Thursday, February 21, 2013

22113/oblamo Sequester Shenanigans, elite bully

22113/Secret Rise of 21st Century Democracy New economies based on
greater democratic control, real representation and citizen participation
are on the rise. There is much to be learned from countries like
Venezuela Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Nick Turse, author of the
best-seller Kill Anything That Moves, talks about the US Military's
concerted decades-long effort to cover up its torture and atrocities in
Vietnam - much more common than news coverage of the My Lai massacre led
the public to believe, to create a false narrative of the war Truthout/
Thom Hartmann, The latest Simpson-Bowles "Catfood Plan 2.0" is entirely
about helping out corporate America and the billionaires who run it, and
screwing over the rest of us. The plan argues we must abandon elderly,
disabled and poor Americans if we want to save the American economy-
Wisconsin's Private Sector Unions Are Under Attack/Palestinian Filmmaker
of 5 Broken Cameras Detained at lax, nyt/"No man is more hopelessly
enslaved than one who does not know he is a slave" Goethe-house leader
cantor makes 174k$ 239 days off, health insurance pension, yet, won't
raise minimum wage fb/fauxsnooze admitts maccfarland is the only
ligitiment real life show producer, would an abe lincoln actor lie? on
abc/more old drunks than old doctors, willie delson vince gill/eminent
threat, on imus/newt website will sign up anyone for free, thinks carl is
a elite bully bad republican depending on "experts", butthurt gov
employee, 20-30% savings cut enforcing military health requirements,
military brat complaining about being pawn blaming jama, on geraldo
22013/Columbine survivor became a whistle blower after he discovered that
his assailants were raped, sodomized, and given mind altering drugs which
may have contributed to their insanity in carrying out the massacre, also
brought a suit against the big pharmaceutical companies and won! Mark
blew the whistle early in the Columbine investigation that SWAT team
members stationed on the roof of the high school fired into the school
and may have been responsible for some of the injuries and deaths that
occurred usahitman/six term Congresswoman and American hero Cynthia
McKinney who was alerted to the plight of Chris Dorner by Michael Ruppert
a former LAPD officer who is an expert on corruption within that
department. The fake additions changes to the manifesto presented by the
mainstream media to garner higher ratings don't even match the writing
style or educational level of the rest of the manifesto and are clearly
fake clearly not written by Dorner, put in there by someone with a
political agenda, who is using an unfortunate situation to push for
legislation. Former LAPD Officer Dorner was concerned about corruption,
not politics. He was writing about his personal observations, experiences
and anger at the local authorities. If you want juicy passages on Obama
and his misses, you will probably be disappointed with the real
manifesto. It doesn't even mention the Obamas or the Bushes. Someone went
to a lot of trouble to fake a manifesto. This leads to the question,
"What else did they fake?" Did this man do anything other than blow the
whistle on corrupt police practices? Once lies start, where do they end?
If they start with a fake manifesto, do they go on to include falsely
attributed killings? Ruth Hull activistpost/Gore: Democracy Needs to
Trump Capitalism or the Global Elite Will Triumph Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash/
Six Politicians Getting Rich From America's Endless Wars AlterNet/ GOP’s
Sequester Shenanigans Carry Risks for 2014 wp/ EU Seeks Deal on
Fixed Salary Cap for Bankers' Bonuses R/FreeThinkers on Facebook:
It's always nice and It's always Human; Any time you enriched the others
with your knowledge, your experiences and with all you've ever can learn.
