Monday, June 11, 2012

61112/obumer should Stop committing treasonous acts

61112/Israel to put thousands of Africans in detention camp— Israel to
soon start moving tens of thousands of illegal African migrants from Tel
Aviv and elsewhere to a detention camp being built and a planned "tent
city." JERUSALEM of the United States: Stop
Commiting Treasonous Acts in the United States of America, he ( Barry
Soetoro ) is not Qualified to be President, he should Stop committing
treasonous acts while Pretending to hold office restorations
of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Grand Central Station and
Rockefeller Center, and has produced new work for the Jewish Museum and
the Huffington Library in Ohio. I don't know about you but whenever the
likes of Rockefeller, Rothschild and Prince Charles are mentioned, Many
do not know of, or are supportive of, the Rockefeller's massive funding
of population control through such groups as the Population Council and
Planned Parenthood. One can view some of their donations through the
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Archives
THIS MARXIST FRAUD OBAMA/Highest level of Je*ish support for a Republican
presidential candidate in 24 years-wait till all those old j*ws find out
pubs want to cut their ss and medi care
Did pubs Deliiberately crash economy? As Paul Krugman wrote earlier this
week, in the New York Times, while a Democrat rests his head each night
in the White House, as Congress giveth, Congress also taketh. since Obama
took office, state and local governments have shed 611,000 jobs; and by
some measures, if not for these jobs, cuts the unemployment rate today
would be closer to 7%, not its current 8.2%. In 2010 and 2011, 457,00
public sector jobs were excised; not coincidentally, at the same time,
much of the federal stimulus aid from 2009 ran out. And Republicans took
over control of Congress.
less money for essential government services, like help for the elderly,
the poor and the disabled.  krugm-the leftards stole
the Presidency for the monkey boy. If they didn't get all the monkeyboys
to vote then we'd be doing fine--.  somehow having both houses of
Congress from 2007-2010 means the Dems had nothing to do with the economy
whatsoever- funny how bush had no vetoes for all that spending his first
4 years but had plenty, or promises thereof, his last 3 or 4 Obamas first
year was a nightmare ..going down into the cesspool pubs and bush dug for
our country NOW when some light is shining on the recovery road ahead
pubs will lie cheat and keep voters from voting in their blatent attempt
to gain the WH- obamamonkey and his cohorts did it to America....that was
one of the reasons that leftards were voted out in masse in
2010......can't blame that on Bush or Republicans, Edds
6912/US Study: Radioactive Xenon-133 Washington(State) 450,000 times
Radioactive Xenon-133 in Washington was 450,000 times above detection
levels after Fukushima Persisted for weeks-Mercury Poisoning and
Alzheimer's Disease: It Isn't A Coincidence- PROPHECYKEEPERS RADIO/What
did we learn from observing corrupt party bosses, rigged elections and
members of the lap dog media?, Americans Rally Nationwide, Demand Obama
HHS Mandate Reversal defrocked Lawyers - Unions take note.
