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22512/Obama sought to deflect growing Republican attacks, blaming factors beyond his control

22512/current campaign finance law says "local broadcast stations have the
right to refuse third party ads. They only have to accept ads by bona fide
candidates for federal office, "And if they take [third party ads] they
have an absolute right to say, 'You prove every statement in that ad before
I'm going to put it on my airwaves and let into my community's living
rooms, we back candidates who won't take special interest cash hand wringing about civil wars if we leave is just
so much twaddle. I don't think the Afghans really know what they want, but
they are very clear on what they DON'T want, and I think we should honor
their wishes and get out of their way in their rush into oblivion. Because
if we aren't there, somebody else will be. They'll never be independent/
Since lack of belief is atheism by definition, Mother Theresa then can it
be said that such Christians who sometimes doubt the existence of God have
sometimes "fallen into" atheism?/read one of Dawkins' books to know his
view on religion. fundamentalists don't read books, not even the Bible. I
will never cease to be impressed at how deceptive fundamentalists are/
conservatives in the GOP in general reject Romney, a Mormon, as the
favorite and would much prefer a fundamentalist. Hence, Santorum, a
Catholic fundamentalist in effect, and someone who preaches the
fundamentalist line, has gained in favor/Repulsivcan issues, fiction
without facts/Santorum had "played" with his dead infant/Gallup Poll has
found that more Democrats than Republicans say they would not vote for a
Mormon for president. Twenty-seven percent of Democrats say they wouldn't
vote for a Mormon, while 18 percent of Republicans say the same. For
independents, 19 percent." /support a fake, phony
and fraud like Obama without a problem. Liberals are super bigots/if I
was a Republican had a oil well on Tater, Mt and with the system the pubs
love, Free Market, I'd hire workers at Min. wage or below, sell all the oil
to China and then demand tax breaks from the US government/a gaffe is when
a politician accidently tells the truth. That’s certainly what happened to
Mitt. absent-mindedly said something completely reasonable: “If you just
cut, if all you’re thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut
spending you’ll slow down the economy. Krugman, New York Times/
22412/hero school teacher Fifty-seven-year-old math teacher Dr. David Benke
was outside helping at the crosswalk when he heard a shot, saw a gunman,
and instinct drove his next move. "I noticed that he was working a bolt
action rifle and realized that I had time to get him before he could
chamber another round," He ran and tackled the suspect. "The next thing I
know, I'm on the ground. I've got my legs wrapped around his legs. I've got
my arms wrapped around him. Benke feels that all he did wasn't enough. "I
felt like I wasn't fast enough and he got, as far as I know, a second round
off." "I think he's a hero," "He obviously probably saved a lot more
students." a school three miles here, an incident Americans remember by one
name: Columbine. "I said I hope I am capable to do something about it, and
so what was going through my mind was that I promised," says Benke. /Overall 25%
of our school children leave schools without a H.S. diploma. These young
people quit. Why? They just reported teachers feeding ***** to the kids in
another school. They just reported parents trying to take over yet another
school because of abusive behavior towards the children by the teachers. Is
there a pedophile teacher running around this school? Is someone abusing
this kid at school? The gun went off in the kids backpack, there was no
intent to hurt the other child, who was this kid afraid of and why?-leads
me to the belief that actions like this by irresponsible gun owners are no
different than mentally-impaired gun owners-
girl-8/?tag=re1.discussed / /Gingrich pledges $2.50 gas/
Obama sought to deflect growing Republican attacks over rising prices at
the pump, blaming recent increases on a mix of factors beyond his control,
including tensions with Iran, hot demand from China, India and other
emerging economies, and Wall Street 'it's easy to make phony promises'
Christian Science Monitor/US Postal Service announced plans on Thursday to
close or consolidate 223 mail processing centers and eliminate up to 35000
jobs as part of its strategy to cut costs by reducing its network of
facilities/Activists say more than 7,000 people have died in the 11-month
uprising - more than 90 on Thursday alone - and concern is growing over the
humanitarian situation, particularly in the besieged city of Homs. The
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) appealed this week for a
pause in fighting to allow aid to be taken in, but said it had received no
response from Damascus, main Syrian opposition group has asked for rebel
fighters to be allowed to import weapons. A declaration is expected later,
calling on Syrian forces to declare a ceasefire and allow humanitarian
access to the worst-hit areas. Syrian state TV said the conference was a
meeting of "symbols of colonialism". The US, Europe and Arab countries plan
to challenge President Bashar al-Assad to provide humanitarian access
within days, with the threat of fresh sanctions if he does not comply.
Around 70 nations, including the US, UK, France and Turkey, are attending
the conference, organised by the Arab League. The Friends of Syria should
not constrain individual countries from aiding the Syrian opposition by
means of military advisers, training and provision of arms to defend
themselves”. Russia and China, key allies of Syria which have blocked UN
resolutions again Damascus, are not there-As good as their cause is we
don't know who they really are, who's behind them, or what they plan to do
with Syria if they win. After Iraq i think we should tread very carefully-
the opposition need arms, initially for self defence and then to oust the
ghastly regime of Assad and his cronies. But why doesn't the West step in
to actively help? Saddam Gadafi, the Taliban - the West has flushed these
tyrants down the toilet of history. Assad is surely as bad as they were and
merits similar treatment-I was against the invasion of Libya, I thought it
obviously immoral and could see how easily the public had been hoodwinked.
