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52413/Johnny Black on the rocks

52413/Operation Swill, 100 state investigators the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control , New Jersey seized inventory and demanded records from 29 bars and restaurants establishments had filled premium brand bottles with cheaper booze in an effort to fool customers and increase their profits, that allegedly sold low-quality liquor to patrons who thought they were buying premium brands-citizen complaints were one of the reasons for the investigation. If I order Johnny Black on the rocks, you can't trick me with something else. Or a single malt straight or with a splash, I can easily name them if they are one of the brands I drink. Obviously, mix in fruits, juices, sodas, and umbrellas and charge $20 and you have no idea what you are drinking. But those drinks only have a single shot and maybe a splash of liqueur for flavor, so why bother trying to make another dollar (or less by breaking the law and ruining your name)? Greed blinds common sense. They would save more money by buying LED lightbulbs than from cheating customers, especially for the prices they can get the good stuff and what they charge for it- it happens everywhere. I am a bar owner in CT and have heard from my employees that came from other establishments, that it is common practice to put cheap liquor in the more expensive bottles-lessons from Donald Trump a great return on our tax dollars. NOT!-Goldman Sachs Group Inc must face fraud claims by CIFG Assurance North America over insurance it provided for $275 million in mortgage backed securities, the investment bank fraudulently induced it to provide insurance for a portfolio of more than 6,000 subprime residential mortgages by concealing the shoddy quality of the loans, finding that CIFG had done enough by having an outside consultant analyze the loans. "There is a question of fact as to whether plaintiff reasonably relied on defendants' representations-cnbc/Two Obamas. Drones vs. GTMO, could argue that President Obama's big address on terrorism was bipolar, the U.S. can target and kill people, even citizens, suspects of being terrorists without a trial in foreign lands. And it ended with a patriotic plea for Americans to have more faith in the American legal system. America, we are force-feeding detainees who are holding a hunger strike. Is that who we are? Is that something that our Founders foresaw? Is that the America we want to leave to our children?," he asked. "Our sense of justice is stronger than that, he seemed to say in closing, you're bigger than Guantanamo Bay abc/
52313/James Rosen, his goal to "force admin’s hand to go in right direction-Wonder if the reporters eagerly defending him are aware?-We can be certain they are, bringing down this President is the only goal of most of them, James Rosen is their kind of guy. tw/GOP Has Outlived It's Uselessness! Face Facts Filth!,. "Trickle-Down" Hasn't Worked!, Pizzing Off The Sunni By Putting Boots On Islamic Soil CAUSED This Terror War!,.. More Than Half Of The National Debt On Wars!-Tough-schyt-Change Y'all's Panties yhal/I did nothing wrong? GS says the same thing while looting the country-cutieface a group of losers jazzed up a story about a nasty slub named jesus" gonna cry now ygs/ true believers. It's like the Great Pumpkin, you got to be sincere. As Linus said: "You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see yabk/Megyn Kelly's Explosive Interview With Dr. Gosnell's Attorney: "He Murdered Babies!-DOJ Seized Phone Records of Numbers Tied to Fox News-Lerner Invokes Fifth, I Have Not Done Anything Wrong-Not How It Works Gowdy Objects fni/before you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning remember one thing conservatives rule, follower no stinkin rinos allowed tw/Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14,000 Americans, UNEXPECTED MORTALITY INCREASE IN THE UNITED STATES FOLLOWS ARRIVAL OF THE RADIOACTIVE PLUMEwp- Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y., asked her if she could "comment briefly on the status on the IRS investigation into these political not for profits." "Well there's a questionnaire that began this discussion and there's also a questionnaire out there that is seeking info from 501 c3,4,5 organizations, later called her answer evasive. "The bottom line is you cannot lie to Congress, and you cannot be evasive, you cannot try to mislead Congress, In the 1990's, Lerner also served as chief of enforcement at the Federal Elections Commission. undertook the largest enforcement action in its history, suing the Christian Coalition for violating campaign laws. The Christian Coalition won, but in one deposition, FEC lawyers asked a defendant if Pat Robertson prayed for him. Christian Coalition's lawyer, said he was "shocked and appalled. Both political activity and religious activity are specifically protected by the First Amendment," Bopp learned years later that Lerner had been promoted to an IRS position, he became concerned. Lerner is represented by lawyer William W. Taylor, who is noted for winning a dismissal of all charges against former IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn in a high-profile sexual assault case-IRS official who refused to testify at a House hearing Wednesday has become a key focus of the congressional investigations into the IRS practice of singling out conservative groups-DOJ, if memory serves) that she is the target of a criminal investigation-Sometimes it would be better for Congress to investigate regulations to find out if they comport with the law rather than to engage in witch hunts, although that would not make for exciting headlines-aibafs/lready bankrupt. We, the people of the US who pay the bills. Not so for Cheney or Bush or Obama or Rumsfeld or Brezinski or fucking Kissinger. Traitors to US citizens all. Obama is the worst terrorist our country has ever seen. But he kills foreigners, and somehow that doesn't seem so bad. No trial, no jury, no arrest and torture, nope. Just drop bombs on them. Problem solved! Americans don't believe JFK was killed as the Warren Commission explained it. They will eventually all come to understand the truth about 9/11. It just takes time. It was all about money money money money. Especially for Cheney.  And Bush of course. And the bankers and big oil interests. Big fucking joke on America-Florida Senator Bob Graham has seen two classified FBI documents that he says raise new questions about the Bureau’s once secret investigation of a possible Saudi support operation for the 9/11 hijackers in Sarasota. Graham would not disclose the content of the documents, which are marked “Secret,” but said the information they contain is at odds with the FBI’s public statements that there was no connection between the hijackers and Saudis then living in Sarasota. a new release of more than 120 official intelligence documents concerning the 9/11 attacks it becomes even more clear that the Bush Administration had very strong cause to anticipate the 9/11 attacks. Documents included clearly suggests that the ‘attacks were imminent,’ calling into question claims by the Bush Administration that it had no advanced warning.- Paper passports from multiple terrorists aboard flight 11 and 175 found by FBI in rubble from the collapsing of the WTC's same day, yet 4 black boxes disappear for ever yt/Tennessee congressman Stephen Fincher GOPer Who Got Millions in Farm Subsidies Thinks the Poor Should Starve Rather Than Get Food Stamps, angry that the federal government is committed to preventing poor people from starving tw/free jokar groupies, on steph/mysterious eutectic steel /6 journalist under investigation, judy 82days in fed prison, elvis 16k meds per mo, uk car accident near army barraks, turned into beheading on meth waiting for cops, on geraldo/looking 4 10M signatures faith4freedom robo call to stop obamacare, thinking governors can reject healthcare/dennis sez hillary will be next potus, still sure the house of cards will eventually fall, the only fix/boy scouts let gays in, but not atheists fnr/