GM is becoming China Motors-France Bans GM Corn Amid Mass US Protests
against Monsanto-GOP seeks to profit from Obama's 'fine' comment bound
for the history books/J e w s are a product of inbreeding Jews love to
mention that White southerners in the U.S. are sometimes inbred. But the
joke is on the Jews. Jews are not genetically diverse. They are very
inbred, more so than any other humans. Unlike most ethnic groups, Jews
have no taboos about inbreeding -- e.g. cousins marrying. That is why
Jews "think alike" much more so than, say, Blacks or Mexicans. This
feature is key to making outsiders [non-WN persons] understand how Jews
are a high-level threat to the West, the legal side: Jewish law permits
marrying even first cousins, and this is permitted by Israeli law as
well. Sherry is a family lawyer and has experience with these issues. In
the United States, each state establishes its own laws, and marriages
between first cousins are legal in many states-Muslims tend to marry
within their own region, own groups & own tribe. Who then are
Inbreeding /Elizabeth Warren, Why Corporations Are Not People: ‘People
Have Hearts’ /Dove World Outreach Center in
Gainesville, Fla., has hanged an effigy of President Barack Obama from a
gallows on its front lawn, a move DWOC pastor Terry Jones said was in
response to Obama's recent endorsement of same-sex marriage, as well as
his stance on abortion-what a giant douche-waffle-hp/open, unadulterated,
self righteous, joyous hatred-Anyone who would have done what those two
men did had it coming to them--you are ferreting out they were Mexicans
and saying J*ws are rejoicing because you simply do not like J*ws and are
dishonest with yourself and others- He's demented, honey bunny. And so
are his brothers. They were abused, probably raped. Meksickant family
values-it's okay! You're 3*ws/
6812/How long can Israel survive internet will kill their dreams
of economic domination. Pariah entity practicing apartheid/Catholic
Church Exposed U.S. Federal Reserve 1913 created by Vatican, people arent
aware that the Jesuits is the same thing as saying VATICAN, or Catholic
Church. The Vatican uses over 300 different religious order/Perspectives
to Ponder! ‎"The Universe is saying: Allow me to flow through you
unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever
seen-Klaus Joehle-He also owns 150,000 shares of a vaccine development
corporation AND sits on their board of directors... AND DOESN'T VACCINATE
HIS CHILDREN, America's doctor. Despite some of the decent sounding
advice he may throw out there every now and then, he is nothing more than
Big Pharma's SELLOUT doctor-Bill Clinton used the same intelligence to
bomb the hell out of Iraq for 8 years (with the permission of the
international community). At the end of the day, our nation is going to
hell in a handbasket if this is the level of discourse that we are going
to have amongst citizens with differing opinions-Prosecute The Big Banks?
‘Nothing’s Off The Table, Americans can expect to see tangible results
this fall from the task force President Obama created to investigate the
financial crisis’ /Seizing A Trillion-Dollar
Windfall But Bank of America's (BAC) sale of mortgage servicing rights on
$10 billion in loans last week to Nationstar Mortgage (NSM) was just a
small step INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY/Gold Rush in Haiti! Who Will Get
Rich? "The gold rush that has been quietly shaping up over the past
several years promises to produce some $20 billion in wealth, but where
will the money go? Who will get rich? And at what cost?" Jane Regan,
Haiti Grassroots Watch:- Turkish Court Indicts Senior Israeli Military
Officials in Murders on Gaza Flotilla "On May 28, 2012, almost two years
after the Israeli attack, a court in Istanbul, Turkey, voted unanimously
to approve an indictment against Israel's former military chief Lt. Gen.
Gabi Ashkenazi, as well as for Eliezer Marom, Amos Yadlin, and Avishai
Levi, the former heads of the Israeli Navy, Air Force Intelligence, and
Military Intelligence. If convicted, each faces nine consecutive life
terms in prison for 'inciting to kill monstrously, and by torturing Ann
Wright, War Is A Crime:- Radicalization Within the Armed Forces: DoD
Losing Sight of the Forest for the Trees "Peering inward, the top brass
of the United States Armed Forces have dangerously lost sight of the
forest for the trees. Invoking myopic, misleading drivel marinated in the
'bath salts' of fundamentalist Christian predation, it has become all too
clear that the Pentagon is incapable of making truly sober assessments of
the profound internal threats and weaknesses it faces." Mikey Weinstein,
AlterNet-Election Countdown 2012: Elizabeth Warren Must Push Against
Scott Brown's DoubleSpeak, and More Lambert Strether, NakedCapitalism-
>ATF agents point machine guns at 8-year-old  >Federal agents are now
taking heat after pointing numerous machine pistols at an 8-year-old boy/
 McNuggets CONTAIN NASTY CHEMICALS, popular menu item with the chemical
preservative TBHQ, tertiary butylhydroquinone, a petroleum-based product.
