Saturday, September 1, 2012

9112/Bain & Company actually included a bailout that screwed taxpayers out of at least $10 million

Consider this: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth spent about $23 million on smear ads against me in 2004.  this year, the Romney campaign and super PACs have promised to spend more than $1 billion. j kerry/records
Rolling Stone has obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Mitt Romney's mythology is just that: His much-ballyhooed transformation of Bain & Company actually included a bailout that screwed taxpayers out of at least $10 million/Sean Lennon has fond memories of the rural New York farm his parents bought in the Seventies. The property sits within potential "fracking" territory - drilling for natural gas. On Wednesday Lennon and Yoko Ono hosted an event for Artists Against Fracking in New York-rs/
What we need, according to Chris Christie, is to "fundamentally reduce the size of our government" - get them out of the way so Wall Street can control your life and steal your wages without being annoyed by the occasional, toothless Congressional inquiry. It was touching to hear that Gov. Christie's father put himself through college on the GI Bill - too bad that's one of the many programs on the chopping block under the Romney/Ryan budget
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Friday, August 31, 2012

83112/job creators: 23 Million Americans out of Work

83112/Eastwood was just found wandering around his dressing room backstage, demanding that the complimentary cheese platter produce its birth certificate.-Somewhere in a mountain lair Clint Eastwood is tied up while @BarackObama takes off his #ClintEastwood mask.-Inspired by Clint Eastwood's comedy routine last night, I am going to add an interview component to my introductory psychology course this term. B.F. Skinner and Stanley Milgram should be good guests, but I am worried that once I am done with him Sigmund Freud will tell me to shut up and go f*ck myself. All I need now is an abandoned barstool.-he's going to be getting "talking to an empty chair" jokes made about him FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE now?-Clint Eastwood earned plenty of bad reviews for his latest performance: a bizarre, rambling endorsement of Mitt Romney-brilliant. The concept that by their very nature, conservatives keep it more close to the vest as apposed to 'hot dogging it' so they are not perceived to exist in Hollywood, and that lawyers train to not come to clear conclusions were ideas due for a debut and only a brilliant mind could deliver them so clearly and artfully. He talks slower as an old man, but he is sharper by far than these critics are-Maddow was at a loss for words on Thursday after Clint Eastwood finished what was largely considered a bizarre and awkward GOP convention appearance-Clint calls POTUS crazy while he himself is talking to an empty chair making up lies and degrading the human race by pretending it's normal to talk to an imaginary person who can not respond to Clint's lies. Just like Rush Limbaugh ties into a liberal caller after he's already hung up-+
it was a little deep 4 the rwnutz, but the make my day singalong was worth the watch, he as nominee was really they’re only hope, and it went over their heads
83012/College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, He went on to paint the future of Americans as an "adventureless journey," that relies on government programs from cradle to grave, appearing to blame Obama for the closing of a plant in his district that shut down before the president even took office. Ryan neglected to mention that his own office requested that funds be directed to help businesses in his home state, Ryan portrayed a country that isn't better off than it was four years earlier, one that moves from crisis to crisis without an end in sight. "It began with a financial crisis; it ends with a job crisis, "It began with a housing crisis they alone didn't cause; it ends with a housing crisis they didn't correct ryan- Pawlenty calls Obama ‘the tattoo president’-Rand Paul: Obama ‘uniquely unqualified’-McCain leads attack on Obama’s foreign policy-Trump's questionable quotes about women-'Birdmuda Triangle' baffles towns-Jan Brewer accidentally endorses Obama at convention-Rice calls for a ‘compassionate’ immigration policy at RNC-anything but mitt campaign tactic is working.-Ryan, 100% against the stimulus from which he requested and received MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Classic!/A NATION OF SHEEP, BREEDS A GOVERNMENT OF WOLVES-job creators: 23 Million - Americans out of Work (The MOST since Great Depression) 8.3% Unemployment - AND over 16% adding those who've stopped looking (MANY now on Welfare/Disability) or only work Part-time. How's that hopey changey thing working for ya??-it'll be time to vote republican again. one side calling the other side sheep, neither side looking in the mirror-Talk about sheep...the govt keeps you herded by giving you liberals/socialist more entitlements off the backs of hard working taxpayers!-Obama is a loser, not only as a president of the USA, but in private life. He did almost nothing! He won some elections by hook or crook, by defaming his opponents; but, he refuses to open his own records or to produce a genuine birth certificate!!! You poor old fool.-everyone of us look around you and you will discover those with eyes that refuse to see, ears that refuse to hear and minds that will simply refuse to process the truth.-You have prooven yourself to be a Socialistic idiot and I suggest that you tak your other marxist friends and move to a country with a Government more in tune with your beliefs!     Romney vs Obama debate, can't wait 243 Replies-     Biden vs. Ryan debate-For Ryan, it'll be like dueling with an unarmed man-like hunting...for an elephant...with a bazook-better than Elvis and Costello ever could have been. Laurel and Hardy are threatened too. EPIC!-Ryan should have been in the GOP debates...he would have fit in really well with the Gong Show! y/Paul Ryan's speech in Tampa, you know that the consensus among journalists and independent observers is that it was ... factually challenged. He lied about Medicare. He lied about the Recovery Act. He lied about the deficit and debt. He even dishonestly attacked Barack Obama for the closing of a GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin, that closed in December 2008 under George W. Bush  Days of Rage: The Quebec Student Protest Movement and the NewRace incident sees Republican convention expulsions-y/ Social Awakening"Unapologetic in its implementation of austerity measures that cause massive amounts of human hardship and suffering, neoliberal capitalism consolidates class power on the backs of young people, workers, and others marginalized by class, race, and ethnicity. Neoliberal capitalism appears to no longer need the legitimacy garnered through its false claim to democratic ideals such as free speech, individual liberty, or justice Henry A. Giroux, Truthout:/  
82912/The whole point of Government is to look out for the little guy - otherwise whoever could crack the most skulls with the jawbone of an ass would still be in charge. We chose, 20,000 years ago, to form societies in which we do try to equalize the distribution of wealth and labor - it's not socialism and it's not communism - it's human SOCIETY and, as the President reminds us - you didn't build it alone.
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