Thursday, May 17, 2012

51712/Obama massive expansion of government

51712/Forty million Japanese in 'extreme danger' of life-threatening
radiation poisoning, mass evacuations
51612/Washington, DC – The Obama agents, through the DHS and other
assorted colluders, are plotting a major ‘Reichstag’ event to generate
racial riots and produce the justification for martial law, delaying the
November 2012 elections, possibly indefinitely
A bill that allows pharmacists and doctors to deny women access to
contraception has been signed into law by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback-
Arizona Governor Signs Bill Allowing Religious Employers To Restrict
Women’s Access To Contraception drugging Occupy
Wall Street protesters in Minnesota? footage surfaced of Occupy Wall
Street protesters in Minnesota making claims that they’ve been drugged by
police's popularity sinks even lower in 2012, new BBC
global survey confirms Launches
‘Bible-Birthright’ Program called obobo
what he is... LIAR-Name calling is the last desperate move-Obama could
have gone down in history as a great man, but he instead continues to
lie, flip flop-she speaks the truth. He is a liar! He has done nothing
for this country except to drag us deeper in debt and make promises
behind the peoples back-Ask Caroline what she thinks about Romney and the
rest of the GOP and she will vomit in your mouth-I gave up on Obama. He
is a liar and a cheat. I voted for him. I made a mistake. Obama is a liar
and a cheat.-Republican turkies really are desperate... pretending to be
Democrats. Well, good luck getting your job destroyer elected-he should
have landed on an aircraft carrier with Mission Accomplished in the
background and an awesome "codpiece" on his flight suit, that would have
been "EPIC"!! Lol-absolutely zero* Republicans will read this article and
see through the brainwashing they've been fed-Obama has proposed the most
massive expansion of government in the history of the
republic-brainwashing is from the left side of the fence. It starts when
we are told in elementary school that Harriet Tubman was a hero. In fact
she was a criminal, and most likely a murderer. That is what is wrong
with America today: lionizing illegal and trashy behavior. Its kinda
funny that you dems are too stupid to realize it-any metric of "liberal"
values or agenda, Obama is clearly* centrist. All the rage and jumping up
and down and frothing at the mouth will not change it.-BHO is a marxist
communist, far to the left of "centrists". caroline is a spoiled rich
brat that has no concept of reality-B. O'Blamer. Screwed everything-
AUTHOR of this story above is from the RIGHT-WING SITE... called THE
BLAZE. 100% Conservative views with NO OPPOSITION or rebuttal. This is
what you're reading folks. PROPAGANDA. Pathetic!-    give it a rest,
Commie.- Conservatives are such desperate liars.- enjoy those taxes,
Frenchie.- i russian too we want to reunite the old soviet union with the
lunatic socialist democratic party of the USA.-russians know about
propaganda better than us. But if you haven't noticed we are fed so much
propaganda in this country and we are brainwashed beyond your wildest
dreams. It started with the cold war, escallated under Clinton and the
attack on militia, hit all time lows with the patriot act and 9/11, and
now who can honestly believe that Osama Bin Ladin is actually dead?-Obama
is a f'ing worthless socialist-liberal-progressive anti-Semite
bigot- Heraclitus of Ephesus [500 BCE] is proven correct: "Stupidity
should be kept secret, not displayed" by intellectually challenged
midgets-douchebags with 10 cent comments like*make for
an even more interesting evening of licking his balls while reciting the
koran-Can't wait til we start rounding up you conservatives and
bible-thumpers and so-called patriots and throw you all in FEMA camps.
You will know control. You will not like it. We will not care-C'mon by my
house and try to round ME up, Harry boy-this retired Marine will have a
nice surprise for you and your libtard Gestapo types-actually you sound
like a GOP-paid troll-just llike your master, a lot of sizzel and no
steak". It is easy to be brave behind your key board-i guess trolls use
reverse psychology
214404295.html It's the Makers vrs. the Takers! Why would any successful
person vote for that big eared obammy?/Obama Will Be Here Until 2016 No
way this boy has to go before he ruins this gereat country.After coffee
today I pinched massive G W Bush bailout BAC into toilet bowl-It
stretches all the way from my sphincter down through the bowl water into
the porcelain drain area where it disappears from sight !!Even after I
stood up trying to pinch it off at the sphincter it remained attached at
the rectum ! It was like being chained to the toiled bowl !! Finally my
wife returned for lunch and called the fire department and they cut me
free with a diamond bladed chainsaw- And then you wiped your Obumbles- G
W Bush Tarp Bailout Bank of America is massive in Rectum- I'll say one
thing, your a foul mouth little child /American
democracy, as it's called, is feeling extremely wobbly - like an old
foundation holding up an ever more complex and unbalanced structure.
Truthout is exposing the rot, replacing some of the old cement and
putting in new eco-friendly lumber in place of the beams chewed to
sawdust by termites/Jay Carney Was At George Clooney's House for Bobo's
fundraiser last Saturday night. He was behind the shower curtain in the
bathroom......when a male came in to relieve himself Jay pulled back the
shower curtain and offered himself. Jay explained " I epitomize the White
Libtard Queer....I am a mealy mouth pervert always masking Bobo's real
intentions.....I was picked for this job because I am a loyal Democrat/
hypothetical monetary theory scenario,
Using the financial system we have in place now, assume the Federal
Reserve (in accordance to their mandate of price stability and maximum
employment), finds the economy in a deflationary state, and wishes to
induce inflation at a rate of about 2% per year. Assume the federal debt
is above an acceptable and sustainable GDP level. Assume the Federal
Reserve advises the Treasury to print currency and mail to each household
in an amount that would provide a 2% inflationary result. This money
created was not borrowed, only created, causing no additional debt, only
inflation. question: Is this fiat money creation in this scenario better
or worse than the creation of the debt based fiat we use now?- Don't
waste your time with hypotheticals. We are BROKE. We will have to file
for Bankruptcy.- case 1, the Treasury would print Federal Reserve notes
and send them directly to the citizenry. As these notes are obligations
of the Fed, this increase in liabilities would have to be offset by an
increase in assets or a decrease in some other liability. The most likely
option would be to debit the U.S. Treasury General Account at the Fed by
an amount equal to the newly issued currency. This account is a liability
for the fed, and an asset for the Treasury. Case 2, the treasury
distributes Federal Reserve notes which are completely unacknowledged by
the Fed. This would simply make the US Treasury the world’s largest
counterfeiter. The ensuing confusion as to which notes, if any, were
really backed by the Fed and which were not could only result in currency
catastrophe. Case 3, The Treasury prints and distributes a currency other
than Federal Reserve Notes. This would effectively put the country on a
dual currency system. One fiat currency backed by the Federal Reserve,
and one backed by the Treasury- No State shall enter into any Treaty,
Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin
Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a
Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto
Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of
Nobility- the 12 year old little girl gets it-Your solution sounds very
close to what bonobo and the libtards have been doing with government
salary subsidies included in stimulus packages, welfare and unemployment
benefit extensions except it was added as debt- yahoociti/ Leftwingers frantic as Presbo`s
polls plummet, 8 points in N.Carolina- Romney 51, Bobo 43 Going gay
really helped with fundraising. With voters? Not so much/ ECB has halted
monetary policy operations to certain Greece banks? /Tie bp to a chair and force feed mutated
oil filled fish and shrimp until they explode like that fat guy in the
Monty Python movie : )/Kayt Vigil Loopholes, tax codes, laws and all the
incompetance and moral obliviousness and OUR anger are all a cause,
effect and distraction of this entire matter. What`s done is done
unfortunately. Yes the tax codes should change. Yes, these business
criminal assholes should be held accountable to the level that they
should ALL be out there in orange jumpsuits cleaning their shit up. But
if you want real change, vote with your dollar. The only way to cut the
head off of this beast is to quit feeding it. These laws aren`t going to
change fast enough to make a difference to the environment. Bankrupting
them is the fastest way to take them down. I admit its not cheap or easy
to do at first but we have alot of options for renewable energy. Even if
you only incorporate a small amout into your daily energy use it makes a
huge differrence if we ALL do it. Just sayin/ /someone who bitchesabout
government and how evil it is and then bases this with no facts. AKA it's
all obamas news told me so. Tea party freaks who do the work
of the koche bros. THE NRA idiots that think hes going to take their guns
away. Or the best one national healthcare is bad-politicians are infamous
for making promises they don't keep. How about a politically ignorant
person is perhaps once bitten, twice shy when asked to put their faith in
politics?-every one wants to pick up stones like the Pharisees and
Sadducees. Maybe in those days, just calling each other a name was like
Liberal and Conservatives of today. Jesus was neither one. As Christians,
we shouldn't be either one but to be like Him. We know who Jesus had
around Him, and those He dined with, talked with and ministered with. The
Right Wing so called Christians think everything is wrong but their view.
