Friday, October 4, 2013

10413/obama Jihad

10413/mention Jihadist or ask for a Jihadist response you come to there defense. Teva Pharma is a Generic Pharm company I seriously doubt you would know you were using there products. Though many of there generic products are used to treat psychosis. An easily verifiable fact. Enjoy the medication-lookingstupid, why are christians so angry? jealous of how stupid they are, bs religion, all the low life's have is yahoo pathetic-ygs/Vilifying Republicans doing their jobs to get federal spending under control. Call them Jihadist, Arsonists, Extortionist, Terrorists, Putting a Gun to Heads etc. What happened to the reasonable discourse that Obama demanded?- It should be noted that the Hate Crime bill does not protect gays. Criminal law already exists for that purpose house will vote on a hate crimes bill championed by gay groups that includes pedophiles under the rubric of sexual orientation. This is the ultimate confession: liberal Democrats think of pedophiles as indistinguishable from homosexuals Limbaugh was right, Liberals trying to legalize pedophilia-if the GOP is NOT fighting to defund OBAMACARE now, why do they still want the GOV'T SHUTDOWN?- get your head out of the azzwhole of MSUSSR channel you would find out that you are being RIPPED OFF by your "president" and senate "leaders clearly and correctly have you pegged as a terminal IDIOT/I don’t believe he’s a Christian. He’s a tyrant, He wants to fundamentally change the country, Roanoke. He is going to try to turn this into a communist country, His motives behind his actions, He supports everything that is against Christianity. all Evangelicals, Colorado Springs, worth noting these were not the words of activists dressed in colonial garb on their way to a Capitol Hill protest. All these participants did was get paid to attend a focus group in or around their home towns-Greenberg put together separate homogenous groups of white Tea Partiers, white evangelicals and white Republican moderates, They share the antipathy Tea Partiers and evangelicals have toward President Barack Obama, Socialist, income redistribution, What is he really thinking? Background, Muslim; birth agenda; Fake; not true, Lack of relationship with the American people. Tea Party, Raleigh, Not a US citizen. Supports Terrorists, Evangelical man, Roanoke-In right wing world firing dozens of rounds at an unarmed woman in a crowded area makes sense to you?-right, anyone who seems to threaten our Black Feurer will be dealt with instantly, USING WHATEVER FORCE WE DEEM NEWSWORTHY! Ein Volk, Ein SCHWARZ, Ein Reich!-Yellowstone Park Ranger Comments on Teabaggers We've got dozens of these Teabag fools sitting in trees frightening all the birds and squirrels...and they say they won't come down until they get rid of ObamaCare-Sounds about right- Teabags for vampires tampons-they just don't get it, Tea baggers are only helping Hillary at this point-yhal/Michelle Malkin shot and Killed being questioned. The muscle in the Republican Party Palin, Bachman and Coulter-Pierre still grieves over the fact that his hero, Adolf, shot and killed, himself-obvious that you got some mommy daddy issues. All you libfawks do. Your parents really screwed you up- formally demand that * cease socking cuck, he won#$%$ just me mimicking his juvenile silliness.) If 800,000 federal employees are deemed "non-essential", why were they hired?-Mt. Vernon reopens for tours after arrogant Feds get shlapped hard-Mt. Vernon is privately owned by a foundation, "legal action to follow, Your thugocracy tried to bully the wrong people, Ram that thumb up yer gerbil tunnel, leftard, Libs furious as "Capitol Shooter" turns out to be unarmed black woman, not a member of NRA, the knock you can't hear, the NSA spying on your e mail and phone calls-If we had a bonobo dollar for every time we've seen that, we could balance the budget, tard MSM comes out with a correction that says "shooter thought to be a member of the T Party was actually a staunch Democrat activist who campaigned for bonobo-we should have known she wasn't white when the headline White Republican (or Tea Party) Woman crashes car into white house-Even coming close to the edge of default is very dangerous, and putting this issue to rest significantly ahead of the default date would allow everyone in the country to breathe a huge sigh of reliefThis could be the beginnings of a significant breakthrough," Schumer-Neocons have picked a fight with the wrong guy, more popular than ever and he will go though repubs like a knife with butter-Boehner signaling that he'll throw the T's & their holy crusade against Obamacare under the bus if it's necessary to avoid a default. Might need a few face saving adjustments in the budget. Might need lots of Dem votes as he did on the Sandy bill & a few others. A glimpse of sanity on the right?-Even Boehner can see there is no end game, the tea party is destroying the country with each passing day. Every day the tea party is in charge, the old Republican party sinks deeper and deeper into the Abyss-We could be witnessing the implosion of the Republican Party, never thought I'd live this-What, did you think that you would die before age 40, Worried about man made global climate change catching up to you, and strangling the life out of you? Life is millennials can handle it..,I hope-Shuttering the World War II Monument, Thank God there was not a government shutdown during Benghazi-WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE-So the 6-year, trillion dollar Iraq War that cost the lives of tens of thousands US soldiers, destroyed the US economy and shattered US political and military prestige for a generation didn't bother you at all, but boy, that Benghazi incident-If the military wasn't all voluntary, you might have a boneless leg to stand on, Let me axe a bone a fide tard a question. When tard women abort a million innocent babies per year, do these babies volunteer for it or are they conscripted from the womb? I'm indifferent about it as long as the logic is consistent, ie murderers should be killed post haste, etc. and they're aborting tard babies, a million less democrats yr to vote for more welfare and all, as long as it's not funded by tax payers, you tards will scissor a baby's neck, what do you care if a soldier dies honorably serving his country? Why do you hate soldiers and Vets?-What makes you think that it didn't bother me? Because I speak poorly of your Dear Leader? Because Borgs such as you from the "collective hive" think that you can pigeon hole everyone and everything like good little Borgs?. Basically, because you are too ignorant to think for yourself and you must follow the collective voice? You're nothing but left wing talking points, and you can't even hit a free throw-What do right-wingers have against National Parks anyway?-Boehner: This Isn't Some Damn Game, Obama: I will not change Obamacare even if I destroy the Democrook Party-50 Dhimmicrites who may lose-Tea Party: "Change Obamacare or we will destroy the Republican Party-yc/freakoutnation republicans losing female voters droves fb/Scott Walker refuses federal order to close state parks-Truth passes through 3 stages. 1st it's ridiculed. 2nd, it's violently opposed. 3rd, it's accepted as self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer tw/Pisgah Inn, a private hotel that holds a concession on the Blue Ridge Parkway, has become a national sensation as it defies “intimidation” and a National Park Service order to close its doors. just reopened his doors for customers, despite the park service telling him he had to shut down. He says he’s essentially private property, on a road that’s still open, and uses no government personnel, so he sees no reason to quit operating. I’m questioning their authority to shut meBruce O’Connell wt-Congress's approval number has sunk to its lowest level since the failure of the "supercommittee" down from 17–75 to 13–81-White House: We’re ‘winning’ and it doesn’t matter how long shutdown lasts marketwatch-all a political game for the White House. Any inconveniences to the people are just a sort of martyrdom for the cause-So he was caught. What do you think the conversations going on with the imbecile Republicans look like-The true imbeciles are the ones suckered into this horribly crafted law. People are waking up to the realization they have been screwed-just Republican bullshit. You have lost it-Being a Jew has little to do with religion these days. You see, unlike your ilk, Jews embrace science and reality. That is why really smart Jews don't vote Republican-iapb/more gop lies laid rest? Cruz lie that Congress has somehow exempted itself from Obamacare is just that, a lie. Congress, along with all federal employees, will be participating fully in Obamacare-a special subsidy and why not it's just one more thing for tax payers to pay for-Just like the 140 million Americans with employer-subsidized insurance-Rafael's career is over even before it began-Texans will reelect him as long as he wants the job-He won't accomplish anything with his own party shunning him-He will have a good shot at the nomination if he wants it. The GOP is nearly leaderless aibafs/hoping to vanquish bad guys, wishes to receive goldern lasso from pal wonderwoman, lack of exit stratagy, why not release some of the hostages, good bocare story, bacmann resigns, wingnut ussc relitagation hope, dos attack turned positive, pbs jon bo can't defend law from teabag kochsuckers, gerrymandering problems, republicans believe lies like hot girls do, fishing for wingnut carp and catfish german tells the woes of gov healthcare, palin barrycades around ww2 memorial-boner mocks bo to confrence-mcconnel wiredup negotiates about not negotating, bohner doners jumping ship cracking won't let the nation default, MS conservative calls republicans lemmings with suicide vests, crazy woman (cia prostitute), fearing being stalked by bo dental hygenist gate rammer commits copicide, conservative enjoys 13k$ with 10k deductable compared to 0$ and 700$ deductable bocare, enjoyed by 10% disapproval for government destroying congress, elders r nc needs her paycheck, on stephanie bitchslap rod troll/coal is the first to navagate northwest passage to greenland, on gnrbb-lobbying for lobbist, 12207 ex congress and support lobbist shirpas for big money, jh-we, a nation ygore-1917 debt ceiling rise inception, 18 reagan, w on tohpv/koo koo klan, duck dynasty, papantonio on ed/
