Saturday, September 13, 2014

91314/a lot of people who lie & get away with it that's just a fact

91314/There are a lot of people who lie & get away with it, & that's just a fact Rumsfeld on Bush- Note to the $85 MM man Bill O'Reily on White Privilege: The Effects of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome-Destroy ISIS Now! Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act logosworld viewblog- tw/ Despite the budget battles and sequester, that money is still there and has already been allocated. On a percentage basis, every family's share of the pie comes to around $20,500. What's more, only 12% of the money in these programs is designated for the poor, the truth is that a larger percentage of rich people than poor people are eligible for government money, such as 100% fully paid cultural exchange trips to other countries Moneynews-vancouver removes devil statue with erect penis- a statue of Obama. He's screwing us-makes Drudge and his News Portal Maggot ? Really? Why are you offended? Are you a Homophobe? Joan Rivers said What's the big deal? So you have no sense of humor and wish to be offended? What about the 99% of Canadians that are embarased and offended at what this rude ad nasty little group did by disrespectfully putting up this pornography in public where children can see it? upi/ We, veterans of Unit 8200, reserve soldiers both past and present, declare that we refuse to take part in actions against Palestinians and refuse to continue serving as tools in deepening the military control over the Occupied Territories, refusing to continue operating in the occupied Palestinian territories, as it is aimed at political persecution and not the defense of Israel. Forty three veterans from an elite Israeli military intelligence unit have written an open letter to Netanyahu, explaining that they joined the intelligence gathering unit believing it would protect the State of Israel and not turn into a machine that works to aid the occupation and create divisions within Palestinian society. In intelligence, in Israel intelligence regarding Palestinians – they don’t really have rights, Nobody asks that question. It’s not [like] Israeli citizens, where if you want to gather information about them you need to go to court. The intelligence gathering about Palestinians is not clean. When you rule a population that does not have political rights, laws like we have, [then] the nature of this regime of ruling over people, especially when you do it for many years, [is that] it forces you to take control or infiltrate every aspect of their life It is commonly thought that the service in military intelligence is free of moral dilemmas and solely contributes to the reduction of violence and harm to innocent people. However, our military service has taught us that intelligence is an integral part of Israel's military occupation over the territories, They also mentioned how, unlike with Israeli citizens, there is virtually no protection of Palestinians from surveillance, nor any limits to it.-VCarl Schmitt, but I always liked his line, “Tell me who your enemy is, and I will tell you who you are. an important truth: To stand for something requires standing against something. If you stand for democracy, you must stand against tyranny. If you stand for truth, you must stand against lies. It is a tactical and strategic question whether we need to go to literal war against the Islamic State. But if we are not figuratively or spiritually at war with what the Islamic State stands for, then, my God, what do we stand for?-A superior man, in regard to what he does not know, shows a cautious reserve. If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success. When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish. When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded. When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot. Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect-Your generation has a duty to ensure that the perennial racism of anti Semitism never sets down roots among you. Today, however, there are clear signs that it has done so and is putting down more. You have a chance to avert a very great evil, simply by using reason and a , sense of fair play. Please tell me that this makes sense. I have given , you some of the evidence. It's up to you to find out more,Yours sincerely, Denis MacEoin israel apartheid scottish professor iapb/ bristols baby bump .There is a planet that's a twin to Earth circling the Sun opposite to us in the same orbit. THAT'S why we can never see it- We've known for quite some time that there is an alternate universe where Saddam attacked the US on 91101 while Clinton was President and Obama crashed the economy in 2008. yhal
