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12414/Perry Jindal

12414/Rick Perry told an international panel on drug legalization at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that “I have begun to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, told The New Orleans Times-Picayune on Wednesday that he would be “open” to the idea of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use rbg/irish afraid of pot addition bill feels sorry for bieber, on geraldo/uncle sugar huckabee, on stephanie
12314/HOW'S THE SYRIAN STRATEGY WORKING OUT?-BOARD PROGFAGS SEETHING IN ANGER, HATRED & FRUSTRATION Attacking the MESSENGER  never the message, cannot withstand daily assaults on their LIAR OF THE YEAR, PINOCCHIOBAMA, the failed obamacare, the failed economy, the LIES and the failed foreign policy of the princess and hildabeast-kerry, HATE being reminded of the myriad LIES, of the terrible unemployment stats over 5 years of his presidency, his DOUBLING in 8 yeas the National Debt, bringing it to TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS, they've BEEN MADE FOOLS OF BY PRINCESS HOMOBAMA and just cannot accept the humiliation-Brain dead pregnant Texas woman’s fetus is ‘abnormal’ 22 week fetus is “distinctly abnormal,” two days before the case heads back to court. AP Muñoz’s fetus has suffered fluid buildup in its skull and deformed “lower extremities-they could cart her over to Rick Perry's office. She sounds like a potentially good assistant for the man-after the kid is born texas will throw it in the pile of kids living in poverty turn their backs and proudly walk away-Carter's Operation Desert Claw Sabotaged? Precisely the people in the intelligence community commissioned to develop some kind of rescue for the hostages were those elements of covert action close to William Casey and hostile to Carter, of course, later became Reagan's CIA chief. But higher up in the chain at the time of the failed rescue mission was Donald Gregg, a member of Carter's National Security Council who later surfaced #$%$ high level Bush operative. Gregg's close personal ties to Bush became a serious issue in light of his extensive dealings with key contra figures tied both to the Iran contra scandal and illegal drug shipments coming from Central America. Gregg is now Bush's ambassador to South Korea-Ollie North was the one that pulled the plug on the mission that caused the accident, Reagan & Bush Sr rewarded him with a promotion, something was rotten in the desert of Iran-Blame Bush's for EVERYTHING! LOL, take some responsibility for once-4500 US troops dead, 45 thousands wounded $3 trillion wasted to hang one man, YOU GO CREEPY, you go-Twice in American History We Have Elected Father and Son Presidents- in both cases the son was a drooling moron-so sad that you people are so ignorant in the field of Science, but of course, that's what the GOP wants, ignorant voters-Until the GOP rids itself of the Teahicks and racists who run the Party they will NEVER win again, simple-now in the 6st year of the Lame Duck President, most say our Country is going, the people re elected your so called "Blockers-Republican Voters Would Like to See the Entire Economy Collapse into Depression for Just One Reason-they hate the America-wingers cant stand the FACT they know your post is 100% correct-GOP autopsy recommends a new path, the fix GOPers are putting in place is just more lipstick on the same ole ugly PIG-barry care became a national health care scam 4 years ago and now about to be a total failure like all-so sad that lib vermin continue to try and destroy the middle class, America realizes that America had it's greatest economic expansion in history under GWBush 03 07, then lib vermin stole congress and ushered in the Pelosi Reid Depression ignorant libturdmustdie, hussein is in bed with big oil, and Reggie Love-Biden was more qualified in 2008 to be president than Obama was. He'd be a pretty good president too. Since Hillary will run, Biden won't so it is a moot point at best-yhal/According to Rep Cummings (D-MD), Darrell Issa Commits A Treasonous High Crime By Leaking Sensitive Obamacare Documents has jeopardized the security of the ACA website by leaking sensitive Obamacare documents to unauthorized consultants. politicususa/ fbi looks at christy, on ed/
