Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2414/Teach them a lesson Reagan

2414/Teach them a lesson Reagan reversed Jimmy Carter's Executive Order and taken to supplying material support for Saddam Hussein. This despite Saddam's use of nerve gas to kill tens of thousands of Iranians, 241 dead at Marine BLT Barracks at Beirut Airport, blamed on Hezbollah, revenge killings; for Muslims, the term retaliation is more appropriate, four truck bombs killed 398 people to take revenge for Reagan using the U.S. Navy to shell Lebanese villages, slaughtering Druze and Muslims indiscriminately. The technology for the bombs was provided by Iran, two days later, 25th was the first use of the American military overseas since Vietnam. rbg/Why does a veteran take his life every 65 minutes? the fundamental lack of hope and complete inability to see meaning in life. it is despair. A fog has clouded everything about these wars; from their start to their inconclusive endings, so utterly implausible now that no one is even trying to defend it. Where does that leave the young man who went through hell in Iraq in the name of liberty for future Americans? What does that say to the young woman who believed her sacrifice in Afghanistan would have an enduring legacy? No amount of counseling can dispel the gnawing sense that one sacrificed for a bogus cause rbh
2314/Benghazi was a terror attack because your campaign didn’t want that out? Obama: “And they believe it because folks like you tell them that ... These kinds of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote themWhenever president Obama scores points, as he did yesterday with Loofaman, Fox News goes into damage control mode and brainstorms a "response" to feed their legions of Orcs. In this case, the talking point went out; "Notice Obama never denied it? He just attacked Fox-Wrapped in the Flag, sad day when celebrating the people who make America is a cause for anger. These nasty people are in the same family as the "Irish Need Not Apply" gang and the "Italians Go Home" crowd of the 1860s. They take their cue from the folks who hated the Japanese, the Vietnamese, the French and Native Americans. These are the same kind of people who used their God and their Bible to justify the buying and selling of slaves. Racial hatred lives just below the surface in America. Stir the water a bit and it bobs to the surface. Haters will hate, Such a beautiful commercial that's generated a flood of hate, It's ugly and it's evil, America has to walk a different path fb/Republicans unveiled their 2014 agenda, and it was, nothing, House Republicans filed and received a blank piece of paper labeled 'Agenda 2014, aide said, The problem is we don't know where we are headed the Republicans don't know where to go, not that they don't know how to get there Politico rbg/researcher Seralini, fed rats GMOs, in the form of Monsanto's Roundup Ready corn, and they developed tumors. Some died. The study was published in the journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. Pictures of the rats were published, A wave of biotech industry criticism ensued. Pressure built. 'Experts' said the study was grossly unscientific, its methods were unprofessional, and Seralini was biased against GMOs from the get go. Monsanto didn't like Seralini at all-sprayed on weeds, It's a salt of glycophosphate and has been used for years. This is another "crusade" of liberal nitwits ever desperate to make our lives as difficult as possible by hindering things like agriculture and energy production. Children are starving, have you no heart?-adjuvants in insecticides and herbicides have been used for decades. MANY decades. piperonyl butoxide is added to most insecticides containing pyrethrins to give the insects the proverbial 'one-two' punch-I have a heart. Monsanto is probably the biggest poisoner on the planet, turning our biosphere into a toxic environment for massive $profit. Do you have any brains? I have serious doubts aibafs/48 interruptions post superbowl interviewa bo slaps billy for faux snooze, on stephanie/unpleasant interview, rudy sez that's wot losers do 911 bengazi etc, on geraldo paying 4k$ for superblowout/
2214/Waters is an antiSemite, musician’s comparison of Israeli policies with those of the Nazis, Abe Foxman, who had previously defended British rocker from critics, calls him ‘narrow minded bigot, ADL acknowledged that “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” have “seeped into the totality” of the former Pink Floyd frontman’s views iapb/There is no possible way the hatriots will ever be in charge of the country, thankfully-Amen to that, Sistah!-As long as a few intelligent, politically progressives continue to post here I can enjoy sending the politically moderate here to show them what the Reight really looks like. And these guys make for a motley crew of vulgar bigots-If the progressives leave, it would simply be a toilet aibafs/ Harvard study shows Republican Governors who Refuse Medicaid Expansion and the Affordable care act, will KILL THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! Refusing the expansion is a political decision by Republican state lawmakers that will have a big economic impact for those states. What it will also cause, according to a new study from Harvard University and the City University of New York, is eight million people remaining uninsured, and up to 17,000 premature and avoidable deaths-How many people died in 9/11 again?-IDF soldier shoots an innocent Palestinian man four times in the back of the head. No charges are filed 972mag-fb
