Thursday, August 28, 2014

82814/Santa Fe city council votes to decriminalizes marijuana

82814/Santa Fe city council votes to decriminalizes marijuana r/Netanyahu said Islamist foe Hamas had achieved none of its demands-an officer was wounded by stray fire as Syrian rebels seized control of the crossing. Israel closed off the area around Quneitra on the occupied Golan Heights-Retreating jihadists set three wells ablaze at a northern Iraq oil field as Kurds attack-executions, amputations, lashings and mock crucifixion are a regular fixture in jihadist-controlled areas AFP/ purported Israeli drone shot down near iranian nuclear facility-People in Uruguay who want to grow their own marijuana at home were able to register to do- ap/Gaza stats On a daily basis, an average of six schools where shelled, 435 families lost their homes and 37 children were orphaned- Israeli mobs become regular Jerusalem Palestinians face persecution & threats of violence. aja-fb/uzi the gun that killed the west/ dunkindonuts, That poor woman. Nobody deserves to die while trying to get some rest in between working 4 jobs-LowPayIsNotOK People need to stop watching fake reality shows, and take a good look at reality, we're living it- Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury?-We got us an outside agitator in Ferguson. Busted! Damn foreigners -tw/ GOP rival's campaign brochure sneered, it isn't an internship or job training course, But Sullivan dismisses their criticisms as desperate, grasping at straws, Jennifer =lib vermin's worst nightmare, young, gorgeous, smart and REPUBLICAN!-Yes your typical young Republican leader, still lives at home with her parents, halfway through college, admits she still quibbles with her siblings about dish duty particularly eager to get to work repealing Common Core, soon represent more than 150,000 constituents in the Florida statehouse-Russian forces fighting alongside separatists in Ukraine- What should b0 do? Never mind, you won't answer. Conservatives never answer the question, because they have to leave open the option to disagree with whatever he does yhal/ romnesia rmm/ gun nut education at 7, jackie inventing snow job sacrifice, wingnutz bucket list items, hunting season fatalities lotto, blow officially baned, rivers complications, stephy started out with hello mastidone ended up with frozen vagina from mt baldy mishap/not complying fast enough beaver creek dayton walmart black shot dead purchasing pellet gun, taking heat for the universe finding it's way kuby looking 4 slut 35 but, starting with reagan assissantion izzy uzi 10 rounds per second makes mark in az pro training girl trained 4 home protection, caller wants to know what a world would be like without guns, faux cameraman killed during cops taping by omaha pd, googling copicides fatty h8r curt claims spitzacolaisms, us= illuminati kcwabc/
82714/saudis afraid enough to befriend evil israel newsinvestors Conn. state trooper Caught on Dash Cam Stealing $3,700 and Golden Crucifix from a motorcyclist dying on the side of the road freethought project-U.S. House votes to stop funding California high speed rail, bizjournals-why would anyone be surprised, they even refused federal funding for fighting wildfires in the west-GOP are very frightened individuals. Unless it's the Koch Bros or Haliburton, they don't get it fb/iman making losers like gunselman stars/ chuzpha pro assad syrian wingnut targets that thanxbo should have bombed bpress/sexy times ice machine steph frozen tundra vagina responsible for all the outrage, another isis 6.6m$ ransom intelligence perplexed, girl 9 fatally chenny faces instructor with uzi, trading places with illegals tax inversion burgerking boycott, carlos threatens going ice station/pist about the end zion attacks kuby fends new holocost, tramatized girl 9 at burgers and bullets last stop gun range az, kcwabc
82614/Topless TX, if breasts seen as more dangerous than guns Something truly wrong-US hypersonic weapon explodes during flight test-Fox: Solution to over-militarization of police is painting tanks blue-West: Obama a brown faced Clinton-Oliver destroys a piƱata to justify headline’s use of the word-Ryan avoids Dreamers questions at book signing as security removes them-Texas police chief shot to death during traffic stop- blind Florida ma couldn’t see anything shoots nephew- Holder runs Justice Dept. like the Black Panthers would- rsy/ Ferguson Cop Supporters Endanger Reporters's Family By Publishing Home Address- Cop Accused Of Hog Tying And Choking kid- officer Justin Cosma allegedly assaulted two journalists ll/On the tape, you can hear six shots being fired, a short pause and than an addition four or five shots yhal/A CRIMINAL BABIES KILLER NATANYAHO POLL FROM 83% DOWN TO 23% WORLD HATEs HIM-My IGGY FAN CLUB worships him, kiss the ground he walks on-gs/Auschwitz survivor urged Palestinians not to give up their fight Hajo Meyer, raised his voice to combat Zionism and to express his support for the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and equality. For as long as I can, I will continue to utter my criticism of