12214/Secret Service Visits GOP Candidate Who Wants Obama Executed-Proving once again nobody sane remains a candidate in today's GOP. FL-68 preacher candidate Joshua Black is an al Qaeda supporter of al-Awaki & wants President Obama hanged-Nun Roxana. 'It's a miracle virgin birth. I flew Virgin airways once- alan/Nugent: ‘Subhuman mongrel’ Obama should get ‘just due punishment’ for treason-GOP candidate turns Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech into anti abortion rant-Oregon GOP group defends gun raffle to honor Lincoln and MLK with inept slavery analogy-Arizona bill allows businesses to discriminate against unmarried women, non Christians-Gohmert: I’m no prophet but Netanyahu could be the next King David-Swiss Guard veteran: Gay ‘secret society’ in the Vatican a security problem for Pope Francis-Chomsky: The Tea Party is the ‘petit bourgeois’ face of corporate oligarchs-Limbaugh: Wendy Davis ‘embellished and falsified’ her entire biography-Hannity backtracks on threat to leave New York over Gov. Cuomo’s remarks-It’s not just ancient Roman propaganda: Carthaginians really did sacrifice children-Current rate of carbon emissions will double devastating El Niño weather events-Virginia Democrat seeks to outlaw discredited ‘gay cure’ therapy for minors- N.J. lawmaker schools former RNC chair for dismissing Dawn Zimmer as ‘lady mayor-How a 3D printer gave a teenage bomb victim a new arm, and a reason to live-Obama suggests racism animates some critics, animated conservative critics freak out- 85 ‘global elites’ as wealthy as half of the world’s population- Haribo stops making liquorice candy shaped like African masks after racism complaint-Increasing pharmaceutical research demand creates cadaver shortage-Stewart: The U.S. needs a miracle to beat Russia in the ‘Homophobic Olympics- Velveeta shortage could be buzzkill for Broncos-Seahawks Toke Bowl-Chicago GOP hopeful: Autism and dementia are God’s punishments for LGBT rights-Alaska GOP Senate candidate sings in tongues in a sauna to ‘save’ woman-Prosecutors won’t charge Ohio trooper who masturbated with boy to teach him about sex-Beck: Bill Nye’s creationism denial is like the Catholic Church jailing Galileo-GOP Force women to have babies because abortion ‘robs men’ of fatherhood rights-Physicist says he’s solved the big mystery, how life came from matter, and he may be right-Arizona autistic girl arrested for strangling man 43 during ‘consensual sex act-Rachel Maddow to Chris Christie’s administration: You want a piece of me?-Pastor tells Fox News: Obama’s getting us ready to embrace the anti Christ-North Carolina school rewards Black student with a confederate hat-Colorado GOP rep. tells Fox News: ‘Matter of time’ before legal pot turns violent-GOP Florida House candidate on Obama: ‘It’s time to arrest and hang him high-Nancy Grace on proposal to bring back firing squads: There’s no pretty way to die-Stray bullet kills relative 5, of Omaha councilman while she eats breakfast-Rape victim awarded $150,000 after police and youth program forced her to say she lied-Memphis teacher allegedly locked 5-year-old in closet as punishment, then went home sick-Birch Society activist: Nullify Obamacare and rely on churches for health care-GOP candidate wants ‘gun in every gun safe, touts his ‘really big’ balls-New Hampshire governor promises to kill ‘historic’ marijuana legalization bill-Republican channels the ‘thoughts of God himself’ on the House floor to attack abortion-Right Wing Swarms Film Critic For Calling Their Jingoism Jingoism-Iranian press: Snowden docs prove aliens who built Nazi subs also control U.S. foreign policy-Catholic publisher fights ‘militant atheism’ with book blaming disbelief on bad fathers-John Boehner on West Virginia chemical spill: Let’s not rush to over regulate-Kelly advises McConnell: Stop fighting Obama in court and ‘try to impeach him!-Radio hosts: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson proved ‘homofascist bullies’ are like ‘terrorists’-rsy/More Crude Oil Spilled in 2013 Than Previous Four Decades Combined thecontributor- More crude oil spilled from train accidents in 2013 alone than in the previous four decades combined—an alarming number reported by McClatchy News on Monday that points towards a drastic shift in the highly toxic, yet growing, crude oil business to rail transport fb/

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

12214/Netanyahu said Iran will be stopped

