Friday, September 21, 2012

92112/Obumbski wants to be God and the Govt

92112/Five secret documents dating back to 1982 revealed clear US
involved in "Sabra and Shatila" massacres-'We control american congress
and americans know that" Ariel Shaaron-40 billion a month (from some
private entity called "The Fed") pumped into inflation? How about that
700 million for Romney's campaign from Big Oil, repair their faltering
refineries?-corporate money could have been better used, hiring people,
researching & developing new products, and in turn creating more profits
to begin the cycle over again. Hire some people and stop trying to rig
elections!-Who is to blame for war and death? We are. We vote these
clowns in. We should take responsibility. We get the govt we deserve
after all. "War's a game, which, were their subjects wise, Kings would
not play at." ~ William Cowper-fb/Protests Flare Up Tens of thousands of
demonstrators angered by an anti-Muslim film burned US flags and effigies
of President Obama Friday.-'Genetic Monster' Took Her Children Six of
Sharon Bernardi's children died within hours or days of birth. Another,
Edward, lived to age 21, leaving doctors baffled-honey boo boo wants a
raise-Aurora Suspect Ditches Orange Hair in New Photo-Woman Finds Out
Husband Was Her Father-mike ryan snl election special scorecard-Mental
Health Patients Hit Hard By Budget Cuts-UNBELIEVABLE: Scientists Find
Marijuana Can Stop Spread Of Cancer hp/The truth is that no matter what
happens on November 6, the war in Afghanistan will still be raging and it
will need to be written about critically and honestly. The assault on
your civil liberties won't suddenly cease. The government is not going to
stop mining your emails. Drones will be patrolling the skies, Guantanamo
will remain open, Wall Street will continue to get away with financial
crimes and no one will be held accountable- Darkens Skin Color to Appear
More Hispanic for Univision Interview?  cheesy attempt to subliminally
try to make Romney appear more Latino, instead of a pale Mormon, [is]
blatantly evident Mark Karlin- Hoist the Flag, Praise the Lord, Pass the
Ammo: US Foreign Policy- BuzzFlash-'Morally Straight' Pedophiles in Plain
Sight While the Scouts have spent years hiding their pedophiles in the
name of protecting their reputation, they were also launching a
decades-long fight to keep gay scouts and leaders from being in their
troops. This duplicity has all been supported with our tax dollar Dina
Rasor-Truthout/Richest 400 Americans' Net Worth Jumps 13 Percent to $1.7
Trillion R-No Criminal Charges for UC Davis Cops in Pepper-Spraying;
Prosecutor Cites 'Lack of Evidence ap/CNBC Energy Scam, they work for GE-
plants are closing all over Europe, not just the periphery. Liquidations
like this aren't really normal, usually, sale of a facility like this
would be negotiated with another manufacturer in the same sector, If
you're new to the internet, you should be informed that its a pretty
rough and tumble forum. Insulting other commentors is fairly rare here,
there's a lot of disagreement and arguement, but people are usually
fairly respectful sa/While it is important to note that investigators
have yet to determine if the fire was intentional or accidental, Crime
Stoppers will be overseeing the monies this reward is for anyone who
provides information that leads to the identification and arrest (if
applicable) of the person(s) responsible for causing the Waldo Canyon
Fire.An anonymous donor has graciously offered a $100,000 reward-This is
useless, even irresponsible.  How many person-hours and dollars will be
wasted investigating tips from people who will say anything in the hopes
of getting the money-wake up sheep-woman Get your head out and go get
your obama money, you are a useless piece of trash. This is great.
Finally justice WILL be served. Someone with info will come forward.
Thank you anonymous donor! kktv-a Democrat appointed by President
Johnson. Almost immediately after President Nixon took office in January
1969, Mr. Lapin clashed with the new Republican leaders at the Department
of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, headed by George Romney, mitt's
dad, Republican lawyers in South Carolina; were unhappy that Democratic
lawyers were getting Fannie’s foreclosure work there even though the
Republicans held the White House, investors rightly assumed that Uncle
Sam would stand behind it in a financial crisis, as it did, at great
expense, in September 2008. Rather than weaning the mortgage market from
dependence on Fannie, President Nixon increased it by signing the
Emergency Home Finance Act of 1970. This bipartisan legislation/bama said
he was creating the group to "hold accountable those who broke the law"
and "help turn the page on an era of recklessness." it is still necessary
to go after the "bad actors" to restore confidence in the financial
markets. "It's important to convey the sense that no one is above the
law. There's a set of rules to which all will be held accountable,
including big players on Wall Street yfn/what type of God chooses one
over the other? Arrogance and ignorance make for the assumption that God
has a chosen favorite-Netanyahu making it crystal clear, Funny how it
tecd presents him as warmonger They said the same thing about Churchill
The Irish of course were pro nazi... Now go hate on the day- Israel will
have to learn to live with all types of people, and persuasions and stop
killing in the name of religion, Obama stood up to Israel, the entire
nation applauded the first act of defiance to the war mongering of
Israel, We call it conscience not anti-semitism hate as the newspapers
would have you believe-get a job instead of getting welfare. you are a
low life unemployed bigoted piece of garbage-The most significant
election since Lincoln. Prepare for tax confiscation and probable civil
war. Romney is an over-priviledged weirdo and completely disconnected
from the lives of ordinary Americans. Otherwise, not a bad guy. Herman
Caine should have stayed in. Surprisingly, Obama is standing up to Bibi,
which requires either stupidity or immense balls. This is going to be
interesting ygs/Romney just gave up! He released his tax returns! He
figured "Just go all in cause he lost anyway!" O(honey) BooHoo
Romney-Spain crept closer to a bailout as the government leaked plans to
cut pension spending and senior bankers and business leaders called for
the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, not to postpone his decision too long.
