Saturday, February 25, 2012

22512/Obama sought to deflect growing Republican attacks, blaming factors beyond his control

22512/current campaign finance law says "local broadcast stations have the
right to refuse third party ads. They only have to accept ads by bona fide
candidates for federal office, "And if they take [third party ads] they
have an absolute right to say, 'You prove every statement in that ad before
I'm going to put it on my airwaves and let into my community's living
rooms, we back candidates who won't take special interest cash hand wringing about civil wars if we leave is just
so much twaddle. I don't think the Afghans really know what they want, but
they are very clear on what they DON'T want, and I think we should honor
their wishes and get out of their way in their rush into oblivion. Because
if we aren't there, somebody else will be. They'll never be independent/
Since lack of belief is atheism by definition, Mother Theresa then can it
be said that such Christians who sometimes doubt the existence of God have
sometimes "fallen into" atheism?/read one of Dawkins' books to know his
view on religion. fundamentalists don't read books, not even the Bible. I
will never cease to be impressed at how deceptive fundamentalists are/
conservatives in the GOP in general reject Romney, a Mormon, as the
favorite and would much prefer a fundamentalist. Hence, Santorum, a
Catholic fundamentalist in effect, and someone who preaches the
fundamentalist line, has gained in favor/Repulsivcan issues, fiction
without facts/Santorum had "played" with his dead infant/Gallup Poll has
found that more Democrats than Republicans say they would not vote for a
Mormon for president. Twenty-seven percent of Democrats say they wouldn't
vote for a Mormon, while 18 percent of Republicans say the same. For
independents, 19 percent." /support a fake, phony
and fraud like Obama without a problem. Liberals are super bigots/if I
was a Republican had a oil well on Tater, Mt and with the system the pubs
love, Free Market, I'd hire workers at Min. wage or below, sell all the oil
to China and then demand tax breaks from the US government/a gaffe is when
a politician accidently tells the truth. That’s certainly what happened to
Mitt. absent-mindedly said something completely reasonable: “If you just
cut, if all you’re thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut
spending you’ll slow down the economy. Krugman, New York Times/
22412/hero school teacher Fifty-seven-year-old math teacher Dr. David Benke
was outside helping at the crosswalk when he heard a shot, saw a gunman,
and instinct drove his next move. "I noticed that he was working a bolt
action rifle and realized that I had time to get him before he could
chamber another round," He ran and tackled the suspect. "The next thing I
know, I'm on the ground. I've got my legs wrapped around his legs. I've got
my arms wrapped around him. Benke feels that all he did wasn't enough. "I
felt like I wasn't fast enough and he got, as far as I know, a second round
off." "I think he's a hero," "He obviously probably saved a lot more
students." a school three miles here, an incident Americans remember by one
name: Columbine. "I said I hope I am capable to do something about it, and
so what was going through my mind was that I promised," says Benke. /Overall 25%
of our school children leave schools without a H.S. diploma. These young
people quit. Why? They just reported teachers feeding ***** to the kids in
another school. They just reported parents trying to take over yet another
school because of abusive behavior towards the children by the teachers. Is
there a pedophile teacher running around this school? Is someone abusing
this kid at school? The gun went off in the kids backpack, there was no
intent to hurt the other child, who was this kid afraid of and why?-leads
me to the belief that actions like this by irresponsible gun owners are no
different than mentally-impaired gun owners-
girl-8/?tag=re1.discussed / /Gingrich pledges $2.50 gas/
Obama sought to deflect growing Republican attacks over rising prices at
the pump, blaming recent increases on a mix of factors beyond his control,
including tensions with Iran, hot demand from China, India and other
emerging economies, and Wall Street 'it's easy to make phony promises'
Christian Science Monitor/US Postal Service announced plans on Thursday to
close or consolidate 223 mail processing centers and eliminate up to 35000
jobs as part of its strategy to cut costs by reducing its network of
facilities/Activists say more than 7,000 people have died in the 11-month
uprising - more than 90 on Thursday alone - and concern is growing over the
humanitarian situation, particularly in the besieged city of Homs. The
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) appealed this week for a
pause in fighting to allow aid to be taken in, but said it had received no
response from Damascus, main Syrian opposition group has asked for rebel
fighters to be allowed to import weapons. A declaration is expected later,
calling on Syrian forces to declare a ceasefire and allow humanitarian
access to the worst-hit areas. Syrian state TV said the conference was a
meeting of "symbols of colonialism". The US, Europe and Arab countries plan
to challenge President Bashar al-Assad to provide humanitarian access
within days, with the threat of fresh sanctions if he does not comply.
Around 70 nations, including the US, UK, France and Turkey, are attending
the conference, organised by the Arab League. The Friends of Syria should
not constrain individual countries from aiding the Syrian opposition by
means of military advisers, training and provision of arms to defend
themselves”. Russia and China, key allies of Syria which have blocked UN
resolutions again Damascus, are not there-As good as their cause is we
don't know who they really are, who's behind them, or what they plan to do
with Syria if they win. After Iraq i think we should tread very carefully-
the opposition need arms, initially for self defence and then to oust the
ghastly regime of Assad and his cronies. But why doesn't the West step in
to actively help? Saddam Gadafi, the Taliban - the West has flushed these
tyrants down the toilet of history. Assad is surely as bad as they were and
merits similar treatment-I was against the invasion of Libya, I thought it
obviously immoral and could see how easily the public had been hoodwinked.
This is different, the Syrians are in real danger here-Islam is nothing
more than an excuse for intolerance and hate. PS i am gay and in the UK am
i a hate monger or someone who wants to defend my life from a religion that
has not progressed from the dark ages-Assad seems to be committing genocide
in public without shame and without regret but with pride and the blessing
of Russia and China. What are their leaders thinking of?-civilians in Homs
and Syria could be reading our comments at this moment. Can we not show a
little compassion rather than make stereotypical pronouncements on the
evilness of Islam? What type of humanity is being demonstrated here?-
comment has been referred for further consideration. Explain. Everything
I've stated comes from the news yet I'm forbade from mentioning it even
though it's relative to Syrian oppression, ironic!- bbcnews/Tehran and
Washington have discovered a surprising common bond: to pretend that they
might be heading toward serious negotiations to curb Iran’s nuclear
capacity. What’s more, they are pretending for the same reason: to ward off
an Israeli attack on Iran-These talks are a means to let Obama off the
hook. Iran will continue to develop their desired weapon. The Obama
administration and Russia will tell the U.N. that Iran has agreed to stop
development. Iran and the U.S. don't trust each other, neither do I-It
doesn't matter to Obama what's good for America, his primary concern is the
November elections. At the moment he has this election sewed up, conflict
could change things. Watch and see-    Ron Paul's foreign policy of "lets
let Iran get nukes, I'm sure they won't use them," is the equivalent to
saying "Sure, lets give the crazy guy a loaded gun, I'm sure he won't shoot
anyone."-False equivalency-Why not? that seems to be the going philosophy
in America. Give everyone an assault rifle and nobody will get
shot-warmongers :: its written a army in the bible 200 million will go to
war and 1/3 of population will be gone .. Could this be the beginning of
that war?? why cause we have had people in office do as they want and are
told for the last 25 years.. They dont have our country or you as there
best interest.. Open your eyes.. they have torn our country down to nothing
,, took jobs over seas .. Taken away our liberties other-word or freedoms
,, put us into a debt we will never bail out ,, lead us into a depression-
6.996 billion people there will still be plenty. I just hope that the ones
that are killed are bible thumpers like you/they both hate the Jews-so true