52213/Independent Science News: Behind the shadowy study launched to discredit French research that cast unflattering light on Monsanto products/Moyers, All too often, instead of acting as a brake on runaway corporate power and greed, government becomes their enabler, undermining the very rules and regulations intended to keep us safe/How the Government Targeted Occupy These Times/ABC News and CBS News Officially Normalize Fabricated Reporting/Telecom's Big Players Hold Back the Future nyt/Tea Party "Working the Refs" in IRS Scandal BuzzFlash/Eugene Robinson, Obama Administration Mistakes Journalism for Espionage wp/Taibbi: Wall Street Lobbyists Roll Back Finance Reform, Again It's become an annual rite of spring: while no one is looking, Wall Street yanks out the last teeth from the government financial regulatory head/Don't any of you teabaggers have anything better to do? The trash you put out is brainless, Give it a break-We are fighting for our core American values, idiot-Your ignorance is hanging out again ybac/They found evidence from microstructural analysis of steel samples, that WTC7's steel was exposed to temperatures of around 1000C tms What do you think of that/self inflicted-gunshot Dick Trickle at 71. he called authorities and said there would be a dead body and it would be his. no foul play is suspected-Defense Department survey of sexual assault in the military during fiscal 2012 estimated 26,000 assaults took place in the armed forces. Nearly 3,000 of them were formally reported. Just more than 6 percent of women reported being victims of assault and 1.2 percent of men said the same. numbers suggest 14,000 of the assaults in the Pentagon study happened to men. formally reported, 88 percent of reports came from women and 12 percent from men. have actually increased by 129 percent since 2004, formal reports of sexual assault jumped from 1,275 to 2,949 in just eight years, Women are identified as the attacker in just two percent of all assaults, meaning most men who suffer assault are targeted by other men, 2012, Donnelly told WND that the statistics showed a more than 20 percent increase in reported sexual assaults on males dod doesn’t want to comment on this. They know that the numbers are there. They say that they care, but all the attention is usually given to the female members of the military who are subjected to sexual assault-Coburn wants offsetting cuts, he by definition is hurting someone somewhere. I simply want the consequences of his actions to affect his State, not mine or yours. Would you suggest the Government cut SS/Medicare in Pueblo instead? Or perhaps Job training programs in Pueblo instead? Clearly SS, medicare, and job training programs are the only place to make some offsetting cuts. Hyperbole rules the day once again. A trillion dollar budget, using that word in its loosest sense, and the only things we can cut are those that have their own funding source. It's crazy how that works-There is nothing wrong with diverting funds to help in this emergency. It's just amazing how so many aren't willing to part with any to help. As long as they get their's fuck everyone else, right?-my inclination would be to cut some foreign aid somewhere-Your premise that diverting finds from one place to another results in suffering is false hyperbole-not as smart as our elected REpresentatives(sarcasm), thats was too easy for you-that offset is going hit that government largess that you receive every month... now how does that feel? aibafs/ FILTHY RACIST GROID DEMTAR\D PARASITES ARE ANGRY AT THE TRUTH-RACIST GROID FILTH-Once you go down the path of deranged Dereck, you don't come back. So, I wouldn't go there! You see Dereck had some sort of traumatic experience and spent a good portion of his life in the rubber room-Baucus Warns Democrat of Montana and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, grilled the health and human services secretary A routine Senate budget hearing turned into a public scolding as a prominent backer of the health care overhaul warned that a lack of public information could cause a “Misconceptions Could Lead To Health Law train wreck” as the law’s implementation moves forward yhal/He who cannot be mentioned? Psst, Lois Lerner was a Bush appointee. Opps-Innocent people don't run for cover pleading the fifth!-Yes, they do. rightly so-If you did nothing wrong, have nothing to hide and will tell the truth then you have no need to plead the 5th Protecting known criminals is as bad as doing it yourself-Silly Obama thinking a Bush Appointee would be competent-scummy pos is protecting her higher ups--recently been arrested for aggravated assault but his friend says he was attacked in a parking lot and was simply defending himself. Taramiv says his friend has been planning to head home to Chechnya to visit relatives, via New York City, but had canceled the trip due to "pushing" by the FBI. The suspect's friend says they are both Muslim, but not radical, and says Todashev does not own a gun. Jon Williams of the BBC reported that the FBI agent conducting the interview shot Todashev, because he felt threatened-cleaning up loose ends just like after JFK's assassination. A person of interest body was found in the river in Boston, the mother speaks out and she is a terrorist, and now this -aibafs/No Arrests on Wall Street, But Over 7,700 Americans Have Been Arrested Protesting Big Banks-Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields a bold stand against biotech giant Monsanto and genetic modification by destroying 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds whydontyoutrythis-Chinese Secret Society threaten WAR on Illuminati!-Obama Serves 14-State Governors With Warnings of Arrest: And why is this not front page news?-they say, “If he is not one of us, he cannot do good. If he is not of our party, he cannot do good.” And Jesus corrects them: “Do not hinder him, he says, let him do good.” The disciples, Pope Francis explains, “were a little intolerant,” closed off by the idea of ​​possessing the truth, convinced that “those who do not have the truth, cannot do good.” “This was wrong . . . Jesus broadens the horizon-Obama’s the Antichrist because 666 was drawn in his hometown, Chicago, the day after Obama’s election in the Illinois State Lottery-going on about ‘saaaatan’. The ‘cabal’ running the US and world into the ground has a name, Zionists, behind the fed reserve, the fake wars, 911, the media, homeland etc, All zionists or shills for zionists/war profiteers drowning us in debt and taking our rights. People are waking up to the loss of rights, and to the thieving zionists behind it all-Obama had served 14-State Governors in the United States, National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that the Governor’s actions in attempting to form “State Defense Forces” needs to be halted “immediately” or they will face arrest for the crime of treason. The employment of NSLs was authorized by the Patriot Act introduced by George W. Bush. Contained within the section related to these letters, it is forbidden for anyone receiving a NSL warning to even acknowledge the existence of said communication-Boston Marathon Bombing was Illuminati Ritual-fb/Westboro Baptist Church Blames Tornado Devastation On Support For Gay Player-ESPN Laying Off Hundreds hp/funi rightwingnut talk show, on noagenda/ conclusion: the jesuit won tying obama gate, on conspiracy, petrus romaninus, the final pope is here, putman horn, 1595 st. malikai 900 yrs ago foresaw the final pope jesuit fransis middle name perto, coat of arms, johnpaulI poisoned after 33 days, to