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9414/marijuana creates criminal minds in poor people

9414/ GOP to Christians: Be wary of Muslim Americans, they’ll decapitate you- Ohio police charge ex Navy SEAL for lying-Texas cops shoot mentally ill man armed with pellet gun until he had no face-Fox: marijuana creates criminal minds in poor people, Rape victims personal responsibility for drinking too much-99.999 percent certainty humans are causing global warming- Classmates dump urine, feces, and spit on unwitting autistic teen in ice bucket prank-doj to investigate entire Ferguson police force- for being too loud Texas man stabbed roommate during threesome- Uygur mocks Phil Robertson nearly identical to ISIS- Colbert mocks Fox pundits for wishing foreigners ruled America-Warren slams Cantor linking Congress to Wall Street-Michigan Catholic school fires lesbian teacher after non traditional pregnancy-Scalia once called lethal injection enviable death row inmate cleared by DNA evidence- hasselbeck his Muslim understanding would prevent beheadings-Koch warns minimum wage hike would lead US toward fascism-Colbert: militarization of police forces proves that the system is working-Indiana cop admits to raping woman Labor Day drunken driving arrest-Java Juggs owner pleads guilty to operating coffee stand brothels-Texas girl 5 locked in laundromat washer- Idaho State professor shoots his own foot with concealed weapon during class-Stewart rips media scolds: Celebrities should be free to engage in recreational nudity-Robertson 80 who can’t pay bills: Keep tithing, get a job, sell your stuff on eBay- Gun toting border militia terrifies smugglers, who turn out to be bat counting biologists- NYC cops arrest human rights lawyer waiting outside restaurant while her kids used restroom- NY mom: White school guard’s racist joke was to frisk black Down syndrome child for photo-Erik Rush: Obama setting up ISIS base in New Mexico to stage terror attacks-Conservative Christians boycott of Dallas over Michael Sam signing- Philadelphia makes millions by seizing homes in drug cases. even if owners aren’t charged- slow motion disaster gnaws at US shores as sea level rises rsy/ ANOTHER PUKE Virginia governor MCDONNELL AND WIFE GOING TO JAIL FOUND GUILTY 54 COUNTS OF CORRUPTION-ybac/ example, of President Obama doing nothing Al Baghdadi Among 3 Killed In U.S. Airstrike- tragic, sickening murder of journalist Steven Sotloff Blogs Trash Steven Sotloff As ISIS Sympathizer: Reap What You Sow, from the Islam hating corner of the right wing media ll/ barry goldwater conscience conservative: It's wonderful that we have so many religious people in our party, They need to leave their theologies in their churches- Mass democracy will continue to favor the most prolific, regardless of the merits of their policies and more importantly their intelligence. Lapdogs like Dole, the Bushes, Romney, who simply offer up Socialism Lite will be the only candidates with an outside chance of winning the executive branch. Slowing the inevitable decline in to despotism will be the best you can hope for. A true revolution to rid the country of the appartus of the parasite class is all that can save her aibafs/ Roth’s attitude toward Israel. In July, he tweeted on more than one occasion a complaint about Israel State Radio, won’t let @BTselem rights group read names of #Gaza children killed. Only cold numbers allowed- Rosen poem on Israel state radio refusal to allow reading dead Gaza kid names Don’t mention the children, Not once did he mention the Hamas TV broadcast in which a Hamas cleric declares that we will exterminate the Jews, every last one cm/ Sons of Anarchy star Chuck Zito, apologized for some unfortunate comments he made regarding the War Machine/ Christy Mac situation. What kind of a world is this where a Hell’s Angel has to apologize for anything? We are the ones who usually have to do the apologizing to THEM, I’m so sorry I was walking on your street sir, and for knocking over your motorcycle, and for saying What are gonna do about it, PUSSY? Now, may I please have my pancreas back?, megan wonders what mtp todds goatee feels like replay, imus has had to hit you on the nose with a newspaper on more than one occasion for peeing on the floor, and trying to hump ur leg, IMan throws Joe Beaver and Mike Arnold under the bus for getting him all jacked up on Johnny Football. The Boss hasn’t had a bigger crush on a man since he was a young Marine getting a lip lock on a transvestite. To be fair, the transvestite also had huge hands just like Johnny Manzie an adam’s apple and a big you get the point. /joe assures the faithful that issis hell reserved spot, geraldo calls for mccrystal fighting with kurds who couldn't lead on a bet and betrayus to get this war straight and unleash hell on isis. wondering if he will bring up weapons sighting equipment complete with bibleisms/rip jrivers wabc
