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2912/Obot Conspires Against Congress - Treason

2912/Limbaugh's attack on Sandra Fluke, Peter Gabriel and the band Rush
have ordered the radio host to stop using their music. Attorney Larry Iser,
who has represented Jackson Browne and David Byrne/I think the highest and
lowest points are the important ones. Anything else is between. I
want the freedom to try everything."/- Jim Morrison/"Truth is, everybody is
going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."- Bob
Marley/"Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live?”-
Howard Hughes/“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life
you're living?”- Bob Marley/War Is a Crime: "If Congressman Dennis Kucinich
becomes simply Dennis Kucinich sans the 'Congressman' his value to the
peace movement need not diminish. I admit it's been nice having someone in
Congress who would say and do what he would. There have been and remain
other relatively strong voices for peace, but none as strong as Kucinich's.
His resolutions have forced the debates. His bills have changed the
conversation. His questioning of witnesses has afflicted the comfortable
while seeking to comfort the afflicted. Perhaps Congressman Norman Solomon
will pick up the baton. Time will tell."-Chicago Kicks Out G8, Prepares for
NATO, White House in announcing their plan to move May's G8 summit from
Chicago to Camp David-Corporations are obviously not people. we must
radically change the laws so people can be in charge of corporations. We
must strip them of corporate personhood and cut them down to size so
democracy can work. People are taking action so democracy can regulate the
size, scope and actions of corporations-the number of so-called hate groups
and antigovernment organizations in the nation has continued to grow,
according to a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law
Center. The center, which has kept track of such groups for 30 years,
recorded 1,018 hate groups operating last year-"Where's Woody when we need
him? In these times of tinkle-down economics - with the money powers
thinking that they're the top dogs and that the rest of us are just a bunch
of fire hydrants - we need for the hard-hitting (yet uplifting) musical
stories, social commentaries and inspired lyrical populism of Woody
Guthrie."-A new SuperPAC sprung up in the Badger State this week calling
itself the "Defeat the Recall" campaign; killing off the EPA means killing
American jobs; Obama is taking a tougher stance against the oil barons;
Wall Street's favorite, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, has opened up a
sizable lead against middle-class champion Elizabeth Warren-'Buck' McKeon
(R-California) has taken self-dealing to new heights and is having those
same contractors contribute to his wife's campaign for the California
legislature."-Coming to a Bankster's Mansion Driveway Near You: Occupy Our
Homes, the grassroots effort to prevent evictions and foreclosures - has
continued to organize throughout the winter.... For this installment, I
spoke with a West Coast activist who is both a leader in anti-foreclosure
activism in Los Angeles and a participant in national coalitions organizing
around this issue. Amy Schur is executive director of the Alliance of
Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)." Truthout/Levin Says
Limbaugh Should Be Dropped From Armed Forces Network ThinkProgress/Judge
Blocks Report on UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Attack San Francisco Chronicle/
Soldier Suicides, Mental Health Woes Soar Since Start of Iraq War ABC News
Kucinich: Conscience of the Congress Truthdig/Wells Fargo (WFC) has started
charging customers a monthly checking-account fee of $7 in six more state/
Of all the excuses i've heard that is probably the worst....ever. America
should close, bac....No, all the mega banks doors, put them all in gitmo
forever/GSE SCANDAL is worse than the Watergate.  conservatorship is
illegal from the beginning. FnF own government's implicit guarantee written
in their charters ("Treasury may purchase obligations establish to yield
similar to the Tresury yields"). they weren't critically undercapitalized
at the time, when that's the measure to place the enterprises in
conservatorship. thousands of irregularities here/we need a spokesman to
state Freddies case on cable news - probably MSNBC as the others are in on
the hatchet-job./I wouldn't want to own Preferreds      9-Mar-12 10:39 am 

Fer Gawd Sake Get real, CLOWNgress is talking about using G Fees to pay for
the Gulf Oil guys are saying stuff like "it's worth $70, $50,
no wait $7, If you think this has any hierarchical value over jr.
preferreds your analysis is flawed-phuck yourself with hank paulsons cock
you pompous slack-jawed flunky. Go back to the trailer park you inbred
creature-Lehman is coming out BK. Lehman emerges from 3-1/2 year
bankruptcy This elected criminal's
gotta go! the mortgage giants' biggest critics — U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus
(R-Ala.), who chairs the House Financial Services Committee — said the
change in pay for executives at the troubled firms was "long overdue" and a
"step in the right direction." Yet he trades on inside info, "The taxpayer
funded bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is the biggest bailout in
history," he said. "The lavish compensation packages and million dollar
bonuses that have been given to top executives of these two failed
companies are an outrage to the taxpayers whose assistance is the only
thing keeping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac afloat."/a felony, or erroneous
performance metrics. In setting this new compensation framework, FHFA
concluded that further material reductions or uncertainty around
compensation would heighten safety and soundness concerns. An effect of the
fragile nature of staffing can be found/"What I never dreamed of was that
the investors and the rule-setters were the same people — in this case,
Freddie Mac." This is what conservatives ALWAYS expect of "progressive"
programs that are linked to government. It's also why conservatives want
prophylactic language written into any law to prevent this sort of thing.
It's also why conservatives are accused of refusing to be dragged into the
"future" by laws of "good-intent" that have no restraints to prevent
unintended consequences. This is also why liberals won't write laws with
restrictions that prevent them and their cronies from gouging the taxpayer/
we are completely weighed down with legislation. A 60000 page federal tax
code now. Asking them to simplify the laws is like asking a fox to get out
of the henhouse. Maybe bar lawyers from holding political office. So
Democracy as Aristotle said over 2000 years ago cannot survive. Bankers are
indeed completely without imagination. We need some intelligent people in
this field. Obviously there are opportunities here for some smart people-
"In the wake of ProPublica’s story today, I don’t trust the FHFA at all."-
I trust that Mr. DeMarco is doing EXACTLY what he was charged with when FRE
and FNM were put into conservatorship in late 2008, which is to recover
every dollar legitimately owed to taxpayers-CEOs don't take the losses,
society does. Resisting modifications when the private sector is being
leaned on to give them is incredibly hypocritical but consistent. Change is
whats left over, that I can believe in-one danger when you have an entity
that is quasi governmental setting rules for the mortgage market. They
might do something that many dont like in order to make money. It adds fuel
to the people who argue against the existence of freddie and fannie. You
cant be surprised
refinancings /Netanyahu: No Israeli Strike on Iran in 'Days or Weeks' VOA
News Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will give
international sanctions against Iran a chance to work, and is not planning
an attack on its nuclear facilities voa/reports from Israel that it is
seeking 5000-pound GBU-28 bunker-busters for possible use against Iran
makes for exciting reading. One problem: they can't even dent Iran's most
protected sites time/has warned he will not countenance a long delay in
launching an attack on Iran/Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at
the AIPAC conference was a spectacular and inspiring display. We can even
characterize it as the best speech ever delivered by our PM. The
combination of the words, images, essence and body language. Why Israel
must strike Ynetnews/infrared camera to see through the thick atmosphere of
Venus, scientists recently discovered an interesting change, Some known
surface features were displaced by around 12 miles from where they were, as
measured by NASA's Magellan orbiter in the early 1990s. This change is
distance means that days on Venus are about 6-7 minutes longer than they
were about 20 years ago/Who’s ready to go to war with Iran? Since we now
have an army of professionals, none of the rest of us is actually required
to go to war. And, since we now allow commanders-in-chief to unilaterally
send that army into battle whenever they please, members of Congress don’t
have to bother voting for a declaration of war. War has become a matter of
presidential choice. That’s why we should take seriously what the
candidates for president have to say about attacking Iran. They can promise
to cut the deficit or bring down gas prices or scuttle Obamacare, but, if
they promise war, it’s the one promise we know they can keep. truth is,
Americans are not a peace-loving people. We pretend otherwise because it
seems wrong to admit that the United States is a nation that has mostly
benefited from war- America isn't a war moungering nation.  It's
unfortunate the writer feels that way and simplifies the causes that have
lead this country into war... he does a disservice to those that served by
doing so/encouraging the folks they reached via e-mail and then via social
networks to message those recipients, they mobilized a very rapid lobbying
campaign, Kony 2012’s strong message with its emotional appeal, the
targeting of "influencers," and the consistency across media are what sets
this effort apart from related campaigns their call to action is extremely
simple: Talk about the Lord’s Resistance Army and bug others about it. It
may be what other human rights groups denigrate as “slacktivism,” but it is
well crafted to take advantage of the desire to be involved, so long as
that involvement requires actions that are extremely easy to do from the
computer – the same computer that you use to read about the campaign in the
first place. Technology can be duplicated, but strategy requires a mind
predisposed to its implementation. Other groups fall short because they
tend to have a complicated message, not enough of an emotional plea, or too
complex a call to action. Any one of those things is a click-killer.
