Wednesday, February 22, 2012

22212/Obama: A monumental disgrace, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician, very evil, out to steal their soul

22212/faux u newz entertainment? performs an electronic lobotomy on it's
viewers and after half an hour are observed to have drool running down
their chins?/only the Bible beaters show up for Pope Santorum/National
Association of Realtors has a very large investment in seeing the fanny and
freddie don't go away/"No legacy is so rich as honesty"
~Shakespeare/all stocks have recovred and they are
fake! fnm and fre are the only 2 stocks that have reflected the state of
main street/and how low wall st can go/ "Santorum and many of his
allies dislike any public institution that enables people to think
critically and act with a degree of responsibility toward the public, they
hate any notion of public education, which harbors the promise, if not the
threat, of actually educating students to be thoughtful, self-reflective
and capable of questioning so-called common sense and holding power
accountable."-Who Owns the GOP Candidates William Dore, Foster Friess,
Sheldon Adelson, Harold Simmons, Peter Thiel, or Bruce Kovner? only because
the people listed have given Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and
Mitt Romney huge sums of money to do so."-Occupy for Prisoners Comes Out
Against Mass Incarceration, more than 2.2 million people sit behind bars,
behind the shocking statistics are harsh sentencing laws and lucrative
contracts for private prison firms that continue to drive the mass
incarceration system, say the protesters at Occupy for Prisons, and they
are calling for a fundamental change to the system-world of derivatives]
the Midas Formula and saw it as a recipe for making everything turn to
gold. But the markets forgot how the story of King Midas ended. As
Aristotle told this ancient Greek tale, Midas died of hunger as a result of
his vain prayer for the golden touch. Today, the Greek people are going
hungry to protect a rigged $32 trillion Wall Street casino-fact, corporate
tax revenue is at a 40 year low, even though corporate profits have
rebounded to their pre-recession heights."-With Mass Child Freezing Deaths,
Proof of Mass Starvation, US in Violation of Geneva Conventions in
Afghanistan, War Is A Crime: "In 1949, at the Fourth Geneva Convention, the
responsibilities of an 'occupying power' were recognized as a part of
international law, What is abundantly clear is that there is no lack of
'means available to' the US to meet its responsibilities [in Afghanistan]
under Articles 55 through Article 60 of Geneva, especially when the
afflicted populations are in the most secure part of the country-"Ayatollah
Rick [Santorum] is a bit obsessed with what you might be doing in your
bedroom. The Supreme Court, he asserts, was wrong to rule that we have a
right to consensual sex in our homes. 'Then you have the right to bigamy,'
he wails, 'the right to polygamy ... to incest ... adultery ... the right
to anything.' Then comes his punch line: 'This right to privacy doesn't
exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution-Bill welcomes former
U.S. Poet Laureate Rita Dove, who this very week received the National
Medal of Arts from President Obama. explore American history, language,
culture, and ideas- Truthout/Colbert Guillotines Santorum
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: "Stephen Colbert distilled the
absurdity of Rick Santorum's attack on President Obama's governing
'theology': 'Folks, I have often warned you that President Obama is an
anti-religious zealot, which is surprising since he is also a devout secret
Muslim.' Santorum has recently gone for broke in running on a platform that
the United States should be governed based on his personal interpretation
of the bible." BuzzFlash/Thanks, Rick Santorum! Your Backward Views are
Alerting American Voters About GOP Extremism Salon/Michigan's Hostile
Corporate Takeover Mother Jones/The Map That Proves Red Staters Use the
Safety Net, Too Talking Points Memo/Does Occupy Wall Street Have a Future
in Politics? Time Magazine/Democratic Senators Want SuperPAC Crackdown
Politico/The coalition of the super power cartels: corporations, banks,
institutions, military, sold out politicians, etc. appear omnipotent,
ubiquitous, and indestructible at this juncture in history. I am thankful
for the few that are not restrained to that mold, that exceed and go beyond
it for the common good. They are special indeed, but are all too rare
besides, the others are doing quite well as is , thank you, so why get
involved. Is it now the darkness before the storm?/Once again the banks
convince the government's that they must be bailed out at the expense of
the people, this time the greek people. This house of cards will not end
well. The big question is when it will end?
greece? /latest polling has Rick Santorum closing in on Mitt Romney, whose
chances weren’t helped over the weekend when his campaign’s Arizona
co-chair, the Tea Party-leaning immigration hardliner Sheriff of
uber-conservative Pinal County, Paul Babeu, was outed by a Mexican
immigrant gay lover he called "Papi." debate promises to be good – if at
times disturbing – theater, especially in light of what social media wags
swiftly dubbed "Papigate." Expect Romney and Santorum to pander to their
party’s powerful right-wing fringe via thinly veiled immigrant bashing. If
they turn away from the GOP in large enough numbers, Arizona could go blue.