Help others learn, ever helps the world you enjoy of learning. I hide
only my personal grief and anger. Life was/ is never easy-Don't judge
each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant" Robert
Louis Stevenson fb/Virgina man charged with killing 8 pleads guilty; also
shot down state police helicopter- Nugent tweets State of Union response:
Obama 'master scam artist fn/Diamond heist goes down like action movie
Armed robbers dressed in police uniforms carried out a precision heist on
the runway of Brussels Airport, stealing one of the largest shipments of
diamonds ever in under five minutes with no shots firedIt is impossible
to say what the thieves will do," the gaudy booty, which experts said
could probably fit in a shoebox, shouldn't be too hard to sell, rough or
polished, (both types were taken) it is virtually impossible to trace the
stolen diamonds, They would just be fitted into the supply chain with no
problem," Levy says. "With $200 million going out every day, to put $50
million of rough diamonds into the system is not that complicated, any
larger stones, 5 carats and upward, the criminals will likely repolish
them to disguise them by changing the weight and size slightly. "There
are so many stones in the system you really have to be looking out for a
stolen stone," After they disguise the larger stones, the bandits might
smuggle the goods to the Far East, especially Hong Kong and Dubai, where
they could easily put them into the chain, Only a few will be recovered
freep/being featherless cavernicola The evolution of the mind to be
divine implume caveman goes through to decide who you are, and leave
behind old ways negative for you. But for that you know the right and
wrong, and suffer in your flesh, only then will respect your brothers,
and you did not want your daño.En struggle that consciousness has with
its attachment, autonomy has to overcome, and the attitude, easy to
"see", the only problem is that you must have is temperance: To have a
state of serenity compared to what happens to the other. And do not be
swayed by his problem or his triumph. and the power to control your lust,
and not pollute the truth. Castaneda insists talks with Don Juan on
personal importance and impeccability to be a witch and get a obgetivo
impossible. The sorcerer knows is impossible input, but their attitude is
constant attempt, being impeccable in their behavior and constantly
recapitulating to avoid falling into the trap of ego. The opinion fine of
a situation, you can only have when you go out of context, and you
register as an observer, without passing judgment on what you see. You
must make a path of purification of consciousness, to become the image
and likeness of God, or what is known as God. So you need the free will,
which really needed to have it both polarities: Knowing well. Knowing
evil. In Informatica is a waxy digitized and ones, positive negative, yin
and yang. This creates a music, a virtual composition, of truth. In the
biological system requires positive charges and negative charges. I can
rebuild, because psychically raped me since childhood, I grew up
"watching", I have changed, and because to discover the truth, I was
enmarcha directly, discover your abuse is horrible, but more horrible is
discovered that has been used this technology to create victims of
psychiatry to consume drugs and medicine, that the city and the world are
full of victim only had abstract intelligences to create chaos worldwide.
for evil, manipulating consciousness to create sick psychopaths who do
the opposite of those elected to do good. now you must get the whole
truth, because the planet is in danger of self-destruction. If we get the
whole truth and sacrifice with it, people can come to understand the
truth of his enfermades, the TRUTH of psychiatric illness, and the truth
of psychic loops that imprison the minds of the victims, who believe they
are defects of humanity. we can see reality with Opinion fine what we are
doing without us account. Mind control is standard in the world, millions
of the haablan persoans, former military, doctors, psychologists, even
people who have managed psychotronic devices as Mr. Gabriel Silva Vargas,
have stepped forward to check the power of mind control . But we do not
want to know anything that gets us out of our welfare state, and are
committing atrocities with people who no longer feel as worthy. We can
not continue to ignore any longecmb/Jack Swagger (yeah, me neither) has
now recreated himself as a  "Tea Party" character.  The new "Jack
Swagger" was reintroduced to WWE Raw last night. He talks about the
Constitution, waves a Gadsden flag, lauds the Declaration of Independence
and, as an added bonus, he and his corner man have decided to frame their
upcoming Wrestlemania fight in racist terms. Isn't that nice. Real Tea
Party folks have begun a barrage of complaints to the McMahon
family--REPUBLICANS--to knock it off. Apparently this is one way the GOP
will attempt to marginalize the Tea Party. The following video has part