91214/CNN shreds Fox abuse joke made me want to throw up-Robertson: theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven Blessed are the fully armed in church-incompatible, religion left behind-GOP House guts funds to fight and contain Ebola-Reza no diplomacy, they have to be destroyed-imposing Christianity in govt Penn Dem vows to veto evangelical In God We Trust bill- CA vice principal arrested bringing gun to school-Pastors Ohio strip club protest 9 years gets arrested for trespassing-Colbert’s slam on Hume too off color- Cops fatally shoot Utah man carrying a sword, but they won’t say why-Palin: I owe America a global apology because John McCain should be our president-Carson tells Bill I’m not sure that domestic violence is widespread-Hannity: Rice’s wife knocked herself out he’s the bigger victim- Mass woman arrested after three dead babies discovered in filthy condemned home-sushi in California in the last four years, you probably ate tainted flush rice-life in prison for rape, murder of Texas neighbor 6 Tyler Holder-AZ GOP If you want a baby, get a job calls for sterilizing poor- Maryland GOP Women want equality, Rice just gave some of it-Road raging GZimmerman faces no charges after threatening to shoot another driver-police raid on Ky. dive If you’re clean, you get to go out the front door-liberal Beckel, legs are why she has a job-woman pointed rifle at kids over boy practicing the clarinet in Colorado yard-New Orleans man accused of hunting down, killing the felon who kidnapped, tortured him-James Foley’s mother embarrassed and appalled-NC deputy won’t be charged after leaving K9 overnight in hot patrol car, where the dog died-What if a Muslim comic said about Jews what Joan Rivers said about Palestinians? rsy/ looking to seize radioactive materials to use in a terror attack, reports now suggest that a containment of the highly radioactive and dangerous substance caesium 137 has disappeared in Kazakhstan- during the darkest days of the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia Prague's WWII version of Spring heeled Jack cb/Remember this war started* when CIA created ISIS in an attempt to overthrow the government of Syria. The rebellion against the Syrian government was a massive CIA terror operation, that would never have happened without the CIA , Israeli and Saudi Intelligence. How does the Syrian government's human rights record compare with that of Saudi Arabia? And why does your Exxon FOX and Chevron Maddow never make that comparison? This is not news fb/ if he hadn't been sucking up to, and proposing training and arming, ISIS earlier this very year, These days John McCain has been a vocal opponent of ISIS. But it wasn’t long ago that he went to Syria to meet with factions of rebels fighting the Syrian government who now have turned out to be ISIS members, While there are many factions fighting against the Assad Regime, those in the pictures taken with Senator McCain have been positively identified as members of the self-styled Islamic State-ran on leaving American troops in Iraq for 100 years, glad we have a POTUS who is VERY RELUCTANT to WASTE the lives of our troops, like Cheney Bush did, A moral country would have put such leaders in jail, America builds them a library-threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day in 2008 if it failed to comply with a broad demand to hand over user communications, how federal officials forced American tech companies to participate in the National Security Agency’s controversial PRISM program, roughly 1,500 pages worth, outline a secret and ultimately unsuccessful legal battle by Yahoo to resist the government’s demands. The company’s loss required Yahoo to become one of the first to begin providing information to PRISM aibafs/ Fucking people can't take responsibility for the monsters they produce Times ends the article with a shot at GWB, Um Taha, 35 Sunni in Baghdad, captured the mixture of cynicism and tenuous hope that may pass for the prevailing mood in the Arab world now, hoped the coalition succeeded, despite the fact that America was one of the reasons why this radical organization originally existed-iapb/ How many times has a nation defeated an enemy using only its air power and untrained third party foot soldiers?