an “elected, legitimate” government — by
which he meant Iran’s theocracy. And because, he said, voting for the
resolution would have given the Bush administration a green light to go
to war with Iran. (Well, that ludicrous notion is in the past. What’s in
the present is that the stated policy of the Obama administration toward
the Iranian nuke is “prevention” — that it will not allow Iran to get the
bomb, period, and will do what is necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen.
So Hagel corrected himself, kind of: “I was just handed a note that I
misspoke — that I said I supported the president’s position on
containment. If I said that, I meant to say that” Whatever that means.)
Later he said he was sorry he’d called the Iranian government elected and
legitimate; rather, he should have said it was recognized. “I don’t
understand Iranian politics, we don’t have a position on containment.”
Hagel said — which would be understandable if, say, JOHN PODHORETZKhloe
Kardashian were testifying. But Hagel is going to be a key official
determining US policy toward Iran, and one would hope he’d bring a bit of
pre-existing knowledge to the table. He was also sorry to have said
Israel keeps the Palestinians “caged in like wild animals.” Oh, and he
didn’t mean to have drawn a moral equivalence between Israel and
Hezbollah by referring to “the sickening slaughter on both sides” during
a war inaugurated entirely by Hezbollah’s rockets. As for American
policy, he and his ex-friend Sen. John McCain got into quite a tussle
over the surge in Iraq, which Hagel described before it began as “the
worst foreign-policy disaster since Vietnam Defense secretary is “not a
policymaking position,” and because he has to work in consultation with
others and in service to the president, he won’t be “running anything,
when it came to America’s defenses. I intend to know a lot more than I
do.It doesn’t matter what I think, perhaps the most head-shaking comment
of the day, Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) begged to differ: “It matters what you
think,” she found herself saying-yip/20m unemployed malicia frances faux
tryout? on imus
Watch for other US cities and towns edge closer to a similar fate. Will
that also surprise MSM. Nice cover-up er I mean recovery CONS-25 ISRAEL
WAR PLANES ATTACKING SYRIA ww3-a card carrying member of the Sierra Club
and an ardent member of The Barry Buffoons Brigadeygs/banning democraps-
Interesting but as usual not fact based, however that never has stopped a
Teapublican yet. I do understand your desire to ban Democrats since they
have whipped the Teapublicans #$%$. America has always had bigiots and
fear mongers, but only in recent times has a political party endorsed
them as their base and pandered to their insanity. So, please keep
posting your BS since it does provide additional evidence to those with
the capability for rational thought to continue thier rejection of the
Teapublicans at the polls and will ensure that the Democrats take back
the house in 2014-jihadist website posted a new threat by AL QAEDA SAYS
WILL MAKE HORRENDOUS ATTACK ON AMERICA whitest_white translation was
obtained by Inside the Ring. The answer for it, in short: The coming
strikes by al Qaeda, with God’s Might, will be in the heart of the land
of nonbelief, America-Why are Teapublicans like they are? Paranoid
insecure white people want to hang on to their Trailers, I have no Idea
how Indians put up with Whites-How Long Can BAC Hide Huge Liabilities?
not long-should all come out in the upcoming stress test. Your right!!