One gram an cause "nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a
sense of suffocation, and collapse,"  McNuggets also contain
dimethylpolysiloxane, "an anti-foaming agent" also used in cosmetics and
Silly Putty.> /Gov. Rick
Scott Dares the DOJ to Sue Florida, and more Lambert Strether, Naked
Capitalism/Study Shows That America's Biggest Banks Would Need Another
$500 Billion Bailout Thom Hartmann/154 suicides for active-duty troops in
the first 155 days of the year far outdistance the U.S. forces killed in
action in Afghanistan - about 50 percent more
6712/unlicensed vaccine being quietly shipped into the U.K. from the
Czech Republic is sparking controversy as it may be linked to causing
severe allergic reactions. Medi-Mumps, a single mumps vaccine cultured
from dog kidney cells- Palestinians in the West Bank were attacked on
various occasions on Thursday morning by settlers'US
escalating intimidation of whistleblowers’ By neglecting whistleblower
protection laws and escalating the Manning and Assange cases, the US
government is setting a precedent to be applied to journalists, future
whistleblowers, activists and bloggers /Whopping 105 Thousand Lose
Extended Benefits Start at 14:45 and you will get the
picture regarding extended benefits. Peter Schiff/Good folks
who can work will get off my Paycheck and will find work Our govt is
putting personal interest ahead of nations interest and extended this
program selling ppl will look for work even if you serve then dinner-
many sit on the 99 weeks and refer to it as the Obama plan-BERNANKE
Twist a failure All my Customers Sold Yesterday, told me to Choke on ny
new Buys basically told me to take my stocks and shove them up my ***. My
clients and book are done with Slot Macine Wall Street. Nearly every
dollar Bernanke created right out of thin air has gone to prop up ms,
They're serving free ice on the Titanic!! y/Sandusky Jurors Have
Interesting Ties to Coach, School-    78 Killed In Mazraat Al-Qubair Say
Activists, Assad Regime Denies Violence Russia, China Unified Against On
Syria Intervention- U.N. Reports On Ugandan Warlord's Crimes Against
Children Long-Jailed China Labor Activist Found Hanged- Brazil's
Indigenous Awa Tribe At Risk aol/    SLEEP ROBBER? This Man Claims He Was
Sleepwalking While Robbing A Woman At Knifepoint- WATCH: Fire Dance Goes
Horribly Wrong- Fat Woman's Corpse Sets Crematorium On Fire- Walking
Anti-Drug Commercials Plead Guilty To Meth Possession- Miss Pennsylvania
Steps Down, Says Pageant Was Rigged- Woman Allegedly Squeezed Man's
Testicles From Scrotum- THE ONE THAT DIDN'T GET AWAY: Live Fish Trapped
In Boy's Lung-Top 12 Hospitals For Kids- How Do I Keep My Compost
Contaminant Free?- WATCH LIVE: White House Holds Women’s Health Town
Hall-Whoopi Spars With Donald Trump Over Obama-'650-lb virgin,' regains
most of the weight he lost -Tweeters are twits hp/war on
terror or the war of terror?/easier to fool people than to convince them
that they have been fooled-Mark Twain/for less than 1/2 of total military
spending, we could take care of everybody jperkins/companies the Gov't so
called "helped". Are we even a Nation with Securites laws against
unlawful seizure of US citizens assets in a money grab to pay tp prop up
the Banks. Phuck meemememmememmeemmememememmmee ME Worls is going nuts.
Gov't stealing-Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Slam
Republicans for Filibustering Paycheck Fairness for Women-Scalia was
appointed by Reagan, one of the worst presidents America ever had-   
Estonia president  took
to the Twitter-sphere on Thursday to launch a bitter attack on renowned
economist has tweet for "smug" Paul Krugman-Ray Bradbury, "The Martian
Chronicles," died on Tuesday in Los Angeles. He was 91-r/Guantanamo
Connection? Documents Show CIA Stockpiled Antimalaria Drugs as
"Incapacitating Agents", gains contemporary significance in the light of
actions taken by the Department of Defense (DoD) in the 'war on terror.