of their schtick-Lew Frederick, D-Portland, said the bill's chances of
going anywhere are "none.""My response to it is pretty straightforward:
That's nonsense," he said. "It's a symbolic gesture trying to deal with
the fact that Barack Obama was re-elected- That's the undercurrent of all
of this." Frederick's anti white, Asian  and Hispanic response is beneath
him. He should apologize to Oregonians for his reflexively racist
assumptions about people who simply are battling back against his party's
efforts to curb their most fundamental American rights. Shame on you.-
Scott St. Clair: Dorner Worship Expected From the Left, Not the Right-
victoriataftkpam/In one sense Republicans are close to the mark as far as
the political dynamics of this are concerned. Yes, Obama can use the
“bully pulpit” to castigate Republicans and highlight the consequences of
letting the sequester go through. As The Hill points out, the White House
has already warned “that the cuts will reduce loan guarantees to small
businesses, end Head Start funding for 70,000 children and leave 373,000
seriously mentally ill people without treatment. If the GOP is interested
in expanding its House majority, and taking back the Senate, it might
want to think twice about manufacturing another stand-off with the
president. It’ll satisfy the Republican base, at the cost of alienating
everyone else-wp/Poll: 54% Dissatisfied with Team Obama™s Handling of
Benghazi. A new poll released Tuesday by CNN shows that more than half of
those surveyed are disappointed with the way the Obama administration
handled (and responded to) the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya-post
more Townhall links cite Mansoor Ijaz some more really boosts your
credibility-As if i care want you think, clown!- no need to care what I
think, Townhall guy but you'd better stay far away from the facts yfs/ ks
reb sez lets get these cuts done magdelen 54k$ school prices, defends
inarticulate aikens rape comment, on geraldo gop skizism/greek riots
euronews/Many of us are pro 64 and pro Second amendment. Personally I
think they go together. After all the Second Amendment was written on
hemp paper. The guys who wrote the 2nd Amendment grew and smoked it as
well. See guns and pot are as American as Apple Pie-Some of you rabid
anti-pot people are downright frightening, in terms of what you don't
know, worse, what you THINK you DO know :shock, paradoxically, a subset
group who think we should all be armed to the teeth/Republicans have been
saddling you grand children with debt since Reagan was president. Don't
blame it on liberals-Soooo...youre okay with CEOs laying off millions
while collecting $10s-100s of millions of dollars while laying off
millions. But when the PRESIDENT dares to take a whine like
a little schoolgirl. Idiot-ybac/gas prices are high, it is to tell us
why. We can see with our own eyes every time we pull up to the pump. That
is not news. But gas prices have been high for the past 12 years. When
clinton was president a oil was $10.00 a barrel, not $5.00 a gallon- yc/
Republicans will Never Occupy the Oval Office again, thanks to W , I said
he gambled it all away on the iraqi war, now its come to fruition yabk/
California Pays More Federal Income Tax Than Texas, Kentucky & North
Dakota Together! They Get Only Eighty Cents On The Dollar In Return & The
Sequester Will Make It Worse!-you guys say the blue states are the
smarter ones-Not The Sleazier Ones That's For Sure!,. You Hypocrites Are
Shameless!- yhal/bureaucrats have brains... gee whoda thunk? rbn/manhunt
Gun Kooks Fighting Tyranny! Double manhunt in South Florida, for two
suspects after shots were fired at police and a home was set ablaze
during a narcotics investigationafter shots fired at cops, home set
ablaze NBCMiami/Pentagon layin off 800,000..i love sequestration!
downsize the Obama enforcers-Newton was... a government operation? You
must be from Texas, home of George Bush, Rick Perry rbg/The religious
right that I was a part of is fundamentally anti-American, they hate this
country. They wrap themselves in the flag, but they hate America as it
is.”-Frank Schaeffer fb/
21913/Despite what conservatives say about how the American health care
system is the envy of the rest of the world, Banksters Rip Apart Spanish
Health Care, Europeans who are watching banksters privatize their public
health care systems are outraged. Thom Hartmann/ Extreme Wealth Deadens
Honesty, Empathy and Rationality in Many bf/ Chris Hedges Profiting From
Human Misery Truthdig/ It turns out that 54 nations (other than the US)
took part in setting up, aiding and maintaining the American global gulag
of extraordinary rendition and torture TomDispatch:/ What's the solution
Rubio, Boehner, Cantor, Rand Paul, Mitch OConnell, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz,
McCain..besides saying no? voters are fed up with Republican
incompetence. Rupublican approval ratings are lower than a maggot slime
trail-Studies and facts mean nothing to the radical far right idiots.
