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31412/ Shortage, FEAR, new paradigms, incompetent governments, nuclear war

31412/Bush promoted no child left behind because he was in need of remedial
assistance, What he got was inept advice He an Paulsom presided of=ver the
greatest business failures in American History, You must really feel
stupid still standing up for that faiure of a Presidency/The climate can't
wait and neither can we!, in solidarity with Occupy
Wall Street and allied groups is launching a month of action to Disrupt
Dirty Power and end the corrupt collusion of polluters, politicians and
Wall Street. Goldman Rejects
Claims Made by Outgoing Executive, A person familiar with the matter said
Mr. Smith’s role is actually vice president, a relatively junior position
held by thousands of Goldman employees around the world. And Mr. Smith is
the only employee in the derivatives business that he heads-That's cold.
They always shoot the whistleblower. /Classified documents
contradict FBI on post-9/11 probe of Saudis, ex-senator  Bob Graham, who
co-chaired Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has
seen two classified FBI documents that he says are at odds with the
bureau’s public statements that there was no connection between the
hijackers and Saudi /Russia says it will keep
selling weapons to Syria /ABC Shamelessly Boosts Leftist
Group's Report on 'Extremists'; Hypes Violence Threat |
ABC broadcasted two completely one-sided reports on Thursday's World News
and Nightline on the supposed "huge spike in the number of Americans
operating in the shadows, trying to take down the U.S. government even with
violence Sovereign Citizens Under Attack By SPLC & FBI
If you are a woman regularly being beaten by your husband, you are a bad
mother if you seek a divorce. Wisconsin GOP To Battered Women: Don’t Get
Divorced-Thank "god" they're being open and honest about how much they
loathe the part of society that does not conform to their narrow,
puritanical views... because we outnumber them! Vote! And get these
assholes out-co-sponsor of this bill? Creepy Glenn Grothman, cave man women
hater. Why do repbubs want to return to the 1950's?????? and what are
female republicans thinking-evangelical (fundamentalist) Sharia Law...1st
Commandment, Hate yourself. 2nd Commandment, Hate anyone who isn't like
yourself. 3rd Commandment, Carry a gun and shoot to kill anyone you don't
like. 4th Commandment, Wars are the solutions to all problems,as long as
you do NOT fight in them. 5th Commandment, Bow down before the Almighty
Dollar. 6th commandment, tithe 20% of your salary/wages for the benefit of
the Koch Brothers and others of the inherited wealthy class.7th
commandment, Carry a Bible and pretend that you've read it. 8th
Commandment, twist the words of Jesus to justify your hate. 9th
Commandment, Do anything you want, as long as you raise your hands
afterward and shout "I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ". 10th Commandment,
Ignore verifiable facts and believe only what is told to you by
God-certified spokesperson from the Fox Propaganda Channel or any other
fundamentalist God-certified source-it's official - the GOP has totally
gone off the deep end. Hatred, ignorance, stupidity = GOP-values,
Mississippi and Alabama have fallen for Santorum-Does anyone know who and
where all these racist woman hating disrespectful terrorist type gop get
there ideas across the country ?-Check out a group called ALEC...They have
written the laws, for voter suppression, union busting, and misogyny, that
Republican governors and legislators all over our country are imposing on
the populace. You didn't think Republican dittoheads were smart enough to
write these pieces of "legislation" on their own, did you?-folks at least
in AL voting for fecal frothy did so with the intent to help President
Obama win in November they did not vote out of sheer ignorance-after being
given the opportunity to apologize for his childish behavior, Christie not
only refused, he doubled down on his attack on former SEAL Bill Brown and
called him a 'jerk.Chris Christie Refuses To Apologize To Navy SEAL He
Insulted, Calls Him A Jerk /NEVER confuse a ResuckliCON
with the facts/Conservatism is good... for comedy. tina fey/Militarized Law
Enforcement Raids Occupy Miami, As we were leaving to do a march and rally
multiple trucks and cars filled with SWAT looking officers with military
armament came and drew their weapons /Santorum wins Alabama, NBC News
projects; Mississippi too close to call Santorum has won the Republican
primary in Alabama, NBC News is projecting with 31 percent of the vote
reported. He leads Newt Gingrich in the state by 5 percentage points and
Mitt Romney by 6 points. Early returns from urban areas that typically
favor Romney, and are often slower to report /
Democratic Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner is the third female lawmaker to
introduce a bill that would limit men s access to Viagra and other erectile
dysfunction drugs to make a statement about the dozens of anti-abortion
bills that have passed/Securities Arbitration Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes,, announced today that it is investigating the sale of
Freddie Mac (“Freddie”)You have a contact that might be interested or refer
to another firm. I hope this helps if someone can get this running/
Goldman's Pure Evil Filthy Greed Killed the Golden Goose/Federal Reserve
announced summary results of the latest round of bank stress tests, which
show that the majority of the largest U.S. banks would continue to meet
supervisory expectations for capital adequacy despite large projected
losses in an extremely adverse hypothetical economic scenario, Other
considerations include the strength of the firm's capital planning
processes and plans to meet international capital agreements as new
requirements are phased in beginning in 2013. (PDF)Methodology and Results
for Stress Scenario Projections. media inquiries, 202-452-2955 /NYPD Officer Sent
To Psych Ward By Superiors After Reporting Corruption personal
experience that reporting corruption within a police department, to your
superiors, can, indeed, have very dire results.  brings us more on officer
Adrian Schoolcraft, the modern day Serpico who was sent to a psych ward for
reporting on corruption in the Village Voice /Re: Time for
GS to whine it is all ant-semitism, beaknoses called out on the carpet.
