Thursday, November 8, 2012

11812/Satan's horde doing oblamo work, wailing and gnashing

11812/Leave all u haters. Do your research then open your mouth. Its
medicine. how about we arrest the pharm companies for killing so many
people addicted to legal pharmaceutical meds. Wake up! and for the ones
using it for a high, at least theyre not drunkin belligerent retards-
They continue to confiscate and take resources from growers. NOW WE HAVE
WON THE ARGUMENT. You can remain spiteful those of you who lost; we will
see you in Court when you allow your positions to counter that of the
voter. Raid us... we will see you in court. The judgements will be HUGE.
kktv-Not only did Iceland's peaceful revolution jail politicians and
bankers; but has totally converted to Green Energy. they defaulted on is
fully repaid by Dec 2012 and they focus on value added industry for their
resources and despite all the turmoil enjoy one of the highest standard's
of living in the world governments do not want these facts publicized in
mainstream media as it exposes the Neo Con LIES!-How's that lookin' now
rightwingers who squealed that Bush NEEDED that power to keep us safe!-
fb/Hi mom, I'm home! Aerosmith Rocks Boston Block Party for New Album, a
free concert in front of the Boston apartment building where the band
first came together- Stephen Stills in the lurch and 150 people
scrambling for work, When Neil is involved with anything you need a
seatbelt-Obama earned four more years on the job by building a
multicultural, center-left coalition that ought to give GOP consultants
nightmares, writes Tim Dickinson rs/The old adage is "Never fight the Fed
Is the Fed trying to create a "bubble" in the housing market so as to get
home values above mortgage amounts? Is "Helicopter Ben" trying for a
sector inflation to protect the financial system? How deep is the hole in
housing finance? It seems as if the Federal Reserve thinks it is pretty
deep!-advanced talks to save the firm after unauthorized trades in Apple
Inc.  Rochdale executives told potential investors that a trader bought
$750 million to $1 billion in Apple shares last month without permission,
the people said. The stock then dropped in value by a few million dollars
and depleted the firm's cushion against losses-the big money guys the
deal is their crack and like any addict they have no regard whatsoever
for the consequences of their actions-might be a key reason the ECB & the
Fed have poured trillions into keeping their financial institutions
liquid (vs solvent). The domino's could go rather quickly- sa/ Bankers
Run the World Beyond credit cards and bank loans, Americans are paying
interest on everything from garbage collection to drinking water - giving
35 percent to 40 percent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to big banks
and financiers Ellen Brown-The Occupy Wall Street movement expands its
battle against corporate corruption to include privatized prisons, Chip
Gibbons, Truthout-For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and
Fear SPLC/Romney Donors Complain They Were Ripped Off and Lied To Daily
Kos-The country's current economic situation resembles a twisted game of
Monopoly, but given the violent example of Greece's collapse, the endgame
for a corporate-driven society is one where everyone loses Thom Hartmann
and Sam Sacks/Historic Night for Marijuana Reform in Colorado and
Washington, unprecedented popular vote, somewhat stricter than those for
alcohol. Will the victory of these two initiatives set off a major
political change? Steven Wishnia, AlterNet/TALKING ABOUT HANDOUTS Over
70% of people receiving any type of social assistance are white people.
red states receive more federal funding that blue states. fox noise and
people like rush, beck's, oriely and others got you to think it is the
blaaaaahhhhhh people, when infact it is thier corperate masters that are
paying them to convince you-Fox Should Get A Bunch Of Oxycodone From Rush
Limbaugh, Overdose All Of Them, because their Star, Mittin Lost to Class,
President Obama. I hope they cry about this for the next 4 years, They
need to show a lot more legs and less talk, when they talk, it makes
Americans Sick, they are the Fox Terrorist Network, they will never see
another Republican president, count it-your house is being robbed, would
you resist or would you try to work with the robbers by helping them load
your stuff into their get away car? Why would republicans "work with"
bonobo and the tards to execute tard ideology, you idiotologist?-NEW
SEASON OF MOONSHINERS STARTS TONIGHT-Your wife is the head cawkshiner
superduperrichsob.-time for Republican Congress to put America first and
work with Obama-savouring your sadness.Stop clinging to congress and a
few seats in the house...A democrat is the president...again!-I would not
save any congress republican from a burning fire, hope they all go down
in a plane crash, the market would be up 2,000 points. They have done
more damage to this country than Osama Bin Laden, they should the treated
the same- You can quickly tell the feckless demotards on this thread by
their illiterate posts and the juvenile basis of their arguments. And
they say "the educated voted for bonobo, Keep 'em stupid and poor and
they'll vote for you every time" is the democrat creed. 4 more years of
gridlock and zero economic growth was the mandate on election day- yc/
an astonishing development, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media sensation,
Facebook, has been slowly and quietly clamping down Facebook – self
appointed arbiter of “free speech” tells Tea Party no more organizing
11712/Akin and Mourdock, got raped at the slaughterhouse, God's
will-The good guys win, AGAIN ! On track, For LEGACY term- The rabid
psychopaths now have their lame duck to really get the game going, next
stop Tehran and Marxists Bowlofshit utiopia. 4 more years of watching
street hustling down low in charge-Obama socialism? You're the ones
outsourcing jobs overseas for quick bucks, like you care for your
employees? If you people didn't mess up the economy in '08, if we didn't
have to pay for lost lives due to a lying war plus trillions of $$$
debts, then we wouldn't be in our poor economic shape today! If it's
wrong, we need to correct it, it's time to get the political differences
or beliefs out of the equation and move forward to resolve our
difficulties intelligently! people don't print money to support the
economy, Gov't do! The more money they print, the more cash you've
hoarded and banked it for your own financial gains. Stop crying wolf!