with both leaders that they hate GODS PEOPLE-Take your fairy tail book off
somewhere and read it to yourself-Militarily this threat is irrelevant-to
the US, not to Israel-Who wrote this propagand#$%$?-DNC,ACORN, OBUMBLES-
Denuclearize Israel, the USA and the british brutes!-NO TAX DOLLARS FOR
ISRAEL" and no American Blood either-im telling all your friends to never
never trust, back stabbing liar and a coward!-you Israel haters are what
your black boy obama craps out everyday. obama is as useless as teats on a
boar hog and so are you idiots-    Eliminate Iran and everything will fall
into place a*s*shole!-Israel will never be defeated as this unfolds people
like you will come full circle and be faced with your own demise-if you
want to fight for are allowed to move to Israel-couldn't
agree more. The Israelis are the 21st century Nazis-spoken like a real
Nazi-bet your family were Nazi collaborators-late breaking news...The
economy and federal deficit here at home are still being ignored-Only by
the Republican cadidates. Almoast three million new jobs have been added in
the past two years under Obama's policies, which the Republivcans and the
media ignore, and instead of bleeding 300,000 jobs a month as we were when
Bush left office, we are adding 250,000 jobs a month now-tell that to the
MILLIONS still unemployed, it's your side developing these stupid questions
and issues to deflect attention. -8% receiving unemployment benefits Hal,
how many people have run out, how many now claim "disability" and are no
longer counted as "unemployed"? How many in middlemanagement now work at
McDonalds?-    Lets talk about BAHRAIN... Bharaini government killing its
own citizen (protesters) nearly for a year and nobody cares...Oh I know why
.... An American ally, shameful-Yeah Bahrain and saudi arabia can get away
with anything-Got any proof of Bahrain doing any such thing? B y the way,
the majority of the Bahraini's making a problem are actually minority
Iranians who live in Bahrain-Arabic and Western media do not broadcast any
news about Bahraini people being oppressed and tortured by govt. and Saudi
soldiers-At the same time they talk about Syria-not the article in question
here-We can easily make peace with Iran gas will go down if we just start
ignoring Isreal, theres no need to fight for isreal unless they are
attacked, if they attack they are on thier own, and Jesus is not a reason-
Both Obama and Ahmadinejad suffers from what you call delusions of
grandeur. Except one of them is a bigger idiot than expected-Wait, our
government is trying to AVOID a war??? Something is seriously amiss-Our
government wants to DELAY a war until after the election is over-in case
you like someone saying something nice to you, from time to time new
friends - or nothing at all, but talking is nice…. it’s just that immense
age difference-LOL creepy alert is right. You be careful there lil miss. I
am not sure posting your pic is a good idea my dear,it could bring trouble
to an attractive young lady like you. Just consider me a concerned Irish
uncle . -Sam-Don't worry the repubs will get us into a war, that is the
only way they can create jobs-Obama has put us in debt more than any other
pres, and in half the time. Go Obama! Really, go... get out-The only
president that has had a surplus and has not put us in real debt in the
last 32 years is Clinton. Where were you when the Republicans were doing
the same? By the way the 2009 budget that was passed in 2008 with over a
trillion dollars of debt was George Bush's budget-You're listening too much
to your retarded teachers/professors. Grow a sack and learn the history for
yourself. Take the initiative and don't let someone else tell you what to
believe-All you Obama voters got your hopey changey, now let fix this mess
and Restore America with Ron Paul. Another 4 years of Obama and the Muslim
brotherhood will be completely in charge here-a puff peice, both countries
are led by exstreemist radicals-you went to school in the GW bush-every
child left behind era didn't you-another gop racist speaks-idiots like you
who are so retarded that you can't spell extremists aren't even worth the
30 seconds of my life typing a reply-TPers/Redumplican'ts in Congress still
protect the corporate welfare for Big Oil-Iranians are not Persians, they
are Arabs. Whatever they say of themselves as of "the most Westernized
nation on the ME" is a lie. No they are not. Israel is. I would believe it
when Iranians abandon Islam and go back to Zoroastrianism-How are the
natives of Iran, formerly called Persia, not Persians ?-You're getting
religion mixed up with ethnicity. You obviously know nothing about Iran and
don't care to learn anything you stereotype gegurgitating, racist fool-They
are Arabized Persians - new nation with new religion and new attitude-Islam
is inseparable from the Bedouin lifestyle-Even the Islamic heaven looks
exactly like oasis in the deserts-Confusion between the religion and
ethnicity is a Jewish phenomenon. Ask your Jewish friends, if you have
any-The only thing Israel leads in is terrorism-    Iran could just abide
by its agreements already established as its being a member of the UN, and
a signer of the NPT. and let UN inspectors inspect as they are supposed to us all allot of time, money, and effort.....I have no problem
with 20 percent for their Medical Research Reactor. That is already covered
by the NPT, and IAEA. So as long as they agree to be compliant with the
rules, and to inspections by the UN, of which they have already agreed,
they can't seem to do it-the US could abide by its NPT agreements and start
cycling down the nukes in EU-so can Israel-That'd be so muhc easier-AND
Israel, not being an NNP signatory, could abide by its agreements as a U.N.
member state, to act in accordance with international law and overall to be
a peaceful influence in the world-Israel could also voluntarily join the
NNP and put ACTION behind the empty rhetoric of the West regarding nuclear
non-proliferation and "peace"-Iran, abide by rules, what is wrong with this
sentence? Israel can't cycle down anything, they are surrounded by to many
crazies, and it makes em feel better. But here's the prediction. Do not be
afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will
accomplish for you today. The LORD will fight for you, and you shall hold
your peace." (Exodus 14:13-14) Zechariah 12;9 And it shall come to pass in
that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nation that come against
Jerusalem. Genesis 12; 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, (Jews) and
curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be
blessed- /jerks that keep
repeating "for every beautiful woman, there is a guy tired of screwing
her." remember that “The world provides enough beauty to satisfy every
man's need, but not every man's greed/International nuclear inspectors
reported on Friday that Iran is moving rapidly to produce nuclear fuel at a
deep underground site that Israel and the United States have said is
virtually invulnerable to attack New York Times/indulgence of serious
criminality evidently is fear of the consequences of taking tough action on
individual bankers. And maybe officials are right to be afraid, given the
massive size of the banks in question relative to the economy. In fact,
those banks are bigger now than they were before the crisis.-Deja Vu in
Chicago as Occupying Workers Secure Victory, "More than three years ago, a
group of about 200 workers from Republic Windows & Doors organized a
six-day sit-in demanding vacation and severance pay after suddenly being
laid off near the holidays. A new group of about 65 workers locked
themselves inside the same factory this week in a desperate move to save
their jobs once again-There are still 171 detainees imprisoned at
Guantanamo. More than half have already been cleared for release.
Thirty-six are expected to face war crimes charges and the remainder were
deemed by the Obama administration as being too dangerous to release or too
difficult to prosecute because the evidence against them is tainted due to
the fact that they were tortured-Palestinian political prisoner Khader
Adnan ended his 65-day hunger strike in an Israeli prison last night, after
Israeli authorities made a deal that he would be released in April at the
end of his current term. One learns never fully to trust that outcomes will
occur as promised. Nevertheless, this is a tremendously hopeful moment-how
representations of heroism in movies shape our expectations of a U.S.
President, and how our real-world candidates are packaged into superficial,
two-dimensional personas designed to appeal to both the electorate and the
media-Truthout:/Wisconsin Democrats File Complaint With State Against David
Koch Talking Points Memo/"The Baby Killer President"./"the Great Whore" in
Revelations. But there's more to the story. Hagee insists that he wasn't
talking about the Catholic Church -- he says he was talking about the
apostate church"the Great Whore"