Obama going to expose all those lying thieving Crackers and then you
fools are going to pay!!-Bush Friends misbehaving HORRENDOUS AL QAEDA
44,000 DOCTORS+THOUSANDS THAT QUIT When 43,000,000 newly insured, and
11,000,000 illegal aliens come to get health care, will a commensurate
amount of doctors to meet the new demand? There will instantly be a
doctors shortage of 44,000. It is estimated that on top of that, that 1
in 5 Doctors will quit their practice, as Government Red Tape drives them
PREMATURELY DIE!!!!!)-American public will now find out that once again
we are on the road to becoming Europe- It WON'T be obvious to Congress,
they have their own separate medical plan!- ybac/deepak Your work is an
act of worship. Pursue the goddess of wisdom and the goddess of abundance
will pursue you. Pursue excellence, ignore success. Always do your best,
but detach from the outcome/ Friends say a man in his early
20s was picking up one more of their group to go skating, when his GPS
took him to the wrong house and the homeowner allegedly shot him dead/
Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin writes, "What distinguishes
today's threats from those of the past are the escalating rate at which
they are occurring, and the growing interconnectedness of our planet."-
burgeoning interconnectedness has given the world many gifts, but has
also created many challenges. The consequences of a crisis in one area of
the world are no longer contained by borders or language or currency or
oceans. No longer can one nation that's doing relatively well afford to
ignore problems in other nations. In a sense it's like the converse of
the old saying "a rising tide lifts all boats." Now, one leaky boat can
have the power to actually lower the tide, and cause all the other
boats to run aground-Jack Murtha, another Vietnam vet, Hagel originally
voted for the war but turned against it after seeing how poorly it was
being handled, becoming disgusted with the Bush administration's
sugar-coating of the deteriorating situation. He broke ranks back in June
2005, appalled by Dick Cheney's claim that the insurgency was in its
"last throes": "Things aren't getting better; they're getting worse. The
White House is completely disconnected from reality. It's like they're
just making it up as they go along. The reality is that we're losing in
Iraq." And he's kept up the drumbeat. "The Iraqi government, the Iraqi
people, want the United States out of Iraq," he said in June 2006. "They
see us as oppressors, rather than liberators. That's just a fact of
life." adreannah-yet another proposal for the "needed" expansion, growth
fueled by mounting up the additional debt on people’s shoulders; without
recognizing bad econo-financial concepts-"The Bush Administration called
you unpatriotic for opposing them. If you oppose today's administration,
you're called a racist!-I think Hagel is on the right track with most of
what he says, althought i might disagree with him on Israel's tactics. as
for the McCain and the Republican party, I think they have consistantly
shown they are for BIG MONEY, and don't care about the little guy. I
don't exclude the democrats from this either-Hagel has been anti-Israel
and anti-semetic in the past, and will continue to be so-" was absolutely
right on Iraq, which is all the more reason why he should be confirmed-
Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III declares in an exclusive
Newsmax TV interview that President Barack Obama could easily be
impeached if he bypassed Congress and enacted gun-control legislation by
executive order, who served under President Reagan, says it would
not be legal or constitutional: "If he tried to override the Second
Amendment in any way, it would be an impeachable offense-/
emogene americans 5 times more likeluy to die from guns, football bored
(worries about coeds in foxholes) bernie sez no game to change to sat
nite superbowl harry hijinx linsey royality heuwet blood on imus/bolton
stirs shit for j00z, on (diluting antisemitism) geraldo
13013/New SEC Head Puts Fox in Charge of Hen House Matt Taibbi was
shocked to learn that former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White has been named
the new head of the SEC. Couldn't they have found someone who wasn't a
key figure in one of the commission's most notorious scandals of the past
two decades? rs/Treasury Approved Bonuses and Raises for Wall Street
Bankers Who Tanked Economy If you want to be free from legal and job
performance accountability - as well as make a fortune while cratering
the economy, the Obama administration wants to help you out. Mark Karlin,
BuzzFlash/thinkprogress a real "WWJD?" moment - but Republican Jesus
must've disagreed: 31 Senate Republicans Opposed Sandy Relief After
Supporting Disaster Aid For Home States When the Senate passed the
long-delayed $50.5 billion Hurricane Sandy relief package Monday, 36
Republicans voted against the bill. But of the 32 no-votes from Senators
who are not brand-new members, at least 31 came from Republicans who had
previously supported emergency aid efforts-Massive Explosion at Iran
Nuclear Facility-After having George W. placed in office by the Court &
not by the voters.. This Country suffered it’s first attack on American
soil.. Due to what was at the very least gross negligence.. Bush, Cheney
& their cronies ignored memo after memo warning them of an imminent
attack.. And as if this wasn’t enough.. They then lied to the American
people in order to start a war.. And in effect murdered thousands.. Even
sending our troops into this sham of a war without the proper equipment..
