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72214/can Texass stand up to 10 year olds?

72214/can the Texass National Guard stand up to 10 year olds? texans must be real scardy people-evangelical Christian group plans to try to convert children as young #$%$ at Portland apartment pools, public parks and dozens of other gathering spots this summer, campaign that’s got some residents upset. should be arrested for child endangerment and child abuse-Yahoo Is Using Censorship To Control The Conversation!, Pity How Evil Wins So Much!-Texass National Guard Enjoying Paid Holiday and Free Tacos at the Border-w should be on the border apologizing for that law he signed in 08 that has created the mess-Adams, now an attorney in Virginia and a conservative blogger for Pajamas Media, says he and the other Justice Department lawyers working were told, Drop the charges against the New Black Panther Party, Adams told FoxNews, adding, political appointees Loretta King, and Steve Rosenbaum, since 2003, ordered the dismissal-Obamacare class action suits open, Basich is on the hook for $400,000 in medical bills that would have been paid by his insurer had his application been processed correctly by Nevada’s Obamacare exchange, Mr. Basich is one of two named plaintiffs in the suit against the state run exchange, and the company that built it, claims thousands of residents paid for health insurance, but never got covered because of technical glitches on the portal, in this case, Xerox Corp, opted to set up their own private insurance markets withheld payments, renegotiated contracts or threatened to sue their web vendors over faulty exchanges because both entities failed to deliver, thousands of Nevadans remain uninsured despite payment of insurance premiums yhal/1 3.5 24.2yf/Help me understand the logic of DOJ settlements with banks, charged with misrepresenting the quality of packaged home mortgages to institutional investors, these loans were encouraged, if not required, by the US government as a condition of growth for the banks. For this egregious act, the banks shareholders are being required to forfeit billions of dollars that are being used to reduce principal and extend payments for the very borrowers who were extended credit they could not afford. What am I missing here?-Fear, he underwriting guidelines were in writing and were met, Wall Street and banks are culpable for the antics of the time, Were you actually of legal age back in the early 2000's and the frenzy of the real estate bubble? And frenzy it was. You wouldn't be so sanguine with you commentary if you were. An example buy it and flip it, as well as many info commericials on how to do the same. Buy with no money down types of stuff. It was all wink wink nudge nudge stuff in line with keeping the frenzy going. Of course nobody, or very few, saw this must end badly frenzy, unless they bothered to juxtapose stretched, the sheer cost of property against then current normalized income levels of the buying community-Shareholder money used to get more illegals here to VOTE! Fact! WE are funding these people so they can VOTE for the democRaps! More welfare= BIGGER govt! the NEW ACORN. Name is COI ybac/nc’s strong Obamacare enrollment at odds with state politics Another court shlaps down Ofama hard!-Federal appeals court rules most subsidies are illegal-within 24 hours of downing of MH17, US has had all the information within 24 hours. based on ample intelligence allegedly collected through sophisticated satellite and radar systems. Then one might wonder what happened to MH730? US might have the information but simply did not have the political incentive to make it public. Why?, two days after the establishment of BRICS development bank, ending the Bretton Woods regime set up seventy years ago. So we are distracted from the fact that the global financial system is experiencing seismic shift that would have major impact on US DollarIt does not take a genius to see the connection between MH370 and MH17. According to Boeing website, since 9/11, all the Boeing commercial jets have been upgraded with a control system which allows the ground crew to remote control the plane in case of a hijack or other emergency. The document is available on Boeing website. My impression is that somebody in the cockpit has to manually engage such function and give total control to the ground crew. But, a back door program, in my view, could be installed in the system to allow the ground crew remotely activate the total control option without the consent of pilots in the cockpit. Somebody could have infiltrated the Malaysian Air maintenance crew to have installed the software containing the back door is present in all Boeing commercial jets, but only Malaysian Airlines was selected to be the victims, only because the transponder and other communication system might have been turned off so that it would not appear as commercial passenger jet on the radar screen, other interesting point is highly likely that MH17 was indeed shot down by the Rebels, If Germany caves in to