Friday, February 24, 2012

22412/Dick was actually right, deficits don't matter

22412/Santorum’s football fumble and other campaign stumbles, A few miles
from the Cleveland Brown's home turf, "Is this Steelers country?" was met
with boos from the crowd/Maher donates $1 million to Obama Super PAC/U.S.,
Iran share surprising common bond/Al-Qaida claims responsibility for deadly
attacks in Iraq/who are we fooling, we know somebody's money will buy this
election. The deficit will increase under either party. You know it, and so
do I. It's rigged. Quit pretending. You're smarter than that/Republican
Brent Scowcroft said, "Because of the policies of the Bush Administration
the US couldn't fight a war that lasted just 3 days without borrowing the
money from China/Bumbling Idiot George Bush took the presidency and drove
the country into massive debt and a recession. What's your answer to fixing
the Recession?  when we hear statements from orifices that are below
the belt line, but have no real solutions to the problem/blaming Bush,
obozo spends almost 4 trillion...but thats O.K....hypocrites with no
creedence...the bad thing about it is the ignorance of the libbys/modern
conservatives smart, the future of America. embarrassingly ignorant,
selfish and just plain stupid. Your candidates are a joke and so are all of
you/Tea Birds won't rest until O'Barry is out of office/Costanza would be
better than Obungle/santorum is only interested in legislating a woman's
vagina and spreading his apostolic reformation, end times dominionism
nonsense/Koolaid five cents? I guess they need it though when they have to
wash down a big old bullsrepub*** sandwich/    they dont talk about how
obamas wife saves on money on halloween---how many tax dollars are saved by
her going as a butt ugly pig?--how does she save?--she goes as herself!/
fudge yourself, you wretched GOP boot licking wench!/so hateful. Vogue and
Womens day have all said she is well dressed and attractive/most fitting
thing that Bush can't do is leave the country for fear of arrest as a war criminal/
newt goes antiwar?-jama slaps badnews bears-barat
banned from the oscars-imus
22312/Marie Colvin was killed in Homs, Syria-Two NATO troops are shot by a
person wearing an Afghan army uniform-Beset with woes, Rupert Murdoch is
launching a new Sunday newspaper in the UK-Obama apologized to Afghan
President Hamid Karzai for the burning of Qurans by NATO troops, calling
the act an inadvertent error, NATO's International Security Assistance
Force, Gen. John Allen, apologized Tuesday for the incineration, Muslims
believe the Quran is the word of God, so holy that people should wash their
hands before even touching the sacred book, which is why Quran burning
incites such fury. an act of intolerance and bigotry-Fox so-called News.
And that is what today's Tea party controlled GOP takes seriously. Murdoch
is a crook. And Fox viewers are enablers-STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES and when
the GOP screams and whines that the sky is falling the sky is falling they
fall for it hook line & sinker. I mean c'mon they voted for Dubya twice and
they think Sarah Palin is intelligent so why wouldnt they vote for
Santorum, Mitt or Newt?-As much as Republicans like to call Obama
destructive, they've done more to damage the legitimacy and efficiency of
our government than has been done in my lifetime-cnn/newt says obama is a
baby killer/Copter collision kills 7 Marines in Calif. desert/he had to
produce identification to cash out his winnings at Philadelphia Park
Racetrack & Casino in Bucks County. Casino officials learned Johnson was
wanted for drug offenses in Altoona and called authorities 34-year-old
Mateen Johnson was arrested Saturday because. Johnson told police he
expected to be arrested soon and was trying to win enough at blackjack to
make bail/Female prison inmates are to blame for a prank that put the image
of a pig in a decal on the doors of some Vermont state police cruisers.
female inmates at the prison work center in Windsor are responsible for
altering the decal in 2009. But he says figuring out specifically who did
it is impossible unless someone confesses. The pig in the 16-inch decal was
first noticed by a state police trooper washing his car Feb. 1. State
police say they believe the pig decal has been added to about 30 cruisers
in the past year. one group is hoping to keep the image alive. They've
created a Facebook page called "Save the Vermont Pigs," and now they have
upwards of 1,000 fans.-the person that accepted them for the state police
should be fired for not checking what they were getting. The state did not
lose any money until they decided to destroy the stickers-police need to
stop acting like someone spit in their corn flakes-It will cost the state
about $800 to print new shields...then, of course, there is the labor. The
pigs have been there for about 4 years and it was just noticed /'I tell you the truth, when you refused to
help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help
me." Matt 25:45 "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a
needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Mark 10:25/
they call conservatives greedy for wantitng to keep what they work hard
for, but a lazy liberal scum that wants someone else to pay off his school
loans so he can buy a new ipad, thats not greedy.Or the liberal scum.
Liberalism is a mental disorder/don't care what your buddy Jesus would have
done? Keep your Religion out of American politics/Dioxin is the most
caustic man-made chemical known.  Dioxin is a general term for hundreds of
chemicals that are produced in industrial processes that use chlorine and
burning. Disturbingly, it has a half-life of 100+ years. Dioxin was
the*most harmful component in Agent Orange*(the recipe for Agent Orange is
2,4-D and 2,4,5-T herbicides). Dow AgroScience has received preliminary
USDA approval for its 2,4-D herbicide resistant GMO corn.  This means that
dioxin contaminated 2,4-D herbicide will drench US farm land and pollute
water supplies if the crops are widely planted. /any sane women out
there or are all of them pretty much infected with the neurological
disorder called 'blind faith'? I'm so sick of being rejected by women for
such a silly reason/tell her you believe. You don't have to say in what. If
she asks just tell her that you've found Flipper and he is your personal
savior and you lead The porpoise driven life/peta People Eating Tasty
Animals/Nothing has changed or improved in Greece.  we saw another kick the
can down the road move/’ deficit card
loses its appeal The candidates’ plans don’t reduce the deficits, Romney’s
plan, adjusted for the lower tax rates announced this week, would add $2.6
trillion to the national debt over the next decade, even wider additions to
the debt from the plans proposed by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum
and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — of $4.5 trillion and $7 trillion
respectively. Only Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s plan actually leads to a reduction
of the debt, these experts calculate-please don't tell us that Chaney was
actually right and deficits don't matter, we need is a nice dose of Greek
reality here-Someone else will be the one who pays it, a 30 year Treasury
sold in 1985 matures in just three more years, which means we are all still
paying for the Star Wars fantasy of Reagan. That is a defensive shield
orbiting the earth to protect us. Never happened/The WSJ-owned MW, a
subsidiary of Murdoch-owned News Corp, at least a few of the MW editors and
jounalists are willing to buck the right-wing hate machine. It looks like
that really gets your goat. Just offhand, Where do you get off saying it
has "little objectivity"? Maybe you really don't want objectivity. Go join
your friends over at Fox News and you will be happier/
sued by Ireland-based Sealink Funding BAC) faces yet another lawsuit
related to allegations that its mortgage unit misrepresented residential
mortgage securities sold to investors. The latest complaint is a $949
million lawsuit, Citigroup , JPMorgan Chase and several other banks are all
defendants listed in the lawsuit-maggots are stuffed, the feeding continues
Charlotte Business Journal/Bank of America, JPMorgan Face More Overdraft
Pain, overdraft fees have dropped 20% from $37 billion in 2009 to $29.5
billion in 2011 according to industry consultant Moebs Services. The
decline came even as banks moved to raise the average overdraft fees by as
much as $4 to $30 over the two- year period, Citigroup (C) due to its
higher share of foreign deposits, saw a big drop in service charges on
deposits in the fourth quarter of 2010, the first time the overdraft rules
were in full effect. Most of the service charges come from overdraft fees.
forbes/Blaming Decline in Family Values for Soaring Inequality this would
seem to be a very odd time to focus on the alleged moral decline of the
lower classes.... But now we have an economy that has left blue-collar
workers behind: why invoke social values to explain their plight, Krugman/
"Two hundred immigrant workers, their wives, husbands, children and
hundreds of supporters marched through downtown Berkeley February 17,
protesting their firing from Pacific Steel Castings, one of the city's
largest employers. Starting at City Hall, they walked for an hour past
stores and homes David Bacon- Truthout:/UC Davis Students, Alumni Sue
University Over Infamous Pepper-Spray Incident Talking Points Memo/More
States Plan to Divert Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Money Away From Helping
Homeowners ThinkProgress/Procter & Gamble announced plans Thursday to cut
5700 positions/US Postal Service has largely completed a five-month study
into closing mail processing facilities and has identified 223 out of 487
processing centers for potential closure, including four in Colorado/
-trump says china is like banks, have bigger problems-newt says obama
is a baby killer-waning anglican christians lost their way-imus/two dozen
leading Catholic nuns filed a brief in the Supreme Court last week
supporting the president’s signature legislative accomplishment. The
Catholic sisters who joined the brief include the leaders of many prominent
religious orders providing health care and other services to the
needy/Obama appeared on the Los Angeles-based Piolin Por La Mañana'
Show on Univision. Barack made a bold prediction about his re-election,
vowing that his presidency was not over and in fact he had another five
years coming up/former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour says is possible
if the primary contest remains divided.
republican-race-192040476.html /For nearly a decade, hackers enjoyed
widespread access to the corporate computer network of Nortel Networks
Ltd, Using seven passwords stolen from top Nortel executives, including the
chief executive, the hackers--who appeared to be working in China--
penetrated Nortel's computers at least as far back as 2000 and over/Chief
Executive Brian Driscoll, who joined the Twinkie
and Wonder Bread maker in 2010. Hostess has asked unionized workers to
make big concessions on pensions and other labor provisions or face
liquidation. his pay package includes a $1.5 million annual salary,
unspecified annual incentive bonuses and as much as $2 million in
additional bonuses for achieving certain performance goals also eligible
for nearly $2 million if he departs Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers
and Grain Millers International Union, said it was "unfair" for
Hostess to craft "such a lucrative contract while demanding deep, deep
givebacks from its employees/Every path is the right path. Everything
could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning. ~mr.
Nobody/Gainesville High School Students' Racist YouTube Rant Forces Girls
To Leave School-the girls have experienced harassment and said they feared
for their safety. According to one report by the Gainesville Sun, one of
the students involved was hiding out at a relative's house while her mother
was at work. “Our lives have changed totally, 180 degrees," her mother told
the paper. "This has made her an adult really quick.” Norcross, Ga., a
Beaver Ridge Elementary School teacher resigned after outcry over a third
grade math assignment that used slavery examples in word problems. Parents
were outraged at both the assignment and the school district's response to
the reports of those math problems, which included references to cotton,
orange picking and beatings, Minnesota school district last August claimed
that a Red Wing High School homecoming event called "Wigger Day" caused a
black student "severe emotional distress including depression, loss of
sleep, stress, crying, humiliation, anxiety, and shame.""Wigger is a
pejorative slang term for a white person who emulates the mannerisms,
language and fashions associated with African-American culture," the
complaint explains. Students were encouraged to dress in oversized sports
jerseys, low-slung pants, baseball hats cocked to the side and 'doo rags/
Cantor said the right approach is not to avoid social issues or immigration
but to recognize that, for many of the voters the GOP needs most, "jobs and
the economy" are preoccupying concerns. Independent voters,' he added,
"will give you credit" when addressing divisive issues "by trying to find a
way to bridge differences." The problem for the GOP goes far, far beyond
the tone of the presidential primary. It's only shining a brighter light on
exactly what the Republican party has become since it let the tea party and
the American Taliban take over

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

22212/Obama: A monumental disgrace, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician, very evil, out to steal their soul