They have a fools' agenda to follow laid out for them by their puppet
masters-ybac/"Obama says Republicans in Congress won't name one tax
exemption they want to repeal, We’re told that these tax cuts will
supposedly be paid for by closing loopholes and eliminating wasteful
deductions, But the Republicans in Congress refuse to list a single tax
loophole they are willing to close. Not one-in other words, it is the
republipuppets who will not close tax loop holes-FKIN GOPS AND REPS,
LISTEN NOW TO OUR PRESIDENT A decade of war is now ending My fellow
Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it-The U.S.
lost 779,000 jobs in January 2009, which was Bush’s last month in office.
The U.S. lost approximately 3,526,000 jobs in Bush’s last six months.
Bureau of Labor Statistics-yc/Of the world in libs minds Christians are
the evile-VOTER FRAUD PROBE: Ohio Poll Worker May Have Voted for Obama 6
Times-FauxNews as your source?-The conservative use of garbage sources-
nut job Maobamaite, what do you use? The AP & clown network PMSNBC?- You
must be aluding to Rachael Maddow, Ph.D., Oxford- The con is left with
college drop-outs, such as Limbaugh, and with his fundamentalist
interpretation of the Bible as his authorities-No surprises. You put a
lot of stock in higher education & non-fundamentalism, don't you? But you
turn a blind eye to anti-American deeds of your beloved Solyndra
bankrolling Boshevik who spoke of transparency as a joke since he has
practiced none. Ignore Constitution trampling & executive order abusing,
moron. That must be very non-fundamental-whoop-de-doo. Compared to your
publicly declared campaigns to improperly disenfranchise tens of
thousands of voters, as you've done is several states red zones, and your
blatant gerrymandering in Ohio and Pennsylvania, this is small potatoes
yfs/ 21813/WH may not like Fox News Certain Fox sycophants believe the
President "owes it to them" to treat fox as if it were legitimate news.
They suffer from an entitlement problem- Obama owes nothing to a pack of
serial liars, an obvious bunch of propagandists trying to masquerade as
journalists-yfs/A friend of Nancy’s remembered that when Adam was just
six years old, he did not like to be touched. If children his age touched
them, he recoiled or became upset. "He was angry with them," Marvin
LaFontaine, Nancy's friend, told Frontline. Richard Novia, told
Frontline Adam would have "episodes" as a teen where he would completely
withdraw from the world, sometimes sitting in a corner, motionless-
reagans fault. I remember when he changed the mental health rules. Many
violent and vulnerable people are on the streets. Sad truth that is
reagans fault. We should spend more money on the people and less on the
industrial conplex-Lanza family had plenty of money. Lack of access to
mental health care was not a problem. Not all problems can be solved by
throwing money at them-Why would you take someone mentaly ill to a
shooting range?-To bond with him--Because you're an idiot who is in love
with guns-What stupidity prompts gun fanatics to solve mental problems by
taking them out shooting?-Rich people need the tax dollares to build
(overpricedseated) stadiums-like "treating" a heavily intoxicated person
by handing them the keys to your car and jumping in the passenger seat
with a five-gallon can of gasoline in your lap. It's probably not the
smartest thing to do-Fact, The AR-15 was found in the trunk of his car.