ygs/totally disrespecting popularly elected president along with poor and
middle class AmericanIts time for Republican Congress to put America
first and work with Obama It is really sick what Republican did the last
two years-I love knowing how crushed you are right now.I slept like a
baby knowing you were sitting in your trailer park #$%$ for
They`ll start buying as soon as they`ve printed a fresh batch of
worthless paper-Text of Official Presidential Decree to Right-wingers,
t’s true that by the eighth year of my Presidency, I will be a lame duck,
but for the next two or three years, I will be unstoppably powerful, and
free to impose my true agenda on America. Therefore, the following
decrees are effective in January 2013: First, since my agenda will be
expensive, the tax rates must go up. Personal income above $250,000 will
be taxed at 60% and income over $1,000,000 will be taxed at 90%. Next,
gay marriage will be legal in all 50 states. To make up for years of
discrimination, gay couples will be paid reparations of $10,000 per year
every year. By federal mandate, all schools will teach that the gay
lifestyle is acceptable and children will be encouraged to explore their
sexuality. Next the Environmental Protection Agency will have its budget
octupled, including an armed para-military force to enforce a large new
environmental regulations. Effective immediately, all persons of Latino
descent within the borders of the U.S. will be granted full citizenship,
with full voting rigts. Our military will be cut by 90% as we will lead
the world by example by unilaterally disarming. And last, but most
important, all personal firearms are hereby illegal. Anyone found still
clinging to a gun by January 1st will be declared an enemy combatant and
shipped to Guantanamo Bay with no due process or judicial review.-lame
duck with gridlock! 4 more years of nothing!-Who are the Democrats going
to let get murdered next? What US Ambassador is going to get rubbed out
failing to protect our fellow Americansand then lying about it- They
deserve it!-buy gold/silver with both fists (IMHO) and be prepared. When
austerity comes to our shores we will be ready and the TARDS will be
begging!-right wingers prefer the FOX News fairy tale world of make
believe over reality, but since this ideology of denial causes them to
lose elections, I'm wondering if it's possible for right wingers, for the
first time in their lives, to have a tiny glimmer of self awareness and
realize when they are being lied to-MARKET NOW REALIZES WHAT`S AHEAD.
PARASITES OUTNUMBER THE HOSTS, This will end badly, too many parasites
results in death of the host-cover up by Obama, Clinton. Its not going to
work out like the democrats think-FIND A WEEPING REPUKE THIS MORNING,
ignorant Obama voters-demonstrates the cancer called the republican base
is the direct cause of why the Republican Party will continue to lose
every national election untill they accomplish a successful diviorce from
the radical right, isn't it interesting that while waving the Flag, and
speaking about the founding fathers and freedom you support action aginst
Americans that did not vote as you did, maybe you need to move to
S. America , they accept Nazis-we are that President Obama won. This
election was a fight between the Corporations vs The People and the
People won, Its way past time that they realize that America is not going
to accept Bigiots as their national leader. three crack pot bigiots that
cost Flipper the election as well as he ongoing lies from republican nazi
party. On some state ballots there was an amendment giving Corporations
the option of giving and not giving healthcare. In some states there were
amendments to remove the Minimum Wadge Law. Some states even had issues
on combining religion and government, a clear violation, a clear mistake
made by Pro Business Supreme Court Judges. If Corporations are People,
why can they spend Millions on an election and People have a limit of
$5,000 they can spend on an election?- Now that we have won, we have a
terrific opportunity to finally reconcile the differences between
Communists and the Nazis. We can take the best ideas and ideals from each
and combine those to achieve equality and fairness, the great efforts of
Melinda and Bill Foundation that helps reduce population growth in under
developed countries (through vaccination and other fine things). We will
also continue to obliterate apartheid in that small country that is
located South East from Greece. At the same time we will further develop
and strengthen the primary mission of NASA: to promote the role of
M.u.slims in space exploration. We got a work to do. God bless-BOEHNER
NEEDS TO KEEP HIS FOOT ON THE NECK OF OBAMA-his head planted in his own
rump and both feet planted in his mouth. ROTFLMAO the only thing he's
prepared to give Obama is a demonstration of how to walk on one's elbows,
Reppublicans must, as their first priority, remove their heads from their
#$%$-ybac/Obama is a puppet- contradicting each other in different issues