campaign-went-viral-and-focused-rare-attention-on-Africa /Can't wait to see
Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich explain how bombing or invading Iran will
reduce our national debt, since they have no other issue to run on against
our president.  Oh, and since we're at it, they should explain how bombing
Iran is compatible with Catholic&Mormon beliefs. Take your time fellas/If I
were President, I'll bomb the Zionist settlements on the West Bank. That
would be the message to send. As per the USA and military actions-we are a
nation that has been to war more often than not since the revolutionary
war. did not just become a world power without out premeditation and
planning. We are,by any measure,as blood thirsty and imperialistic,as any
other empire (yes empire!)in history  America's Rise to World Power by
Foster Rhea Dulles and Isolatioist Impulse by Adler-liberal a policy and
which deliberately offends many Americans. Republicans attack Obama on this
front, I would much prefer a Commander-In-Chief who has the intelligence to
defend his actions with what the author describes as "nuance" than one who
is hard pressed to be polysyllabic. The main reason I see why Republicans
attack with vitriol and their conspirators on radio and TV debate with such
oddball flair is that they are afraid of this president's or any person's
intelligence. To say the president is elitest because he was a law
professor is to say down with education-look at the goals, results and
costs (human and financial) of Bush II's 7 year war in Iraq compared to
Obama's involvement in Libya.  Bush I's new world order was an excellent
precedent although totally ignored by his son.  We can have influence in
the world without being the planet's bully, and being that bully just
creates more enemies while losing allies in the future/Obama has requested
from the Pentagon military options against the Syrian government. potential
measures considered by the American military ranged from "aerial
surveillance of the Syrian military, the establishment of a no-fly zone,
naval monitoring and humanitarian airlifts."-assassination drone crashes in
Somalia's Hobyo seaport, a new kind of drone, called a kamikaze drone, in
Somalia. It functions both as a missile and an intelligence-gathering
reconnaissance aircraft-Twitter postings, the elite computer hacker known
as "Sabu" urged followers to resist the U.S. government and its agents. But
court papers made public Thursday reveal that Hector Xavier Monsegur put up
no such fight when FBI agents first knocked on his door on June 7-New
strain of flu found in bats --'And even though they don't have all the
answers yet, infectious disease experts say just knowing this strain exists
is giving them a head start at creating a vaccine-Mystery Illness Kills
Three in Maryland Family --'We have to wonder if it may be a mutant strain
of flu virus.' 06 Mar 2012 Three members of a Maryland family died after
contracting severe respiratory illnesses and a third family member is
hospitalized in critical condition, the Calvert County Health Department
announced Tuesday. Officials are trying to identify the illness that killed
an 81-year-old woman and two of her children, both in their 50s, we have
to wonder if it may be a mutant strain of flu virus. There's been some
concern about a swine flu variant-Georgia Senate staged a brief
demonstration against the Republican and male majority in the Senate,
complaining that the GOP is waging a war -- against women and their access
to abortion and contraceptives. Eight of the nine women senators -- the
eight women Democrats -- walked out of the Senate chamber in protest as the
Republican majority passed two bills they oppose-linked to civilian deaths
hired to train Canadian soldiers --Military has had relationship with
Blackwater Xe for years American mercenary firm whose employees have been
implicated in the killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan was paid
nearly $2.4 million to train Canadian soldiers last year. Documents tabled
in the House of Commons show Xe Services-
TransCanada's bullying and lobbying has led to a groundswell of support for
Julia and landowners like her, and I think TransCanada should be worried."
Crawford's temporary restraining order against TransCanada was not the only
big news for her case last Friday. The same day the Texas Supreme Court
also denied a motion for rehearing in the Denbury-Green pipeline case,
subsequently reissuing an opinion that decidedly favors landowners/Will
zionistsssss whack Obot? 'David Duke wake up call in just fifteen minutes a
clip. Sweet. Nobody makes it more clear and motivating. -Obot Conspires Against
Congress - Treason. Democratic Governors Jack Markell, the Democratic
governor of Delaware and the vice chairman of the National Governors
Association Discuss Bypassing Congress with Obama toward policy goals /
2812/we found it. And it is damaging, because Barack Obama was as close or
closer to Derrick Bell than he ever was to Jeremiah Wright. Obama didn’t
merely sit in the pews – or not -- for Derrick Bell. He didn’t just hang
out with Derrick Bell for prayers. He said:“Open up your hearts and your
minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”Harvard Law School’s
Professor Charles Ogletree, admitted on our exclusive tape, “We hid this
throughout the 2008 campaign. I don’t care if they find it now.”- Sowell
Hammers 'Despicable' Derrick Bell; Compares To Hitler More-Derrick Bell's
HBO Sci-Fi Blaxploitation Flick-International Permission’ Trumps
Congressional Permission For Military Actions More Breitbart TV OBAMA:
'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof/Colorado
Springs-based Christian-right group Focus on the Family last week submitted
to a state Senate committee survey results suggesting that a majority of
Coloradans do not support same-sex civil unions. The results of the survey,
which was conducted by political marketing firm Advantage Inc, run counter
to mounting public-opinion data reported by well-known firms such as Public
Policy Polling, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and American Viewpoint
everyone still hates it, like grim death. And this is your daily reminder!
The Associated Press reports today that "GOP activists" are still really,
really upset that their party's primary process/The Justice Department has
warned Apple (AAPL.O) and five major publishers that it plans to sue them,
accusing them of colluding to raise the prices of electronic books
(Reuters)/“You will find that silence or very gentle words are the most
exquisite revenge for insult.”/American Chopper Made with a steel frame and
a fiberglass body, the Light Cycle from the 2010 film Tron: Legacy is 8 1/2
feet long, with a width of 23 1/4 inches and a height of 28 1/2 inches.
Tron Light Cycle to Benefit Charity /prince and
/ 9-11 Commissioner slips
up, says missile hit Pentagon w/video /There will never be another Tonto
for me but the late Jay Silverheals, even if he was a cleaned-up, 1950s
P.C. version of a Plains Native American. Pardon me, but is that a dead
crow on your head? Depp as Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger' /
Actor Steven Seagal and several of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies
are facing a lawsuit for allegedly conducting an “improper” raid on a man’s
home and driving a tank through his front gate /Limbaugh hasn't learned his lesson
limbaugh-calls-washington-post-blogger-b-i-itchy-audio/I worked at the
transmission plant that made many of the faulty transmissions, with the
full knowledge of top management at Ford. When people were burned to death
and killed by cars jumping into reverse, Ford continues to be one of the
most deceptive American corporations by bragging about not taking a
government bailout, when, in fact they would have been bankrupt 35 years
ago if the government had not ignored horrible deaths and injuries and
bailed out Ford from its own incompetent management Ford went to Reagan and
said if you make us recall virtually every Ford on the road, we will have
to file bankruptcy. No company can withstand the recall and repair of
23,000,000 vehicles, Reagan did not want to go down in history as the
president who took down Ford Motor Company. At the time it looked like
Chrysler would also file bankruptcy. Reagan revoked the authority of the
federal government to issue mandatory recalls, Ford agreed to mail out, via
U.S. Mail, 23,000,000 stickers to put on Ford dashboards warning people
that the transmissions in their cars could cause injury or death.
bailout-in-history/ Wells Fargo To Charge $7 Monthly Fee For Checking/Top
bidder chickens out of $8,100 McNugget deal, Speight says she has had the
McNugget stashed in her freezer for three years and decided to sell it on
eBay to help raise money for a drive to send children to church camp this
summer/For billionaires, politicians are the new race horse. Choose one,
train him up, finance his run for the roses. Supreme Court SuperPac
decision has had interesting unintended consequences. In effect,
billionaire Sheldon Adelson owns Newt. Billionaire Fosters Friess owns
Ricky Baby
hp_t2 /Can you spell Guantanamo? monkeyboy is the queen of broken
election-year promises/David and Charles Koch are America’s new Public
Enemy #1. Whether they’re supporting Governor Walker’s union-busting
efforts, wining and dining Scalia and Thomas at secret meetings with
right-wing billionaires, or funding climate change denial, Koch Brother
influence and money are on the wrong side of almost everything progressives
are fighting for in America/35 Hateful And Stupid Rush Limbaugh Quotes That
Should Anger Everyone These quotes which prove that Rush Limbaugh should
have been fired years ago. Let's make sure everyone sees them. Boycott Rush
Limbaugh's Sponsors! -quotes/

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2812/Paper Ballot Op-Scan Election Results in Utah Flipped After 'Recount' Finds
New Tally 'Extremely in Favor of Opposite Candidate' Paper Ballot Op-Scan
Election Results in Utah Flipped After 'Recount' Finds New Tally 'Extremely
in Favor of Opposite Candidate' 'We're doing recounts of recounts of
recounts,' says candidate announced as 'loser' on Election Night.voters
next year will be forced to vote on 100% unverifiable touch-screen voting
systems next year, the very same paper-ballot optical-scan machines that
failed in 2008 in the New Hampshire primary and in this month's Provo
Municipal Council race (and in dozens of other elections over the years)
are set to be used once again all across the country during the 2012
Presidential election cycle /September 11, 2001 is
well known as the day when the U.S. suffered its worst terrorist attack,
what is little known is that it was also a day when large sections of the
armed forces around the nation had been preparing to fight a simulated
nuclear war, as part of major training exercises being conducted at
the time. In their annual exercises "Vigilant Guardian" and "Global
Guardian," the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the
United States Strategic Command (Stratcom) were scheduled to carry out what
has been described as a "simulated air war," a "full-blown nuclear war"
exercise, a "fictional nuclear war," and a "practice Armageddon/Illegal
immigrants suspected in 30 border fires in Arizona
border-fire\s-arizona.html /Truthout: "Despite a year of record
deportations and little movement on a progressive immigration policy,
undocumented people are coming out and publicly declaring their immigration
status for the third year in a row, telling American society that they are
'undocumented, unafraid and unapologetic-Romney appeared to pull off a
narrow victory in Ohio on Super Tuesday but lost several other states to
Rick Santorum, a split verdict that overshadowed Mr. Romney's claim of
collecting the most delegates and all but ensured another round of intense
infighting on the road to the Republican presidential nomination New Study
Shows That Extreme Poverty in America Has Doubled in the Last 15 Years, and
More In today's On the News segment: A new study shows that extreme poverty
in America has doubled in the last 15 years-"Founded by squatters more than
150 years ago, full of foreclosed buildings, and shrinking by thousands per
year, Oakland in many ways presents as a tremendously attractive target for
occupation. But it's been a bumpy road since the first camps were cleared
on October 26-he may establish residency in Washington state, where there
is a June filing deadline to run for a new congressional seat in the
Seattle area-Bipartisan Force Behind the For-Profit College Scam: Big
Money-Republican electorate understands public education not as a crucial
civic institution ... Instead, this coalition of religious conservatives
and extreme tax-cutters prefers to vilify public schools - and actually,
pretty much any traditional educational institution, including liberal arts
colleges - as potential corruptors of the nation's youth-Waging
Nonviolence: "'Victories' won through violence - whether literal or verbal
- are dubious at best, and disastrous at worst. This is because they do
nothing to eliminate the underlying cause of the grievance being addressed,
and only pile on new hatreds. They expand the divisions between people,
rather than close them-Ronald Reagan famously mangled at the Republican
National Convention in 1988, when he tried to quote Adams and declared,
'Facts are stupid things,' before correcting himself.... Witness the
resistance on the part of banking institutions and certain members of the
congressional leadership, despite regulations demanding that they allow
facts and figures to be reported, information that could keep us from the
edge of yet another economic meltdown-Krugman & Co.: "It's not too hard to
see what Europe as a whole should be doing: less in terms of demands for
austerity, much more general reflation ... And you can make the case that
austerity, at least at this level of harshness, is actually
counterproductive- While such discussions may have media and political
appeal, they are premature and miss the point entirely. They either take
for granted or completely ignore the more fundamental question of whether
continuing/escalating a war with Iran is the right thing to do, not
militarily or pragmatically, but legally and morally-Truthout/Eight Women
File Lawsuit, Accuse Military of Having "High Tolerance for Sexual
Predators in Their Ranks" Huffington Post/Holder's Troubling Death-by-Drone
Rules Los Angeles Times/Alabama Senator Backs Off Forced Trans-Vaginal
Ultrasound Bill, but Alabama Women Aren't Backing Down RH Reality Check/
Amid continued protests from Democrats, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell
on Wednesday signed into law a controversial bill requiring Virginia women
to undergo an ultrasound/Detroit-area woman who won a $1 million lottery
prize but continued to get food stamps has been removed from the food
assistance program/All known requests to stop the execution of an Arizona
death row inmate have been denied, so the plan to carry out a second death
sentence in eight days/Va. - More work needs to be done to keep young
Americans from using tobacco, including creating smoking bans and
increasing taxes on tobacco products/Either you are dumber than a sack of
hammers or you are one of them. We have been collecting evidence for
fifteen years. Now we have them by their short hairs. This thread will be
read out loud at the next board meeting and they will ask, "Who are these
people?" One guy? A small group? Or someone we really should worry about?