He used a handgun. Perfect timing to demonize AR-15s. Never let a tragedy
go to waste. Rahm Emanual-I'm supposed to feel guilty or angry that this
SEAL sniper turned PTSD gun therapist wasn't honored enough by our govt
or media, when it's obvious to everyone around that you don't give
mentally unstable people a gun, nor take them to a setting to use it in?
Dying fighting for our country, 100% honorable. Retired and doing
something really stupid? Thank you for your previous service, but you,
Sir, are an idiot-Wonder how he would have behaved if he wasn't on thirty
different scripts-News doesn't want to talk about that since big pharma
pays their bills with ad revenue-you can look at him and tell he is not
right-No wonder he did what he did, they were trying to kill him-you can
tell that by all of his pills his mind is very altered. Its like taking
crack with heroine with other bad stuff all at once-The face of evil-The
AR was in the trunk of the car, which wasn't even his (it was registered
to a Christopher Rodia-,a convicted felon in the state of Connecticut. I
don't think the rifle was registered under this name. For all those who
don't believe, you can listen to the 911 response when a police officer
checks the licence plates of "Adam Lanza's car" where the cop states the
licence plates and the car are registered under the name. Mr. Rodia has
already be serving his time for over 9 months in prison-it was left in
the car,but that part of the story has been kept quiet for far to long
from the public-They will not show footage of him entering the school
because he was not alone. Thus the car registered to someone else (who we
hear nothing about) and the multiple suspects police chased through the
woods as seen on the news. I mean does anyone seriously believe that
someone with as little gun experience as the media claims shoot 28
people, and kill 27 in a complete frenzy like what is described? That is
a ridiculously high ratio for an expert shooter let alone a mentally
challenged kid. There is more to this story, but we will never hear it
because it does not fit what we are supposed to believe-ynews/Olive oil
can stop inflammation and the development of cancer, everydayhealth/
blue beam black hole reality conversion theory? -Mindfulness: Un remedio
universal contra males universales-Universidad de Michigan han encontrado
numerosos rastros de agua en rocas de la corteza lunar recogidas por los
astronautas de las misiones 15,16 y 17 en lo que se conoce como las
tierras altas de nuestro satélite, las colinas lunares, rocas altas
compuestas de plagioclasa en más de 90 por ciento y que se cree se
formaron en la historia temprana de la Luna. Los científicos detectaron
alrededor de 6 partes por millón de agua en las rocas fb/Retail Stocks in
Spotlight, Dollar General Corp, the world's biggest retailer, Wal-Mart
February sales have been “a total disaster-proving people are starting to
take the economy in their own hands, and  that it takes an ogre to
destroy another ogre, dispite obvious implications  g/motorcycle
gang nets 50M$ without firing a single shot. British Police recover
bikes an hour later, say a gang of robbers on motorcycles tore into a
shopping mall during jewelry heist. as the guy with the ax smashes the
glass railing. It's really scary. And I have some young girls that work
close. Reporter: The six thieves were all decked out in motorcycle
leathers, helmets, with dark visors down. They nabbed hundreds of
thousands of dollars worth of watches abc/Rumors have it that Robert
Scoble is switching to Android. More proof that the Apocalypse is
happening soon g+/It took them fewer than five minutes to cut through an
airport fence Monday night, drive up to a Helvetic jet in cars with
flashing lights, hold up the pilot and security officials on the plane,
and take 120 packages of rough and cut stones, according to the Belgium
prosecutor's office. The men carried submachine guns, were dressed in
police uniforms and camouflage masks, We do hope additional security
measures can be put in place in order to safeguard a fluent and safe
transport of diamonds-gma/I used to pray for a bicycle. Then I realized
that God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bicycle and prayed for
forgiveness-Lord, I am lonely. And I'm sick to death of apples." "Well,
Eve, in that case, I have a solution. I shall create a man for you."