9314/TN pastor vows God says gays must be put to death-Illinois GOPer admits $100,000 wine club fee as Dem opponent tries to live on minimum wage- woman accidentally uncovers boyfriend’s 10 year history Ex pastor arrested- Pennsylvania teen in KKK hood arrested for harassing black college students- Michigan man gets at least 17 years in prison for gunning down black teen on his porch rsy/ documenting instances of voter discrimination and emphasizing the need to restore the Voting Rights Act's enforcement capability after the Supreme Court's Shelby County Decision, no action has been taken on bipartisan bills in either the House or Senate bgk/ runaway albino cobra/ Halliburton Cheney’s former company To Pay $1.1 Billion In Deepwater Damages-James Woods Blind, Atheist Feminist Running For Congress- Scalia Once Pushed Death Penalty For Inmate Just Cleared With DNA Evidence-nc thirty years after their convictions in the rape and murder of girl 11- irony wasn’t lost among the Duck Dynasty crowd when Phil Robertson gave his view of what we should Convert Them Or Kill iSIS- Cantor is shamelessly cashing in, Lobbying For Sanctioned Russian Bank- Mother Told School Not To Feed Starved Boy 7, Mercer County, Pennsylvania boy who police said was starved and regularly beaten by his family- Hunting Accident Virginia Boy 10 Shot In Chest In-ll/One Dozen commercial airliners MISSING after extremists overrun Libya airport haven't even heard FOX news report it-same reason that the lamestream media do not show the terrorists flying the Jets into the world trade center every day to remind America that we are up against a 1400 year old enemy of mankind. the same reason they lied for years about the attack on the Pentagon, same reason that they lie about the TEA PARTY over and over, same reason that they blindly support Obama and all the leftist lies, fanatical and suicidal as the people who flew the jets into the buildings and cut peoples head off for fun -eleven planes which went missing from the Lybian airport. Assuming this number is correct the symbolism is potentially significant if there is a plan to possibly use these planes as part of a massive coordinated terrorist attack coming up shortly this September 11-No surprise that the press doesn't carry an important story. Dems think the serious problem of our time is a football team's name-yhal/we must stop the WW3. Otherwise, nobody on this planet will be able to watch the fireworks on TV. Not this time, major powers will try to destroy the communication capability in the space on both sides. major powers will start to destroy communication and strategic military targets, major powers will start to attack the strategic targets, such as Three Gorges Dam in China, and YellowStone that would be classified as a global extinction event-it should be obvious by now to everyone that the goal of the powers that be is to not stop war but to keep wars going-yc/Uzi shooter told mother weapon was too much for her-Statutory rape victim owes more than $15,000 in child support for daughter he fathered at 14-Feminists aren’t what God designed-Mississippi gay man says Baptist teacher raped him for three years so he’d hate men- I’m back, beheading second US journalist- British jihadist mom and former rock band member threatens to behead Christians-Gohmert non English speakers bring education down-charge LGBT people more for life insurance-PetSmart adoption goes horribly wrong stabbing pit bull- CeeLo It’s only really rape when she’s conscious- youth rifle shot California boy 7 at family’s homemade range-Texas cops swarm over miscarriage in bathroom-suspends dangerous teacher for writing scifi novel about school shooting- Florida cops caught misusing