Goldman Banker Quits In Disgust, Blasts Firm For “Ripping Off” Clients ..
i'm sure the former exec will be punished for speaking the truth about the
filthy parasites-God d a m n bloodsuckers-YES plus the word Semitic comes
from the Sumerian Arkkadian culture NOT the j.e.w (they stole it along with
genisis/noah etc look it up-engaged in practices that contributed in part
to the depression and their betting against collateralised mortgage
oblications after selling them to thier "valued clients" is just one in a
long line of agregious practices. Currently, the manipulation of oil is
their latest scheme to soak American working people,, when caught you pay a
token fine and nobody goes to jail. When critical comment regarding their
crimes go to far they play the "anti" charge/Two Slovak children
were suspected of burning down a large gothic castle in eastern Slovakia
when their experimentation with smoking went wrong-Sarkozy has apologized
in person to a policewoman who said she was the victim of a tomato attack
involving the president's teenage son Reuters/Chris Rock Attacks
Conservative Author of the explosive new book, Hollywood Hypocrites: The
Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers Over Tea Party
Question/Something fundamental has changed. Call it a shift in the global
consciousness, or a return to values-based action, or even just small-“d”
democracy - whatever it is, it’s working, people have shifted the
conversation in the US away from the strangling austerity preferred by the
right-wing consensus of politicians and the corporatocracy.  speaking out
against misogyny and hate, have disrupted the right-wing echo chamber, the
surveillance and repression campaign that is in full effect across the
United States. A militarized police force is on the prowl for even a whiff
of urban camping, for-profit media continues to blast pro-war propaganda
with a generous side dish of consumerism, we can actually change the
rules and disrupt the status quo. the cyber attacks targeting Truthout can
give us hope. If whoever is attempting to silence us is motivated by
politics, it means we’re doing our job - to stir up dissent and empower the
masses with good information and analysis.  Truthout
31312/every single channel on television gives you the same message:
Shortage, FEAR, new paradigms, incompetent governments, nuclear war -
whatever works to get you to live in the kind of fear that drives you to
overpay for commodities and it's never going to stop until we get to the
root of the problem. That was the great accomplishment of the Bill Clinton
Presidency. He made the fear go away and people who are not terrified don't
pay $4 a gallon for gasoline or $1,700 an ounce for gold.
sail? /O'Keefe Video Exposes Voter Fraud-Friendly Policies in Vermont/
Murdoch insider Brooks arrested in hacking probe, British media report
Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the British tabloid News of the World
and a close confidante of its owner Rupert Murdoch, was arrested, among six
people detained Tuesday on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of
justice, arrest could mean that she will face additional charges in an
ever-widening scandal that has spawned three police investigations, two
parliamentary committee probes and an independent inquiry, Her husband,
Charlie Brooks, was also arrested-Murdoch's Faux "News" has perverted
politics here in the US.  It's a disgrace that his obviously corrupt
organization is allowed access to US airwaves. Some action please FCC?-He
endorsed the current President, and backed Hillary Clinton in the
primary, anything else?-❌ Blackmailing Spy Ring-Shagged-Im sure Fox News
will be on this story immediately-UNFAIR and UNBALANCED, UnNews org.
Makes real news. I hope they report(sic) on it-Coincidentally, her neighbor
in the country side is none other than the British Prime Minister Mr.