22212/faux u newz entertainment? performs an electronic lobotomy on it's
viewers and after half an hour are observed to have drool running down
their chins?/only the Bible beaters show up for Pope Santorum/National
Association of Realtors has a very large investment in seeing the fanny and
freddie don't go away/"No legacy is so rich as honesty"
~Shakespeare/all stocks have recovred and they are
fake! fnm and fre are the only 2 stocks that have reflected the state of
main street/and how low wall st can go/ "Santorum and many of his
allies dislike any public institution that enables people to think
critically and act with a degree of responsibility toward the public, they
hate any notion of public education, which harbors the promise, if not the
threat, of actually educating students to be thoughtful, self-reflective
and capable of questioning so-called common sense and holding power
accountable."-Who Owns the GOP Candidates William Dore, Foster Friess,
Sheldon Adelson, Harold Simmons, Peter Thiel, or Bruce Kovner? only because
the people listed have given Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and
Mitt Romney huge sums of money to do so."-Occupy for Prisoners Comes Out
Against Mass Incarceration, more than 2.2 million people sit behind bars,
behind the shocking statistics are harsh sentencing laws and lucrative
contracts for private prison firms that continue to drive the mass
incarceration system, say the protesters at Occupy for Prisons, and they
are calling for a fundamental change to the system-world of derivatives]
the Midas Formula and saw it as a recipe for making everything turn to
gold. But the markets forgot how the story of King Midas ended. As
Aristotle told this ancient Greek tale, Midas died of hunger as a result of
his vain prayer for the golden touch. Today, the Greek people are going
hungry to protect a rigged $32 trillion Wall Street casino-fact, corporate
tax revenue is at a 40 year low, even though corporate profits have
rebounded to their pre-recession heights."-With Mass Child Freezing Deaths,
Proof of Mass Starvation, US in Violation of Geneva Conventions in
Afghanistan, War Is A Crime: "In 1949, at the Fourth Geneva Convention, the
responsibilities of an 'occupying power' were recognized as a part of
international law, What is abundantly clear is that there is no lack of
'means available to' the US to meet its responsibilities [in Afghanistan]
under Articles 55 through Article 60 of Geneva, especially when the
afflicted populations are in the most secure part of the country-"Ayatollah
Rick [Santorum] is a bit obsessed with what you might be doing in your
bedroom. The Supreme Court, he asserts, was wrong to rule that we have a
right to consensual sex in our homes. 'Then you have the right to bigamy,'
he wails, 'the right to polygamy ... to incest ... adultery ... the right
to anything.' Then comes his punch line: 'This right to privacy doesn't
exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution-Bill welcomes former
U.S. Poet Laureate Rita Dove, who this very week received the National
Medal of Arts from President Obama. explore American history, language,
culture, and ideas- Truthout/Colbert Guillotines Santorum
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: "Stephen Colbert distilled the
absurdity of Rick Santorum's attack on President Obama's governing
'theology': 'Folks, I have often warned you that President Obama is an
anti-religious zealot, which is surprising since he is also a devout secret
Muslim.' Santorum has recently gone for broke in running on a platform that
the United States should be governed based on his personal interpretation
of the bible." BuzzFlash/Thanks, Rick Santorum! Your Backward Views are
Alerting American Voters About GOP Extremism Salon/Michigan's Hostile
Corporate Takeover Mother Jones/The Map That Proves Red Staters Use the
Safety Net, Too Talking Points Memo/Does Occupy Wall Street Have a Future
in Politics? Time Magazine/Democratic Senators Want SuperPAC Crackdown
Politico/The coalition of the super power cartels: corporations, banks,
institutions, military, sold out politicians, etc. appear omnipotent,
ubiquitous, and indestructible at this juncture in history. I am thankful
for the few that are not restrained to that mold, that exceed and go beyond
it for the common good. They are special indeed, but are all too rare
besides, the others are doing quite well as is , thank you, so why get
involved. Is it now the darkness before the storm?/Once again the banks
convince the government's that they must be bailed out at the expense of
the people, this time the greek people. This house of cards will not end
well. The big question is when it will end?
greece? /latest polling has Rick Santorum closing in on Mitt Romney, whose
chances weren’t helped over the weekend when his campaign’s Arizona
co-chair, the Tea Party-leaning immigration hardliner Sheriff of
uber-conservative Pinal County, Paul Babeu, was outed by a Mexican
immigrant gay lover he called "Papi." debate promises to be good – if at
times disturbing – theater, especially in light of what social media wags
swiftly dubbed "Papigate." Expect Romney and Santorum to pander to their
party’s powerful right-wing fringe via thinly veiled immigrant bashing. If
they turn away from the GOP in large enough numbers, Arizona could go blue.
Sylvia Allen. A state senator, Allen believes, among other things, that the
poor booted off Arizona’s Medicaid rolls need to "save up for their
colonoscopy"; that trees steal water from people; and that the earth is
6,000 years old.  Her improbable ascent to power was greased by like-minded
Tea Party Republicans. Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, was widely
viewed as the most powerful Republican in Arizona. Noted for his hot
temper, Pearce is a Mormon who believes God Himself created the U.S.A. He
says his son and he have both been shot by an "illegal." He’s been accused
of consorting with white supremacists and neo-Nazis/A few facts on the
Southern Poverty Law Center and "hate groups"Center uses the deliberately
meaningless term "hate group" in its fund-raising materials because it
allows them to denigrate those with whom they disagree without accusing
them of any actual crimes. 4. NOT ONE of the Center's top executives is a
minority. Despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin
Luther King's home church in Montgomery, the Center has NEVER hired a
person of color to a highly paid position of authority in its entire 41
year history. These are your "experts"?
overreach-put-arizona-back-in-play-20120222#ixzz1n9V1Wr00 /Another March to
War? there’s a buzz you can detect once the normal restraints
in your business have been loosened, a smell of fresh chum in the waters,
urging us down the road to war. Many years removed from the Iraq disaster,
that smell is back, this time with Iran. You can just feel it: many of the
same newspapers and TV stations we saw leading the charge in the Bush years
have gone back to the attic and are dusting off their war pom-poms. NBC
report Greenwald also wrote about put it this way: “Within just the past
few days, Iranian leaders have threatened that if attacked, they would
launch those missiles at U.S. targets.” way back in the stone ages, when
Noam Chomsky was first writing about these propaganda techniques in
Manufacturing Consent, our leaders felt the need to conceal – or at least
sugar-coat – these Orwellian principles. now the public openly embraces
circular thinking like, “Any country that squawks when we threaten to bomb
it is a threat that needs to be wiped out.” Maybe I’m mistaken, but I have
to believe that there was a time when ideas like that sounded weird to the
American ear. Now they seem to make sense to almost everyone here at home,
and that to me is just as a scary-Chomsky's version: Even with this
qualification, the intelligence assessment eliminated a danger that had
been identified by the Mexican ambassador in 1961, when he rejected JFK's
attempt to organize collective action against Cuba on the grounds that "if
we publicly declare that Cuba is a threat to our security, forty million
Mexicans will die laughing."-.propaganda........NO MORE WARS FOR
ISREAL, let them fend for themsleves-this time, the "Blowback" will be way
way better than all the other feckless countries the US and Israel have
bombed for their lunacy .... I'm Sick of all the yapping, if your going to
take Iran on, go for it ..... stop talking and squirming around, pack your
bags and go. The Iraq war was a non event their was noone
there when the stormtroopers arrived, But I think this time the looneys are
going to find the Iranians ready to rock and roll-Y'all warbangers jump
right in there and show them Iranians a thing or two. Take your own kids
with you too, prove to the rest of US that you actually will walk that
talk. don't ask me and mine, to walk your talk-All you have to do is remove
the word " Iraq" from old transcripts and insert "Iran". Who is believing
this hogwash?! Our government is sooo in bed with Israel its not funny. Why
and how does the media have a stake in this? What happened to objective
journalism?-Iran has an economy the size of Connecticut's and a defense
budget that is literally 1/100th of the U.S.'s, yet it's a "threat." This
thinking is reminiscent of Reagan's famous declaration that one of the two
poorest nations in the hemisphere, Nicaragua (Haiti10 years ago to Europe
come back and half my family is on that krap... government is drugging
those they can't imprison or get to go to war for them/lieberman is of
course leading the charge for us to pay in bodies and dollars for the
desire of a country who embraces apartheid and terrorism...and for all
intents and purposes is our puppet master/Now repeat after me: "THEY HATE
it would be comical. The Onion and reality are merging more and more each
day./The idea is that here is a time Obama is downsizing when war is just
around the corner. It doesn't have to be the Republicans upset. The
Democrats in office love the military complex too/StrangelyRussia and China
got nukes without Repugs invading them but bushman invaded Iraq because
they had weapons of mass deception,mustard gas from 1920.And a milk truck!
/war at this point would have to beapproved by Congress, can you picture
war approved by this Congress and an atomic one at that?They can't butter
bread!/Ron Paul suggested the U.S. adopt the Golden Rule for international
relations, treat other countries how we want to be treated. Of course, the
audience boo'ed Paul's suggestion/probably Christians, too. "I like all the
ten commandments, except the one about love thy neighbor and thou shalt not
kill."/ /Doubt is a pain too
lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. ~Khalil Gibran/However, the
country is still dealing with the consequences of the runaway lending boom
that followed its massive 4 trillion yuan cash injection into the economy
after the 2008 crash, so the PBOC is between a rock and a hard place on
this. It doesn’t want lending or inflation getting out of control/*Obama: A
monumental disgrace, surrounds himself with and seeks the advice of only
the radical left and worse, redistributes (loots) the earnings of the
producers to the non-producers so they will continue to vote for him
--the man who is spending and manipulating the greatest country on earth
into helplessness and ruin, speaks of "social justice" but never of
freedom, rejects the Constitution. “mandating” his vision of health care.
He is, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician who cares only that he
get re-elected to a position he is grotesquely unequipped for -- yet
doesn’t take even that position seriously enough to read Economics 101/
Once again while the Titanic is sinking, Bonobo is dancing and singing   
Bobo efforts are to keep the white women who watch fat Oprah voting for
him. He has Blacks, welfare bums and sex deviants locked up. with many
being Catholic....they are weak of mind. Do they know Bobo is trying to
destroy the Catholic Church? many of these women have had abortions, most
do not feel good about it, hopefully they wil take comfort in The Church
and Jesus do forgive, hopefully the recognize Bobo for what he is a very
evil person out to steal their soul/ Anderson somehow knew the killer. It
sounds like the inversion of an SPLC smear: "Writer linked to White
Supremacists." Whereas, the SPLC seeks to exaggerate someone's connection
to evil, the Tribune is seeking to weaken the association of Cedric
Anderson with evil. An old mug shot of mass murderer Cedric Anderson (Cook
County Sheriff) Convict and ... So far, the national MSM have ignored the
story. U.S. News - 5 dead in shooting at health spa outside Atlanta
-5-reportedly-shot-dead in an apparent murder-suicide MSN mass murderer
that made you shït your panties /
satan is real-plastic jesus on the dashboard-jama & bb-imus
22112/Henry Ford wrote the international Jew, and was buddies with Hitler?
Think about this before you buy another Ford/Obama Edumacates Jews about
Passover: "It's like Islamic Uprisings, Ya Dig?" Passover recalls the
bondage and suffering of Jews in Egypt and the miracle of the Exodus, but
U.S. President Barack Obama says its message is reflected in Muslim
uprisings.In his annual message, prior to his third straight participation
in the Passover Seder, any different between jews, christian and muslims? i
think not/through u r behavior during years , u pushed ppl to hate u and u
still do/ /Leftist Ideology IS the Devil/Another victim of a
fast and furious gun? Unfortunately, we'll have to ask this question every
time someone is shot by a gun in MexicoWoman in El Paso shot by gun fired
in Juarez, Mexico/why did you not wonder if any and every one of our
soldiers that got shot in the Persian gulf,were shot with one of Ollie
North and Ronnie Reagan's weapons they illegally sold to Iran? In
Afganistan were they shot with the weapons sold by Reagan to Osama bin
Laden?/LIMBAUGH finally says something true, Santorum is an unstable
religioius nut/ISSA's Man in AZ Arrested for Fraud - sheriff admits he's
gay The GOP want to defend him, but they also hate him cuz he's gay. They
want to celebrate his anti-immigration stance, but they also hate the fact
that he extorted an illgegal for homosexual sex How far removed from
reality are these redmeat whackos? a large bunch of fvcking nuts, going
around, loose, and with weapons/republican religion includes the na4i party
of america??remember The bible the book the republicans hold to their
chests as they exploit the working class and rape the environment and
destroy everything the usa once stood for, freedom and generosity and
altruism and that stuff in the bible. helping each other....even if it
costs you something. Funny how racism and separatism and elitism and
fascism is somehow included into religion these days, in direct opposition
to every word in the bible/SANTORUM drags out religious spooks to feed
redmeat to the animals, Grahams, especially looks like Ted Haggard, and
probably drops  pants for children just as often/ sad part is these pigs
continually pollute young and old people's minds/Why do Virginia GOPigs
want MORE government in the lives of citizens? We will probe your vagina
whether you want us to or not/darrell issa destroyed of the USPS and now no
1 hater of women.newest republican hero...republicans scum of the lowest
ilk/Rep.Lawmaker Bob Morris, a Republican representing Fort Wayne, insists
he won't go along with a resolution meant to honor the Girls Scouts on the
organization's 100th anniversary They're a bunch of radical leftists.
There's an agenda behind those cookies the Girl Scouts sell, one bent on
promoting communism, lesbianism and subverting "traditional American family
values /Girl Scouts: spreading communism with every
cookie. Earlier we had to Beware the Ides of March. Not it is a little girl
peddling her commie goodies/country was founded on religeous freedom,
capitalism, family and hard work/This country was founded on religious
Puritanism and slave ownership capitalism. All your utopias are just bull
crap/Con filth sacks of crap says that higher unemployment is really really
good news/While Wall St. bankers successfully robbed their own banks and
got the public to pay for it Congress drove getaway car/