10313/changing its slogan from “Fair and Balanced” to ” We know what you want to hear, fox network provides an essential service to those who believe the world is out to get them, and we plan to make sure they continue believing this. We will not be dismayed by losing those who seek the truth, but rather relieved that we can now increase our volume of myths and rabble rousing to up our viewing base yhal/@ mitchellreports @TheFix @SpeakerBoehner bo has him over the barrel, now to save face, they have to give him everything he wants-Dreamt a cute boy who had a crush on me refused to believe I have a boyfriend in Alabama. Then I built a waterslide out of lasagna-tw/jury right to acquit a Commerce City police officer of aggravated animal cruelty in the videotaped shooting death of a 3-year-old dog that had gotten loose? Total Votes = 342 Yes 75 Votes, or 21.92 % No 267 Votes, or 78.07 %-two new Republicans were sworn in as new state senators, replacing Democrats recalled from office for their support for new gun laws, Winter weather for northern Colorado; rain snow mix-not pictures that plaintiff somehow found on the internet,” the suit alleges daddy whats this? They were pictures of a male and female sales representative Mr. Garibyan recognized these included full-body naked as well as genital focused graphic pictures seeks damages for breach of contract, fraud, deceit and false promise, misrepresentation, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress, Garibyan claims more than $100,000 in damages he has suffered as a result of the incident, including medical expenses and loss of wages, claims his emotional distress, mental anguish and permanent impairment total more than $50,000, At no time did Mr. Garibyan ask for or consent to purchasing a refurbished or pre owned telephone, Georgia in 2012 where a Sprint cell phone purchased at a RadioShack contained adult and child pornographic images, which a girl 13 discovered-136 small-type pages, Colorado this week became the first state in the country to adopt final rules to take the once illegal marijuana market and harness it into what supporters say will be controlled, refined legitimacy. These rules are designed not to make the operation of Retail Marijuana Establishments unreasonably impracticable, but also promote public safety and ensure compliance with constitutional and statutory guidelines version provides crucial certainty for marijuana entrepreneurs, Among the highlights of the rules All marijuana stores, cultivation facilities and marijuana-infused products makers must be licensed and pay fees ranging from $2,750 to $14,000. October 2014, recreational marijuana stores must grow themselves almost all the pot they sell. dp/ During the Shutdown Ryan is Quietly Planning an ‘Economic Catastrophe politicususa/time for another obozo false flag events-Obama Rips Republicans, ‘If you’re being disrespected it’s because of that attitude you got politicususa-China struggles to control spate of hornet attacks as deaths rise nbcnews-Government Shutdown Closes George W. Bush Library, Tens of People Outraged freewoodpost- Republicans. 8 of the 10 states that will be hurt most by the shutdown are red states because they have the most government employees. 10. Arizona 9. North Dakota. 8. Louisiana. 7. West Virginia. 6. Virginia. 5. Oklahoma. 4. Mississippi. 3. New Mexico. 2. Alaska. 1. Wyoming-House Republican Hostage Takers Are Unfit to Govern dailybeast-fb/Abortion is a tard's contraception. Killing a baby does not effect just one life. What's wrong with that being their choice? we all hope you abort all of your tard babies, we just don't want to have to pay for it-billing Obamacare for my counseling services for right-wingers, Bush Deficit Delusion, Inability to distinguish fact from propaganda, Pelosi Obsession Disorder, Victim Mentality, Fear of Democracy, Obama, and belief that Rush Limbaugh is a real person-TEA PARTY=DOMESTIC TERRORISM, radicial ideological views, which include maybe 10% of US population will bring down the US-if you can not accept democracy then go live in the middle east with other radicals-fawkin idiot. The election was stolen by fraud. No voter ID = dead people voting, illegals voting, and individuals voting multiple times, How about ramming Obamacare down the throats of the 49% that didn't vote for the SOB yc/Sandbagging the Veteran's Memorial? #$%$? Is Obama losing it?-Lyingteabagsakk sukker = Board Clown-The O'sheeples are eatingmypoop, Now eatmypoop, Obama has made the USA Insolvent-He has expanded greatly Free Phones, doubled Food Stamp recipients Free Food, now he has expanded medical treatment Free Medicine. Yes he has increased the national debt more than any other President. It.does not take much talent to spend and to go greatly in debt- Us white trash gots yellow bellies, black hearts, green teeth, orange hair, & red neKKKs-We is also gots brown shirts to match the brown stains in our pink underwear provided by Sheriff Joe.-An Al Qaeda Terrorist Demand Is No Different Than Tea Party Terrorist Demand From Congress-Don't you know? The enemy of our enemy is our friend?-Ain't that a hoot? Republicans a'callin' Tea Baggers "lemmings-I thought only libtards called us that-Look at the Tea Bagger POS on this board make fools of themselves!-lot of right wing trolls on Yahoo MB, both general boards and Stock MB. There are a few progressive liberals that try to illuminate the way to a better future for everyone, even for the wealthy who can afford to give back a little more to the common man-republican chickenhawks believe vets were stupid ! A republican would never risk his life or do anything for the country , America is here to be used!-that is their general philosophy at least at the elite levels-Chris Christie said he would lock everyone in a room and not let them out till they came to a deal-Leadership is something Obama doesn't know about-stupid. At the risk of dragging you back to the subject, all available evidence indicates that John Kerry served honorably, placing him well beyond reproach from blowhard service-evading chicken-hawks like you. Your avoidance of siri's observation strongly suggests that the only time you spent in uniform was at Klan rallies and Boy Scout jamborees. ROTFLMAO thank you for your service-Republicans ran a bar fly democrats ran a combat vet, more proof-Political difference highest among younger veterans Frank PRINCETON Newport Military Veterans of All Ages Tend to Be More Republican ranging from a 15 point difference in the percentage Republican between veterans and nonveterans in the 25-29 age group, to a 2 point difference in the 85+ group-military, police , judges, prison guards, CIA etc mostly republicans and all have government jobs. ybac/all so the thieves could keep their stolen loot in Russia and keep the Germans enslaved to their bank-SONE ONE FIRES A SHOT IN WASHINGTON DC: AND OUR HIGH TREASON CRIMINAL RULERS PEE IN THEIR PANTS- Wait till usa 99% angry mobs chase them next in usa-high treason criminals have sold usa 99% like lamb and sheep in banksters slaughter house look at how these media shills dramatize small situation to fool usa 99% in usa-DID THEY KILL BOEHNER ALL I WANT TO KNOW HOPES HE DIE- the REAL Crisis is the outsourcing of jobs by US corporations that has permanently lowered US tax revenues shifting what would have been US consumer income US GDP and tax base revenue to CHINA and INDIA-ygs/Coming Domestic Drone Wars Agreements passed by fast track, the way the president would have Congress pass the "corporate coup against people and the planet" disguised as a trade agreement, or Trans Pacific Partnership, have caused the loss of US jobs, lowered wages and created higher trade deficits. The ongoing integration of drone technology into domestic airspace may prompt a public outcry as ubiquitous drone surveillance by law enforcement agencies and corporations becomes the norm over US skies. The Trans Pacific Partnership: We Won't Be Fooled by Rigged Corporate Trade Agreements Truthout/GOP Tin Foil Hat Caucus Reps Get Paychecks for Putting Millions Out of Work- GOP Takes Its Clothes Off in Public: It's Not a Pretty Sight Hundreds of thousands of Americans are experiencing the helpless stress of sudden joblessness due to a radical contingent of Republican House members. same congressional representatives, continue to receive their paychecks and benefits-Trans Pacific Partnership Is a Corporate Coup in Disguise-BuzzFlash/No Such Thing as the Tea Party; There Is Only a Collection of BillionairesThe Tea Party is a creation of billionaires intent on destroying our government, preventing Americans from getting access to health care, and sabotaging any attempt to regulate Wall Street or the oil industry Hartmann-Conservatives the power to destroy "giddy" Celebrate Shutdown of Government They Hate America's Future This is who they are/politicalcarnival paul mcconnell hotmic gopshutdown strategy/us capitol lockdown shots fired woman copicid with infant in route-Is it any doubt that the Tea publicans are nothing more then economic terrorist doing their biding by a handful of billionaires in the oil and financial industries-iapb/opednews Petition Shut Down congress Paychecks-Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six Presidential Elections. Even with the efforts of Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter (the three stooges) to sway the Americal people to believe that the Dems are all evil, that liberals are anti military, anti God and anti American. It would seem that they're not doing a very good job, there are a few that take the bait, hook, line and sinker and believe anything and everything, thankfully, they are a small minority and their numbers are too small to make a difference-Democrats are giddy about this behind closed doors. They’re very cocky, very confident, Nunes r, said the shutdown is bad for the GOP and has publicly criticized his party for what he calls a “silly” strategy, said the shutdown gives Democrats a political advantage conservativebyte dems want prolong shutdown-they just can’t stand the fact that they’ve got a very smart, intelligent black man that has out thought, out campaigned, beat them twice without any controversy, So here you have these folks who primarily live in these lily white congressional districts for the most part, and then they’re trying to use black vernacular to try to sound like they’re hip and that somehow Obama is just too black to be president of the United States minutemennews liberals fearful gop winning argument-aibafs/wingnutz seething, continuity act, ann coming to the table would hav3e saved the country, valire plane visits blowback, wingnut bill borg no likee cunt, on stephanie/ louisania jails pothead for 20 yrs, on pv/lavoy/

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10213/snake handlers, Bible bangers

