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71614/first urgent humanitarian emergency measure

71614/first urgent humanitarian emergency measure, requires Migrant Children Must Be Welcomed And Protected Francis-The Cato Institute should house them and provide private schooling, but I don't want them getting raped- I'd ask him to house them at the Vatican, if he feels that strongly about it-As a good Catholic, I only listen to the word of the Pope when I agree with him-not rocket science-After Germany's defeat in World War I, and agreeing to the harsh surrender terms laid out in the Treaty of Versailles, the German legislature in 1919 passed a law that effectively banned all private firearm possession, leading the government to confiscate guns already in circulation. In 1928, the Reichstag relaxed the regulation a bit, but put in place a strict registration regime that required citizens to acquire separate permits to own guns, sell them or carry them. It wasn't until 1933 that Hitler came to power in Germany. In 1938 Hitler signed a law that completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition? You're welcome for the history lesson, That's right, Hitler actually DEREGULATED gun ownership. In other words you and Hitler are on the same side, Next time perhaps you'll do a cursory Google search on Hitler and gun regulation before you puke out something like this that only suffices to pollute the brains of your minions, you fuckwits have this derptastically wrong. Really, two seconds of research and you could have avoided this chunky puke of a post that makes you look like a fucking ignorant gunhumper fb/Why was it OK for bush's economy to go up, but its not ok for obama's?- Once you have to resort to BUT BUSH to back up your position you have already lost the debate Kara. What about the fact that people were working while President George W Bush was in office and jobs were available? What about the millions of dollars spent on Obamacare still leaves the same number of people without insurance that we had before and the costs to have that insurance continue to go up? What about the fact that Obama claims no inflation and yet you agree that everything that went up with your BUT BUSH list continue to go up under Obama? Perhaps Obama is a liar?-Are you $%#$@ing kidding or just ignorant? Bush left office, his economy was shitting 800,000 jobs a month, and it bled jobs for several months both before and after he left (Don't bother replying, that was a rhetorical, we know the correct answer) blind to reality and making absurd statements which are obviously false to fact, as usual-aibafs/WALL STREET and the kosher nostra-ignore the unwashed swine-Explaining Israel's blockade of Gaza to the ignorant and lazy.-did your momma get cancer yet soon ygs/ 35.9 24.2yf/ Right and left finally agree: Obama has checked out Mainstream media joins right wing critics cousin_itt-the rest of America finally figured out what conservatives were saying about stinky obama- I Hated L.B.J. For Vietnam Even Though I Knew It Was Part Of Eisenhower's Domino Theory Which Also Was Incorrect yhal/HOW THE GOP IS GOING TO WIN AN ELECTION WHEN You started 2 wars based on a pack of lies, about al qaeda and Iraq and WMDs, cost us about $3.5 trillion, 8000 US lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians. financing terrorist operations and overseeing a failed military mission. W, paid the ransom, $300,000 two American missionaries, a man was killed, had b0 done that Imagine what Lindsey Graham would be saying today? CONDOLEEZZA WAR CRIMINAL RICE WAS KICK OUT OF RUTGER, Released Under w, More Than 500 Gitmo Detainees One Benghazi Suspect, Mission accomplished, against law of the land ACA, women, extending unemployment, higher wages, emigration, food stamps for children & seniors, repairing bridges an roads, in favor of disenfranchise black voters, protecting the Koch Brothers, subsidized corporation, racism against blacks and b0, obstruction in the house and senate- cake walk, only thing that might screw it up if tards don't run Hillary, Biden, Cuomo, Howard Dean, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Christie, or any other- regurgitating talking points? Can you think for yourself instead of because economic issues matter I'm Libertarian that votes Republican, Democrats keep crying about women's rights to pay for Plan B on their own dime. SOOOO against women-Back your talk up with facts chief. Oh wait, you can't. How many scandals has the left wing media pushed under the rug? would have been all over Bush for the IRS and Benghazi scandal- according to all of the scandal sheets. If slick willie abusing women since at least the time he was governor of Arkansas had only been some kind of a low level boss he would have been charged with rape. yc/white power chocolate, klandy man, talking like a woman with no soul carlos makes sense, preacher sees the writing on the wall, steph sad/sbc, geraldo/ trickology, kubby risks term, off the reservation, kc/savage sez francis is marxist and biblical war will never end, caller helps claims antichrist puppet b0 beck via church conspiracy/izzy continues, b0 sez no, wabc
