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112813/unconstitutional NY SAFE Act

112813/Citizens Told to Turn in Pistol Owner ID & Firearms NY Gun Confiscation Underway, Confiscation of private citizen's Pistol Owner ID Cards, as well as firearms and accessories has commenced in NY under the provisions of the horribly flawed, unconstitutional NY SAFE Act ammoland-how long should I wait for a response from either you or him? One day? Two days? I called you out on your selfish ways. Knowing your conservative nature I also know how you will defend yourself. You are going to insult me and or mine. Then you are going to attempt some magicians trick and try to get the audience to look the other direction. Well read the OP- perfect example of common LIBTURD behavior." --You laughingly try to call us exactly what YOU are ! CTFU !! And I don't know directly, but my bet is Mark Moeller is hunting & having Thanksgiving with his family. And a weaselly little shitstain like you-All bark & no bite. *yawn*" This is a fine example of arrogance. I predicted that you would insult me. You did that. Then I predicted you would redirect. You did that. I answered your question. I will answer it again. Obama is not a liberal. He may be somewhat socially liberal, but he is not a classic liberal, nor a liberal in the modern sense of the word. Kim, I welcome you to answer this question for me: What is a policy that conservatives have that considers the numerous perspectives that all parties have regarding the issue without taking into account the conservatives point of view first? That is the perfect example for common conservative behavior. The nature of conservatives is that they think about themselves first, second, third and then they consider others, I should probably elaborate this. Not all people who are labeled conservative, by themselves or others, do this. This is the thing though, more people who show this selfishness tend to be conservative. This is why I label selfish, narrow minded people as conservative, selfish behavior is why so many conservatives flock to the ideologies of capitalism. This is also why so many conservatives are for plutocratic policies. This is also why I don't support Obama. He isn't progressive. He is just another selfish fat cat trying to be socially liberal, while at the same time supporting policies which make the rich richer and the poor poorer.fb/58% of Republican believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old-What percentage of Democrats believe that?- still woefully high because of the welfare crowd. Problem with the Republicans, the denial of science has no economic barriers, and many of their politicians are some of the biggest deniers-iapb/rubio hates minorities, dildoe sword wielding queen of growling dogs flumery, on stephanie/
112713/Blumenthal, author of a risible anti Zionist rant titled Goliath that was brought to our attention by an excellent article by historian Ron Radosh at Pajamas Media. We need not waste much time rehashing the book’s complete lack of intellectual merit or integrity. Suffice it to say its purpose is to libel the State of Israel as not merely an apartheid state but as a successor to the Nazis, His goal is not to force its withdrawal from the West Bank or to reform it in any matter but to work for its abolishment and replacement with a new Arab state in which those of the six million Jews who care to say will be forced to assimilate into Arab society rather than maintain a separate national identity-Americans back a newly brokered nuclear deal with Iran by a 2:1 margin and are very wary of the United States resorting to military action against Tehran even if the historic diplomatic effort falls through,R-Sorry Nobody wants to go the bolton route-Seth was supposed to be on one of the flights that hit the Twin Towers on Sept. 11th, but slept in and missed taking Flight 11, all, 92 people on board were killed,[4] including David Angell (the creator and executive producer of the television sitcom Frasier), his wife Lynn Angell, and actress Berry Berenson, the widow of Anthony Perkins.[5] Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane had been scheduled to be on the flight but arrived at the airport late.[6] Actor Mark Wahlberg was also scheduled to be on the flight but canceled his ticket at the last minute.[7] Actress Leighanne Littrell, wife of Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell, had also previously been booked on the flight, but like Wahlberg, changed her plans last minute-ashkenazi jews traced ancestry to europe-paranoid Jew haters bring out the idea that Jews calling Israel a homeland based on ancestry to try to make Israel illegitimate, but for some reason Christians who go to church and believe in a mythological Jesus seem to get a free pass for whatever their beliefs lead them to do or think-It is funny, but I don't think christianity has anything to do with the gall of a Caucasian of Northern European descent settling in Canada, whining about the legitimacy of those of partial Caucasian descent settling down elsewhere-The whole idea of Jews settling in an area in the middle east that was not sovereign, had a