Monday, September 30, 2013

93013/evidence, if you have any evidence?

93013/The person who deserves the most blame for the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that kick in March 1 and will slow GDP growth by 0.5 percent, is not President Obama or John Boehner, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. That's not just because the Virginia Republican wanted to delay a big deficit bill until after the election, when he thought he'd be working with President-elect Mitt Romney, but because Cantor can't decide whether the best course for his own career is to side with Boehner and more moderate Republicans or with the Tea Party radicals. The careening of his thinking on the question is the backbeat of one fiscal crisis after another, Cantor comes across as very ambitious in Lizza's profile, his staff even say he could be president someday. But Cantor doesn't seem to know how to achieve his career goals. He can't decide whether to help Boehner negotiate with the White House to pass actual legislation or to undercut Boehner to get conservatives' support. In the summer of 2011, Boehner had been negotiating with Obama on a grand bargain to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit. Cantor helped kill it TheNewYorker-He is a liar. On 60 minutes once he said obamacare is the law of the land. And then he sold his soul to the insurances co.s-he is just a delivery boy now, can't control his crowd, imo, senate will give in on the 'tax on medical devices, but not on delaying obamacare, back to Boehner and company, Maybe they'll claim a partial victory, And stop getting phone calls from constituents (or block them altogether) about vanishing 401K's and economic damage-RED ALERT:"Well, the endgame is a total collapse, but from a higher diving board. The Fed will continue to print and if the stock market goes down 10%, they will print even more. And they don't know anything else to do. And quite frankly, they have boxed themselves into a corner where they are now kind of desperate. USA 99%V GROW BALLS AND PREPARE TO FIGHT NEXT HOME GROWN FINANCIAL AL QAEDA TERRORISTS AND HIGH TREASON CRIMINAL RULERS IN USA-the end of the world is here.enjoy!-With your evidence, if you have any evidence-ygs/ nothing compared to what will happen in nov. if the tea party gets it's way. The GOP is trying to destroy America-If you are a lib, then you are a bigger part of the problem than the Tea Party people. Rooting for lower taxes and a return to following the Constitution is much better than spending our future generations into an unsustainable oblivion, but apparently you only care about yourself and right now, no surprise from a #$%$ Both parties are to blame, and people like you are the reason this country is a sinking ship, not a minority group. Maybe you should watch more than MSNBC for you media coverage, you might actually learn reality-BAC board infested with selfish Libtards who can't get enough handouts of other people's money-Even if they have to borrow it-Think government welfare works?-Dont forget your AK47 and bullet proof vest-Garbage company. DIE PIG-If the Government is shut down, it is TOTALLY on Obama, Obama and Reid are playing blame game politics!-worthless board is infested with teaparty wing nuts rooting for America to fail!-Goona be soo funny watching inbred democrip left wingnuts-New monthly lows being hit. Notice the trend?-Shutdown is a bunch of noise-ANOTHER DELAY of ObamaCare just announced-Europe asia, crashing wallStreet? holding??? ybac/ONLY ONE QUESTION JUST HOW LONG CAN THE ISRAEL DOMINATION LAST?-We may get lucky the many dissenters in israel will do the job-GAZA STRIP HOME OF THE BRAVE AND SOON TO BE FREE-MORE THAN 50% OF OUR TAX MONREY GOES TO ISRAEL FOR EXPANDING THEIR REAL STATE BUSINESS-what a joke we all know your an angry low life welfare goy, son of dim witted dog feces-I smell goy stench here pu- ygs/With the White House cautiously optimistic meeting between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama could be tense. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for this one. ap Mortified that the world may be warming up to Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Don't be fooled by Tehran's new leadership. Iran is using conciliatory gestures as a smoke screen to conceal an unabated march toward a nuclear bomb, fresh intelligence, to maintain tough economic sanctions-What nukes did Israel use?-by its use of a nuke(s) on Syria. Its objective in using a nuke(s) on Syria was likely a warning to Iran, but in the end it demonstrated the Middle ygs/Near Eastern loose nuclear cannon is Israel itself. Israel's pleas will now fall on deaf ears-Did Scotty just beam you down from the Enterprise?-see nothing wrong with the murders that occurred in Kenya? Have they mistaken good for evil and evil for good?, in a vacuum?-Says the angelic ethnic cleanser, How many Jews did you "settle" today, padre? Can you feel it now? Is it just like the good ole days when Yahweh's favorite people slew all the Canaanites?