and topics but never ever heard to both of them about 9/11 attacked
,killing of bin laden and millions of innocent Iraqis killed in their
falsified WMD of Iraq-Here we go War with Iran, or I mean Here we go
Going to Butcher innocent people again for the benefit of ZIONIsrael-
fb/Kudlow in deep depression, rodent is sitting in front of a mound of
coke contemplating a head first dive-Enuff banter and chatter, WE WILL
WIN, And wean ourselves off fossil fuels With folks who don't believe in
Our great nation's inoovations and solutions And choose to live In days
our catholic church we song GOD BLESS AMERICA, I am quite sure the temple
sing MAY IRAEL PROSPER- all their prosperity was stolen from us
idiot-Your neonazi minded anti-semitic-Country DOOMED. There are just too
many people voting for a president who will just hand them what they
need. Hard work is out the door. I'm not going to allow some loser, who
smoked dope and sat in the back of class, to take my money. I'm
sheltering every penny, good luck getting it Obama and the rest of the
entitled-already giving the signs of recovery. That short term reactive
feeling is another clue that you are part of the doomed house of the GOP
ygs/hoping mitt would save them from their treachery, the power has no
where to go but they double down. 35.6 trillion was lost in
Sandy...35.6 trillion in papers poof, records ggone, just like 911 papers
that went poof-fb/all honourable men - Come I to speak in the Republican
funeral. They were my friends, faithful and just to me: But Obama says
they were ambitious; And Obama is an honourable man yip/ bildoe sez jama
has no mandate, latinos, are unlike black voters not libertines,
conservative via religion, finally at a loss of words. the journey
forward, mitt concedes to drunk rightwingnuts, g the r word, sez latinos
put jama over the top, koch sez, the big jeep lie was mitts downfall, on
11612/Following the Bain investigation, they should go after mittney, is
a DIRTY CORRUPT CROOK! too! You betcha!-Bounty on him should be above a
million bucks. The Long Arm of the Law will collar the MUFO and put him
away for the rest of his pathetically-inclined, greedy(_o_) life-GO SUCK
the verbal diarrhea level of dead end "War of Northern Aggression,"
inbreeders-not a liberal, Bush for Brains. I will vote conservative as
soon as you trot out a viable candidate. I am very patient. This one with
the BrylCream and the history of gutting viable companies doesn't cut the
mustard-yh/The coming meltdown of the gop I love it when these pigs turn
on each other, mitney is Dead Man Walking. Obama has over a 90% chance of
winning The best oddsmaker in the business says that Obama has a 92%
chance of winning and mittney8%-I can't wait until my hands are around
your f*cking throat, I ever met you on the street you'd be spitting your
teeth out-dood has resorted to mudslinging ah sigh im glad im getting
under his skin-pagan freeloader mittard will be disappointed tomorrow-y66
dark for generations to come. YOUR PARTY IS NOW THE LYING PARTY-Do we
KILLED AMERICAN JOBS, Vote Them Out-Anglo Saxon Republicans+Mitt+Tea
Party+George W Bush = BAD for America-Frederick Fox, Vice President for
Lies and Propaganda at Fauxsnoozes calls election for MITNEY!-Buys Maxi
Pads to help stop the heavy bleeding yc/ucinn incumbent Sen. Sherrod
Brown, a Democrat, at 51%, while his Republican challenger Josh Mandel,
the state treasurer, comes in at 47%-MITNEY Joins Kid Rock On Stage For
Rendition Of 'Fuck You Blind'-The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge is quite
frankly the only thing that can heal its wounds and make it great again,”
mittney and Ojama said in a joint statement before appearing at a rally
in which the two candidates joined hands and raised their own copies of
the book high into the air. “Tomorrow, we are urging all of you to skip
voting, go to any place books are sold, and buy this compendium of vital
information. It’s not only the right thing for you, it’s the right thing
for America-Sasha Obama Keeps Seeing Creepy Bush Twins While Riding
Tricycle Through White House-Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep
Out Unwanted Americans the onion/Biden votes and hints at 2016
possibilities- The crowd, chilled to the bone after standing outdoors for
hours, enjoyed the moment. To all of you who have lived and breathed
the hard work of change, I want to thank you, acknowledged that his
supporters are frustrated with “the pace of change-reports O50% R47% @8a
S-E ASIA TO EUROPE STARTING-the big secret, they ain't Russian, they own
the banks who launder the profits of the spiritually destroyed nations of
Catholicism, Satan's horde doing daddys work, wailing and gnashing, true
justice-Drug Czar General Barry McCafferty stated that 90% of Ecstacy
comes from Israel via Amsterdam-I PREDICT A SUPREME COURT DECISSSION ON
THE ELECTION AFTER SMALL CIVIL WAR-the only good n@zi id is a dead one-
USA has been turned into a SCAM NATION via WALL(FRAUD) STREET CASINO and
USA 99% working class to insolvency to make them permanent DEBT SLAVE