10213/Republicans and Tea Party have proven once again they are neffective and slobbering fools-dumb & dumber, GOP & their idiot teabagger brethren- ybac/AL JAZEERA REPORTS QATAR USING SLAVE LABOR-fantastic way for the Arabian republic to profit from putting on the games. Great business sense! NO RESPONSIBILITY TAKEN-TO BUILD WORLD CUP FACILITIES, engineering, construction subcontractors being performed by Indian and Pakistan companies-Cantor is a pig, and he’s a pig with no loyalty to this country, passed his bill to cut the appropriation for food stamps by $40 million For Unemployed, Seeks Hike In Aid To Israel-Netanyahu Reportedly Tries To Scam The Haredi Draft Process Regarded by some as one of Israel’s most disingenuous prime minsters, Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly tries to create a law that would allow haredim to dodge the draft for 7 to 8 more years, at which point, haredim will be able to politically block the law's implementation-ultra-Orthodox Jews protested in Jerusalem on Thursday against plans to enlist men from their community into the military, a proposal supported by the secular majority pushing for a more equal share of the burden on Israeli society. rabbis warn that army service would irreparably harm their way of life-Not only is Benjamin Netanyahu a bad man opposed to peace with the Arabs, he is also, it seems, a criminal. Or at least that is the impression one might get from much of the media coverage on the "corruption" allegations-Israel is "upset and angry because it sees that its blunted sword is being replaced with logic as the governing force in the world, and because the Iranian nation's message of peace is being heard better, Rouhani said Iran would never seek a nuclear weapon and was ready to negotiate with world powers on ending a decade long showdown. Netanyahu told the same UN forum that sanctions hurting Iran's economy must be strengthened as the Tehran regime was hell bent on building a nuclear bomb. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone. Hassan Firouzabadi rejected the Israeli threat of military action as an "act of desperation" by a "warmonger-ygs/wingers far too cowardly to default on government debt, two candidates, one who ran on repealing Obamacare and one who ran on keeping it. The guy who promised not to repeal it won. What exactly do you think is left to negotiate? If they did, on the very next day after the ceiling is reached, Social Security checks would stop, Medicare reimbursements would stop, all government employees, including the military, would see their pay checks stop, all government contracts would stop, not just welfare for black kids, Imagine the scenario, Social Security, Medicare and DoD spending all stopped on a dime. Personally, it wouldn't bother me a bit; I'd make a fortune picking clean the carcass of the global bond market. But imagine that really happening. Now imagine who the constituents would be who would be squawking in desperation. It wouldn't be the "liberals" as you and your thought masters imagine them-at 46 and playing hoops twice a week and keeping a healthy lifestyle negates the need for expensive healthcare. Hope you are enjoying yourself since they shut down the CLWR board, I cashed out with $144k-If you look at your tax bill in Sweden it might dawn on you that your health care is not FREE, assuming you pay income taxes-Obongo will negotiate with Iran, Putin, Syria or anyone else on earth, except Americans who disagree with him. He is more than worthy of scorn-maybe the Congress could hold their breath until they turn blue. Maybe that would somehow delude Obamacare of funding, wingers' plan to stop 0.0000000000001% of government spending is really starting to bring some pressure to bear-yc/THE GOP HAS BEEN DEVASTATED BY THE TEA PARTY CANCER, only have 14 months before Dems turn America into a slave state. Sad-God i hates obama-house of republicans are powerless according to demorats yet shut down the govt now that's some power-They voted for him, I hope they like subsidizing the old folks-They've been doing it since the first hour they worked-They Don't Care!, They Only Know Racist Hate!-HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TAX 2016, if you are in your 20s and perfectly healthy, you will have to pay $695 to Obama if you didn't buy his insurance. Obama's insurance will prly cost you $3800/year,, that was your new car!-It's extorion-fair since the dorks voted for the pos-really? Where did you get that krappola? POTA? Typical dumb as dirt retardlican-Why rePIGphuKKKers were soooo desperate for a govt. shutdown, a fundamental showdown over the role of government in stemming rising inequality and making our country a fairer and more decent place, growing “weak” and has already become the lamest of lame ducks bo has work to do in quelling doubts about his leadership. GOP is clearly divided between those who take governing seriously, those who see in every issue the “final conflict” that Marxists kept predicting. Stopping Obamacare to prevent the country from reaching the end of the road to serfdom, fascinating, and this speaks to the perceived power of the tea party in primaries, is that it has taken only a small minority of House Republicans to push toward Armageddon. roughly 40 conservatives revolted against their leadership, 40 in a 435 House, What’s become of us when less than 10 percent of one chamber of Congress can unleash chaos? What does this say about the House Republican leadership gap?-being squarely blamed for the shutdown, tea party = american taliban cell-Tbillies"...ALL of them smarter, better educated and better people than YOU-yhal/ben stein republican nonsense, We Republicans started out the idea of universal health care, 1973, sent a message to Congress asking for universal health care. a perfectly good idea, allow it to be fully implemented and ultimately ruin the Democratic Party for generations not very smart-Jesus and Moses most likely never existed, and there is no evidence for any God. JINO Lobbyist-netanyahus speech plenty of bubble lipped faggots like you-can you be relavant without being an idiot? a born idiot who can't make a coherent statement without your 'signature' racist BS-maggot, a pig, a piece of shit, and a homosexual all rolled into one disgusting thing-bubble lipped" is racist but "thieving Jews" is not, for a cowardly little retard with shit for brains who's constantly yammering about hypocrisy-republican eyes wide shut nyp-Americans may not like Obamacare the way it is right now, but they want to give it a chance and see how it goes, Republicans are digging themselves a grave right now, but I still had to chuckle about how these Right Wing sources frame the amount polls on the support of Obamacare. They fail to state that 11-15% of the people polled who are against Obamacare, think Obamacare isn't socialistic enough-Hebron, Occupation’s Ugly Face, 80 percent of the total highway system in the West Bank, is prohibited for Palestinian use. Built on private Palestinian land confiscated by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), these highways bisect through villages, dividing families, and boxing Palestinians into enclaves often described as “Bantustans, a large Israeli settlement to the right: it has playgrounds, electricity grids, and an immense water tower. It’s as if a small strip of Southern California suburbia was airlifted into the throbbing heart of Palestine, A litany of armored vehicles is parked in a scanty valley littered with jagged, pale gray rocks. Soldiers sit atop the hills, binoculars in hand, M16s cradled in their laps. Squatting on their haunches, they appear to be focused on something deep in the vast panorama of rolling hillocks, Once we enter the old city of Hebron, the final stop is Shuhada Street, where some 500 Jewish settlers reside amid over 165,000 Palestinians. Nowhere in the West Bank is the suffocating air of the Israeli military so palpable. Of the over 350,000 settlers in the West Bank, those living in Hebron most frequently attack Palestinian civilians, and are quite possibly the most ideologically drunken band of theocrats that the Israeli colonial establishment has to offer, commonplace for the settlers to unleash indiscriminate vigilante force on the local Palestinian population. 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a New York born settler from the neighboring Kiryat Arba, robed in military insignia and entered the Ibrahimi Mosque. The mosque is home to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, an ancient relic holy to both Muslims and Jews. Goldstein opened fire on the worshipers, killing 29 and injuring 125. He fired until he ran out of ammunition, then was beat to death by the surviving worshipers. Since 1994, an estimated 10,000 militant Jews have made “pilgrimages” to his gravesite to celebrate the annual anniversary of the massacre. By no means, however, is the confrontation between two equal sides. Hebron’s settlers, vastly more aggressive and violent than anyone I’ve ever encountered, enjoy the rigorous protection of roughly 3,000 IDF We enter the South Hebron Hills and pass Susiya, a cringing village of tents and caves, where the residents have been displaced by military demolitions five times since 1985 soldiers One at a time, Germany, huh, My people have a lot of history with you. She passes without responding to the soldier’s subtle threat. an elementary school for Palestinian girls is blanketed in graffiti. “Death to Arabs!” one tag reads in crudely sprayed blue paint. “Gas the Arabs JDL,” “Palestine will be free,” another wall reads, “from the Jordan to the sea.” Someone has spray painted an X over “Palestine” and written “Israel” above it. Tagged underneath it is “Zionism is racism.” “Racism” also has a large X spray painted over it, replaced this time by “the answer.” Three checkpoints later, we enter the Ibrahimi Mosque, what the late journalist Christopher Hitchens described as a “supposedly sacred boneyard in a dank local cave.” All traffic in and out of the mosque is contingent upon the Israeli military’s approval. “What religion are you?” a soldier asks me, scanning the pages of my passport. “None,” I answer. “What do you mean?” “I don’t have one.” He looks at me suspiciously. “What religion are your parents?” “None.” “Grandparents?” he says, obviously frustrated “I guess they were Christian. We cross through the final check point and make our way to the market. After the closure of Shuhada Street, a small portion of the vendors were able to relocate one street over. The new market sits behind the settlements, however. After months of having large stones and other objects thrown from the settlements, the vendors constructed a protective net from chain link fencing. It does not protect from smaller stones, and it does not prevent urine or feces from being tossed down on the heads of those in the market, as a friend of mine quickly learned when a cup of urine flew from the window of a settlement and landed squarely on his head counterpunch-More Arabs and Muslims have been killed in 2+ years in Syria, than "palestinians" killed during 4 decades of "occupation". Not that I am complaining. I'm hoping the Arab spring comes to "Palestine" very soon-washingtontimes we must shutdown obamas big lie-Just like Palestinians, the Republicans lost on Obamacare and want a do over. Pathetic-by 5 million votes a bigger percentage of the popular vote, in fact, than President thenation-Max Baucus, suffice: ObamCare's implementation is a "train wreck-Sacrificing Israel on an Iranian Deal Altar, the most anti Semitic US president ever, damage to Israel's deterrence has already been immense, casts a sinister and malevolent glance at the history of the Jewish people israelnationalnews- iapb/staring at this all morning, lot of visitors on the site right now, We’ll send you to the login page as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience! When I need a doctor I can expect more of the same-because doctors are the same as websites-Cliff jumpers are funny, aren't they-Is it more efficient to have more customers and few providers? It's not more efficient when you're waiting for care-demand was overwhelming. Americans need this. The number of people needing care hasn't changed. Just the way people get it, earlier and cheaper-Things changed for me yesterday, called to serve on a couple death panels-remember. The more you "Cry Wolf", the less people will believe you-5 year anniversary of the financial market collapse caused by Bush Jr, and we have certainly come a long way since September 2008- aibafs/Fed. Repo politicians voted to ERASE $40 billion from the FARM BILL that go to FOOD STAMPS but then went on to ensure that they continued to receive their farm subsides that their families receive. Colorado Republican politicians voted AGAINST FEMA funding for hurricane Sandy victims then turned around and asked for funds for the recent CO floods, Apparently those 17 Repo politicians believe that their families deserve farm subsidies more than American citizens deserve to eat. DO YOU SEE A TREND? ZERO ability to EMPATHIZE with other citizens they are ALL FOR