hide mason skulldugery, day 15 ufo stir, 30 yr ltr, ok too believe in aliens, jp2 laborof the sun, 20's, hitlers pope, propaganda film piaus 12, bene16 believer of exosism glory of olive, self full filled, 1951 french version called beni quiting 2012 act feb 13 lightening strike, where petrus incompass entire papicy, current, the seven hills will explode, and everything will end, adviser to 3 popes, satanism god devil in vatican of this world blinds nonbelievers--conscieness survives, paul paranormal roswell producer, typgraphical error obliterating in spoke to joe lifeafterdeathproject, jockster forrest j ackerman sifi 1916 2008 communicates through cpu's, followers knocking on crypt, 1st*** 2nd off, oh my gosh it worked, ink, defying anyalsis, chiming clock broken for 10ys, left message to joe, on screen, sceptic thanked in a dream, measurable communications to afterlife experimental protocols, yunt medium wordplay, israeli medium, covered by mike shumer hp tabloidish, weird news conspiracyshow/sally fnlib doj reporters investagation, nixionian, expresses conserned and wants to find the truth, tells wingnutz to be content with ap&irsgate humping ap agrees with douchebag fnfukwit pane sad 2xnormal whistleblower stories troublesome, concerned parties convince teabagerlearner taking the fifth, on geraldo

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52213/obama's fake birth certificate

52213/Truthout: Passing as a Chicago Action Medical volunteer, an undercover Chicago police officer has been spying on peaceful demonstrations for over a year in a case that suggests the Chicago Police's infamous "Red Squad" has been resurrected in the so-called War Against Terrorism/Brendan Fischer, PRWatch: The dispute over the documentary, "Citizen Koch," highlights the increasing role of private money in "public" television/
52113/Blinded By Pseudo-Scanda, Rothenberg: "Some Republicans are so excited at the thought of multiple controversies dogging the White House over the next few months (or longer) that they are already foaming at the mouth.... But Republicans ought to remember that they have seen this movie before, and the ending was not what they hoped for or expected-Charlie Cook: "These days, the country is even more polarized, and the conservative echo chamber is louder than ever before. Many conservatives made it all the way to Election Day last November unaware that their White House nominee was falling short. How could Mitt Romney possibly lose when everyone they knew was voting for him? Except that he did lose, and it wasn't even a very close race.yhal/Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, both Republicans, are fiscal hawks who have repeatedly voted against funding disaster aid for other parts of the country. They also have opposed increased funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which administers federal disaster relief91 DEAD IN OKLAHOMA AND YOU WORRY ABOUT 4 DEAD IN BENGHAZI, SEND HELP TO OKLAHOMA. Relief bill contained "wasteful spending," and identified a series of items he objected to, including "$12.9 billion for future disaster mitigation activities and studies-loopholes all started by #$%$ Cheney to keep drilling and nat gas companies safe from consequences when they pollute and destroy aquifer after aquifer. Former Republican Ranchers have had a wake up call and now are voting out the #$%$ politicos that are protecting the fracking industry. Fracking companies like Halliburton and others are polluting rivers, making water undrinkable, Fracking chemicals are a toxic mix of hundreds of dangerous chemicals...all going into the beef you eat and water you drink....thank your local Republican-Bush's wars could have built many a shelter! close to 3 trillion due to black ops and outrageous backdoor secret deals ybac/people harrassing the IRS? claim tax exempt status by claiming you are a Tea Partier, the Irs has the right to audit you! Obama made a mistake in firing people! What part you don't understand? I been audited before just by doing my taxes. And I want looking for a free pass like the Tea Partiers are looking for. The IRS aint did nothing wrong yc/A tip for the rabid right: if you send "reporters" to get information on the Obama admin that can be spun into political propaganda attacks, just make sure it isn't classified-people need to know the difference between a "whistleblower" and a "leaker of national security classified info-undertaking the chore of finding out just how deep the Obama administration is in not one, not two, but THREE scandalous episodes in America. One would think the left wing would want to learn the truth about this feckless president they elected-Nobody wants to disarm you ignorant rednecks. Spout all the tin foil cr*p you want. Obama's and Hillary's approval numbers just keep going up. The American people are smart enough to realize that this scandal-mongering is nothing more than politician point scoring from a deeply damaged right. They can't compete in straight up, issue-driven elections so they need to attack Democrat opponents early and often. And BTW, there isn't going to be much "flexibility" concerning stealing classified information-Hard to "delegitimize" something that was never legitimate. Maybe "they" didn't speak up cuz Fox "News" is a propaganda mill for the Republican Party, although when the WH balked at including Fox "reporters" from WH press briefings, reporters from legitimate news organizations objected so it's hard to say who the "they" is Powers mentions. Given the reality, this too-cute screed with its allusions to Nazi Germany comes across as more of the whiny we is widdle victims mentality Republicans are known for-Now is not the time to retreat. SiIence them, disarm them for their own safety and re-educate them. faux news..with machine guns and jack boots, stand in the way of our elected leader and the hopes and dreams of what a progessive utopia we could build from this nation of white western christain hate-2006. Cheney gets 1.4 trillion phone records of Americans wiretaps and all, without a subpeoba or any checks and balances, no one cares. Oh, and many of the wiretaps were on journalists. Oh well-Colbert did the best job taking apart Jonathan Karl on last nights show, because he deserves it. He quoted someone who was "paraphrasing" and e-mail in a completely false way and called it journalism--A beauty school for former sex trade victims-Obama: Oklahoma Will Get Everything It Needs-Apple Avoided Billions in Taxes-dbtw/teabag grifter? How average of her, Unfortunately, at taxpayers' expense rstw/Hartmann: Why Fox News has the Right to Lie to Us Ever wonder why it can lie over and over again, yet continue to call itself "News"? It's a corporation-a "new" friend asks to stop posting political information. She stressed that facebook is a place only to have "fun". They can't handle the truth!-Hawking's got with people saying he should die and talking shit about his disabilities shows Israel and Zionists have a very hard time with free speech and criticism, two true tenements to a open democracy, and it shows the true Zionist character, when you guys throw your little fits you become your own worst enemies and make the case of showing Zionism as an intolerant ideology all the more easier- fb/ the IRS has the right to audit the Tea Party and it's wanna bee's! That is the way I see it! Obama made a mistake in firing them people! yc/horrible tornadoes by denying Global Warming caused these massive never before seen storms. Just like Sandy, caused by Global Warming, because the Republicans won't admit it and do something about it-you can hope for a tsunami to wipe out the mongrel hordes of takers in the northeast and west coasts then, too, as long as you're being a sociopath who calls himself one of the "tolerant". Guess hypocrisy is your middle name. Idiot is your first-They so dum its unreal. They have no science education-Democrats caused the bombing in Boston with their global warming hoax. Sounds about as relevant as your insanity-If the right wing is the party of god...then why did he smite so many of his own in OK? Perhaps because he doesnt exist?