They want to define Christianity and it is so wrong and hateful. The Left
Christians need to minister to the ones "killed off" by the Right
Wingers. That's what we are: Liberal-free to Minister-Everybody saying
we/US is kicking the can down the road-problem happens when the can hits
a brick wall.- Governments everywhere have been kicking the can down the
road for centuries. You think it's bad now, read up on the 19th century.
Every generation steals from the next generation. You act surprised
Withdraw Nearly $1 Billion From Local Banks /"tempest in a
teapot."  Now he calls the trading strategy employed "sloppy” and
“stupid."  Which is it?  Dimon be escorted out of JPMC along with his
"sloppy” and “stupid" traders and risk-management execs? minimum, CEO
Dimon should resign from the NY Fed Man bitten by rattlesnake at
Washington state Walmart SALMON, Idaho Mica Craig reached down to brush
what he thought was a stick off some mulch in the garden section of a
Washington state Walmart, it turned around and sank its fangs into his
hand, Handshake ends S.African "Tempest in a D-cup" race row, Two models
at the eye of a race storm that has exposed the thin veneer of social
harmony in South Africa R/Israeli Company Stark Aerospace of Mississippi
is not so much from Mississippi as it is from Israel. Stark Aerospace of
Mississippi is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries! And the
Federal Aviation Administration has given them permission to fly their
drones in American airspace Napolitano Bigger
drones: First American to shoot down a Drone will be an American Hero Common Cause, a
Washington-based watchdog group, is suing the U.S. Senate over the
constitutionality of its filibuster rule that enables a 41-member
minority to block the debate/$3B, according to sources. Markets will
fluctuate and today's loss could be tomorrow's gain, but this is a bank -
holding government-insured deposits and with access to near-free capital
from the Fed - not a hedge fund/Greek businessman, dismissing polls
pointing to a victory for the left-wing Syriza party. Toss in the
influence of France's new president, and another Greek rescue just might
occur this summer. Whatever one thinks of such schemes, another
can-kicking deal is not being priced into markets/"ALEC has
been described as a 'corporate bill mill.' ALEC, though, is not the only
'corporate bill mill' playing this game. 'Taxpayer-subsidized stealth
lobbyists' have upped the ante and skillfully advanced their agendas
through bipartisan 'trade associations' for state government officials -
in particular, the Council of State Governments (CSG) whose
multimillion-dollar budget is mostly funded by taxpayers. Through CSG and
Friends, lobbyists exploit a well-tethered network of nonprofits
representing state-level officials to advance the agenda of their
corporate clientele-Elizabeth Warren reacted to the news of JPMorgan's $2
billion trading debacle by calling for the bank's CEO, Jamie Dimon, to
step down from his position as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of
New York's board. Today, Warren also said that the episode makes the case
for a return to 'boring banking-'Police grabbed two peaceful protests
while they were on the sidewalk,' said Natalie Wahlberg, an activist with
Occupy Chicago, and 'started yelling at someone else to get back on the
sidewalk as he was standing on the sidewalk-Boehner Vows Another Showdown
Over Debt and Taxes-Rove to Launch a $25 Million Ad Campaign Blitz in Ten
States, a $25 million ad campaign blitz in ten battleground states-the
American people are overwhelmingly in support of states passing medical
marijuana laws-a new report concludes that a California nuclear plant is
putting nearby residents at risk of radiation exposure-
Truthout: /moscow, completely calm. As the opposition crowd was listening
to lectures, singing songs and generally enjoying the last hours of
sunlight, the few police officers in sight had seemed prepared to let the
gathering go on. But then riot police suddenly poured in. Police
announced that catering or serving food without a license in a public
park was illegal. All food was confiscated, and several protesters were
detained. When the crowd reacted, the police began to move through the
area in force, From the beginning of the protests, Russian government
officials and television news programs have accused the United States of
providing support to the demonstrations, a charge that the protesters
themselves love to mock wpw?/"Here There Be Monsters," in which I
described in detail my own long, savage time as a victim of bullying. The
recent Washington Post report on Mitt Romney's extensive resume as a
bully brought the whole wretched experience back to me again. Forcing a
woman to endure a vaginal ultrasound because she chooses to have an
abortion is bullying. Forcing a woman to sit through a lecture about how
her choice makes the baby Jesus cry before undergoing the procedure is
bullying. Attacks on Planned Parenthood that are festooned liberally
(pardon the pun) with outright lies and distortions are bullying. Tea
Party mouth-breathers showing up at political rallies packing heat is
bullying. Cops in riot gear gut-stomping peaceful protesters for ruffling
the delicate feathers of the Wall Street elite is bullying. The NDAA is
bullying./hasselback praises jama presidential guidelines, girdle
resurgence, view/ 
51512/Colombian hooker(heroin) at the center of the Secret Service sex
scandal slammed the G-men as "stupid brutes", Dania Suarez told NBC's
"Today" that Huntington and his fellow agents were “very direct” in
asking her and her prostitute pals for sex at the Cartagena disco, it
seems obvious that they were used to doing it, because people who do this
for the first time are very shy," the elite agents were flaunting their
fit physiques during the booze-fueled night at the discotheque.
