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5413/no further use to CIA, and a danger to anyone he talks to

5413/2011, the government was able to recover $4.1 billion, more than twice the amount that W was able to locate rbg/‘Absurd’ 2011, based on a warning from Russia’s intelligence service that they were suspected of being followers of radical Islam, former CIA officer in Turkey and vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council, fuller retired from CIA in 1987 and had moved on to working as a senior political scientist for RAND,” Samantha, was married to Ruslan Tsarnaev (now Tsarni) for 3-4 years, and they lived in Bishkek They also lived in our house in [Maryland] for a year or so and they were divorced in 1999, I believe, Samantha was working for Price Waterhouse on privatization his former son in law English was shaky was interesting but homesick, and moved back to Central Asia after the divorce, Like all Chechens, Ruslan was very concerned about his native land, but I saw no particular involvement in politics, he did try to contact other Chechens. telephone conversations of Tamerlan and his mother Zubeidat, including one between the two in 2001 “vaguely” discussing jihad in Palestine-investigative journalist who discovered that the bombers' Uncle Ruslan, so visible on TV after the bombings, Ruslan Tsarni's intelligence connections (USAID, Halliburton, and participation in a huge ongoing scandal playing out in London over the looting of $6 billion from Kazakhstans third-largest bank) go well beyond his marriage to Graham Fuller's daughter, If the FBI is looking for a link to who recruited you, and your uncle is a spook who was at one time married to the daughter of a top CIA official, that would seem to be a good place to start. Hopsicker. madcowprod-The best I can figure out is that you were lurking on CAIR pages or CAIR director pages which are among the very few public Facebook pages I comment on. I have never seen you commenting there. Are you just lurking and sending friend requests to people who may be activists? I'm a housewife, part time activist, also I have many Muslim friends and family as you may have seen me write.. After doing due diligence when you friend requested me, finding out you are former CIA, and an "Islamic terror" specialist. I declined your request-He plans to visit Russia in January 2012, but before he goes, FSB contact FBI to tell them they know he has had contact with Chechen jihadists. They must know he is a CIA asset, and this is their way of saying 'don't bother, we know he's one of yours'. So he is of no further use to CIA, and a danger to anyone he talks to. 9 months later he is seen at the Boston bombing and FBI calls for anyone who can identify him to come forward. 3 days later he is killed in a massive hail of bullets,A short and useless CIA career. FBI obviously checks with CIA and publicly says they found him clean and closed the file. Closed the file! - on a potential jihadi terrorist, I don't think so-Fuller is still very influential at CIA, FBI, and other govt intel agencies. It's silly to believe otherwise. Fuller, Ruslan and FBI are in full panic mode right now. They will say and release anything to divert attn now. They will even report on Sarin gas in Syria to get the heat off of them. Anything wapospyblog-Tsarni also worked for exiled Kazakh tycoon Ablyazov, and testified on his behalf in a Lond court. He worked in the gas and oil business. Here, too, the most likely scenario is that he is innocent, because he's helping the organized opposition to Nazarbayaev, the dictator of Kazakhstan, or again, possibly a plant, but it seems contrived. He did not meet "Misha," but knows about him from hearsay, and says he wasn't in touch with his nephews since 2009 supposedly, Fuller's book, "Three Truths and a Lie," is about the tragedy of his adopted son's addiction to drugs and death amazon-Do you think Fuller gives a good goddamn that a few people died and others were injured in Boston? Do you know how many billions have been extracted from Caspian and Central Asian oil and heroin? Yes, heroin. Youtube Bonner CIA and cocaine or whatever it is. How do you think the CIA pays for its most covert operations? Fuller quashed the Waltham Police investigation into the triple-homicide of Tamerlan's best friend by getting the case kicked up to Mass State Police, Nothing new for FBI-Boston and Mass Staties. They excel at that kind of criminal aiding and abetting corruption. all about them and Whitey Bulger. btw, Bulger was arrested in June 2011, so FBI-Boston could not have cared less about Tamerlan's comings and goings at the time. Who knows, perhaps fuller arranged for Bulger's capture to divert attention for FBI Boston. Stranger things have happened where the CIA is involved. Basically, Fuller makes a deal to give FBI-Boston Bulger to leave his Chechen shadow warriors alone. Because that's just what the CIA has been doing for the past 20 years in the Northern Caucasus, conducting a shadow war with Russia whereby CIA calls the shots through Muslim operatives-The CIA are all murdering scum. They've been running drugs all over the world for years, inciting "terrorism"; they're worse than any criminal organization there is. They arm sociopaths, train them and let them loose on their enemies...I think Obama put Brennan in charge of the CIA because he remembered what happened to Kennedy-What is Fuller supposed to say, "No, it's not absurd at all. Ruslan got preferential treatment due to my contacts at the CIA, FBI, and State Dept. He was married to my daughter because I had been running Ruslan and hundreds of other operatives in the Chechen mafia for years, and I knew Ruslan very well. I even arranged for him, with his shaky English to get into Duke Law, and I even paid for it, well I paid for it with profits from CIA drug sales, but it was still some of my dough"?-Guilty as sin, patently absurd that our CIA funds and supports terrorists in Chechnya, Dagestan, Syria, Libya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran-Anti racist" is a codeword for anti white anti whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to "integrate" or face consequences for being "naziswhowantokill6millionjews, anti whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It's Genocide-laughing in your face about lying while selling you his book, nothing too detailed. Tsarni changed his name anyway. Graham probably told him to change it--news about the alleged chemical weapons in Syria, relying on intelligence from Israel and the United States, is naturally perceived as a step to an inevitable escalation. No doubt, an independent and credible committee under the aegis of the UN is required to carry out an inspection of any reliability of this information. Even if its membership can be agreed upon, which is no simple matter, past experience has demonstrated that, as a rule, observers getting involved in the game does not so much clarify the truth as increase the general level of manipulation and informational wars. However, if a respective government, for instance, refuses to collaborate with international inspection agencies, fearing their partiality or relying on their own assumptions regarding sovereignty, virtually automatically assumed to point to the fact that there is something to hide, history knows the case of the deliberate, but suicidal bluff, which Saddam Hussein attempted to play. Knowing perfectly well that he had nothing, his behavior was ambiguous: he inflated the stakes and played with inspectors, Americans and Iran. The result is well known, so there is a hope that the remaining regional leaders have learned this lesson. If the plot involving the use of chemical weapons continues, that is of primary interest to the Syrian opposition, seeming drift of Russia and Western countries toward each other, looming in the background of the Syrian impasse, may turn into a new dramatic divergence. Moscow does not believe that Assad may use chemical weapons: he is not a madman to ask for such trouble. Therefore, the emergence of such information is seen as an attempt to “turn the chessboard around”, to switch the discussion from the political and diplomatic field back to the military and coercive plane-Al-Qeada is a CIA invention; MB is backed by them. The UN are a bunch of criminals, they can't be trusted because they've started more wars than they ever prevented. The US people are sick to death of all the lies and secrets these buttwipes are doing behind our backs, and we want our nation back--Did Israel Ambush the US on Syria? By stating that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons, Brig. Gen. Itai Brun, the director of Israel’s Military Intelligence Research Department, cornered the Americans, Israeli intelligence bodies already knew that nerve agents had been used against civilians, and probably not for the first time. That intelligence was based on the analysis of video footage following the attack, which documented the victims' symptoms, but it was also based on intelligence Israel had obtained, common practice in such cases, Israel’s intelligence agencies shared this information with their American and European counterparts to compare the data. The Israelis and the British reached a clear conclusion: Assad’s military had used sarin nerve gas against civilians, and not for the first time, Kerry called Netanyahu, hoping to get out of this pickle. Netanyahu agreed that Israel didn't have 100% conclusive evidence-Hagel (R) and his Israeli counterpart Moshe Ya'alon (L) look out of the window during a helicopter tour of the Israeli annexed Golan Heights, April 22-he cornered Barry Seotoro-big for big instead of small for small, Instead of a broad offer, however, the US and its negotiating partners said they would lift sanctions on Iranian use of precious metals to settle its oil exports. Yadlin would be more generous in return for
