Friday, January 24, 2014

12414/Perry Jindal

12414/Rick Perry told an international panel on drug legalization at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that “I have begun to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, told The New Orleans Times-Picayune on Wednesday that he would be “open” to the idea of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use rbg/irish afraid of pot addition bill feels sorry for bieber, on geraldo/uncle sugar huckabee, on stephanie
12314/HOW'S THE SYRIAN STRATEGY WORKING OUT?-BOARD PROGFAGS SEETHING IN ANGER, HATRED & FRUSTRATION Attacking the MESSENGER  never the message, cannot withstand daily assaults on their LIAR OF THE YEAR, PINOCCHIOBAMA, the failed obamacare, the failed economy, the LIES and the failed foreign policy of the princess and hildabeast-kerry, HATE being reminded of the myriad LIES, of the terrible unemployment stats over 5 years of his presidency, his DOUBLING in 8 yeas the National Debt, bringing it to TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS, they've BEEN MADE FOOLS OF BY PRINCESS HOMOBAMA and just cannot accept the humiliation-Brain dead pregnant Texas woman’s fetus is ‘abnormal’ 22 week fetus is “distinctly abnormal,” two days before the case heads back to court. AP Muñoz’s fetus has suffered fluid buildup in its skull and deformed “lower extremities-they could cart her over to Rick Perry's office. She sounds like a potentially good assistant for the man-after the kid is born texas will throw it in the pile of kids living in poverty turn their backs and proudly walk away-Carter's Operation Desert Claw Sabotaged? Precisely the people in the intelligence community commissioned to develop some kind of rescue for the hostages were those elements of covert action close to William Casey and hostile to Carter, of course, later became Reagan's CIA chief. But higher up in the chain at the time of the failed rescue mission was Donald Gregg, a member of Carter's National Security Council who later surfaced #$%$ high level Bush operative. Gregg's close personal ties to Bush became a serious issue in light of his extensive dealings with key contra figures tied both to the Iran contra scandal and illegal drug shipments coming from Central America. Gregg is now Bush's ambassador to South Korea-Ollie North was the one that pulled the plug on the mission that caused the accident, Reagan & Bush Sr rewarded him with a promotion, something was rotten in the desert of Iran-Blame Bush's for EVERYTHING! LOL, take some responsibility for once-4500 US troops dead, 45 thousands wounded $3 trillion wasted to hang one man, YOU GO CREEPY, you go-Twice in American History We Have Elected Father and Son Presidents- in both cases the son was a drooling moron-so sad that you people are so ignorant in the field of Science, but of course, that's what the GOP wants, ignorant voters-Until the GOP rids itself of the Teahicks and racists who run the Party they will NEVER win again, simple-now in the 6st year of the Lame Duck President, most say our Country is going, the people re elected your so called "Blockers-Republican Voters Would Like to See the Entire Economy Collapse into Depression for Just One Reason-they hate the America-wingers cant stand the FACT they know your post is 100% correct-GOP autopsy recommends a new path, the fix GOPers are putting in place is just more lipstick on the same ole ugly PIG-barry care became a national health care scam 4 years ago and now about to be a total failure like all-so sad that lib vermin continue to try and destroy the middle class, America realizes that America had it's greatest economic expansion in history under GWBush 03 07, then lib vermin stole congress and ushered in the Pelosi Reid Depression ignorant libturdmustdie, hussein is in bed with big oil, and Reggie Love-Biden was more qualified in 2008 to be president than Obama was. He'd be a pretty good president too. Since Hillary will run, Biden won't so it is a moot point at best-yhal/According to Rep Cummings (D-MD), Darrell Issa Commits A Treasonous High Crime By Leaking Sensitive Obamacare Documents has jeopardized the security of the ACA website by leaking sensitive Obamacare documents to unauthorized consultants. politicususa/ fbi looks at christy, on ed/