sparse population, had a historical biblical significance, and gave Jews the possible ability to escape anti semitism and be treated equal amongst their own was not a bad idea at all. If it was any other people, other than Jews, Jew haters would have no problem with it-hypocrisy is on many levels. For example, no more than 1 million Jews went to Israel prior to 1948, yet there are over 8 million people of Lebanese descent in Brazil today, Dearborn is more than half full of Arabs, a place where no Arabs existed 120 years ago, millions of Muslims have migrated to the West. To say they don't culturally affect their new neighbours is ludicrous, and lets not leave out that they now occupy land that used to belong to others. How much land do Lebanese Brazilians take up in Brazil? Probably a lot more than today's Jews do in Israel-iapb/washingtontimes wheres openness-story has been gathering steam in recent weeks, partly because Mr. Obama took office on a vow to keep his government open and transparent-They are working on it in the back room with insiders and lobbyists-csmonitor Fisker lose-139m-Automotive Electric cars again. Taxpayers effed again, they're not in the league of a Solyndra but,there's Tesla. at least they became profitable, not by selling cars but by selling energy credits, probabaly dreamed up by al gore. but don't tell nolaxride that. she probably thinks they made all that money selling cars, not that good with math, money-the same jackasses who are in charge of healthcare now. good Christ-aibafs/Krauthammer: 'Iran Agreement Is a Farce, the Worst Deal Since Munich in 1938-O'Reilly: Did Obama Make an Iranian Nuke Deal to Distract From ObamaCare?-to NJ Neighborhood Naval Base's Anthem Too Loud?-Should People Reconsider Flu Shots After Teen's Shocking Death?-Gov't Trying to Ban Pay for Life-Saving Bone Marrow Donors-Is ObamaCare a Redistribution Scheme?-Coulter, Hannity: Why Is Obama Appeasing a Terror Supporting Regime?-Vietnam Vet Saves Woman Who Jumped From Upper Deck at Raiders Game fni/Conservatives you suck Israel Dick but Jews vote Democrat, why don't they like you-real nice. Is there any other way to make a comment like this for you? Do you talk like this in everyday conversations? I like you and have for a while, we have different views, but a widely different vernacular. I'm no prude and occasionally let the expletives fly. Maybe I'm getting too old for this junk, you think?-Im sorry, conservatives why don't jews vote for u, when you love Israel so much better? So why don't like u-do you think than now Obama has pissed on them they will still Vote Democrat?-he got 70% of their vote, their liberal they don't want conservatism-perhaps if the democrats install Jim Crow laws again they will increase the black vote to a full 100%? you think and for the record the all the Jewish people I know voted republican-he's not running again. Until Conservatives stop with social issues you will not hold the whitehouse-now that he has taken a stand AGAINST Israel in favor of Iran do you seriously think they will keep voting democrat?-Yes! No other President has done more for the Nation of Israel, that was Israel Defense Minister. BiBi wants war. So we can send more soldiers die-DA REBLOODLICANS AND DEMOCRIPS IN DC WILL SUCK ANYTHING AS LONG AS YOU BRIBE THEM!-Jews have been voting democrat for decades. That's not likely to change anytime soon-you should know when you try to stop blk people from Voting, we will come out in force. The Gop woke up a Sleeping Giant. Try to hold blk people back, shit we we're beaten, hosed, dog attacks and lynched. The Gop is dumb-Asians, Women, Jews, blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat. Conservatives you still own the angry white vote-until that changes fuck conservatism-Black people did not come out in force to vote because someone tried to stop them from voting. They came out in force because Obama ran-proves your efficiency argument is not entirely correct. Keep supporting corporations taking over the government all you want though. We are on a downward spiral as a nation because of it-either you fell for my trolling you, or you were proven wrong. Go ahead and run like the little bitch you are though. Til the next time you dare to show your narrow minded ideologies around here-that's actually true that corporations are taking over government. (Among so many MANY other things that have this nation on a downward spiral.) But BOTH parties are party to promoting & conspiring with large corporations taking it over. If you don't see & acknowledge that fact, then you just proved * corporate trojan horse right You ARE a moron. I mean shit...Obama & his admin are RIGHT NOW trying to SELL OUT OUR VERY SOVEREIGNTY to 600 large corporations in the TPP Trade Pact he's been secretly trying to push through. A.k.a. : "NAFTA on steroids-Do some friggin research dude ! TPP is some bad baaaaaad shit, And I don't mean "bad" in a "good" way fb/College Student Faces Backlash After Article on ObamaCare Cancellations-President Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey Named Popcorn-Why Did MSNBC Fire Baldwin But Not Bashir?-Krauthammer: Obama Is Running a Candy Store-Time Mag Writer Walks Back Admission That Death Panels Are Part of ObamaCare-Is There an Effort to Remove God From American Culture?-Are You Really Scoring a Black Friday Deal? The Dirty Secret Retailers Don't Want You to Know fni/going all pot, on stephanie/