Giving Billions upon Billions away to their buddies in crooked no bid
contracts.. And oh ya the Constitution remember that!?.. These guys wiped
their behinds with it.. Making their own rules.. Going so far as to spy
on our own troops & their families.. Fiscal responsibility my a**.. They
threw away the surplus they'd been handed.. And sent us into a recession.
And just for the record (Fast & Furious) started under Bush, Ya that’s
right under Bush, Republicans are true scumbags & I for one am so
freaking tired of their BS 4wardusa-cartoon that I posted 7 hours ago got
trolled HARD. Banned 7 people. Their argument was that it's govt--not
corporations--that holds all the power, money, and nefarious intentions
to oppress the people. Oookay, Their comments all read: "Corporations buy
the govt, which then does this and this and this-Faux is a huge
propaganda machine, the likes of which Goebbels would have been proud. It
needs to be taken off the air & then we need some wide-spread
deprogramming broadcast subliminally on all other channels until everyone
is sane again!-Boehner Unveils Jobs Plan… Just Kidding – It’s Still About
Abortion! aattp/ Despite being settled by the Supreme Court over 40 years
ago, Republicans still refuse to come to terms with a woman’s right to
choose. Is it at all ironic that this is the same party that refuses to
address gun laws and regulation because you know… freedom?-why the
republicans in the house keep refusing the budget. You should give them a
call and ask. I suspect it is simply so they can complain about not
passing one. They just figure their minions are to brain dead to figure
that out. They would chop the legs off a person and then complain the
very next day about the persons inability to walk. That is just the way
they are. I am not sure if it is a choice or if they were born that way-
HAVE NO RIGHTS!-I agree but sadly in 31 states they actually do and some
right wing nut cases believe that their victims should even be forced to
give birth to their offspring-Maybe we need an additional law. The victim
gets to walk if they slit the rapists throat during a visitation-here I
thought his job was to scare the hell out of old folks, O'Reilly Calls
His Anti-Choice Stance 'Protecting The Kids'It's one thing to be pro-life
and it's another to call fetuses "kids." newshounds-I would absolutely
support a law that equated guns to cars.. One in which every gun owner
would have to have a license for the type of gun they own and gun owners
insurance that would cover and accidental or purposeful shootings. The
areas where they are allowed to be used would be regulated for example
you can't can not legally drive your car through someones yard, also
don't forget the yearly inspections and if you are caught in violation
you get a fine lose your privilege and your gun gets impounded-Christie
shown his true colors, Vetoes Minimum Wage Bill Over 25¢ addictinginfo-
fb/independent mobilization contributed directly to Obama’s victory,
helping him to find his own voice to fend off the challenge of Mitt
Romney, a champion of the 1 percent. As history has shown, the central
question is whether citizens of conscience will mobilize and march and
make business as usual impossible. Will the rising American electorate
continue to sink together? Or will its members help fuel the movement
that revives the American dream? We shall see wpkv/It's not Islam, per
se. It's religion. Christianity isn't any better fundamentally. Your rant
sounds exactly like what an Islamic fundamentalist would say about "The
Infidels". I don't particularly care for any religion because all of them
breed bigots with ferocious superiority complexes. All of the religions
disagree with other mythologies. Most even disagree within their own
ranks. If people would quit clinging to antiquated myths and evolve, only
then would the world become the best it could be. However, you might
believe Darwin was full of shit and that you didn't evolve. Well, I
suspect that's about half right. Darwin wasn't full of shit, but you seem
unevolved. I am a Marine and have been to Iraq. The Muslim influence is
deplorable. The same is true of the christian influence here cl/Will
Obama the Constitutional Lawyer Please Stand Up? The Nation/Cable News
Fox News Ratings Hit New Lows-Lady Gaga Stripped Of Millions Of YouTube
Views hp/Because of the rejection of Hank Paulson’s unmonitorable bailout
of Wall Street, Democrats in the Senate rewrote it as a monitorable
bailout, and so it was passed and signed into law on 3 October 2008. If
it had not passed at all, the Second Great Depression would have