Huntington, a 41-year-old married father of two, was particularly proud
of his ripped stomach, packed up his family and fled their Maryland home
n-hooker-calls-agents-stupid-brutes-article-1.1073670#ixzz1ux06P9fj /
Rush "honored" the "most slanderous Missourian" and "most offensive
Missourian" for the 20th year in a row/Conservative myths  Bible is
entirely true. The President is not a U. S. citizen/man set himself on
fire outside , where Anders Behring Breivik is on trial in Oslo/Artifacts
are Revealed! a documentary,    /On a personal level, Freaking Out is a
process whereby an individual casts off outmoded and restricting
standards of thinking, dress, and social etiquette in order to express
creatively his relationship to his immediate environment and the social
structure as a whole, The first thing you have to do if you want to raise
nice kids, is you have to talk to them like they are people instead of
talking to them like they're property, Art is making something out of
nothing and selling it.” progress is not possible without deviating from
the norm, I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the
basic building block of the universe. a nation of laws: badly written and
randomly enforced. Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of
boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.
. Zappa/Bilderberg club has decided to bring their annual meeting back to
the United States after setting last year’s event at a hotel buried deep
in the mountains of Switzerland. This year, May 31st through June 3rd
returning to Chantilly, Virginia/13-19th is National Police Week
/Silencing Communities: How the Fracking Industry Keeps Its Secrets,"
exposes how the industry uses nondisclosure agreements and legal
exemptions to silence landowners and hide information on toxic chemicals
from doctors and the public. At the moment, I'm investigating fracking's
economic impacts on working families. The "boom and bust" industry does
create jobs, but is the money worth risking lives?-while President Obama
and his Hollywood apostles broke fundraising records at a sumptuous
$40,000 per plate dinner at George Clooney's place, word of JPM Chase's
'mistake' rippled through the news. Not long ago, Dimon's name was batted
about to become Treasury Secretary. why big banks should be made smaller
and then, broken up into commercial vs. speculative components ala
Glass-Steagall - it's important to look beyond the size of the $2 billion
dollar (and counting) beached whale of a trading loss- Capitalism Is
Taboo in America, criticized and debated their educational, medical,
welfare, transportation, mass media, political, and many other
institutions and systems. Questioning and criticizing capitalism have
been taboo, treated by federal authorities, immigration officials, police
and most of the public alike as akin to treason. Fear-driven silence has
substituted for the necessary, healthy criticism without which all
institutions, systems, and traditions harden into dogmas, deteriorate
into social rigidities-As we continue to suffer the consequences of the
2008-2009 global financial crash caused by casino capitalism, one idea
for bringing some measure of control over speculative financial practices
that has gained worldwide support is to impose a tax on financial market
transactions. This has been variously termed a financial transaction tax
(FTT) and, more vividly, a 'Make Wall Street Pay tax,' an
'anti-speculation tax,' and a 'Robin Hood tax-eve of Mother's Day NYC
Anarchist Black Cross calls for a world without cages for all. We call
for it during this time, because 2/3 of all women in prison are mothers
and we recognize the forced separation of a child from their caregiver by
the state as an act of violence-Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) led members
from both parties in introducing legislation to delay the implementation
of the Volcker Rule, a new regulation to limit risky trading by big
banks. He was joined by Pat Toomey (R-PA), one of the biggest proponents
of financial deregulation in the Senate. The legislation may come back to
haunt Warner, who has cultivated close financial ties with J.P. Morgan
Chase & Co-an End to the GOP's Perpetual Senate Filibuster Common Cause
files suit against the US Senate over filibuster rules, all signs now
point to a Greek default and exit from the euro, the Virginia House of
Delegates is guilty of blatant discrimination-terrifying truth is that
the nuclear threat has rebounded since the end of the Cold War, our
dependence on dirty fuel threatens our ability to feed ourselves, and the
likelihood of another financial collapse has only increased as bankers
walk free and continue to pour money into the political system- War Vet Wants to Return His Medals During NATO Summit
Chicago Tribune/Rush Limbaugh, Busted MSNBC/Boehner Threatens to Take the
Debt Limit Hostage Again ThinkProgress/The New Right-Wing Meme - Obama Is
Gay Addicting Info/Wisconsin Democrats Furious With DNC for Refusing to
Invest Big Money in Walker Recall wp/Wrong Man Executed in Texas Agence
Presse/Mitt positioning himself as "extraordinarily pro-woman." Yet on
issues from the economy to abortion and contraception, the "GOP war on
women" is unfortunately thriving France/Six leaders from South Korea's
biggest Buddhist order have quit after secret video footage showed some
supposedly serene monks raising hell, playing high-stakes poker, drinking
and smoking-Tables have turned in U.S. divorce courts with more women
paying their former husbands alimony and child support than ever before
(Reuters)/ The supposed al Qaeda bomb plot to blow up a U.S. bound plane
has completely fallen apparent with recent revelations that the terrorist
was actually working for the CIA and Saudi Intelligence, huge corporate
media manufactured story was literally a NON EVENt
pants bomb exposes the pathetic level of British/US Intelligence Services
How can the British Tax Payer continue to fund these pathetic false flags who pelted parliament with
rocks in 2009 demanding their leaders and bankers answer for the
country’s economic and financial collapse are reaping the benefits of
their anger. you should care if some idiot trader (who
apparently has been making $100 million a year at Chase, a company that
has been the recipient of at least $390 billion in emergency Fed loans)
loses $2 billion for Jamie Dimon, here’s why: because J.P. Morgan Chase
is a federally-insured depository institution that has been and will
continue to be the recipient of massive amounts of public assistance
p-morgan-chase-lose-2-billion-20120511#ixzz1v0OYAp5v/whoopie justice,
haselback grades, walters more?, b kills with, the people
will settle it&it's always tight with me. theview

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

51512/Obama eats dog

51512/Cited:CPS: Rebekah Brooks to be charged The Sun-five others to be
charged? The Guardian-a personal blow for Murdoch and also embarrassing
for British Prime Minister David Cameron, who was close friends with
Brooks and her husband/tis psychological abuse when You r sick from TPB
poisoning the food We eat-mercurized HFCS, MSG, BPA, sucralose, aspartane
to wheat grown in genetically manipulated to produce kernals that have
yeilds of weight per acre yet no nutrition value-same as Twinky Bars tis
repugnant to a Free & Open Society-ask JFK or acts by legislative fraud
to act against Your Right to a remedy, By TPB CONtrolling the legislature
in Bum Fukr, ND any medical mal-practice, abuse, fraud You need to pay
for a 2nd Dr to write an opinion You were not properly cared for, no Dr
is going to write anything that may get him involved in any lengthy Kort
process r tobe himself sued for libel 0r slander yet geico CFR Agent
will deliberatly hire Drs to lie in alleged medical reports that have as
much credibility as the CFR written 911 lie, er "story", er dis-info ops,
er report, Same with deliberate acts of chemical attacks by the
inDUstrial, USDA welfare chem farmers-when they tresspass upon Your
property/(Reuters) - Standing up to Israel through non-violent resistance
can produce encouraging results/
51412/blues bros hooker T bass player don dunn rip,edwards dream, deidl
and cavotto chorus line, barney slaps abc mahr brainfartonomics, snl yoga
instructer abuse, limbaugh via bernie, orrielly's only friend, beach
vajoes, mitt and cavotto oral sex interview,  bernie support mitts hair,
geraldo tsa manual rape, shep smith, don't touch my junk, sally cohen
fauxsnooze hack, bo bigotry, imus/ Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking
Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport has
been masking its vast debts. Just after adopting the euro in 2001,
secretly borrowed billions from Goldman-Words of Mass Deception by
zionistssss dual isreali wolfowitz n the zionazi MSM using The Repeat a
Lie Doctrine-1st implimented by Hitler expanded by herr decider-all
weapons were given to Iraq by smirk sr aka GHW bush n later all r removed
during Desert Storm making 911, Irag, Afgan, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya,
Syria all false flag ops-the next 911 coming soon to an area near You
will be bigger nIT shall not be done by any Muslims. Also as the federal
gov tis occupied territory by the Agents of Change-IT too is nothing but
a false flag ops waging war by deception on Your Liberty,No matter what
you do for Jews and no matter how assiduously you toady to their
interests, they will never respect yours" Sayan = Millions of Jew-spies
around the World. Katsa = Mossad case officer kidon = Jew assassins
Misgerot or "frames" = Jew armed groups in other countries. Vaudat Orchim
= Millions of Jew broadcasters, publishers, editors, writers, and
bloggers who spread lies. OCCUPIED AMERICA /DOJ in
the dark over number of Wall Street convictions. Do you know how many
executives have been convicted of criminal wrongdoing connected to the
financial crisis? Neither does the Justice Department. Officials say they
don't track defendants' business titles, and therefore have no way to
provide a comprehensive list of Wall Street convictions stemming from the
2008-According to the Comptroller of the Currency, the "too big to fail"
banks have exposure to derivatives that is absolutely mind blowing. Just
check out the following numbers from an official U.S. government
report.... JPMorgan Chase - $70.1 Trillion Citibank - $52.1 Trillion Bank
of America - $50.1 Trillion Goldman Sachs - $44.2 Trillion-If the numbers
listed are for protection sold as the insurer and most are synthetic in
nature it will not take much of a crisis to put all these banks in
default. There is no bailout in the world for this. Remember Bear Sterns.