THEMSELVES-27th DOOCY Karl Rove said 85 percent of the country has health care and likes it. So why blow up the entire system for 15 percent? One percent of the country now has insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. HASSELBECK: That's it? DOOCY: Yeah, we were told we're helping out 15 percent. But so far, just one-Rightwing Media Compare the Calgary Cruzer to Davy Crockett, James Bowie, and John Wayne-rbn/God isn't pleased, Poor liar gonna burn, O'Reilly's new book says Jesus died to free the Jews from taxation-Republicans are some gullible Mo Fo's! Palin probably has a Jesus book in the works too-GOP has completely lost it. No end game, just political posturing wrapped in stupidity. no clue whatsoever how to govern-Christians beseech God for military takeover, morningstar TV host joyner this week called on God to consider a “military takeover” of President Barack Obama’s government because it could be the only way to save the country from tyranny-Wizard' Behind Koch Brothers' Sean Noble was poised to launch the Center to Protect Patient Rights, an Arizona based advocacy group, invited to one of the secretive conferences for wealthy donors and prominent politicos hosted by multibillionaires Charles and David Koch. Everything the Koch's touch has a stench to it. And they control the money machine of dark and evil characters bent on maipulating feeble minded voter, luckily on the feeble minded fall for it hp-esquire REIGN OF MORONS, snake handlers, Bible bangers, ignorami, bagmen, voters of the United States elected the worst Congress in the history of the Republic. There have been Congresses more dilatory. There have been Congresses more irresponsible, though not many of them. There have been lazier Congresses, more vicious-a nation in jeopardy-America's Superpower Status Ebbs Away tuk-Treasury now taking 'final extraordinary measures SLIP: Biden shows press classified document politico-GOP States Won't Crack Down on Abuses by Insurers-State begins developing 'master identity database timesdispatch-Millions Needlessly Left Uninsured, While Passing Up Free Money from Washington, Putting Hospitals at Risk, Representatives Refuse to Take Constituent Calls-Greatest Disinformation Campaign of the 21st Century dailykos-Clinton: GOP 'Begging For America To Fail-Murderous Cruelty of Conservatives-Unintended Consequences of GOP Shutdown: No KKK Rally! not everyone took the closing of national parks and monuments sitting down. A group of World War II veterans visiting the National Mall on Tuesday stormed the WWII Memorial, now technically closed hp-see how many are just plain unaware of what Obamacare is and how it will affect THEM and how many of them want to shell out THOUSANDS for something that they feel they don't need because they are still at the age where they feel invinceable and would rather spend their $$$ on drugs and booze and video games and sports and bowling and porno. connected with young people through schools and CNA's at nursing homes so I have a bead on it. They'd rather pay the miniscule fine than pay health insurance premiums-rbg/raf, Karma is going to kick your pansy ass to the moon, fuckstick fb/(Wrong is Right, They’ve shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans bo" isn’t telling the whole story when it comes to the government shutdown. The fact is that Washington Democrats have slammed the door on reopening the government by refusing to engage in bipartisan talks. This is part of a larger pattern: the president’s scorched-Earth policy of refusing to negotiate in bipartisan way on his health care law, current government funding, or the debt limit. This is the president's government shutdown, kiddies. Make no mistake about it really bring out the blue heads, don't they?-extremely stance. It's a kooky, fringe (and disingenuous) far right stance. It's interesting as an instance of why people think the tea partiers are so very odd (and why some see them as so very calculating). But I don't know why it was in my Google News news feed. It should not have been there. If this sort of thing is going to be in the news feed, then stuff from fascists, militiamen, nihilists, communists, atheists, radical feminists, conceptual artists and all the other groups the greater American public sees as kooky should also be there on a regular basis-BlueHeads, Schmooheads! I'd like to see people respect a little social media netiquette, get a fucking profile photo, and act like adults g+/BBC Italian Premier Enrico Letta has won a confidence vote after a last minute U turn by former PM Silvio Berlusconi-Exercise can be as good a medicine as pills for people with conditions such as heart disease, a study has found. The work in the British Medical Journal (BMJ/Who's being played here?" Dems lost the austerity battle, and sequestration is here to stay politicalcarnival- Perry warns that implementing #Obamacare is a ‘criminal act wtf-Six Delusional GOP Shutdown Talking Points rightwingwatch-statements that you cannot express your opinion about racism unless you are black-tw/ Another article based on a false premise. Nowhere did the Tweeter express that sentiment- I hv the last word abt my exp-What was Axelrod’s original tweet? Or should I head on over to twitchy? Maybe Malkin will mention you next time she’s on F0cks. And what does the tag President Obama have anything to do with this poutrage post? The purpose of this blog is for you to attack anything and everything, no matter how petty, that emanates from the left. Then when the right’s ideology is confronted, you view it as a “personal attack” (which is pretty much all of the left’s posts, Did you have something on topic to add without the name calling and personal attacks? A hypocrite manifested-If you don’t dare to say it and put your name on it why say it at all?, JOHN LENNON If I let my personal fear of what someone might do if they don’t agree with something I say in public guide my actions then any hope of ever accomplishing anything would be hiding under the bed with me. I don’t hide under beds-must read only the left side of the newspaper-cute little jab, It, and does nothing to further intelligent discourse. But I’m sure that wasn’t your intent, listing racists by political leanings isn’t a “contest”. Racists are everywhere, vocal as well as the “dog whistle” crowd. Even using stereotypes to classify people is racist. There are few who don’t see race and have some preconceived notion, oft erroneous, of that race- trb/Issa: Not Funding the Government Is Part of Funding It tpm/Dishonesty of Voter ID Laws nyt/No Exit Plan for Boehner db/Anti War Movement and the Spirit of Internationalism hp/"Pipeline or Rail, the Oil Will Flow, Industry and Canada's Petro Government Observer/Obama Owes the Tea Party Robert Reich, From 2009 to 2011, according to the Pew Research Center, the average wealth of the richest 8 million households, 7 percent of Americans, rose almost 30 percent to more than $3 million. The average wealth of the other 93 percent dropped 4 percent, from $140,000 to $134,000. At the end of 2011, the top 7 percent of households had 63 percent of the nation's wealth, a 7 percent rise just since 2009. The president's liberal base is restless, angry and dispirited. In this week's Bloomberg News poll, Obama's job approval among Democrats fell to 78 percent from 86 percent in June. But as long as Obama is president, the risk of Republican compromise seems exceedingly low, and the likelihood of continuing all out attacks, witness the blind lunges at Obamacare, exceedingly high. The left hates this economy and the rising income polarization it produces. But the right hates Obama more. Until that changes, Obama and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill probably won't have to reckon with the left's slow burning rage-If President Obama can make a deal with the most intransigent mullahs in the world but not with House Republicans, maybe he is not the problem ds/ kamikazi gop shutdown, aca ny 2M hits, on stephanie/bowling blocks facts on tw, fl ga waterwar, bradblog, on pv/willing to negotiate. First, they wanted to defund Obamacare. Second, they asked for a one year postponement. (Remember, the President has already delayed some provisions by one year.) Third, they want Congress to have to be on Obamacare. There have been multiple offers. And Obama has said no to each one. Bostonherald/ day_2_in_obama holding federal government sthash./ congressing buzzwordies /wondering how much is saved, not paying congress per day?/gawd told bill to write his stupid killing jesus book, virtego cured by not looking at your fucking iphone every 5 min kimble, bob visits concern about what the world thinks and politician shallow talent pool, new format ftn cbs most watched, on imus/merk cuts 1500 jobs wkok/ wonders how much the country can save not paying congress per day?/nervous netty ab suit gilerman sez izzy is not gun happy, talk is cheap, /huck a new sunset clause ditch, barney evaserates republicans, on geraldo
10113/One Meteorologist Refuses To Fly Again, After breaking down in tears over the new climate report, Eric Holthaus live-tweeted his final flight. salon/Gravity” is the closest most of us will ever come to going into space, and that may be for the best. Unfortunately, with all this verisimilitude, there is a hole in the plot: a gaping orbital impossibility big enough to drive the Starship Enterprise through nyt/Top MIT scientist: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed-must have a low IQ and wants to turn the US into some kind theocracy, or something-not just your run of the mill Margaret Atwood christian theocracy, but a real hardcore one run by about 35 white supremacists from a village in North Dakota-other stuff he's been wrong about, the link between smoking and lung cancer is "weak, Satellite measurements showing no warming, Decrease in water vapor would allow carbon dioxide to escape from the atmosphere and calls it an "old view, Solar and volcanic forcings were severely downplayed to fudge data-skepticalscience takes on Richard Lindzen-journalist close to the Saudi monarchy yesterday criticized the warming of relations between Washington and Tehran inews-With its illusions of diplomatic grandeur, Obama's speech, cited Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's "fatwa,", or religious edict, in defense of Iranian intentions, is an elaborate grand deception-8 to 1 favoring the US bombing Israel and making nice to Iran-tea party are the new jews in this version of progressivism. Progressives put Jews in concentration camps or gulags, want to do the same with the GOP base-So now there are old Jews and new Jews that they hate?-You can stand with those mindless dudes who make Jew jokes, and believe it is OK because they heard them in church, while they also think that Jews are doomed to an eternity in hell, OK for the average Christian to think that way, but these guys want to run the country-Netanyahu to UN Iran’s nuclear warheads could hit NY in 3 to 4 years-your fearless leader from the promised land is more fearful than fearless. Fear is in the natural genetic makeup of a mouse, insane, afraid, and paranoid (it's in their genes- iapb/With uncharacteristic firmness, the RNC stated flatly that it would not allow either network to air televised debates among potential GOP candidates for president for 2016 if the films continued. With uncharacteristic alacrity, the two related networks have now abandoned ship wt-aibafs/ bama Slams GOP for Shutting Down Gov't With 'Ideological Crusade, Kicks Off With Website Error Message, Glitches- D.C. Crisis Unfolding, Obama Sets Record-O'Reilly Fires Back After Critics Mock His Inspiration for 'Killing Jesus-Netanyahu to UN: Iran's New President Is 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing-Palin to GOP: 'You'll Get Blamed for Shutdown, So Deal With It' 