112613/I prefer a Church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a Church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security, How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses 2 points? Pope Francis called on rich people to share their wealth, as Thou shalt not kill' sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say 'thou shalt not' to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills, attacks 'tyranny' of unfettered capitalism, 'idolatry of money, urging global leaders to fight poverty and growing inequality, criticizing the global economic system, attacking the "idolatry of money" and beseeching politicians to guarantee all citizens "dignified work, education and healthcare." Francis finished an encyclical begun by Pope Benedict but he made clear that it was largely the work of his predecessor, Called Evangelii Gaudium The Joy of the Gospel stresses the Church's central mission of preaching "the beauty of the saving love of God made manifest. As long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality, no solution will be found for the world's problems or, for that matter, to any problems-The Pope's message is the STANDARD Christian message. We've all heard it many, many times before. I suppose the Pope hopes if he says it enough times it might 'stick' eventually with some of the flock-rbh/Zim+my is not done killing-God Will Curse America For Making A Deal With Iran-Health care providers announced more layoffs than any other industry last month, 8,128, largely because of reductions by hospitals, according to outplacement firm Challenger Gray and Christmas. So far this year, the health care sector has announced 41,085 layoffs, the third-most behind financial and industrial companies. from USA Today-Obama Flies B-52s Into China Expanded Air Defense-'A CATASTROPHIC TRAIN WRECK Poor Denham and levelheaded republicans don't stand a chance. The rest of the GOP hates hispanics (and blacks and women and college students-The Grand Old (white biggoted) Party will stay old and white and hate filled-Homeland Security Behind Boston Bombing!-The Holy Order of the Sons of Liberty, promotes a remarkable collection of conspiracy theories, in addition to the charge that the Boston bombing was a “false flag” operation. Many are focused on conspiracy theory staples: Zionism, the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve. Others are more creative. Lyme disease is biological warfare being carried out by former Nazis that were allowed entrance into the U.S. And speaking of Nazis, Does it not bother anyone that the German people submitted to Hitler? Well here is why. The Nazis fluoridated the water of the people. And it made them passive and not able to do more than whine and complain but never have the nerve to do anything when faced with hard choices. Oh and by the way, they fluoridate ours too-rbg/Phil, Donna, Doom Fulfilled. You got GOPshockinlystupid. You got Bushisapissant and BSD Dude. And QuincyMagoo. I mean, just LOOK at 'em ! Read their own words ! If that ain't testimony to what a Democrat is all about then nothing does them justice. I mean, we're talking people that came out butt holes. I sh-- you, not!!yhal/

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112613/FED's treatment of savers is disgraceful

112613/FED's treatment of savers is disgraceful and driving the weak into the ponzi scheme market!-Why be nice? The Teabagger or AKA the KKK have been waging war on us since the beginning of the USA !! Now they want to starve our poor with budget cuts ! Why don't they cut some of their military industrial complex masters budgets instead?-how we know, that you're well hung? We can't get a finger in between your neck and the rope-Thanks for proving my point Teabagger or AKA the KKK-Wow , you are hung..any more major attributes or accomplishments in your life, besides sucking all the money out of government wellfare programs.Oh excuse me, is that profiling. Get off the board already, you waste of a brain-No, we only hate you because you're stupid and lazy-did you mean $250? how can you keep telling these lies, you house was FORECLOSED on this year, you are not 57, thin and rich, you are 65+, fat and broke ybac/Thanks Sean for staying focused on the cause. That said, now get those companies out of the mountains stealing the mineral resources from the people. I think Madonna will help once she sees for herself what's needed. At least she's there, a beginning. Good luck-Haiti, years after Hollywood "interference" worse off than before. You have to love how well their "aid" works. The only ones better off of are the Haitian leaders who have stolen the "aid-sean penn, the wanna be lee h Oswald, stinking communist-Are you sure you're not getting it mixed up with Ethiopia, the Sudan, Kenya etc., where Warlords steal the UN aid for themselves and Pirating runs rampant? Yet you bust on Sean who's been there helping, living in tent city, AND I'm sure you have not-Penn should run for political office in Haiti and stay their-Waxman, what a sad attempt to say something negative about someone who is undoubtedly doing far more than you to help others. A typical republican response to hate on someone who happens to be from Hollywood who clearly puts his $money$ where his mouth is, rather than republicans who put their money where it helps their stock portfolio only-What kind of cretin (look it up) criticizes someone for helping people in need?