Spain will cut up to €4bn (£3.2bn) of spending a year by freezing
pensions and forcing workers to retire later- FINALLY ROMNEY RELEASES
LAST YEAR TAXES ONLY 1 YEAR AND IS COOKED-The Republicans are trying to
stop Americans from voteing! trying to cheat their way into office! They
want to dismantle American voteing rights!-Romney Says Obama Lawsuit
Blocks Ohio Military Voters “Mitt Romney is falsely accusing the Obama
campaign of trying to restrict military voting in Ohio,-yc/Mitt's 47%,
Mitt's own dad wouldn't vote for him, was on welfare early in his life, A
mexican refugee according to a 1962 video of an interview with Mitt
Romney's mother as George Romney was running for Governor. See the clip
(the welfare comment is at :55 ish): It seems that much was left out of
Mitt Romney's biopic...first, he forgot to mention that his father's
family moved to Mexico so that George Romney's grandfather could marry
his fifth simultaneous wife, a move that was illegal in Utah when Utah
became a state. He also failed to mention that during a Mexican
revolution, Mitt Romney's grandfather lost his property and land, and as
an immigrant to this nation, qualified for assistance that was passed by
the federal government to help refugees escaping political strife-What a
horrible way to speak about your own father. Mitt is a disgraceful
person-Growing up Poor builds Moral Character, it keeps you centered and
in perspective when you do claw your way out. George Romney had oodles of
it Mitt Romney has NONE yfs/Ya know what terrifies rightwingers the most?
See how they run? No hiding from the fact, little apes, reality is your
enemy-f66/mitt paid 14.1% usat effective tax rate in 2011-$2 million
dollars in taxes, he gave $4 million to charity- A man who can work that
hard, raise that many kids, stay married that many years to the same
woman AIN'T WEAK. Reagan was a soft spoken, snappy dressed, bonafide
Hollywood movie star but the minute he took the oath of office the
Iranian terrorists made it clear that THEIR opinion was that he was a
COWBOY, and they let our people go. That's the kind of cowboy Romney is.
Backdoor and underthetable wrangling gets the job done. Reagan was asleep
through most of his presidency with alzhimers-farthest thing from a
'cowboy' possible. After years of claiming weakness about obama, it's
comical the right now have an empty suited flake trying to run against
him-yip/paid MORE tax than he had to- he overpaid by 2.5 million so his
tax return would look like 14% not the 9%-Demwits were PRAYING to
allah..The gentleman he is, Romney has probably been holding back the
returns because he didn't want to flaunt the MILLIONS that he has given
to charities...charities that have probably benefited some of the demwits
amongst this board -impression of the maj is that mitt pays at a lower
rate than they, and that's sticking to mitt like a tarbaby. a Absent an
Oct surprise, the guy's dark toast with a latino spray tan-Check out
Mitts Latino Tan, Those Univision people sure grilled Obama yesterday he
seemed a bit taken aback- gawker now resorting to "brownface" in order to
make himself more appealing to Univision viewers? Democratic Underground
has looked at the photo above from last night's "presidential forum" and
concluded that, yes, mmitt definitely "dyed his face brown." Wonkette
wonders, perhaps the GOP nominee was involved in some sort of self tanner
accident or perhaps went out tanning with Boehner for a little
pick-me-up. looking more crispy than usual, but is that enough to call
him out for, as Gossip On This put it, trying to win "browning points"?
Maybe he's just putting his Snooki love to practice y2k/Mrs. mitt was in
Omaha earlier in the day. During a radio interview in Iowa yesterday,
lashed out at her husband's conservative critics, telling them to "stop
it" for sniping about the GOP presidential nominee's recent travails,
including remarks caught secretly on videotape usat/as close to a
communist as you can get. Definitely Socialistic nonsense constantly
spewed by Obama. He wants to be God and the Govt. to be Heaven for
alllllllll his children. Alllllllll the Welfare cases and Govt. dependent
poor folk. I say the Govt. should only help those who truly need help and
let the rest go to Jail as they should. Goodbye Deficit-Why would you
want to say 'No' to communism? The American Communist Party already
endorsed your messiah, stupid. One thing's for sure, obowelmovement has
the dead vote nailed!yc/face rocognition software smile glitch-neocons
worried about showing weakness defelected in the face of maddness gjg- on
wabc/bernie sez stewart falacio journalism with bill, not wanting to
sound like a eleatist cavitto the boom in 82? on imus
92012/Rumor is, Chick-Fil-A to file BK rbg/GOPhers Want to take SS
private... And all health insurance too... Competition will make it
cheaper, they say... So whay do my health insurance premiums going
through the roof... Its competitive, ain't it, LOL-Goldman Sachs owns
8,971,622 shares of Facebook FB- ygs/Let's think about this: Jesus hung
out with 12 men.......a 30-something year old man living, sleeping and
eating with men???? John knew that Jesus knew him and yet loved him
fully. 1 John 4:7-10 says, "Dear friends, let us love one another, for
love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows
God. SEE THE LOVED HIM FULLY??? Jesus was Gay. I am using your logic and
quoting the bible, so you cannot come back and all pissy about it!-
Insurance companies are NOT in the business to pay out anything, they're
in it for one purpose only and that's to make money. Let anything happen
and your rates go up. That proves it right there. All the premiums they
collected before the fires, was invested, both for financial and
political gains. They offer not "Insurance", they are loan sharks- cl/ I
assume that the Muslims here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee could have gone
on a killing spree because some people did not agree with them and said
mean hateful things about them. The victims of this killing spree could
then sue the people who made the comments. When do we as a society start
blaming the people who are actually doing the killing instead of everyone
but them. Because one person has an opinion does not give a group of
others to take the life of anyone-“If your beliefs are so shaky that
insults hurt your actual beliefs, perhaps you should reexamine those
beliefs-to make such an incendiary film in this climate is dangerous and
stupid. Free speech maybe, but smart speech? I don’t think so-one of my