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10113/FBI Informant Fishing

10113/and in-spite of all odds from a few traitors and hacks in the Congress he has done a remarkable job. BAC which you are trading and many others would have been extinct by now and so, possibly would be the stock market which has hovered back from oblivion since he took office. This country and the middle class could have been so much further ahead with some cooperation Clinton was able to negotiate with a Republican congress. Things are worse now with a Democrat Senate and Republican House at odds but a president has to bring both sides together to reach a compromise. We have a clear dereliction of duty by Obama-you should be impeached for your notorious propaganda-wait till your "GOD" Obamn is out of office and see what happens-Who sad that he was my God...and for the record he has 3 more years. What you knuckleheads have refused to acknowledge is that he was duly elected president of the USA twice-Bank of America fined $32 million for 'robocalls-WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT THE USA TOLERATING AN ERIC CANTOR?-RESPECTING THE FLAG OF THE USA AND BEING LOYAL IS SIMPLY NOT ANTI SEMITIC-ALL I KNOW IS WE GOING DOWN. NO REASON TO CELEBRATE THE SHUT DOWN-UGLY FACT IS MANY OF THE WEALTY ELITES ARE LOYAL TO AN FOREIGN ENTITY-ERIC CANTOR IS NOT AN AMERICAN FIRSTER-THE REAL ERIC CANTOR, no problems of cutting aids and funding to US and Virginia tax payers, and he sees no problem cutting funding and aids to US and Virginia schools and universities, even to American Veterans, and see no problem cutting aids to the poor and the unemployed Americans, he does not see a problem denying help for the millions who lost their homes and the millions more waiting their turn. He and his Republican Party do not see a problem with spending billions down the drain on wasteful wars they started, but he does see the urgent need to continue funding Israel, its military and its armed thugs and squatters to the tunes of tens of billions of US tax dollars. He even went further by proposing to include funding for Israel as part of the national defense budget, part of the Pentagon budget as if Israel is already part of the Defense Department and in a way, it is ygs/ I like to pretend I'm Canadian when obviously I'm a real dumb American welfare queen who has always been your basic parasite. Oopsie ! A moment of truth!-ObamaCare website in my state is getting many people to sign up, promising-Dumb and Dumber resort to comedy to soothe their failures. How predictable, pathetic-IRS can't file criminal case against you if you don't buy insurance or pay the fine-BRILLIANT STRATEGY BY THE HOUSE TEA PARTY MEMBERS TO FLUSH OUT THE RHINOS BEFORE 2014-ObamaCare website in my state is getting many people to sign up....They're already promising-Obozo is offering groids a coupon for a free six-pack of 40's-Guess what State has the worst un employment rate N. Dakota is best with 3% and a Republican Gov. and Senator and Rep-What is ND percentage of groids?--Nevada's largest employers are the Casinos which are 100% republican owned-pointing out what Failures the republicans of Nevada-Protecting us from Marxist Democrats, this country is to be FREE from an overbearing government, PIGS like you want, tragically. "IGNORE-God Bless the Teabagger Republicans Ensuring a Democrat in the WH from 2008 until 2024...AT LEAST!-Goofy wing of the GOP is helping Hillary to ge elected in 2016-How old is she? She looks ancient-looks like the markets don't care-No free money for the markets today,no wonder were up!-The Tea Party which is Owned and Controlled by right wing big business funding is responsible for the shut down. Big business right wingers know that a government shut down has historically shown an Increase in Equity prices-punks on this board think they will never get old-You drama queen.. You can do better than that.. cant ya?-and the republicans won more seats in the following election....too bad librats-Goofy wing of the GOP is helping Hillary to ge elected in 2016-Excellent.....You drooling racist hicks will have black guy for 8 years, followed by a lesbian for another 8, and there's NOTHING you dopes can do about it-ObamaCare is all the A.HOLE can call his own-WHEN was the LAST TIME Reps did ANYTHING GOOD for America? Just Curious-It was the Democrats who started the housing mortgage woes by making banks give loans to those who were not qualified and hence starting the wild west in creative mortgage lending, sits squarely with them and the idiots who believed the lenders when they were told they could afford that 450K home on a janitor salary. The Republicans are being idiots today with the shutdown no doubt, but lets spread the fault to all those who are to blame, including the American people for not having the common sense to get a loan they could not afford and the shady mortgage lenders who hunted the weak minded-GOP? Is the GOP the ones that give the TAKERS of this Country FREE rent, FREE food, FREE medical, Give Illegals FREE EVERYTHING? Just an Honest Question without any nasty intentions ! I get up at 4 am 6 days a week to provide for my family and I hope you do the same ! Not the GOP my friend !!! Look at the other parties policies! Respectfully just sayin-yhal/ Federal Reserve has admitted the stunning defeat, truly freedom of press in US, revised down the projected real GDP growth, after massive run up in equity market and housing market is simply pathetic. If people at the Federal Reserve FOMC are truly smart ones, then they should have realized that their PONZI game will collapse someday when the deflationary pressure roars back-i run a diabetes clinic in illinois..i own M.D.....we pay all our insurance bills..i have 3 children in college 2 are private one grad school..and am expecting my 2nd grandchild,,,we all have insurance and pay our bills..we like the german system where people all have insurance in a successful economy, i have 5 children...17 to 33 years old. The 23 year old girl is beautiful and in great shape.She has had juvenile diabetes since 8..Prior to Obamacare she faced a life with possibly no health insurance, due to her pre-existing condition..Thanks to Obama, she can buy insurance and they can't refuse her due to to her condition, try and create an america where my kid can be refused health insurance cause of her diabetes and you'll have a fight on your hands-pre-reverse split prices, CitiHYPE on the news that Wachovia Bank was granted permission to be acquired by Wells Fargo (Wachovia did NOT want to be acquired by the LOSER, CitiHYPE). When all the news was digested AND the financial crisis worsening, CitiHYPE began to PLUNGE even further. It has NEVER recovered 5 years later, This company today is still a disaster, a LOSER and any past and current bagholders-Leftist media tried to scare you to death-Wanted you to think the world would end at midnight. Truth is, most working Americans wouldn't even know there is a government shutdown if they didn't hear about it in the news. Of course, if you're Democrite parasite, you're in a panic-We Need A Drug Test For Every Member Of Congress these idiots are on something, If they pass the test, we know they are terrorists for sure and should be treated as terrorists-Also a psychological test, many of our reps are not normal-How about an IQ test? That alone would eliminate 90% of the Black Caucus-How would YOU fare on a drug test, smoke? Not so well, judging from what you spew here, why are you on the Finance board? If you do, you're a greedy capitalist pig, by your own nonsensical definition-That would explain why you're such a gubnent dependent tard. don't get us wrong, we applaud your family members working, even as janitors at the NYSE. You might get off your axe and grab a mop too-on a path to destroy everything President Obama has done or what he wants to do for this country. Republicans relive their loss to President Obama every day, they will destroy this country just to make people feel they made a mistake electing Pres. Obama. Obama and the Fed along have helped give us this record high market, If Congress voted for an Infrastructure spending or Farm bill, millions more Americans would have good paying jobs, Since Jan 1 This year, Republicans have destroyed over 750,000 American jobs, they will continue to destroy any gains President Obama makes-they refuse to kill the medical device tax that even they don't like. All to protect and save face for King Obapuko-the people who were going to guide the low information voters through the maze aren't even trained yet and have no idea what the 2,700 pages of the bill say, much less the 16,000 pages of regulations. most of the applicants are ILLITERATE? All the ingredients of a gigantic FUSTERCLUCK-FN Obamacare went into effect, the entire medical field began collapsing. Some hospitals imploded into vast piles of rubble, while those few remaining were stormed by Obamacare stormtroopers, who drove innocent right wing patients out into the snow. Doctors rounded up wholesale and placed into concentration camps, wile desperate right wingers huddling in underground bunkers unleashing furious barrages on internet message boards. heroic wingers in Congress unleashed their brilliant and powerful counterattack by shutting down the National Park system. Already, liberals, desperate to reopen the National Parks, are begging Obama to do anything, anything at all, including defunding Obamcare, At press time, there were no plans by the heroic Congressmen to shut down the 88% of the government that provides subsidies to their constituents, i.e. Social Security, Medicare and the Defense Department-Unfortunately, you catch more catfish and carp with the doughball of Socialism on your hook than you do with the Rapala of Capitalism, but then, Capitalists don't fish for bottom feeders-yc/Iraq gunmen storm police station violence kills nearly 900 in September r- In move to transparency, Vatican bank issues first report-South Korea shows off new missiles designed to hit North yn/They are killing Arabs who work with Israel and throwing people from roofs. They also use fellow Arabs as human shields. Hamas is the real enemy of the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank.-Their enemies are the Jews who covet the land and conspire to expel its people-Your buddies turned Jews into the enemies. It didn't have to be that way. Now your people are just the biggest babies on the planet, even the GOP is trying to catch up-iapb/just like they did when it came to the sequester. You don't have to be a genius to see that in the future. Bachmann is "very excited" over the prospect of a government shutdown. It's exactly what we wanted, she isn't alone-Negotiate what, how far down his ankles he should grab for the thugs? The right is not negotiating anything until it is a crisis. In any negotiation both sides have to work with the aspects of the other. No just stomp in like they own the place. 40+ votes against the ACA, NOTHING else done and Obama should expect them to negotiate? Their spokes people are the likes of Koch, Ailes, Rush and Obama should expect them to negotiate? That's a hoot-fb/full blown revolution, on ed/ass backward justice htpv/alabama and other wingnutz gone wild, nome helps with dos attack, norquist regular bs, on geraldo/bo asks if adults can compromise/ the house fails 44th time, america experiences black america, on stephanie/