pressure and starts crippling sanction on Russia, then EU recession is rest assured. And the global market sell off is rest assured, failure of the Abenomics will also be rest assured yc/Even Ronald Reagan's Budget Director Admits rnc insidious doctrine Tax Cutting Policies Crippled Our Economy-If Reagan came back from the dead & agreed GOP wouldn't believe it- fb/Two Men Try To Rob A Store; One Accidentally Second Amendments His Accomplice To Death-Meet Igor Girkin, who goes by the military stage name Igor Strelkov. The New Yorker‘s David Remnick has the 101 on this extremist zealot:[Former Putin advisor Gleb] Pavlovsky Putin Gave This Incompetent Zealot Anti-Aircraft Weapons-Stern Fan Pranks MSNBC During Flight 17 Crash Coverage-Meet The Short-Tempered Nut Who Will Be Wading Out In Traffic With A Semi-Automatic In Texas With An Open Carry Group-two Republican judges will have to live with their decision to deny millions of Americans federal health insurance subsidies. So you can thank Judge Raymond Randolph, a Bush I appointee, and Judge Thomas Griffith-Reagan diaries: complained about sniping from his right flank, Short of going to war, what would they have us do?” he asked in a speech.“I know that some of our critics have sounded off that somehow we haven’t exacted enough vengeance-Native American Tribe Cancels Ted Nugent Casino Concert Over Racist Comments-W. Appointed Judge Tosses Wisconsin R Johnson’s Obamacare Lawsuit challenging a requirement that congressional members and their staffs obtain health insurance through small business exchanges, saying had no grounds to sue-Kansas City by the Westboro Baptist Church was interrupted when someone fulfilled our inner-at it again. The group was made famous for protesting at funerals of American service men, It is now claiming God caused 298 dead shooting down MH17-fantasies and drove a car onto a sidewalk and into the group.The twelve Westboro Baptist protesters at the event were not injured. Police were monitoring the protest but the female driver- many believe Putin has blood all over his hands claws. Seagal Kicked Out Of Music Festival Over Putin Bromance-Survey Says: Bill Clinton Ranks As Most Intelligent President, George W. Bush The Least-ll/ What Are They Hiding?-Nothing Was Done After Militia Group Moved In Next Door to US Consulate in Benghazi-Netanyahu Hamas Wants to Pile Up As Many Civilian Deaths As Possible- Court Invalidates Some ObamaCare Subsidies-The Whole World Is Starting To Burn-Sarah Leaving a Power Vacuum That's Being Filled By Evil Men- Putin's Not Done With Us-Sen. Paul Hamas Is Out of Money & Will Shortly Be Out of Missiles-Krauthammer on Obama: 'He Doesn't Know What to Do, So He Does Nothing-They Were in God's Hands Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Power Lines, Injuring 5- Officer Risks Life to Drag Drunk Man to Safety-Jeanine to Obama: It's Time to Sit at the Table & Get in the Game-Huddy Tours Gaza on Bloodiest Day So Far-Kerry MH17 Crash A Wake- Up Call for Putin & Russia-fla Massive Sinkhole Growing By the Hour-Injectable Foam Could Curb Blood Loss on the Battlefield fni/ Israelis gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as military drops bombs on Gaza-Showdown at the Supreme Court expected as courts deliver conflicting rulings on Obamacare-MI utility worker strangles pregnant teen he held at house of horrors, beheads her boyfriend-Right-wing youth leader threatens his ‘gay’ dog on Facebook: ‘Don’t challenge my principles-Jones calls MH17 downing a false flag-Oliver: US prisons are full because our drug laws are a little draconian, and a lot racist- PA mother and grandparents make bail after starving 7 yr old to 25 pounds-Florida man 83 goes on gun rampage until stopped by a drawbridge- Sky News apologizes after reporter rummages through luggage of flight MH17 victim on air- 3 Albuquerque teens arrested in grisly beating deaths of two homeless men-Ohio village threatens Iraq war vet with $150 fine and loss of his therapy-PA man on summertime snowmobile rampage crashes into cars on Main St., shoots gun at wife-veteran 97 booted to homeless shelter for ukulele music-AL man accidentally kills girlfriend while playing with gun on trampoline with infant-Petty: No one’s got Christ more wrong than the Christians- Baltimore man fatally shoots friend of 15 years during botched bulletproof vest prank-FL midwife sues clinic that won’t hire her because she won’t prescribe birth control pills-Idaho tribe cancels Ted Nugent casino concert over rocker’s racist comments-TX man shoots self hitching up shorts in store: It’s dangerous to stick a gun in your pants-Think tanker tells tea partiers: Being drawn and quartered too good for bO-Portland parents fight Christian extremist club trying to harvest kids at public parks-border sheriffs slam Perry’s political plan to deploy 1,000 troops as a waste of money-NC pastor kills self in front of deputies as they try to arrest him on child sex charges- wingnut professor: Raping Arab women is the only thing that deters suicide bombers-US missionary accused of sex abuse in Kenya blames pseudo tribal psychological voodoo- Florida father posts photo of sexually abused son online in donation plea-10 key races that may hinge on the ‘war on women-Russia Today defends crash coverage: ‘We have different definitions of truth-Graham unhinged: Obama made world ‘adrift’; our enemies ‘will come here soon!