Saudi friends back in October 1985 Palestine Liberation Front (PLF)
hijacked the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro and demanded the release
of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. I had gone into work at the
Royal Saudi Air Force HQ (RSAF) and had already heard about the
terrorists shooting to death a wheelchair-bound Jewish passenger from the
United States named Leon Klinghoffer and dumping his body overboard. he
was a Jew!-He was a human being-embassy in Egypt, headed by Anne
Patterson, who George Bush had originally appointed as Ambassador to
Pakistan in 2007, quickly realized that the showing would inspire
violence-the phony spectacle of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and some Jewish
journalist duking it out over whether or not there is ‘daylight’ between
the parties on the issue of Israel. Instead of fomenting a real public
debate about whether or not America as a nation and the common, average,
everyday American as an individual has any legitimate interest in seeing
this bloody and bloodsucking criminal state of so-called Israel continue
to be blindly supported financially and militarily by this country, we
have this mock-mudslinging that pretends to re-frame the issue in terms
of which party supports Israel the most and is thus, presumably
(cough-cough)the most righteous. Then right on the heels of that we have
some Jew in California set off a region-wide uproar with his ‘film’ that
gets our diplomatic mission to Libya killed outright. Now the Marines and
the Navy are headed full steam for Libya while the Zionist Devils of Tel
Aviv and Haifa dance in circles knee deep in the blood, sweat and tears
of America-The movie trailer was altered probably by the terrorists
themselves Give a thug an excuse and they will exploit it as seen
hundreds of times in riots in the US.. Obama has already ran like a
little girl when confronting terrorists. Whats gonna change this time-You
are correct that there is something rotten in Denmark and that this whole
charade is a manipulation. But what you have failed to comprehend, like
nearly all media-brainwashed Americans, is that the people pulling the
strings are the Israelis and their Zionist traitor counterparts in this
country. neither my post nor I are anti-semetic. We are anti-Zionist and
our facts cannot be disputed. It is the criminal state of Israel who have
for decades now operated an apartheid government wherein the people who
actually have direct ties to that region are held in camps, often killed
extra-judicially, blocked from basic medical and human services and thus
left to die, forbidden to travel, etc etc etc. Meanwhile, any ‘Jew’ from
literally anywhere else on the planet can fly to Haifa or Tel Aviv, apply
for citizenship and all but instantly be granted all the rights and
privileges denied as a matter of official policy to the ‘Palestinians.’
Now you tell me who’s racist thinkingrightblog/bank ofA set to cut 16k
jobs, pimped loser mitt, boxing winner chavez purse held after testing
positve for mj (b dood where's my cup), warren, monica crowley(decades of
evidence pals don't want peace, memorized rightwingnut talking points,
nixon whitehouse page) calls iman a jacket whore, never shuts up, sucking
the air out of nyc, calls of truthful politican, a service bratt, sez
conservative values were ingrained in her brain, sez she knows jama is a
total commie, likes mitts idea of financial freedom to steal, believes in
jesus even though mitt doesn't, (i wonder if the military is part of the
47%?), stewart roasts larrydavid, agrees to debate bildoe, doomsday
coming down the pipe bernie (favors pregnancy tests in bars, to save
money on drinks) producers vs tamara bernies's russion hoar tomorrow,
parasite loser takes the iman (f the poor people) and bernie to school,
pussyriot nonstory, larry david peeing on jesus, (liberal media can't
show nonnews but) jama on univision today, neocons uncover wh team also
hired hooker in jamaca, 1000$ reward for missing banker porche, fake
trumph fires jama for neocons, lavin upset about destroying nasa, hollow
military and gay ambassador assination, muddy waters in south america,
texas, danza schools iman about jama and socialism, on imus/ dave thorn
(secret mitt tape) sez, roberts saved his judgeship backing obamacare,
@40 monica's 12M$ kinky letters to bill (her only asset), (g sez, self
defeating masicistic repubs), orreille is pist, thinks mitts is a people
pleaser, should be more assertive, hopes one day to solve jfk
conspiracies, feeling unsettled agreeing with g) (thinks monicaL a
troubled woman, besmirching bill, to relive tawdry past, with star's
investagation notes, to make money, you know what i could do to her on my
show, why do americans think jama is doing a good job, even with all the
obstructionist doing everything they can to stop him), caller thinks
america should consider truth, zuckerberg still #3, colbert: the r
edistrubion word 1998 speech all over fauxsnooze, economist zany mitten,
agree's with kacinich (mitt's 47%, not the same people), caller will buy
lewinski's book because bildoe said not to, greenfield sez gore beat
gwtfb (a political fairy tale) by 2 million votes in $1.99 book, jessy
(politicans are whores, assures new recruit war (smedley) is a racket)
sez faux sux, on geraldo, in the lbj seuit in dallas/mitt campaign sez
china are cheaters/jama and wife will appear with the gals, reasking the
mitts, "orginal freeloader (bayhar) kato sez he committed pergery (after
statute of limitations), the gals upset about gaga's nakedness, sherry
waits until on tv to confront husband's dreams, dr oz discovers arsnic on
rice, apllo dances, on the view,
91912/Sinead O'Connor is the latest musician to protest the imprisonment
of Pussy Riot. In an exclusive letter published on the Rolling Stone
website, the singer addresses Russian President Putin: "I know that all
people are intrinsically good in their souls/Tumors and Organ Damage in
Rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto's genetically engineered corn or
exposed to the company's popular Roundup herbicide developed tumors and
suffered severe organ damage, according to a French study Mike Ludwig-
Rachel Corrie Responsible for Own Death, Israeli Court Rules dismissal of
a civil lawsuit by the family of slain American activist Rachel Corrie
against the Israel Defense Forces sends a chilling message to nonviolent
activists worldwide Richard Silverstein-In 1982, the newly appointed
Bishop Mitt Romney rang the doorbell to my North Cambridge home....
