Friday, October 10, 2014

101014/The helical model, our solar system is a vortex

101014/Proof of 15 thousand year human civilization cycle The helical model, our solar system is a vortex , people argue that the lack of artifacts from previous civilizations should be a strong evidence of the absence of the human civilization cycle. Well, what if there is a process that can turn all man made materials stuffs into thin air?- Should this be so incredible? Federal Reserve created tens of trillions of dollars out of the thin air yc/ Christian clerics urge recognition of Palestinian state Jerusalem churchmen say Europe has a moral, legal and political duty to hold Israel accountable and support Palestinian non violent initiatives to end the Israeli occupation, urge recognition of Palestine on 1967 border AFP Inn/ governor from 1995 until 2003, divorced his second wife, Sharon, shortly after leaving office, made a political comeback in 2010. Though they have yet to marry, Kitzhaber refers to Hayes as the first lady, and she has embraced the role of political spouse while continuing her work as an energy consultant, she'll step back from her work advising Kitzhaber for now, It's clear from her past history that the first lady has had no qualms with breaking the law in order to make financial gains, Hayes said she's been cautious in trying to avoid conflicts of interest between her business and first lady work Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber got one hell of an October surprise, as his fiancée Cylvia Hayes, despite being engaged goes by the title first lady in the state. had been married, and divorced, three times before, tearfully admitted she accepted around $5,000 to a green card marriage to an Ethiopian immigrant, Abraham Abraham 18, in 1997 fn humping 40% bo disproval with 13% congress disapproval / midterm virus scares, debortion debate, cheeto shaped ebola, sms/ GOP Losing WOMAN VOTERS by the MILLIONS! LOL! why the GOP will NEVER win another Federal Election, GOP I have no problem with females in government but ONLY with the permission of their husbands and if they don't have children in the home, STRIP a Domestic Violence bill saying Native American women and lesbians DON'T DESERVE the same protection as other women- Only women GOP loses is #$%$ and Fat Black Welfare Qweens- typically condescending of the left wing. To you, women are victims, too weak and stupid to fend for themselves without a benevolent big government to take care of them. Let's see how that plays out- treating FEMALE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE is Big Gov't? You stuttering simpleton, you right wing hicks think NON WHITE WOMEN are somehow UNEQUAL TO WHITES! How typically Republican of you- The rule of thumb seems to be: The GOP is only for government regulations for serious problems like gay people marrying, women making decisions & black people voting-new scandals for Barry's adm today? No? Well it's still early-yhal
10914/Tea party makes their little pawns fear Deregulated and unstable government and law, domestic terrorists and tea party fanatics will fire on cops more. Some bad cops PD's are doing nearly irreparable damage to the image of police everywhere- People are losing empathy for cops- After all the beatings illegal arrests killings rape and civil rights violations. I wonder why?-areas that have high gun ownership such as Texas and Arizona there does seem to be fewer incidents of police brutality- people who murder police officers don't usually use legally obtained guns fb/ Sports talk host mocks Mitch McConnell after needlessly angry interview- college rescinds invitation to George Will over offensive rape column-Red punk rockers troll conservatives with ironic Obama video- GOP attacks Florida Dem’s work ethic for having babies while she’s in office-Detroit cop arrested for brandishing Glock at family in minivan off duty- Silverman gets a penis to avoid $500,000 vagina tax- foster son arrested Alaska public radio host shot dead-Fla pastor wears Nuke ISIS shirt to court for Koran burning case-Minn confronts GOP I don’t need an assault rifle to shoot a duck. Maybe you do-Ala grandparents arrested after department store brawl with mall cop- Black teen in white foster home pepper sprayed mistook for burglar-YOLO is an atheist conspiracy brainwashing a generation- enthusiast robbed I like your gun. Give it to me-NC pastor Carter 90th birthday could go to hell making Jesus a gay loving hippy-what it’s like to be a black person CNN explodes over inherent police racism-Forbes incredible and obscene Walmart economy wealth gap-NYPD pistol whip cowering teenage pot suspect- Fla stripper drinks at work attacks boyfriend with an ax-Fla terminally ill dad on fire- Fla inmate found beaten to death one day after aunt reported guard’s threats-Cruz rips Supreme Court-seat belt traffic stop Cops smash window to use Taser on passenger-No charges for Ga officers who maimed toddler during no knock drug raid- Protesters disrupt Denver Murderous crybaby deputies asking for city support- doctor schools Elisabeth Hasselbeck-Il cop shoots family dog in front of kids, gives mom a ticket-Death threats emailed to Harvard students blamed on little brother-Australian chef cooked parts of slain girlfriend's body-Delaware mom arrested after kid 4 brings heroin to day care- PBS: Fox’s Ebola coverage is a level of ignorance-like math SC GOP: Execute anyone who comes into contact with Ebola-Axelrod mocks Scarborough fire from hell exaggerating Ebola-West: Barack nothing more than Black face of American empire-Kurdish woman suicide bomber attacks ISIS in Syria-ready to test lab grown penises on men-Lucas Oil founder sick and tired of minorities running our country!