93013/Web giants demand more transparency on government spy inquiries-2022 host is clearest admission about serious problems it has in its handling of 1.2 million migrant labourers, at least 4,000 workers could die before a ball is kicked at the World Cup. Qatar promises crackdown over deaths of World Cup construction workers, at least $100bn spent on up to nine football stadiums, a new airport complete with a separate terminal for the Emir, a highway to Bahrain, a railway and metro network, and 29 new hotels-What about the "deaths" and destruction deliberately CAUSED by Qatar by providing arms, money and mercenaries (for Jihad) to places OUTSIDE of Qatar?-The world is watching to see if these are just empty words ukg/War of Northern Aggression just a little bit will see that it wasn’t about slavery but about States’ Rights vs Federal control. Guess where we are today with the out of control federal government-Today The Foundation Of Our Great Mansion Is Under Attack By Termites Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory began a line in the famous hymn Amazing Grace:”I once was lost, but now I’m found, calling out critics of his ideology, the public are quick to label members of the GOP CAN O’ WHOOP ASS, two days ago said Republicans must act with a sense of URGENCY-aibafs/Obama and Netanyahu have had strained relations in the past, they appeared relatively comfortable with one another in their latest Oval Office encounter. Each followed the other's words carefully as they spoke in turn and they occasionally exchanged smiles, from Twitter. I stopped watching Fox and their anti science anti atheist nonsense years ago- Did everyone think Obama would take a smile from Iran and turn into a quivering idiot? No-NBC NSA reviewed intelligence of a “credible” threat. warned kenya mall attack, arrested nine suspects tied to the attack. Al Shabaab, a Somali terror group tied to al Qaeda, had claimed credit for the attack-torontosun woman killed, man loses leg having sex on train tracks-Senate rejects Republican House’s conditions for spending bill, government shutdown near certain-At some point I predict the word “affordable” will also be removed from the “Affordable Care Act,” which then become the “‘Ok So It’s Expensive and You Can’t Keep Your Old Plan or Doctor But Shut Up Because We Know What’s Best’ Care Act-republicans- wobbly on shutdown nj-good cure for the wobblies is to throw a few teabaggers out of 12 or 13 story buildings-Your ignorance is duly noted, My ignorance to use as most Jews do, means that I agree with my country and not some two bit naysayer like you. You're not here but if you were you'd fit right in with the conservative red neck states-The real enemy in America is its new acceptance of totalitarian thinking. You are a perfect example-problem with God, What’s the biggest problem for an atheist?-No talk during orgasm!† If the equipment still works, he can always proclaim: «Barak, Barak. oy vey‼-Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) sharply criticized his fellow House Republicans it's "moronic" for them to let the government shut down over their opposition to Obamacare, calling them "lemmings with suicide vests, Because jumping to your death is not enough-iapb/smithsonianmag a former trainer reveals, the U.S. government deployed nonhuman operatives, ravens, pigeons, even cats, to spy on cold war adversaries.digg/all debt to any corporation is null and void, any contract to a specific person valid/David beat Goliath. $60 million libel lawsuit Democratic group spread a false accusation that he had condoned prostitution in his casinos in Macau presidential candidate Mitt Romney and other Republicans from accepting Adelson's allegedly "dirty" and "tainted" money Judge J. Paul Oetken in Manhattan constituted protected speech and was not libelous, Steven Jacobs, a fired Las Vegas Sands executive. The allegedly libelous material hyperlink ap Adelson, 80, is worth $28.5 billion and the 11th-richest American, Forbes, donated tens of millions of dollars to Republican candidates and organizations in the 2012 election cycle, claimed that the NJDC article was intended to advance the group's political interests by "assassinating" his character-Stanley said he was pleased with the decision. "You just can't bully people with your money, and Adelson was trying to bully us with a lawsuit to suppress our speech during the election yn/Government by autoerotic asphyxiation Republicans get a rush from pushing us to brink of collapse bmfb-Survivor or Big Brother and seen the people standing around in a prayer circle praying to beat each other, by lying and backstabbing to winning the "grand prize". Sounds like the GOP to me fb/Goverment workers? RICH, poor, Or MIDDLE CLASS that Repubs are hurting?-Dear American Express, Yes, a line. We are drawing it at the October statement of charges. Do not expect my payment I Have Reached My Personal Debt Ceiling, it is true that I used my credit card to buy dinner at the Sushi Buffet All Day in Marysville. And, yes, we did take our annual Goplin family trip to Old Testament Town. But that’s not the point! If we pay this month’s American Express bill, what will happen next month? Next year? What will happen to future generations of Goplins with American Express cards?-You Think That The Underemployed, Unemployed & Destitute Will Remain That Way-Millions of Tea Party loyalists fled the United States today, searching for what one of them called "the American dream of liberty from healthcare-Bill Clinton p(*nis really has nothing to do with you. Never has-beaten gop goes back to giving rim jobs at the bathouse-pleasing their own constituents-, I just love it when dipchit Puke wingers cut their own throats!-reminds me, I never got my boot back. I assume you managed to get it out, or your proctologist yhal/Stewart exposes Ted Cruz's real reason, So repeal, defund, information blackout, misinform, appeal to fear of anal puppet finger banging. What if none of these constructive solutions to improve Obamacare work? js-SANJAY GUPTA threatening to shut down the government unless strip out funding for Obamacare-Threatening? Threatening to shut down the government? To Republicans, that's not a threat, that's the goal! Wasn't that one of the themes at last year's Republican Convention? Yeah, that's right! I remember that night. How....? (audience laughter) Filthy. How do you....? I'll let you read it at your own pace. How do you justify a government shutdown?-CRUZ, I believe nothing is hurting the American people more, nothing is hurting the economy more, nothing is damaging jobs more, than Obamacare-js Nothing makes food taste worse! Nothing makes it harder to get an erection! Nothing spoils Breaking Bad! Nothing sews you into a human centipede like Obamacare!! Obamacare will murder your hope! Still, if Ted Cruz's problem with Obamacare is that it's hurting jobs, I'm curious, what would a government shutdown do? forced to get around on Air Force 3. The Washington Monument's fluffer will be furloughed. (audience laughter) Why is that... we couldn't have pointed that in the other direction? (more audience laughter)-Oh, and Colbert won a couple more Emmys. Funny and informative. Why aren't there any funny republicans?? I mean really. They're just all sour pusses all the time-bipartisan means constitutional someone give him a dictionary-Won't do a bit of good. They make up definitions to words to fit the occasion-scarecare 2 percent of income, in 2015, or 2.5 percent of income, in 2016, with future hikes tied to cost of living-NY Post?? That hack Murdoch rag? stay in your wingnut bubble, everyone outside the bubble is blaming the idiotic intransigent republicans and their record breaking filibuster use and total lack of legislating skill to do the work of the nation. They're a laughable joke. GOP has no clue how to govern, only whine. hostage taking will be what 2014 is all about and the 4 year old healthcare law will be 5 years old, gullible halfwits stuck inside your misinformation bubble, many Americans view the GOP as acting like "spoiled children, shirking their sworn duty by threatening to both shut down the government and default on its bills, People With Disabilities Storm House Building, Demand Boehner Leave Obamacare Alone-Medicare for ALL is single payer. We can only hope that ALL US citizens will some day be able to tell their middleman big insurance dope to step aside and take their profit motive with them. We don't need no stinkin' middlemen insurance standing between us and our doctor-rbg/The Scandal of Medical Waste Incineration When large studies have shown that waste incinerators are serious public health hazards, linked with higher rates of adult and childhood cancers and birth defects among people who live nearby, why does the US continue to incinerate particularly toxic medical waste?-The Only Way to Get to Full Employment? While the impending government shutdown has sparked fears that the US dollar will lose it status as the world’s reserve currency, it might actually be good news for Americans, as the lower value might increase employment-The Immigrant War, offers valuable insights into the global phenomenon of immigration and describes how migrants around the world are organizing and fighting for their rights Implacable War Against Migrants-Truthout: Vittorio Longhi's new book, Truthout-Sparks of Rebellion As the country continues to suffer from the greed and abuse of the ruling class, the impending revolution will be determined not by the urban poor, but the sinking middle class robbed of a chance to pull itself up as the generation before it, TruthDig/ Republicans Would Rather Kill US Economy Than Lose Opportunity to Raise Funds-Cruz Hears Voices Like the Son of Sam Serial Killer Did- The GOP is trying to inflict financial suicide on the American people. Why? Because being against a
healthy country is good for fundraising-Five Ways Capitalism Is Ripping Off the American People BuzzFlash-Justice Department to Sue North Carolina Over Voting Law wp-No Fly List: Where the FBI Goes Fishing for Informants ACLU- Kerry Says Deal on Iran's Nuclear Program Could Happen Quickly-Sen. Angus King: Conservatives Who Urge People to Avoid Obamacare Are "Guilty of Murder tpm/Lawsuit to Block NC Voter ID Disenfranchisement Law, Republicans' answer to the shutdown is simply a continuation of their earlier demands; Wall Street gamblers want to get their hands on our pensions, With the diplomatic approach taken in Syria and the recent call made to the Iranian president, it is possible that President Obama might be resisting the call for war from the fanatical right and finally bringing the US toward a peaceful future Hartmann/A World in Which No One Is Listening to the Planet's Sole Superpower: increasingly apparent that Washington's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with several lesser campaigns in the Global War on Terror, were doomed. [And while] Obama swore that the United States was now 'ready to lead the world,' it was a prediction that would be proven disastrously wrong in the Greater Middle East. TomDispatch/ 

Monday, September 30, 2013

93013/evidence, if you have any evidence?