bigger Iranian concessions. we even recognize your right to enrich, If the Iranians stop producing 20% uranium and send out their stockpiles of fissile material, “” he said. “I’m not asking him [Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] to sing Hatikvah [the Israeli national anthem] twice a day, offer should [have been] on the table yesterday but for a limited time,” Yadlin said, so that Iran could not take advantage of talks to get so close to the ability to make nuclear weapons that Israel and the United States would not have time to react. He downplayed the severity of Iranian retaliation for a US or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear installations but conceded that it would be difficult to predict exactly how Tehran would react. When he was advising then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert before Israel bombed and destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, Yadlin said he was asked how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would respond. Yadlin said he told Olmert that even if Israel could produce a computer chip that could read Assad’s mind and it was inserted in Assad’s bedroom by “the most beautiful agent of the Mossad,” no one could have 100% certainty about the Syrian reaction. In the end, Assad did nothing-diocy of the Western approach to Iran is so obvious. About ten years ago, Iran asked to be permitted to have a few centrifuges for experimental purposes and the West said no. Now, they have more than 10,000. All this ballyhoo about the Iranian nuclear program is based entirely on lies. The solution to this fiasco is obvious: Recognize Iran's right to enrich, remove ALL sanctions and in return Iran will stop 20% enrichment and may allow more inspections. Anything else is a figment of the imagination of idiots. There is no other solution-Nothing satisfies the perverts in Israel. They just shoot their mouths off and the stupid media print any garbage that comes out of their dirty mouths backchannel almonitor/Douglas Kihn, Truthout: Doctor of Oriental medicine E. Douglas Kihn argues that the squeezing of the American worker, starting under the Reagan Administration, has created a worried, hurried population succumbing to "American Syndrome" and self-medicating with food./How States Are Making It a Felony to Enforce Federal Gun Laws Using the pre-Civil War doctrine of "nullification," states assert that they - not the Supreme Court - have the ultimate authority to decide whether a law is constitutional or not Lois Beckett, ProPublica/ Secret "Free Trade" Negotiations Will Gut Regulations, Further Enrich Multinationals and Big Financial Firms Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism: The secret Trans-Pacific Partnership and the US-European Union “Free Trade” Agreement are both intended to make the world more lucrative for major corporations by weakening regulations and by strengthening intellectual property laws/New York State's Highest Court Upheld Two Towns' Right to Keep Toxic Energy Production Out of Their Communities, Moyers & Company/In today's On the News segment: The New York towns of Dryden and Middlefield can say "no" to toxic-fuels; North Carolina's Republican senate committee chairman "passed" legislation to end a green energy program before he even counted the votes; both state houses in Colorado just passed a major election law to make it easier to vote Hartmann/Guantanamo Costs $900,000 Per Prisoner Annually RT/calling me "death lover" in the very title. I've noticed that that poster is now FREQUENTLY throwing around the "personal attack" charge. There was no attack whatsoever in the post I made to her about her pattern of shitlist making- same starkly hypocritical pattern. Logic does nothing to cure this, Manners and small talk have done nothing to ameliorate the steady stream of vitriol, and so I keep my fingers crossed that they'll give her just enough rope to hang herself with-Fox News contributor and columnist at The Hill aggressively fundraised for a super PAC he advised, which then apparently funneled money back to Morris through rentals of his email list. According to FEC data released December 6, Morris' Super PAC for America paid conservative news outlet Newsmax Media roughly $1.7 million for "fundraising" in October and November. A significant portion of the super PAC's money likely went to renting Morris' own email list, which is operated by Newsmax Media aibafs/Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." Benito Mussolini, defined fascism as the type of government where the State and Business work together in full and mutual cooperation. But Il Duce was very clear about the State having the dominant hand in the relationship. The wealth of powerful corporations gave him the military he wanted, and that military (and paramilitary) gave him the power to ensure that the corporations remained wealthy. In America the relationship is reversed, with Business calling the shots. The corporations control the apparatus of the State's security agencies, legislature, the police, the government bueaucracies charged with preventing terrorist activities yhal

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5313/Bankers Are Like Heroin Addicts

5313/The United States of Amnesia" says it all. A sad but outrageously funny compilation of factsHypocrisy has poisoned Freedom's Land beginning at her apex in 1953 going forward Gore Vidal observed. yc/Nice *rebuttal*, which didn't even attempt to address the revealed nature of your original bullshitmore intelligent than the spoon fed drones like YOU!-Taken by surprise, Obama cried wolf, predicting the end of everything we hold dear if the sequester was not stopped. It wasn’t. Nothing happened-Cons and their bubble of delusion Is shrinking- aibafs/High Frequency Trading is Basically Evil, Bankers Are Like Heroin Addicts Munger cnbc/bama in Mexico: Little talk of human rights-Solar plane takes off on historic coast to coast flight-Rubio: Immigration now or never for GOP-A conspiracy to cover up U.F.O.s?-U.S. military plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan-Miami cop just loves his job. “I love serving the community. I love what I do for a living, and I’m very proud,” fired 8 times could get fired again has managed to return to his post despite his alleged vices. The Miami Herald reports Bosque has beaten back a long list of head-turning charges, including: busting the skull of a handcuffed suspect, beating juveniles, having dope and booze in his squad car, ripping off suspects, falsifying reports, participating in an unauthorized chase where four people were killed, calling in sick, from Cancun-monopolists like Warren Buffet are the ones that caused this problem in the first place . Quit taking their thieving advice-he's good at what he does, and that's what he sticks with. Smart guy. You call him greedy, I call him successful. I saved up and invested in his stock. Can't please everyone-I used to think he was almost a god too, when it came to investing, until he turned uber liberal with other people's money at the same time he is in US tax court fighting to keep "his" tax money-He is gung ho for estate taxes and then shelters his wealth from estate taxes with the use of a private foundation-Indeed, he is very intelligent and made his own money and way. However, he has become a fascist and his company has profited handsomely form the bank bailouts of 2008. His companies are "too big to fail" and will be propped up by our government via wealth confiscation by inflation and out right bailouts. How much did Wells Fargo gain from TARP? Billions! the same guy who wants higher taxes and higher estate taxes because it isn't fair to have these millionaires stockpile money. It sounds like he is such a great guy, but many small businesses get chopped up upon the owners death because their kids don't have the money to pay the taxes. Then, large companies come in and snackem up for cheap leaving behind poor people who can't make a good living anymore. Billionaires like this wolf benefit greatly because it weeds out competition and accumulates the leftovers in their coffers--The Pentagon Polishes Off Bomb, has beefed up its "Bunker Buster" bomb, designed to destroy Iran's Fordow nuclear facility WSJ Exclusive: U.S. to Hit Iran--Assad committing a "large-scale massacre" The killings in Bayda reflect the sectarian overtones of Syria's civil war. primarily inhabited by Sunni Muslims, who dominate the country's rebel movement. But located in the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, the backbone of the regime in a Sunni village near the Mediterranean coast, in which activists say at least 50 were killed with guns, knives and blunt objects-yn/The more you subsidize a behavior, the more you GET of that behavior"-America Hating WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE TURD muslim zeroBOWma WILL ALWAYS BE A GOB OF SPIT TO ME!! HE WILL NEVER BE MY president-as despicable as his supporters/Kris Kross Dead at 34 drug overdose-Slayer's Jeff Hanneman Dead at 49, on hiatus from the band since 2011, when he contacted the flesh-eating disease necrotizing fasciitis rs/Republicans want to eliminate your overtime pay Bloomberg/Kimberly Rivera, conscientious objector and pregnant mother of four, just been sentenced to military prison for refusing to serve in the Iraq War/Code Pink: w's Legacy Ought to Be on Trial; Instead, It's Put on Display "Kill a few, they call you a murderer. Kill tens of thousands, they give you $500 million for a granite vanity project and a glossy 30-page supplement in the dallas paper/Report: Toxic Chemicals Found in Thousands of Children's Products Common Dreams/Revolution Against Government May Be Necessary: Return of the KKK-Bangladesh Factory Collapse, Within the Profit Margin, the Stench of Death- Bigger Danger to America is Snorting Crack Koch- BuzzFlash/What BP Doesn't Want You to Know About the 2010 Gulf Spill Newsweek/An attorney who represented prisoners detained at Guantanamo Bay was found dead last week in what sources said was a suicide, Truthout/Skull and Bones Members back to the 1800's which by the way was the symbol used by nazideath campsygs/Right-wing media are falsely claiming that a State Department Inspector General review is linked to dubious allegations that State ignored "whistleblowers" during an independent review of attacks on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. In fact, the routine investigation was planned before the State Department's Accountability Review Board released its findings, has nothing to do with "whistleblower" allegations, and will investigate decades of State actions-CIA base was "near" there- Nixon Exported Jobs to China, similarities of the 1920s and 2000s that led to the two similar crashes of 1929 and 2008, and similar depressions and world wars, 1999, which involved the shadow bankster system getting around the discipline of gold, creating credit bubbles, wall street out of control, and otc derivatives becoming a casino to trap everyone in. Then after the crashes, trying to eliminate gold as a yard stick to sane monetary and economic policies, since without gold and controlling the bankster and brokerage system (ie wall street) govt and the electorate are not in control anymore but being controlled-(like a cat hides turds) classified data showing Israel most likely conducted a strike, the same time frame that the U.S. collected additional data showing Israel was flying a high number of warplanes over Lebanon- a source in the Israeli defense establishment told CNN's Sara Sidner, "We will do whatever is necessary to stop the transfer of weapons from Syria to terrorist organizations. We have done it in the past and we will do it if necessary the future-rbg/varney asserts clapton best guitar player, beckel worries about fatwa on fatman, mensa bernie sez roundup all watchlist suspects, church upset about promoting gay basketball, on imus podcast, haas with commercials/rabbit hole politics via juan spoken over by wingnut, on geraldo/some peeps know no other way to argue than childishly...this whole thread reminds me how the usmj deals with it: a person can say anything to any superior without attacking the person personally, ie: instead of you are childish, one can say you act like a child, idiot, fukwad etc etc. the reason personal attacks are frowned upon is that it often leads to physical violence, by then. no matter who started it both are in error. moreover, allowing some to tip their hand, as to what exactly their agenda's intent, often gives clues how to deal with any situation/it is entirely possible i might have attacked some vilefuk spewing bigotry, and might have hurt their feelings, but someone withing yahoo, was sending untracable uncopyable notes, more than once, i was never banned, but much i posted saw the mb..belittle to cussout produces painful feelings, like all disease are wot tells us wotz wrong..rants make sense to themselves, sometimes others..choas is reality, a tight group floating in the net, with family like values and equal amouts to lose. just another facet of reality we know we will soon or l8r have to confront. it's your job, should you decide to accept this mission, as we fly through space together, to solve every problem...i am anti data recoqonition software epritnmseax bron conyasprcieunt suspect thermasol radiation experiment poisoned person yalls biggest fan...maybe im just sick, or maybe it's the legal pot aibafs