12214/Netanyahu said Iran's atomic drive "will be stopped-Poland's Catholic Church has declared war on "gender theory", saying it undermines the traditional family afp/pundits say Mr. Obama has brought needed perspective to the legalization debate by in essence playing down pot-Republicans need to be clear: Marijuana use doesn’t lead to anything helpful or productive. The president won’t say so, but Republican leaders should-individual liberty would be increased and societal costs decreased if the US dialed back federal opposition to marijuana-at least be talking about reducing the penalties, danger, and illegality for a drug that society decided a long time ago it likes csm/Omaha feed plant explosion, At least 10 people have been hospitalized and others could be trapped-Ukrainian protesters hurl Molotov cocktails and stones at police-These people are fighting because their government took a HUGE 15 BILLION $$ bribe to forsake the EU and continue to be a puppet of Russia. If people in the US cared half as much about their government's policies as these people do, our senators would be out of office yn/Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president-Michelle says Jane Fonda is one of her role models, and that she admires her political savviness fb/you can take a silverback out of the jungle, put her in da White Hut, but still cannot give her one ounce of class...sad really, Barack got to deliver late night monologue jokes, but first lady Michelle Obama was the one who got to take part in the Heat's favorite pastime: videobombing yhal/
12114/The ant works hard In the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house And laying up supplies for the winter.The grasshopper thinks the ant Is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the shivering grasshopper Calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be Allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.. CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, And ABC show up to Provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper Next to a video of the ant In his comfortable home with a table filled with food. America is stunned by the sharp contrast. How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper Is allowed to suffer so? Kermit the Frog appears On Oprah With the grasshopper And everybody cries when they sing, 'It's Not EasyBeing Green, Occupy the Anthill stages A demonstration in front of the ant's House where the news stations film the SEIU group singing, We shall overcome.Then Rev Al Sharpton's assistant Has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper While he damns the ants. The Reverend Al can not attend as he has contractual commitments to appear on his MSNBC show for which he is paid over two million dollars a year to complain that rich people do not care. President Obama condemns the ant And blames Bush 43, Bush 41, Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope For the grasshopper's Plight, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid Exclaim in an interview on The View That the ant has Gotten rich off the back of the Grasshopper, And both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.Finally, the EEOC drafts The Economic Equity& Anti Grasshopper Act Retroactive to the beginning of The summer. The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number Of green bugs and, Having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar And given to the grasshopper. The story ends as we see the grasshopper And his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant's food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant's old house, Crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn't maintain it. The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again-So the moral of the story is to eliminate Social Security, which also covered the ant at a far higher rate than the grasshopper who worked less? Please make your goals clear so people can realize that the indolent wealthy are the grasshoppers of this world- So when the wealth grasshoppers work the ants to death and deprive them of their social safety net when times are tough and the ants die off without adequate health care, then eventually the wealthy grasshoppers suffer too because they didn't take care of the ants like a good liberal-sterling logic and patience and detailed explanations were being wasted on a roomful of allegedly bright individuals who couldn't independently or collectively formulate a viable plan for renting comfort girls on a troop ship (a surprisingly frequent occurance) I'd abandon diplomacy and the scientific method and simply berate them. ROTFLMAO I mean, at that point, why not? What's the risk? That they might not like me? ROTFLMAO or refuse to take my advice? Or deny me the joy of working with or for idiots like themselves? Keep in mind that these were people I KNEW and had to deal with on a daily, face to face basis, not some amorphous horde of anonymous cyber pissants. In fact, quite of few of them were my BOSSES. As you might suspect, my no nonsense approach to problem identification and resolution, not to mention reluctant adopters, occasionally got me fired, but never for being wrong. The only times I