Are they serious? Do they have the money to sue us? And most critically,
What is the potential damage to our bottom line? You can bet some people
are busy right now deleting and changing ID's, thinking it will be harder,
or impossible, to discover who they are. They know it will take a subpoena
for Yahoo to cough up their true identities. Don't worry, we are after the
King Drug Pusher - Yahoo! Sooner or later they have to respond or change
the structure. They can't compete on search, Google owns it. Craigs List
and Ebay and Amazon and Zillow and AutoTrader owns everything else. Yahoo
owns the stinking rats nest that is financial message boards which provides
millions of hits and the core of their existence. Clean it up or go the way
of the dinosaurs, Yahoo. If not, we're coming to get you in the public
court system. Very public traders, and they see us as food, like lions
laying in wait in the long grass waiting for the deer to come down for a
drink from the river. They didn't make us come to drink, but they know we
have to. It's Yahoo's grass they prey from, anonymously/And the banks still
get gov favor Spencer Bachus: We are here to serve the banks!!!-Bank of
America NA prevented homeowners from receiving mortgage-loan modifications
under a federal program in order to avoid millions of dollars in losses
while benefitting from financial incentives for participating in the
program, according to a complaint unsealed in federal court Wednesday,
unsealed from Kyle Lagow, a former employee in a Countrywide appraisal unit
which detailed allegations of Countrywide's "corrupt underwriting and
appraisal process." Bank of America purchased Countywide in June 2008.
Under the False Claims Act, successful whistleblower complaints can earn
that whistleblower up to 25 percent of the settlement amount.
html /It was during that ceasefire that Daniels finally shot photos of Bab
Amr's devastation, and was taken to see Colvin and Ochlik's bodies in a
makeshift morgue which residents had set up in a nearby apartment. The
shrouds were marked in Arabic 'woman' and 'man.' So Daniels wrote their
names in block letters, fearing the bodies would be lost in the turmoil.
Three days later, hospital workers buried the corpses, having run out of
fuel to continue the refrigeration process, the tunnel, a water pipeline,
was only 5'4" feet high, so they had to crouch as they walked, dragging the
heavy load. They fell further and further behind Conroy and Espinosa, who
were ahead of them with several Syrian activists. Several people rode on
motorbikes, which the opposition used to transport supplies into the
besieged area and to take wounded people out. Suddenly there were
explosions: The Army had attacked the tunnel's far end. People fled,
screaming.-Back in their one-room hideout, the activists warned them that
the army would launch an offense at dawn. Worse, the conditon of Bouvier's
leg was deteriorating. This time the doctor said an operation was essential
to save her foot, which had been bound tightly for days by the jerry-rigged
traction. He inserted a metal pin through her knee. The two colleagues lay
fitfully through the night, listening to explosions close by, Daniels and
Espinosa had seen 150 locals huddling in a single basement, with minimal
food and water, struggling to survive the siege-U.S., U.K and France,
gleaned from the Stratfor WikiLeaks data release: viableopposition.blogspot
It is most interesting that the United States would rather fight a
guerilla-style war this time out- It is pretty fishy. You TIME officials
give a lot of importance to such report, but lets go over some facts: The
journalists sneak in Syria with the help of rebels that you call activists.
All reports from these journalists are biased The Syrian Government acts
like criminals ). If that goverment kills journalist like indeed happened
you support an outcry worldwide. These journalist did not enter Syria
legally so they were on their own and responsible for anything that could
happen to them-journalists 'snuck' into Syria because the Syrian government
of Bashar Assad has barred all foreign journalists from entering-To write
only about the so-called "victims" is not reporting, it is propaganda. Were
there to be such an" uprising" in the U.S. you can bet money that Pres
Obama would respond accordingly, put down any insurrection. These people do
not want democracy, they want granite countertops, iPads and cars which
they have seen online and believe they have a right to own-Syria's Carnage:
A Survivor's Testimony of Bab Amr's Last Stand,8599,2108508,00.html#ixzz1oY7SPnbH /"The
worst campaign I've ever seen in my life." BARBARA BUSH,8599,2108508,00.html#ixzz1oYBmRhtm /took some
of the credit, saying that the €1 trillion, or $1.3 trillion, in cheap
loans the E.C.B. provided to euro area banks in December and last week “are
an unquestionable success.” “The risk environment has improved enormously,”
it would be irresponsible for him to comment on the debt exchange while it
is underway Draghi said. on the same day as the deadline for Greece’s
creditors to say whether they will take part in an agreement designed to
lower the country’s overall debt seven hours of testing that
included an M.R.I. and a blood panel, the doctors told Miller what she
already knew: her daughter had tics, doctors told Thera’s mother, Melisa
Phillips, that her daughter’s tics were stress-related, she “went along
with it,” she told me. “I know she has a huge heart, and she’s wound
tight.” Thera also had an episode of tics three years ago. But when
Phillips learned that other girls were coming down with similar symptoms,
she began to wonder if there was more to this than stress, older residents
remember that they could always tell what flavor the Jell-O factory was
producing on a given day based on the color of the water in Oatka Creek.
What else, they wonder, got dumped on Le Roy? a WPIX reporter showed
footage of dozens of corroding barrels near the site of the train
derailment, some of them oozing a putty-colored material, in an area marked
“Hazardous Waste.” E.P.A. officials told the reporter that despite the
labels, they did not believe “for one second” that the barrels contained
hazardous materials — then sent men in hazmat suits to test and later
remove them. “With the government, our own health department, collaborating
with the school, with Dent, it’s almost just short of a conspiracy,” James
DuPont, one of the fathers, said. “People are getting that thing, like
they’re trying to hide something.” McVige checked their thyroid, their
hemoglobin, their drug levels and their strep exposure, as well as other
possibilities, and encouraged the girls’ families to seek out other
infectious-disease specialists for further confirmation, also found a way
to talk about conversion disorder that put it on a continuum with other,
less threatening forms of stress-induced illness. “I also work with
migraine patients, and I tell the girls, the first thing we talk to
migraine patients about is their level of stress,” McVige said. While the
girls waited for various test results, she asked them to keep a diary and
write down anything that was on their minds. “If there’s nothing there,
great, no harm done, but nobody ever got harmed by taking a good hard look
at your life,”-girls’ symptoms were broken down by status: there were the
kids who were really sick and then the kids whose illness was
“psychological” and then the kids who were faking it so they could get on
the news. No matter how many times the doctors explained that these
symptoms were real, something the girls could not control, the
finger-pointing persisted. One mother even went on Facebook to publicly
accuse her daughter’s best friend of faking, before apologizing the next
day. “If they were faking it, I’d like to know how they can cause it-Beth
Miller suspects that there was a cancer cluster on the street where she
once lived in Le Roy — she and several of her neighbors have been stricken
with tumors — and early on, she suspected that Katie’s symptoms might have
something to do with the environment as well. Not long after she started
pursuing these leads, someone placed under her doormat documentation about
a train accident near Le Roy in 1970, in which tens of thousands of gallons
of toxic chemicals were spilled into the soil, including trichloroethylene,
a solvent that has been linked, in high levels of exposure, to
nervous-system damage, among other things-Others remained with their
original neurologists, and were bullied on Facebook by those who were now
taking the antibiotics: if you got better without the pills, you had surely
been faking all along. The accusations invariably exacerbated the symptoms.
Wessely, the epidemiologist, cited a medical-journal paper whose title had
long resonated with him: “If You Have to Prove You Are Ill, You Can’t Get
Better.”/ /Iran
is not telling us everything. director general of the
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on the likelihood Iran is not
disclosing all of its nuclear facilities; the Iranian government has agreed
to allow U.N. inspectors visit one nuclear site YUKIYA AMANO,,26174,2108562,00.html /Kony2012″ seems to portray
still as a war-ravaged flashpoint — instead, its presence has been felt
mostly in disparate attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a nation
with its own terrible history of rogue militias committing monstrous
atrocities. Moreover, analysts agree that after concerted campaigns against
the LRA, its numbers at this point have diminished, perhaps amounting to
250 to 300 fighters at most. Kony, shadowy and illusive, is a faded warlord
on the run, with no allies or foreign friends (save perhaps, in one
embarrassing moment of blustering sophistry, for American radio shock jock
Rush Limbaugh. At the height of the war between especially 1999 and 2004,
large hordes of children took refuge on the streets of Gulu town to escape
the horrors of abduction and brutal conscription to the ranks of the LRA.