- King Abdullah Religious extremism perverse and must be eliminated-Satanic Temple fires early shots in war on Christmas rsy/ Netanyahu baffled by Obama's opposition against American values bgk/ bee swarm kills arizona man wbir- Wingnuts love Sharia law, as it closely mirrors the barbaric christian laws-mom and son meth cookers call 911, ebola neckties and natural cures, sms/ dunkin dies, another offduty pd shooting ferguson, dagen mtp tryout successful, wabc/ tying isis, ebola, and gay marriage, steph celebrates big gay week, manly beaver/ny state solar projects, hartmann
10814/11 kids sick with mystery illness in Colorado, Yet media won't talk about or ask this administration questions. CDC won't inform the public about its origin or about who is at risk. But it's a disease prevalent in El Salvidor, thank you Open Borders liberals yhal/Trial begins in lawsuit over AIG's $182 billion taxpayer bailout Lat- Treasury Secretary Geithner defends AIG bailout R- grilled in court over AIG bailout, affirms in court need for AIG bailout AP-Spars With Attorney Over AIG's Role The Wsj- describing the bailout as necessary to avert a second Great Depression, introduced transcripts, essay drafts and emails in which Geithner seemed to suggest the government had forced losses on AIG shareholders proportionate to the mistakes of the firm but that the government had not undertaken any specific analysis to determine what exactly those mistakes were-ebola bill 32b$- Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds a Surprise Pipeline Route Bypassing Obama, Instead, go east, all the way to the Atlantic, Canada's own environmental and aboriginal politics are holding up a shorter and cheaper pipeline to the Pacific that would supply a shipping portal to oil bthirsty Asia bb-y/ World Versus Bank: The Return of the World Bank and the People's Resistance-HUD Program Helps Wall Street, Hurts Homeowners- Truthout:/ Marriott's Shameful Hotel Tipping Scam jh- ISIS, Ebola and Why Fear of the Unknown Makes Us Stupid-Dumping University Tuition Is Not a Dream; It Is Now the Reality in Germany-14 People Made More Money Than the Entire Food Stamp Budget for 50,000,000 People-Nuclear Power Just a Clean Way to Die-BuzzFlash/ rating run news bad business moderl steph and chris agree/ humping anarcy savage blaming liberals, gov, and civil right lawyer gangsters for faux power pumping koch books, while burying and or hiding his
10714/He admitted to a judge that as police chief, he took a drunk woman to his office and forced her to perform sexual acts. receives fine and 2 yrs probation fb/ jacksonville man shoots woman to death after she jokingly slapped him iapb/ Frankenpenis would still be afraid of fire- Church Of The Embarrassing Assumption-It's twue, it's twue!- chicken hawk rapeublicans- sms/we are all not dead yet from the feared Ebola outbreak. It seems that last week, Colbert had informed his viewers that they were going to soon be dead, Turns out that you are not, and for that, I apologize, other conservative media outlets on the Ebola virus, these news outlets have been simultaneously scaring the hell out of their viewers while blaming Obama for the outbreak, and for not doing enough to eradicate it, the best way to save lives is to humanely execute the victim firebrand/ teen arrested flying, and hitchhiking to war, steph asking who lit isil linsey's tampon
10614/texting, a perfect way to miscommunicate, and rage innocents/It took 5 days to remove the sheets of the patient from the home he was staying at because Texas has outsourced its hazardous waste removal to private companies and they could not find a company willing to remove it. The only reason they found out about it was the woman he was staying with called into CNN!- we know logic and thinking not strong suits of RWNJs- literally in a fight to save our democracy and economic well being. There is no way in hell that we should have to hope and pray that we hold on to the Senate. This is insanity. Too many of our voters are either complacent, or have been brain washed by right wing media. How in the hell can any working class voter vote for the Koch brothers to take away their healthcare; deny them of an increase in their minimu wage; deny women of equal pay, etc.? This is insanity smc/ Tall with slightly graying hair, Racine, Wis., man 28, They don't pay me, but they treat me like family. If I need anything, they look after me I couldn't just sit and watch Christians being slaughtered anymore, I got sick of giving online sympathy. Five minutes of lip service does nothing. These people are fighting for their homes, for everything they have, In the dark, with no night vision goggles, we can't see ISIS, the other night 12 black figures walked towards our