Romney served me with a letter, not unlike a sheriff with a summons,
informing me of my trial of excommunication scheduled for the following
Saturday. How could I be tried for excommunication when I had long ago
quit the church?Lani Gerson-Maureen Dowd on Mitt: Let Them Eat Crab Cake
nyt-Full Transcript of the Mitt Romney Secret Video Mother Jones,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

91912/praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

91912/Islamophobia, not, will be the end of Israhel-Israhel has
elaborate defense systems against military attack and terrorism. Its
defenses against its extremists are porous ypi/Mitt and the republicans
will be the laughingstock of American politics for years to come, the
2012 election’s man of constant sorrow-Romney being akined seems to have
contempt not just for the Democrats who oppose him, but for tens of
millions who intend to vote for him.-Bill Kristo, An intervention is in
order. “Mitt, this isn’t working.” -Peggy Noonan Well it beats the
e-LYNCHINGS you libtards are infamous for and that are your hallmark-
Romney being "Akined" All the activists, party supporters and big donors
should be pushing for change. Mitt thinks that he's entitled to be
president y66/ moosliems should watch Fox because one of their own prince
alwaleed bin talal of saudi arabia- is a major stockholder...what a
hypocritical hoot-"I don't care about 47% of Americans"-At least he told
us now instead of later. mitt is toast.-There, there little rednecklican.
Go back to your double-wide and tell your wife/sister (same thing) to
fill your meth pipe with another rock. And if she doesn't, you can always
beat her up again.-yfs/the Problem with conservatives these days is that
they pretend not to understand the difference between wants and needs!
When Mitt Romney finds tax breaks for his dancing pony he uses the tax
code to buy something he wants. When minimum wage workers with kids get
an earned tax deduction they use it to feed children, something needed to
sustain life-Mormons are completely fcuking retarded. the scariest things
about Mormons, is that they have the capacity to believe anything- Laura
Ingraham is a lib now? who knew!! What an inbred!-Mitt Romney =Thurston
Howell David Brooks-stiff necked blue nose with a dancing horse that says
middle income people make 250,000 dollars-y2k/    The Muzz don't like the
mocking because it is truth. Prophet Mo was a Psychopathic killer
Pedophile-#$%$oles like you love to see your Jesus get mocked, no wonder
idiots like find glee in mocking other religions too!-You do not see
christians or the catholic church beheading people today, nor storming
embassies, nor strapping bombs to their bodies and killing innocents-you
have every right to reject and condemn, even protest. You don't have the
right to riot, burn, or kill-rights to invade Iraq, Afghanistan and
killing millions, right, Idiot?-Grow the fk up -Muslims haven't grasped
the concept of satire quite yet. Maybe in another two or three hundred
years-    Muslims acting like babies. Get over it. if you dont like it a pork fritter and a .45 slug-Lunatic fringe? That's like
saying there's a clean end to a turd-comment makers are the descendants
of those monsters.Did what you had to do but the #$%$ isn't funny you
barbaric Mfer's.Hate the blacks,hate the jews,hate the muslims, but in
actualilty hate,deceit ,and cold hearted evil runs through your viens-An
INSANE nation justifies mass murder. The use of Atomic weapons, or NALPAM
bombs or Agent orange - should make you detest what you have become USA-
Ur Sanity Absent-radicals made video and radicals reacted - got nothing
to do with Islam-    Why must you attack peoples faith, do you have
nothing better to do? Are your lives that empty? No ones forcing anything
down your throat! Go on with your life and leave people who believe in
God alone, sounds to me you people are the one who love to start trouble,
your a bunch of trouble makers, shows the emptyness in your life-Possibly
because your "faith" is a sham, the worship of false prophets, and an
affront to every peaceful man, woman and child on this planet? MAYBE?
Turd!-The faster the world confronts the fact that Islam is nothing more
than an ancient version of the KKK, the faster society can begin to
marginalize it like the KKK-bring nudys bar to the region things will
change-the animals are still living in the white house, we hope to
replace them back to Kenya in November-Monsanto GMO monstrosities have
nothing to do with feeding the hungry. Their GMO monstrosities have
everything to do with profits and controlling the food supply- y/ Pet
jerky treat death toll, 1 cat, FDA says At least 360 dogs reportedly have
died in the U.S. after eating chicken jerky pet treats made in China,
even as claims of illnesses tied to the products have topped 2,200,
federal veterinary Food and Drug Administration health officials nbcnews/
could send mitt over to the middle east. what's the worst he can do, put
that silver foot in his mouth. or they can take it away and throw it at
him. it seems to be a tradition with republican- yc/Boston, Mass.-based
Rethink Robotics unveiled a humanoid robot "Baxter" that will go on sale
in October, the company says that the robots are not intended to replace
human workers, "Baxter" can be trained to directly handle manual
assignments and carry out simple on screen computer tasks. As a result,
Baxter can execute a range of duties such as loading, machine operation,
light assembly, sorting and inspecting, and packing and unpacking. Priced
at $22,000, the robots will cost a few thousand more than the annual
salary of a minimum wage worker (about $15,000 based on a 40-hour
workweek-bbc/: Liz Cheney Claims Obama Has "Abandoned" Non-Existent
Czechoslovaki-the cold war provided much comfort for her type yfs/Reagan
was a cult member/actor turned gov then pres the puppet fucked up Cali
and then went on to fuck up the united states...FYI this great thinker
was a member of the Bohemian grove a bunch of grown men that have homo
sex with kids while worshiping a huge owl and sacrificing c.a.r.e. which
is some acronym; for these people are jacked in the head/magicunderwear
guy refuses interview, on imus/high rollers pay 25k$ for picture with
loser mitt, koch sez no to mitt, on geraldo, accused of defending
jama/plastic hair (liar) mitt and wife (a little too articulate to be
republican first lady, school taught her to have compassion?) interupts
gwtfb massage@ whitehouse, visit kelly (as she looks for empathy)
proposes rapid fire questions mitt to answer as little as possible, loves
modern family, prefers snookie to honey booboo, sings on horseback/
backing linzy (nyc hit&run) her mom visits, lizzy dreams up dependance
day, mitt sez too risky the (sharptounge) girls are not conservative
enough, monica's 12m$ book deal, on the view/
91812/Willard comes from The Preston Howell School of Humanity-Is he for
real? This is what we want running our country? Come on people! If you
vote for him, I am convinced that you have a mental illness!-Like the Pig
Limbaugh has said, they'd nominate Daffy Duck if it meant getting rid of
Obama. Apparently, that's just what they did-do you have any idea in the
World how important ( life or death to some women ) things like
contraception are. To the ignorant men in this election who want to
overturn 50 years of fighting for this thing alone. Women have endured
prisonj, and died over contraception. the Vulture scumbag wants to
close planned parenthood The Republican Party is pissed that there was
96,000 more private sector jobs created in August of 2012. They will
tell you that this number is not good enough to rebuild America and blame
the President for the sluggish economic recovery while they have been
doing everything in their power to stop it the
liberals have to be SO HATEFUL. Some of the things the Entertainers
called Bush were also so tasteless and cruel and now the hate speech
about Romney begins, because of the constant hate and lies coming from
citizens like her and the mainstream media!! I am proud of calling myself
a Christian and a Freedom loving American and do not want the Government
to run my Life!! Cher was a NOBODY, until We the People made her a
wealthy citizen. Hey it is O.K. for her to be wealthy, but not Romney!!