They had 20 bil in liabilities but this did not include 200 bil in
default swaps. The gov had to come in here or else. Jpm got burned on the
delphi default with the ten times synthetic cds liability but learned
nothing. Romney will find a way out of this but he has to find a way out
of the toilet first. The banks run the country because the politicians
let them have it-correct in asserting that there will be more of these
incidents. Shut it down before it cost us more money-
the-coming-derivatives-market-collapse Opinion: Banks start to recognize
reality of second liens/Obama owns this mess, Obama eats dog, The more he
blames others the more pathetic he looks/Greek voters rejected austerity
in last week's election, plunging the country into a political crisis,
Europe has been searching for a Plan B for Greece. It's time to admit
that the EU/IMF rescue plan has failed. Greece's best hopes now lie in a
return to the drachma, DEFAULT Swaps, dERIVATIVES, are going to be Your
Worse Nightmare of prisoners ended their
campaign on Monday after an agreement was signed with the Israeli
authorities that promise improved in Israeli jail conditions
The word "drone" also conjures up the sound of the policies and
propaganda that create organized violence: an endless, monotone voice
droning on and on with excuses, explanations and compromises, all
justifying the endless tragedy that we sponsor. This endless droning
comes from Pentagon generals, military-sponsored news programs,
politicians from both parties justifying the perpetual expansion of our
rapacious war machine. Drones are the new "smart bombs" - weapons that
supposedly make killing clean and guilt-free for the American public.
They're patriotic robots that fly through the sky, always watching and
sometimes raining bombs onto people said to be our "enemies."-Mandatory
cuts to the military budget are supposed to begin early next year, ows
protest movement has set its sights on bringing a message of peace and
reprioritization to the NATO summit in Chicago, Both of these political
moments require the dedicated, accurate coverage and analysis. No more
droning, it's time for some real talk-the US government isn't crazy about
being at peace. We're nearly always at war with something: nations,
drugs, even the abstract concept of "terror."  A country founded on the
conquest of the Native American population is restlessly paranoid in the
absence of real or perceived threats. We appear to be uncomfortable if we
don't have an enemy within our sights. Through the funds that you
contribute, Truthout is able to look at the long-term damage of our
national preoccupation with war - a task that's all the more crucial at a
time when many news outlets are caught up with the process of politics
instead of the substance of policy. Think of a nation that could spend
hundreds of billions dollars less on war and, as a result, spend hundreds
of billions of dollars more on education and projects that would advance
our standard of living and quality of life. Without the filtering
influence of advertising, Truthout trenchantly exposes the obstacles to
peace and offers a vision to move beyond ceaseless war, With military
cuts on the horizon and the American people urging a viable route to
peace, the current political moment provides an opening to end this
country's cycle of perpetual warfare-Occupy movement frightens the
corporate elite. What fosters revolution is not misery, but the gap
between what people expect from their lives and what is offered. This is
especially acute among the educated and the talented. They feel, with
much justification, that they have been denied what they deserve. They
set out to rectify this injustice. And the longer the injustice festers,
the more radical they become-It turns out that Koch was
a member of that ALEC task force in recent years, and that it was on the
task force when the NRA was the private sector co-chair. Moreover, Koch
Industries had not one but two employees who were listed as 'members'
present for ALEC's 'Public Safety and Elections'-The coming NATO summit
and its protest counterpart in Chicago is full of symbolism: the
stand-off between the 1 percent and the 99 percent in a city where that
division is becoming ever more clear. But it's also been full of
on-the-ground organizing to bring out communities of color, arguments
around the role of the Democratic Party-Persecution Is Not a Right
Vincent Warren, Truthout: "'War is peace,' 'freedom is slavery,'
'ignorance is strength.' Thanks to the religious right, viciously,and
absurdly manifested than in the insistence by some US Christians that
they are being oppressed when others try to keep them from bullying,
discriminating against and sometimes literally hounding lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people to death-Why Aren't These
Fraudulent Papers scientific retractions are on the rise because of a
'dysfunctional scientific climate' that has created a 'winner-take-all
game with perverse incentives that lead scientists to cut corners and, in
some cases, commit acts of misconduct. including the work of authors who
actually went to prison for fraud!-Malaysian Tribunal Declares Bush,
Rumsfeld, Cheney Are War Criminals-people most responsible for the
current downturn come together to tell us why we should be worried about
the deficit at a time when 25 million people are unemployed,
underemployed or have given up looking for work altogether and millions
face the prospect of losing their home-in the midst of a perpetual state
of war and of wartime, every act committed by these leaders is, it turns
out, absolutely, totally, and completely legal. We have their say-so for
that, and they have the documents to prove it, largely because the best
and most elevated legal minds among them have produced that documentation
in secret. (Of course, they dare not show it to the rest of us All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be
no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is
a surrender. For it is all give and no take Mahatma Gandhi/
51312/Yahoo CEO Thompson reportedly set to resign about a fake
computer science degree on his resume. cnet/Florida postal worker says he
became seriously ill after he handled a mysterious leaking package from
Yemen. But the Postal Service denies the package ever existed/mitts
bullygate, bullynomic, bullycide, 2bdropinthebucketgate, spitzer and
maud,-Gates does not want to pay engineers the prevailing US wage for
domestic/US work; he would rather pay $50,000 to a Chinese or Indian
graduate instead of $100,000 in salary to a US graduate, keep company
income offshore to avoid US income taxes and not make himself a bad guy
by "tsk-tsking" about the US education system. Mr. Gates donates millions
of dollars for math and science programs in US schools then doesn't hire
graduates. And while you say there was no opportunity in Syria and Egypt,
the main reason for the population revolt, you are missing the fact that
opportunity in the US is dwindling fast for good paying jobs. So the US
standard of living is supposed to drop so "the few who have the
resources" won't feel guilty about refusing to help their fellow man?