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

22112/Obama Is 'Dangerous,' Defeating Him 'a Duty of National Security

22112/makes me even more sure of the saudis royal family having j.ewish
roots , being deeply involved in the 9/11 false flag ,thus being provided
safe passage out of the country a day after 9/11 even though 15 of their
countrymen were being implicated/saudis are a bunch of khazars i agree/
Pentagon. The bombing or crash or missile or whatever it was did absolutely
no visible least not until the fire caused the top floors to
collapse well after the initial attack. Whatever happened at the Pentagon
blasted a very small hole that affected only the two bottom floors. It left
unbroken glass in the windows surrounding the hole. There were no damage
marks where the engines would have struck. The giant tail, which would have
hit the upper floors of the building, left no mark and broke no glass. A
Boeing 757 weighs 250 tons.  The government claims that 250 tons of metal
and plastic slammed into the Pentagon, yet there is no record of its
discovery or removal...just as there is no record of the discovery or
removal of 250 tons of aircraft material from the fifteen foot hole in the
ground in Shanksville - where the government claims, without offering a
shred of evidence, that another 757 buried itself and was later excavated. /black magic
and witchcraft are both prohibited in Islam. It is ignorance that leads
people to approach the practitioners of these evil acts in most cases US Stuxnet sociopaths planning their next false flag
to blame Anonymous: NSA: Al Qaeda, Foreign Governments Might Hire Anonymous
--U.S. Official Signals Growing Concern Over Anonymous Group's Capabilities
21 Feb 2012 The director of the National Security Agency has warned that
the hacking group Anonymous could have the ability within the next year or
two to bring about a limited power outage through a cyberattack. Gen. Keith
Alexander, [LOL! Since al-CIAduh's already on the US payroll, I doubt that
Anonymous would take the job!-Israel will need to use at least 100 planes
and fly more than 1,000 miles above unfriendly airspace should it decide to
attack Iran, it would be very different from Israel's "surgical" strike on
Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981 and would also differ from the strike that
Israel is believed to have carried out in Syria in 2007-'Iran set to build
first cyber army'Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali launched a cyber
defense headquarters four months ago/Press TV signals jammed in Europe:
Iran's 24-hour English-language news channel, Italian viewers said
Saturday was the fifth consecutive day of "Press TV signal black-out in
Italy."/Columbia University Blocking 2,000 angry Afghans protesting the
improper disposal of Qurans and other Islamic religious materials at an
American air base north of Kabul. The demonstrators are shouting "Die, die,
foreigners!-Voting' has begun in Yemen's presidential election with only
one candidate on the ballot amid the opposition's call for the downfall of
the entire regime. The polls opened Tuesday, with 12 million eligible
voters, and the sole candidate Vice President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The
election is to put an end to Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh's 33-year rule and
formally transfer power to his assistant, Hadi. However, the country's
major opposition groups, including the Southern Movement and the Southern
Shia group have boycotted the election, demanding the removal of the regime
that abounds with Saleh-era officials-Iraq: Sunni vice president pledges to
fight arrest, asked for popular support to fight government charges that he
commandeered death squads and said he would continue to defy arrest with
the help of the nation's powerful Kurds in a showdown that tests the limits
of Baghdad's reach an unintentional disposal of the Islamic materials-FBI
will shutdown the Internet on March 8 19 Feb 2012 The Internet could go
dark for millions of users as early as March 8 because of a virus that has
corrupted computers in more than 100 countries-Takeshi Takahashi told
visiting journalists on Monday. Fears rose this month that fuel in the No 2
reactor was heating up again, prompting the plant's operator, Tokyo
Electric Power (Tepco) to inject more cooling water along with boric acid,
which is used to prevent a nuclear chain reaction-Experts fear diseases
'impossible to treat' --Alarming rise in bacteria resistant to
antibiotics, Government's antibiotic-resistance working group, said that
antibiotic resistance had become medicine's equivalent of climate
change.-130-billion-euro ($172 billion) bailout for Greece on Tuesday to
avert a chaotic default-Pro-Romney PAC Had $16 Million in Bank With Hedge
Fund Help-1965 law guaranteeing African Americans and other minorities
access to the ballot box. At the same time, the view that states should
have free rein to change their election laws even in places with a history
of Jim Crow seems to be gaining traction within the Republican Party.
"There certainly has been a major change," said Rick Hasen, a professor of
election law at the University of California at Irvine. "Now, you have a
whole bunch of credible mainstream state attorneys general and governors
taking this view. ...That would have been unheard of even five years ago.
You would have been accused of being a racist."-the stronger ultrasound
laws passed by states in recent years... Delegate Charniele L. Herring, a
Democrat who opposes the bill, said the requirement that the probe be
inserted vaginally was tantamount to "state-sponsored rape." /
/ /Romney, started
this month with about $16 million in cash - - 26 times more than its chief
competitor’s camp. Red White and Blue Fund, the super-PAC supporting former
U.S. Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, raised $2.1 million in January
and finished the month with just $626,607 to spend /SATAN
dug out alive after being snowed in to his car on a forest track for two
months with no food/Mattel to issue William and Kate dolls for royal
anniversary/female television presenters don headscarves and avoid heavy
make-up angered journalists on Tuesday, who said the move was proof
authorities expected the Taliban to regain a share of power/New lies for
old. New and bigger frauds to replace the tired, exposed ,old frauds.
The bigger the lie, the longer it endures but the more complete the
destruction of the lie and catastrophic the consequences when truth finally
prevails/When thieves fall out no arrangements are honored, The circularity
of deceit is now being exposed: Bad banks took bad money from bad
governments to finance the frauds and lies of other bad governments. Once
this circle is broken, as it inevitably will be, all bad debts will be
serially defaulted upon in a cascade of exploding pledges that were never
worth anything because no real wealth at any stage supported these toxic
financial vapors. long as the current Regimes that occupy the EU members,
the US and Japan remain in power, it will be the middle class. The
criminals will not be inconvenienced/Court records show how Congressman
Connie Mack and Republican Senate candidate Connie Mack has had lots of
struggles with borrowing, spending, his ex-wife and bar fights,  has
made penny-pinching debt-reduction central to his U.S. Senate campaign, but
court records show privately he has struggled at times with borrowing and
paying his own obligations, biggest expense: a $675,000 home in the
Washington suburb of Alexandria, Virginia. Mack used a generous jumbo loan
and credit line from the former Countrywide Mortgage to close on the deal
less than 20 days after his election. He later took out a $17,000 line of
credit on the home with another lender effectively borrowing nearly 98
percent of the purchase price of the house/303 days 'til the Mayan Long
Count Calendar abruptly ends/Adelson considering 100 million for Slimy
Newt. ... But is against "very wealthy people ... Influencing elections."
/Karen Santorum is a Stepford wife/Pro-choice when shacked up with an
abortion doctor/screamed at the doctor, 'you said you would pull out' she
screamed, "Not to worry' the abortion doctor replied/oBooBoo supports:
Total Depravity At Occupy Wall Street, Keith Olbermann. The political left
is caught up in this mindset that these people are promoting a truly
democratic society, so they couldn’t possibly be engaging in such
depraved human behavior, Dana Loesch, Andrew Brietbart, and others at his
various websites have tracked rape, drug sales, and other crimes that have
proliferated within the Occupy movement. Besides urination and defecation
occurring in the streets of New York, John Nolte of has a
list of over 400 acts of vandalism, sexual assault, drug trafficking Matt
Vespa/Mustached men make 4.3% more than clean shavin guys/2009 Americans
bought enough guns in the first 3 months of the year to outfit the entire
Chinese and Indian armies combined. Due to unprecedented demand in firearms
since the November election, Barack Obama was awarded the  Gun Salesman of
the Year/Monsanto Found Guiltyof chemically poisoning a French farmer."-
"They chanted, 'We. Are. The 99 percent' with Greek accents in Zuccotti
Park on Saturday. Greek-Americans, nationals and immigrants were joined by
Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters in a show of solidarity with the people
of Greece, thousands of whom took to the streets to protest the latest
round of International Monetary Fund-imposed austerity cuts-White House is
withholding documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
by an environmental group that suspects the Obama administration of working
with Monsanto-linked lobbyists to defend the planting of genetically
engineered (GE) crops in wildlife refuges across the country-Cheney. In his
memoir 'In My Time,' the former vice president defends his support for
numerous controversial policy decisions, including the invasion of Iraq and
the authorization of waterboarding, which numerous military, intelligence
and political officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder, have
denounced as torture.-Truthout/Rick Santorum's American Jihad BuzzFlash/
Crazy Rush to Attack Iran Daily Beast/Republican Primaries Have a Surreal
Quality BuzzFlash/Indiana Republican Accuses Girl Scouts of Pushing
"Pro-Abortion" Agenda, "Homosexual Lifestyles ThinkProgress/Ginsburg,
and Breyer, as the court blocked a Montana Supreme Court decision upholding
a century-old ban on corporate campaign spending in the state, suggested
Friday that the court reconsider its controversial 2010 decision that
allowed unlimited corporate and union spending in elections-common sense
coming to the fore? Montana has it right. The Roberts Court blew it on this
one-It is far more lucrative to get that spot at the trough than doing
anything else. SuperPAC and PAC money should be viewed as a symptom of the
problem with our system, but not the problem. Outlaw the PAC's without
fixing the problem and the money just moves underground-"Judge activists" shouldn't even be in our vocabulary. Election laws do have to be corrected-
22012/Republicans will find a way to torpedo the economy. Or prodding
Israel to wage war against Iran to raise the raise the price of all.
Anything the Republicans do is the will of God, and that trumps the will of
the American people/these nuts are so obsessed wanting to turn back the
hands tme. The 80's was the beginning of golden parachutes fo ceo's who
lost millions and BS'd the stock holders was the begenning of union
busting, bonuses for lower and mid managment instead of annaul pay raises
and paying harball with union workers making them pay more for insurace,
pay more towards pensions and giving lower and sometimes even no increases
Housing and Economic Rights Advocates in Oakland, Calif. “Things fall
through the cracks all the time. Our view is that the banks are still not
doing what needs to be done.”Despite last April’s settlement with the
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, for example, she said: “Things
have improved only marginally. Every week, the banks come up with new ways
to make borrowers’ lives incredibly difficult.”
-mortgage-ills.html /a second bailout for Greece, including €130 billion
($173 billion) in new financing to avoid a potential default next month/
Reagan, Bush #1 & Bush #2 created 66% of all the entire national debt from
all presidents in history INCLUDING OBAMA to this point in time..the
HISTORICAL RECORD in other words..........but all of a sudden the
Republicans got fiscal religion when a black man got into the white House
and was left the worst economic mess to clean up that you could ever wish
on your enemy/Gingrich: Obama Is 'Dangerous,' Defeating Him 'a Duty of
National Security'/Old school Republicanism says fear tactics is job no.1/
Not many people buy this kind of fearmongering! At least not anyone with an
IQ higher than their shoe size/Obama is and loves the terrorist/glad
teabaggers, racist, bigots, irrational, low IQ extreme politically partisan
folks have a place to rant. I think its very good for unbalanced,
irrational people who are on the edge/ Obama
Santorum said the presidents agenda is not about you. Its not about you.
Its not about your quality of life. Its not about your job... Its about
some phony ideal, some phony theology, Santorum said. Oh, not a theology
based on the Bible, a different theology, but no less a theology/

