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31112/sneaky, backstabbing, snobby, elitist, EVIL leftists AMERICA HATING zeroBOWma SUPPORTERs

"December 16, 2011, should have been, at minimum, a
fairly bright day for the people of Kazakhstan marking the country's
Independence Day and 20th birthday. But rather than being a moment of
celebration, it became a day of brutal repression and death, a bloody scene
in the regional center of Zhanaozen paralleling those that occurred at the
hands of US-supported dictatorial regimes during the uprisings now commonly
referred to as the Arab Spring."-Politicians Won't Return Ponzi Payoffs,
Texas financier Robert Allen Stanford was convicted in a Houston federal
court on 13 out of 14 criminal counts of fraud…. But what most of this
week's stories failed to mention was the large amount of his clients' cash
that was spent on campaign contributions, greasing the corrupt nexus of
money and politics for personal gain. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were
given to candidates, including Barack Obama, John McCain, John Boehner and
Harry Reid; as well as national fundraising committees for the Republican
and Democratic parties." Women's Rights Are Human Rights, The Rag Blog:
"Besides the fact that it celebrates women in a society primarily
controlled by men, it is the socialist roots of International Women's Day
that have discouraged its celebration in the United States…. The insistent
capitalism-Welcome to the One Percent Recovery, New Deal 2.0: "As the one
percent reap 93 percent of the income gains from the recovery, we're
rapidly returning to pre-New Deal levels of inequality … It's important to
remember that a series of choices were made during the New Deal to react to
runaway inequality, including changes to progressive taxation, financial
regulation, monetary policy, labor unionization, and the provisioning of
public goods and guaranteed social insurance. A battle will be fought over
the next decade on all these fronts-If only it could be so simple…. ‘Too
Many People?' is a clear and convincing challenge to the idea of population
control as political necessity."-Paul, of course, is basically an
isolationist who believes it is none of our business if Iran wants to build
nuclear weapons…. But Paul has about as much chance of winning the GOP
nomination as I do.- Truthout:/Sachs' reported candidacy for World Bank
president is welcome news for the two-and-a-half billion people around the
world living in poverty, he would be the first with this kind of experience
and knowledge of economic development … All of the others have been
bankers, politicians, or political appointees.'"-Foreclosing on God: When
Banks Seize Churches BuzzFlash/Self-Destruction of Limbaugh, Murdoch and
Beck Media Matters/Mitt Romney's Math Mojo Daily Beast/Kucinich 94% to 4%
on 100% Unverifiable E-Vote Systems in Toledo, OH? Brad Blog/Sex Ed 101
Curriculum for Conservatives Reuters/What Really Killed Andrew Breitbart?
The Likely Cause of Death the Mainstream Media Ignored, Not a single
mainstream media outlet or website dared to publicly raise the question of
substances. Instead, the media began giving airtime to right-wing
conspiracy theories, a new level of notoriety in the past two years, after
he helped orchestrate a series of crudely-edited video stings that led to
the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture executive,
and the collapse of the social-advocacy association ACORN. These and other
triumphs—including the Twitter-pic takedown of New York congressman Anthony
Wiener—turned Breitbart into a right-wing hero, a sought-after speaker on
the right-wing lecture circuit, and a regular opinionator on Fox News. exam
was concluded, “The final cause of death has been ‘Deferred’ pending the
receipt of toxicological and microscopic studies,” Harvey told The Fix. “It
is anticipated that these test results should be available in four to six
weeks. Once the results have been received and evaluated, a final cause of
death will be entered for Mr. Breitbart.”writes. “I had some hard-and-fast
rules to prevent becoming an alcoholic, such as: don’t drink during
sunlight hours. By the end of my time at Tulane, I was going to bed so
early in the morning and waking up so late in the afternoon that this rule
was almost impossible to break. Thank God I wasn’t developing a drinking
problem.” Breitbart also mentions growing into his fraternity brothers’
Hollywood-native image of him as a “hard-living, cocaine-fueled man of a
thousand lovers.” taunting “Occupy CPAC” demonstrators from the balcony of
a restaurant of a Marriott hotel that hosted the conference, shouting
“Behave yourself, you freaks!” and other epithets at the crowd below. A
fellow attendee tentatively called him out on his behavior. “Do you realize
how bad it looks that … you guys have got a glass of wine in your hand?”
