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43013/Eric Prince's Blackwater/Xe/Triple canopy

43013/Forms of Terror: Individuals, Military Violence, Urban War Zones and Poverty BuzzFlash/Bush and the West Explosion: The Untold Story of Deregulating Chemical Plants MSNBC/Debtors Prisons, Once a 19th-Century Relic, Again Wreaking Havoc in US BuzzFlash/Charles P. Pierce | Just Elect Alex Jones and Be Done With It Esquire/Biden Wants Torture Report Released rc/ Hunger-Striking Prison CampsThe halal kitchen still cooks three meals a day for each prisoner, but guards throw most of the food away. With nearly every one of the 166 Guantanamo prisoners now under lockdown, the military has reverted to a battle rhythm reminiscent of the Bush administration Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald/Corporate Accountability for Crimes at Abu Ghraib Lesser known than the photos of torture at Abu Ghraib is who was running the prison. As military investigations and court martial records have shown, private civilian contractors expressly instructed soldiers and civilian interpreters to "soften up" code for torture and abuse prisoners Laura Raymond-International Intervention in Afghanistan Has Led to Heroin Resurgence After more than a decade of US NATO occupation, opium cultivation is again on the rise in Afghanistan. Julien Mercille, Truthout/ALL I KNOW IS AMERICANS PREFER A BLACK PRESIDENT THAN A BLUE EYE BLOND HAIR PUKE THIEF ygs/Openly threatened seasoned intel agents over Benghazi Stonewall-in-Chief Obama is going to have to face the music eventually since these whistleblowers are lawyering up and about to strike back. 2nd attack could EASILY have been prevented contradicting official account-As well he should. I am surprised they did not have the respect for those who gave their lives that they did not come forward sooner. The jedi is sad to see the world changed so much to where we are being attacked in our beloved USA-What the hell does this have to do with BAC ,Go to utube or elsewhere,this comments are suppose to be about stocks not gossip-Booger off, bozo, and try to figure out the 'ignore button. ybac/Great job. Obama did a great job getting this economy back together. Esspecially after what the Republicans left behind. Great job on Obama's part. Third term is a must-Baaaa Baaaa......Just follow the Judas Goat ...keep moving-Admit it, when you and the liberal mainstream media finally had to acknowledge that the terrorism perpetrated in Boston came at the hands of extremists Islamic folks, you were, well, a bit, downtrodden, crestfallen, downhearted, and disillusioned, because you wanted a right wing extremist, a Timothy Mc Veigh type to be responsible, but alas, it was one of those that you and other progressive collectivists want to protect the rights of, in other words, one of your own.....and your boy Obama and his massive police state could not thwart it, nor could they find a punk 19 year old with a pistol in 20 square blocks without a civilian handing him to them after their illegal martial law, search and seizures etc, went totally awry, Epic fail by the Moron/Liberal stupidity is proved by their thinking free speech applies only to them-Gun control update. Pennsylvania business owner fatally shot an intruder after the man attacked the business owner's wife with a club. Note he's not alleged, he's dead: "Alleged Intruder Attacks Elderly Woman With a Club, Husband Responds With a Revolver, Sylvia and Alfred Armen were working in the music store they own, CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA reports, when the suspect came in and looked at some of the merchandise. He reportedly left for a few minutes, then came back with a wooden club, The Armens are both in their seventies. not saying whether the couple knew the suspect, but he is described as a white male in his early thirties.KDKA-TV-GOP militias are more of a threat than most of guys still locked up there, imagine if some militia republicans were put in Gitmo?? Sure would suck to not be charged and still be locked up. Prisoner: 'I Have Never Been Charged With Any Crime. I Have Never Received A Trial But Still I Am Here, No One Seriously Thinks I Am A Threat sounds more like a dictatorship, Change the names and a few faces and doofy w. would be in Gtmo!- Gov. Bob McDonnell said on WTOP radio Tuesday he and first lady Maureen McDonnell have been friends with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams for four or five years. says his administration has never given any special treatment to a dietary supplement company that is under investigation. says Williams helped pay for his daughter Cailin's wedding in 2011, giving her $15,000, more than $100,000 in political contributions and thousands of dollars more in personal gifts have not won the company any state economic development incentives rbg/US pilot an elderly man he found living in a remote Vietnamese village is former in 1968 U.S. Army Green Beret Sgt. John Hartley Robertson, who was presumed dead 44 years ago. found living in VN 44 yrs after being declared MIA, can't remember the English language or the names of his wife and children, but that he is the U.S. veteran whose helicopter was shot down claimed that he was kept in a bamboo cage and tortured for a year-there is NO RELIGIOUS TEST for public office, sez so right in the constitution. This highlights the PRINCIPLE that whenever Religosity get's uppity, man's law slaps it down- all that matters here is the people's will god's got nothing to do with making the rules. it ain't codified in our constitution nor included in our charter of independance, so why do you keep inserting it into the debate?