workers in USA Presidents are Sociopathological Liars and Media shills
censor harsh reality truth and promote fraud Propaganda in USA, THIS IS
April 2nd, 2009 CONgress forced FASB to suspend rule 157 in favor of
deceitful accounting for the TBTF banking mafia. Manipulation Weapons:
MASSIVE RIOTS IN USA IN 2013, What we need as the human species is to
evolve to a more free, abundant society that does not suffer under the
oppression and tyranny of Big Government, Big Pharma, Monsanto and the
evil corporate cabal, Demon-Rats and Repo-Cons turned USA into pure Ponzi
scam Nation USA Enterprise Titanic Ship is headed for the wreckage,
Americans, or most of them, have proved to be putty in the hands of the
police state- ygs/dobbs slobbers about christy obama connection, megan
sez 101 dead, bernie turns the rightwingnut corner, dick morris need for
humilation guarantees mittwitt win, j tapper compares poles humping
mitney band wagon, on imus/
11512/christy advocates late nite early voting cbs/A data-sharing glitch
and mistakes by election officials have caused thousands of absentee
ballot requests to be rejected. This absentee ballot fiasco is just the
latest in Ohio's dysfunctional election saga Aviva Shen, ThinkProgress/
Pollution of Drinking Water Due to Fracking Covered up in PA, Mark
Ruffalo Charges BuzzFlash/mittney campaign is caught lying to potential
poll watchers in an effort to confuse voters on Election Day; global
wealth inequality has now peaked to a 20-year high; California will vote
on the death penalty on Election Day thom hartmann/Outside Political
Groups Spend Over $500 Million in October Alone Politico/Media "Blackout"
Imposed as George W. Bush Speaks at Cayman Islands Investment Conference
NBC/Last-Minute Ohio Directive Could Trash Legal Votes And Impact The
Election Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/Republican Roxanne Rubin was taken into
custody as she arrived for work at the Riviera hotel-casino, allegedly
cast a vote Monday at the Anthem Community Center in Henderson. Later
that day, she tried to vote a second time at an early voting location on
Eastern Avenue Arrested-Waytago, FL GOP! Is there anybody you're not
willing to casually disenfranchise in your twisted obsessionFL Voter
Purge Disenfranchises Active Duty Military Troops Criminal GOP Voter
Registration Fraud widening criminal probe of man arrested destroying
registration forms, now looking at violations-GOP Poll Watcher Lies in
WI; CO Skullduggery; GOP: Votes Flip R to D; Billboard Funder Unmasked-
Oregon's Dept. of Justice confirms criminal probe of election official in
Clackamas County alleged to have added selection of Republican candidates
on unvoted ballots-As if mitts campaign rally disguised as 'storm relief'
wasn't enough, he faked food donations-RT @FearDept: We just installed
experimental software onto the central tabulator machines in Ohio without
telling anyone-Brad Blog/Mittney's Campaign is Finally Admitting to
Itself That the Election has Slipped Away Telegraph UK/IRISH BOOKMAKERS
ALREADY PAYING OBAMA WINNERS-being the "backward country" that we are...
Run by CEO's who care only for profit, WE ARE DESTINED TO REMAIN BEHIND,
Rather than be at the forefront of solutions ygs/When Mitt Loses Reid
will have to learn to compromise or nothing will get done-241
fillibusters and you want dems to compromise?- y2k/38% of those in the
Red states believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale; 62% believe
life is sacred unless we're discussing the death penalty or gun laws; 44%
say that evolution is only a theory; 53% claim that Saddam was involved
in 9/11 ynews/

Monday, November 5, 2012

11512/oblamie zionism

11512/surrounded himself with advisors who are committed to military
action and regime change against Iran, the same people who brought us the
Global War on Terror and the Iraq War. Along with their colleagues in
hawkish think tanks, they have spent years priming the public to believe
that Iran has an ongoing nuclear weapons program, making ludicrous claims
about “crazy” mullahs nuking Israel and the United States, pooh-poohing
diplomacy fb/Colbert was funny. I can see Trump being first in line for
some FEMA money, Obama should put a hold on that money until IRS reviews
Trump's tax returns for the last 10 years-AVOID THE ZIONIST MORMON, WORLD
WAR PROMOTER, 1% RICHEST WHEALTNESS Concentration, healthcare only for
rich, blaming poors or the weakest, disadvantaged and needy pe0ple- I
have some Republican views but I cannot stand with the Tea Party, Klu Klx
Klan and the Nazzi's- yc/How will Romney cheat on the election? He wants
to win at any cost, lying and cheating are not a problem for him so what
trick will he pull?-Mother of slain former Navy Seal Glen Doherty sez I
don't trust Romney, He shouldn't make my son's death part of his
political agenda- That is the best condemnation of the GOP and Romney
among many others! Desperate GOP/Romney resort to despicable acts of
politicizing even human tragedy! ybac/Turkey to unleash the dogs of war
it is time the Turks returned to being the regional power in the area.
