Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12814/400 Are as Rich as All US African-Americans

12814/Forbes 400 Are as Rich as All US African-Americans, and MoreThe richest 400 people in our nation have as much wealth as the entire African American population in the United States/Hartmann, 50 years ago, the government declared that everyone had the right to voteSocialist" government of French President Fran├žois Hollande continues France's time honored tradition of disagreeing with US foreign policy, with a new twist: "Socialist" France is to the right of De Gaulle, and, Obama-federal waiver in hand, Maryland is going to implement a test program that will incentivize preventive medical care while reducing costs-Sanders proposes restoring money in the budget for military pensions by using war funding and giving us a true cost of war at the same time- Truthout/Intifada: Three Palestinian children were allegedly burned with lit cigarettes and denied access to food, water or toilet facilities after being arrested and detained by Israeli soldiers and polic/Krugman If progress against poverty has been disappointing over the past half century, the reason is not the decline of the family, but the rise of extreme inequality-an alarming amount of optimism, Why? Because of the Three Stooges effect/ Antiwar Activists Robbed the FBI, Got Away With It, and Exposed Massive Covert Surveillance, Knopf:Criminal behavour in the extreme resulting in government policy that pushed fuel costs skywards pushing thousands into fuel poverty. This act caused hardship to those low payed who live on the edge of poverty first and caused many to loose their homes. These ''scientists should be called to account for this criminality. They should be tried and then promptly shot. That will put an end to "fudging figures-It's funny listening to all of you suggest thousands of scientist are intentionally misleading people and how they should all be punished, all the while most of you go and tell you children that some imaginary character watches them at all times of the day and will burn them for eternity if they don't do as they are told. The lack of intelligence is astounding from the right-leave out the babble?/Man Dies After Waiting 8 Hours in NYC Hospital ER-Taylor Swift's Reaction to Losing-Mitt Slow Jams the News With Jimmy Fallon-Man Used Photos of Fallen Soldier for Facebook Dating Scam-Kansas Judge Says Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support-Cruise: Trip Cut Short as 600 Passengers, Crew Get Sick-huckabee Hits Back at Dem Critics on 'The Kelly File- fni/ Texas GOP candidates agree: Teach creationism and ‘always err on the side of life-Seattle’s socialist city council member vows to keep just 34 percent of her salary-Indiana police believed woman’s tale of supernatural haunting that ended in exorcism-Bachmann and Sanders clash over income inequality-Olbermann slams Sochi mayor ahead of ‘most tear stained’ Olympics-Ingraham: ‘Wall off Detroit’ to keep the immigrants in-Stewart to Sean Hannity: ‘It’s not East Germany, you can get out’ of NY ‘any time-Erickson defends ‘Abortion Barbie’ slur of Wendy Davis with vile rant rsy/44 wasn't "a multi millionaire" until millions bought his book in 2008 and elected him President TWICE for $400,000 per year for life. That really pisses you off-On Average, One School Shooting Every Other Day This Year-Our very prepared "well regulated militia" US Milt, NG & Police drones don't fear your veiled & often repeated threats: "As for the tax on bullets-Right Wing Obamacare Talking Point Bites The Dust-Good news for American employers providing jobs and workers with Affordable Health Care in 2014, is bad news for the GOP and Cruz who still can't find anyone injured-Cokehead Congressman Trey Radel Quits-GOP crackPAC now blame their deeep voices on huffing steroids-Radel involved with GWB Cheney Norton's Interior Dept MMS oil leasing bribery scandals, 'Dude, Boehner's GOP wants their stash back now! Or I am toast-West laments his GOP loss in his own specially gerrymandered district, The Left Tries To Win Women's Vote By Talking From The Waist Down-delusions deny conviction or indictment. Waaaaa nobody likes W/O's record low approval GOPtp anymore.