71514/Propaganda battle, fighting it out for hearts and minds online-at least 192 people have been killed by Israeli air strikes launched eight days ago to stop militants, 150 civilians, 1,400 Palestinians have been injured. At least four Israelis have been seriously injured since the violence flared, but none have been killed, Israel disputes the Palestinian casualty figures based on Hamas sources- bbc/America is apparently home to a special breed of domestic terrorists who haven’t quite thought out their righteous plans because conservative Hate Radio did most of their thinking for them Planning to Kill Police Wanted an Uprising, arrested in Utah, Domestic Terrorist Huggins planned to bomb the station and kill two officers, also planned to blow up bridges and other infrastructure to slow the emergency response, thought that this action would cause the community to rise up against the government, not clear to me what part of bombing a city police station is supposed to incite the community to rise up against the government r-All they do is block me and call me names-Take your ball and go home already Barry. yhal/Klein's newest book Saddens us to know we could have had Mitt Romney and His wonderful Family. tells of how much the Clinton's hate call Obama arrogant, incompetent, charlatan, sure Obama is a racist, same for Michelle and AG Holder-One must form one's own conclusions however. Do any of them NOT lie. LMAO!Coming from two con artists this is really comic relief-lying BS from them all day every day, and for what? Do they think someone might actually be influenced by their overwhelming ignorance, hatred, lunacy, and stupidity? ybac/Citi bleeding money, 7 billion will hurt, lets see if they lay off more people to continue this stock push. Citi is no where near as smart as the other banks. But, where Citi lacks in strategy it makes up for in ruthlessness, they do not give a damn about anyone including themselves. Citi does not care about next week or later today they are only concerned about the next 60 seconds laid of 11,000 people to prop up its stock yc/US Congress won't spend $10 billion for unemployment benefits to 3 million Americans, including 285,000 veterans, but they provide oil companies with twice that amount in corporate welfare every year hp- fb/ Prystupa NPA candidate promises more transparency and says his party isn't the party of "angry old white men vo/Montana man faces life in prison after officers find actively growing marijuana plants-AZ sheriff provokes protesters to block road with trucks to stop invasion of 40 child refugees-Man commits suicide by jumping into 30 foot bonfire at Utah’s Element 11 festival- Never mind those dead kids, check out our NRA gunbunnies- Stewart: World is so f*cked up, Germany and Cleveland are the happiest places on Earth- AZ charter school’s Tea Party’ history book claims whites envied the freedom of slaves-Robertson tells mother: Your son’s stomach pains are caused by a witch ancestor-Politico cuts live feed as protester with handcuffs tries to arrest Cheney- MS high school softball coach and pregnant wife had sex with underage player-Swastika banner stuns NY beachgoers, oversexed UFO cult to blame, not neo Nazis-Larry Klayman slams Clevelanders as too fat to host GOP convention- baseball team trolls Christians on Twitter during annual Atheist Night-Oliver: The rich keep the game rigged while Americans cling to false optimism-Ex gay PA pastor charged with teen sex abuse after pleading guilty to same thing- ks sick of 1,800 people being arrested over pot every year-Ohio woman with murder in husband’s bizarre suicide by plastic wrap-Nebraska doctors misdiagnose him as delusional Florida man spends 20 years locked up-Florida teen gets 23 years in prison for fatal shooting of a former police dog-Maher: GOP continues to spread lies that are neither alive nor dead, like Dick- radio host fears Iowans may be forced to eat gay pride burger-OK college expels woman one semester from graduation over her same sex marriage- Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is fundraising gold for Democrats-8th grade Holocaust denial assignment? Kids earned praise for hoax claims-Female Yahoo executive sued for sexual harassment-Seattle’s City Attorney apologizes for taking bags of marijuana to the office rsy/Michigan woman 51 shot herself in the face after pulling a shotgun to make a point during an argument-Marine Gun Fondler shoots NRA breeder wife-Miami Police Tells Resident to Arm Themselves as Hundreds of Officers Face Termination- 38, led by the Society of Professional Journalists, said the wh has opened the door to lobbyists, special interests and people with money- Big surprise, conservatives are a bunch of un evolved, frightened Neanderthals, with a kill it and grill it, hoarding mentality that is rapidly depleting the planet's resources. Also they are constantly at war with the real humans- tell you they are for mom, the flag and God and then go about the business of proving they're not. their blatant hypocrisy is insulting to independent thinkers-rbg/Swallow, Shurtleff arrested, face 23 charges and could end up doing 30 years in prison. counts of soliciting bribery, evidence and witness tampering among others, taken into custody at their homes without incident Tuesday morning and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. Bail was set at $250,000 each, Shurtleff and Swallow are accused of taking illegal gifts from the now-indicted Jeremy Johnson at a time when Johnson was seeking a legal opinion that would enable the St. George businessman to process online-poker transactions. Both men rode on Johnson’s private jet and stayed in his St. George homes. Swallow also twice used Johnson’s luxury Lake Powell houseboat, Swallow allegedly began destroying and falsifying evidence to cover up a deal he made in which Johnson paid $250,000 to Rawle to enlist Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s help to stave off a federal investigation, opted in September against charging either of them, although FBI agents in Utah continued to work aggressively on the case The investigation of public corruption is one of the highest priorities of the FBI, Left