Monday, February 20, 2012

22012/Without Obama, they will be crushed under the corporate boot of the GOPIG party

22012/472k iraq pst/Ghandi's seven dangers to human virtue 1) Wealth
without work, 2) Pleasure without conscience, 3) Knowledge without
character, 4) Business without ethics, 5) Science without humanity,
6) Religion without sacrifice, and 7) Politics without principle/DEFICIT
CHARTS what Bush left us Note what happens during Ronnie and Dumbya's
catastrophes If the Supreme Court were to
accept the government’s argument, other disconcerting legislation could
easily follow. Congress could enact a law that criminalized false claims by
political candidates about their qualifications for office, or false claims
about their opponents. Surely the government has an “important” interest in
preventing voter deception. But as much as we want to encourage factual
accuracy in our politicians, do we really want the government to prosecute,
who falsely states lies? Who among us has not said things about ourselves
that are untrue? Who has not exaggerated or embellished details to tell a
better story? public humiliation that follows such exposure is punishment
enough. The recognized constitutional remedy for false speech, as Justice
Louis D. Brandeis famously said, is not suppression but “more speech.” The
court should reject Congress’s attempt to police what we are allowed to say
about ourselves. William Bennett Turner teaches a course on freedom of
speech at the University of California, Berkeley, and is the author of
“Figures of Speech: First Amendment Heroes and Villains.”/Police Use
Predator Drone to Bust Local Cattle Rustlers /  We the Ppl donut consent to any form of
assoCIAtion with isreal, AIPAC, MOSSAD, ADL, AZL, PNAC, AMDOCS, ICTS et al,
inter alia-start by DUmping paypal, Boycott bar code #729 those in on the
chain of command to start WW3 should be removed with all options on the
table   Tis a proven FACT - 911 wars on Iraq, Afgan, Pakistan, Yemen,
Libya, Syria r all false flag ops by the CFR/MIC, FTG.   n of course I
expect more Able Danger to me n my property for my writing-wait till You
read my appeals brief to the ND S Ct-gonna be exposing some serious chit
:D big grin They have poisoned my body, chemically poisoned my lands,
ruined what forms of work I am able todo, run off my cows, killed my cows
right in my yard, broke in my Home, burned down my beautiful greenhouse & r
now irradaiting me to try n silence me by microwave irradation, killed my
Dogs, broke in n stole my meds, poisoned the water in my cystern-I can't
afford to hook up to rural water lines, cept I am free of the Effects of
floridation, they even have Drs lying aboot me, giving me labels that fit
their form driven/4pres santorum/is a rascist. he is a homophobic. he is a
corporate lobbyist. he is a christian version of the taliban. he is a
horrible person. they all are. Ron Paul I agree about a 1/3 of his views.
everyone else. -5/Even the most rabid partisans cannot say with a
straight face that memorable government came during their last four years.
Now the nation suffers from the Obama malaise that rivals the Jimmy Carter
debacle. The dependency culture, especially in the post 911 incarnations,
adjusted to the heavy hand of government omnipotence to accept the next
level of political excess. Recent polls suggest that the enlightened voters
of the nanny state are prepared to cast their ballot to give Barry Soetoro
another term. Their answer to the proverbial question, are you better off
today than four years ago, indicates just how far the collective mentality
of the electorate has fallen mob burned
alive a 40-year-old woman Friday after accusing her of casting black
magic spells in a remote village in southern Nepal, Hundreds of
lower-caste women are thought to suffer abuse at the hands of ‘witch
hunters’ every year in Nepal Dengani Mahato died after she was severely
beaten, doused in kerosene and set alight for allegedly practising
witchcraft, “Nine people started to beat her after a local shaman pointed
the finger at her over the death of a boy a year ago,” the officer said.
“They accused her of having hands in the death of the boy, who had drowned
in a river.”/Obama’s decision to destroy 80% of our nuclear arsenal, a
payoff to an Iranian Muslim judge/ The attacks took place in countries that
have cordial relations with Tehran. That Iran would risk diplomatic dustups
with such countries was evidence of just how determined it was to attack
Israeli targets, the counterterrorism official claimed,” did not mention
another, more reality-based probability – the attacks were the work of the
Mossad and the CIA-Former CIA boss James Woolsey told WABC Radio in New
York that Iran will retaliate against the United States by taking out the
Statue of Liberty/
campaign/ young turks are like bear cubs, They don’t make a pimple on you
or Drudge’s *ss, they don’t amount to tits on a boar hog. Even God Himself
took Saturday off
Abdulaziz al-Hijji and his wife Anoud left three cars at their luxurious
home in a gated community in Sarasota, Florida — one of them new — and flew
to Saudi Arabia in August 2001. The refrigerator was full of food;
furniture and clothing were left behind; and the swimming pool water was
still circulating. Security records of cars passing through a checkpoint at
the Prestancia gated community, had been visited a number of times by
"The citizens of America must push the servants of oligarchy out
of office, the very people who made a killing with their 2008 financial
disaster. Americans must return to the Greek-inspired path of Thomas
Jefferson: reinvigorate democracy while bringing the military-industrial
complex under control-mutual funds like Fidelity as well as hedge funds —
in riding a wave of interest in the same complex loan pools that nearly
washed away the financial system-a small glimpse into a much larger,
secretive world of disaster deals. We're grateful to our investigative
journalist colleagues who, alongside us, have kept heavy on the scent of
these corporations and brought buried information to light-US Eyes Tariffs
on Chinese Solar Panels, But What Gets Protected?-Punishing Protest,
Policing Dissent: What Is the Justice System For?-Apple Supplier and Human
Rights Abuser FoxConn to Raise Wages-why does the trickle-down myth hang
on? President Obama recently suggested it's because this fairy tale 'speaks
to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much
government-Let John Boehner be the first to show Americans that he is drug
free, and let the rest of Congress - every member of the House and Senate -
be forced by law to grab the plastic cup and head for a washroom stall,
they must be required to be accompanied by a "watcher." We wouldn't want
any cheating involved on the part of our elected officials in the nation's
capital, would we?-Truthout /Lieberman Edges US to War With Iran Consortium
News/Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Military Veterans Mother
Jones/Fracking Debate Divides New York Landowners as the State Prepares to
Lift a Moratorium on Fracking LA Times/Iran Stops Exporting Crude Oil to
Britsh and French Companies Bloomberg/Definition of Insanity: Deregulating
Over and Over and Expecting Different Results BuzzFlash/Billionaire Romney
Donor Uses Threats to Silence Critics Salon/
sex-incest-images-on-computer/_   Some 1/2 oz of meth was just rescently
distrubted thru Walsh Co, so I expect the crime rate togo UP, DUI's,
burglaries, domestic troubles, thefts, accidents/
21912/Reality check for liberals, Our country was indeed founded on
the principles and laws to the Bible. The Ten Commandments are etched in
both that Halls of Congress and the Supreme Court, "seperation of church
and state" does not appear in the US Constitution anywhere. The
constitution says our govt will not sanction and force people to believe in
one religeon over another/Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Bible
stand in the way of liberals and they are out to destroy all three/ we are
strong supporters of Israel and their religious belief is Judism. So you
see you know very little about Conservatives. My advice to you is just shut
up/Cons think it is wrong for other countries to base their legislation on
religious beliefs . Unless of course they match their own/SPEAKING OF
WHORES: Palin rumored as VP candidate/That would be the last nail in the
coffin/Coulter says Dems will take it all She's a very smart whore, who
just happens to have an adams apple/Darrell Issa asked to resign, could
have called Sarah Palin - as a poster child for putting an aspirin between
her knees/OBAMA celebrates payroll tax cut win for 160 million Americans!
With Congress about to go on recess, and with Republicans fearing a voter
backlash, negotiators on Wednesday were putting the finishing touches on a
deal to extend the payroll tax cut and federal jobless benefits through
2012, A political win for President Obama/The agreement is imperfect but
sound. It will help struggling Americans and the struggling economy. It is
also a political win for Democrats and President Obama, who had made
extending the payroll tax cut and the jobless benefits a centerpiece of his
jobs agenda, Obama’s coveted renewal of the payroll tax cut for 160 million
workers and jobless benefits for millions more caps a five-month
campaign-style drive against reluctant Republicans/With Obama, the American
middle class survive and prosper. Without Obama, they will be crushed under
the corporate boot of the GOPIG party/Obama is underfunding Social Security
at the same time. throwing Granny off the cliff/The less that is paid from
payroll taxes toward the funds Bush stole from the Fund, the more the
Government must cover/Another step backwards in their quest, Republicans
are committed to trashing Social Security/Bush spent $12 trillion he didn't
have and Republicans loved every penny of it/ alberta's Rat Patrol
"What has been happening in American politics of late is entirely
familiar, but I have never experienced such a barrage of unrestrained
hatred, filth and nonsense to compare with this. It's as if The Bastards
took 100 years worth of anti-woman sentiment, condensed it into a dense
nugget of hate-crack, and hit the pipe…. Now is the time to rise up, point
at this mess, and say in a voice too loud to ignore, 'This is why these
people are not to be trusted with power. This is why they must go-US House
OKs Opening Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil Drilling-an extreme
makeover in the corporate mass media. Yes, Hamas, the ‘terrorist’
Palestinian party supposedly sworn to the destruction of Israel. At least,
that's what you'd believe if you get all your news from America's mass
media, where virtually every article about Hamas has included that ominous
description as if it were indisputable fact. To keep up the fiction, real
facts had to be ignored ... For years, Hamas has been offering Israel a
ten-year truce, and peace negotiations during that truce-Florida GOP Wants
to Block Local Government from Enforcing Wage and Hour Laws-as unemployment
surges and the European Union dithers, nationalist conservative and far
right parties are on the march. Emboldened right-wing leaders are
resurrecting debates around abortion and other reproductive services, even
in countries like Hungary, one of the first European countries to
explicitly legalize abortion-Honduras has become a human rights disaster.
The country now has the world’s highest murder rate. And impunity for
political violence is the norm. For all this, the United States deserves a
good deal of the blame…. Lest anyone in this country think that things in
Honduras have settled into a peaceable, post-coup normality, [due to a]
chain of events - a coup that the United States didn’t stop, a fraudulent
election that it accepted - [that] has now allowed corruption to mushroom-
Florida State Senate has defeated a measure to privatize at least 27
prisons, which would have created the largest corporate-run prison system
in the country. Despite the vote, Republican Gov. Rick Scott could still
privatize the prisons through executive authority. the number of prisoners
being added to privately run jails is outpacing the overall prison
population by 17 percent compared to 4 percent-two choices: seek
conscientious objector (CO) status, or flee to Canada…. There is the fate
of service people who are denied CO status and who face a second, third or
fourth deployment - with the possibility of having their legs blown off by
an improvised explosive device or a bullet hole courtesy of our allies in
the Afghan Army, whom we are training in weaponry. If you don't want to
give up your legs or your life, you may determine your only choice is
Canada-Russia’s increasingly diverse opposition movement … the longevity of
the movement, and its ability to weather the strength and pressure of the
state, has been doubted from the moment it emerged. Once the novelty of the
protests had worn off, the reasoning went, the apolitical post-Soviet
generation would go back to their cubicles, Putin and the Kremlin elite
could get back to the business of running the country-Russia’s increasingly
diverse opposition movement … the longevity of the movement, and its
ability to weather the strength and pressure of the state, has been doubted
from the moment it emerged. Once the novelty of the protests had worn off,
the reasoning went, the apolitical post-Soviet generation would go back to
their cubicles, Putin and the Kremlin elite could get back to the business
of running the country-saturated with deceptive political advertising -
aided and abetted now with spending by citizens, corporations and super
PACs that seems to know no bounds Truthout/Economists Shoot Down the Wall
Street Journal's Claim That Extending Unemployment Harms the Unemployed
Media Matters for America/How Citibank Dumped Lousy Mortgages on the
Government ProPublica/Santorum Excommunicates 45 Million Christians:
Mainline Protestants Are "Gone from the World of Christianity"
ThinkProgress/people in the top 1% paid no taxes but that's nothing
compared to Corporate America, where half of the NYSE listed companies did
not pay a dime and, despite declaring over $2,000,000,0000,0000 in profits
in 2010, US Corporations paid just $192Bn in taxes, not even 10%, the US,
with 1/25th of the World's population and less than 1/10th of the land has
a military budget that is over 50% of the entire Planet's spending/a video
on the Reichstag Fire and other false flag examples you can wrap yourself
in next time you need to make a point that makes no sense - it gets a
little crazy with the conspiracy theories, but I figure you'll love the
part where it blames Clinton. How They Fake Terrorism -- Manufactured Fear
I - Final Draft
YXsOr__WHd8&v=VG5XApyQGHs /Delta Force was not allowed to kill bin
Laden(audio 2001) not crying in cornflakes/ / valentines day az / /$13 million
embezzled from the 9/11 investigation /
I think the turd is an arab...or a crazy s.h.i.i.t.e iranian My first death
CAN/51% of Americans (just over half)     19-Feb-12 07:00 am
say US should remain neutral if Isr ael attacks Iran. Lots of nuances,
here, depending on who makes what decision and who tries to drag who into
unwanted action/Izrç3l shall bring to fruition its own doom. It is the very
nature of her leaders/Republicans: The Facts Are Clear, Obama 'No Friend of
Israel. The RJC released an ad highlighting discrepancy between President
Obama's rhetoric regarding support for Israel's security and his actions. /Re: A huffpoop reader ISRAEL IS THE BIGGEST THREAT
"They know. There are hundreds like that over at huffpoop. It's a lot like
Stormfront/Typical left-wing BS. They make me sick. I don't know how you
can stand it/If Judaizm is the 'Religion Of Peace' why can't Izrael make
Peace?/Iranian warships entered the Mediterranean after crossing the Suez
Canal on Saturday to show Tehran's "might" to regional states, the navy
commander said, at a time of simmering tensions with I srael, He did not
say how many vessels had crossed the canal, or what missions they were
planning to carry out in the Mediterranean, but said the flotilla had
previously docked in the Saudi port city of Jeddah. fuelled by a
longstanding dispute over Tehran's nuclear programme and rising speculation
that I srael might launch pre-emptive strikes against Iranian facilities.
I sraeli officials are also accusing Tehran of orchestrating anti-I sraeli
bombings in India and Georgia as well as blasts in Thailand. Iran denies
the allegations./Interesting Statistics 69% of joos will, at some point in
their lives....make a meal out of feces, Of that 69%, 2 out of 3 joos will
attempt to snort said feces like cocaine. 5 out of 6 joos will lick the
balls of their male offspring.8 of ten joos will perform some deviant act
of bestiality during their first 10 years of life. For even more vile
disgusting facts pertaining to the depraved, sub-human joo baboons's
nature /David Duke must be your bastar.d