-What kind of cretin thinks Sean Penn is a man? ym/thanksgiving: Billionaires Gorge as Many in America Near Starvation BuzzFlash/The Long Shadow of Iran-Contra Esquire/Hartmann The reality is that the money allocated to social programs is just a fraction of the amount of money the government gives to big corporations. However, a new bill that would end the tax loopholes and corporate subsidies supporting Big Oil might be the answer to end corporate welfare/Secrecy Shrouds Sandy Hook Investigation ap/PAID ON DELIVERY The Strange Secrets Of The World’s First Obstetricians What if you invented something that could save the lives of babies and their mothers during childbirth? Would you spread the technology freely, or ration its access to maximize your profits? The inventors of the forceps chose the profits route priceonomics/Republicans Joining the Battle Against Big Money Politics MotherJones/Four Ways the Koch Brothers' Wealth Is Beyond Comprehension AlterNet/Ten Fun Facts About Blackwater's Founder on the Eve of His Book Tour Gawker/Nuke Pact Defies the Neocons, Official Washington’s still influential neocons are livid over President Obama’s interim nuclear deal with Iran and will keep up their sabotage fight. But the pact marks an important fork in the foreign policy road, showing that the US government can still put American interests first, Consortium/Scared to Death, My Safety ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Security Despite the fact that we are living in a real life horror movie these days, equipped with mass violence and crazed murderers who care nothing about the sanctity of life and life chances, we seem to be desensitized like moviegoers in a theatre watching the latest disaster flick, TomDispatch/several former American envoys are raising the red flag. been called an egregious slap in the face to the Vatican, has moved to shut down the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See, a free-standing facility, and relocate offices onto the grounds of the larger American Embassy in Italy. The new offices will be in a separate building on the property, a cautionary reaction to last year’s attacks on America's facility in Benghazi, It’s a “massive downgrade of U.S. Vatican ties,It’s turning this embassy into a stepchild of the embassy to Italy. The Holy See is a pivot point for international affairs and a major listening post for the United States, an insult to American Catholics and to the Vatica former U.S. Ambassador James Nicholson in the National Catholic Reporter wt-aibafs/Thinking about smuggling drugs into jail? Here's some tips tw/ faux snooze fullcourt press trying to rekindle the aca fight or using sandy hook to try and avoid looking like wingnutz happily calling in to stir fear, on geraldo/
112513/hussein's death panel debacle is worse than the iraq war worst thing for america since, carter's failed pretendency, while the iraq war disposed of a diabolicle terrorist and freed millions of oppressed people from tyranny, hussein's failed communist death-panels are destroying the middle class, leaving millions uninsured, sky rocketing premiums, and will ultimately leave desk jockeys deciding who gets life saving treatments and medicine-As the bugs and website glitches continue to be less of an obstacle, or a phony excuse to just execute it! and enrollment numbers nationwide continue to improve– with enrollment in state run exchanges reportedly doubling week to week, the media’s going to have to eventually alter their storyline to begin to demand why 25 Republican governors are continuing to refuse Medicaid expansion-Years later, when [Bush] became president of the United States, he would deny making any attempt to review the agency files on the JFK assassination, when he made this claim, he did not realize that the agency would release 18 documents [under the Freedom of Information Act] that showed he had indeed, as CIA director, requested information not once, but several questions surrounding the Kennedy assassination. Then there is the business of the November 29, 1963 J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI Director. The subject is "Assassination of President John F. Kennedy-Poppy Boosh is certainly linked to the deaths of his fellow crewmen who experienced a horrible death when Poppy bailed out of his plane in a panic during WW II-Why did Joe Kennedy Jr blow up his plane killing the crew? Why did JFK let a Japanese cruiser crush his PT Boat killing crew members? Why Cupcake, why?