unchecked, corruption can erode the trust of the citizens in their government and undermine those institutions which exist to serve the public, they will remain for two to four hours while attempting to make bail.rbh/gop shenanigans mississippi senate race, Do you still think the Tea Party is irrelevant? These shenanigans that reveal the depravity of the elites would have never seen the light of day if not for the tenacity of Tea Party candidates and the work of alternative media to uncover it. Bloomberg and Facebook executive Sean Parker. Just days after each donated $250,000 to the PAC, it turned around and made a $220,150 payment on the loan. Making the loan exceptionally curious is the fact that both Bloomberg and Parker have donated an enormous sum for gun control causes, and Cochran gets an A+ rating from the Nra racist ads that featured prominent black pastors were apparently paid, staffers appear to have violated numerous FEC laws regarding the $40,000 in walking around money it doled out to get black voters on Cochran’s side aibafs/Since 1992 ratings for mtp continue to crumble as the American people continue to show no interest in the pro Republican Sunday morning show format-pundits were shocked by the gall of bO to say that he doesn't do photo ops, a mere day after glossy, White House sanctioned shots surfaced of him sipping beer and shooting pool tw/Bergdahl Is A Deserter Who Should Have Been Killed, a deserter who should have been killed, just like Anwar al-Awlaki, the Family Research Council VP says. Boykin-Fruitland Park, Florida police officers are off the job following FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports that they were members of a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan-Poltergeist’ At Couple's Home Turns Out To Be Woman On ‘Meth Rampage- Desperate GOP Congressional Candidate slated to host Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms fundraise To Ply Donors With Guns, Ammo And Booze- Suspect In Benghazi Attack Found Dead- Kansas man 30 will stand trial on charges of first degree murder and aggravated battery after prosecutors say he killed his girlfriend’s fetus by abortion pancake with medication-ll/waco law graduate gomert, demon seed lives, isolation is crazy dick and liz wondering why so many showed up to boo, fend iraq blaming b0 4 the whole mess, stephie/kt upset about bob bergdahl's beard, izzy warns gazian homes with smaller rooftop bomb before destruction, sarah sez no mas border patrol like domestic abuse imus/ catholic charities recieved 2B$ from b0, savage/
71414/Because religion has no place in politics, I Declare World Peace Today-Mayfield, ms Tea Party Founder, Became the Unlikely Focus of a Big Controversy- To Hamas, as you continue to launch deadly missiles indiscriminately, intended to maim and murder as many civilians as possible, while you take cowardly refuge behind your own civilians, the people of Israel, owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You have succeeded where we have failed. Because never before, in the history of the modern State of Israel, has the Jewish people been so united, like one person with one heart. You stole three of our most precious children, and slaughtered them in cold blood. our nation united as never before, in prayer, in hopes, in mutual support, To the rest of the world: Israel has tired of your ceaseless chidings we should show restraint, The people of Israel do not fear the long road ahead. Am Yisrael Chai, received email from a Catholic-b0 to shield Citigroup executives in mortgage fraud settlement-fines, payback, no jail, corporations are people, right? it's soooo confusing- rather than a political move to steal away votes from American Jews, who continue to uniformly sway Democratic. But even among American Jews, new cracks are visible unquestioning backing for the Jewish state is a reflection of strong support among evangelical Christians for Israel- Zaid said while the state is majority Palestinian, they are at peace, as his father is quite generous to the people-infamous Mexican Death Train owned and run by a Mexican wholly owned subsidiary of Kansas City Southern, a U.S. train company that acquired the Mexican equipment and routes in 2005 to create a NAFTA Railroad, called La Bestia [Beast], on which tens of thousands of illegal alien children from Central America are traveling through Mexico to the United States, being targeted by criminal complaints from Mexican authorities for allegedly violating the civil rights of passengers-do you suppose the railway mentioned is doing it for free? including probably bribing mexican officials to look the other way. they're receiving money in exchange for services rendered, you probably missed in order to maintain low information status, mexico signed an agreement with central american authorities to allow safe passage for refugees up to the u.s. border-unregulated capitalism at work-in this era of filing lawsuits, we ought to be suing mexico and it's co conspirators for child care costs & related incidentals, maybe close down the nafta express lane for awhile-did you see that Will Smith is doing a movie on his life? Zimmy will earn $3.2M, so murder does pay, Smith's kid is playing Travon-Could it be that the Kenyan Tyrant's real plan for the brown children is to form a youth brigade like the Hitler Youth only armed with all those FEMA bullets and he is scattering them around the US because IT is about to start?