base and just starting shooting at us, laughed as he recalled a young YPG fighter whose aim was so bad he wasn't able to shoot a chicken for dinner recovering in northeastern Syria from a shrapnel wound in his foot, Matson conceded that people back home might call him crazy for joining Kurdish forces three weeks ago to help end the Islamic State's reign of terror armytimes-here we go again get a load of this guy, the latest of military fakers felony conviction in another state, Rahn was posing as a highly decorated officer, making it illegal for him to have certain firearms, Another warrant seized two more firearms, as well as a U.S. Army dress uniform adorned with medals and insignias, determining, the uniform violates a federal statute, Let me help; He’s wearing a Purple Heart and a Soldiers Medal, so yeah, smoke him rallypoint/ The Reight won't be happy until they have been successful in putting everyone in their places and they will be deciding what is the correct place for each and everyone from Tecumseh to Timbuktu. Of course they don't want their sons doing the dirty work nor do they intend to pay the taxes needed to finance their grand effort. But those Tea Baggers are all about a grand game of Simon Says aibafs/We can no longer sit by and be polite while people lie, cheat, and steal. We are called liberals and progressives likes its a bad thing and those who are willfully ignorant respond to that. However, when a group rises up and raises their voice, they will also be heard over the false rhetoric. This problem is we are too busy being polite and mindful of the ignorance's feelings, the message is getting lost or being seen as weak. People do not vote for weakness. Therefore, we have to be loud while maintaining our facts and knowledge, in order to truly break through. Change has never been quiet and polite- it has been loud and up in your face and that is where we need to go in order to make real change. Insults might not be the correct way, but it does get people's attention/ wtf, sat morn cartoon censorship? to much truth to ingest?/ jindal botswanna plan sms/ rupert dumps alec, beauprea, walrus, coal and climate denial losing wars, gnbb/ curt thinks ebola is a flesheating virus and chicken soup is liquid penecillin, kcwabc/iman taking odds on ebola and isis, spare hose just in case of another 911,
10514/When one lives by the Lies, Frauds, Hypocrisies and Arrogances, one will eventually die by those Lies, Frauds, Hypocrisies and Arrogances
aibafs/ In the age of information ignorance is a choice, For all the Christian Free marketers out there. How do you justify your support for free trade? Is it because people are desperate enough to be treated like slaves? No slavery exists in the Congo, where children mine minerals for the iphone and other smartphones, where kids on the ivory coast are forced to produce at gunpoint the chocolate that Americans eat. Or even the reports that labor camps in China are forcing people to work and crank out toys and other widgets for western countries. How about all these things? What world do you people live in? What about the international sex trade?- It’s just the law. Mistakes happen. Good intentions are presumed when you have money and privilege. Mitt two time loser, third time hopeful, signed voter registration forms wrong Commits Misdemeanor Voter Fraud politicususa-fb/Seinfeld Scathing Speech Mocking Advertising, spending your lives trying to dupe innocent people out of hard won earnings to buy useless, low quality, misrepresented items and services is an excellent use of your energy Won A Clio Award digg
10414/people love hearing what they want to hear- Fox news runs sensationalism. They want you to think that if you don't watch all the way through every last minute of the program your family will all get rape mugged and your grandmother is going to be beaten to death with her own shoes- They do. It's so slanted, and they tell a lot of lies, and never issue retractions-To be honest, I'd rather believe left leaning sources in regards to Ebola and ISIS. They make it sound a lot less serious- MSNBC is my favorite. I already Know what FOX thinks-It's so hard to find a neutral source. I read a lot of articles from both sides to figure out the real story. The WSJ is pretty good, which is weird because it's owed by the same people who own Fox-What would an Ebola outbreak in Texas do for the residing Governor? Now think what the 911 terror attack did for President Bush during his historic voter fraud win fb/ desperate conservative obsession with taking down Neil deGrasse Tyson- Affleck and Maher clash over criticizing Islam-nc College Red shuts down campus voter registration drive-fla cop investigated after body camera shows rough arrest- Georgia man jailed and force- medicated for a year due to mistaken identity- activists were identified and threatened during Rafael Cruz speech rsy