emergency lights for breakfast-Sovereign citizen duped youngsters into collecting intel on local police-stupidity Florida man shoots friend, self during shooting lesson-Texas pastor purge dangerous for kids vampire books-Drunk tuxedo wearing Seattle man opens fire on couple who interrupted public oral sex- rsy/ Iowa state senator has pled guilty to receiving (and concealing) a $73,000 payment from Ron Paul bkg/ never occurred to anyone that the Humvee, given to Palestine, AR police department by the Pentagon, could be just taken, since it has no keys- cic U.S. Military Attacks Extremist Group In Somalia even before the neocons told him to-Safety tip: look both ways before trying to kill off your family-ok Cop Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, Accused Of Raping 7 Black Women Finds Support, Donations On Social Media-fergson Cop Fired For Where Is A Muslim With A Backpack When You Need Them? Some people don’t know when to keep their hateful, racist comments to themselves-Journalist Nydia Tisdale being forcibly removedRoughed Up And Arrrested At Georgia GOP Event -ll/one man who clearly doesn't understand the scientific method debunks thousands of scientists-stuck on consensus and, obviously, stupid Explain how the theoretical effect of human caused greenhouse gas, you've failed on observations, predictions, you ain't got JACK and I'm just wondering how long you're willing to hang with this fad aibafs/Why ISIS Is Our Problem IN SEARCH OF A STRATEGY options in Iraq are bad. In Syria, the options are worse newyorker/ The GOP War on Workers Has Killed Again Hartmann/ Pompous Blowhard Stephen Colbert Continues to Annoy Howard Kurtz tpm/fast Food Workers Are Planning Massive Protests Across the US-Republicans Actually Like Big Government BuzzFlash/ Truthout: Rasmea Odeh was arrested and tortured by the Israel Defense Forces in 1969 when she was 22, Today, Odeh is on trial in the United States, charged with immigration fraud stemming from her 35 year IDF file, and under threat of deportation/ISIS have depicted frenzied chants the Caliphate is established! The entire self image and propaganda narrative of the Islamic State is based on emulating the early leaders of Islam, in particular the Prophet Muhammad and the four rightly guided caliphs who led Muslims from Muhammad’s death in 632 until 661. Within the lifetimes of these caliphs, the realm of Islam spread like spilled ink to the farthest corners of modern day Iran and coastal Libya, despite small and humble origins, Muslims consider that period a golden age and some, called Salafis, believe the military and political practices of its statesmen and warriors, barbaric by today’s standards but acceptable at the time, to be revived. Hence ISIS’s taste for beheadings, stonings, crucifixions, slavery, and dhimmitude, the practice of taxing those who refuse to convert to Islam, khalifa means successor, Muslim apocalypticism, points out that the battles preceding the Day of Judgment will take place in modern Syria, with a final showdown in the year 1500 of the Islamic Hijra calendar, or A.D. 2076. If ISIS scholars are right, we could be as few as four air strikes away from forcing the caliphate to find and appoint a physically robust man named Muhammad ibn Abdullah, who has both eyes and no missing limbs. The end of the world may be coming, one Hellfire missile at a time-ISIL and most current Middle East problems, most if not ALL can be traced back to Cheney & Rummy's GRAND WAR PLAN that completely and utterly failed to achieve what they envisioned and spawned Al Qaeda in Iraq followed by the Syrian revolution (nothing wrong with that actually) and the subsequent events with ISIL. So it seems to me that the historical lesson of military intervention to create Democratic principles in this region of the World are just BUNK, plain and simple. If Afghanistan had been considered the rightful anti terrorism target until elimination of Al Qaeda and the Taliban) without Iraq, our military would have been out of Afghanistan within about 5 years. Then about 1/2 to 1 trillion of U.S. dollars would have lined the pockets of Afghani's instead of the Iraqi's that made out really well in the U.S. taxpayer money giveaway game, right? At least we could have capped the efforts at possibly less than $2 trillion taxpayer costs.As for the situation now, deal with it without going back into Iraq for ANY reason. Let those barbarians do whatever they want to each other. WE have NO National Security interests there whatsoever. If someone wants to challenge me on this opinion. bring it ON is all that I have to say to you- nr/ geraldo drumming for world wide war