immediately hit. Obama told the banksters, on 27 March 2009 (at a secret
White House meeting with them), that “My administration ... is the only
thing between you and the pitchforks,” and thus analogized them to the
Blacks who had been lynched in the Old South, what he said there was way
out of line. Yet, he has been following through on that promise, till the
present day, and most Democrats still think that he isn’t basically a
conservative. Maybe the opposition between Murdoch and Obama is just for
show. But then, who would be the worse hypocrite: Murdoch, or Obama? vbf/
Republican Federal Judge David Sentelle: How the GOP Has Packed the
Courts With Partisan Hacks Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-Gary G. Kohls,
Consortium News: Contrary to what patriots who believe in American
exceptionalism think, America hasn’t been able to afford both guns and
butter without borrowing money in order to keep that delusion going/
Former ill. governor George Ryan, 78, was released from federal prison
after serving over five years for corruption abc/bernies rightwingnujtz
applaude skull and bones kerry sod, bejing air polution on imus/ nj
menendez underage hookergate, rocket launcher in gun buyback, on
12913/redstates don't care for poor people..why should an animal rate any
higher? Oh, but wait, a FETUS deserves more care and attention than a
homeless VETERAN/Now, the former beauty queen, Peggy Sue Thomas, was
facing a murder charge for the so called revenge killing of a man in
2003. "Fox & Friends" reports the 47-year-old was accused of plotting
with her boyfriend to kill the husband of a friend of hers. pleading
guilty to the lesser charge of rendering criminal assistance. She's
likely to receive a four-year sentence/agentbit_pray daylee fa THE
ARMMAGGEDDION /Solomon Morrell and Simon Weisenthal got together for
cookouts on weekends? Did they play Matkot together? I'm sure a murderer
and a hypocrite would have a lot in-Fake rally is over GS has gone up 50
bucks in less than six months, and still no jail time for these guys-Good
luck, so far your still up to your old tricks, worshiping the golden
calf. ygs/linsey sez hillary got away with murder-What about their
bypartisn (spelling?) bill Obama isnt happy with it??? Or has he even
read it? No time with traveling to Vegas once again? How about rattling
your speeches at the White House would be cheaper on the taxpayers or did
you miss Clooney?? Obama real face is showing as I thought it would
nothing to lose now 4 more years enough time to finish transforming
America as Obama said in 2008... Obamas pedal is to the metal, so to
speek! Hold on America for the wildest ride we have ever seen!-Republican
resistance immigration plan will be the final nail in their coffin- we
have nuclear weapons that can reach everybody....but they have prisons
where they put sane people who disagree...oh yea, we have the highest
rate of imprisonment in the world and tens of thousands are jailed for
pot.... but they have a crazy leader...oh yea, i forgot we have hundreds
of crazy leaders who lie and steal for bribes from big lobbyists ....but
they want to force their political system on others-rightwihgnutz mourn,
Texas Judge Kimberly McCarthy Execution Postponed Until April, would have
been the 13th woman executed in the U.S. and the fourth in Texas, the
nation's busiest death penalty state-a legal form of lynching blacks
comprise 40% of Texas’ nearly 300 death row inmates while just 11% of the
state’s population is black hp/Gun Trafficking Case in Charlotte May Have
Exposed Loopholes in Gun Laws Daily Kos-Israel Admits Foreign Women Were
Given Birth Control Shots Haaretz/Jim Rutenberg, nyt Secret Donors
Finance Fight Against Hagel Conservative interest groups like Americans
for a Strong Defense are investing big money in their campaign to
discredit Secretary of Defense candidate Chuck Hagel as homophobic and
anti-Israel/Sam Knight, Truthout: Post-Collapse Iceland Inches Toward
Direct Democracy When Iceland played host to one of the most dramatic
economic collapses in modern history-Billionaires Secretly Fund Attacks
on Climate Science Independent-Friedman's view that online education is
the revolution that will close the poverty gap. It is, says Wolff, little
more than another capitalist tool to support outsourcing jobs to the
Third World/exchange between Martha Raddatz and George Will from This
Week, consults Youtube, and concludes that yes, it is pretty common (and
is apparently a fetish for some people) for smaller people to carry
larger people-Rush: It's up to me and Fox News to stop this thing,
just keep plugging away, plugging away, plugging away until you finally