-Why aren't you helping now? The "land" is Palestine, not in Texas-uçk you in the åss-He's not a Catholic-You're a Jew but that won't stop you from your faggot ways-If there are no answers on Kenya and Israeli fuckups-Nobody was as big a faggot as Jesus was. Hence that priest altar boy relationship thing-Tweak him and his fake religious views but lets not insult all Christians, please-Egypt & Syria for instance, they get massacred. In Israel, they live as free men and women-he exonerates his Muslim brothers and blames the terrorist attack on Israelis-Feds blame the right wing, Christians, and former military.wt, Christians in America are more of a threat than Muslims? laughable, shows is the complete ineptitude of this administration and our current CJS.-iapb/CNN Films canceled a planned documentary about Hillary Clinton project’s director abruptly dropped out of the project and said the Clinton camp had pressured people not to talk to him, published he decided to scrap the documentary because potential interview subjects refused to be interviewed, imagine that? An open an honest person like Hillary? Who woulda thunk it?-Teabaggers have discovered ANOTHER "scandal." How many is that now? better that the Twitter "140 character" scandal, against the film?-SAME batch of Cons were complaining about CNN was going to do a Clinton biography, Now they're complaining, Frickin' hilarious-Monica Lewinsky "scandal" rehashed all over again. Or do you think we don't know enough about that already?-a few reasons would be first her fake concussion also her fake blood clot 6 days before she had to testify-I thrash you around like a little rag doll on this message board- With a pair of velvet lined tweezers and a powerful magnifying lens you thrash something else around all day Cletus-you have a 171 IQ and an Ivy League graduate, lower level school (Rafael's words, not mine), and are sending your son to public schools? Can't afford a private school to keep him away from the dregs of society?- aibafs/nice beaver! thanks i just had it stuffed, half past fuckurself depending on the traffic, lying sack of crap, boner giddy kick the can bill, good old fashion politics, rwhappy endings seminar, cruz should sequester himself, california success story nyt, 20 conviction for shooting warning shot overturned, on stephanie/weiner slapped eric complains about disenfranchised planning happy hour parties claiming tony is condesending while eating crow, content to cover zion gifts to rebels or amman, conspiracies abound, not meaning to sound partisan happy with polital climate to make profits larry trading vortex regan management skills in the actors guild hands on (couch) reliving got shutdown in 2011, bocare signup enchouraging lying on application a healthcare .gov also social security number, nome waits 45 sec to ask what would the rate be at 250k per yr income, report of 9k$ at 55k, on geraldo suspicious of neti living in a jewish world and faux snooze refusing to believe bo racism/ parady sleep is the enemy, pension, money cult worshipping, cruz could've read the whole billathone 100:1 colsure, bradblog, delushional wingnut lee, pv
92913/Israeli man bitten by shark off Ashdod coast, Attack took place on a fish farm ten kilometers from shore; man suffered moderate wound Haaretz/wonders if atheists can come up with language as comforting as spiritual platitudes: “I’m sorry for your loss” felt too impersonal. That’s what you say to acquaintances, not best friends. “I’m here for you dishand/Israeli security officials arrested a Belgian businessman of Iranian descent for spying on Israel and gathering intelligence on possible terror targets wp-spy allegedly sent to Israel by Revolutionary Guard JerusalemPost-Louisiana pastor shot and killed while preaching, Bond is set at $1 million for a Louisiana man accused CNN-New Mexico city that's played home to "Breaking Bad" is preparing for the end, with the Emmy-award winning series sfc-Saturday Night Live links Obama, 'Breaking Bad' USATODAY-children who witnessed Newtown shooting, fear and nightmares wp/Shutdown is Wired to Happen. No Stopping it now. Boehner Certified-SMILE America, BAC and GOP are fhockin you in the acss-next week will be the best for banks-NOBAMACARE, Iran issue, DEBT, Foodstamps, etc. REPEAL EVERYTHING that NOBAMA has already done to the country! RIDICULOUS-Did the Tea Party Destroy Detroit?? How about Illinois or California?-GOP is DOA. The drooling far right brain-deads on this board are a joke-Please abolish the "Debt Ceiling-dumb & dumber GOP & their idiot teabagger brethren-If the Government is shut down, it is TOTALLY on Obama-We really dint like it when Obamie got us out of Irag after W got us in Iraq, I liked Obamacare when Romney did it Massachesetts. But us Tea Baggers hate it when Obama gets credit for doing the same thing on a national level-Republican's are lying hypocrites courting a minority of bigots and elitist wannabes-hypocrites liked Romneycare, but they hate Obamacare. No explanation needed-That was the model. No one but a liar can deny-lib,..."large majority" alright. Of DEAD and MISSING voters in 3 key states. OHIO One election "judge" LOL. from Ohio, a black person, is now serving 5 years in prison for voter fraud. Only a real "simp" ,or lib in denial would not acknowledge knowing this. She voted for 6 of her DEAD relatives, and 6 times each. Another black POS named F.Johnson admitted to a court he voted 73 times,..again in Ohio. ALL these votes were in black precincts. DOubt this, or are you ignorant. Due some DD at Ohio Election Committee. facts are available- This entire problem of the national debt is caused by current conservatives refusing to be socially responsible-every house hold in the US owes $147,000 toward the National Debt?