ever got canned were for being right once too often, and or for rubbing it in again. Which reminds me: how many times did you and your like minded pals predict the outcome of the last President election INCORRECTLY? Answer: every time! Meanwhile, I was consistently, repeatedly, and correctly predicting not only the eventual winner and his popular vote margin within 1 percent, but also the exact Electoral College within 1 state (Florida). Nevertheless, a certain vehement subset of wingnut ignoramuses insisted on calling me an idiot. ROTFLMAO News Flash: if I'm an idiot, then every one of THEM is an idiot's delight ybac/Palin writes a few words on her hand and the Dims go ballistic for a week, extensive media coverate. Barry and Hillary's negligence causes the death, then they are caught in a cover up, lying to protect themselves. Dims silence, no media coverage at all. Too busy squalling about "Traffic Cone Gate yhal/progressivepopulist Joshua Black, a Republican candidate for Florida House District 68, sent out a tweet on Martin Luther King day calling for Obama to be hung for “war crimes, past impeachment, on Twitter. “It’s time to arrest and hang him high-a book that documents that they purposefully let him go at Tora Bora to maintain the war. w wanted war. Nothing else mattered but profiteering and to show daddy he was a big boy-fb/
12014/Now We Know: JPMorgan Chase Is Worse Than Enron/Pro Walker ads telling Wisconsin voters about "the Wisconsin Way" were in fact funded by an out of state Koch backed group/things are getting worse by the second. Even those of us on the other side of the world may soon get our own taste of Fukushima’s nuclear fallout/Dollars & Sense: Seventeen trillion dollars certainly sounds like a big, scary number, especially when national debt clocks tell us that this translates into more than $53,000 for every person in the United States/Never be proud to have won AN OPPONENT. Conquered TODAY THAT WILL DEFEAT YOU TOMORROW.'s Only victory that endures AND THAT ACHIEVEMENT ON OWN IGNORANCE." Jigoro Kano/Guantanamo Anniversary: 12 Years of a Continuing War Crime rnn/Where Does the GOP Go When It Has Stripped the Poor of All Benefits? Plunderbund-Toll of US Sailors Devastated by Fukushima Radiation Continues to Climb OpEdNews/Krugman & Co.: The GOP went all in for expansionary austerity and looming hyperinflation and has shown no hint of learning from actual events/US House Passed Bill Ravaging Toxic-Waste Law on the Same Day as the West Virginia Chemical Spill RT/Elizabeth Warren's New Bill Could Save Taxpayers Billions mj/NSA Surveillance Has Not Stopped Terrorismwp/Wall Street Predicts Banks Will Have to Cough Up $50 Billion for Their Role in the 2008 US Mortgage Crisisnyt/Chomsky: The Trans Pacific Partnership Is a Neoliberal Assault to Further Corporate Domination hp/Reefer Sanity Takes Hold in ColoradoFounder of WV Chemical Spill Company Is a Twice Convicted Felon BuzzFlash/ Truthout: The world is returning to the predatory laissez faire capitalism that immiserated millions in the early 20th century and is predicated on neoliberal "voodoo economics" void of empirical reference/Oh, look, mama, the wing ding bung ravaged apes are throwing turd wads at us again. Lucky for us, their aim is as bad as their stench right wing morons, white trash roaches have been so emasculated by defeats dealt to them by their intellectual superior DEMOCRATS, they are unable to do anything more than further lower themselves by continuing to vomit up a never ending putrid flow of vile and illiterate twaddle. Their empty headed spewing of low life diatribe is, as always, absolutely ludicrous. It makes for laughable spectator entertainment ybac/NOBODY WORKS IN ISRAEL, They just play the U.S. Stock Market ,and decide what wars the USA should be in GS headquartered in Israel decides when to go long or short as Federal Reserve funds are at the call at all times, A sweet racket I would say-EU will offer Israel upgraded trade and diplomatic relations in more than 60 areas at a high level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday, just weeks after European foreign ministers warned that Israeli policies in the West Bank “threaten to make a two state solution impossible, that despite private complaints of the inconsistency of chastising Israel with one hand while rewarding it with the other, not one minister was prepared to oppose Tuesday’s agreement, struck by the fact that a whole range of relations was offered to Israel, at the request of Israel, as if nothing is happening on the ground, the diplomat said. “Most ministers are too afraid to speak out in case they are singled out as being too