5213/bill only has such tough requirements for just those few megabanks, which sounds unfair, except that the aim of the bill, precisely, is to level the playing field. Right now, the biggest U.S. banks enjoy a massive inherent market advantage in that they're able to borrow money far more cheaply than other banks, because everybody on earth knows the government will never let them fail and will always bail them out in a pinch, making their debt essentially U.S.-government guaranteed. Studies have shown that these banks borrow money at about 0.8 percent more cheaply than other banks, and that this implicit government subsidy is worth about $83 billion a year just to the top 10 banks in America. This bill would essentially wipe out that hidden subsidy and make the banks bailout-proof rsmt/Peace with Arabs... But how will the Heebs steal land? Peace talk is for the media... Zionism land grab the real agenda ygs/Louie Gohmert also believes the government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.Congressman Believes Attorney General Holder Is On The Side Of The Boston Bombers-Why isn't this reported on by the Lamestream Media? Could it be THEY are run by secret Muslims also too? There's a reason Alex Jones isn't on ABC, CBS, or NBC. They are afeared of the trooth-some LAZY staff member got a script of McCarthy's secret communist infiltration accusation and put in Muslim Brotherhood. Would this make the cartoon looking governor of Texas a secret Muslim too? (ref: coverup of newspaper cartoons)-South Carolina Election Tainted By Dirty Tricks Against Elizabeth Colbert Busch-What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you she had had an abortion?” And then took the fetus home in a 3 hour car ride ac-past two Texas repubs both cratered the fewest jobs in US History. 41 & 43 also delivered US Record 10/1/08 FY09 forecast deficits of $1.84 T. Texas Senator Ted Cruz Considering Presidential Run-We Don't Know How They Were Used, When They Were Used'-GOP Rep: I ‘Absolutely’ Voted To Cut (FY-13)Funding For Embassy Security 10/10/12 can't remember Repubs cutting $315 mill 3 weeks after Benghazi Attack! "though there was adequate security" ac/infuriated pot legalization activists Friday. One bill would state how pot should be grown and sold, and the other would tax recreational marijuana more than 30 percent. A draft bill floating around the Capitol late this week suggests that a new ballot question on pot taxes should repeal recreational pot in the state constitution if voters don’t approve 15 percent excise taxes on retail pot and a new 15 percent marijuana sales tax. Those would be in addition to regular state and local sales taxes. Lawmakers have only a few days left to finish work deciding how to regulate the newly legal drug. Larry Crowder, R-Alamosa, said the whole purpose of legalizing recreational marijuana was to raise money for education and other programs. “So if there’s no money, we shouldn’t have marijuana, Smart Colorado, praised the effort to get rid of recreational pot without approval of the taxes, Eric Anderson, said, but increasingly it’s looking like it could be a net drain on the state budget. activists immediately blasted the proposal as a backhanded effortcbsdenver/CT police holding news conference at 9am ET on shooting rampage. fntw/Ron Paul: The Manhunt For The Bombers Scarier Than The Attack-excellent analogies prove that very few would refuse emergency service for toxic Tar Sand invasions, poison gas-South Dakota Trying To Change Names Of Places With Words Like 'Negro' And 'Squaw' actw/Jana Winter still faces jail time simply for doing her job. In the words of Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: “Putting reporters in jail for revealing the truth while protecting their sources is highly offensive to the values the First Amendment was written to protect-Hannity Imagine Professor Tsarnaev in 22 Years!?-Sen. Graham: 'Bin Laden's Dead But Radical Islam Is on the Rise-The search warrant system works. I issued search warrants at 3 in the morning, Kilmeade pressed the judge asking what would have happened had the Boston bombers escaped Boston and FBI officials needed access to their calls to try to figure out where they were going, The system works best when the Constitution is followed fni/legal and philosophical issues involved in giving robots lethal powers over humans, Killer robots that can attack targets without any human input "should not have the power of life and death over human beings," a new draft U.N. report echoing countless science fiction novels and films Isaac Asimov's first rule for robots in 1942 'A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harmAPyn/Modern Day Lib-Retard seeks any and all forms of deviant and irresponsible behavior. Weak minded, low information Retards gleefully take the bait, believing that "Blessing," sold under the lie of "Fairness, Equality of Result and Social Justice" will allow them a life with no limits on behavior. Abortion on Demand Policies. Their goal is the same. Far too many human beings fail to resist the temptation of irresponsible and immoral sexual activity. with their Abortion on Demand Policies. It is s promoted as a "Woman's Healthcare Right" so that anyone who dares to disagree, will be framed as being against "Woman's Healthcare Rights." Such a sinister and deceitful way to smear those who disagree. Killing babies for this reason Devalues the Sanctity of Life expanding the Nanny Entitlement State and the Religion of Government that empowers them aibafs- Gagliano things … being done by this administration that [appear] to be clearly illegal,” Mullins, the owner of Collector’s Corner, an Auburn comic book store, then started espousing his own political criticism, saying that he’s suffered a 20 percent decrease in business following congressional sequestration, which entails mandatory spending cuts in the federal budget, who sat nearby, immediately reacted to the allegation, standing and facing Gagliano. “You’re a crazy man. You are crazy,” snapped Mullins at Gagliano. “The president is not some person trying to take your rights away.”-nc senior accidentally leaves shotgun
That's total BS & everyone knows it. It's set up that way so everyone can pass the buck & cover their ass. In a zero tolerance society, there is no longer a such thing as an honest mistake. Someone must be punished no matter's the only thing we're good at anymore. Nothing "fair and just" about it. Life is a sharp with it-the police state that people fought for-250 years of incalculable death & destruction & this it what it comes to. God bless Amerika-the vice Principle at this same school that brought a LOADED gun to school a couple years back. Its true. He got sent home for 3 days without pay. aibafs/
1340abelinekwkc blood of the lamb 7 yr old trained for terroris duke raises student fees to finance sex changes up to 50k$, berries gunnutz religious muziphobe nutz between dennnis miller sez bengazi will never be exposed unless w is involved, life is worth living. replays hangup bb tamerlin was a good person 2 times/bristol at the correspondence dinner with new face, cruz born in canada on stepmiller-how stupid do you have to be to buy a weapon for your kid of that age. The final resolution here should be that the parents are charged with negligence if for nothing else to set an example for the next idiot buying a "Barbie Rifle" for their 5 year old's birthday. hope you never get shutdown and replaced by some crappy Fox News Sports channel-We don't need terrorists to bring down our country, the Republican party is doing it all by themselves-unbelievable obstructionism" the word "constipated" came to mind-Time to "Clean House" next voting rotation. Since they refuse to pass anything President Obama wants to make our lives better..we can get even..kick the SOB's OUT of Office. Turn about is fair play..we can be as 'bitchy" as they're acting now. They resent having to answer to a black president..refuse to do anything to help him..well we can 'Help them out of office" in 2014-Desolationists are content to fight over God, guns and gays, arenas where they can shoot right wing crazies in a barrel while ignoring bi-partisan systemic evil. Desolationists have no class consciousness and no international solidarity, especially with people of color. In the end, they seldom get what they want-Low performing school fires security guards, hires art teachers, and awesomely thrives Principal fires security guards to hire art teachers, and transforms elementary school-ROXBURY, Mass. newest public school back in 2003. There were art studios, a dance room, even a theater equipped with cushy seating. A pilot school for grades K-8-Wow...stop turning schools into prisons and treating kids like criminals and they stop acting like criminals. Who'd a thunk?fb-Karl Frisch of Bullfight Strategies the debate over marriage equality and gun safety legislation is on with us now, the unbelievable obstructionism the GOP is undertaking, Meth Dealing, Porn Shop Owning Priest karlfrisch/

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5213/Russia Charging NASA $70 Million Per Rocket Seat, still a discount from what the shuttle cost- Obama Praises Jason Collins, made a point of saying nice things about Collins and his decision to become the first openly gay NBA player, Who Can Say 'I'm Still 7 Foot Tall And Can Bang With Shaq-- could spark a new era of bipartisanship that will allow lawmakers to address other divisive issues like a "grand bargain" on deficit reduction and future gun legislationPartisanship Isn't Over, it won't just fix the country's immigration system-abc/The Rich Don't Always Win, but They Usually Do, Sam Pizzigati: The Forgotten Triumph over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class, 1900-1970 Salvatore Babones, Truthout/ The Web of Debt Blog: The new rules for keeping the too-big-to-fail banks alive: use creditor funds, including uninsured deposits, to recapitalize failing banks. But isn't that theft? Perhaps, but it's legal theft Ellen Brown,/If Bangladesh Can Hold Their Corporate Fatcats Accountable, So Can We!- Republicans complicated reform by proposing to further criminalize immigrants in the country, Arizona sells guns from its buyouts back to dealers, and Florida Republicans try to reject federal Medicaid funding  Hartmann/ EU Agrees to Protect Bees from Pesticides, but Britain Votes Against hp/some members of Congress are trying to rein in "compounding pharmacies. After a tainted drug gave dozens of people meningitis, however, The pharmaceutical giant "Cry Wolf Project, is using its resources and political clout to fight new regulation/ (like he bangs bad guize. wot would stop him?)