2114/Montana US House Candidate Ryan Zinke (R) referred to Hillary Clinton as the anti Christ before passing out bullets to his supporters-Maher said, wear your good bandana. Nice to see you observing the dress code, Cletus. But you know if Beyonce wore that, they would say she was bringing down America from within. But somehow everybody is cool with this 1840s gold prospector sweating goose grease into the Stars and Stripes. All because his homophobic daddy invented a whistle that makes ducks horny-fb/One student shot dead, another wounded near Michigan State University
13114/They" seem to think anything other than missionary is perverse. What a boring world that must be to live in. That went through my mind as well. Men who find womens breasts repulsive and liken them to defecation who also think oral sex should be illegal, wow just wow. No wonder those teabagger women look so angry aibafs 13014/ the Effing Cross: Illinois Monument wiki Effingham-What good does a million dollar cross serve? Wouldn't that money that was pretty much stolen by the church (those who donated were willing brainwashed victims, but taking money from the brainwashed should be a crime of some sort), be much better used clothing, feeding and sheltering the poor?-Money from the brainwashed seems to be exactly how they did it, I bet Jeebus would be pleased to see so much wealth squandered on a giant recreation of the torture device that killed him. Fuck the poor-Lebanese politician critical of Iranian backed group says unmanned planes used over his home; army confirms Hezbollah tracked car bomb across Lebanon-Syria border, Hezbollah is proving once again that its fight is not only against Israel, but is also focused on its own internal interests in Lebanon and Syria. After dispatching thousands of its fighters to the battlefields of Syria, on behalf of ally and sponsor Bashar Assad, who has sustained major military losses, it has now begun to support the beleaguered president by supplying him with unmanned aerial vehicles. iapb/US seeks $2.1bn from BofA over mortgage fraud yfnm/politicususa, Palin embodies the entire GOP in an epic Facebook rant accusing Obama of being arrogant, full of hubris, and naive-Democrats have no logical argument so they always have to resort to commie propaganda-the race card doesn't work anymore-The church that closed its food bank cause it attracted poor People, Rev. David Durksen of the Unity Church of Victoria following the teachings of a different Jesus, Most clients of food banks have not yet come to a sense of personal responsibility in life. They are still in denial, blame or seeing the world as owing them-eyeonthenation The court has ruled that Amanda Knox and her ex boyfriend Raffael Sollecito are guilty of Meredith Kercher’s murder, overturning their appeal. The Foxy Knox has been sentenced to 28 years-fb/zerohedge Cursed is the House of Saud! bandar puppetmaster behind syrian war/INTELLIHUB recent snow storm that blanked Atlanta and parts of Virginia sending thousands of residents into turmoil, causing nearly the entire city to come to a standstill, may have been a false flag operation or beta test carried out by diabolic factions of the U.S. government, one thing is for sure, havoc has ensued/Cathy sotu rebuttel, claims to have ‘graduated’ from PCC debt free, having paid her way with 4H projects. However, in reality her 4H projects would not even cover the airfare to Florida. willingly gave up everything that American’s are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, including, the freedom of Religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free assembly. I believe this education at this extreme fundamentalist school was her first test as an obedient foot soldier for the far right wing of the GOP,Meanwhile back in Kettle Falls, her dad, whose local nickname was ‘Boss Hog’, became the county chair of the Republican Party fb/the Coburn Burr Hatch plan, They call it the Patient CARE Act, the most credible plan yet” offered by the GOP, Except amounts, among other things, to a big tax increase. by making employer provided health insurance plans, which are currently not taxed, partially taxable as income. In fact, this income replaces income that, under ObamaCare, comes from taxing companies aibafs/Chicago woman sues company that fired her