-Stop telling me what I can focus on you hypocritical control freak dipschitt because Im pretty sure I DO have the right to free speech! My point was s-i-m-p-l-e to follow. You tell * he has no rights relating to his reading the Bible OT/NT (freedom of religion). YOU are the one who brought these ("rights")up. YOU are the one that keeps using (creating and ignoring) "rights" as you see fit you idiot!- the simple fact that is the crux of my arguement remains... the bible or any portion of does not constitute america's law or guidance-If the people's will conflicts with God's will you are going to have trouble with God's people, just like the islamic Taliban, and the Christian Taliban in the US of A-RePOS are only interested in TWO THINGS, cutting taxes on the Rich and cutting social programs. How do you deal with morons like that? DOMA is discriminatory and will be struck down by the Supremes, obviously * calls that, SPINNInG- rbn/” Judge Pirro said in a direct statement to the woman now being dubbed as “Jihad Mom, We should not be required to breathe the same air as you, we should not be required to share the indignity of your presence, “We opened our arms to them, Showered them with food, and money, and housing, and education and all the freedoms of American citizens. And look at how they were paid. injured more than 200 blew the legs and arms off of innocent civilians, turning the city of Boston into a lockdown war zone of casualties, amputees and a future of post-traumatic stress, and America should protect you? Your sons killed us! We’re the ones who needed the protection and you asked, You came to suck the fat of our land. To take our money, to educate your terrorist sons, to steal from us, to go on public assistance to get housing and food stamps, all while you drive your Mercedes Benz wp-a soapbox rant, not a trial proceeding. her opinion is of no weight in law. And a good thing she's not actually involved in this case, for she would have, by her statements, and had she been an actual judge, have given grounds for dismissal on 'tainiting the jury pool' grounds alone, she's as entitled to her opinion as any other grandstander, don't dignify her, them, it with the terms 'judge', 'opening statement', or anything else that would pretend she's anything but a ranting attention whore-10 g's a year for the last 10-you dodged the question, do you support islamic extremists? -Hint, repeating your 'begging the question fail' just makes you more of a failure-i knew you were a coward, i just want everyone on the board to see it on a daily basis until i get tired of you, then "poof", maybe you'll disappear-I don't support "Islamic extremists", "terrorists" or whatever other boogeymen the lamestream media pushes to keep Americans in constant fear. I agreed because a real judge has no business making such statements--could have accused you of "playing the victim" and manufacturing a board crisis because you're an evil filthy lib? a wholesome child of god, who has come to teach the heathens a better way here!  christians are good people, they always shout liar while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet!-"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge-today’s liberals see themselves as more enlightened than any preceding generation, they seek to control more and more of all peoples and their environments. anyone standing in between you and that goal must not be tolerated.” As a result, in many of today’s so-called crises, joy of hate-aibafs/ 270 tons of ammonium nitrate stored on that site, That's why there's a 93-foot-wide crater--Calderón trumpeted in his administration's anti-crime crackdown. Though the arrests made headlines in the United States, less well known are the 65,000 Mexicans killed and 25,000 people missing from the cartels' war against each other and the government's operations to break them. Nieto has ended the perp walks, when captured cartel kingpins were paraded before the press. The military no longer invites the media here to witness soldiers burning marijuana plantations and tanks rolling over seized weapons. Mexican media are downplaying the violence, too. The Observatory for Coverage of Violence reported that the words "organized crime" were published 50% less frequently on newspaper front pages and have appeared 