“So what?” Breitbart shot back. “We’re allowed to drink wine in America.
I’m not living by their 1 percent:99 percent bullshit. there is a way to
induce a heart attack in human beings.” Another skeptic told the Mail, “One
thing is for sure, 43-year-old people don’t die from natural causes.”
Hollywood Reporter, the blogger had his last drink at The Brentwood fifty
minutes before he collapsed on the sidewalk, after talking politics with a
man sitting next to him at the bar. curious that the mainstream media
Breitbart so derided has been more willing to report on charges that he was
killed by the White House, lacerating eulogy, “Andrew Breitbart: Death of a
Douche,” he was forced to shut down his phone after Breitbart’s friend, the
agent Pat Dollard, tweeted Taibbi’s personal phone number and address to
thousands of his followers. And that was just from grade-school
name-calling. Imagine what reaction Taibbi might have brought down upon
himself had he titled his piece, “Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Drunk.” Beck
can attest, successful, patriotic middle-aged Americans are hardly immune.
Limbaugh’s 30-pill-a-day Oxycontin habit was exposed after he dispatched
his maid to the parking lot of a Palm Beach pharmacy to score the
prescription. irony is that one of the few journalists fearless—or
crazy—enough to pursue this story would have been himself
nstrea m_media_ignored/?page=entire
31012/report released today by Goldman Sachs says that if push comes to
shove, the federal government will pay its lenders before it pays Social
Security and Medicare beneficiaries. Debt service “should be seen as the
top claim on government resources/fear mongering about attacking Iran and
launching WW III is a psychological ploy to keep you distracted from the
ongoing theft of tens of trillions of dollars from you by the New York and
London banks. This is a long term project to reduce us all to Debt Slavery.
It should not take much longer for them to steal what little remains to be
taken/Navy SEAL and Rutgers-Camden law student dared ask Governor Christie
a question. The state's bully-in-chief christie Lashes Out At Former Navy
Seal, Calls Him An ‘Idiot’ proving the the GOP loves war, but hates the
soldiers people with a relatively high level of
apparent intelligence and education propagate the lies and propaganda fed
to us by the corporate media it really pisses me off. Halliburton has been
caught running child kidnapping rings but US companies are more
transparent?/KONY 2012 poster with the elephant/ peace dove and whatever
animal is on the other side with 3 stars on elephant and 3 stars on other
animal I'm figuring 33 Freemasonry/Lee Mc Six-nine Jamel I would love to
see bush cheney blair tried for their crimes,believe me,and any other
criminal whether financial crime or violent,but america has become obsessed
with conspiracies rather than seeing them as just another gang of crooks in
a country obsessed with glamourising crime/Drug news for an enlightened
generation Cannabis Compounds Reduce Multi-Drug Resistant Infections, Study
Says Cannabinoids Show "Exceptional" Antibacterial Activity /Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio
Advertisers 98 big advertisers ditch ‘offensive’ shows, right-wing talk
radio stands to get rocked /Mercenaries Made At Least $85
BILLION From Iraq War H.R. 347 makes it a federal crime
to disrupt “Government business or official functions” or to enter any
building where a “person protected by the Secret Service is or will be
temporarily visiting.” In other words, to mic check Obama is now a federal