-Bush struggled with IRAQ, no doubt, every military person says the dumbest move was to pull out all of our troops. Do you really think Syria and ISIS would be a news item if we were flying training missions along the border? Many believe one of the original goals of the IRAQ war was to establish a base in the Middle East. They say we could not negotiate a deal to leave troops. Do you think Trueman negotiated with Germany or Japan? What a wuss. I would have told IRAQ either approve our long term base plans or we will remove you and put someone in that will, like Hank Paulson did BAC/ revealing after hrs ppv show, open ended war fugalsangism, friday whoreoff goes as scheduled, kind smart and important 1st of top ten reasons, girl on girl robertson goes deep getting up into lesbianism, after being informed not at a hillbilly white trash reality show, todd gets bloody don't you know who i am thriller in wazilla drunken bar brawl with baby unveils brillo the most abrasive of the pailin clan complete with platform hightop fighting shoes, bieber booed, stephie smacking the face off ur face, /warren bitch slaps guns, domestic violence poster child tony calls it down the line impossible in businesstactics/geraldo ready to kill some bad guys, jerk writer? dershawitz sez repeats killing all jew myth arab spring etc/pistoria fine to walk possibility, blind man robbed, jew prisoner demands kosher wabc/leslie takes job as faux whipping victim/ isis suni on crack kcwabc/
91114/Cruz thought he had that crowd in his pocket. They strongly disagree with that idiotic claim If you are an enemy of Israel you are an enemy of America booed off the stage fb/ISIS IS MORE ECONOMIC ORIENTED THAN REIGIOUS IN NATURE, As the oil becomes more scarce the more me turmoil you will see. Those saudi oil fields are very old. The ghwar field in saudi began pumping in 1951- FloRIdA HillSbORoUGH ShERIFF Report: mulEZ Kicked Nayber and pushed him away after kicked went home and tolf them 2 sta away what's wrong with your husnband, mssing some toyz in the attic? Callas Us Names-SO WHAT hEE HAW- CHENEY TO ADVISE THE GOP WHAT TO DO IN IRAQ, MUST BE ON DRUGS- And 4458 dead ygs/ You wanna deny your birther and truther past, that's perfectly understandable. Who wants to admit to being an idiot? Every economic index points to the positive. If you have anything to prove otherwise, I would love to hear it, Anything other than quoting some blowhard you watched on fox?- feel free to document, make sure you post in context-I wouldn't fret about it. also accused me of being a truther simply because I watched some truther conspiracy film-Pappy Bush and the Gulf War, Regan and Iran-Contra, Carter and the Hostage Crisis, only one proximate cause, that's Obama's pissing away our victory iapb/ a perfect example of how the stock market works. The quick money guys all bet on the biggest crooks with the intention of selling out before the crooks fall. We all know the banks caused the financial crisis, and they never suffered for it. We all know they brought the country to its knees and raped most of its citizens. So lets buy their stock! Thanks for reminding us how the suits on Wall Street have no soul, and how the country dies so they can get richer-the third reich came to power on the back of a financial crisis created by german banks, brokers, and insurers. the bankers ran when the trouble began and the poor and naïve were left for slaughter. there is an erie similiraty. I bet youll fimd some of the same operators in nyc now or their relatives doing the same dirty work. one day they will destroy the us and run with their money to another place. I wont mention who they really are. but we all know, don't we? /col larry wilkerson Dick Cheney Fears Being Tried as a War Criminal abc2011/the imus gang dances around the isis elephant in the room, despite claims 6 mo vegas spitting knockout suddenly news/rudy's 911 fantasy geraldo helps with fear warwagon not able to turn the other cheek/nfl assault is oj's fault, stephy agrees it's always the lesbian drunken whore bitches fault, empowerment fighting back justice just helps, mcstain isis indiana size countries phobic while most wingnutz can't decide which bad guys to annilate, offering free lifetime golf if he resigns, trumph golf club snubbs bo, jackie sez follow the isis money and comb lickers/ curt admits quelling crazy conspiracies 13 years ago, kcwabc/negligent homicide pistoria walks, medical pro sez potheads 60% won't graduate, and 7 times more likely to commit suicide wabc/ savage sez bo's speech lies/