-Cruz’s false compassion on border crisis: Your plan ‘doesn’t help the kids-Stewart hammers GOP impeachment bluster: All this talk of tyranny is bullsh*t-suspect for attempted murder refuses help from negro public defender- Bundy style scofflaw jailed in Miami over threats to shoot county commissioners- Colbert rips Fox News for pretending to care about border kids-You’re so go*damn dumb Fox Business guests clash over 17-Son of IL cop awaiting trial for heinous murder files complaint over jail menu and small towels-WI police chief accused of signing Tea Party member up for Obamacare and porn-Woman’s severed head found in yard of Long Island home, other body parts elsewhere- Maher compares Hamas to crazy woman you have to slap-rsy/ San Francisco’s tech libertarian Reboot, its stated goal is to leverage Silicon Valley’s technical talent to help foster liberty, which is really just shorthand for libertarianism. After all, the marquee speakers are free market rockstar Rand Paul conference is a cesspool Homophobia, racism and the Kochs: bgk/ HOW Britain PROFITS from the ATTACK GENOCIDE on Gaza tw/ gomert creationist algebra joke dp/ colonal putin? christy groveling to adles for occupation remark, pay per view war, losing humanity, ron paul sez putin propaganda works and media complicity, wingnut brings gun to work by mistake, assuming cheating insufficent ejaculation spurs gun assault, segal yanked reconsidering moving to russia, simmons with latest lie stands for 1%, bo's pr team slacking, drawbridge helps end gun violence? humping gay cure from russia, joe asumes putin correctly, central american flow slows, back peddling putin swoon berlin wall style bill recommends krauthammers 700b$ idea while karl lays cover, hannity poses for postcard in war on mexico aiding bo syndrome into unhinged flaylings, loose cannon stephanie with foreign relations advice amist presidental bid with 69% approval rating and of marketing campaign paying attention to shit on the celling and college days/nyc pot vs tobacco paradox, humping diamond dealers geraldo feedsjooz giving free advice to any questioned by police/ the world needs to know what happened, flying herion for sex investigation, cuts all izzy flights, wabc/aphixical positioning led tiny officer with 5 helping to kill illegal ciggarette seller, tying ukrainejooz palistine link curt digs up joonews, valuing child sex victims, housing illegals in swanky hoods sarah back in the news, kcwabc/
72114/Iran is the only thing keeping Israeli's from total domination of the Middle East. The Rothschild Zionist NWO IS Israel. They stole Palestine due to the Balfour Declaration(1917) whereby one country's land was promised to those scoundrels who have been kicked out of every country in Europe one time or another. The same vermin now control our Congress which is why the camel jocks hate America-should demand an international Boycott of Israel due to their War Crimes against Humanity Boycott all things made in Israel Call Congress and demand all aid to Israel cease immediately-incarcerate for crimes against humanity. Funny how Yahoo will delete posts that offend liberals but won't delete the most egregious examples of hate speech-Call your representative in congress and demand Sharia lovers be deported-my being a Sharia lover? Facts are that Israeli's are a bunch of war mongering Khazars who have co opted Judaism for their own benefit. Over 90% of the Israeli's are not descendants of Abraham and are not even Semitic people- both their own worst enemies-joosdon't believe in christ, they vote for tard politicians who support (aside from the destruction of the US) palestinian dregs who use their own people as shields for protection after their offensives, if jooswere christian, conservatives might have a dog in the fight. But they don't believe jesus was anything more than a babbling beggar, When you're that stupid, you just need to let nature take its course and allow both sides to exterminate each other yhal/how can the good people help these others? how? floating around this sad sad earth, troubles seem to within the hearts of these peoples. they apparently CAN'T love themselves, be good and fair (such as women and children who are born into slave labor, raped, tortured, murdered etc, they can't seem to love their brothers, or their neighbors-ygs/Putin is fighting against the ZSA NWO who are responsible Russia had no involvement of the downing of MH17- Not at all like Cheney. Putin is sane. Cheney is a sociopath yc/VFraud St. #$%$'s propping up the market in the face of Israeli attrocities, Nothing to see over there, THE DOW IS STiLL OVER 17K, SO KILLING CIVILIANS IS OK/gaza civilian casualties reports that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are transporting themselves throughout Gaza in ambulances packed with children wsj-Since the IDF/ IAF don't hesitate to target ambulances, how would this be beneficial?