Today most of these children are semi-adults. Many are still on the streets
unemployed. Gulu has the highest numbers of child prostitutes in Uganda. It
also has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. If six years
ago children in Uganda would have feared the hell of being part of the LRA,
a well documented reality already, today the real invisible children are
those suffering from “Nodding Disease”. Over 4000 children are victims of
this incurable debilitating condition. It’s a neurological disease that has
baffled world scientists and attacks mainly children from the most war
affected districts of Kitgum, Pader and Gulu.-just like we should have let
those poor jews solve their own holocaust!!!!! yeah screw those less
fortunate-the guy was "astonished" at the fact that the film makers were
taking home "over $200k" between the three or four of them. The director of
unicef went home with half a million dollars last year. We should separate
the two issues-according to their 2012 federal 990 tax form and Charity
Navigator  they spent over 70% of their income in the field
about-the-kony2012-video /“As long as our politicians dance to the tune of
their donors, the threat of nuclear disaster will never be far off.”
Amy Goodman | The Bipartisan Nuclear Bailout /China is
Pushing the U.S. Around “Like a tourist” Says Romney Adviser, Romney's
(hope is not a foreign policy) perspective the trillion dollar debt is a
handicap, but the U.S. isn't as powerless as it seems on the surface."Their
economy goes into a free fall if they don't sell into this market," says
O'Brien admitting, "We need them, but we need them as a partner that will
be fair."/A sugar daddy website wants to be Rush Limbaugh's new sugar
daddy. Boycott Rush Limbaugh's Sponsors
website/ Romney wins Ohio on Super Tuesday, CNN reveals holodeck
technology, the White House press corps tries to gin up a fight, and Cecile
Richards discusses Planned Parenthood.-middle east jokes. Satellites have
detected triggers for H-bombs in Iran. When Iran annihilates New York and
Israel, you can say (if your still around) Who knew? Does Obama know? Of
course and hes going to give the best available info to Israel (dont attack
Iran). Israel attack with conventional weapons and become extinct. Alas
poor Yisrael I knew you well. No president Obama, conventional weapons wont
do the trick. This is the plan. Using hydrogren bombs, make the demand that
Abiblowjob surrender. First tell him to surrender. He will say no. Use a
hydrogen bomb to blow up Tehran, and demand surrender. He will say no Use
another hydrogen bomb on another major city. You keep doing this until
somebody surrenders. If nobody is left, perfect-Cecile Richards is a liar! -Iranian people do not have any hatred
toward Jews and Israel. But the ruler of Iran does. Islamic Republic of
Iran (IRI) was founded by Sayyed Khomeini (Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah
Musavi Khomeini). Remember the word “Sayyed” Please read about my upcoming
book soon, which is called "An Atomic Iran" to understand the conflict
between Jews and Arabs or Jews and Iranian, the book will be published soon
in Amazon (in Hard copy and Kindle edition too). Hamma Mirwaisi Author of
the, “Return of the Medes” and "An Atomic Iran" books.
tony powell eviserates santorum, bernie's favorite vagina clip on imus/
2712/Armed illegals stalked Border Patrol MAKING OBAMA ACCESSORY TO MURDER
OF A FEDERAL AGENT "Evidently, voters really responded
to his campaign slogan: 'Putin 2012 -- Or He'll Shoot Your Family. Stephen
Colbert/Police Given Direct Line To Cell Phone Searches all the personal
information we keep in our cell phones. It's something to consider after an
appeals court gave police the go-ahead to search cell phones without a
warrant /"It's like the Super Bowl of politics, if the
Super Bowl was one team slowly destroying itself."-Stephen Colbert on Super
Tuesday/"Sears and Kmart did not intentionally advertise on the Rush
Limbaugh show. Sears Holdings has taken actions to ensure our ads do not
run on this show. We appreciate our customers/a delicate and charged topic
in Israel, and many felt Benjamin Netanyahu's repeated equating of the
Nazis with the possible modern-day threat of a nuclear-armed Iran went too
far/Actually, I'm the Slut: Rush Limbaugh Re-apologizes to Sandra Fluke,
and to Us All. Since castigating a graduate student as “a slut” for her
views on birth control, radio host Rush Limbaugh has apologized in a
statement on his Web site Vanity Fair/h8r tipton wow/UN Humanitarian Envoy
Enters Syrian District VOA News The International Committee of the Red
Cross (ICRC) former Syrian rebel stronghold of Baba Amr, a neighborhood in
Homs Voice of America/Obama slams rivals over 'phony' $2 gas plans rebuked
foes who promise "three-point plans for two dollar gas," aiming to deflect
election year attacks sparked by rising US petrol prices AFP/HR 347 & S
1794‘Trespass Bill’ of 2011 Criminalizes Protest potentially makes
peaceable protest anywhere in the U.S.--a federal felony punishable by up
to 10 years in prison—Chinese officials sought
Wednesday to discredit Tibetans who have set themselves on fire to protest
China's rule over their region, calling them outcasts, criminals and
mentally ill people manipulated by the exiled Dalai Lama-Anti-fracking
protest casts shadow over jobs promise in Commerce City- /poor darlings having such a terrible
050100338.html /800,000 veterans are jobless 1.4 million Veterans live
below the poverty line One in every three homeless adult men in America is
a veteran. Unemployment for Veterans between the ages of 18 and 24 was
37.9% /Israeli-made fighter jet crashes in US military base /CIRCULATING A PETITION TO HAVE THEIR elephant REMOVED FOREVER
MORE CARING THAN ALL OF THE GOPee-ers COMBINED/Bachmann argued last night
that the Obama Federal Government administration could institute a
one-child policy under the Affordable Care Act on Glenn Beck’s online
television show, lets use scare tactics on America /
"Officers were told to arrest people who were doing little more than
standing on the street, but they were also encouraged to disregard actual
victims of serious crimes who wanted to file reports."’s link to
Rush Limbaugh through Bain Capital’s acquisition of Clear Channel
Communications, the parent media company that syndicates Rush’s radio show.
“This is really his [Romney’s] network/a presidential speech in the midst
of an AIPAC spying trial, Obama made a plea for as much Jewish support,
votes and money as possible, promising everything everything Israel
demanded. Then, in the end, he took it all all away/
Michele Appearing

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2712b/"women belong in the kitchen laundry room"

3467 94 lm 614 18 -3498 lm622
3712/Gingrich Invents Obama Quote About Gas Prices-Senate Republicans
Backing Off Contraception Wars /Chris Matthews said
about Romney, The dogs don't like the dog food and refuse to eat
it/Madhouse Pants Label Tells Men Laundry Is A Woman's Job, the whole
"women belong in the kitchen laundry room" thing was oh-so-1950s, left
behind with June Cleaver$7B swindler Texas tycoon R.
Allen Stanford spent more than 20 years charming investors, who handed him
billions of dollars they had spent their lives accumulating through hard
work and saving, may keep Stanford behind bars for life
The state’s highest court has ruled that people can be charged with
possession with intent to distribute marijuana even if they were caught
with less than an ounce of the substance, despite the decriminalization of
simple possession of such small amounts handgun owners
with medical marijuana cards will be allowed to keep their licenses
following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision not to hear Jackson County
Sheriff Mike Winter's legal challenge that asserted U.S. law trumps Oregon
law charges, 12 counts are crimes against humanity,
which include murder, enslavement, sexual enslavement and rape. There are
another 21 counts of war crimes which include murder, cruel treatment of
civilians, intentionally directing an attack against a civilian population,
pillaging, inducing rape, and forced enlisting of children into the rebel
ranks. Kony was abducting girls to offer them as rewards to his commanders/
Woody Guthrie: “There is just one way to save yourself, and that’s to get
together and work and fight for everybody."-In these times of tinkle-down
economics — with the money powers thinking that they're the top dogs and
that the rest of us are just a bunch of fire hydrants Woody at 100
doses-children-releasing-info-public /
why_antidepressants_cause_brain_damage_breast_cancer_and_early_mortality/ /"If the
FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?"  It's bad
enough we don't have a protector which is the reason for Mission Possible
Intl, but we have to contend with FDA prosecuting the supplement industry.
Sending the Forestry to destroy an herbalist's herbs is vile.  He did
apologize to the herbalist and said, "FDA made us do it.  They said they
simply couldn't have cancer cured." Why don't you care to keep the law and
protect the people instead of just Big Pharma?  FDA is an abomination to
the world.  You show you can't answer the Citizens Petition for ban because
you know its a poison- /
-Actually-The-Same-Thing.aspx /Monsanto's Roundup herbicide found to
destroy testosterone, male fertility, No wonder farmers that use roundup
are having these problems and dieing of cancer, since roundup is agent
orange/WALLACE: But you know what some people are going to say, Governor,
They say, "Look, when it's her political adversary, Rahm Emanuel, she's
going to call him out. 'He's indecent, apologize.' But when  it's a
political friend like Rush Limbaugh, 'Oh, it's satire. PALIN: I didn't hear
Rush Limbaugh calling a group of people whom he did not agree with "f'ing
retards." And we did know that Rahm Emanuel — it's been reported — did say
that. There's a big difference there/when you attack and idea by saying it
is a delusion you are saying that the person(s) who hold it are delusional,
i.e., an ad hominem attack/not so. If someone holds a view that I consider
delusional, I'm merely suggesting that they may not have examined all the
evidence to support their view. in that respect are designed to aid them in
considering their view. Unless one hears that a view may be delusional, one
may hold it without examination to one's personal detriment. There is also
the possibility (admittedly infinitesimal) that my opinion may be wrong/
gllup poll indicated 55% of Republican voters say they wish someone else
was runningbut, that leaves 45% happy with their choices (I guess if they
were Sophie, they would have just flipped a coin and been done with it).
Something has to change in this country as 93% of all income gains in 2010
(most recent figures) went to the top 1%. 93%. How does this work? In 2010,
average real income per family grew by 2.3%, but the gains were very
uneven. Top 1% incomes grew by 11.6% while bottom 99% incomes grew only by
0.2%, VERY good to be in the top 1%, being in the bottom 99%, not so much/
Phony Postal Inspector Busted For Swiping Pot Shipments On the hunt for
illegal narcotics being shipped via Express Mail, a Michigan man allegedly
repeatedly entered a sorting facility, claimed to be a postal inspector /AIPAC Works For the 1 Percent The battle for justice in
the Middle East is our battle. It is part of the vast, global battle
against the 1 percent. It is about living rather than dying. It is about
communicating rather than killing. “We have not brought Western
civilization to the Muslim world, freedom, democracy and the virtues of
state terrorism, massive destruction, war and death.”