Jeffrey Kaye-Dozens of inmates at Red Onion State Prison, Virginia's only
supermax facility, have been on a hunger strike since Tuesday, May 22, in
what supporters say is a protest against inhumane conditions. Since its
opening, Red Onion has been plagued by scandals of abuse and torture -
Rania Khalek-Walker Wins Recall, Democrats Win Control of the Senate,
Halting Right-Wing Agenda "After a 16-month long fight, an astonishing
$63.5 million spent, and a people's uprising that attracted international
attention and laid the groundwork for a movement that will last for years
to come, Two-thirds of Walker's money came from out-of-stat, Brendan
Fischer, PR Watch-Florida Gov. Rick Scott Will Push Ahead With Rigging
the November Election, and More In today's On the News segment: Florida
Gov. Rick Scott will push ahead with rigging the November election Thom
Hartmann: Truthout:/ MARXIST OBAMA IS THE ENEMY, Anyone who defends him
GOOD FIGHT!/teaching rich people how we're gonna get their money
6612/Vatican just smacked down a PhD Nun who wrote a scholarly book about
the ethics of human sexuality: her book didn't condemn masturbation as
intrinsically evil like Church Doctrine requires/Wisconsin, you got what
the Koch Brothers paid for. WTF were all y'all thinking?/ Prescription
Drugs Kill One Person Every 19 Minutes, Who Are The Real Drug Dealers... /5 Million
Farmers Sue Monsanto for $7.7 Billion Launching a lawsuit against
Monsanto, 5 million farmers are now suing Monsanto for as much as 6.2
billion euros -certain farming regions to be known as
the ‘suicide belt’, Monsanto has been reportedly taxing the farmers to
financial shambles with ridiculous royalty charges. The farmers state
that Monsanto has been unfairly gathering exorbitant profits each year on
a global scale from “renewal” seed harvests, which are crops planted
using seed from the previous year’s harvest-Never confuse education with
intelligence- A brief history of Monarch programming, the secret
successor of MK-ULTRA. A description of the techniques used to create a
mind control slave using trauma-based
acts by Israel, courtesey of American tax payers. They use American war
machines (F-15, F-16, F-18) and American smart bombs to kill, and mime
the innocents creating more American enemies for generations-to expose
such atrocities! They don't know shame, compassion or empathy > they're
the devil incarnated!-IRS Warns Churches About Political Activities,
Tax-Exempt Status The IRS has warned pastors at a meeting in Washington
that political activity could endanger their tax-exempt status behind "charitable contribution" status a tiny minority of
their funds ever go beyond them serving themselves-voting boothes in
churches almost everywhere? Sure they're big buildings with space to
accommodate a lot of people, but that's just a convenient excuse for a
massive conflict of interest-REDISCOVERING what we lost. search for
ancient flight and dna manipulation -CONVENIENTLY missing
from Government /Public Education Anything that may contradict a
serve a valuable lesson to those of us who care about the future of this
Country. Perhaps it will even serve to coalesce the factions of Occupy
(insert cause here), into the machine we need to save America. The time
for sitting on our hands is over-those who voted walker will also lose
more and more of their own value and worth, and they smile like pigs in
poop thinking they won something-KochQaeda won "This Time" ... It's time
to protest in front of the S-Court Rent Boys Homes, Boyhood Homes,
Schools, & ConTree Clubs ...they think this will all go away as the
"Unruly Serfs" settle into Slavery Watching Alphabet Soup NOOSE/News, and
listening to Stochastic FRight Talk. "Shopping" the Movie ...Grocery
Store, Liquor Store, Home Improvement Store .. Pointing out the Products
that do and don't cut our throats by gut-shooting Democracy. A Check List
from the Movie on the Consumption that's cutting our throats. And these
CorpRatCon-Job Octapuses will always come up with a new "Brand" to escape
Consumer sanction... even buy up older trustworthy Corps to hide the
source of the Treason. It will be complicated. But 10-15% will put most
of them in the LOSS/Dead in the Water Column. So could 10 to 15 % of the
people become conscious and informed enough to "Harpoon" the
CorpRatCon-Job behemoths and lay them face down in a consumer revolution,
a river of red ink or blood on Wall Street Stochastic Hate out of our
neighbors ears.” And KochQaeda, TeaQaeda, LiberTareEAyn-Randies, hoe...