-yhal/IRAN VERSUS ISRAEL, THE ENTIRE WORLD ROOTING FOR IRAN-How about the Europeans who also signed the historic agreement Iran's bitter enemies, Israel and Saudis making noises-israel has a blank check with the usa, can do no wrong. TOAST, LIKE CARTER FOR STANDING UP TO THE CHOSEN-Obama's legacy just got a HUGE boost-WHEN WILL THE CHOSEN LEARN-WHEN THE GOYIM WAKE THE PLUCK UP-ygs/SOUND SMART AT THE WATER COOLER The deal is being called historic. USA Today says it may be President Obama's most unlikely and most meaningful foreign policy victory during his time in office. What You Should Know About The Iran Nuclear Deal npr/Healthy Teenage Son Died After Routine Flu Shot fni/iranian nuclear deal sparks war words aljazeera-poor israel just got their 'woe be to us' card taken away by mean old john kerry rbh/ didn't write his children's book or he plagiarized Noah Rothmam for the "Limbaugh theorem. Nothing from the pathological liar is original. He slipped and let out that someone else wrote the book over the air, but he edited out his Freudian Slip in his transcript proving he has something to hide, compared filibuster reform to legalizing rape-rbg/MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE Two Gunshots On A Summer Night A deputy’s pistol, a dead girlfriend, a flawed inquiry nyt/Foreign Policy in Focus: John Feffer explains the "messy origins of the Israel," saying that historically "terrorists and other extremists helped create the modern state of Israel and continued to operate even after that state came into existence/Limbaugh: Filibuster Reform is Like Rape Salon/Healthcare Is So Horrible Here that Thousands Rely on Free Clinics-And You're Fined if You Don't Use Prescription Drugs AlterNet/White House, Allies Weigh Nomination Strategy Under New Senate Rules-Maryland St. Mary's College of Joins Troubling US Trend: Too Many Empty Freshman Seats-Israel's Netanyahu Calls Iran Deal "Historic Mistake wp/Elizabeth Warren on Social Security: "It's Values, Not Math caf/The Walmartization of Aerospace & the Race to the Bottom BlackCommentator/Multi Millionaire CEOs Hatch Plans to Cut Social Security While Compiling Massive Nest Eggs of Their Own SmirkingChimp/Time flies, and the end of the year approaches. Inevitably, many of us find our thoughts turning towards the next year, and the year after that, and the one after, At Truthout, although we know that there are risks and challenges ahead, we're excited about the future. Why? Because we believe that by exposing injustice and inequality, and by providing a platform for bold new solutions, we can build a better future. In fact, the process of building a better future has already begun/joint military exercise America and Israel: A Fraying Bond? The once unwavering alliance between the United States and Israel is showing signs of strain, Obama’s deliberate coldness toward America’s traditional ally has not been lost on the Israeli public. He spoke in Cairo, while avoiding a balancing visit to Jerusalem, and] humiliated Netanyahu ynetnews-Fifty six percent also say bo does not inspire confidence, and 53% don’t view him as a strong and decisive leader. All time records CNN-gunman on campus yale locked down weaselzippers-Cirincione is president of Ploughshares Fund, the author of "Bomb Scare If you don’t like negotiating with Iran what you’re really saying is you want to go to war-West Coast Jews are pissed that Palestinian children draw pictures Obviously, since the Israel-Museum of Children’s Art display, to feature poetry and special art activities for children, ranging in age from about 9 to 11 and included bombs dropping, tanks and people getting shot. (SFGate-Palestinian issue is very black white, for us or against us, it only makes sense that everything Palestinian is BAD. Especially when it may be critical of Israeli policy-iapb/gun nut tries to shoot self instead kills woman, on stephanie/adding a capper and accepting wingnut tactics, on bbpv

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112413/turncoat kerry

112413/‘I’m Not a Particularly Ideological Person’: Obama Calls GOP House an ‘Impediment’ to Governing-This is why the NFL is worried about the stats on brain injuries. They know that a single generation of mothers refusing to let their boys play ball-fb/Democrats at war: Bailing on Obama, mainstream media just loves: Republicans at war. The party’s splintered to shreds, torn beyond repair, cut in two, broken asunder, week after week. The House speaker loses a vote, boom, the Republican Party is ruptured. But guess what story they never write? The Democratic Party is ripped to tatters. The fake love fest that broke out in June 2008 is over. She’s back, and so is her troublemaking husband (who last week advised President Obama to “honor” his commitment on keeping your health insurance, and he knows about honor wt-leftists never see past their noses. They never see the second and third order effects do their decisions-and then expect me not to think you are mentally retarded? the whole idea of negotiating is about looking into the future, trying to negotiate could change goals. Keeping the status quo is about not looking into the future. It is just punting the ball into the future and hoping that something miraculous happens, righties bring up NKorea all the time is a strong indicator