-brain deads submit GOP knows who rules. They WILL submit. Watch, learn-ybac/Kenya was warned by Israel that Israeli owned businesses were at risk of being terrorized timesofisrael-Israeli ownership is more than enough reason for Islamic terrorists to attack, they have a particular hate on for all things Israeli, thus where better to carry out their murderous acts? In a country plagued with Muslim terrorism-BROKEN HOMES, BROKEN LIVES, white woman from the West who decides to become a radical Islamic jihadist Laithwaite, 29, has been known to law enforcement since July 7, 2005, when her then husband detonated a bomb in London’s subway system, killing himself and 26 civilians; back then, she was the weeping, 8-months-pregnant widow who became the subject of national sympathy, how did this nice young girl grow up to become one of the world’s most wanted terrorists? defend Islam with my life,” she told ABC News in 2008, “so that makes me a filthy, dirty, subhuman terrorist-women are targeted by radical Muslims in the same way most sociopaths find willing victims. They are exploited and used, and are very expendable-iapb/45-caliber pistol that killed Lucas Heagren, 3, on Memorial Day last year at his Ohio home had been temporarily hidden under the couch by his father. But Lucas found it and shot himself through the right eye. Houston, a group of youths found a Glock pistol in an apartment closet while searching for snack money. A boy 15 was handling the gun when it went off. Alex Whitfield, who had just turned 11, was struck. It's always a great idea to give 3 year olds rifles as Christmas gifts nyt- really pretty simple, fund the government, raise the debt ceiling, or risk crashing the entire financial system, and the teabagger anarchists don't seem to care forbes-aibafs/As Congress Fights Over the Budget, Agencies Go on Their "Use It or Lose It" Shopping Spreeswp/ Soaring Number of Elderly US Women Live in Extreme Poverty RawStory/freakoutnation house republicans drinkin booze during night debates/pretty talking head mushroom cloud, opprotunities by juan, on fns/non starter humping the shutdown pony cruz quoting hoffa on premise, on nbc/iran talks sense, concrete steps, history, facts, javid, billy sez wingnutz spiteful to the working poor, kristol saying the party is stronger for the shutdown citing military shutdowns 07 08 to eventually raising debt limit pist at facts, kurgman a failure to understand, mandate for policy ignorance, government mistrust is teabagger base, on abc/south africa elephant poisioning via gold mining and poachers pbs/
92813/leapfrogged past his potential rivals for GOP primary voters-media, left and right, portraying him as an out of control, ambitious and egotistical cowboy, cynically exploiting Americans growing opposition to signature health care law. Ted Cruz is a hero his marathon speech decrying the evils of Obamacare has enraged Washington’s ruling class. many are vilifying him. They are wrong. Finally, a patriot has emerged, willing to wage a frontal assault on bureaucratic monstrosity. This is the real reason he is being demonized. Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, claims that Mr. Cruz has “tapped into a dark strain” in the national “psyche.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, says the Texas populist is a “political anarchist. Others on the left have gone so far as to accuse him of engaging in terrorism, Matthews has compared a modern day Joseph McCarthy. wt-Snowden disclosures, the Oregon Democrat told the NSA chief: "the truth always manages to come out-They "ran out of wars" so it makes sense to Deploy military machines in law enforcement. Recycle, reuse! Dallas County Now Has Its Very Own Bulletproof, "Mine protected" Military SUV, no telling when North Texas might descend into sectarian warfare and start planting IEDs along Riverfront Boulevard-aibafs/In the Virginia governor's race, the Republican ticket is balanced between the far right and the extreme right, widely assumed the Virginia GOP couldn’t pick anyone more conservative than Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, an anti abortion crusader who had proposed intrusive exams for women who want to terminate their pregnancy; wants to reinstate Virginia's unconstitutional anti sodomy laws and has subpoenaed the research papers of scientists who had the audacity to claim humans are responsible for global warming, E.W. Jackson, his running