Friday, February 24, 2012

22412/Dick was actually right, deficits don't matter

22412/Santorum’s football fumble and other campaign stumbles, A few miles
from the Cleveland Brown's home turf, "Is this Steelers country?" was met
with boos from the crowd/Maher donates $1 million to Obama Super PAC/U.S.,
Iran share surprising common bond/Al-Qaida claims responsibility for deadly
attacks in Iraq/who are we fooling, we know somebody's money will buy this
election. The deficit will increase under either party. You know it, and so
do I. It's rigged. Quit pretending. You're smarter than that/Republican
Brent Scowcroft said, "Because of the policies of the Bush Administration
the US couldn't fight a war that lasted just 3 days without borrowing the
money from China/Bumbling Idiot George Bush took the presidency and drove
the country into massive debt and a recession. What's your answer to fixing
the Recession?  when we hear statements from orifices that are below
the belt line, but have no real solutions to the problem/blaming Bush,
obozo spends almost 4 trillion...but thats O.K....hypocrites with no
creedence...the bad thing about it is the ignorance of the libbys/modern
conservatives smart, the future of America. embarrassingly ignorant,
selfish and just plain stupid. Your candidates are a joke and so are all of
you/Tea Birds won't rest until O'Barry is out of office/Costanza would be
better than Obungle/santorum is only interested in legislating a woman's
vagina and spreading his apostolic reformation, end times dominionism
nonsense/Koolaid five cents? I guess they need it though when they have to
wash down a big old bullsrepub*** sandwich/    they dont talk about how
obamas wife saves on money on halloween---how many tax dollars are saved by
her going as a butt ugly pig?--how does she save?--she goes as herself!/
fudge yourself, you wretched GOP boot licking wench!/so hateful. Vogue and
Womens day have all said she is well dressed and attractive/most fitting
thing that Bush can't do is leave the country for fear of arrest as a war criminal/
newt goes antiwar?-jama slaps badnews bears-barat
banned from the oscars-imus
22312/Marie Colvin was killed in Homs, Syria-Two NATO troops are shot by a
person wearing an Afghan army uniform-Beset with woes, Rupert Murdoch is
launching a new Sunday newspaper in the UK-Obama apologized to Afghan
President Hamid Karzai for the burning of Qurans by NATO troops, calling
the act an inadvertent error, NATO's International Security Assistance
Force, Gen. John Allen, apologized Tuesday for the incineration, Muslims
believe the Quran is the word of God, so holy that people should wash their
hands before even touching the sacred book, which is why Quran burning
incites such fury. an act of intolerance and bigotry-Fox so-called News.
And that is what today's Tea party controlled GOP takes seriously. Murdoch
is a crook. And Fox viewers are enablers-STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES and when
the GOP screams and whines that the sky is falling the sky is falling they
fall for it hook line & sinker. I mean c'mon they voted for Dubya twice and
they think Sarah Palin is intelligent so why wouldnt they vote for
Santorum, Mitt or Newt?-As much as Republicans like to call Obama
destructive, they've done more to damage the legitimacy and efficiency of
our government than has been done in my lifetime-cnn/newt says obama is a
baby killer/Copter collision kills 7 Marines in Calif. desert/he had to
produce identification to cash out his winnings at Philadelphia Park
Racetrack & Casino in Bucks County. Casino officials learned Johnson was
wanted for drug offenses in Altoona and called authorities 34-year-old
Mateen Johnson was arrested Saturday because. Johnson told police he
expected to be arrested soon and was trying to win enough at blackjack to
make bail/Female prison inmates are to blame for a prank that put the image
of a pig in a decal on the doors of some Vermont state police cruisers.
female inmates at the prison work center in Windsor are responsible for
altering the decal in 2009. But he says figuring out specifically who did
it is impossible unless someone confesses. The pig in the 16-inch decal was
first noticed by a state police trooper washing his car Feb. 1. State
police say they believe the pig decal has been added to about 30 cruisers
in the past year. one group is hoping to keep the image alive. They've
created a Facebook page called "Save the Vermont Pigs," and now they have
upwards of 1,000 fans.-the person that accepted them for the state police
should be fired for not checking what they were getting. The state did not
lose any money until they decided to destroy the stickers-police need to
stop acting like someone spit in their corn flakes-It will cost the state
about $800 to print new shields...then, of course, there is the labor. The
pigs have been there for about 4 years and it was just noticed /'I tell you the truth, when you refused to
help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help
me." Matt 25:45 "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a
needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Mark 10:25/
they call conservatives greedy for wantitng to keep what they work hard
for, but a lazy liberal scum that wants someone else to pay off his school
loans so he can buy a new ipad, thats not greedy.Or the liberal scum.
Liberalism is a mental disorder/don't care what your buddy Jesus would have
done? Keep your Religion out of American politics/Dioxin is the most
caustic man-made chemical known.  Dioxin is a general term for hundreds of
chemicals that are produced in industrial processes that use chlorine and
burning. Disturbingly, it has a half-life of 100+ years. Dioxin was
the*most harmful component in Agent Orange*(the recipe for Agent Orange is
2,4-D and 2,4,5-T herbicides). Dow AgroScience has received preliminary
USDA approval for its 2,4-D herbicide resistant GMO corn.  This means that
dioxin contaminated 2,4-D herbicide will drench US farm land and pollute
water supplies if the crops are widely planted. /any sane women out
there or are all of them pretty much infected with the neurological
disorder called 'blind faith'? I'm so sick of being rejected by women for
such a silly reason/tell her you believe. You don't have to say in what. If
she asks just tell her that you've found Flipper and he is your personal
savior and you lead The porpoise driven life/peta People Eating Tasty
Animals/Nothing has changed or improved in Greece.  we saw another kick the
can down the road move/’ deficit card
loses its appeal The candidates’ plans don’t reduce the deficits, Romney’s
plan, adjusted for the lower tax rates announced this week, would add $2.6
trillion to the national debt over the next decade, even wider additions to
the debt from the plans proposed by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum
and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — of $4.5 trillion and $7 trillion
respectively. Only Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s plan actually leads to a reduction
of the debt, these experts calculate-please don't tell us that Chaney was
actually right and deficits don't matter, we need is a nice dose of Greek
reality here-Someone else will be the one who pays it, a 30 year Treasury
sold in 1985 matures in just three more years, which means we are all still
paying for the Star Wars fantasy of Reagan. That is a defensive shield
orbiting the earth to protect us. Never happened/The WSJ-owned MW, a
subsidiary of Murdoch-owned News Corp, at least a few of the MW editors and
jounalists are willing to buck the right-wing hate machine. It looks like
that really gets your goat. Just offhand, Where do you get off saying it
has "little objectivity"? Maybe you really don't want objectivity. Go join
your friends over at Fox News and you will be happier/
sued by Ireland-based Sealink Funding BAC) faces yet another lawsuit
related to allegations that its mortgage unit misrepresented residential
mortgage securities sold to investors. The latest complaint is a $949
million lawsuit, Citigroup , JPMorgan Chase and several other banks are all
defendants listed in the lawsuit-maggots are stuffed, the feeding continues
Charlotte Business Journal/Bank of America, JPMorgan Face More Overdraft
Pain, overdraft fees have dropped 20% from $37 billion in 2009 to $29.5
billion in 2011 according to industry consultant Moebs Services. The
decline came even as banks moved to raise the average overdraft fees by as
much as $4 to $30 over the two- year period, Citigroup (C) due to its
higher share of foreign deposits, saw a big drop in service charges on
deposits in the fourth quarter of 2010, the first time the overdraft rules
were in full effect. Most of the service charges come from overdraft fees.
forbes/Blaming Decline in Family Values for Soaring Inequality this would
seem to be a very odd time to focus on the alleged moral decline of the
lower classes.... But now we have an economy that has left blue-collar
workers behind: why invoke social values to explain their plight, Krugman/
"Two hundred immigrant workers, their wives, husbands, children and
hundreds of supporters marched through downtown Berkeley February 17,
protesting their firing from Pacific Steel Castings, one of the city's
largest employers. Starting at City Hall, they walked for an hour past
stores and homes David Bacon- Truthout:/UC Davis Students, Alumni Sue
University Over Infamous Pepper-Spray Incident Talking Points Memo/More
States Plan to Divert Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Money Away From Helping
Homeowners ThinkProgress/Procter & Gamble announced plans Thursday to cut
5700 positions/US Postal Service has largely completed a five-month study
into closing mail processing facilities and has identified 223 out of 487
processing centers for potential closure, including four in Colorado/
-trump says china is like banks, have bigger problems-newt says obama
is a baby killer-waning anglican christians lost their way-imus/two dozen
leading Catholic nuns filed a brief in the Supreme Court last week
supporting the president’s signature legislative accomplishment. The
Catholic sisters who joined the brief include the leaders of many prominent
religious orders providing health care and other services to the
needy/Obama appeared on the Los Angeles-based Piolin Por La Mañana'
Show on Univision. Barack made a bold prediction about his re-election,
vowing that his presidency was not over and in fact he had another five
years coming up/former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour says is possible
if the primary contest remains divided.
republican-race-192040476.html /For nearly a decade, hackers enjoyed
widespread access to the corporate computer network of Nortel Networks
Ltd, Using seven passwords stolen from top Nortel executives, including the
chief executive, the hackers--who appeared to be working in China--
penetrated Nortel's computers at least as far back as 2000 and over/Chief
Executive Brian Driscoll, who joined the Twinkie
and Wonder Bread maker in 2010. Hostess has asked unionized workers to
make big concessions on pensions and other labor provisions or face
liquidation. his pay package includes a $1.5 million annual salary,
unspecified annual incentive bonuses and as much as $2 million in
additional bonuses for achieving certain performance goals also eligible
for nearly $2 million if he departs Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers
and Grain Millers International Union, said it was "unfair" for
Hostess to craft "such a lucrative contract while demanding deep, deep
givebacks from its employees/Every path is the right path. Everything
could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning. ~mr.
Nobody/Gainesville High School Students' Racist YouTube Rant Forces Girls
To Leave School-the girls have experienced harassment and said they feared
for their safety. According to one report by the Gainesville Sun, one of
the students involved was hiding out at a relative's house while her mother
was at work. “Our lives have changed totally, 180 degrees," her mother told
the paper. "This has made her an adult really quick.” Norcross, Ga., a
Beaver Ridge Elementary School teacher resigned after outcry over a third
grade math assignment that used slavery examples in word problems. Parents
were outraged at both the assignment and the school district's response to
the reports of those math problems, which included references to cotton,
orange picking and beatings, Minnesota school district last August claimed
that a Red Wing High School homecoming event called "Wigger Day" caused a
black student "severe emotional distress including depression, loss of
sleep, stress, crying, humiliation, anxiety, and shame.""Wigger is a
pejorative slang term for a white person who emulates the mannerisms,
language and fashions associated with African-American culture," the
complaint explains. Students were encouraged to dress in oversized sports
jerseys, low-slung pants, baseball hats cocked to the side and 'doo rags/
Cantor said the right approach is not to avoid social issues or immigration
but to recognize that, for many of the voters the GOP needs most, "jobs and
the economy" are preoccupying concerns. Independent voters,' he added,
"will give you credit" when addressing divisive issues "by trying to find a
way to bridge differences." The problem for the GOP goes far, far beyond
the tone of the presidential primary. It's only shining a brighter light on
exactly what the Republican party has become since it let the tea party and
the American Taliban take over

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