Russia won't do tzchit if Turkey goes into Syria with a NATO backed
resolution. Putin is like dubya mittard, it ain't easy or involve simply
torturing innocent people, he won't so anything - too chickentzchit, just
like dubya/mittard cnn/sez he will vote jama while endorsing mitt, on
11412/EXCLUSIVE: CIA Had Two Types of Laser Capability During Libya
Attack a “passive” as well as a “visible” laser that could be used
against the Libyan attackers-WTH? Vote for Flippity/Flop Mitt? Romney has
been lying to the American people before he was governor of
Massachusetts, and his lies have only gotten bigger and more ludicrous
with time, Americans should flood the phones lines of these so called
media outlets by the millions ... demanding truth-ladies for romney,
funny ever hear of ann the man coulter? Lmao repubs are crybabys who can
dish it out then wanna cry when someone throws sand in there eye lmao you
will be crying on the 6th obama winning all but two swing states-cheap
insults seem good to a conservative bully-Fraud Watch: Mansfield, Ohio
about potentially fraudulent voter registration forms. The name Adolf
Hitler appeared on a voter registration card-From Israel. Barack Obama
has invented a new term, a revolutionary real! "When Obama lies", "He
tells the truth"! And I always knew, who is a lier. He Is always a liar!
So I have, and prefer the term yet... since the written Torah and Moses
received the Ten Commandments. Name is one of these Commandments is "Do
not lie"! When the President of the greatest superpower in the world is a
liar, So he is "a liar"! Not reasonable to believe a liar-If Obama hasn't
turned people into soap or lampshades, He's more Nationalistic, a Commie-
fn-"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent," he said in
a very eloquent Albert Einstein, expressing their own way a fairly old.
While Hinduism refers to this illusion called maya, modern culture called
the matrix-not because they were "turned away," simply because they
couldn't clarify whether they'd be allowed to work at all. "That was
something that we could not agree to," Hardin said of unionization to Fox
Business on Friday. "It was our understanding and still is that it was a
requirement for us to work in that area." Unions have a much greater
presence in New Jersey than Alabama: They accounted for 16 percent of
workers in that Northeastern state in 2011, according to the Bureau of
Labor Statistics, compared to 10 percent in the Southeastern one.
(Alabama leads its region in union membership, however.) But union
officials completely deny that there was any such condition. "It is the
policy of this union and the companies we represent to welcome assistance
during major natural disasters, regardless of union status- mittney
Hasn't Answered a Press Question for 22 Days: That's according to
Lawrence O'Donnell, Mittney hasn't given a media interview for 23 days,
or answered a press question for 22 days, politix-How can Republicans
condemn Obama's stimulus programs without condemning Bush's?-what about
your brothers who died in Iraq for nothing?-leaving out all the Bush
spending increases ,wars ,deregulation and tax cuts. Does not make you
correct, it makes you a Republican-least were not ultra lib parasite
those 500 moronic empty headed right wing douche bags? same Five hundred
retired generals and admirals supported george "the loser" bush and his
'WMDS in Irqa-Voter suppresion backfiring!-Obama is a crack head
affirmative action shoe shine negro boy yfs/-Florida Election Results
Minorities Shut Out of Early Voting By Republican Governor Rick Scott's
refusal to extend early voting policyMic/early voting, Colorado Votes:
1.6 million Democrats: 35 percent Republicans: 37 percent- Florida Votes:
3.9 million Democrats: 43 percent Republicans: 40 percent- Iowa Votes:
614,000 Democrats: 43 percent Republicans: 32 percent- Nevada Votes:
628,000 Democrats: 44 percent Republicans: 37 percent- North Carolina
Votes: 2.5 million Democrats: 48 percent Republicans: 32 percent- Ohio
Votes: 1.6 million Democrats: 29 percent Republicans: 23 percent politico
Obama has made historic investments in clean energy, helping more than
double the amount of electricity we generate from wind and solar, and he
has set a goal of generating 80 percent of America's electricity from
clean sources by 2035. ck/
11312/Romanian Prosecutors Detain 33 Bankers & Officials in $28.5 Million
Suspected Banking Fraud. Prosecutors on Friday detained 33 government
officials and bankers on suspicion of money laundering and fraud that
cost Romania €22 million ($28.5 million). Anti-organized crime
prosecutors say that from 2010 to 2012, two people organized a scam that
involved bank employees. They allegedly managed to fraudulently obtain 40
bank loans for fictitious businesses. The detainees included three
Economy Ministry officials, the deputy chairman of the French-owned
Romanian Development Bank, and the chairman of a state fund that offers
banks guarantees in exchange for business loans. 32 of the detainees be
held under arrest for one month. raided about 50 homes and offices in
Bucharest, Giurgiu and Calarasi in the case and questioned about 100
people. 2012thebigpicture-It just keeps getting worse for the Vatican
Bank Is Reportedly Under Investigation For Laundering Millions For A
Mafia Godfather a weird way it could be Obama's
failure to deliver on that singular promise about the rising of the
oceans that saves his presidency for a second term. Mitt mittney mocked
that speech about the slowing "rise of the oceans" August. "President
Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the
planet. MY promise is to help you and your family," mittney said at the
Republican National Convention-The Pentagon has begun an airlift of 69
vehicles from California to help restore power in New York and New Jersey
in the wake of superstorm Sandy-mittney Spanish Language Ad Ties Obama to
Hugo Chavez-Attacks are Back, Pol Mocks Obama's Secretary of Business
Idea-Obama did not respond to a question shouted out by Mary Bruce about
when he would begin to provide answers to the numerous questions building
up about what exactly what went wrong in Benghazi-Christie: Try to
conserve your waste of water-36 percent of likely voters say Obama is
chiefly responsible for the country's current economic problems. Fifty
one percent instead still blame his Republican predecessor, George W.