-texas california soldiers killed in gaza timesof israel-Isn't illegal for Americans to fight in foreign wars?-he once uttered that he would gladly lead a company into battle for Israel, but he's not going to fool me as to what country he loves most. And should he make a personal sacrifice, not necessarily death, but death included, it would be as a Jew adoring de facto Israeli iapb/700 people were killed in clashes 270 have been killed in clashes while the death toll for the day's combined unrest was 396, Isis offensive has been focused on northern Iraq in recents months, seizing all of its oil fields, Jihadists stoned to death two women accused of adultery in the northern Raqqa province after being sentenced by an Islamic court. A mob reportedly carried out the death sentence in the Al Taqaba market area-Syrian Civil War Videos Used for Online Propaganda in Israel-Gaza Conflict-Isis Tells Iraqi Christians: Convert, Pay Jihad Tax or Face Death-Scottish Jihadist Who Appeared in Isis Video Killed by Iraqi Swat- Jihadists Expel Moderate Rebels From Oil City ibtimesuk/13 izzy troops dead wabc/loon runs 4 office in wi guess wot party, alien conspiracy flight17 bodies drained of blood, lube surge leads to spurt, w pal elections causes, stephie/opens with peace train, bridge jumpers a big problem, geraldo/ perry assumes 12m$ per day calling out national guard, on savage/25 to 500 izy pal casualities cbs/
72014/Formerly Incarcerated People Lead Movement to Confront Oppressive Justice System-women incarcerated in Alabama’s Tutwiler prison organized, risking their own safety, and sparks federal investigation-Assault on Gaza Obscures Core Issues: Racism, Occupation, Colonization- Some Israelis refer to their periodic shelling of the Palestinian territory as mowing the lawn, believes it can bomb Gazans into changing their interests, but how long will Obama support this delusion?-Hong Kong's Occupy Central Pushes for Genuine Democracy, Hundreds of protesters staged an overnight and peaceful sit-in in Central, the city's government and financial district, in what was seen as a dress-rehearsal for the Occupy Central civil disobedience action that will take place if the authorities reject their demand in the next two years-Despite Obama's deportations of a record 2 million immigrants, rights groups across the country have resisted draconian measures to destroy American families- Truthout/Will Ukraine Be the Christian Right's Next Anti Gay Battleground?-UN Warns 50,000 Children May Starve to Death South Sudan-Cheney Family Gets the Soprano Family Fade to Black Treatment- Community and Conscience-50 Years in the Tar Sands Koch-Governor Implements GOP Economics, Disaster Ensues-The Human Price of Neocon Havoc -BuzzFlash/Which Is Worse, Government or Corporate Bureaucracy?- A giant crater like hole discovered in the Siberian tundra is believed to be caused by an underground methane explosion. Methane trapped underground in the Arctic is like a giant ticking time bomb. Unless we start seriously fighting back against climate change, giant craters in the Siberian wilderness will be the least of our worries-Hartman/ IDF Accused of Using Flechette Shells in Gaza, Which Spray Out Thousands of Potentially Lethal Darts-Australian Journalists Will Face Jail Over Snowden Style Leaks Under New Security Laws Guardian/ What An Israeli Roof Knock Looks Like digg/ Rallies Held in New York City After Man Dies From Alleged Police Chokehold aja/The Israeli Army Is Requiring Journalists to Sign Waivers in Case of Injury or Death hp/

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72014/Gaza death toll tops 300

72014/israel death toll Gaza tunnels topped 300, widened its ground offensive, sending more troops into Gaza after demolishing more than a dozen Hamas tunnels and intensifying tank fire on border areas. Ukraine, rebels argue over wreck; Europeans give Putin last chance Ukraine accused Russia and pro Moscow rebels destroying evidence to cover up their guilt in the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner- agrees to a 2 hour humanitarian truce in a Gaza neighborhood hit hard by Israeli shelling ytw/at least 40 Palestinians are killed r/ Massive Protests Around the World-Perry is visiting Iowa, hoping for a second chance to win over Republican voters who delivered him a stinging caucus loss when he ran for president two years ago-Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in London to protest against Israel's counteroffensive in Gaza on Saturday. Reports of violent assaults, anti Semitism, and destruction have marked the worldwide London rally protests as Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza- The Atlantic Wire/ sending thousands fleeing in terror on day 13 of the deadliest assault on the enclave in five years. The intensity of the bombardment prevented emergency services from accessing the area and