Please abc/Bob Tebow, a Baptist pastor in Florida, and his wife Pam felt
the call to be missionaries in the Philippines tim, age 14 and weighing
about 175 pounds in the summer between eighth grade and his freshman year
of high school, the home-schooled Tebow did 315 curl reps of a 55-pound
bar. It's not an exaggeration to say the lactic acid buildup would not
allow him to straighten his arms for three days. MISSIONARY LIFE
dyslexic. The learning disorder runs in his family Why do 55-pound curls
315 times in one set? Because it was a summer-camp contest. He was the
next-to-last contestant. When it was his turn, the rep number to beat was
55. Tebow didn't stop at 56 because the guy behind him, the last guy in
line, was big. Really big. So Tebow wanted to do all he could to post a
number difficult to approach. The big guy didn't come close. I loved the
passion of Alabama because I felt like that was my passion. And the
coaches, and the hugs and the sweet tea, and the people it felt like home
to me-shamelessly disguised a book ad as a news story to shamelessly
attempt to profit on such a weak story and even weaker set of minds who
will actually purchase this book. Hell, we all saw the games. I can't
believe someone wasted the time to try to make a book from it. I can save
y'all, who can't wait to buy the book, youtube and find the series titled
"Tim Tebow, the Chosen one." It's long and boring. Denver Post's
chronicle of Tim Tebow and the 2011 Broncos Whooping cough, or
pertussis, a highly infectious respiratory disease once considered doomed
by science, has struck Washington state this spring with a severity that
health officials say could surpass the toll of any year since the 1940s,
before a vaccine went into wide use- TriWest Healthcare challenges loss
of $20 billion Pentagon contract /if you really think Glen
Beck is cool, you are definitely confused, no doubt about it, and 5)
Obama has raised plenty of money from individual donations, it's not
about that at all I don't make assumptions, I
make observations. I do not judge people, I judge the fruit of their
actions. For that I am judged and labeled a bigot and a moron. Sometimes
I wonder why I try at all... Let the gays marry, let them go before God
and ask for his blessings. Let them defile everything we hold dear. Let
them take God out of our government, our schools, our public square and
our lives. Let them kill children by the millions in the name of a
women's choice. Let them consider the Bible and its teachings as hate
speech. Let them destroy the fabric of our society without a whimper. Let
them... and we all pay the price for their sins. Woe to those that call
good evil and evil good and woe to those that turn their back on God. -
if they did it in the name of Christianity then it is the right thing.
Found and stolen and in a very un-christian way. Only jesus has to follow
the rules right? So we need to get over it and bow down to their rule?
Nope, sorry. I fight against your type everyday. Your God has no say over
my life. I have no belief in him and therefore do not have to conform to
Reverse Rise in Americans' Life Expectancy? Americans are fat and
continue to get fatter. Today, two out of three adults in this country
are overweight or obese.. PBS NewsHour google+ /What Occupiers Learned
From Obama - and What He Should Learn From Them "It doesn't seem like too
much of a stretch at this point to say that Obama is responsible for
Occupy Wall Street's existence.... What's been discussed less often is
the fact that the Obama campaign trained a lot of first-time political
operators, young people as well as older folks inspired for once to go
beyond showing up on election day and then left without much to do. But
some of them were planning something else-At least 100,000 protesters
angered by the country's grim economic prospects turned out for street
demonstrations in 80 cities across Spain. In the capital Madrid,
thousands of protesters chanted and beat drums as they marched from
different directions to converge on the central Puerta del Sol Square.
Marches were also held in Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga and Seville. The four
day-long demonstration marks the one-year anniversary of the 'Indignants'
protest movement Mass Anti-Austerity Protests Sweep Through Spain RT
News-the notion of equality has been considered a constitutive feature of
justice whether in its formal, proportional or moral sense.... Inequality
damages social relationships. Measures of trust and social cohesion are
higher and violence is lower in more equal societies. And similarly,
studies show the reason that rates of imprisonment have increased in more
unequal countries-Tea Party Focus Turns to Senate and Shake-Up "The
primary victory of a Tea Party-blessed candidate in Indiana illustrates
how closely Republican hopes for a majority in the Senate are tied to
candidates who pledge to infuse the chamber with the deep-seated
conservatism since the Republicans gained control in 2010- Forty Acres
and a Rule: Draft Federal Fracking Regulations Cover Only a Sliver of
Land, newly-proposed fracking rules focused so heavily on how drilling
companies would have to disclose the chemicals they use that it largely
overlooked the toughest provisions: Drillers would be required to test
the physical integrity of their wells, and more water would be protected
from drilling.... One major limitation: Although widely understood as
'national' guidelines, the draft rules would in fact only apply to a
sliver of the nation's natural gas supply- The Thing That Couldn't Die:
Yucca Battle Continues in Congress and in the Courts, roughly 300,000
tons of high-level radioactive garbage that lies scattered across the US
will remain deadly dangerous for at least another 100 millennia - and
each operating nuclear plant adds to that terrifying total by about 20
tons each year. Without a government-funded waste repository, nuclear
power simply could not continue to live - and that is why, to the nuclear
industry, Yucca Mountain is something that cannot die-Truthout/ALEC Act
Would Give Legislatures Power Over AGs Transcript at NPR/Talks on Greek
Coalition Collapse, Threatening Deal nyt-How the US Chamber of Commerce
Uses its "Spooky PAC" to Funnel Corporate Cash into Secret Attack Ads
(infographic) Republic Report/since there is no mark to market
accounting, there is no reality. if reality existed every american bank
would be insolvent. so who cares about this 2 billion? they will just
print up more fiat currency/Catholic Church is the biggest financial
power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. The Great
Harlot (or better yet, the Great Whore/House Speaker John Boehner
resorted to blatant lies and hypocrisy to reiterate their 2010 campaign
slogan of creating jobs that is precisely what Republicans have
obstructed and avoided Governor Signs Bill so
vague Defining Kissing And Holding Hands As ‘Gateway Sexual Activity-
Tennessee Taliban-boner = $100 fine-what exactly is the difference
between the republican party and the Taliban other than religious
preference and geographical location???-If they outlawed stupidity, hate,
intolerance, and just plain ignorance, they whole south would be locked
up!-republicans are fucking idiots- Paul (R-KY)
made an anti-gay joke at President Obama’s expense: “Call me cynical, but
I wasn’t sure his views on marriage could get any gayer/wsj Editor Shrugs
At Romney’s Anti-Gay High School Bullying: ‘So What?’-owned by Rupert
Murdock....the same ass clown that owns the Fox "News" Network. No
surprise at all about this. Bush may want to cross
Malaysia off his vacation list
ed-of-war-crimes/ The "legal system" is nothing other than a huge scam,
fraud, artifice, which is set up solely for the impoverishment and
control of its victims/The "legal system" is nothing other than a huge
scam, fraud, artifice, which is set up solely for the impoverishment and
control of its victims-Japan is set to nationalize Tokyo Electric Power,
the operator of the ravaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, under
a ¥1 trillion bailout plan approved Wednesday. The $12.6 billion bailout
comes at a time when the government itself is reeling under a debt burden
that has mushroomed to more than twice the size of its economy. The
government has separately committed ¥2.4 trillion in taxpayer money to
meet compensation payments arising from the accident. But estimates of
the payments that Tepco might have to pay out have reached many tens of
billions of dollars, making further government support likely-Over 1,300
Tubes Damaged at Calif. Nuclear Plant 08 May 2012 More than 1,300 tubes
that carry radioactive water inside the San Onofre nuclear plant in
Southern California are so damaged that they will be taken out of
service, the latest disclosure in a probe of equipment problems that have
kept the coastal plant sidelined for more than three months. At issue has
been the integrity of tubing that snakes through the plant's four steam
generators, which were installed in a multimillion-dollar makeover in
2009 and 2010-mitt returned from a three-week spring break in 1965 to
resume his studies as a high school senior at the prestigious Cranbrook
School... John Lauber, a soft-spoken new student one year behind Romney,
was perpetually teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality.