inhuman Zionist behavior, passed days after his ninetieth birthday iapb/ estimated total of US wealth hidden in nonfinancial assets and offshore accounts is $12.4 trillion AlterNet/Another AH HA moment, Corporate Inversion is the process where a big US company buys a small foreign one, then shifts the companies nominal control TO that country, thereby exempting from US corporate taxes, Boehner and at least one other senior House GOP member profited from them, fiscal conservatism, but are billing American taxpayers $500 hr to sue. Anybody see my surprised face? bO wants congress to make them illegal-Cornel West: b0 posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit. We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency- fb/Islamist extremist group is persecuting members of non Muslim faiths in the massive region of Iraq and Syria it now controls. Hundreds of thousands of religious minorities have fled, and thousands who didn't have been brutally killed, Yezidis practice a peaceful religion, mistaken them for a satanic sect, historically the most hated by Islamic militants worship an angel named Malak Tawwus, who they believe once defied God, forgiven and was welcomed back into the heavens, too close to home for Christians and Muslims who believe that their devil figure shared the same sort of origin. Those faiths believe the fallen angel never regained favor with God. He became the devil, the leader of all things evil, Al Qaida, which spawned ISIS, even once sanctioned the indiscriminate killing of Yezidis, now, may be the most dangerous oppressor yet. More than 600 Yezidis have been killed, and more than 100 women and children have been kidnapped. katie y/imus receives disabled comrade warfare particulars pbs wes moore/izzy hears quiting bell geraldo claiming zion trimph temporary solution to ancient fears without b0's leadership media, isis drone warfare hip hop jhad, vein pattern attempted matchup, evolving a cultural wasteland steph concerned about wine country aftershock 4b$ but could be the cheap stuff, mormon liberal, this is hard try it, macdonald living with mr ball, rand comes out hawks 4 hillary? dog elected mayor in colorado/joo teen wandering off not a seurity problem wabc/
82514/who speaks for the media? wt Instead of praying for families and focusing our efforts on community revitalization after tragic events like the shooting of Michael Brown, we waste our time watching television and gossiping on social media, Ending the cycle of violence in American requires active love that drives out fear, hatred and a mentality obsessed with revenge. mlk Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love-Farmers 198yrs Almanac can be forgiven for feeling smug: Theyear old publication correctly predicted the past nasty winter while federal forecasters blew it, polar vortex and relentless snowstorms won't soon be forgotten, Shivery and shovelry are back. We're calling for some frigid conditions, bitter conditions forecasts colder than normal and wetter than usual weather for three quarters of the country east of the Rocky Mountains. Drought stricken California, along with the Pacific Northwest, will see normal precipitation and cool temperatures this winter-cnn Send your kids to war or don't even talk to me Dan Rather to hawks- all those in favor of war should go themselves, not sacrifice their children-when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces an absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government tJefferson-We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty, accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process erMurrow-Rather the guy who got fired for that forged GWB piece? after I see a jackass tell a baldface lie in front of millions of people, I doubt everything else they say-the potential to torpedo the president Kobach, the Republican the most prominent figure among a small group of lawyers working to punch legal holes in Obama's immigration policies businessinsider-Just another racist Teabagger who hates Mexicans because they have a different skin color!- (T)he work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus-an article about Kobach in our local paper written by one of those Left Wing Hit Men and it was absolutely disgusting the distortions and lies used against the man-aibafs/treason: the betrayal of a trust or confidence breach of faith; treachery, barry barrack hussein soetoro soebarkah bounel steve dunham obama-I put that loon winger on Iggy. Tired of reading his racist nonsense. What a loon winger riot. Are you still deleting all your yahoo IDs? You must have a number of them. What a puke riot yhal/crazy bitches? religious thug pene nce?/ 879 w days vacation billpress/bernie rivers clip/mcstain tells iman he's working on the va problem/assume the worst feeling a surge with mcstain linzey white foot print fighting on the ground, 3 women killed per day domestically, cartman sand in vigina, dean finds doj perry link still his best chance running on whacko donation money, making tits look better, wine country diasaster breakfast wine spill via earthquake and uppity vacationing black dood, love letters, mad dogging on baldy, darth troll calls-denying h8 finding nazi ties female writer lawyer hoping for a strongly worded message instead of sounding insane worried about hotbed of terrorist wingnut adding all usual talk points incensed bo would play both sides for a greater good, hartmann attempts kid gloves treatment/kuby proves freedom floatilla success, curt worries about were the latioes went and untaxed cigarettes, kcwabc/tx superfood media blitz, geraldo admonished for critizing dress as first impression importance reguardless of style professional calls reafirming all recycled lies