"What's a 'man', Lord?" "This man will be a flawed creature, with
aggressive tendencies, an enormous ego and an inability to empathize or
listen to you properly. All in all, he'll give you a hard time. But,
he'll be bigger and faster and more muscular than you. He'll be really
good at fighting and kicking a ball about and hunting fleet-footed
ruminants, and not altogether bad in the sack." "Sounds great," says Eve,
with an ironically raised eyebrow. "Yeah, well. He's better than a poke
in the eye with a burnt stick. But, you can have him on one condition."
"What's that, Lord?" "You'll have to let him believe that I made him
first-I'm already in the Army of the Lord, Pastor questioned, "How come I
don't see you except at Christmas and Easter?" He whispered back, "I'm in
the secret service-Suddenly, an angel appears before the man and says,
"Look, sir, could you do God a favor and at least BUY A LOTTO TICKET?-The
priest then knocks on the wall three times in a final attempt to get the
man to speak, and finally the drunk replies: "No use knockin' mate, no
paper in this one eitherössingen trata de recordar su
resistencia a Hitler, Fue la única localidad en la que se secundó la
huelga convocada por el Partido Comunista Alemán al día siguiente de la
llegada del nazismo al poder, En este año, en el que Berlín conmemora la
destrucción de la diversidad (que supuso la llegada de Adolf Hitler),
pensamos muy especialmente en todas estas personas», ha afirmado el
jewish religion piggybacking (na)zionism since 1947/rwnutz cry about
golfing with tiger, compare drones to wmd, on geraldo fearing first
responder cuts/wabc humping israeli tourism/
21713/bama, you really stuck it to those 1%ers Despite earning more than
$1 billion in profits last year, social media juggernaut Facebook moved
and paid zilch federal and state taxes in 2012.-the website will actually
be getting a refund totaling $429 million thanks to a tax reduction for
executive stock options-You're right. that loophole needs closing,
improved tax enforcement and regulation is needed, in addition to
increased tax revenues from these highly profitable companies and
individuals not paying their fair share. Glad to see you support the
progressive (Democratic) tax philosophy and exposing the failure of
Republican tax favortism and breaks for massively profitable, and
socially derelict, companies (and individuals) such as this one-Jesse
Jackson Jr. fined $750,000.00 for misaapropriation of funds-His daddy
made his money the old fashion way, he shook down comaies using race, and
took a big chunk from Budweiser. He shook down several other large
outfits, using race baiting. Yet the msm adores him. jr was even
re-elected by his gang of low info voters. I say let them stick with what
they voted for, put him in jail, and make them lose their vote in
Congress-Must be a bunch of Republicans with ownership in the European
processed meat business-What happens when the workers are made legal and
get 9 bucks an hour?-GOD BLESS THE PRESIDENT, All anyone needs do is look
at where we were when Bush left and Obama took over to see much
improvement. Two wars ending. Economy recovering. Healthcare for all.
Just to name a few- Good job-bama's ship, the African Queen, will forever
remain a legend-sunk and out of date? As in 're-elected for a second
term?" Wake up, moron-Listen, son. You wanna talk irrelevant, staterun
media parrots the false utopia here (as they do in Cuba) doesn't make it
any more true. You are addicted to falsehood, and I'm sure it makes you
feel happy and "relevant" living in fantasyland, although it's becoming
clear that, like any addict, you need more & more falsehood in order to
keep up the fantasyland utopian appearance as more & more people lose
their jobs, homes, and savings. My perfectly relevant example shows how
lunatics idolize their false saviors up to the point that bodies start
piling up in pits. And yes, I fully expect Obama to do something so
stupid that he'll wind up just like the other despots of history. And
because you follow lunatic logic, I don't expect you to understand. But
you won't be here when that part is written anyway. The useful idiots
never survive the purges initiated by their saviors. It's people like me,
the so called loyal opposition who also happens to be part of the
productive workforce, that will endure and ultimately set things right
again. That's the sad part of you lacking intelligence and common sense.