Now he was walking around the all-boys school with bleached-blond hair
that draped over one eye, and Romney wasn't having it. "He can't look
like that. That's wrong. Just look at him!-Pharma-terrorists are pushing
phony epidemics to pimp their mercury-laden, squalene-filled vaccines
again: Washington state health officials declare whooping cough epidemic,
worst outbreak of whooping cough in decades, seek help from federal
experts and urge residents to get vaccinated [That's how the 'epidemic'
likely started in the first place.] amid worry that cases of the highly
contagious disease could spike much higher, when California had more than
9,000 cases, including 10 deaths. Washington has had 10 times the cases
reported in 2011, and so has Wisconsin with nearly 2,000 cases this year-
might get endangered protection --Dwarf seahorse threatened by loss of
Florida seagrass, aquarium trade, 2010 BP oil spill-al-Qaeda's Yemen
branch hoped to launch a spectacular attack using a new, nearly
undetectable bomb aboard an airliner bound for America, officials say.
But the man the terrorists were counting on to carry out the attack was
actually working for the CIA and Saudi intelligence, The would-be suicide
bomber was told to buy a ticket on the airliner of his choosing and
decide the timing of the attack. It's not immediately clear what happened
to the would-be bomber. [Oh. They 'lost' the 'would-be' bomber? LOL!
Well, check with his handlers at Langley-U.S. government has issued an
arrest warrant for an American citizen who is seeking asylum in Sweden
after he went public with allegations of illegal detention and torture
while in the United Arab Emirates – which he believes was carried out at
the behest of the FBI-Criminal Justice Information Systems,; Department of Homeland Security - his
2008 call to "let Detroit go bankrupt," presumptive Republican
presidential nominee [American Crossroads wh*re] Mitt Romney said Monday
that he would "take a lot of credit" for his impact on the U.S.
automobile industry's /

Sunday, May 13, 2012

51312/Obama, “The Amateur

51312/Los Angeles 20 years after the rebellion … ‘The
rebellion did change the relationship between the cops and the Black /
Brown community. They are not going to create another Rodney King
situation. But the police use of deadly force has not ceased, just their
attempt to cover up that relationship has taken on many different forms
in an attempt to disrupt or derail any new form of organized
rebellion-We Don't Need to Wait for Permission" to Transform Our
Societies-the U.S. is still quite a primitive place. primitiveness is
sustained by a philosophy of selfishness. Among other things, that
prevailing philosophy is making an ever greater number of us unhealthy.
Is this acceptable to most Americans? Is this the kind of society they
want? The political practice since 1981 seems to answer, yes- Truthout/
Hate-Mongers Sell Paper Targets Depicting Trayvon Martin- Mitt Romney:
All That Money and No Character- Greece's Anti-Bailout Leftists Lead in
Poll- Fox "News" Attacks Feminists for Mother's Day- BuzzFlash/Indentured
Servitude for Seniors: Social Security Garnished for Student Debts
The Social Security program…represents our commitment as a society to the
belief that workers should not live in dread that a disability, death /New York Times openly admits domestic terror plots
masterminded by the FBI by Edward Klein, “The
Amateur/FDA Thinks It's Totally Cool For Us To Eat Seafood 10,000 Times
Over The Contamination Limit
51212/Iraq and Afghan War Inquiries: Iraq contractor torture cases
revived {to bush and cabal} "The message from civil society is clear," it
said in a statement. "If you're a torturer, be careful in your travel
plans. It's a slow process for accountability /5.3 magntiude offshore earthquake rattles
Israel and Palestine Great
Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment On May 20, 2012, for the first time in 26,000
years, the Sun and Moon, and the constellation responsible for our
spiritual evolution and ascensio /Fraud in the creation of a
debt renders it void. The mortgages may be unforeclosable. Iceland has
the answer/Zionists Using Holocaust to Silence People, “the root of the
world’s problems is the existence of the Zionist regime.” Chief Rabbi U.S. and Russian military will be engaging in an
anti-terrorism exercise that will involve Russian paratroopers using U.S.
weapons to “take and hold” the main facilities of the CIA and Denver
International Airport in Colorado and the National Security Agency in
ty-in-elaborate-war-game-on-u-s-soil/US will resume selling weapons to
Bahrain despite concerns over its treatment of protesters/ wat a pathetic
excuse for a chrismusl1m inviting america to destroy what god commanded
obama has declared war on god/Obama campaign in 2008 that found itself in
knots trying to explain how Obama did not call Sarah Palin a "pig"?/the
arrogance of the jooos that upset` people worldwide They use their
suffering experienced in WW2 as an excuse to do the same to their
neighbors-its leaders avoid saying so in public, Izrael does not want
peace, or a permanent comprehensive settlement, except on its own terms.
They do not dare spell these out publicly, as they presume the enemy’s
unconditional surrender, even enduring submission. Instead the
Palestinians continue to be blamed for a chronic state of war that
entails Israel’s continuing self-endangerment and militarization. This
policy’s underlying strategic premise is the need to prevent any
significant change in the West Asian balance of power.Outsideputz and the
other misguided Zio ists can keep drinking the kosher koolaid, Izrael
uses the Holocaust to conjure the specter of a timeless existential
peril, in turn used to justify its warfare state and unbending diplomacy.