Bush, three years and nine months after he left office-abc/CIA Sent
Security Team to Benghazi Consulate 25 Minutes After Attack, Refuting
Claims of Delay dia/Why did the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted's
office, in an end run around Ohio election law, have "experimental"
software patches installed on vote counting tabulators in up to 39 Ohio
counties? Voting rights activists are concerned that these uncertified
and untested software patches may alter the election results-Why Romney
has already won this electronic election, Harvey Wasserman- Partisan lies
about the security of Hart e-voting machines continue to flow from
Hamilton County Gerry Bello-Romney family and friends will help tabulate
the vote count in Cincinnati: Hart Intercivic holds maintenance contracts
on their own machines Gerry Bello- Election software company Scytl on the
run from the Free Press, from one fake address to the next Gerry Bello
and Bob Fitrakis fp/Maher: Don't let this campaign end If it’s Obama,
America wins. If it’s Romney, comedy wins-Murdoch swipes at Christie
chairman takes a shot at Chris Christie for his embrace of Barack Obama
ALEXANDER BURNS-Reid rips Romney's bipartisan claim, calls the
candidate’s claim that he can work with Democrats a “fantasy” and
“laughable. JOHN BRESNAHAN-Mitt (buys) Bart Starr appeared at a rally for
the GOP White House hopeful on Friday KEVIN CIRILLI-politico/
11212/Selective Patriotism of the Benghazi-Gate Conspiracy Theorists,
the Republicans used to say it was unpatriotic to criticize the president
when troops were in harm's way and damage morale. But this deeply
heart-felt declaration of wartime patriotism has now been completely
abandon-Lots of troll hunting going on today about this. Rove and Fox
must have sent them new scripts with old lies-rightwingnutz version of
media blitz for the election, now that faux snooze is a known propaganda
channel?hp-C-309 has passed the house and is on it's way to the Senate to
be made into law. Under this bill police would have the ability to arrest
anyone who chooses to remain anonymous while attending an "unlawful
assembly". The criminalization of dissent is underway but this will not
detour the Canadian people from having our voices heard-fb/The United
Nations and its foreign nationalist subdivisions have no legal authority
to even enter our polling places and should certainly not be welcomed by
any level of government to inspect Pennsylvania elections," Metcalfe
wrote on his website today. "United Nations monitors have no right or
jurisdiction whatsoever to intrude upon the sanctity or integrity of the
Commonwealth's election process. Instead of welcoming these observers
with open arms, we should rather encourage these individuals to monitor
our election process from the same vantage point as our media: standing
outside of the polling place. Better yet, they should just stay away,
along with any other integrity-deficient individuals or foreign nationals
who wish to exercise a fraudulent or corrupt influence on the 2012
election. OSCE observers should be held to the same criminal prosecutions
as any other individual for violations of state election law/Sandy and
the Myth of Big Government Hurricane Sandy provides an intriguing
election twist,  Beyond the curious bromance between President Obama and
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the disaster has made a powerful
argument on Obama's behalf on the role of government Taibbi-"Everythang's
Corrupt," the first single from 's next album, is a diatribe about social
ills inspired by the Occupy movement. It's astonishing that people are
buying into" what he's selling, Ice Cube-rs/Fatalities in the GOP War on
Regulation More Americans die every year from contaminated medicine,
food, air and water than died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.
Yet the GOP argues we cannot afford the promulgation and enforcement of
the regulations that would save these lives. Dr. Brian Moench- History's
Magic Mirror: America’s Economic Crisis and the Weimar Republic of
Pre-Nazi Germany Germany's economic crisis of the 1930s led to the rise
of far-right populism and the Nazi Party, fueled by the corporate and
military establishment. An American version of this "Weimar Syndrome"
could emerge as the far Right closes its grip on the Republican Party.