9214/I usually am not amazed anymore at your nastiness but every now and then you go way past your usual indecency. This is one of those times. You had to go back 2 months to find a post of mine in order to attack me. If you don't know Jesus it isn't my fault and I really don't care if you chose another path. That is your right but it is MY RIGHT to adocate for the Savior and only a Disciple of the Devil would do otherwise. to turn a religious belief into a Right Wing War Against Women. Not all Right Wingers are Fundamentalist Christians and Not All of us that are NOT what you accuse us of, support this theory of Mrs. Schalfly. If your fear of losing the Senate in November is that severe you should take a vacation from this board and your own TV until that election is over. In the meanwhile take your unwarranted attacks and shove them-ha! Spoken like a true christian. shove it up your AZZ OMG, you need to guzzle aibafs/columbus churches graffiti overnight Israel's Christian Friends Are a Candle in the Darkness algemeiner-Thank the good Lord for the Christian friends of Israel. They put the Jewish left wingers to shame- As Christians we understand, without jealousy or envy, that God’s chosen people are the Jews. Its hard to explain to others that God, through His Holy Spirit puts a love in our hearts for His people that is beyond understanding. We show this love by supporting, caring & praying for and defending the Jewish people, even if it means risking ourselves. Most Christians hope that the route of love and support shows the Jewish people who we believe Yeshua is; we are willing participants in God loving His people-recent days have done is force Irael’s non Jewish supporters into drawing a distinction between Zionist and Israeli. It is now much clearer to the world that the Occupation and the Settlement policy is itself aggressive rather than defensive, that both the UN and increasingly the US are quite right saying Settlements are illegal, and that for there ever to be peace, they have to be handed over to the Palestinians, and the Palestinian land returned, in its entirety, to a Palestinian State. Suddenly, we have been made more aware that Israeli is not congruent with Jewish, that Jewish is not congruent with Zionist, and that even the Zionism that sought a safe homeland is not congruent with the form that invents a Jewish History based on the Bible, and a people based on a phoney Genealogy and Genetics that claims to have absolute rights to what anywhere else would (also) be regarded as an illegal land grab. It is flagrant Lebensraum, don’t even try to pretend it isn’t, not after fifty years of Occupation. Let us at least stop the fraud masquerading as religious belief-CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST MUST BE PREVENTED NOW. ISIS, THE NEW NAZIS MUST BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED. OBAMA MUST DO MORE. We cannot allow the genocide planned by the world’s new Nazi’s, ISIS AS A WAY of uniting us to save Christians. The only way I know how to help is by getting this message out. Never Again must apply to all genocides. JEWS AND CHRISTIANS must unite to save Christian and Jewish lives. Rabbi Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have Some Nerve. ISRAEL Will Not LISTEN To You We dare not allow another Holocaust, the destruction-if someone had put KKK on the side of a black church, Holder and his WH cronies would be swarming the place-condemned by many nations around the world for conduct during the IDF’s 50 day operation claimed the lives of more than 2,100 Palestinians. the timing of the decision could not be worse. This was a grab that was not brought before the cabinet and at this time simply causes damage to the State of Israel, Part of responsible behavior is the question of when and how to do things, Int'l community condemns Israel's decision, plenty of condemnation of Israel from abroad, alarmed by Israeli authorities to declare as so called state land nearly 1,000 acres in the Bethlehem area of the West Bank- iapb/there will always be a racial divide as long as there are people willing to exploit it: Hate radio example Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, lying bigoted propaganda network, Fox News racist parasites who have no office and who only here to cause strife. sarah Palin, ted Nugent, Billionaires like Koch brothers and a callous, racist corrupt tea party extremist GOP who rather this country be destroyed than it be govern by a BLACK MAN fb/ isis using cluster bombs kcwabc