This is different, the Syrians are in real danger here-Islam is nothing
more than an excuse for intolerance and hate. PS i am gay and in the UK am
i a hate monger or someone who wants to defend my life from a religion that
has not progressed from the dark ages-Assad seems to be committing genocide
in public without shame and without regret but with pride and the blessing
of Russia and China. What are their leaders thinking of?-civilians in Homs
and Syria could be reading our comments at this moment. Can we not show a
little compassion rather than make stereotypical pronouncements on the
evilness of Islam? What type of humanity is being demonstrated here?-
comment has been referred for further consideration. Explain. Everything
I've stated comes from the news yet I'm forbade from mentioning it even
though it's relative to Syrian oppression, ironic!- bbcnews/Tehran and
Washington have discovered a surprising common bond: to pretend that they
might be heading toward serious negotiations to curb Iran’s nuclear
capacity. What’s more, they are pretending for the same reason: to ward off
an Israeli attack on Iran-These talks are a means to let Obama off the
hook. Iran will continue to develop their desired weapon. The Obama
administration and Russia will tell the U.N. that Iran has agreed to stop
development. Iran and the U.S. don't trust each other, neither do I-It
doesn't matter to Obama what's good for America, his primary concern is the
November elections. At the moment he has this election sewed up, conflict
could change things. Watch and see-    Ron Paul's foreign policy of "lets
let Iran get nukes, I'm sure they won't use them," is the equivalent to
saying "Sure, lets give the crazy guy a loaded gun, I'm sure he won't shoot
anyone."-False equivalency-Why not? that seems to be the going philosophy
in America. Give everyone an assault rifle and nobody will get
shot-warmongers :: its written a army in the bible 200 million will go to
war and 1/3 of population will be gone .. Could this be the beginning of
that war?? why cause we have had people in office do as they want and are
told for the last 25 years.. They dont have our country or you as there
best interest.. Open your eyes.. they have torn our country down to nothing
,, took jobs over seas .. Taken away our liberties other-word or freedoms
,, put us into a debt we will never bail out ,, lead us into a depression-
6.996 billion people there will still be plenty. I just hope that the ones
that are killed are bible thumpers like you/they both hate the Jews-so true
with both leaders that they hate GODS PEOPLE-Take your fairy tail book off
somewhere and read it to yourself-Militarily this threat is irrelevant-to
the US, not to Israel-Who wrote this propagand#$%$?-DNC,ACORN, OBUMBLES-
Denuclearize Israel, the USA and the british brutes!-NO TAX DOLLARS FOR
ISRAEL" and no American Blood either-im telling all your friends to never
never trust, back stabbing liar and a coward!-you Israel haters are what
your black boy obama craps out everyday. obama is as useless as teats on a
boar hog and so are you idiots-    Eliminate Iran and everything will fall
into place a*s*shole!-Israel will never be defeated as this unfolds people
like you will come full circle and be faced with your own demise-if you
want to fight for are allowed to move to Israel-couldn't
agree more. The Israelis are the 21st century Nazis-spoken like a real
Nazi-bet your family were Nazi collaborators-late breaking news...The
economy and federal deficit here at home are still being ignored-Only by
the Republican cadidates. Almoast three million new jobs have been added in
the past two years under Obama's policies, which the Republivcans and the
media ignore, and instead of bleeding 300,000 jobs a month as we were when
Bush left office, we are adding 250,000 jobs a month now-tell that to the
MILLIONS still unemployed, it's your side developing these stupid questions
and issues to deflect attention. -8% receiving unemployment benefits Hal,
how many people have run out, how many now claim "disability" and are no
longer counted as "unemployed"? How many in middlemanagement now work at
McDonalds?-    Lets talk about BAHRAIN... Bharaini government killing its
own citizen (protesters) nearly for a year and nobody cares...Oh I know why
.... An American ally, shameful-Yeah Bahrain and saudi arabia can get away
with anything-Got any proof of Bahrain doing any such thing? B y the way,
the majority of the Bahraini's making a problem are actually minority
Iranians who live in Bahrain-Arabic and Western media do not broadcast any
news about Bahraini people being oppressed and tortured by govt. and Saudi
soldiers-At the same time they talk about Syria-not the article in question
here-We can easily make peace with Iran gas will go down if we just start
ignoring Isreal, theres no need to fight for isreal unless they are
attacked, if they attack they are on thier own, and Jesus is not a reason-
Both Obama and Ahmadinejad suffers from what you call delusions of
grandeur. Except one of them is a bigger idiot than expected-Wait, our
government is trying to AVOID a war??? Something is seriously amiss-Our
government wants to DELAY a war until after the election is over-in case
you like someone saying something nice to you, from time to time new
friends - or nothing at all, but talking is nice…. it’s just that immense
age difference-LOL creepy alert is right. You be careful there lil miss. I
am not sure posting your pic is a good idea my dear,it could bring trouble
to an attractive young lady like you. Just consider me a concerned Irish
uncle . -Sam-Don't worry the repubs will get us into a war, that is the
only way they can create jobs-Obama has put us in debt more than any other
pres, and in half the time. Go Obama! Really, go... get out-The only