Sunday, February 19, 2012

21912/Obama is the tool of the devil. Satan is working through him. The AntiChrist is alive and well

21912/What "deeply held moral values" is Obama lacking, he is clearly
working against america.. forget his world tour to diss america? obama has
an agenda and taking america down a few notches is underscored by
everything he does. /if don't have anything to whine about as far as
Obama's moral values are concerned, Thanks for admitting that you have
NOTHING but your vile racism/Obama will be very tough to beat on that issue
because there is no scandal in the White House that has gotten anyone's
attention/maybe he can give up a few CIA agents like bush/CHENEY DID or
start a war ..over pure bs ??That would be very republican of him/Ariz
sheriff says he's gay after misconduct claims, seeking the GOP nomination
for an Arizona Congressional seat was forced Saturday to confirm he is gay
amid allegations of misconduct made by a man with whom he previously had a
relationship/I'm just as happy for all you Christian haters out there. You
won't be in Heaven with the rest of us for all eternity unless you change
the way you live/Reagan was an overrated, doddering old fool who gave us
what we have now, the unneeded intrusion of religion into politics/OBAMAS
AGENDA IS NOT BASED ON THE BIBLE, an understatement for Rick Santorum.He is
too much of a gentleman to come out and say the truth. Obama is the tool of
the devil. Satan is working through him. The AntiChrist is alive and
well check for liberalslibs hate Christians and
the Bible because it goes against your moral fiber/will you be judged on
your scale? you might want to hold off on buying curtains for heaven/You
want to stifle my beliefs? Cons are dead set against Isla^ic clerics having
influence in politics. You deny that? And what jedism is legislated in
Isre%^l?I was not aware they legislated any religious beliefs, the Ten
Commandemnts etched on the walls of Congress and the Supreme Court/you have
moved from wrong to desperation.
21812/What will you do if President Obama is re-elected,The stock market
has almost doubled since President Obama took office and that's good for
investors. I know my 401k has more than doubled in the last 3 1/2 years and
I'm hardly a 1 percenter. corporations make huge profits, their investors
benefit as well. If the workers don't like it, they have the freedom to
leave and find a better job. It's called capitalism. The workers are
screwing themselves if they continue to work for a corporation that is
being ufair to them/$50,000 Grant To 'Attack And Monitor' Religious
Broadcasters-another fine example of the continued isolation of the
extreme right... nothing but negativity and hypocricy permeates his
ideology-scum liars Media matters 501c3 charity-all this faux outrage and
righteous indignation over left wing organizations, lead me to the fainting
couch- /Around 2900 BC, Emperor Fu
brought his civilization to China. He was also one of the first to
reference Ma, the Chinese word for cannabis, noting that it was already a
popular remedy. Emperor Chen Nung, the father of Chinese medicine,
discovered cannabis had healing properties a couple of centuries later.
Cannabis was included in the 15th century BC Chinese Pharmacopeia, the
Rh-Ya. medicinal use of cannabis, along with other herbs like ginseng and
ephedra, was spread to other civilizations and religions. The original
Hebrew version of holy anointing oil recipe in Exodus (30:22-23) calls for
six pounds of kaneh-bosem to be mixed with other herbs into about six
quarts of olive oil. The anointed person would literally be drenched in
this aromatic holy oil. Spiritualists believe this recipe was handed down
by God to Moses. 1213 BC. Cannabis was frequently prescribed in ancient
Egypt to treat inflammation and eye problems such as glaucoma.  It was also
used during the administration of enemas. Around 1000 BC, people in India
began mixing cannabis with milk to create Bhang, an anesthetic and
treatment for phlegm. Healers in India began to expand the role of cannabis
in treating medical conditions and reducing pain. By 600 BC, healers in
India were using cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses and to improve
life in various ways.  Improvements include sharpening the mind, prolonging
lifespan, improving judgment, and inducing sleep. Fun fact: Marijuana was
even used to cure leprosy /"I still find
each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I
want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to
see." John Burroughs/ /the brouha here over 'precious life'
is nothing more than a disguised attempt to impose control over women's
bodies, catholic bishops oppose ( i doubt it) vasectomy procedure... surely
this can be considered 'preventive' if either partner has aids or the woman
cannot safely conceive/lost in the rw rhetoric over the xl pipline is the
fact that there is also local tea party opposition on grounds of rights
concerning eminent domain by a foreign entity/doesn't adhere to the
catholic notion of the seven deadly sins which include gluttony, there was
an account of a patron, dining on the triple bypass burger at the heart
attack grill in las vegas, suffering a fatal heart attack/Axelrods a sleazy
slimy greasy scumbag..Obama crime Inc Chicago/Santorum's economic
policies were not appealing to the working class, accusing him of holding
social views that are â quite divisive and not widely shared. Republicans
are largely in the same basket. They all favor a return to the policies
that we saw in the last decade that really favored a few at the expense of
the country as a whole, many of the positions he,s taken on social issues
are quite divisive and not widely shared,” Axelrod said/Santorum
displayed his culture-warrior side in full force, as he harshly attacked
President Obama by suggesting the president wanted to see more disabled
babies aborted/Costner talked for nearly 20 minutes. He choked up at the
end: “Off you go Whitney, off you go. Escorted by an army of angels to your
heavenly father. When you sing before him, don’t you worry. You’ll be good
enough, Costner talks about acting up in church as a kid, passing notes and
giggling with friends. His dad dragged him out: “I believe even the
preacher prayed for me.”/Virginia Legislature Passes Occupy Vagina Law,
most underrated prong in the current Republican War on Women’s Health, has
come a step closer to rendering the first two syllables of its name a cruel
irony, passing a law that would force women who want to get a legal medical
procedure to undergo a medically unnecessary vaginal probe/Congress set to
hand our highways and freeways over to foreign corporations: New toll roads
planned for all 50 states!-We the Ppl pay for the Interstate & road
systems thru the gas tax-nor is this act of treason by The Consent of the
Governed- should mandate any n all GPS'es be at the risk of lossing
American Citizenship, Life in prison with no pardone/parole to being hUNg
by the neck for treason-I do believe we have had ENUF/solar plates and the
photovoltaic cells