-Jeebis NEVER helps these trailer billies out and STILL they rant on to that invisible easter bunny in da sky!- It amazes me that believers continue to worship an evil God. It makes no sense, which must be the reason why religious beliefs exist as they have nothing to do with the belief itself and is nothing more than a declaration of loyalty to some tribe, some church, some community. The more absurd the belief is then the stronger the demonstration of loyalty. That is why religious beliefs are so crazy. But crazy beliefs make people crazy. Enough of this nonsense tbac/Syria said its troops destroyed an Israeli vehicle that crossed into its territory from the Israeli occupied Golan Heights and warned that any attempt to violate its sovereignty would meet "immediate and firm retaliation r/Hicks also told congressional investigators last month that a special forces team in Tripoli, Libya, was told to stand down and not respond to the attack at a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi despite its close proximity. In Mr. Hicks‘ estimation, a second wave of attacks on a nearby CIA annex in Benghazi could have been prevented if the U.S. military could have scrambled a flight when it first learned of the attacks, which would go on for seven hours-296 applications were held for scrutiny. Out of those, 2/3 had indications of "significant political campaign intervention". You Cons are whining about 75 or so of these nearly 300 groups aibafs/raised Baptist in Texas. And yet later in her life when we visited she always said "religion is for bigots and hypocrites". It wasn't until many years later did I even understand what she meant aibafs/la rsen flemming wants congressional audit of irs or put a halt b4 someone gets hurt, 7 killed in plaza elmentary school, 9.5M in tornado alley, rosen investigation, 501teabagg learner in hotwater, on geraldo giving wingnutz high bloodpressure/
52013/no apologies” for investigations Gray Pruitt, seizure was unconstitutional- collecting James Rosen in 2010, seizing two days of Rosen’s personal emails, telephone records, tracking movements in and out of the State Department-Koch Bros PAC's movement started to openly support specific political candidates, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, became an arm of the Republican party. dick armey, founder of the tea party is a republican lobby whore.... so why would there be ANY CONnection to political affiliations?-incorrect WSJ says, earliest anyone in the White House knew of the audits was March 2013, the White Housecouncil did not get the audit esults until April, and Obama himself did not learn of the matter until May-NYT Administration Knew of IRS Scandal 5 Months Before Election-conservatives are not to be held responsible for what they say, or do-FACT is, the GOP was informed a year ago... and they're just now concerned-Facts and ass-beatings make Libroids DIVE for the ignore button-meteor was a plot by President Obama? laughterhub-Anthony Romero, aclu executive director, His signature means indefinite detention without charge or trial, as well as the illegal military commissions, will be extended.” Here let me sign this into law, but rest assured, we'll never EVER use it, sold us down the road. It won't be long before they burn down the Reichstag only a matter of time before the Obama administration puts news reporters in indefinite detention for reporting news on terrorists and claims they were in cahoots with "associated forces-aibafs/white-haired Hecht, careful not to get the chicken's feathers or anything else on his black suit and tall black hat. "You put one wing over the other wing. See? It's very relaxed. And you swing it very softly over your head like this, waves it three times above his head, and says the prayer of Kapparot (or Kapparos, depending on heritage). He prays that his sins will be transferred to the bird and he will escape the divine punishment that he deserves ygs/Teabaggers should get corn holed by IRS for being the modern day KKK Aryan natiion-livid Megyn Kelly reports more at Fox News targeted- ybac/hoarding, selfish and not a good American. You're also irrational as we have no use for your worthless gold. Keep it under your mattress, we don't care-the brainwashed "public", so funny I almost rolled out of my chair. There are always the next batch of children that the entire world can manipulate until they finally grow up-The government can have my gold when they pry it off my wife's cold chubby fingers-ycnbcmf/I smell a Greedy Pig Roast very soon. I'm heading toward the Spit!, witnessing Greed meet my little red-headed stepchild, Fear, laugh and spit in the face of Fear. Who will have the last laugh? current run is the longest one without a three day pullback in over a hundred years. Bernie Madoff would be jealous! Greatest Trick a Fed Chairman ever pulled was to convince the Markets he didn't exist 'to manipulate them' skipping Jackson Hole 2013 because there is NO additional QE announcement We are witnessing the market "inflection point" of several years and TRILLIONS in QE. God help us all when the bill comes due-trapped can only move like a turtle to avoid upsetting apple cart!--Juts for fun, here's the question: If the future will be dominated by robots that will produce everything, who will consume the "everything" that robots will produce? If "everyone" will not have a job and cannot afford to buy "everything," without which corporations' bottom line will have no bottom, how will corporations afford robots? This is why the academic type needs a little exposure to the real world-Eventually, every repetitive task will be automated. Only those capable of creative thought, or those who perform unique customized services, will find work. This is bad news, of course, for the majority of people, most of whom lack the patience, discipline, or genetic luck to succeed in creative endeavors, don't ever mention DaVinci surgical systems to MD's sa/Jacksonville man charged with murder in shooting at a crab boil-How to tell if you're one of the stupidest people on the planet-1) If you think invading Iraq was a good idea based on all the WMDs that were found give yourself one point. 2) If you think tax cuts increase tax revenue give yourself one point. 3) If you think that MOST SCIENTISTS believe that climate change is NOT occurring give yourself one point. 4) If you think Obama care will increase the federal budget deficit over the next ten years give yourself one point. 5) If you think Obama’s trip abroad to Mumbai cost $200 million a day give yourself one point. 6) If you think that the issue of President Obama's citizenship is not settled give yourself one point. 7) If you think Obama is a Muslim give yourself one point. 8) If you think "death panels" were included in health care reform legislation give yourself one point. 9) If you think that the events of 9/11 were sound justification to invade Iraq give yourself one point. 10) If you think the most recent round of gun legislation included sections that would have confiscated guns give yourself one point. Now add up all your points. The closer you are to 10 the stupider you are and if you scored a "perfect 10", congratulations. You're one of the stupidest people on the planet-OBAMA'S FAKE DEGREE AND FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERT-Could be worse, you could be a southerner-Liberalism is a mental disorder-crisis being ignored while Washington chases pseudo scandals-3 people caught on camera stealing gun from store. Guess what race they belonged to?-i would say black-If they are poor and have no money to buy guns, and if they fear THE MAN with his guns they may be seeking the only way they can to create a balance of power-it's going to cost them their lives on of these days. I hope what they are staling is worth losing their pathetic lives over-making excuses for criminals seems to be the dem thing-Groids are gonna loot yhal/Benghazi Bullshit: The Real Scandal is the Media Pretending that Republicans Aren’t Lying politicususafb/the Vast Underclass, Must Rise Up Against Global Mafia, or Die time to build radical mass movements that defy all formal centers of power and make concessions to none Truthdig-Laura Flanders, GRITtv: Wages are at rock bottom while unemployment remains high. No wonder people are embracing new tactics. And those tactics are working/Hartmann: Reid Threatening "Nuclear Option" to Banish Filibuster, released hospital billing data shows huge disparities in how uninsured patients were charged for care, California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa is now leading several McCarthy-esque hearings and witch hunts, but the mainstream media is giving him a free passand more/Secret Service Investigating Radio Host's Graphic Death Threat Against Hillary Clinton tpm/Public Television's Attempts to Placate David Koch New Yorker/The 21st Republican Tea Party: No Bottom to Their Abyss BuzzFlash/A newspaper without a soul isn't a newspaper, A newspaper without a soul isn't a newspaper, threats from Mexican cartels would attack us, kill us, kidnap us. Newspapers all along the border face a similar challenge in reporting cartel violence. A dozen Mexican journalists disappeared from 2006 to 2012 and an additional 14 were killed, Mexico's human rights commission says 81 journalists have been killed since 2000, There isn't freedom of expression in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and Laredo, Texas lat/doors Ray Manzarek passed away at age 74/Moore, OK - elementary school leveled. 75 teachers and students inside when the EF-4 destroyed their building. 30 live survivors-other netoworks, but Fox News stopped it's coverage to go into stories attacking Obama-aibafs/Can we have a moment of silence for the folks in OK? Before we slash the damn okie parasites' funding-Corporations Are Stealing Billions in Tax Breaks, While the Confused, Screwed Citizenry Turn On Each Other, International corporations have no national allegiance, they care only for profit. Meanwhile, people all over the world are becoming increasingly nationalistic and xenophobic rbg/cia rpgs, hb cher, jama golfs every 3 days, rove reduced to blubbering idiot, spitzer slaps bowling refuses facts, iraq spokesman general kielman suni wahabbi vs shiia fight explodes on eve of peace, 12 versions of obamagate, on geraldo/armeddc liberty movement lightup keyspeaker federal kidnap arrest in phili, 6% oppose pot, 30 to 40 quadrillion$ fearfully groveling, living, run from it, humping armed protest in dc, alex correctly guesses why people with money have it, takes what mahr moore gop h8s america interview out of context/

Monday, May 20, 2013

52013/GOP edited emails

52013/benghazi, dozen embassy attacks under GWB and it turns out the GOP edited emails, and of course (R)'s cut security funding before the benghazi attack. IRS had nothing to do with Obama, but it is against the law that the IRS gave so many political groups tax-exempt status ygs/Bloomberg: Paulson Leads Hedge-Fund Lobby Push to Privatize Fannie yfnm/Toos Nijenhuis, a fifty four year old physiotherapist and mother of five from Holland, was tortured, raped and used experimentally from the age of four years old by wealthy and powerful men around the world, including top officials of churches and governments. Nijenhuis claims, these crimes are continuing today, accompanied Kevin Annett, Mel Ve and other investigators to a forested site near to Zwolle where such child murders took place as recently as November, 2010 rural Holland. subjected to what appears to be pain threshold and behaviour modification experiments. She also witnessed torture and murder of other children salemnews/Chemical Weapon Use in Syria how President Obama should handle early 'Could Have Been an Israeli False Flag. Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell informationclearinghouse-I submit to you that much behind the scene deception is being foisted, particularly or mainly the USA with Israel in the driver seat. We will never be able to repay the trillions of dollars of debt and guess who it is mostly due to? Never as in a million years! Meanwhile, terror attacks root causes are being overlooked and even planed by the very people or western nations as false flag. Are we the blame for terror worldwide? We have been totally brainwashed of the truth where falsehood is accepted instead/Vegas Fundraiser on Day After Benghazi Massacre was "Appropriate-Biden now blamed in SEAL Team 6 deaths, should even be held criminally accountable/New Obamacare LawsuitIRS Faces Lawsuit After Stealing 60 Million Medical Records-Bette Midler Thanks IRS for Targeting Tea Party Groups Stunner: Who Is Suddenly Telling Liberal Jackals To Attack Obama?-devvy/Pentagon Spec Ops Chief Sees '10 to 20' More Years of War Against al-Qaida Pentagon's chief of irregular warfare still sees a war against [al CIAduh] that will last decades, all over the world-The famous "let's roll" drama of the passenger revolt on UA 93 was relayed by passenger Todd Beamer's 13-minute unrecorded seat-back call to GTE telephone supervisor Lisa Jefferson, who reported Beamer as strangely tranquil, declining to speak to his wife. Eerily, Beamer's line remained open for 15 minutes after the crash. Oddly, the Verizon wireless record shows that 19 calls were made from Beamer's cell phone long after the crash of UA 93. Initial media reports and FBI interviews detailed more than a dozen cell phone calls from the planes at high elevation. Yet in 2001, a telephone spokesperson stated that sustained mobile calls were not possible above 10,000 feet-France has plans to purchase US-made unarmed Reaper surveillance drones in a bid to back up its military operations against fighters in the crisis-hit African country, Mali- Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) on Friday revealed the name of the CIA station chief in Moscow to Russia's Interfax news agency. The name of the CIA chief appeared in a quote from the spokesman in a Russian language article. The spymaster's name was, however, removed from the quote in an English-language version-Bombs targeting Sunnis kill at least 76 in Iraq-about to spend millions more to '' Guantanamo prison upgrade, c*sts the Pentagon more than *150 million a year, just over *900,000 for each of the 166 detainees at the facility, located on a Navy base on the eastern end of Cuba. By comparison, c*sts for a typical federal prison inmate run about *25,000 a year; at the "supermax" prison in Colorado that holds domestic terrorists Eric Rudolph and Ted Kaczynski, it's about *60,000- FBI out of Salt Lake City and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Kurbanov's Idaho indictment has three counts. The first two are conspiracy-Justice Department temporarily lost track of two former terrorists who had participated in its witness protection program and until recently did not disclose the fictitious identities, raised alarms with senior department officials in early 2012 about how the witness protection program was dealing with terrorism related witnesses, leading to an overhaul of its procedures-a half-inch long crack around a nozzle on one of the tanks of the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, and have attributed the crack to the water leakage that spilled radioactive water into Lake Michigan on May 5. The plant, which is located on the shore of the Great Lake and operated by Entergy, was shut down after the water tank exceeded its site threshold and leaked. Authorities say the crack led to about 79 gallons of "slightly [?] radioactive water"-nc Shearon Harris plant found a quarter-inch flaw in the covering of the reactor vessel, which contains superheated steam produced by the nuclear reaction's energy. NRC inspectors will want to ask plant owner Duke Energy Corp through its buyout last year of Progress Energy, why the testing performed during a spring refueling outage last year didn't find the problem-whistleblower claimed the office was swept for bugs before the talks, lasting nearly two hours. The firms face claims of 'pr*ce fixing'. He added: “The security around their meetings was incredible. There was lock-down. The whole floor was a no-go area for anyone else... "It's common knowledge they were talking about oil pr*ces." Offices of both companies were raided this week in a probe over pr*ce fixing allegations going back a decade-Texas became the latest state to sue BP, Halliburton and others tied to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, alleging the parties "engaged in willful and wanton misconduct-clg/ lying conservative democrat calls steph/france legalizes gay marriage, drug co's capitol punishment medications kept from market on dennis/mcconnel: i was wrong 25 yrs ago, but right the last 20, admits he has no facts, political intimidation, but wants to complete investigations based on false information, dave sez he only has accusations, wants worst legislation ever, pulled root and branch healthcare, issa pal, echo political stripe view, bob sez definetly not watergate, tries to slap sum sence into hundreds of noonan's friends wanting independent councle to counter bama dog whistles, rummy rape is one of his unknown knowns, truth leaves on horseback, return on foot, the way truth is altered destroyed credability, perfect storm possibilities, on mtp/80 killed in iraq, tree removal on routt 61, wkok/
51913/How to interpret the fact that The New York Times, which is supposed to be keeping an eye on government, tells us that ‘conspiracy theories’ are automatically incorrect? ruling elite has been caught doing bad things in secret before, so we have an existence proof. during the 1980s it came to light that US Intelligence was training a terrorist force in Nicaragua, ambushed religious aid workers, beheading a nun and riddling her body with bullets. They have also eviscerated a pregnant woman, shot campesinos (peasants) and slaughtered their animals, cut down Red Cross workers and bombed towns with their schools and hospitals, all this on the CIA's instructions, something that was demonstrated when a former Contra (Edgar Chamorro) produced the CIA training manual that taught these thugs to murder innocent people. None of the people responsible did any jail time, which means there is hardly a disincentive to trying this sort of thing again. And many of them are back in office in Bush Jr.’s administration hirhome-IRS controversy, with 54% saying the GOP in Congress has not overplayed its hand. The White House has also been criticized by Congress for the Justice Department's secret collection of phone records from the Associated Press as part of a government investigation into classified leaks. According to the poll, 52% say the Justice Department's actions were unacceptable, with 43% saying they disagree-From what I have read from our resident Obama boot lickers they don't feel they are legitimate scandals at all. Even when someone has posted criticism from people like Chris Mathews or Jon Stewart they dismiss out by ignoring our at attacking the person that posted it. It was basically the same thing with Fast and Furious.- understandable b4 pointing fingers right outa the gate due to partison stoogery being fed by any side of the media or aisle-you also fall into that "partisan stoogery" category that you put me in. Evidence has surfaced that Obama and his stooges knew aobut the IRS scandal in June prior to the elections but hid it until after election day. I don't think you are going to be happy when you find out that I have been right all along and this is a really corrupt administration led by a really failed president-why did the 100 or so year old NAACP was targeted during bush's time? this guy is a bush appointee that is involved yes? did you know that the tea PARTY (what does that indicate right away?) jumped from 2000 applications to over 100K in a year or 2 doesn't raise flags? out of ANY of them, how many were DENIED? any? do you know? tell me how tea party isn't political?-Ape Boy apologized and called the scandal "outrageous" what he really meant was that it was outrageous that his poor IRS goons were so overworked? Got it. what? The NAALCP cheat on their taxes? Never! Why, just look at solid citizens like Charlie Wrangel, Wesley Snipes, Etc. ROFLMAO! must not get dizzy easy, spinner!-if the Tea Party did no wrong, they have nothing to worry about-if you've done nothing wrong, warrantless searches are nothing for you to worry about. You are oddly missing the principle of the matter, exactly was said about the warrantless wiretaps some people supported. The same principle mattered during that also. What's the difference? Because President Obama supposedly knew about the investigations? So you were being sarcastic? Who said there is a difference? Those saying this isn't an issue?-bama didn't say 'I DI-RECT YOU TO TARGET THEM'. who did though does remain to be seen. hence i am waiting to seeeeeeeee. i may be mistaken, but isn't there something that prevents the prez from the IRS intermingling anyway? kinda falls under sep of the powers that be?-what was said about the patriot act also; secret sneak and peek searches, indefinate detentions, no Miranda rights, gitmo, the government being able to ignore the constitution by using the words "terror" or "national security", continuous "war", basically the whole state of affairs we find ourselves in today-Modern Day Liberals Abortion on Demand Policies are wrong, it is a fact. 55 million babies murdered so that low life, human scum can have an easy way out of their irresponsible behavior? And the Modern Day Liberal is right there blessing it all with lies just so they can earn life long Democratic Party voters?My goal is to defeat Modern Day Liberalism on this board by offering facts, truth and common sense. These three things will usually result in the defeat of any Liberal. Predictably, this will make Liberals mad. last resorts losing Liberals must engage in, rather then admit they are wrong. They will: 1) Smear you. 2) Distort you. 3) Change the subject. 4) Call you a racist, hater, bigot, brown-shirt, Nazi and a radical. 5) Accuse you of wanting to starve children and kill the elderly. 6) Accuse you of being against woman's rights. 