82414/netanyahu Innocent Gazans blood bucket challenge-death toll reaches 2,120 including 503 children & 10500+ injuries-1,0482 Injured 3,189 Children 1,994 Women 388 Elderly GazaUnde rAttack-izzy jets target shopping center in Rafah, multiple injuries-can't find new buildings to bomb so it's re bombing the bombed-Qusai, 4 months old. He was found in a tree. Israeli shells have killed both his parents -Bring the War Criminals to Justice or they will make sure this is b0's Legacy. FYI users paid to spread Israeli propaganda-not only by this zionist occupation, but with the global silence- digging graves bombed him and his dead relatives murdered by izzy-3 children & man 20 farming a small land they owned- killed 8 including a pregnant woman & children-Made in, Paid for by Americans to murder babies in their sleep-tw/Wipe Israel off the map nyt op-ed-Two children found stabbed to death in Jerusalem-Famous Arab Israeli singer gunned down-CIA Analyst I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow-Why Christiane Amanpour is dangerous- I don’t like Jews because they just don’t understand that the world actually does like them, it’s just their, you know, ways, They just don’t get it, ISIS and Al Qaeda and Boka Haram and Fatah and Hamas are only after human rights and Arab dignity. If Israel would just stop attacks on all the Muslims in the world and stop taking over the media in America and Europe and stop pretending that Jews were in Israel for more than just a few years and stop relying on their outdated Bible, because all the artifacts discovered and excavations uncovered in Israel are just propaganda- 2001: Israel Warns US of Big Attack that bin Laden was planning a large scale terror attack on condition of anonymity, everybody knew about a heightened alert, Silverstein being he's friends with Netanyahoo knew about it-98 & 99, the CIA discovered an Israeli couple did incredible damage, subcontracted to a US phone company, were working for Mossad, Assange, Snowden hiding. Manning got 35 years and these people went home-ITS PURELY JEALOUSY THATS THE REASON WHY PEOPLE SAY THEY DONT LIKE THE JEWS, BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES JOIN THEM IN FIGHTING TERRORISM RATHER THAN CONDEMING THEM-vacation to Netanya the Israeli Riviera-now’s the perfect time to get out and see Israel’s top attractions-Jerusalem is charging double municipality taxes on vacant apartments-toi/Terrorists feared us when the GOP had the white house. There was no Isis/ Isil, and Al-Qaida WAS on the run-GOP had the Taliban on their side, until they f***ed it up. There was no al qaeda in Iraq, until the GOP f***ed it up. In fact, the ME was stable until the GOP f***ed it up. Once upon a time, there was no dominant power in the ME, and then the GOP destabilized Iraq and handed the power to Iran targeting chicago, brilliant strategy-St Louis bigots are loud and proud. And you Tea Baggers do love them-Another misfortune was the swiftness of how this unfortunate situation was hijacked and exploited by outsiders seeking to advance their personal agendas wt race hustlers rioters looters bullies-Billionaire Tom Steyer attempted to explain Americans that do not buy in to global warming alarmism by, basically, generalizing virtually all of America as not super sophisticated nsnews-aibafs
82314/Both Sides Using US-Made Weapons in Iraq War, Pentagon and arms dealers huge stockpile of war weapons, which they have happily sold to police forces all over the United States, in communities big and small. This process has been matched by a shocking increase in police violence, which should come as no surprise-bac $16.6 Billion Mortgage Fraud Agreement Is Another Public Relations Stunt- Ku Klux Klan Holding Fundraiser BuzzFlash/ Tear Gas, Stun Grenades, Sound Cannons: Companies Profiting From Police Crackdowns AlterNet/ Gaza Counts Cost of War as More Than 360 Factories Destroyed or Damaged Guardian/ ferguson Feeding Off Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household db/Another Black Man Near Ferguson Protests Warrants Probe-media Keeps Fracking Data in the Dark-Why Washington's War on Terror Failed, Underrated Saudi Connection-truthout/ against further threatspresiding judge issues warning implied threats or otherwise by Rick Perry directed to the grand jury that indicted him, carries up to 20 years in prison-8,000 Gallons of Oil Spill Into Ohio River from Duke Energy Coal Plant-juan drawing hannity lie fire tw/