dead bodies lay in the street AFP/200 people marched through the streets towards the Israeli settlement of Beit El before being stopped by about 80 helmeted and shield bearing Palestinian police-Jihadists stone Syria woman to death for adultery-How much do you know about the Palestinians? Take our quiz-Two political casualties of Gaza conflict: Netanyahu and Abbas Egyptian cease fire plan for Israel Hamas conflict quickly unravels-Why a Palestinian youth's murder lit a fuse in Jerusalem csmonitorAfghanistan's disputed election and Iraq's unraveling are giving members of Congress and U.S. allies in the region reason to think President Barack Obama should rethink his decision to withdraw virtually all Americans troops from Afghanistan by the close of 2016 ap/rip Maverick and The Rockford Files star James Garner 86/ netty claims double war crimes as justification, george asks where would they go? abc/
71914/No wonder the Religious Right can't tell fact from fiction, and your answer to why the powers that be might like to strongly push religion as a moral imperative. This conclusion contradicts previous studies in which children were said to be born believers, Indeed, secular children responded to religious stories in much the same way as they responded to fantastical stories rawstory-Just a day before Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and burned alive (allegedly by six Israeli Jewish youths), Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked called for the killing of every single Palestinian woman because they are the ones that give birth, filthy racist cunt is calling for an all out genocide. These are the kind of people that run Israel. If the media would stop justifying every thing they do had have one atom of objectivity people would demand that we cut off aid to Israel tomorrow-created Israel out of Hitler Guilt, stealing the land from Palestine. Sadly, the warlike Israelis and their apartheid state are unequivocably propped up by the west- fb/in #Iraq, Congressmen and their constituents need to know more, families of 911 victims and Congress to promote the release, confident that making these 28 pages public would not damage our national security. I had to stop every couple of pages and just sort of try to absorb and try to rearrange my understanding of history. It challenges you to re think everything. I think the whole country needs to go through that massie kyr/
71814/Perry is putting various agencies on the Texas Border that are State funded. His announcement stated, Fed Govt will not secure the Border, we in Texas will do it ourselves. Seems EACH STATE will need to do this! Incredible what a corrupt POS administration this is-Sounds like this could be Obama's game for all the new democrat voters, trying desperately to tie Rick Perry to being the head of the Texas Republican party and the enemy of the Democrats, forcing Perry to be the bad guy and close the border, it attempts to further destroy the Texas Republicans image to the Democrat voters in Texas, libs are on a monster campaign to turn Texas into a blue state. If Texas turned from red to blue it would ensure the Democrats would always hold the white house, Using children and illegals as a pawn in his political quest with no regard of the lives of those people, while Obama does nothing-Spot on! This is EXACTLY what is happening, however, spoke to many GOP in Dallas recently. This will backfire on Obama. You are exactly in tune with what the GOP is going to address publicly in a soon to be series of ads, etc. We all know Obama's strategy is to load Texas with illegals on welfare, and Holder 's "no VOTER ID needed" policy. Voter ID is on the Texas Ballot come November. It passed in the primaries overwhelmingly. People in Texas are fuming over this invasion. Perry knows bo's game is, and it will be addressed to backfire on bO bac/sanduscky voted for bush twice, he is republican like you have you done such things?-did it give you a woody as you listened to the details? You're the ONLY sick minded little weirdo who knew anything about this. Or cared-Izzraylees basically a terrorist nation, kill innocent children playing on a beach then blame Hamas for it and claim that Hamas is celebrating the deaths of their children, they make some statement to the effect that we love our children but the Palestinians don't yhal/13.8 25.1yf/Consumer Confidence Slumps To 4 Month Lows, Biggest Miss Since Dec 2012-your onto something here. When you have a survey of 3, it usually is not a large enough sample- Bombardier (planes) Inc Big orders announced today yc/about the brutal popes , the adultery, murder, child molestation, no wonder the descendant trash on this board do not know any better. gutter faith-what did the church do when Mussolini was in power Bent over and spread for the nice dictator, as long as he did not affect bingo sales, when Hitler was in power? supported him and got paid off to look the other way, typical of a gutter religion ygs/The wealthy are using social media at almost the same rates as the nonwealthy, 