Article Source:
A high-ranking ICE official and his wife, an intelligence analyst, have
been indicted and are on trial in federal court on charges of defrauding
the government. Another official, suspected of doctoring his college
diploma, has been on leave for more than a year while a grand jury
investigates the matter, two other ranking supervisors were internally
investigated and disciplined for an extramarital affair and related
professional misconduct.Ezequiel Garcia, 45, who supervised a document and
benefit fraud task force, allegedly shot Deputy Special Agent in Charge
Kevin Kozak, 30-year veteran agent 51, in the upper torso, legs and hands,
the supervisor lay on the floor cursing in anger and saying that his
stomach felt like it was burning, before being shot and killed by another
immigration official/You get a State that lowers it's flag at half
staff..You get praised to the heavens because you killed yourself and
everyone has an empty heart.She was good...not the best..yet we raise her
up to this level because she belonged to the left side of the spectrum.
Good job lefties..Tell your kids that they should follow in her foot will have a stately funeral and everyone will come to see you
slither away, and no one will remember you in 6 months. That is usually
what happens when your dead.Just pathetic/Libtards....the bigger the loser
the more attention...libtard media can run "victim templates" off her
death...drugs....battered wife in crisis...all the BS
weak people make a living off of calling for goverment intervention to deal
with these crisis/Such is the remorseless progression of human society,
shedding lives and souls as it goes on its way. It is an ocean into which
men sink who have been cast out by the law and consigned, with help most
cruelly withheld, to moral death. The sea is the pitiless social darkness
into which the penal system casts those it has condemned, an unfathomable
waste of misery. The human soul, lost in those depths, may become a corpse.
Who shall revive it? ~Hugo, Victor/It will surely not be supporters of late
term and partial birth abortion.......idleness is the devils
playground.....Democrats are basically idle letting Bobo the moron lead
them ..I really think you Democrats can fall alot get more
pathetic by the day/one more dead drug user, three weeks from now no one
will even remember. Only the parasites who sell the records, she's worth
more dead than alive/the minority of celebrities. It's a reflection of
society. Just like cancer or some other mortality can strike in the same
proportions. for every one of these, there are 10 who are just as talented
who chose not to or didn't get the lucky break to go down the same path,
Maybe it's the guilt or the reality of the thin ice they know they're on
that turns them to drugs/Uygur was particularly annoyed at Burnett placing
her own assessment of Iran 's leadership proceeding to develop a nuclear
weapon, despite U.S. intelligence citing that wasn't the case. "Didn 't we
see this movie, 'Saddam could attack the United States within 45 minutes,'"
he said. "It's war mongering, over and over again. Oh my God, Iran is so
dangerous."The media is grossly deceiving people' on Iran/
/ / /
Obama breaks down in tears at funeral /Gets Baby to Stop Crying /O'Reilly to Obama:
"People Hate You" /Russia
has a missile called "SATAN"
21812/condemed bridge
autostart = true /a stunning display of utter contempt for the American
people, Obama is launching "truth teams." Obama pimping truth is like Hugh
Hefner pimping abstinence or Michelle Obama pimping austerity ..... it's
insulting. rollout also includes a social media blitz, directing supporters
to three new websites:, which highlights Obama’s record
and “promises kept”;, which highlights GOP policy
positions; and, which fact-checks claims made against Obama
on the campaign trail-Big Brother must be proud. The Ministry of Truth has
arrived. Obama's team is already printing the bumper stickers: WAR IS PEACE
Rriebus to be effective, need to mobilize their own truth squads to combat
the lies and propaganda that will come spilling out of the Obama Machine
till ll-6-12/ObaMao's Fourth Reich is materializing nicely. What's next? SS
Leibstandarte ObaMao conducting pogroms on Jews together with those other
fascists of that beautiful, peaceful "religion" of Islam?/A true
proposition must describe the facts as they are. a “necessary truth” is a
redundancy, and a “contingent truth” a self-contradiction."Peikoff, “The
Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy,” Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology/
Whenever that Truth Team shows up, remind listeners that that team
represents one side of a conflict and does not own the truth, bears a
misleading name/Kase Lawal was previousl;y accused of involvement in an
illegal oil deal in Nigeria. April 6th 2008 Texas Oil Man: The Kase Lawal
Fugitive Scandal By Sahara Reporters/A devout Muslim, Lawal, 52, doesn't
drink or smoke. The Nigerian-born executive exudes an unflappable calm
whether discussing racism in America, spiraling political violence in his
homeland or the intricacies of the oil business/I have confirmed that Obama
is really Satan/
Found a counter-truth team that defends Bush, Romney
launches-truth-teams-.html /World Bank/IMF ALWAYS demand cutting of food
subsidies that target the very poor. Usually the entry of the IMF/World
Bank is followed by a huge spike in malnutrition related deaths. And one
should note that these sacrifices are demanded by the European/American
junta for relatively small sums of a few billion dollars in loan gurantees
21712/Moroccan man who was planning a suicide attack on the Capitol,
Khalifi was arrested as soon as he accepted the vest from undercover
officers, according to a federal law enforcement source. He was also given
a gun, which was similarly rendered inoperable/defense .
gov/transcripts/transcript.aspx?transcriptid=2806 wolfowitz(kyyke) said
that 9-11 was an opportunity - like it was a good event/if the vest was
converted to a huge red, white and blue confetti cannon that played the
national anthem when activated and they let him go through with it before
arresting him/How come FBI never entrapped Jewish editor guy from Atlanta?
He was making threats and he end up resigning volunteerly from own magazine
as "punishment"/ html?
/Thomas Frank on How Wall Street Doubled Down on Trashing America's
Economy, about how the super-rich doubled-down on economically disastrous
policies: 'Pity the Billionaire-Freedom of and From Religion. "The
president did something agile and wise the other day. And something quite
important to the health of our politics. He reached up and snuffed out what
some folks wanted to make into a cosmic battle between good and evil. No,
we're not going to turn the argument over contraception into Armageddon,
this is an honest difference between Americans, and I'll not see it
escalated into a holy war. So instead of the government requiring Catholic
hospitals and other faith-based institutions to provide employees with
health coverage involving contraceptives, the insurance companies will
offer that coverage, and offer it free."Bill Moyers-Gay Marriage Bill
Passed by New Jersey Legislature, Awaits Veto by Governor, And the vote,
passing 42 to 33-Woman Prevented From Testifying in Favor of Birth Control
Says She's "Stunned" when Chairman Issa made the decision to not allow me
to speak ... and to say that I was not an appropriate witness and that
those women's stories were not appropriate for this committee-Occupy Joins
the Fight Against Private Prisons a coalition of US and Mexican low-wage
worker centers and unions, to pressure corporations to divest from private
prisons, whose chief investors include some of country's largest financial
institutions such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, both of which have
provoked the ire of the Occupy movement for their role in tanking the
economy-,the GOP's war on women, and scientific brain drain-Truthout/Red
States Take More Money From Washington Than They Put in Mother Jones/
Limbaugh Leads GOP in Pondering How to Deal With Improving Economy Talking
being-built-in-nebraska.php#fallout-shelter-9 /losing access to Oxy could force people
into using heroin, crack cocaine and other drugs. They will be more likely
to inject drugs, raising the risk of disease transmission through needle
trigger-crisis-among-212232367.html /Be the change that you ...
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi