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21912/Obama is the tool of the devil. Satan is working through him. The AntiChrist is alive and well

21912/What "deeply held moral values" is Obama lacking, he is clearly
working against america.. forget his world tour to diss america? obama has
an agenda and taking america down a few notches is underscored by
everything he does. /if don't have anything to whine about as far as
Obama's moral values are concerned, Thanks for admitting that you have
NOTHING but your vile racism/Obama will be very tough to beat on that issue
because there is no scandal in the White House that has gotten anyone's
attention/maybe he can give up a few CIA agents like bush/CHENEY DID or
start a war ..over pure bs ??That would be very republican of him/Ariz
sheriff says he's gay after misconduct claims, seeking the GOP nomination
for an Arizona Congressional seat was forced Saturday to confirm he is gay
amid allegations of misconduct made by a man with whom he previously had a
relationship/I'm just as happy for all you Christian haters out there. You
won't be in Heaven with the rest of us for all eternity unless you change
the way you live/Reagan was an overrated, doddering old fool who gave us
what we have now, the unneeded intrusion of religion into politics/OBAMAS
AGENDA IS NOT BASED ON THE BIBLE, an understatement for Rick Santorum.He is
too much of a gentleman to come out and say the truth. Obama is the tool of
the devil. Satan is working through him. The AntiChrist is alive and
well check for liberalslibs hate Christians and
the Bible because it goes against your moral fiber/will you be judged on
your scale? you might want to hold off on buying curtains for heaven/You
want to stifle my beliefs? Cons are dead set against Isla^ic clerics having
influence in politics. You deny that? And what jedism is legislated in
Isre%^l?I was not aware they legislated any religious beliefs, the Ten
Commandemnts etched on the walls of Congress and the Supreme Court/you have
moved from wrong to desperation.
21812/What will you do if President Obama is re-elected,The stock market
has almost doubled since President Obama took office and that's good for
investors. I know my 401k has more than doubled in the last 3 1/2 years and
I'm hardly a 1 percenter. corporations make huge profits, their investors
benefit as well. If the workers don't like it, they have the freedom to
leave and find a better job. It's called capitalism. The workers are
screwing themselves if they continue to work for a corporation that is
being ufair to them/$50,000 Grant To 'Attack And Monitor' Religious
Broadcasters-another fine example of the continued isolation of the
extreme right... nothing but negativity and hypocricy permeates his
ideology-scum liars Media matters 501c3 charity-all this faux outrage and
righteous indignation over left wing organizations, lead me to the fainting
couch- /Around 2900 BC, Emperor Fu
brought his civilization to China. He was also one of the first to
reference Ma, the Chinese word for cannabis, noting that it was already a
popular remedy. Emperor Chen Nung, the father of Chinese medicine,
discovered cannabis had healing properties a couple of centuries later.
Cannabis was included in the 15th century BC Chinese Pharmacopeia, the
Rh-Ya. medicinal use of cannabis, along with other herbs like ginseng and
ephedra, was spread to other civilizations and religions. The original
Hebrew version of holy anointing oil recipe in Exodus (30:22-23) calls for
six pounds of kaneh-bosem to be mixed with other herbs into about six
quarts of olive oil. The anointed person would literally be drenched in
this aromatic holy oil. Spiritualists believe this recipe was handed down
by God to Moses. 1213 BC. Cannabis was frequently prescribed in ancient
Egypt to treat inflammation and eye problems such as glaucoma.  It was also
used during the administration of enemas. Around 1000 BC, people in India
began mixing cannabis with milk to create Bhang, an anesthetic and
treatment for phlegm. Healers in India began to expand the role of cannabis
in treating medical conditions and reducing pain. By 600 BC, healers in
India were using cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses and to improve
life in various ways.  Improvements include sharpening the mind, prolonging
lifespan, improving judgment, and inducing sleep. Fun fact: Marijuana was
even used to cure leprosy /"I still find
each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I
want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to
see." John Burroughs/ /the brouha here over 'precious life'
is nothing more than a disguised attempt to impose control over women's
bodies, catholic bishops oppose ( i doubt it) vasectomy procedure... surely
this can be considered 'preventive' if either partner has aids or the woman
cannot safely conceive/lost in the rw rhetoric over the xl pipline is the
fact that there is also local tea party opposition on grounds of rights
concerning eminent domain by a foreign entity/doesn't adhere to the
catholic notion of the seven deadly sins which include gluttony, there was
an account of a patron, dining on the triple bypass burger at the heart
attack grill in las vegas, suffering a fatal heart attack/Axelrods a sleazy
slimy greasy scumbag..Obama crime Inc Chicago/Santorum's economic
policies were not appealing to the working class, accusing him of holding
social views that are â quite divisive and not widely shared. Republicans
are largely in the same basket. They all favor a return to the policies
that we saw in the last decade that really favored a few at the expense of
the country as a whole, many of the positions he,s taken on social issues
are quite divisive and not widely shared,” Axelrod said/Santorum
displayed his culture-warrior side in full force, as he harshly attacked
President Obama by suggesting the president wanted to see more disabled
babies aborted/Costner talked for nearly 20 minutes. He choked up at the
end: “Off you go Whitney, off you go. Escorted by an army of angels to your
heavenly father. When you sing before him, don’t you worry. You’ll be good
enough, Costner talks about acting up in church as a kid, passing notes and
giggling with friends. His dad dragged him out: “I believe even the
preacher prayed for me.”/Virginia Legislature Passes Occupy Vagina Law,
most underrated prong in the current Republican War on Women’s Health, has
come a step closer to rendering the first two syllables of its name a cruel
irony, passing a law that would force women who want to get a legal medical
procedure to undergo a medically unnecessary vaginal probe/Congress set to
hand our highways and freeways over to foreign corporations: New toll roads
planned for all 50 states!-We the Ppl pay for the Interstate & road
systems thru the gas tax-nor is this act of treason by The Consent of the
Governed- should mandate any n all GPS'es be at the risk of lossing
American Citizenship, Life in prison with no pardone/parole to being hUNg
by the neck for treason-I do believe we have had ENUF/solar plates and the
photovoltaic cells

Article Source:
A high-ranking ICE official and his wife, an intelligence analyst, have
been indicted and are on trial in federal court on charges of defrauding
the government. Another official, suspected of doctoring his college
diploma, has been on leave for more than a year while a grand jury
investigates the matter, two other ranking supervisors were internally
investigated and disciplined for an extramarital affair and related
professional misconduct.Ezequiel Garcia, 45, who supervised a document and
benefit fraud task force, allegedly shot Deputy Special Agent in Charge
Kevin Kozak, 30-year veteran agent 51, in the upper torso, legs and hands,
the supervisor lay on the floor cursing in anger and saying that his
stomach felt like it was burning, before being shot and killed by another
immigration official/You get a State that lowers it's flag at half
staff..You get praised to the heavens because you killed yourself and
everyone has an empty heart.She was good...not the best..yet we raise her
up to this level because she belonged to the left side of the spectrum.
Good job lefties..Tell your kids that they should follow in her foot will have a stately funeral and everyone will come to see you
slither away, and no one will remember you in 6 months. That is usually
what happens when your dead.Just pathetic/Libtards....the bigger the loser
the more attention...libtard media can run "victim templates" off her
death...drugs....battered wife in crisis...all the BS
weak people make a living off of calling for goverment intervention to deal
with these crisis/Such is the remorseless progression of human society,
shedding lives and souls as it goes on its way. It is an ocean into which
men sink who have been cast out by the law and consigned, with help most
cruelly withheld, to moral death. The sea is the pitiless social darkness
into which the penal system casts those it has condemned, an unfathomable
waste of misery. The human soul, lost in those depths, may become a corpse.
