Thursday, February 27, 2014

22714/Fighting back against unfair targeting of conservatives

22714/House Republicans Fighting back against what they call unfair targeting of conservatives, voted to delay efforts by the Obama administration to further restrict political activities of groups claiming Texas Democratic Candidate Calls For Execution Of Obama ap/journal Forensic Science International, two outwardly healthy young men, aged 23 and 28, who died unexpectedly after smoking cannabis, the first cases of suspected fatal cannabis intoxications full post mortem investigations, showed that the younger man had a serious undetected heart problem and the older one had a history of alcohol, amphetamine and cocaine abuse. Dr. David Nutt, who is chairman of Britain's Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs and wasn't involved, said the researchers had presented an "exceptionally complete collection of evidence in support of their theory that, unusually, cannabis was the trigger for these two tragedies, Nutt added that alcohol and tobacco use are responsible for a large share of premature deaths in Europe each year. An additional strain to the heart during strenuous activities can have similarly fatal consequences in people with underlying conditions/TX issues? Texas declared a disaster state! Record drought continues, vanishing Texas lakes expose Ghost Towns & Zombie Graves-Man Shoots, Kills Himself While Showing Girlfriend How Safe Guns Are- Possessing a gun makes you less safe not more safe. Paranoid gun addicts can't help continually proving they're Darwinian discards alan-Bolton: We're In Decline As Iran Ascends-The USA is the only remaining global super power and our #1 Military is stronger than the next top ten Military spending nations combined including China, NATO France, etc! Johnny in the conversation Will Ferrell Slammed By Right Wing For Promoting Obamacare-many cons deserve zero credit for being opposed to "rabid lefty" Nixon's EPA & GHWB's Clean Water Act! -Even Repub Governors say Obamacare is here-Tea Party Buys Likes-Protests and a coup d'etat restored democracy in Ukraine right now' so they can join the socialist EU-USA's GOPtp disenfranchises voter democracy because they know they can't win a legal election-Astroturf fads flameout and buying ‘Likes’ won't help Koch Oil's flushed & buried TP-Cheney Attacks Obama: 'He'd Much Rather Spend The Money On Food Stamps-SNAP Food stamps save lives, unlike the Cheney Admins $6 T Halliburton bailout leaving record low everything since Hoover's Great Depression- Bush Cries Over Vets Suffering From His Wars: 'I'm Right There With Them- Teary looks back on his deadly decade of death saying 'Don't look at me. It wasn't Big Oil's fault! God lied when I was told to invade Iraq-Spent More On Defense In 2012 Than The Next Ten Countries Below Us Combined-DARPA, NSF, NIH & VA's research & science create many excellent well paying jobs. But if all US Military & National security spending is included: The USA spends DOUBLE-alan/Anti-LGBT researcher Paul Cameron open to death penalty for ‘dangerous’ gay ‘parasites-Kansas investigators video of firefighter’s deadly brawl with police officer-Will Ferrell’s Facebook followers don’t want to ‘get covered,’ they want him to ‘get f*cked-Republican bill to revise Obamacare would kick one million off their policies-Texas teen viciously beats and abducts gay man after targeting him on dating website- Fox News Overfed’ blacks use food stamps as a ‘fat pill’ Hannity-Texas police defend DUI arrest of black man who blew 0.00 on Breathalyzer-Maryland police chief cites phony report on weed deaths in testimony against drug bills-No charges for Michigan cops who fatally shot homeless man 11 times over stolen coffee-Virginia GOP treasurer sorry he called Republican woman lawmaker a sexist tw*t-IMF study debunks right wing arguments against income redistribution- carlson: It’s ‘called fascism’ when laws give LGBT people equal treatment-King: Obama should impose Christendom on Latin America like Columbus-Robertson: Eric Holder elevated sodomy over the Constitution, so impeach him-demeaning’ same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional in texas-Don’t let capitalists control firearm production, warns creator of 3 D printable ‘Liberator’ gun-Florida woman living off solar power and rain water ordered use city utilities-Nugent says he learned his Nazi rhetoric from the DEA and Texas Rangers-Cooper destroys Arizona Republican-Takei rips ‘extremist’ Arizona Repubs: ‘How do people like that get elected?-Fischer: LGBT activists are ‘jack-booted homofascist thugs’ for wanting equality-AZ bill not anti gay if pro gay ‘straight men’ are also refused service- Daily Show’ obliterates Fox News Confederate apologist: ‘I just un-f*cked your facts-Church officials blame Minnesota mom for not protecting sons from priest who abused them-Mary Landrieu on Obama: ‘I don’t vote for black people… They got their place-Vermont stepfather crushed baby’s skull after months of abuse didn’t end parental rights-Buchanan: Anti LGBT measures prove civil rights laws should be repealed-Grandmother in tears after Burger King receipt brands her a ‘b*tch a** hoe-rsy/ Morgan slammed for 'accidentally' omitting oil pipeline maps in federal application-These are people in charge of a $5 billion construction project, and they ‘forgot’ to include their maps? Absolutely extraordinary vo/Link Between Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy and ADHD?-CA Couple Stumbles Onto Historic $10M Gold Discovery-VA Destroyed Vets' Medical Records to Eliminate Requests for Exams-Bible Stopped 2 Bullets in Attack on Bus Driver-Lobster Buying CA Musician on Food Stamps: My Lifestyle 'Looks Like a Good Time, Man-Student Teacher Sexting Considered Protected Free Speech-Inexcusable': GOP Rep. Blasts Obama for Ignoring US Success in Afghanistan-Could Tornadoes Be Stopped By Building a 'Great Wall' in the Midwest?-Environmentalists Try to Silence Charles Krauthammer on Climate Change-FDA Panel Mulls Technique That Creates Babies Using DNA of 3 People fni/The judge's bosses want the lawsuits dismissed- The "powers that be" (the REAL power in the world) can get anything done that they want to. They killed JFK, orchestrated 9/11. Sure, they can get this case dismissed. The media, which is their puppet, won't say a word about it. yfmn/
22614/dick, Have any regrets for ignoring Intel in march 01? Almost 3,000 died because of you and the amd. You yell about Benghazi, I beg to differ about your lack of ethics, morals, and patriotism-Regret. what for? I came away 39 billion dollars richer for making people believe that I started a war for their Freedom. They were too dumb to ask why Iraq? 3,000 people lost? Who gives a F&&K. Hell I got rich while over and a half died. So, no no regrets. What would make you assume such a thing? I may have a heart now, that does not mean I feel-Vote the lying demonic scheming republican crime syndicate out of government 2014-figures YOU would admire a subhuman DICK-Please Don't Disrespect A Sith Lord-Cheney never met a war he wouldn't send others to die in-Die soon. Please-you are using fairy dust to argue logic-ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if that's where you want to go-The Facts have a well known Liberal bias! Stephen Colbert. fb/ Coulter; such an egotistical indoctrinated self-loving cunt. Why the fuck is she on my computer screen? How can such an unenlightened, ignorant person get so much air time ut/Brewer vetoed a religious freedom bill under threat of a national boycott by foes of the measure who said it would promote discrimination against gays-Teabaggers were more fun when they were opposing Sharia Law instead of trying to implement it-adjacent to the marriage issue. Your author makes a huge reach and you fell for it. No one should be forced to participate in a gay marriage if it violates their religious beliefs, but that doesn't mean we need to deny an entire segment of society their constitutionally guaranteed right to equal protection under the law-aibafs
22514/Belgium Legalizes Medicalized Killing of Children- Also in the Netherlands, the infamous Groningen Protocol is a medical and legal road map for killing disabled newborns-legal, medicalized killing supposedly for a very few under very specific circumstances, followed by the expansion of killing to categories of people who were never, ever defined under the law as being eligible for death. The unsurprising result has been unregulated killing, people being killed who never requested euthanasia, "regulatory" panels stacked with pro-death zealots, and skyrocketing body counts everywhere. Even less surprising, the availability of death on demand has bent the public will to acceptance of this grisly business. Recent polls in the Netherlands, for instance, have shown that about three quarters of the public now support assisted suicide and euthanasia for just about any reason, including requests from those who are "tired of living. the moral catastrophe of pro death madness. Hundreds have traveled to Swiss death clinic Dignitas, where they are put to death, at their request, by assisted suicide. Luxembourg thinks killing via euthanasia and assisted suicide is just dandy, as do the Dutch. In 2002, Belgium followed this hellish contagion, however, one part of this macabre drumbeat for death on demand at any time, anywhere, for any reason that has been held somewhat in check: the age of the person requesting medical killing. Until recently, even the most virulent pro-deathers have been careful to emphasize that death requests should be made by adults, that is, those 18 years and older-Rogers shot 34-year-old James T. DeWitt after a night of drinking at Rogers’ home. DeWitt stayed the night, the following morning after they returned from an errand to buy more beer. Rogers, who is legally blind, said he felt threatened by DeWitt, so he went into his bedroom and retrieved his assault rifle. Rogers said DeWitt charged at him and he shot DeWitt without provocation, Florida court granted Rogers immunity from criminal charges under the state’s Stand Your Ground law, But even states that have expanded their “Castle Doctrines” typically limit these home protection laws to those who forcibly enter a home or vehicle, not invited guests. Rogers also escaped conviction several years earlier in a deal with prosecutors for firing 15 rounds at his cousin after a night of drinking, and spent time in jail after punching a woman in a domestic violence, because the Stand Your Ground law immunized Rogers from any criminal charge whatsoever arising from the incident, the law requires police to give the guns back aibafs/Uganda has passed a new anti gay bill meaning that gay people could face life imprisonment if they repeatedly break the law against homosexuality Denmark, Netherlands cut aid to Uganda Attitude/
22414/free speech on campus would be abolished If this Harvard University student got her way, and professors with dissenting views fired, because radical leftism is the only permissible political philosoph dailycaller/From Reagan to Bush, how the GOP has broken the American dream, For over thirty years, the growing gap between the rich and poor in the United States has widened at an alarming rate. examiner.-The ol "blame it on Bush" never seems to stop for some. Why don't they focus on fixing the *problem*, Obama, who's our President *now-Conservative Christians Help Write Law That Kills Gays In Uganda, Funded by American Tax Dollars newspaper published a list of the “Top 100 Homosexuals” which included their full names, pictures, and addresses coreysviews/Nugent: Obama Starting Race War, Just Like Brown Shirts-All NRA board member gun salesmen find it impossible to tell any truth ever. Even Dennis Miller implies 'you loons are delusional. NRA xenophobic gun nut racists need mental hospitalization, Even Pat Robertson says Radioactive Zircon dating proves creationists are delusional alan/Black GOP candidate: Georgia Republican Assembly is ‘full of a bunch of damn bigots-substitute ‘truther’ teacher explains 9/11, Jonestown, Pearl Harbor to high schoolers-Substitute elementary school teacher arrested in Oklahoma for showing up to class drunk-Georgia Republican stands up for sex offenders-Cobain’s home town honors him with sad, ugly statue-Minnesota nursing home defends rapist: victim 89 was a ‘flirt-Cop harasses photographer, steals his cellphone battery and tries to get YouTube to pull the video-Perry: Background checks is a bad ‘attitude towards manufacturers of weapons’ rsy/
22314/So, here we have it: the Nazis paved the way, and now we can follow in their futuristic, progressive path: marriages are in decline, Christianity is dying, illegitimacy is on the rise, paganism seems the way forward, and homosexuality is making great advances towards normal status enza ferreri blogspot americanthinker aibafs
22214/a Bush administration State Department official and ardent neo-conservative, Dobriansky’s heirs, including his daughter Paula Dobriansky, are raising the bloody shirt for Western intervention in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, The so called nationalities problem of Russia and former republics of the Soviet Union has often been used as a weapon by the CIA and its front organizations and supporters. Dobriansky once thundered to Congress about places most Americans never heard of in his plan to bring about ethnic tension in Eurasia. Dobriansky ridiculed U.S, commentators, Where is White Ruthenia? Where is Cossackia? Many admitted they never heard of Idel Ural or Azerbaijan or even Turkestan, Their rhetoric is as inane and silly today as it was during the 1950s and 60s when their forefathers only found allies in right wing extremists, aging movie stars like Ronald Reagan and Adolphe Menjou, and ex Nazis-Yuval Steinitz recently refused an American offer to convene a joint Israel U.S. PA against Israel, explaining that there is no point in convening a committee that will be a coverup for continued incitement by the Palestinian, in order to achieve peace, the PA must first stop its incitement against Israel, which includes educating young children towards hatred and terrorism israelnationalnews-iapb/