Hope Obama makes CHER SHARE her wealth-So her standing up to the hateful
people = her being hateful?! It's called defense. They put the hate out,
we stand up to it-Mitt Romney sure hasn't made many friends this week..
who would want a brat like him to lead our country down a road of
disaster like gWb-protests lacked the heft of last year's Occupy events,
when a group of young people harnessed the power of a disillusioned
nation and took to the streets chanting about corporate greed and
inequality. Last year there were thousands of protesters. On Monday
morning, there were a few hundred at most-More than 100 Occupy Wall
Street arrests in NYC financial district; wheelchairs block traffic by
clogging intersections in New York City's financial district, marching to
the beat of drums that were a familiar refrain last year vancouversun-
They won, Using their state funded army, the police, the rich shut down
the freedoms of the disillusioned, and they fight against socialism-Get
Out t Vote, Educate!- fb/Obama’s lead among Jooish voters has climbed
from 64-29 this spring to 70-25 by late summer among self-identified
Jooish registered voters. That’s actually slightly better than four years
ago at the same time. Obama’s support among Jewish women is strongest, 77
percent, compared to 63 percent among men, Social security, Medicare,
abortion, the environment, education, immigration, health care,
discrimination by gender and sexual preference, taxes, for the vast
majority of Jooish voters, Republicans just don’t cut it-democratic party
is a joooish-black-hispanic-women-homo coalition against white people-
the vast majority of billionar J_ews are not donating many to Obama, the
money is going to Rommney, Obama only won the last election becuase he
had more money than Mccain- ypi/J"s want you on the defensive. Steal your
money then call you anti-semitic-ANTI-SEMITIC POSTINGS, REGARDLESS OF
YOUR ID, ARE ALWAYS EMAILED TO YAHOO-ygs/MiaFarrow: the 47% who pay no
taxes are mainly in states that vote Republican-fb/Shouldn't they be
referred to as bad values voters Colbert?-praise the Lord and pass the
ammunition’ party-Rep. Chris Smith tried banning birth control pills 22
times on the house floor-the prophecy of sodomy (dresden Codex)-
Stupid things Conservatives say If only Stevie Baldwin was there then I
would take them seriously-If those fascists have values, I don't need
them-fb/Republican religious conservatives unlikely to be high achievers?
They are the party of the one true God. Liberal Christians, such as
Obama, are written off by some of them as atheists. 1. But can the GOP
succeed politically with such a theocentric center?-nooo!!!!the
lighhhht it burrrrnnns on all the republican gollums who HATE others in
the name of christ, while swarming-most Republicans combines
ethonentrism, the belief that Christianitiy is the center of what is
true, with other typical Republican and fundamentalist assuptions-yfs/
most Republicans combines ethonentrism--the belief that Christianitiy is
the center of what is true, with other typical Republican and
fundamentalist assuptions-revolution in 1917 the Bolshevik party had
about 10,000 members of whom 364 were ethnic Js Between 1917 and 1919 Js
party leaders include Grigory Zinoviev, Moisei Uritsky, Grigory
Sokolnikov, and Leon Trotsky Adolph Joffre was a Karaite and Lev Kamenev
was of mixed ethnic Russian and Js parentage What is too funny is upon
learning of the tiny % of Js in party they try to make u believe leaders
like Stalin were Js LOL even saying his name means "son of J" in Georgian
And there r ppl who believe-Is there no anti- Israel prop that u won't
believe? Ethnic cleansing against pals? Their population has tripled in a
relatively short Time. Their own corrupt leaders are responsible Gilda
Meir said it best: if they put down their Arms there would be peace If
Israel did there would be a slaughter... Now go hate on THIS day, If u
want to believe anything regardless of facts Can't help u Btw the
romanovs waged an unrelenting war against the Js minority.... U plant
corn u get corn, Practice I am a loser bc of my own actions I have free
will Nobody but myself has kept me down Free ur self from blaming others
It is liberating!- J's must ask how long can the charade go on? GS cannot
go on forever, How long can you lie, steal, cheat, and pretend your
creator approves of your behavior? Answer not that much longer. It is a
fantasy an attempt to rationalize and justify their actions toward
others, Citizens of goodwill throughout the civilized world will pressure
Israel to stop its status as a colonizer, oppressing people-your
anti-semitic hate posting to yahoo!- Anti-semitic accusation connotes
victimhood- Now a coverall to stigmatize anything critical of J's ygs/
"To quote your Jewish pope, Moses -- revenge is a dish best served
kosher." Stephen Colbert/his own party is disenchanted. Big superpacs
have stopped buying ads for him. I think it's important not to lose sight
of the ball, but I would say GOP is banking on senate and house races
now, watching to see what happens with Mitt-should, in the long run, be
good for the GOP. Perhaps the real Republicans will finally stand up and
toss out on their ear the anti American fascist element that has seized
control of them-Republicans that demonizing anyone who isn't a "job
creator" alienates everyone but the hyper-rich and the low-information
voter-Mr. Brooks. I am surprised that you have it in you to see the truth
behind Romney's deception-this is the long drawn out version of "Let them
eat cake!-the 47% who lay around and do nothing but freeload off the
people who actually work and pay taxes, because they feel like someone
always owes them something. I for one am tired of working my ass off to
pay for the assholes who lay around and watch tv all day until they work
up the ambition to go to the grocery store to spend their food stamps-
Ann Dunham had some health insurance. But she couldn't work while on
Chemo, and she couldn't pay the Deductibles. So she filed for the
Disability clause on her Insurance. And was turned down because the
Insurance company claimed her Cancer was a "pre-existing condition". So
everything President Obama said was true, f Right-Wingers immediately
bought into the Lie without thinking, slamming the President for
exploiting his Mother's death. Now... I'm not sure just when the
Republican Party entirely departed from Reason, but I'm wondering if
there's a path back. I think it's too late for them- I do have a better