current S-Court 5 Rent Boy in Chief Just-aSS, John Roberts, lives
near La Port Indiana... the Newest Rot@Work for peanuts and no bennnies
Red-Fate Hate-State!-Money alone didn't win this for them. It took the
cooperation of a lot of foolish, self-serving people-Emergency — please
read — serious Wisconsin vote hack issue, tide of red flags issuing from
this two-person storefront company that controls 100% of Wisconsin voting
machines, whose office is down the hall from Michelle Bachman's office
Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op Meet Command Central City Clerk Maribeth
Witzel-behl tells WTDY News that turnout in the recall Walker election is
on pace to hit 119 percent in Madison, pace to hit 119 percent that got
the right wing conspiracy machine rolling. The right has taken to Twitter
to claim that this is evidence that Democrats are cheating and voter
fraud is everywhere, but thanks to same day voter registration it is
entirely possible to turnout go over 100% as people who show up and
register the same day are not counted in the initial voter registration
numbers for a precinct. In fact, CNN is reporting that polling places are
running out of same day voter registration forms.
disenfranchise-wisconsin-college-students/"-Hopefully Walker & Ryan will
be joining her soon
to-prison-for-corruption/" -Thank goodness for FB; we are nipping it in
the bud as it happens. The police and the Govt Accountability Board are
really busy today-GODSPEED WISCONSIN, Go to Bat
For America Today. Starting with Wisconsin, we will retake our states one
at a time. Until we wake up from the nightmare the Republican
"leadership'" has inflicted on our nation
serious-wisconsin-vote-hack-issue /mac search medicare ending in 2014, I
how much pain is in you today with Walker's wonderful win over the dregs
of Union bosses. However, none of the posts that you want me to read
differ with my position on any of this. I believe Medicare needs to be
updated and changed but I also believe that they are going to have to do
IQ OF THE REST OF US, She always attacks me when I prove her to be a liar
that calls everyone else a liar.-- why are you spelling lesminora in a
differant way being the typo fanatic that you are?- Is that ALL you've
got you pathetic turd?-Ryan's plan does not end Medicare for anyone.
You've been duped into believing the Democrat talking points, you've
decided the Lie of the Year is worth repeating. Japanese research agency has dropped a
controversial public relations campaign aimed at educating women about
nuclear safety that compared radiation to the screaming voice of an angry
wife-Squat-down toilets will boost Nomura With investment banks facing an
uncertain future, one Nomura shareholder has come up with a novel
suggestion to help to boost its share price: replace all office toilets
with Japanese-style squat facilities-woman who punched, scratched and
slid her buttocks against a $30 million painting by abstract
expressionist Clyfford Still at a Denver museum has been sentenced to two
years of probation, and will have to undergo mental health treatment-
Brazil burns mystery panties found in Congress , underwear that fell out
of a Brazilian legislator's briefcase on the floor of Congress two weeks
ago has been incinerated after no one stepped forward to claim them-
Saudi ghost-hunters raid "haunted" hospital RIYADH (Reuters) - The dingy
corridors and gloomy wards of a long-abandoned Saudi Arabian hospital
have drawn hundreds of amateur ghost hunters who believe it to be haunted
by jinn, the malevolent spirits of the Koran and Arabian mythology-r/ny
Times prints about the incident that twists history. It's also what the
Times omits - no mention that the other ships in the flotilla peacefully
complied with I[s]raeli instructions to check their cargo. No mention
that Israel beforehand offered to let the Mavi Marvara dock at Ashdod,
off-load the cargo and let Israel take it over land into Gaza, assuming
it didn't contain weapons, mayhem-bent provocateurs get a pa[s]s, while
I[s]raeli commandos are maligned as wanton killers /juan catches foul ball, mcshame defends
walker win, iman defends ridicule, mahr, stewart, imus