22114/Fires Gun At Snow Plow Driver-Another CCW Gun Addict arrested for Attempted Murder. The wussy gunman has a concealed pistol license-refuses help and dies. My Reaction: Surprising, even to Me-gun worship vs loaded snakes. These fundamentalist Bible fanatics are really snake worshipers who sacrifice themselves to their superior snakes. Snake addicts are identical to gun own-32,163 killed by guns in 2011. Your pedantic ignorance is dishonest & deceptive-DeLay: Americans Forgot That God 'Wrote The Constitution-God told Perry to deep throat a corndog for photographers, so he'd win the GOP nomination in 2011 and be elected in 2012 as POTUS alan/ GOP blackmailed and were willing to shut down gov and cut ALL pay from everyone in order to force votes to get veterans benefits cut need to be impeached and jailed. The dems that voted were forced to in order to keep gov functioning but they also fought back and got it reinstated so that there are no cuts. BLAME the guilty party the GOP don't blame the dems that were blackmailed to vote and fought for veterans because it is only due to these democrats that veteran pay was fully reinstated with no cuts fb/Nebraska judge throws out a state law that gave a Nebraska Governor the power to push the Keystone XL pipeline through private lands voYoung Mom Claims McDonald's Fired Her for Paying Firefighters Tab-Family of Murdered College Student Outraged Over Sentence for Knockout Attacker-Man Saw Light After Heart Stopped for 45 Minute-Neighbors Witnessed, Chased Suspect Kidnapping of Slain Girl 10-Texas Islamic 'Village' Linked to Extremist Group in Pakistan-Bibles Removed From Univ. Hotel Rooms: Hannity Takes on Head of Atheist Group-If FCC Shows Up Here, Throw Them Out! Nap Takes on Radical Media Monitoring Plan-Bolton, No One Is Paying Attention to Obama as Ukraine Violence Worsens- Tea Party Being Hijacked? Hannity, Coulter Go Head2Head-O'Reilly Obscure Other Problems' fni/Bucking Republicans, Obama’s 2015 budget to call for end to austerity-250 copies of Anne Frank’s Diary vandalized in Tokyo libraries-Blitzer presses Perry on Ted Nugent’s vile disgusting comments-Noam Chomsky: ‘How to ruin an economy’ in three simple steps-Florida Cop attacked me for recording traffic stop-Austin police drag jogger to car screaming after jaywalking without ID- Jon Stewart mocks ‘meth labs of democracy’ bills in Arizona, Kansas, and Missouri-Colbert: O’Reilly an idiot for not verifying $10 million eBay bid from Bone Ranger-Michele Bachmann: Hillary can’t ride wave of white guilt into office like Obama did- Tenn. official ‘threatened’ blacks with skin ‘trophy’ he saved from 1896 lynching-Abbott doesn’t want to answer questions about Ted-Colorado lawmaker leaves his loaded handgun behind following concealed carry meeting rsy/
22014/Seattle head coach Pete Carroll hosted a retired four-star general at the Seahawks facility last spring and blitzed him with questions about whether the 9/11 attacks had been planned or faked, didn’t stop at 9/11—he had lots of questions about the role of the military today-Investigator Stonewalled and Threatened, the professional expertise to conclude the official story is impossible, and to demand arrests in order for the public to have the truth and demand for criminal arrests of leaders involved in Sandy HookIn my professional opinion, [Sandy Hook was] a scripted event, in planning for maybe two, two and a half years aibafs/Georgia cop fatally shoots teen boy who was holding a Wii video game controller-VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions-Montana judge admits fault for blaming victim of rape-McDonald’s fires 8-year worker after she donates food to firefighters-Nugent calls Obama ‘subhuman mongrel-five banker deaths in January, a sixth: J.P. Morgan exec jumps in Hong Kong-Texas GOP county chair candidate arrested for attacking man who called him a ‘RINO-Tony Blair ‘advised Murdoch