Who shall revive it? ~Hugo, Victor/It will surely not be supporters of late
term and partial birth abortion.......idleness is the devils
playground.....Democrats are basically idle letting Bobo the moron lead
them ..I really think you Democrats can fall alot get more
pathetic by the day/one more dead drug user, three weeks from now no one
will even remember. Only the parasites who sell the records, she's worth
more dead than alive/the minority of celebrities. It's a reflection of
society. Just like cancer or some other mortality can strike in the same
proportions. for every one of these, there are 10 who are just as talented
who chose not to or didn't get the lucky break to go down the same path,
Maybe it's the guilt or the reality of the thin ice they know they're on
that turns them to drugs/Uygur was particularly annoyed at Burnett placing
her own assessment of Iran 's leadership proceeding to develop a nuclear
weapon, despite U.S. intelligence citing that wasn't the case. "Didn 't we
see this movie, 'Saddam could attack the United States within 45 minutes,'"
he said. "It's war mongering, over and over again. Oh my God, Iran is so
dangerous."The media is grossly deceiving people' on Iran/
/ / /
Obama breaks down in tears at funeral /Gets Baby to Stop Crying /O'Reilly to Obama:
"People Hate You" /Russia
has a missile called "SATAN"
21812/condemed bridge
autostart = true /a stunning display of utter contempt for the American
people, Obama is launching "truth teams." Obama pimping truth is like Hugh
Hefner pimping abstinence or Michelle Obama pimping austerity ..... it's
insulting. rollout also includes a social media blitz, directing supporters
to three new websites:, which highlights Obama’s record
and “promises kept”;, which highlights GOP policy
positions; and, which fact-checks claims made against Obama
on the campaign trail-Big Brother must be proud. The Ministry of Truth has
arrived. Obama's team is already printing the bumper stickers: WAR IS PEACE
Rriebus to be effective, need to mobilize their own truth squads to combat
the lies and propaganda that will come spilling out of the Obama Machine
till ll-6-12/ObaMao's Fourth Reich is materializing nicely. What's next? SS
Leibstandarte ObaMao conducting pogroms on Jews together with those other
fascists of that beautiful, peaceful "religion" of Islam?/A true
proposition must describe the facts as they are. a “necessary truth” is a
redundancy, and a “contingent truth” a self-contradiction."Peikoff, “The
Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy,” Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology/
Whenever that Truth Team shows up, remind listeners that that team
represents one side of a conflict and does not own the truth, bears a
misleading name/Kase Lawal was previousl;y accused of involvement in an
illegal oil deal in Nigeria. April 6th 2008 Texas Oil Man: The Kase Lawal
Fugitive Scandal By Sahara Reporters/A devout Muslim, Lawal, 52, doesn't
drink or smoke. The Nigerian-born executive exudes an unflappable calm
whether discussing racism in America, spiraling political violence in his
homeland or the intricacies of the oil business/I have confirmed that Obama
is really Satan/
Found a counter-truth team that defends Bush, Romney
launches-truth-teams-.html /World Bank/IMF ALWAYS demand cutting of food
subsidies that target the very poor. Usually the entry of the IMF/World
Bank is followed by a huge spike in malnutrition related deaths. And one
should note that these sacrifices are demanded by the European/American
junta for relatively small sums of a few billion dollars in loan gurantees
21712/Moroccan man who was planning a suicide attack on the Capitol,
Khalifi was arrested as soon as he accepted the vest from undercover
officers, according to a federal law enforcement source. He was also given
a gun, which was similarly rendered inoperable/defense .
gov/transcripts/transcript.aspx?transcriptid=2806 wolfowitz(kyyke) said
that 9-11 was an opportunity - like it was a good event/if the vest was
converted to a huge red, white and blue confetti cannon that played the
national anthem when activated and they let him go through with it before
arresting him/How come FBI never entrapped Jewish editor guy from Atlanta?
He was making threats and he end up resigning volunteerly from own magazine
as "punishment"/ html?
/Thomas Frank on How Wall Street Doubled Down on Trashing America's
Economy, about how the super-rich doubled-down on economically disastrous
policies: 'Pity the Billionaire-Freedom of and From Religion. "The
president did something agile and wise the other day. And something quite
important to the health of our politics. He reached up and snuffed out what
some folks wanted to make into a cosmic battle between good and evil. No,
we're not going to turn the argument over contraception into Armageddon,
this is an honest difference between Americans, and I'll not see it
escalated into a holy war. So instead of the government requiring Catholic
hospitals and other faith-based institutions to provide employees with
health coverage involving contraceptives, the insurance companies will
offer that coverage, and offer it free."Bill Moyers-Gay Marriage Bill
Passed by New Jersey Legislature, Awaits Veto by Governor, And the vote,
passing 42 to 33-Woman Prevented From Testifying in Favor of Birth Control
Says She's "Stunned" when Chairman Issa made the decision to not allow me
to speak ... and to say that I was not an appropriate witness and that
those women's stories were not appropriate for this committee-Occupy Joins
the Fight Against Private Prisons a coalition of US and Mexican low-wage
worker centers and unions, to pressure corporations to divest from private
prisons, whose chief investors include some of country's largest financial
institutions such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, both of which have
provoked the ire of the Occupy movement for their role in tanking the
economy-,the GOP's war on women, and scientific brain drain-Truthout/Red
States Take More Money From Washington Than They Put in Mother Jones/
Limbaugh Leads GOP in Pondering How to Deal With Improving Economy Talking
being-built-in-nebraska.php#fallout-shelter-9 /losing access to Oxy could force people
into using heroin, crack cocaine and other drugs. They will be more likely
to inject drugs, raising the risk of disease transmission through needle
trigger-crisis-among-212232367.html /Be the change that you ...
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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