mate Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. sez, if you're Jewish and planning on going to heaven some day, forget about it, You see, Jews and other non Christians "are engaged in some sort of false religion, Sunday morning in Northern Virginia-Bible Thumpers are the reason why the South will never 'rise again-dailymail Kenya attack torture soldiers Eyes gouged, bodies fingers removed, There is a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue Edmund Burke-It is and if Israel warned and knew about it, why didn't they move in before it happened instead of after it happened? If Obama had warned and didn't follow through like Benghazi, he would be castrated like he is now. So why isn't Israel being castrated? Everyone on here should understand one thing, shit happens and can't always be stopped for various reasons. You castrate one and let the other slide. That's the way shit happens. Opinions, that is those who weren't there, decide who is guilty and that depends on those who is against who. Those who were there who don't like those who are in power spread their opinions and shit. For those who don't understand this, get with someone who does understand the workings of the world-jpost Iranian Threat US Iran behind Navy breach Pentagon did not confirm allegations of an Iranian back hack, the presidents of the US President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke on the phone, marking the first such direct contact between presidents of the two countries since 1979-CIA believed that Israel's first bombs may have been made with highly enriched uranium stolen in the mid-1960s from the U.S. Navy nuclear fuel plant operated by the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation, where sloppy material accounting would have masked the theft, 1986 said that based on a reactor operating at 150 megawatts and a production of 40 kg of plutonium per year, Israel had 100 to 200 nuclear devices. the mid 2000s estimates of Israel's arsenal ranged from 75 to 400 nuclear warheads, Iran is upfront with what they want. They're not sneaky and claim to be our friend, when they're not, ordained to happen. iapb/Let's Take Diplomacy on Syria to a Regional Level The two stated obstacles to a nuclear-arms-free zone in the Middle East, a broad Arab Israeli peace and an Iranian commitment to curb its nuclear program, addressed in international fora, for regional level interdiction of WMD-Does Christianity Continue to Stifle Indigenous Political Will? peoples must consciously confront and oppose the hegemony of the Christian worldview that informs the forces of economic oppression and ecological destruction, Four Arrows, Truthout/India's New Food Security Bill Makes Right to Food a Law new National Security Food Bill in India promises heavily subsidized wheat and rice for those who live below the poverty line, which is about 67 percent of the population- Occupy/ Feinstein Accidentally Confirms NSA Tapped The Internet Backbone TechDirt/BRIT HUME, GOP WILL GET 100% OF THE BLAME FOR ANY GOVT SHUTDOWN-HOW MANY REPUBLICAN HOUSE MEMBERS WOULD VOTE FOR A SHUT DOWN IF THEIR PAYCHECKS STOPPED? YOU GUESSED IT BOYS & GIRLS 0-yhal/Facts before Tea Bagger fools = pearls before swine. Tea Bagger fools have no regard for facts. All they do is lie, slander, bash, trash, and smear. If their not swallowing it, their steeped in the waste of their tyrant demagogue pundits-DO THE RIGHT THING! A lobotomy will calm your hysteria, lessen your paranoia, stifle your hate, and, hopefully, gag your lie holes-My, my, aren't we into the cogently thoughtsy tonight. You're a republican trying to make dems look bad, right?-I am a democrat but you are not swaying my opinion to support Obama with such talk. You need to learn how to form coherent arguments ybac/If you believe Paul Krugman then you should just follow the Judas Goat..You've earned it. I know that we have spent trillions trying to get this train wreck of a government-run economy on track, but if we would just spend another 300 trillion, you would see that my Keynesian economics and prognosis are spot on said Krugman last night! If only he were a troll guarding a bridge-Don't defund Bobocare. Let the fustercluck begin. The people will rise up and end the madness-shut the federal government down. Oh, it'd be like if we don't give the banks 800 million dollars than the whole world will dissolve? Liberal ka-ka...Shut the bi.ait ch down... really, you won't die tomorrow...We need sound commodity currency ,not fiat fairy tale #$%$....What we are doing now does not work-So why are the T Party fools willing to risk the economy & the Party brand in their panic to, as Jeb Bush said, effectively repeal a law while controlling one half of one third of the government? Are they trying to save the left from itself? How sweet-yc/wEISEL CALLS CHRISTIANITY 2,OOO YEARS OF FAILURE ygs/delay money laundrying case rove connection, natural gas helps kill coal, top 50 plants make more polution than all but 6 countries-bradblog pv/zack or sam filabsbuster, on ringoffire/rip lc greenwood67

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