critical towards Israel, because, in the end, relations with Israel are on the one hand relations with the Jewish community at large and on the other hand with Washington, nobody wants to have fuss with Washington. So [ministers] are fine with making political statements but they refrain from taking concrete action, serves my contention that the Israel lobby is central to the dysfunction-They are racketeers from birth-AIPAC THREATS-Amazingly, the following sign appears outside one of the main resort hotels in Koh Phi Phi Island in the south of Thailand. ATTENTION ISRAELI NATIONALITY IS NOT WELCOME TO STAY IN THIS HOTEL, THEY ARE PROBLEM MAKERS, ALWAYS GIVE US A HARD TIME AND S**T, ARE RUDE, INSULTING, ETC, WE CANNOT ACCEPT ACEPT THEIR BEHAVIOURygs/Even The Messiah Of Racist White Trash Had Capital Gains Taxed As Income! Raygun Was Not As Evil As "w"-Apocalypse Coming 85 People Own As Much As The Poorest 3,500,000,000! RAYGUNOMICS!-yhal/ nEWSFLASH: GOP in summation: A bunch of guys that look like Karl Rove getting laid by a bunch of women that think like Sarah Palin dumfux-Horses cannot vomit-An executioner in the 1500's left a diary detailing all 361 executions he performed in his lifetime tw/ 1964, Democrats filibustered the Civil Rights Act 1964, Everett Dirksen (R IL), the Republican Leader in the U.S. Senate, condemned the Democrats’ 57 day filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Leading the Democrats in their opposition to civil rights for African Americans was Senator Robert Byrd (D WV). Byrd, who got into politics as a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan, spoke against the bill for fourteen straight hours. Democrats still call Robert Byrd “the conscience of the Senate.” In his speech, Senator Dirksen called on the Democrats to end their filibuster and accept racial equality. Grand Old Partisan reported, via DANEgerus-Lincoln Republicans forced extremist Democrats beyond the legacies of the Confederacy, slavery and the KKK and into the 20th century where now, in the 21st century, TeaBagging Republicans have reclaimed bigotry, wage slavery and KKK stand your ground night riding as their own!- rbg/perhaps, the debt clock has been wound tight by many things, one of the most prominent is the Pentagon black hole of expenditures that have added greatly to that debt clocks fascination. I suggest that if the nation smokes more pot the AMERICAN PEOPLE will incur fewer debts from war. So, perhaps one might say what you suggest-n the first year alone. Creating an additional $100 $500 million in tourism dollar windfalls for CO. Plus pot sales that are expected to bring in and additional $60 million alone in tax revenues for the state. "It’s all going to be part of an aggregate effect that’s already drawing in millions of people to the state, Economic development, pot generated economic uptrend, common sense, Drug cartels will not be pleased. "Legal weed is already contributing to the market for rental cars, hotel rooms, shopping, meals, and entertainment though just how much is anyone’s guess. Legalization and the selling of pot openly, legally, is kind of a major moment in this country's history. As fo r MILLIONS living in states outside of CO and WA...they are FED UP with the nation's archaic and draconian drug law rbn/U.S. District Montana's chief federal judge and an appointee of George W. Bush Chief Judge Richard Cebull, retired last May after admitting he had Sent 'Hundreds' of RACIST Emails About Obama, African Americans, Latinos politicalblindspot-fb/murdock pulling ales, pulling rush, pushing christy, on stephanie/
11914/how it's going Liberal Legalized Marijuana growers, This will be your Honeymoon Period enjoy it. Why? You have two train wrecks approaching. The first will be the very Liberal Nanny Entitlement State you worship, that is gearing up to Tax and Regulate your little pot business into the ground. The second will be the criminal world (e.g. Mexican Cartels and countless others), who will gleefully move in and undercut the prices you will be forced to charge your doped up customers thanks to YOUR leadership's taxes & regulations. Oh the irony's of this all, I simply cannot wait to see you finally suffering the consequences of your Greedy & Selfish religion-legal marajuana will be destroyed by liberalism aibafs/Joplin's birthday is today. Celebrate the legendary singer by listening to 60's classics-real shenanigans with temperature data! Breaking: New Climate Data Rigging Scandal Rocks US Government adjustments to the “raw” thermometer measurements made by the climate scientists “turns a 90 year cooling trend into a warming trend, plain as day evidence not only proves the officially claimed one degree increase in temperatures is entirely fictitious, it also discredits the reliability of any assertion by such agencies to possess a reliable and robust temperature record. principiascientific-g+/