3/4 of millionaires in a Spectrum Group survey said they use social media. The wealth research firm said 57 percent of the 1,300 millionaires in the poll responded that they use Facebook, while 41 percent use LinkedIn (LNKD) and 10 percent use Twitter-even off duty coal miners, dressed in overalls and covered in soot spread out Friday across the sunflower fields and villages of eastern Ukraine, searching 181 bodies found at Malaysian plane site KIEV AP-takes aim at firms that shift profits overseas to avoid taxes, called out corporate America for its growing use of a tactic to avoid paying taxes and urged lawmakers to act quickly to put a halt to the maneuver/market voaltility don't overreact- This guy sounds about as smart as most other Yahoo! employees. Where do they find these idiots? They must troll prison parking lots and half way houses for these morons. So, the world wars were the last time external factors caused a bear market? Have you been asleep since then or something? What about the tech bust or the housing crisis? What about needing the FED to artificially support low interest rates to keep the current bubble that Bernanke that built from bursting in our faces? What about a federal corporate tax structure that's forcing some of the country's most profitable corporations to consider leaving the country? The stock market isn't really about corporate profits. It's about the investor's perception about future corporate profits. Instability at home and abroad does and should affect investor perception. There are no external factors. I guess we should all be relieved * is just a Yahoo! hack and not someone who is looked to for real advice-Microsoft announcing they'll be eliminating 18K jobs-Yellen used to be a Yahoo! finance contributor-You appear to be an expert an idiocy. ha! Did you work for Yahoo! as well? Or maybe you still do-a little thing like Russian backed rebels shooting passenger planes out of the sky shouldn't have any impact on the markets-Wall St. doesn't give a sht what's going on in the rest of the world! As long as there's no mushroom cloud over Manhattan, it's full speed ahead!/ruled by elites psychopaths who control governments, the media, banks and wars with maufactured consent and evidence fb/Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Wreckage-Shep If Putin Is Responsible, the World Will Know- Operation IDF in Gaza Strip-Ad Offers More Than $6K Per Month to House Illegal Immigrant Minors-Cabinet Member Illegally Soliciting Campaign Donations-Scholar Warns b0 Threatening to Remake Gov't-Fired Editor NYT Plays It Straight fni/House Oversight Committee chair Darrell Stop the testimony! Quick! Issa, who, along with gun crazies, Glenn Beck, and undercover GOP failure, flen defended a history book which refers to slaves as a cheerful lot by urging his listeners to go out and buy the book.One of Arizona’s public charter schools is under fire from Americans United for Separation of Church and State-To our total surprise wink wink You'll Need Brain Bleach After Reading The CommentsThree Percenter Vanderboegh Sent Trolls To Our Site: -mi Schauer is accusing Republicans of attempting to spy on his campaign and he has every reason to be suspicious. It’s always a tell tale sign when Republican operatives show up wearing super sneaky spy glasses at fundraiser. Rick Snyder’s sleuths-It was only a matter of time before chimps evolved enough to attend the movies and pay for their own tickets. What next? Even worse, they can be seen (not) plotting against humanity during the film, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Be afraid. Be very afraid-WVVA’s Annie Moore was reporting on an incident at the Willbrian Apartments where a body was found Saturday. Someone driving by fired a shot at Moore while she was recording footage-Rapper I Came Here To Be A God Andre Johnson Explains Why He Cut Off His Penis-ll/You've been bemoaning it for a long time. Why now the suit? Why not just fix things that are very, very wrong now rather than dragging someone to court over whether they overstepped their bounds? It just seems to me like an enormous waste of effort where was ur rage with w, why now? Cavuto called the lawsuit a waste of time and a charade while Bachmann argued bo’s attempt to establish lawlessness is a big deal-Trey Gowdy would mince, chop, and puree Rude-o Cavuto like a Cuisenart- why are you being so rude? let her speak-Screw Cavuto. Lets hear what you suggest genius, Get a rope-Laugh as long and loud as you want, but the ONLY way to force the General Government back to the confines of the Constitution is by putting Texas Independence on the ballot. Obviously Texans would benefit because we would be able to chart our own course into the future without being overruled by a single thug in a black robe, most Americans don't consider a resurgence in personal liberty, in order to prevent a wholesale break up of the Union. Texas has every legal and moral right to reclaim our Independence and join the 148 other nations who have become independent since WWII. That is almost one billion people who have achieved independence since 1945!