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9114/man yelled white power tried to stab an African American

9114/California man 36 yelled white power, then tried to stab an African American- 4 or 5 Open Carry Activists Showed Up At tx Whole Foods Protest Over Their No Gun Policy-Saudi King Abdullah expressed alarm about ISIS reaching Europe and America, but didn’t mention a timeline for striking in his own backyard After A Month They Will Reach Europe And, After Another Month, America- 5 Reasons To Suspect Jesus Never Existed- Florida GOP's Obamacare Alternative Has Signed Up 30 Whole People ll/Masked California cop accused of beating woman with a baseball bat- FL mayor badgers atheist not standing for prayer or Pledge of Allegiance- Cop threatened to f*cking kill Ferguson reporter resigns- az Dark Lord arrested for urinating on a Bible outside a homeless shelter-Abbott backs out of only televised debate against Davis-Bounty hunter attacks woman with Taser as her family arrives home from church- Georgia student’s family nightmarish gay intervention disowns and assaults him- Georgia cop accused of killing woman he met online, then burning her body- Santorum’s plan to destroy Hollywood: Turn churches into movie theaters- altered video showing what happened before cops shot WV man 23 time-Colbert mocks GOP for believing ISIS can be defeated with make believe- Maher supports ALS, but wants Cheney to take the douse yourself in gasoline challenge-Bundy’s grandchildren pulled from school over ban on carrying pocket knives-Stewart Creepy inmate Perry- Facebooks selfie with OD’d friend before dumping his body because he smelled bad-fla mailman calls cops on meth cooks fending off imaginary invaders with real guns-No charges tourists flock to reopened Arizona gun range-Louisiana is being devoured by the sea, and it’s going to get worse, even quicker rsy/ these are people who consider Jon Stewart to be news in other words, they're not very bright and easily led. I thought you didn't watch TV snuffy so how do you know people consider Jon Stewart to be news. Fact is, Jon Stewart is a comedy show that satirizes the real news shows like FauxNoise. People who watch it know this. But people who watch FauxNoise DO NOT know that it's a Republican propaganda machine, much like MSNBC is a Democratic propaganda machine. But then right wing nut jobs like * are too stupid to know any different. Remember, they are PROGRAMMED to be stupid, ignorant, and blind sheeple lemmings. Wow, this guzzler moron starts a thread about his primary news source - Jon Stewart - then asks me how I know people consider Stewart to be a news source. Is it just me, or does this guzzler have a screw loose?-Believe me, It's just you and thank God you and your ilk are in the small minority in this country. I hope you stay in your little racist corner of Texas and don't pollute the rest of America with your backwoods, racist, homophobic, anti minority beliefs. BTW, thanks for continuing to post and keeping my thread at the top so everyone else can read it-no thread accepting Jon Stewart as a news man. That's just *'s right wing spin. Jon Stewart satirizes the news. That's what makes his comedy show so funny. But because he exposes the hypocrisy on the right, their only rebuttal is that "Libs accept Jon Stewart as a NEWS Reporter". If the right wing nut jobs would actually watch his show, they'd know that but they'd much rather live in their bubble and condemn him. Heaven forbid they actually watch his show and realize they've been duped by the right media all this time-Tea Baggers are always eager to deny paying attention to whatever face or network or program is being ridiculed at the time. If the search function worked here it might prove that