12714/Francis on Sunday prayed for the start of a “constructive dialogue” in Ukraine, releasing two white doves to symbolize the hope for peace. However, immediately attacked by a crow and a seagull-Spirit Week Intermediate School Pennsylvania! Students can expect to have a wonderful time dressing up in zany clothes Planning ‘Duck Dynasty Day’, Mom Terrified to Come Forward aattp-what real terrorism is, when you have people so afraid to say what they really think for fear of retribution from the local community, they just keep their mouth's shut. And today I have no doubts there are large areas of the country where this is true-Pharmaceutical CEO: Cancer Drug Is Only For Westerners Who Can Afford It charges $69,000 for life saving medication in India, 41 times the country's annual per capita income. thinkprogress- mug asshole should be buried up to his neck in a fire ant colony. Worthless bag of shit-What a nasty prick this Pharmaceutical CEO is. Most likely he's a rotten bastard Conservative. fb/Chicago Residents Rebel Against Koch Brothers and Rahm Emanuel Over Petroleum Coke Hazard-85 People Own as Much as Half of the World's Population BuzzFlash/ GOP House Candidate Says God Created Autism, Dementia and Tornadoes To Punish Gays-to Sabotage Obamacare With Higher Premiums-tpm/Veteran CBS host schieffer laughs in Cruz’s face after he repeatedly denies shutting down government-84% lie ratio doubles down on propaganda minister Goebbels repeating "the big lie." Laughable lunatic Ted Cruz' 4% Truth Ratio is the lowest ever-Carlson: Young people people can’t decide what to eat, so don’t let them vote-McConnell’s slogan to win non GOP voters, the party of the private sector-pooch is susceptible to a contagious cancer from an 11,000 yr old dog-Painting Wendy Davis as a bad mother is political sexism at its worst-Canadian pipeline explosion deprives 4,000 of heat and power in subzero weather-Uncle Sugar: Huckabee was for mandatory contraception coverage before he was against it-DNA test of 7,000 yr old tooth overturns popular image of light-skinned European hunter gatherers-Rand Paul worries women ‘won’ the war and are ‘conquering’ men, taking their jobs rsy/Superintendent To Buddhist Family: Change Religions Or Find School 'Where There Are More Asians-equally speechless, and the superintendant too! Not just the teacher. Wow. Texas is so grateful for Louisiana and Mississippi to keep us off the bottom-his mental midget disease seems all too present in what's called the bibbble belt or is it bubble-taught that both the Big Bang theory and evolution are false" That is first-degree child abuse-These are the imbeciles the state of Louisiana is hiring to shape young minds-WV gun slave wipes out property owner and brother because he thought they were "trespassing" on their own property. Proving once again why "Stand Your Ground alan/
is bo smoking pot in the wh? on geraldo/
12614/republicans quiet adopt israel, Israelis have socialized medicine that costs 1/2 of what America spends and they provide abortions, Did Glen Beck mention any of that when he reported from his visit there? free in many cases buzzfeed-aibafs/Arizona GOP passed a resolution to censure McCain, the one time presidential nominee for what they characterize as a liberal record that has been 'disastrous and harmful' to the state and nationCensures McCain for Being Too Liberal iapb/
12514/New STD Superbug May be Deadlier Than AIDS; Kills in a Matter of Days WorldTruthTV
12414/Rick Perry told an international panel on drug legalization, I have begun to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization, Bobby Jindal, told The New Orleans Times Picayune he would be “open” to the idea of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use fb/Hatriot, Using patriotism as a front to be racist, Anyone who loudly and publicly exhibits hatred against a person or race or nation or religion and believes that they are serving the national interest, who wants to persecute all Muslims loudly and publicly, and even violently, because they believe all Muslims are terrorists and think hatred is valid social behavior, is a hatriot, not a patriot, hatriotism is patriotism gone bad aibafs/AZ Sheriff Arpaio punishes ‘unpatriotic’ inmates after ethnic targeting costs county millions-GOP candidate defends call to hang Obama by comparing him to George Zimmerman-Grand jury declines to indict North Carolina cop who shot and killed black car crash victim-Houston cops cuff and detain man for an hour for giving change to homeless person-Alabama pastor charged in wife’s stabbing was fleeing US to marry his boyfriend-Obama gives a nod to atheists and agnostics in ‘Religious Freedom Day’ proclamation-‘Duck Dynasty’ ratings down 28 percent after Phil’s homophobic, racist rant-Denver woman claims TSA agents sexually assaulted her during patdown-Governments warned: Robots may take half our jobs in 20 years, so prepare for revolution-Family suing state after Ohio inmate’s execution with new drug mix-Maddow: Chris Christie may have just given up on the presidency-Colbert: ‘Naughty’ Wall Street wants to be ‘spanked’ by ‘Invisible Hand’ of the market-Stewart flushes Louie Gohmert’s ‘plumbing lessons’ argument against marriage equality-Hasselbeck: Are male-wussifying feminists a national security problem?-Sanders rips Walmart: Why should taxpayers subsidize ‘starvation wages-Texas schools blame world wars on evolution and lack of religion-Maddow befuddled that GOP continues to ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ on abortion-Feds indict Klansman trying to build an anti Muslim X ray cannon-Fracking dangers made up by private property-snatching socialists-Earthquake rattled Texas town begs state to shut down fracking wells-Hannity: I can drink two beers and not feel anything, so pot is more dangerous-deGrasse Tyson: Republicans doomed to poverty because they’re ‘born into’ ignorance-Boehner: ‘I have to be the Gestapo’ because nothing is ‘conservative enough’ for Tea Party-Atheist lawmaker targets Nebraska churches’ property tax exemption rst/Is This the Legacy You Want?! Pastor Takes on Obama's Defense of Pot-Five' Co Host Greg Gutfeld Compares Justin Bieber to President Obama fni/irish afraid of pot addition bill feels sorry for bieber, on geraldo/uncle sugar huckabee, on stephanie

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