beat down the opposition-What About the House? SHHHH! They're Working on
a Bipartisan Agreement Too. But it's a secret, described as "Washington's
best-kept secret." Boehner spilled the beans on the secret group,
revealing that the lawmakers had been "meeting for three or four years
now" and that they are almost ready to present their proposals
publicly-Tom Tancredo Under pressure from his wife and grandchildren, the
former GOP congressman will renege on a public pledge to smoke marijuana,
which he made after losing a bet on Colorado's pot-legalization
initiative on Election Day. abc/undercover confessions It says: Dear Nazi
Douche C**t, You should be thrown in jail for trampling civil liberties
and unlawfully detaining a journalist,” and it’s OK because he wrote it
out in ink, and people just don’t do that any more unless they care. “You
teabaggers are showing your true colors as jack-booted, wannabe Gestapo
thugs. You have serious issues. Go into therapy. Go into a closet and
suck each other off. Whatever. Just stop assaulting citizens at the
bidding of your Nazi wannabe overlords. Fuck you/At least 65 people were
found shot dead with their hands bound in the northern Syrian city of
Aleppo on Tuesday in a "new massacre" in the near two-year revolt against
President Bashar al-Assad, activists said. Opposition campaigners blamed
the government but it was impossible to confirm who was responsible.
Assad's forces and rebels have been battling in Syria's commercial hub
since July and both have been accused of carrying out summary executions.
More than 60,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the Syrian
war, the longest and deadliest of the revolts that began throughout the
Arab world two years agoAt least 65 people were found shot dead with
their hands bound in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on Tuesday in a
"new massacre" in the near two-year revolt against President Bashar
al-Assad, activists said. Opposition campaigners blamed the government
but it was impossible to confirm who was responsible. Assad's forces and
rebels have been battling in Syria's commercial hub since July and both
have been accused of carrying out summary executions. More than 60,000
people are estimated to have been killed in the Syrian war, the longest
and deadliest of the revolts that began throughout the Arab world two
years ago hp/richard haus(poor israel) plays more mideast hotpotato,
bernie stirs (hannitizes), whoopie hillary gop girlsclub pwning replay,
on imus/i fear the god that's inside ur head before all hell breaks
12813/GOP = Retards! powerless, impotent, ineffective mob of incompetent
lemming stooges-Must have found Obama Birth Certificate-You mean
Republicans were just lying about the Birth Certificate...they are just
LIARS-Ponzi stock market keeps going higher better hope the FED never
tell the truth about inflation! ybac/The Subtle Knife War is peace
freedom is slavery ignorance is strength Religion is a man made
relatively modern invention. The fact is men go to war-from the
collectivist standpoint, intolerance and brutal suppression of
dissent-the moral code of a totalitarian society is not a code that I
wish to know-WW I and WW II, the two bloodiest wars in history, had
nothing to do with religion-What you lookin' at? You all a bunch of
fluckinassholes-It would be almost unbelievable, if history did not
record the tragic fact. All religions make the same mistake...Truth is
treason in the empire of lies Ron Paul-yc/coulter sez gun r gud, plays
hotpotatobengazi, on geraldo
12713/communistObama fills vacancies with communist Denis Mcdonough
replace Treasury secretary nominee Jack Lew, said  how the president can
force a private company to provide a product free of charge, Operation:
Last Resort The father of Stephen Feinberg, the founder of the
private-equity firm that owns gunmaker Freedom Group Inc., lives in the
town where a Freedom Group-made rifle was used to kill 26 people in an
elementary school, Communist Party’s “journalist” continued: Obama has
charged, the extremists recklessly "gin up fear" that the government is
coming to take away hunting rifles and personal weapons owned for
legitimate self-defense. Led by the hate-mongering leadership of the
National Rifle Association, they use a totally fraudulent and only very
recent interpretation of the Second Amendment which they falsely claim as
necessary for protecting every other freedom contained in the Bill of
Rights, Mao’s comrades in Russia, Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin,
likewise disarmed the civilian population before initiating mass murder.