12214/Secret Service Visits GOP Candidate Who Wants Obama Executed-Proving once again nobody sane remains a candidate in today's GOP. FL-68 preacher candidate Joshua Black is an al Qaeda supporter of al-Awaki & wants President Obama hanged-Nun Roxana. 'It's a miracle virgin birth. I flew Virgin airways once- alan/Nugent: ‘Subhuman mongrel’ Obama should get ‘just due punishment’ for treason-GOP candidate turns Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech into anti abortion rant-Oregon GOP group defends gun raffle to honor Lincoln and MLK with inept slavery analogy-Arizona bill allows businesses to discriminate against unmarried women, non Christians-Gohmert: I’m no prophet but Netanyahu could be the next King David-Swiss Guard veteran: Gay ‘secret society’ in the Vatican a security problem for Pope Francis-Chomsky: The Tea Party is the ‘petit bourgeois’ face of corporate oligarchs-Limbaugh: Wendy Davis ‘embellished and falsified’ her entire biography-Hannity backtracks on threat to leave New York over Gov. Cuomo’s remarks-It’s not just ancient Roman propaganda: Carthaginians really did sacrifice children-Current rate of carbon emissions will double devastating El Niño weather events-Virginia Democrat seeks to outlaw discredited ‘gay cure’ therapy for minors- N.J. lawmaker schools former RNC chair for dismissing Dawn Zimmer as ‘lady mayor-How a 3D printer gave a teenage bomb victim a new arm, and a reason to live-Obama suggests racism animates some critics, animated conservative critics freak out- 85 ‘global elites’ as wealthy as half of the world’s population- Haribo stops making liquorice candy shaped like African masks after racism complaint-Increasing pharmaceutical research demand creates cadaver shortage-Stewart: The U.S. needs a miracle to beat Russia in the ‘Homophobic Olympics- Velveeta shortage could be buzzkill for Broncos-Seahawks Toke Bowl-Chicago GOP hopeful: Autism and dementia are God’s punishments for LGBT rights-Alaska GOP Senate candidate sings in tongues in a sauna to ‘save’ woman-Prosecutors won’t charge Ohio trooper who masturbated with boy to teach him about sex-Beck: Bill Nye’s creationism denial is like the Catholic Church jailing Galileo-GOP Force women to have babies because abortion ‘robs men’ of fatherhood rights-Physicist says he’s solved the big mystery, how life came from matter, and he may be right-Arizona autistic girl arrested for strangling man 43 during ‘consensual sex act-Rachel Maddow to Chris Christie’s administration: You want a piece of me?-Pastor tells Fox News: Obama’s getting us ready to embrace the anti Christ-North Carolina school rewards Black student with a confederate hat-Colorado GOP rep. tells Fox News: ‘Matter of time’ before legal pot turns violent-GOP Florida House candidate on Obama: ‘It’s time to arrest and hang him high-Nancy Grace on proposal to bring back firing squads: There’s no pretty way to die-Stray bullet kills relative 5, of Omaha councilman while she eats breakfast-Rape victim awarded $150,000 after police and youth program forced her to say she lied-Memphis teacher allegedly locked 5-year-old in closet as punishment, then went home sick-Birch Society activist: Nullify Obamacare and rely on churches for health care-GOP candidate wants ‘gun in every gun safe, touts his ‘really big’ balls-New Hampshire governor promises to kill ‘historic’ marijuana legalization bill-Republican channels the ‘thoughts of God himself’ on the House floor to attack abortion-Right Wing Swarms Film Critic For Calling Their Jingoism Jingoism-Iranian press: Snowden docs prove aliens who built Nazi subs also control U.S. foreign policy-Catholic publisher fights ‘militant atheism’ with book blaming disbelief on bad fathers-John Boehner on West Virginia chemical spill: Let’s not rush to over regulate-Kelly advises McConnell: Stop fighting Obama in court and ‘try to impeach him!-Radio hosts: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson proved ‘homofascist bullies’ are like ‘terrorists’-rsy/More Crude Oil Spilled in 2013 Than Previous Four Decades Combined thecontributor- More crude oil spilled from train accidents in 2013 alone than in the previous four decades combined—an alarming number reported by McClatchy News on Monday that points towards a drastic shift in the highly toxic, yet growing, crude oil business to rail transport fb/

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