7) Say you want dirty air, water and unsafe food. 8) Attempt to "silence you. Everything from Nanny Entitlements paid for by others that they do not need, to the "Symbolism & Imagery" that makes them feel good and sooths guilt, to the empowerment it gives them via dependency, no defense for this Greed & Selfishness and what harm it is doing to humanity, Sorry Modern Day Liberals, I will never stop exposing you for who and what you are. You are on the wrong side of humanity and it is child's play proving it. My mission continues. Liberals beware-Should we "beware" of your mighty wrath? not sure it makes a difference to the mods, but I give you permission to call me a "lib-retard-makes it easy for you and many others to write if off with some meaningless cliche if any bother to reply to it at all which makes the others happy and can in no way change my persoanl truth based on my life, experiences and what of my early studies I might have bothered to retain while still enabling me to come out here and be entertained and saves the others the bother of comeing up with names to infer or to call me-You might find greater success with your mission by conversing, understanding and finding middle ground while still holding fast to your opinions. It's the whole honey/vinegar thing. Just a thought-you don't know how to have conversations. You merely repeat the same opinions over and over. If a different opinion is expressed or facts provided, you ignore them and again repeat your opinion. Or there could be another reason-Pinocchio Test Boxer would have been on firmer ground if she had that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress repeatedly have failed to provide the State Department with the requested resources. extensive investigations have found little evidence of her claim that “there was not enough security because the budget was cut, repeatedly told Congress that a lack of funds was not an issue. Instead, security was hampered because of bureaucratic issues and management failures. In other words, given the internal failures, no amount of money for the State Department likely would have made a difference in this tragedy-some cons consider Obama guilty even before all the evidence has come in. There are Cons on here that will not even consider that the Republicans could be guilty in the Benghazi thing. They won't even mention the fact that the Republicans stopped funding for the smaller embassies. And that is the reason there was no security at Benghazi-Women shouldbe grateful their cheating husbands don't leave because its her fault he cheats, says Pat Robertson- Robertson speaks for himself and a group of followers. Even Roman Catholicism, the last hold out for "get a divorce, no Holy Communion for you, does not agree with that sort of theology. Why do you feel what he has to say is so important? Does it make one feel more important themselves when they go out of their way to characterize someone else as "evil?-dear pat robinson, GO FUCK YOURSELF. vulgarity prohibited by Pro Boards? it is not. another mod- gave me a thumbs up like. I follow the rules. no personal info, no personal attack in a real way of any poster here AND, said personal attack does not include politicians or talking heads. that includes nutty fundie assholes that are money grubbing fakes-Yet another inflammatory, antagonistic, and pointless post. At this point, it would not be a stretch to say you are intentionally seeking out and harassing-Good morning, a very nice relationship, once posted that he would marry "*"ac, "F" another, and "K"ill another, Enjoy your day-the tax-exempt media whore who claimed that his god sent those 19 mooooslim fundamentalists to kill nearly 3000 on Sept. 11, 2001, you know, to punish America-anyone caught that bit concerning the 700 millionaires club..And who can forget the baker family, good family entertainment eh? the concept of attacking christainity is merely something utilised to excuse the lack of connection in to many churches and groups with the teachings of true christianity or of God for that matter. Using the word to line ones own pockets is, to me, pretty much just the opposite of a good healthy christian belief. not bashing christians in fact I have the greatest respect for an actual christian but with the help of people like robertson and his ilk there seems to be very few actual christians around anymore. merely a form of self proclaiming businessmen and other politicians who have learned to use just enough truth to gain contributors-so what political connection have you made? I have nothing more to say on the subject because it just makes for another long tirade on bad Christians. I am well thank you and am listening to a horrifying hearing on the IRS targeting Republicans-asked a poster to stop attacking Falwell, bringing up freedom of speech, etc. attacked and educated on why it's important to put their comments down, because their message is spread all over the world, and it's NOT what a real Christian is all about, or real Americans. Everything they say is lies and bigotry, The Robertsons' and their 'cult' are as close to being the KKK-dottering old fool predicted Romney was gonna win, This week Robertson is warning us about false prophets-Educating people about over population, birth control, and abstinence in a real and meaningful way might make a difference, but sneaking up on people because you know what's best is creepy! Lecturing them from the point of view anti holds does not count as educating. There are many forms of education-Is that a bizarre, tautological, declarative non-sequitur in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?-Hitler sent "scientists" to Tibet to measure people's heads so they could trace their Aryan origins-Maybe that's where the term "pinhead" came from? aibafs/Rick Rowden, Truthout: While the world focuses on the fallout from the Arab Spring in major countries like Egypt and Syria, a seething frustration continues to mount among democracy aspirants on the tiny Persian Gulf island nation of Bahrain/Other Worlds: The Food Chain Workers Alliance has a goal of nothing less than full rights and fair wages for the 20 million workers who grow, harvest, process, pack, ship, cook, serve and sell food in the US/Elizabeth Warren, who ranks 97th out of 100 members, refuses to be just seen and not heard. She is already bashing regulators as well as big-bank executives lat/Firedoglake: America's Killer Jobs, Every year, thousands of American workers die on the job, and millions are injured due to lax worker safety laws and weak enforcement of those that do exist. We are letting men and women die simply by failing to afford them basic protections/NRA Tactics: Take No Prisoners wp/Shall We Talk About the Bodies at the Border? Guardian/How Walmart Paid $24 Million in Bribes to Build on Sacred Mayan Ruins Addicting Info/Rand Paul Claims Revealing Memo Exists in IRS Scandal CNN/Robert Reich says there's a simple reason why Washington is broken: Republicans Are Drowning The Federal Government g+/ Robert Reich says there's a simple reason why Washington is broken: Republicans Are Drowning The Federal Government/Hawking's decision a huge victory in the campaign for boycott, divestment, and sanctions targeting Israeli academic institutions Israel, in response to calls by the global movement for the campaign of boycott, divestment, and sanctions. the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, which was launched in 2004 by a group of Palestinian academics, cultural figures and intellectuals say that boycotting Israeli academic and cultural institutions is an urgently needed form of pressure against Israel that can bring about its compliance with international law and the requirements for a just peace-Watching the hearings Miller does not give straight answers, tribal hint-If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck-They like accounting(money) Odds in favor that he is watch as Miller lands himself a highly paid cushy job at Goldman Sachs!-I checked out the facial features His eyes,nose lips,hair and the lies that blurp out of his mouth points in that direction-anti semitic posting, fully explained in the abuse form-With the double talk and evasive answers their is a good possibility he is Candidate for TV show American Greed-ygs/angry about marine with umbrella, but nothing about sending thousands to die in a war based on lies-HOLDER HAS HAD TO RESTRAIN HIMSELF while ISSA the RICHEST MEMBER OF CONGRESS ($450 million) who has been arrested for car theft, been convicted of carrying concealed weapons (a gun and a tear gas gun!) and likely was responsible for a fire at one of his warehouses NPR-Urgent international Wahhabism, Zionism and Illuminati Muslim Brotherhoods Political Regime in Egypt close all roads to Gaza and circling with soldiers powers Dominating the Gaza borders, The victims are the Normal Palestinian families and children-Don't tell me what you believe in, show me what you practice-Correy booker for president- there should be no homelessness, poverty, kids without permanent homes, people without medical care or hunger in our "Christian Nation-ideology of Republicans, especially Tea Partiers, is despicable...but targeting any groups for taxation scrutiny is wrong, distasteful and inappropriate activity undermines the progressive agenda-trying their best to fabricate outrage. C+ for effort though-They should be investigated with all the hinky shit that is conected with them-fb/ wtcurl wingnutz content to watch the sixth shoe drop. betrayus remains key, on alex/bamaphobia continues weapons of mass distraction, guns, immagration, ap alciada mole, scandal investigation hunt, like wolves baying at the moon, katrina destroys wingnut talk points, everyone pretends not to hear, mitt go into the deep end, mcconnel take the chance on abc/