Charles Derber and Yale Magrass, Truthout/He has found the hole in
America's brain where reason has been replaced by Walmart. Lee's rants
channel the gunk oozing out." Cross Lenny Bruce with Lewis Black, toss in
a dash of George Carlin, and you get Lee Camp! uncovered how the mittneys
made millions of dollars from a hedge fund investment in Delphi Auto. How
it happened, during Mitt's "retirement," typifies the greed and
indifference to workers that characterizes vulture capitalism Palast-
Sandy Is God's October Surprise, Says Conservative Christian Author of
Apocalyptic Novels-Bain Capital, under mittney's watch, had an investment
failure record that dwarfs the government-BuzzFlash/Absentee Ballots in
Florida Being Thrown Out Daily Kos/A man who's been lying to the American
people for more than a year is neck-and-neck in the polls to be
president; courts are helping disenfranchise voters in Ohio hartmann/ How
Elizabeth Warren Saved Taxpayers $1 Billion Salon/ Mitt’s Kamikaze
Strategy" wp/Show Us the Benghazi Drone Videotape, the administration can
get away with drone warfare, which, as indicated above, trashes
international law, because of the American public's widespread ignorance
about how drones work, their technological limitations, the degree of
killing and terror being caused by drones and because of major news
organizations' total unwillingness to present images of drone killings or
to interview survivors of drone attacks.- Nick Mottern, Truthout/covers
millions without power and fuel, lets rwingnutz rant, (the full court
squeeze is on) big oil drags feet with fuel on geraldo
11112/Obama Aide Bets Moustache on Mitt's 'Myth', "We have the math, they
have the myth." abc/mitt’s chief opponent is not Obama. It’s time y-
mitt's Tax Plan Doesn't Obey the Laws of Mathematics usNews/her new book,
“Bad Habits: I had to take off the habit and put on the push up bra.
Confessions of a Recovering Catholic,” and her decision to leave the
Catholic Church.  so do you still go to mass?” m“I don’t still go to
mass, but I do still believe in a lot of things that Catholics do such as
Jesus, Mary and God, things like that,” Colbert to Jenny McCarthy:
‘You’re Going to Hell’ but agrees to covet thy book sales in deal to
break commandments/mitt Testimony in Friend’s ’91 Divorce Unsealed/Paul
Ryan Uses Bill Clinton’s Words Against His Democratic Opponents/
Pennsylvania, Minnesota from ‘Safe’ to ‘Lean’ Obama/Can Obama Be Defeated
by mitt? Surprising Poll Data Revealed Newsmax/Presidential politics
could use a dose of the facts ExxonMobil's Perspectives Blog/all of you
that think mitt is the answer can stomach the reality if he is elected.
His plans don’t add up, his integrity in truth is non existence and the
only way he will tell you want he believes is if you tell him what you
want him to say. Please, please please, think about what mitt says for
one minute and you will realize he has NO answers. In all three debates
he was asked for details and his answer was “trust me” I know how to run
business. He is right, he knows how to raid pension funds, outsource
factories and cut labor. Is that how we expect him to balance the budget?
He has never run a manufacturing company. He ran a venture capital
firm….come on people, wake up!-Repub Tea Baggers are just drinking the
purple kool aide. Getting all in a frenzy thinking mitt has sufficiently
lied enough to get the dumb and dumber electorate to vote for him before
he raises their taxes to cut the welathy’s taxes. Bunch of sheep. Thank
goodness real American patriots will save us from this serial liar and
ultra elitist-DESPERATE! I have honestly never seen a campaign implode
with such gusto. Truly stunning and popcorn worthy. no doubt imploding.
Obama took an intentional (albeit risky) dive in debate 1, in order to
lure the SPAC’s money back to mitt and not down-ticket to the senate and
house races. It had been all over the news just before that debate that
the huge lead Obama was maintaining was causing just such an occurrence-
mitt invested in Chinese companies that use unfair trade practice
investing his profits overseas. The facts: while Mitt mitt’s shifting
stances on China show he will say whatever he can to score cheap
political points, President Obama has a proven record of standing up to
China and safeguarding American jobs. Unsurprisingly, that isn’t stopping
mitt from continuing to falsely claim that President Obama has failed to
stand up to China’s unfair trade practices. But mitt’s attacks aren’t
just false; they’re hypocritical. As the Boston Globe revealed, mitt has
actually invested in Chinese manufacturing companies that use the same
unfair trade practices he is falsely accusing President Obama of failing
to combat. Lie #1,000,001 uncovered! mitt also has between $500,000 and
$1 million invested in a Bain Capital fund that has been used to purchase
shares of GOME, a Chinese electronics company, according to the financial
disclosure form mitt filed in June. That company–in which Bain has been
one of the largest outside shareholders–is being sued by Microsoft Corp.
for selling computers with pirated versions of its Windows and Office
software. Nice Guy-As Mitt tries to convince Americans he is a modern day
trade warrior, it’s clear that his hypocrisy knows no bounds. Before Mitt
mitt started claiming he’d stand up to China and its unfair trade
practices, he was profiting off of them. mitt even maintained his
investment in a Chinese manufacturing company that relied on outsourcing
American jobs after seeing its poor work conditions, which he described
as surrounded by barbed wire and packed with 12 women per dormitory room.