Cameron. Very close friends indeed-he was riding her   horse  which she had
on loan as a retired police horse which has since died-When I see Brook's
face and that of Murdoch, I see pure evil incarnate-Murdoch empire is
rotten to the core. When will US Justice start digging around its' American
operations, such as Fox News and Wall Street Journal?-As far as we know,
CNN has never donated millions to any political party. Gangster Murdoch has
done so-This fallout may lead to your question in a strange way-When they
start investigating CNN-News Corp is an international criminal ring. Their
content should be treared with pounds of salt before being ingested-She
should be put away for having the most disgusting hair I have ever seen on
a woman-Tired old trout-Conservative sleeze, no surprise-I really got to
wonder if Murdoch Jr. will be extradited back to Britain. If they have
reason to implicate the Wall St. Journal, than the American authorities get
in on it-News International is a shady corporation. There have been many
accounts both in Britain and here to qualify them as shady. Shady implies
the appearance of unproven mischief. Furthermore, I wage, Austin, that
Scotland Yard and Parliament are proceeding on far more than 'shady' as
they untangle the rat's nest that is News International-Must you repeat, it
makes you sound desperate-2006, the Financial Times reported that Murdoch
would be hosting a fund-raiser for Senator Hillary Clinton's (D-New York)
Senate re-election campaign.[89] In a 2008 interview with Walt Mossberg,
Murdoch was asked whether he had "anything to do with the New York Post's
endorsement of Barack Obama in the democratic primaries." Without
hesitating, Murdoch replied, "Yeah. He is a rock star. It's fantastic. I
love what he is saying about education. I don't think he will win Florida,
but he will win in Ohio and the election. I am anxious to meet him. I want
to see if he will walk the walk."[90][91] Murdoch is a strong supporter of
Israel and its domestic policies.[92]wiki-You said "He endorsed the current
President, and backed Hillary Clinton in the primary"  PROVE IT!-45 arrest
in her company - and yet she & Murdock knew NOTHING - sounds like Bush &
Cheney on WMD!-The FCC got bought out years ago by Murdoch who had the laws
changed so that he could buy what were competing newspapers in the same
city. People who complain that the media is biased one way or the other,
need to send Murdoch a thank you note. He is directly responsible for the
lack of independent national news sources-Propaganda, Hitler used it,
Tojo used it and the American Republican Party uses it-no jail time for
these people murdoch is a big friend of mitts and the bush's-Google "Fox
News Wins Lawsuit To Misinform Public" - the suit was about a drug that
produces cancer in humans. (cows are involved.), Name a News organization
that publicly pleaded that they were not obliged to tell the truth? You'll
find only one-you sound like a die in the wool conservative. Educate
yourself instead of feeding off the babble of the rightwing BS. Bush and
Cheney knew what was happening. They chose not to listen to anyone or
anything that did not meet with their intentions. And still you keep
holding onto the lies as if they are the truth. Talk about educating
yourself. Look in the mirror dude because anyone with two braincells to rub
together know that the Bush regime was as corrupt as any administration I
have seen in my 60 years-Let us hope they keep her for some years as she is
all fraud-James Murdoch: Son of the Sun king, head of News Corp's European
operations Before the hacking scandal, James Murdoch was widely regarded as
the heir apparent to his father Rupert's powerful empire
When MSNBC host Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a right-wing slut last
year, he had to apologize for his "vile language." And that was just about
Ingraham's politics, whereas Limbaugh was trying to discredit Fluke by
literally going after her sex life with a word that is freighted with
repugnance, New Yorker's TV critic, Emily Nussbaum, tweeted, "I am the
Whorax. I speak for the sluts." Maybe someday "slut" will be as comically
dated as "bounder" or "cad." But in recent times, it has actually become
stronger and more offensive
Theultimate Conspiracyguide
I must have been well over optimistic??? I set a target of 100,000
signatures, and only have 277.... :( I feel this is important step for the
Truther's.... The potential advertising for the whole movement, with
Freeing Robert Green from wrongful imprisonment,for exposing many of the
'Elite' figures/petitions/theultconspirguide/Brave man has
been sentenced to one year in prison today for trying to protect a mother
and daughter from the claws of high powered pedophiles, and to get justice
for the rape and torture of her daughter'
Southern Strategy, Republican Southern primary leads to blue collar
pandering, Dave "Mudcat" Saunders talks Southern strategy, and Katherine
Boo discusses poverty and Mumbai's slums Jeff Foxworthy campaigns with Mitt
Romney, and Newt Gingrich confirms his familiarity with grits‎"Newt  not
gonna take that grits comment lying down -- although, by the looks of him,
he has eaten grits lying down." -- Stephen Colbert /
Totalitarian systems disempower an unsuspecting population by gradually
making legal what was once illegal. They incrementally corrupt and distort
law to exclusively serve the goals of the inner sanctSupreme Court has yet
to hear a case involving the Espionage Act. But one of these six cases will
probably soon reach the court.” Supreme Court Likely to Endorse Obama’s War
on Whistle-Blowers /violence drew the usual
'condemnation' from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United
Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who called for restraint. The Arab
League also urged the United Nations to intervene to stop the conflict.