Forever posing as the impossibly vulnerable Biblical David braving the
Islamic Goliath, Israel insists all its cross-border wars and punitive
operations are strictly defensive, preventive, or preemptive. Yet its
leaders, many of them retired senior officers of the armed forces and
intelligence services, attribute the exploits of the military to the
advanced weapons, exemplary strategists, and uniquely principled citizen
soldiers of the country’s formidable “Defense Forces,” one of the world’s
mightiest fighting machines, does anyone think Jamie Dimon would simply
announce a 2billion dollar loss before the quarterly conference call?
Plueeese..Something BIG is up They are control freaks-why cant jesus eat
m&m's cause silly goy garbage he has holes in his hands, how do you get a
nun pregnant dress her up as an altar boy , why cant jesus play hockey he
keeps getting nailed to the boards, whats the similarities priest and zit
they both come on your face-FEDD prints 3 billion  valueless dolares-wtf
Banks using taxpayers' money to do day trading and derivative trading!-
An experimental, Army mental-health, fitness initiative designed by the
same psychologist whose work heavily influenced the psychological aspects
of the Bush administration's torture program than
half of all police officers in Greece voted for pro-Nazi party
/ /You're FIRED, too stoopid to be in the GOOP!/
Romney 50%, Obama 42%! It's all over but the crying of the liberal
Loophole on Risky Trading Soon after lawmakers finished work on the
nation's new financial regulatory law, a team of JPMorgan Chase lobbyists
descended on Washington/GOP: Economy tops gay marriage as campaign issue
WASHINGTON (AP/     Greek president in last-ditch coalition effort/
mi'kmaq (paddywhack) /House OKs
bill to let judges rewrite mortgages msnbc/Greek President Karolos
Papoulias called for the leaders of Greece's political parties to meet on
Sunday, in a last-ditch effort to broker a deal for a coalition
government and avoid another general election. AP/kissinger had assured
Chinese leaders that Jeb Bush would be the next R Party nominee. the
report IS FALSE.  It came from the formerly known "sorcha faal" LIES.
Birther, CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN, Bruce Chesley/Labeling gluten in drug
products is almost a reality (drug companies have too much to hide to let
this go through, they try to hide the inactive ingredients like paint
products,  aspartame and genetic modified products,  other compounds that
are meant to make you fat, and poisons that will not harm you in small
quantities/Dozens of widely used prescription and over-the-counter
/medications/ have the unwanted effect of weight gain*drugs*.../prescription-*drugs*-weight-gain.html /RON
PAUL HAS GOT THE BIGGEST CAUCUS - YOUTUBE/When chemists die, they barium.
Jokes about German sausage are the wurst. A soldier who survived mustard
gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran. I know a guy who's
addicted to brake fluid. But he says he can stop any time. How does Moses
make his tea? Hebrews it. I stayed up all night to see where the sun
went.  Then it dawned on me. This girl said she recognized me from the
vegetarian club, but I'd never met herbivore. I'm reading a book about
anti-gravity and I can't put it down. I did a theatrical performance
about puns.  It was a play on words. They told me I had type A blood, but
it was a Type-O.  A dyslexic man walks into a bra for a beer. A double A
"Energizer" got arrested. was Charged with battery. I didn't like my
beard at first. Then it grew on me. How do you make holy water? Boil the
hell out of it. Did you hear about the cross eyed teacher who lost her
job because she couldn't control her pupils? If you get a bladder
infection, urine trouble. What does a clock do when it's still hungry?
It goes back four seconds. I wondered why the baseball was getting
bigger.  Then it hit me. Broken pencils are pointless. I tried to catch
some fog.  I mist. What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive
vocabulary?  A thesaurus. England has no kidney bank, but it does have a
Liverpool. I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest. I dropped out
of communism class because of lousy Marx. All the toilets in New York's
police stations have been stolen. It is a shame the Police have nothing
to go on. I got a job at a bakery because I kneaded dough. Haunted French
pancakes give me the crepes. Velcro - what a rip off. Cartoonist found
dead in home. Details are sketchy. Venison for dinner ?  Oh deer.
Earthquake in Washington ... obviously government's fault. I used to
think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure. I do not enjoy computer
jokes. Not one bit. Be kind to your dentist. He has fillings,
too/aberrant individual who dismissed 47 counts of
forcible rape of a minor (the child was 11 years old when the monster
started raping her) because in his belief there was no evidence of DURESS
CHILDREN - Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial
Abuse by Keith Harmon Snow  - Rich, poor, middle-class... No child in
America is safe/ Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Learn hard. Be dark.
square 10-inch robots are plying the streets of New York with the help of
human pedestrians. With only a sign that says “Help Me,” cardboard boxes
with wheels are being directed by good Samaritans to their destination.
Kacie Kinzer, a graduate student in the ITP program at Tisch School of
the Arts has created these simple technological ambassadors of good will.
They roam around, awaiting the assistance of a kindly human to point them
in the right direction 18 year-old Mitt Romney
"tackled him and pinned him to the ground," the Post reported, then
hacked off his hair with scissors as the crying boy screamed for help."
Why wasn't Romney charged with assault? I think we all know why/Protest
marches in Tel Aviv began in the Shapira, Levinsky, and Hatikva
neighborhoods, before uniting and continuing on to Rabin Square.
Demonstrators chanted "We want justice, not charity" and "Taking from the
poor, giving to the rich, what a country of corruption/
51112/Richard Fausset Franklin Graham -- son and legatee of Billy Graham,
the traditional spiritual advisor to the nation's presidents -- is
lashing out at President Obama for his support of gay marriage, saying
that Obama has "shaken his fist" at God/Embattled Arizona sheriff will
not run for Congress, tough-on-immigration Arizona sheriff, who
resigned as co-chairman of Mitt Romney's campaign in Arizona in February
over allegations he threatened a male lover with deportation/Time
magazine cover -- forget the breast, what about the boy?/Mormon Church
softening on gay marriage Long known as an institution deeply at odds
with gays - in 2008, the church basically funded the entire effort to
pass a ban on gay marriage in California, entire websites devoted to the
sufferings of gay and lesbian Mormons/W's re-election campaign encouraged
state-ballot initiatives to ban gay marriage as a means of mobilizing
conservative voters/mitts Views On Gay Marriage: Also Evolving?
Minnesota Public Radio/Stern: Obama didn't go far enough on gay marriage
Despite joking about gays and lesbians on his radio show, Stern strongly
believes in gay marriage. "My feelings are very clear on this,"  it was
"so absurd" that gays and lesbians are not allowed to marry Chicago
Tribune/ "It was across-the-board prohibition of any small bite of
equality for the gay community." Romney did everything he could to keep
Massachusetts from becoming the "Las Vegas of gay marriage," backing a
constitutional ban at the state and federal levels. Bristol
Palin ridiculing Obama on gay marriage? Cue the backlash being blasted
for ridiculing President Obama this week on her Patheos blog, and how he
came to change his position on same-sex marriage in part by reflecting on
the life experiences of his young daughters lat/whatever else we may
think of her career and behaviour - as articulate and composed. You could
see why politicians wanted to have her as a friend - and why they would
be very nervous about having her as an enemy. As for her apparant
flirtatiousness with Robert Jay QC early on - sadly for  us the romantics
evidence-at-the-Leveson-Inquiry-as-it-happened.html /
OBONGO IS THE ENEMY! /trial of admitted Norway mass killer Anders Behring
Breivik was disrupted Friday when a brother of one of the 77 people
killed in last summer's massacre threw a shoe at the defendant. 'You
killed my brother. Go to hell! Go to hell,' the spectator yelled as he
threw the shoe, which missed Breivik but hit one of his defense lawyers,
Vibeke Hein Baera, Police escorted the thrower, who was not identified,
from the courtroom, but his actions were greeted by applause and shouts
of 'Bravo!' by others spectators Extra points for hitting the lawyer suffered $2 billion in trading losses this
quarter. Why should you care about some idiot trader, asks Matt Taibbi?