11714/We have three allies in the region that are supplied with KC-135s. We sustain the fleet by us at no cost to them. That’s Egypt, Turkey and Israel. Israel has, I believe, seven KC-135s, and as you know, the Israelis are always available in a matter of minutes iapb/Marijuana Shop Owner Says Edibles Are So Popular, She's Had to Impose Purchase Limit gma/sheriff is demanding that the U.S. government pay an estimated $39 million to pay racial profiling compliance costs-Supporters of a medical marijuana constitutional amendment in Florida say they have collected enough voter signatures to put their proposal TALLAHASSEE R/Francis has looked beyond the usual Vatican circles for new cardinals and overhauled the governance of the Vatican bank at the start of a year that heralds key reforms for the Roman Catholic Church-Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip overnight wounded a woman and four children, with Israel saying it had struck in retaliation for rocket fire afp/Methodist Church has formally charged another clergyman for presiding at the same sex wedding of his son-2,700 calls, emails and letters flooded the Utah governor's office in the days and weeks after a surprise ruling legalized gay marriage-poker blogger was sentenced to a probation program for stealing nearly $700 at a Connecticut casino by using chopsticks to pull cash out of a hole-father of a Milwaukee-area teen who died in 2012 after being restrained in a convenience store unconscionable-Egypt: 98.1 percent of voters approve constitution CAIRO Voters overwhelmingly supported- ap/Gov. Jerry Brown, the cheapskate who also thinks big," and nowhere is this more apparent today than in his avowed dream California bullet train? How Jerry Brown is at war with himself csm/Lower Cost Universal Healthcare Services, easy, Just cut out the middle-man (insurance companies) and get tough bargaining the fees for service with Dr's and pharmaceutical companies, DEMANDING volume discounts and lower costs for fees for service, comparable to what those same procedures cost in other first world nations. Allow more Dr's into the US from other nations that want to emigrate here, Increase gov.'t funding for expansion of medical students into US system. Come on America, geeze, times a'wastin rbg/reds hitch wagon to cfl repeal to save coal plants, on bp/christy was not aware of the bridge, cause he was at the frige rmmpv/travis attack, sandyhook shooter call in, gilligans island professor died today survived by ginger and mary ann, on stephanie/wabc freespeech friday suddenly snowden is the talk point, on geraldo jewalapluzia/bohner defends freedom chemical spill, austrialia heat wave melting roads, gnbbpv/
11614/Egyptian policemen stand outside the court in the working class Imbaba neighbourhood of Cairo on January 14, 2014 after blast hit the building two hours before polls opened for Egyptians to vote on a new constitution-Newscom/Truthout: What is more caustic to this society: marijuana (which is already everywhere anyway, and that is fact) or thousands upon thousands of people consigned to the tender mercies of the penal system? Marijuana or thousands of people suffering and dying in needless and preventable pain?/ Hartmann: Right Wing Media Point to Polar Vortex to Support Climate Denial, 900 of the wealthiest Americans won't pay any more into Social Security for the rest of the year; moral Mondays are coming to Georgia, advanced legislation to extend long term unemployment benefits, all but six Republicans declined to vote for it; our cars and hamburgers are even more toxic than we thought; Seattle has sworn in a Socialist/Krugman prestigious economists were all too eager to turn their backs on standard macroeconomics, even when it was working very well, because of their political leanings. We don't seem to need different economics as much as we need different economists/ Republican Voter Identification Falls to New Low Point as Independent Voters Surge Neither political party should take heart in a new Gallup poll that indicates a surge in self identified independent voters. It still remains unclear if this presages a serious threat to the two party national governance monopoly-A Return to Prohibition? As David Brooks Says, "Been There, Done That-war on the poor, Until Republicans Stop Hating the Social Safety Net, Poverty Will Continue To Grow BuzzFlash/ happy gun stories, absurity today, on pv/