crime punishable by a year in prison/For Jamie Dimon, the shelter of his
Upper East Side mansion isn't enough to keep him safe from the Occupy
protesters. Instead, the JPMorgan Chase CEO said he felt safer halfway
around the world that October day when protesters occupied the sidewalk
outside his Manhattan home JPMorgan Chase CEO: I Was Safer In Lebanon Than
With The Occupy Protesters /DC & NYC!National Occupation
of Washington DC (NOW DC)for more information : statement: March
30, 2012, people from across the country will gather on the "This Land is
Our Land" Spring Caravan /funny how the "liberal" media
seems terrified of calling conservatives out on their many, many, MANY
lies? If they were REALLY the sneaky, backstabbing, snobby, elitist, EVIL
leftists the right hasn't stopped whining about for decades, shouldn't they
be making stuff up about conservatives instead of refusing to ask follow up
questions a 10 year old would have thought of? he's been lying quite a lot
When Do Reporters Start Calling Mitt Romney a Liar? /“The
injection of wastewater from natural gas drilling into a disposal well
probably caused a dozen earthquakes in Ohio, state officials said Friday,
prompting new regulations to deal with the issue.”Fracking Likely Caused
Series of Ohio Quakes, Officials Say /Kentuckians
Against the War on Women/ saying this for years, down here in Arkansas!! No
Earthquakes, then Fracking Started, Earthquakes, then Fracking was stopped,
Earthquakes gone. It doesn't take an Engineer or Geologist to Figure this
out!! Where there's Fracking, there's Earthquakes!! Ask Texas, Colorado,
Arkansas, Oklahoma, now Ohio/
Breitbart Latest News, Obama Assigned Reading: Bell Says Whites Might
Enslave Blacks/new bill from Ohio Sen. Nina Turner would require a man
seeking erectile dysfunction drugs to give his doctor an affidavit from a
sex partner testifying he needs them."It is crucial that we take the
appropriate steps to shelter vulnerable men from the potential side effects
of these drugs/Wells Fargo has charged $15 a month for some checking
accounts unless customers have three accounts with the bank, maintain a
minimum balance of $7,500 or have a Wells Fargo mortgage/Monsanto's Roundup
Shown to Be Ravaging Butterfly Populations "Although the butterfly
population may be suffering, humans are taking heat from Monsanto's
creations as well. Past research has shown that Monsanto's Roundup ready
crops are leading to mental illness and obesity, primarily by destroying
the amount of good bacteria found in the gut. The corporation's Roundup,
containing glyphosate, has also been shown to cause infertility and birth
defects."-"Public Media" Joins "Gang Greens" in Colluding With Frackers,
"National Petroleum, er, National Public Radio has been straying ever
farther from journalistic integrity, especially when it comes to its
'reports' on 'natural' gas and the Halliburton-developed technology known
as high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking."-Physicians in
Congress Committing Malpractice on Millions Dr. Brian Moench, Truthout:
"I'm reluctant to accuse other physicians of malpractice. However, it is
obvious these lawmakers have let political fealty co-opt their medical
judgment. Moreover, their malfeasance has the potential to sabotage the
health of millions, not just a handful of their own patients. This is
malpractice on a grand scale."-Big-Money Chamber of Commerce to Impact
Elections, Mostly for GOP "The chamber's biggest donors for political,
lobbying and other programs have in recent years included energy giants,
the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and Wall Street firms.