"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." ~Dalai Lama/20
Obvious Lies That Will Shock Conservatives (If They Ever Bothered To Read A
Book Or Two)Whenever conservative bloggers try to be clever and 'expose'
liberal myths, you just know it's time to pull out the rain coat, 'cause
there's gonna be a whole lot of bullshit flying around
Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan details the
number of homeless in America, and explains his passion for helping those
in need 200k+ children homeless 1:6 veterans 1.2M 3Mt working families-
Cathleen Kaveny discusses the role of bishops in selecting which aspects of
the Catholic doctrine to teach within their diocese-history behind the
Catholic Church's position on contraception and capital punishment,
unedited, extended interview-David Barton 5-4-11 discusses the hostility
towards Christianity in America, wants proof that he takes historical facts
out of context, jon says religion is not the only path-May 18, 2011 Richard
Beeman reads the 14th Amendment from his pocket Constitution to dispute
David Barton's position on states' rights..
Nationals accused of defiling under-age Zambian girls acquitted, The
Luanshya Magistrate Court has acquitted four Chinese Nationals who were
accused of defiling and indecently assaulting two under-age Zambian girls.
one would say money talks,only poor people rot in jail,earth has no
justice. three days, Limbaugh Launched 46 Personal
Attacks on Fluke; He Apologized for Two Words-he the one calling he a slut
when he gets the Viagra hes taking covered by his insurance!-Fox 5's Ross
Shimabuku insults Danica Patrick,-People Who Are Destroying America Dawn
Quarles, a Florida high school teacher, faces voter fraud fines for
registering her students to vote (wait till marrage to vote like your
husband tells you).--colbert report-majority of his followers are fat old
white guys with little weenies who make fun of liberals between their bouts
with gas...then you wonder how a woman could possibly have similar
views...because they are married to these dolts- Netflix Becomes 30th
Advertiser To Drop Limbaugh- evangelist Pat Robertson took to the
airwaves of "The 700 Club" last week to condemn arrests for marijuana
possession/“Breitbart made his living by seeking to destroy the lives of
other human beings whom he had identified as “traitorous” or “dangerous.”
He would be the first to proudly own that.”
Is Sex Necessary? Lucky for you, it seems to be--especially if your goal is
the promotion of your own robust good health-Women withholding = murder /Look out Israel,here come the slinkies of mass destruction! Sep
11, 2007 - Iranian shows off silly putty - By Mr. Fish/White House also
noticed Romney’s efforts to beat the war drums. Speaking today, Obama
challenged Iran-hawks to “explain to the American people exactly why [we
should launch a war. Former Mossad Director: Romney ‘Is Making The
Situation Worse’ With Iran, Romney’s oped in today’s Washington Post
claimed — without offering any evidence — that Iran has a “nuclear-bomb
program” and that the Islamic Republic is “racing to build a nuclear bomb.”
Currently, U.S. intelligence and the IAEA do not believe either of these
claims to be true-/Obama Mocks Fox Correspondent “Ed, just from a political
perspective, do you think that the President of the United States going
into re-election wants gas prices to go higher? Is there anybody here who
thinks that makes a lot of sense?, Who Asks Why He Wants Higher Gas Prices /Palin continues to fail at understanding what the First
Amendment means. Let me help you out, imbecile: Just as Rush is free to say
whatever he wants, so, too, are decent human beings like the rest of us
free to criticize him for saying it and to use OUR free speech to punish
him for a misogynistic pig. Free speech does not mean "consequence free."
hope that clears up your confusion but you don't appear to be the sharpest
tool in the shed. More like a sledgehammer of stupidity-Palin said Tuesday
the reaction in media and political circles that prompted Rush Limbaugh to
apologize for calling a law student a “slut” was “the definition of
hypocrisy.”-something about Obama giving back money, Practice what you
preach bitch- /Scorched-Earth Politics of America's Four
Fundamentalisms "Americans seem confident in the mythical notion that the
United States is a free nation dedicated to reproducing the principles of
equality, justice and democracy. What has been ignored in this delusional
view is the growing rise of an expanded national security state since 2001
and an attack on individual rights that suggests that the United States has
more in common with authoritarian regimes like China and Cuba 'than anyone
may like to admit-Netanyahu Tells Obama Israel May Attack Iran Alone if
Necessary, Netanyahu reasserted Israel's right to take unilateral military
action, saying the Jewish state must remain 'the master of its fate-Koch
Brothers in Battle With Cato Institute Over Control, a rift with one of its
founding members - the billionaire conservative Charles Koch - is
threatening the institute's identity and independence, its leaders say, and
is exposing fault lines over Mr. Koch's aggressive and well-financed brand
of Republican politics  Truthout/More Advertisers Drop Limbaugh, Total Now
26 ThinkProgress-Female Veterans Call for American Forces Network to Drop
Rush Limbaugh Vote Vets-Santorum: Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals"
Mother Jones

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3612/Obama is Israel's worst frenemy Fox News

3612/Faux War on Women's Healthcare, Conservatives are waging a war on
women's health!" pure BS/"Other than the government taking away the
freedom of choice of business and citizens to decide what they want
covered?-sign me up for some authoritarianism" when I said your backward
views on aboriton were authoritarian. That's how I know it's offesnive to
have the word liberty in you ID. You don't really believe in it. What's the
matter with you? buffoon he is. dozen companies dumping Rush's racebait
show, female voters running away from the GOP, and celibate unmarried
pedophile protecters in flowing robes STILL demanding the right to lord it
up over the female employees sex lives-you're far too kind,,,,,backstabbing
vile traitors is closer to the point -Bosses can't control their female
workers sex lives, they want freedom to police the sex lives of our femaile
employees, regardless of their religion, back!-Why should they have a
choice? I get to choose, because I'm the boss, and my religious views trump
all my female workers of many and no faiths, but mine counts most! Bosses
need freedom to police thier female staff's sex lives, celibate, unmarried!
Listen to them instead of women! international orgnaization of celibate
single men who wear flowing robes are having their opinions on sexuality,
reproduction, marriage and contraception just ignored-Rush couldn't,
wouldn't shut up about it, sexual freedom of women clearly has the
conservative right in a mouth-frothing tizzy, slobbering all over the
microphone, spewing typical rightwing bait for all the bubbas and country
bumpkin boobs in the audience, whining about coeds having too much sex,
calling her a slut, and a whore. knuckledragging cavemen supposed "freedom"
that the right keeps inisting its about-Listen to them, and then do what
they want, make their opinions law!!!-I choose my political positions based
on reason and my ethics, not because I think an opinion will be
popular-more women have voted than men in every Presidential election since
1980, Most women would be offended at the assumption they vote with their
vaginas. Women are a diverse group and their voting patterns are so
distributed not to be patterns at all-You are entitled to your own BS
opinion. I'm merely trying to help you progress into the 21st century.
Maybe I was overreaching. In order to get you to the 21st century, I have
to first get you to the 20th clearly because asking someone with a 19th
century mindset to think in terms of 21st century circumstances is asking
too much "-Birth control pills are prescription medication. They are not
aspirin, Limbaugh has you pubs a bit confused about the facts of life-It's
not about them, it's about everyone. It's called society, and denying
someone access to something because you have a personal moral objection to
it is effed up/Navy SEAL supports President Obama, didn't vote for the guy
but in America, we gotta admit when the president gets it right, even if
you didn't vote for him."-Obama is keeping America safe. I've always voted
Republican but I'm going to vote for President Obama in 2012 because he
killed Bin Laden and he saved the economy from the Bush Jr/Cheney
recession-rednecklicans favorite "why not learn to think for yerself
and stop being used by that blakazhol who accidentally got elected"-
majority of Americans voted for President Obama. You think it was an
accident? Do you also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy? Yeah, I
bet you do. Stupid rednecklican/Pat Robertson tornado victims own fault,
Unlike earthquakes, they are not malicious acts of God
Scott Brown (R-MA) received more than $880,000 in contributions from
large-dollar individual campaign donors in the financial services sector in
2011, according to an Associated Press analysis. The freshman Republican
also got at least $60,000 in contributions from corporate political action
committees aligned with the financial sector/What was done that was
illegal/ Just the unwritten law of decency which most of you pubs and a few
dems break frequently For you not to see what the slime did and the ethics
of it says a lot about you, you think their insider trading is ok too/
administration officials just laughed when asked if they had decided to
schedule a President Obama press conference for Tuesday to insert the White
House into a busy news day that otherwise was guaranteed to be dominated by
Republicans fighting for delegates in ten states/Mormons baptist Breitbart
into heaven, before he's in He11 with Reagan and Jerry Falwell/rush being
terminated, Satan may not leave him but radio stations are defense! double standard,” Limbaugh said on air
Monday, according to Dylan Stableford. “Rappers can say anything they want
about women [and] it’s called art. And they win awards/Rappers are
ostensibly artists. Rush is a corporate mouthpiece. Huge difference/
3512/hatemongers. humanity, logic and reason will never win out over
fear/Michael Savage is mentally disturbed, less Dr. Phil and more Joseph
Goebbels/Highly Cited:Obama to Iran and Israel: 'As President of the United
States, I Don't Bluff', Obama stated specifically that "all options are on
the table,"-fear that Iran's nuclear program represents a Holocaust-scale
threat to the Jewish state, and the Jewish people, Obama suggested strongly
that historical fears cannot be the sole basis for precipitous action: "The
prime minister is head of a modern state that is mindful of the profound
costs of any military action, and in our consultations with the Israeli
government, I think they take those costs, and potential unintended
consequences, very seriously-"Why is it that despite me never failing to
support Israel on every single problem that they've had over the last three
years, that there are still questions about that?"-./GOLDBERG: Is it
possible that the prime minister of Israel has over-learned the lessons of
the Holocaust? OBAMA: I think the prime minister has a profound
responsibility to protect the Israeli people, the history of the Holocaust
and of anti-Semitism and brutality directed against the Jewish people for
more than a millennium weighs on him when he thinks about these questions.