these Tea Baggers have each denied listening to every Reight Wing program and talking head on the air and/or www. And yet they recite the daily talking points and fall back on the standard Faux story line. Amazing-Unlike you, you pathetic White guilt ridden little maggot, I don't need commentators to be able to form common sense opinions about the world-There’s also the prohibitive cost of owning an automatic weapon, an M5 might go for $25,000, while a chance to gun down zombie targets with an AR15 and three other weapons costs less than $200-Tourists from Japan flock to ranges in Waikiki, Hawaii, and the dozen or so that have cropped up in Las Vegas offer bullet riddled bachelor parties and literal shotgun weddings, where newly married couples can fire submachine gun rounds and pose with Uzis and ammo belts. People just want to experience things they can’t experience elsewhere, owner of Machine Guns Vegas. There’s not an action movie in the past 30 years without a machine gun-aibafs/Israel is not going to evacuate some 600,000 or more occupants from Samaria and Judea or Eretz Israel Moreover, nobody (not U.S., not Europe, nor anybody) will demand it, clearly not a 2 state solution. So how does this circle get squared? Palestinians will have to leave, die or accept pitiful circumstances of residing on a restricted and guarded reservation of some kind, 21 new coast guard vessels from Israel, Azerbaijan made no formal announcement about such a purchase, Jane's, the defense and intelligence publication, confirmed Thursday that the Azerbaijan Coast Guard ordered six Shaldag Mk V patrol boats and six Saar 62 offshore patrol vessels Eurasianet-it can protect any outpost or base and is very portable Except we can't afford them for every outpost, Notice that not one Israel tank was even disabled in Gaza because a mobile version was being used-What does Iron Dome have to do with protecting against attacks on armor. The Trophy system ( entirely Israeli) was used in combat for the first time and was 100% effective against anti tank munitions- How many times was it used? You know the US doesn't want it because it operates like a big shotgun or claymore. It would kill any infantry nearby and in the direction of the attack
iapb/ Mitch promises billionaire donors he won’t waste time on gosh darn minimum wage increase, outlined his plan to shut down President’s agenda by placing riders on appropriations bills-Officer and veteran Dawon Gore, 44, of the St. Louis County police department is currently suspended without pay and facing char Police Officer Blows the Whistle on Rampant Corruption Within the Department tw/Florida's 'Shoot Straight' Gun Range, Man tried to unjam a 9mm semi automatic, Accidentally Shoots Himself And A Friend-Colorado woman was texting and driving, she hit a pole that went through her car Impaled In Buttocks -Perry quickly deleted a Tweet where he referred to a district attorney as the most drunk Democrat in Texas- Ron Paul believes what the government knew about 9/11 before the tragedy But Didn't Plan It- Victory Over ISIS Barely Mentioned On Sunday Shows implored bo to do something about ISIS, and yet we’ve been bombing them in Northern Iraq to great effect-ll/One Hundred Ways to Change the Subject: Plutocratic Fallacies in the Service of Fast-Food Exploitation attempting to justify exploitive wages and division- Students Should Be Creative Innovators, Not Force Fed Consumers of Status Quo Knowledge- National Lawyers Guild, Other Legal Organizations Urge International Criminal Court to Investigate War Crimes by Israeli, US Leaders in Gaza- a Smashing Success Iraq is a US made disaster of historic proportions. But for the defense industry, ongoing war and fear and death and weaponized mayhem is a fantastic return on their investment-Truthout/Five Ferguson Officers Apart From Brown Shooter Have Been Named in Lawsuits wp/Bombs Go Silent, Testimonies Mount That Israeli Soldiers Used Gazans as Human Shields GlobalVoices/A Rising Tide Only Lifts All Boats When Everyone Has a Boat Hartmann/Burger King's Big Whopper: It Will Incorporate in Canada to Evade US Taxes-Thyroid Cancer in Young People Surges in Fukushima Since Nuclear Meltdown-Relieved of Active Duty in St. Louis, hard to believe that many members of the Ferguson and St. Louis County police forces are not infected with the cancer of racism, intoxicated with the license to kill-US Incarceration System Ruins the Lives of the Poor and Favors the Wealthy BuzzFlash/ mitt documentary wabc/labor extortion jhpv/