5113/world labor day tw/Cambodia, more than 5,000 garment workers marched in Phnom Penh, demanding better working conditions and a salary increase from $80 to $150 a month. About a half million people work in the country's $4.6 billion garment industry that makes brand name clothes for many U.S. and European retailers. The garment industry globally has come under fire since an illegally built eight-story building collapsed last week in Bangladesh, bringing down five garment factories inside it and killing more than 400 people. The collapse followed a garment factory fire there in November when 112 people died. A loud procession of workers wound through central Dhaka, waving the national flag and chanting "direct action!" and "death penalty, estimated 3,000 people demonstrated in Singapore, where any form of public protest is rare, to rally against the ruling People's Action Party along with rising income inequalities, high ministerial salaries and competition from foreign workers. Violent clashes erupted in Turkey when May Day demonstrators tried to break through police barriers to reach Istanbul's main hub, Taksim Square. Authorities reported 20 arrests and a few injuries. Buddhist monk, center, together with local workers march on May Day in Phnom Penh, Aquino rejected proposals that included salary increases and the exemption of workers' bonuses from taxes. Instead, he announced plans to equalize government and private sector workers' benefits, but also add a slight increase in contributions. Workers' Party chairman Renato Magtubo assailed Aquino for offering "scraps meant for slaves-if I could ask whether the Department is aware of any efforts by attorneys representing whistleblowers in the Benghazi case or, in fact, survivors of the Benghazi attacks who have sought any kinds of security clearances so that they can review documents in preparation for possible testimony on the matter-MR. VENTRELL not aware of private counsel seeking security clearances or anything to that regard. But let me just take this opportunity to really underscore once again the unprecedented level of cooperation and transparency we provided Congress in terms of the Benghazi situationI suppose President Obama's best defense would be to plead ignorance and sacrifice the pawns on the lower rungs of the administrative ladder, if they can manage to avoid sullying themselves with culpability at any level, have to hand it to them on strategy: Why comply when the willing media, wrapped around Obama's little finger, will eagerly remake every new Benghazi development into a story about Republicans on a partisan witch hunt?-Take welfare away from the rabbits who continue to have babies just to get more money. If you are black, white, yellow or red and you work and raise a support a family and obey the law and don't throw trash on your neighbor fine. But if you publish pamphlets on how to get illegals welfare leave. If you are a professional leach on society leave. And if the only way you can get votes is by bribing and bringing illegals leave. If you think it's cool to have multiple babies from multiple whores leave. And if you are a woman who doesn't have enough control to have safe sex and have abortion after abortion leave. And for petes sakes if you don't understand the threat presented by the muslim radicals leave. Tis time to stand up for what you believe. It's time to confront the sick, evil, closet people that have emerged in the last decade. For 6000 years they were despised and called what they were sick confused weakminded abnormal trash-southern Kentucky say a 2-year-old girl has been accidentally shot and killed by her 5-year-old brother, who was playing with a .22-caliber rifle he received as a gift for youths last year and is used to shooting it. He said the gun was kept in a corner and the family didn't realize a shell was left inside it-Good thing he wasn't reading books to children when the bombing took place in Boston else the Liberals would be all over him for his failure to protect the American public. Played Golf and Vacationed Instead of Acting: Saudi Arabia 'warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012 dailymail-we just had two more muslims appointed to high positions in homeland security. Their plan is working isn't it. And the liberal idiots are promoting it and don't even know it. Just read this board and you will see how ignorant they are. And what is really sad is the fact that when it's said and done the weak minded who aided and followed mindlessly are the first ones to get hurt-Cruz 2016 freshman senator is considering a run for presidenta story about being yelled at by a whole bunch of other republicans on the hill for being a total phruckwad, as if he relishes it, called them "squishes, GOP establishment can't stand this arseclown, that's why he's a friggin LOCK for the nomination. The rabidly stupid GOP base LOOOOOVES this jester fool. already has grassroots on his side, and in this climate, all he may need Republican insider- 2004, hour long Oval Office interview with Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press [10], President Bush declared himself as a "War President, on track to become the vacation president," Julie Mason headlined in the August 9, 2007, edition of the Houston Chronicle:[1] left for a weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine, and his family's summer compound, Walker's Point, heads to his Crawford retreat, where he has spent all or part of 418 days of his presidency, according to Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent and meticulous record-keeper. "...The presidential vacation-time record holder is the late Ronald Reagan, who tallied 436 days in his two terms. At 418 days, and with 17 months to go in his presidency, Bush is going to beat that easily, you could look at it this way, the more he's on vacation, the less damage he can do to the country," Pam Spaulding wrote August 12, 2007-War President is Missing in Action-Spent 487 Days At Camp David, 490 Days At Texas Ranch cbs-daughter of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung, confronted Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) I am just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the halls of her elementary school isn't more important than that. Ayotte told Lafferty she was sorry for her loss but did not directly answer the question. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) addressed the backlash on Monday, as he and other senators also saw their approval ratings tumble. backlash of fools who voted against what 90% of the population want is amazing. Gun cooks are catching a whole lot hades for their stupid alliance with the NRA freaks. If the NRA is your puppetmaster there is going to be heck to pay hp-aprbg/FDA OKs Prescription-Free Plan B Pill For Underage Girls 15 And Up-Do you want to reduce abortions or don't you?-Of course I do. I also want 15 year old girls to not spread their legs for casual sex or and any sex for that matter. Most don't even know who their father is. They need a home where moral values are taught by a married mother and father, PROGRESSIVES Promote CHILD SEX-Sounds to me like Progressives are promoting having sex with little girls without using a disease birth protecting condom yhal/Stockman: We’re in a Monetary Fantasy Land fbn/ Well you know I was lucky enough to be invited to the nerd, Not the high school math, were all the mouth breathing pocket protector chess club, tuxedos and try to break the sexual glass ceiling known as a French kissing. But the 98 annual correspondents dinner which at first I thought was an honor until I found out Kim Kardashian was Sitting at Colin Powell's table, So at least she had somebody to explain all the big words to her, all that excludes product announced Colin Powell's name, committee amendment voters by not jurors well thank you, Not like Monica Lewinsky was ever asked to attend, Lindsay Lohan was in attendance I'm assuming Marion Barry's data, Newt Gingrich reminded me of Ralph Brent ,15100 bucks in a free email, Chris Christie was the best part of the evening for me he didn't speak it was just fun to watch any mashed potatoes with his fingers, Ohio Barney Rubble cute cartoon cave man or merely an animated rip off of Ed Norton, There is this video out there Rick Perry in Manhattan huge queues of pandering to the Jewish vote last week when he was. Attacking President Obama, Fat Elvis, Carley with emails, and The I-Man on why he's jealous of his dog/FREAK pathetic wingnut bubble echo chamber suits you. Plant yourself in your bunker, stroke you barrel, saying to yourself, he's a socialist muslim out to get me-studies show what a total failure the slave states are and how everything the GOP touches and all their policies are a disaster-Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), would bar the U.S. Census Bureau from conducting nearly all surveys except for a decennial population count. Such a step that would end the government's ability to provide reliable estimates of the employment rate. Indeed, the government would not be able to produce any of the major economic indices that move markets every month, said multiple statistics experts, who were aghast at the proposal. "They simply wouldn't exist. We won't have an unemployment rate," said Ken Prewitt, the former director of the U.S. Census who is now a professor of public affairs at Columbia University. Do they understand that these data that the Census Bureau collects are fundamental to everything else that's done?" asked Maurine Haver. So it only makes sense I guess that they don't want that info getting out, GOP Census Bill Would Eliminate America's Economic Indicators? Haver suspects the move to ban data is essentially a sop to the conservative base, also suggested there is a fundamental divide between people who are interested in solid, reality-based data and those who are not. The people that need information are the people who use it because they really want the truth, not people who think that because they believe it, it becomes the truth-WTF? this is so stupid Only a republican would think of this-46 million and growing, get free groceries from Uncle Sam, USDA Inspector General revealed that many food stamp recipients use their welfare benefit to buy drugs, weapons and other contraband, means the other 284,000,000 men, women and children in the country are sacrificing their well being to support them while wondering where their next meal is coming from-What is the average amount of money per month someone on food stamps, gets in food stamps??? Just curiousYou really hate poor people, Just like Jesus did-Homeownership Rate Falls to Lowest in 18 Years Can we please stop this trickle down nonsense now?-bloomb CEO of JC Penny in 2011 made 1,795 times the amount of money as the average paid worker at the retail chain. Overall, the CEO to worker gap is up nearly 20 percent since 2009, AFL-CIO, the umbrella organization for many of America's unions, found that CEO pay was 354 times that of the average employee-When 1% controls 40% of a nation's wealth who are able to bamboozle morons in the GOP base to vote against their own self interest and keep the money flowing to fewer and fewer people. it's called Fascism-This week's GunFAIL XV compilation includes: three police-involved accidents, two of which occurred during gun training classes; three "home invasion shootings"( i.e., when one Patriot elects to share a Liberty Projectile with a neighbor, via a Freedom Wall, Window, Floor or Ceiling); five accidents while cleaning loaded guns; three hunting accidents; one concealed carry ninja who shot himself taking his gun out of his pocket, and one who was shot by a child reaching into his pocket. And speaking of the kids, there were nine child victims of GunFAIL, aged 10 months, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 14-Israeli Air Force planes were spotted entering Syrian airspace and flew over Assad's palace and onto a known chemical weapons facility outside Damascus where they released bombs destroying much of the facility, Neither Israel nor Syria would comment unconfirmed reports Israel undertook the mission at the U.S.'s request according to President Obama there would be serious consequences if Syria used chemical weapons, saying it would be a "game changer-Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy have trouble staying on the same page are plagued by a conference split into two groups. In one camp are stiff ideologues only looking to slash spending and defund health care law at every turn. In the other are lawmakers who are aligned with Cantor, who is almost singularly driving an agenda which is zeroed in on family issues-3,000 lobbyists had swarmed the Capitol in hopes of killing off pieces of the proposed reform bill, nearly 6 lobbyists for every member of Congress, battalions of regulatory lawyers burrowed deep in the federal bureaucracy to foil reform-3 dead, 17 wounded in shootings overnight across Chicago tribune-William Koch, Billionaire Brother, Must Face Lawsuit Alleging Exec's False Imprisonmen-Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, conversation with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council buying my kids ammo instead of saving bonds, another way for the president to keep Americans from having ammo by having the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies buy it all up-Arizona Senate on Tuesday approved a measure to make gold and silver legal currency in the state, in a response to what backers said was a lack of confidence in the international monetary system-America status quo worth fighting for to conservatives, has the most expensive health care system in the world yet more than 45 million are uninsured and 26,000 to 45,000 Americans die every year for lack of insurance-Republican legislators deny Medicaid expansion to millions.
CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law, Republican Jesus smiles and nods- not so widely appreciated just how destructive the filibuster, as abused by the Republicans, has been, brought the Tea Party to power in 2010. Stringing out the health care reform process for month-after-month-after-month enabled fanatical ("keep government out of my Medicare")-rbg/hb30 defunked usfl wsjtw/MAY 1. A TRADITIONAL JEWISH SABBATH, GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE SUN DOWN GOING HOME, BROOKLYN HEBREWS TRYING TO PUSH THE MARKET UP, TO KEEP SENDING SHEKELS TO JERUSALENm TO BUY GAZA LAND ygs/long term buy congress forcing them to just become fee based businesses and keeping the from taking on any risk with small business and middle America. The rich will always find ways to make money the little guy still needs the bank to lend him money, a diiference in regulating and strangling the banks for past actions. Middle American & small business need banks-politicians can keep the public focused on the banks as being the cause of all our problems, it takes the spotlight off their own fiscal irresponsibility. Congress doesn't care what the ultimate damage might be, they only care about making themselves look good and getting reelected. I'm really interested in seeing how they expect reduce eliminate F&F Ybac/Obama should make Citi give loans to blacks, credit rating is tilted in the white mans favor. We need housing and we need an edict from the Whitehouse to support the homeless get a loan. Make Citi give us money or face audits-Isn't that one of the reasons we are in this mess? The "Black Caucus" demanding non-document loans, among other types, to ethnic and people who could not afford them. Buy or borrow only what you can pay-more than funny. Banks are just standing on the sidewalk handing out Money to HOBO's!-When you can afford a house is when you should get one. The reason you don't have a house is you are too lazy to work, no skill, no training, no education, not able to function with other employed people. Your probably are a dead beat dad, divorced and the Military want take you. Now as far as being Black that is a Copout BS story created by lazy Black people. You just want everything for free just like the rest of us do, but we all went to school or got some training and got jobs and work every day while you site their drinking and collect welfare and food stamps. Black or white or who ever, you need to work and pay for what you have. Everyone has the same rights and opportunity. I myself went to school and worked two job all my life, no one gave me anything and I don't plan on giving anything away to a lazy no good MF like you yc/alternatively, these Republicans could be concerned about catching the guys that actually murdered the Americans in Benghazi. But for some reason, they are not, the very definition of "witch hunt" and as we all know, there are no such thing as witches, he got bin Laden, and that's what resonated with the American people. The GOP has a chance to get the Benghazi murderers, but they have decided to ignore that opportunity. Very puzzling! aibafs/UK hospital staff heartlessly left man to die in hallway, ten hours later dragged his corpse away, 1,200 deaths at 1 UK hospital rbg/mel watt to lead martgage and finance wsj-dailyshow Mandvi wasn’t quite convinced that the whole thing wasn’t the “joke” so many commentators have been making it out to be. jon Stewart Slams 'F@#ktard' Congress For Only Fixing The Part Of The Sequester That Affects Them-tw, couldn't solve a problem if it was eating them alive anus first, congress computers do they just spend all their time on porn sites ‘procrasturbating’? once they did pass the bill, Stewart accused them of “congratsturbating-replies that conservatives love, based on anger of being pointed out that they are wrong, and that anger is even more deep-seed in fear of things you've never personally experienced and therefore can't understand. mediaite/the most interactive radio show alan on edge/faux nutz, first pot death man jumps 7 stories to elude chicago pd, rentacopicide tamerian two gun shootout, runover, hostage smells funny, bb abstruction arrests, louie XIV unfamilure of threatened begazi wistleblower, mj pill getting point for pain relief/
43013/Pentagon taps anti christian extremist for military religious policy, gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation's armed forces."Weinstein decries what he calls the "virulent religious oppression" perpetrated by conservative Christians, whom he refers to as "monstrosities" and "pitiable unconstitutional carpetbaggers," comparing them to "bigots" in the Deep South during the civil rights era, cites Dr. James Dobson, famous Christian founder of Focus on the Family as "illustrating the extremist, militant nature of these virulently homophobic organizations' rhetorically-charged propaganda." Regarding those who teach orthodox Christian beliefs from the Bible, Weinstein concludes, "Let's call these ignoble actions what they are: the senseless and cowardly squallings of human monsters brietbart cl/We have a few Israeli doctors in the emergency room, and the director of the ER is also Israeli. But most of the physicians at the hospital are not Israeli, and they functioned exceptionally well.Kevin Ilan Tabb of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a board member of Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, where he studied medicine and completed his residency. "Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with these types of injuries after years of treating people injured in terror attacks in Israel economicpolicyjournal/If you want to know how drones may change American airspace in coming years, just look to Israel, where the unmanned aerial vehicle market is thriving and drones are considered a reliable instrument of homeland security, UAVs can be quickly deployed to provide first responders with critical situational awareness in areas too dangerous or difficult for manned aircraft to reach. technologies to provide first responders with the best tools possible to do their jobs safely as they work to protect our communities. Israel, which regularly uses drones to kill, maim and intimidate Palestinians and their Arab neighbors, Those living under deadly and intrusive devices, drones have to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at any moment and the knowledge that they are powerless to protect themselves these . Israel Drone Dominance Salon, Jefferson Morley/ISRAELI DOCTOR LIED ABOUT THROAT WOUND GREAT way to keep the lid on a lie: Jewish medical center treated ALL BOMBING 'VICTIMS' Jim Stone therebel/Richard Falk, an official for the U.N. Human Rights Council, in an online commentary, long as Tel Aviv has the compliant ear of the American political establishment, those who wish for peace and justice in the world should not rest easy (JTA/CIA Philip Giraldi counterterrorism officer says Israel conducts more espionage against the United States than any other US ally, is the Chinese Chengdu Jet J-10 that has been built with technologies that originally came from the US, despite the fact that Israel relies heavily on the US for political and military support. also made a reference to the strong influence the Israeli lobby It should be seen as an act of war, Washington Post investigative report showed that the US government is using the largest and most technologically advanced system in the country's history to spy on its citizens, collects, stores and analyzes information on thousands of US citizens with the help of every state and law enforcement agency and then feeds the information to the FBI ygs/  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

43013/Eric Prince's Blackwater/Xe/Triple canopy

43013/Forms of Terror: Individuals, Military Violence, Urban War Zones and Poverty BuzzFlash/Bush and the West Explosion: The Untold Story of Deregulating Chemical Plants MSNBC/Debtors Prisons, Once a 19th-Century Relic, Again Wreaking Havoc in US BuzzFlash/Charles P. Pierce | Just Elect Alex Jones and Be Done With It Esquire/Biden Wants Torture Report Released rc/ Hunger-Striking Prison CampsThe halal kitchen still cooks three meals a day for each prisoner, but guards throw most of the food away. With nearly every one of the 166 Guantanamo prisoners now under lockdown, the military has reverted to a battle rhythm reminiscent of the Bush administration Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald/Corporate Accountability for Crimes at Abu Ghraib Lesser known than the photos of torture at Abu Ghraib is who was running the prison. As military investigations and court martial records have shown, private civilian contractors expressly instructed soldiers and civilian interpreters to "soften up" code for torture and abuse prisoners Laura Raymond-International Intervention in Afghanistan Has Led to Heroin Resurgence After more than a decade of US NATO occupation, opium cultivation is again on the rise in Afghanistan. Julien Mercille, Truthout/ALL I KNOW IS AMERICANS PREFER A BLACK PRESIDENT THAN A BLUE EYE BLOND HAIR PUKE THIEF ygs/Openly threatened seasoned intel agents over Benghazi Stonewall-in-Chief Obama is going to have to face the music eventually since these whistleblowers are lawyering up and about to strike back. 2nd attack could EASILY have been prevented contradicting official account-As well he should. I am surprised they did not have the respect for those who gave their lives that they did not come forward sooner. The jedi is sad to see the world changed so much to where we are being attacked in our beloved USA-What the hell does this have to do with BAC ,Go to utube or elsewhere,this comments are suppose to be about stocks not gossip-Booger off, bozo, and try to figure out the 'ignore button. ybac/Great job. Obama did a great job getting this economy back together. Esspecially after what the Republicans left behind. Great job on Obama's part. Third term is a must-Baaaa Baaaa......Just follow the Judas Goat ...keep moving-Admit it, when you and the liberal mainstream media finally had to acknowledge that the terrorism perpetrated in Boston came at the hands of extremists Islamic folks, you were, well, a bit, downtrodden, crestfallen, downhearted, and disillusioned, because you wanted a right wing extremist, a Timothy Mc Veigh type to be responsible, but alas, it was one of those that you and other progressive collectivists want to protect the rights of, in other words, one of your own.....and your boy Obama and his massive police state could not thwart it, nor could they find a punk 19 year old with a pistol in 20 square blocks without a civilian handing him to them after their illegal martial law, search and seizures etc, went totally awry, Epic fail by the Moron/Liberal stupidity is proved by their thinking free speech applies only to them-Gun control update. Pennsylvania business owner fatally shot an intruder after the man attacked the business owner's wife with a club. Note he's not alleged, he's dead: "Alleged Intruder Attacks Elderly Woman With a Club, Husband Responds With a Revolver, Sylvia and Alfred Armen were working in the music store they own, CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA reports, when the suspect came in and looked at some of the merchandise. He reportedly left for a few minutes, then came back with a wooden club, The Armens are both in their seventies. not saying whether the couple knew the suspect, but he is described as a white male in his early thirties.KDKA-TV-GOP militias are more of a threat than most of guys still locked up there, imagine if some militia republicans were put in Gitmo?? Sure would suck to not be charged and still be locked up. Prisoner: 'I Have Never Been Charged With Any Crime. I Have Never Received A Trial But Still I Am Here, No One Seriously Thinks I Am A Threat sounds more like a dictatorship, Change the names and a few faces and doofy w. would be in Gtmo!