93013/The person who deserves the most blame for the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that kick in March 1 and will slow GDP growth by 0.5 percent, is not President Obama or John Boehner, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. That's not just because the Virginia Republican wanted to delay a big deficit bill until after the election, when he thought he'd be working with President-elect Mitt Romney, but because Cantor can't decide whether the best course for his own career is to side with Boehner and more moderate Republicans or with the Tea Party radicals. The careening of his thinking on the question is the backbeat of one fiscal crisis after another, Cantor comes across as very ambitious in Lizza's profile, his staff even say he could be president someday. But Cantor doesn't seem to know how to achieve his career goals. He can't decide whether to help Boehner negotiate with the White House to pass actual legislation or to undercut Boehner to get conservatives' support. In the summer of 2011, Boehner had been negotiating with Obama on a grand bargain to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit. Cantor helped kill it TheNewYorker-He is a liar. On 60 minutes once he said obamacare is the law of the land. And then he sold his soul to the insurances co.s-he is just a delivery boy now, can't control his crowd, imo, senate will give in on the 'tax on medical devices, but not on delaying obamacare, back to Boehner and company, Maybe they'll claim a partial victory, And stop getting phone calls from constituents (or block them altogether) about vanishing 401K's and economic damage-RED ALERT:"Well, the endgame is a total collapse, but from a higher diving board. The Fed will continue to print and if the stock market goes down 10%, they will print even more. And they don't know anything else to do. And quite frankly, they have boxed themselves into a corner where they are now kind of desperate. USA 99%V GROW BALLS AND PREPARE TO FIGHT NEXT HOME GROWN FINANCIAL AL QAEDA TERRORISTS AND HIGH TREASON CRIMINAL RULERS IN USA-the end of the world is here.enjoy!-With your evidence, if you have any evidence-ygs/ nothing compared to what will happen in nov. if the tea party gets it's way. The GOP is trying to destroy America-If you are a lib, then you are a bigger part of the problem than the Tea Party people. Rooting for lower taxes and a return to following the Constitution is much better than spending our future generations into an unsustainable oblivion, but apparently you only care about yourself and right now, no surprise from a #$%$ Both parties are to blame, and people like you are the reason this country is a sinking ship, not a minority group. Maybe you should watch more than MSNBC for you media coverage, you might actually learn reality-BAC board infested with selfish Libtards who can't get enough handouts of other people's money-Even if they have to borrow it-Think government welfare works?-Dont forget your AK47 and bullet proof vest-Garbage company. DIE PIG-If the Government is shut down, it is TOTALLY on Obama, Obama and Reid are playing blame game politics!-worthless board is infested with teaparty wing nuts rooting for America to fail!-Goona be soo funny watching inbred democrip left wingnuts-New monthly lows being hit. Notice the trend?-Shutdown is a bunch of noise-ANOTHER DELAY of ObamaCare just announced-Europe asia, crashing wallStreet? holding??? ybac/ONLY ONE QUESTION JUST HOW LONG CAN THE ISRAEL DOMINATION LAST?-We may get lucky the many dissenters in israel will do the job-GAZA STRIP HOME OF THE BRAVE AND SOON TO BE FREE-MORE THAN 50% OF OUR TAX MONREY GOES TO ISRAEL FOR EXPANDING THEIR REAL STATE BUSINESS-what a joke we all know your an angry low life welfare goy, son of dim witted dog feces-I smell goy stench here pu- ygs/With the White House cautiously optimistic meeting between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama could be tense. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for this one. ap Mortified that the world may be warming up to Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Don't be fooled by Tehran's new leadership. Iran is using conciliatory gestures as a smoke screen to conceal an unabated march toward a nuclear bomb, fresh intelligence, to maintain tough economic sanctions-What nukes did Israel use?-by its use of a nuke(s) on Syria. Its objective in using a nuke(s) on Syria was likely a warning to Iran, but in the end it demonstrated the Middle ygs/Near Eastern loose nuclear cannon is Israel itself. Israel's pleas will now fall on deaf ears-Did Scotty just beam you down from the Enterprise?-see nothing wrong with the murders that occurred in Kenya? Have they mistaken good for evil and evil for good?, in a vacuum?-Says the angelic ethnic cleanser, How many Jews did you "settle" today, padre? Can you feel it now? Is it just like the good ole days when Yahweh's favorite people slew all the Canaanites?-Why aren't you helping now? The "land" is Palestine, not in Texas-uçk you in the åss-He's not a Catholic-You're a Jew but that won't stop you from your faggot ways-If there are no answers on Kenya and Israeli fuckups-Nobody was as big a faggot as Jesus was. Hence that priest altar boy relationship thing-Tweak him and his fake religious views but lets not insult all Christians, please-Egypt & Syria for instance, they get massacred. In Israel, they live as free men and women-he exonerates his Muslim brothers and blames the terrorist attack on Israelis-Feds blame the right wing, Christians, and former military.wt, Christians in America are more of a threat than Muslims? laughable, shows is the complete ineptitude of this administration and our current CJS.-iapb/CNN Films canceled a planned documentary about Hillary Clinton project’s director abruptly dropped out of the project and said the Clinton camp had pressured people not to talk to him, published he decided to scrap the documentary because potential interview subjects refused to be interviewed, imagine that? An open an honest person like Hillary? Who woulda thunk it?-Teabaggers have discovered ANOTHER "scandal." How many is that now? better that the Twitter "140 character" scandal, against the film?-SAME batch of Cons were complaining about CNN was going to do a Clinton biography, Now they're complaining, Frickin' hilarious-Monica Lewinsky "scandal" rehashed all over again. Or do you think we don't know enough about that already?-a few reasons would be first her fake concussion also her fake blood clot 6 days before she had to testify-I thrash you around like a little rag doll on this message board- With a pair of velvet lined tweezers and a powerful magnifying lens you thrash something else around all day Cletus-you have a 171 IQ and an Ivy League graduate, lower level school (Rafael's words, not mine), and are sending your son to public schools? Can't afford a private school to keep him away from the dregs of society?- aibafs/nice beaver! thanks i just had it stuffed, half past fuckurself depending on the traffic, lying sack of crap, boner giddy kick the can bill, good old fashion politics, rwhappy endings seminar, cruz should sequester himself, california success story nyt, 20 conviction for shooting warning shot overturned, on stephanie/weiner slapped eric complains about disenfranchised planning happy hour parties claiming tony is condesending while eating crow, content to cover zion gifts to rebels or amman, conspiracies abound, not meaning to sound partisan happy with polital climate to make profits larry trading vortex regan management skills in the actors guild hands on (couch) reliving got shutdown in 2011, bocare signup enchouraging lying on application a healthcare .gov also social security number, nome waits 45 sec to ask what would the rate be at 250k per yr income, report of 9k$ at 55k, on geraldo suspicious of neti living in a jewish world and faux snooze refusing to believe bo racism/ parady sleep is the enemy, pension, money cult worshipping, cruz could've read the whole billathone 100:1 colsure, bradblog, delushional wingnut lee, pv
92913/Israeli man bitten by shark off Ashdod coast, Attack took place on a fish farm ten kilometers from shore; man suffered moderate wound Haaretz/wonders if atheists can come up with language as comforting as spiritual platitudes: “I’m sorry for your loss” felt too impersonal. That’s what you say to acquaintances, not best friends. “I’m here for you dishand/Israeli security officials arrested a Belgian businessman of Iranian descent for spying on Israel and gathering intelligence on possible terror targets wp-spy allegedly sent to Israel by Revolutionary Guard JerusalemPost-Louisiana pastor shot and killed while preaching, Bond is set at $1 million for a Louisiana man accused CNN-New Mexico city that's played home to "Breaking Bad" is preparing for the end, with the Emmy-award winning series sfc-Saturday Night Live links Obama, 'Breaking Bad' USATODAY-children who witnessed Newtown shooting, fear and nightmares wp/Shutdown is Wired to Happen. No Stopping it now. Boehner Certified-SMILE America, BAC and GOP are fhockin you in the acss-next week will be the best for banks-NOBAMACARE, Iran issue, DEBT, Foodstamps, etc. REPEAL EVERYTHING that NOBAMA has already done to the country! RIDICULOUS-Did the Tea Party Destroy Detroit?? How about Illinois or California?-GOP is DOA. The drooling far right brain-deads on this board are a joke-Please abolish the "Debt Ceiling-dumb & dumber GOP & their idiot teabagger brethren-If the Government is shut down, it is TOTALLY on Obama-We really dint like it when Obamie got us out of Irag after W got us in Iraq, I liked Obamacare when Romney did it Massachesetts. But us Tea Baggers hate it when Obama gets credit for doing the same thing on a national level-Republican's are lying hypocrites courting a minority of bigots and elitist wannabes-hypocrites liked Romneycare, but they hate Obamacare. No explanation needed-That was the model. No one but a liar can deny-lib,..."large majority" alright. Of DEAD and MISSING voters in 3 key states. OHIO One election "judge" LOL. from Ohio, a black person, is now serving 5 years in prison for voter fraud. Only a real "simp" ,or lib in denial would not acknowledge knowing this. She voted for 6 of her DEAD relatives, and 6 times each. Another black POS named F.Johnson admitted to a court he voted 73 times,..again in Ohio. ALL these votes were in black precincts. DOubt this, or are you ignorant. Due some DD at Ohio Election Committee. facts are available- This entire problem of the national debt is caused by current conservatives refusing to be socially responsible-every house hold in the US owes $147,000 toward the National Debt?