plan for my country than Mitt, because my plan doesn't involved
screwing my own country. It's actually that obvious now. A vote for Mitt
is a vote against the country you claim to love. Voting Party over
Country - when you hate the person wanting to lead both - that doesn't
make you a better American, that makes you an idiotic Human Being. Saddle
up, Patriots, let's see your true colors!, It's not a difference in
ideology, it's the fact that an entire party has decided that destroying
their own country is the best way to anger enough voters so that they can
win and become king of the sandbox. That is not something to respect, to
validate, to honor nor to pretend it's just 'opinion' of us v. them. It's
actually, more factually, home-grown terrorism on their part. It's time
to call it like it is. No more tip-toeing. People are dying. Every day.
fb/you're probably from a red state. Every time there's an election, they
bite the hand that gives them all those 'Gubment' handouts every day.
ROTFLMAO and they talk and spell funny, George was dumber than Mitt by a
Texas country mile. I actually judge Mitt to be a fairly bright guy - but
he's also an impulsive psychopath and bully, has a major [and unfounded]
superiority complex, and is a pompous stuffed shirt to boot-Laughable and
kindergarten response. You're suffering from delusions of grandeur. Just
remember, it's a side effect of liberalism. What you see isn't real. Look
in the mirror and repeat often, like a good little Obamunist brownshirt-
ybac/mitt sez; My job is not to worry about those people. I'll never
convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their
lives, demonstrates such disgust and disdain for half of our fellow
Americans, the other side's choice for president of the United States. He
wants to lead our country/At its root, our political economy is
dehumanizing. Instead of allowing us to feed our human passions for
education, connection, love and community, we've had our priorities
twisted and manipulated to serve those who use violence and greed for
control and domination, the police arrested some people on Wall Street.
But it wasn't any of the bankers and traders who've broken the law of the
land, gotten rich off the suffering of those less fortunate and crashed
the American economy who were wrestled to the ground and bundled into
police wagons. Instead the NYPD, Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg's
"private army" - arrested almost 200 nonviolent protesters, not to
mention several journalists (including a Truthout contributor), grabbing
them off the sidewalk for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Meanwhile, the banksters are free to throw money at political candidates
and shape the election to their will. And at least one of the men running
for president, Mitt Romney, has made it as clear as day that if he's
elected, they'll have free reign to continue plundering. Romney doesn't
find greedy, criminal bankers distasteful, it's the poor he can't stand-
to/"No, he didn't use those exact words, but in condemning 47 percent of
the nation for paying no income taxes, Romney was denigrating the sacred
base of the modern GOP: the Deep South. Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-Secret
Video II: On Israel, Romney Trashes Palestinians and the Two-State
Solution  Mother Jones-truthout/Connaughton writes about something he
calls "The Blob," a kind of catchall term describing an oozy pile of Hill
insiders who are all incestuously interconnected, sometimes by financial
or political ties, sometimes by marriage, sometimes by all three. And
what Connaughton and Kaufman found is that taking on Wall Street even
with the aim of imposing simple, logical fixes often inspired immediate
hostile responses from The Blob, the meatiest thing in the original
Dodd-Frank bill, the one reform that really would have made a difference
if it had passed, just died in the suffocating mass of the Blob. The key
Democrats one after another failed to line up behind it, and in the end
it was defeated soundly, with Dick Durbin, the number two man in the
Democratic leadership, giving it this epitaph: "a bridge too far-These
guys need money for office, jobs for their kids and a job after they
leave office.  All they have to do is look the other way and they have a
good chance at the good life-Perhaps killing The Blob is the only
solution. When the citizens are powerless to enact change through their
government, what other options are there?-if those fraudsters believe
they are on the Blue Team, which supports everything the Red Team
supports, they they are completely and dangerously insane-rs/owebama...he
has insulted half this country more than a few times. You got your
panties in a twist over words spoken-lil bush was a moron, and almost did
destroy us, people just giggled and admitted he was "goofy." Lots of us
hated him, and really thought him a disaster, but we never got totally
crazy like bamabashers do-fb/bernie sez, mitt is sorry, putin sez free
pussyriot, payne via magnifies his douchebaggery, MITT's and idiot loser
"we're gonna lose", jon rich on a snit on imus/elloit spitzer, bay
bucannon, obama lied 4 died, gud slap fight rich v scott, on geraldo
91712/mitt sez: "Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon, which is the
greatest gift you can have, which is to get born in America."/
mark "the fin" levin prays to gawd the silent majority will vote jama out
national constitution day 1787

Monday, September 17, 2012

91712/obummer fails again

91712/Funding Teachers Doesn't Get Embassies Attacked "We're not out of
money. We've stopped taxing billionaires and corporations, and we're
funding war-preparation so generously that we're sparking a global arms
race that will eventually generate some enemies with which to justify the
war preparation... which will make sense to students who were never
taught to put events into chronological order. Funding teachers doesn't
destroy our environment, erode our civil liberties, hollow out our
economy, antagonize the world, or kill anyone." David Swanson, Occupy Wall Street Begins "Year II" With Call to Debt
Resistance proclaimed opposition between the 99 percent and the 1
percent, its prefigurative emphasis on horizontality and mutual aid, and
its linking of grievances from climate change to Stop and Frisk to
predatory debt. All summer, OWS organizers have poured their energy into
preparing for a three-day convergence Yates McKee, Waging Nonviolence-