that they believe that any negotiation is futile, They're just too cowardly to admit that they want war-The world is facing a similar situation in 2013 with Iran as it did in 1938 with the Nazis, many who could see the dark clouds forming and assembling above but no one knew the extent of the horror that was going to unfold over the next seven years, The world should not think for one minute that the Iranians want a negotiated settlement just as Hitler never wanted anything but total and absolute control of the world. The West always has a hard time reading the Muslim world, they have higher priority ambitions including controlling all of the Mideast's oil fields, and the economic and physical destruction of the United States of America who they view as the "Great Satan along with their ally North Korea. Hopefully, enough smart people exist in the world today to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons dejavu all over Dr. Joe Frager israelnationalnews-iapb/rp excuses himnself to us pailin, on stephanie/
112313/For those who were of age and alive at the time of the Dallas killing, a fresh memory of the times and era are integral to their assessment. Those who were born later, have no firsthand experience of the actual change that took place to the body politics. Comparing before and after is mostly forgotten by the history accounts. For those who remember, the country started on a downward spiral that continues to the present. The assassination of John F. Kennedy was a political coup d'├ętat and has been described as an enigma with many layers of disinformation, peeling back this onion exposes a rot that very much explains the current condition of our country. White Couple Beaten and Left for Dead After Requesting Muslim Neighbour Repair The Fence JewishProblem BATRuk/shrieked when it was suggested that democraps were cooking the books prior to the election? Yeah, that's right, we're "nuts" - exactly what Stalin used to do. These Bolsheviks will do whatever it takes America, and unless you're prepared to bleed them out in the streets this is NOT going to stop "Joker" is now in charge of Gotham's streets and 50 gang members have gathered to discuss how to carve up the city nypost de blasio policing from excons-RICO criminal enterprise which controls all aspects of NYC life Wiki-50 ex-cons, junkies and chronic vagrants gathered at a Manhattan “Think Tank”, The felonious forum outlined a clear get soft on crime” vision-I foresee NY becoming the closest thing to paradise this side of the sewage filled streets of Gaza iapb/Teen playing ‘knockout’ gets shot twice by the targeted victim FreakOutNation fb/Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UK has declared the kingdom would not “sit idly by” if world powers fail to halt Iran’s nuclear program, called the Obama administration’s “rush” to embrace Tehran as “incomprehensible. We are not going to sit idly by and receive a threat there and not think seriously how we can best defend our country and our region, Let’s just leave it there, all options are available, Saudi King Abdullah’s nephew, Ambassador Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, israelnationalnews-sometimes when President Obama tosses an ex friend under the bus they find it "incomprehensible". What they fail to understand is that President Obama was never their friend and that he has had plenty of practice tossing non friends-I knew then no1 was safe, Saudi Arabia: We Won't 'Sit Idly By' if West Fails with Iran-And lies about his mother at every opportunity. And his supporters laugh about it with shit mouthed grins, If you think that the next person over can run his life just as well as you run yours, then there's no reason to take over his life and to lie to him about it. But if you think that he’s probably a racist moron who worships the flag and clings to his gun and bible and can't be trusted to buy a car, raise his kids, drink a large soda and see a doctor; then you're probably a liberal. And a liar. Conservatives respect people's choices. Liberals don't. And if you don't respect someone's choices, you don't respect them. If you think that the average person is a moron, then the only answer is to set up to some ideal republic of liberal philosopher kings who will nudge the marching morons into the death panels for their own greater good while lying to them that the death panelists are really the judges for the next hot talent competition, if Obama had really trusted and respected Americans, he wouldn't have inflicted ObamaCare on them, The liberal media manipulates its readers, Obama’s big health care lie shows why liberals can't be trusted. Any movement that believes its members are superior to ordinary people cannot be trusted to represent them or to tell them the truth. Sultan Knish-Nothing quite sums up the fakeness of Obama’s fake deal with Iran like delivering a speech full of lies about it… to a fake audience, used a seven-minute late night TV speech to maximize the PR impact of his nuclear deal with Iran’s Islamist theocracy, repeatedly swiveled his head as if he were addressing a large audience iapb/licensed child psychologist is told to stop writing because he's not licensed in Kentucky censorship abcnews-Gotta love Red States If you love Communism And HATE AMERICA, then you GOTTA LOVE blue states!!