-brain deads submit GOP knows who rules. They WILL submit. Watch, learn-ybac/Kenya was warned by Israel that Israeli owned businesses were at risk of being terrorized timesofisrael-Israeli ownership is more than enough reason for Islamic terrorists to attack, they have a particular hate on for all things Israeli, thus where better to carry out their murderous acts? In a country plagued with Muslim terrorism-BROKEN HOMES, BROKEN LIVES, white woman from the West who decides to become a radical Islamic jihadist Laithwaite, 29, has been known to law enforcement since July 7, 2005, when her then husband detonated a bomb in London’s subway system, killing himself and 26 civilians; back then, she was the weeping, 8-months-pregnant widow who became the subject of national sympathy, how did this nice young girl grow up to become one of the world’s most wanted terrorists? defend Islam with my life,” she told ABC News in 2008, “so that makes me a filthy, dirty, subhuman terrorist-women are targeted by radical Muslims in the same way most sociopaths find willing victims. They are exploited and used, and are very expendable-iapb/45-caliber pistol that killed Lucas Heagren, 3, on Memorial Day last year at his Ohio home had been temporarily hidden under the couch by his father. But Lucas found it and shot himself through the right eye. Houston, a group of youths found a Glock pistol in an apartment closet while searching for snack money. A boy 15 was handling the gun when it went off. Alex Whitfield, who had just turned 11, was struck. It's always a great idea to give 3 year olds rifles as Christmas gifts nyt- really pretty simple, fund the government, raise the debt ceiling, or risk crashing the entire financial system, and the teabagger anarchists don't seem to care forbes-aibafs/As Congress Fights Over the Budget, Agencies Go on Their "Use It or Lose It" Shopping Spreeswp/ Soaring Number of Elderly US Women Live in Extreme Poverty RawStory/freakoutnation house republicans drinkin booze during night debates/pretty talking head mushroom cloud, opprotunities by juan, on fns/non starter humping the shutdown pony cruz quoting hoffa on premise, on nbc/iran talks sense, concrete steps, history, facts, javid, billy sez wingnutz spiteful to the working poor, kristol saying the party is stronger for the shutdown citing military shutdowns 07 08 to eventually raising debt limit pist at facts, kurgman a failure to understand, mandate for policy ignorance, government mistrust is teabagger base, on abc/south africa elephant poisioning via gold mining and poachers pbs/
92813/leapfrogged past his potential rivals for GOP primary voters-media, left and right, portraying him as an out of control, ambitious and egotistical cowboy, cynically exploiting Americans growing opposition to signature health care law. Ted Cruz is a hero his marathon speech decrying the evils of Obamacare has enraged Washington’s ruling class. many are vilifying him. They are wrong. Finally, a patriot has emerged, willing to wage a frontal assault on bureaucratic monstrosity. This is the real reason he is being demonized. Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, claims that Mr. Cruz has “tapped into a dark strain” in the national “psyche.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, says the Texas populist is a “political anarchist. Others on the left have gone so far as to accuse him of engaging in terrorism, Matthews has compared a modern day Joseph McCarthy. wt-Snowden disclosures, the Oregon Democrat told the NSA chief: "the truth always manages to come out-They "ran out of wars" so it makes sense to Deploy military machines in law enforcement. Recycle, reuse! Dallas County Now Has Its Very Own Bulletproof, "Mine protected" Military SUV, no telling when North Texas might descend into sectarian warfare and start planting IEDs along Riverfront Boulevard-aibafs/In the Virginia governor's race, the Republican ticket is balanced between the far right and the extreme right, widely assumed the Virginia GOP couldn’t pick anyone more conservative than Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, an anti abortion crusader who had proposed intrusive exams for women who want to terminate their pregnancy; wants to reinstate Virginia's unconstitutional anti sodomy laws and has subpoenaed the research papers of scientists who had the audacity to claim humans are responsible for global warming, E.W. Jackson, his running mate Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. sez, if you're Jewish and planning on going to heaven some day, forget about it, You see, Jews and other non Christians "are engaged in some sort of false religion, Sunday morning in Northern Virginia-Bible Thumpers are the reason why the South will never 'rise again-dailymail Kenya attack torture soldiers Eyes gouged, bodies fingers removed, There is a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue Edmund Burke-It is and if Israel warned and knew about it, why didn't they move in before it happened instead of after it happened? If Obama had warned and didn't follow through like Benghazi, he would be castrated like he is now. So why isn't Israel being castrated? Everyone on here should understand one thing, shit happens and can't always be stopped for various reasons. You castrate one and let the other slide. That's the way shit happens. Opinions, that is those who weren't there, decide who is guilty and that depends on those who is against who. Those who were there who don't like those who are in power spread their opinions and shit. For those who don't understand this, get with someone who does understand the workings of the world-jpost Iranian Threat US Iran behind Navy breach Pentagon did not confirm allegations of an Iranian back hack, the presidents of the US President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke on the phone, marking the first such direct contact between presidents of the two countries since 1979-CIA believed that Israel's first bombs may have been made with highly enriched uranium stolen in the mid-1960s from the U.S. Navy nuclear fuel plant operated by the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation, where sloppy material accounting would have masked the theft, 1986 said that based on a reactor operating at 150 megawatts and a production of 40 kg of plutonium per year, Israel had 100 to 200 nuclear devices. the mid 2000s estimates of Israel's arsenal ranged from 75 to 400 nuclear warheads, Iran is upfront with what they want. They're not sneaky and claim to be our friend, when they're not, ordained to happen. iapb/Let's Take Diplomacy on Syria to a Regional Level The two stated obstacles to a nuclear-arms-free zone in the Middle East, a broad Arab Israeli peace and an Iranian commitment to curb its nuclear program, addressed in international fora, for regional level interdiction of WMD-Does Christianity Continue to Stifle Indigenous Political Will? peoples must consciously confront and oppose the hegemony of the Christian worldview that informs the forces of economic oppression and ecological destruction, Four Arrows, Truthout/India's New Food Security Bill Makes Right to Food a Law new National Security Food Bill in India promises heavily subsidized wheat and rice for those who live below the poverty line, which is about 67 percent of the population- Occupy/ Feinstein Accidentally Confirms NSA Tapped The Internet Backbone TechDirt/BRIT HUME, GOP WILL GET 100% OF THE BLAME FOR ANY GOVT SHUTDOWN-HOW MANY REPUBLICAN HOUSE MEMBERS WOULD VOTE FOR A SHUT DOWN IF THEIR PAYCHECKS STOPPED? YOU GUESSED IT BOYS & GIRLS 0-yhal/Facts before Tea Bagger fools = pearls before swine. Tea Bagger fools have no regard for facts. All they do is lie, slander, bash, trash, and smear. If their not swallowing it, their steeped in the waste of their tyrant demagogue pundits-DO THE RIGHT THING! A lobotomy will calm your hysteria, lessen your paranoia, stifle your hate, and, hopefully, gag your lie holes-My, my, aren't we into the cogently thoughtsy tonight. You're a republican trying to make dems look bad, right?-I am a democrat but you are not swaying my opinion to support Obama with such talk. You need to learn how to form coherent arguments ybac/If you believe Paul Krugman then you should just follow the Judas Goat..You've earned it. I know that we have spent trillions trying to get this train wreck of a government-run economy on track, but if we would just spend another 300 trillion, you would see that my Keynesian economics and prognosis are spot on said Krugman last night! If only he were a troll guarding a bridge-Don't defund Bobocare. Let the fustercluck begin. The people will rise up and end the madness-shut the federal government down. Oh, it'd be like if we don't give the banks 800 million dollars than the whole world will dissolve? Liberal ka-ka...Shut the bi.ait ch down... really, you won't die tomorrow...We need sound commodity currency ,not fiat fairy tale #$%$....What we are doing now does not work-So why are the T Party fools willing to risk the economy & the Party brand in their panic to, as Jeb Bush said, effectively repeal a law while controlling one half of one third of the government? Are they trying to save the left from itself? How sweet-yc/wEISEL CALLS CHRISTIANITY 2,OOO YEARS OF FAILURE ygs/delay money laundrying case rove connection, natural gas helps kill coal, top 50 plants make more polution than all but 6 countries-bradblog pv/zack or sam filabsbuster, on ringoffire/rip lc greenwood67