executives over hacking-Cops suffer burns trying to subdue Georgia man who set himself on fire in grocery store-Stewart: Michael Dunn trial teaches us, ‘If you fire a gun, you better f*cking hit somebody-South Carolina white supremacist pastor charged with sexually abusing little girl-Florida teacher forced elementary school student to unclog urinal with bare hands-Zimmerman says angry Florida mob chased him out of Miami-Gay heart attack patient says Catholic priest refused him last rites-RNC chair Reince Priebus leaked info to Scott Walker about primary opponent, Scott Walker may be the next Chris Christie, trouble for Republicans-Candidates for TX Board of Education do not believe state should be involved in education-South Carolina lawmaker wants to defund colleges that teach award-winning LGBT books-Taibbi quits Rolling Stone, joins Greenwald-Stewart on drone strikes: Obama is ‘our country’s all-time leader in outside battlefield sky killing-Calif. Christian missions tortured mentally disabled with Bible punishments rsy/Zimmerman's failures are just like Cheney's statement '9/11/01 was my best day in the GWB Admin.' GZ's life up until 2/26/12, like the GWB Admin, was the worst-U.S. Facing National Clown Shortage-GOPtp politicians, your country needs you to resign in 2014, change jobs to meet this national crisis. You're all clowns anyway, so no retraining is required- snake charmer Cruz never refuses a bet. Jeb should challenge Cruz to a no anti-venom snake bite duel dis/proving their anointment as false prophets. This is a win win eitherway-Increase In Missouri Murder Rate After Background Check Repeal-I wanna shoot people because GWB's Great Recession lost 8 M+ better jobs, than the tepid 1 M+ government jobs lost by Obama's-Former Congressman Busted In Zimbabwe For Filming Porn, Another Rhodes Scholar lost weekend-Holt: 'I will no longer be teabgged by congressional hillbillies & Stephen King's character Al from Bangore, Maine alan/Reacts to Startling Study, America is ‘ignorant’ because of public schools, Internet. Not from watching Fox-Goodall: China is pillaging Africa like an old colonial power-Obama is trying to turn Uganda gay-Joe the Plumber has a union job at Chrysler, doesn’t like being called ‘teabagger-Abbott vows to campaign with Nugent despite ‘sexual predator’ history-Chevron offers coupons for pizza combo after their fracking well explodes-Stop threatening to kill people on Twitter-Pat Robertson: Keep your mouth shut after having sex with transsexuals-What Will Congress Do to Stop Obama's Power Grab?-Mom Protests 'Indecent' Shirts in Store Window By Buying ALL of Them-Gov't Monitors in Newsrooms? FCC to Look Into Media Decision Making-2 Ex-Navy SEALs Found Dead on 'Captain Phillips' Ship-You're Done for the Night, O'Reilly Shut Down Colmes-Not Anti Union, I'm Anti UAW Corker-What's Stopping Hannity From Becoming a Libertarian?, Makes Cameo Appearance in 'House of Cards-Catch Me If You Can' Biker Caught-U.S. Considering Prisoner Swap Involving Lone American POW-Establishment GOP Want IRS to Go After Tea Party? Self-Absorbed and Ignorant': O'Reilly Calls Out Uninformed Americans- fni/Way to rawstory Alabama House panel wipe their asses with the constitution approves school prayer bill even though majority no vote committee approved legislation by a voice vote that would allow public school teachers to lead students in prayer fb/A meeting she describes with an elderly Palestinian woman in the territories is telling about the impetus behind Walker’s hostile attitude towards Jews and Israelis. The woman, upon accepting a gift from Walker, says “May God protect you from the Jews” to which Walker responds, It’s too late, I already married one, yes, Alice Walker hates Jews, possibly because she hates her ex, possibly because she thinks they’re space aliens… because among other things, Walker is a fan of David Icke. And Icke believes the world is run by space lizards who have a moon hologram to conceal their base iapb/