As did Adolf Hitler and every other “successful” mass-murdering tyrant
throughout history. other people advocating the same gun control policies
may not have those totalitarian objectives in mind — but by their support
of these policies they would lead us down the same deadly path
nonetheless, I'm so happy, I 'bout peed my pants! to assure prompt reply. TEA Party Nation
ygroups/sentenced Friday to more than two years in prison, by a federal
judge who rejected arguments that he was acting as a whistleblower when
he leaked a covert officer's name to a reporter. A plea deal required the
judge to impose a sentence of two and a half years. US district judge
Leonie Brinkema said she would have given Kiriakou much more time if she
could. Kiriakou's supporters describe him as a whistleblower who exposed
aspects of the CIA's use of torture against detained [alleged]
terrorists. The 48-year-old Arlington resident pleaded guilty last year
to violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act-tortured in an
African prison before being handed over to the CIA and forced to sign a
confession. Mahdi Hashi, who vanished last summer in Somalia, has
described for the first time his 'horrific' ordeal at the hands of the
secret police in the neighbouring state of Djibouti, who he claims worked
closely with US interrogators. The 23-year-old, who lived in London,
alleges that he was stripped and repeatedly slapped before being
threatened with electrocution and sexual abuse by officers who were
attached to Djibouti's intelligence service-defense lawyers for the 9/11
co-conspirators are arguing that the CIA's so-called "black sites" need
to remain open, untouched and exactly as they were when top 'al-Qaida'
operatives were abused-Army official who signed a secret agreement that
military contractor KBR claims should burden taxpayers with the bill for
the company's negligent poisoning of U.S. soldiers in Iraq resigned from
the military in 2003 after a tenure marked by questions about his ties to
Enron Corp. Thomas E. White, named secretary of the Army in 2001, signed
an indemnity agreement protecting KBR, the military's largest contractor,
from legal liability on March 19, 2003- ailed for 18 months after
carrying out cyber attacks with hacking group Anonymous. Christopher
Weatherhead, of Holly Road, Northampton, was convicted last month for
taking part in distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks on sites
including V*sa, M*sterCard and P*yPal. Victims' [sic] websites would be
directed to a page displaying the message: "You've tried to bite the
Anonymous hand. You angered the hive and now you are being stung-strategy
for 2016: Change the rules of presidential elections in order to swing
the Electoral College in the GOP's favor. On Wednesday, Virginia's
Republican-controlled legislature became one of the first to advance a
bill that would allocate electoral votes by congressional district. Last
week, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus endorsed
pushing through similar proposals in other states with Republican
legislative majorities. The strategy would have states alter the way they
translate individual votes into electors -- thereby giving Republican
candidates an advantage. Had the 2012 election been apportioned in every
state according to these new Republican plans, Romney would lead Obama by
at least 11 electoral votes legitgovdotorg/
state-owned Bank of North Dakota Fiscal conservatives often are blind
when it comes to alternatives to the "so called" commercial banking
system. Many conventional Republicans are ignorant or simply carrying the
water for the crony capitalist banking establishment. The fractional
reserve banking monopoly that operates under the auspices of the
privately owned Federal Reserve System, despises any trace of
competition. The bondage from debt created money has doomed Main Street
to the fate of contrite beggars in search of securing loan batr/Piss on
Senator Rand Paul 'any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on
the United States': "Well absolutely we stand with Israel-comments about
Zionists and Israelis being bloodsuckers and descendants of apes and
pigs. Do you think it’s wise to send them F‑16s and Abram tanks?