10314/Netanyahu issued a sharp rebuke, reportedly telling Obama to check the facts before issuing criticism, EU took the opportunity to once again threaten Israel, saying that the future of EU Israel relations depends on Israel's commitment to peace iapb/ Biblical Tale Rewritten to Push an Agenda, big budget movie Noah caused controversy for not being biblically accurate, does more than take liberties with the Bible: Noah pushes messages nothing to do with the Bible- ice is now thinner, and the difference is so noticeable the Gravity field and GOCE satellite can detect it- Modern propaganda techniques utilized by the corporate state to enforce anti democratic and destructive policies routinely entail the manufacture and manipulation of news events to mold public opinion and engineer consent toward certain ends-WHO panel says unproven drugs are ethical as Ebola death toll tops 1,000- Vaccine Danger: Merck is Big Pharma’s Vaccine Monsanto- Merck Paid Legislators to Pass Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine Bill- 41 States Sell Out to Merck’s HPV Shot Gardasil Vaccine Lobbyists-Gardasil Vaccine Destroys Ovaries of Girl 16 Causes Infertility-FDA Rejects Merck’s Attempt to Expand Deadly Gardasil to Older Women- 49 Dead, Others Hospitalized After Gardasil HPV Vaccine naturalsociety criticalbelievers/ The media shouldn't feel anything. They should report information free of commentary. Editorials are fine, but a lazy public isn't always cognizant of the difference between news and commentary aibafs/ Duck Dynasty clan blames Dawkins, atheists for Sandy Hook massacre- Oops! after mistaking okra for weed Cops raid Georgia home-Cops kill Georgia grandpa in no knock raid triggered by burglary suspect’s tip- Cenk explains repulsed by Justice Scalia-Deathpocalypse now! Colbert ridicules Fox fear mongering Ebola buffoonery-Foster parent filmed himself sexually abusing a 6 week old premature baby- Maddow dissects multiple unsettling missteps in handling of first US Ebola case- Stewart: GOP is distracting you with non problems instead of actual bad sh*t- WV cop filmed videos of daughter dressed as police officer and marching to Klan anthem rsy/iman asks faux reporters if they are lying/ mae and steph whoretastic/3k military, 600 doctors sent to west africa, willing to kill kcwabc
10214/ISIS and the Spectacle of Terrorism: Resisting Mainstream Workstations of Fear The spectacle of neoliberal terrorism, violence and misery has become one of the major organizing principles of everyday life, the significance of a range of old and new media apparatuses as powerful political and pedagogical forces that shape this spectacle- Continual attention to non state terrorism helps justify state power. There are several little options to address, terrorism, including promoting nonviolent methods and giving less media attention to terrorism- health impacts of marijuana (cannabis) and alcohol and the way alcohol is exempt from Drug Enforcement Administration regulations while cannabis is classified under the strictest enforcement category- Uruguay Making Sense in a Senseless Drug War- VA announced it will cover health care costs for Marine dependents who contracted cancer and other illnesses from toxic water at Camp Lejeune- Truthout/ Few have been held sufficiently accountable criticism Warren often makes about the Federal Reserve-Texas Woman Denied Driver's License Over Same Sex Marriage- BuzzFlash/ az teacher fired after 25 years over defending student from racist bullying-Jessa Duggar blames the Holocaust on the theory of evolution- Political cartoonist I just love watermelon joke was innocent mistake-Prosecutor obsessed with jailing MN mom who treated son with marijuana oil to stop painful seizures- Florida officer Tasers black woman 62 in the back as she walks away- Stewart hammers Congress with Schoolhouse Rock update-Cop cleared after shooting unarmed man complying with order to remove hands from waistband-Conservatives freak out after Ruth Bader Ginsburg slams Texas abortion law- Obama lied about things so maybe you’re lying about Ebola-NC pastor 70 accused of sexually assaulting young girl for six years- Birther evidence-MN man shoots couple with BB gun, shouts Bible verses upset over hand holding in gay bar- SC cop faces misdemeanor charge for fatally shooting DUI suspect 68 in parked car-nm grandma pointing gun at kids, How does it feel to be scared?- lawmakers pushing bill to allow Alabama teachers to join students in prayer- Failing sense of smell strong predictor of death- NY cops shoot and kill man they were trying to save from knife attack-Secularism is like Nazis putting a bullet through the throat of Jews-Reds try to woo young women with bizarre Rick Scott wedding dress ad-White Ohio lesbians suing sperm bank over mixed race baby-he traveled to Liberia, but Texas hospital sent him away anyway-court blocks some of North Carolina's new voting restrictions rsy/Brownback Aide Ex Kansas Senator Being Investigated By FBI TPM-cdc is lying on hazmat suit in atlanta-FoxNews uses Ebola 2try2blame Obama Aren't UgladU have Obamacare? VoteBlue2014 2keep it!-Keeping the sheep in perpetual fear is a tough job- and a brain surgeon carried a machine gun into airport, just shows even some of the Educated people are stupid- Dirty secret NOT mentioned- tracking innocent civilians w cancer causing radar- tw/isis War the Pentagon Was Hoping for AlterNet/Bay Area Activists Again Prevent Unloading of Israeli Ship Electronic Intifada/red state aca ebola doughnut hole hartmann/400k rape kits used debbie smith testing law reinstatment gnbb/