91014/coincidence? chenny tells the truth! AEI always put me in the company of people I admire most, Obama will be speaking later today, We can hope for, and we should look for, signs of a forceful, bold and immediate strategy to defeat ISIS. We can say already, however, a plan would mark an abrupt and dramatic departure from the record thus far, Obama likes to talk about cycles of history, time and again, that has answered threats, taken swift and determined action, kept the peace, and liberated millions/Upset of the decade, sen johnmccain wasn’t on Sunday shows this weekend. @esqpolitics Maybe there’s a wormhole in the universe-tw/the imus blondes wheeler 50% and deidra 27% advisc b0 how to increase his numbers for wingerville/zion beheading bandwagon wanting to bocott isis oil praying for war, geraldo on river watch joking with friends/bo finally lances the bagdadi boil on mcstains cheek, mcconnel ruthlessly senile, vagina jokes with carlos, attacking bo repubican stragety, stephie finishing strong speaking of old pussy/defending dick with clips 42bc cessaro and santianna savage goes political cut bahnors scotch supply maybe then god can save america
9914/13 years iapb/businessinsider 45 years ago israel attacked uss liberty killed dozens commenceing vietnam investment/ISIS, iSIL WHATEVER, Another boogeyman for the CONS to take you to war. Make no mistake, if it costs you your life or the lives of your son's or daughter's, so be it. The lies and deception that is spewed by the extension of the state department otherwise presstitutes have sold their soul to aid the farce. Sorry America, but what should worry you are the narcissistic and foolish neocons that have been placed in Washington by a corrupt and short sighted Corporate Wall St. It's all about resources and the currency on which to pay for them. Remember the three D's DEFLECT,DIVERT and DECEIVE. The criminals and the CONS they own actually believe they, not you, are the exceptional people, you the minions,are merely ponds to which through a CONstant barrage of B_S propaganda will enable these criminals in their ultimate agenda of world hegemony-The criminals on Wall St. and the bumbling fools in Washington should be charged with both war crimes and treason. In order for that to happen, the American people would have to awaken and take back our country. So off to war we go with phantom boogymen killing thousands of innocent people and the beat goes on-at least the great religion gives cookies ygs/you want to believe than a human being is the highest intelligence in the universe?- Not much to look forward to if that's true- conservatives on this board are a constant reminder that many human beings aren't even the highest intelligence in the primate order yhal/ Sorbo laughs Jews, News bulletin: God’s Not Dead You did kill Jesus-NYPD officers take turns beating Bronx man after search turns up nothing-Oliver: Massive student debt is just like an STD, it will follow you the rest of your life-Hawking God particle could cause space time to collapse-Bush era legal memos: President can order warrantless wiretaps of Americans at all time-Trump: Political correctness made NFL go easy on womanpunching player- Syracuse University soccer player suspended calling classmate f*ggot*ss n*gger- Texas shoots himself 5 in the face with a shotgun during unsupervised hunting trip- Arkansas police sued in shooting death ofman 107 during SWAT standoff- Israeli cult brainwashed Jewish women into have sex with non Jews for redemption-SACKED: Baltimore Ravens-Fox giggle, girlfriend should learn to take the stairs-NC GOP candidate for child rape, indecent liberties with a minor-Md GOP candidate accused of molesting girl 8-Anti vax Dr. Bob Opting out of vaccines bad for public health, but safe enough for your kid rsy/ highschool rodeo and imus america killing people we don't like/godell and nfl taking the heat for elevator domestic beating stephie and friends help, albino cobra made into boot, mcstainism/ coining isis crisis wabc/
9814/megachurch closes, After Founder Mars Hill, Refers To Women As Penis Homes addictinginfo-coverage of the American occupation of Iraq, the country's path to democracy and tensions between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds Hussein Was Open To Exile Before 2003 Invasion wp fb/Israeli Diplomat Accuses Irish Brutish Masses of Wild, Deep Seated Jew Hatred tw/ Bush was a preppy cheer leader. He never made it to JV-at least he says he quit using cocaine at 40-Who Trained, Armed & Funded ISIL?,. The U.S. Media Is Blocked From Reporting-idiot McCain said we should stay in Iraq 100 years-DEMOCRAT WAR ON POVERTY COST TO DATE OVER TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS-so here we have a genius who thinks only white people should have the vote-yhal/wei, antichi/overton effect, issa personnas, remote control birth control, trump's war on hair, controling steph dailing down necessity box /neilist? shamless hair tonic pumping, wistfully wanting colonosity after ales cheerleading asschewing?