70% less often on TV- usat/ SEAL Admits Nukes To Be Detonated Nationwide for Martial Law Agenda beforeitsnews/Proof That Craft or Blackwater Agents did the Boston Marathon Bombing how the Media suspect that is still alive and captured, Left the event WITH HIS BACKPACK ! BUT Blackwater Agent was caught running out of the scene, WITHOUT HIS BACKPACK, matches the Bomb Backpack PERFECTLY. Isreali intelligence website says that the brothers were recruited by the CIA to infiltrate groups. I think it likely that they were approached and showed an initial willingness to spy for the CIA, but as happens in Boston, with a broader perspective, they decided they did not want to be a part of espionage for the government. THAT IN ITSELF is sufficent motive to mark the brothers as security risks and justify (to the CIA's way of thinking therebel & thiscantbehappening- From UN.org, Chechen militant leader Dokku Umarov has been officially listed as a terrorist with ties to Al Qaeda. Paradoxically, the US is funding outfits supporting UmarovÕs terrorist campaign against the Russian government-Israeli False-Flaggers Flown in for Boston Shoot-Out? Update: The authorities now claim the Boston bombing suspects are Chechnyan Muslims. How odd! The US and Israel are allies of the Chechnyan Muslims in their fight against Russia. In fact, the US and Israel create and fund Chechyan al-Qaeda cells to conduct terror attacks against Russia. So maybe these suspects are the usualÊal-CIA-duh patsies, Israelis obviously have no scruples about mass murdering Americans. If you don't want people to suspect you of every terror attack, you should stop committing so much false flag terrorism. Yowling about anti Semitism isn't going to cut it much longer. And while you're at it, maybe you should change your motto. By way of deception thou shalt do war is a dead giveaway. It almost sounds like a confession. Veterans Today- Kevin Barrett-Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia-remember is the fact that the FBI pretended to need our help to identify the two men while the entire time their own local field offices had been in steady contact with the boys for at least two years. The FBI has come out since and admitted their involvement with the boys and several congressmen are asking how they Òdropped the ballÓ on this one. The FBI is avoiding answering congressÕ questions willyloman/Former FBI employee says on RT News that the Tsarnaev brothers were RECRUITED BY THE FBI!, used intell provided by the Russian government on the Tsarnaev brothers and recruited them. Even the reporter of RT News looks scared and tries to cut her while she's talking about their recruitment. She just said the Boston false flag was done to put Russia on the edge and allow the US invade Syria investmentwatchblog/Note: the Times Square bombing was conducted by Zionist Jews, a rabbi being caught in the act. He was caught on CCTV changing his outfit after setting the bomb. Regardless, this is all a Zionist plot to implicate Islaam for not only the Boston Marathon bombing but also for all their various acts of terror uktelegraph-hmtd -SAUDI ARRESTED AT BOSTON BOMBING HAS 5 RELATIVES IN GITMO infowars-SAUDI ARRESTED AT BOSTON BOMBING HAS 5 RELATIVES IN GITMO infowars- Failing to spin the FBI's involvement as either an intelligence failure or explained away by "double agents," the faux-right is preparing to pry off the the entire faux-left, using its Islamophobia-racket to play out the "Obama the Muslim" narrative activistpost-As officers were handcuffing him, pd chief Wiggum explains, his younger brother decided to charge them with the stolen SUV. The donut eaters were able to leap away just in time, leaving the older brother not only to be run over but dragged down the street as the younger suspect hightailed it out of there. This all happened after what Wiggum describes as a 5-10 minute gun battle. So how did the remaining suspect elude the cops? Was there no police helicopter? Did someone at the top want him to get away? One thing is for sure, Wiggum's story is completely contradicted by an eye-witness. She says the cops ran over the older brother, and then, in what seemed to be retaliation, filled him full of lead. libertycrier-Was slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamarlin Tsarnaev coerced, blackmailed or manipulated by Mossad agents posing as FBI agents? UglyTruth- 20 miles north of Jerusalem. The newspaper said villagers claimed that Israeli security forces posing as an ABC News crew lured the Palestinian youth into their car on the pretext of seeking an interview then arrested him for throwing firebombs. What role the Tsarnaev brothers played in the Boston Marathon bombing is still unclear, but ample evidence to suggest that they were manipulated by shadow elements to perform actions that would ultimately implicate them RT-twitter twader?-hb willie81-11 yrs gitmo detainees, prisoners nevertheless 133 on hunger strike 22 force fed 88 innocen, saudi english speaking negotiations with gitmo guard for the right to die first hunger strike 100 lbs from 250. dn