- Gov. Bob McDonnell said on WTOP radio Tuesday he and first lady Maureen McDonnell have been friends with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams for four or five years. says his administration has never given any special treatment to a dietary supplement company that is under investigation. says Williams helped pay for his daughter Cailin's wedding in 2011, giving her $15,000, more than $100,000 in political contributions and thousands of dollars more in personal gifts have not won the company any state economic development incentives rbg/US pilot an elderly man he found living in a remote Vietnamese village is former in 1968 U.S. Army Green Beret Sgt. John Hartley Robertson, who was presumed dead 44 years ago. found living in VN 44 yrs after being declared MIA, can't remember the English language or the names of his wife and children, but that he is the U.S. veteran whose helicopter was shot down claimed that he was kept in a bamboo cage and tortured for a year-there is NO RELIGIOUS TEST for public office, sez so right in the constitution. This highlights the PRINCIPLE that whenever Religosity get's uppity, man's law slaps it down- all that matters here is the people's will god's got nothing to do with making the rules. it ain't codified in our constitution nor included in our charter of independance, so why do you keep inserting it into the debate?-Stop telling me what I can focus on you hypocritical control freak dipschitt because Im pretty sure I DO have the right to free speech! My point was s-i-m-p-l-e to follow. You tell * he has no rights relating to his reading the Bible OT/NT (freedom of religion). YOU are the one who brought these ("rights")up. YOU are the one that keeps using (creating and ignoring) "rights" as you see fit you idiot!- the simple fact that is the crux of my arguement remains... the bible or any portion of does not constitute america's law or guidance-If the people's will conflicts with God's will you are going to have trouble with God's people, just like the islamic Taliban, and the Christian Taliban in the US of A-RePOS are only interested in TWO THINGS, cutting taxes on the Rich and cutting social programs. How do you deal with morons like that? DOMA is discriminatory and will be struck down by the Supremes, obviously * calls that, SPINNInG- rbn/” Judge Pirro said in a direct statement to the woman now being dubbed as “Jihad Mom, We should not be required to breathe the same air as you, we should not be required to share the indignity of your presence, “We opened our arms to them, Showered them with food, and money, and housing, and education and all the freedoms of American citizens. And look at how they were paid. injured more than 200 blew the legs and arms off of innocent civilians, turning the city of Boston into a lockdown war zone of casualties, amputees and a future of post-traumatic stress, and America should protect you? Your sons killed us! We’re the ones who needed the protection and you asked, You came to suck the fat of our land. To take our money, to educate your terrorist sons, to steal from us, to go on public assistance to get housing and food stamps, all while you drive your Mercedes Benz wp-a soapbox rant, not a trial proceeding. her opinion is of no weight in law. And a good thing she's not actually involved in this case, for she would have, by her statements, and had she been an actual judge, have given grounds for dismissal on 'tainiting the jury pool' grounds alone, she's as entitled to her opinion as any other grandstander, don't dignify her, them, it with the terms 'judge', 'opening statement', or anything else that would pretend she's anything but a ranting attention whore-10 g's a year for the last 10-you dodged the question, do you support islamic extremists? -Hint, repeating your 'begging the question fail' just makes you more of a failure-i knew you were a coward, i just want everyone on the board to see it on a daily basis until i get tired of you, then "poof", maybe you'll disappear-I don't support "Islamic extremists", "terrorists" or whatever other boogeymen the lamestream media pushes to keep Americans in constant fear. I agreed because a real judge has no business making such statements--could have accused you of "playing the victim" and manufacturing a board crisis because you're an evil filthy lib? a wholesome child of god, who has come to teach the heathens a better way here!  christians are good people, they always shout liar while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet!-"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge-today’s liberals see themselves as more enlightened than any preceding generation, they seek to control more and more of all peoples and their environments. anyone standing in between you and that goal must not be tolerated.” As a result, in many of today’s so-called crises, joy of hate-aibafs/ 270 tons of ammonium nitrate stored on that site, That's why there's a 93-foot-wide crater--Calderón trumpeted in his administration's anti-crime crackdown. Though the arrests made headlines in the United States, less well known are the 65,000 Mexicans killed and 25,000 people missing from the cartels' war against each other and the government's operations to break them. Nieto has ended the perp walks, when captured cartel kingpins were paraded before the press. The military no longer invites the media here to witness soldiers burning marijuana plantations and tanks rolling over seized weapons. Mexican media are downplaying the violence, too. The Observatory for Coverage of Violence reported that the words "organized crime" were published 50% less frequently on newspaper front pages and have appeared 70% less often on TV- usat/ SEAL Admits Nukes To Be Detonated Nationwide for Martial Law Agenda beforeitsnews/Proof That Craft or Blackwater Agents did the Boston Marathon Bombing how the Media suspect that is still alive and captured, Left the event WITH HIS BACKPACK ! BUT Blackwater Agent was caught running out of the scene, WITHOUT HIS BACKPACK, matches the Bomb Backpack PERFECTLY. Isreali intelligence website says that the brothers were recruited by the CIA to infiltrate groups. I think it likely that they were approached and showed an initial willingness to spy for the CIA, but as happens in Boston, with a broader perspective, they decided they did not want to be a part of espionage for the government. THAT IN ITSELF is sufficent motive to mark the brothers as security risks and justify (to the CIA's way of thinking therebel & thiscantbehappening- From, Chechen militant leader Dokku Umarov has been officially listed as a terrorist with ties to Al Qaeda. Paradoxically, the US is funding outfits supporting UmarovÕs terrorist campaign against the Russian government-Israeli False-Flaggers Flown in for Boston Shoot-Out? Update: The authorities now claim the Boston bombing suspects are Chechnyan Muslims. How odd! The US and Israel are allies of the Chechnyan Muslims in their fight against Russia. In fact, the US and Israel create and fund Chechyan al-Qaeda cells to conduct terror attacks against Russia. So maybe these suspects are the usualÊal-CIA-duh patsies, Israelis obviously have no scruples about mass murdering Americans. If you don't want people to suspect you of every terror attack, you should stop committing so much false flag terrorism. Yowling about anti Semitism isn't going to cut it much longer. And while you're at it, maybe you should change your motto. By way of deception thou shalt do war is a dead giveaway. It almost sounds like a confession. Veterans Today- Kevin Barrett-Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia-remember is the fact that the FBI pretended to need our help to identify the two men while the entire time their own local field offices had been in steady contact with the boys for at least two years. The FBI has come out since and admitted their involvement with the boys and several congressmen are asking how they Òdropped the ballÓ on this one. The FBI is avoiding answering congressÕ questions willyloman/Former FBI employee says on RT News that the Tsarnaev brothers were RECRUITED BY THE FBI!, used intell provided by the Russian government on the Tsarnaev brothers and recruited them. Even the reporter of RT News looks scared and tries to cut her while she's talking about their recruitment. She just said the Boston false flag was done to put Russia on the edge and allow the US invade Syria investmentwatchblog/Note: the Times Square bombing was conducted by Zionist Jews, a rabbi being caught in the act. He was caught on CCTV changing his outfit after setting the bomb. Regardless, this is all a Zionist plot to implicate Islaam for not only the Boston Marathon bombing but also for all their various acts of terror uktelegraph-hmtd -SAUDI ARRESTED AT BOSTON BOMBING HAS 5 RELATIVES IN GITMO infowars-SAUDI ARRESTED AT BOSTON BOMBING HAS 5 RELATIVES IN GITMO infowars- Failing to spin the FBI's involvement as either an intelligence failure or explained away by "double agents," the faux-right is preparing to pry off the the entire faux-left, using its Islamophobia-racket to play out the "Obama the Muslim" narrative activistpost-As officers were handcuffing him, pd chief Wiggum explains, his younger brother decided to charge them with the stolen SUV. The donut eaters were able to leap away just in time, leaving the older brother not only to be run over but dragged down the street as the younger suspect hightailed it out of there. This all happened after what Wiggum describes as a 5-10 minute gun battle. So how did the remaining suspect elude the cops? Was there no police helicopter? Did someone at the top want him to get away? One thing is for sure, Wiggum's story is completely contradicted by an eye-witness. She says the cops ran over the older brother, and then, in what seemed to be retaliation, filled him full of lead. libertycrier-Was slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamarlin Tsarnaev coerced, blackmailed or manipulated by Mossad agents posing as FBI agents? UglyTruth- 20 miles north of Jerusalem. The newspaper said villagers claimed that Israeli security forces posing as an ABC News crew lured the Palestinian youth into their car on the pretext of seeking an interview then arrested him for throwing firebombs. What role the Tsarnaev brothers played in the Boston Marathon bombing is still unclear, but ample evidence to suggest that they were manipulated by shadow elements to perform actions that would ultimately implicate them RT-twitter twader?-hb willie81-11 yrs gitmo detainees, prisoners nevertheless 133 on hunger strike 22 force fed 88 innocen, saudi english speaking negotiations with gitmo guard for the right to die first hunger strike 100 lbs from 250. dn