21914/Court upholds Citigroup arbitration win over Abu Dhabi fund R/ Celebrating `A Real American Hero/GI Joe Turns 50 at Bloomberg Lehman's $767M payout to Freddie Mac approved, WSJ says at theflyonthewall/Roughly 54.8 million households currently pay for cable TV, down 3.3% from 2012 and down 17.6% from a decade prior, Cable companies are expected to shed roughly 1.3 million subscribers in 2014 mw/AP Dozens of Africans have accepted an Israeli government offer to relocate to Uganda/AFP-Sunni extremist have said they will target Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran, Two suicide car bombs targeted an Iranian cultural centre in Beirut-What demands do you hope to achieve by killing all of these innocent people? Hell and worse? That's all God has in store for you. None of this is martyrdom. This is murder and suicide, both of which are strictly forbidden in Isalm as stated in the Quran. Your Amendments to the religion as a means to justify your terrorism are your own, not God's. These Amendments are also strictly forbidden and are a gauranteed route to enternal damnation-now you are worried about innocent people killed ??. How many innocents live have been killed by Iranian sponsored terrorists ? That is why you people will always stay inferior-really sad folks how can anyone deny the bible wich was wrote 2000-4000 yrs ago and these things are coming true today? we are folks living in the last days.every 2000 yrs something major happens and 2000 yrs ago the Jews had the Romans crusifiy Jesus and they, have denied him but the time is almost here that they will turn to him as a nation, if you want to make fun of me or critisize me thats fine but you cant deny the power of God-Actually, you can't deny that evolution of fact, religion is a myth-you are deranged. Excuse us for not paying any attention to your ravings-Iran is fighting Al Queda while Israel is arming them in Syria? These car bombs seem very similar to the bombs Israel placed on the Iranian scientists cars not long ago, CORRECTION: the above is bogus, the Israelis, if they did it, carried in the car to kill dozens around it. MOHAMMEDAN STYLE.-wondered how long it would be before some jerk blamed this on Israel. Now, someone drop the other shoe and come on here and blame it on Obama, and then your work will be done-does support the Muslim Brotherhood at the same time that he allows Iran to thumb its nose at us, so he is at least indirectly responsible/
21814/Intelligent design group attacks Darwin by linking evolution to disgraced right wing writer-Justified’ actor Nick Searcy asked us not to call him a ‘Teabagger,’ ‘Ultra Con,’ or ‘Bigot’ in this headline-Levin: Gay marriage affects society like father daughter incest-Cruz: ‘Pray’ for discrimination because same sex marriage is ‘heartbreaking rsy/The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, a zealous revolutionary swept up, as all Jews of the era were, in the religious and political turmoil of first-century Palestine rh/Zell ought to be forced to spend a week with a single mother with three jobs, struggling just to feed her children and keep a roof over their heads. Then he should spend a month working in a dangerous, gritty coal mine in West Virginia-Big Tobacco Hasn't Given Up Peddling Cancer Sticks-Institutional Homophobia, Looming Terrorism, Anti Semitism and the Slaughter of Dogs: The Propaganda Olympics in Sochi-Francis, Help the Children Sexually Abused by Priests: Open the Vatican Archives-How Entitlements for the Rich Cheat the Rest of Us-The Persistence of Selective Deficit Disorder BuzzFlash/federal jury found Mathew Martoma guilty of insider trading. Martoma's boss is Steven A. Cohen, worth about $9 billion, who directs a criminal enterprise masquerading as a hedge fund called SAC Capital-Illinois Department of Corrections and Attorney Staughton Lynd Respond to Ongoing Menard Prison Hunger Strike-reports of poisons massively entering our water supply have been occurring with the same dreary regularity as reports of shootings at schools to/Warren Calls on Obama To Nominate Fewer Corporate Judges Salon/Will Obama Do the Right Thing on Ozone and Smog This Time Around? Grist/ Health, Work, Lies Krugman-No, Liberals Don't Control the Democratic Party Atlantic/ ZNet: Getting radical anti capitalist ideas wrong and ignoring those ideas completely are timeworn traditions for US intellectuals/ Ohio Oil Industry Paying to Educate Teachers About Fracking Al Jazeera/Moral Monday Movement Kicks Off 2014 With a Massive Rally in Raleigh tn/The NSA's Secret Role in the US Assassination Program TheIntercept/US Suspect Possibly Targeted for Drone Attack ap/Scott Walker Says He Voted for Reagan, But He Wasn't Old Enough tpm/Hartmann: More than 80,000 People Marched Against Right Wing Policies in North Carolina-thanks in large part to Dick Cheney, it's exempt from having to follow most important environmental laws on the books./Taibbi: The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks Most Devious Scam Yet/Last Flight of the Monarchs? A Plea for Help for the Dying Butterflies DailyBeast