42913/Wall Street Turned Crisis Into a Cartel, 65 years ago, in 1947, the U.S. government sued 17 leading Wall Street investment banks, charging them with effectively colluding in violation of antitrust laws. In its complaint, front-page news at the time. the Justice Department alleged that these firms had created “an integrated, overall conspiracy and combination” starting in 1915 “and in continuous operation thereafter, by which” they developed a system “to eliminate competition and monopolize ‘the cream of the business’ of investment banking: William Cohan-One only need look at GS , who has their most profitable quarter in history in the 4th quarter on 2008-So the question to Americans, that is We The People, would be "Is Corruption Good For America as Jamie Dimon suggests? That is are the TBTF Super Banks really good for America s he suggests? If not then how does a Nation shake the grips of that Power? Where does the soft underbelly Lye? Where is the weak neck of the Octopus's head exposed? What is the most expeditious route to dispatch the Head controlling the tenticals that hold America Captive to its feeding? Sunshine is the path to Freedom, the valleys of shadows have always lead to the death of freedom throughout history. It is every single individuals duty to open the windows of light, as Lady Liberty God forth the Torch of Light in Freedom ygs/as much as they love the Constitution, Fox news contributors have no problem throwing out most of its amendments twjs/Operation Northwoods June 8,1967 14 miles off the cost of Israel at 2:00 p.m. Israeli Navy and Air Force Attack and sink the U.S. Liberty and pin it on Egypt. The United states 6 fleet launched 2 fighter, but they were recalled by President Johnson telling Admiral Geise, "I want that ship going to the bottom. NO HELP. Recall the wings. The events may have been covered up had it not been for a Russian spy boat and brave American sailor survivors who were threatened with death and yet still came forward. This false flag will be used to attack our internet rights...It already has. A couple of days after the bombings the dreaded CISPA bill quietly pasted the house with the words,"Today bombs, tomorrow cyber bombs". Say good bye to your internet as you know it, our government is lying to us. Those who can not see this are themselves lying or suffering from a mental condition called normalcy bias. It is the reason less than 20% of Jews made it out of Germany in time. Sadly the middle class couldn't accept what was happening right up to the minute of their death- surreal to see a staged tragedy, the branded coverage of which lauded in what turns out to be the episode's only truly serious moment, weave its way into cultural narratives thru the pacifying, manipulative force of comedy. I love comedy and America's comedy is one of our best cultural features but the consolidation of corporate media, banking, business, political influence in our society is something to consider as the context for this show and its portrayal of a national tragedy. Let's just say, Chechens don't own the media!-Too many sheeple in America eat whatever their "mainstream" media feed them. The Boston attack is rife with inconsistencies which have yet to be seriously addressed, and we owe it to the victims to get to the truth of the matter-Chechens obviously don't own the media, and if you allude to the group that DOES, you risk being censored or called names-So, Rupert Murdoch is a secret Jew? ds/Fire Breaks Out in Bangladesh Factory as Death Toll Reaches 377 Fugitive Owner Arrested r/Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Locked in Video-Recorded Cell Outside of Boston Daily Mail/Mississippi Man Charged With Attempted Use of a Biological Weapon in Ricin Case nbc/Massive Explosion Rocks Marathon Detroit Refinery RT/Hostess Reopening Plants, Without Union Workers ABC/Lynn Parramore, AlterNet: When Your Boss Steals Your Wages, Invisible Trend That's Sweeping America. Wage theft is fast becoming a top trend of the 21st-century labor market/If [Bradley] Manning is charged with espionage, this criminalizes national security reporting,Any leak of classified information to any media organization could be interpreted as an act of treason Julian Assange codepink/ student attempts sucide in  La Salle Catholic high school west of Cincinnati Cincinnati-it's a weird story, i doubt we get any details, hey that's what mass media is all about...maybe the nra believes letting catholic students weed themselves out of the market insures a strong sort christian gun owner?