Sylvia Allen. A state senator, Allen believes, among other things, that the
poor booted off Arizona’s Medicaid rolls need to "save up for their
colonoscopy"; that trees steal water from people; and that the earth is
6,000 years old.  Her improbable ascent to power was greased by like-minded
Tea Party Republicans. Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, was widely
viewed as the most powerful Republican in Arizona. Noted for his hot
temper, Pearce is a Mormon who believes God Himself created the U.S.A. He
says his son and he have both been shot by an "illegal." He’s been accused
of consorting with white supremacists and neo-Nazis/A few facts on the
Southern Poverty Law Center and "hate groups"Center uses the deliberately
meaningless term "hate group" in its fund-raising materials because it
allows them to denigrate those with whom they disagree without accusing
them of any actual crimes. 4. NOT ONE of the Center's top executives is a
minority. Despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin
Luther King's home church in Montgomery, the Center has NEVER hired a
person of color to a highly paid position of authority in its entire 41
year history. These are your "experts"?
overreach-put-arizona-back-in-play-20120222#ixzz1n9V1Wr00 /Another March to
War? there’s a buzz you can detect once the normal restraints
in your business have been loosened, a smell of fresh chum in the waters,
urging us down the road to war. Many years removed from the Iraq disaster,
that smell is back, this time with Iran. You can just feel it: many of the
same newspapers and TV stations we saw leading the charge in the Bush years
have gone back to the attic and are dusting off their war pom-poms. NBC
report Greenwald also wrote about put it this way: “Within just the past
few days, Iranian leaders have threatened that if attacked, they would
launch those missiles at U.S. targets.” way back in the stone ages, when
Noam Chomsky was first writing about these propaganda techniques in
Manufacturing Consent, our leaders felt the need to conceal – or at least
sugar-coat – these Orwellian principles. now the public openly embraces
circular thinking like, “Any country that squawks when we threaten to bomb
it is a threat that needs to be wiped out.” Maybe I’m mistaken, but I have
to believe that there was a time when ideas like that sounded weird to the
American ear. Now they seem to make sense to almost everyone here at home,
and that to me is just as a scary-Chomsky's version: Even with this
qualification, the intelligence assessment eliminated a danger that had
been identified by the Mexican ambassador in 1961, when he rejected JFK's
attempt to organize collective action against Cuba on the grounds that "if
we publicly declare that Cuba is a threat to our security, forty million
Mexicans will die laughing."-.propaganda........NO MORE WARS FOR
ISREAL, let them fend for themsleves-this time, the "Blowback" will be way
way better than all the other feckless countries the US and Israel have
bombed for their lunacy .... I'm Sick of all the yapping, if your going to
take Iran on, go for it ..... stop talking and squirming around, pack your
bags and go. The Iraq war was a non event their was noone
there when the stormtroopers arrived, But I think this time the looneys are
going to find the Iranians ready to rock and roll-Y'all warbangers jump
right in there and show them Iranians a thing or two. Take your own kids
with you too, prove to the rest of US that you actually will walk that
talk. don't ask me and mine, to walk your talk-All you have to do is remove
the word " Iraq" from old transcripts and insert "Iran". Who is believing
this hogwash?! Our government is sooo in bed with Israel its not funny. Why
and how does the media have a stake in this? What happened to objective
journalism?-Iran has an economy the size of Connecticut's and a defense
budget that is literally 1/100th of the U.S.'s, yet it's a "threat." This
thinking is reminiscent of Reagan's famous declaration that one of the two
poorest nations in the hemisphere, Nicaragua (Haiti10 years ago to Europe
come back and half my family is on that krap... government is drugging
those they can't imprison or get to go to war for them/lieberman is of
course leading the charge for us to pay in bodies and dollars for the
desire of a country who embraces apartheid and terrorism...and for all
intents and purposes is our puppet master/Now repeat after me: "THEY HATE
it would be comical. The Onion and reality are merging more and more each
day./The idea is that here is a time Obama is downsizing when war is just
around the corner. It doesn't have to be the Republicans upset. The
Democrats in office love the military complex too/StrangelyRussia and China
got nukes without Repugs invading them but bushman invaded Iraq because
they had weapons of mass deception,mustard gas from 1920.And a milk truck!
/war at this point would have to beapproved by Congress, can you picture
war approved by this Congress and an atomic one at that?They can't butter
bread!/Ron Paul suggested the U.S. adopt the Golden Rule for international
relations, treat other countries how we want to be treated. Of course, the
audience boo'ed Paul's suggestion/probably Christians, too. "I like all the
ten commandments, except the one about love thy neighbor and thou shalt not
kill."/ /Doubt is a pain too
lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. ~Khalil Gibran/However, the
country is still dealing with the consequences of the runaway lending boom
that followed its massive 4 trillion yuan cash injection into the economy
after the 2008 crash, so the PBOC is between a rock and a hard place on
this. It doesn’t want lending or inflation getting out of control/*Obama: A
monumental disgrace, surrounds himself with and seeks the advice of only
the radical left and worse, redistributes (loots) the earnings of the
producers to the non-producers so they will continue to vote for him
--the man who is spending and manipulating the greatest country on earth
into helplessness and ruin, speaks of "social justice" but never of
freedom, rejects the Constitution. “mandating” his vision of health care.