KERRY reprehensible- GLENN: Oh, jeez. Stop. I can’t hear it. All he
said was it’s reprehensible and he’s explained them. How do you
explain pigs and apes? And then we look at them as any kind of ally,
going back to the original 9/11, we did a huge investigation. We found
out we had the 20th hijacker. We found out that one FBI agent requested
70 times for a permit or for a warrant and nobody would let him do it. We
had all these mistakes and no one was fired. We spent trillions of
dollars and no one was fired. A lot of these were human errors. And when
humans make mistakes, it doesn’t make them bad people. I don’t think
Hillary Clinton had bad motives. I don’t think she’s unpatriotic, but
I think she made horrible decisions that really at some point make her I
think not eligible to be in a position to make those decisions again. To
t h os e w h o h av e t ak e n t h e Oa t h , R e m e m b e r t h e Oa t
h ! To t h os e w h o h av e n o t a n d b e l i e v e i n t h e Co n s t
i t u t io n  beck Breitbart/MARTIAL LAW: Drones & Police State for
America ...PREDATOR DRONES . ..they all ain't those cute helicopters
12613/Watching America's political conservatives try to counter-maneuver
opposite Barack Obama's re-inauguration over the course of the last week
has been an incredible comedy – like watching the Three Stooges try to
perform a liver transplant on roller skates tahibbi/Moyers & Company:
Amgen, the world's largest biotechnology firm, snuck a clause into the
fiscal cliff bill to give itself two more years of relief from Medicare
cost controls for certain drugs/harrtman CIA whistleblower, John
Kiriakou, was sentenced to 30 months in jail for releasing classified
information that exposed the agency's use of waterboarding; Democrats
dropped the ball on filibuster reform/Seth Freed Wessler, Colorlines:
Obama cautiously addressed the relationship between mental health
services and gun violence, but it's not at all clear what psychiatric
diagnoses, mental health care and gun violence have to do with each
other/Ira Chernus, AlterNet: The right wingers Crazy in Love With Israel?
have been so convinced for so long that Israel can do no wrong, it hardly
matters to them what Israel does. It's Israel the symbol , not the
reality, that the Republicans love/most people know by now that Israel,
not its neighbors, is the problem maker, It's not antisemetic, it's just
the truth. Every politician on earth knows it-When you receive special
compensations, then accept the consequences-arrogant and ignorant on
GS to think it can steal with impunity ygs/Rush's spin on most everything
is beginning to bug me. I think he should stick to facts. The more
outrageous the spin, the more the hate-mongers eat it up-not just Rush,
it's every wing ding talking head. They all repeat the same sorry lies.
You and your tea bags and the rest of the extreme wing dings live in an
echo chamber of wing ding stupidity and lies-he and Fox news are the news
junkie equivalent of the WWF and Jerry springer show ybac/rightwingnutz
too stupid to double check with at least one other network, cannot
believe or accept what happened and are hard pressed to cook up some new
conspiracy theory about how Democrats stole the election, but there is no
evidence of that, in fact the deeper we dig the deeper we see that Repubs
tried to pull this off again themselves and though they forced people to
stand in long lines for 8 hours and got caught dumping 100s of thousands
of voter registrations and the usual tricks, this time they got caught.
So, the mastermind Nazi, Karl Rove, who actually does have Nazi blood and
was imported to pull off these heinous crimes, was finally seen as a
traitor, even to his own circle! Nugent buys gentle little pets such as
deer that he stalks and kills on his own land with high powered weapons.
What a loser, but a dangerous one none the less. He was visited by the
Secret Service once before for threatening the president, lied, was let
go, and now he's at it again. This is insanity, right? Maybe he should be
committed. But NO! He gets his own reality show where he stalks and preys
on little teenagers, hurts them, rapes them? (There are some allegations
of that). Then the BIG winner gets to have Ted's foul name branded on
their ass for life!?!? Wow! what a Big strong man! Is this the sort of
leader Koo-koo eyed Republicans want? Really?-