gb Go back to this language, 'All options on the table.' You've probably
said it 50 or 100 times. And a lot of people believe it, but the two main
intended audiences, the supreme leader of Iran and the prime minister of
Israel, you could argue, don't entirely trust this. The impression we get
is that the Israeli government thinks this is a vague expression that's
been used for so many years. Is there some ramping-up of the rhetoric
you're going to give them? Do you think Israel could cause damage to itself
in America by preempting the Iranian nuclear program militarily? OBAMA: we
in the United States instinctively sympathize with Israel, and I think
political support for Israel is bipartisan and powerful-difficult
questions, and again, if I were the prime minister of Israel, I'd be
wrestling with them. As president of the United States, I wrestle with them
as well-helping finance and construct the Iron Dome program to make sure
that Israeli families are less vulnerable to missile strikes, to ensuring
that Israel maintains its qualitative military edge, to fighting back
against delegitimization of Israel, whether at the [UN] Human Rights
Council, or in front of the UN General Assembly, or during the Goldstone
Report, or after the flare-up involving the flotilla-you're talking about
the most volatile region in the world. It will not be tolerable to a number
of states in that region for Iran to have a nuclear weapon and them not to
have a nuclear weapon. Iran is known to sponsor terrorist organizations, so
the threat of proliferation becomes that much more severe-I won't name the
countries, but there are probably four or five countries in the Middle East
who say, "We are going to start a program, and we will have nuclear
weapons." And at that point, the prospect for miscalculation in a region
that has that many tensions and fissures is profound. You essentially then
duplicate the challenges of India and Pakistan fivefold or tenfold-when I
say this is in the U.S. interest, I'm not saying this is something we'd
like to solve. I'm saying this is something we have to solve. GOLDBERG:
Republicans are trying to make this an issue -- and not only the
Republicans -- saying that this man, by his disposition, by his character,
by his party, by his center-left outlook, is not going to do that. OBAMA:
Look, if people want to say about me that I have a profound preference for
peace over war-Iranian leadership is] no friend of that movement toward
human rights and political freedom. But more directly, it is now engulfing
Syria, and Syria is basically their only true ally in the region,
al-Assad's] days are numbered. It's a matter not of if, but when-Israel's
leaders will make determinations based on what they believe is best for the
security of Israel, and that is entirely appropriate, hopefully when he
sees me next week, will understand it.. The Atlantic /AOL is the eighth
advertiser to drop Rush Limbaugh's radio show in reaction to his derogatory
comments about a law student. AOL Inc. said Monday that "one of our core
values is that we act with integrity-Limbaugh: Apology to student was
'heartfelt'USA TODAY-'slut' comment reveals a double standard on sex
Christian Science Monitor-In Depth:Limbaugh says apology to Georgetown
student was sincere, jokes ab0out sponsers-Iran's supreme court has found
flaws in the evidence used to convict and sentence to death an Iranian
American accused of being a CIA spy/convicted killer Garcia, 26, having
family members and friends fraudulently obtain and cash biweekly
unemployment insurance benefit checks $1,600-per-month checks while he
served time who got caught because he'd tattooed a graphic mural of the
murder scene on his chest raked in more than $30,000 in unemployment
benefits while he sat in the Los Angeles- Before looneys have a fit. Your
staring to be  campared to  the old L A tabloid,Confedential.This rate big
news ,check out the local polluters,air quality abuser, big tax
evader,construction safety,and some business,s that don't follow the law.
Their seem to some subliminal target reporting for some groups. Never a
positive artical for kids.As if you want to keep some people down.I lived
here over 70 years and never has the paper gone so low. Been low ,but now
this stinks/Colorado's new special DEA agent in charge (emphasis on
"special") told the Denver Post late last month that medical marijuana is
dangerous because it can cause water damage in houses where children live
shows how bankrupt that side is of facts-talking about the water damage
that occurs, after the police kick down your door, shoot the dog, start a
fire with a flash grenade and the fire department shows up to put the fire
out. That is the water damage caused by growing pot- Fannie Mae shrinks
the amount of time it gives a bank to appeal an insurer’s denial to 30 days
from 90 days before pressing for a refund, Mortgage guarantors, including
MGIC Investment Corp., Radian Group Inc. and American International Group
Inc.’s United Guaranty, have voided policies for errors including inflated
appraisals or borrower incomes. Those flaws also would entitle Fannie Mae
to demand that banks buy back the loans/ Some deal. BP gets the gold mine
and its victims get the shaft. And a few lawyers will get vacation
homes—though they won't be so stupid as to build them on the Gulf Coast calls for U.S.-led strike against Syria,the
highest ranking member of Congress to call directly for U.S.-led airstrikes
to support the Syrian Free Army and other opposition sources battling
President Bashar al-Assad's military attacks on civilians
Pentagon says military network will continue to air Limbaugh’s show is a state-sponsored terrorists association. You
don't look at people as human beings. They are nothing but pieces on the
chessboard." -- Verne Lyon, former CIA agent in revealing documentary
"Secrets of the CIA"/Guitarist Ronnie Montrose died Saturday at age 64/
about cruelty, incompetence, embarrassment ... But above all, it's about
the torture, abuse, coercion and bribery that was in Guantanamo. There was
a house of cards of evidence built out of nothing except the testimony of
prisoners and their fellow prisoners, who were abused or persuaded in other
ways to produce what masquerades as the evidence. That's the true secret-
the first phase of thousands of lawsuits that could cost the company tens
of billions of dollars, Al Jazeera has spotted a large oil sheen near the
infamous Macondo 252 well.... Experts believe the oil is likely to be from
a seep in the seabed-the world's largest open-air prison, is a pale
reflection of what is slowly happening to the rest of us. It is a window
into the rise of the global security state, our new governing system that
the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls 'inverted totalitarianism,
one of the greatest purveyors of this demented ideology ... is the American
Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC-hospitals that draw huge
subsidies from taxpayers (and often are so overcrowded that regular
patients are lucky to get a gurney in the hallway) have set aside entire
floors for $2,400-a-day deluxe suites. They come with butlers, 5-star
meals, marble baths, imported bed sheets, special kitchens, and other
amenities for swells who have both insurance and cash to burn-How to Fund
an American Police State: Real Money for an Imaginary War "All told, the
federal government has appropriated about $635 billion, accounting for
inflation, for homeland security-related activities and equipment since the
9/11 attacks-Truthout/There Is Justice for Financial Crimes, in Iceland BBC
 Walmart Contractor Paid $3 to $4 an Hour Mother Jones/What a horrifying
dilemma for the world, drumbeat of war is becoming deafening and I am
guessing that Israel is going to preemptively defend itself to avoid being
wiped off the face of the earth. It seems obvious to the Israelis that the
Ayatollah will authorize the bombing of Israel should they in fact get a
nuclear weapon and I guess they won't allow that to happen first before
attacking first/somebody with even a single cojone to take out those
loudmouthed paper tigers in Iran. In all likelihood it will be left to
Israel because nobody else seems to have the intestinal fortitude to
confront the midget bullies running that den of iniquity/Bibi will not want
to go down in history as the Jewish leader who let the second holocaust
happen. This also assumes that any attack will be successful which is a big
"if" without direct US support in terms of munitions and equipment, One
thing is for sure a lot of people and many innocents on both sides will
die/Just because someone gets a bigger round of applause sounding tough to
a partisan audience shouldn't determine U.S. foreign policy/Imus Attacks
"Insincere Pig" Limbaugh For His "Vile" Smears Of Sandra Fluke/Fox's
Bolling Jokes About "Figur[ing] Out A Way To Get" Occupy Wall Street,
Liberals "To Light Themselves On Fire/Little Ricky "man on dog" Santorum/
Romneys made $20.9 million last year and are estimated to be worth $250
million. We can be poor in spirit, and I don't even consider myself
wealthy, which is an interesting thing. It can be here today and gone
tomorrow." Ann Romney/Obama is Israel's worst frenemy Fox News
3412/‎Judge Mosely"Nevada's medical marijuana distribution law ruled
unconstitutional declared the state's law allowing medical marijuana
distribution unconstitutional on Friday, calling it "ridiculous" and
"absurd." It is apparent to the Court that the statutory scheme set
out for the lawful distribution of medical marijuana is either poorly
contemplated or purposely constructed to frustrate the implementation of
constitutionally mandated access to the substance." /“Police
threatened protesters, Taking a stand against the agricultural takeover, a
group of Occupy DC  with arrest if they did not move away from the doors,
and 12 were ultimately arrested. According to the report, 10 were arrested
for ‘blocking the entrance’ and 2 were arrested for crossing a police
line.” Protesters Occupying Monsanto Corp. 