-a master plan to subjagate whitey- Kristol wants Palin to STFU about impeachment: She ‘makes Republicans look extreme-Republicans reap what they sow because their attitude about the president had resulted in voters who wanted to see him impeached-Gov ships a lot of those minorities coming into texas around her house. That ought to make her very happy. She'll be really scared to go outside -fervently pound the podium against the deficit, didn't blink passing a whopping $287 billion business tax cut measure with no effort to pay for or offset that amount- Can you guess who'll get blamed for the deficit?- Once Richie Rich Repos get their 287 billion it will trickle down to create jobs so the little brown kids will soon have work and wont need to go back to Guatemala. Once they impeach Obama, Biden will be president and we will all be saved! When they win the suit on the employee mandate they will introduce a bill to delay the employee mandate! They are waiting for Mitt to become president then they will do the immigration bill and put those browns to work as cooks an lawn men with the attractive females having a few special duties on the plantation where they will report directly to the Masa! And they will fix the fence by giving the FEMA ammo to the Montana Militia and putting them on the border to shoot these little wet back interlopers as they come across! rbh/Texas Man Had The Perfect Response Are you gay?, Only when I have sex, Daniel Webb, a comedian and sometime drag queen based in Austin, Texas, the president got a hearty laugh went up to pay at Austin's famous Franklin Barbecue, threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically. Equal rights for gay people! told him to bump, subsequently captured on camera, some criticism for cutting the long line at Franklin Barbecue. However, when he arrived at the front, he tried to treat some of the people he bypassed to their meals. produced a wad of 20s for an order that came to exceed $300, then When he confirmed his card would work, Obama put the hefty barbecue tab on his JPMorgan card-Only the president is allowed to joke about gays, and special olympians-a Texas Ranger would have beaten Webb's head to a pulp. I wish Perry had been there-Logistically, that's a really lazy complaint. I don't think you can safely have a world leader hanging around in a line, there was at least one politician he'd be upset to see in the line, If Rick Perry would've walked in, I would have lost my job. I would've taken that old queen to town yc/Banking key business in freefall at Cit, revenues dipped 4%, and 5% for Citicorp excluding Citi Holdings, the real slaughter appears when one looks at the bank's core operations. First, consumer banking, where we see that Retail Banking cratered 26% to $1.2 billion due to lower mortgage refinancing activity-Who's your daddy? All praise the humans-next google could be (SEEK) bac/I Hope a Rocket Hits John Kerry Stopping short of critizing Israel, US urges Israel to hold back on entering Gaza, amid rumors of possible Egyptian-brokers peace iapb/to stop the genocide searching for common ground religious facts with pink arab/isehole terrorism, mitch turtle moon walking ryan budget, accused of inviting children aiding smugglers, detainee problems hiding drugs in foil inside vagina within tinted windows, kathy looking 4 hitman apologises but offline 4 now, adolph snicknelgroover, cavutto hits one, ms hl using creativity for health care, gomerting, stephie back2 yelling at the tv worring about setting bar too high/kinky arc joke, his pal investigator no place to hide apple rash, going full hi tech with ipad? defending ussc boner pill penis pump calls, imus/co crime decreases 40% with legal pot despite crazy murder story, ignorace of ergonomics, pakman/leslie returning 721/brazilian ziggy stardust, girl from bohima actually pedo song written for alien play, not keeping tract of space and time too well still knows a thing or two, segal trained silva set up by agent, wtfaw/ creation science, death squad resurgence, hartmann
71314/We’re not going to write a blank check for $4 billion, Michael McCaul, Txr and dhs chairman aibafs/ The Lost, Lingering Legacy of Robert F. Kennedy, When his brother was murdered in Dallas, the comfortable world of Robert Kennedy exploded. He would unleash himself upon American politics as an avatar for the poor, the downtrodden, the sick and the hopeless, 1964 Civil Rights Act passes, studies show racial biases, by the likes of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, are alive and well- Groups Reject Anti Gay Discrimination Bill Over Religious Exemption, have withdrawn their support for a major legislative proposal that would outlaw workplace discrimination against sexual minorities, warning the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision could exempt companies on religious grounds- Limitations and Possibilities of Student Labor Coalitions, An NYU incident teaches lessons, the latest anti union strategies of corporations and the current state of labor struggles-Thousands Gather for NYC Protest for Palestine-Gaza crisis, by netty manufactured political ends, but it lacks sufficient public political pressure to end the killing-Larger National Movement Bundy Standoff Highly of Coordinated Evidence -Truthout/Loathsome Legacy of Dick Cheney, Part II BuzzFlash/Texas Shooter's Domestic Violence History Didn't Keep Him From Owning Guns mj/WUNDERBAR foreign policy! NO WAR for US Israel cannot blackmail O, Netty not welcome in WH ygs/karl stirs h8, cornpoll, unattended fund raiser, attitude ingram fns/

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71314/Predatory Capitalism:

71314/Predatory Capitalism: Old Trends and New Realities The future of a progressive social order that works for the benefit of all requires a reversal of predatory capitalism's escape from regulation, power over labor and stranglehold over a globalized operating environment Truthout