-do redneck states force you to get a psychiatrist or pay a fine? Or is that blue hippie freeloader state?-the state that gave us McConnell and the Creation Museum, just for starters?-They don't need no stinking parenting counseling they got lots of guns and more requests for gun permits than any other state WHAT IS YOUR POINT?-TENNESSEE GAVE US AL BORE, TOO-There's already TOO many regulations, the country is so strapped down it can't even operate! Obamacare is wrecking the economy, while driving up health costs, and they'll soon be a doctor shortage. And Obama put thousands of new regulations for businesses to follow. You support that-I support regulations that work. This GOP nonsense that we can live in a world without regulations is an ayn rand fantasy. I don't think there are too many people who want to regress to the world of Jurgis Rudkus-Jonathan Savas showed up at Irene Hossain's mobile home, When the baby wouldn't go to sleep, Savas put him face down on the couch, sat on his head and held him down, the baby was his and he could "do whatever I want, boy 2 who was found dead in the trunk of a car had the key to the vehicle with him, on his parents' property near Centuria, autopsy results released Friday said Isaiah likely died of hyperthermia, a condition in which the body temperature spikes blistering heat cbs-Military Suicides Drop; Unclear Why (2013) Last year the number of suicides in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines spiked to 349 the full 12 month period, the highest since the Pentagon began closely tracking the numbers in 2001,. There were 295 Americans killed in Afghanistan [war] last year, ap, more dying by suicide than in war. Why? In 2005 alone, there were 6,256 suicides nationally among those who served in the armed forces, about 120 deaths per week, What the hell are they doing to the military? only 2 Generals were fired under Bush’s 2 terms total. There are currently 48 4 Star Generals, A retired Army general is calling for the “forced resignations” of President Obama, wnd-I've lost two close friends and former comrades to suicide both suffered from PTSD just as I do. We are haunted by the things we were forced to do and the things we failed to do. People think the war ended for us when we came home but it never really did. Being a Marine and once a Squad Leader I've always believed in solving problems at the lowest level but sometimes that's just not possible when I was suffering when I first returned from Iraq I went to my Platoon Sergeant in seek of getting some kind of help but instead I got the typical "suck it up buttercup" Marine mentality. this is where the root of all evil lies within lowest level of our Military. Nothing will ever change until the Chain of Command at the lowest levels takes action in getting these men and women the help not only they need but the help and support they deserve. only the very least that our country owes them-Two men are dead in Ionia, Michigan after a road rage incident escalated into a shootout Wednesday. Police say that James Pullum, 43, and Robert Taylor, 56 apparently argued after Taylor became enraged, pulled his gun and began to fire. Pullum, who was also carrying a gun, drew his and returned fire. Both men apparently died at the scene, both men had concealed carry permits and were legally carrying their weapons aattp-THESE GUYS WERE PROBABLY OBAMA SUPPORTERS, LIKE THE NAVY YARD SHOOTER, Ionia County went for McCain in 2008 and even more for RMoney in 2012-aibafs/
112213/BP "Trolling" Its Facebook Critics? accused of hiring internet "trolls" to harass and threaten activists who have been critical of how they have handled the aftermath of the 2010 oil spill that continues to destroy the ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico Aljazeera-Modern America is not a country of compassion. As elected officials disrespect the poor, violence becomes a badge of courage and citizens die needlessly at the hands of a corrupt system, we are reminded that these injustices occur because we allow them to-US Chamber of Commerce wants to restore bribery as a tool in its support of globalized business opportunities BuzzFlash/Rage of the Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era-World Cup, Labor Abuses Rampant for Migrants in Qatar, including nonpayment of wages, harsh and dangerous working and living conditions, and forced labor-The Day "Truth" Died, after 50 years, the debate about what really happened that day in Dealey Plaza goes on with no end in sight to/Vermont decided to take it a step further by setting up their very own single payer system, fully operational by 2017, and will be funded through Medicare, Medicaid, federal money for the ACA given to Vermont, and a slight increase in taxes. In exchange, there will be no more premiums, deductibles, copay’s, hospital bills or anything else aimed at making insurance companies a profit. Further, all hospitals and healthcare providers will now be nonprofit. The slogan of the program: Everybody in, nobody out. rbh/