Youcef Nadarkhani Execution, Arrested convicted of apostasy in
2010 sentenced to death for converting to Christianity,condemns detention
Minister Guido Westerwelle summoned Iran's ambassador to press for the
release of a pastor because of one's faith as a breach of fundamental human
rights. in his early 30s, converted to Christianity when he was 19 years
old and later became a pastor in the Iranian city of Rasht. /in his 2003 case, said Castro, suing Castro
to get a house he gave to her back. Sterling sued after Castro ended their
relationship, but Castro won the case and kept the house,  was “a
prostitute ... she was a total freak and a piece of trash ... It was purely
sex for money, money for sex, sex for money, money for sex. The girl was
providing sex for money. ... I probably didn’t tell my wife ... maybe I did
something morally wrong-
webmail5#ixzz1oCNMuVvU /Principal Dorothy Bond of Haywood High School in
Brownsville, Tennessee, is the subject of media attention after she
reportedly told gay students that they would go to hell. She also
reportedly said that pregnant students would end up “jobless, homeless and
living off the Government.” ACLU of Tennessee reveals further details,
Principal Bond is reported to have said that gay people are “ruining their
lives.” She then apparently threatened severe punishments, such as 60-day
suspensions, assignments to an alternative school, or even expulsion, for
any student observed to have publicly displayed affection for a member of
the same sex/Lou Dobbs called out the animated movie for pushing a liberal
agenda and "eco-friendly products" onto children. Of course, "The Lorax"
isn't alone: "The Muppets" (another Fox News target) to even "Snow White,"
kids' films have often come under fire for possibly attempting to corrupt
today's youth/Michael Douglas is tackling a new role as spokesperson for a
Federal Bureau of Investigation public service announcement targeting what
else but Wall Street insider trading/Monsanto's GM sweet
corn contains three genetically-engineered (GE) traits that have never
been used in food eaten directly by people, and that have never been
properly tested, Walmart still intends to quietly stock its produce
shelves with this phony corn in the very near future.> /you cannot rely on
someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible
for that. If you can't love and respect yourself - no one else will be able
to make that happen. that You Accept who you are/
At least 30 protesters were arrested Saturday after refusing to leave the
Virginia Capitol steps during an abortion protest-Va. Senate OKs
ultrasound before abortion, Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that police
with plastic shields held demonstrators at bay while armed officers
arrested protesters, who sat on the steps with locked arms.-same people
believe that you should have a gun and shoot anyone who comes on your
property, innocent or guilty-Plastic shields and guns against peaceful
demonstrators. Where are we, Syria?-old morality you believe existed is a
myth. Wake up, this it always was. Burning witches, stealing land
from natives, moving for religious freedom, then persecuting other
religions, slavery, the list goes on. Money and power, kept by control over
others-Sounds more like Nazi Germany than the capitol of one of the 13
original colonies of the United States Capitol ground rules say that we
cannot assemble, hold signs, chant, yell or protest. We think silence in
the face of this struggle and their unconstitutional rules presents the
strongest response to their assault on women-killing the innocent is ok? /will Pay $1 Million to anyone for MAIMING and TORTURING the
FAMILIES of FBI, CIA and NSA Directors Robert Mueller III, Leon Panetta and
Keith Alexander respectively regardless of their age. I will increase the
BOUNTY by $10,000 per EACH DAY you TORTURE the FAMILIES of these EVIL
AMERICAN CHRISTIAN ANIMALS By FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer/ bank operating in
the U.K. will have to make a tax payment of more than £500 million (about
$792 million) after the government took action Monday to close two
"aggressive" tax-avoidance schemes/to comply with the Code of Ethics. And
sign this petition demanding the resignation of Clarence Thomas for his
defiant violations of the Acts of Congress requiring financial disclosures
Heartland Republicans: Investigate Heartland  emphasize the need for
conservatives and conservative institutions engage in truthful discussion
of climate science issues  and a move away from anti-science, William F.
Buckley once said, "Conservatism implies a certain submission to reality /American Atheists
intends to expand the campaign to locations on California and is hosting a
“Rally for Reason”

Sunday, March 4, 2012

give teeth to the deterrent threat against Iran, Israel and its backers want Mr. Obama to stop urging restraint on Israel

3412/reassuring people who want to avoid war that the United
States will do what’s necessary.” To give teeth to the deterrent threat
against Iran, Israel and its backers want Mr. Obama to stop urging
restraint on Israel and to be more explicit about the circumstances under
which the United States itself would carry out a strike, Obama warned
Israel of the consequences of a strike and said that it would delay but not
prevent Iran from acquiring a weapon
obama-to-harden-iran-policy.html /Rush isn't attacking me personally. He is
just having a bad day. worth getting myself upset? No - he has no real
power, just a lot of hot air and a microphone/Shame On You!’ Rep. Jackie
Speier Calls For Boycott On Limbaugh Sponsors /
1330792204 /OccupyMARINES Noise is relative to the silence preceding it.
The more absolute the hush, the more shocking the thunderclap. Our
government has NOT heard the People's Voice for generations, it is Much
Louder than they can remember. WE WON'T BE SILENCED-I feel so safe and
free!*gag*-Brian Cowling Still loads to convince over here in good old
britonia but more and more each day wake up-Dear Lady Liberty: Your vagina
is safe-what a police state looks like. Look who comes dressed for a riot -
at a peaceful protest by mostly women and children. Arrests at State
Capitol Women's Rights Protest - March 3, 2012 Today's women's-rights rally
at the State Capitol resulted in arrests and police in body armor now."-
53607.246310432083819&type=1&theater/ / They burned a
book that is sacred to the Afghans. In fact sacred to all of Islam. I say,
"give them over to the Afghans and let them meet their just rewards.
Mercenaries are not free from adjudication. All US military are
mercenaries, since the draft was ended. They are not heroes by any stretch-
This brings up the difference between who is responsible and who is
accountable in military parlance. Most people could see little difference,
but responsible refers to 'response'. Who responds to a situation? The
soldiers were responsible in that they were given the directions to
'remove' the books. The NCO who carried the intent to the soldiers was
responsible to carry the order. The officer who originated the order is
responsible for every duty he initiates. The commander of the officer is
responsible to higher command and higher command is responsible to the
President -
1330792204/(Jerusalem), Nasrallah said the resistance movement would
confront the “plans and continuous plots that aim to destroy the
Palestinian cause and particularly al-Quds.” international conference on
al-Quds was held a few days after acting Palestinian Authority chief
Mahmoud Abbas warned that Israel is using “heinous methods and policies” to
erase the Arab, Islamic and Christian character of East al-Quds (Jerusalem)
in the occupied West Bank -Some deal. BP gets
the gold mine and its victims get the shaft. And a few lawyers will get
vacation homes - though they won't be so stupid as to build them on the
Gulf Coast.... So we need to know: Can we trust this industry? Without a
trial in the Deepwater Horizon case, we may never get the answer, never get
the full story of the prior blow-outs, the fakery in the spill response
system, and other profits-first kill-later trickery that bloats the bottom
line of BP-Defense, Obama Speaks to US Backers of Israel, "President Obama
gave a forceful defense of his administration's commitment to Israel's
security on Sunday, using a speech to a pro-Israel lobbying group to take
on critics on the Republican presidential campaign trail who have called
for a harder American line to rein in Iran's nuclear ambitions.... Mr.
Obama, speaking before a conference of the influential American Israel
Public Affairs Committee, declared that he would not tolerate a
nuclear-armed Iran and would act - militarily, if necessary-War Hawks
Watching? In Lauded Iranian Film, Self-Interest Yields Tragedy,"After
watching the film, I was tempted to see it as a moral allegory for the
insanity that currently reigns in relations between Iran and the West. Just
like the couple in the film and the two separate families, who each act out
of good motives, but whose obtuseness leads to tragedy, so Iran and its
enemies seem hellbent on a confrontation that can only lead to tragedy for
everyone involved.- "Movement Is Not Winning, and lays the blame squarely
on the failed policies of environmental funders. The movement hasn't won
any 'significant policy changes at the federal level in the United States
since the 1980s' because funders have favored top-down elite strategies and
have neglected to support a robust grassroots infrastructure. Environmental
funders spent a whopping $10 billion between 2000 and 2009 but achieved
relatively little because they failed to underwrite grassroots groups that
are essential-Propaganda Windfall for the Imperial State-book, The Better
Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, is a propaganda windfall
for the leaders and supporters of the U.S. imperial state, currently
engaged in multiple wars, with over 800 military bases across the globe,
asserting and using the right to kill untried 'terrorists' any place on
earth and still operating a torture gulag abroad and a record-breaking and
abusive prison system at home- New York Police Department has extensively
investigated Muslims in New York and other states, preparing reports on
mosques and Muslim-owned businesses, apparently without any suspicion of
crimes have been committed. The propriety and legality of the NYPD's
activities is being disputed. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who claimed last
year that the NYPD does not focus on religion and only follows threats or
leads, is now arguing that, as he said last week, 'Everything the NYPD has
done is legal, it is appropriate, it is constitutional.'-Un-Cheating
Justice: Two Years Left to Prosecute Bush, War Is A "Legal
accountability can come after many years, as in the case of various Nazis,
or of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, or of the murderers of civil
rights activists including Medgar the book, Holtzman, a former district
attorney, lays out the prospects for a prosecution of Bush and others on
charges of lying to Congress about the grounds for war, wiretapping
Americans, and conspiring to torture.-If bankers are as smart as they are
well paid, why don't their overdraft fees work? Why don't the fees
discourage overdrafts? Why did these fees swell 17% in the last six years?
Some observers figure consumers pay $30 billion in these fees. Could it be
(cynicism alert!) that banks view these 'penalties' as a lucrative source
of revenue? Consider that the entire banking industry earned $119 billion
in 2011 from all sources, sharpening the importance of overdraft fees."-
Carbonite - a company providing backup software for computers - announced
that it will no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh's show. CEO David Friend
made clear in a Facebook statement that, despite Limbaugh's 'apology'
issued tonight, the company was still pulling its ads because it wants to
'contribute to a more civilized public discourse- Truthout/Mitt Romney Has
More Positions Than the Kama Sutra BuzzFlash-Wins Washington
State Caucus Seattle Times-George Will Mocks "Depressing" GOP Response to
Rush Limbaugh Talking Points Memo-More White People Nationally Are on Food
Stamps Than Black People Chicago Reporter-Santorum's Tax Returns Reveal
Staggering Medical Bills: Posterboy for Obamacare Mother Jones/
3312/Coulter, weighs in Liberal Degenerates Demand Their Subsidies, "This
isn't a Catholic issue or even a religious issue. Conservatives are falling
into the Democrats' trap by denouncing it as such. It's a freedom issue/
Rednecklicans continue to put their foot in their mouth once again. They
were known as racists/Dione, one of Saturns icy moons, has a weak exosphere
which includes molecules of oxygen, according to new findings from the
Cassini-Huygens mission /Breitbart Takes A Dirt Nap of an
apparent heart attack occurred less than three weeks after his bizarre
behavior at an Occupy Wall Street rally, An unsteady Breitbart drew the
attention of police after he repeatedly shouted "behave yourself" and "stop
raping people" at the youthful nonviolent protesters, which he called
"freaks and animals."/wonder what he and Satan are talking about at the
moment?/should have been Limbaugh not Breitbart that should have taken the
first dirt nap?/National Organization for Women calls on Clear Channel
Communications to pull the plug on Limbaugh/Tornadoes swept across the
Midwest and the South on Friday, hitting hardest in Indiana, Kentucky and
Ohio, where at least 25 people were killed/O'reilly jumps on the Limbaugh
bandwagon/DOJ Opposes Florida Laws On Voter Registration Groups, Early
Voting Loans pulls ads from Rush Limbaugh
show Brooks on NPR yesterday mentioned that the truth
is that Limbaugh has never delivered votes for the GOP. Brooks: 'he can't
deliver a pizza/Richard Cebull, the chief federal judge in Montana, sent a
letter to President Barack Obama on Thursday apologizing for a racist email
he sent to friends implying Obama’s mother had sex with a dog/Palin (R)
criticized President Obama for apologizing to “savages in Afghanistan.” All
three leading Republican presidential have attacked the president for
apologizing for the accidental Quran burning/Limbaugh Continues Hateful
Assault On Sandra Fluke, Says She Needs To Have Less Sex, ‘She’s having so
much sex that she can’t afford birth control/Indications Suggests the
Downfall of the New World Order, 2012 the New World Order will suffer major
defeats.The defeats will not be from violent revolution or massive
protests. No, the defeats will be attributed to a mass awakening and a
significant portion of the population simply refusing to take actions that
violate their conscience much of a pompous gasbag as
your apparent hero Rushblowhard. Ms. Fluke spoke of women she knew who were
prescribed b/c pills for health reasons, I did not hear her brag about all
the lovely sex she was having. She's attending college genius, so why would
she expect her college to buy her b/c pills? Since you're so smart, I'm
sure you're aware that insurance has always paid for viagra. So it's ok for
dirty old men like you and Rushblowhard to get your rocks off, but it's not
ok for women/interview with Playboy Magazine, comedian David Cross made a
pretty startling revelation: He did cocaine at the 2009 White House
Correspondents' Dinner, with President Barack Obama sitting only a few feet
women-in-tv-shows-and-movies /Breitbart Obama's First Victim Under NDAA?