71214/to promote his new book, Awakening, Faith and Freedom Coalition head and Abramoff henchman Ralph Reed decided to test his luck, Maher Makes Ralph Defend Bible Verse On Slavery, As if liberals weren’t already having enough fun with weird Christian beliefs-getting threats because of conservative anger about the deal made for his son. called a Muslim, a traitor and a Taliban sympathizer, and As it turns out, Bob Bergdahl is a Republican-making the state’s senate GOP- controlled. in return for jobs for both himself and his daughter, Puckett (D) will announce his resignation, paving the way to appoint his daughter to a judgeship-Michael Gerson blames b0 for forcing members of Sgt. Bergdahl’s unit to attack him by calling his service honorable-Soldier Trashing Bergdahl Received Other Than Honorable Discharge-he just be making the whole thing up, Saxby Chambliss r, isn’t sure Bowe Bergdahl was really tortured-Skipped Bergdahl Briefings To Say They Weren't Getting Briefings-definitely not a hidden message in highlighting b0’s best numbers are among Muslims, no inference that he is one of them, no suggestion that he, therefore, is less popular among white people- Judge Tosses fla's Outrageous GOP Gerrymander- Dick and Liz Cheney Calls Al Qaeda Link And WMD's Undisputed b0 Sqandered Iraq-Keller of Live Prayer says Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi should renounce Islam and embrace Christianity instead, not the best way to convert someone to Christianity, but he defended his harsh words about Muhammad and eventually extended his harsh language to gays-Another Offense: He Cut In Line At A BBQ Joint in Austin-Haskins has given up his quest to become state rep, details emerged about his unusual sex practices, arrested multiple times for breaking into government vehicles, tampering with engines, and then masturbating while the motor was sparking and making noises-26 people have been arrested on weapons, drugs and other charges.The investigation uncovered a ring in southern Oregon that specialized in straw purchases- Breitbart Finds Prayer Rug On The Border, Only Problem is That It's A Soccer Jersey- Let’s talk about rape Akin, talking about rape again in his new book. Republicans have a message for him: Shut the f*ck up-ll/Cops put VA mom in chokehold after teens film arrest from porch- MN Republican economic agenda on theory that sperm enzymes in anus causes AIDS-Miami will be swallowed as sea levels rise, but the climate change deniers look the other way-WI Latino invited as scenery derails immigration rally-Albuquerque police militarize with $350,000 purchase of 350 AR15 rifles-union severs relationship with United Negro College Fund over ties to Koch brothers- Tampa cops criticized for fatally shooting suspect over $2 worth of marijuana-Maddow: Rick Perry’s tough talk is his way of atoning for disastrous 2012 campaign-rip tommy Ramone 62-rsy/ Trump and Rev. Jesse Jackson slam immigration policy fni/10,000 people who protested outside the Israeli embassy in London RT- Jesus never called the poor lazy, fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes or asked a leper for a copay-Industrial waste closes House side of US Capitol. Congress resting comfortably after overdose of metaphor tw/DSM-IV, a person with antisocial personality disorder deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure; 3. impulsivity or failure to plan ahead; 4. irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults-here's what we've gathered so far-Sociopathic mental health problems = no guns , Felonies = no guns-I go shooting with a Muslim family. Do you have something against Muslims?-You boys have such a hard on for the president it's comical...get over it for this post...can you manage that for one second?- he has drones-Who? Obama? lmao...Maybe you shouldn't you both seem a little whacko to me and can't seem to stay on subject and just want to throw out accusations so you can bash the little kids in high school who don't understand the subject so you change it so you can feel smart-Don't need Hatriots On my feeds- Kae Mac Phil, that is funny. Where are the Riots over hats?- What mindless, Goebbellina proaganda. It is obvious what the regime and its mindless drones, operatives and professional proagandadiists like Cims are doing...the Obuttnik regime pruposefully caused the flood of kids, is facilitating it, in order to cause a crisis. It is the Far left goons running the nation that are using these children as political pwns for their own sinister, Anti American agenda the Secret Project was also aired in 2012 in a documentary film about the MB in the West by American journalist Glenn Beck, Secret Project explains the twelve starting points of the strategy of the Brotherhood in the West 5: Work to establish the Islamic state, in parallel make progressive efforts aiming at controlling the local centres of power through institutional work 6: Work with loyalty alongside Islamic groups and institutions in various fields by agreeing on a common ground in order to cooperate on points of convergence while putting aside the points of divergence 7: Accept the principle of temporary cooperation between Islamic movements and nationalist movements gatestone- atlas shrugs-Self evident, no rich person got rich without receiving the benefit of others labor. Which is why you can't name one person that has-Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Ross Perot, shall I go on, or do you get the picture. These men created something that did not exist before-Not one of them produced a shred of value without the labor of others, not possible by any stretch