42913/Wall Street Turned Crisis Into a Cartel, 65 years ago, in 1947, the U.S. government sued 17 leading Wall Street investment banks, charging them with effectively colluding in violation of antitrust laws. In its complaint, front-page news at the time. the Justice Department alleged that these firms had created “an integrated, overall conspiracy and combination” starting in 1915 “and in continuous operation thereafter, by which” they developed a system “to eliminate competition and monopolize ‘the cream of the business’ of investment banking: William Cohan-One only need look at GS , who has their most profitable quarter in history in the 4th quarter on 2008-So the question to Americans, that is We The People, would be "Is Corruption Good For America as Jamie Dimon suggests? That is are the TBTF Super Banks really good for America s he suggests? If not then how does a Nation shake the grips of that Power? Where does the soft underbelly Lye? Where is the weak neck of the Octopus's head exposed? What is the most expeditious route to dispatch the Head controlling the tenticals that hold America Captive to its feeding? Sunshine is the path to Freedom, the valleys of shadows have always lead to the death of freedom throughout history. It is every single individuals duty to open the windows of light, as Lady Liberty God forth the Torch of Light in Freedom ygs/as much as they love the Constitution, Fox news contributors have no problem throwing out most of its amendments twjs/Operation Northwoods June 8,1967 14 miles off the cost of Israel at 2:00 p.m. Israeli Navy and Air Force Attack and sink the U.S. Liberty and pin it on Egypt. The United states 6 fleet launched 2 fighter, but they were recalled by President Johnson telling Admiral Geise, "I want that ship going to the bottom. NO HELP. Recall the wings. The events may have been covered up had it not been for a Russian spy boat and brave American sailor survivors who were threatened with death and yet still came forward. This false flag will be used to attack our internet rights...It already has. A couple of days after the bombings the dreaded CISPA bill quietly pasted the house with the words,"Today bombs, tomorrow cyber bombs". Say good bye to your internet as you know it, our government is lying to us. Those who can not see this are themselves lying or suffering from a mental condition called normalcy bias. It is the reason less than 20% of Jews made it out of Germany in time. Sadly the middle class couldn't accept what was happening right up to the minute of their death- surreal to see a staged tragedy, the branded coverage of which lauded in what turns out to be the episode's only truly serious moment, weave its way into cultural narratives thru the pacifying, manipulative force of comedy. I love comedy and America's comedy is one of our best cultural features but the consolidation of corporate media, banking, business, political influence in our society is something to consider as the context for this show and its portrayal of a national tragedy. Let's just say, Chechens don't own the media!-Too many sheeple in America eat whatever their "mainstream" media feed them. The Boston attack is rife with inconsistencies which have yet to be seriously addressed, and we owe it to the victims to get to the truth of the matter-Chechens obviously don't own the media, and if you allude to the group that DOES, you risk being censored or called names-So, Rupert Murdoch is a secret Jew? ds/Fire Breaks Out in Bangladesh Factory as Death Toll Reaches 377 Fugitive Owner Arrested r/Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Locked in Video-Recorded Cell Outside of Boston Daily Mail/Mississippi Man Charged With Attempted Use of a Biological Weapon in Ricin Case nbc/Massive Explosion Rocks Marathon Detroit Refinery RT/Hostess Reopening Plants, Without Union Workers ABC/Lynn Parramore, AlterNet: When Your Boss Steals Your Wages, Invisible Trend That's Sweeping America. Wage theft is fast becoming a top trend of the 21st-century labor market/If [Bradley] Manning is charged with espionage, this criminalizes national security reporting,Any leak of classified information to any media organization could be interpreted as an act of treason Julian Assange codepink/ student attempts sucide in  La Salle Catholic high school west of Cincinnati Cincinnati-it's a weird story, i doubt we get any details, hey that's what mass media is all about...maybe the nra believes letting catholic students weed themselves out of the market insures a strong sort christian gun owner?-How is that "Gun Free Zone" working for that kid? Nothing is worth taking your life. I hope he recovers and realizes that he has a lot to live for-you're saying is that schools should not be "gun free zones" but just the opposite and all should carry. Be careful with your weapon and secure them properly, I would hate to read about the cute kid--Your boy said this was a false flag, the bomb that blew up people was a false flag,” the man says at the start of the footage. “The FBI is behind the bombing, that’s what you’re here to cover. And that’s why I’m the asshole? Because the FBI blew up those people at the Boston Marathon? That’s right. That’s because you’re a dope. And what you say is dangerous and people like you shouldn’t be able to drive a car, much less espouse your opinions in public. You’re an asshole. And so is Alex Jones, that’s the nicest thing I can say about you, you son of a bitch. motherfucker, I am the smart guy,” he said, “because I’m not standing here saying the FBI blew up the people at the Boston Marathon, you fucking shitheel As the exchange escalated, the furious resident made clear he is unconcerned whether the other attendees think he is an “asshole” or a “smart guy” for being so verbally abusive towards Bidondi-either these talk show shock jocks are trying to pull one over on the really stupid - or they have powers far beyond that of the US government-What was Uncle Fester doing on the streets of Boston with that cheap camera? Hasn't the NRA given Jones enough money to buy decent video gear?-Jihadi Jones is now accused of radicalizing Tamerlan and his mom. Alex Jones and his tinfoil turban was behind the bombings. admits talking to the bombers and their family members, who regularly listened and spoke with Jones about his made-up conspiracy theory radio show-We libs still find all those things groovy. When it comes to bat sht crazy govt conspiracy, you guys win hands down. You guys rock! Keep the crazy train running, it draws a very clear line on which side to support, plus libs love whupping Republican a$$ in elections--justice who provided the fifth vote that resulted in the presidency of George W. Bush now says she regrets the case. Looking back, O’Connor said, she isn’t sure the high court should have taken the case. Obviously the court did reach a decision and thought it had to reach a decision,” she said. “It turned out the election authorities in Florida hadn’t done a real good job there and kind of messed it up. And probably the Supreme Court added to the problem at the end of the day-So you're the one to blame for letting Bush ruin the country-Too very late for regrets-You've inflicted the country with the worst president-ya think? lol a little late-Hard liberalism has [invaded] the government. Hard liberalism and a communist are the same peep. O'Conner is a communist and THE [problem] in this country. We ARE headed for a long hard ride in this country and you 'hard' liberals are leaving you children and grandchildren a 'pile' of living he!! to stop their freedom. Can't wait to see you live under Obama care.-idealistic, high minded jurist who imagined that you were surrounded by other great minds equally determined to carry out your duties responsibly. More fool you, Sandra. You should have known from the start that you were becoming part of the MOST HARD-NOSED, MOST PARTISAN POLITICAL INSTITUTION IN AMERICA. You should have fought tooth-and-nail to prevent the immoral, illegal coup that stole the Presidency under the false cloak of judicial process.-I'm afraid that 'kind of messed up' and 'probably the Supreme Court added to the problem' doesn't quite cut it, Ma'am. You were party to an outrage that ended up costing hundreds of thousands of lives and did irreparable damage to America-Theft of the Presidency 5-4: “Florida hadn’t done a real good job.” -Since that date, independent investigations by the media have revealed that many illegal votes were counted (by JEB in 2016~), while many legal votes were not. If the votes in Florida had been counted by non-partisan election officials in compliance with the law, STOP the Counting"-Bolton/PNAC et al via Enron Jet shouts while fist pounding FL Electors office doors & windows. This was all about Big Oils greed skyrocketing 2000's $12-14/Brl tenfold to 2008's supply constrained $147/Brl. POTUS Gore would never have invaded Iraq for GWB's #1 donor Enron, PNAC Cheney's Halliburton, Supertanker Condolezza's ExXon, Top GOP/RNC donor Eric Prince's Blackwater/Xe/Triple canopy, Media Consortium Statewide Count of "Undervotes" and "Overvotes" Proves Gore Won Under ANY Standard: The Media Consortium hired the National Opinion Research Center to examine 175,010 ballots that were never counted in Florida. No matter what standard for judging ballots is applied, Gore won Florida-Attempting to "heal" the willfully mentally challenged such as white racist is merely a total waste of time, money and effort. good-bye jer, the "death panel" is coming for you, and your little doggies too!. ac/drunks kill, stoners chill-fact of the day, weed still safer than peanuts- Heritage Foundation, A think tank devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense-female dna found in bb case- twitiverse/someone should tell imus cnn is now faux snooze lite/

Monday, April 29, 2013

42913/Army: no to more tanks, Congress insists

42913/Exiled Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky has died in London aged 67. The oil billionaire was found dead in his bathtube in Surrey, England.Roman Abramovich Russian steel tycoon was rumored to have been arrested/We are so screwed: Army says no to more tanks, but Congress insists. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have set aside almost half a billion dollars over the past two years to spend on upgrading the military’s Abrams tank, a move which senior Army officials are not very excited about. Army officials reportedly said “No thanks,” to the government‘s choice to spend $436 million on the tanks,  important because the Abrams production line helps businesses and creates good paying jobs in areas that have political significance. Ohio is home to the country’s only tank plant and it’s probably no coincidence that state lawmakers are in favor of spending heavily on Abrams tanks. Rep. Jim Jordan, Sen. Rob Portman and Sen. Sherrod Brown were all in favor of investing in the tanks By Evan Bleier ABCyc/Tourette Syndrome was denied boarding a plane after he said bomb nyp/bossip Do White People Understand White Privilege? conversation is heated!-Apparently, being born with a measurable IQ and looks that range from passable, to beautiful is a privilege. Indeed it is. Thanks Mom and Dad. There isn't a car in the world you could have bought me, that would be better than the skin you gave me-Apparently, having a sense of obligation and duty even when everything else seems absolute shit is a privilege. Guess it would be somehow fair and tolerant to give up, not work, not try to do ones best. Honestly I find it hard to fathom these hydrocephalic bleeding hearts. It isn't about privilege but constitution and dedication-If I have seen farther than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants, Sir Isaac Newton-The spirit whispers to the mind and body, "this is what you were born to do". The mind and body confer, it shall be done Seneca elder-"Liberalism really is a lifelong temper tantrum when you think about it"-ANH chimpout/tony rangel sets the iman straight/my way anka calls himself an unsung hero, on imus/brian lehrer with sequester stories beefed up with interesting flight stories, due to powerful unions and lobby groups wnyc/