-OMG I am so for this, Just closing all those military bases alone would save the US so much money. No more paying welfare payments to Texas. No more social security payments. No more medicare. with moving all those soldiers to LA,OK,NM and AZ would be such a great boost to those states. Gulf hurricanes that strike TX, would be their problem-Neil isn't making much sense in this clip, maybe he has to add drama to bring his numbers up bmb-judge Jeanine Smoking SPICY HOT Opening Statement OBLITERATES bo, It's All A Trojan Horse! For Which You Are ILL Prepared!/ Stewart hammers GOP impeachment bluster: All this talk of tyranny is bullsh*t-Shep FDA is warning consumers to avoid pure powdered pure caffeine sold on the Internet after the death of an Ohio teen tw/It isn't a question of WHO did it. What really matters, Amb. John Bolton explains, it is what the U.S. response is. We need to respond to it, or it is going to happen again-Hypocrites Call Vets Benefits Too Expensive But Want a $600 Billion Tax Cut for Business , Republicans blocked a $21 billion plan to build new VA clinics because they said it was too expensive, but today House Republicans advanced a $600 billion tax cut for business politicususa-Jesus Doesn't Want You To Help the Immigrant Children Robert Jeffress on Fox News to discuss the immigration issue-Ayelet Shaked called for the killing of every single Palestinian woman because they are the ones that give birth. She also said all Palestinian children Little Snakes. fb/Two loud pops crack open the sky. Tires squeal, heads turn, people duck for cover, turbulent Guatemalan movement against Canadian mining-Sex work and the politics of rape: why the government owes women an apology vo/russian intelligence behind 777 downing, fedex implicated in perscription drug heist, imus/christian domainism, ukraine trouble, akine legitimate rapeisms abound, fugalview? stephie/educators database pemco 250b$ suit, you can say anything you want hartmann nut punched by caller handled causally, but that guy wuz nutz/compared to anarkopublicans crazies chisty is the only not totally nutz, by we're not involved curt defended izzy chosen to 10B$ annually reporter threats after being called scum, kc- sex and drugs, teacher admits, wabc
71714/Gazans being killed by Israeli air and artillery are being killed where they live, whereas the one Israeli citizen by Gazan fire had to volunteer to travel to the battle front to place himself in danger-Four kids playing on a beach. here's where Cons justify their deaths by labelling them potential future terrorists, or even terrorists in training-military operation? or death squads? 75% innocents dead-Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wasn't kidding would cut 18,000 jobs within the next year, 14% of the company's 125,000 employees. That's by far the largest round of layoffs in the company's history cnn-Mo A former methamphetamine dealer was executed for killing Randy Happy Hamilton and Stacey Hodge, then Alfred Pinegar several days later. You are killing an innocent man, Middleton said in his final statement.He maintained to the end that someone else was responsible for the slayings, Gov Nixon disagreed Tonight has brought a conclusion to a case that illustrates how meth can have such a monstrous impact on so many lives, sixth execution in Missouri this year. Only Florida and Texas, with seven each, have performed more foxnews-AFP) blues legend Johnny Winter 70 has died in Zurich, Born in Texas in 1944, Winter began playing the clarinet aged five, and switched to the ukelele and then the guitar a few years later-aibaf/trolls are real secretive GCHQ and JTRIG training manual which was leaked via Glenn Greenwald and Ed Snowden show an even dirtier side to our governments new digital Stasi. Their report means that the public can finally put an ugly face on this disease which is ruining the internet. First Look explains: Among the core self identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics (1)to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable 21stcenturywire/Mysterious giant hole likely caused by global warming, not UFOs or meteors, more than 260 feet across and of unknown depth over the Yamal Peninsula Siberian Times-Road raging NM man shoots at carload of kids in cross town chase over traffic disagreement-Glenn Beck defends book that claims whites were the worst victims of American slavery-Wi hate crime suspect says lynching letter he sent to black family is not racist-Children fleeing to the U.S. are refugees of the drug war we created-Treatment derived from cat poop parasite fights cancer-Child migrants bringing culture of thievery, rape and murder-pal of Maine’s GOP governor convicted of driving without a license-armed home invasion Victim finds images of attackers on Google Street View 3 years later rsy/House Oversight Committee, who is bravely fighting the IRS's campaign to fight tax fraud-gun dorks, a Kansas RINO stampede to the blue side-A member of the gun rights