of the imagination-Rich people are overrated, probably the most overrated people in the world. They screw up society in the name of their own avarice- hater-someone finally wrote it down-Baltimore Misappropriated funds: just evicted dozens of homeless people from the city's largest encampment using prison labor. The eviction comes on the heels of a federal investigation which found the city misappropriated $10 million from the federal government intended for providing homes to the homeless-White Christians all over the internet and in protests such as those in California are throwing up political conspiracies as justification for despising refugee children running from intense violence at home-my favorite called hotair hustling bullshit-let's not forgot that many of these children are fleeing the brutality of the right wing utopias that we have set up in South America, had same policies right wing is pushing here. Privitization, little attention for education, gross income equality, and conservative leaders. This is true for Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvado fb/Brissy's coldest morning in 103 years today! tw/
71114/If only GWB had kept his No Nation building Promise. Thanks, you never disappoint-obstructionism, Nobody can keep every promise made while running for president. However, Obama's accomplishments are many. His greatest achievement so far is economic recovery from the GOP induced Great Recession, passing the Affordable Care Act, negotiated a SALT treaty with Russia, withdrew troops from Iraq and currently withdrawing troops out of Afghanistan, new defense treaties with countries such as Australia, Japan and Philippines for a US presence in East Asia to check China. Obviously, this is a small sample and there are many other Obama accomplishments, not able to accomplish everything such as shutting down Guantanamo or getting immigration reform passed. However, this is all due to Teabag wackos obstructing and whining at every turn-in a debate with rival Al Gore, are we going to have some kind of nation building corps from America? Absolutely not yhal/down about 5% since hitting $16.22 last week following three upgrades. WFC has disappointed, compromised by reporting error subsequently corrected and determined to be of little financial, albeit major PR, consequence. C will be an interesting report-Boehner warming up for another-yanking Poochie to heel. Let's see if Master wants to test the sub- $15.30 zone again-what kinds of people really run the land of the indian killers who now do now want to be evil?- KEMOSAVIE White Man.- Boehner warming up for another USING TAXes NO PASSING EMIGRATION LAW-Obama should be impeached and brought to trial for treason, along with George Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton. After they are convicted, they should be executed-Let's begin. 1. Supreme court is not broken, lie. You just do not like their decision. 2. Supreme court did not reverse 200 years of decisions, lie 3. The is no GOP war on Women, Lie. Just because dems write a bill that furthers their rights does not make the rep against women. Huge lie 4. Minimum wage has not increase since 1970 (inflation adjusted) but over all income and lifestyle has 5. Obama campaigned on Bush use of executive power and not abuses it. Supreme court agrees, lie. 6. House send bill to Senate and harry Reid puts it in a drawer. Senate sends bill to house and they do not vote on it. You were selective in your facts which makes it a lie. Both houses of Congress are worthless 7. International treaty was about children sex trafficking. Of the 60,000 children they estimate that only 4,000 would qualify. that leaves 56,000 that should not be protected by the law. Another distortion of the truth which in my book is a lie, state both parties view and let Americans decide. Why is it you feel you can only win consent by distorting or with absolute lies?- Why can't you folks just lay out the facts- Because they are used to telling their followers ANY LIE and they will believe it. Disputing their lies and stating facts simply makes their heads explode ybac/Pukes are history's ultimate sore losers-for so long-B0 militant Hispanic hecklers, I'm on your side, man, previously told Hispanics on Univision to go out and punish your enemies-those would be American citizens you POS- terrorism of Barack Hussein Obama and the New Democratic Party-Divide the people, Make terrorism your primary tool to create unrest, fear, etc among the citizens. Obama is a pro at that. That's one thing he's good at, The Dem Party enthusiastically takes part, We'll see what happens, this November. Time for PAYBACK- 9 Military Officers call out Fox and the Baggers for the liars they truly are-yhal/ Unless the Israelis are doing the same as the US forces did with their Patriot missiles during Desert Storm, exploding them themselves and claiming a hit. You may or may not recall how the Pentagon was claiming a near 100 percent success rate, only to have Israeli officials later claim they doubted that a Patriot brought down a single scud iapb/ when wingnutz think of b0 they get a bohner/ portugal bank default nbcktrc/The fascinating story behind the pizza chain's decision to retire their iconic troll, the Noid-b0 orders barbecue during a surprise stop at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, the final leg in his three city trip before returning to Washington-The first semifinal was insanity. The second was a snooze, netherlands Argentina Was One Of The Most Boring Games Of The World Cup BLAME BRAZIL usat-FLYING BOONDOGGLE Why is Congress keeping it alive? Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere too dangerous to fly-20 brilliant minds, all under age 20 just started their venture this summer with the Thiel Fellowship program. carefully selected from over 1000 other hopefuls this year to receive $100k in funding to drop out of college and embark on a two year mission to solve the future, more than half already plan on going back to school techcrunch- How To Block Online Tracking STEAL YOUR FRIEND'S WIFI psmag-GOD LOVES A PROFIT, Just Makes The 1% Richer, How The Tea Partywon on welfare, taxes, regulation, then sat silent as the crazies took over the GOP. Now we're all screwed salon-World's Tallest Water Slide 168 feet and 7 inches, Verr├╝ckt is the world's tallest, taller than Niagara Falls and probably just as terrifying, Tests Its First Human Passengers-Due to a computer malfunction, 7,000 fireworks going off at the same time-Watch Lunatic Eat An Entire Watermelon, Rind And All- It’s like rain on your wedding day. It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid. It’s a strongly conservative news Fox News Rips Off video game Logo, in which the villain is a strongly conservative evil mastermind who wants to destroy the world, Irony Ensues avclub-digg/ Israel had attacked more than 1,000 targets, using twice the force it used during a similar operation in 2012 a Palestinian girl 8 was hit by shrapnel embedded in her brain, More than 100 people have died in Israeli air strikes, 675 civilians injured in Israel's Operation Protective Edge since it began, Gaza militants have continued to fire rockets into Israel, causing damage and injuries. reports from a petrol station gutted by a rocket attack, netty held very good, positive telephone consultations with Barack & Angela Merkel, added that no international pressure will prevent us from acting with all power bbc/ Sexting Hysteria Reaches Peak Absurdity GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED CHILD PORN, an extreme adult reaction to teenage sexuality judge in Maryland granted a warrant for police to take a picture of 17 year old's erect penis theatlantic/ so in essence in spite of everything, including third partier trying to hijack the process, anarchist collectivism like myself who weren't former democrats and who don't read so many democratic blogs and simply derail people like me because they're tired of hearing about dems etc and think that sense the two party system hasn't worked out it's both sides at fault or so they've heard. they've more or less managed to segway the country up split the map up so that Some former blue states are now almost entirely supermajority blue and red states super majority red and what do we see happening? We see California's economy slowly improving and republican states who are afraid of punishing success criminalizing poverty instead and shifting their necessary tax burdens onto those least able to pay for them. We see Democrats pushing for minimum wage hikes and republicans pushing to abolish them and still I hear people say both sides and their economic policies are the same do you live under a rock? how dense and blind do you have to be to not get that the only reason democrats weren't that great of champions of the poor is because they had to work with republicans- Hatch Plan To Boost Taxes On The Poor, Single party rule in 37 states paves way for big changes-criminalizing poverty- hp/ fb/ realizing who trained lavine, neil with the best chance to turn faux around and godfather visits imus with 200 watching, get to it fatso/between two ferns gets emmy nomination, high quality printed cards inviting imagrants surfaces no comment of liberal media? co conspiracy h8ers, reagan north secretly traded arms shelling 4 izzy, kanya buttwipe with napkins because european tp to rough, dilma hopped up on goofers and brazilian loss, ceo killer resurfaces, boner pills penis pump approved, dart barfights, freaky friday beck and mathews change bodies, marty robins spoof and autocon in a can rmm hits more homeruns, boner blaming b0 drunken rant No president should have the power to make laws on his or her own, dallas audience tries impeachment clip, fatass using gun as crutch kills girl upstairs, moose hulk mad, b0, opening a can of this is the way it is and how it goes now makes them look bad, monica's pal mai lee visits admits would've dropped pants 4 bill was hawt, stephie attracted to service gene wants drinks with hillary, overturning liberal media idea to allow comedian alternate choice and melting roads while on vacation/ red meat ideals and id cards, upset about drop in the bucket no strings attached 25m$ unc donation, asme union done taking koch bribes hurling bombs at palastine, 10m$ also rejected, unlike chavez giving the poor oil, ck/100 palis dead killed by izlam in gaza, wabc/20 share savage sez he's the king of radio,
71014/ Did people related to Goldman Sachs facilitated the 2008 Financial crisis? Have you asked yourself: why was it necessary to repeal the uptick shorting rule in Summer 2007? established after the great depression to prevent market manipulation, When the stock prices approaches zero, forcing them to either receive rescues or bankrupt, the script, John Thain and Hank Paulson should be quite familiar with yc/ Herbicide Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease Epidemic, Could It Topple Monsanto?