42813/Too many really stupid lame o red state rube extremists sure like to make nuisances of themselves. It's great to see their numbers are shrinking. They should be kept from breeding, and not only to stop the blatant incest, but to keep the vile infestation of extremism from spreading-slobbering extremist far right posters that plague this messag board are an example of what happens when the followers of a party can't accept that they were at fault for their failure, so it becomes everything and everyone else's fault they lost. Of course, he forgot to add that the only GOP success, holding the House, is more the result of gerrymandering than it is winning over voters-extremest right-wing fools* who refuse to believe FACTS, low IQ, low information Fox News worshipping morons need to wake up. ybac/42913/wondering if I am really awake and alive or am I living in somebodies science fiction dream and I am not a real person! The world is out of control and losing common sense, ethics & morals quickly!!! It is getting really bad when corporate executives announce that people do not have a right to water, then add in the GMO's, and corporate personhood rights! We are doomed if citizens around the world don't start getting active in these issues!Just heard on the news that in Urguay, they have combined sheep and jellyfish DNA, sheep glow when they are exposed to certain ultraviolet light, they will glow green color. What the-This is what I've been so troubled about for the last year or more-steal everyoneone's money and call it anti-semitism- Thieving hypocrites uses whatever vehicle they have at their hands, you should be worried about the "Too Big To Fail" crowd- Wall Street shyster sharks eat pension funds- Everyday you have one obsession . Do you have a problem? yhal/Second Suspect Arrested in Connection With Poisonous Letters ABC/American Tourist Faces Death Penalty in North Korea AFP/boston Police Chief Wants Drones for Next Year's Marathon RT/Richard H.P. Sia, The Center for Public Integrity: Pentagon Claims $757 Million Overbilling by Contractor in Afghanistan The principal food supplier to US troops in Afghanistan is embroiled in a costly dispute with the Pentagon that has attracted congressional interest/ Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: The Worst Congress Money Can Buy If you want to see why the public approval rating of Congress is down to 15 percent, all you have to do is take a quick look at how Washington pays worship at the altar of special interests/Thom Hartmann: Washington state wants to protect businesses' right to discriminate; the motivation behind the world-wide economic con of austerity has been discovered; Sen. Bernie Sanders now has help in his fight to save the Post Office/Kristin Moe, YES! Magazine: Houston's Most Polluted Neighborhood Draws the Line at Alberta Tar Sands If the Keystone XL pipeline is approved, 90 percent of the tar sands crude that flows through it will be processed near an embattled Houston neighborhood called Manchester. Residents are joining up to demand a healthier future/Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain/
42613/far right has been international the last 500 years going all around the world. Its like a jihad and rationalized by them as a jihad of, right is might and JC is right religion to way and message the world in. The national far right think the problems are national while they are being created by the international far right. Now the international right is downing the US and worlds financial and economic system and put in charge a FED chief who made it clear that the only answer to deflation or slow downs no matter how they were created, ie criminally or overheated genuinely, is by money printing even if takes years. rbg/perry business is booming in waco-78 vs 1020 day vacation-Bolling's seemingly random contention that there are hundreds of thousands of American Muslims who want to kill other Americans. He also took on Beckel's widely criticized call to restrict Muslim students from entering the country. When we talk about radicalized Islamic ideologies, it's a very small population within Islam," she said. "Only about 10 percent of Muslims are fundamentalists, and only 1 percent of that 10 percent have a radical understanding of Islam." "Hey Jonny boy, pull up a chair right here between Bob and me and let's debate this thing," Bolling said. "You got the cojones?", "I was a liberal activist and a progressive before you were out of your Pampers," Beckel said. "You may get on a TV show and talk liberal politics. I've been on the lines registering voters, being on union lines, and others. Maybe you want to bring your credentials up here."-this is how you know Stewart nailed em good-Fighting for peace is like screaming for quiet, Saying that all Muslims are terrorist is like saying all Christians are just like the Westboro Baptist ChurchClear thinking is best served non partisan Brain cells-or all Germans are nazis-2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 do TP Handbook, No amount of indignant blustering by that panel of hatemongers can make Jon Stewart and his staff any less superior to their brand of obfuscation and disinformation-Bob Beckels and Dana Perino hatemongers?- just because he's the token "liberal" doesn't mean that he's entitled to some kind of free pass. He is complicit in what goes on there every day and must therefore carry that burden. hp/“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ fb/objects of much deserved ridicule and derision, the frothing  -bung right-winger fanatics at least provide entertainment, like observing a chimpanzee island at a zoo; the right-wingers make a lot of noise, feed on their own excrement, throw c*r*a*p* at their superiors (of whom they are totally dependent upon for survival), eat the insects picked off of each others filthy hides, emanate a foul stench, incessantly and indiscriminately breed, and behave in a raucous manner typical of low-intelligent beasts permitted to co-mingle with one another. The chimpanzees are usually contained by a moat and a high fence to keep them from running amok, AND to keep them under control. So it is also with the right-wingers. They are also permitted to run loose within a closely monitored zone where they are allowed to express their inferior creature perversions. But, they will NEVER do any damage beyond being offensive ybac/James Everett Dutschke, 41, Arrested in Connection to Ricin Letters Probe-Williamson County, Tennessee, are up in arms at the school district over the use of a textbook that classifies Hamas and Hezbollah as "political parties." The United States considers both extremist groups to be terror organizations. One passage from the "The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography" by James Rubenstein asks: “If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against Israeli government policies and army actions?” The book is being used by high schoolers who are taking an elective college-level course on human geography. Rubenstein tells Fox News that the passage is meant to help students understand why terrorists attack, not justify violence against Israel-Isn't attacking civilians even in war against the Geneva Convention? This author may disagree with Israel's policies, but nothing justifies attacking civilians and this kind of lame reasoning doesn't belong in education-Lawrence Technological University So college kids need a textbook to 'explain' why people commit acts of violence? Do they also need a textbook to explain why people steal, cheat and lie too?-Terrorists attack because they are adherents of a demonic religion...and they are like cockroaches following the trail of bent Jihadis to do damage to decent people-Forsythe Law Firm, Memphis, TN Why hasn't the jerks that approved the propaganda books been fired?-seized the opportunity to make a light-hearted jab at his relations with the press during his presidncy. "So if you don't have to do in the morning, tune in to the Today Show, Jenna is a correspondent ... Thereby continuing the warm relations the Bush family has with the national press." his "deepest conviction." In democracy, the purpose of public office is not to fulfill personal ambition. Elected officials must serve a cause greater themselves. The political winds blow left and right, polls rise and fall, supporters come and go. But in the end, leaders are defined by the convictions they hold. And my deepest conviction, the guiding principle of the administration, is that the United States of America must strive to expand the reach of freedom," became emotional, choking up as he said his highest honor was serving such "a noble" country-sending our troops into not one, but two wars is SAFE, I'd rather stand in front of a moving bus. I like the odds better. fni/FOxwads are waking up to the fact of the corporate takeover of our government, that's a welcome change. Obama's just as fascist as Bush. There's no defending how he filled his cabinet with GE, Goldman, Monsanto and the like. The unholy matrimony of government and big business is the root of all our problems-Ex CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria. quoted by the Slovak main news website as saying that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create a propaganda against Iran to garner public opinion's support for a military invasion against it, the scenario used before launching the war on Iraq is being prepared to be repeated where Iran and Syria are now being subject to constant 'demonization', stressing that the Channel receives money from the U.S. government and other countries' governments in exchange for news content-the proudest corporate welfare ankle grabber in America whining about corporate welfare!- burying of a lying leader's record with a lying version of history, believe Bush should be facing criminal prosecution instead. Eric Holder-Without right-wingers, America could be Paradise, because of right wingers, it can only accomplish failure-Rev" Moon, hate radio, cns, the Klan, Stormfront, Fixed News for Inbreds, NewsMax for Morons, WorldNutDaily and other fascist outlets are only for the Todd Akins of the world...without no information sub simians like you, they'd dry up faster than you ran from combat, Okay, I'm a pathetic liar who hates America,I can't help it, I serve the Welfare for the Wealthy State like a dog!-migrants work extremely hard and contribute to America, it is of course non working parasites like you who have drained America of its wealth and power ever since Reagan handed the US over to corporate fascists-sub simians want to drive women to clinics fun by the likes of Gosnell, your hero...we can't allow you killers to murder more women and fetuses in the name of fascism-a debt growth rate that would make the most insolvent Eurozone nation blush. There was a time when people were concerned about this unsustainable trajectory, but then there was an infamous excel error, and now nobody cares anymore zerohedge-Is Breitbart getting He11 ready for your inevitable consignment?Which government department checks the status of corporate welfare and entitlements for wealthy parasites? -Thankfully, people are waking up and recognizing the far right wing media for what it is: a cult, perhaps, most importantly, real media doesn't fear or hate our government, and certainly doesn't suggest we should be armed and ready to attack our own government. Sadly, that cult is coming dangerously close to having complete control over the Republican Party and much of the political discourse in our country. GOP/NRA/Ayn Rand model, we should have let them break even more laws, since "there is nothing we can do!", and bad guys like those on Wall St. can be trusted to regulate themselves according to "private morality" unhindered by public conscience, corporations and the wealthy began using the Treasury as a private piggy bank to bankroll their Welfare for the Wealthy state, we were doomed. NRA doesn't care how terrorists pay for their WMDs, only that they paid...being the terrorist's best friend is a sacred mission for 'America's Al Qaeda. rbg/immagration reform, crystal slight of hand backup geraldo and nome backstepping that bb and all involved including islam is to blame after spirited ales pep talk, liberal token juan knowing it's all stupidbullshit admonishing the whole bunch for wanting to jump to conclusions-ron paul, making the move to radio sez everybody makes mistakes endorses for sanford sc, cheerleader, doesn't want to confront rand/miller laughing uproarously, sidekick sez we don't have to live by sequester rules/