Because Chase is federally insured. If the bank fails, we all pay for the
cleanup/I will anxiously await the Washington Posts 5,500 word, in-depth
article, complete with eye-witnesses, first hand accounts and the names
of the drug dealrs who supplied the then "wittle" black-child with the
illegal drugs he "induldged in.- Holy smokes. Could you be more of a cry
baby? Some people think that Romney's birth certificate should be
investigated the same way Obama's has been but, you know what, life isn't
always fair. If you want to write an article about Obama's drug use, no
one is stopping you. You have every right to do it, just as others have
every right to report about Romeny's past, if they wish.-media bias won't
allow such reports. After all, there's a "DOUBLE STANDARD" they live by.
Fair and balanced? It's not in their vocabulary. And the STUPID LIBERAL
followers bend over as usual-Jim Mcmahon, former QB of Chicago Bears, has
brain damage! has problems with short term memory, and his girl freind
has to follow him via gps, in order to make sure he remembers how to get
home. Looks like the asbestos/mesothelioma lawsuits!(Abestos
manufacturers/installers knew about the dangers of asbestos back in the
1930's, yet continued to use it into the 1980's) The founding fathers
knew that government would be corrupted by money and religion but after
the big banking crash and Hooverville, the moderates and independents
voted to return to the deregulation days that caused the great
depression. It's like deja-vu all over again-If I was at George Looney's
house last night     11-May-12 05:33 pm    I would have gotten their
early and licked all the food on the buffet table. Then I would have
left.- I heard Streisand went to the bathroom, took a dump and didn't
flush-ok ok, America will be a comeback kid.JPM is supposedly the most competent bank in America, repeat in America
and not elsewhere. JPM tanked on synthetic instruments. like they say,
there is no lone cockroach, which came by bunchess and lots. Glass
Steagall Act worked fine siince the Great Depression. the all hell broke
loose after Clinton, former Sec of Treasury Rubin............and
recipients of banking donation such as putz schumer of NY flushed it down
the toilet. Dodd Frank or whatever is no match against Glass Steagall
Act. to save America, Glass Steagall Act is the only way to save America.
If not, let's blame china and kill arabs. click JPM's annual report. do
you know its asset quality and what they are really holding? How 'bout GS
and rest of the money banks? I don't have a clue. Perhaps you, the GS and
financials longs, know something that I don't. if you lost money on
financials, then you are lovely MUPPETS. Lovely to bankers of course. How
'bout a hate target as our way out of the problems? Let's send our boys
to kill arabs for an apathied state is rael. of course, Nelson Mandela
equates is rael as an apathied state, then he's labelled as a TERRORIST
by USA and barred from enteriing US. Ditto the freedom fighter Gerry
Adams of Northern Ireland./Walker Plans for a Single-Party State Any
chance we'll ever get to be a completely red state and work on these
unions and become a right-to-work?' [billionaire Diane] Hendricks
continued. 'What can we do to help you?' ... 'The first step is we're
going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions,
because you use divide and conquer-Monsanto's Minions in California
Coalition Against the Costly Food Labeling Proposition, says requiring
labels on genetically engineered food would increase food prices. What
she doesn't say is that she's being paid by the trade association that
represents both the biotech behemoths like Monsanto that engineer the GMO
crops and the food industry giants like PepsiCo. that use ingredients
made from these crops in their product-Clinton's Silence Is Deafening on
Massive Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike "More than 1,500 prisoners are
currently observing an open-ended hunger strike in defense of basic human
rights-"Imagine if a member of Team USA Basketball - let's say Kobe
Bryant - had been traveling to an international tournament only to be
seized by a foreign government and held in prison for three years without
trial or even hearing the charges for which he was imprisoned. Chances
are we'd notice, yes? This is what has happened to Palestinian national
soccer team member Mahmoud Sarsak Truthout:
51012/Koch Brothers' Activism Protects Their 50-Year Stake in Canadian
Heavy Oils, emerged into public view as billionaire philanthropists
pushing a libertarian brand of political activism that presses a large
footprint on energy and climate issues. less well documented are the many
Koch businesses that benefit from the brothers' efforts to push the
center of American political discourse rightward, closer to their own
convictions-From Coal to Foreclosures, Bank of America Faces Occupy Wall
Street protesters at Shareholders, a test run for activism targeting
September's Democratic National Convention, in Charlotte, environmental
activists, and struggling homeowners are converging in Charlotte today
for a protest outside Bank of America's annual shareholder meeting. The
protesters are calling attention to the bank's involvement in the
financial crisis, its support for the coal industry, and its long record
of alleged foreclosure abuses-Southern Baptist home where the list of
things that would land you in hell was long and committed to memory.
Homosexuality was way up there. Throughout high school, he tried to
pretend he liked girls-If he hasn't done more, well, maybe he could have
gotten a somewhat bigger stimulus, maybe he could have done more on
housing relief, but on the whole he did pretty well given the political
environment. krugman-Indian Country: "On April 26, 2012, the Senate
passed 1925, the Violence Against Women Act of 2012, with broad
bipartisan support. Title IX of the bill would restore concurrent tribal
criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians who commit certain misdemeanor
crimes involving domestic violence, dating violence, and violations of
protection orders and who have significant ties to the prosecuting tribe/
Christian Anti-Porn Group Groping Groupon  BuzzFlash/Colin Powell: Bush
Didn't Consult National Security Council on Iraq War hp/Walker Using $100
Million of Taxpayer Money to Fight Off Recall? Forbes/Romney's Prep
School Pranks, Bullying wp/Biden With the Assist: Vice President Again
Dumb Like a Fox National Journal/Baton Rouge rapper Torrance Hatch,
better known as Lil Boosie, is on trial on a murder charge in the 2009
killing of Terry Boyd. Boosie is accused of a murder-for-hire for which
he allegedly paid $2800. "Right now, Boosie's rap music is on trial/Shaun
Winkler, a white supremacist in Idaho running as a Republican for Bonner
County sheriff, is defending his recent cross burning ceremony, after
having invited members of the media, ballkicker line... "“Most people
don’t know that we don’t just oppose the Jews and the negroes,” Winkler
said, according to the newspaper. “We also oppose sexual predators and
drugs of any kind-I guarantee that he's running to protect the super labs
in Bonner County. He can't possibly FOAD fast enough/