You have an inability to cope with reality. Liberals probably have at
least half of Darwinism right. Your gene pool will self destruct in a few
years. Or, like the Carter voters of old, you'll crawl back into your
hole for 30 years and wait for the next idiot to idolize-Having trouble
drooling out the latest Fox News "ditto-speak?" Spit SW's worm out of
your mouth, and try again, FOOL!-a million dollars weighs 2040 lbs in one
dollar bills ybac/Elsie Smith Sells Everything She Owns to Bury Late
Husband, I'd like to keep everything," she said. "But I have to sell
it. Everything is up for grabs when the sale takes place, except "her
makeup and her clothes, she will not be selling her husband's clothing
either. her late husband's niece helping her-the goverment does with
seniors as they do with vets, they suck the life out of them and everyone
else who struggles, by taking every penny they can through tax and
raising tolls, whenever more goverment money is needed. then they spit
them out like garbage when they have nothing left- Sometimes folks have
to spend every dime living and don't have anything left to pay for dying-
Omg This is heartbreaking horrible. dailyfiance/Things that happened in
1938?,Average wages per year $1730, Average cost of house rent $27 per
month, Average cost of new house $3,900, Average price for a new car
$763, Cost of a gallon of gas 10 cents, A loaf of bread 9 cents, A pound
of hamburger meat 13 cents. On September 21st a giant hurricane slammed
into the east coast with little or no warning from the Weather Service ,
the hurricane caused 40 ft waves to hit Long Island and sixty three
thousand people were left homeless and some 700 dead. New England
Hurricane of 1938 (or Great New England Hurricane or Long Island Express,
Floods and Landslides in Los Angeles cause 200 deaths, Freak Waves at
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia cause 300 swimmers to be dragged out to
sea, 450 metric ton meteorite struck the earth in an empty field near
Chicora, Pennsylvania, The Los Angeles Floods much of Los Angeles,
Orange, and Riverside counties, the flood was caused by oceanic storms
with heavy rainfall in the Los Angeles Basin leaving more than 100 dead
and roads, bridges and thousands of homes and buildings destroyed yabk/
Coroner: Dorner Likely Killed Himself ap/US Military Invented a Medal for
Drone "Pilots"? AlterNet/the 102-Year-Old Face of Voter Suppression It's
time to take on ALEC and the billionaires and the Republican party, and
work to make sure that every American citizen who's eligible to vote can
easily and safely do so Thom Hartmann, The Daily Take/Just Like Crack in
the 80s, the Police State Thrives on Gun Hysteria The current gun
hysteria will serve as an excuse to expand the police state, through a
new wave of mandatory minimum sentences Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report/
Rayne Brown, North Carolina State Republican, Introduces Bill to make
Nipple Exposure Criminal, House Bill 34, would make it a Class H felony
to expose "external organs of sex and of excretion, including the nipple,
or any portion of the areola, of the human female breast, women could
face up to six months in prison for an errant areola/bin ladin pics- Show
the pictures or I can only presume you're liars-The only reason to keep
pictures a secret is if Bin Laden was not the person killed and some fall
guy wrapped up the scam. We all know that the FBI never charged Bin Laden
with the 9-11 events, stating that it had no evidence he was involved. We
also know that the CIA station chief met with Bin Laden in a hospital
just prior to 9-11 and that he worked with the CIA against the Russians
in Afghanistan for many years, and that the Bush family was deeply in bed
with the Bin Laden family. What would harm " national security" would be
full disclosure of the truth about Bin Laden, 9-11 and how the cabal
headed by Cheney and his Neocon pals actually did..there are many other
telling and proven anomalies that cloud the issue, and if you trust what
the government says, you are a fool-hp/The WH may not like Fox News- bama
doesn't do fake news channels that went to court to get the right to sell
false stories and mislead people, Fox News Wins Lawsuit To Misinform
Public-Obama owes nothing to a pack of serial liars, an obvious bunch of
propagandists trying to masquerade as journalists.