After it unsuccessfully opposed creating the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau, the chamber and its center have tried to limit the bureau's powers
and budget."-Healthy Job Growth Pushes Employment-to-Population Ratio
Upward "One very positive sign is that state and local government added
1,000 jobs after adding 7,000 last month. This indicates that the sector
will no longer be a drag on growth and could even provide some modest boost
over the course of the year. On the negative side, wage growth may be
weakening."-Five Million Voters May Lose Rights in the 2012 Elections,"Many
voter ID proponents might argue that voter ID are made possible by the
success stories of the civil rights movement, but they also want to place
barriers to voting because civil rights legislation may have been too
successful, as evidenced by a U.S. president who's not only a Democrat but
is black. Those working to put voter restrictions in place don't want that
kind of election to happen again."-Obama has a historic opportunity to help
reform the World Bank, he would sharpen the focus of the Bank on achieving
the Millennium Development Goals for reducing poverty and extending access
to health care and education. Coming from Sachs, this pledge is change you
can believe in."-Financial Markets Are Not Faceless; Their Face Is That of
the Oligarchy imaginaire, anatomie du capitalisme: des 'marches financiers'
a l'oligarchie, Arden publishers (Fantasizing about Finance - an Anatomy of
Capitalism: 'Financial Markets' or Oligarchy?). The Belgian academic
dissects the intricate logic of political discourse based on facile but
factitious 'opposing positions' that actually hides the structural links
between finance and the State."-Keystone XL Shot Down Again, News segment:
the Chamber of Commerce is targeting Democrats; a Congressional challenge
to Obama's "kill doctrine"; pink slime is the new "lean, finely textured
beef"-Futile Hopes for Another Presidential Contender the spate of articles
either calling for, or at least wistfully speculating about, a “centrist”
third-party presidential candidacy in the United States. It’s nonsense, of
course, on multiple levels."- Undernutrition and Overnutrition: Who's
Feeding Whom? TripleCrisis: "De Schutter's policy recommendations include a
range of measures: impose taxes on unhealthy foods, regulate the amount of
fats, salt and sugar in processed foods, curb advertising on junk food, cut
agricultural subsidies and support local food systems that promote
sustainable, diverse and healthy diets  Truthout:/Foreclosing on God: When
Banks Seize Churches, what a divine train wreck it is when the free-market
economy kicks God out of house and home. According to a March 8 Reuters
article, 'Banks are foreclosing on America's churches in record numbers as
lenders increasingly lose patience with religious facilities that have
defaulted on their mortgages.'" BuzzFlash/Rights Groups, Law Experts Reject
Obama's "Assassination" Program Common Dreams/ Taxpayer Bailout Money Fund
Heartland Institute's Climate-Change-Denial Projects? BuzzFlash/Limbaugh
May Get Fitting New Sponsors: Web Sites That Arrange Adulterous
Relationships and Match Sugar Daddies With Younger Women BuzzFlash/
Arizona Senate Approves Lying to Women to Prevent Abortions Raw Story/
Whistleblower Claims Bank of America Intentionally Blocked Homeowners From
Getting Federal Mortgage Help ThinkProgress/Organized by Neturei Karta
International at UN headquarters in New York. Rabbi Weiss, Jews United
Against Zionism, United Nations/There is no such thing as "al Qaeda", there
is no one on earth who calls himself a member of "al Qaeda". "al Qaeda" is
a term made up by the U.S. government to be applied to anyone killed during
in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no formal organization.
There is no secret terrorist network. What there is a is a phantom enemy, a
boogyman that was easily sold to the American people for the benefit of the
Bush Administration and their friends at PNAC/Scalia recalls Bush V. Gore
as a 7-2 decision when it was 5-4.  either losing the mental capacity
to remain on the court or he flat out lied when he arrogantly told a crowd
at Wesleyan University that had asked about the landmark 2000 Bush v. Gore
decision, 'Get over it
-crowd-to-get-over-it/Religious freedom does NOT give you the right to
legislate your religious beliefs onto others.