ISRAELI AID: US President Barack Obama's budget proposal for fiscal year
2012: The budget proposes $3.075 billion in US military aid for Israel, $75
million more than in fiscal year 2011.
Israel Attacks:
217514361649879&type=1&theater /engineers are building a forest of tiny
nanowire trees in order to cleanly capture solar energy without using
fossil fuels and harvest it for hydrogen fuel generation. Reporting in the
journal Nanoscale, the team said nanowires, which are made from abundant
natural materials like silicon and zinc oxide, also offer a cheap way to
deliver hydrogen fuel on a mass scale. “This is a clean way to generate
clean fuel,” said Deli Wang, professor in the Department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering at the UC San Diego/CIA killed him。Aaron:“And the
whole agenda is to create a one-world government,where everybody has an
RFID chip implanted in them,All money is to be in those chips,they can take
out wutever they want to take out. Rockefeller Reveals 9 11 FRAUD and New
World Order to Aaron Russo /KONY 2012 SCAM FAILS... Bankers
Outsmarted by Millions of Young Activists! - Global Illumination
young? /Opinion: Murdoch Must Go, facing a two-front war. He will probably
escape criminal prosecution in the United Kingdom, unless some senior
employee yet turns on him/Opinion: Closing door on Murdoch UK lawmakers are
doing the right thing in severing their ties to the Murdoch empire/
Former Telegraph publisher Conrad Black sounds off on Rupert Murdoch and
calls him a "bad man."/we have gotten pretty far down that path now and it
has widened into a well-paved road with every new discovery that Dark
Matter neatly explains. At some point a choice always has to be made.
Science will follow that path until it dead ends or opens up new avenues of
explanation. That's what discovery is all about
tries-to-explain-the-observed-universe /Netanyahu, reiterating his
policy of responding to Gaza violence, said that Israel "will find" whoever
breaks the calm Jewish Telegraphic Agency/authors of psychiatry bible have
industry ties as those who worked on the previous version, a study has
found, despite new transparency rules/Obama administration releases rules
for health exchanges outline minimum standards that states must meet to set
up and run these health insurance marketplaces by a Jan. 1, 2014, deadline/ /Why
Republicans Need Remedial Math: Their Budget Plans Explode the Deficit
Mike Lofgren, Truthout: "It is an irony of our current national malaise
that Republican politicians consider themselves, and tend to be
uncritically regarded by the media, as 'strong' on issues like national
security and fiscal responsibility. But reality is otherwise; on closer
examination, their strength on national security boils down to knee-jerk
belligerence and profligate spending combined with invincible ignorance of
the intractable complexity of the world-regulators confirmed late last week
what many observers already suspected: a fracking wastewater disposal well
caused 12 earthquakes near Youngstown last year as the state threw open its
doors to the controversial oil- and gas-drilling technique. All the
earthquakes were clustered less than a mile from an especially deep well
where fracking fluids are stored as wastewater underground after being used
for drilling. Earthquakes are extremely rare in the area- government
subjected 24-year-old Pvt. Bradley Manning to cruel, inhuman and degrading
treatment following his arrest in May 2010 in Iraq on suspicion of leaking
hundreds of thousands of secret State Department cables and other documents
to WikiLeaks, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Torture concluded
in a long-awaited report-US Officials Debate Speeding Afghan Pullout, The
New York Times News Service: "The Obama administration is discussing
whether to reduce American forces in Afghanistan by at least an additional
20,000 troops by 2013, reflecting a growing belief within the White House
that the mission there has now reached the point of diminishing
returns."-Ceasefire Reached After Israeli Airstrikes Killed 26 Palestinians
in Gaza Democracy NOW!: "As Israel and Palestinian factions in the Gaza
Strip reportedly agree to a ceasefire after four days of cross-border
violence, Egyptian official said both sides have pledged to end current
attacks and implement 'a comprehensive and mutual calm.' Israel's latest
strikes on Gaza killed at least 25 Palestinians."-The Widening Wealth
Divide, and Why We Need a Surtax on the Super Wealthy "Let Santorum and
Romney duke it out for who will cut taxes on the wealthy the most and shred
the public services everyone else depends on. The rest of us ought to be