(License to Murder) [Obama's Weather Underground friends wanted Communist
dictatorship in his second state of the union blamed
the previous administration/Savage,get ready! you're next!/
Noam Chomsky,:Are Iran's Intentions? the balance sheet of Israel's nuclear
policy is decidedly negative' - harmful to the state's security. He urges
instead that Israel should seek a regional agreement to ban weapons of mass
destruction: a WMD-free zone, called for by a 1974 UN General Assembly
resolution."-adding grist to the mill of escalating regional resentment,
America's own religious extremists, racists and anti- Muslim bigots within
the military have ensured that they and their comrades in arms will
continue to pay the awful price in spilled blood."- The past week has
proven to be something of a resurgence for Occupy Wall Street with two
major protests featuring thousands of activists unfolding in states across
the country."-Santorum's campaign statements do make one thing clear: he
thinks drug use is harmful to society and against America's 'core values.'
He has not figured out how to translate his views into specific policy,
however. In fact, he doesn't seem to have drug policy figured out at all
Dear White America, Letter to a New Minority' white privilege, and the
emergence of white resentment as power becomes shared among all citizens of
the United States-Time to Cut the Oil Barons Off, and More. Georgia's
legislators want to make protests by union workers illegal-only 17 women
in the chamber, and only five of them are Republicans-Ayatollah Is Right
About One Thing: Nuclear Weapons Are Sinful-Since 2007, five Iranian
nuclear scientists have been killed in Iranian territory, many victims
dying from magnetic bombs that terrorists had attached to the exterior of
their cars…. Former senior CIA officials said that Israeli terrorists were
members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), who are paid by Israel to do
targeted killings of Iranian nationals-Naked Capitalism: "One of the
characteristics of the new social contract ushered in by both George W.
Bush and Barack Obama is the increasing power of creditors to govern
outright, from tax farming by banks to the use of credit checks to access
employment opportunities. There are now thousands of people legally jailed
because they aren’t paying their bills, ie. debtor’s prisons have returned.
Occasionally elites let it slip that this is not an accident, but is their
goal."-conditions of Apple's contractors in China have opened many people's
eyes about where our jobs, factories, industries and economy have been
going, and why. The stories exposed that workers live 6-to-12-to-a-room in
dormitories, get rousted at midnight to work surprise 12-hour shifts, get
paid very little, use toxic chemicals, suffer extreme pollution of the
environment--Truthout/Reckless: The Inside Story of How the Banks Beat
Washington (Again) Atlantic/Fox News Is Rooting Against the Economic
Interests of the United States BuzzFlash/Eleven Things We Could Buy With
One Month of War Funding Ecosalon/Gingrich Leaves 30-Year Trail of Debts,
Lawsuits and Bankruptcies in His Wake Huffington Post/Confessions of an
Economic Hit Man to the Stratfor Corporation BuzzFlash-Three Mega-Banks
Screwing You With Sneaky Fees Alternet-Take Action Against Limbaugh at the
Local Level Daily Kos/growing media and political firestorm engulfing him,
rl issued an apology Saturday for calling Sandra Fluke a 'slut/Gingrich has
a double-digit margin over his opponents in Georgia, a Super Tuesday state
in which the former House speaker has heavily staked his campaign
resources/Prisoners At Liberty County Jail In Texas Had Access To Cable
Pornography For Months/After Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts died
in 2009, Breitbart tweeted, "Rest in Chappaquiddick" and called him "a
special pile of human excrement." When critics questioned his tone, he
tweeted they "missed my best ones!"/Power always thinks it has a great soul
and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing
God's service when it is violating all his laws. -John Adams
3212/BofA denies plans to impose new fees. Bank of America (BAC) has denied
reports that it is testing plans to charge customers for keeping a checking
account. "Media reports this morning provided inaccurate information.
(BofA) is not planning to increase checking account fees with our existing
customers," the bank said yesterday. Perhaps Senator Dick Durbin, one of
the bank's harshest critics, will be satisfied/transferred a bunch of
derivatives into their banking arm. "A bunch" means somewhere around $80
trillion worth, pay very careful attention, because part of the bankruptcy
"reform" law in 2005 placed derivative claims in front of depositors in a
business failure - including a bank failure /The "investing
class," as President George H.W. Bush called them, has been creating
jobs—in China and other points east maybe, but not here. lefties like Wolff
and Michael Moore, have begun to talk about, violent class warfare - in the
streets - if the wealth inequity continues to drive the economy. Washington
might learn what class war really is."/Newt Gingrich blames teachers for
same sex marriage, wants federal ban. Maryland became the newest state to
legalize same-sex marriage and as expected, Republicans and conservatives
across the state are up in arms say one thing and do
the opposite HippoKrits all-Albuquerque man made big news registered his
dog "Buddy" to vote. Buddy belongs to none other than Heather Wilson's (R)
senior operative Heather Wade and the "unnamed man" in the KOB news story
is actually her husband, Thomas Tolbert. Not only did Tolbert give false
information on a voter registration form, he listed Buddy as a Democrat in
a shameless attempt to connect Democrats to the scandal/Fla Republicans no
only targetting Muslims but the jewish folks now and going against the US
consitition 1st amendment
20120228,0,3511416.story / Israel behind bloody Norwegian terror attacks
committed by Breivik,7340,L-4162450,00.html Swedish
/Southaven Suzann Davis, talked about her husband's conservative values.
"I know Greg's heart," she said in a TV ad. "He has a strong faith in God,
no one will fight harder for all our families Mayor Greg Davis, a
Republican who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2008 on a family-values
platform, charged the city $67 for a
purchase at a gay sex shop in Canada. The Mississippi auditor on Nov. 2
demanded Davis pay back more than $170,000 for personal expenses/We all
know that Obama is incapable of talking that way or acting that way. He has
acted as if we are in a time of rational discourse about class, job
creation, incentives,-ya think cause ur white, you can do a better job?-you
are engaging in racist hate speech. You have been reported to FB for
indulging in racist hate speech. Nobody attacked Obama here because
of his race./Mysterious plume blankets Kewalo Basin in Honolulu, Hawaii -
March 1, 2012 "A mysterious cloudy substance is emptying into Kewalo Basin
from a storm drain at an alarming rate, whole harbor was just glazed over
usually you can see down,” said a boater.And it kept coming hundreds of
gallons of milky brown fluid every minute.) /co-head
of North American fixed-income capital markets at Morgan Stanley, turned
himself into police in Darien this week. He was released after posting
$9,500 bailwas charged with second-degree assault, larceny, and
intimidation by bias or bigotry. The charges stem from a dispute with a
taxi driver during a trip from Manhattan to Jennings’ home in Darien,
Jennings refused to pay the agreed $204 fare. The driver then said he began
driving around to locate a police station, at which point the inebriated
Jennings began attempting to stab him through the cab’s partition. When the
driver attempted to close the partition, Jennings stabbed him in the hand
and then fled the scene, Jennings also hurled racial slurs at the Middle
Eastern driver throughout the attack, saying that the cab driver quoted a
price of nearly $300 and began, “speeding down the road, door open,
disregarding traffic signals.” Jennings drew his knife in self-defense and
the driver was injured while grabbing for it.
html /only people facing prosecution are the other civilian employees
working for the military who were too stupid to quit before charges were
brought, or too used to sucking at the government teat to be able to do
anything else. The military members got demoted or a letter of reprimand in
their file. (whoop de do)a combat veteran who bled so that you can continue
to enjoy that right. Anyone in the military who has such a cavalier
attitude toward those who died in service has no business in the
brotherhood. If I had known (back in the day) someone had done such a thing
to a brother who died watching my back, they wouldn't have to worry about
their career options. Their options would have been limited to what they
could do from a hospital bed
you// bbb They charge a fee for a good rating. This is not a group that is
reliable. A group of College students got Osama Bin Ladin and the Hamas an
A rating. It was on World News or 20/20. Another sell out to corporate
America./New Orleans Saints players and at least one assistant coach
maintained a bounty pool of up to $50,000 the last three seasons to reward
game-ending injuries inflicted on opposing players, including Brett Favre
and Kurt Warner, the NFL said Friday. "Knockouts" were worth $1,500 and
"cart-offs" $1,000, with payments doubled or tripled for the
 manna, collected while the j00z wandered the  desert for 40
years...some suspect manna was muchrooms...back then walking all day with a
rug rubbing, somehow circumcision help suppress the devil  maybe old arab
trick to piss the ol lady off, sand sex
Forget Obama!