He is, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician who cares only that he
get re-elected to a position he is grotesquely unequipped for -- yet
doesn’t take even that position seriously enough to read Economics 101/
Once again while the Titanic is sinking, Bonobo is dancing and singing   
Bobo efforts are to keep the white women who watch fat Oprah voting for
him. He has Blacks, welfare bums and sex deviants locked up. with many
being Catholic....they are weak of mind. Do they know Bobo is trying to
destroy the Catholic Church? many of these women have had abortions, most
do not feel good about it, hopefully they wil take comfort in The Church
and Jesus do forgive, hopefully the recognize Bobo for what he is a very
evil person out to steal their soul/ Anderson somehow knew the killer. It
sounds like the inversion of an SPLC smear: "Writer linked to White
Supremacists." Whereas, the SPLC seeks to exaggerate someone's connection
to evil, the Tribune is seeking to weaken the association of Cedric
Anderson with evil. An old mug shot of mass murderer Cedric Anderson (Cook
County Sheriff) Convict and ... So far, the national MSM have ignored the
story. U.S. News - 5 dead in shooting at health spa outside Atlanta
-5-reportedly-shot-dead in an apparent murder-suicide MSN mass murderer
that made you shït your panties /
satan is real-plastic jesus on the dashboard-jama & bb-imus
22112/Henry Ford wrote the international Jew, and was buddies with Hitler?
Think about this before you buy another Ford/Obama Edumacates Jews about
Passover: "It's like Islamic Uprisings, Ya Dig?" Passover recalls the
bondage and suffering of Jews in Egypt and the miracle of the Exodus, but
U.S. President Barack Obama says its message is reflected in Muslim
uprisings.In his annual message, prior to his third straight participation
in the Passover Seder, any different between jews, christian and muslims? i
think not/through u r behavior during years , u pushed ppl to hate u and u
still do/ /Leftist Ideology IS the Devil/Another victim of a
fast and furious gun? Unfortunately, we'll have to ask this question every
time someone is shot by a gun in MexicoWoman in El Paso shot by gun fired
in Juarez, Mexico/why did you not wonder if any and every one of our
soldiers that got shot in the Persian gulf,were shot with one of Ollie
North and Ronnie Reagan's weapons they illegally sold to Iran? In
Afganistan were they shot with the weapons sold by Reagan to Osama bin
Laden?/LIMBAUGH finally says something true, Santorum is an unstable
religioius nut/ISSA's Man in AZ Arrested for Fraud - sheriff admits he's
gay The GOP want to defend him, but they also hate him cuz he's gay. They
want to celebrate his anti-immigration stance, but they also hate the fact
that he extorted an illgegal for homosexual sex How far removed from
reality are these redmeat whackos? a large bunch of fvcking nuts, going
around, loose, and with weapons/republican religion includes the na4i party
of america??remember The bible the book the republicans hold to their
chests as they exploit the working class and rape the environment and
destroy everything the usa once stood for, freedom and generosity and
altruism and that stuff in the bible. helping each other....even if it
costs you something. Funny how racism and separatism and elitism and
fascism is somehow included into religion these days, in direct opposition
to every word in the bible/SANTORUM drags out religious spooks to feed
redmeat to the animals, Grahams, especially looks like Ted Haggard, and
probably drops  pants for children just as often/ sad part is these pigs
continually pollute young and old people's minds/Why do Virginia GOPigs
want MORE government in the lives of citizens? We will probe your vagina
whether you want us to or not/darrell issa destroyed of the USPS and now no
1 hater of women.newest republican hero...republicans scum of the lowest
ilk/Rep.Lawmaker Bob Morris, a Republican representing Fort Wayne, insists
he won't go along with a resolution meant to honor the Girls Scouts on the
organization's 100th anniversary They're a bunch of radical leftists.
There's an agenda behind those cookies the Girl Scouts sell, one bent on
promoting communism, lesbianism and subverting "traditional American family
values /Girl Scouts: spreading communism with every
cookie. Earlier we had to Beware the Ides of March. Not it is a little girl
peddling her commie goodies/country was founded on religeous freedom,
capitalism, family and hard work/This country was founded on religious
Puritanism and slave ownership capitalism. All your utopias are just bull
crap/Con filth sacks of crap says that higher unemployment is really really
good news/While Wall St. bankers successfully robbed their own banks and
got the public to pay for it Congress drove getaway car/

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