freedom-of-conscience-clause-that-targets-womens-health/ we are all
fucked). Why? Cuz we let big far rich coorporate suckers to poison are air,
poison are water, food, let them vaccinate us, make laws that obstruct us
and hurt the innocent, but then we look at their private life, they dont
eat the GMO shit they produce (monsanto has all GMO crops BANNED in their
caffeteria), they dont get vaccinated, they have elaborate houses in far
off nature with minimum amount of trash and chems cuz they got it taken
care off. Now, i dont understand how you people trust people that say this
is good but then themselfs do WHAT is really good. Aka, you are getting
lied to and youll get fucked, no we will get fucked unless we do something
about it. I dont care who they are, rockas, rotschill, jp morgan or
whoever, they are fucking psychopats that need a taste of their own
medication, lets end this shit soon folks. For the best of all
2912/  Last I read all US Tanks r massed along the Afgan/Iran border-as the
Russians soon learned tanks r worthless in moutains when Brezinsky invented
Al CIA Duh. Only problem, isreal will be wiped off the face of the earth n
the 5th fleet will be SOL. Iran has LOTS of very nasty ass missiles-BIG
missiles,   Not like the fake 1's the mossad shoot off n blame on the
Palestine Ppl, Nor can the ashkeNAZI do IT w/o US air fuel tankers cause
of the flight distance.   The Straight of Hormuz will be CLOSED so look to
$5 to $9 per gallon n a mini nuke ina city near You, most Able Danger tis
the Windy with mossad agent rahm-rahm served in the IDF n took the IDF
military oath, rahm lost US Citizenship AT that point in time. CFR/MIC
makes more fiat FRN's n more fiat FRN's r borrowed from the zionistss FRB,
FTG PLUS Interrest with Your Children as DU cannon fodder Dis-info Ops todo
Iran U.S. and Israel Set Stage for False Flag and Iran Attack To Bomb or
Not to Bomb? Obama and Netanyahu Meeting Will Be All About Iran Marketing /2007, years after all the carefully-planned propaganda
was debunked and exposed as nothing but intentional lies,  41% of Americans
still answered ‘Yes‘ to the question “Do you think Saddam Hussein’s regime
in Iraq was directly involved in planning, financing, or carrying out the
terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001?”-War Pretexts from Bush to
Obama: Amazing Parallels, Incredible Sameness-what is it with Obama and the
‘me so bad’ look? He is about as worrisome as a cloudy day.
parallels-incredible-sameness/ Palin sez: Obama wants to return to racial
discrimination "that took place before the Civil War"/86 ads aired during
WABC's broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show today. 77 of those ads were
public service announcements donated free of charge by the Ad Council. Of
the nine paid spots that ran, seven were from companies that have said they
have taken steps to ensure their ads no longer air during the
program/Declaring that marijuana has no known medical value, The DEA's new
regional chief Barbra Roach has also let it be known that she would find a
place to live that does not allow medical marijuana businesses /Bank of America said Friday it would reduce by
about $100,000 the amount owed by as many as 200,000 underwater homeowners
as part of the recently announced government foreclosure settlement with
top mortgage servicers /Fox News A New Jingle Sung to the tune
of “SpongeBob Squarepants” In Rupert Murdoch’s pirate voice in D Minor Are
you ready to lie? “Aye Aye, Murdoch.” I can’t heeeeeear you! “AYE AYE, /The greatest weapon of the fascist
is the tolerance of the pacifist. Take that observation in. The realities
of the situation we are now quite grim/Limbaugh Says "Infobabe" Had Her
"Tongue Hanging Out" While Writing Supposedly Pro-Obama Article; Makes
Panting Noises-Calls Obama "Our Little Boy President"/Holder Derangement
Syndrome: Fox's Guilfoyle Claims Holder "Is One Of The Most Dangerous Men
In America"/American Forces Network sponsoring Rush's show.The Department
of Defense is still spending $27 MILLION DOLLARS of our tax dollars to
support Rush. Today on the R.L. show, he spoke of his support for the
dictator and child murderer, Tony, of Uganda. The social media is picking
on him too. Whatever is true about this story, the child kidnapping and
murders are fact. the psychos in this country just love that about him/
Zalmoxis cult. 425 BC . worshiped a crucified god, babtised eachother,
thought when they died they would be taken into the sky to live with
zalmoxis. christianity is so unoriginal/Protean Ford F-150 All-Electric
Pickup Truck, pickup trucks are the ideal candidates for electric drive
systems. Electric motors deliver peak torque at zero rpm to get big loads
moving. There’s plenty of room to store massive batteries and heavy-duty
components can handle their extra\
html /LIMBAUGHER loses 50 advertisers, but gets one: Michelle
Malkin, teabagger supremiosa wants to show her support for Limbaugh/Barton
Calls Obama ‘America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U.S. President/POLICE SHOULD
and what do you do to leeches,KILL THEM!!/End the GOP war against science 
   9-Dec-11 11:09 am   
While we are at it, ending GOP inspired Islamophobia (which is to be
sharply distinguished from rational critical thinking about the mythology
accepted by fundamentalists in Islam and Christianity), let's end the GOP
war against science.

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