hours after cancer diagnosis-racism drives GOP opposition to immigration reform-Felons should buy guns, but helping people buy Obamacare is too far-Maher: GOP was wary of Christie after he got ‘Kenya cooties’ hugging ‘President Blackula-Nevada man shoots paralyzed wife to death in hospital bed: She was ‘begging to die- Scientific American’ calls on U.S. to open doors to LSD, MDMA, pot research-Gohmert, Bachmann, and King tell Hannity they’ll ride Obamacare ‘repeal train’ to bitter end-Utah kids in tears after school seizes and tosses out 40 lunches over debt-Stewart: Republicans’ response to Obama was ‘world’s sh*ttiest open mic night’ rsy/Police Use Drone, Without Warrant, in Arrest and Conviction of ND Farmer-Hannity's Dinner With Willie Robertson-He Doesn't Need a Pen, He Needs an Eraser': Cruz on Obama's Exec. Order-fni/Egypt Arrests Al-Jazeera TV Crew for Ties to Muslim Brotherhood tw/
12914/GOP rep grimm Threatens to throw Local Reporter "off this fucking balcony" fni/harpoon tip dating to 35,000 years ago has been discovered on Timor, an island northeast of Darwin, Australia-Storybook Apocalypse tempting to dismiss the 16th century depictions of Biblical miracles, flaming comets, multi headed beasts, and apocalyptic chaos that fill the pages Augsburg Miraculous Signs” as the superstitious vestiges of the post Medieval mind-Swedish divers unearth Stone Age 'Atlantis' relics, left by Swedish nomads 11,000 years ago, discovered by divers in the Baltic Sea, prompting some to claim that Sweden's Atlantis had been found-Israel hints that early humans sat around fires as early as 300,000 years before Homo sapiens arose in Africa-Medicine Or Mass Murder? Discredited Research May Have Caused 800,000 Deaths In Europe Over The Last 5 Years-Mansfield, beams of light appeared to be coming from the ground and shooting skyward-Bubonic plague DNA found Yersinia pestis bacteria in small pieces of DNA in ancient teeth, warning another outbreak similar to the bubonic plague could strike, buried at the time of the Justinian outbreak in Iron Age Germany critical believers/Rand Paul doubles down: Bill Clinton committed ‘violence’ against Lewinsky-Staten Island Republican caught bullying reporter: ‘I will break you in half-Louie Gohmert: Raise taxes on poor people because they can pay with welfare-Seattle socialist Kshama Sawant’s SOTU response: ‘We need a break from capitalism-Virginia pastor: Women are sinners if clothes ‘outline’ body ‘to make it noticed-Researchers discover new area in your brain that may control your bad decisions-Erickson defends ‘Abortion Barbie’ slur of Wendy Davis with vile rant rsy/No Motive in Shooting as Maryland Mall Reopens-California Teacher Denies She Shut Down Report on Jesus-Colorado governor temporarily renames peaks for Broncos- Castle Rock to allow open carry of guns- Lawmakers consider extending bar hours in Colorado aol/DOJ says the Arizona Department of Public Safety 4.75 pounds of heroin and three pounds of meth were found in the car to be delivered to a house in Rocky Ford krdo/Baby Dies After Sister 3, Tried to Change His Diaper thestir/Doctor, His Wife, and Texas Police Chief Caught in Love Triangle gma/bo takes the high road, on ed/ deleware river oil spill un reported for 2 weeks gnpv 10 yr aniversary-red response to sotu circa 60's tv with satanic stars background, on thom/Right wing Projectionism Reaches Bizarre Level, Then An Apology-Remember that televised live ACA debate at RNC HQ in Va where Obama slayed all GOP without a teleprompter?-GOP Finally Has A Health Care Plan And It's A Huge Step Backward-GOP's DOA HC plan doesn't reduce deficits by ACA's $1.5 T via CBO, that all repub budgets use for deficit reduction in Ryan's decades from now acrobatic balancing trick- alan/Georgia’s GOP governor blasted for ‘gamble’ on snowstorm preparations-Fox News, Women don’t want equal pay, they already get ‘exactly what they’re worth-CEO tells Daily Show ‘mentally retarded’ could work for $2: ‘You’re worth what you’re worth-jeff Sessions quotes Lady Gaga to prove pot hurts ‘the health of America-Fox News contributor busted again for pushing fake story about persecution of Christians-West Virginia scientist detects formaldehyde in water sample taken from restaurant- Grimm blames reporter’s lack of professionalism for violent threats rsy/