- Despite Crackdown, Palestinians Organize for Long Term Peace-Anti Civil Rights Roots, Charles Koch's Ties to John Birch Society- Farmers across El Salvador united to block a stipulation in a US aid package to their country that would have indirectly required the purchase of Monsanto genetically modified seeds AlterNet: Money is packed with meaning, and it impacts our personalities, our relationships and how we think, neuroeconomics are drawing on psychology, neuroscience and economics to give us picture of the human brain on money-Predatory Capitalism and the System's Denial in the Face of Truth-investigation of the Thai fishing industry revealed that much of the shrimp sold in American and British supermarkets was produced with slave labor- truthout/ Texas Sheriff Wants Criminal Charges Against Fracking Polluter dk/Why Did the Only Pot Researcher Suddenly Get Fired? db/Koch-Backed Texas Attorney General Helps Hide Chemical Plant Dangers MSNBC/Chemical Company Fined $11,000 for Poisoning 300,000 People's Drinking Water rsy/A Delusional Search for Reasonable Republicans Krugman/Philippine Workers Who Make Your iPhone Possible Are Fighting Labor Abuse gv/ NC Students Challenge GOP Voter Suppression nyc/ Chilling 911 Connected FBI Records in Florida Dumpster Miami Herald/if Hobby Lobby Can Pick and Choose Let's Not Pay Any Taxes That Are Used for War or Prisons bf/When folks say they’re frustrated with Congress, let’s be clear about what the problem is. I’m just telling the truth now. Congress Has To Rediscover Negotiation And Compromise, let it rip, So far this year, Republicans in Congress have blocked or voted down every serious idea to strengthen the middle class, then mocked Boehner’s plan to sue him for executive overreach, Sue, Impeach me. Really? Really? For what? You’re going to sue me for doing my job? OK. I mean, think about that. You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job while you don’t do your job, b0 sez, I’ve got a better idea, do something wt- aibafs/ Perry Totally Denies Saying That Thing We All Heard Him Say We either have an incredibly inept administration, or they’re in on this somehow or another- Suspect In Shooting 7, Killing 5 People, Including 4 Children came to this location yesterday afternoon under the guise of a FedEx driver wearing a FedEx shirt, r l Haskell was married to a relative of the residents allegedly shot seven people, killing five in Houston-Dozens Arrested In ‘Straw’ Gun-Buying Investigation-Florida Girl 3 shot At Home; No Charges Have Been Filed- Pregnant Woman Shot While Driving In Chicago- Mayor Ray Nagin Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison- after the man shot his son 49 NC man 84 shot to death by grandson 11-gop suit not is a serious political play that will do anyone any good, it will backfire on a party best known for just saying no- naked man 20 broke into a family’s home, began loudly reciting scripture, wasn’t just high on the Holy Spirit. He was also high as a kite on LSD-Bundy Says Militia Should Point Guns At Immigrants- Half baked former Governor of Alaska has had enough and is fed up with “the years of abuse from this president. She took to Breitbart to scribble out a word salad which states, His unsecured border crisis is the last straw that makes the battered wife say no mas-ll/ Missouri man shoots wife because he got tired of her-CNN host destroys Texas councilwoman on live TV for heartless ban on child immigrants-Jones sinks to a new low, calling Michelle Obama the First Tranny-doj declines to investigate claim CIA spied on the Senate-Get extra stoned with some help from mangoes? The fruit might enhance THC absorption-Cops return seized gun to suicidal WA man hours before he fatally shoots wife, then self-Iowa man found guilty of growing pot after judge bars testimony about his terminal cancer-End times broadcaster Yes, Obamacare is readying us for Mark of the Beast- swarm mocks Texas teen drugged and raped at party- ex Bush lawyer beat her, broke jaw with flashlight over divorce papers-supporter tells Fox AR15 and Bible is America’s founding principles-Costco restocks Dinesh D’Souza’s weak selling book- Ablow: LGBT rights will lead to three humans and a dog marriage-Louisiana Priest should have reported child’s sex abuse claim made in confession- Utah cop repeatedly drugged and raped wife on video before killing his family and himself- Oregon tech CEO raped, videotaped Ex girlfriend in 50 Shades of Grey fantasy-Gohmert: Obama should send U.S. military into Mexico to stop immigrants-FL public defenders fired for calling Palestinians cockroaches and filthy swine on Facebook- rsy/Four fracking wastewater wells near Oklahoma City have caused hundreds of earthquakes since 2008- Magic mushrooms put brain in a waking dream state, Research suggests they may have permanent, positive effects on the human brain-Whistleblower Confirms Secret Underground Base beneath Denver Int’l- criticalbelievers/Netanyahu has launched a new war on Palestinians in Gaza, a war whose purported justifications make George W. Bush's excuses for his illegal invasion of Iraq smell nice by comparison iapb/ The biggest weak spots in the magnetic field have sprung up over the Western Hemisphere, while the field has strengthened over areas like the southern Indian Ocean, according to the magnetometers onboard three separate Swarm (ESA) satellites- aibafs/ Surrounded by thousands of packages of marijuana, Seattle's top prosecutor sought some advice: Which one should he buy? Ap/ flipping over beck savage sez unions, democrats, and churches profit from illegal aliens/humping izlamic war, justifying civilian casualities, iron dome at best 90% effective, geraldo wabc/ sarah sez don't bring a lawsuit to a gunfight, drinking daily ok running radio gig, the country not so much, puppy mill of crazies, paul lynd of congress linsey, gates 16 yr remote birth control implant, retweety stephie, the answer to flood of war on science and so yesterday women wingnutz on sunday morning/ family research counsel hate group circumventing law pakman/