51813/ 7-year-old from Milwaukee, wrote if guns shot chocolate bullets, no one would get hurt. I am sorry it took me so very long to respond to your letter.I really like your idea. If we had guns that shot chocolate, not only would our country be safer, it would be happier. People love chocolate. You are a good boy. Joe/ Biden-Gingrich Willful Hiding bengazi From the Truth-=waste of good oxygen! tw/While not on a par with Washington scandals unfolding around the I.R.S. and other agencies, the former personal chef to the governor and his family, who kept a stash of the first lady’s favorite crab-seasoned popcorn in the kitchen of the Executive Mansion, Schneider, 52, told law enforcement agents last year that a $15,000 catering bill for the wedding of the McDonnells’ middle daughter, a menu that included bruschetta with local tomatoes and Virginia wines, was footed by a political donor finger licking political scandal linking gubernatorial campaign of the attorney general, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, and clouds the ambitions of the governor, Bob McDonnell, who has been mentioned as a Republican presidential contender in 2016, cameo by the governor’s wife, overlapping plot lines, aand, in an offstage role portending a possible dark denouement, F.B.I. agents, unfolding almost daily in court records and aggressive coverage by the Richmond press corps. It is riveting the state’s political class even as it distracts the nyt/Fox adds Alan West's record as a war hero. awards and decorations include the Bronze Star; Meritorious Service Medal (two Oak Leaf Clusters); Army Commendation Medal (three Oak Leaf Clusters, one Valor Device); Army Achievement Medal (one Oak Leaf Cluster); Valorous Unit Award; Air Assault Badge; and the Master Parachutist Badge-a true republican hero, I'm sure he finds all of those communists in congress while he is filling his pockets with corporate money, I mean er, doing the work of the american people-CONVICTED of violating the UCMJ. He abused prisoners. That ain't my idea of a war hero-fined $5,000. innocent People aren't fined, The Army offered him a "Broken Sword" the Army's version of a plea deal, Orders came down from on high to 'make this go away', and above all to avoid getting his testimony under oath on record, to spare the ARMY the disgrace, where it would be an embarrassment to brass-quite the commie-hunter, he knows of "78-to 81" actual commies in the last Congress?-let's hope good samaritan allen west finds all the commies in congress and silences them while filling his pockets with corporate dollars. Republicans honor this hero of a man!Kerry didn't torture, beat or terrorize people, and did not receive the shame of article 15, nor was he forced into retirement. exercised his right as an american to free speech when he returned to the states, another strike against him with the republican crowd. How dare he speak his mind, doesn't meet these high republican standards, where did he think he was, america?--54 out of 64 colorado sheriffs sue in federal court over new gun restrictions--If You Think The IRS Scandal is Bad, Wait until bureaucrats with the same mentality, who thinks that "if you scrutinize the government, you should be scrutinized" (and he did NOTHING wrong), NOW will have access to your private medical records and a say in the decisions made by your medical professionals. Guess what, your medical records have your ethnicity recorded, a perfect conduit for a little subtle GENOCIDE-you appear to be a Modern Day Liberal who will never agree with what I express. "Hate" I believe is what you referred to it as? If this is the case, why not simply pass my posts by and save yourself the embarrassment-you illustrate your utter lack of attentiveness. You're as sharp as you are polite, I see, sad little one man show-clueless one trick pony. When will you mind your manners and answer me? the point of this site is communication with others, not your masturbatory megaphone hate-rhetoric. Do you know the art of conversation?-Why no outrage over the embassy attackers not being captured, Too busy trying to pin the attack on socialist communist Obama?-Community Organizer is a Modern Day Liberal, a far left radical one at that, so everything shall be "Ok." Why? prosperous Liberal elitist uses Modern Day Liberalism to sooth their guilt and portray themselves in the eyes of the less fortunate as caring while at the same time, affording them the opportunity to use other peoples money, politician uses Modern Day Liberalism to define themselves as the champions of "Fairness, Equality of Result & Social Justice, accept the Liberal politicians solution, America's "Human Parasite" Dependency Class, want the Nanny Entitlement State to "Give Them Free Stuff, why a double standard exists, why there is no outrage, why there is no problem, Modern Day Liberalism may be dishonest, hypocritical and outright corrupt, so many Greedy and Selfish people "Want Stuff From It, the Modern Day Liberal can only Smear, Distort, Distract, Change the Subject, Call you a Racist, Bigot, Hater, Nazi, Radical and a Brown Shirt, target you with like minded people in the IRS. Modern Day Liberalism is a disease that must be exterminated-the DEFINITIVE PROOF that it's not a joint. And by proof, I don't mean some Liberal blog, or MediaMatters or the HufferGlue Post-aibafs/Bader, Truthout: Crow After Roe: How Separate But Equal has Become the New Standard in Women's Health, details statehouse setbacks in reproductive justice since Roe v. Wade/ Gibson, Russia first warned the FBI of the Boston bombing mastermind in 2011, but the FBI and Department of Homeland Security were too busy monitoring the Occupy Boston protesters instead/Chicago Teachers Kick off Three-Day March Against Mass School Closings Common Dreams/caught editing benghazi emails former clinton staffer, previous cheney aid, married to mitt advisor decided to scrutinize teabag political groups, that used to work for norquist-teabaggers falsified evidence, in order to accuse jama of...wait4it, falsifying eidence-Closed Door? Issa, R-Calif., said in a statement Friday that he had issued the subpoena to retired veteran diplomat Thomas Pickering to force him to appear at a deposition next week. Pickering, who (was readu to talk last week on mtp, co-chaired the Benghazi Accountability Review Board with a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chief Mike Mullen, has offered to testify before Issa's committee in public. But Issa said a closed-door meeting is needed first, to fully understand how the review board conducted its investigation ap?-Obama breaches Marine umbrella gate, forced a violation of Marine Corps regulations, so he wouldn’t get wet-odrama forces a violation-Norquist said that the "team" can stop posting the pics of the Obamabrella in February of 2017-fucking funny that there is "Marine umbrella protocol-how irrelevant GOP hysteria has become-fb/