12814/Forbes 400 Are as Rich as All US African-Americans, and MoreThe richest 400 people in our nation have as much wealth as the entire African American population in the United States/Hartmann, 50 years ago, the federal government declared that everyone had the right to voteSocialist" government of French President Fran├žois Hollande continues France's time honored tradition of disagreeing with US foreign policy, with a new twist: "Socialist" France is to the right of De Gaulle, and, Obama-federal waiver in hand, Maryland is going to implement a test program that will incentivize preventive medical care while reducing costs-Sanders proposes restoring money in the budget for military pensions by using war funding and giving us a true cost of war at the same time- Truthout/Intifada: Three Palestinian children were allegedly burned with lit cigarettes and denied access to food, water or toilet facilities after being arrested and detained by Israeli soldiers and police/Krugman If progress against poverty has been disappointing over the past half century, the reason is not the decline of the family, but the rise of extreme inequality-an alarming amount of optimism, Why? Because of the Three Stooges effect/Antiwar Activists Robbed the FBI, Got Away With It, and Exposed Massive Covert Surveillance, Knopf Criminal behavour in the extreme resulting in government policy that pushed fuel costs skywards pushing thousands into fuel poverty. This act caused hardship to those low payed who live on the edge of poverty first and caused many to loose their homes. These ''scientists should be called to account for this criminality. They should be tried and then promptly shot. That will put an end to "fudging figures-It's funny listening to all of you suggest thousands of scientist are intentionally misleading people and how they should all be punished, all the while most of you go and tell you children that some imaginary character watches them at all times of the day and will burn them for eternity if they don't do as they are told. The lack of intelligence is astounding from the right-leave out the babble?/Man Dies After Waiting 8 Hours in NYC Hospital ER-Taylor Swift's Reaction to Losing-Mitt Slow Jams the News With Jimmy Fallon-Man Used Photos of Fallen Soldier for Facebook Dating Scam-Kansas Judge Says Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support-Cruise: Trip Cut Short as 600 Passengers, Crew Get Sick-huckabee Hits Back at Dem Critics on 'The Kelly File-fni/Texas GOP candidates agree: Teach creationism and ‘always err on the side of life- Seattle’s socialist city council member vows to keep just 34 percent of her salary-Indiana police believed woman’s tale of supernatural haunting that ended in exorcism-Olbermann slams Sochi mayor ahead of ‘most tear-stained’ Olympics ever-Ingraham: ‘Wall off Detroit to keep immigrants in- Stewart to Sean Hannity: ‘It’s not East Germany, you can get out of NY any time-Erickson defends ‘Abortion Barbie’ slur of Wendy Davis with vile rant rsy/44 wasn't "a multi millionaire" until millions bought his book in 2008 and elected him President TWICE for $400,000 per year for life. That really pisses you off-On Average, One School Shooting Every Other Day This Year-Our very prepared "well regulated militia" US Milt, NG & Police drones don't fear your veiled & often repeated threats: "As for the tax on bullets-Right Wing Obamacare Talking Point Bites The Dust-Good news for American employers providing jobs and workers with Affordable Health Care in 2014, is bad news for the GOP and Cruz who still can't find anyone injured-Cokehead Congressman Trey Radel Quits-GOP crackPAC now blame their deeep voices on huffing steroids- Radel involved with GWB Cheney Norton's Interior Dept MMS oil leasing bribery scandals, 'Dude, Boehner's GOP wants their stash back now! Or I am toast-Allen West laments his GOP loss in his own specially gerrymandered district, The Left Tries To Win Women's Vote By Talking From The Waist Down-delusions deny conviction or indictment. Waaaaa nobody likes W/O's record low approval GOPtp anymore alan/mother of a Seal Killed in Benghazi will be there tonight, as guest of a Republican Senator-the word former is disparaging, as pointed out common practice is to remember the individual forever at the station, when he lost his or her life in service to this nation. We are able to call you a former human, as you have never served, and lost all contact with what a human is State of the disunion speech-both Groundhog Day (2.2?) and the State of the Union address will occur on the same day.This is an ironic juxtaposition of events. One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication. The other involves a groundhog-Appears the disunity you are experiencing, your inability to unite with facts-You should really get your head out of your keister. I can't think of another president which has inflamed the differences between capital and labor, the races, the economic classes, Dems and Repubs, etc. And you'll hear more of it tonight-of course the tea party and 10 trillion in debt, by the GOP has nothing to do with it with their trickle down economics giving more and more to the rich, Did you know that in the last election the Koch brothers spent more money that all candidates combined? GOP trying to take away voting rights, war on women, war on immigrants, wanting cust in social security, foodstamps, school loans, and you want to blame the division on Obama? Wake up Hitch the rest of us have caught o the the GOP agenda. ybac/

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