9714/Pukes praying for ISIL this morning. Wont be long now and loon wingers will be leaving church full of hate and fear Mourning over so many of their isis buddy's being killed. screaming The enemy of their enemy is their friend-ITS HILARIOUS WATCHING CHICKENHAWK FOX NEWS ANCHORS MAKING MILITARY DECISIONS-You will never see lispey graham offering to send his kids- EVEN BUSH SENSES ANY PUBLIC APPEARENCES WOULD ONLY STIR UP AMERICA'S LINGERING HATE AGAIN- I don't think you have the brain wattage to draw a breath. Besides he's too busy talking to the portraits he's been painting-BUSH KEPT READING MY PET GOAT YOU COULD HEAR THE WTC BODIES THUMPING ON STREET LEVEL CANOPIES?- Between runny reagan the two bush dorks, they did their best to screw the US-ANY TRUTH GW WOULD CRAWL UNDER THE SAUDI PRINCES GOWN WHEN SS WEREN'T LOOKING?- Gdumbya got so #$%$ after holding hands and french kissing the price, what else was left for him to do? yhal/DO YOU THINK THAT DEAD BRAIN BUSH WITH AN IQ OF A MONKEY COULD HAVE ANSWER THOSE QUESTION ON MEET THE PRESS- One of Obama's big problem with dealing with the right wing base is that he doesn't speak moron ybac/heroin and faith community kmd
9614/MEMRI) posted transcripts from Facebook and Twitter conversations among various French and British supporters of the Islamic State loser legion, enthusiastically chatted about the exciting news that you can buy slave women in areas controlled by the Islamic State. discussions asked all sorts of questions about the rules for sexually abusing, raping) the women. One British Muslim I have 3,500 dollars to spare, I am going to buy 10, who wants one? French one joked that 180 dollars must be the price for the ugly ones, plenty of LOLs, Because, you know, collecting the female survivors of mass murder and raping them is just so Laugh Out Loud funny to cretins who can only bed women at sword point The terrorist group reportedly captured an unknown number of women from the ethnic minority called Yazidis. They aren’t Muslims, so they can be used as chattel nyp- Behnam Irani Christian Pastor Faces Death for Spreading Corruption on Earth Newsmax-iapb/
9514/Just Ask Eric Cantor, New Wall Street Millionaire It Pays to Lose an Election BuzzFlash/Economic Terrorism by Paid Goons, now harder than ever to join a union, thanks to the decades long War on Labor that conservatives have been waging ever since Ronald Reagan came to Washington Hartmann/Flawless $300,000 Diamond Lost In F1 Car Crash jalopnik/ An average winning House campaign cost $1.5 million in 2012, Congress is for sale to the highest donors, The rich do not buy access, They buy the politicians, own elected officials, personal property, no differently than when a corporation hires any other employee-whipped the shit out of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria at the same time- you never mentioned Pakistan, Afghan or ISIS, coin, why not?-Afghanistan isn't a threat. Pakistan isn't in conflict with Israel and ISIS is being held at bay because they are beating the crap out if Hamas-And all of you AHs are crying because Obama isn't killing ISIS. Tell Israel to cover their own ass and see how far you get- iapb/DG) surged its bid to $9.1 billion from the previous $8.95 billion it had offered to FD g/ social Media: Where you can feel great about not having kids & sad about missing Burning Man. Or the other way around! The choice is yours fod/ Sean said that given President Obama’s handling of foreign policy he couldn’t recommend young people join the military- aibafs/ALIBABA PUMPING BY WALL STREET ORTHODOXS AND HEBREWS ALL WEEK yhal/Huge Secrets About Beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff's Life and Faith moved to Israel several years ago and became an Israeli citizen, Jewish identity was kept secret miamiherald Pinecrest journalist managed to conceal his Jewish identity for years as he reported from potentially hostile spots around the Middle East, kept up his remarkable deception even during the year he was held after being kidnapped by the murderous Islamic State militia. He prayed in the direction of Jerusalem and faked stomach aches so he could fast on Jewish holy days. Sotloff’s friends, who began talking about his trickery for the first time after the Islamic State posted a video of his mutilated body certain that if the jihadist group had ever caught on, it would have boasted to its followers that it was killing a Jew miamiherald-pretty obvious from his name, appearance and home town that he was Jewish, do people really think his captors didn't know? Anti Zionism and Anti Semitism are not the same-Just going to throw this out there, don't mean to spoil any surprises, but in the end, Israel wins/ Ted Nugent Facebooks to warn of 4th world allahpuke zombie attacks on 911-Cops detain man 8 days for posting band’s lyrics about school shooting-Islam has no place in civilized society Christian activist calls for holy war-Demon obsessed ex Navy chaplain Colorado GOP has no business in public office- Artist intends to display hacked Jennifer Lawrence nudes in Florida art exhibit rsy/revenge is justice zionism, reliving al bagdadi's death and kadofie's functioning state, wanting to rehire traitors betrayus mccrystal, geraldo on thebandwagon to behead isis and laughing at joan's bigotry jokes while swearing allegence to assad?/ crime pays gnbb/bug populations hartmann/