83114/Pence among the groveling acolytes of the Koch brothers (R-IN) looks at his notes before a news conference about the goal of permanently extending Bush era tax rates, view on stripping the Federal Reserve of its mandate to ensure full employment remains unchanged join the cult of Koch R/ Why is the only talk about Obama's lack of strategy and none about McCains complicity in founding ISIS-Bachmann 2012 state campaign chair pleads guilty on obstruction of justice charge dailykos- fb/6, 2013complete airpower in Iraq and Afghanistan but never managed to eliminate attacks nor US casualties. Iron dome does no good in urban combat, and doesn't protect convoys or outposts that could use a lot of other equipment before a multi tens of millions of dollars anti rocket system. It's only useful for the peculiar tactical and strategic position Israel is in, as long as Israel has a sugar daddy to finance the 1000:1 cost ratio between an Iron Dome missile and the rocket it destroys-contexts, also happens to be how Jews perceive their value as compared to a Gentile-iapb/
83014/We are a people of peace and in order to avoid an incident we've already begun leaving a village in western Guatemala after a bitter row with the local indigenous community, 230 members of an Orthodox Jewish group settled in the village six years ago as the group searched for religious freedom, We have a right to be there, but they threatened us with lynching if we don't leave, after meetings with elders of the Mayan community accused the Jews of shunning the villagers and imposing their religion and customs AFP/ asshat scientist said that the science was settled, he has repeatedly impuned the intellects of anyone who disagreed with him on this issue. He is the typical pop culture mouthpiece for all of the various crusades and causes of the freaks, wierdos, perverts, feminazis, misfits, welfare leeches and other assorted filth who make up the Left and the democrap party in this country, doesn't even have the intellectual honesty and more importantly the integrity to admit that he was wrong. Not just wrong, but wrong. But he will simply slink away until the next fad is spoon fed to him by his pop culture masters-So then lets keep the cheap energy flowing so we can grow our economy, create jobs, generate wealth, compete in the global marketplace and properly defend America and her interests, shall we? Since none of this is settled, let's stop the EPA and other government agencies from strangling American industry and charging all Americans energy surcharges that somehow just keep ending up in some government crony's pocket. Sound like a plan? aibafs
82914/sadly we still cannot legislate what some would call stupidity temp loss of reason? So sad- Im sure the other 49 white cops R patting Dennis Wilson on the back & saying Its OK man, I'd have shot him 2, what r 3 black cops saying?-Senator Admits That Republican Legislature Is Failing, Says Tea Party is ruining Texas tw/-Rubio & the GOP's Reckless Shutdown Politics-Only one to right of republicans now is ISIS, Shame the only idea republicans can come up with is blackmailing the country, block, blame and damage ybac/ Philadelphia home, with guns drawn, one of them pointed at the dog, found small amounts of the drug in chris’s bedroom. Chris and his wife, Amy, knew nothing of their son’s drug habit, it was the first time he had been busted for possessing narcotics, later, the cops were back to tell the Sourovelis family they had to gather their things and leave the property. The home was being confiscated under civil forfeiture rules, leaving the family homeless and forced to sleep on a neighbor’s couch, had to agree that their son would no longer live with them. Even though they agreed, the family could still lose their home permanently as the case winds through the city’s legal system, 2002 through 2012, law enforcement in Philadelphia seized more than 1,000 homes, 3,200 vehicles and $44 million in cash ds/Places like Ferguson were industrial suburbs until globalization killed them. The Fortune 500 company Emerson Electric Co. is one of the companies that stayed back after many moved out of the St. Louis area. But the bulk of its jobs are gone, rage has roots in China, Mexico mw/new crime: picking up your kids while black, Tased By Cops Picking Up Kids- Police Don’t Shoot And Kill Violent White Man At sc Walmart a stark study in contrasts to a notorious shooting ll/savage isis plans hit on francis/ don’t know what’s happening. I ran upstairs this morning and a Zamboni fell out steph shock collar liberal vacation, home slice getting it right, tanks in ukraine, changing maps putin gop frontrunner, panda joins whorenation term of endearment/izzy estasy traded 4 guns kcwabc/
