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2912/Obot Conspires Against Congress - Treason

2912/Limbaugh's attack on Sandra Fluke, Peter Gabriel and the band Rush
have ordered the radio host to stop using their music. Attorney Larry Iser,
who has represented Jackson Browne and David Byrne/I think the highest and
lowest points are the important ones. Anything else is between. I
want the freedom to try everything."/- Jim Morrison/"Truth is, everybody is
going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."- Bob
Marley/"Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live?”-
Howard Hughes/“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life
you're living?”- Bob Marley/War Is a Crime: "If Congressman Dennis Kucinich
becomes simply Dennis Kucinich sans the 'Congressman' his value to the
peace movement need not diminish. I admit it's been nice having someone in
Congress who would say and do what he would. There have been and remain
other relatively strong voices for peace, but none as strong as Kucinich's.
His resolutions have forced the debates. His bills have changed the
conversation. His questioning of witnesses has afflicted the comfortable
while seeking to comfort the afflicted. Perhaps Congressman Norman Solomon
will pick up the baton. Time will tell."-Chicago Kicks Out G8, Prepares for
NATO, White House in announcing their plan to move May's G8 summit from
Chicago to Camp David-Corporations are obviously not people. we must
radically change the laws so people can be in charge of corporations. We
must strip them of corporate personhood and cut them down to size so
democracy can work. People are taking action so democracy can regulate the
size, scope and actions of corporations-the number of so-called hate groups
and antigovernment organizations in the nation has continued to grow,
according to a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law
Center. The center, which has kept track of such groups for 30 years,
recorded 1,018 hate groups operating last year-"Where's Woody when we need
him? In these times of tinkle-down economics - with the money powers
thinking that they're the top dogs and that the rest of us are just a bunch
of fire hydrants - we need for the hard-hitting (yet uplifting) musical
stories, social commentaries and inspired lyrical populism of Woody
Guthrie."-A new SuperPAC sprung up in the Badger State this week calling
itself the "Defeat the Recall" campaign; killing off the EPA means killing
American jobs; Obama is taking a tougher stance against the oil barons;
Wall Street's favorite, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, has opened up a
sizable lead against middle-class champion Elizabeth Warren-'Buck' McKeon
(R-California) has taken self-dealing to new heights and is having those
same contractors contribute to his wife's campaign for the California
legislature."-Coming to a Bankster's Mansion Driveway Near You: Occupy Our
Homes, the grassroots effort to prevent evictions and foreclosures - has
continued to organize throughout the winter.... For this installment, I
spoke with a West Coast activist who is both a leader in anti-foreclosure
activism in Los Angeles and a participant in national coalitions organizing
around this issue. Amy Schur is executive director of the Alliance of
Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)." Truthout/Levin Says
Limbaugh Should Be Dropped From Armed Forces Network ThinkProgress/Judge
Blocks Report on UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Attack San Francisco Chronicle/
Soldier Suicides, Mental Health Woes Soar Since Start of Iraq War ABC News
Kucinich: Conscience of the Congress Truthdig/Wells Fargo (WFC) has started
charging customers a monthly checking-account fee of $7 in six more state/
Of all the excuses i've heard that is probably the worst....ever. America
should close, bac....No, all the mega banks doors, put them all in gitmo
forever/GSE SCANDAL is worse than the Watergate.  conservatorship is
illegal from the beginning. FnF own government's implicit guarantee written
in their charters ("Treasury may purchase obligations establish to yield
similar to the Tresury yields"). they weren't critically undercapitalized
at the time, when that's the measure to place the enterprises in
conservatorship. thousands of irregularities here/we need a spokesman to
state Freddies case on cable news - probably MSNBC as the others are in on
the hatchet-job./I wouldn't want to own Preferreds      9-Mar-12 10:39 am 

Fer Gawd Sake Get real, CLOWNgress is talking about using G Fees to pay for
the Gulf Oil guys are saying stuff like "it's worth $70, $50,
no wait $7, If you think this has any hierarchical value over jr.