When our competitors started a global race to the bottom, rather than
placing a premium on creating American jobs and lifting the middle class,
Mitt dove in head first.” Pathological liar. Flips everyday on his
so-called “beliefs” whatever they are, today it’s no, tomorrow it’s yes
if it “needs” to be yes, next day maybe, depends on who needs to know.
Disgusting! Willard Mutt=America’s Worst Traitor-a pack of his usual
pathological lies and flip flopping opinions). This candidate is an
embarrasment, Koch Bros can’t buy nor pay enough millions or billions to
change that!-“This is why Fox News is trying to gin up outrage over
Libya- Gin up? Are you kidding me? There has been NO coverage of the
possibilities of incompetence purposeful disgraceful behavior by the
white house by the major “news” organizations, I suppose all you Obama
supporters view ANY discussion about the Possibilities of misconduct as a
“gin up-how BIASED and ONE side ABC News has Become. It’s a shame to see
how one sided a once Real News outlet has become. You Guys Brandish SUCH
OUT RIGHT HATRED for Mitt, and does it ever SHOW-“Facebook Censors Navy
SEALS to Protect Obama on Benghazi-Gate” Wonder if ABC News will be
covering this?-A vaaaaaast conspiracy….. the CIA, the Pentagon, ABC news,
Facebook, GM, Chrysler, Chris Christie, the Hawaiian newspaper cartel,
the Bureau of Labor, Hollywood, the citizens of the United States…. all
conspiring to get Obama elected. Maybe Mitt is in on the racket too. Ever
notice how Mitt undermines himself with his own words? Why would a
millionaire Republican destroy his own credibility by contradicting
himself every day? Think about it! It’s perfect. Maybe the GOP, at the
command of the Obama administration, propelled an unelectable liar to the
top of the GOP primary, to secure the Presidency for Obama-“far from
accurate” to all you Fox news challenged LEMMINGS, MEaNS A LIE-Google
Jeep, to see just how big a liar the Washington Post says mitt is-
SeaWorld’s wildlife rescue team often helps marine animals in strange
predicaments because of tidal changes and unusual water surges.  Since
Brigantine, like the rest of the New Jersey coast, was inundated with
saltwater, in theory a shark could survive in such a scenario.  Some
sharks, like bull sharks, can even be found in freshwater, and there have
been reports of bull sharks hundreds of miles upriver from the ocean.”
notorious for swimming upstream in freshwater. It was bull and white
sharks that killed four people on the New Jersey Shore in 1916-If she’s
going to hell for anything, it’s for her completely unfounded anti
vaccine garbage. She caused harm and death to many babies and children
with her lies-As with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Deirdre Imus, McCarthy
bought into the fraudulent science regarding vaccinations and autism. The
number of deaths associated with their spreading and propounding
scientific lies is huge-loon Jenny McCarthy needs to shut her mouth about
vaccines. She influenced thousands of parents ‘not’ to get their kids
vaccinated and now kids are at risk. She should be shamed into silent
obscurity for such irresponsible talk – and she should donate every cent
from her book against vaccines to charity. After doing all that damage,
her kid didn’t even have autism-Poor journalism, this article is a joke
in the worst way possible- “Religion is for SHEEP”- Your comments are for
sheep. Nothing rocks the natural mind like a true and sincere
contemplation of our existence, purpose, and all of creation. You ask who
is more noble, of your examples, neither (even if “nobility” were the
supreme virtue). The faithful person acts righteously as a response to
God’s first love, not to “buy” heaven. And the person who does the right
thing “for the moment” has no consistency and no morality. Think,
atheist. Think-McCarthy is an idiot. I lost all respect for her when she
started preaching about the dangers of vaccines. Why would anyone take
(wrong) medical advice from her then, and why does anyone care about her
(stupid) ideas about religion now? The only thing she’s ever done with
her life is take her clothes off and pose in Playboy – that doesn’t make
her an expert on anything. She should shut up-Astounding how awful people
are to each other on line-agree with Jenny on both counts. She has done
her research on vaccines and autism..she is not just winging it, this is
about her child and all the other children out there suffering from
something that could have been avoided. As far as the Catholic church….I
was in orphanages and schools (Catholic) from the age of 6 on. I was
abused in every way possible then locked in dark closets until adopted
out to a couple that continued the abuse times ten. The Catholic church
is a cult..a business- abc/As Hurricane Sandy leaves its' damaging
effects on the east coast, Republican nominee for President Governor Mitt
mitt collects food and supplies with volunteers at a storm relief event
in Kettering, Ohio bb/bernie underwater but alive, warren reports 8M$
poker champion wins with k v q, kinky birthday, on imus/sandy, 70 dead,
2m without power, juan sez people like jama, rightwingnutz reassure
themselves how well mitt is doing, crowd chanting 4 more years, on