president that has had a surplus and has not put us in real debt in the
last 32 years is Clinton. Where were you when the Republicans were doing
the same? By the way the 2009 budget that was passed in 2008 with over a
trillion dollars of debt was George Bush's budget-You're listening too much
to your retarded teachers/professors. Grow a sack and learn the history for
yourself. Take the initiative and don't let someone else tell you what to
believe-All you Obama voters got your hopey changey, now let fix this mess
and Restore America with Ron Paul. Another 4 years of Obama and the Muslim
brotherhood will be completely in charge here-a puff peice, both countries
are led by exstreemist radicals-you went to school in the GW bush-every
child left behind era didn't you-another gop racist speaks-idiots like you
who are so retarded that you can't spell extremists aren't even worth the
30 seconds of my life typing a reply-TPers/Redumplican'ts in Congress still
protect the corporate welfare for Big Oil-Iranians are not Persians, they
are Arabs. Whatever they say of themselves as of "the most Westernized
nation on the ME" is a lie. No they are not. Israel is. I would believe it
when Iranians abandon Islam and go back to Zoroastrianism-How are the
natives of Iran, formerly called Persia, not Persians ?-You're getting
religion mixed up with ethnicity. You obviously know nothing about Iran and
don't care to learn anything you stereotype gegurgitating, racist fool-They
are Arabized Persians - new nation with new religion and new attitude-Islam
is inseparable from the Bedouin lifestyle-Even the Islamic heaven looks
exactly like oasis in the deserts-Confusion between the religion and
ethnicity is a Jewish phenomenon. Ask your Jewish friends, if you have
any-The only thing Israel leads in is terrorism-    Iran could just abide
by its agreements already established as its being a member of the UN, and
a signer of the NPT. and let UN inspectors inspect as they are supposed to us all allot of time, money, and effort.....I have no problem
with 20 percent for their Medical Research Reactor. That is already covered
by the NPT, and IAEA. So as long as they agree to be compliant with the
rules, and to inspections by the UN, of which they have already agreed,
they can't seem to do it-the US could abide by its NPT agreements and start
cycling down the nukes in EU-so can Israel-That'd be so muhc easier-AND
Israel, not being an NNP signatory, could abide by its agreements as a U.N.
member state, to act in accordance with international law and overall to be
a peaceful influence in the world-Israel could also voluntarily join the
NNP and put ACTION behind the empty rhetoric of the West regarding nuclear
non-proliferation and "peace"-Iran, abide by rules, what is wrong with this
sentence? Israel can't cycle down anything, they are surrounded by to many
crazies, and it makes em feel better. But here's the prediction. Do not be
afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will
accomplish for you today. The LORD will fight for you, and you shall hold
your peace." (Exodus 14:13-14) Zechariah 12;9 And it shall come to pass in
that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nation that come against
Jerusalem. Genesis 12; 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, (Jews) and
curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be
blessed- /jerks that keep
repeating "for every beautiful woman, there is a guy tired of screwing
her." remember that “The world provides enough beauty to satisfy every
man's need, but not every man's greed/International nuclear inspectors
reported on Friday that Iran is moving rapidly to produce nuclear fuel at a
deep underground site that Israel and the United States have said is
virtually invulnerable to attack New York Times/indulgence of serious
criminality evidently is fear of the consequences of taking tough action on
individual bankers. And maybe officials are right to be afraid, given the
massive size of the banks in question relative to the economy. In fact,
those banks are bigger now than they were before the crisis.-Deja Vu in
Chicago as Occupying Workers Secure Victory, "More than three years ago, a
group of about 200 workers from Republic Windows & Doors organized a
six-day sit-in demanding vacation and severance pay after suddenly being
laid off near the holidays. A new group of about 65 workers locked
themselves inside the same factory this week in a desperate move to save
their jobs once again-There are still 171 detainees imprisoned at
Guantanamo. More than half have already been cleared for release.
Thirty-six are expected to face war crimes charges and the remainder were
deemed by the Obama administration as being too dangerous to release or too
difficult to prosecute because the evidence against them is tainted due to
the fact that they were tortured-Palestinian political prisoner Khader
Adnan ended his 65-day hunger strike in an Israeli prison last night, after
Israeli authorities made a deal that he would be released in April at the
end of his current term. One learns never fully to trust that outcomes will
occur as promised. Nevertheless, this is a tremendously hopeful moment-how
representations of heroism in movies shape our expectations of a U.S.
President, and how our real-world candidates are packaged into superficial,
two-dimensional personas designed to appeal to both the electorate and the
media-Truthout:/Wisconsin Democrats File Complaint With State Against David
Koch Talking Points Memo/"The Baby Killer President"./"the Great Whore" in
Revelations. But there's more to the story. Hagee insists that he wasn't
talking about the Catholic Church -- he says he was talking about the
apostate church"the Great Whore"

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