Obama Says One Thing in Spotlight, Another Behind Closed Doors, taking
corporate trade to new levels [with] the increased jurisdiction of
corporate trade tribunals, the lack of regulation for banks and financial
institutions and the extension of patents to protect drug profits. It is
no wonder, especially during an election year, that the TPP Trans Pacific
Partnership and especially the U.S. proposals are being kept secret Kevin
Zeese-Santorum-Smart People Won't Vote For Us CBS- Local District
Attorneys Allowing Debt Collectors to Use Their Letterhead, Split Fees
From Shakedown Naked Capitalism-US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a
Deadly Failure Paul Jay and Mark Karlin , The Real News Network: "My
takeaway is the war on drugs is really for, one, domestic consumption,
and two, a lot of people are dying, Molly Moloy compiled new statistics
put out by the Mexican government that more than 80,000 people have died
since Calderón, Felipe Calderón, who is the outgoing president, started
the U.S.-led, reinvigorated war on drugs in 2006. Another 160,000 or
180,000 have been displaced in Mexico, and 10,000 to 20,000 have
disappeared, With just a couple of weeks left in September, members of
the House and Senate hurried back to Washington after their August recess
and the party conventions, ready to get some legislating done and impress
their constituents before they head back home for the final stretch of
their reelection campaigns. Yes, I'm auditioning for a job at The Onion."
Michael Winship Moyers & Co/rushashona, antigua, beginning of the civil
war 1862, curious george 1898/The fact is, bank lobbyists trump the will
of the people and the best interests of the US and economic stability.
That in itself is very very sad-fundamental problem in human nature here.
When a rule is too good, people will forget why they need it. Despite all
of the evidence proving that seat belts save lives, people still are
upset at being told that they HAVE to wear a seat belt. If we were to
reinstate Glass-Steagall, we would have to elevate the law to a
constitutional measure to ensure that the next generation didn't try to
rip the limiter off again, Do you really think an old school investment
bank (i.e. one in the 1950s) would lever 50:1 on their own money? The
reason that there is no definitive cause is because the answer is d) all
of the above. Somehow a little cheating in the mortgage market was turned
into sound business principle and when the SEC was away, the traders will
play-U.S. regulators reportedly are investigating whether JP Morgan Chase
(JPM) failed to monitor transactions properly, allowing criminals to
launder money. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the federal
agency that oversees the biggest banks, is said to be leading the money
laundering investigation sa/Craig Unger on the Continuing Power of Karl
Rove, You could see him at the Republican National Convention,
backslapping and glad-handing plutocrats and politicos. He told a private
breakfast meeting during the convention that the super PAC he helped
create, American Crossroads, plans to spend $200 million on the
presidential race and another $100 million on this year's Senate and
House campaigns Bill Moyers & Company/bernie h8s ows-tony natural
selection- on imus/zionball lick, paid liar joe crummy hamos, alciada,
muziephobic assumes wot jama "means" but doesn't want to misconscrew,
wants out of the war, but can't decide wot to do with all that herion-
caller blames hillary, col fnanalist ralph peters rt, egypt ambassador
paterson ordered unarmed marines: an apology is a sign of weakness,
cowardly, to muzies, on geraldo/izreal is on it's own: rush/
91612/No slam on republicans for monetary policy that benefits the rich?
Oh yes, I forgot, its a democratic administration. I guess since since
the bernank was appointed by Bush we can blame him-if you are not willing
to do something about it, why should I. In recording history nothing has
ever changed by complaining. Sweat, Tears and Blood are the only
components of change. No Pain, No Gain-mitt wants to DOUBLE defense
spending (over what the military is asking for) to SAVE JOBS- sa/
drusama polkadot queen, mitt ad sez jama is a cheater loling/
91512/1620 mayflower sets sail 4 america/Arabic news our Ambassador was
initially taken alive, then raped, and then killed by gunmen. He was
treated like Gaddafi was-in fact, the crime of murder. The best solution
is to find the perps and prosecute them, this would be the democratic
way. An INappropriate response, and one that would totally dishonor
Ambassador Stevens' memory, would be to call his killing an "act of war"
and take "revenge" on the entire people of Libya- db/California man
linked to an anti-Islam film that sparked violent protests across the
Muslim world was questioned on Saturday by authorities investigating
possible violations of his probation for a bank fraud conviction. Nakoula
Basseley Nakoula, 55, a Coptic Christian, was voluntarily interviewed by
federal probation officers at a sheriff's station in the Los Angeles
suburb of Cerritos and left about 30 minutes later, said Steve Whitmore,
a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The crudely
made 13-minute English-language movie, filmed in California and
circulated on the Internet under several titles including "Innocence of
Muslims," mocks the Prophet Mohammad and portrays him as a buffoon- There
are all kinds of anit muslim films on you tube and other places on the
web. It is a total farce to suggest that this video was a catalyst- Only
1% of all humans engage in violence why should the muslims be singled
out? Most of them really are not violent, whether you hate them or not
your should not lie to yourself about them. That is the path to
atrocities and stupidity-an Egyptian, posing as a Jewish American, in
order to INFLAME the Muslim world against American interests abroad. He
is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST, and nothing LESS-The first thing our troops did
when they got to afghanistan is secure the poppy fields and oil fields-
Obama and his cronies are lying to you, that film did not cause those
riots and murders, Obama wants you to think they did, the Muslim
brotherhood plans these riots long ago, and Obama financed them, he knew
where that money was going America, Obama is a liar and a Con man,
everything he says is a lie-Liberal God haters...? There is nothing about
Islam that is led by liberals. It is a very conservative ( and nutty)