Carry got to vote in Alabama, while wearing a holstered pistol, but police later asked him to leave while he stood in front of the polling place, Comes Back With Members Of Gun Rights Group WKRG-Two former Utah state attorneys general arrested face numerous charges, including receiving and soliciting bribes, combined 23 counts that could total 30 years each in prison. Bail was set at $250,000 each-WI GOP tried to retroactively legalize campaign abuses after Scott Walker scandal-AZ sheriff provokes protesters to block road with trucks to stop invasion of 40 child refugees-Carbon is demonized just like the poor Jews under Hitler CNBC’s climate expert sorkin-ll/The Greatest Mystery Novel Tour De France was originally started to emphasize that friendship is an illusion and death is man's only true companion sbnation/countdown to leslie 3to6est721/grayson american hero, zombie lizards, wingnutz makeawish california split up gerrymander style, mitch tells students lower expectations and dreams or to suck it up not everyone can go to harvard, only poor people go to jail, stephie/justice is different than revenge credo dteradactyl/formula electric comming, climate denial rupert international directive gnbb/with wife taking zion heat geraldo/ammsterdamn jet missing, russian missles down ukrane 777 at 33kft kcwabc/criminalization, 3 planes downed over ukrane civil war, beaches closing in fla due to warm water bacteria in hartmann/
71614/Israel Inflicts Illegal Collective Punishment on Gaza-To Avoid Unleashing Gaza-Like Airstrikes on Iraq, Congress Must Vote-After thousands have had their water shut off, National Call, Come to Detroit, Link Arms to Stop the Water Shut Offs and Fight for Democracy-No matter what a Greek high court rules, or how the state decides to bully the cleaners next, these women have already achieved a great victory. Instead of becoming a living example for Europe to see the Greek government's ability to force austerity measures, Greek Cleaners Become Symbols of Resistance- Which Is Worse Government or Corporate Bureaucracy? Hartmann- Grandmother Mary Anne Grady Flores Sentenced to One Year in Prison for her role in peaceful protests where US drones are piloted remotely- No Sense in Prison Released from Rikers prison after serving 58 days, Occupy activist Cecily McMillan discusses prisons, policing and why she'll keep protesting-latest research linking glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup, to an epidemic of chronic kidney disease -Truthout/engaging in Kabuki theater Too Big to Fail Continue to Commit Criminal Acts Without DOJ Holding Anyone Accountable, the Department of Justice has gone through many contortions to make it appear as if it's getting serious by cracking down on Wall Street-Passing Gas to the Consumer Supply and Gouge Profiteering- Fracking Moratorium Is Imperative BuzzFlash/ Distorting Reality of Media False Balance vanden Heuvel wp/GOP Warned About Unvaccinated Migrants Opposed Vaccination mj/Democrats Step Up to Take On Two Outrageous Supreme Court Decisions hp/The Original Gangsta Citigroup Truthdig/ Germany May Revert to Typewriters to Counter High Tech Espionage Guardian/ Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Defense of 6 Palestinian Teen Killers ProPublica/ We suspected it all along, now we have the goods, Charles Koch was a member of the John Birch Society at the height of their attacks on the civil rights movement and civil rights leaders PRWatch/ Gaza's Torment, Israel's Crimes, Our Responsibilities Chomsky/ Triumph for Citizens in Florida as Hughes Oil Company Drops Fracking Project dsb/ussc has repeatedly sought to increase the rights of those who wish to oppress others. The Court is sending a clear message: for those that do not share the values of the rich, powerful, Christian (and probably white) male, justice in the US is probably not for you. Care2/ Toxic Agent Orange Ingredients Found at Okinawa JapanTimes/ Siberian beach Hail After Heat Wave yes, there are beaches, beachgoer caught a freak hailstorm leaving welts Looks Very, Very Painful digg/Uber Christian Michele Bachmann Central American Refugee children Invading Rapists blamed for a bus crash aattp-az state Rep. Adam Kwasman accused a school bus of citizens of being Illegal. Seriously assholeoftheday Everlasting GOP Stoppers-Carl Seals that wanted to arrest illegals for using public restrooms-The KKK Is Handing Out Candy To Try And Recruit New Members S.C hP-the only thing they incite is their own ridicule- No Shane. They incite and commit acts of violence- Rep. Renee Ellmers (R NC) said in order to connect with female, We Need To Bring Policy Talk Down To A Woman’s Level stepford robots tpm-She obviously has problems understanding policy talk-She could easily be a Fux Puke anchor. They spew mindless bullshit too- You dumb bitches need to smart the hell up.Brad McCovey Shift Fulton's photo- bring that shit down to my level, bring me some bon bons too while you are at it-wait! She's a homemaker, What about Louie Gohmert's level?- dumber than rocks isn't a level-fb