preferreds your analysis is flawed-phuck yourself with hank paulsons cock
you pompous slack-jawed flunky. Go back to the trailer park you inbred
creature-Lehman is coming out BK. Lehman emerges from 3-1/2 year
bankruptcy This elected criminal's
gotta go! the mortgage giants' biggest critics — U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus
(R-Ala.), who chairs the House Financial Services Committee — said the
change in pay for executives at the troubled firms was "long overdue" and a
"step in the right direction." Yet he trades on inside info, "The taxpayer
funded bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is the biggest bailout in
history," he said. "The lavish compensation packages and million dollar
bonuses that have been given to top executives of these two failed
companies are an outrage to the taxpayers whose assistance is the only
thing keeping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac afloat."/a felony, or erroneous
performance metrics. In setting this new compensation framework, FHFA
concluded that further material reductions or uncertainty around
compensation would heighten safety and soundness concerns. An effect of the
fragile nature of staffing can be found/"What I never dreamed of was that
the investors and the rule-setters were the same people — in this case,
Freddie Mac." This is what conservatives ALWAYS expect of "progressive"
programs that are linked to government. It's also why conservatives want
prophylactic language written into any law to prevent this sort of thing.
It's also why conservatives are accused of refusing to be dragged into the
"future" by laws of "good-intent" that have no restraints to prevent
unintended consequences. This is also why liberals won't write laws with
restrictions that prevent them and their cronies from gouging the taxpayer/
we are completely weighed down with legislation. A 60000 page federal tax
code now. Asking them to simplify the laws is like asking a fox to get out
of the henhouse. Maybe bar lawyers from holding political office. So
Democracy as Aristotle said over 2000 years ago cannot survive. Bankers are
indeed completely without imagination. We need some intelligent people in
this field. Obviously there are opportunities here for some smart people-
"In the wake of ProPublica’s story today, I don’t trust the FHFA at all."-
I trust that Mr. DeMarco is doing EXACTLY what he was charged with when FRE
and FNM were put into conservatorship in late 2008, which is to recover
every dollar legitimately owed to taxpayers-CEOs don't take the losses,
society does. Resisting modifications when the private sector is being
leaned on to give them is incredibly hypocritical but consistent. Change is
whats left over, that I can believe in-one danger when you have an entity
that is quasi governmental setting rules for the mortgage market. They
might do something that many dont like in order to make money. It adds fuel
to the people who argue against the existence of freddie and fannie. You
cant be surprised
refinancings /Netanyahu: No Israeli Strike on Iran in 'Days or Weeks' VOA
News Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will give
international sanctions against Iran a chance to work, and is not planning
an attack on its nuclear facilities voa/reports from Israel that it is
seeking 5000-pound GBU-28 bunker-busters for possible use against Iran
makes for exciting reading. One problem: they can't even dent Iran's most
protected sites time/has warned he will not countenance a long delay in
launching an attack on Iran/Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at
the AIPAC conference was a spectacular and inspiring display. We can even
characterize it as the best speech ever delivered by our PM. The
combination of the words, images, essence and body language. Why Israel
must strike Ynetnews/infrared camera to see through the thick atmosphere of
Venus, scientists recently discovered an interesting change, Some known
surface features were displaced by around 12 miles from where they were, as
measured by NASA's Magellan orbiter in the early 1990s. This change is
distance means that days on Venus are about 6-7 minutes longer than they
were about 20 years ago/Who’s ready to go to war with Iran? Since we now
have an army of professionals, none of the rest of us is actually required
to go to war. And, since we now allow commanders-in-chief to unilaterally
send that army into battle whenever they please, members of Congress don’t
have to bother voting for a declaration of war. War has become a matter of
presidential choice. That’s why we should take seriously what the
candidates for president have to say about attacking Iran. They can promise
to cut the deficit or bring down gas prices or scuttle Obamacare, but, if
they promise war, it’s the one promise we know they can keep. truth is,
Americans are not a peace-loving people. We pretend otherwise because it
seems wrong to admit that the United States is a nation that has mostly
benefited from war- America isn't a war moungering nation.  It's
unfortunate the writer feels that way and simplifies the causes that have
lead this country into war... he does a disservice to those that served by
doing so/encouraging the folks they reached via e-mail and then via social
networks to message those recipients, they mobilized a very rapid lobbying
campaign, Kony 2012’s strong message with its emotional appeal, the
targeting of "influencers," and the consistency across media are what sets
this effort apart from related campaigns their call to action is extremely
simple: Talk about the Lord’s Resistance Army and bug others about it. It
may be what other human rights groups denigrate as “slacktivism,” but it is
well crafted to take advantage of the desire to be involved, so long as
that involvement requires actions that are extremely easy to do from the
computer – the same computer that you use to read about the campaign in the
first place. Technology can be duplicated, but strategy requires a mind
predisposed to its implementation. Other groups fall short because they
tend to have a complicated message, not enough of an emotional plea, or too
complex a call to action. Any one of those things is a click-killer.