religion. I will admitt that it is fake, but so is your hair and tardy
make up.-obvious from the rantings in this column that the
right-wing-ultra-conservatives want to take us all the way back to the
time of the Crusades. May I remind you that the Europeans lost the
Crusades? How about practicing the teachings of Jesus, which all of us
claim to follow? Here is one that may apply: "Blessed are the
peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." There are many
more of Jesus's terachings, such as loving your neighbor, doing good to
those that hate us, taking care of the poor and needy, etc. But those
teachings do not mean a thing to the new, ultra-right-wing, Republican
Christians- y.r/mitt sez: "Judge Sotomayor and I have very different
judicial philosophies. She is an activist, a liberal jurist, I prefer
people who follow the Constitution and do not make law as a judge-  
folks, who oppose Sotomayor, trying to convince people that Republicans
do not appoint judges for political purposes also. Don't be idiotic by
taking that line of non-reasoning-look at Bush's appointed Justice
Roberts. Bad pick there too. I wish we could clean house in the SCOTUS
and get some folks who actually follow Constitutional Law instead of a
political agenda-    We don't even know the end result of President
Obamas policies because most of them have been blocked by the Republicans
from day one-mitt supporters on here are so uneducated. It's not a race
card it's going after a group of folks that will support Obama-mitt   
sucks. get over it. he will say anything to get elected, even throwing
his own country under the bus. He will not be president-Obama will DO
ANYTHING get re-elected-big bucks mitt aint got no grit he hides his cash
in over seas pits wont pay his taxes at any cost now he asks us to be our
boss bugs bunny romney wont fight he;ll hide honey-Another turd from
America's toilet "Texas" chimes in. Say your breath honey, your from the
state that gave us Bush & Perry and one where the average IQ is 50, you
and your RED state are irrelevant-mitts welfare queen" ads regarding
the welfare to work program. just remember that african americans were
not even allowed to be mormons until 1979-ads specifically target an
ethnic group and appeal to their ethnicity over values, as if Romney
should have supported a liberal shill just because she's "a wise latina."
So yes, that's playing the race card-Get over your inbred hypocrisy.
You guys specialize in dishing out dirt, but a magnified truth about your
short-comings give you uncontested indigestion. The truth hurts
particularly when it is absolutely true-Just like Obama would oppose
Scalia if he were nominated by a Conservative President, it has nothing
to do with race and everything to do with ideology-It's called politics
you ignorant toad, are you new to the game?-    you seem to have the IQ
of a House Plant, if you are supporting the Messiah,, that's about the
caliber of his constituents, and supporters, but they are useless with NO
JOBS till your messiah is Fired yn/Dirty Money: Cities and States
Addicted to Soliciting for Corporate Favors, When executives from the
European aircraft manufacturer Airbus announced their plans to build a
new $600 million factory in Mobile, Alabama in early July, local
politicians wasted no time in congratulating themselves…. [But] Airbus
wasn’t coming to Mobile for free: state and local officials had offered
the company an incentive package worth more than $158 million for the
plant Mike Alberti, Remapping Debate-Speaking at Values Voter Summit,
Paul Ryan Gives Stamp of Approval to Bigotry BuzzFlash-Assange Gets an
Aboriginal Passport Syndey Morning Herald-Fox News Censors All Their
Polls Daily Kos-Money-Laundering Inquiry Is Said to Aim at US
Banks. Federal and state authorities are investigating a handful of major
American banks for failing to monitor cash transactions in and out of
their branches, a lapse that may have enabled drug dealers and terrorists
to launder tainted money,  beginning one of the most aggressive
crackdowns on money-laundering in decades, intended to send a signal to
the nation's biggest banks that weak compliance is unacceptable Jessica
Silver-Greenberg and Ben Protess nyt/Ron Paul has been named one of the
most corrupt members of Congress in a new report from the watchdog group
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington-for some of you
neo-cons, the hatred for O has nothing to do with ideology-plenty of
evidence that the majority of the country wants marijuana legalized.
Follow the money on who does NOT want marijuana legalized. Police Unions,
Prison Guard Unions, For Profit Prisons, Big Pharma, and the Alcohol
Industry. Not to mention that the U.S. government has the patent on
medical marijuana when the time comes to legalize it-Republicans appear
to believe that we need several divisions of heavy armor and advanced
fighter aircraft to effectively fight terrorists armed with box cutters
and exploding shoes/underwear. Their mantra looks like: "No Defense
Contractor Left Behind./
91412/Mitt's Disastrous Energy Plan Near the end of his speech at the
RNC, he said, had promised "to begin to slow the rise of the oceans" and
"heal the planet." The moment summed up everything you need to know about
the GOP's fatal addiction to fossil fuels-Romney Immigration Adviser Goes
Birther, May Keep Obama Off Kansas Ballot, Kansas Secretary of State Kris
Kobach is considering banning Barack from the ballot in his state this
fall for a lack of sufficient proof that he was born in the United
States. He and his colleagues on the Kansas’s Objections Board will
decide-In Meetings With Anti-Pornography Group, Romney Campaign Promised
To Prosecute Porn-tp-4th Graders Children at Hughey Elementary School in
El Paso, Texas were reportedly given specific instructions to draw the
planes hitting buildings and Draw Pictures of the September 11th Attacks
foxnewsinsider-Andrea Mitchell slams Romney's Libya blunder noting “It
was revealing. It was one of those moments when both the character and
the policy were both revealed. It was very transparent.”- talking about
both sides bombarding the press with press releases. She says "both sides
are equally guilty." I object to this kind of false equivalency. One side
is bombarding with falsehoods and the other is clarifying and explaining.
And to call them both the same is a disservice to political discourse-
fb/dr farris, middle east cowboy, talks extremist on imus