82814/Lindsey Graham predicts an American city in flames if Obama doesn’t go to war in Iraq -711 Mitch McConnell May Have Committed A Felony-fb/ GOP candidate: Gay congressman will behead Christians who don’t worship sodomy -Georgia cops fired Taser 13 times as a cattle prod to make tired man walk before he died-Scarborough is livid about gun nuts after story about Uzi shooting-Sons of Guns reality show star Will Hayden arrested for rape of child 11-Video shows CEO kicking puppy in elevator: A friend’s pet caused me to lose control-Robertson knows why Robin, The heathen worships false gods-no longer facing life in prison for pot brownies, but he could still get 20 years-Thieves cause immeasurable damage to Alabama home of civil rights icon Rosa Parks-court allows Fargo 10 Commandments monument while secular displays banned- Christian TV’s Paul Crouch to Italian mob, Palestinian gun trafficking- ESPN showering habits of gay football player-fla cops beat him for not rolling down window all the way-half mile crack splits open the ground in northwest Mexico- Fox pundit: Images from Foley beheading video perfectly fair GOP campaign-Iowa mayor resigns after charges of raping two young girls-Arkansas police chief resigns after calling reporter a smelly left wing liberal-Police rescue New Mexico woman from car after kidnap text to sister-Florida cops kill bystander, but charge suspect they were trying to shoot with her murder-incestuous sex in church parking lot- sWAT unit bursts through gamer’s door after prank call-Louisiana Brain eating amoeba detected in drinking water-hits Rastafarian teen unlimited suspension dreadlocks-judicial candidate vows to display Ten Commandments in courthouse if elected-Florida youth pastor busted sharing child porn-Texas parents sue day care-cops spraying rubber bullets at Ferguson crowd for no apparent reason-Sorbo: Atheists are angry because they secretly know God exists and is judging them-Off duty Texas cop cleared in fatal shooting he suspected of drug use- O’Reilly garbage like BeyoncĂ© videos-Philadelphia cops brutalize fellow officer- Sovereign Moors obsession spreads-MO grandmother guilty of killing husband decades ago, burying body in mine shaft-brightest star in the comedy galaxy Crystal-arrested after naked rampage at hemp festival- Chappelle's surprise return to Hartford-Utah woman accidentally shoots family member driving to pawn shop to sell gun-Fox & Friends has spell check-Winner of Russian roulette game in Connecticut charged in loser’s death-NY GOP candidate whose stolen gun was used in deadly robbery broke federal rules-Pennsylvania school guard ‘hero’ fired for being too old: lawyer rsy/ Black TV Producer Arrested By Beverly Hills Cops Who Thought He Robbed A Bank-Man Gets Out Of Car To Fatally Shoot Panhandler In Wheelchair-Anti Gay Gov Bob McDonnell no longer living with his wife, Living With Busted For Gay Sex Priest- Reality Gun Show Canceled After Host Charged With Raping Daughter Daily-Owner of Red Jacket Firearms and host of Discovery’s Sons of Guns Will Hayden was recently arrested-Sorenson concealed payments received from Ron Paul’s presidential campaign Pleads Guilty-It's gone planned on dying here, But not from drinking the water Imperial Metals Mount Polley tailings spill disrupts future of local fishing lodge-three weeks have passed since the Mount Polley mine spill. Yet cleanup hasn't started and the impacts on Quesnel Lake are still entirely unknown-vo/Perry Can't Carry A Concealed Gun-Shell CEO accepts ice bucket challenge from diCaprio-Biblical lessons in the tar sands-laissez-faire approach toward the tar sands reminded of America's attitude toward Wall Street-ll