campaign-went-viral-and-focused-rare-attention-on-Africa /Can't wait to see
Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich explain how bombing or invading Iran will
reduce our national debt, since they have no other issue to run on against
our president.  Oh, and since we're at it, they should explain how bombing
Iran is compatible with Catholic&Mormon beliefs. Take your time fellas/If I
were President, I'll bomb the Zionist settlements on the West Bank. That
would be the message to send. As per the USA and military actions-we are a
nation that has been to war more often than not since the revolutionary
war. did not just become a world power without out premeditation and
planning. We are,by any measure,as blood thirsty and imperialistic,as any
other empire (yes empire!)in history  America's Rise to World Power by
Foster Rhea Dulles and Isolatioist Impulse by Adler-liberal a policy and
which deliberately offends many Americans. Republicans attack Obama on this
front, I would much prefer a Commander-In-Chief who has the intelligence to
defend his actions with what the author describes as "nuance" than one who
is hard pressed to be polysyllabic. The main reason I see why Republicans
attack with vitriol and their conspirators on radio and TV debate with such
oddball flair is that they are afraid of this president's or any person's
intelligence. To say the president is elitest because he was a law
professor is to say down with education-look at the goals, results and
costs (human and financial) of Bush II's 7 year war in Iraq compared to
Obama's involvement in Libya.  Bush I's new world order was an excellent
precedent although totally ignored by his son.  We can have influence in
the world without being the planet's bully, and being that bully just
creates more enemies while losing allies in the future/Obama has requested
from the Pentagon military options against the Syrian government. potential
measures considered by the American military ranged from "aerial
surveillance of the Syrian military, the establishment of a no-fly zone,
naval monitoring and humanitarian airlifts."-assassination drone crashes in
Somalia's Hobyo seaport, a new kind of drone, called a kamikaze drone, in
Somalia. It functions both as a missile and an intelligence-gathering
reconnaissance aircraft-Twitter postings, the elite computer hacker known
as "Sabu" urged followers to resist the U.S. government and its agents. But
court papers made public Thursday reveal that Hector Xavier Monsegur put up
no such fight when FBI agents first knocked on his door on June 7-New
strain of flu found in bats --'And even though they don't have all the
answers yet, infectious disease experts say just knowing this strain exists
is giving them a head start at creating a vaccine-Mystery Illness Kills
Three in Maryland Family --'We have to wonder if it may be a mutant strain
of flu virus.' 06 Mar 2012 Three members of a Maryland family died after
contracting severe respiratory illnesses and a third family member is
hospitalized in critical condition, the Calvert County Health Department
announced Tuesday. Officials are trying to identify the illness that killed
an 81-year-old woman and two of her children, both in their 50s, we have
to wonder if it may be a mutant strain of flu virus. There's been some
concern about a swine flu variant-Georgia Senate staged a brief
demonstration against the Republican and male majority in the Senate,
complaining that the GOP is waging a war -- against women and their access
to abortion and contraceptives. Eight of the nine women senators -- the
eight women Democrats -- walked out of the Senate chamber in protest as the
Republican majority passed two bills they oppose-linked to civilian deaths
hired to train Canadian soldiers --Military has had relationship with
Blackwater Xe for years American mercenary firm whose employees have been
implicated in the killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan was paid
nearly $2.4 million to train Canadian soldiers last year. Documents tabled
in the House of Commons show Xe Services-
TransCanada's bullying and lobbying has led to a groundswell of support for
Julia and landowners like her, and I think TransCanada should be worried."