having a serious discussion about a wealth tax. Because if you really want
to know what's happening to the American economy you need to look at
household wealth - not just incomes-Dick Cheney Is Afraid of Canada, and
More In today's On the News segment: Only 14 percent of workers around the
nation feel “very confident” that they will have enough money for
comfortable retirement; the right-wing spin machine is putting a dent in
President Obama’s poll numbers; Wall Street speculators behind rising food
prices; Senate is expected to debate and pass a highway and public
transportation spending bill that could create 2.8 million jobs; Dick
Cheney canceled his appearance in Canada, citing safety concerns; and
more-How the News Media Doesn't Give Peace a Chance "Once again, we are
being presented with war as a fait accompli. But does such reporting
function as a self-fulfilling prophecy? claiming falsely that Iraq had
developed weapons of mass destruction, were used by the Bush administration
as a pretext for invading that country in 2003 to topple the regime of
Saddam Hussein-Why 21st Century Oil Will Break the Bank and the Planet "Oil
prices are now higher than they have ever been - except for a few frenzied
moments before the global economic meltdown of 2008. Many immediate factors
are contributing to this surge, including Iran's threats to block oil
shipping in the Persian Gulf, fears of a new Middle Eastern war, and
turmoil in energy-rich Nigeria- Krugman The Republican Party's Long Decline
Leads to Irrationality I had no choice but to point out the inconvenient
truth that the official line of the commentariat was all wrong. George W.
Bush was not a nice, blunt, honest guy who happened to be a conservative;
he was a serial liar pursuing a hard-line agenda, who, among other things,
deliberately misled the United States into war. For this I was labeled
'shrill-A US Nun Tortured in Central America Recalls the Nightmare Sister
Dianna Ortiz,  1989, I was abducted by members of the Guatemalan security
forces, put into a police car, blindfolded and taken to a clandestine
prison, where I encountered a world I never could have imagined. In that
place, I came face to face with evil. There, my life changed forever."-
"For Women's History Month, 'Ladydrawers' offers part two of our look at
gender disparity in hiring practices across all media, how women are
portrayed in media- Psychologists Paid by Guantanamo's Masters Will Never
Dismantle Their House of Torture, does anyone truly believe that crucial
determinations about psychological ethics should ever be guided by the
views and agenda of the secretary of defense or the director of the CIA?"
Truthout:/ Bring Out the Dinosaurs: Sixty-Six Percent of Likely Mississippi
GOP Primary Voters Are Creationists 66 percent of likely Mississippi
Republican voters don't believe in evolution; 60 percent of Alabama GOP
followers share that opinion. Oh, and 67 percent of likely Alabama Grand
Old Party voters believe that the state's xenophobic and harsh anti-Mexican
'immigration law' is a 'good thing BuzzFlash-Texas Taking Health Care Away
From 130,000 Poor Women to Punish Planned Parenthood Fifth Column/organized
crime, and on a scale that makes the mafia, all the gangs, drug dealers,
look small. Everytime I think I have heard it all, it gets worse. Watch
your back Taibbi, people who would do this would do anything-not shocked.
Just appalled, and especially appalled that no one has come to aid this
woman. The office of the comptroller is looking into it now after two
years? And where, pray tell, is Obama on this? I've known that banks,
insurance companies, and telecommunication companies are as dirty as you
can get, outside of the mafia, for decades. Yep, these are the guys we gave
nearly a trillion dollars. (remember that the bailout was Bush's plan, not
Obama's, he just implemented it) To be fair, the bailout was the right
idea, but it was like trying to cure a compulsive gambler by giving him
money to pay his debts-J.P. Morgan Chase's Ugly Family Secrets Revealed
family-secrets-revealed-20120313 /Feds Let BP Off Probation Despite Pending
Safety Violations“As the probation expired, confusion remained about
exactly what improvements BP had made at its refineries.” refining
subsidiary was released today from criminal probation related to a 2005
explosion in Texas City that killed 15 workers /Santorum
has won the Mississippi GOP presidential primary, according to an
Associated Press projection/"A conservative is a man with two perfectly
good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward." ~ Franklin
Delano Roosevelt/

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