-How is that "Gun Free Zone" working for that kid? Nothing is worth taking your life. I hope he recovers and realizes that he has a lot to live for-you're saying is that schools should not be "gun free zones" but just the opposite and all should carry. Be careful with your weapon and secure them properly, I would hate to read about the cute kid--Your boy said this was a false flag, the bomb that blew up people was a false flag,” the man says at the start of the footage. “The FBI is behind the bombing, that’s what you’re here to cover. And that’s why I’m the asshole? Because the FBI blew up those people at the Boston Marathon? That’s right. That’s because you’re a dope. And what you say is dangerous and people like you shouldn’t be able to drive a car, much less espouse your opinions in public. You’re an asshole. And so is Alex Jones, that’s the nicest thing I can say about you, you son of a bitch. motherfucker, I am the smart guy,” he said, “because I’m not standing here saying the FBI blew up the people at the Boston Marathon, you fucking shitheel As the exchange escalated, the furious resident made clear he is unconcerned whether the other attendees think he is an “asshole” or a “smart guy” for being so verbally abusive towards Bidondi-either these talk show shock jocks are trying to pull one over on the really stupid - or they have powers far beyond that of the US government-What was Uncle Fester doing on the streets of Boston with that cheap camera? Hasn't the NRA given Jones enough money to buy decent video gear?-Jihadi Jones is now accused of radicalizing Tamerlan and his mom. Alex Jones and his tinfoil turban was behind the bombings. admits talking to the bombers and their family members, who regularly listened and spoke with Jones about his made-up conspiracy theory radio show-We libs still find all those things groovy. When it comes to bat sht crazy govt conspiracy, you guys win hands down. You guys rock! Keep the crazy train running, it draws a very clear line on which side to support, plus libs love whupping Republican a$$ in elections--justice who provided the fifth vote that resulted in the presidency of George W. Bush now says she regrets the case. Looking back, O’Connor said, she isn’t sure the high court should have taken the case. Obviously the court did reach a decision and thought it had to reach a decision,” she said. “It turned out the election authorities in Florida hadn’t done a real good job there and kind of messed it up. And probably the Supreme Court added to the problem at the end of the day-So you're the one to blame for letting Bush ruin the country-Too very late for regrets-You've inflicted the country with the worst president-ya think? lol a little late-Hard liberalism has [invaded] the government. Hard liberalism and a communist are the same peep. O'Conner is a communist and THE [problem] in this country. We ARE headed for a long hard ride in this country and you 'hard' liberals are leaving you children and grandchildren a 'pile' of living he!! to stop their freedom. Can't wait to see you live under Obama care.-idealistic, high minded jurist who imagined that you were surrounded by other great minds equally determined to carry out your duties responsibly. More fool you, Sandra. You should have known from the start that you were becoming part of the MOST HARD-NOSED, MOST PARTISAN POLITICAL INSTITUTION IN AMERICA. You should have fought tooth-and-nail to prevent the immoral, illegal coup that stole the Presidency under the false cloak of judicial process.-I'm afraid that 'kind of messed up' and 'probably the Supreme Court added to the problem' doesn't quite cut it, Ma'am. You were party to an outrage that ended up costing hundreds of thousands of lives and did irreparable damage to America-Theft of the Presidency 5-4: “Florida hadn’t done a real good job.” -Since that date, independent investigations by the media have revealed that many illegal votes were counted (by JEB in 2016~), while many legal votes were not. If the votes in Florida had been counted by non-partisan election officials in compliance with the law, STOP the Counting"-Bolton/PNAC et al via Enron Jet shouts while fist pounding FL Electors office doors & windows. This was all about Big Oils greed skyrocketing 2000's $12-14/Brl tenfold to 2008's supply constrained $147/Brl. POTUS Gore would never have invaded Iraq for GWB's #1 donor Enron, PNAC Cheney's Halliburton, Supertanker Condolezza's ExXon, Top GOP/RNC donor Eric Prince's Blackwater/Xe/Triple canopy, Media Consortium Statewide Count of "Undervotes" and "Overvotes" Proves Gore Won Under ANY Standard: The Media Consortium hired the National Opinion Research Center to examine 175,010 ballots that were never counted in Florida. No matter what standard for judging ballots is applied, Gore won Florida-Attempting to "heal" the willfully mentally challenged such as white racist is merely a total waste of time, money and effort. good-bye jer, the "death panel" is coming for you, and your little doggies too!. ac/drunks kill, stoners chill-fact of the day, weed still safer than peanuts- Heritage Foundation, A think tank devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense-female dna found in bb case- twitiverse/someone should tell imus cnn is now faux snooze lite/

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