Crawford's temporary restraining order against TransCanada was not the only
big news for her case last Friday. The same day the Texas Supreme Court
also denied a motion for rehearing in the Denbury-Green pipeline case,
subsequently reissuing an opinion that decidedly favors landowners/Will
zionistsssss whack Obot? 'David Duke wake up call in just fifteen minutes a
clip. Sweet. Nobody makes it more clear and motivating. -Obot Conspires Against
Congress - Treason. Democratic Governors Jack Markell, the Democratic
governor of Delaware and the vice chairman of the National Governors
Association Discuss Bypassing Congress with Obama toward policy goals /
2812/we found it. And it is damaging, because Barack Obama was as close or
closer to Derrick Bell than he ever was to Jeremiah Wright. Obama didn’t
merely sit in the pews – or not -- for Derrick Bell. He didn’t just hang
out with Derrick Bell for prayers. He said:“Open up your hearts and your
minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”Harvard Law School’s
Professor Charles Ogletree, admitted on our exclusive tape, “We hid this
throughout the 2008 campaign. I don’t care if they find it now.”- Sowell
Hammers 'Despicable' Derrick Bell; Compares To Hitler More-Derrick Bell's
HBO Sci-Fi Blaxploitation Flick-International Permission’ Trumps
Congressional Permission For Military Actions More Breitbart TV OBAMA:
'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof/Colorado
Springs-based Christian-right group Focus on the Family last week submitted
to a state Senate committee survey results suggesting that a majority of
Coloradans do not support same-sex civil unions. The results of the survey,
which was conducted by political marketing firm Advantage Inc, run counter
to mounting public-opinion data reported by well-known firms such as Public
Policy Polling, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and American Viewpoint
everyone still hates it, like grim death. And this is your daily reminder!
The Associated Press reports today that "GOP activists" are still really,
really upset that their party's primary process/The Justice Department has
warned Apple (AAPL.O) and five major publishers that it plans to sue them,
accusing them of colluding to raise the prices of electronic books
(Reuters)/“You will find that silence or very gentle words are the most
exquisite revenge for insult.”/American Chopper Made with a steel frame and
a fiberglass body, the Light Cycle from the 2010 film Tron: Legacy is 8 1/2
feet long, with a width of 23 1/4 inches and a height of 28 1/2 inches.
Tron Light Cycle to Benefit Charity /prince and
/ 9-11 Commissioner slips
up, says missile hit Pentagon w/video /There will never be another Tonto
for me but the late Jay Silverheals, even if he was a cleaned-up, 1950s
P.C. version of a Plains Native American. Pardon me, but is that a dead
crow on your head? Depp as Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger' /
Actor Steven Seagal and several of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies
are facing a lawsuit for allegedly conducting an “improper” raid on a man’s
home and driving a tank through his front gate /Limbaugh hasn't learned his lesson
limbaugh-calls-washington-post-blogger-b-i-itchy-audio/I worked at the
transmission plant that made many of the faulty transmissions, with the
full knowledge of top management at Ford. When people were burned to death
and killed by cars jumping into reverse, Ford continues to be one of the
most deceptive American corporations by bragging about not taking a
government bailout, when, in fact they would have been bankrupt 35 years
ago if the government had not ignored horrible deaths and injuries and
bailed out Ford from its own incompetent management Ford went to Reagan and
said if you make us recall virtually every Ford on the road, we will have
to file bankruptcy. No company can withstand the recall and repair of
23,000,000 vehicles, Reagan did not want to go down in history as the
president who took down Ford Motor Company. At the time it looked like
Chrysler would also file bankruptcy. Reagan revoked the authority of the
federal government to issue mandatory recalls, Ford agreed to mail out, via
U.S. Mail, 23,000,000 stickers to put on Ford dashboards warning people
that the transmissions in their cars could cause injury or death.
bailout-in-history/ Wells Fargo To Charge $7 Monthly Fee For Checking/Top
bidder chickens out of $8,100 McNugget deal, Speight says she has had the
McNugget stashed in her freezer for three years and decided to sell it on
eBay to help raise money for a drive to send children to church camp this
summer/For billionaires, politicians are the new race horse. Choose one,
train him up, finance his run for the roses. Supreme Court SuperPac
decision has had interesting unintended consequences. In effect,
billionaire Sheldon Adelson owns Newt. Billionaire Fosters Friess owns
Ricky Baby
hp_t2 /Can you spell Guantanamo? monkeyboy is the queen of broken
election-year promises/David and Charles Koch are America’s new Public
Enemy #1. Whether they’re supporting Governor Walker’s union-busting
efforts, wining and dining Scalia and Thomas at secret meetings with
right-wing billionaires, or funding climate change denial, Koch Brother
influence and money are on the wrong side of almost everything progressives
are fighting for in America/35 Hateful And Stupid Rush Limbaugh Quotes That
Should Anger Everyone These quotes which prove that Rush Limbaugh should
have been fired years ago. Let's make sure everyone sees them. Boycott Rush
Limbaugh's Sponsors! -quotes/

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